We do not always like to act. Especially if the novel is just beginning. Nothing yet, but the desire to love ... We like to watch others act. As they go to the goal, constantly stumbling and falling. Or, conversely, totally free adult dating personals are moving away from what was going to hand itself. Lying in front of his eyes.
But the most interesting - not even that. The most interesting spy. Spy on the life of neighbors. For flirting television characters. Participants live shows and TV series characters. Peeper - so emotionally empathize with what is happening. But the remaining "behind the scenes". Not included in life. Do not come into play. This interest constructed novels. And a love story content. And of course, pornographic films. Strictly speaking, the name of the found. And even branded as a kind of perversion. As Voyeurism !. And what is it that really the case? Surely we are so sinful in their own interest?
It is known that morality prevails in the physical infirmities. When the desire faded or completely crushed. Enslaved prohibitions and regulations. Those who really know a lot about love, who do not have time in the role of seducer seducer and left us evidence of a different kind.
It turns out to spy - one of the most important moments of flirtation. And flirting male. It is very significant remark, which differs from the female. The man-seducer behaves as a hunter. As a predator, Snoopy prey. Arranges her bait, snares, traps totally free adult dating personals. He has a thorough knowledge of its habits. Its habitat, favorite routes of movement.
Seducer knows that every woman, like Ariadne 'is the thread that helps find your way in the maze of her heart, "- wrote Kierkegaard in" Diary of a Seducer ". But it is unknown to this thread. The road will know the hunter. In order to pass through it to the end and hit the victim to death. So he constantly peeping behind her watching. He acts as the commander who has to take by storm the besieged fortress.
It is necessary to find out the thickness of the walls. As far as they are well protected. How long you intend to defend. This skillful SEDUCER behaves extremely secretive. Without betraying his intentions. Carefully obscuring their targets. And even more money. His snares, traps him - all that surrounds the object Flirt. What it yet belongs. What a woman believes her.
All this is the deceiver must learn to inhabit, to assign. Make an extension of his personality. Wink in its presence. Its behavior is similar to a chemical process of manifestation of film. Only strongly stretched in time. ... Here was the home park. There - a disco club. In the picture so far there are only familiar things. And suddenly begins to show a different shade! Something belonging to another world. The world has so far unseen seducer.
That is the background someone vehicle. So far, it does not notice. But tomorrow, the next day it occurs again and again. It is not known where the flowers appear. Whether the intended object of seduction, or not. Perhaps forgotten someone ... In the air, intertwine and disappear snatches of conversation. Obsessive tunes. Eyes caught the note not quite modest content totally free adult dating personals. Designed to no one. Name it all - intrigue! It entices more embroiled in someone's game. Strategic game temptation! Louder and more clearly hear the call. Who haunts her, it becomes affectionate and sweet, like a drug.
And for all this game Flirting is the main character. Seducer, unseen puppeteer love affair. Intrigues temptation! His task - to see everything at the same time to be out of the game. Standing behind the bushes, behind a door in the mirror! His task - to disturb a woman woman! Make it so that she obeyed the harmony of his soul. Push it forward to the desired path. She came to video jokes into his arms, like a sleepwalker. Not knowing what he was doing. As if on his heart. Unable to understand how beautiful and elegant all been played. And how well written the notes ... So, probably, and should deceive the true man! Women - they are completely different. But that's another story. totally free adult dating personals.

Courtly love
Troubadours, minstrels, minnesingers ... The cult of the Beautiful Lady, Science of Love - ars amandi. All this was a long time ago, back in medieval Europe. But today is a day most relevant. After all, who looks for love, totally free adult dating service who seduce and flirt, can not do without ars amandi. And no matter what the Science of love created the people who lived nine centuries ago. Its axioms and theorems are true now. Confirmed by the experience of many generations.
Love, as we know, came up with the troubadours. It was an invention of poets and poetry for a long time and love are synonymous. And in recognition of his feelings (Lays d'amor) to write and speak in compliance with the meter and rhythm. So that flirting has a father, his creator. It - Duke Guillaume of Aquitaine. He first started writing about the laws of love. And what a great pleasure it brings to those who observe them.
In those days were pretty rough manners. Medieval knights often changed wives, concubines kept .. locks were filled with illegitimate children, bastards. Adultery was regarded as the norm. "The head of the family" is constantly absent. That military campaigns, the collection of tribute. During his absences the mistress of the castle had a wife. Being governor lord, she was fully up to its title. Educate your taste, be a connoisseur of the noble art. Music, dance, ars amandi totally free adult dating service ...
Optimization and search engine promotion site s, contextual advertising on the Internet, marketing research. In the court were constantly wandering knights troubadours. Naturally, the poor. That in gratitude for the shelter, and not just composed poems praising the Beautiful Lady. The troubadours were men of his time and described the Science of Love in conventional terms. The lady was lord, a knight - a vassal. A process of the birth of love - the four stages of initiation.
Troubadour had to go through four stages: the candidate, a novice, the petitioner, a lover. Having reached the final, he gave the oath of allegiance Dame. And sealed it with a kiss. Flirt began with views. Attraction as a miracle occurred. It evoked a state of ecstasy in love. However, the word "ecstasy" they did not know. And we are talking about the fluids that flowed from the eyes to the hearts, and there called love.
The art of love sought to virtue. Not in the church's understanding and meaning "grace", "sophistication". True love - the one that is done nicely, according to the laws of beauty. To the feeling of not fade, at each stage of initiation knights demanded Ladies signs favor. Sometimes highly provocative. They pleaded to let his arm around her neck, watching her undress totally free adult dating service.
Bernard de Ventadorn inquired in loving ecstasy: "Why is it when undressing, not order it to come so I could wait for her orders at her bed? Why did not she deign to lend me then your legs - so I humbly kneeling, might take off her tight shoes! "
But women do not lag behind men in the initiative. Including the art of love provocation. Agnes Sorel, the mistress of Charles VII, the court imposed the fashion of dress, exposes a woman to the waist. And even posed in the form of an unknown artist, leaving the descendants of his portrait.
Casual walking down the rules of the game, the game of initiation into vassals hostess. And provided, of course, test. Tristan and Isolde, going to sleep, put together a sword. Knights served in chambers Ladies. And contemplate her naked body as she lay in bed (in those days there was no pajamas and nightgowns). After reaching the highest level, the beloved brought an oath of allegiance to the church, "she communicates with the ladylove." Terminate this contract could only priest. Or death.
From now on, love is sacred. "The love, affection and God are one and the same," - wrote the medieval author. But, as today, there were double standards. Not everyone can follow ars amandi. The love ideal was so high that many people do not dare to meet him.
In "Le Grelane about" described Knight, who saw in the woods bathed naked Lady. He takes her clothes and pleading to get out of the water to see her beautiful body. When she leaves the water Grelan helps her get dressed and even coat buttons. But then he carries the thicket where the force takes possession of it. Then immediately apologizes, vows of eternal love totally free adult dating service.
To separate the "high" love from "low", having courts of love, where there were debates among troubadours on love themes. A verdict is issued lady of the manor, great lady. It discusses who is experiencing great attraction - spouses or lovers? Can a woman love two men at the same time? Do you enjoy caresses, which achieved without the consent of the beloved? The decisions were entered in the Code of Love. And even sometimes have the force of law. Thus, the courts of love could give a divorce spouses.
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Courtly love - ideal for men and women. There never was lost. Each felt a winner as acted strictly according to the rules. These common rules steeped in our culture today. Of course, many people think that old-fashioned courtly love now. But it is better to look Beautiful Lady and noble knight, than vulgar. Especially in the field of love, where everything is so subtle, so the air. totally free adult dating service.

When there are no words
Wow! What a woman! For this beauty and approach something frightening. But if you now can not approach without zavladeesh her attention, not try to win it, not fallen vospolzueshsya you a chance, you'll feel sorry for the rest of his life totally free adult dating services. You do not know whether you, but indifferently pass by, do not meet you, you already can not. What to do? The answer is simple - to flirt. Even if this man will mean nothing in your life. But why not? Why not just flirt. For mood to raise the tone, but just to feel the real taste of life!
But before the flirting starts, you have to understand - and whether the person is to it. Does it have that special inner vein that allows us to seduce and be seduced, to participate in the romantic and extravagant impulses. Just for this, and it is necessary to establish a first contact before exploring.
Flirting requires certain skills. Most of them we attain even at preschool age on the level of intuition. One went with his mother in the tram, but instead was sitting very pretty girl with a huge bow. She looked out the window, but occasionally turned around and with a serious look askance at me. I sat hunched and still could not understand - why she looks at me like that? Maybe something wrong with me? And when she once again turned - I made a nasty face it. Here it is the owner of a chic bow behaved quite strange - other would snort and proudly turned away, and she smiled at me and winked. This inadequate response confused me a bit, I could not help but smile back at her. All the way that we went together looked at each other totally free adult dating services.
Noticing our game, and this activity seemed to me play, my mother said: "Sooner you still flirt with the girls." Then I asked what it means to flirt. "This is exactly what you are doing, and now - to flirt with a girl, flirt, imagine in front of her, to show her feelings." "Mom, why do this?" And then my mother asked me a question: "Why are you smiling to her?"
Indeed, why I smiled the girl? Probably just because I liked it. And why did she winked at me? Yes, just because I liked it, too. I was wondering all this, we were intrigued. The same evening I had a long spinning in front of a mirror to learn to wink. And then in kindergarten I practiced - the nurse gave me supplements compote, girls - who Stukal teddy bear's head, and someone on the contrary - gives candy. The truth is all that quickly ended when the teacher advised my parents to reduce their child to a neurologist about the developing nervous tic.
In junior high school flirting techniques transformed and have become somewhat harder - hit a knapsack on his back, pull the braid. When we realized that in this way the interest of the other parties did not call up, in the course went little notes, carrying briefcases home - but it was too late. Girls classmates know us inside out.
In the first year of university I liked a girl, but she always kept to himself, apart from our company, and did not communicate virtually. All attempts to strike up a conversation and somehow take over her care ended in failure. Nothing to do but make a small trap. Intrigued totally free adult dating services.
And at one seminar, going to answer, I, imperceptibly, winked at her. The answer I was confused and embarrassed blush spread over her cheeks. On the pretty face clearly read the question: "What was that? It did not seem to me? ". The whole next day I caught myself at first puzzled, then intrigued views, which did not react. But she had only to look away, I went back to consider my favorite girl. When casually, for a split second her eyes stayed on me, I immediately looked away. Trap apart. Brilliant sun Wide Web seems jewelry and butterflies accidentally touched her wing. She still does not understand that is firmly stuck, trying to unstick wing butterfly concerns paws knitting yarns, and more and more entangled.
The next day, seeing my lack of attention to the person, she established the idea that she's only a little prank show, or was not aimed at her. It was then, at some point, he caught her eye, and openly looked into my eyes, I winked again. The girl smiled at me. She initially flushed in front changed and smiled. Her eyes fixed on me, luchilsya interest, curiosity, tenderness, slightly embarrassed at the same time with the hope of a response.
The trap shut. There was intrigue, contact is made. What a delightful feeling! Each time everything is just beginning, you already feel the scruff of that connection is established. Between you and the person grows thin thread. Yet there is nothing unites you, there is nothing else between you, but is already installed eye contact, have any interest to know this mystery - another person. And both of you pulls deeper and deeper into the black hole. You do not know what is waiting for you there. Will this love for life, or the adventure is over now. Will it be a firework of emotions, Brazilian carnival consuming or would be similar to a light touch of cool breeze in the summer heat. It is waiting for a miracle, this wave of uncertainty, the feeling of the discoverer, makes you make a small step to a stranger totally free adult dating services.
The first call, first touch, first date - all this will happen. Now only the two of you exist and the gap between you through which spanned a thin bridge - interest. And then I brought for myself basis flirting "Flirt - a mutual game. And in order to play, you need a common interest. " The first step is to start flirting - setting the contact, the call of interest, intrigue.
Wink is quite cheeky way to express yourself. Sometimes, in order to meet a woman should act less aggressively. Just shoot the eyes once again. Although this woman achieve more success, they are also very often the initiators of the first step. Men can stop your eyes on the lady liked longer than is necessary decorum, clearly showing their interest. And of course a smile. Remember the words of the same song: "With blue brook river begins, well, a friendship begins with a smile" - and so you begin your romantic rendezvous, date or flirt with a smile totally free adult dating services.
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In truth, I still sometimes use the children's way. Note accidental fall at me, and the Wink to take in response to my favorite woman. Usually, they are lost for a moment, and then draw in a mannered sponge and turn away a smile in return. At this point everything becomes clear. The first, or not in the mood, or simply do not want to participate in this game. They better not mess with. The second is ... She smiled back. The seed of curiosity in my person is already built into the fertile soil. An interest, to establish the first contact. We must act further acquainted. Flirt begins! totally free adult dating services.

Arts shoot eyes
How to win a man? Or at least get him to draw attention to themselves, to meet. These issues are not just asking myself any woman. Even notebook beauty. Even being in the fact that neither has a flourishing age totally free adult sex dating sites.
But the conquest of men - not just art, giving some are believed to have from birth. It is also a science. Who are trained in the XIX century their mother maturing daughters. Ask any not too experienced in flirting woman in her main form. And she naively replied: "Clothes. The most important thing - it is fashionable and elegant dress." And it is fundamentally wrong. For a chic look can suggest only one man - the woman is only interested in itself.
The man is looking for something else. Looking at the Stranger, he usually looks past the clothes. There, where the open piece of snow-white skin. Or a sign of the chest, bending the waist, lift legs. He needed an attractant. Hook, who hooked him. The temptation , as the ancients said.
To attract the attention of men can anything. But it is doubtful whether the handbag from the latest collection of the famous couturier. That "something" must necessarily bear the stamp of femininity. Togo, totally free adult sex dating sites which promises to further the abyss of pleasure, but it remains hidden.
In Anatole France has a passage in the "Penguin Island". Up to a certain point, all individuals - including a female - walked there completely naked. But then one of them came up with a brilliant idea. She put on a piece of cloth. And out in such attire for men. What happened! After it had come, first one man, then another. And then the whole crowd. And all tried to win it and possess it. So penguins on the island there appeared clothing and flirting.
But attractant - this is only the beginning. This is just a sign that tells the man that his carrier - Woman. Not the mother of the family, not "koshelka" whose life is immersed in the three "K". Kuijen (kitchen), Kinder (children), Kirche (church), not business woman, for which there is nothing but money and self realisation. In the den there were six prostitutes woman who knows a lot about love and knows what man needs. Which is capable of further steps.
The second step in the seduction - look. Psychologists believe that there is a certain critical time look. When one examines who met him briefly. And then he makes a judgment about it. If a woman holds his gaze on the man a little longer "critical" time - this is a signal that he is interested in her. And she, in principle - so far only in principle - can deal with him totally free adult sex dating sites.
This look creates the very first contact. And the most important. Because only he begins reciprocity. But man - being timid. It is only believed that they give a damn. His shyness, they hide behind rudeness, vulgarity and licentiousness. And not all will appreciate the sight Stranger wrong, as an invitation to flirt and "continue". Just come and strike up an acquaintance decides not everyone. Men need more weighty proof that he really sparked interest. Here a woman can time and again to resort to their weapons. Weapons of charm, seduction, love game.
It may be "oblique" views. When she supposedly looks away. But time and again glances at the man. Thus, a woman makes it clear that it is in its field of view. And it causes some interest. But neither to an extent to "stare". There are views of the "shooting" when a woman looks at a man quickly - and then diverts his attention. Even before he had time to catch her "shot." And then when the romantic acquaintance begins fastened when the man began to enthusiastically accept stranger comes in, "languid" look. Half-closed eyelashes.
But it is not just interest. This view calls for a new relationship. He says that a woman very much like the man totally free adult sex dating sites. And she "wants to meet." After the "volume" look nowhere to retreat. This is a view of invitation to acquaintance. After him, the man should come and say something. Recommended vivid journey from Jazz tour vacation in Brazil in 2014 in more detail on the website. A woman - the answer and it is desirable to laugh, showing his white-toothed smile, cheerful nature and his willingness to rejoice even the most awkward jokes. But they can not be awkward. After all, your partner so excited. What if he did not understand ... totally free adult sex dating sites.

Secret party
Many believe that this century - some special. The age of great illusions and virtual temptations of Hollywood, television, and the Internet. Computer games ... erotic sex services on the phone totally free online adult dating websites ...
Naive, they did not live in the Middle Ages. That's where it was the triumph of secret desires. Sabbat love temptations! Koster unbridled sexual fantasies! Medieval man living in an entirely illusory world. Since the real world has been boggling poor and tough, and the living space is very small. The man was constrained and livelihoods, and freedom of movement. The ladies ruled the castles. Almost alone, without there mamok, bridesmaids and maids. With a constant shortage of food extra mouths did not need anyone.
Life is Beautiful Lady brightened men loyal vassals, day and night, guarding the walls. They toiled from idleness, lack of pleasure, lack of women ... However, the main problem - the lack of experience, a total absence. Day yesterday as two drops of water similar to the present day! It would seem - a terrible bore. But no! Medieval man had no time to get bored. His gripping constant fear. Fear of attack by wild animals, or people. The fear of ferocious diseases affecting Europe at the time.
All this upset the already not very strong mind, awakened the most monstrous fantasy. This was especially true of women. In men, it was still scope for action. The soldiers could fight, raid, burn nearest village. The women were literally under lock and key. And in the lonely, cold bed. My husband often absent. And for adultery relied terrible punishment totally free online adult dating websites. And not only the earth, but also heaven. Mortal sin, after all ...
And utterly distraught woman sanity begins to draw itself presence in the house of the living creatures with whom you can talk, flirt . In the night half asleep as he caresses her; day everywhere accompanied the lady whispering something in her ear. Woman tries to resort to drugs, turn to traditional healers. And it does not help to clarify understanding. Because in those days medicine knew only one way of healing - using hallucinogens of the nightshade family. People were drinking and otvorotnye bewitching potion, eating drugs - and all with equal success. Since all processes take place in their heads. It does not help and prayers. Passions overwhelm people cramped in their desires, everywhere saw the presence of the seducer. He came to them on a date, zateivaet love games, seduced ...
... And medieval woman could not stand, went to meet his desires, they were given the power of diabolical seducer. And organized as it is now would say, fashionable clubbing dating. Only, unlike the current innocent entertainment, these visits were by no means safe. As they passed in the form of the Black Mass. And is called the Sabbat! For that rely painful death at the stake totally free online adult dating websites.
These " meeting to explore "usually happens at night. They are sure to come in pairs. The woman led the man. As a rule, a relative or a close friend. Mass Vela local sorceress, a witch. All turns drinking out of her hands a love potion that caused great excitement and hallucinations. Getting back together and starting to dance, circling. Download for rutracker.ws games for free via torrent without registration. Then, driven to frenzy and took part in the Mass itself. It served as an altar in the naked body of the witch. He sacrificed prince of this world. "Baked" love cake tasted satanic communion. And - we love each other.
Here, on the Sabbath, we disclaim any bans. The girls lost their virginity, the locals had sex with strangers and relatives. Curiously, although the biggest curse at the time were born out of wedlock, it was believed that to become pregnant during Black Mass impossible.
These covens truly become a curse to the church. They were not only common people, but also the noble lords. In 1460 Mr. Dean Arras burned for participating in black masses and several knights of rhetoric. Sabbaths cope even at the court of Louis XIV. In particular, they have been distributed in Germany and the Basque country - where bans were most strong, and manners - cruel totally free online adult dating websites.
The most interesting is that today's party, dating clubs, all kinds of party - go there! From medieval gatherings obsessed with erotic fantasies damned tempted people! totally free online adult dating websites.

How to win a woman in a matter of seconds
So you want to have a beautiful woman dating to flirt, and maybe beyond. Easy to meet girls, having friends in common or joint business. But how to make the acquaintance in Moscow on the street, so it was not limited only to flirt with your hand?
Meet you on the street is quite strange looking woman with space legs, eyes and heavenly stonily. Most likely, she had someone there, just because this can not be unattended. Time to develop a strategy of courtship - a few seconds. They can meet this woman was with you as much as you want.
Step one. How to meet world best adult dating site.
To win a woman , you have to get to know her, and for this you need a decent excuse. In broad daylight, and somewhere people rushing it will not beat you bag if you ask, where is nearby jewelry store. Trite? Yes. But then the fun begins - flirtation between a man and a woman . For a second or two it at a loss, pauses. Well, if there really is somewhere in a jewelry store, and she begins to talk in detail the way - if you win a few more seconds. Take the worst case scenario - she shakes her head and says, "I do not know." Then, with a predilection you start to question her about what shops are located on both sides: in front of you, right, left, across the street, etc.
The worst option: it does not know anything, and in a hurry. You go with her, wondering where you can buy near an expensive gift for a girl. Certainly it is necessary to point out that it is expensive and it is a gift for a girl. Here, smart woman actively involved in the conversation. First, obviously, you do not stick to it. Secondly, it would be of interest to female curiosity is what women men rush headlong in search of a jewelry store. She will start asking questions about age girl who she has to you, etc. It does not try to say that for my wife (even if you are married), it is better to say that it is - a lover, a friend, a favorite ... Women's envy and the principle of "what have I done" immediately come to your aid. Because the next question is the amount by which you expect world best adult dating site. Well, so you can make a mess of virtual money right and left. It will begin to advise you all the small stuff, which she wanted to madness to receive a gift from her husband or lover. You're a sad view of excuses: "... has already given yesterday, and this - the day before yesterday." You think you do not believe? Even as he believes. Because she wants to be in place of the woman. And, incidentally, is already thinking about how to win a man who is so kind and generous. Now the question is, finally deprives it of logical thought, but overflowing affection for you, "What brings you to your husband?".
Here a woman are two possible lines of behavior: it will start to dedicate you to their materialistic dreams or, better yet, stating that she had no husband. If it starts to list "gifts" - each "gift" must be accompanied by questions: "Do you like it?", "Are you happy?", Etc. Do not be afraid to flirt, you just interesting opinions. By the way, she was not in a hurry, and even ready to go with you in search of the store, not to mention the fact, to make street acquaintance. If she says that her husband is not - then your response should be: "What do you mean! Sorry, I did not think ... you ... do not ... "and the second confusion. Then he should be the phrase "I would definitely marry you ... you I would not miss." This will sound like a joke. Her poker face is already pretty smiles.
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These two options will inevitably lead to the following: she knows that you are generous with money, attentive, polite, and she feels that you like. Well, not you, so good, miss. At this point, you will see how the situation has changed: you are not with her, and she begins to flirt with you.
Step Two. How to enable it to win the man dreams world best adult dating site.
But all is not so simple. Fly in the ointment are the standards, codes of conduct in our society. She is "decent" girl will not ask you for your phone number and invite to dinner. You can not do this, too, because the whole operation will fail if you start to flirt openly. Do not forget, you are now an ideal, and she is fighting for you. And you have to make it look "decent".
The simplest thing - a bad break on their hobbies or work. It is likely to read Dale Carnegie, or even any similar benefits. And it will be curious to ask more and more. Then it turns out that she is doing all his life (even if you do not understand what he is talking). There must be a very plausible to believe. And talk already with a gleam in his eyes is not about her, and his affairs. Now let it "strains" and looking for anything in common between you and him. Then show up "common friends" (invented by you, of course). Now there is an occasion to exchange phones. Now you're almost friends.
Step 3. How to meet.
Most likely, she will call you myself. However, if this does not happen, you need to find a reason to meet and call yourself. The occasion will fit any: you could even say that want to discuss it bought a gift. Remember, she wants to meet you and also looking for an excuse. It is more difficult to determine the place of the meeting. To imagine it, you still can not invite, but at the same time you have to give yourself the opportunity to seduce. Ask to meet in some nightclub, but not just a club, but where are the party or parties dating flirt. Of course, you do not know znat- of any party, but if we come to this club, do not leave the ! Believe me, it will be very glad such a coincidence, because in this atmosphere of God himself ordered her to flirt with you. Well, if it does not, world best adult dating site then there are plenty of other girls who were there just to flirt. Now it is fashionable. The rest depends on you. world best adult dating site.

Why there are men and women? What they are looking for communication, light up at the thought of each other? Ancient looking for the meaning of love. And finds it in the people's desire for original integrity. Once, Plato wrote, our nature was not the same as now. People are round creatures with four arms and legs, with two absolutely identical individuals, online world wide adults dating personals peeping in different directions. And "shameful parts" have been two too.
These men were of three types. There were men - with two penises, women - two of the vulva. Androgynous, who had, respectively, and both. As always, the ancient, the conflict flared. Humans imagined about myself knows what. And tried to climb into the sky to attack the gods.
For these transgressions gods decided to cut people in half, as the cut "before salting rowan berries." And the person to pay to the other side, to looking at your injury, the person becomes humble. But when the bodies were dissected, each half lustfully rushed to another. They embraced, intertwined, eagerly trying to grow together. They died of hunger and anguish, pouring seed on the ground, as the cicadas. And then, perhaps they, Zeus realized a new surgery. He moved the "disgrace" on the front part of the body, online world wide adults dating personals so people can satisfy the thirst of love.
But with these very long, according to Plato, human beings are attracted to each other. For each of us - a half man, dissected into two parts as two flounder. Those who were formerly united men are attracted to all male. As a true Greek, Plato admires them. "This is the best of the boys and of young men because they by nature the most courageous. Some, however, call them shameless, but this is misleading: they behave so not in its shamelessness, and on their courage, manliness and courage of addiction own image. There are a convincing proof: in later years only the men are turning to state activity "(Feast, 192ab).
Those who were previously united women tend to all women. Just grow from them the true femininity that is alien to all men. All the rest of mankind came from the androgynous. Only these people are hungry for the opposite sex. Only these men have the pleasure of women, and women - to men. Only when you look at their chosen blood rushes to his cheeks, his legs weakening, begins to make noise in my head. Of these - the famous libertines, the great heterosexual.
All this of course, is only a myth. But if we take it not as a fairy tale is a lie, but only a hint, you have to admit that each of us in some way androgynous. Each of us has both male and female. Austrian Otto Weininger wrote that all the features you can find male and female, at least in the weak development online world wide adults dating personals.
Many ancient peoples did not seek to complete separation of the sexes. They, on the contrary, strongly emphasized the similarities. If they were not, the simulation was performed. Then severed culture of men and women. The whole story - a story of confrontation between the two worlds - MANKIND and WOMANKIND. Female and male human.
The end of the twentieth century back into our lives archaic. Fashion, which is most sensitive to the trends of the era, proclaimed unisex. Everywhere in the world triumphs business style, which from a business menov and business woman needs one the same. Stiffness, assertiveness, the ability to achieve their goals. And the floor is irrelevant. A nudist movement with their slogan "Down with the shame!"? Is topless woman on the beach more accessible than in a bathing suit? On the contrary! Tanned chest makes it barely distinguishable from the men.
The only way to go against all this - to seek ancient androgyny. By that of which Plato wrote. To search for a lost integrity initially in communion with his half. Strive for a wonderful sense of affection, closeness and love when people do not want to be separated even for a short time.
When they can not even say what they want, in fact, from each other. After all, online world wide adults dating personals not for sex, they want to be together! Their soul, their blood is only vaguely hinted: "... it's yours is yours lost half ..." online world wide adults dating personals.

I am looking for a boyfriend! How to win a man dream?
Any woman asks: "How to win a man." Universal answer is no, because a lot of men, and they are all different. However, you can develop a "strategy of trapping" independent and free men.
So, before you begin an offensive campaign, you, as a good general, new adult dating free site it is necessary to determine the purpose of what you want to get in the end?
Goal 1: You want sex. There is a particular man, you do not know it, but you want to. After an exciting night of love will try to quickly forget about it.
Goal 2: You want to start dating for flirting . You need a nice man who would always remind you that you are the most beautiful, lovely, delightful woman.
Goal 3: You need to improve their financial and housing situation. Since you yourself can not do it, you need a man who will do it for you. Besides, you have no idea where to find such a man.
Goal 4. There is a man for whom you will certainly want to get married .
Goal 5. You generally want for someone to marry.
Now that you have decided, you can proceed.
Strategy for Objective 1.
You have the easiest opponent, because he did not resist when you start to win it. What matters is that your offensive during his campaign for their own purposes are not captured more nimble conqueror. So stop beating around the bush, and it's time to get down to business. Start him openly ogle. A man will regard such behavior on the part of an unknown woman was the desire to have sex. You need it. Try to show this man in the eye only in the guise of sex: the net stockings, long red nails, short skirt - this is the most powerful weapon in the hunt for him. Just bring it to the attention of the man his desire so that he could not imagine anything else new adult dating free site. And do not first run after him, then run away. Why a simple situation makes it difficult?
Strategy for Objective 2.
You all right to private life, only you are missing someone who would make your heart beat faster and stronger. You need someone with whom every meeting would be like a first date. You do not have enough flirting! Take the first step: like the man smile, casually touch his hand, throw sidelong glance. Do not be afraid, the man will answer the same. Deep breaths, reticence phrases affair - that is what will keep you in good shape. In such a relationship it is very convenient that you can always take a step back, when suddenly a man will take care of you. In addition, you can flirt with many men, each time fully conscious of its power over them. A woman should be like a flirtatious and affordable, it is simply obliged to be always surrounded by men. For a start, it would be good practice to the atmosphere, where your flirting will not look clumsy or awkward. Go to a party flirting - there you'll understand where the line between flirting and vulgarity, between sexuality and promiscuity. And looking like flirting others will be able every day to arrange for themselves a little love affair.
Strategy for Objective 3.
First of all, remember one golden rule: "You no one should." No man should have no money, no cars, no apartments ... On the contrary, it is you have to order such a man standing behind a monitor, control your mood and track your competitors, but you they will be oh so much! But first you need to find this man. Here are a few places where they are most often: their own company, new adult dating free site a sports club, garage, indoor bar, casino, party dating . Please note that the streets are not listed here, shops and public transport. So it makes no sense to humbly wait until you and the bus happiness basement. The most convenient place to hunt for such men - party flirting. First, you visit them will be cheaper than a visit to a sports club or casino. Secondly, there you will have no problem with an acquaintance. Third, there is a man once say they are willing to do for you. So, you've found the right place the right man. We began to flirt with him. And do not try the same evening flirting translate into a more intimate relationship. The principle "came, I saw, I conquered" here is no good. Singles parties so good that they can meet periodically with familiar need men, not lying in bed with them. When you decide on whom you would most like to receive the sponsorship and support, start simply ignore it, and every time to show what men really something around you th-th-th number. In men, this type of special mentality to get things done, no matter what it takes. Well, he'll let you be expensive. And the more it will cost to you, so it will jealously guard their property, that is you.
Strategy for goal 4.
Do you want to make a fortune to her lover, who, on his happiness hard brushes and is not going to marry you. Indeed, some men are afraid of panic seal their relationship with a woman stamp in the passport. While they can not even clearly explain why. Just beat his chest and scream on every corner, "I am dear to me my freedom!". Well and good. This foolishness he came after a conversation with a "real man" who know life and can authoritatively declare that all women .... Then, they are women. Rejoice that your lover is so easy to inspire ... and he knows so bad women. To conquer a man of this type easier. You need to be friends with his friends and relatives. And what is it when your lover "serious men's conversation" with childhood friends in the kitchen under a bottle of beer and a deck of cards, new adult dating free site you go with a frown all the time and trying his "real" friends put out the door. Of course, you are an enemy to them-first, and they did not miss the opportunity to sympathize with your lover that he was with some baba ... feel that soon they will begin to put you? You, on the contrary, it is necessary to be "the guy." The arrival of his friends or relatives - so it's an event that you should rejoice. We quickly deliver the most bottles of beer on the table, put a deck of cards and withdraw to the neighbors not to interfere with "Gentlemen". That's when you began to respect authoritative people, so you will not notice in the registry office yourself. And then, on the rights of his wife, and show everyone who's boss.
Strategies for Goal 5.
Would you like for someone to marry. Of course, you do not care for someone to come out. The problem you have is that the exit is not for anyone. It happened in your life that the work - only women's team when you go somewhere, you no one meets, and indeed some men went ... And when and where do you go? Like in the movies with her friends at work? And where you have seen that men came to get acquainted directly to the doorpost of single women? And in the course, such as drivers, you are not going to think? Well, what if you have no car, you do not need the car, and her husband with the car. Change the job, place of residence, your surroundings ... your efforts will pay off handsomely. You need to be among the men flirt party . As long as any. Then he will choose. Oh, you are not satisfied with their appearance. You think that you are short and fat, while men see only the tall and thin? Well, friends set up an only tall and thin, and when you end up with them in the same company, for him they will merge into one mass, and his eyes will allocate you only. By the way, a time when women's public nudity was in vogue - far in the past. Now there is no need to wear a skirt that its size is very similar to a belt, new adult dating free site or a topic that even women sometimes can not distinguish from underwear to pass a written beauty. It suffices to show the recess between the breasts, or wag nicely rounded hips, shoulders or bare only to male fantasy to finish the rest. new adult dating free site.

How to meet a woman at a party
So, you are going to the club party. Of course, there are plenty of sexy women with whom you want to meet. Also, there will be enough men who want to meet the woman. And your job is to be attractive and interesting of these men.
Several myths that prevent you from becoming a very interesting man:
Myth 1
Bald spot, glasses, stomach, small stature, frail figure - the owner of all this has no chance to become sexually attractive to the tall, slender beauty that surrounds hairy basketball team most popular adult dating sites.
Sex and flirtation make a woman not interested in your appearance, but his. On the little things like tummy or bald spot, a woman does not pay attention when these little things belong to an interesting conversationalist and a considerate man. But your indifference to it - a consequence of fear of rejection - allows a woman to throw at you scornful glances.
Myth 2
Tall, slender beauty only interested in money. Therefore, it may attract only those who have more "offer."
You are not the first who thinks so. In addition, every day it becomes more such proposals. For her, it has become boring and banal. Money, of course, a powerful weapon in the fight for the long-legged beauty, but attention, originality, compliments and admiration - these women are valued much higher.
Myth 3
Tall, slender beauty with a haughty gaze immediately "otoshet" anyone who wants to meet her most popular adult dating sites.
Not immediately and not any. She came to the party and to get acquainted. In addition, she is a woman, beautiful and sexy, and it must be constantly in this sure. And who will be able to convince it better man? So she waits for her as someone starts to flirt. And the fact that it is many "rebuffs" ... so it's just many people do not know how to get acquainted.
Myth 4
If a woman is easy to explore and to flirt, so it is just as easily accessible.
Women flirting nothing says. She can flirt with the first counter boredom, for the maintenance of tone or just to annoy offending lover, who is somewhere nearby. Also, flirting can be a style of its behavior. It may not even pay attention to the person with whom flirting. Women generally like to flirt for the sake of flirting .
Myth 5
All the women, getting acquainted with a man have the same goal - to get married.
Indeed, a hundred years ago for a woman important than a successful marriage, most popular adult dating sites it was not. And it is not because women are very anxious to find her husband, but because otherwise it would have rejected society. Today's society allows women to have many lovers, and no husband. The woman and enjoy, because her lover less domestic trouble. And getting to know a man, a woman is most concerned about how he would be a good lover, and only then, if a man really try, can be considered his proposal of marriage.

Well, now you have a significant advantage over the others: you got rid of the most common misconceptions that greatly interfere with acquaintance with a woman. Find a lover at a party is pretty simple. Here's how to conventional clubbing flirting turned into a party:
The first thing that draws the attention of woman - your appearance. It is the only way she can give you any evaluation. Consequently, there is no negligence is not allowed. Shirt - net pants - smooth, nails - cropped hair - washed face - sober. On the neck should not be a heavy metal chain on his fingers - thick signets.
You've come to the club for a party, and you now have to choose from a variety of women that, for which you will be looked after. Of course, you have chosen the most beautiful. The same woman chosen and the other men. Do not just rush to get acquainted with it. It is better to move on time to the side and see how others do it, and what it is for them to end. Suppose someone of your opponents luck, and he spent the entire party revolves around her and entertaining talk, and like it is nice.
Hence we conclude: a real flirt, she appreciates and loves. For her flirtation between a man and a woman - for granted. So your courtship she will be as pleasant most popular adult dating sites.
Come and dance with her, you can not - most likely, you will be denied. To discourage the party that woman have a lucky fan you have her intrigued. For such cases, it would be good to have a notebook and pen to write an intriguing note. Of course, anonymous.
You also need to find someone who would she took the note. In a club or at a party dating such a person could be someone from the staff. Note should be short, a few general terms women should be told about what she is beautiful and you admire it. And in general, it is the only one for whom would cost to come to this club party, etc. Just do not be in a note to admire the different parts of her body: feet, eyes, hair ... At first, it may look like anything, and secondly, the woman can take you for a maniac Dismantler. Choose the most common word.
Once a woman will receive the note, it will start to look through the eyes of someone who could write it. Unable to find such, it is currently there and then come up with a way of men, brave, noble, polite, etc. The type that revolves around her, already falling by the background. In addition, it will try to quickly get rid of it, both the third and superfluous most popular adult dating sites.
Because like him, at parties care a lot for her - and she is bored. But love notes she hardly someone wrote earlier. Women love a subtle flirtation, and she would be glad to continue. And continued to be followed ten minutes later.
You can come up and say the same words as in the note (as it is beautiful, you admire her). The main thing that she realized that the note you wrote. Then you can ask her name ... By the way, you're already wearing invented image of a brave and noble man. And you just have to match it.
And to match this image to the party is very simple. Especially because most men do not know how such elementary things, like paying compliments and kissing handle pododvigat chair and throw a coat over his shoulders, when a woman is about to leave. Men either do not think about these "trifles", or believe such behavior ridiculous and stupid. Women are always pay attention to such a man.
If you do not know what to say to the woman with whom you just met at the club, tell her compliments. Believe me, too many compliments do not happen. Women - very narcissistic creatures. Note how long it can hold a beautiful woman near the mirror, smoothing her hair, twirling in circles. Besides, she looks at her reflection in the mirror of all that are in the field, it appears to look into the dark windows of cars, shop windows and the windows even look in puddles. And not because she was so concerned about their appearance. Not at all. She just admires his reflection. So it become the mirror, which is the most eloquent, believable and, more importantly, authority will tell her that she is more beautiful, more interesting, brighter than other women.
All this has led Moscow to buy a diploma , it is possible to transfer in person.
Incidentally, the courtesy and attentiveness can help you in the same evening to be her guest most popular adult dating sites. You can not just let her go home: you never know what. Woman at night is dangerous to walk on the same streets. Of course, you, as a gentleman, should give her a lift. On the way, no harassment, no attempt to kiss or other hints should not be. Because this behavior, you, on the contrary, only call her resistance. Remember that you are in the image of noble and courteous character and you have to match this image. It may well be that it will prompt you to go for a cup of coffee. But even in this case - no initiative on your part. Modestly drink coffee at the cultural conversation ... You'll see, she will seduce you.
Perhaps the woman will refuse your offer to drive her you-it still does not speak to you to sit down in the car. In this case, call her a taxi to the club, but before release, ask her to call you when it will reach and, "just in case", take her phone. It will be touched and delighted by such a manifestation of attention. Neither the phone nor the new date you will not be denied. most popular adult dating sites.

Flirting as a lifestyle
Undoubtedly, women easier than men to make the acquaintance of flirting. It can easily get acquainted with a man, not just attending a party flirting, but just walking down the street and smiling oncoming men. Women are so easy to do it because for many women flirting - it's a lifestyle . That is why women are considered beautiful, delicate, largest adult dating site lovely creatures for the sake of which men are obliged to make every day a few deeds.
He is a lover can bring a man crazy?
It is considered quite natural and no one is surprised. Still, after female beauty as the most powerful force that can completely control the men began to cultivate in the 7th century. BC, when Homer in his "Iliad" forced the Greeks to Troy, and all because of the fact that the two kings - Paris and Menelaus - could not share a woman - Elena the Fair. By the way, in the "Iliad" the image of Helen does not even approximate the outline to establish its appearance: shape, hair color, eye age. This means that to be in place of Helen can absolutely any woman who has known the art of seduction.
A man can have, if he does not give.
To conquer a man, a woman and their behavior looks promising him pleasure and enjoyment. That is the promise of happiness is flirting. I allow myself to spend a simple analogy (forgive me, man) in the East, to get the donkey to move in the right direction, so even with a rider on his back, a stick with a string tied carrot. The rider all the time keeps the stick in his hands so that the carrot hanging on a rope, is always right in front of the muzzle donkey. pizza delivery Permian stubborn animal to reach the carrot takes a step forward. Accordingly, carrots exactly one step away from a donkey. The stubborn animal makes another step forward ... So the donkey with rider on his back chasing close but inaccessible carrot, able to go great distances. So a man can endlessly chasing almost available woman largest adult dating site ... bringing many practical benefits of this very woman.
Men's women's game on the rules.
Seduce a woman is also possible. And to make it fairly easy to her the same way - flirting. In the end, the woman - also a man, and nothing human is alien to her. She, like you, wants to love and affection, and she needs someone who will love her. So, gentlemen, man, every woman - on the carrots.
The success of the women you, first of all, ensure your conduct. Attention, courtesy, compliments accidentally fallen a glimpse of the feet, the chest, the face - that you pay attention to it themselves. But no courtship of you should not be. On the one hand, it seems like you, on the other hand, you are not to do anything to get to know her better. Your "atypical" behavior simply knock it confusing and will make the "enemy camp," complete turmoil. It will change the years-ground strategy teasing and capture men trying to win the man itself. However, you can not become completely indifferent to her efforts, and she will soon lose interest in you. You see that she wore a blouse with a deep neckline - to him and to be focused all your attention. She wore this shirt for you. And so on. The more she tries to win you, the more you have on your face should be written in admiration of her. Only. No courtship. She currently come up with a thousand reasons to explain your behavior, and whatever you're shy and you are unsure of what she likes, and the fear that she had someone there, largest adult dating site and tomorrow - well, certainly you make the first step, etc.
Then you need to call this woman jealousy. Even without the jealousy and the sense of competition. You're so can not flirt with a woman, but many. Again, I stress: flirt, not to care. In the first case, you get a reputation for interesting man in the second - a womanizer. From the point of view of a woman - a huge difference.
From theory to practice
Here you find yourself in a place full of beautiful strange women. Suppose it is a party. It is better if it is a party flirting , because it is permeated by the scent of the atmosphere of flirtation. In addition, the evening singles so good that dating girls - a natural process, and the girls themselves are waiting for them to be acquainted.
Talking Woman depicting the admiration in the eyes, it is desirable to have not noticed the other girls. The girl begins to act "rut", first you will be a cute smile, then doused you indifferent gaze and will have to focus not notice that you're a little behind her running around. Run for it is not necessary. You also just might meet with another girl. That, the first girl to be extremely unfortunate that you, instead of faithfully dragged behind it, it's nice to spend time in other societies. Or rather, it would be unfortunate that the other is "bound" to you, interfering with her plans. The first girl to quickly join your company, trying to shift your attention on yourself. The second is not to lag behind. The truth is they will not fight for you, and for the right to consider themselves the most beautiful and the most intelligent. But you-what's the difference? You - my dear man, friendly smile and looks deep into the eyes of the girl, then one, then the second. And everyone seems to you like it is, and each will try to discourage you from rivals, and do not let go largest adult dating site. You will need it! Well, I feel the power of flirting?
Where can you flirt?
The answer is clear - always and everywhere: at work, in the street, among friends, at parties, so who knows where else. Just do not break the thin border when flirting turns into harassment. Because harassment - is the desire to get the woman that you want. A flirtation - the desire to arouse a woman the same desires that you have. The second option is likely to succeed. largest adult dating site.

Secrets of the Pros for seducing women.

Art conquest of women is based on the art of control female erotic fantasies. Sex between men and women is precisely because each partner is already set up for a maximum of pleasure. Therefore, the art of seduction of women is the ability to cause them sexual associations with you international adult dating.
There is a science!
This science is called NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Its essence - the ability to manage emotions and feelings, and thus - to manipulate them. Among psychologists professionals irreproachable possession of NLP is considered aerobatics, because using this technique may even cure drug addiction. You're obviously not a professional psychologist, and play-fight - a lover but you is very useful to know some NLP techniques to become a real spice in question "how to seduce a woman." Here are two basic techniques that you need to learn to communicate with the girls had a continuation.
Before you make acquaintance with the purpose of flirting , you have to learn to adapt to other people. There are many types of trim, and the kind of difficult, the adjustment effectively. Let's start with the most simple:
Adjustment of position. Talking to girls is not possible without being in any position international adult dating. She can walk, stand, sit, though her hand may be extended along the body or crossed on his chest, and legs may be parallel to each other or one foot can throw on the other. You need some way to repeat its position.
Take a good look around, and you'll notice something interesting. When people are interested in each other, they are in the same position, moreover, they alter it simultaneously. While doing it unconsciously and do not notice that your partner exactly or mirror repeats of their movement. If the conscious interest certainly leads to unconscious tuning, then, accordingly, a conscious adjustment leads to unconscious interest.
Adjusting gestures. Dating with girls can be more successful if you begin to use the same gestures that they are. If the girl pronounced gestures, then you can take a more active gestures in an attempt to express his thoughts. If the girl does not enjoy gestures, then you need to be more restrained. But we should not mechanically follow the rules, you should always take into account the peculiarities of the situation and monitor the reaction of your interlocutor.
Adjust according to. Communicate with girls involves a conversation about anything, which in turn involves the use of words or expressions. And to be an interesting conversationalist, you must use the same words and expressions, which are used by the girl. If a girl and then inserts quotes from classic works, then you also have to read a couple of such works and paste from their quotes. If the girl only speaks in slang and in every word sticks "Well ... it's like ... .." and so on ... so, international adult dating forget for a while about his higher education, and his admiration and sympathy expressed by the simple word - "zashib."
Adjustment of speech. And she can talk fast or slow, loud or barely audible, with clear diction or swallowing end, pronouncing words correctly, or distorting them wrong accent ... You have to say as well.
In general, the correct adjustment - it is half the battle in the art of conquering women. Because you adapts to then manipulate. Through fine tuning, you get to the unconscious girl's "own." So, you can trust, you have to listen. Check how well you have adjusted very easily. It is enough to change the posture, gestures, style of speech; if the girl will soon change as well, so tuning is done correctly and you can proceed to anchoring.
Becoming the anchor.
When you rubbed in confidence and the subconscious girl, you can begin to create sexual associations connected with you.
The Japanese have a custom: the person (as an infant) when he is happy, give a sniff of any bottle of spirits. Moreover, each time with a given bubble in the same odor. When a person grows, the bubble with these spirits to give him. And if a person happens to any trouble, he again sniffs the vial. Naturally, in the subconscious awakens joy and happiness. This smell is the anchor of happiness international adult dating. Acts, by the way, better than any sedative.
You can also put the anchor girl for sex. Of course, when a girl with someone to have sex and achieve orgasm, you can not shove it under the nose of a bottle of toilet water, and then pour the whole bubble over. All forms that filled most passionate fiery girl with the profession as a prostitute Yekaterinburg finally collected in one place, look at the light and choose the one moth to your liking. Although it turned out to be more powerful than any aphrodisiac. Therefore, you need to learn not only to put an anchor, but switch them from one feeling to another.
Obviously, once the anchor to put unfamiliar girl for sex is impossible. But you can put an anchor on the simply pleasure, and from everything from delicious food, good weather, witty jokes. Then, gradually, to switch the anchor itself, only then to have sex.
The girl and the woman, and what is your name? Where to go?
Unfortunately, right now, if you will run to learn, adapt and anchors beautiful women, you have nothing. Because the art of seduction is not perceived knowledge and skill. A skill is taken only from the impressive practice international adult dating. Really vicious circle? Not at all.
Use fancy party flirting . There you can safely go to the girl and begin to apply new knowledge. Dinner parties to flirt so good that there is no major problem - the problem to meet and start chatting.
Thus, the visiting party Me, you can not become play-fight - a lover, and a real professional in the question: "how to seduce a woman." So, gentlemen, men of a serious practice in the art of the conquest of women go for evening dating to communicate with the girls, trimming, anchoring and simple pleasure. international adult dating.

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