If I determined some words of friendship relationships, then without a doubt it would be a "friendship as the interest." Although there are different interests, too. Running together for rags, to discuss the latest gossip, to weave together intirigi - is also of interest. However, most of the interest implies passion some business and finding people who have similar interests russia women dating site reviews.
The level of skill, or possession of the object can be different, but it does not affect the quality of the friendship. It is in any case enriches all parties involved in it. No matter what you will be a hobby, but if you find someone who is as interested as you, you will find not just a companion or a colleague, you gain a kindred spirit with whom you can discuss something infinite.
Friendship is based on internal motivation rather than external - residence, work or study. It allows each side to maintain their individuality and appreciate the individuality of the other person. It brings into your life, not only communication, but also enriches your knowledge, you will not read in any book russia women dating site reviews.
I know many people who have made friends on the basis of their passions - mountaineering, photography, travel, cooking, crafts, business, car, or the Internet. In the world there are an infinite number of interesting things that can fill your time and meaning, and friends. And friends are not in the territorial sense of time, and for life. At least for as long as you will be interested in doing this or that thing. In any case, it will develop you to discover new horizons, helping to change, make your life interesting, bright, remembered.
When I have got my LJ and met a lot of interesting and enthusiastic people like fresh new jet came into my life - I was interested to read their posts, to find out details. I learned to write them, to seek the unusual in everyday life, to express their thoughts, sharpen style russia women dating site reviews.
Look for these and you will find friends in their face all the support that will allow you to change your life quality! russia women dating site reviews.

Someone mistakenly thinks that friendship as a benefit may be of interest as a kind of friendship. After all, the benefits - it is the interest! But if we go back to the equivalence of the partners involved in the friendship, the friendship as a benefit, rather it suggests the benefit of one side in these friendly relations russia sex dating.
Friendship implies benefits as a consequence of the first two friendships - territory or time. Here is an example. That fate brought you to the person you make friends for some time, then did not communicate. During this time you're doing some kind of qualitative leap - racing career, a successful business, married well. "Missing" each occurs accidentally or "accidentally" and still be friends with you further. You generally do not make friends, he's on friendly terms - reminds himself constantly calling you as a wedding general, to all sorts of gatherings kitchen. Maybe he have nothing, and does not ask for the time, he just holds you until the moment when you need to ask for something, but for now earns his points in the eyes of others - out of what my friend! Waits, maybe you are to offer him some cushy job on occasion, patiently bear your forgetfulness about it, knowing that the possible dividend worth russia sex dating.
So it is often useful to be friends with the employees of the tax, the police or the administration of the pension fund. And friends. And those poor fellows think that friends with them solely because of their broad soul! russia sex dating.

I knowingly put this kind of friendship final. Please do not confuse the family and relatives, of whom I spoke in the first part. The relatives - the ones with whom you meet from time to time. Family - those with whom you live permanently.
And if you have managed to create and grow in true friendship to his family, apart from simple kinship, I really admire you. Friendship in the family - the most important thing russia online dating sex.
Not to say losers in family life, but with the advent of the two families are to each other not only partners in bed, but also true friends. If they are united not only by sex, but also common interests, and more importantly - the overall objectives, the depth of friendship emerged can only envy. Search these common interests, if your acquaintance did not happen on the basis of interest, - the first case, from which you should form relationships.
In this case, your general interests is a powerful foundation on which you build a strong family. Further, if you have the mind and talent zadruzhit with their own children, then you will provide yourself with friends for life. And throughout life, you will also be mutually enriching each other russia online dating sex.
I know fine examples of these families, and the infection, this pattern of behavior is inherited from children to grandchildren, which can not but rejoice. Children inherit the parents' case, it continues, moving much faster than those who started conventionally - after school or intituta. And the children also, and even more talented than their parents, destroying another myth - on children nature relaxes.
If the family is really friendly, you do not know the nature of tired! russia online dating sex.

Now in any magazine or website, everywhere you look you can find articles on "why men cheat?", "How to protect yourself from infidelity", "How do you know that your man changes (woman)", but the word is rarely seen on how quickly to survive treason and reduce pain.
Mostly men are transferred faster (probably because women go "on the side" where less or make it more skillfully), but the poor girl, after learning about this, begin to revel in their grief, to stock up on chocolates, napkins, melodramas and slavering They go into a stupor and pity themselves every day scrolling through all these thoughts in themselves. Or is another scenario: the girls believe that it is necessary to take revenge, but revenge choose the most stupid. Dress shorter skirt, do makeup poagressivney, poured alcohol and grief begin to flirt with the first counter, and sometimes go for sex, believing that if you go as well, the pain will subside and the title of "bitches" will be blocked. But, firstly, this is not the behavior of bitches, and secondly, russia online dating sex elena yalpaeva when the alcoholic euphoria will pass and come painful hangover, the pain will only increase. Because of sympathy to the stage to itself will add aversion. And it is better if revulsion to begin passing Relations, to which she was not ready or habits. But not to him, otherwise it will return to the stage of "Candy - cigarette - tears."
Psychologists distinguish specific scheme in which our nervous system is activated when faced with difficulties "denial - anger - bargaining - depression - acceptance." But since people are different, predict the order of these items is problematic. And, of course, I would like to see it all began and ended at the point of "acceptance". He is probably one of the hardest, but the most pleasant and chief. It is the aim of the other four, it is only at this stage, the person starts to feel happy. Happy at least from the fact that pain is finally gone, and again there was a desire to act and to live, russia online dating sex elena yalpaeva because it is often the care and the betrayal of a loved one is equivalent to the end of the world.
What are these steps?
Denial. Stage in which people do not realize the fact of treason. They are moving away from those thoughts and say that all this - only a bad dream. For them it's a bombshell, a shock to which they do not want to adapt. The only advantage of this stage is that the person does not realize or accept what had happened, and, accordingly, does not feel pain. And this has its advantages, it is in this state, man is completely self-possessed and could look at the situation from the other side, russia online dating sex elena yalpaeva and try to find in it something positive.
And it is quite possible:

-Now You can start to live again.
-You Can start a new relationship.
-Now You can not search for a problem (in fact still a woman always feels a change in the relationship)
-You Can finally stop fighting with his scattered socks, etc.
And if you make a list of them here 20-50 points (no matter how much it may seem) all seem not so already dark, and possibly cheating will start for new developments or new relationships, and may radically change the existing, though already badly damaged relationship for the better.
Anger. I want to rant and rave, revenge superior logic. Anger can not be to suppress in itself, but it does not mean you have to take the buckwheat and rub on the car lover in anticipation of the insidious birds, or waiting for a mistress with sulfuric acid in the stairwell. Anger must be able to control. We need to let go of resentment and let off steam. Go to strength training, to practice boxing. Or take a trip into the woods. They say that if a long scream in the silence of the void becomes easier. You can even mate, if it is not enough simple words. With ax throwing trees where glued favorite photo you should not be - faster and mutilated spend a day - one in the hospital. You can write a letter or wrong his mistress with all the sophistication of living in mind. Tell me all that you think about them! Necessary to write as if news now gets to the destination, but it is not necessary to send. Otherwise, the consequences will be far from disappointing.
The main thing is not to get stuck at this stage. It is necessary to accurately determine the amount of time that can be killed for spilling emotion.
Bidding. I would call this step did not bid, but "as if, yes if only ...". Because mainly in the period starting questions:
"And if I learned to cook so the same soup, maybe he would not have to change?"
"And if we had a baby? Or we were married? "
"Well, why me out, Lenka still have it all falls apart, and we have also been doing well ..."
"But what would have happened if I had not found" etc. All well and we do not just ask such questions, and not only after the betrayal and after any failures, and successes, too, because there is no limit to perfection.
In fact, there must be forced to leave all the doubts and insecurities and ask totally different questions. Here the main thing - to stop looking for the guilty. What is the difference, why it happened to you? There is much more important to understand what good can be learned from this situation, so that she could teach?
It is useful to list, which was compiled in the first paragraph. The list of those bonuses that are purchased in the treason. Treason can be the motivator to achieve new goals that previously seemed incredible. I wanted to work in another city or a dog, a favorite was against - now you can calmly take the implementation of the plans. I hate your dress, for which you lost weight fortnight - now you can safely dress and search for a new prince, who certainly does not let you down.
Depression. The main thing to go through this stage, depression all are different, someone brings straight to the doctor's office, someone to obesity, while others, despite the tears and the gray mood returns to normal life of another person, with other values and is optimistic about the future. Just in this state can not give yourself a descent. You can not be wrapped in a blanket and wait for the summer comes and the sun will awaken in you a desire to live.
You can not allow yourself to be depressed, on the contrary need to fill your day with all sorts of businesses and occupations that simply had no time for nostalgia. Especially, now there are so many free hours that can be devoted to it yourself. Keep fit, russia online dating sex elena yalpaeva buy clothes, meet with friends, which he hated.
The main thing to remember that maybe someone is now much worse, and you have nothing fatal has happened. After separation or treason does not lead to death (of course, sometimes statistics show quite the contrary, but because you do not want to be part of the crime column ?). In fact, the way to get rid of depression Sea - and only you know what you will - a ton of "Native land" or three hours of yoga. And someone generally believed that the therapist-a panacea for all ills. But I think treason - this is not the case, after which the mad and the man himself is not able to understand myself.
Many do a blind eye to the fact of treason and remain with a person in spite of everything. Everyone has their own pain threshold, the circumstances someone thinks sex on the side is just sex. Someone generally prefers an open relationship. Someone thinks the end of the world. The main thing - do not lie to yourself. Sometimes the broken cup useless glue, is easier to buy a new one. On this account I found a very interesting comment of one woman at a forum on Edit:
"Marina // 25 March 2009
I decided to take revenge on her husband cheating on treason. I began to meet with a worthy man. Also I married and then he said to me: Let's meet more often, I now free on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. And before that day and I met very rarely. I told him: "Why?". And he said: "My wife started going to the gym." I conclude that pump up muscles, walking back to her husband, and the result is the opposite - give more freedom reveler. "
All people have no one medication, but you know that connects you to the man, and what to do - run or pick up the pieces - it's up to you. russia online dating sex elena yalpaeva.

Nowadays, almost all considered normal, whether it is homosexual, unequal union and so on. But there will always be skeptics in society that these people are an eyesore and they will be looking for answers to their question: "What makes young girls / boys choose their own in a couple of people that they are suitable to the Pope / mother? ". And these same skeptics will be digging on the surface and make the most logical response to their taste:" Yes, it's all the money! Every girl dreams of becoming Cinderella and find yourself Papic. And the guys have become too infantile and want to hold on to the end of his life his mother's skirt russia dating site. "The last time the word" non "and" negative "for some reason go hand in hand ....
Of course, our generation nurtured on the media, which is full of photos and recordings of the stars who are addicted to unequal marriage: the oligarchs and their young girlfriends, ladies adults with university students. It is possible that the basis of such stellar marriages - only mercantile interests. But, however, even among the star pairs, there are those who break this stereotype by the already known slogan "the skeptics will be confounded."
Take the same couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who lives with his 15 year age difference and a large brood of children. Well, what's the mercantile interest? I think that a lot of cutie Ashton gets to his films, and he became famous long before friends with Demi Moore. I doubt that in his notebook in which he recorded the plans for the future was the point like "seduce Demi Moore, and wait for her death to take away the inheritance." First, he would have to wait very long, russia dating site due to the fact that Demi is still in the juice, and, secondly, she is a woman - a lovely sight - why not fall in love with such a pure heart?
But, despite the fact that society and tries to stick your nose in someone else's marriage and figure out who is who, and why, it has become more civilized at least in the sense that does not solve the legal way with someone who can be (although gay rights and lesbian marriage made in some countries, but this is not about them). Because in England, for example, in 1770, Parliament passed a law according to which a woman tells her age for the "layer of makeup - blush, lipstick, whitewash" and "fraudulently" to marry a man younger than herself, could be brought to trial, while recognizing the marriage invalid. I wonder how they did with the ladies, russia dating site who looked 40 to 20 and were silent about this too ... .Ved cheating, anyway!
And what about that pushes people to "unequal marriage", you can find out if you delve into the psychological treatises and recall the writings of Freud's grandfather, well, or option for the lazy - google. Now the Internet can find everything, even how it is necessary itself lead to live a dignified and happy life with a mature man. Even if it was written by a psychologist - I think it is not necessary to believe all this. That came one patient will never come to another. Yes, and probably better than we ourselves know every detail of our favorite character and common phrases well, there will not help.
Clever world just throws in this case, the concept of "feelings" and start looking for problems in the subconscious. Psychologists call some of the most common reasons why there are so-called "unequal marriages." Opinions differ on certain issues, but still:
For example, if a girl fell in love with an adult man, this is due to the fact that most likely, she had no father or had problems in the relationship with him, and so she chooses a pair of man who will become her guardian, a stone wall, that is all -navsego, so it compensates for his bitter childhood.

The second scenario: the girl lived in incomplete families, but grew up a self-sufficient, and an adult male in the role of guardian she did not need. Simply, it is endowed with intelligence and looking for a decent party in all respects. With her peers uninteresting.
The third option - is, of course, money. It's a combination of the first embodiment (I now about the guardian, but most of the media calls "papa") in the appendage with a rich heritage and life. There is no comment. Everyone wants to live well, just about everyone does this differently.
Well, about young people looking for a more mature companion, the situation is similar: in the family's mother arranged a dictatorship, the whole family lived in austerity and play by its rules. And then the son was released to float freely (though there are instances that are so attached to their mothers that live with them until old age and give birth to her friend, the mother lived frees space in the worst sense of the word) and lost a landmark in my life. His instinct skirt. He definitely need a woman who will warm his love and affection with a hint of the mother. And they are, as well as the older woman, she manages not only to lead their partner, russia dating site but also to feel my manhood, not suppressing it.
Men who choose a young girl may want to hide their own old age (or just simply refill your eyes and relive the joy of a second youth), or subconsciously looking for a female for procreation. At the level of instinct, men want a woman who will give birth to healthy offspring they will be a good mother.
You can bring a million quite logical statements and studies on this subject. Only one problem here - the people who are given the power of love did not think why he fell in love with this or that person and how much they age difference. They just love and live their lives as they want and perhaps happily for a long time. A society or rather its painful side, quite simply nothing to do, his head empty of idleness and asking for food. Of society need to discuss something, look for pitfalls and skeletons in the closet, probably because his own life is a failure, and they do not believe in someone else's, is genuine happiness.
And those who still found his love, I can say only one thing - do not give in to public opinion and statistics. No life will not keep an Excel spreadsheet with all its pluses and minuses. And others do not decide who you love and who is not. russia dating site.

The more often you watch the news, the more one wonders - where the world is heading? I'm not talking about the terrorist attacks, massacres, or global warming, coupled with the end of the world in 2012. Just this week the musician Mikhail Pletnev was convicted of corruption of a minor teenager.
And it prompted me to think, and what are all the same age, or rather its difference is the norm for sex, relationships and marriage. Who is responsible and how to be, if a person much older than you, or vice versa, under. I'm not talking about the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely the moral side of the issue. What to do if, for example, you're 20, and it far ... let's say it 40.Ili 50 and he 18. Why is society does not accept such relationships and marriages. Who puts limits and restrictions on people's lives. It kind of love-all ages, or is it a must to look for a pair of equal age russia dating sex elena yalpaeva.
I decided to approach this question is not to start from a moral point of view, well, let's say the technical (physical). Does age affect the lives of children or the psyche of people who have chosen such an alliance. Here's what I found:
Firstly, according to a study of Australian scientists that man could acquire a greater number of children, his partner should be under six years old, and the woman, in turn, 4 years older partner (there is already some sort of inconsistencies, but this is not about this). Scientists have used data for the last 55 years at the Swedish National Reserve. They analyzed those couples who do not change partners with the appearance of the first and last child. All meticulously counting, they took, russia dating sex elena yalpaeva and I quote:
"Couples with an optimal age difference struck up an average of 2.2 child and a pair of peers 2.1 children. Scientists note that from an evolutionary perspective, this difference is very significant. "
I've got it begs the question to experts on fertility. 2.2 What is a child. How's that? As a child, we say "half digger?" Or 0.2 - is what is not yet implemented plans for the future? At the same time, scientists do not claim that the age difference was exactly six years and four years respectively. But according to scientists, the trend is too stable to be accidental.
Second, the scientists of the country, which is ruled by McDonald's and President Obama came to a different conclusion that greater importance is the age at which the spouse lost her virginity. It turns out that the most strong and healthy babies were born to those who lost their virginity at 17-18 years. And they have increased the chances to create a complete family with children. But if the expectant mother has lost its sacred good after this period, children are suffering from various diseases russia dating sex elena yalpaeva.
And finally, the third, the most disappointing conclusion for fans of "unequal" unions:
The conclusion of scientists from Germany, published recently in the journal źDemography╗: the greater the age difference between the spouses, the lower life expectancy of his wife. That is, it turns out that if a man marries a girl much younger, it increases its lifespan. For a woman, in turn - is a negative factor, despite the fact it is older or younger husband. As a result, using the information on more than two million pairs, the researchers came to the conclusion that for women (in terms of its desire to live longer), it is better to marry a peer. Only here again, the same research scientists, equal marriage - it's basically early marriages, ie marriages in his youth (probably something like this: sitting at the same desk, went to one university and at the same time fell in love / married).
And about life, there seems to still affect the attitude of society to the most "unequal" marriages. Often, it is so to say "unequal marriage" ridicule and condemn. For example, if 45 years madam, and her boyfriend 20 and they go to the club, it can not be allowed, because it will count for the old establishment. But what if a woman wants to hold his hobbies or interests of a young man? Why, if a man comes 50 years with his young companion, he will pass without problems face-control (especially if he has the money). This is exactly the attitude and influence on the psyche and health of the woman. She begins to engage in soul-searching and spending fabulous money on their appearance, so as not to disappoint yourself and satellite and life and society russia dating sex elena yalpaeva.
Why people can not bear to see, and to make such a pair? In fact, in my opinion, all very normal and there is nothing inequitable. Heart, firstly, not order, and secondly, everyone subconsciously looking for another what is not in itself (or there is a certain ideal) - whether it be age, integrity, stable position in life or experience, or vice versa, a young, energetic sensuality, and so on.
But morals, traditions and desires of modern society, I reflect in the continuation of this theme, because the information is better to receive portions of it to better absorb)) russia dating sex elena yalpaeva.

Recently, attend the premiere of one of the most beloved films of women of all ages, "Sex and the City 2", I thought about the women's initiative. It prompted me to think about this phrase, uttered an ode of the main characters into the microphone on the club scene, designed the man who loved her, "I am a woman. My name is Samantha. My table over there. "She did not wait until he will play with her in the daylight hours, will send a bottle of champagne on a napkin and phone number. She knew what she wanted and did not want to waste time. On the background of this scene, I thought, but if such behavior is normal for a woman to take any of his men as a given, or vice versa, they are afraid and closed. After all, the 21st century and the rights of women and men equal russia dating models. Yet, whether to go to the very first step in anything, whether dating or some stages in the relationship and how it reacts to the male sex.
Many men are active women positively, they like the confident women who can take the initiative in time. But only in time, but not always and at every moment, because otherwise the concept of "initiative" is replaced by "persistence." Because to get acquainted with the liked man - It is one thing, but also actively offer themselves and their intentions (services) and promote yourself as a commodity in the store ... sorry, you look like a man, not a rag and sell fresh sex. Everything should be in moderation. Because if a man is too push and drip on the brain - at least it will run away if your product is not phenomenal discounts. For man is by nature a hunter and conqueror. He was interesting to learn, to seek the location of women, rather than getting everything on a silver platter. There will be very appropriate phrase - a woman should be a mystery / raisins russia dating models.
"Can I call first, and why he does not call himself?". The eternal question, torturing women. Here the situation is, in my opinion, about this - according to statistics, men are free is less than even a child ready for marriage for women and they can choose to play for time, look closely. There are, of course, rare specimens, their presence, I do not deny that are ready on the first day to say exactly what you - "his fate", but it is one thing to fall in love at first sight, and another thing when a man's head turn on the filter. And just when she is in "a plan to seize" the men are beginning to question, and to see whether he is willing to relationships, maybe it's you they want, but for him it is, just do not flirt binding. That's why sometimes they do not call the very next day, they simply - simply digest the information. Yes, you can call itself and if you caught the man. But one thing -one call, and another thing, break his phone to the extent that the poor little man changed his number (if also 15 Up he did not take the phone, it might be worth I think that you are not him very much and liked (or he was a spy and he is on special assignment in Africa), and whether to spend time with someone, you give up as the fifth leg of the dog?). After all, do not forget that man the hunter, not a woman, a man can not stand when they track down as the game, it immediately begins to seem that you have come childbearing period, and you do not need it, but just the relationship, shackles or stamp in your passport russia dating models.
That I'm to the fact that too if the first stage, ie, at the stage of dating, men do not like very much active young lady, in a relationship - even more so. Men like to decide for yourself, to bang on the table with his hand and said: "As I have said, so be it." But if a woman gives a man a choice, that is, It puts it clearly before the fact, he immediately begins to think that he was kind and did not charge. And it begins to infringe upon it, and of course, he will go back to where only one of its view is clearly that it dominates. Of course, there are some pitfalls: men are fallible, and sometimes their opinion far from the truth. Here just comes in handy female logic and intuition all deceit. After all, you can come up with workarounds on their own, that a man will not even notice that things did not go according to his will, and the script. Only it is necessary to learn, otherwise it will look like, how to put the pink elephant in the middle of the room and pretend that it is not. In a word, stupid.
Men like women initiative, but only when it is balanced with their inner world, ie, When your activity does not exceed the approximately 50 to 50 percent. After all, men are also sometimes wants to be defenseless and relax while you right there with his strength and energy. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise a man can feel a cloth on a background of a woman. A moment of weakness and constant realization that he - of June - is a bit different. For men there is nothing worse than being a henpecked, unless of course he does not want it, but this is a rare type of men, called "mama's boy" who change to another one petticoat. But, in my personal opinion, and do so with nothing to carry on their fragile shoulders of life, and an additional 100 kg of body weight in the bargain - russia dating models by virtue of not every, even the most active women.
In terms of activity in all the sex, too, in two ways. Here men do not understand. It all depends on the type of men with whom fate brought you. Or is it in my life and very energetic at home he wants to be gratified in every way, and it is always necessary to lead, one and all, whether it's planting tomatoes in the country, whether it's sex. With these all need to negotiate beforehand. And some do not understand, like everything myself, and then behind his "log" calls (not just come across all sorts of forums and websites to articles such as "How do you know that you - log"). Here already all depends on you, how do you understand the partner and how much you are willing to adapt. In principle, this applies to any area of relationship with a man, because without compromise as not cool, to the idyll did not come. If you pull the blanket, and he, too, will not mind, your union will collapse, no matter how you want to be together. Women must be active and initiative, just as the floor more prone to starting a family, should be able to send all the right channel. On the women's given us a trick. Without it anywhere! russia dating models.

Humanity has been around the first century or even millennium. And every century fashion changes, people change their outer shell and the content, but the only thing that unites all generations - is striving each time to find the ideal. Ideal - what else was not: whether fashion, relationships, people, or thinking. The norms and ideals vary, but each century adds to the previous certain postulates.
So, the time has come to our concept of "ideal woman", which has evolved over the centuries, but the meaning was roughly uniform. Duck which also includes the concept of "ideal woman" and what are its modern men? For each course, the ideal of his own, but there are certain features that should contain a woman to create a successful union - the conclusion made by sociologists, conducted several studies. So here are a few criteria that separated men when the issue of the type of "ideal women" russia dating girls.
Of course, when it comes to women, the first criterion is that affect men - this is their beauty (of course, in turn, a man can be prettier monkeys, as they say). With that, about inner beauty many men bethink not immediately, but more on that later. Of course, for every man it is important that all the others rolled up their heads at the sight of his companion. It is so to say, the instinct of the conqueror. A man is important to be proud, not only for themselves but also for your soul mate (as long as it does not go to worship their own mania woman).
The second criterion, without which do not fall into the list of ideal - it is the intelligence and flexibility of mind. Men believe that the companion must have a diploma of higher education and to be knowledgeable in many areas, but not his mind to rise above it. That is, it turns out that the men will hold quite a wife who is flexibility of mind and shows its rationality in certain situations, but not to teach his life. That is the role of the teacher in a relationship can be quite leave only for role-playing games russia dating girls.
It is also an important factor in the "ideal" men find women's lack of bad habits. In general, such as: smoking, alcoholism (addiction generally keep quiet about, for good genes can not count), as well, mate. That is, if the poor woman fall to the foot closet, let student frustrated and swear in any way other than the mat. At the same time, telling something men do not even notice how out of their mate can build a three - storey house. But for a woman - this is unacceptable, because the bonus to the above, it must still be a lady. I'm not saying that it should end the Institute for Noble Maidens, but at least the rules of etiquette should know.
Also, the woman should attend the instinct of motherhood. Of course, without in any way, because that is what a man is looking for a life partner to continue the family line. Some, of course, and even more so the children do not need, but these all - One unit did. Most men say their ideals love for children. Just then a small snag. Many women do not see anything attractive in children until they acquire their own. Because its automatically becomes a good, kind and the sweetest on earth. It does not matter when it will be put in the garden of the child, the other children will lead her into shock.
A woman should always be not only a wife, a companion or friend, it must first be a friend to man. That is the encouragement and support (but do not move Mens duties on fragile female shoulders. Rod family - still a man). It must share his hobbies. So right now sign up for the women's football team, buy a beer, fishing gear and a tent. I'm finished now exaggerate, not all passions of the male population are reduced to the ball and fishing. Just this, again, is a stereotype that all men are sitting, russia dating girls staring at the TV screen and scratching your beer belly. But there could be as lucky.
Although my personal opinion that if a man has a hobby - well, let them deal with it alone, with his friends, or anyone else - something. After all, we - women are not obliged to give all his time to his companions. And they also want the freedom of movement. If you constantly have "tail" of a man, he will be a surplus of at least communicate with you. Everyone needs fresh air, so to speak. This is only the first stage of the relationship, and love always want to be with a man. The more you react, if your only hobbies are togethers with friends, and then your husband decided to support your passion and ah - yes you. I think scandal-mongering will bring his mind faster your bust.
And, of course, the ideal woman should be the guardian of the hearth, be economical and have the skills to cook. So, if still rather fries you get activated carbon - running watch "Relish". You'll see what else learn. Well, if your hands are not completely lie - please have the number of mothers or pizza delivery is possible if your spouse loves beer, pizza would be very helpful.
Total: we get a woman unprecedented beauty; Two higher education, not less; friend and housekeeper in one person; Lady with the instincts of motherhood. Yes sotsiolagam fantastic time to write the book, well, at least, comics, all visually, with images. No, probably, there are women who fit these criteria, but they are probably too low, and therefore, the demand far exceeds supply. And what do the rest of the fair sex with the layouts, because not all women are born with all the right qualities. And besides beauty, russia dating girls almost all of them - acquired with time and experience everyday life under the influence of society.
And the feeling that the opinion poll was carried out only on the clerk's office, on - still does not leave me. After all, judge for yourself - well, why a man who has spent his whole life in tents and on tour - gatherings, a woman who knows how to cook sushi. He, in my opinion, the main thing that it was a strong, loving nature and able to kindle a fire with two stones in the rain. Hence the conclusion that even in the particular social group, it is impossible to conduct such research. After all, people are so unique in their dreams that anticipate their desires seems almost impossible, and unnecessary. After all, when a man falls in love with him at first at all no matter how astute (th) or economic (first) wife or husband received from a particular person because at the initial stage, we close our eyes to the contradictions of personality traits to each other, and only see the positive aspects and quality. Therefore, before the illusions and construct the ideals need to clearly understand such a thing: to find a man who would satisfy you in all - almost impossible. And indeed, the life of such a person will be at least boring and predictable. russia dating girls.

Loving men called Casanova, and indifferent to women love and men as it is called? That's it, and sometimes even worse. And while the title of "Casanova" is almost a compliment that pleased every man, the word "slut" and "prostitute" sounds like a death sentence.
If you prefer short-term relationships with men do not rush to hang the label with the inscription, which indicates that you're a girl of easy virtue. To begin with you should understand themselves and understand the differences from the usual whores uneasy girl, that is the behavior of heavy - you. Between prostitutes and girls heavy conduct, which prefer short-term relationships and women are free, there is a clear distinction. Whores and prostitutes are found only sleep with men for money or other material goods, russia dating fraud such as clothing, privileges and communications. Free women deal with a lot of men only because they themselves have something to give them, without demanding anything in return: experience, intelligence or beauty. The girls themselves are changing the behavior of heavy men, such as gloves, while the whores changed men after they they are bored, or the job is done, and the pleasure derived. Free women change men, not because they want to put a tick in front of the notebook next digit and move on to the next candidate for happiness, but only because another man has ceased to be interesting, and, as previous failed the test of time, becoming mundane and boring such as all. You yourself can discern this face in their relationships with men? Then you already know who to refer themselves. So do not let yourself be humiliated, to defend their views and interests, as well as the right to personal privacy, which is nobody's business, but you and your next partner russia dating fraud.
You're beautiful and good, but ... the good people this fact does not stop by in order not to hang a label on you. It looks distinction between a whore and a free woman is not visible in both situations, everything looks absolutely identical: there is a woman, and there is an ever-changing men and changing very fast. Believe that label on you do not hang out moral principles, and envy, perplexity and the sea of gossip, which was built around you around, ruining your reputation. However, they think about what you might think of a woman who daily or even weekly strolls through the streets or sitting in a cafe, a restaurant with different men, russia dating fraud always open to new acquaintances. No people in any case will not think it's your good friends that you just spend time with a cup of coffee, discussing their family or working the case.
But seriously, we are creating a bad reputation for themselves, rather than strangers who do more and I have nothing like ruin your life. Besides that a woman must be a man we hammered since kindergarten. A single, reliable and unique man. So when you are searching for is the very ideal man, changing the contenders for this role. Outsiders, watching your searches, out of jealousy begin to make them suitable for the findings, spreading them among his circle of friends. Even more vivid you can hear the gossip about yourself, if you like their men to drive to her for a cup of coffee of the evening, so to speak, to sleep soundly at night russia dating fraud.
Reputation - this is what we can create for years and destroy in one day. Fight for your good name and a good reputation. Do you want to be known as the people a decent girl, then be careful and do not fall on the access road gossips eyes in those moments and situations that may compromise you. And even better - get the very one and only man who not only stand up for your honor, but also the presence of which in itself will dispel all the rumors and did not give them to appear. russia dating fraud.

I think that every woman faced with such a problem, as treason, or at least thought about it. Because there is always painful and difficult to learn that a loved one you changed. Many of the women, noticing suspicious behavior of her husband, they may want to expose his infidelity, and when they detect evidence of, for example, used condom found in the debris, most often come lightly, almost instinctively, and speak to her husband what they think about it. As a result of her husband's reaction may be, it is not so, on what she expected. For example, a husband may respond as follows: "Do you realize that your attempts to catch me can lead to divorce, and just continued to look for evidence, then wanted to leave. If you say so, I will not object. But bear in mind that I did not want anything like this russia dating bride. "
In this situation, a woman driven by resentment, and she does not even try to understand why her husband has changed. The behavior of the men can be quite understandable. Most of the stronger sex can not be satisfied with one woman, while not ceasing to love his own wife. Our understanding of marriage is not based on the desires and needs of man as a biological being, and on the cultural traditions of our people, although in many societies, men have several wives, which are distributed between domestic responsibilities and who live together as sisters. We wonder what they can safely share a single man, and for them is surprising is that we have all the household chores performed by one woman russia dating bride.
For most women, as for men, there is only a physical, ie sexual infidelity. If a man is not another woman, he is not considered a traitor, though he could squander the money, hang out with friends and refuse to spend time with children. But should he make the slightest affair, and it will be treated as an unforgivable betrayal, even if this man is the perfect embodiment of a family man.
In many ways, the likelihood of her husband's infidelity depends on the woman, because she is the guardian of the family hearth, happiness and prosperity. So instead of getting her husband to be faithful to constant reproaches, tantrums and cries, is not it better to cook a delicious dinner to attend and understanding, to prepare a little surprise russia dating bride. This caring loving person is able to fight off any desire to look for all of the above anywhere else.
If you do not want a divorce, then when confronted with change - do not act on impulse, do not start a scandal. Think of the old adage, which says that the power of love is measured by the degree of forgiveness. Think better that you lose after the publication of the information known to you, not what you will get. Indeed, in such cases, it lost more than purchased ... russia dating bride.

The belief that virginity - is a treasure and a synonym maiden pride, highly conditional and depends on the mentality of the society to which she belongs. If you look at the countries of the East, there is the norm, where the girl married off as a child, but if this girl comes into sexual relationship with a man, it will be considered a terrible crime, regardless of her age. In Europe, the cultural tradition does not condemn extramarital affairs in adults, including the young people who are over the age of sixteen, but a sexual relationship with a child is a criminal offense russia dating agency.
In short, in our time to judge the integrity of the girls virginity can only narrow-minded people. Only your own decisions remain a virgin or not. And do not look back at what you may think about. But do not lose the innocence, just because you want to feel like an adult, or because your girlfriend has done this, it would be better if your decision is not spontaneous - Consider all in advance. If your sole motive would be the so-called "maturity" that has little to do with sex, then you just do not like sex.
For many girls, virginity can cause psychological problems, because surrounding her peers, already had time to lose their innocence, virginity is perceived as a disadvantage russia dating agency. Although your young age, you can hardly comfort the argument of "you still ahead," believe me, it's worth to you to respond to someone's courtship and the problem solved itself. So that virginity is not a reason for grief.
Sex is a natural development of the relations and the greatest expression of intimacy between a man and a woman, between lovers. Some men want their women were well-versed in all areas, including intimate. But if their interests do not go beyond unhindered sex and he refuses to you only because of your inexperience in matters of sex, it is unlikely he deserves your attention. Only those who love you, will teach you everything he knows. And if he also lacks experience, will learn with you. A guarantee that a man will not abandon you after the first affinity is love, so it is important to build a relationship with a man, russia dating agency make sure he has to do not only sexual desire but also the deepest feelings before engaging him in an intimate relationship. So, until you feel yourself ready, do not hurry to bed, even if you hurry a man to have sex on the first day of our acquaintance.
Most girls memories of first sexual experience are not particularly enthusiastic. Just what they write in novels, you can not feel, and you must be ready for it. But to open the new world for themselves, to reveal a new self, to awaken a confident and sexy woman, you have to overcome this barrier. russia dating agency.

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