This question interests many women's magazines, discussing and debating with themselves. If none of the women did not think of those who are to blame for the fact that the knights on white horses extinct.
It is women, choosing a candidate for the knights of the heart, placing men as unrealistic demands, which in this case are contrary to each other that no man will be able to meet them. After all, who is a knight on a white horse? This is the perfect man. And today the perfect man should not only consist of the advantages, but also be able to repair the plumbing and wiring, disassemble the cogs of a car and a computer. Oh, and while he has to earn fabulous sums of money that a day will pay every penny to give her half. However, work should not be the most important woman in his life, so he is obliged to you to find free time, and in the future for the children. Women, you do believe in the existence of men who are all of the above should have time to do one day. And in a day of 24 hours, not a minute more east west dating service russia.
How can working a few hours a day to earn thousands of dollars? You can do it yourself, you're a modern woman with modern features? It is unlikely that you will succeed. At the same time more time to work men do not have, because he had the list of cases still trek to the grocery store, taking out the trash, repairing a crane, going to the theater or a movie with my wife, and then another, and a romantic dinner and a passionate night of love.
But everything is exactly the opposite so. During the working day a man plowing in one or two papers and the evening only willing to accept a supper and to bed, not always afford the luxury of a bath or shower. And what they see and hear in response that the princes extinct? But not every woman is a princess worthy of a true prince.
Let's talk about some cases of life in order east west dating service russia.
Jack of all trades. This type of men more attracted to the house, furnished it and ennobling. Man hospitable, a lover skip over lunch a glass of vodka, and a fan to see the series "Soldiers". If a woman is happy with the lack of bohemian life and trips to the guests, it will be very happy with such a man. But opposites attract, in this case the inevitable conflicts between lovers. Since handyman repair interesting sockets and taps, than going to the theater and exhibitions. How will it all end? The dream of a knight on a white horse, and divorce or another scandal.
However, the opposite character who does nothing that says, thinks and dreams, are not happy with a woman. What? Those that were present at the first facial features and absent in this - skills "diy", which can not only repair, but also make yourself something. But where have you seen the humanities with a screwdriver? Is that a bad comedy.
However, neither the first nor the second type of men do not earn a lot of money, which the dream of every self-respecting woman. The third type of men referred to as "brokers" working for money and career, which devotes himself to. Women remains a matter of minutes time broker. It also is a stumbling block on the way to a happy family life east west dating service russia.
What to do? How to collect all three types of men in one perfect? No how. It is necessary to take a man as he is, to appreciate it and love. And most importantly to make concessions too, and then he will do for you. Thus, it will be your prince, though not on a white horse, and by car. On what? At this point you select the dear woman. After all, someone will suit and white Zhiguli, and someone and white limo is not enough. east west dating service russia.

Passed time when dizzy from the kiss, and the words were not necessary.'ve Already told all the stories about childhood, friends and relatives. When there was talk about hobbies, walks on the Internet and visit cozy restaurants, where a wonderful brew tea. During the tea party you talked about their work and dreaming about the future, and it was perfect. However, the romantic period, as well as other periods of human relationships, has come to an end when the next period begins.
And then what? Is your relationship will move to another phase and will become even stronger? So much so that the young people will move to you with their belongings? Or are you to him. Never Mind. The important thing, that now everything will be different. And perhaps not as much as you wanted. Now, from your relationship can completely disappear romance. A romance could expel such hackneyed phrases like "Again you have not closed the tube of toothpaste," "My favorite, enough to sit in the" Classmates ", better prepare dinner", "Do not eat after six - you need to lose weight" and so on and so like dream marriage russia dating service sex.
After this small quarrel will end stormy reconciliation. However, small quarrel can turn into bigger ones. Will the smooth such quarrels "bedding" for negotiations or that you have to communicate through language, using its own intelligence? Maybe. And you once again reconciled and communicate on its own has a warm kitchen for a cup of hot and fragrant tea or coffee, discussing everything. Peace can be restored, as well as relationships. For how long? After a couple of years later, the crisis may revisit your relationship ...
Yes, you are, as before, together go to the exhibition and to visit, go away on holiday, but you are talking less and less, as those for communication is becoming less and less. You are not interested in his problems at work, as well like its yours. His secrets he trusted friends, not you, you, in turn, are more open with his girlfriend than with the favorite. At the same time for the entire evening spent alone, you can just say a couple of sentences.
You satisfied with this state of affairs? Probably not. Fold the problem must somehow be addressed. What? Let's decide together dream marriage russia dating service sex.
To begin remember that you still love your mate, but sometimes you feel that love is long gone - her place was taken by affection and habit. But most likely you will end up just to know each other and now you are interested in other objects and things, and the feelings of your partner have not changed and have become more commonplace. More entertaining are gatherings with friends, or walking on the World Wide Web. However, not everything is so terrible, and the situation can still be corrected.
Start with the fact that during dinner or an evening watching TV to ask him how his day. Ask leading questions if he does not go to the contact, remember that he told you recently about his affairs. Show a genuine interest and participation - they will not leave indifferent lover. And most importantly - you let him know that you are still interested in them dream marriage russia dating service sex.
The second step on the way to a closer dialogue should be asked to somehow help you in your work: business or advice. If the favorites decide to criticize you - be patient, because while you are talking, and that's exactly what you wanted.
And finally - do compliments, because men love them much more than women. Always admired his intelligence, beauty, style of clothing. In general - praise. For what? For everything in the world! Because issued trash won, I washed the dishes, made himself a sandwich and so on and so forth. Home - an occasion for dialogue, even the most insignificant, but efficient and effective. Work on the result! If you try it in the near future you will again begin to discover each other, because the change is not only you, but also your outlook on life, as well as your interests. dream marriage russia dating service sex.

Dreaming of a man from a fairy tale? However, I believe that those in real life does not exist? And here and there! Men's fairy tales can be found around every corner of modern everyday life. But who said that a fabulous man - this is definitely a fairytale prince, who is beyond all dreams of young girls and the embodiment of the ideal. Here they are fabulous man!
Ivan the Fool and Emelya
This type is most common among our men, since most of them are lazy, incompetent responsible not only for someone, but for himself.
What does Emelja? Nothing! After all, he "Reluctance!". It is better to lie on the stove. Happiness and everything else will come by itself, all the more so for any problem you solve the magic pike or Humpbacked Horse doctor dating russia.
Emel is complete and in our lives. Only they are not lying around on the stove, and sofas, and instead of the pike they solve the problem of wife and mother. Yes, and it is desirable that the wife of a peasant girl was not easy, as the princess with a rich dowry or half the kingdom into the bargain, and well-connected. After all, it is through these connections, you can grab a good place to work, which did not have to work, but you can receive a monthly salary and a daily something besides her.
At the same time the bride should be "all rosy all the sweeter," and so on and so forth.
With this bouquet shortcomings in Emeli has some positive features - he is kind and gentle, and yet he is a loyal husband. Although if it is not too lazy to get off the oven-couch, and then there was the possibility that Emelja tempted.
Carlson or man in his prime
Cheerful and charming man. Amateur adventure, fiction and buns. He had no doubt that he deserves a lot and it can demand not only from life, but from others.
Carlson is the kid who suffers from loneliness and ready to buy any other, even one who is pushed around by them.
Women Carlson - a diffident person. They are modest, shy and completely deprived of male attention. That is why they are so enthusiastic and kind to appear on the horizon Carlson doctor dating russia.
These men love to be admired, adored, and to execute any whim. Why is that? Because of foreign confidence hiding insecurities and exclusiveness. Carlson asserts itself at the expense of others, standing out against a background of weaker people.
Peter Pan
Young boy in the adult body - the eternal child - that is Peter Pan. The only desire of Peter - not to become an adult and as long as possible to remain in a sweet fairy tale - a child that does not have problems alone games and entertainment.
Such a man does not know how to love, he does not understand not just this feeling, but it is necessary for people. At the same time Peter can be a lot of friends, but intimate relationships such men are not interested in, as well as love.
Peter confirmed bachelor, because this is what attracts women. However, all else fails, while women will have been wasted.
Who else from the fairy-tale characters can be found in our gray everyday life?
Pinocchio. Not a serious person. The relationship with him no good will not result. He is not interested, even those adorable beauty as Malvina. But he's a log!
Chippolino - a rebel and a fighter for the truth. For such a thing - is more important than all the rest of life, even personal doctor dating russia. So girls, beware.
Uncle Fedor - an independent young man - an example to follow. He is nowhere and never lost. And it never lost his woman. Uncle Fedor - is the character for whom you need to hold on with both hands.
But you do not care for any of fairy tale characters like your man, do not you? The main thing that it was your ideal! doctor dating russia.

Do you want to please men, or a man, then you have to try and arm "to the teeth" to look, if not perfect, at least not worse than others. What does that require? Well, of course, all kinds of varnishes and mascara, lipsticks and glosses, scrubs and masks and gels, perfumes and oils. Do not forget about the chic underwear, stockings, battery skirts and dresses, as well as jewelry. That is not the final list of the necessary things a woman who can not only attract the attention of the opposite sex, but also to be a real woman. Is it too expensive to be a woman and to please men? Moreover, all these "pleasures of life" have the feature to run out, wear out or go out of fashion. Therefore, stocks of special purpose to constantly expand and update, and it is not cheap pleasure. Oh, man, you are dear to us during your courtship us! And why do you think that you have at this time we have more to spend money on dating students in st petersburg russia?
Think what you drive us to the cinema and restaurants will cost you dearly? Imagine how much you are costing us, when the passion tear us silk lace panties or a combination of fabulous sums of money that this thing had been paid only yesterday.
At the same time men are so carefully count their expenses spent on this or that woman, that they forget the most important - of the attention and care. But to us they do not require just that. Every man wants to surround the man looking at his woman jealous of him, so they are waiting for us to comply with all the outside world standards. What are these standards? Beautiful appearance, in which there should be fashionable and stylish clothes, expensive perfume trail and it is desirable that the figure was at the same time the dimensions of 90-60-90. And none of them have never inquired from where did all these blessings, what it cost us, and who paid for them. And why should they be interested in this issue, even if it never occurred. After all, it is packed with them very different - business, football, cars and stuff that is of interest only to men dating students in st petersburg russia.
Of course, part of this problem occurs in the blame ourselves. After all, we try to meet all the masculine ideals and standards that we have set for men. Why is that? Because neither one of us wants to be alone, even more, we do not want to be next to a man who only rely on us eyes. And to ensure that we have a choice among the contenders for the hand and heart and chose us, not us, we need to look the part. And oddly enough, these investments in its own way then justified and rewarded handsomely. Of course, if you do not make a mistake in choosing a challenger to his heart, and you give it to someone who will provide in addition to the heart as your body and related requests dating students in st petersburg russia.
As to whether our investments and anguish that we experience, running on high heels twenty-four hours a day? The answer to this question each of us has his own, and this response - it is the man who is now with us. Next to you is a worthy representative of the strong half of humanity? Then you knowingly invest a mad amount of money and effort. But still, how sometimes want to whisper in the ear of love: "My dear, you are precious to me ..." And let the favorite does not know the true meaning of your words, but it's nice to say them. dating students in st petersburg russia.

All women are different in appearance and character, but are the same in an effort to find happiness. But each has its own ideal partner.
If it is "Barbie doll"
The main and only concern it - looks and perfect proportions - the meaning of life.
Barbie lives according to the precepts of fashion magazines. Sometimes reading a book, but only if their recommended glossy publication.
The man of her dreams
Such a "bad boy", for which fashion - it ripped jeans and worn shirt dating site russia.
If it is "Sexy kitty"
This girl self-confidence and its beauty. Absolutely free and independent. For her "beautiful" - so sexy.
The man of her dreams
The most ordinary man, we can say quite ugly. Because only he, and not super stylish handsome man can appreciate it, not tired to repeat compliments.
If it is "Bitch"
Continuing scandals. Criticizes everyone. Requirements for the men at the level of fantasy. What? It's about her little whims.
The man of her dreams
Oddly enough, bitch pulls men like her characters. If we couple this a scandal dating site russia...
If it's "Woman Vamp"
A woman without complexes and stupid prejudices. The first step will make itself, unless he wants to. The man is her interest, only until you are sure that the best in the world it is not.
The man of her dreams
Faithful, Patient satellite that survive all 50 failures and, ultimately, the same consent to get dinner at the restaurant.
If she "Hunter after her husband '
The main aim in life - to marry well. In her mind, and pretend to be calculated all the possible options. Best - unmarried resident Rublevki.
The man of her dreams
In this case, everything is clear. He - a successful businessman, providing her every whim.
They ate it "homebody"
In order to make her leave the house, you need a very serious reason. In any cafe certainly criticize all the dishes, because she cooks better. Cook, wash, cleans, washes and does all the housework herself.
The man of her dreams
After working up a bachelor who is not tolerated taste the joy of family life in a fresh dinner, clean linen and the uselessness run on another date.
If it is "Mommy"
Male for her child, which need constant care.
The man of her dreams
Sissy, handed her straight from the hands of his beloved mom dating site russia. To pass on to his wife all the domestic duties, including repairing the crane and nailing.
If it's "Smart"
Two higher education, perfect knowledge of medieval literature and the arts. The main thing in itself says intelligence. Invitation to the pop concert for her - it is an insult to the sublime feelings.
The man of her dreams
He knew nothing about art. He did not attend the last exhibition, and do not go to the theater.
One with a zeal to raise its intellectual level, let us read the right books and to mold him highly intelligent man.
If it is "feminist"
He believes that the cause of all misfortunes of women - men. In life all their own making, if only someone male wants to help her - will not find it.
The man of her dreams
Anyone who appears in the most difficult moment for her. For example, it helps to bring the heavy bag after returning from the Congress feminists.
If it is "Eternal Child"
Everything is like a baby: resentment, unreasonable tantrums, all sorts of vagaries.
Maybe just throw up, and then call as if nothing unprecedented dating site russia. Afraid of a watch horror movies and to stay at home. Favorite forgives her everything pampers gifts and toys.
The man of her dreams
Strong, brave, resolute man. Always he knows where and what she is and what to do on the weekend. Remember that what she likes coffee and generally take care of her constantly. dating site russia.

Running on the TV channels the average men and women fall into despair, seeing on the screen sleek happy faces wealthy men and women who make less affluent people feel like failures. Men suffer because they do not have the same income, and women - what have just such rich men.
One turns to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and haute couture fashion shows, and others - vacation at the cottage? Some receive a free luxury cars, while others - a modest bouquet of roses? As it does not fall into despair? Elementary: change your own world and look at their rather poor life partner, which in this case is a part-beloved man. Think about the merits of its second half, which is never, under any circumstances, will not have a successful wealthy. Do you think that these advantages do not exist? How! Here they are dating site in russia.
1. not rich men are more generous than those with pockets stuffed with money. For generosity - it is not easy shedding expensive trinkets, which often buys secretary, and the attention it deserves as a cake in the shape of a heart, or a scarlet rose on a pillow. At the same time a rich man can give you a birthday daughter diamond necklace and constantly reminded of this, because of what this necklace you will not want to even wear. Which option do you like more: cheaper or insanely expensive?
2. A woman is insanely rich man has all but freedom of action - it is a bird trapped in a golden cage. By the way, many wives of rich men ever hear in your address words such as "izhdivenka", "kept woman" or something similar, but even more offensive dating site in russia.
3. If a rich man from time to time you will suspect that you are next to it for the money, then a poor - such an idea does not arise. For this reason, the rich man hide from their chosen not only their money, but do not report their status. As they say the less the lady knows - the stronger and she sleeps, and rich Pinocchio. After all, rich men, like any other, I want this and sincere love. But they do not have this human good.
4. The rich man - this production, which is a constant hunt. And the richer the man, the more sophisticated the trap planned for him. However, he may be married, but hunters to rich men - this is absolutely not interested, they are only interested in his money. And richer quietly change their old wives on the newer models, such as cars.
5. As the statistics, not rich men are much better in bed than the rich, because they do not distract the constant thought of their capital and global issues related to business. Also, the average man is less prone to stress and their life more balanced, which makes it fun, and even more willing to indulge in amorous pleasures.
6. Do not rich men find more time to do something with his life's companion - to go to the cinema or theater, to make repairs in the apartment, go to the country or the sea, or even visit the local market in order to stock up the refrigerator products dating site in russia.
7. Finally. Ladies, remember, even if your man is not rich - it does not mean that he has no prospects for successful and sufficiently secure future, as well, and you have. Perhaps the success of your Blessed depends to some extent on you? Think about it and if possible give a favorite to achieve the highest heights that are available to him. dating site in russia.

Often there are such situations when women manage to solve such a problem over which men fought a few days or weeks. This woman is not making much effort, but simply acts on inertia, guided only by their own feelings. It is these feelings many have called "women's intuition". Thus, men justify their insolvency or really believe in the existence of women's special gift? After all, what is intuition and why it is particularly developed in women than in men?
Firstly, because women make decisions based on experience rather than knowledge. Second, because women are more emotional - emotions they live, feed on them. For example, a woman easily understand each other only by the movement of her body, even if it will be fleeting facial expressions. In the same way, without words, only the body language can tell a woman that her care interests. The woman knows whether the information she hears that she sees. And all thanks to the fact that most non-verbal communication is available female, rather than male. And that ability to perceive the non-verbal cues so helps women through life, developing their intuition and the ability to read "between the lines" dating services georgia russia.
It is also easily a woman can see through a man. Why did so many women cheat? Because they allow you to do it, hoping for the best and believe in a happy ending, and the best human qualities of men.
But, nevertheless, if a woman does not want to deceive her, she will not do that. First of all, men and women are looking for the reliability of the attention to his own person. The man, who can not rely on anything a woman can smell a mile away, because he is shy, insecure and weak-willed. In such a man "be led" a rare woman, just the same insecure or one that would believe sweet speeches, not his own intuition dating services georgia russia.
Eager attention of men identify women at once. Here are some examples of conduct of men, which should be avoided for every woman and every man to avoid similar behavior patterns, that ye may not shied women:
A very shy man, not that shy to touch, but also to say a word. This is alarming, raises questions about the reliability of men. Women are more favorable to the confident man with whom comfortable and that comfortable with them.
Men do not like women who speak negatively about a former girlfriend and their wives. Today he is black ex, and tomorrow - you. Do you need it? Probably not! Especially that such tactics are unsure of themselves and their abilities men who present themselves in the best light by others.
I do not like the female sex when men overreacting to an event. Man upsets over trifles, is not only suspected, but disapproval dating services georgia russia.
A strong half of humanity is said to be strong because she must fend for himself and for his woman. Also, a man should make their own virtually all the decisions, sometimes consulting with a woman. But if a man can not make a step, and without question, "What do you think?" Or "What do you think?", The respect such a man does not deserve. A woman's intuition immediately tell that this young man is not worth attention. So that men be careful when meeting with the ladies, consider the fact that you are an open book to them and if you do not want secrets of your character on the first night were read - be more restrained, control their actions and emotions. dating services georgia russia.

We are all human, we all have "man", and each of us have our weaknesses, and with them - complexes. Above all, these complexes in women because female soul feels thinner and sharply, like no man's soul.
In the world there are many different sexual complexes, both male and female. Today, however, we will pay special attention not just to some of the most occurring complexes and female complexes.
In his youth, every girl dreamed of a fairy-tale prince on a white horse. In her imagination, she created an ideal image itself, to invent a real scenario that she would very much like to bring to life. But it was painful to be deceived in the next prince and his lack not only the horse, but also driver's license. So the prince fairy tale - it is something unreal. However, each woman still cherishes a dream in the heart of their own prince, knowing that it is likely in her life will never be. But the dream is not harmful - harmful not dreaming dating sex in russia.
Women often fall in love with literary or movie heroes are live pictures during sex. Sometimes these ideas are so realistic that during intercourse, the body convulsions run through the feeling of happiness and euphoria.
First love somehow also considered complex. Except that lovers tend to get married soon, as sex outside of marriage for them is simply impossible because of family ties. Today, however, such a complex almost does not occur, as if before marriage had to overcome all sorts of obstacles, but now only age restriction. And young people are ashamed of their virginity, most are trying to get rid of it dating sex in russia.
Sometimes women want to see in a man, "Knight" and "libertine" simultaneously. She wants to care for her delicate and beautiful, and at the same time, she craves almost rough sex, waiting for the opportunity when it will be able to master the supper sexy man.
Other women themselves have increased sexuality, placing the partner too excessive demands.
Another set of women - a passive vital position they occupy in bed, passing the initiative in the hands of men. Such women do not like men because they can not understand, like whether sex partner. Why is that? Because this woman can not move throughout the entire sexual intercourse and not publish more than one sound or breath. Men like confident women who know what they want from life, and especially in bed. But such a little woman man placing excessive demands dating sex in russia.
Most women manage to succumb to charming and attractive man, who has only one thing in mind - to win the heart of another woman in order to satisfy their sexual needs. He does not think about the continuation relationship, for him the main thing - victory. Such men are approved by others, thus confirming to themselves their own irresistibility, and a woman giving another complex.
Complexes generate jealousy, destroying relationships. So there is a set of Othello when jealousy goes beyond all limits. In fact, all known systems, except, perhaps, a complex of Othello is not a pathology, or even more in some disorder. All are drawn from psychological disorders of childhood. Improper upbringing, rather lack of it can lead to the development of various systems and the destruction of not only sex with another partner, but also problems in the whole of human life. dating sex in russia.

Not sure that the thoroughly studied for a soul mate, and even after the wedding continue to doubt, and whether you have chosen?
We offer you a small, but very accurate test, in which you will be able to understand not only their favorite, but the main features of her character. If they match - then you saw through his chosen or she is fully revealed to you. If we do not match the characteristics of your data - it does not mean that the test is wrong or bad. Maybe your girlfriend, fiancee or wife is still hiding from you your true character. We invite you to seriously consider this issue and to bring clean water to cheat.
What is the test? Just in seeing what your fiancee is sleeping. After that she sleeps naked in her pajamas or nightgown seductive it depends on the internal state of the soul, its character dating sexmer russia yuliya.
If your girl prefers to sleep in a light lace combination, or any other smart clothes, she unusually feminine. Every movement of your chosen one glides sexy and confident in his own irresistibility. This girl loves too much attention to himself, loves when it is cherished and pampered, give affection and love, opening the door for her and strongly encourage her female nature, which can manifest itself through all sorts of women's whims. To please a woman can only exploits love cavalier sorts candlelit dinners and the like romance.
If your lady prefers nighties with sleeves, it says its delicacy and sensuality, as well as romance. Such a woman like all the exciting and mysterious. Also, it is a testament to the fact that she loves cleanliness and order in all and in all, it carefully monitors their appearance dating sexmer russia yuliya.
Girls who prefer pajamas supporters strong and long relationship. For a girl, you'll be like a stone wall. The same stable your girl at work, it can be relied on throughout, especially in family life.
Friendly, generous and warm-hearted girl, who instead of pajamas and nightgowns prefer ordinary shirt. This girl loves noisy companies, in which it offers the full program each affable man. For this girl, you can rely around.
But the best and are considered open women who sleep naked. It's courageous women, which says, "And in the burning hut and stop a galloping horse." The vicissitudes of fate for a woman is not an obstacle on the way to achieving the goal. If the goal is set - it will be achieved. Yet these women are distinguished by such character traits as independence. They are subject to impulsive and momentary decision. But it is a trusting and open people. So consider yourself lucky if your significant other likes to sleep without clothes, hiding behind only sweet and languid smile.
According to what suits a man during sleep it is also possible to identify certain traits. For a man who likes to sleep in pajamas, considered very straightforward and unyielding as a rock. It fulfills all its obligations, and always keeps his word dating sexmer russia yuliya.
If your man is sleeping in his shorts or bathing suit, you can consider yourself lucky one, because this is a very caring man who respects appreciate the warmth and affection. The work - discreet and pedantic, preferring to mess order.
Your young man wanted to sneeze at fashion and all its developments, if he sleeps in his underpants or drawers. This is a practical man who is good in the company itself. About such talk: "A man said - man did."
Men who like to sleep without anything - a creative person. Living and light people.
However, it is not known whether changing the nature of man to change the habit of putting one or the other clothes during sleep. dating sexmer russia yuliya.

From childhood, every girl wants to marry a prince. In the prince on a white horse, and no less and no worse. This stereotype we hammered those lovely books that my mother read to us at night, a la "Cinderella." And be sure to factor should be this: he must be handsome, rich, and complete with a horse kingdom into the bargain, and that even while he found you.
Now, of course, the situation is somewhat different: the prince may have only the last three factors. Beauty is already receding into the one of the latest plans, when you go to the store, you know, that even no money to buy milk, and your education is poor. That is, from the right to the vocational Rublevka - such a dream is a good average not very talented (and perhaps not gifted ptushnitsy). Not all are born with the idea to build a career, while still have 5 diplomas of higher education, and to have 3 children. And perhaps it is even normal. Everyone has their own markers, as they say. All the more so in our time is an active replenishment decision to become a "oligarshey." Take the media: TV projects on the life Rublev beauties, in the style of the book and O.Robski K.Sobchak "How to marry a tycoon." Peter Listerman which promotes the sale of brides model type paunchy rich (and paunchy) uncle after 40 dating sexmer russia.
All this, of course, good, but also not the oligarchs obviously made of straw, and they are clearly interested in attractive girls dressed tastefully, and not in the bag - under potatoes, with a sense of humor different from "Full House," well, with minimal expression of intelligence on the face. And go they are obviously not Cheburechnaya and "McDonalds" (although, and this happens). All this requires appropriate investments in monetary and moral terms.
And if you're lucky - there is no guarantee that you will come and legs weigh. People - they are clearly demanding and can put you in a "golden cage", where the step to the left - step right - shot dating sexmer russia.
Because again, if a person invests in you, and he wants to receive, respectively. Not all the people could row with the same brush. All - different and quite hard to predict.
The variant that will follow the love of money the size of a 9-storey building. Well, it is if you are willing to make concessions, unlearning of freedom or just tolerant and loving people. And it will be such that a person with a drinking water can be. Well, just like you dreamed at the age of 5 years (no harm in dreaming).
The variant that the oligarch will dolt king of heaven, and forget about the marriage contract, and then you can with the wedding preparations to go to divorce. But it seems it's not unlikely that in our country, where even packages in the supermarket paid.
The variant that you have forged the business, and he even goes up the hill (still with a walking advertisement) and you will be able to quietly go away, if you get bored to live somewhere - somewhere in the center of Moscow, Perm, Volgograd (yes, yes, in these cities there are oligarchs!).
The variant that the oligarch would so old that just breathing its last. Well, that remains to be patient and wait.
Options can be, of course, a thousand, someone lucky, some do not. But still - still the surest option on the road to success - to get an education and to take credit for your business, for example. Like it or not, more or less equal marriage much stronger, safer dating sexmer russia. And much nicer to feel like not a fashion accessory for a jacket or convertible, and it is held on the person, not in a Dolce certainly not Gabbane. Although, in the season of discounts you can not buy one thing Gabbana and Gucci, though not the first line and the last collection, well if the soul is so eager for the beautiful - why not?
So before going to conquer the capital, you need to take a piece of paper with a pen and calculate all the pros-cons. Just do not forget that in the table "Forbes" oligarchs just 100, and the number of Bride in the country exceeds millions. So, get ready for competition. dating sexmer russia.

What could be easier than acquaintance at a party. While that may be more difficult than the acquaintance at a party? The result of the evening sacrifice hunting depends almost entirely on war paint, combat dress, team spirit and drill.
Battle dress
What stops the interested gaze of men? On your chiseled figure, perfectly coiffed hair and a cute attractive face? Average male representatives will evaluate your image as a whole, not its individual parts, and on the way you will definitely okay. That is, you need to look at a hundred percent on top of the hair to the heels pink high heels, which must be available. This heels should ideally be combined with a dress or a suit, dress - with underwear and makeup, makeup - stacked in hair hair, and the hair with your light as the wind soul. Try not to use the attire of two or three colors, which together are obliged to be in harmony, richness of colors leave their inner world dating sex russia natalya.
You know, that gives a lonely woman? Her searching gaze. So you are at a party immediately determine the category of "single", if you are the hope and longing will look into the room and wandering eyes of men who came to the party without a pair. If you do not stop yearning and drive hung on everyone he met, that you meet with someone today is unlikely.
To start with calm and dial a deep breath, and then slowly release it. Well, it became easier? Work on your eyes. After all, you have to look your man to conquer, not pity. Look at yourself through the eyes of a man. How do you should look, and what you ought to say your face, that you wanted to meet this very minute dating sex russia natalya?
Certainly not as much as at the moment - pursed lips, eyes run, and his eyebrows shifted on the bridge. This expression only scare you. It is not necessary to wear a mask and also indifference, resentment, and timorously-hated. You need a positive result? Shine and gifts to others a friendly smile, the light is for you if you do not fly off dozens of men, then at least a couple of the other. But whom to choose myself think, let you prompt the right solution to their facial expressions.
Team spirit
Let me know about yourself - meet. Involve men looks to itself all that can only: an extraordinary outfit, perfect make-up and so on and so forth. However, to attract the attention of men - it does not mean to keep the same man. Try to communicate only on those topics that you know about. If you are not in the subject better listen and ask questions. Men love when they listen carefully and show a genuine interest in what they are telling. You know yourself a lot of interesting? Great! And you're sure that what you are familiar with all interested? Do not forget to look at the reaction of people when you talk to them. If the young man began to yawn, glancing at the clock or the other girls, I talk to you he is not interested. What to do? Switch the conversation to him and his interests dating sex russia natalya... and listen. Everything else is a guy tells himself. After listening to you it is so simple and so nice to talk to him. During a conversation A pop one after the other threads that you think might interest him. If he was interested he would kill you, and begin to delve into the topic in more detail, you only need to nod your head and direct the conversation to the desired channel. Believe me, the impression that you are a man proizvedesh will simply indelible. dating sex russia natalya.

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