Who - that refers to the love from a distance rather skeptical, especially if that love at a distance in the network. You are at one computer, he - after another. You accidentally met in the network, and you knew immediately that it fits you, that he - yours. After all, he understands you perfectly, feels your mood, you feel, despite the fact that you are not familiar in real life, and saw each other only on the foto..a possible, and without it - who - it is enough just words chat dating russian ... For you You think, what could be better than when the person understands you 100 percent, or even more. You seem to be with him and without him. Your life is divided into two, but unreal like you a lot more than the present. It is in the network you can be yourself ... or vice versa, to be a totally different person, in any case, whoever you did not, you're just so good with him.
When you're involved in an affair of the network, all overshadowed, but who - would say that for the full-fledged relations between a man and a woman should not be a barrier, especially such as distance, especially if the distance is measured in kilobytes. We must constantly be with a man and feel his breath, but there are people who are quite happy to live in this fantasy (real for them) the world and to live in standby mode "on - line". For them, the most painful when the person is not in the network at the proper time. Seconds will be drawn to them like a clock, they will look at the screen and not see anything but the icon "off - line" of his interlocutor. But in the cyber - love has its advantages. Man reveals a lot easier than in real life. After all, you may never see chat dating russian. It's like riding a train night and the conversation with a random fellow traveler. You'll always be honest with him, because 99 percent of the 100 say that you have never met, and pour out his heart to be open a lot easier. It is also a significant plus in the fact that life in the long mode, the desire to be "stand bye" will make possible meeting unforgettable. It ends mystery unfold the map and can only surrender or feelings or run. Running from his thoughts, and from a man who only in cyber - space was "the most." chat dating russian.

What could be more terrible and more painful than spending all his time in limbo? In my thoughts and waiting for a response? In life, there is nothing worse than two things - the uncertainty and loneliness, if it becomes necessary for the person and the norm. But each of us must have faced a similar problem, and sometimes their own fault for their lives. I do not know a single person who would not for the life languished from unrequited love, which mostly did not bring anything good, but only caused pain daily, slowly enslaving the mind. Needles pricked heart every day harder and harder, tearing to pieces brooklyn russian dating.
I, like many was unrequited love. It was a time when I was young and emotions beaten over the edge. There was boyish, who brought me to say so, the patient platonic love. The whole essence of which was only to wait with breaks for lunch and uzhin..a sometimes without them. Waiting lasted stretched like chewing gum, time passed in slow motion ... Waiting for what? SMS zvonka..tolko and did not want to take up the phone, and get up in the morning, with the idea that either today or tomorrow, nothing will change. I do not want any study or to see friends. I myself brought himself to the absolute solitude. I was living in its shell, which was fenced protective reaction to all external stimuli - whether it's friends, family or new acquaintances. I did not have to, except for those moments when I knew "here, here brooklyn russian dating .. .Now he calls." I get depressed because I could not understand why people are not with me, but after a while I realized that he was absolutely not obliged to love me because I'm looking forward to it. Feelings - they either have or not. Moreover, who would want to give a warm person who just lost myself in the crowd that just counting the minutes and dreamed, without trying to bring their dreams into reality.
Now I understand that even if there is a stone in the soul, there is a problem you can never give up, even more so just sit back and wait. We must look ahead and smile, because in the words of the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez: "Never stop smiling, not even when you're sad, someone might fall in love with your smile brooklyn russian dating." And let it be not a man for whom I suffer not the first day ... And who knows, maybe the other will be a lot better? The main thing, he can not just take my feelings, but also to give heat instead? Why live the dream, if you can be satisfied quite colorful reality, if you just try to make it so. brooklyn russian dating.

We have all experienced a terrible state when our loneliness getting out of - control and captured almost all spheres of life. After all, we picked up a wave of clear understanding that we should not be alone. Who - the wait begins from childhood, having read stories or adjusting itself in conscious age stereotypes, who, when a person loses and begins to realize that people are not coming back.
In the first case, all prosaic. Man builds himself illusions and waiting their actual implementation, but do not always bring the expected most pleasure, which he awaits. Wait - this is the way to disappointment blond russian women dating agency. Why is it so often the case of rupture of relations and marriages? Yes, because the people with whom we meet, with time does not justify our expectations that we draw his head. But over time, the person does not get worse, it just turns out to others, but our expectations are sometimes higher than the work of logical thinking. Where do we get the idea that someone - else, even our close must meet our requirements? Because he loves? But the man loves for the existing quality of what he just likes to love, not because he wants to live up to your expectations.
In - the second case, the person begins samognoboz and he starts to walk away, or a grief or despair, or starts to wait for something - something different, better, more bright and beautiful. After all, my head is full of romance and feelings unspent forces, who need somewhere - that throw blond russian women dating agency.
We are always what - what are waiting every day of his life, filled with optimism and fear and annoyance. We look forward to vacation, love, a more favorable situation in life, big salaries, a better life for yourself ... Whatever. We "sit and wait for the sea weather." We ask God that all changed to make it better than yesterday, we sit and just waiting that happy moment for us, what would he showed to everyone. But do instead of sitting and waiting, you can not change yourself, get out out of his shell and act. After all, for us, no one will change our lives, the more something platonic, whose proof is not provided. This is proof only of each head. And who - some call it God, someone - that destiny, and who - it's just trying to think rationally, not trusting in what is now bad, but then it will be better. If you always cherish the hope "that now have to wait a little longer and a black band will take place" - it will never go away. Without our efforts. The changes in our lives are directly affected by changes within us, in our minds blond russian women dating agency. And to rely on the fact that "the thought - material" is not always possible, as to the passively waiting for this should make the desire, confidence and belief that Unlike expectations -active action and give strength to act. After all, nobody We do not have especially the God who created us and those people with whom we associate their lives, they can, but in no way are not required to start your expectations. blond russian women dating agency.

How often do you come across a phrase such as "Are your parents terrorists? No? Strangely, you look like a bomb, "" I think we're somewhere already met? ". If so, you have had (and hopefully still is not) with the kind of men who are, or have already very low intelligence to come up with that - something more abruptly that the trivial or male population, which is now fashionable to call "pick up artist". The pickup has become an entire culture, and in some sense even a disease of the male half of humanity. That is the topic I would like to touch on today.
For me, this topic has become relevant at a time when I myself have repeatedly faced with, and after watching the movie "Van. Eat without rules. " Although the rules have an incredible amount of pick up artist. Why, there are whole have kilos of literature on how to meet, seduce and get rid of the person of the female sex. The closest value in Russian. Denotes a pickup - is eat. That is the exact definition that I found on the Internet:
"Pickup - the science of how to seduce a woman quickly minimal effort for a minimum period of time, and dilute to sex. That is - to seduce FAST! Over - pickups! So say in the ranks of modern pick up artist bikini russian dating. "
And it will agree, it is not a shame that in today's world, dating women in the world equated roughly to the notions of style, "Quick sowing and harvesting cabbage blossom forever" or "Collect the table without any extra effort." Pikaper time to produce advertisements on TV, I think they will be successful brainwashing. After all, many men have not or can not invest in a relationship (that relationship) neither money nor power nor the desire.
At first I did not understand this whole theory. Why waste your time on the process of searching, processing of the victim, if their physiological desires can be satisfied by a pair of numbers dialed on the mobile, or go to the service center of such desires. It's really fast, is not very expensive, and the girls come across quite good (but hard to call "good" girls working in the field of sexual services (but this is not my business, and it's not about that) bikini russian dating.
And then it turned out that the Pickup Girls get moral satisfaction from it all. That is, it does not hurt to spend a lot of time to read volumes of specialized literature on the method of "bonding" to the girls themselves, to pass training (yes, yes, and you think that everything is simple), spend an hour or two - the other on the forums to find out in advance all errors. And that's not all! They have their own dictionary .... Well, you see, since I have come up with their techenie- need and come up with a language that is not got to the core. With that, nearly all of the terms in English. On the influence of the American nation unprotected minds of Russian citizens talk like - something later.
Sounds like some of these terms - a language that we all came up with as a child, the parents have not understood. Here are some examples:
Bitch-shield - to protect females, translated to English. Many women, when they are suitable - behave absolutely correctly. They behave bitchy, rude. Sometimes this happens because the woman wants to protect themselves from outside interference in its space. When the girl is suitable pyany man and glued - it includes this protection! So it is not so for women - bad. But it prevents pick up artist. Therefore, it is necessary to remove this protection. Remove bitch-shield. To communicate normally.
MLTR - long-term relationships with several girls (MLTR).
SLTR - long-term relationship with a girl.
HB - Hot Baby - hot babe. It's a girl for the buyout to look like a long time, as it is beautiful. And not just to watch bikini russian dating!
And my favorite:
SHB - Super Hot Baby - is not just a hot - and very hot girl. When viewed not it - except that I want to continue to watch - everything fades in and jaw droops!
I imagine walking on the mall average pikaper and thinks to himself, looking at the girl: "Ltd., SHB !!!». Well, no, meaning encryption? You say - "Well, the forums there to discuss." Well, no, not as easy to write: "Oh, I saw this today tsypu." And the meaning is clear, and the head is less than clog up. Although, I doubt that the pick up artist are really very gifted man. But who knows. Although, with this slogan, like the pick up artist, I have no doubt, "There is no better woman in the world, so I was all the women one - ridiculous!".
You can accuse me of stereotyped thinking, that I believe that a man or woman should be the relationship. And that's it.
No, I absolutely do not keep to the fact that people have with the school to meet, marry and die in one day. Yet, whether the notion of normal pickup?
I do not dispute with us, too, there are girls, women who need periods (one - the season lasts all his life, to recall the heroine of the series "Sex and the City Samantha Jones) simple human sex without commitment. But note that if the woman rebel, and come up with your own flow, which will embody the males eat, we first called feminists, then prirovnyat women of easy virtue, and sum up: "Yes, as they are only the earth is! And it was necessary to bring this! ".
And there is nothing that those who have not seen a pick up artist, say their unearthly males that they just could not catch any woman, and those who met sitting with a broken heart, and all too naive to wait for a call and wail. ... And may already aware that they "divorced" and live on. And talking of justice and discrimination will not help, as well as the custom since ancient times, the woman - is the keeper of the hearth, she did not have the right to move in the direction of "the left." A man may well find yourself a harem, and live happily ever after.
Well pikapera meet in 25 years, when it and the experience is there, and all the men's tricks for you are no longer a mystery. Well, if you take a girl who is just beginning to live, and yet does not know about all these fashion trends. What it would be if it simply, divorced and cast. Well, at least uncomfortable, and a maximum of - print in my heart that all men - cloven-hoofed animals. After Pickup Girls not only know how to tempt, because they still manage to fall in love (this fatty, tend to pick up artist of the highest rank) bikini russian dating.
Again, you may object, saying that the girl initially is to blame, if conducted on the issue and rushes into bed with the first comer. But there are still those who believe that sex - on the first date - this is normal, and there are even after the relationship. And by the way there. So do not exclude themselves.
Another sentence from the site of a pickup truck. It has me a bit shocked:
1. Do not consider it as something really important in their lives. If you start to feel that constantly think about her and worried, it's time to take action. Read about it in future articles or forum.
2. If you are still "in love" and feel that you can not live without this person, take your time - go to the forum. "
That is, it turns out that if you really fall in love with a girl at the time, while there was a "promotion", you pikaper or fake or poorly acquainted with "the case, well, or what is better - you are a normal person, who realized in the process that have one woman - is not only good, but pleasant.
It seems to me, duck pickup should learn from each man. But! Not fully. As they offer. We pick up artist have the basic stages of development of relations between the sexes. here they are:
• become acquainted
• please
• seduce
• Develop relationships (love and hold)
• part
But if you assume Pickup Girls stretch it for the day - two - week, a normal man must find an object that will want to keep for a long period of time. Since itself their theory is quite harmless - they teach the men a raskompleksovannymi life, teach them to say what they want at one time or another woman, to care for themselves, etc. But, again, not every girl are certain tricks. Not all are some compliments, and all action in this spirit. I believe that skim theory pickup will not be superfluous, but provided that you have your head on your shoulders and a developed imagination. But to engage in a pickup truck, and then sit back and boast an empty apartment with gray at the temples that have been around for thousands of women, it is at least, sadly. After all, how can men and male animals developed the instinct to impregnate as many females, but still, a person is highly being with feelings and intellektomyu
And finally, a short video course pikapera loser eyes of women. bikini russian dating.

The question of whether or not to start a relationship with a married man, has long been rhetorical. After all, these relationships are suffering, not only you, because that yourself on the second place, but also a family man - his wife and children. I do not want you to say that you are satisfied with the second place. Every woman wants to be the only one in the life of a loved one. Naturally, you will require his divorce from his wife, but do not you feel sorry for the same woman as you yourself, which, incidentally, is your man for more rights, even though, because she first found him, fell in love, got married , obihazhivat and most likely also bore him children. Maybe you'd better let go of a married man to his wife and find another? While, however, solve itself, but first hear a cautionary tale best russian dating sites.
One girl, call her Natalie, so dreamed of marriage that was ready to become the second and third wife of a sheikh in his harem, but more importantly, to the status of his wife to wear, not his mistress.
Most novels Natasha wound up by the World Wide Web - the Internet and novels it was more virtual. Most interesting is that each next novel she considered thereby that the wedding is over, and every man his future husband.
And another, and another novel, Prince turned the head of the girl so that it dulled the vigilance that it has invited to found a dating site a man with kind eyes on a date. The man is not only good eye turned, he himself looked very impressive, and the different intelligence and wit. The first date is over, and was followed by the second and third. And on the third date Natalia learned that the married man of her dreams, while he did not hide this fact, just before the girl of his and did not ask about marital bonds as sacred believed that married men do not run out on dates, except that to my wives. The girl, of course, a little upset, but, on reflection, decided not to stop travelers, but the man was not going to bring a claim, she just wanted to have fun and get away. Natasha has set for itself the status of a married friend as "a man for hire best russian dating sites."
My time with another man became daily, as he stopped for Natalia after work. And from there they went to the vast distances, in his car, discussing everything from cartoons to the economic policy of the President. These trips each thought something spicy and hot, so what was missing in their dreary everyday life.
However, the girl is so carried away that this man became regarded as his ideal, and their relationship with love. Wife Natasha men now only perceived as a rival, but a man never spoke about it disrespectful, so the girl hated her even more.
The man only fueled interest in Natasha to her, giving her every day a holiday full of romance. Therefore, she still decided to fight for their ideal man. To this end, it has adopted the method of contrast shower of caresses and indifference. However, the man did not scare indifference - he just disappeared from sight the girl as long as she did not call him best russian dating sites. Seduce it too failed, he stubbornly came back home to the family. Natalya fought, but all in vain, and then decided to withdraw as a sex chat and it was not satisfied, because the relationship should evolve, not stand still. The girl stopped responding to phone calls and did not appear on a dating site where she met "his ideal."
After six months of silence a man in love Natasha admitted, but noticed that she was his second favorite woman after his wife, and if he was a Muslim, it would have taken it in a respectable second wife. But she has spent on him three years of his life. for what? To hear that it can only be in second place, although the honor? You need it? Most likely, there is no ... Although up to you. best russian dating sites.

In our time, the progress has reached a stage of development when you can buy any product or service without having to leave their own apartment. He wanted to buy a puppy or say table? - Commissioning "Yandex" "Puppy" and it is already possible the next day a source of wool and all-embracing love is in your apartment. The main thing to be able to use a PC and the Internet.
What am I? Yes, all to what to see, for example, the same strip, you can not even tear his ass from their homes warm. how? Yes, thanks again to all the best inventions of mankind (not including mobile phone and sewage) - the Internet. Worldwide already being used by webcam (the source - webcamera, abbreviated webcam) sites whose contents resemble something is self-service stores. Only here in Russia it is an illegal business, but abroad chathosty pay taxes, as exemplary and honest citizens of this galaxy. Chathosty - a girl and young people who are just working on most of these webcam sites best russian dating service.
So how do you look inside this very webcam Site:
There is a site on which you come and see the photos and profiles of girls / guys. Register (if you really are going to spend money on such entertainment) and get the opportunity to see the same "shop counter" the whole people, and to communicate with them. Girls / Guys broadcast your video in real-time (on-line), staying at a special studio, or simply at home.
The structure and organization of the site resembles an ordinary webcam video chat, but with a few significant differences. If the usual video-chatting people are equal, then there is one acting as a customer, and the other - the performer. One topic of conversation offers (or requests to perform an action), the other carries (or refuses). Another difference - for every minute of this communication the customer must pay a certain sum of money, the amount of which sets the performer best russian dating service.
Why is this?
The basic idea, which carry a webcam sites - is to give people that for whatever reason is not available to them in everyday life. Someone is not sex, someone merely banal human communication. So many and carries this virtual world. People need heat, and they get it to communicate on such sites, sometimes forgetting that even paid for it. And come every day to the sites, confusing real relationship with vebkamom.
Still, webcam business is focused on people over 18 years. Despite the fact that the models who work there, are divided into two categories - «adult» and «not-adult» (ie, strip and without), the business is increasingly equated with the porn industry (though, as they say the owners sites, as many as 5 percent of women earn good money, without taking off her clothes). Many sites even broadcast "live sex" in real time, although, again, some sites do not welcome even masturbation. These people come to realize their most secret fantasies. After all, on sites such complete freedom, and most importantly, anonymous, no one will ever know what you like most African-American women, who are able to sit on the twine. Another huge bonus - the people who work here never allude to a headache or fatigue. For your money, they are ready to fulfill any of your desire - it's their job. A sense of confidence in your ideas, too, plays an important role best russian dating service.
Types of services webcam sites:
1. Free Chat. You are not ready or do not want to spend honestly earned wages or go with the aim pofludit - no matter what the purpose of your leads. You see girls in clothes or underwear (well, guys) can communicate with them in the general flow (chat), and leave without receiving anything especially sensible. Because no one away for free you will not be shown. Although who knows, maybe you will fully satisfy just talking about the weather or the works of Bach (By the way, almost all the contenders for the role models are nominated vebkama conditions - knowledge of English and erudition).
2. Private Chat. This pay per minute video feed (tariff establishes himself (a) woman / man) and here you can already ask to do something interesting. For example, the can-can dance or strip, it's like your heart's content. Who pays - and the right to "show". But again, there is one "but": many sites to the same girl in private can come multiple users, which again limits your desire.
3. Tet-a-tet or one-to-one, on all sites is called differently. But just as it is here, paying much more (you know, for the exclusive need to pay), you stay with the girl alone, and you have no bother.
4.Takzhe on many sites, there is another feature - cam-to-cam (literally - the exchange of camera), which makes it possible not only to look at others, but also to show themselves. That is if your computer is also installed a camera, you will be able to show their appearance to your friend. So much nicer to communicate, you just wish for it no one will pay.
In addition, such sites have their own hobby groups. That is, all the models are divided into groups, so you can choose what you are interested in, without spending a lot of search for the appropriate time best russian dating service.
Here's an example from one of several categories webcam Site:
Webcam Dating (webcam - dating)
FriendsandFamily (Friends and Family)
MakeNewFriends (Find new friends)
LongTermorMarriage (Long-term relationships and marriage)
Adult (for those that like it hot to)
GirlsHomeAlone - Alittleshy (girl alone at home - a little shy)
GirlsHomeAlone - Notsoshy (less shy)
GirlsHomeAlone - InstantAction, Girl-Girl, Girl-BoyCouples (Pair: woman and man)
Groups Groups of 3 or more people)
Fetish (Fetish)
BoysHomeAlone - Straight (Man alone at home, heterosexual)
BoysHomeAlone - Gay, Boy-Boy.
Webcam Games (role playing)
BDSM (sadomasochism)
Instant Action (sex in real time)
That is, in principle, it turns out that on such sites, anyone can find something that will interest him - whether it's a fetish, or just chat about what you went by her husband. Use this sort of thing or not - you decide, it depends directly on your real life, and how much you love a new experience, even if such and on whether you are ready to pay, if anything, to pay a lot. best russian dating service.

Previously, when we girlfriends eighteen devchenki flock flew through the alleys and parks of our city, to meet with young people is not difficult. Meet on the street now the guys and go with them to the movies or a club was not something out of the ordinary.
But you must admit that a woman or a company adolescent girls roaming the streets in search of new acquaintances and experiences, looks wildly, and even somehow indecent. And adults, interesting men walking the streets looking for girls, too, can not be found. Therefore, it seems that all of the normal, or are already occupied or large fans to attach to glass best russian and ukraine dating sites.
So why do so many still wary of online dating, because the Internet opens up unexplored, vast horizons. Many women believe that the network only know freaks or losers. But now more and more people are finding each other on dating sites, fall in love, make friends and create happy family and that threw all the stereotypes.
And if she was disappointed in Russian men and wants to marry a foreigner? Certainly not in the street to look for her, and not all speak the language perfectly, version two - or walk in the footsteps of the heroine Elena Yakovleva in the movie "Intergirl" or start its homepage in the service of virtual dating.
Yes, here and so are our compatriots and to the simple female happiness, "through the thorns to the stars", and chat on the Internet is very helpful, liberates and gives hope to those who despaired quite meet a soul mate best russian and ukraine dating sites. best russian and ukraine dating sites.

Internet firmly entered our lives so tightly that it becomes a useful tool not only among computer maniacs, who day and night are the Internet, but also among ordinary people who just need a communication and entertainment.
Dating services are becoming more popular, and their number is growing like mushrooms after rain, but after a closer acquaintance and filling profiles on those sites, I realized that they are all the same and nothing unique to them there, and some clubs need to make a certain amount on their account that they have placed your data on its website. Is there really a unique, trendy and interesting free dating site in the vast World Wide Web asian russian dating.
I seriously started looking for such a site, but as it turned out in spite of the different and very dull name all of these sites have the same base profiles and all of them are affiliate program of the same site therefore nothing new about them. All of these sites are hopelessly outdated ... and clamped framework long-established concepts of old dating sites. But I found what I was looking for! Mylove favorably with twin sites and paid dating services.
First, all dating on this site are free, and profiles unique to the maximum amount of information that is interesting not only read, but also to fill.
Would you like to fly on a private helicopter and see a city with a bird's-eye view, or show off the recently acquired a snow-white yacht? Unlike other online dating sites, which indicated only modestly car, this you can estimate future partner appreciated, especially if looking for a sponsor and going to marry, and you're interested in the housing problem, including, among other positive qualities of the future spouse asian russian dating.
There is also a very interesting heading philosophy of life, which will help a lot better to know a person than the usual questions about marital status, sexual preferences and interests. It will more clearly understand the relationship to the opposite sex, what qualities are most valuable to a loved one.
It would be nice to know how a person with whom you want to connect his life to the cause. Workaholic whether he prefers a Sunday family dinner - or vice versa work slacker who does not lift up off the couch and who does not strive for the best, but works well if only on life enough or you are lucky and your partner prefers a middle ground.
It is advisable to know the relation of man to money, and what priority he assigns material well-being asian russian dating.
A image? Fashion is not the last and everyone has the opportunity to express their individuality by means of appearance. Learn how to make your interlocutor.
The information provided about the inhabitants of each site to Mylove more complete and before starting to chat with someone you know little about him from his completed questionnaire. asian russian dating.

What is it?
For virtual sex you need room, dim lights, computer and internet. Well, not superfluous to the source, more precisely, the source will be the main connecting link between the words you and sex. You can assume that he looks like Johnny Depp or your friend Vasya, who in real life is not paying attention to you.
You do not see any face of the interlocutor or his body (which completely shuts you out of frustration), do not feel its smell (in the heat is another important bonus) do not hear his voice. Only words that you knock on the keyboard. If your communication is used the word "hand", "butt", "language", "enter" and so on. list your perverted fantasies - rest assured - this is the best virtual sex, which you have heard so much, and never engaged anna russian dating sexmer.
Where is it?
It all depends on your level of advancement in the use of a PC: you can use both standard chats and ICQ,, e-mail. If your home is such a device as a webcam - everything becomes much easier, because the boundaries are expanded to Skype and Web chat (about all the possibilities of webcams we'll talk sometime later). It is also common these "games" by SMS and phone, but it's a slightly different story.
Like this?
For starters, you need to forget the concept of "modesty". Forget received training and that the mother said that the word dick in public pronounced as "tap". You're going to conquer the vastness of sex, virtual, not santeh-devices. Although not surprise me if there is an eccentric, which is excited by a fivefold repetition of the word "cock" - is as lucky anna russian dating sexmer.
Also, Wirth means itself that the other person wants to know how you look. That is, the eye color, the shape of the lips, the hair. Often, they will know that you are wearing, your erogenous zones and shape of the breast. It is not to be trapped (provided that you communicate via standard and not a web chat). And then the other person would write: "Oh, I'm caught in your hands red hair, strip off your jeans ...." (Well, and so on, that he had enough imagination, and you sit not in the business in shorts and a helmet and turns that you are cheating and their kiberlyubovnika and their fantasies). You can of course, and invent, and even better. But do not sit and look at a poster of Angelina Jolie and scribbling in small letters it look. Such erotic tracings everyone already knows by heart, and cause nothing but boredom and loss of communication. Moreover, all of a sudden your buddy also hangs a poster of the same «Cool girl» 2005 release.
Who is it?
Here it is very difficult to assume. More precisely exactly until (if) until you agree to meet live. But most likely, you will not go for it too is likely mutual disappointment. And not to be confused the real and the virtual world, the secret and obvious. And the partner is unlikely to agree - perhaps he is not who he claimed to be. Well, if instead of 25 it would be 50, it is likely that your partner Wirth may be of the same sex with you ... Although the spread of homosexuality has reached the stage that w e are deliberately looking for a gay partner, and almost immediately talk about their orientation . It is logical, because behind the mask, made up of traffic and a computer monitor, you will never acknowledge his respectable neighbor Vitya ...
Most likely, Wirth involved older people, the likelihood of running into a person 16 years of age is very low. After all, for such a dialogue should be suspended language. But mostly, people with secondary education and barely completed as puberty knows more than three words, two of which, "I" and "you." There may of course he developed for his age, but still just 16 boys shake porn and buy magazines, while dreaming of his classmate Lena.
Maniacs. Meet them here is unlikely. No, of course there are virtual maniacs, but you can live in peace - hardly any of them would dare to hit you with their tendencies in the real world. A conventional maniacs still often go on Forests, yeah dark alleys, rather than on unfamiliar sites and chat rooms. Each has its own so to speak, specialization and range of interests anna russian dating sexmer.
Some facts that we open Wirth:
-Zhit Without sex is possible (but not necessary);
- There is no indecent words;
-Slova- Is power;
- It does not matter what color your underwear, as well as the size and texture (just remember the film "Bridget Jones's Diary" where the heroine wore shorts scarier to not have sex with a man);
- Sex - it's still difficult;
- Sleep better with interesting people;
- Every kiss me life;
- You can make love with ten men at the same time;
- Some men actually - women (and vice versa);
- Any virtual reality;
- With all do stupid things;
- What are we ashamed of, in general, nothing.
Why is this?
In the virtual main thing is still the memories, feelings, aftertaste after, rather than the process itself. You can ask your partner what the outcome of your communication, whether it is finished or not. But he could easily lie to you, and you will never know the truth. Therefore, the most interesting thing to ask to tell what happened, for example, in your yesterday's conversation. And just his memories, their content (which was, and which actually was not) - this is the real Wirth. What was your recent love games - a kind of imitation of the real joys of love and relationships. Most importantly - this is what happens to you at the time of virtual sex. Indeed, in the first place - you're doing it for yourself. Try to imagine that you would tell your kiberlyubovniku about what happened to you ....
Everything is cheaper and not as expensive as in normal sex. You can save on condoms and carry a doctor's note is not necessary. The only danger is that your lover can keep the history of your correspondence and use it for their own purposes. Ie it is possible that it will be at some site, or, as they say, be used against you. Therefore, the choice of the partner should be treated with caution and not really dwell on your real life and the people from it. Still, virtual sex is for both of you.
And almost no consequences: the Internet still has not conceived, pick up a bouquet of Venus, too, can not, well, no one can rape (if only morally). Yes, the mind is also impossible to get under way, of course, if this was not serious prerequisites before. Because attached to this difficult - still, once all the words are spoken, the most daring dreams embodied and the computer will start again used for its intended purpose (although who knows what he still needs the population of the planet).
There is only a single serious danger - falling in love with words, letters and spaces, assuming that your partner is real anna russian dating sexmer....
And finally, have a tradition of failure. Unsuccessful cyber sex. Quote:
«Bloodninja: Sun, come soon, I do not know how long I will stay still.
ya_ponochka3: approx. I Japanese schoolgirl, and you?
bloodninja: I rhino. Well, I have a member like a rhinoceros, that's for sure.
ya_ponochka3: hahaha, come on.
ya_ponochka3 I stroke your hair and kiss you on the neck.
bloodninja: I stomp and snort, to alert you that you have intruded into my area of ??reproduction.
ya_ponochka3: hahaha, ok, you know how to excite me.
ya_ponochka3: I'm starting to unbutton your shirt.
bloodninja: Rhinos do not wear shirts.
ya_ponochka3: Fool, you're not a real rhino, it's just a game.
bloodninja: Rhinos do not play games. They b * s, attack you, and p * q.
ya_ponochka3: All right, everyone, let's serious.
bloodninja: What could be more serious rhino, which is now on you will attack?
bloodninja: I stomp foot, clouds of dust rise around my feet, covered with callous skin.
ya_ponochka3 enough is enough.
bloodninja: My nostrils flared. I lower my head. The last thing you see at the moment when our heads are facing - this is my horn is directed at you as a phallic symbol. You hang on my horn bloody rag doll.
bloodninja: Damn, well riser. " anna russian dating sexmer.

Probably many of us have dreamed about having sex with pornoaktera, because they are attractive, uninhibited and may almost everything. And many would like to be in bed with nimi..No, here to meet with porn heroes who wanted to be a little, it's associated with moral norms, and the head does not fit the phrase: "Mom, meet, is Arthur, it does not office plankton, it pornoaktera and we decided to get married. " I think that parents do not really be happy with this choice. And sitting at home, preparing soup, knowing that your mate today was sex, and you're in it took no part - a little strange and unpleasant.
Therefore, most of us will choose the average clerk who is not ashamed to show not only friends, but mom and dad. But to live in a monotonous like sex is not for everyone, and fantasy disappears after a while. Like all the "Kama Sutra" and tried all Internet climbs ... but the spark that was in the beginning - is not, and then come to the rescue role play, about which we have heard, but few trust their partner enough to take the risk. The case may not even trust, but simply looseness anastasia russian dating service. But I think after 2 years of living together has nothing to be ashamed of. Duck, why not?
That is why today I decided to collect all the most popular dreams and fantasies of people that anyone could choose a game to your liking. That's what was the most popular:
1. "Lady and servant."
It has long wanted to dominate a partner in a relationship? Then this is for you! Props can be more than diverse. It all depends on your imagination and taste preferences and the degree of emancipation. Go to a sex shop, where you will find a lot of interesting things: masks, whips and so on. But be careful not to overdo it, otherwise your romantic evening will end at the emergency room ...
2.Vrach - the patient. Nurse - patient
This item is suitable for those who can not stand the hospital, but loves white robes and procedures. Just do not hold your partner a number of procedures in the style of purgation, or any pleasure in the evening you get. Try a nice massage to her lover, and sexual nurses and nurse has not been canceled. It's just that we can not yet guess that pleasant appearance employees clinics could benefit for the patient's recovery anastasia russian dating service.
3.Nasilnik - his victim.
There are only two rules: be wary that the police were not there, and the second - no replay, and then your partner can reflect on your inclinations. Live like a maniac with hidden not for everyone. But the game itself is fascinating enough, if your partner does not know about your plans. The main thing - it's a surprise. All can be arranged both at home and on the street, but to wear tights on his head and a black hat - I do not advise, your passion can take everything seriously, but the heart is not strong at all.
4.Striptizersha - client.
Learning to dance a striptease owes every woman. Firstly, for himself, to be more sexy and relaxed, and secondly, to your man did not want to go into the cereal bar with strangers. Let it is better to enjoy your charm and it is all right for free, what will be of the family budget in thong stranger ladies (although if you have long dreamed about the dress, and he gave the money - go ahead, can enter fully into the role). And what better way to have a man to have sex, what a beautiful dance in the laundry (and later - without) his lover. Such erotic show, he will not forget for a long time. But be sure to visit a couple of classes in striptease. Because the dance is no better than a poorly executed.
5. "The teacher - his father ne'er student. Teacher - dvoechnitsa. "
If you are in school you were in love with the first teacher or teachers and that you still haunted - it is time to translate dreams into reality! You can check homework, wear sexy costumes, form the Soviet era, in a word everything that awakens in you the desire and exciting. You can write a script in advance of the lesson anastasia russian dating service.
6.Zhena - lover (husband's mistress).
You can play the scene of the forbidden fruit, taboo. Your husband went on a business trip, you are invited to a lover, this is your little secret, you are very careful, but very passionate, you're so wanted and waited. Just be careful with such a proposal to his partner, because he can take it as a desire to "go left" and offended. And it is not replayed and that still think that you have this great experience.
8. "Like in the movies."
Just here, you can be self-Me-director, actor, screenwriter rolled into one. Most less costly way to disperse the melancholy monotony of everyday life. For an embodiment need only a camera and a desire to be someone else. This way you can move all the versions role-playing games. You will get your home movies, even in German, at least some. Just take off everything that happens between you in bed, I think you will enjoy viewing filmed by no less than the process itself. The key to success in this version - do not embarrass yourself and your body, you need to drop all their complexes. Otherwise, your film will be more similar to the relationship of plastic dolls that look all the time. It does not stick if they have excess fat or something else. Be yourself - and the result will surprise you.
9. "Plumber -" defective valve "- the mistress."
Regarding the game go jokes, stories, short films and shoot porn. The man does not have to be a plumber, he can collect cabinets, to be an electrician, ie to be a real jack of all trades. After all, not all plumbing and locksmith - drunken alcoholics. Many of them quite sexy men in the prime of life who wish to cause women to change not only plumbing, but also something more ... By the way, sex in unusual places such as the kitchen table, or simply on the floor - can bring a sea of ??new emotions. So go ahead to shop for clothing and conquer the hearts of desperate housewives anastasia russian dating service.
10.Amazonka and Tarzan.
Playing in the style of a desert island, the main thing is not to bring the fun into a state of "Lost." Here you room for imagination: your man - a wild Tarzan alone, which is one of the island has been one year and no other Friday he was not in sight or you - a passionate Amazon jungle, and the clothes you prefer only a fig leaf or bandage. The game is suitable for you in the awakening basic instincts to what extent that even the animals. To complete the feeling can really give up sex for a short period of time so that the game has got bright colors.
Here in my opinion and explain nothing. The image of the moths is well known. Let your man will get the forbidden fruit, which some feel sweet. What could be a sweet girl in the street I personally do not understand, but just like men - then you need to take note of this image. Therefore, you need tights in a grid, vulgar and tasteless bright makeup transparent dress, if you decide not to take the way of monetary girls. Few depravity in vzglyad..i your man may not remain indifferent. Suddenly he was from an educated family, and the word "prostitute" for him - a taboo?
Here you can realize all your fantasies about your boss or that cute kadrovichki. No comments.
13. Girl «Playboy».
Pleyboevskie bunnies - one of the most desirable women in all the land, the next release of the magazine, many are waiting impatiently. Therefore, why not make a surprise to your loved and not to stay overnight thereby bunny, the more the suit easy to do the most, or buy over the Internet / sex shop.
14. "Crime and Punishment" (for those who like something hot, you can connect an element of BDSM). Suits our favorite characters: the traffic police, policemen, officers and students, all of those with whom we deal with in everyday life rarely, but neatly. You can detain, search, connect here handcuffs or some other attributes associated with the work of authorities. After all, like many men and women in uniform, t. To. Sometimes you want to be defenseless and weak and surrender into the hands of someone powerful, so the shape of the law enforcement agencies will suit just in time.
15. "swap roles."
A man becomes a woman and vice versa. The main thing is to start and to be able to hold on. They say that people in this game feel fantastic feeling.
16. "fan, or a fan."
Everything is simple. You are a star - he or she is your fan anastasia russian dating service. Remember, as on TV, what are fans to even touch the star. Then you need a little bit of acting and desire to be inaccessible (second). What can be better than sex, to which you are so sought through the thorns?
This is just a small part of what people invented over the years of the sexual revolution. Try, experiment, fantasize. It is only in your hands your personal life, some of which have sex, so it should not be routine, monotonous and boring. Your partner never will think about change if it is to know that the house was always a varied and amazing sex. Good luck. anastasia russian dating service.

All are experiencing a gap in their own way. Someone leaves a someone urgently seeking a replacement. Someone living in the past, and have not learned to close the old page and start with a new sheet. That's what I thought today. Is it normal phenomenon in itself - like sex with eksom? What puts this act or that person, than guided by people who are not ready to begin a new phase of his life.
I alone a man who very quickly gets used to people and very long to wean them. Even if the man was in a short period of my life. Anyone who has been there -ostavlyaet imprint. Deep or not, it all depends on the feelings that have been and remain. On whether a person deserves its place of honor in my life. Leaving the person, we carry within us certain emotions - pity, sorrow, hate, sorrow or love. All these feelings can easily coerce any of us on the same sex with the former anastasia russian dating. And the result is this:
1. We wake up one day (or not so beautiful) and we understand that despite the fact that we are trampled, maybe humiliated and abandoned, we still love, and in our mind is running ticker named beloved that how novyaschevaya idea stands before my eyes. And we had thought: why not use sex as a tool to restore the lost relationship, especially if we know that our more recent passion no one. Different people will have their own tactics to obtain desired. Only here it is necessary to immediately solve one question - after all, that the desired - the moment of the process of sex or is it what - no recovery of lost or at least try? And - happened - you got to strive for in the first phase - sex. And there are two options:
First, in the morning you will feel complete devastation and the understanding that it was not love at all, but merely egoism and habit (from the opera childhood you had a favorite toy, with which you endured all the scandals at home, loneliness, the first kindergarten love and so on, and this toy is still worth you have on the shelf, because anastasia russian dating. you are not willing to part with it, because it is - part of your physical memory), and that I want to run away from the battlefield like a wounded soldier and erase from the heart out. And it will be the same devastation as before, only cats will scrape on how you can easily trust her completely illogical logic.
Second, you have an incredibly passionate and fantasize as now he (she) pour coffee and everything goes through the old, nakatannomu scenario. All will be as before. Only problem is that it is possible for your partner the sex - was just sex, because he has no one at this stage and is committed not shameful return to the day in the past. Or actually you are lucky and you together again. Just how long? As the saying goes: "In one water two times are not included" (about the same rake colorful expression). Is all well at this time and that was it worth it? Although there are a couple who break up over the years, come together again, realizing that it is better - it is not found. And it is in this happy for them - it's just a rule of life and relationships anastasia russian dating.
2. This option, why did people come to have sex with the former concerns jealousy or, again, that same sense of ownership of the discharge: "How could he (could) I forget?".
You often see his former passion and understand that he (she) is not missed you, do not bite your elbows and not shed tears in anticipation of the meeting, and then in the head wakes up feeling that he betrayed you, because you have not so long ago parted . You nibbles that he lives life to the fullest, at the moment when the time for you to stop. As you wake up just jealousy. And you decide on a desperate act: to seduce and get to prove myself or him that you - the best thing that he (it) was. But it is very easy to get burned even if (s) he will be back and will continue to meet with you, it is possible that you have a backup plan, sadly, and when on the horizon zamayachat new relationship, you will again be alone.
3. "symbolic farewell." You and your partner decide to just have sex last. To understand what exactly is all that's over, that person you just do not need. Well, and in fact, this sex carries a symbolic character. This is a mitigating factor when parting, because where better to leave on a pleasant note.
4. No more with anyone. You have no one, and he (it) and why not, it's like a friendly sex (though it's a different story). You know what to expect, after all not so long ago was this family and you remember every piece of the body of his former passion. Duck why not? After all, no need to waste time searching for a man for sex (if you're not ready for a new relationship). And pride will amuse the fact that people like and could not find a better one, but is it? If you sleep with a man - it does not mean that he'll still loves. Perhaps he was just as comfortable as you anastasia russian dating.
In all the above cases, it does not say, you are marking time in the same place, go in circles, does not go beyond themselves or partner. Is not it better to start all over again and have to give room to the pretty bartender in front of the cafe? It's better to learn how to put an end in time, otherwise the past can pull you for a long time and you will never find what is actually looking for. Yet to be or not to be - it is an internal question for each answer to a person who is in the right to his time. The main thing that was not a rhetorical question. anastasia russian dating.

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