Yes, who argue that easy. She helped her husband to do business, ran to borrow money all the family, take care of him, washing, cleaning, cooking. I hold on me the whole house. She worked herself and manages to still be a good housewife and a strict mother. It aims to make children of decent people.
And for all, for all her twenty-three years of marriage, he said, ingratitude - just gone. Went nowhere, he said, I want to understand myself, I want to live separately.
And six months she lived in an apartment, which he had bought her son, and is preparing a plan of revenge and destruction (even days), and plans to return and restore the family (the odd) russian ukrainian dating agency.
She read a lot of literature on psychology, truth and Chinese numerology. She stoically tries to explain why it happened. She ran in psychology, I am not disappointed in them completely. They do not give any advice, she explained to me razdrazhaniem.
For all that she put her life she is now getting some ingratitude. Bastard son of eighteen (she does not even his name called never) - stolen and laid in a pawnshop her ring, she saw a loss, he found a receipt, dragged him to a pawn shop and saw that it was really her ring.
Most likely, he learned it from his older (and also unnamed) sister, who lay in the pawnshop its gold and stole money from his father's pockets when he came home russian ukrainian dating agency.
The son is now often drunk vusmert daughter at nineteen had a baby, and now a single mother. And she fights with all these problems, zalatyvaya one, and then swim some more.
She talked incessantly about two hours. At first I was waiting, she still understands that did not come to an individual consultation to the psychologist, and to free training presentation. An hour later, I realized that she did not stop, began to move her story matters even talk a little bit about the upcoming training. However, russian ukrainian dating agency she quickly seized the initiative again and again sat on his favorite skate - the "strong woman crying at the window." russian ukrainian dating agency.

IN Searching for an answer to this question, I looked around, examining examples of acquaintances, relatives, clients and friends, and came to the following conclusion.
The reason for the desire or unwillingness to men to make an offer to you or someone else is in two large areas. In himself and the woman who next to him. For a woman, it is important to be married. This is not only a higher status in society, it is also the protection of children (who wants to hang on children labeled "fatherless"?), Guarantees in case of disaster (who are insured by the Survivors?). Let's deal in order.
The first reason. He does not want to marry at all.
The reason itself. He confirmed bachelor (this is his personal belief - leave your passport clean) or even not walk up (the marriage is not part of his plans at this stage and in the foreseeable future) or not is not going to marry because of external circumstances (lack of housing, Move, Work, inheritance - in general the suspense). Sometimes a man is covered by external circumstances, but really is not going to get married orchid ukrainian dating agency.
What reasons can motivate a man to go into a cold and unattractive camp? Rather, it is a fear of losing freedom or negative experiences of the past (the first one. Almost youthful) love. Once he was thrown, and so he begins to choose his women, throwing them himself. I called these men Koloboks, by analogy with the Russian fairy tale - I left my grandmother, my grandfather, I left.
Pathological bachelors once you say about it, or when you're just shy zaiknetsya about it. Net passport is the main value of a man. And their values, we always declare - in words, in deeds, in the little things, and in the main. Have ears - will hear. And if you heard, do not assume that you will be able to break his system of values. It was formed without you, do not exaggerate its importance for pathological bachelor. It is better to remain without a woman, but with a clean passport. It can not be cured! Why waste time on it is not necessary, and take the time to discuss it too orchid ukrainian dating agency.
One important thing: the reason of his reluctance to marry. He does not want to marry not only you, but also to any other woman, whom he can be legion. It's not part of his plans. For such men the woman (if she even Cleopatra) - only the material as a chair or a table. I did not like the chair - we throw out and buy another. Do not take offense to it, do not try to change it. Do not waste your time on it - it is not treated. From such men should just leave. And even better - before jumping into his bed, turn your head and listen to his speech. Caring they are masters, but with the right questions, you can learn very, very much orchid ukrainian dating agency!
Let us turn to the second group of bachelors. I would have called them - a bachelor of circumstances. Its basic difference from the first group is that it will not be anything to talk about the wedding. In that case, if you begin to burst patience, and you will make "a subtle hint of thick circumstances" - like, it would be nice to legalize our relationship, it can come up with "objective" circumstances in which it is difficult to do now. If you are his powerful chest razgrebete these "circumstances" and poreshat his "problem", it may cause a new "iron" argument - except you and me so bad? And you have nothing to cover it. Because home is your fault - it's you first started talking about the wedding! orchid ukrainian dating agency.

First Prelude - which means to communicate? What exactly is included in this rather general concept?
Dealing with the girl - this means:
Become familiar with the unfamiliar (beautiful) girl in any suitable place (for the ladies' room of the ill-suited - just warning you!)
Continue the conversation after "Hi, I'm - Bob", bringing it up or continue the here and now (walk, sit in a cafe) or to exchange phone numbers and appointments next meeting
Regularly meet with the girl and find topics of conversation
Develop relationships towards intimacy (we do not just blah-blah-blah meet and communicate)
To be able to sort things out beautifully, so that they lead to greater understanding, not rejection montreal ukrainian dating.
The list could go further on request. ))
How can I learn to do it all, and it is desirable in order, and not selectively?
Of course, this has a lot of different ways, but for the sake of brevity, focus on five, and go from the primitive to the refined.
1. The decision on the communication savvy.
In other words - to read what is on the Internet on the topic of communication - articles, posts, discussions, dug mountains psychological literature on the subject. She is also the dam in paper and electronic format. In this case, you can spend a lot of time, of course, smarter. The trouble is that the use of this additional information may be zilch, and its very presence, bursting brain, there is no guarantee that you will find a girl's ears, in which you insert it montreal ukrainian dating.
Solution 2: Use a stimulant before intercourse.
If I had not read with my own eyes at the youth forum, I would not have made it as a solution. However, many children in order to remove the excitement before the meeting or intercourse with a girl, use beer or cocktails (and even indicated dose!). I suspect that only depends on the tastes of the young men all possible palette of stimulants and rasslablyateley.
Who thinks that this can be a solution to the problem, it will end badly. We, comrades, they were not on the way! There are more ecological ways to solve the problem with communication, with additional liver problems do not earn.
Solution 3: To submit a problem to be discussed at the forum in the community.
And the tips can be different - nasmelitsya and ask questions on the forum (where you will advise with three boxes), or read advice to brave who did it before you.
Tips - a good thing, no one disputes. Again, you can ask or read, remaining incognito, without revealing his problem or masking it any other. However, they have had a rich forumskih past, I can say in such discussions person receives diametrically opposite advice. The question remains - how to follow the advice? So you take out the problem, should I do something? The result is two opinions - "and should do immediately" and "not worth it, are you stupid?". Classroom situation - why listen?
Solution 4: Go for training in communication, conflict resolution, public speaking, leadership and other montreal ukrainian dating.
Well, training - a good thing, she lead them, so I can say with all responsibility - Participants of such training in the vast majority - women. As a young man they can always be counted on the fingers of one hand. Treated with the scenario "from the frying pan into the fire." Therefore it is necessary to, at best, most courageous and determined, willing to deal with the problem of communication. Thank them! No grimacing soul. The rest, the most problematic - will not come for nothing!
But the training gives you: a little knowledge and skills. Training forms a skill. In other words - after you leave the training with a view of the winner. In a month you will again blow away or go up one step, instead of the entire staircase. Walk each time by one step would be long, just warning you.
Solution 5: Training pickup.
Here purely male company (already better!). Subject of training - just about intercourse with the girl. Or rather, about the introduction and ... Yes, the raid and seduction macho hovers over the very name of "pick-up", "eat". I assume that not all dreaming on the laurels of Casanova. But to meet, fall in love, spend time, get married, have kids - one thing or all together - all want normal oriented guys.
The trouble is that to continue and develop relations Pickup Girls are not taught. The point is multi-pronged, long and troublesome. The result is not visible immediately, like when meeting.
The famous pick-up - Field assignments. Yes, this is a powerful technique. But not all her stravlyayutsya (and as you know, the greater the problem, the harder it is to cope with it, and with a first), simply leave the training montreal ukrainian dating.
So, you ask, everything is so bleak? No. I just want to tell you - communication skills takes time and effort. Time and effort. It is formed at the junction of the three concepts - know if I want. If there is one thing missing - no skill. Moreover, it is formed at least 28 days of continuous use. As you tsiferka? Impressive? One happy in this situation - you need to work on their own, individually, without hanging a sign on my forehead - I'm learning to COMMUNICATE with the girls!
Well, what a way to solve - yours?
At the end of topics
For many years I taught women to chat with men in different kinds of trainings. Many times guys treated me with such a request, and I refused them - trainings were strictly for women. I'm not going to call you on another project like "Our answer pick up artist." I conceived a new product that will teach children to communicate, it is guys.
Why am I doing this?
I wish that there were more around real men, or even as a man with a capital letter, are able to solve problems in the beginning to communicate with the girls, and then who knows ..? montreal ukrainian dating.

Today's discussion is devoted to the men, and even somewhere in the future men - young guys who live around us are our sons and brothers, and which also, like us, oh, so not easy to find your soul mate!
Let's first go over korotenechko all five issues that I naryla in recent days on the Internet, and which I myself heard and observed in reality. They all relate to communication with girls and young women, just in different stages.
Let's start from the beginning. Punctuation authors found it necessary to maintain
"I wonder where boys and girls are introduced.
Let's share our experiences, how and most importantly where to look for a mate? montreal quebec ukrainian dating"
Or here
"Do not tell - where to see examples of actual dating? Maybe somewhere video or audio, you can download? I just wanted to find a real-world example. "
You would think, absolutely harmless phrase which here in FIG problem? And you do not use the same method as for completely innocuous questions or suggestions you hide what is important and necessary for you, just because embarrassed to say, ask about it directly?
If a person asks, and as you can see, not one person, then hundreds and hundreds of simply afraid to do it. But read with interest, want to find the answer, advice, think, and ... You're in the same place or at the same point, called the fifth. What it can bring in the future? Well, nothing good - there is a problem, but its solution is hovering somewhere in the beautiful far. Aliens tips do not work well, because any advice worth checking in. Where a check? on whom? In cats? So they can only promyaukat you back montreal quebec ukrainian dating.
So they ask for some examples - on the video to see with their own eyes instead of listening retellings of the more fortunate friends or a ready-made recipes from the Internet.
The next problem concerns the development already, or at least some progress in relations to the opposite sex: "I think that's where to start a conversation with a girl like that about your feelings but do not know ?"
Notice the three question marks at the end say much more than her short sentence in front of them. Already there is a girl who at least like. From this fear come and speak becomes even stronger. And suddenly fail, what if she does not like me? What could happen in this case? The first scenario - while I think about how to approach her and say that it will make someone more courageous. The second option - sunus into the water, not knowing the ford, and he spoil everything. At school the boys pulled the pigtails girls, trying to get their attention. Agree, some barbaric way to achieve reciprocity.
The third problem I liked the most, or rather its very sincere account of:
"Wow I never thought that I would ask for advice, but as they say -" do not promise. "
In general, oil painting: the spring-whether to act, if ... then head over heels in love with the girl, a neighbor familiar 2 years, friendly relations (for now) montreal quebec ukrainian dating..
I want to directly open all the cards .. the idea - to meet after work .. there is one but I do not know where geographically it works. not hunting at random, there is an idea to offer to meet, under the pretext of a walk along the waterfront, but then will not be a surprise ..
brain off .. least wants to sit idle ... better to have some result ... "
Here it is necessary to move from a relationship of friendly relations closer. Jump from the already existing relations. Thank you to the unknown author - his torment, doubt, shuffling, and coming up with options without selecting any one vividly shows the depth of the problem. I do not know how the story ends, but I can assume that it is not isolated. Feelings boil, overflowing passion, and find no exit. Do not envy, I swear!
The next problem at first glance does not apply to the ability to communicate directly. But this is only the first glance. And here it is the source:
How do you know if you like a girl?
For example, she'll smile and turns his head and looks, do you not look at her or any other person or gestures?
Indeed, how to understand, or better yet, how do you know for sure? I do not know any other way to do it one hundred percent probability, how to ask about it. But pray, how many of Statistics will those guys that nasmelilis ask? And if you do not ask then you can easily be deceived in better than expected and reassure yourself that you are too much.
What we have in the bottom line again?
Doubts, refraining from action, frustration, inner drama that children do not tell anyone - neither parents, nor even friends. So wear it in the shower, who - for weeks, and who - over the years. For foreign and severity maloemotsionalnostyu hiding storm of passion, and others, and a clue!
We conclude just the same cry of the soul, or rather even two souls, so that is a powerful cry.
"In general help me how to communicate VKontakte and ICQ with the girls, well, that's just no talking points, and why it does not go anything other than hello, how are you, Che doing. If that comes to my mind it is not really like girls, especially the poor with an acquaintance, even if there is a theme, it seems that the girl she did not like it, this stupidly silent, and in real life the same way even if one walk with a girl, very often there is silence in the conversation, something Che advise pliz "
"People help to solve a problem in communicating with the girls! Explain how to properly communicate with the girl, so it was all in-date !? Help, who than can montreal quebec ukrainian dating!!
I did not know how to talk to girls - what to do? ".
First of all - thank you to them, thank them for their courage to even write what are scratching their heads, unable to find an answer, the vast majority of the young male population. Here it is a problem in all its glory - we are not able to communicate with the girls. Nowhere - not in reality, those who live or study with us, or in cyberspace - where would you like more free, but this does not become easier. Our heroes are actively looking for a way out of this situation, and here's the latest example of a man who seems to be a way out for themselves found, we read:
"In more interesting to me to communicate with men. And I have sex with men do not do. Communication with women mainly concentrates on the conversations about sex. Other common themes are usually difficult to find. "
The winning point - avoiding problems. We will communicate with men. The only trouble is that, even around the clock dealing with men, you can not learn how to communicate with the girls. What awaits you in the foreseeable future - the loneliness. Friends get married one by one, and you will remain a bachelor. I - a big girl, and I know examples where the good guys no bad habits bachelor fourth decade. montreal quebec ukrainian dating.

Logically, from simple to complex, approached, so to speak, for aerobatics with emotions - the ability to manage them.
If "control" feeling - it means, to prevent unauthorized explosion, burst, release the negative emotions that come as a reaction to an event in your life (and the real and virtual), the "control" feelings - in short, it is the ability to create your feelings (and behind them - the thoughts and deeds), regardless of the events in your life.
I foresee the angry shouts and words of indignation - how can we create a sense regardless of the event? And if this event - the death of a loved one? Here we like to start with extraordinary events! As if, except on death, we do not react to life. We react, still as reacting mature ukrainian dating women.
Suffice it to recall (though in the beginning is to learn to understand and accept, and then remember) when the last time you were offended, angry, annoyed. At work - by colleagues or superiors at home - parents, husband, children, public transport - passengers, in a traffic jam - on cars and stupid drivers. How fast can "light up"? How long will "cool down"? How long after the event you are trying to find a "nice" arguments in order to wash the offender? But by and large - that was special?
Let's understand the example, it's easier to understand. Take the simplest and most ordinary case. You come to work, you called on the carpet and have it in the morning and to the fullest. Who has not felt like this?
What can you do in this case? Return to the workplace and to tell everyone that it was ready to listen to anyone. To form an army of supporters in the smoking room. Callback to everyone right now is not there, to tell yet "hot". Hatched a plan for revenge against those who once were but in your case - directly or indirectly, does not matter. The result - all your thoughts are devils than you do not work, in other words - you get paid for nothing. And that means the next scolding simply inevitable mature ukrainian dating women.
What else can you do in this case? Yes, anything! You have an infinite number of scenarios which could develop this event if you are able to stop the first wave of negative feelings, and then send the released from the squabbles and gossip energy in a positive manner. The best thing in this case - to understand that this "cap" for you was something needed, just as long as you do not know what it is. And so let us think and believe that something definitely good. After all, the world is helping us and the world - on us! How often we cling to what is already withered away, and we do not need. And so we unhooked from this unnecessary (and have the same inhibitory), we need to properly kick and preferably lower back! So maybe this morning and dismantling is, the so-called magic Pendel?
As soon as you are able to curb the first impulse upset, you can already work productively and spend the day not squabbles, but something more useful. Here it is called management of feelings. Often in the psychological literature, in this case, the term "change their attitude to any event." Previously, it was advised that the client can not change the situation. For example, you can change a job, but parents and children - ever. But personally I prefer to develop a positive attitude to any events in their lives - big or small, important or unimportant.
It's kind of emotional gymnastics. Start small, and then potentially can work harder.
Even in the case of bereavement, you can control the senses. When a friend of mine lost her daughter in a car accident, mature ukrainian dating women her son in the most difficult period said to her:
- Mom, let's look for the positive in that Lyuba died.
And they were looking for, looking together. Something found, even from the category asburdnogo, but it is possible to survive it is common for them grief. When she told me, when I remember that moment, I can not remain indifferent, but always admire their shared courage.
... And you know what is the result? What is called - like water off a duck as the wall peas. You become immune to manipulate other people, you keep presence of mind in difficult situations and business, people are drawn to you like a magnet, because you can what they can not. But most importantly - you begin to manage not only their feelings, but also real life events. mature ukrainian dating women.

Well, go to adult games in the sandbox will be enough to build houses. It's time to build a life. Take care of yourself. And it is desirable to own. The third part of the work with the senses - the ability to control them.
First, let's understand what to monitor. Do not let emotions control you - your thoughts and actions. Everyone can remember in my life quite a few times when you did this, what was ashamed the next day, or at least - awkward. These cases have been just what is called - the lack of impulse control. Let me explain free ukrainian dating.
At any given time there is some situation that you hurt to the quick. Your reaction can be instantaneous, and can be a bit delayed in time. Procrastination time was needed, they say, to bring themselves to a state of courage, determination, stupidity and foolishness.
The first case - your reaction is instantaneous. Example of take-dating sites (it's easier to explain). I sit and wait on Skype Names (I use to better understand, and then later again will ask me why I'm still in the new dating). Here I am waiting for him, waiting for him and still no. Or the second option - it is lit and green, but I was not calling to talk. I sit and wind the self - which he calls or why not? At first I tried to do some other things - maybe the house could in the computer. But always "dive" to check on whether he is still "green". While the head is free, it is gradually beginning to float all sorts of thoughts - with whom he speaks, why not click, but his bride of a cloud, but he did free ukrainian dating ...
Then you start to think what you say to him when he finally clicks you. Then patience is running out, and you sit down to a computer and click on the button first. You can even write for the first phrases of something innocent - you have to work, but still restrain myself. Ask a question - what do you do, why you do not write, although you are online ...
Regardless of the answer you give partner harvested tirade. A man can react in two ways. Less often - he engaged in a virtual showdown, justified or attacked. Most - trying to reassure you, but if you can not (let him figure out - I've been boiled so long!), Skype off quietly so as not to turn it more than ever for you.
Of course, you can still "catch" it by e-mail and tell us what kind of happiness and luck, he goat, lost! Only this will again be a lack of control over the senses. The control of feelings and impulses we need in life in general, and not only in virtual communication. This skill helps to make informed decisions and create a decent impression of you in the eyes of others - relatives, friends, co-workers and unfamiliar people. This skill makes you a very good reputation in any field of human relations.
Many of the emotional nature, is not able to work with their emotions, wrongly equate "control over the senses" and "lack of feeling, insensitivity." Control of the senses - it's not insensitivity, you can keep the emotional kind.
Control of the senses - is the presence of matches and candles. You can, when necessary, to light when you need to repay.
Insensitive - is the presence of something one without the other. Objects are, but they do not burn. Although I can hypothetically assume it.
Dependence on emotions - one without the other, too - only lit. Lights, but be sure to burn sooner or later free ukrainian dating.
When the feelings that we experience a low intensity, to control them to anything. We have agreed with you that there is always something to experience, are still alive. But when the feelings follow uncontrolled nuclear reaction - here is the time to keep them. Because of unmanageable feelings follow actions unmanaged. We can not be angry, and thus easy to watch the show. We will have it on someone to vent, or even run like a lion in a cage, at least. We can break the near (maybe innocent) environment - the easiest way for kids. We can call a friend to find in it support. We can call foe, in order to "bring" it to clean water, to find the truth, to open their eyes - a list of "good deeds" can continue to taste.
I will not talk about what feelings you will experience the morning after this "feat", but note that if you do the next day, still feel "righteous" anger, then you have to go to a specialist (at least a psychologist, not a psychiatrist - and before him it is not far). Emotions own you rather than you own emotions. They control you, your thoughts, your behavior.
In fact - it's very scary. We can not strangle themselves with their own hands, even if they really wanted to. That closed their hands around his neck tightened, and let's choke. At some point in the hand to disengage - the instinct of self-preservation will not let us kill himself. Do not give.
Thus we can safely deal with them with the help of uncontrollable emotions. Initially, family life falls apart, then the physical body free ukrainian dating.
All diseases of the nerves.
All the "nerves" of the lack of control over emotions.
Hopefully, now I will not have to answer the question - "And what is the post?" free ukrainian dating.

Let's continue talking about the ability to work feelings. While his. This is also a great thing.
The first phase of work - to understand what you're feeling right now. How often during the training, I ask the participants:
- What do you feel right now?
And I hear the answer:
- Nothing!
I will tell you a secret: nothing you will not feel only when you die. And while you are alive, you will always feel something. Let these feelings are not very pronounced or very intense, but they are, in any case there woman dating man in russia.
So I asked them to begin to remember what feelings are in general and how they can be called. How can you understand how I feel, if I just do not remember what it's called. That substitute while understanding the feelings description of their thoughts, actions and desires at the time, when you feel it.
Override can be, here the good of it will be a little. We just need to understand what we feel, referring to the soul or heart, or right brain responsible for emotional sphere of rights.
Well, you might say - that I imagine at some (but better - in each) time I tell myself that I feel like this? The world will turn? Siberian rivers will flow backwards? It's just my thoughts! ..
Of course, you're right - the river will flow, and the world did not, thank God, do not turn over. But why do we need the river or the world if the most important object for every living - is himself. One, the only, the most native woman dating man in russia.
So when we are able to catch myself by the hand and say:
- Oh, you, my friend, not a little offended!
- And what is that you so riled?
Now we come to today's starting point. How often, if not ourselves, and someone says to us like what we do in response? At least - round eyes. But soon the trailer to go round the eyes as follows:
- I? Nothing of the sort! I was not so easy to take!
And something more in the same vein. In other words, we can admit that we really feel at this moment, but we do not want to accept these feelings! We are iron, even somewhere concrete! We are not so easy to offend, we have not so easy to spit into the soul! ..
And then, when we stay alone, here we let a tear, and the nozzle are wound ....
What For? To soothe your senses, in order to avoid breaking anything rash acts, it is necessary not only to understand how you feel, but also to take it without fanaticism.
Take - it means to start to agree not to contradict, not to try to show that you have struck a chord, do not try anything, and no one to show.
Always ask yourself the question - why do we want to appear, why do we want to look in the eyes of others as something else (that we now look bad, and made an effort and will continue to look good)? Who can say what is bad and what is good? Who is the judge? Who gave us the other to be a judge?
When you ask questions like, suddenly clearly begin to understand that as long as you yourselves do not put on trial, no one forced you to put can not woman dating man in russia.
And returning to the subject of making sense, I can say that as soon as you realize that you feel as soon as you accept as a fact that you - a living person, not a robot that you can catch, you can find your sore spot, and, It seems, that's just now someone accidentally or intentionally, walked rake or shovel for your patient points, you calm down a little.
As long as you rest on the decision - you'll be even more nervous. The extra nerves not only restored, they push us silly impulsive actions for which then will be a shame. That is, a ball of negative emotions starting tight tighten you in a cocoon. And you're not free, because you own emotions.
The process of capture is not limited. It's called emotional dependence. Is alcohol dependence when a person can not cope with a desire to drink. There are drug dependence, when a person can not cope with a desire to prick.
But few people today know the emotional dependency, we are not responsible for their actions woman dating man in russia.
Let's already going to learn.
First, to understand what I feel.
Then take what I feel.
and then
Well, about this - some other time. woman dating man in russia.

At his post in LJ Energy received the following comment:
- Do you understand what it means to "work with the senses"? And what is the meaning you attach to the mysterious word "energy", which is used all always and everywhere, plugging them in all the gaps in knowledge?
Good question, and large, which is especially nice. Let's now talk about the feelings and the energy will leave for another time ukraine russia absolutely free dating.
For me the question about the feelings of a very important, perhaps the most important in life. Do not tell me what, and hopping we can make under the influence of feelings (emotions). To begin with, what's the difference, because in the Russian language in these two words put different concepts. I will not climb on the psychological directories to find an explanation in a particular interpretation of the author. If you're curious, you can do it yourself. Emotion is considered to be occurring rapidly and briefly existing personal human response to a particular event in the outside world. For example, fear or anger or joy. The feeling - it is a long time for the reaction. For example, a mother's love for a child or love partner.
For me, there is not much difference, how to call, I will not argue about the concepts, let us closer to "working with feelings." What is remarkable - with their own. On working with other people's feelings is not the question now. I'd share this same "work" on four large groups ukraine russia absolutely free dating.
The first group - the understanding of their emotions. Everyone will say - that legkota! Who does not understand them? My answer is - if you understand them, write, please, now the emotions that you know. Just words-names. Right now sit down and write.
How much you got? And then - the most interesting. Very often, the emotions we call their state - such as hunger, thirst, determination and dignity. In short, just can not describe, let's you write, but I will correct you - that is the feeling (emotion), and what is not.
The second point to understand - to monitor their state here and now. Can you at every moment as though clutching his hand and ask yourself:
- What do you feel right now?
When the training, I ask the participants at the beginning of the day - they came to that feeling? I usually talk about that:
they saw
They thought
They did
They realized
They believe
they know
Very, very rare (and at the first meeting - never) they begin to dig out from under all those layers, ukraine russia absolutely free dating that they still feel. And it turns out, even on the way to work, we had a whole range of very different feelings. Here you will remember - that you felt this morning and before dinner. It is a feeling, not actions or thoughts. Go through in his mind the morning of every detail and think about what you feel at any given time. Maybe this little inventory also supplement the list that you have already made.
I am waiting for an answer, and we move on with the work of the senses. ukraine russia absolutely free dating.

Of course, someone will say that the friendship of the concept of freedom. I want to make friends, do not want to - respectively. Nobody holds, what can there be a necessity? Indeed, no one holds us if we do not hold on. And for some reason we are holding ...
Friendship as the need occurs in the case where people live, grow, mature, and other friendship or relationships throughout life somehow did not acquire. Most likely, the head sits firmly utopian idea that friends are acquired in childhood or at least in his youth tatally free dating site in russia.
The friendship is characterized by necessity?
Quarrels and reconciliations. People meet, communicate, and can occur quite regularly. People talk on the phone every night. But very often their conversations - phone more often than real - like the hassle of proving each other or their point of view the complete unwillingness to hear and understand someone else. Very similar to an unhappy married couple. Swear, then either pretend that nothing happened, and after a while again call or come, and everything starts over again. Either rapidly reconciled, ask for forgiveness, but the script after a while repeated.
And, the next time one was hurt, the initiator becomes the other side of an argument. She begins to vent those wrongs that have been saving from the last time. So they occasionally quarrel, the laity in general are friendly.
So often family friendly. That's really who need - they need to meet on a family holiday. Fortunately nowadays the number of children in families was reduced to critically striving for unity, family, respectively was at times less, family gatherings fading. But the friendship of the need still remains.
You justify your lack of freedom in choosing with whom to chat and make friends, the sentence "This is a family," although I think it's just an excuse tatally free dating site in russia.
The first - the lack of any other friends - their own in childhood and adolescence are! Sami came up with something to believe in themselves and believe.
Second - the need not just to communicate, but it is to be friends, you have to fill in their time socializing, match its deeds, actions, thoughts of the same at the other person, the need for approval of belonging. As if you're not in itself valuable, but when your friends tell you when you realize that, yes - I'm still the same value.
Third - loneliness, rather, suffering from loneliness. But then again they suffer from loneliness, but in the long run can neither build relationships in a pair, or friends of the normal, so their loneliness deservedly so.
Such people are in their child-youth surrounded the same man with the same problems and make some emotional couple - the husband-wife. Here and friendly life, not realizing that such a friendship, everywhere you look, only robs them both. Selects the time and effort tatally free dating site in russia.
It would be naive to believe that such a friendship sin more single women, because women have a majority in the country. For example, I watched for many years and the friendship of such men.
But usually people of this plan is not able to see the situation from the outside. For that and pay. Let friends and continue further as necessary, and we will go further. tatally free dating site in russia.

Great article on friendship swirled in my head for a long time - lined its variants, was written in his head the plan, but to LOL is not reached. There were other important topics and business, and an article on friendship was postponed and postponed.
Today, the window all day torrential tropical rain without a hint of his stop, not that - a fine weather. The forecast is also disappointing - somewhere spinning tornado, so that our "just wait," you can say thank you! So why not do that for a long time was going to - namely, to write about the friendship that she knew she had seen, understood and felt in the last fifty years sex dating russia?
To begin, I would divide into six categories friendship - friendship as a necessity, as the territory of the friendship, friendship as time, as the interest of the friendship, friendship as a benefit, friendship as a family - and then talk about the temporary nature of friendship - when it starts, how and when lasts ends.
At the same time, as always, I will be based on what she had seen and what is involved, so the conversation will be, and the subjective, but entertaining.
Also fairly common type of friendship, very well sung early in the song Warum "Town" sex dating russia.
"Oh, how I want to come back, oh, how I want to break into the town ...". Back desirable, but this is impossible. Friendship as the area can still be called "neighborhood", and, as a friendship, it can be even more than the neighborhood. People live close by, they first get acquainted with each other and go for salt and matches. Then they invite each other for the holidays - also in a neighbor.
Wilt thou have this tradition with the villages where all the relatives lived nearby, ran together in my own way. The need to be friends with people living nearby went to the cities. Here relatives may be scattered far and neighbors - is always there.
And friendship as the territory does not mean its limited territory home or yard. People can be selected with the nature, rest, travel and tours. And it may look like a friendship with the same interests as common interests appear. It can last for years, and when the children are grown and grandchildren.
It ends when people are leaving. And do not promise, and they did not quarrel, do not make trouble. They just went away. Perhaps, as in the song - the house was demolished, all gone in all directions. Maybe someone has a changed housing and left. And yet - the end of the friendship.
And it seemed endless happiness, and nothing will prevent its continuation. In fact there are telephones, cars, spare time. Here are just filled with it ... that's right, the new neighbors.
Typically, people who prefer this kind of friendship, Oriented to the surrounding area, quickly found new friends in the face of new neighbors. And again - running for salt and matches, organize spontaneous gatherings where some selected together.
It's very convenient. For example, the New Year. You can have fun with neighbors and go to sleep to his home. Sit behind the wheel is not necessary to call a taxi, too, on other people's floors, sofas side too, do not knead sex dating russia. But communication is not one you sit in a New Year's Eve!
Why I do not like the neighbor's friendship? Because very often people in this way falling into the abyss for a couple. And when such a process - a collective thing, you do not realize where katishsya. Initially, you start to drink on holidays, then on the occasion, and then on the weekends, then weekdays. You refuse uncomfortable when you call, you are not embarrassed to drink when offered. That's how you are drawn into a relationship that you and the ruin, because you live together.
If I had not witnessed such cases, I would not talk. Therefore, I do not recommend confused neighborhood with friendship. Be able to separate these two concepts, salt and matches you will in any case, but the rest of the negative consequences you are protected. sex dating russia.

Also very common kind of friendship. How is it characterized? The time that people have to spend in one place.
You've come to the kindergarten and in the group are five days out of seven. It is clear that you zavyazhutsya any friendship with someone. They may be short on time and can last all the time as long as both of you will go to one group. Then you leave the kindergarten, and the friendship ends.
Then you go to school, get into a class, and then begin to make friends. You have a lot in common - school subjects, homework, classmates, teachers. This community creates the basis for a variety of topics that you can combine russian ladies dating sex tyumen russia.
You and grows, develops, common problems persists, the friendship continues. With the end of school you're spending in various universities, or someone is going to work, someone to learn. General topics end. Exchange of information - we are here and we are here - as a rule does not lead to long-term stable friendly relations. If people continue to seek artificially common themes, the friendship as an area transition into friendship interest.
So you come to the university. For five years you are new friends, because you will have shared interests - course and seminars, tests and exams, lecturer and romance. Since last five years, but with the end of the institute you are sometimes far apart in different directions again. Certainly someone continues to communicate with classmates. But tell me honestly, how many did you have friends and friends of the Institute, and how many of them left after him russian ladies dating sex tyumen russia?
Then you go to work, and I remember that the whole world goes to work to work, and Russian friends go to work - you find there and make friends. Again, you have some external entity. You are friends with one department against another, and colleagues - against the chief. You are friends openly or in secret, so no one knew - there is a special style of corporate friendship!
You can then go to work in the cafe or beer to discuss over a glass of tea that can not be discussed openly at work. In principle, most people are friendly at work, and in my opinion loyal to the company, the employer of 80% was associated with friendship at work. When the question arises of a possible transition to another job, the first thing you would dream of - how do I stop my friends? There's a new place of friends will not be any life! Still, important thing - psychological comfort at work. It is more important at times the money that you get there russian ladies dating sex tyumen russia.
You can make friends not only through the work and carry on a friendship free time - holidays, vacation, evening. You can be friends families, connecting here husband or wife. But it is fundamentally does not change, though, it seems that there was a sea of common interests! Do not forget this friendship as time.
what does it mean?
This means that no matter how strong, stable and bandaged stories nor was this friendship, or it will end immediately or gradually disappear, as soon as one of you will go to another job. And you can even call up the evenings of habit at first, him or her to retell the latest news on your work - old or new. But the number of common themes is reduced, calls become less frequent, meetings - even rarer.
And then after a while you learn that your bosom friend went - in the mountains, the sea - with their new colleagues. And she was the initiator of this trip, and you did not call. Do not forget to call, but just not called. You've already started it is not needed. It is insulting to the nozzle, it is because you still think his girlfriend, still calling and calling. That's just it does not go where you're calling her, saying, busy, or promises, and does not come. This is generally a paragraph!
When you get tired of this one-sided friendship, you will cease to call and indicated on its front. And no one will remember you. It was - gone.
I wish you to quickly recover it and move on! russian ladies dating sex tyumen russia.

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