Do you like the cute girl that you do not agree that that meet and even got married to her? It is wonderful! But that's not nice what you do not know which side to approach it, not to seduce. And how to keep her near him for more than a week, you can not dream.
How to seduce a girl and make people forget about the other guys? This is the question raised by many guys, not only today. The same question torments their heads for centuries.
But let's look at it through the eyes of today's girl. And try to answer the question "where?" And "how?".
And here it is in front of you - the one and only. How to start a conversation and strike up an acquaintance 100 free dating site in russia. Firstly, surely. Show that you are goal-oriented young man. In view of the global equity and comprehensive feminization, women ceased to value modesty and indecision in the doubles. Young and not only feminists can smell confidence, confidence and self-esteem. At the same time try not to seem too intrusive, or even arrogant.
The first word or first communication must involve only positive topics. Do not strain your young creature their problems or issues of global scale, such as the war in Iraq, the earthquake in Italy, the fight against corruption in Russia and the problems of gas to Ukraine.
It was his confidence should interest you Woman in the first minutes of dating. If you are interested in it is not less than the time when you saw it, open a little bit, socialize and make an appointment. However, if a woman reacts sluggishly to talk to her and you're not interested in, you should not be imposed, this is still nothing 100 free dating site in russia.
Even it is not necessary to approach the girl, who somewhere in a hurry, talking on the phone or embraces other / other. You can run into a vicious tirade, or even kick a bag on his head. Why is that? Yes, God knows. That you'll never know, because there is a very strange girl, those guys, they believe. And this, too, do not forget.
What to say to a woman, you see the first time or who sees you for the first time, as you have long been watching this particular subject? Yes, anything. If only thing between you managed to insert the compliments that you extol her beauty, intelligence and charm, without which no longer will be able to live. This implies that you need to meet once more, or even more.
Now is the time to appoint the next meeting. Do not worry if she agreed to meet and suddenly came. This does not mean that you did not like her or she changed her mind. Just any girl, as any guy could be urgent business, which delayed or even made it impossible to date. Try to understand and to appoint the next meeting at a convenient time in a more convenient location 100 free dating site in russia.
And here it is - the first date. And if it was a girl, it means you like it now remains only to fix the first impression of yourself, so it does not become false.
However, do not build from a steep macho - be yourself. If your acquaintance trump was confident that on the first date should be the trump card of sincerity. Only a sincere man can conquer the heart, especially if the heart is no less sincere.
What else can conquer beautiful stranger? Reliability, confidence and a little surprise. While surprise may be great.
Finally, do not open immediately, hit the darling sea of ??information and feelings. Opens slowly, let her enjoy every minute of your first date. It is possible that this will be her first date in his life, as with the other guy she had no chance to meet, because she now will you - the one and only, the beloved and expensive.
And to be that the only universal tips will help. Listen to your heart and follow the dictates of his, and then everything will be fine. Be happy! 100 free dating site in russia.

Practical advice
All the bridesmaids and classmates have long povyskakivali married and in turn who boast a gold ring with a diamond, and who round belly with the next heir? At the same time no one pays any attention to your achievements at work and professional growth, constantly poking his nose only what you one more go on the shelf. And the excuses that you mention the crowd of suitors, at no act. Give everyone a single or common law husband and the law.
All of this takes you out of balance, especially since the issue for you very very unpleasant. And right there would be no pretender to the role of the husband, then used at least not hurt it. But he is. However, you can not not to drag it to the registrar, he even talks about the wedding or painting will not hear 100 free dating in russia! And someone tell me how to marry his man? Are there any universal advice? Of course I have! They are set out below.
Tip number 1.
Forget all previous methods gleaned in glossy magazines on the question of how to marry his man. Or remember everything that was offered and do the opposite, then maybe you will achieve the result. You dream to get married? Then even I do not remember words like femenizm and independence, as well as hypersexuality and dedication. You're not! You weak woman who needed help and support of men, not only in difficult moments of life, but also throughout later life. Yes, men like strong-willed woman, modern and active. They admired! But it marries perfectly on the other. For those without them will die, fade like a flower gardener unattended. Become a beautiful flower, and requires the chosen life-giving water, that is - his attention 100 free dating in russia.
Tip number 2.
Does not surprise her man in bed acrobatic and refined sexual technique. He is undeniably pleasant, but it is unlikely he will decide that all this you learn from books. Point guard light inexperience, and sometimes even shyness. Let the whole "teach" you said. This will flatter his male ego more than the fantastic sex, especially that over time you can reveal all their talents. But ... making sure that it is a partner, he has taught you everything.
Tip number 3.
Not to talk about equality between men and women in the kitchen. Perhaps the man would agree with you, but for himself, he decided long ago that the kitchen - the place of women. Less reason and do more. Namely - to cook, but more and more tasty. And just for a loved one and just all love.
Tip number 4.
Never, on any matter not criticize a man. Especially do not criticize his friends and his mother - is sacred! Also, do not lend themselves to criticism habits loved his work and the more salary, hobbies, fashion, dreams. As soon as you start to criticize, you hear a reasonable question: "If I'm such a bad - why do you need me? Find yourself another 100 free dating in russia. "
Tip number 5.
Become indispensable. Learn his habits, I understand what he is constantly in need, deal in it. And then do so better than you no one can get him rest, work, and life in general.
For example, a candidate for a husband madly in love to play chess or something like that. What has been all the relatives and friends groan from his constant desire to play forever, for a few hours. All groan, and you should be happy, because you will become its sole or regular partner in this game! You can not? He will teach, at what a pleasure. In this sense, you will be truly indispensable for him.
Tip number 6.
Find out the reason for your reluctance to marry a young man, and dispose of it. Sometimes the reasons can be so far-fetched that you will think that this is not serious. However, try to treat these reasons, understanding, for your men, they are very important 100 free dating in russia.
Last advice.
Push the young man to act unless it is pushed all of the above tips. How to do it? Here it can only know you because you're the best know your man. Think about it. Do not rush. In this issue we need an individual approach, not universal. 100 free dating in russia.

All of us have become accustomed to the standard phrases everyday lies. "I did not tell anybody anything", "I called, but no one answered," "I have no one." Hearing one of these phrases from the source, we doubt their sincerity. For every lie you can find a justification and a variety of reasons: to appeal to not offend that would add zest to hide their irresponsibility. Even completely unknown before the people in the first minutes of starting to lie. Both sexes are lying in the same degree. Women are more likely lie with the aim to flatter, and men fib that would multiply its importance in the eyes of the interlocutor free dating russia. Men believe that women are easy to expose cheating - if it does not listen to the conversation and eye contact. A woman can only think about that red purse that she had seen in the Central Department Store?
How many times when we did not want to go to work or lecture we affected patients and to arrange a non-scheduled day off. When in fact healthy. Why are we so used to tell lies, and do not see nothing wrong with a little lie. How many times a person is lying, not even noticing it. But the lie is different, or is it an innocent and temporary lie, which, in principle, there is nothing to worry about. Yet it is also unpleasant and annoying delays imprint. Daily and comprehension lies said about personal zakompleksovannosti and that people are unhappy free dating russia.
There is such a thing as a "white lie." When we have time, that would get out of an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation. When it is necessary to interrupt a phone conversation, because he was bored with us. This lie is quite innocent, but it requires some effort and experiences. As small children begin to lie literally from the cradle when feigned tears trying to attract the attention of parents.
Such omissions, flattery, exaggeration and quite forgivable nenesut with no serious consequences. Therefore, we have almost learned to ignore it.
But treason, lies, betrayal is the most that neither eat meanness and stab in the back free dating russia. The man begins to lie, inhaling and more entangled, one lie pulls the other. The worst thing that you can at any time to expose. The consequences may be quite different from the zany and unpredictable exposure, before losing all that so important to you. I urge you to be thoroughly honest in everything and everyone. But you have to know when to stop. A slight distortion only embellish the truth. free dating russia.

In the process of writing the article "To love and be loved," I wondered why, in fact, men are silent? Why they do not like to express their feelings on and off your vocal apparatus? That is, we can only guess women.
Dyslalia man possessed, once it comes to feelings, contrary to women, they very carefully use the word "love" and everything connected with it, they give it a whole new meaning. For men, this means putting on more responsibility and care about the person to whom it is addressed. Therefore, a person who is easily scattered words of love will never be taken seriously dating russia girls expat. Therefore, recognition of your loved have for you a special value. And do not pout at him for what you hear them, not as often as we would like. The reason for the excessive expression of the male character to be found in childhood. When the boys expressed their sympathy for the girls tugging pigtails and running boards for gymnastics, and admit that you hurt after the fight with the boys meant to plead weakling. Among men not to talk about problems and failures, we must always keep the brand and pretend that all is well, solving them alone. When a girl says "I love" it puts into the deep meaning of this word, it seems to say - I want to be with you, I'm yours.
A woman loves ears, everyone knows that, and in bed, we also want to talk about feelings, love and sex. But in Russian words that refer to sex and designation of certain actions are usually expressed in medical terms or in the form of scabrous dating russia girls expat. And the man is afraid to offend you and seem rude. The reason for the silence of men in this situation are also the physiological characteristics. Due to the structure of his brain and less active communication between the hemispheres of the ability to do several things at the same time 30% less than women.
After work, comfortably seated on the couch or at the family dinner, you tell your sweet about everything, you are so bored and you care a lot to discuss, and it bud would not hear you at all, and answers common, meaningless phrases. He says, but to himself, silently. The women think aloud - argue that we should do tomorrow, analyze passing day and talk about all their activities, even the most insignificant. The woman, it is important to share this and know that she is not alone. The man is limited to one summarizing sentence: "It was a difficult day, dating russia girls expat but I still had a lot to do today"
For a man, the conversation is a call to action. If your significant other is silent, so he was pleased and satisfied with everything. Relax. dating russia girls expat.

"Prince" are all different. This may be a well-known actor and singer. Or a rich foreigner. Or ours, but a millionaire. The main thing is that he is able to change our dull life and turn it into a permanent holiday. However, life is often develops all exactly the opposite. If you enter into a marriage of people of different social strata (the Prince and Cinderella, and Beauty Millionaire), very soon both become unhappy.
Cynical Americans conducted numerous studies and laboratory experiments, made ??the discovery. And called it "exchange theory of love" or "theory of justice". Its main trick is that each of us has its fair market value at the bride and groom. And everyone wants to make the best deal. The more merits you put on the table, especially on the higher price can count on online dating russia. But the buyer and seller are mutually satisfied only if held fair exchange. If it turns out that someone is someone "threw" and slipped stale or perishable goods, then there are complaints, grievances, and even cancellation of the contract. Unequal marriage is doomed to frustration. Of course, your assets - is not only money.
Scientists have identified six elements that play a small change in the marriage market. It:
1. Physical attractiveness
2. Money, property, property
3. The situation in the society
4. Bursaries, competence, knowledge
5. The ability to communicate quickly adapt to reality
6. The character, personality
Researchers have proved that happy relationships arise when partners more or less the same in all categories. If some one is superior to another for a considerable number of points on any of the items union threatens collapse online dating russia.
Consider a typical unequal marriage. The main advantages of the Prince - a rich, noble. The main assets of Cinderella - beautiful, kind, cheerful. At first, they admire each other. Psychologists have withdrawn to a maximum of four years.
Then imagine the Prince and Cinderella quarreled. And the Prince of thought arises: is not whether he got excited by marrying cleaner? Yes, she is charming, but completely uneducated, lost before the court, her manners cause laughter from people in his circle. Prince begins to think that he actually deserves a better deal.
What about Cinderella? Yes, at first she was happy - because it's cool luck! But the Prince is just grow cold to her as a girl there fear not comply with its requirements, not meet its expectations. It becomes troubled, insecure, inflated. Start quarrels, conflicts. And Cinderella is forced to tolerate any insult and swallow all my life, either to return to his broom and dustpan in the house stepmother (which is unlikely).
However, not only internal reasons can prevent people to be happy in an unequal marriage.
Imagine that a woman is far superior to her husband in beauty. After a couple years of her appearance begins to undergo changes: she gets fat, grows old, no longer look after themselves. The man feels cheated. And starting to level through: giving less money to pay less attention to it.
When the ladies' magazines advise women not to defile before her husband in curlers and the old dressing gown, these recommendations can improve the situation only in families where husbands are guided by the attractive appearance of the future wife. Those who choose the life partner of other qualities, will not notice, and a gas mask on it online dating russia.
It may not be a rich husband openly criticized the fact that you came to him "Bride." But it can give you is to understand more subtle. For Example:
1. To consider itself entitled to interfere with the conversation when he pleases. Or retire when unexpected mood swings.
2. To become stingy in the manifestation of love or affection to give up sex.
3. Feel the right to enter into an extramarital affair.
4. Demonstrate your bad mood.
5. Do not do anything around the house.
6. Do not make an effort to maintain its attractiveness.
Fear of their desires!
They are known to be executed. But first ask yourself, "Why do I need a prince?" "What kind of question? - You might say. - To be happy! "Psychologists call it" projection of emotions ": used to think, what you feel on a particular occasion. So the outlook is even less accurate than the weather forecast.
Research (and life itself) prove that we will very quickly get used to the good. And as soon adapt to new opportunities, it is becoming the norm, and overshadowed. The emotional state does not depend on the standard of living. Oddly enough, but what makes us happy, only a small excess of the norm. If a person who lives in a crumbling "hruschobe" in the province, online dating russia to settle immediately in the suite of a five star European hotel, he will experience a cultural shock. But if you give a good apartment in a modern house, he will be happy.
Likewise, in choosing a partner. The best thing a union of equals. The most important thing - it is how comfortable you feel with your loved one, not what it has at the moment: wealth, beauty, income, social status. And if you were not born in the imperial palace, I thought, and you need it - to go beyond the prince? online dating russia.

Temper is characteristic of many celebrities, it is not always possible to control their emotions, which is quite understandable. After all, it is always in sight and they were waiting for the paparazzi everywhere, and if at the beginning of a career is much flatter, it then begins to strain and exasperated. Ordinary people, too, are peculiar to these qualities. A person can be a rage at the slightest pretext and learn to cool his ardor is not easy.
Male aggression is manifested more clearly, and for the stronger sex fight, sharp expressions considered almost normal.
Women have more difficult and anger poured in gossip, accusations, intrigues. And if a woman does not stand up and throws his aggression on others, it seems unmanageable free dating sites in russia.
Anger comes to us when we stumble on a stone wall of misunderstanding that we herded into a trap and the accumulated energy is seeking a way out. Angers within a reasonable useful, it helps to defend their own interests, to protect their personal space and ourselves. As a tigress becomes dangerous and aggressive defending their cubs and mother showing aggression when her child is in danger and it is natural. In big cities people are more angry - at a frantic pace of life under time pressure often have to defend themselves.
But we must be able to be angry within reasonable limits, despite the fact that sometimes it is useful. Strong anger, first of all, you are destroying itself. It is important to learn how to exercise properly the negative emotions free dating sites in russia. Learn to express dissatisfaction with the situation, no one is to blame. Go to the cry and the desire not to use regulatory language is normal, but the other person is not guilty, that you feel this way and not otherwise. Do not answer rudeness to rudeness, do not stoop to the level of other emotions the other person does not have to do with you. And if you answer it the same as it is to anything good will not, and will only aggravate the situation. Considering all around Hammami, you attracts such people and you are sure to meet them, as if in confirmation of their assumptions. If, however, you have spoiled the mood, and you do not have a pillow that would cry or punching bag, just get away to one side the whole body tighten and squeeze hands into fists, then sharply exhale and relax. Do not be afraid to bring the actions of others, you can make the most noticeable. Imagine my anger, and it goes along with an exhalation. If this option does not suit you and you need to talk, engage in dialogue with the offender. But while talking quietly and calmly, tell him how you want to scream at him right now, free dating sites in russia but you will not do this and suggested a smoke break for five minutes, and then continue the conversation in a calm tone.
The best remedy for that would not be angry - is to prevent unpleasant situations and avoid them. free dating sites in russia.

Close relationships involve trust, sincerity and honesty. But does this mean that we are in all situations should be honest and truthful? Is it necessary to always tell the truth?
Truthfulness refers to a positive quality, and sometimes it is unclear on what basis? After all, if it would be possible to measure the total harm from lies and separately from the truth, it is not yet known which of these categories would have been a leader.
The whole truth about previous sexual partners
Questions: "What you were there?" And "How was it to me?"
These questions haunt the deep end. The first - to find out more about the nature of his partner and life values. The second goal is to make in its own randomness and relevance free dating in russia.
Best answer: "It does not want to think about it."
Worst Answers "You mean in general, or for what that single month?"
The whole truth about infidelity
The issue: "Do you ever cheated on me?"
This question does not ask men out of idle curiosity. Fidelity convincing evidence of his male dignity.
Best answer: "No, it was limited to simple communication, no sex."
Worst answer: Yes. By and large, the sequel does not matter unless you do not remember what that wholly excuse free dating in russia.
The whole truth about the quality of sex
The issue: Did you like it.
This is just one of the ritual questions that its meaning has to do with the expression of a partner.
Best Answer: "You are the most wonderful", "It was great"
Worst Answers "Do you think, could this please?", "Do not ask stupid questions". free dating in russia.

Almost all of us sitting at the computer so addicted to Internet search and communication on a dating site MyLove.Ru, not looking up from the monitor we love to drive teas in the evening and morning coffee from your favorite kruzhechek looking new messages and e-mail. And ever wonder why we prefer one or another color. I like the whole feel more comfortable with white mug in hand and do not attract me at all yellow. This is what psychologists say on this matter.
Admirers white mugs love freedom help others achieve it. These are people who have extraordinary intelligence and intuition. They are very scrupulous in his personal life and accurate detail. But it happens that this is a positive quality becomes their drawback: sometimes they are too demanding to colleagues on trifles russia internet dating sex.
Ironically, fans of black mugs are often similar to those who prefer white. They are the same idealists. But there are differences, "black" often have internal discomfort, masking his smile. They try to avoid problems. However, there are authoritarian, pushing exorbitant claims to subordinates.
Holders of blue mugs tend to peace and harmony with the outside world. They avoid loneliness and fear of boredom. These people are sensitive, impressionable, thin-skinned and easily offended. They prefer soft and peacefulness. Do not tolerate foul language, prefer to avoid scandals russia internet dating sex.
Hosts green mugs ambitious. They are confident, seek relevance in the team, to the prestige. Characterized by persistence, tireless energy, pedantic and try throughout follow instructions and rules. Sometimes the "green" are, prudent and self-serving, but the right words are hard-working and diligent. They love to teach and instruct others. It is capricious and demanding customers chiefs. From others require love and admiration.
Those who prefer red circles, often very energetic. It is very emotional people. Which aims to be the first in everything. Pulled to the new. Showing aggression they do not mince words. A red coffee mug always seem hot.
The characteristics of "yellow mugs" - curiosity and inquisitiveness. They often change their hobbies. Striving for independence and carelessness. But in fact afraid of losses. And others may seem obsessive and fussy russia internet dating sex. "Yellow" - certainly mods. They keep track of the catalogs and are ready to starve, if only to buy fashionable, beautiful thing, or toilet. They should not be confused with anyone else. russia internet dating sex.

You can not leave the house without something orange, and your boyfriend yesterday on the segment declined to lay the red bed sheets? Interesting information! Color preferences can tell a lot about your relationship. MyLove offers rapid test: remember your last meeting and think about it with any color you associate.
Pink - this color symbolizes softness - maybe you pamper partner attention.
Tip - go somewhere without him - even bored.
PURPLE - your deep spiritual union, but you're too love to analyze, to spend more time on it than on the relationship itself and not worth it.
Tip - less reflection, more enjoyment of life - to go on holiday in the Crimea or order pizza and watch an old comedy together, dating russia lounging in bed.
ORANGE - It means warmth and sensuality, but at the same time too much with independence. Amateur orange appreciate freedom. Enjoying yourself, do not forget that you're a couple.
Tip - How busy you may be, meet at least once a week. This will give you a charge of intimacy.
GREEN - These stories are strong, but boring as a thick book bound in green. Who they seem too fresh. The solution is simple: an unexpected sex.
Tip - Starting somehow did not stick to it and then not like you opened. Adrenaline guaranteed dating russia.
Red - your novel solid passions. But you understand that the greater the love, the louder and more joyful quarrel reconciliation.
Tip - Each time when you feel that is about to scold, disperse in different rooms, sit for ten minutes alone and think about whether breaking chairs. dating russia.

After correspondence dating online, you have a great chat on the phone. It is the turn of the first rendezvous. And from him will depend on the continuation of your relationship. So get ready for a date should be in advance.
Your new friend offers you meet on the street, "just look at each other, and then we'll see," just give up - people are not originally serious.
So it is not necessary to agree on a date in a hotel or an apartment, although it is possible to do that you got to know, and then make your choice on the hotel russia woman for dating.
Sputnik offers for you to call in and take a ride in his new car - a tempting option, but risky. You do not know the person in real life - you never know what's on his mind.
The best place for the meeting is coffee, where you can sit at ease and chat over a cup of tea. Way to drink alcohol on the first date, we recommend you do not. Firstly, it is you can not decorate. Second, self-control will be more difficult, and in the morning can be very embarrassing and especially in front of him. And thirdly it just might be dangerous, for sure everyone knows the trick with clonidine. Even after six months of communication in the network until you know the person in real life, it is necessary to exercise caution russia woman for dating.
Some people use the Internet for personal gain, I am glad that they are a minority. Keep the conversation light, let one of your virtues is the ability to listen. From the manner of a conversation you can learn more about the satellite. If he speaks, he speaks and speaks not giving you insert a word, you probably are not interested in him, and he is a complete egoist. He came to the meeting had nothing to do or just to assert themselves. Do not tell the whole story about yourself when you approach one another and your meeting is a continuation, then still have time to talk about everything. And if this is the first and last meeting, then to nothing stranger to know everything about you. But to lie in any case is not recommended while continuing deception necessarily be revealed and you will be in a very awkward position russia woman for dating.
Forewarned friend or relative with whom and where you are going. You might need their help when you need to quickly retreat, then their phone call, pre-agreed by you, for you will be saving. Be observant and listen to your intuition. If you do not like something and alarming better finish date as soon as possible. russia woman for dating.

Every day, a new trend is gaining popularity Youth Business Speed ??Dating (speed dating dating). This format was first proposed in the Rabbi Jacob Devo for lonely hearts who wish to marry, could as quickly as possible to find your soul mate.
History flirt parties

The first party is speed dating was successfully held in Pete's Cafe in 1998 and enjoyed great success. Very quickly dating dating spread around the world, and become a new fashion trend. Indeed, Speed ??Dating - is a lifeline that helps build a personal life lonely, extremely loaded working professionals.
Today, this unique way to find new friends or partners, and became popular in Russia. Each week dating clubs spend more than 200 parties in the style of speed new dating. Organizers parties regularly receive a huge amount of thanks for the great event, new acquaintances, business contacts, and, of course, for the meeting in the second half dating in russia.
How are dating Express?

dating dating Participants are usually collected by the organizers of the same social group. This allows people to connect a range of communication. Slight age limit for participants party. Of course, there are cases where the age difference lonely hearts of several generations, it is still the exception than the rule. According to the classic rules on party dating dating, each participant can expect 8-16 tete-a-tete with the opposite sex (non-traditional speed dating is not very popular in Russia). Girls are placed at a table with the numbers, men every 5 minutes consistently moving from one table to the next dating in russia.
Dating dating to meet in 60 seconds!

A little time there in young people for the first acquaintance, so you need to know about the interlocutor the most important thing to understand whether the next meeting will be held? Each mini-date, guests share their experiences in the "sympathy card" or share contacts. After a full range of party organizers dating dating collect sympathy card and check profiles on reciprocity. In the case of the mutual match "+" two party members, they get in touch with each other and have the ability to continue to communicate in private dating in russia.
Effective Is speed dating?

Scientists believe that it is sufficient to just 8 seconds to realize pretty or not. Dating dating - this is the case where the first impression is almost always true!
Dating or Internet dating?

It would seem that at the current development of the Internet, the relevance of speed dating dating can take a back seat. But practice shows that the proximity of romantic communication "face to face" virtual communication is not able to replace. That is why today is so popular dating parties where for 5-7 minutes, it is important to understand whether you want to continue meeting with a man and a willingness to continue the dialogue. dating in russia.

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