Many young girls go through the experience of love for a married man. Most successfully outgrow this stage, getting married, having children. Others are stuck in such a relationship for a long time. Why is this happening than married men so attractive for young girls?
Firstly, a married man is usually older and more serious. Many women are looking for in the first man's father, and the man in years for the part fits perfectly. Among the most attractive mature men, as a rule, are already married free russian ukrainian dating sites.
Secondly, these people tend to be held. It is not that women implies material wealth in its pure form. But a successful man, a man winner always has a better chance with the opposite sex.
Third, in such a relationship is clearly an element of rivalry. At least, the man chose his darling wife. Often it flatters the ego of young girls.
Fourth, such a relationship are more intriguing, especially at first. After all, you need to hide their feelings from others, hide the meeting. The need for secrecy and the taste of forbidden fruit pleasantly tickle nerves.
Fifth, in this love is strong melodramatic and even tragic effect. "The whole world is against us", "loved no one understands but me", "connect us to interfere compelling circumstances." At the same time the girl until then truly believes in invincibility of these circumstances, while thousands of people around them safely overcome. Divorces, thank God, we are not prohibited free russian ukrainian dating sites.
Sixth, deep down, almost every hope that "he will divorce his wife" sooner or later. While the statistics show the opposite. If not divorced in the first year of a new relationship, it is unlikely that divorce later.
Seventh, the married men in midlife crisis are actively seeking meetings with young girls. And since their life and sexual experience more and better financial situation, young boys often free them lose. free russian ukrainian dating sites.

A great many stories listen to the bartenders and waiters about how force majeure are not shiny trinkets of the fair sex. Like, one has only to show the girl a gold chain and signet she immediately falls in your shoes ...
Yeah, no matter how true! And it has been proven scientifically.
The common opinion of men about women denied psychologists from the American University of Michigan Institute for Research society. They conducted an experiment, which involved 120 men and 208 women. Studying their behavior, scientists have concluded that it is men, not women behave like Pavlov's dogs. For those for whom school biology course long gone I remind: Pavlov - a famous physiologist, who left their mark in history because of its experimentation with our four-legged friends - dogs dating ukrainian women. Initially Pavlov fed the dogs under the bell, and when those forms a conditional instinct - ceased to feed, and ringing the bell went, and the animals are accustomed to take food to the sound of the bell starts to actively produce gastric juices.
Now, a study by American scientists were supplied as follows: each subject was looking at pictures of pretty people, it seems that this man is not against to meet him, and even to enter into marriage, and then told him the social status of the person with the photo. Then people in the experiment were asked to evaluate his desire to be with a man from a photo on a scale from 1 to 9 points dating ukrainian women.
The results shocked the scientists. It was found that women are absolutely indifferent to elect occupied social rung. When choosing a companion for life, they are guided by one main principle: the most important thing, that was a good man. But the male half of the subjects showed opposite results. Sexual attraction Cavaliers were the stronger, the lower the rank and position was their "object of attention."
The absolute favorite of course, you guessed it - a secretary (and last, sooner or later become the first). And due to this, from my point of view that is still dominated by men in every element of the leadership and the animal dating ukrainian women. I think most men would not want a woman in the family predominated. Therefore, whatever the social status of the man, he tries to find a companion of the status of bit below, so feel their superiority. In general, there is nothing surprising. Reflexes, you know. dating ukrainian women.

Most of all, we have a poor opinion of infidelity - for us this means not meet the expectations of their partner, to deceive him, and in addition - the need to lie and invent excuses to be able to go to the favorite. We were tormented conscience, and the results are often disappointing infidelity, discord and separation.
But, nevertheless, infidelity is a positive side.
There are people who are quite happy in their relationships. They found the partner of their dreams. But after a certain time, and with sex problems start to appear. In the box everything will be sad and equally dating ukrainian. But this is not an excuse to immediately put into question the connection.
If everything else was fine, two people love, revere, appreciate each other, treat each other closely and have much in common - why need to recline all this only because it is not so good in bed?
What is best for you: a partnership in which you are almost 100% happy and just sex, not all glued, or a relationship with a wonderful sex, when, after all, is not so smoothly, and filled with love as you would have liked dating ukrainian?
Is not it better to engage in sometimes changed to satisfaction after the return "home", to be more calm and continue to revel in their relationship? Ask yourself frankly: how long sex with your partner you are absolutely the same suit? In most cases it is only the beginning, when sex with a sweet person is even unknown, exciting, and holding. However, you can try to save the delightful and pleasurable sex throughout life.
Revel in your relationship if you are fully behind them, but consider adultery as an enriching experience that can refresh and restore your sexual relationship.
Is it not possible that infidelity causes you to experience the newly acquired practice of sex in his bed? With this you could renew your sex life in excitement, passion and pleasure. If you are not afraid to apply this knowledge at home, dating ukrainian that is, your partner will not ask you any unnecessary questions, then it will surely get pleasure, and again will find you desirable. He felt himself in demand and, on the other hand, will show great creativity, passion and imagination. This means that your sex will be much better. But! I never intended to tell my dear, where you gain experience and learn it all! dating ukrainian.

Perhaps the same can be said about you? Are you tired of being alone. But who do you like, for some reason are always scoundrels and decent men are not attracted to you completely. Or maybe you just can not break away from the man who made ??you unhappy?

If, in addition to everything listed, you are not confident in themselves and are constantly in doubt of its appeal, there is every reason to believe that you are ill so-called "syndrome of Marilyn Monroe." Hard to believe, but with a man the actress did not manage to create a relationship in which she would feel happy. And this is despite the fact that the list of contenders for her hand and heart is almost endless. Surprisingly, she was able to leave it for those men who did not love her and treated her dismissively. In addition, she considered herself an extremely ugly and unattractive 100 free ukrainian dating sites.
Why some women are easily satisfied with their lives, while others kept vlyapyvayutsya a relationship, bringing them more pain than joy? It is obvious that it is not in the external data. And the life of Marilyn Monroe - a vivid example. The thing is how people perceive themselves and build their relationships with people.
The origins of the described syndrome go into early childhood. Very often women who fall into these traps, educated parents are not able to give them unconditional love. Of course, in some situations, parents can show your child that are unhappy, angry or upset by his behavior. But he must be sure that when they do not cease to love him. That unconditional love of parents give children to love and respect yourself. Without this it is impossible to build a normal relationship with other people 100 free ukrainian dating sites.
Failing to get their parents' unconditional love, grown-up woman trying to solve their children's situation, choosing partners who are not able to give her love, and spends a lot of effort on it to be worthy of their love, and for all the failures blames himself.
It is time to abandon the imposed scenario you. Build your own life. To begin refuse communion with those men who like to cause women suffering. Do not keep more than a style of relationship, when you are rejected, and you are painfully struggling for male love. Let pity for the men, the thought of their fine mental organization and scarred psyche forever cease to be a justification for their inattention to you. Do not forget that you set for quiet, smooth, trusting relationship. At first it will be difficult, 100 free ukrainian dating sites because you're used to building relationships quite differently. But do not worry, sooner or later you will learn to love and be loved. 100 free ukrainian dating sites.

Inability to say "no" to requests that you do not like - a great inconvenience. For example, giving money to the debt that is up to 100% will not be given, can be ruined. Or, once said at the wrong time "yes", you risk to spend my life with the unloved man. How to learn to say no?
1. Let me think ...
Requests that are unprofitable and inconvenient, usually caught us by surprise. This also uses the petitioner. He looks imploringly, and we could not stand his head immediately answer "yes." It is much more practical in this case to say "I think", thus securing a real opportunity to reflect whether or not to accept. This is probably you have absolutely no trouble 100 free ukrainian dating. But what if just the opposite? In any case, you will know what made the choice deliberately, not by someone's pressure. The phrase "I think" - a good option of failure, and when the store manager actively convince you to buy a skirt, because it is really, just the right size, there was last, and in general they have in the boutique items are half the price than anywhere else in the city. Even if you follow rushes: "Think, think, all the same tomorrow it will not be" the truth is on your side.
2. "No" is not mine
Trouble has occurred. You do not have time to say "no" on time, and now have to get out. Imagine that you stop one of these characters, "working with people" on the street. He (it) offers a very profitable work (network marketing), SPA-treatments from cosmetic firms (all set for ridiculous money - 500 rubles), a lecture that "will completely change your life" or (most attractive) to win a microwave oven right Now, without spending a penny. And you do not have slipped silently by, and have stopped 100 free ukrainian dating. And he had two minutes shamelessly enjoys it. You keep your "no" at the ready, but you can not give it to say. To not come "too late", you need to give up a happy smile somewhere in the space behind companion muttered "sorry" (you'll even "no" do not have to say) and rush toward an imaginary friend.
3. Do not get me!
Why, in response to someone's request itself did not ask you to understand and enter your location? For example, a friend to sit begging with her child, as goes on a date. And it leads killer argument: "You have all the same output." But you're going to spend it quite differently. "I do not want to deny you, but I only have one day off, I was very tired for a week and would like to have rest" - calmly answer you.
4. Simulating employment
If you too often hear requests like "a walk with my dog, you do not care to do nothing" or "Help me pokleit wallpaper, you are no busy '- this means that you need to better plan your schedule and a clear understanding of what to use free time. Only then can you confidently say: "I do not get, I just mull report on" simultaneous and cumulative effect on the inhibitory profile of nanotechnology 100 free ukrainian dating. "
5. outright blackmail
It is not uncommon situation where a decision must be taken quickly, and no time to think. Such problems often arise at work, if you, for example, is sent to an urgent business trip, and you know that will not have time to finish a complex project. So you have to give up, otherwise the work will suffer. In this case, does not necessarily say a sharp "no". Enough to put the head of the choice: "Of course I'll go, but you have to choose what is more important: the project for a long-time customer or business trip?" Let the boss responsible for their own decisions, not you - for his refusal.
6. No, no, no
Sometimes you have to give. Only "No", no options! Suppose you have an allergy to alcohol, and you find yourself in the company of (party, birthday), where everything is already drunk and now assiduously beg you, say, "join Baron join." Talk about your allergy is useless in this situation. Only a decisive "no" will save you from hospital directly from the scene. This will require training. Stand before a mirror and repeat with different intonations: "No. No! No? No ... "as long as you get used to say this monosyllable. Select the most neutral tone - and use it. Now the main thing - do not overdo it and do not say "no" where were you going to say a firm "yes 100 free ukrainian dating."
7. Caution: Tigress!
Even the most trouble-free person is the limit. And when it comes to this limit, a nervous breakdown. Former demure expresses his "no" in a very rude manner. Not the best option for you. Rather worse. Do not bring themselves to such a state. But if you really feel like a monster in your soul awakened, begin to wave his arms and shout: "Maybe you should also wash the floor ?!" Of course, then have to apologize. But you show them. There are now aware that they are dealing not with a hamster, and a tigress!
8. Get off at the half
Some requests you might have to perform, but you do not accept occupation or workload. It is possible you do not want to do something right now. But basically you disagree. And people ask for help, you are very pretty. In this case, the best option - to offer a reasonable compromise: "Today, unfortunately, does not work, but tomorrow after six I completely at your service." Or, "I can not paint the window frames. If you want, help them wash before painting. "
9. "No", wrapped with cotton
You know exactly what to comply with the request or forces beyond your circumstances do not permit, but are afraid to offend the refusal. There are centuries-old form of mitigation, the word "no", "no thank you", "I'm sorry, no," "Unfortunately, no," "with all due respect will not work." Why not use one of them? "I'm sorry - you say friend - but I can not arrange you to our firm. I myself went there recently, and my word does not mean anything yet. " Or: "I understand you very well, most do not just have to do urgent work. Who, by the way, is just such a period. " Or: "I'm fine for you, but it is not going to get married, even I have not thought of 100 free ukrainian dating."
10. Say "yes" and enjoy
There is in the world such charming people who can not refuse anyone. This is not your internal problem, and their obvious merit. Now, two options to choose from. When you give money without a return, helping to get a job, agree to teach the child English for 6 months free of charge, you feel cheated, "Why am I such a spineless ?!" Or, you know, a good mood after communicating with this person more than compensated your service. If the second - continue to fulfill the request. If the first - deny using any of the methods. 100 free ukrainian dating.

Somehow, the majority believes that only marriage can make people happy. It is a categorical opinion on the female half.
If men idle existence hudobedno, adhered by, the women this way of life is considered to be clearly indecent and unnatural. And is this really the case?
And whether or not those women who feel better out of wedlock, so abnormal and prone to feminism? Not at all, though often on a woman's decision in that whatever was to marry affects just false fear to look "wrong", to be "like everyone else ukrainian women dating."
Marriage - a complex institution, requires a conscious and voluntary compromises, concessions, and often the victims on both sides. What do those who are contraindicated marriage? For some, personal independence, neuschemlennost more common stereotypes? It seems to find the strength to be different, to recognize its 'excellent' without fear of word of mouth.
Family life - a difficult test for spouses. Not all find the strength to successfully complete it: lack of patience, faith in their own strength, the desire to change something, or something to do. The nature of concessions is different: women account for more than sacrificing their individuality, personality, the man - some habits, customs, behavioral aspects ukrainian women dating.
It's safe to say that marriage in its traditional sense is best preserved in the - in the West for a long time this concept has undergone significant changes. It is no accident abroad, a lot of people practicing civil marriage, and if not, maintaining a friendly and loving relationship with a partner who refuses by cohabitation, seeing it as a factor impairs personal autonomy.
Such a life does not imply giving up love, serious mutual obligations of partners and even from birth - it just requires more individual freedom, both men and women that make up the pair. Why are we still prefer to go the usual way, regardless, we share it or not? Maybe because often afraid excess of freedom, fear of liability? After all, ukrainian women dating to be and remain a family, living alone, not easier, and maybe even harder than follow the traditional model ... ukrainian women dating.

Popular wisdom says: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and genitals. Therefore, happy is the one whose woman skillfully combines culinary excellence with passion in bed. Prepare dinner or a night of love to give to their chosen can each of us. But what about the rest of the time spent together, when we communicate silently or solve everyday problems?
The planet Mars, the birthplace of men who dictate their own character and habits. Therefore, in the first place they do not care, and trust! Also, men appreciate the strength and love to compete with each other to achieve a variety of objectives, and their interests are concentrated primarily on the things (cars, computers, technology) ukrainian dating sites.
For them it is very important to achieve results through their own efforts. This is why all the problems they seek to solve on their own and only in some cases, seek advice from a more experienced person. So do not be angry at a loved one, if he does not tell about their work or business. Just do not interfere as long as the man himself does not appeal to you for help, advice or support. Otherwise, it would seem that you impose your opinion or simply "pilish" him.
The actions of men and women in stressful situations are different. Thus, women are beginning to talk about emotional problems and the possible consequences. Men, on the contrary, fall silent, retire and focus on solving the problem ukrainian dating sites.
At this moment a man is not very attentive to its second half, as his thoughts are "action plan." Do not worry and let the beloved time trying to "get back to reality."
John Gray in his book "Men are from Mars, women - from Venus" writes that men are like a rubber band: stretch and shrink. They have from time to time there is a desire to be self-reliant and independent, especially when they meet the need for intimacy and love. Today, it does not ring as often as yesterday, spending time with friends and not with you ... You think that it is moving away, and you start to panic. In vain! Such is the nature of men: feeling free, he wants even more intimacy: the moral and physical ukrainian dating sites.
The secret of inspiration and success couples in general is not to change the partner, and take it with all faults. It is not so easy, when you realize that "half" could be better. But relationship problems will appear as long as we learn to direct their efforts so that they duly appreciated partner. ukrainian dating sites.

Now it opens a lot of nightclubs to suit every taste and color, with a certain audience and totally uncertain. Why do people go to the clubs - to have fun, drink, dance, unwind, de-stress and pent-week course for new acquaintances. On the men's tricks club dating let us tell a man, and I want to share ways removal men walk in the nightlife.
In various clubs run different girls.
There are clubs in which people go who do not have money even for a good beer. Events are moving so there is: a man drove up to the club in an expensive car, opens the window and asks - "How many times" to which immediately gets a response - "I agree."
In the clubs of a higher level it is all very different. Drove to the girl with open offer to have sex, and the girl pours price - "Would you even bought the first beer, a ride on a wheelbarrow, fed ukrainian dating customs."
The expensive clubs it's different. It is not suitable to treat drinking or offer a ride around the city by car. Girls in elite institutions themselves able to buy beer and car they have. She needs love and courtship, and she does not need a one-time sex.
There are clubs with free entrance. Basically go there are two categories of women. Those who walk in the club here and there, but do not run to the bar, as they exist financial constraints. They walk past the young people and are just waiting for an invitation. And there are girls who do not go to the dance floor, they do not run the same way to the bar and on the children's enthusiasm and unpretentious beginning to scream at the sound of the familiar tunes and start to dance. Both men drove them as the main strong point of the erotic dance of Girl are the stronger sex and get hooked ukrainian dating customs.
There are girls who go in pairs, the most lethal version of this clever and devilishly sexy, a real hurricane, and together they can tear down the mountain.
The second version of the "Beauty and the Beast." Of course all men peck on beauty, especially in contrast with the monster she just unearthly. But go with the monster. Because it's such a beautiful girl and divorce paves the way its not very nice friends. When the acquaintance was kept moving toward completion of a beautiful woman suddenly comes a guy or her case of a serious matter. As a result, the man is a monster that is not against sex and the male attention she really even necessary.
And the coolest divorce for men for money - a few girls, so ladies gruppirovochka. You invite a group of you to drink, and she is with her ??friends, what do you hints, and if he sees that you're wealthy man is offering to buy you a champagne the entire company and all! And it is that for which you poish and feed all of girlfriends went to the end is not with you, and with another boy ukrainian dating customs.
And save ourselves from such girls are not worth it, it's a great incentive to work on yourself, what would afford the best. Strive to be a beautiful woman. Earn money, be self-sufficient, with a beautiful body and Learn to take care of and then you want to be beauty and love. ukrainian dating customs.

When asked if the man needed a single woman? Men are all unanimously say - certainly need it!
Let's look at the problem through the eyes of a woman, after all, we argue about it. Self woman learned not only to prepare and make-up - which, incidentally, should be able to each of us, but also to earn, to raise children, if necessary, keep a hammer and manage the economy without uzhivtsya with a man who barely stands on his feet, literally and figuratively. With a man who loves only himself, despises women's weakness, for which the work on the house unfamiliar activity. Many single women are well aware that he is a man, and how he has high self-esteem, usually men shouting and uprekanii you that you do not know how, so here you are weak woman - hide their weakness, laziness and unwillingness to be a man with a capital letter. What is the meaning and the need for a woman in such a supermacho if next to him did not feel like a woman with a capital letter. The saying "It does not matter who your loved one, it is important who you are with him" has a rather big weight dating ukrainian women in canada. So many women alone.
Now some women are by nature stronger than many so-called representatives of the stronger sex. They occupy high positions, much work and earn, raising children alone, they are independent, they do not need to listen to unfounded accusations of infidelity. Such women have affairs and become acquainted with the men for rare and burdensome meetings, for their own satisfaction.
Women are not waiting for help from a man they have come to rely only on themselves. And earn a living, and solve everyday problems, and nail into the wall, if necessary, will be able to drive, and much more will be able to make their own dating ukrainian women in canada.
The presence of men sometimes creates new problems a woman, and does not solve her own. Marrying a woman hopes to find marital happiness, to raise children, to have a partner in life in the face of the support and understanding, but in all reality, what she dreamed of, is not in sight. Someone does not stop the war and family showdown, sometimes it comes to manhandling even here from these weaklings need to run immediately; It is that her husband is interested in another or pass any skirt, and his wife lived in constant anxiety, what would happen, if he will not leave for another passion, and spends all his energy to fight rivals and jealousy; in other families strife on financial grounds - or chronically short life, and the husband a finger does not hit to change the status quo, or wife, waving at her husband-to-tape, dating ukrainian women in canada is seeking the opportunity to earn, and it sits comfortably in her neck and eats bread and butter and everything else that she has earned. And yet many kinds of reasons, because of which women are dissatisfied with their husbands. When the disturbance reaches a critical point, she decides that it is better to live without a husband than to endure such a family life.
Do many men is to his woman, reliable support in life and support in difficult times. Do they give so much affection and care they deserve as a woman, you appreciate what they have. Women need real men, rags and they will buy in the store. dating ukrainian women in canada.

Statistics of divorces shocking. Immediately you wonder why? So all difficult to create, acquire and easy to lose everything while spending time and nerves. What's the point of this?
How can tear a piece of themselves, to tear to ... throw - and live after that? Just to wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, drink coffee, and a considerable slice of life - in the dark smudge? I do not remember how you were good together. What you have gone through and experienced, joys and sorrows, just take and erase everything.
Or maybe it really is better to give up, cease to sort things out, take a deep breath and find freedom?
One day you realize that you no longer want to live for someone and for someone. There is no desire to cook three-course meal and clean up, what would you consider a good wife and mistress. You do not want to get up because of a computer just because someone accuses you, that you sit for days on end and just staring at the monitor dating russian girls agencies. I do not want to talk, when you do not want to. I do not want to have sex, because it is necessary. I do not want to know when I am angry. I do not want to suffer from the fact that nowhere else to go. I want to plan a day to decide how to educate their children, skip dinner and start the day with a dinner. During the seven years of marriage, my husband became a part of me all the brightest moments of life associated with it. But I do not want to be with him. And indeed someone. I want to be with you ... "
Divorce from fatigue
Yeah, not a legal term and the cause of his divorce proceedings fail to indicate. But that's ... that's true. Really tired of living for someone and want personal space, their own opinions, personal data and the rest. You can read the recommendations tons superpsihologov on "How to build a marriage or a selection of family relationships," but all this can not be applied in real life rather than serial. And so the relationship will run its course, accumulating silt and grind pitfalls scare slough and creeks to flood light. But they can break through the dam dating russian girls agencies.
what to do? Divorce. All measures resuscitation (eg, live separately, a holiday in different countries) do not help, but only aggravate the inflammation. Men and women should feel absolutely free, with all its consequences. Perhaps someone will have to learn to pacify their desires, and someone - to earn their daily bread, someone will be at war with life, while others - from the complexes. But everyone will have their own personal, gained through suffering and bitter, but blissfully great achievements. and then? who knows...

did not get along
Most often, of course, is not divorced, and married. Marriage for the wedding? For the white dress, the honeymoon and the dowry? It bored and wanted a holiday? A potential half somehow dropped out of sight. That turned surrogate relationship .... The husband and wife were absolutely strangers to each other, the desire to understand and respect each other as there was, and has not appeared.
what to do? Of course, divorce. There are things that you can not stick together, dating russian girls agencies because they should not be together. Why suffer?
Divorce, a divorce
There are clever people who face a significant advised: "Forget about yourself, live for the sake of the family. Do you have a child as he no father? Be patient, be silent, licking their wounds. " On one hand, some household? What does the baby? Bad if the ranks of advisors get the best people ... Those who believe, who used to listen to. On the other hand ... It may well be that a history repeats itself: father beat my mother - daughter watched, and now my daughter sounding - mother watching. That suggests, based on his experience. She did not live otherwise, it can not say anything else, the unknown is not transferred in their own skin.
what to do? Divorce. And just yesterday. There are things that can neither tolerate nor forgive. And it is - just the case.
Divorce hasty
They say there is a form of masochism - to scream and cry, then put up rapidly and swear eternal love. Someone can enjoy and receives, but negative digested relatives and children. But ... I have to say, based on his own childhood experiences: get used to it gradually.
what to do? Definitely, divorce. The thrill will be provided in full. Scandal in court tantrums at home with friends and relatives, fainting, tears, suicide attempts - the entire set. And - finally! - A legal divorce. Sigh of relief! And - tolerated. Do you know what kind of sex after an argument? That's just it dating russian girls agencies.
Divorce honest
Yes, bitterly. Yes, bad. But the love and passes it happens very often. A re-kindle the flame of passion - totally useless. No flares light is attenuated. In the best case, if you try harder - smoke, hissing, coughing around and cussing. Then what? After all, sooner or later ends, and the time has come finals beautiful love, perhaps, it is easy to disperse?
what to do? Divorce. It will be fairly and humanely .... Loveless wife (herself unwillingly!) Can destroy her husband to crush his ego, to instill complexes insult and crush. But the happy past has not disappeared. It lives in the memories do not have to destroy it.
Now, in the era of freedom and choice, every person has the opportunity to dispose of their lives so that was not a painful or hurt. Modernity admits to review every decision, every step. Nobody is pointing to a single mother, as a divorced woman is not obliged to leave the monastery. Society, by and large, accept and understand the phenomenon of divorce. We need to live, grow and change. And the past ... He's not just smoke. dating russian girls agencies.

Not every relationship and end dates again desire to see the person with whom it was interesting yesterday. Not even every long novel ends a long and happy marriage and family life. It is often necessary to break off the relationship, however painful it was not for one of the parties.
Good or bad, it all depends on the situation. But building relationships and then breaking we live, we get life lessons through the disappointments and failures. Yes, the final parting with the not so romantic as Mendelssohn's march, but if the relationship is exhausted, as well as feelings, it is better to stop. That is the only solution becomes breakup.
And since the separation - no easy matter to him to be better prepared in advance. It is also concerned at the time, which will follow immediately after the parting dating russian fenisay blue sapphire.
Once you have decided to break with the hitherto loved one, it means that your relationship no longer bring only joy, there was a pain. But the joy was once? And as everyone knows black bar replaces the white, joy replaces sadness, laughter giving way to tears - this is life. And you'll never get a feeling of fullness of life without experiencing all its facets. Not knowing the grief - we do not appreciate the joy, not knowing loneliness, when there were only "I" - not assess the condition of the soul, "We."
So do not be afraid to once again become a "I" if by "we" you will not get the positive energy and the only negative, which affect the course of events of your life, podkashivaya it from the inside dating russian fenisay blue sapphire.
The first time after the end of the novel, you will be lonely and sad. Emptiness will crush your heart. this is normal. The main thing to take the loneliness, and not try to run away from him. After all, the loneliness can not be infinite, and you should feel it. For after some time to plunge into a new relationship, you perhaps become a valued more than the relationship survived minute spiritual emptiness.
So how did break off relations? First, beautiful - not arranging hysterics, scandals and clarify the relationship. Secondly, it is desirable to leave in English, that is not saying goodbye. However, such care is rarely obtained. Therefore, we must at least avoid recriminations. It's hard, but still - do not reproach yourself and do not let you blame.
It would not have been sorry for the time spent on outdated attitudes, keep the "brand" and do not allow yourself to bring balance dating russian fenisay blue sapphire.
If you go with the scandal, then your memory erased everything, even the good memories. It is clear that like to break the wall a couple of plates goodbye or even move on the smug face of the one who messed up what you so long and hard to build. But better not. Be above the offender and worthy of it. All that is done - done for the better. Rejoice that just got rid of a man who eventually turned out to be not worthy of you. Now you will have time to find a more worthy party, which can be undertaken if not for life, then the next couple of years. dating russian fenisay blue sapphire.

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