As in life in general, and in the new dating, if we do not get what we wanted to in the sweetest dreams - the prince of Monaco, or at least Bill Gates bonus to a bungalow in the Caribbean and Kohinoor, it seems to us that we are not looking for a there, or are looking for is not among those. Is there a grain of truth homespun certainly. That is why many, like salmon spawning tend hook or by crook to get to the closed sites "for millionaires", believing that it is possible to hunt for a decent catch.
In fact, first of all production must be tough for the hunter. And rich people have always been prey to a very beautiful women who exchange their beauty for their money. You can read and Oksana Rosbki estimate for yourself, are you ready to get involved in this hunt.
The second point - on dating sites and social networks, ukrainian dating sexmers olga rubtsova where we can access now sitting alone losers and idlers.
That is to say, everything is against us. And so here we are miserable! Let's sit down and cry together over our bitter fate. Sundry can cry. One thing I know for sure, the fate of this does not add happiness and a long time.
This decadent position in my life all depends on what you like, but not from me, you will not lead to a result. Rather, you already led to the result that there are now - no luck with men, problems surround on all sides, there is no money, the children do not obey, work svolochnaya, then each can continue to own ...
In this situation, any impulsive attempts to enter the new dating and find someone decent guaranteed to be useless, if not harmful. That's what I defined as the first time - you have a car is broken, ukrainian dating sexmers olga rubtsova it does not go at all.
What are you trying to do - is to sit down to someone in tow, push apart the machine by hand or ask friends, running around with branches around the car mimic your movement at least somewhere.
Whether you are on a faulty car smash into a pancake, read will get a worse result than the one that had before.
It is utopia to come to new dating to escape from the problems that you have collected at home. You have collected them because they do not know how to solve them, because you have created around themselves a situation where these problems sypyatsya on you in abundance. So what geographic part of the world you get rid of them? If you are here is not enough money, and for you it was a real problem - you and there will not be enough money, as you do not bring them. If you were here depression and melancholy - alas, there you will have a much larger and deeper lesions of the psyche. If you find there is not a man who is willing to make an offer to you, you will not find anywhere else, even if tomorrow will open a connection to Alpha Centauri.
- So what do you suggest - I can already hear the cries puzzled - did not look until poreshat all their problems at home?
For those who have problems are deep, I mean not only affect the situation at work or money, but have become health-related (such as depression and mood swings) - yes. It is necessary to solve problems as they arise, ukrainian dating sexmers olga rubtsova rather than stringing new, trying to get away from the old. If you do not know how to work with their feelings and have a low level of energy as a result of health problems, it is necessary first to understand even with these problems.
Even if you go to the new dating, you will not find anyone. You have to do neither the strength nor the desire. unavailable. So you either have to leave and new dating at the first failure or there'll fight for life and death (and it will seem to you that at the death, but in fact - to stagnate), and to no avail.
What do you think, why have made great strides in the new dating and new home those women who are here, and that meant something? Yes, because they knew how to solve problems, they are not able to attract, we were able to set goals, were able to go to them, read - fall and get up.
I can not agree that those women who were able to get a good idea here, is not looking for a husband abroad. Maybe not looking, and, perhaps, and looking. That is to say, a matter of taste and purpose. I saw on websites and communicate with many number of successful women who nevertheless seek. So, they want something more.
In the case of a woman with the problems of trying as the last straw, grab dating sites, it begins to build a wall of the house on the sand in a hurry is not taking care of the foundation. Can this House do stand though how long? Is not it easier to start with the fact that determine the foundation, and then think about the walls and roof? Not safe to first fix the chassis or the engine, ukrainian dating sexmers olga rubtsova and then press on the gas?
The most unfortunate that in the situation that I am describing is a woman:
Not able to hear and understand the recommendations
Can not get out of these problems on their own
He lives for the most part not even the emotions and impulses
As a natural result - it is doomed to failure in the new dating.
I know that on my head right now may fall down all the cones in the world. But I can not tell a sweet tale, knowing that it's not even a fairy tale, it is a frank deception, nonsense, said in Russian.
On bullshit cream will not collect.
We continue the next time a new dating and driving. ukrainian dating sexmers olga rubtsova.

Here we are looking for, looking for, you will get one, it will fall off. And the result is somehow not visible. Here and now I wanted to draw an analogy-dating sites in general with a trip by car. We are all with you all the time motorists, so the subject, so to speak, close and clear. After all, the Internet - is a tool for production of happiness, like a car to move.
Why is having a car, we can not get to Sochi, for example?
The reasons for this can be by and large - three ukrainian dating personals chubby.
The first reason - our car is not able to move. Like, it is beautiful, but something he does not have to move - whether pomegranate torn, or worn brake pads, or the engine kapitalki requests.
The second reason - as if we go outside the window flashed scenery, the sun rises and sets, gasoline refueled. But Sochi is not visible on the horizon. Remember the anecdote "How far is it to Tallinn?" Is now - much further. Yes, unfortunately, we're going, but we're going in the opposite direction. Or just to the other side, but not on Sochi. That is, the appearance of movement there, but there is no visible results.
The third reason - you still incompetent driver. At the gas pressure are afraid of the road do not know, that's lagging almost touch. Therefore, sometimes it seems that way to some infinite that drive the wrong way, ukrainian dating personals chubby that at every turn any cop with a radar (although what you cop it!), Or crop the driver. Straaaaaaaashno!
As you can see, three different reasons, and the result is, more precisely, the lack of results. Let's talk about each reason separately and already shifting algorithms to search the car and find a man on the Internet. ukrainian dating personals chubby.

I tried cutting age. This brought a slight increase in the number of hits on websites, but did not change radically new dating. But I gave the feeling of uncertainty and constant internal compromise in Russian speaking lies. The latter case - to put in the best tradition of 44 and see what happens. Absolutely nothing - boom and collapse of letters followed. If you yourself are not looking, then you no one sees - the law-dating sites. I found a couple of domains. One 54, the other 48. Develop relationships. Once fact the first to write your real age, changed immediately merged, and before that love was almost to the grave ukrainian dating personals! I changed the age at the real site. One second, you do not even notice.
Men also cheat with age is not less than ours. Want to test - drive in finding only one figure, for example, 45-45. You will be thrown out database with photos from the youths to the old men. People want to cheat? I'm very distrustful attitude to this kind of fraud, and therefore no longer prevaricate, trimming age. The quality of the domains is not affected much, then tormented by the question - when to say and whether to tell the truth?
If you look at the matter from the point of view of psychology - when you do not accept your age, you do not take some part of yourself. From that start big and small problems both inside and outside.
The question is, what age to write and then what to do with it ukrainian dating personals - only every woman for herself.
I do not know an unambiguous prescription. It lies in the plane of your internal beliefs, values, paradigms. And you decide - to cut or leave. And in any case, you'd be right.
I once play began to write in the questionnaire their real age, and let wash their way our women can look like! ukrainian dating personals.

Should I write in the questionnaire online dating your real age? Of course, if you're 20 or 30 bit - that this question does not even arise. But when you are over 30 and not a little, then a lot of women (and men - not as much as we!) With age acting up. Someone cuts little someone to the size of entering the viewing area, and someone very much. It is precisely those who have significantly undercut.
Do I need to write the real age, or is "rejuvenate ukrainian dating club"?
The question that I still do not have a clear answer. And before I give my opinion on the matter, three true stories.
The first story. My sidekick - Canadian. 45 years, character - a big kid, living in the Arctic Circle, turned on the idea of having children (I'm not his assistant, so sidekick). He found a woman 39 years old, was going to go for it to Peter. Came.
- She looks older than his years! - He told me, stunned. With that, we sincerely believe that looks much younger!))
Maybe if she had behaved differently, he would not have noticed - who knows? But the song words can not erase.
History of the second. My British version, which I felt unreal, as was golopopikom also managed to take a trip, and also to St. Petersburg for a meeting. His phrase me puzzled and amused at the same time:
- She was older than his age. She was cold. It was colder than a fridge ukrainian dating club.
History of the third. Ukrainian woman skinuvshaya a "gold coin", written by men. Correspondence ensued, at the very beginning that she "confessed" to his true age. The recognition was received sigh of relief and the words:
- How good that the difference between us is not that big!
they got married. Happy end. ukrainian dating club.

The last time we talked about the fact that "love" - which means feel that our today's conversation about what "love" - so do act.
How often you can hear from others - I used to love / but now out of love / a. That is love - the process completely uncontrollable, spontaneous.
Let's look at the stages and processes of love without reference to the sequence that must be why.
How does the love of a man for simple actions?
We want to be with him as often as possible. See, talk, spend time. I would like to reveal to him their most good qualities. Do it for something good, his life was easier, more interesting, at the same time to spend more time with him. To think that he likes and what he would like to have or exercise and do it for him. It seems to us that our partner ukrainian dating canada - a collection of strengths and (some) pretty weaknesses. We praise him, in the words of sincere admiration or show him any other way. Perhaps we can add to this list.
When the leaves love what we do?
We begin to avoid the person, we do not communicate with him for a long time, more formally, briefly. We do not want him to eat together (not to mention sleep together), we seek and find with whom to communicate, not only with him. We see in him only disadvantages, not noticing the merits. Disadvantages are accumulated, and we want to fix them. We are starting to criticize, we are either neutral or openly dissatisfied. We want to replace the feelings that gave him an advance. And usually we do not get that leads to a new round of separation ukrainian dating canada.
Look what we just did?
We have removed the emotional context of relationships - were only action. I hope that now it becomes clear that if we interchange cause and effect, the picture may be quite different. Let's go through the steps in reverse order.
You find someone who is right for you, for some internal criteria, expectations or demands. And begin to operate - spend more time talking, trying to know the person better, support, praise, focus on the dignity of man, for him to do something good just to make him happy. And you do it sincerely and openly. You can even say this man is sincere. This is just captivating.
What do you think will happen next?
The fact that someone would call love, happiness, perfect pair. And it's all done not one-time, and remains the norm of behavior in a pair for a long life. And the fact that life will be long and happy, I guarantee.
Even if you fall in love quickly with "chemistry", but does not support this love in myself and partner, she will soon come to naught, the scenario goes, "love / out of love, and / and ukrainian dating canada."
What impresses me the strategy of forming relationships?
Firstly, paradoxically, the absence of the original "chemistry." Yes, maybe sympathy, but no passion, no typhoon, no tsunami. The head remains in place, there is no Beyond Expectation, self-deception, in which we can easily fall in love with a man with opposing values. But such relationships are fraught with only a break or psychological brittle.
Second, a reasonable choice of partner is not somewhere behind the distant expanses, and next around.
Third, the ability to consciously work on relationships, first give then to receive, to get happiness for another person, and thus find their own happiness - not for a moment, and to life.
It would seem simple. But why are we not doing so?
Because when you choose this strategy, we take responsibility for the relationship itself. We have to work on yourself. And they do not want to! So cool - chasing the horizon, get caught in history, falling in love with villains and manipulators, bang your head to break. Who thought how much energy we spent on this running around in circles in my life?
What may limit this strategy?
Finally one condition, which makes this strategy unsuitable for you in this case. You may have nothing to turn to if the person you evinces interest to you personally deeply sympathetic. Unfortunately, in life anything can happen. Probably, it is theoretically possible to move from hostility to the likes and the list goes on. But this will require a sustained effort. With zero or a small plus sign in the relationship to move to plus infinity it is much more pleasant and easier.
I had such a case in practice when the training involved a woman who has long been gone wrong with her husband. We lived by inertia. When she began to work on relationships, homework after the training, ukrainian dating canada there was a metamorphosis of a man - he turned to her, wanted to again restore the relationship. she told me:
- I realized that it works. But I do not want to love it.
It is also very reasonable attitude - not emotional.
We choose life, that life.
We choose the person to love.
We love creating simultaneously in two hearts.
We get so much more, but when given without the desire to receive. ukrainian dating canada.

Let's face lovingly. Let's learn to love. At first - the first strategy "Love is like a feeling." It is about the kind of love written all the romance novels, and written during the whole of human history.
Its essence is expressed in a sense, as a rule spontaneous - and saw drowned. Foreigners call it "chemistry", ie eludes explanation Management. Tsunamis, typhoons, something beyond us, beyond understanding, God's Providence. Moreover, in the first second.
Poets sing the ability to light up like lightning, but overlook the subsequent events. Gradually this ability becomes socially desirable norm. Especially we fall for it women - being more emotional ukrainian dating bride websites.
If you are not able to light up the dark star, you do not capable of anything!
And now we are running somewhere in search of something unearthly. Regimsya on sites run on dates. Typically, short-term, since the first sight there is no love, but persistent dislike and rejection - exactly. And we run back to the monitor. We write letters, call up and run again. Very soon, this is reminiscent of running around - time is running out, the search for zero, forces leave, for the umpteenth time to tell his biography interesting.
We are beginning to expand the range of the search, learn the language, access to foreign sites. The result may be a little better in terms that run on svidanki not necessary. But the setbacks for many more emotions ukrainian dating bride websites.
One gets the feeling that we are chasing the horizon, which is not meant to catch up. We are looking for a sense, we are looking to get rid of their problems, explaining to myself that we are looking for a man worthy of our love.
First - retreat. I - a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, do not overeat, withstand prolonged exercise, while staying overweight. I think I know all about healthy lifestyles. One day we were walking with a friend who preizryadno thin, and she told me the theory, as it is necessary to drive the weight. I was surprised to find that a healthy lifestyle and weight to drive - completely different strategy, totally different approach to nutrition and movement. I somehow naively believe that sports and do not overeat - the weight and leave. Why am I talking about this?
Because love and love - different strategies. Because love - like feeling and the action is also different. And I do not vouch friend that makes us richer?
What gives the feeling of love, even if we were lucky, "light up" like a match? Momentary pleasure, Ocean the brightest hopes, the hopes of the other person. And as you know, even God helps those who help themselves. Immediately the other person, and sometimes it turns out, we did not know his inner world, interests, behavior. When we learn, the first phase - to alter under its loving husband, the second phase - a terrible disappointment and cooling, life habit (it is if we managed it to marry his love in the period).
What do want from love-feelings? How did the feelings will take thought? Then, ukrainian dating bride websites they are feeling that the reason there was not a hint. The same swing - swung in love, rocked - out of love.
And that's what I thought - whether to run for this horizon, because we will never reach?
PS I do not propose to give up the love in general, to replace its calculation. I want to talk about the different strategies of love. And our next story - the love-action. ukrainian dating bride websites.

I want to ask: Can a woman be sufficient for almost an end in itself "capture" in whatever became man and whether it needs this technology?
I have 50 full years, 44 - "marketing ploy," I look good, and somewhere in the 40-42. It is thanks to genetics and care. I've had three marriages, two legal and one civilian. All the husbands were very decent people. I have a grown son, grandson. At some point, my husbands with me became uncomfortable because I went and developed further, and they (if generalize), reaching a certain level, not without my help to the same (for which grateful to this day), did not want to go further. They reached their peak, ukrainian dating agncy and the rest of the movement was to strain. That for me was a joy, they were a burden. I listened to the advice: do not fly in the clouds down to earth. And she heard the right advice your grandmother Ruby females alone. Just me all my loving environment convinced that it is necessary for the easier to be. And I was a youth, an extraordinary man, very self-sufficient. I have the prestigious higher education. I put a lot of effort to become what I became. I continue to develop on a personal level. Many interests. Private business is already 25 years I travel a lot, both in the country as well as abroad. Throughout his life, I'm surrounded by love and care of people (men and women). Traditional moments for our women have been self-flagellation. So I think that I just do not chose those men ... Although grateful to each of them that they were in my life ukrainian dating agncy.
I am particularly grateful for this piece of writing, because in my life I too faced a similar, though she was married once. Yes, we all have personal growth potential, and in his youth, when we seek to be married, we often do not realize it. I remember the first time I showed her future husband, the director of our student theater, it is with sadness in his voice said about him;
- Nepahannoe virgin!
I plowed the virgin soil twenty-four years, trying to make him such a man as I would like. When I realized that the case doomed to failure, shock in their own development.
Now I realize that the only reason for divorce can be just this - a different level of personal growth. It is personal, as we often say - personal and mean financial or educational.
But even if you have reached some heights, in a relationship with a man need to be a woman. Even with a very clever man. It is still primarily the "primacy", how would it sound strange. A woman should never compete with a man of success, especially in money. About the money is a separate issue, so I will not even touch her right now ukrainian dating agncy.
Successful men do not look for successful women. They work with them, they are friendly with them, but they do not sleep with them! I did not understand for a long time as a young man, why me such an active and energetic sink some weaklings? As soon as I got in company with strangers, I became the soul of the company - was joking, singing, chatting, cheerful. A pair of left my girlfriend. It was only later I realized - if you are so self-sufficient, FIG you someone else is needed? I began to skim the cream of male attention only when began to speak less and pull the blanket, smile more and listen to the men. If I did it with my youth, I would choose another man. But grieve about the past is not necessary, because as long as the heart beats, we have a future.
The main conclusion that I would like to convey - a man who can love a self-sufficient woman should choose wisely. That's what she and self-sufficient that it have the brains to not just run for the senses, and to manage them wisely.
It is necessary to initially understand what the man you want to be close, and then move toward him. If your request is adequate (not great and small, and always agreed on the inside), you get what you asked for.
Clever woman sees a potential male and decide. Potential - this is more inside (values, education, spiritual qualities) than outside (home, bank account, suits in the closet). Because the basic truth of the day ukrainian dating agncy - the amount of money in the pocket male depends entirely on the number of its female brains.
This let us stop because our next conversation about business women and their problems. ukrainian dating agncy.

Poems and whirlpool - it is rather about "love." Love - is the process of life-long. Fall in love - just a few minutes.
Love can only be definitely - without demanding anything in return, giving yourself just because you like the most. Love can any woman, but we are not taught in any school or home - how to love a man. As a result, we are building a relationship of love in the beginning ukrainian dating agency. what does it mean?
We are interested in spending time together, going out for the handle when the moon to face with trepidation, to have sex. And then it turns out that the man has his habits, he throws the socks on the floor and do not wash your toothbrush, he drinks beer with friends and listening to my mother. The woman opened her eyes? No, she poured the brains. And she tries to change it. How zealously she does, the more the man resisted. All love is over.
So according to their technology, I call on women:
eliminate internal imbalances and regain the feminine essence (thoughts and behavior)
create an adequate request for a man ukrainian dating agency
learn how to build relationships with men - from the beginning to the endless continuation
And what does it have to do, why even self-sufficient woman needs a man, I'll tell you the answer to the next part of the letter s. ukrainian dating agency.

I received a wonderful letter to the PM. I can not share with you. Writing is not just large in size, it raises very important questions that have plagued and tormented by more than one thousand women, so put it first as I read it.
Hello, Marina!
I decided to write to you personally ... Today a lot of talk about how to attract women, how to get married .. These and TV stations and the Internet is full of a variety of courses. What I have noticed, and I want to share with you, because You are also the author of the course and write a book on this subject.
I noticed a pattern. Firstly, the aim of exhibiting marry and (or) to find her man just as a super goal some, the most important in life. And just all the power a woman must give up her achievement! Moreover, a woman should and then, and then, and so on ... ie given a bunch of recommendations for what it should be and at what stage the relationship with a man, and to attract, and keep, and before bed or hang on the registrar's office. Then, given the technology ukrainian dating agencies. And if in setting goals may sound, that a man should be smart and handsome and rich, or what a super goal? That technology is designed to attract the dull instinctive primates. And, step by step!))) Maybe I'm exaggerating, but only to show the problem. And another thing: love, even as a concept, generally excluded from this technology. Yes, this is understandable: what feelings may be in the process?
I want to ask: Can a woman be sufficient for almost an end in itself "capture" in whatever became man and whether it needs this technology?
I have 50 full years, 44 - "marketing ploy," I look good, and somewhere in the 40-42. It is thanks to genetics and care. I've had three marriages, two legal and one civilian. All the husbands were very decent people. I have a grown son, grandson. At some point, my husbands with me became uncomfortable because I went and developed further, and they (if generalize), reaching a certain level, not without my help to the same (for which grateful to this day), did not want to go further. They reached their peak, ukrainian dating agencies and the rest of the movement was to strain. That for me was a joy, they were a burden. I listened to the advice: do not fly in the clouds down to earth. And she heard the right advice your grandmother Ruby females alone. Just me all my loving environment convinced that it is necessary for the easier to be. And I was a youth, an extraordinary man, very self-sufficient. I have the prestigious higher education. I put a lot of effort to become what I became. I continue to develop on a personal level. Many interests. Private business is already 25 years I travel a lot, both in the country as well as abroad. Throughout his life, I'm surrounded by love and care of people (men and women). Traditional moments for our women have been self-flagellation. So I think that I just do not chose those men ... Although grateful to each of them that they were in my life.
and further. Configured as many stereotypes about women's business! Yes, basically, it is not only the business and provided the ladies, but also interesting multifaceted personality! And it is not "afraid" of their men, and it is difficult to meet them, you need to be the same! Moreover, this applies not only to applicants for a husband, and the whole environment of these women. Because, as a rule, they do not have a lot of girlfriends and women. And it is justified. The higher the mountain, the less there buddy. This is the law of dialectics. And these women, and men need to know the places where similar "are found"))). Here and need advice. No technology, ukrainian dating agencies I think they do not need, they still rely on the senses ...
and further. When you read this, it is a shame for our females. They are actually in the manner of development of most men. And the need to find a man, because cope alone with financial problems is very difficult. If all was prosperity, not only to married women sought, in addition to the second or third, etc. never! Because, perhaps, doing what teach women to earn money.
Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe. I considered it possible for you to express your point of view. Thank You! ukrainian dating agencies.

Of course, in front of me I was running the case. As long as she will revel in their own ideal and non-ideal ambient fatal, it no one can help.
As she wants to find is now confirming that it is not alone to blame for the current situation ...
And she is one, the only, odeneshenka. Guilty. Only. Herself.
She came up with a perfect world. She began to build this world, completely ignoring that someone else may have your desires, aspirations, dreams ukrainian dating.
In order to build their world needed her loved ones she was used as puppets, breaking and destroying their world. I feel sorry for the girl who fumbles his father's pockets, and then a heart-rending cries out:
- I do not bralaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!
And no one had asked what pushed you to this, why did this happen? I do not asked and did not listen to the answers, not patted on the head and is not assured - you're my daughter, and I love you, I loved you when I was wearing under my heart, and I will always love you, no matter what you was ...
I feel sorry for the boy, whose mother is slain, carried in Lombard and there has tripled this infamous scene involving strangers. She forgot to ask again and wait for a response. It was again the statue of glass and concrete, ukrainian dating and all the others were praying for her right.
She strangled them with his eternal right and of all their reactions - all three of its "child" - were the same. Protest - open or hidden, or erupting from the depths.
And the only question that she is now specifies:
- Explain to me why?
I do not mind it, not at all sorry. ukrainian dating.

How to start a strong woman? With the formation of its own - definitely correct, perfect and infallible view of the world. Here it invents some cube world and all the rest of his life trying to bury the events and people in this cube. Very similar to a person who has a hammer, and all things surrounding it perceives as nails.
First were her parents. A typical situation - father drinks, beats mother suffers. Daughter stood between them. Separate, divorce on the corners. The fragile child's psyche was already born a deep personal idealization - that's what it is right, smart, brave. Can stop a drunken father and mother command frightened tips on dating ukrainian women.
Next on the list was the husband of her test. Eighteen boy who stuck badly, and she was Rh negative. He did not even realize when she first unscrew his hands behind his back:
- I have no complaints to you, - said icily (she's a big expert on icy tone), - in any case I'm going to give birth, because he did not want to remain without children in the future.
What question, he immediately asked her to marry. She graciously condescended. It is then she will actively push it in your cubical world, and he - to resist. The more he struggled, the more she furiously stuffing. He went into business - came to work in silence would collapse on the sofa or drinking in the kitchen. She scandals, he answered the same. As a result, could not speak for weeks or months tips on dating ukrainian women.
Sex is almost faded away. But she did not even bother to find out what's really going on, she was just wondering how it is possible to invest in its cubic world and cut "unnecessary" parts. So it is strongly recommended to consult a urologist about prostatitis. He had to take it as an indication - an adult man of forty, a business owner!
They diverged further in the interests and lives. She remained at the mercy of the children whom she could sculpt, as it sees fit. The more she pounded them into a cube, the more frequently asked to "explain the reasons for their actions," but all of them put forward the version itself, not allowing them to open his mouth, and reveling in their discernment, the greater was their resistance and the destruction of their own personality.
The daughter had a baby (also unnamed), tips on dating ukrainian women stole his father's money. Once again, my father could not stand it (it seems only looked for a reason), and delivered its verdict:
- I can not live in this house, I'm leaving!
She said: "I'm going with you." As a result, three of them - husband, she and her son - moved out to a safe place, leaving a twenty year old girl with a baby in her arms completely alone. And not one muscle moved on her face when she is told. Of course, they did not throw it, they bought her products - no comment! Six months later, the husband still left, two of them already.
Son - a separate song. The case with a gold ring - a non-identity. Before there were three and a half thousand, he did not carry in tuition and propyl one day. As a measure of education, she decided to give his father.
- I brought it (she sincerely believes), now you, as a man, it should raise! He needed the man's hand.
That's because - she said. The rest of the nails, I - a hammer! Easily!!
Six weeks later the son began to moan that he does not see his father, and when he sees that it makes washing floors and dishes. She graciously took her son back.
On any of my remarks in the course of the story, any attempt to give her the opportunity to see the world on the other hand, I get a disagreement. The recommendations of psychologists must also fit in a cube. If not - gilotiniruem superfluous tips on dating ukrainian women.
Now she is struggling to find an answer to the question - why are they all so it do that? Why is that? Why is that? Why is that?
In search of an answer, she is ready to put their lives. Completely without residue. My question - and if you will never find an answer to your question is that if there was no response. tips on dating ukrainian women.

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