We want our relations to be filled with passion and adventure. But for a healthy psyche is necessary to build a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship with a reliable and loving man can make life a lot more pleasant and richer.
Let us consider some aspects of building a healthy relationship.
Honesty is probably the most important aspect of a healthy relationship. Even if your frankness hurts, it is important to be honest in everything with her man, because love can not flourish in a fraud.
Often, wanting to keep potential mate, we are committed to self-development, and reach that begin to reshape itself or pretending to be someone else. Personal development - is a good thing, but this way is unfair to yourself, because the end result is the two of you will feel miserable. So the best way out will be able to be yourself. Believe me, if your side is truly the most unique man, he will love you for who you really are dating overseas russia.
If you are honest with your loved ones then you have no choice but how to believe him and trust. Believe that you are the only woman of his heart. After all, trust and integrity are linked to each other, complementing human relations. Wrong to live in perpetual doubt, constantly jealous and suspicious. Let his loyalty, integrity and honesty be your suspicion. If you can not get rid of the constant jealousy, then it's time to reevaluate your relationship. If you are experiencing anxiety and vague distrust of her man, think about whether you have a good reason to consider it invalid. He lied to you before? Do you have proof of his infidelity? If your jealousy is flared due to a specific person, and you have good reason to distrust, talk about it with your loved ones dating overseas russia.
Different people have different understandings of change, so it is important to define exactly what is considered to be a lie to your pair. Some believe only change the physical infidelity, while others are of the opinion that the spiritual infidelity as destructive. Often a woman can be heard that "it would be better, he slept with her than dine by candlelight." But for healthy relationships, sexual freedom is unacceptable. Fidelity and monogamy pledge reliable relations.
Love is not a competition, male and female should be together, sharing victories and defeats. In a healthy pair each have their own interests, goals and aspirations. Therefore, in a mature relationship, each partner should encourage self-esteem of another and strive to ensure that its second half was a success dating overseas russia.
Adjustment of disputes
People believing that found their other half think that their opinions will always be the same, and when the first signs of differences, many of us are disappointed. But disagreements committed is not an indication that you are a bad couple. It is important to be able to disagree and the right to deal with disputes. To your disputes do not turn into a serious problem, not exacerbate differences and Be able to stop in time. Avoid shouting and insults, be willing to admit his own mistake. Discuss the problem and not the person and not to get personal. Look for a compromise, and do not shout "Divorce!" Every time the dispute ends up not in your favor, your differences should not affect your relationship dating overseas russia.
All these recommendations make sense only on one indispensable condition - they have to follow along. Remember that maintaining a mutual feeling, you'll be much happier than those whose relations have long been out of control. dating overseas russia.

Imagine the feelings of the parents, that their young daughter has said that she has a lover whom she is madly in love and intends to immediately marry him. The idea of ??the age of marriage at different times really was different, and in our time really early marriages are rarely accepted with enthusiasm. Relatives and friends of the happy couple pleaded with them not to hurry, arguing that family life is not always cloudless, it should at least finish the Institute, etc. etc. The experience of many generations suggests that it is advisable to create a family only when both partners man ripe for this. Only then you can expect a happy and lasting marriage.
Psychologists are advised not to marry early, and recommend to both women and men to start married life until twenty-five years. After all, in this age people are starting to understand the responsibility of his step dating new europe russia. Growing up, the person feels a craving for a family coziness, unlike yesterday's children who aspire to freedom. Yes, and financial independence only comes with time, and it is an important factor for a lasting and stable marriage.
In his youth, who feel little sense of mature love, which is one of the downsides to early marriage. Youth often tend to confuse love with passion, and a passion is not enough to build a strong family. Married young couple is faced with domestic problems, which they have not experienced in the parental home, and romantic relationships can not be tested washing, cleaning, cooking lunch and dinner, washing dishes. In addition to the need to study more to go shopping and to understand the utility bills. And eighteen wife recently ran around the discos, and had plenty of fans longing for the parental home dating new europe russia.
Psychologists are three reasons for early marriage.
1. The daughter of a hurry to get married, because their parents forgotten about her, and she is looking for warmth, which it lacks from parents in marriage.
2. She wants to get rid of the stifling guardianship of parents who behave as if their daughter's entire life is ten years old and did not notice that she has matured.
3. Not related to the psychology of the reason for early marriage may serve as such a banal and well-known factors as unplanned pregnancy.
So think, and can cause what are you going to marry is not your endless love and your own parents? Of course, if you are not pregnant. The most important advantage of an early marriage is the novelty of feelings, their brightness. Life seems perfect, you can enjoy each other without a care. For youth it has a light attitude to life and flexible mentality. The couple may not even notice the shortcomings of each other, experiencing an acute sense of happiness dating new europe russia.
Another advantage of early marriage is independence, to which many aspire to eighteen. Marriage disciplines and allows to grow up in record time. Being an adult is not only cool, it's a heavy load, and not everyone can handle it.
Plus for early marriages are also children, since the child's birth to twenty-five years is optimal. Mom will still be young when the son or daughter grow up.
In Europe and North America, the average age of those who marry for the first time, close to thirty years, and early marriages are more common in developing countries. Think, maybe you should not act hastily? dating new europe russia.

Imagine a gorgeous blonde sitting as if descended from the cover of a glossy magazine, all so subtle, with long eyelashes, half-meter on the heels, in a short dress. A man walks up to her and says something like, "Hello Beautiful young lady, let me meet you?". And she answered him bass "Nishtyak, dude, let's go ahead!". As you may have guessed, it will be about how to properly show themselves.
What did you manage to attract the attention of a man on a dating site your photo is already good, but this is only half the battle, you should still be able to hold it. An elegant "facade" man will not be satisfied: choosing a girl on a dating site, he wants a nice interior decoration. Be so kind as to post it and beautiful words, and honed and witty answers. Your task is to make every memorable dialogue that he wanted to talk to you again and again. Here are some simple ways to do this dating ladies from russia.
1. Avoid conversation simple and trite phrases such as:
o Hi, how are you the weather?
o Yes fog ... hedgehogs probably stick with pleasure. I would like to be on the beach right now, do not you?
2. If the guy on the services of acquaintances skillfully talk, he can talk about themselves indefinitely, so you try to transfer it to the attention so that you can both laugh and no one then did not take offense dating ladies from russia.
o What exactly would you like me to know?
o I want to know everything: height, weight, age and the amount of short-term memory ...
3. Create intrigue, play with a man, remember that a woman - is a mystery.
-Zhalko That you can not see me. So I walk in the city, all of a lonely and lovely.
4. Give the man feel like a knight puzzled him "male" problem, which is not clear to you, but it can be easily solved for him, so he gave you advice, but in the process you will learn about each other a lot. Find out what topics are its forte, they may be computers or cars, the most common theme, and let him prove himself. After his advice the problem must be solved if "miraculously", of course, to your submission. I heartily thank his rescuer. And talk about how you want to get married is better for the time set aside.
5. Try to talk less about yourself, avoid talking about her former boyfriend and failed love, and other troubles. To the man did not run away, do not load it with their personal problems, not complain about life bitter. After all, he came just to meet, but not pity dating ladies from russia.
Communication - is an art. Be inventive, read more good books, they will teach you the right to express and original, and you just settle new topics for discussion. dating ladies from russia.

According to one of the most popular American psychotherapist Eric Berne, everyone from childhood builds a certain life strategy, which adheres throughout life. And most of these strategies are built on one or another fairy tale that we read in childhood.
Tales allow a person to dissociate itself from the real life of fiction, giving hope and confidence that everything will be just fine, and the problem will be resolved by themselves as if by magic. And while we all have long grown, we, as always believe that the problem may disappear by themselves. And suddenly ... It's clear that most cherished and secret dreams of every woman associated with the advent of the Prince on a white horse. It is only a dream man can live happily and die in one day dating era russia.
But if something does not happen in your life as a woman originally planned and the Prince did not appear or there, but no one should think about what kind of a fairy tale, and you choose which scenario is scrolled with each successive male. Perhaps you chose the wrong story? Remember your favorite.
The tale of a sweet hardworking girl with a small size of his feet and a big heart, which works from morning to night and it does not hear a word of thanks. At the same time it is constantly abused in their own home, and she put up with this state of affairs, because they do not know how to argue with fate. Of course there are sometimes she thought that the situation is unfair and she deserves more. Or maybe she has not suffered his happiness, and she needed a little more suffering dating era russia?
After all, only good girls are rewarded by fate. So Cinderella finds herself with even greater zeal gets to work. She does not want itself to take drastic measures to change the situation, hoping for the Cross Fairy Prince or a miracle. The fact of the matter that has been the Cinderella fairy and witch, and the Prince and wonders, and you have it all?
What to do? To take leave from work, which you "plow" for three and go to warmer climes, or even to the beach to the golden beaches and cool water. Relax, entertain, enjoy life and understand how beautiful she is. After a good rest you are unlikely to want to return to regular duties Cinderella dating era russia.
Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty is asleep everything: female nature, sexuality and herself. The image of the beautiful mysterious stranger sees only in his sleep. And that it is waiting for beauty, dreaming about it, so as soon as he woke her from sleep, waking her as a woman.
As if to wake up with her Prince charming kiss lingered in the way? Elementary! Play music as loud as possible and begin to shake a leg "Wild Dances". Dance before losing momentum. Liked? Enroll in a dance club and live to the rhythm of music and dance.
The Little Mermaid
The tale of unrequited love in which all ends in disappointment, for the sake of all the victims who made Mermaid Prince were not wanted. All acts which the heroine of a fairy tale, were in vain, for they did not recognize the most important person, and did not appreciate them. At the same time the Prince has managed to marry another, and the Little Mermaid because it died.
What to do? Forget! Forget it, I love it. Real feeling should bring joy and be mutual, only the victim and the exploits of a man in love would be justified. It is better to look around and maybe you'll see someone who is waiting for you and who need you dating era russia.
In addition to these, there are also images of Little Red Riding Hood, the heroine of fairy tales "The Scarlet Flower" and "Bluebeard" and many others who have had many complexes and problems. Think of your favorite fairy tale and find in it the key to your own problems and scenarios that you are guided in life. Rewrite your life with a new sheet, and then all you will be fine. And there will be miracles really do with it ... dating era russia.

In what sense - all? In a very real! To be a good person is not enough to have only kindness and beautiful soul, you also need the presence of factors such as clothing, which is the basis of a person's face, money and more. But the most important thing that a person must have - a soul mate and a strong relationship with society, without which it simply degrades as a person.
After all, what is the other half for each of us? This is a piece of us that helps to recreate a complete picture Microverse in a single life. Only in this case, human life will be complete, as well as his personality. But to find a soul mate a person has to work hard, but that is not easy to pull out and fish from the pond, not to mention that the "catch" the life of the satellite dating and marriage in russia.
Search - this is not an easy task, they must be approached with great responsibility. As the search for a suitable candidate is only the beginning, to be followed by introduction, which for many is even more complicated than looking. Where to look? For example at a party dating. But before you go there, be prepared in advance for the upcoming meeting with the only person on earth with whom you want to spend rest of his life, because this is where you can meet him.
If you really want to get married or get married, but are afraid to learn, after a while you do get over your fear, because our desire is stronger than fear. Those who did not overcome their fear, will be sorry for the rest of their lives days since the day these are monotone, gray, and most importantly alone. At one life will be like summer filled with happiness and the sun, and the other cold and gray winter with slush underfoot and lonely evenings watching TV dating and marriage in russia.
So do not run away from problems, especially those that affect the solution to your future life. Gaining the courage to solve their internal problems, overcome fears, build your life. After all, the only certainty will help you achieve a positive result, because people are not hesitant sympathy with the opposite sex. But you need to get in early dating is sympathy, and then something more, if you decide that this person is there and your significant other with whom you do not want to leave for all the treasures of the world.
To add confidence and good clothes and well-groomed appearance. If you would an expensive suit or a fashionable "outfit", you will have more chances to meet it with the person that you liked.
Do not forget that everything in your appearance should breathe freshness and cleanliness, because an expensive suit and socks "wraparound" not quite fit and can cause antipathy not only foreign, but also ridicule.
The most important thing in your appearance still remains a person, because in a conversation a person looks on him. Before taking his face in the light Make sure that it looks best. Particular attention should be paid and hair - they should not be greasy due to the fact that you do not remember when washing them for the last time dating and marriage in russia.
In addition to the appearance you should see to it that you do not slouch and do not slurp not pick your nose. And generally look at life easier, as well as on the people and they will treat you less critical. And this is exactly what you just vital. dating and marriage in russia.

Stages in this "diagnosis" two: moderate to very severe. If you have decided on a life with such a person, you are a very strong woman, and to overcome the difficulties you do not mind.
Sissy - Moderate Stage.
Most of these men barely vyporhnuv from the maternal wing, immediately find a substitute mother. A woman who is also my mother take care of him, cooks, washes, strongly courting. And continued his comfortable life. The most important thing is not to overdo it with care and attention. Otherwise, man will cease to perceive you as a wife, and begin to feel a sense of kinship only. And then it will start hiking on the "Left", because his wife is not a lovely woman, but just a housewife dating and marriage customs in russia.
Sissy attracted strong women who can solve their problems. Yes, that binds them, but because you need a husband in the family, not another child?
Mama's boy, you can try to heal. Gradually the need to train him to do certain things. He's a strong man! Do not turn it into a rag!
Be smarter, say, "I would have bought the products itself, but many need to bring, and you have such a strong ...". If everything is done correctly, the result is waiting just around the corner.
As a preventive diagnosis to build a correct line in dealing with his mom. In no case do not push ultimatums! All the same, it chooses not to you.
No one is saying that you need all the time to smile and pretend that all is well. On the contrary, if you do not like tell about it, just tell me right dating and marriage customs in russia.
Psychologists recommend to use the statements in the first person, the type: "I am unhappy," "I'm not nice," etc. Then, even in the conflict situation might avoid going to the individual and insults. The same device is suitable and to communicate with her husband on the subject of his mother. Will you blame her - he immediately, as the son will be on defense. Remember, only talk about their feelings!
Sissy - step heavy.
In this case, the situation is as follows. My mother raised her son alone. Pope they had, but it was short-lived. After he left, my mother devoted herself to his son, completely and without reserve. Mourners and met him at school. Celebrating with him going to college. How well a student of promise!
Today, the son of 30, and he has to sire only does that gives hope. And did he have a woman? There have been, there is a normal physiological needs of man! It is true there was a one story, when "the boy" almost married, but my mom just ripe for help. Opened his eyes to the chosen one, he has kept from harm.
Thus, this man in my life there is only one main woman - mother.
It remains to add "lead" such a man my mother almost impossible task dating and marriage customs in russia.
From these individuals best to stay as far as possible. However, even if you manage to accomplish such a feat, to live with mama's boy will be oh so not easy! Ask him something to help with the housework ... and will not see. And he is happy to return to his beloved mother, who does not make him bother with any nonsense. dating and marriage customs in russia.

Are you a confident person? Let's check! Answer the following questions and if even one you answer yes, you will still not prevent excess confidence or do such. Are you afraid to walk into a room full of strangers? Going to visit, you know in advance that will sit in the corner all night, and even better in the toilet, so no one you have not noticed? Are you afraid to change jobs because the fear of a new work and new colleagues? Well? Do you have at least one "Yes", and maybe more? Then you there emerges a problem with low self-esteem of their own forces, in which you are very insecure, as well as confidence. What to do? Of course, the magic in this case does not help - we need more decisive action. And these actions - a small program to raise self-esteem, which was developed by Claire Rayner - English psychologist casual sex dating sites from russia.
Rule one says: "Start the morning with his appearance - get out of the house, not only with our heads held high, but well dressed, neatly combed, and so on." during the day, make sure that your appearance remained "on high". Sleep also go with a neat appearance, and not disheveled and unwashed.
Rule number two - do not think about their physical flaws, because each person has his own fault, you just do not know it, because people do not emphasize on this.
The third rule is that not all see and know what you know and you and that gives you peace of mind. Do not draw attention to the strangers that you are confused and they do not even know.
The essence of the fourth rule is that you are not too critical of others, did not notice other people's shortcomings. After all, being constantly in a state of foreign criticism, do you think that you're being criticized, but it does not allow you to relax and not think about their shortcomings casual sex dating sites from russia.
The fifth rule - like when people listen to them. So do not worry about what you do not know a dozen witty anecdotes, stories, or replicas. It is enough to listen to the person, hold a conversation, and only those you invoke positive emotions interlocutor, which is up to you no one listened carefully and was not interested in his opinion in a particular issue.
Rule six: honesty - is the way to win over others and himself. Do not dissemble, pretend not smart if something do not know, be yourself and not someone else who you think is better and more interesting than you. And if you prefer coldness and cynicism open smile, people you never pulled.
Following the seventh rule, you need to find in the company of someone just as shy and insecure person and shy and worried with him. Together you will be better, especially for a start you will need to learn, and it's good exercise.
Eighth rule: Do not dispose of modesty with the help of alcohol. Alcohol can only hurt, not help in communication casual sex dating sites from russia.
The ninth rule: do not be aggressive. If you speak harshly, it does not mean that you yourself have caused this sharpness. Perhaps people just as insecure as you are, and thus trying to overcome his embarrassment. Do not take the example of such people, aggressiveness, and nobody ever helped establish the company of normal people.
The tenth rule encourages everyone to remember that the worst thing that can happen is the fact that you yourself put himself in a bad light. But this does not mean that the surrounding people will treat you with disgust, many may regret and offer assistance, not just out of pity, but out of sympathy for you. casual sex dating sites from russia.

Women like intelligent, strong and handsome man. It is an indisputable fact. But if all of the above you have, but at the same time you are unsure of yourself, worthless all your virtues. And in another situation of those men who are confident in their abilities, but it looks mediocre and even unattractive, that does not prevent them to achieve success not only in their careers, but also in women. And it is unclear where does this arrogance: inherited or it can acquire with the help of some psychological exercises and self-hypnosis big women of russia for dating.
Insecure people very much, both among women and among men. But women this uncertainty does not prevent acquainted with men, as often the first step to introducing yet men do so in men the problem of insecurity is more acute. A further sharpens the problem in their own unwillingness to admit uncertainty. However, as long as man does not recognize this fact in the face, then it nothing can be done about it.
Inferiority complex - a parasite that lives in the body and spoils our life, especially in very important moments of her. Where does this uncertainty, we are not born with it? Of course not. And not through intercourse picks. Self-doubt and reliance originates in us after a failure and is growing with each successive failure. What would you do, but you were preparing for the worst, and the worst is necessarily the case, because you are pre-programmed themselves to precisely this result, and no other big women of russia for dating.
Thank you in advance telling myself that you will not succeed with any work, nor study, nor with this pretty girl here, and even more out of that beauty. If you think so, then you should not even go to the exam, the interview and the more familiar approach to the girl. Why is that? Because it will be a failure. You'll stammer and blush, as already decided that you are a loser, and it is written on your face. And who like losers? Nobody. Therefore, the exam you will put "a couple" do not take a job, and she will send you to hell, as she likes to be around a confident young man who knows what he wants to achieve in life, and most importantly - how to do it big women of russia for dating.
But can not the same man all his life suffer from an inferiority complex, it is necessary to get rid of it, the question is: how? The easiest way - to commit suicide, but it would be too easy. It will be difficult to get rid of uncertainty. But it's real! First of all, good povolnuysya eve of an important event, to an hour "X" all the hassle behind us, and you were already calmer. Of course, the first time you will still worry, but each time less and less. Why is that? Because now you allow yourself to look the way you want, even absurd, but this is your decision, not an inferiority complex, which until now commanded all your life.
Treat a temporary setback, as the bad weather that ended and now in your life is sunny and clear. The main thing is to believe and not doubt, because you're a normal person and a full man, that nothing and no one is afraid. Remember: you are owed nothing to anybody and you do not care about the opinions of others, because you own boss and you are only interested in their own opinion. Only then when you believe it, and accept all the heart you will have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Good luck to you big women of russia for dating! big women of russia for dating.

Primarily because of the women want. secondly because it is profitable for them. And third, to dispel myths about their homosexuality. But all of the above reasons more related to stellar men and women. And that is why we get married, "earth" men, this question can answer results of the survey, which was attended by men aged 19 to 39 years.
64% opponents responded that getting married because of the women want
And it's not that men perform every whim woman. Just when the relationship between the couple and can be called family man does not care in what form they develop in the future, and what the status will be worn as long as the woman was near and not bully him repeated requests to issue their relationships in the registry office. Therefore, the majority agrees to take this step adult dating sites russia. For the sake of peace in the relationship with his half and own peace of mind.
59% of men married for the sake of career
Oddly enough, but that's what every other man replied. And the answer is, these men are not just out of the blue. They really believe that a married man is much more likely to achieve success in promotion. After all, the boss is always entrust the crucial task is married employee, since it is more organized. And if the men in the family troubles that happen respectable family man will not leave the booze, but rather to just cry on to the vest wife. Also, employees who have a family will not be until the morning buzz in nightclubs, with all sorts of fun adventures, after which their ability to work the next day will be equal to zero adult dating sites russia.
44% of married "by aerial"
Pregnancy and child - a crucial factor in the marriage of these men. Before that, they did not dare to get married now just have to do it, so that their child was the legal father. However, not every man with the future of paternity awakens a sense of responsibility.
40% are married out of curiosity
It is necessary to go there, where everything is not advised, but in the end turn out to be. Marriage becomes a kind of experiment, so you know exactly what it was "not for me".
38% of men associate themselves bonds of Hymen loneliness
After all, much nicer to come to the house where you someone is waiting, not in empty bachelor apartment.
33% married, paying tribute to the traditions
It also married once grandparents, mom and dad and I to the same road - so thinks every third man.
31% of men married for the rest see own person
So thinks the third part of men, the bulk of them in 30 years. They are tired of changes in his personal life. They want continuity and stability.
29% believe that marriage will increase their presentable
Therefore, they choose a proper wife's future status. A woman should not only emphasize the advantages of all the male spouse, but also fit him like expensive jewelry expensive dress adult dating sites russia.
27% of married men seeking help
This assistance may be both moral and material. The main thing that a man has been one to rely on in a difficult moment for him.
23% of men lend themselves to romantic feelings
Imagine and such person is! Such men head is spinning from the overflowing heart of feelings that lead to rush into marriage as a pool - with his head.
The other 23% are married by calculation
And this calculation - material. Men are attracted to the financial independence of women, that it has not only apartments, cars and holiday in the Canary Islands, but also have enough money for the maintenance of not only themselves, but also of her beloved husband.
19% of men afraid of old age, 17% simply afraid of the world and themselves, 12% are married, at the request of relatives and only 10% of men marrying for love adult dating sites russia.
These are the motivations for men to get married and say goodbye to their free and carefree life. But more often than not triggered a motive, but several, for deciding on such a serious step one motive does not make a man. adult dating sites russia.

Perhaps these tips will seem weird sometimes, but ... They are made by professional psychologists and if you want advice to take effect, remember one simple truth that man is a robot, in which nature has a few simple programs. And these programs must be periodically worked their run. After all, a man of life carries a limited number of functions, which, in fact, run by a woman. A man plays the role of a father, a husband, a driver and breadwinner.
But the councils themselves.
1. Be unique and unrepeatable.
Your self-confidence and the need to get married have to infect others, that they believe in the same thing, what you believe. Put marriage aim and achieve it, sweeping away all obstacles.
2. Never start the conversation first, as well as do not invite a man to dance, even if it is - "White".
3. Do not the eyes of men and less talking. Smile, listen, smile absolutely free dating russia.
4. Do not, under any circumstances pay for itself, if there is a man who can do it for you. Throw him a call. And if he will not pay, let him say it.
5. Do not call first, unless you have something to clarify. All other situations - a taboo.
6. Make him "hungry" - depriving him of frequent communication with you. Telephone calls should be extremely short.
7. On a date on Saturday a man must agree with you a maximum on Wednesday, later - you're busy. Let learn to plan ahead your relationship.
8. Do not tomites waiting for the long-awaited date - Tackle chores.
9. In the first three dates do not make any assumptions about the venue, time, about how everything goes ... Just do not these three evenings invite Man to himself, it is better to pretend that you still have urgent business.
10. The first night no kissing, except that only the cheek. If the man gets all the first night - the second night he did not need absolutely free dating russia.
11. Let the man takes the initiative in the relationship, and the first ring after the next meeting of assigning a date.
12. Time of gifts! If any of the upcoming holidays will be marked not present - chase away her boyfriend. It is one thing to treat coffee or champagne - it is the power of each, unless it is a plantation of coffee or champagne bath.
13. do not occur more than twice a week. Daily meetings await you after the wedding.
14. Keep your emotions under control, as well as the first sexual intimacy - how to pull it out - let the man be acquired.
15. Do not enter or puzzles beau - you frighten him, because he is a free man and he can only command he and his mother a little more. Let this illusion lasts until the wedding.
16. Let the man be a leader, let him choose the restaurant, cinema, theater. Do not forget that the words "I love you" to a man as a leader, too, should say first.
17. Do not try to change a man or eliminate its shortcomings. You either take it for what it is, either look for another, no third.
18. Do not puzzling man his problems - he and his trouble enough. Do not immediately disclose his soul and heart.
19. Save the mystery in his way, not only the wedding, but also after. Be interesting. Be sincere.
20. Do not live together before marriage, and do not leave your things with a partner. Let it always feels the possibility of losing you absolutely free dating russia.
21. Do not mess with a married man - a desperate option, especially if his family has children.
22. Wedding - it's not a reason to relax, put on a robe, and on his head - curlers. In a relationship let still leading man.
23. Be tolerant. Patience and a little effort.
24. It did not happen with the marriage at this time - will the next. Look for the next candidate for a husband!
25. Get pleasure from life and enjoy it and yourself as you really are! absolutely free dating russia.

Dreaming of a man for whom the center of the entire universe will be just you? Only you, he'd like to see in the morning, waking up on a nearby cushion. Only you would like to bring coffee in bed. Only you would like to spend the rest of your sex life. Only you would like ... passionately, passionately and always like the first time. It's about this man you want? You know, these men practically does not happen, and if they are, then it is certainly the fruit of someone's hard work. But do not worry who's stopping you to create such a miracle for myself? How to do it? And this will be explained below, your task - to read and apply in action all requests, tips and rules 100 free dating sites in russia.
Aims: creation and education of men the perfect lover.
Guinea pigs: in your possession a man - a husband, boyfriend, lover or ... must be found. If a vacancy on the role of the ideal lover is free, can work on someone with whom your relationship is limited to sex, you may like it, and you decide that this person you would like to have something more.
Act I: remember for myself, that we do not remake man in an ideal husband or boyfriend, and perfect lover, thereby improving your sexual relationship.
Act II: Analysis of joint sexual relations 100 free dating sites in russia. What you do not like that like that of the first and second your credit or your omission. Think also of the fact how much you like the ideal lover, and the first thing you need to change in yourself to notice your sexual partner and began to seek his own self. When you understand what you are imperfect, then immediately resurface outside and disadvantages of a loved one. Remember: You can not change a person, you do not change yourself!
Act III: during sex, try to think only about sex, dropping from their shoulders all the daily problems with their help you kill the first excitement which men give affection. Forget unbleached ceiling and wallpaper falling off, think about them tomorrow!
Act IV: having sex, do not hesitate to their true desires - talk about them, do not hold back emotions experienced - scream, moan, biting and scratching, in general, release your body, let him be uncontrolled at this point.
Step five: have sex more often. Exciting, induce, plant! Avoid routine sex and monotony. Be creative in bed, as in all other areas of your life, because only work would lead to the desired result.
Play the game today, when you meet the man and make sex memorable for him. Tomorrow he has to do for you as much as you are for it and preferably without prompting, to exercise maximum imagination. And so it turns to infinity 100 free dating sites in russia. Although then you can connect your skills and make love every night unforgettable for both partners.
Want your man has become a perfect lover and sexual partner become themselves the perfect lover and partner. And then he will have no choice to follow your example, your passion and sexual energy. Love each other! And do not forget to protect themselves ... 100 free dating sites in russia.

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