Acquaintance with a woman for any man, especially the young is a difficult challenge in the psychological form. Even at the stage of dating a man is already thinking about what might lose not only personal freedom, but also an apartment, but also would have to introduce a Woman with parents. Such excitement experienced men at different ages, be it 20, 30 or 40 years.
Although the majority of relationships between women and men do not develop so rapidly, and not so terrible for the psyche and the lives of men. Yes, and forcibly take away the freedom of no one will be, especially since many women cherish it too. What to say about the man unauthorized crossing or getting acquainted with his parents. When a man is ready for one of the above steps, then only the woman takes the initiative in their hands, but not before. If a man is not ready mentally and psychologically, the woman is powerless in this situation. Also, a man may simply not want to in any way change my life and let anyone into their territory. Why is that? Because between him and you do not have a serious relationship, at least he thinks so. So you can not expect that the relationship will become more serious - is unlikely dating internet russian sex.
What prevents radical change in your relationship? Fear of men. The fear of what a woman wants something more than a "friendship". But how long a man can deceive not only themselves, but also a woman? Yes, even a lifetime! Another question: how long can she afford to deceive ourselves? But it all depends on the female patience and attitude to this man.
Do not avoid the responsibility, because it is you're afraid of it. As you grow older and begin to perceive the relationship between man and woman is an adult, at the same time will change the attitude of your partner towards you dating internet russian sex.
And if at all you want this relationship? Maybe better to find yourself in this life, and after looking for his soul mate? If you do not know who you really are, then you do not know who should be with you side by side, their presence giving happiness. However, one thing when a person is in this search at a young age, and quite another thing, if he or she is already 35-40 years, when the time left is not too much. Golf forty people at risk of being left alone, as all candidates standing are already occupied, and someone does not interest him easier. Had he lived to this age itself, then to spend the rest of his life on his unworthy of man? Hardly forty lonely man agrees to it, and the woman also not go to this step.
You have scheduled a date, and you do not know what it do? What do you like! Do not think about building relationships in advance - to express themselves, as an individual, and the relationship will make dating internet russian sex. The main thing - this is no obligation in the first stage, and a respect for each other and the personal interests of each of you. Only in this situation you may eventually emerge good relations with the opposite sex, which later develop into something more ... dating internet russian sex.

Introduction - This is only the beginning, the emergence of the relationship - a sequel, but the final choice - it is the beginning of the end came to nothing binding relationship.
Meeting itself is an event in the life of every human being, because to meet - it's not a piece of cake. Most people are afraid to explore more than the first date, or even the choice of a life partner. However, a sense of fear has been held after the third, fourth or fifth acquaintances and then there is a new fear. Now we are afraid to make a mistake in choosing the second half, which we will go through life hand in hand. Choosing the main thing - do not hurry. For starters take a look to each other, feel the nature of the partner, communicate privately, in the company, while trying to build a relationship. It was only during the process of establishing relations you can understand what kind of person to be around you if it fits you, whether your selection and if he needed you beside me throughout all of life, because life will be long dating in russian.
Of course, it will be easier if you choose, and you will begin to flow through life with the person who made the decision for you to make your choice. But this is exactly what you want to be limp puppet in someone's capable hands? After all, you personality! A strong personality, each makes his own choice, for which then there is nobody to ask, no one rebuke. Perhaps this is why you allow to decide for you, so that in case of failure was to blame someone? It is not an option. Because when it comes the realization that the choice was made correctly, it's too late to change anything, and precious time will be lost dating in russian.
And if you do not intend to make a choice and do not allow for you to do it to others, you can spend the rest of his life in solitude, while you will constantly push around, you keep coming back to the theme of your talk mate selection.
We can not build a relationship, and all the problems from childhood.
Most people grew up in metropolitan cities, where more than one child in the family - a rarity. Sometimes we just do not understand the meaning of the phrase to be together, side by side. With the same man, having, as we do, its principles, concepts. So sometimes, selfishness does not allow us to see what is happening beyond their own noses.
A relationship we share only two types: the parents and children or lovers. I'd like to hope that this situation will ever change for the better. And we begin to understand each other, to be together, not only bodies, but also spiritually. Let senseless attempts to alter the half into something acceptable to us.
Men and women differ in behavior. They are aware of the uselessness of disputes and the need for specific cases. Always strive to be the best for their loved ones, and become unhappy if they did not succeed dating in russian.
Women tend to focus more on themselves, their desires and needs.
The choice we too do differently. Men are often afraid to choose a companion to better themselves: a smart, attractive. Women choose a man better than himself.
But you need to choose not worse and not better. Must choose now. A real woman, a real man. So, gentlemen, make your choice and your own right! dating in russian.

Find a good woman is not easy, as good women do not roll on the road, as well as a good man. And the problem is a major one in the life of every self-respecting representative of the stronger sex. Why is that? Not because these women a little, but because for every man the concept of "good woman" is made up of completely different criteria and it was under these criteria sometimes insane fits small number of women, the more it is just like this man.
Criteria men picked not only different in content, but also distinguish them from women, keeping in mind that a woman is a man, as a man. So many men think women the weaker sex, but women are very strong physically. Just women rarely use their physical strength, because of this it is less developed than in men. Many women prefer to not only develop the physical strength, but also to hide, in order to appear helpless and powerless. To perform physical work have a good woman is always a good and strong man dating free russian service.
In addition to physical force which underdeveloped in most women, they also have and spiritual development, although many of the fair sex, and this is not such an important factor. It all depends on from what the environment was a girl than "eat" in her childhood brain and what people around her during the formation of the personality of the woman as such.
The moment when a woman realizes that she really is a woman, not a mother, an employee, a robot for domestic work it blooms. This happens with many women aged 27 to 40 years. That's when a woman begins to seek out new areas to try other incarnation, other than those in which she lived until today. And that's when this new "I" a woman most strongly revealed to their best sides, which can not but notice the men around her dating free russian service.
Like men and women who are able to think logically, so the logic is one of the most important criteria in choosing a real woman. Men do not like overly emotional persons, and even more so - flighty. However, some men think that women have their logic is absent, while the lady of his heart can not only rational reason, but also to express their logical thought and action. What does this mean? That logic is not every man!
What else should be a good woman? Moral and sexual order. The relationship with this woman should not bring any unpleasant surprises in the form of diseases or lovers in the closet, as a moral woman never allow himself to meet simultaneously with two or more partners. Thereby, giving everyone hope for a serious relationship and taking away precious time that could be spent in search of this constricted and not a phantom, which is the lot of women. Although a variety of relations and partners is more common for men. But ... Girls are different ... and every man looking for his ideal of a good woman, guided by one it clear principles and criteria. Typically, dating free russian service any of the stronger sex would like to see next to him a woman, which no one male acquaintance. This woman should have all the qualities that are not their wives and girlfriends of friends. Namely, if the men of men complain about the shortcomings of their second halves and complain at the same time on the fate of the villain that they have not found the perfect woman, the bachelors will pay attention only to those women who have directly proportional to the quality of their female friends. These searches can last a lifetime. Why is that? Because even the good and the perfect woman can spoil imperfect man, by which the ideal woman is easily degraded to the level of an ordinary woman - in a bathrobe and curlers on the head.
Conclusion: The good woman took and should accrue to good men together to continue to be so. dating free russian service.

When the husband changes, the wife somehow finds out about this last one. And when you change a wife, the husband can do about it will never know. Why is that? Because men are not so careful as a woman and not pay for it, how to change their significant other and what. And what then?
Firstly, it is changing its interests. how is it shown? Let's say a year ago your wife full criticized your love of beer, and now not only understands his grades, but also tells the interesting historical facts about the history of the drink, its creation and so on. Perhaps your wife last month fell in love with football and attended several matches with it without you, and with a kind friend. Just interests wife can head to the side of philosophy, art, or any other topic that interests her lover, and he introduced her dating free russian girls.
Second, dramatically changing taste preferences of women. Yesterday she did not understand the make of the car, and now says that is better than anything in the world SAAB has not yet invented. The day before yesterday she loved all the dishes of potatoes, and stuffed them you every day, but today you have only just pasta and meat.
Third, a woman can dramatically and drastically change the image. What is it expressed? There was a blonde - dyed in red color or became a brunette. All my life I wore a long braid, and suddenly postriglas "a boy". I never painted and did not know what the ink, and now it burst from podvodok beautician, lipstick and eyeliner and lip, and another dozen shadows. Also, a woman can begin abruptly aerobics, yoga, fitness and swimming. Change clothing style: throw all the pants and buy a dozen skirts. Moreover, the length of these skirts above the knee or below the fifth point, which is sometimes visible from under the new "skirt", if it can be called, most likely - a belt dating free russian girls.
Fourth, the woman who started a lover improved mood and attitude not only to know, but also to others. Although you can not understand why she was so happy, because yesterday you broke the car, you do not get two months salary, and your child brings home from school every day two.
Fifth, we can manifest traitor sharp bouts of love to one's own husband, that is to you.
Do you think the changes have taken place only because his wife knew how much she loves you, and you come to appreciate more? hardly. Most likely your wife appeared someone other than you. Someone makes her heart flutter and body, filling her mind. And, alas, it's not you.
However, as the saying goes: "Do not be caught - not a thief." And early to panic. Try to understand the situation better. Listen to her conversation with her friends, and you may have some information to help you understand who is this mysterious stranger, or to understand the reasons for changes in appearance and mood of his wife. There is a possibility that your wife and you do not change, and read on the Internet some popular article that prompted her to such radical changes. Although if you start talking to her figure any man's name, schoolmates or colleagues whom she admires and who was quoted, can even not doubt - this man is the motivating factor for change dating free russian girls. Your wife can not yet changed you, but close to it. It varies for humans, in whom love. What should I do in this situation, you decide you only. If you want to have a woman with whom you have lived for years together, the more such attractive, returned to the family, and began to worship only you - go ahead. Change ourselves, both externally and internally. As well as change its attitude to his wife and all your relationships in general. Start with the trivial cup of morning coffee in bed and flowers. Treat your wife, give love and affection, and then she can remember what she loved, loves and will love only you - the one and only, and the mother of a man on earth who simply forgot about it, because of the ordinary relations. Like his wife again, and she will do the same for you! dating free russian girls.

The main topic of conversation female - male. And almost every conversation on the subject ends with the same conclusion: "All men bastards, goats, cloth, and so on and so forth." The most interesting information can be heard during the discussion of his beloved women's topics, namely: "The women irritate men?"
If men do not know that the majority of women there are entire lists from which you can learn that a particular woman did not immediately appeal to a new acquaintance. Surprised? But both men have their own criteria for the selection of women. So we assume the existence of these lists is quite normal and will understand better still in question, dating chat rooms free russian but what is most women do not like in men. Maybe men reading this list will be able to benefit from it as much useful information, which is later used to make the list was not among their traits or certain actions that really annoy the majority of women.
Well, get down to the debriefing?
The very first mistake made by men and women who do not like - is renting out their positions. You cease to be courageous and seeking her attention becomes more soft and weak. It also repels. After all, he sees a woman early in the relationship? Steep and unapproachable macho, brave and strong man, whom she wants to hide from all the world. What happens then? After you won the attention of the woman you are interested in you relax and allow yourself to be themselves, not caring about the fact that your deeds and actions is the personification of courage. Women do not like these changes and changes in the nature and behavior of men. Most likely, after a while you can hear from his partner sacramental phrase such as "Let's be friends." Weak men - this is not what attracts women, because he himself wants to be weak, and weak next to the man you have to be strong dating chat rooms free russian.
They do not like women and insecure and reliant men who have a thousand problems and it never ends. This is annoying, especially if the man is constantly talking about these very issues, and asks for help in solving a particular issue or just give advice. Never mind if these are isolated cases, but if it happens all the time, a woman can not stand the passions, turns and walks away. Everyone has their own problems that require solutions, but that is no reason to talk about them constantly. Women generally prefer to hear nothing about the problems of men.
In a relationship "man-woman" to be a leader is a man. Women prefer to give the right solution to all the issues that relate to the man the pair and if he is not ready to take on such obligations and trying to shift the lead on her shoulders, then this relationship is likely to run out of anything dating chat rooms free russian.
What's more annoying women in men? Their manner of speaking, tone, facial expression, and much more. Also annoying men who are constantly trying to please, deprived of their own opinions, etc. etc.
Women want to see in a man strong personality that will fit the woman and cause envy of girlfriends, not mocking smile. So, men, be real men - strong, confident, intelligent, authoritative, caring and kind and empathetic. When you are just such, only then you will have no problem with women. dating chat rooms free russian.

Let's talk a little about the change - female infidelity. And why is it that women are almost never change.
We, the women of course weak, but still more than the stronger sex. The man is physically stronger than us, no one argues. However, hardly a man endure the birth pangs that women have to endure during childbirth. And morally far superior to a woman man. She rarely gives in to temptation rather than a man.
So, whether a woman can change a man? Will if it will allow it to her upbringing and morals. Will she be able to resist the temptation - able. At the same man easily offended and did not feel remorse for such a minor matter, as treason.
Woman in itself is very emotional, therefore, commit treason, she is changing. Her eyes light up at the memory of the experience, all the emotions written on his face. And it seems that all that they see this is true, does not notice only the husband, who had long ceased to pay attention to her. Stop a woman can only fear of the Lord God, but not in front of her husband dating agencies russian women. Because cheating is one of the sins.
A woman can change her husband out of boredom, if it is not given due attention, and it is given to itself. It happened in the Middle Ages, there is now. Remember Anna Karenina. Poor living or what? The rich husband in anything does not deny, but not how it worked. Therefore, out of boredom he reciprocated Vronsky. And her husband is not forbidden to have a lover, the main thing - that people do not know, so the family's honor remained unblemished. But Vronsky, it was necessary - to win a beautiful woman, after which he quickly lost all interest in her. So just out of boredom and idleness women give birth to lovers.
What else can stop a woman from betrayal - it was her pride. After all, married women are often very unhappy in marriage, but education received in childhood, never allow to decide for treason dating agencies russian women. Married, he has put a passport stamp and all - on the rest of the taboo ... And, even if the husband no longer loves, and does not notice, and often changes - still such a wife never resolved to commit adultery.
Some hold fear of exposure. They think they have changed at least once, anyway someone somewhere something to notice and detonate all the familiar and unfamiliar.
But if a woman still dares to commit adultery, then this should be a very good reason, because it ceases to be afraid of, not only gossip, but also intrigues.
And the main reason due to which a woman has never and under no circumstances will not change - it's her love for her husband. Oh, and not so much attention he pays to his wife, began to go bald and plump, with a woman at work began to pay attention to the young and promising handsome, sometimes seems to be: "Oh, curse all to hell, I'm not a woman or what ?!". It was at this point, it seems that a woman is ready to change that a little, and she slips into the vortex of love of adventure. But, dating agencies russian women coming home and lying down in his bed, where it is pressed against a mother, the closest and beloved of her people, she realizes that one does not need it because as this kind and most native people.
So do not look for the reasons for which a woman will never change - it is only one. And this reason is the most important in life, as her name was Love - true and pure. dating agencies russian women.

You have just gone through a difficult separation and seemingly ready to start something new, at least to begin to live again, from scratch. And then just on the horizon, new people, new people, new feelings, and you kind of want to be with someone, but not ready to again be bound hand and foot by the habits and life of another person. Or your marriage is falling apart, and you want a spouse to give each other the freedom. And you're trying to find an alternative to all this, and find it in the so-called "open relationship".
So what is it - an open relationship, and how to treat them, in general, is it ok in fact?
what is it?
Open relationship peculiar form of communication, which is really difficult to call relationships. They mean by everything that seems to be there between the partners in conventional vapor, dating agencies for russian women or rather almost everything: they have no room for jealousy, lies, needs and claims.
Partners they try not to become attached to one another and basically live their lives, just enjoying sex and enjoyable pastime, while not infringing on the freedom of each other.
As in any relationship, there are available in their key aspects that should be followed:
The first is probably the most important thing. The ability to share.
Since you have decided on this, you must understand that your partner will meet someone else, just like you. Think about it, do not outweigh the sense of ownership if your desire to sometimes go "left." It is necessary to set clear priorities, so that when you thought better of it, it was too late.
The second important factor priority. Despite the stipulated freedom to intimacy with other people from each other, you have to be in the first place.
Third-respect. If you feel that the main purpose of such a relationship dating agencies for russian women - to sleep with the maximum number of men or women, you are deeply mistaken. The basis of this kind of communication is to find the middle ground that you are comfortable. To achieve harmony with oneself and the partner. So you have to come to such a relationship together, rather than alone, and only occasionally allows himself to walk.
The benefits of an open relationship.
- You do not owe anything to anybody. Such relationships are burdensome and finish them at any time. Perhaps this is the main factor why such relationships are the most durable and resistant.
This relationship without dependence, and where there is no dependence, no pain, jealousy and betrayal (also directly linked to these factors point one).
- It is a relationship without time limits. In a month you will not stick to one question - "my dear, and when we get married?" Or "cute, cute polzunochki see what, let's buy, the future" (and if they stick, then see item one - you are not obliged to anyone. Nothing)
-In Such a relationship does not need anyone to prove it every day.
-And Yet, this option is possible, if you're in despair (or any reason) offer husband / wife / partner in an open relationship and remove taboos and the restrictions it completely rashochetsya "go left". After all, when all is possible dating agencies for russian women - it is not so interesting.
Disadvantages of free relations.
-Vspomnite, Dreamed your parents, letting go of your adult life? Of course, your life has developed successfully in all respects - career, family, children. And, of course, it will be difficult to get used to the idea that you are oh so not developed in the near future they will not ponyanchitsya grandchildren. A free relations by no means be linked to the family and children. What can there be children, if you're looking for midnight his friend on bars or strangers bed.
-And In general, society considers such relationships priori immoral and look at them from the negative point of view. Be prepared to censure and parents of friends who have long settled down, and even neighbors. Neighbors and grandmother at the door - the censor of the 21st century on the soundness of your life, despite the fact that their ideas and principles of life were to die even with Stalin.
- These relationships require fortitude and moral training. A sense of ownership and jealousy in some people, in my opinion, genetically fixed and difficult to deal with them. And why? So just such a relationship - not for you.
-Perhaps You or your partner just hide behind the freedom to avoid responsibility. It is worth thinking about the motives that both of you are pursuing.
-In One (or bitter) point, one of the partners may want more. That is a Labrador, dating agencies for russian women a ring and a stamp in the passport, well, or at least, the presence of a healthy relationship with its obligations, the other just can not give it all ...
What form of relationship to choose - it's up to you. Open relationship still for those who are not yet ready to be fixed on one thing, is not ready for marriage and is not ready to take responsibility.
Of freedom, of course, well, that's just old age will not bring a glass of water and a cold winter evening, warm not warm. Total should be in moderation and on time. dating agencies for russian women.

All, perhaps, faced with a similar problem: you meet, have experienced a first date, started dating, and everything seems to be fine, and he - the one who needed, but at one point it ceases to call, to answer the sms, communication between you is cut off and you lose a landmark. And automatically starts to torment the question - what did you do / do not say something in a moment everything went wrong, and how to identify the very reason why it is impossible if you ask, and avoid similar problems we would like to. So let's try to figure out what kind of actions repel Men from us and what course of action is still necessary to choose.
Here are the most common mistakes that allowed the ladies at the initial stage of conquest not only of the stomach, but also the hearts of men:
1.Titul "Miss Universe".
Every man likes to be praised, dating adult photos russian supported and believed at least someone's hero of the novel, but rather, a blockbuster. And any man wants next to him was the most beautiful, intelligent and extraordinary woman. In general, the most - the most in all respects. The girl had to be the best, but there is a small problem. Your success, career, humor, etc. well, can not overshadow him. The man begins to get lost and become merely background, and agree, like it is not for everyone. It is not necessary to press once again that the better you will not find him. Syschetsya, and how quickly, while it still is one distinctive svoystvo- modesty. It is better to once again tell him how wonderful he is and what a good, even if it is not (be careful in this, do not grow in a man monster that would do everything "slipshod" and proud of it and showering himself with laurels). To be a successful leader, of course, good for you, but in the future become a henpecked man is clearly not satisfied. Although ... different characters come across someone with the flow and loves to swim.
On the other hand, at this stage it is eliminated weak men who are not suitable for all girls leaders who are not willing to sit back and watch his mouth open. Let these accrue to men, which would be enough for a girl-a piece of furniture.
2. "Honey let's get married? I've already bought the rings "
Do you know a month, but you will not leave the certainty that he is the -The Prince, about which you dreamed of as a child. So you start to dream about the wedding rings to choose a honeymoon tour and generally already have planned your retirement. Nobody can abolish the desire and the more ideas (such as the material they are), but let your desire to remain a mystery, at least for him. No need to buzz to the man about how you came up with all the fun and here you put the table, and there - a baby. Sense of hot air in there. Men love with their eyes, and women - their ears. If you start to restrict personal space man too early, his brain melted, and the left side of the brain will tell you that it was time to flee. Do not infringe on the freedom of the individual, even if he did not say those same three words, or it is clear that he is not sure. And you know exactly what you are willing to shift 5 kilograms of its strings to the balcony, dating adult photos russian only to put it to their fans' trophies ... .Vot it - then it ..
On the other hand, if a man does not see the thin (just subtle hints rather than more transparency in the house) hints at your dalnoiduschie plans and runs away as soon as possible, maybe he's just not ready for a serious relationship, and not that it is with you . This is worth considering.
3. "But Bob, and could build a house ..."
Any person would be uncomfortable if it will straighten out with phrases like: "But my former Sergei peeling potatoes is much better. But Bob was able to disassemble the carburetor blindfolded. " Nobody likes the comparison, it infringes, hurt and suggests - "And then you have cho to Sergei return. The ability to peel potatoes is an important factor for the relationship (relationships, but only with the army). " Certainly not worth talking about such things in bed. This is generally the trauma for men. So you can notorious. Bole, considering paragraph 1 of this article.
And do not condemn his former girl, no matter how legged, ugly or mediocre was not. It offends. It throws a stone in the garden of your vanity Blessed. When he was with her - so it was worth it, even if now he mentions it only in the form of cattle. Not worth it.
4. "Unterminated toothpaste"
A lot of my friends, when they meet MCH, saying: "He's just perfect. There can not be such that it does not have drawbacks. Something still needs to be, but it turns out like a fairy tale. " Well and, accordingly, are beginning to focus on any small shortcomings (flies) and turn them into the nursery elephants. Of course, if you spend more than one night to identify its shortcomings, dating adult photos russian you are sure to get to the bottom. But is it necessary? After all, before you are completely satisfied with his scattered socks, why hold the drama now?
Learn how to fight for their happiness. Learn how to turn a blind eye where it can / should be, unless of course, his bad habits do not lead you to the cold steel. Do not forget, in your head, too, a bunch of cockroaches, but you probably do not poke it, first of all, because many men do not like to call the conflict themselves.
Sometimes problems go inside. They live in us, and we are looking for it in others. Learn to get along with his inner demons, strange you seem like paradise.
5. "Love Navigator"
The most banal and horrifying that often happens in the beginning of a relationship - it is just an excessive obsession. Easy, elegant reminder of itself - is one thing, but to shower sms and fill up calls - is another. Of course, when we are in love, you want to constantly be with a man, to hear it and see. But unfortunately, not all want it back. Someone adheres thought that occasional meetings and phone calls only increase fervor and indeed, the man is quite right about their business and to have their own space, especially if even in words your relationship are not registered. Nobody wants to live on a tight leash. If you want somewhere - then apply their inclinations head - buy a dog. And be patient, once a man realizes that to live without you, can not, he will enclose you with their care and kindness.
Probably, this list is far from complete, and each of you will be able to add any more here hundreds of phrases. Just the problem is that all people think and behave in different ways, they are unique in communication and relationships, dating adult photos russian and is quite difficult to take and organize all of ten or more points. Someone breaks up, despite the fact that does not comply with any of the above items. You like him and with heart and soul and sincerity, and he - bang, and evaporate. Probably, there are only two main problems - the fear of losing their independence of such an expensive and probably just what the man took any three visits to determine your compatibility, and a month or more. I never predict what clicks in your head tomorrow. Perhaps just intuition to run faster with this ship, despite the five-star service. In any case, anyway, most women have to adapt to man, such a lot of women-homemakers. The main thing - to spend their strength and nerves for a standing person. Therefore, love and be loved, and not pay attention to all sorts of taboos and standardized error, it is your relationship - and you put the rules by which to live. But pay attention to the typical errors still worth it, otherwise do not have to shout at each corner site. dating adult photos russian.

Any girl wants to be loved, get married, have a bunch of kids and a golden retriever in the bargain. Many have it in one way or another, and someone in the prime of sitting and biting his elbows on the missed opportunities to change their lives towards family well-being. Duck in what a problem it is beautiful and intelligent women. Is that according to statistics only 10 girls 9 children, of which not all are suitable for use, and even more so to get acquainted, building a life and a family. Is the issue of women is that the world is becoming increasingly common homosexual, and the possibility of a weak sex drive overcome mutual men do not?
Probably not. The problem is women themselves, sometimes without even realizing push his luck. And it turns out that's what you need to do is to forget that such a ring on her finger and a stamp in the passport dating a russian woman in nz. Just a few bad advice, and you can already take a place on a bench near the entrance, and memorize phrases in the style of "But in our time. Oh youth .. "and so on. I think with the work of old women access each sign. These councils (of which you can choose only one to completely read of marriage only in the novels)

1. With childhood best early start to dream of a prince or Roman Abramovich. If anything, just sit and dream, doing absolutely nothing for the realization of desires. And forget that the probability still have to find a prince, take the same Natalia Vodianova, she has a prince, or whoever he is there on a family tree.
2.There is in early childhood can write a list of the qualities expected of a prince. All the flesh of manners and ending taste preferences in terms of music. And let alone dare to be different, all - out of sight, out of mind! Right!
3. motto in life is to be the phrase: "I'm always right. And if you think I'm wrong, see the first paragraph. " Your life values ??must be above the values ??of other people, especially men. No compromises in life.
4.Zavedite a girlfriend, and how it will be beautiful, the better. Take it with you everywhere, especially in male company, the process of natural selection itself have bypassed dating a russian woman in nz.
5.Provodite as much time with my girlfriend, and it is better to work and after working in an embrace with a TV. A must factor in all cases to be fast food, because of it did not get fat, calories from it immediately goes into your bra. With that , fast food has to be purchased, but better - ordered home, because to go out once again - it's a waste of time.
6.Zabudte how to prepare soup and kebab. Instinct ladle leave housewives and cooks in restaurants. Cookbook can break into small pieces and put in a tray cat. You still do not need - a nice cat. After all, since you began to avoid large gatherings of people, cat and forgotten what the filler, and then a bonus.
7.Perechitayte psychological terms, and stop at one of them is "pessimism." He should be your motto. Mentally Paint your life gray and feel sorry for yourself, regret. Glow in the house all the pillows, vests all her friends, beautiful girlfriend, earn black eyes and light, with a sad, sour-faced with swelling, that all men are automatically ran at the sight of you. And that was not thought to meet you.
8.Obhodite side of beauty salons. Let go there metrosexuals and models, they work a person they need. Pro ??upgrade the wardrobe, I generally keep quiet, the skirt with the post-Soviet era and galoshes without heels and still remain the main trend of all shows and seasons. The magazine «Vogue» and «Good advice" leave the above, they again needed. And you and so fashionable!
Forget the word of five letters (this is the one that "diet"), instead, enter the lexicon of a new "box". It will be a synonym for the word man, and once they are, why start it yourself, because you already have a cat. All not feed.
9. In the Company of Men leave themselves the role of know-all and proud loner. And they shall be enslaved by your intelligence. Any attempts to dating and flirting nastrogo combat and call "02", because before you have touched, and this harassment.
10.Vseh surrounding men do with their friends. All. After all, sex with a friend - it's so wrong, let alone the relationship - who would argue!
11. If the plant-factory relationship with them only zhenatikom. And believe unquestioningly believe that one day his divorce (offensive apocalypse until 2012 and then perhaps more likely). In what once was a married, do not stop -one of them will throw curly child and wife-hen for you dating a russian woman in nz.
12.Horosho would have to live someone else's life, so that everyone everywhere has helped everyone advised, sat with a child, and in the evening teas errands. Whether all vest, matchmaker. About myself forget. Helping people - the highest happiness!
13.Vstupi feminists in society. Write their most furious slogan and stick on the back window of the machine. No cars - no problem, buy the book "How to become a bitch in 15 days" and to shine cover the subway and buses, men will not be indifferent.
Read? And now quickly forgotten, that your life is not gone downhill, but only up, leaving women who behave in this way far behind! dating a russian woman in nz.

Many believe that to meet a soul mate can be anywhere - whether it be the club shop next door, or a library. As for the last two, I can not say anything disprove, but with the clubs the situation is slightly more complicated. Because the word "love" and "club" some were not, and did not even lay, unless it is a combination of the words "Love in the club for one night."
If you think that being alone will save you hike to the spa and a couple of cocktails - you are deeply mistaken. Yes, there are a couple of clubs, a term relations which handled "a lot of", but the problem is that all of these unions have been concluded yet at the dawn of the circle of people that still go to the club, that is, when a club party. There are couples who simply - simply "stray," ie, they came together to relax, that is their acquaintance took place before the arrival of the club. And also I have a pair of "ephemeral" and "odnochaski" and "For Partners", which has produced after the birth of a bottle of champagne mixed with vodka and the emergence of the idea of ??gnawing loneliness and desire heat, physical or moral dating a russian man.
Therefore, in the club, you can find a couple of people for an hour, and set them in any one disease with a beautiful name "Venus" (if your kit bag of «Dolce & Gabbana» or «Dolhce & Gappana» / purses from Gogi not were condoms / miromistin). The club is always cycling events in which you - only a part of the food chain. What does the output of the chain you are still left with an indicator "-" or "0".
The problem is just that the people who are in a club, come to rest, relax, and they are not fun to play in several acts such as "introduction, the next meeting -konfetno buketny period." They want what they want. Here and now.
Yes, and how to look for a life partner in a place where they pray only three gods: alcohol, recreation and music. That's why they come. Flirt, relationships, sex - is not a basis. This bonus components of a successful evening. Although there are people who go to the club for sex for a cocktail and a cocktail offer sex, t. E. Corny pickup. to each his own. And so, if you see a man in a club with sad, looking for the eyes - you know, he just nedoperepil, not looking for you, you is you. Although, who knows dating a russian man ...
After all, I'll be wrong if I say that the club is no single people eager relations. They are simply their practice, and the harsh reality basically does not give faith to someone else. There is no faith - no action. If a person is not called back five out of ten, he would not go to this game. He or will take what is and briefly or will seek (or simply go on living) elsewhere. Although there are always exceptions, and perhaps, if you go in order to find "the / that most / himself and meet the right person, perhaps your negative loneliness give a plus, but the probability of this is very small. The attempt-not torture. Although sometimes attempt to create such a relationship and life becomes a torment waiting calls and meetings, and sometimes it comes out well from the very first day. Still, it all depends on your taste preferences, demands and desires that guide you in your search. Every one of the 100 the couple met at the club -So exceptions exist and worth trying, but it does not impose strong hopes. One pair is not 100 or even 10 dating a russian man ...
Well, if you do not like a smoky room and the crowd in alcoholic intoxication, something for you the most reliable way to get in the club - a club Express dating service. Inexpensive, fast, and people coming to clearly know why they go there. It will work for sure if you have enough for 10 - 20 minutes to see a person of interest to you or not. Moreover, the organizers ekpress dating into account the interests and objectives of the proposed contingent, as well as their age. Therefore, if you wish your time to explore conventional and no pity from 3 to 4 dollars, this kind of club - for you. dating a russian man.

We are all afraid of something. But most of all, perhaps, most of us are afraid to be alone. To reach the point where no one needs, because completely disappointed in yourself and others or when you are - just an object. It seems there is, but you - absolutely do not need anyone. And if you disappear, perhaps no one will notice. Unless the clerk at the store where you buy cigarettes every day.
Each runs from loneliness in his own way: someone throws into society, trying to drown out the pain other people's thoughts and just standing around people. But still there is one. This is the worst - be so alone among the crowd that somewhere in a hurry, in a hurry, and you're standing in one place and time is around you, skirting round darrel mckown on russian dating sites. In this situation, people are starting to just annoy your happiness, your emotions, and stage begins, "Why do they have a love / husband / wife / child / happiness / understanding. Why someone everything, and I do, if I - did not have time to hand happiness. Have not I earned? ". All these thoughts lead to even more inevitable consequences. Because one thing - to get rid of loneliness, and the other - of the thought of his inferiority from the moral point of view (and someone starts to look for the answer in physics - "Maybe I'm too bad (a) / ugly (a))". Home how would not be lonely, not make it into the stage when the soul (head) itself comes up with friends and intimacy, and that this is a scientific concept.
Someone is trying to create a relationship just to be like everyone else, to be married / married ... just have a couple to continue the race. And is captured by their own fears and thoughts: and if not now, not the people - all of a sudden you have one will never meet. Suddenly - the man - your last chance to make a reality of the image out of your head darrel mckown on russian dating sites. You, he, a child ... and maybe even a dog, all as in American films. All well and it is sure to be a happy ending. But it will not. If the union created a completely different people, which binds only stamp in the passport on page 14. Only the appearance of the existing happiness. You'll be spending time together, go shopping or even go to her mother, but you'll think to myself, "What if I'm wasting my time, and suddenly I hurried (be) and now miss his only chance somewhere else. "You can even enjoy, to dream, cry together - only, most likely, and sad, and you dream of entirely different things. You will say that there is a saying" slyubitsya-endure. " Go through the options in my head famous unions, which these words really worked. Of course, these popular words do not come out of nowhere, may confirm they exist. But is it worth mayat himself and his "mate", knowing that your goal - not to create a whole a happy marriage, and only love - the last stage. And then there can turn out this way: Me neither - neither the people. After all, the man, with whom you brighten their boredom can be quite different and even perfect for someone else. I would not want anyone to wish such a relationship in which only the relationship - it is life.
But it happens sometimes that people live for years life "together - but one by one." They are quite happy with the presence of comfort, red corner in the house and a nice Christmas holiday with his family. Someone - some of these people are too deepened in their work and it does not matter who greeted him at home -robot Fielded, acting as the wife or the woman with hot blood in the veins. They like to come home and know that they hear, support, listen, give advice. As the quote from one beautiful film, "Why do people get married? Because each of us really need to know that someone very important to how we live as occurs every day of our lives. For this to be indifferent even to someone ... "
Also loneliness together - a common problem of arranged marriages, where the only thing that can unite people, is money. More precisely, one of the partners is in a state of love, and the other is keenly aware that he was ready to live my life with the unloved, and even in some situations unpleasant man, just to achieve status in society and live as his parents from paycheck to paycheck, who worked all his life for 3 work and so did not earn, even at their own home darrel mckown on russian dating sites. And then you just have to be patient, and that's your life on the picture ... On the one hand sad, but on the other - and that sad, you have a BMW, and in your half - pockets full of happiness that a man has got to him. Everyone has their own values, and markers that decorate .Vot life ... Think about whom there were more fortunate.
I was not going to write an article in the style of the book by Gregory Oster "Bad advice" or vice versa, "Good advice." There is a way for each, everyone has their own thoughts / emotions / desires. No one smart qualified psychologist does not give such advice that would suit every person on earth or an experienced writer or journalist will not be able to describe exactly what is in your head /in my heart. You decide - you are responsible for their consequences. It was little information to ponder. Should I look for happiness where it is in principle not required to be, and then complain about destiny. darrel mckown on russian dating sites.

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