"In the USSR, no sex." This catch phrase heard, perhaps, everything. And even those who have not found the Soviet Union. The first time I heard this phrase, I thought, "Oh, the poor, how they lived." But, - first, before feeling sorry for that generation, it was necessary to know the roots of the origin of the phrase, and in - the second, only talk half the night with her ??mother. It appeared in the Soviet Union was, and sex and love, and that only was not.
A bit of history. The reason for the occurrence of this phrase was saying L. Ivanova (representatives of public organization "Committee of Soviet Women") during the teleconference with America. There are 2 versions. Posner and Lev Ivanov.
Version Posner:
"The American participant complained that the US television commercials exploit sexual imagery and wondered whether a similar situation in the USSR. Ivanov said: "We have no sex ...", which immediately sank in the general laughter, drowning out the end of the phrase: "... on television"
Version Ivanova:
In general, I began a teleconference, and one American says yes you because of the war in Afghanistan in general should stop having sex with your man - then they will not go to war. And all the time his finger pokes. I told her, and said: There is no sex in the Soviet Union, and there is love. And you during the war in Vietnam, too, did not stop to sleep with their men. But remember only the beginning of a phrase. What, am I not right? We also did the word "sex" was almost indecent alexandria dating sex russian. We are always engaged in no sex and love. That's what I had in mind "
But this phrase has become a yardstick by which tried and judged on sexual politics in the Soviet Union. Not investing in the meaning of this phrase about love. The meaning of the phrase was certainly meager, especially if they do not know about the continuation of the phrase about "television." Yes .... if you take the old Soviet movies - there was not even a hint of sex, on the explicit sex scenes or something - else. Sex was in what was supposed to speak in a whisper. But today we have a surplus of information about sex. Take the same media - the newspapers and magazines are full of articles and of who, where, when and with whom. All films, especially of American origin can not do without sex scenes. Internet and inundated porno pornofoto. Every second advertisement carries information about the girls of easy virtue and sex - toys. Is this "boom" caused by the fact that the earlier people were bound on all sides and led a strict calendar when you need to have sex with? But if sex was not, then I'm sorry, there is a logical question: where there are children -What? They really brought the stork? And how the table looked orders for distribution of children? As the supermarket? Came, saw and took? What - to me a little hard to believe, moreover, that this myth has been torn apart quite a few stories about normal sexual activity of residents of the Union alexandria dating sex russian.
My mom told me that when she was in school, she had odnogruppnitsa 25 years of age, who went into a surprisingly short dress at the time, and wondered what she honking cars. We call this lady allegedly Oksana. This cute Oksana managed to sleep with all the boys who studied with her and were susceptible to anything non-binding sex. Then, and this she was little, she moved to the teachers (the director and the director of studies, she left to live in peace). And then just went into circulation citywide. In the study, it came with a bag from which protruded syringe, you know, what it was necessary (after all, children do not bring storks, excuse those whom I am upset). Oksana could easily answer that does not even know the name of her partner yesterday, arguing that what it superfluous information. At the presentation of diplomas it from the heart thanked all: "I took from you everything you wanted." There just does not add - not to kill. All clear.
Do you think, how the Soviet teenagers learned how to deal and how the most unknown sex. It now costs to drive in "Yandex" a couple of sentences, and you'll learn all the secrets of lovemaking. Previously, it was a bit difficult and not so interesting, but it was too. Issue special medical brochure "for boys" and "girls", which details the physiology of the male and female with certain clarifications of the sexual process. And even on contraceptive methods and how to use them. So it is not so, and it was hidden from the children alexandria dating sex russian.
Here, for example, quotes from the book "Health sexuality", which was published in 1964:
"Masturbation is widespread in the capitalist countries in the boarding school, boarding schools. The capitalist city with its irritating effect on the psyche of the child causes early awakening in children and adolescents sexual feelings ...
It is advisable to fill in the day, the teenager so that was not aimless pastime. It is the state encourages laziness and lounging teenagers and young men to the masturbatory excesses. Healthy staff, physical training and sports, cooperative learning, collective walks, hiking - all contribute to the proper formation of the common teen to normal sexual development. "
"Hotbed of homosexuality are also closed male institutions, is very common in the West." (As for homosexuality - it seems to me to have a non-standard orientation at that time was not only shameful but also dangerous. While still can not understand the persecution of gays and lesbians. It has long been known that the abnormal sexual orientation is not the only thing that is not normal - it the complete absence of sex. And that everyone - the).
Also it existed and pornography, but not the same as it is now. Quality worse and not so interesting. They were mostly erotic stories and reprints of photographs, mostly Western. Who - that managed to make such a self-made photos. All of this was a matter for the courts, but the time was the demand - and the proposal was. After all, like it or not, people in all ages interested in sex.
Even in films that were shot in the Soviet Union were naked women, just get on a film people under 16 was very difficult. But manages. Only now, after all this time, we all seem rather ridiculous, why had little bare chest was considered indecent and the film could be removed from display. But any money received for such actors scene alexandria dating sex russian. While the sex scenes in the film were also present, but they look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and clean. (Movies - examples: "Little Faith", "One hundred days before the order," "Love in Russian," "Over the Dark Water" ... the list is renowned for exposed women and men is long, who remembers these films understands how this breakthrough It was those of the year).
All the same, the question "Was there sex in the USSR?", As no examples, will remain rhetorical. For someone - it was someone just denies the existence of a foreign concept to the masses, and who - that they successfully dealt with, and someone really making love. What it is now rare.
And finally, even a small opening for me the most, and a gust of 1954. A fragment of the film "Passport maturity" (sex in the USSR was not mean, and gays have been). alexandria dating sex russian.

We are all faced with the desire to get what we want and still and without unnecessary emotional - financial costs. In particular, this applies to the topic of sex.
But then the differences begin. After all, how - that at one time took a stereotype, the man - a male - the conqueror, who a few females. It is quite normal for men to have no one partner at a time, even not ashamed. Both married women who believe that her husband did not go "left" profoundly mistaken. Most likely, all men cheat. Just some of them lack the skill and imagination are not palitsya. And what you do not know - and that is not. Both men simpler:
Those are really quite busy - pay for sex for one or more nights (Entertainment industry in this regard is very developed) adult russian dating services. At the same ones who finance and more time there is a desire to find the second, which will always be "at the ready", and it will not have a headache. But here I am faced with the same lack of understanding of his - why change a permanent one sewed on the other?
With women, the situation is a bit more complicated in the sense that the woman - is the keeper of the hearth, she should wait at home for his breadwinner, and has no right to adultery. It can only dream of. And ... very quiet at night. If it's even a right. (Oh, the horror! Women dream of others! But it's better dream than embody your dreams into reality. Moreover, Johnny Depp is indeed very sexy). But if a woman - not someone - a girl or woman (even civil), where she was taking the same sex? When how to take to the surrounding are not branded her "Scarlet Letter" and did not shout in a trace "prostitute"? After all, our society is full of stereotypes to such an extent that even a completely free woman can not change men as gloves adult russian dating services. (Strange that expression, I have now only 3 pairs of gloves, and they are by no means tally to my sex life). Not accepted - and that's it. You can certainly remember that brothels are not only individual women. But not every woman would agree to pay for sex. Already many are accustomed to, that not only do they want sex, they thus also in the movie want to go for free. But there are not. And a lot of them. Just those who want two peas on a spoon, as they say, much more.
And here, if a woman wanted to change, to sleep with someone, call it what you want, start a bunch of myths, words and simply incredible things. In the men's and women's head. For Example:
"If a woman on a first date with a man asleep, most likely, it will try to cook up this relationship." Not a fact. The woman, too, may be regarded man as a sexual object, means rest and moral satisfaction (Yes, dear man, do you think that only you are capable of it? Not at all).
"Women should always moral satisfaction during sex adult russian dating services. Even at first sex. At any sex. " Absolutely not, women as well as men, too, sometimes you just want sex for sex. Especially if the woman drunken. After all mainly with women one-time sex occurs during alcohol intoxication when it is completely set free, and it seems that you are so incredibly sexy (even if it is not). And she could quietly forget about sex like you. And what we do not remember - that was not. And even your business card in the bag does not prove yesterday your presence in the apartment.
"All women want you to stay at it and be there for you after sex." Yet again. Once a myth. There are people who by nature consumers. And it does not even matter what's your name, and they are happy to forget your face, and say nothing about the fact that they want to wake up next to you, it is not worth.
"Girls do not like a quickie." Yes. If she is ready for it the floor - in the evening, and even learned to cook for you, but you turned out to be a sprinter. But if you had a quickie in an unexpected place and at unexpected times - why not. In a fit of passion, many women will agree to that.
"The demand for sex in men than in women." Again, there has long been proven that women and men are the same. There are exceptions, of course. And if your wife is too often a headache - maybe it's time to take her to the doctor, or think about her sex life is your relationship?
"After sex, even the first men lose interest in a woman." Even if you give me 15 living examples from his life style "that he first turned away, fell asleep and began to snore, and then do not even call" and so he "lost interest such as" I'll tell you only one thing - the poor men upyhavshimsya just need time for recovery. Sorry, ladies, but not all of you Thumbelina to man all night you arranged a night of love, and then also sang for you after listening to your sentimental stories - all right, he's tired. Just imagine how much effort you need to have to surprise, twist and do not forget about you. And just after orgasm, it is not physically capable of the new action. And if you do not call back or a day or two - then sorry, it's not in your soul and the outside scarcity, but simply that he wanted to have sex for sex and got it.
"If a girl at the club (coffee house, the street, shop, etc.) dressed sexy - provocatively adult russian dating services. she definitely wants sex. And anyway, she's just windy. " All this bullshit. Clean water. First, her house could wait MEM (the man of her dreams), for which she wore this dress defiant. She just went to the store for bread to feed him. In - the second, on the street may be 35 degrees Celsius, and that's why she put this mini - skirt? And not because he wants to all and sundry. Or maybe she just wanted to feel like a museum exhibit, all staring?
"There are men - Monogamous." Yes. Yes, they like to himself, his ego, his car and his torso will love for life, and none of the young nymphet will not be able to prove to him that her leg where the steeper its torso. With such men can struggle mentally. But it is unlikely that, if a man is not married to the 45, he abruptly changes his mind at the sight of you. Although, as stated in one advertisement, "Impossible."
Something like that. A little superficial. But the point to reveal all the cards? Then there is no sense of any sex (morally) or in a relationship. Everything will be in the store or in the natural metabolism. Moreover, the World Wide Web is lined with a lot of material about all sorts of myths and even more mythical responses to them. But do not assume that if a woman, for example, does not want you to call her the next day and even your second woman did not want to - all they are all the same. It is unlikely that all men are unique, if the individual, and that one in the head - not the fact that the other. Therefore, be careful and apply the feelings, even if it's sex for one night. adult russian dating services.

At the birth of the relationship between two people, emotions often take precedence over common sense. Increased hormones mad passion can not compensate for the risk of infection or unwanted pregnancy.
Even if the young man to calm the girl will go for tests, even if you do not have an absolute guarantee that he passed them or get them checked qualitatively and read out the real situation. Even people who take all reasonable precautions, could be at risk. Heed the advice, which traditionally gives doctors - to know the person and the person with whom you sleep before it gets into your bed, and then your body. But the problem is that in no other area of ??human life there is so many reefs and deception, as in the sexual adult dating russian women. The trouble can happen to anyone. Immunodeficiency virus can be detected in blood only three four months questionable sexual intercourse. You are required to take precautions. No need to risk everything for the sake of his desires. You must do so out of respect for themselves, for those who love you people who do not want to happen to you trouble. We are talking about his health, about which you should also take care of. If you were the man before him, and then you yourself can not be a hundred percent sure that you're all right. In addition, it is not necessary to engage in sexual intercourse to become infected with HIV or hepatitis.
If you do not want to live in endless anxiety, do not listen to his friend, when he says to you that will make sure that you do not become pregnant. In relation to pregnancy, natural ways of prevention have extremely low efficiency adult dating russian women.
You must stand firm and insist on condom use, which is quite reliable and insure against disease and pregnancy. Sometimes they come across such men who are willing to do anything to avoid the use of a condom, but you must be an iron rule that knows no exception: "No condom - no sex!". If you're going to trust the common sense, you will not be deceived by any chance, or deliberately.
If a man refuses to be protected and not think about the possible consequences of this shows his inability to be responsible. So his feelings for you are insincere, and he was not so much the way you, as a pastime. Think about it, if he behaves, maybe you need a completely different person?
In life there is everyone, and caring only about their own health is in your hands adult dating russian women. Let your purse always condoms to your romantic rendezvous independent of distraction. This does not mean that you do not trust your boyfriend, just so you take care of both of you. And if the young man begins to be jealous of, explain that to have and use condoms - are two different things. adult dating russian women.

Why women give birth to holiday romance? In response to this question, you can often hear that Russian men are gloomy, do not know how to care, often impolite, just want a wife washed dishes and did not interfere with drinking vodka. In short, no romance. That woman and looking at the resorts is what they lack at home. And then the sun, sea, beach ...
As I see it, this view is not baseless. It is unclear why, it is very popular among our women myth about the lack of spirituality of Russian men, although they are no worse than men of other nationalities. It's like saying if some beach frequenter of Sochi, has any objective advantages to the engineer of Khabarovsk. What is the real reason for this prejudice adult dating russian girls?
In fact, everything is explained very simply. Life sometimes become boring, dull and loses its colors, like an old photograph. And the closer the woman's age of thirty, or forty, the more she wants to decorate it the most that neither is on, bright colors. But very often it happens that the picture is spoiled beyond recognition, because the paint is of Chinese and Russian tourists bite their nails, regretting their summer pranks. Or just the opposite, not sparing?
The media have taught us to avoid random connections and protected, meaning thereby only protection against unwanted pregnancy and AIDS. And that is necessary to protect his inner world, his personality, his intelligence to protect against moral failure is not even mentioned. All justified the search for new sensations. It is much easier to use temperament beach Don Juan, what to work on yourself, love yourself and make an effort to please the person who you like. Not to say that exceptions are in principle impossible, maybe someone's adventure at sea ended without undesirable consequences, but before you start a holiday romance weigh all the "pros" and "cons" adult dating russian girls.
For the modern type of woman who is actively formed by glossy magazines, just a holiday romance relationship without commitment. But it is impossible to fill the spiritual void in this pastime. And the same magazines are taught what is called separate physics from the lyrics, which in turn implies cheating lover.
In addition, there is another danger hobbies holiday novels, because over time they may become for you a kind of drug. Science has established that in the period of love in the human body produces the hormone phenylethylamine, which causes excitation of the reaction, similar to drugs adult dating russian girls. But it is only produced in the first stage of love, which is the most violent, followed by concentration of this hormone decreases rapidly and continuously to maintain the level of phenylethylamine at a high level, you need to regularly bring stormy, but not long holiday romance. adult dating russian girls.

We often do not notice anything important that we have that is given to us by nature, and is taken away by ourselves. And it is not because they do not appreciate. Meanwhile, the lack or absence of "natural" may cause complex problems in human relations.
Discussion of the proponents and advocates of one such natural functions as an orgiastic discharge, often acquire an unnatural shape, even reaching its determination of quantitative, qualitative and formal parameters. The question of how should behave in bed modern woman, whether a woman is not lying as a "timber" as to whether a man love a woman and to show emotion, not to be the same, "log", albeit in a slightly different area adult dating russian women. ..
The men and women there are several sensitive areas. And one of these zones are sexual relations. Because in practice often it turns confusion, which is not easy to understand either sex without relationship or relationship without sex or relations themselves, but sex itself. As an example, take the problem of both male and female orgasm.
We are often under the influence of illusions, seeing the reality, due to overload our relationship stranger and his own experience, trying to reach a certain level of "success" and "enlightenment." For example, a man who can not stop. He enumerates, digging and watching necessarily think of it as a connoisseur as successful. He has gone from understanding the real problem. It seems to be his orgasms sea, when he wants, but just not very much and he wants to. For him, each new woman in five minutes can be a tedious and unexcited. Imagine, five minutes ago, excited, and after five and a half he has what is called "extinct." And then most likely it is not a woman, but in time adult dating russian women. There are five minutes - will initiate five not - enough for three. And when he is completely absorbed in his work, for the poor woman does not have enough space, time and effort even compliments.
Defending his "I", measuring the masculinity freedom of intercourse, the man sacrifices the happiness of love for the sake of a great standard.
And now the woman involved in the struggle for equality: sex has become a political act. Who needs political acts in bed? And because no one normally does not need a natural, there is the inability to orgasm, entailing the problem of relations.
"Do not excite - get out!" Do not stir up? And you would not have gone ... "
If orgasm becomes a natural moment of intimacy, as a result of a strong desire to unite the two people involved, not only when the sexual act itself, but the whole of their life, they can only deepen or interest in each other (attention and the desire to understand, including the some things directly related to sexual contact) or leave and find another capable of more complete intimacy adult dating russian women.
So the problem is more of a problem orgasms for men and women, because the woman always feels when you can trust the man, and the man always knows if he can be with a woman present. adult dating russian women.

What is becoming one of the main events for a man in his life, because he is experiencing even more than before the wedding or the birth of first child? Of course, this is the first sexual experience and the loss of innocence. And not always this event brings joy, as well as not always disappoints.
Q: why are some so sooner or later lose their virginity, and then try to recover it through plastic surgery? Philosophical question, and therefore it requires an appropriate response.
When a person loses innocence, he seems to be saying goodbye to childhood, going into adulthood, filled with mysterious knowledge of something such that until now was unknown. Although there is not known as of today, everyone knows sex and knowledge of the issue is quite deep. Ignorance is only the issue of protection from unwanted pregnancy. Although modern society is quite well informed, but ... does not wish to take note of the information available on the hands. It is more important than bliss, not protection, which underestimates the extent of that same bliss about russian dating.
But back to the question of innocence, since it is not necessary to lose too soon, you can first learn petting and oral sex. Fun, too, and the innocence remains in place. Well, this is for those who want to save it. And while those who hurry to get rid of it, do not consider the alternative sex.
And can masturbate alone with himself and his fantasies - is also an option, though not the best. All of these options help maintain innocence. But why? To then still lose it? about russian dating ..
However, this issue is particularly discussed modern society that wants to speak on this subject, because we have so long did not have sex, or rather it was not the Soviet Union. And though the CIS sex shovel oars, one continuous sex and nothing more - no morals, no culture of dialogue or the art of seduction and courtship. Today it is possible to lose the innocence and at the entrance and in the alley - anywhere. At the same time today's young people do not bother on with whom and where to lose innocence, the main thing - it's a fact of its loss. Few hold and cherish their virginity, as the apple of the eye, for the one and only, the one who is worthy to be the first or the first.
The human body is created by God for man, and he has the right to dispose of them about russian dating. But do not forget about the moral foundations of morality and self-esteem. Yes, then it will be something to remember, and the girl and the guy who part with the innocence of the most disgusting way, that's just not talk about grandchildren. It's clear that the question of the loss of innocence is not discussed with grandchildren or children, but you think about what you have been granted this wholesome body, only to 30-40 years it has been depleted to the point of exhaustion, and looked at all 50-60 years? Unlikely. If everyone think about this question, no one will stop losing virginity - this will occur every day around the globe, but the question is how it will happen and where it remains open. about russian dating.

When you find a man who experiences a warm feeling (maybe even love) - that's fine. You are well together, you spend a great time, but time to move on to a more serious step - intimacy. Preparing for a woman to have sex very seriously and carefully planned event. And when at the last moment a man does not behave the way you want, it can spoil the whole mood and may even undermine the relationship.
So more.
If he does not stick
It behaves like a boy or very shy. It happens that a woman is so like that it is terrible to touch, as earthly creatures. Of course, this attitude can be gentle, and praise only if the delicacy begins to irritate the woman herself 100 absolutely free russian dating personals. One is forced to have thoughts like: "I'm not looking that it? "" Maybe he has some kind of problem? ", Etc.
The situation can take into their own hands. And if on the part of men, there is no pressure, you, in turn, are not portrayed inaccessibility. Be gentle, as if accidentally touched it. Just kiss a man myself! If this reaction is not - you say goodbye to such a man.
Too frankly stick
Already on the first date, he is not just targeted lifts the dress, but also accompanied by indecent acts phrase: "Where is our pussy, she missed the sausage?" And so on. Even if both of you are well drunk and ready for sex without commitment such phrases to quickly bring to life. This "Sleeping Dictionary" you can start by just being in a relationship.
How to fix? Quite simply, either immediately close his hand over her mouth and finish the job, or else to shove aside all these "sausages" and hurried off home.
If, despite everything, will be the next meeting with this man, you just need to explain that such expressions are not acceptable for you 100 absolutely free russian dating personals.
So predpostelny phase is over. Do you think everything will be okay? Of course, if it all again will not spoil.
First sex is always the most difficult and exciting. You will approach each other or not? After all, each had different partners before and now you are together. Every man wants to make the best impression. And sometimes, they try so hard, and that goes like this:
Light, 23 years old: "When we came to his house, I knew that today is sex.
Dima, he asked me to go to the kitchen and close your eyes. The surprise turned out to be ice cream bar. While I was eating ice cream, Dima went to the bathroom, and then he called me. When I went in front of me was this picture: candles on a side bathroom and Dima neck in water.
I realized that I already do not want anything, but got into the water. He sat in front overlooking a skilled seducer. And then ... I started to drive his foot on his chest and then in the face. With a deep sense of revulsion, I jumped out, got dressed to get away from this apartment. And Dima cried after I behind the times, and that last friend he got up and still is not 100 absolutely free russian dating personals. "
Get up on the health, not only at first sex.
What to do? In this case, nothing is no longer correct. The first time it should be gently, quietly. Do not worry, you have so much ahead of time for experimentation.
He does not have a condom
No matter what happened: I forgot to buy, lost on the road, etc. He does not have? And you were more prudent and stocked.
There, the men make mistakes, when sex has become permanent.
Too stubborn
All the time he alludes to oral sex. And you can not do this: is not ready, you hate, etc. Be sure to talk about it. Only do this after sex, in a pleasant atmosphere.
All the while silent
When you have sex, do not say a word. Yes, it's better than if he had talked incessantly. But still, it's annoying. To correct the situation, try not to keep silent itself. Stoney, shout or whisper, you choose. Perhaps because he himself starts. If a man remains silent, well, that's his character 100 absolutely free russian dating personals.
He falls asleep immediately after sex
Frankly, it is virtually impossible to fix. This behavior is an example of bad manners and disrespect women. Of course, if he did not work on the eve of days.
He - a complete egoist
Many men think only of themselves. How to fix? Maybe not? Of course, you can talk to him and hope for the best. However, most of these instances - and selfish life. It you want? 100 absolutely free russian dating personals.

There is a lot of "will", which is claimed to be possible to determine some characteristics of human sex. And many people firmly believe in them. However, for the most part, this is just fiction. Let's start our expose.
1. The best lover - a man with great dignity, and the bigger it is, the better. Sexologists in one voice declare that sexual giants, this man is not a huge advantage, but with a strong temperament, able to feel and understand the desires of women.
2. The magnitude of the nose and shoe size can determine the penis.
The origin of the legend is unknown, but it is proved that this is nonsense small russian dating sites. The researchers say that attention should be paid to the length of the legs .... What they are shorter, the larger value.
3. Increase of vegetation on the body of a man - a sign of heightened sexuality.
Partly true, but only if it is a hairline in the pubic area. But the hairy chest or back does not mean anything. The fact is that in the vegetation on the body and sexuality are completely different hormones responsible person.
4. If a woman has an orgasm does not happen every time you have sex - it was frigid.
One hundred percent true. Even if you have never experienced an orgasm, it does not mean anything. Frigidity is a complete lack of sexual desire and indifference to sex small russian dating sites. A woman is not frigid, if: reach orgasm during masturbation, dreaming erotic, excited by the caresses of men.
5. liberated in bed and make sex more sensual helps alcohol.
However, under certain conditions. If drunk no more than a glass of wine. In practice, however, a glass of wine is transformed into a bottle of champagne or worse - of vodka. This amount of alcohol is not something that is not conducive to the contrary weakens erections and sexual desire.
6.Muzhchina definitely feel when your partner comes orgasm.
Myth. During sex, men often are passionate about, and simply can not miss it. Therefore, women so easily possible to simulate orgasm with just a loud groan.
7. An orgasm should be accompanied by a strong splash of emotions.
It all depends on the situation, emotional state and feelings of partners to each other. Orgasm can be like a volcanic eruption, and can take place smoothly and gently.
8. Representatives of the southern ethnic groups are more sexy small russian dating sites.
Research in this area show that this statement does not correspond to the real situation. Yes, Southerners really hot, but not in terms of sexuality, but in terms of an explosive nature.
9. black men - the best lovers.
American sexologists conducted a number of surveys and found that black women and men are more dissatisfied with their sex lives than white. So opinions are not the same.
10. With age, sexual activity and desire to come to naught.
Not at all. Many men and women are sexually active even in very old age: 80 years later. small russian dating sites.

Let's not talk about kissing, and we just kiss, getting from this process and giving great pleasure to his partner. And let's try to understand all the same, what a kiss ...
Newborn baby feels its mother not only through gentle touch of her hand, but also through his own lips, greedily clutching his mother's nipple during breastfeeding. Growing up, he begins to smack a child with parents, relatives, that life is called "akin to the kiss." Growing up and make friends, kisses with friends (when meeting or parting) - friendly kiss. One day, during such a simple friendly smack, his piercing arrow of Cupid, and he feels the thrill of a kiss russian women big tittties dating. These kisses are already moving into the stage, which is called - "kissing on the adult." Youth, inept, a little shy, but after all, an adult kiss, because the longer a child but not yet an adult is already experiencing the pleasure of a kiss. His head was spinning, he feels a sense of the unknown earlier.
Where to gain experience, one ... Girls are no longer friends with the same age, they begin to enter into adulthood, and there is already a more mature young people.
Kisses are different - unexpected, greedy, passionate. Girls with selflessness are given kisses. They begin to learn the different techniques of kissing.
It all starts with a romantic kiss - light and weightless. Gradually mastered more complex kiss - French - it is more rich and colorful. The next stage of understanding the art kiss - extreme-vacuum russian women big tittties dating.
In another way, it happens to young people who are gaining experience in the arms of older women.
By the way, before the kiss just need to observe good oral hygiene. Who likes when his mouth is unpleasant smells. Today there are many tools to help get rid of bad breath - this mint tablets, chewing gum, and, of course, cleaning the tongue, cheeks and palate toothbrush.
Unpleasant and salivation causing negative emotions during a kiss. From this, too, can be eliminated if a kiss to drink some cold water.
To improve their own skills in kisses need as much kissing. If you hesitate, or you feel that your partner does not like the kiss - Train. On what? In his hand, though it sounds weird, but why would you kiss her hand in public. When you kiss your hand, you clearly begin to realize that your partner feels during a kiss. Also, during a kiss can be a little dream, that is present at the site of the partner of your favorite book or movie character. You even can not imagine what a huge positive charge carries a kiss russian women big tittties dating.
Do not stop there - experiment, but in moderation, invent, combine. After all, kissing is so nice!
Kissing can be not only on the lips, but also any other part of the body. When love is not stopping on some lips begin to caress the body of the partner, it gives them the greatest pleasure.
Now a little about the usefulness of a kiss. The first kiss is useful for facial beauty, as in the process of kissing involved 29 groups of muscles. And if you often kiss, then train these muscles become stronger and more flexible. Also, during a kiss in the human body produces a substance that can be equated with a narcotic, as it has the ability to give happiness. Another plus kiss - increasing immunity for both partners. Even the calories burned during a kiss.
So - love each other, kiss each other, because of this you will only get the benefit. russian women big tittties dating.

All women respond to orgasm in different ways. This is due to various nervous system, unequal temperament. However, all women, without exception, no matter what they did not temper, gladly accept male affection. Just enjoy some quiet, you can tell secretly, without showing their emotions. Others on the contrary, show their emotions and desires in all their diversity. This option would prefer men because they excite emotions spills.
During foreplay or caresses, some representatives of the weaker sex openly express affection to a partner, but there are those who love to be admired and they stretched. There are situations when a woman during sexual intercourse say obscene - it excites them. But no woman talking during orgasm. All these emotional displays are perfectly normal russian woman for dating. All women have a sexuality, and differ only in their temperaments.
Lovemaking - this is the beginning of a love game. Lovemaking generate passion make her a hot flare fire that kindles sexual intercourse. Prelude, it is also the lovemaking, it is divided into two parts.
In the early partner, caressing may touch any part of the body of his woman, but her genitals, setting the stage for it and preparing for the invasion of his penis in her secret cave. This touch of the female genital organs should be minimal.
Touching the penis male to the female labia can be connected with kisses and caresses his chest.
Love the game should last no more than fifteen minutes, during this period a woman is experiencing the greatest pleasure russian woman for dating. Although the woman could be ready to have sex, and in a moment, but still the last ten minutes of lovemaking brought a woman to the highest degree of excitation - to ecstasy. The only exception interrupt foreplay can only request of the partner for the transition to a more action - to have sex.
And now, in fact most of the foreplay - about love games that are so popular with women. If the partners have known each other, the game gives them great pleasure.
The games themselves are the epitome of erotic fantasies, so if you are ashamed of their fantasies, you will soon start to such games.
So let's start. Switch roles.
The point is simple - just imagine yourself in his place. Watching your lover, you can easily repeat his actions that he performs during lovemaking.
The woman switched roles with her lover to play from the beginning to the end to take on the role. The man, in turn, must take on the role of partner.
The purpose of the woman - man. She should get him to bed. The task of the men - to remain passive to the woman as much as possible led him. A man can, how to help a woman in it, and make it harder russian woman for dating.
Throughout sexual intercourse the woman should take the lead in bed, just so she could find out what men feel, and a man with such a woman will understand the game better. The result - a better understanding partners.
Playing in her virginity.
A woman recalls her first emotion, apprehension, curiosity and fear of the upcoming first sexual intercourse. Armed with their experience and knowledge, the woman can once again feel an innocent girl and give the same sense of the man.
It is not necessary to play in someone's game - think out, show imagination. By the psychological games can be added and the physical. Physical play will bring not only fun, but also will be useful for the organism. However, these games require prior preparation and sometimes the appropriate props russian woman for dating.
You can use ice, honey, various items that increase the sensitivity. Amused in bed - discard all conventions and constraints. Enjoy each other! russian woman for dating.

Sex - an important part of family life, the disorder can go in all other areas, if someone from the two unhappy sexual relationship. It so happens that the statute at work, the husband or wife is not interested in sex, and the other half at this time simply eager. How to find a way out of this situation?
Women tend to cite fatigue more often than men. To avoid a sexual relationship a girl can take various attempts. It can venture some work which is urgent in the hope that her husband will get tired of waiting and just go to sleep peacefully. But if you use this method often, the husband quickly understand everything and it's nothing but resentment and suspicion, not cause. But to go against yourself and have sex without desire is not worth as much pleasure it brings. The surest way - it honestly and openly discuss everything with her husband russian singles dating world.
But we must try to be as tactful and not to hurt the pride of her husband. Direct statement unwillingness of sex can cause a rather sharp negative. Men want to feel superior in everything and everywhere, including sex. Moreover, negative emotions can permanently remain in the minds of men, making it difficult to enjoy in the future. Refuse must be so, that would not hurt her husband. Avoid direct refusal. Turn all coquetry. Move closer relationship tomorrow, promise a unique night. It will direct your conversation in the right direction and will not cause a negative.
And in any case, do not use, blackmail man sex. Do not expose sex as a reward. Many women use sex only as payment for something, for the execution of the request or a return for a new car - "You're my car, I'll sex" No self-respecting man would not tolerate such humiliation, because you have insulted him and infringed freedom of choice . This negative impact on your marriage in the future russian singles dating world.
Typically, abstaining from sex is because it does not bring happiness and satisfaction, is monotonous and mundane. They are engaged on schedule and without pleasure - as an afterthought, just for show. And each time, always like a hundred earlier. Edit and make your intimate relationship is more diverse and interesting only in your power. Unleash your imagination, surprise husband frank linens and bold proposal. He will evaluate and respond to you and your family life will be filled with new colors. Your happiness - in your hands russian singles dating world.
Do not deny your man for sex - it can lead to discord in family life. For men, it is not difficult to find a sexual partner! It is much wiser to show cunning and put sex at a favorable time. And before my husband and refuse to condemn him to spend the evening watching television, not in your hot arms, give him positive emotions in anything else, praise, tasty feed, show concern. russian singles dating world.

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