Today the day started for me with a rather expected event, rather than a force majeure - again, I do not pay on time for the Internet. How could this not my life depended on work-study-I almost never care about this time.
This situation has prompted me to think about what will happen to humanity if the world lost the internet. At least for a day, I'm not talking about a week, during which time the number of suicides would definitely increased several times. Planet - will rise. Stand factories, shops, businesses and even the stalls in the market. People may finally become to distinguish day from night, and know that there is still a lot of nice things, besides the world that we are almost completely replaced reality dating sites for russian women.
For almost half of the world's population even introduced a new concept, which denotes illness - and nothing else - "Internet addiction." And it is treated quite real, paper and crisp money.
In the network we manage to work (although most likely, almost the whole day all sit in the social. Networks - oh yeah, those lucky people who have not banned "Classmates" and "in contact"), to build relationships, meet, lose and play Exchange.
Now more and more often, when you get acquainted with the people they communicate an hour later asking: "Are you there" in contact "? I'll add you as a friend? ". Phone ask very rare, because the network is simpler. And what a joy - you can add them to friends or even Alain Vodonaeva of red, from Simons. And let it be, he did not. If it is good to believe that a well-cobbled together a fake - it is quite possible to enjoy life. Although there are those who do not understand that 100 pages for a farmacia - like a lot and it smells or personality disorder and thus - deception dating sites for russian women.
How many encouraged the idea that in the social. the network is not necessarily spread it my photo. Or the most truthful picture where you and pimples, and background - carpet and peeling walls. How happy that there is a Photoshop to make anyone beautiful and at least millions of pictures of porn beauties, but just beautiful girls, who also just posted their pictures "in contact". How great when you have a beer belly and a bicycle, and "Classmates" you "Cayenne" and villa. But on the other hand, in life we ??hide as much, or rather almost all but appearance, a defensive reaction there is no longer working.
What room for imagination for those people who are so modest in its existence in reality. Some of such magnitude, that it is time to write the book in the style of fantasy. It is a pity that it is not rare because of - for such people begin to generalize and say - "yes, there is one it put and eat." Of course, eat, not a page advertising underwear and varieties of depilation.
We went to the Internet so that the "Mail of Russia" has a job only to send parcels and letters, but only in those areas where it is still "Stream TV" did not give up their networks. Immediately I begin to think how people lived in the 19th century. Slalom messenger with a letter. Yes, update the information went very long. She wrote, for example, that the very sick cow, until a letter went on, the cow has given birth and had time to die. With grief, so it while no one regretted. Tolley case now - you can not even answer the phone or go to a nearby room to that - that figure dating sites for russian women.
How is killing the fact that everything that happens in the world or in your personal life is reduced to one-line status. People are increasingly asking the club to photograph only to then put your photos marked with "updates" in their own page. How odnolikih looks a society that no longer buy the colorful, musical, terrible and bright cards to congratulate a man on his birthday. Now everything is easier - a network to remind you, you put a song. Mission accomplished. And I do not forget about the person, and the money is not spent.
We changed to another one zomboyaschik. TV - on a PC monitor. Only on TV all ready. And then - we are able to manage their own and others' fate. Computer games, too, will soon be no longer needed.
Previously our moms and dads to find each other went to dances, to restaurants and walk in the park, and you only need to google and find a suitable dating site, which need a minimum of information and maximum imagination. Now do not even have to go to Europe to find a true gentleman - they are sitting and waiting for you on the site marked with «Online», only need to click "send."
I can not say that social. network - it is bad or good, I myself quite an active user of the same "Contact". I just can not say it's good when people hide their own self. After all, if a person is registered on a dating site, for example, it is clearly hopes to find someone - something - your destiny or just a phony. Just can not figure out, okay, well, you put someone else's photos dating sites for russian women - and you go to a meeting with a printed photo, glued to the tape to your own? Or just after 3 months of dialogue do not go?
How silly it all is. After all, there is no one who is destined to be alone. By nature, or stereotype, nasal us from ancient times, we must look for a couple and reproduce. Therefore, in any case, you will find what your looking for. The main thing to start to be honest with yourself and with others. That is why, if you decide to look for their destiny on the Internet, and it's almost a win-win.
Make good photos, smile the world and everything in your hands. The main thing to look good and wait. Good luck! dating sites for russian women.

Once you've met on the Internet with a young man, a few weeks, and perhaps months, and you felt that after a long correspondence and a few phone calls is ready to go on a first date, but does not leave you worry. Are you worried about how secure is your meeting. The first date - it is always difficult and mysterious. After all, you do not know what is a virtual thy companion, and suddenly you find it difficult to communicate and talk stall and started.
If you feel that you do not really and strive for a personal meeting with a pen pal, then you should check yourself. How comfortable do you feel talking to this person in the network. Listen to their own feelings, relying on gut feel and answer questions such as: Do you interest your interlocutor, causing a feeling of respect, whether he is interested in your person? After all, by and large, you have every right to change your mind and not obliged to meet with him fsu russian dating sex.
If you still decided to go on a date and want what would it be safe, to appoint him in a public place in advance to determine the date and time. The first date should be short, and it is desirable that it took place during daylight hours, especially if you meet in absentia. It is best to talk over a cup of coffee in a cafe or find another pastime plain that anybody is not binding. Try to interview did not last more than one or two hours. This time is quite enough to get to know each other and gain first impressions, and you will not rack their brains to even say such a thing and avoid the awkward silence fsu russian dating sex.
Sometimes you feel a tendency to adventurism, but if your new friend offers you a ride, it is better to refuse. In no case do not let him break into your apartment. Be sure to take with a mobile phone to the meeting, before that telling a friend or someone in the family about where you're going and with whom. Has no one condemned you, if you realized that you feel uncomfortable with this guy, you want to go, quickly and politely ending date.
Of course, you want on the first date look good, but do not overdo it, otherwise you both will feel too much strain. If you feel more comfortable in jeans and you prefer a simple hairstyle, you should not come to the first meeting in a cocktail dress. All that is needed - this simple makeup, some simple decorations, perfumes and discreet, but not too conservative attire fsu russian dating sex.
Do not expect too much on the first date, and be a realist. Even if you have a few months before that corresponded, your first date at its core will blind date, so that way to him and treat. Your guy could be honest when communicating via the internet, but the real meeting can be very shy. So do not build their own long-term plans even before the first meeting. Do not worry if you do not achieve that, I dreamed about, at least, you at least get important experience. Therefore, be of good cheer, meet people and go out on a date! fsu russian dating sex.

Imagine that you finally met on a dating site a man who is fully consistent with your ideal. He falls asleep you compliments, erudite enough, and in the photo looks pretty attractive. But then you meet, and you realize that he's not the one you need. Or worse - it is ideal, but does not show any interest in the development of relations. There is little drama, especially one who has been rejected, and if you're a girl impressionable, looking for his long and even had time to fall in love with an image that is currently set up, the drama may be not so little tatiana's russian dating service.
To avoid unnecessary disappointments, about finding a man as to what the project realties.
1.Lyuboy project starts with planning, so to begin to define their objectives: who will you look for - other regular sexual partner or husband who will become the father of your future children. If it is determined, then honestly write about it in the questionnaire. So you can save time on correspondence with those whose goals are different from yours. It should also be borne in mind that the men on the sites more often looking for a girlfriend than his wife. Therefore, your task as a girl who is looking for a serious relationship, to turn these admirers to suitors.
2. Now when you determine the goals, proceed to the selection. Use the search engine that offers your favorite dating site. If a website allows you to select users who are currently online, and you live in a big city, then use this option. Like the man you can visit the site every month, no need to wait for an answer for so long. Try to see as much as possible the male profiles, while not be lazy and read carefully what they write about themselves men, try to understand their true motives tatiana's russian dating service.
3. Select the appropriate dozen profiles and begin to chat. Do not be afraid to write first, outdated rule such as "a girl must wait patiently for her to pay attention" to the dating sites does not apply. If he does not respond - not terrible, you have not fallen in love, then answer another, more interesting and attractive. Do not rush to advertise their profile, by raising her up in the search, or other means to allocate it (there is a paid feature), so you reduce the risk of running into all sorts of unpleasant harassment types, which are many dating sites. This exhibitionists and fans paid sex, and just fans of impunity tell a strange girl all the filth. So it is better chooses a companion.
4. Now, when a part of the selected candidates to answer you, your next task is to ask questions that you yourself think is important, honestly answer the counter-questions, and offer to meet. How wonderful couple and have not formed simply because the woman waited patiently when he asked her out, and he for some reason did not, until he was gone from her life. Try to avoid this. Offer to meet, and if he does not mind, but not today, not tomorrow or this week, do not insist, when he is ready he invited you. And you can be invited to the next meeting of the candidate, as the oath of allegiance you still do not give anybody tatiana's russian dating service.
Here is such a project. Use online dating sites as a tool to search for your second half, bringing the meeting from the virtual world into the real. tatiana's russian dating service.

Having decided to search for happiness on the internet, many candidates share similar scratching their heads over what to write about myself. After all, according to what you write in your profile and will judge you beautiful stranger. Fortunately, it is not necessary to have the literary talent of Shakespeare, to rasskryt your charm and extraordinary personality free russian dating.
To begin to fill in the form, use the following tips:
Tip one: Be honest.
You just need to be yourself and be honest to tell someone you're hoping to meet than interested and engaged. Do not hide your true height, weight, occupation and marital status. So you will create the foundation for a trusting relationship, and call up an interest. If you lie to somewhere, over time however unwittingly lay out the truth about himself, but after the fact of fraud will be made public man is unlikely to want to continue to communicate with you. And it is this new friend could be your fate. So before you go to the deception or concealment of truthful information about themselves to think three times, and whether this is for you. And be sure to write the truth about yourself free russian dating.
Tip Two: Be bold
The Internet is a great variety of forms, and you have to somehow differentiate themselves from the crowd. Do not be afraid to show his unusual profession, a hobby or a serious mad ambition, all of which can catch sight of your potential friend. The first step to success - About more visible. Detailing its unusual appearance, tell us about his views on life, especially if they are contrary to the rules differ from obschestvenoprinyatyh can you have the unusual nature of the parties is not peculiar to anyone else, write about everything that will allocate you out of the crowd.
Tip Three: Be accurate
To trim unwanted candidates accurately indicate in the questionnaire that you expect from dating, what kind of relationship You are looking for. Perhaps you're interested in saving a little adventure, and maybe you're in search of the special and long-term relationships, or you are only interested in flirtation, one-time sex.
Tip four: Be brief
Posted in the questionnaire should be as concise and informative. You can endlessly talk about their uniqueness, their desires, but then it would not form, and the novel in three volumes. Message profiles should interest a potential partner, and that he wanted to know more about you, enter your most attractive sides in the beginning of the questionnaire, where they will be especially noticeable. Make sure that you managed to summarize all that you wanted to write about yourself free russian dating.
Tip Six: Be present
No more than fifteen is not looking for a superhero, so do not be tempted to inflate their way to the incredible importance. Statements such as "I'm the best girl of the city" can bring to your attention, but you can show a self-centered, and a huge number of friends you will not bring it. It is better to concentrate on what really makes you unique and really attractive personality. You have the zest? Here it also specify in your profile.
Tip Seven: Be ready for anything
Successful profile does not guarantee that you are sure to find love. There could soon be as lucky. In any case, meeting with fans on the Internet, you get a chance to expand your contacts, and meet new people, and possibly the man of her dreams. free russian dating.

When you get to know people through the Internet, you have created the illusion of anonymity, but if to prove negligence, you can open yourself to become a victim of persecution fan that everything else can be unbalanced.
To avoid the unpleasant consequences of dating through the Internet, use the following written advice:
Do not share contact details
Try not to use your real name, primary e-mail address, personal site, or a home address if you have just met and barely begun to learn about people russian dating sex. Most visitors come to the site with the same goal as you, but some, unfortunately, have other plans. As long as you feel comfortable with pen pals, they do not need to know who you are, but if someone tries to put pressure on you to get personal information, better stop to chat with the person before you are ready to announce it.
Observe the connection information
With special attention the stories of those with whom you communicate, pay attention to details, does not change any of the information, age, education. You can cheat, and it is quite possible, but if you are alert, it is easy to avoid unnecessary problems russian dating sex.
Use your phone
If you have already met on the internet and some time to talk to each other over a network, try to talk on the phone. But do not forget that your phone number is easy enough to identify. After talking on the phone, you will get a clearer picture about the personal qualities of the person. Before you want to meet in person, use this simple way.
Ask him for a photo
Carefully review the photo, to make sure that her real person and photo match the description of your friend, before you go with him to the meeting. Better yet would be if he'll send some photos taken in different situations.
Appointments in a safe place
Be careful, once we decided to postpone the meeting from the virtual world into the real russian dating sex. Meet where a lot of people. If something goes wrong or you want to leave early, you can easily get away from there. On the first date come and go on their own. Before you go on a date, tell a friend or someone from a family where you are going, and they describe the person with whom going to meet, in case if something goes wrong.
Remember, focusing on security, you insure yourself a lot of trouble that might happen, but of course, do not bring security to the paranoia. Pleasant and safe Dating. russian dating sex.

A resident of the modern metropolis live in constant time pressure. Business meetings, negotiations, travel, urgent business. The working day is painted by the minute, and, at times, difficult to notice each other in the city.
Dating website Mylove recommends to pass a simple registration, because it opens up a lot of new features. If you do not have a minute 1-2, it will be interesting to know that there are 4 options dating without registration!
1st way to explore without registration:
You can use the search by the registered users of the website. Many users specify a phone number in your profile. Your introduction can happen after a few minutes, if you enter the search: "Only show profiles of users with a phone number russian dating sites."
2 first way to explore without registration:
You appreciate the time and the object of your passion does not wish to share your mobile number? You can start connecting the first (or the first). Suffice it to send a message to anonymously, without registering their profiles. On our dating site and have a chance!
3 rd way to find happiness without registration questionnaire:
Many visitors use dating different social networks russian dating sites. The most popular resources in Russia is Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir. Often, for many reasons, people do not advertise their interest in finding a life partner in these networks. And if you are registered on the same network, and the user Mylove have a link to your profile - it's a great opportunity to make the acquaintance without registration, simply start a dialogue.
4th way to explore without registration:
If you have a page on a popular Russian network Vkontakte, Mayl or Facebook, you can use the automatic registration on our website without filling in many fields of the form. Dating website Mylove can automatically transfer your data and photos.
Interesting people and interlocutors live around the world russian dating sites. Meet new people an opportunity to experience the romantic feeling, a real chance to find happiness, mate.
Dating without registering on the site are now available like never before. However, if you intend to seriously and permanently find a life partner, you should give this a little time and join our community. russian dating sites.

In most cases, single people justify their loneliness lack of time to explore. They have no time. They have a lot of work, they get tired and go on training courses. Some excuses appear as small children who have no one to leave. Some are too modest or can not meet friends. Everyone has their own excuses, but they all boil down to one thing: there is no time. But all of these reasons, you can disarm the alternative dating with the opposite sex through the Internet and dating sites .
What are the positive aspects of dating over the Internet russian dating services?
The main advantage lies in the fact that the first is familiar and only after meeting if they want it both ways. By the time of the first meeting, people usually have time to learn about each other a lot of interesting things, and when the meeting takes place, they in fact do not feel strangers more - old friends who have not seen.
However, do not lose vigilance, and possibly assign the first few meetings in public places with good lighting. Not necessarily that took place and the first provozhaniya home, because, in fact, you do not know the person in real life and in the virtual you can tell anything.
Acquaintance goals through the Internet at all different and almost all dating sites have a special item, which specifies the purpose. Someone met for sex, someone - for serious relationship or flirting. Most often, the true purpose of dating show, as it wants to achieve. As this is done in order to save time. If a person needs just sex - it will not be acquainted with those who have to familiarize Set marriage and having children, but simply choose the form of man with the same purpose as his russian dating services.
However, the same goals dating is not yet the key to successful dating. In addition to the objectives of the people shall be binding something more. What? In each case, the question is your answer. However, in case of failure, do not worry. You just have to continue searching for the person who is right for you and anyone else.
You want to look like you, or you just want to start a conversation? Place your photo on the site, as it is it will be your guide in search of happiness. Those profiles, which do not have photos of the author a chance that they will find someone in a thousand of the same odnolikih profiles is very small. Another thing is if you have a picture of your questionnaire. After all, first of all you have to please visually. Your appearance will be the urge to communicate factor that will force you to write a message prompting you to meet and communicate. It was only during the correspondence, you can see who or what is hidden behind the photo and then continue acquaintance or complete. But on dating sites starts with a photograph. Start with her and you russian dating services.
Do not worry if your photo is not please everyone - it is natural, after all, you do not like them all. At the same time there is always the person to whom you will like. The main thing that this man, too, liked you, and then your acquaintance will develop quickly and unexpectedly, even for you.
Do not forget that you can also choose, so do not have to wait until someone chooses you. Start the search for, meet and tomorrow you will find your soul mate. russian dating services.

Why one owner profiles so popular while others are overlooked, and do not look every 5 minutes. What is the secret of popularity in the network?
Above all, what is striking is the picture, or lack thereof.

It is desirable that the photos were a few, and of excellent quality
Men love with their eyes. Beautiful photos of excellent quality systems is the first thing that attracts the attention of the female half of the questionnaire. Photos should be also real. To a man looking at the photos, I thought about meeting with you in reality russian dating. Do not post photos of last year, which is already not at all correspond to reality. If you now your appearance does not correspond to that of the photos, you risk causing an unexpected response potential fans.

Common hobbies
Men particularly attract those girls in the questionnaires they are similar hobbies. The stronger sex thinks that if your hobbies are similar, then you absolutely must meet, because you have a good chance to be together. Common interests - this is a good beginning of the relationship russian dating.

Do not hesitate to talk about the importance
Women rarely write about my family and loved ones, considering that this information is superfluous men. Do not hesitate to write in questionnaires that for you is really important in life. For a man, the family, relatives and loved ones is also a top priority.

only truth
Form is filled very honest, do not lie and pretend to be who you are not. It is desirable that the questionnaire was brief, but informative. The very form must be written in simple language, the way you usually communicate with their friends russian dating.

self confidence
Self-confident woman, who does not doubt that it is attractive, interesting and intelligent attracts men. Questionnaires with uncertain information about themselves, is not likely to be of no interest. russian dating.

The instinct that a man must start a family and continue his race, probably laid in each. Just someone trying to suppress this desire in yourself, someone calls it a stereotype, and lives free life in spite of society, and for someone looking for love, their halves and the birth of a child is almost the main "mission" in life, pushing all in the background online dating. But that's life is not fair enough, and someone gets everything, but someone did. Someone voluntarily renounces love, and someone over the years can not glue the broken cup of love and heart. People are starting to wonder what was wrong with them. Why does everyone have a couple, and they have not. Here, many women begin to look for a problem not only in themselves and the outside world, but are beginning to turn to fortune tellers and healers and magic. Often, these people call such a thing as a "crown of celibacy." In principle, this issue advertised in secular circles of our country. For example, they say that here at Ksenia Sobchak the very crown of celibacy.
Duck what does this concept and whether to deal with it today and we will try to understand. In the expanses of the Internet lie megabyte sources on this topic. I will try to organize it all, that though some understand fiction or mystery of the nature of the "crown."
It turned out that the crown of celibacy is a certain magic negative. And its presence in humans are characterized by the fact that a woman can be quite an interesting man, but count on marriage, even a civilian, she can not. Also, the symptoms may be the crown of celibacy anorgasmia and frigidity.
So, here are the types of the crown of celibacy:
The first type. Psychological crown of celibacy.
This is a purely internal installation. Women themselves wind on certain aspects and, accordingly, are left alone. The main forms of the crown of celibacy are:
When a woman constantly says: "All men goats, alcoholics and parasites". But, at the same time dreaming of a prince on a white horse, thinking that he certainly will meet its stringent criteria, and would not "like everybody else".
Woman with problems, or rather insults. For example, we had a difficult relationship with his father or not yet healed wounds after first love.
Women subconsciously closed by male and lives in his own world of pain and dissatisfaction with life online dating.
Another type - a woman - workaholics who are obsessed with work, and, in fact, to privacy has neither the strength nor the time.
Women with various psychological complexes or plants. Some of them, such as whole life waiting for a man with a bag of money. Some of them are, but are not being met by the man and are still unhappy, despite the car and truck of money.
Also, very scare myself married woman with an obsessive desire to get married and not to be alone. They unconsciously doing everything to alienate man, too, they want to marry, and this is evident throughout.
To cope with such a crown is possible without outside help, in any case, help witches. Although it seems to appeal to a therapist is not superfluous. Get quick, though expensive. But may disappear at the same time some other related problems.
Crown of celibacy as a generic curse.
Here again there is a place of psychology, despite the fact that the more this type of ring is magical. The psychologist Eric Berne proposed that families formed by certain rules and patterns of behavior between family members, and thus the parents pass on to their children of certain foundations. And failures in his personal life begin to pursue each succeeding generation.
Also, there is another principle of this type of crown:
Suppose a woman stole someone's husband and her curse. Energy curse increases with age, and a woman is impregnated with a sense of loneliness and the inability to marry. And everyone is born a generation is already programmed to loneliness. More often the crown of celibacy suggest the purpose to wipe a person or a whole and gender. Because few people can even have a child with this kind of damage.
Or, for example, a woman is punished by God for the invasion of someone else's life through black magic. The most common - a love spell men using menstrual blood. The woman has no idea what she condemns himself and man.
Often many magicians and sorcerers are lazy or can not distinguish the crown of celibacy from the printing of loneliness or just spoiling that removed much faster. Just the concept of "crown of celibacy" is very common lately and on the Internet and in the media and the impure into the hands of people talking about it and "removed" only for the purpose of profit. After the imposition of the crown of celibacy - is a complex ritual, which implies a go against God, because women give birth to children is prescribed by God, and rarely of the Magi agrees to that. And it is clear this karma with even more difficult.
In some religions crown of celibacy is explained as follows:
For example, in the karmic religions say that, most likely, it all comes from past lives. These vows, or makes the sins of past lives may well affect a person's life today.
But in Buddhism, there is a belief that it is possible, in a previous life he was a monk and a man made ??a vow of celibacy, which is distributed not only in this life but for all future rebirth.
Imaginary crown of celibacy.
His people suggests itself, paying for the development of their sexuality too little time. Or he thinks little about love and sex, and little contact with the opposite sex.
They say that the crown of celibacy is found only in women, but, as shown by my mini-survey information from the Internet, and it occurs in men. And it can also be from birth, who came from a past life or induced externally.
There are also methods of how to determine whether you have a crown of celibacy or is it just an internal psychological problem. This will be discussed in the continuation of this theme.
Believe it or not a black or white magic - your personal choice. To me all the same, all the problems surrounding human life or from himself, or he simply chooses the wrong people. And everything else is just an excuse not to recognize his own wrong / weakness / sins. online dating.

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