First, let's look at what egregor money.
On the proposal of some people egregor - is a kind of patron saint, which is designed to contribute to the wealth of money and even multiply wealth.
In fact egregor - this is not an abstract deity, idol, which should offer gifts and sacrifices, as we did, for example, people in ancient times, worshiping the god of fertility, trade, etc. Egregor money is a certain energy flow. We can say that this information-energy "mix" of desires, thoughts, words, actions and emotions of many people. People think about the money, they tend to them, possess them. Egregor can be imagined as a concentrated cloud that consists of waves, vibrations, emitted by a person or group of people united by a common life activities. (Occupational, family, religious, linguistic, political, etc.). In this case, we are talking about money, but also applies to all other egregors free ukraine dating sites.
From these cloud-egregors, large and small, personal and group, tight and loose, bad and good, calm and aggressive, and is, in fact, all the information and energy shell of our planet. Egregors can absorb each other and grow from each other, collide, or loyal to coexist side by side.
Egregor money is a collection of human aspirations, dreams and actions, it is perhaps the oldest on the planet. After all, at all times, people seek the good life, which implies wealth and prosperity.
Connection egregor money involves the formation of information-energy cloud. This wave-vibrations emitted by their money in any form, whether it be coins, bills, gold bullion, precious stones. Also egregor money generated cash flows and processes, that is, the buying and selling of goods received wages in office organization, the removal of funds from the savings account. This important principle is that the more money will pass through your hands, the money egregor nicer free ukraine dating sites.
But you must understand that no egregor does not just energy, it always takes a fee - usually more than he gave. Otherwise egregors would long ago have left, they live at the expense of energy. As bankers give less - take more and egregors must replenish your energy channels. However, do not be afraid. Egregors is not a vampire. When connected to the egregore is a mutual exchange. And egregors always watching who and how much to give, as well as to whom and how much to take. It will in this case at the discretion egregor and take it as claimed in maximum. Unless of course people do not put him up to this more, but in this case egregor himself with joy to share, it is profitable.
Well, now that we understand what egregor money, it's time to learn how to connect to it. There are several options. Of course it all depends on each person individually, but there are general tips.
I'll tell you about one of the major, well-proven. To connect to the egregore of money you need to see or very expensive house, or a large amount of money or a large number of precious stones (jewelry). That is, you need to go to a large jewelry store, or go to the rich area of your city. And when all these symbols of wealth will be in front of your eyes, do the following.
All of you must have heard about the "third eye". If you really want to connect to egregor money, willpower mentally open your "third eye". Look at the symbols of wealth that are in front of you, as if the inner eye, the "third eye". You will find that they are surrounded by energy. You should see a golden glow coming from money or jewelry (despite what you see). Now imagine a golden glow as the continuous flow enters into you through your "third eye". Draws in the golden stream as long as you have the opportunity and strength. And let this golden stream of this energy wealth goes down to the solar plexus. In your solar plexus, it should be collected. Pour all of the energy wealth as you can, his solar plexus.
All! You are connected to the cash flow. If you did everything correctly, then the money should egregor you take. Sometimes it is impossible to do it right the first time. Repeat the exercise periodically and gradually you will notice that the money is starting to appear in your life out of nowhere.
And to remain always with egregore money - thanks to him. Even for a small amount of unexpected - thanks. Our sincere gratitude is the simplest and the most precious thing we can give free ukraine dating sites.
Also in the magical interior of our site Women's Forum "Love" you will find a special section of how to connect to egregor money using rune forul.
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That's how the male body almost all "acquired" is collected in one place. Stomach man does not paint. Excess weight does not add health. So we'll have to slightly change habits. Without fanaticism, of course, polegonku and slowly, but the main thing - every day.
Should be a good person a lot?
In our minds extra kilos - a purely female problem. But dispassionate Medical statistics show that over the last years with alarming rapidity growing number of obese men and even obesity, especially among the young free ukraine dating only.
It all starts with a tummy that many affectionately called "labor corn." But it is far from harmless. Her owners are absolutely suffer all the body systems, especially ocheredserdechno-vascular, endocrine and nervous.
Reducing the mobility of the chest, and an exaggerated position of the diaphragm impede rabotulegkih lead to respiratory and cardiovascular disease.
Feet swollen, night sleep disturbed, often pressure is raised, pestering thirst and dry mouth, back pain, low back pain.
Such people often experience fatigue and sleepiness caused by anoxia of brain cells. Making rouse herself and show their quickness can only magic word "snack" - the appetite they sometimes simply ravenous free ukraine dating only.
Thickening of blood - too frequent sign of obesity. It often leads to a heart attack, stroke. Scientists have found that every extra kilogram men snizhaetsyalibido, with massive obesity develops impotence.
For extra weight fat men pay for Hamburg score, thoroughly undermining their health, shortening of his life. But it is not a final, non-appealable judgment.
Studies confirm: reset overweight - and you get rid of many "ills." Normalizes the work of the internal organs, come into balance all body systems. You once again go through life easily. But how to lose weight free ukraine dating only?!
Employment in the gym
The main mistake - one glance at his greatly increased (more than 10-12 cm in volume), stomach, trying to get rid of it the intensity of training in the gym on treadmills, tennis courts and swimming pools. After all, their belongings were not immediately accumulated and largely thanks to your small mobility, the evening feasts, night raids on the refrigerator and indestructible love for beer. The abdominal muscles are too stretched, changed their function, significantly raise the diaphragm, and thus worsened breathing, suffered from fatty foods and alcohol liver narushilasosanka deteriorated condition of the spine.
The body unaccustomed to intense stress, and therefore can not adequately respond to your athletic exploits. The first to suffer heart - may have pain, and shortness of breath, pressure jump. Aerobic harmful excesses and liver. She starts to receive less oxygen, which will pick up the entire hard working muscles, and finally "odryahleet free ukraine dating only."
If the volume of the stomach increased much in advance tune for long (2 to 6 months) and regular exercise with a gradual increase in load. It is best to deal with under the supervision of an instructor in the gym with a lot of simulators are working all muscle groups and evenly coaching body.
Even better is to carry out training on cardio, hoping for a load pulse.
Current Board
Pool use as an additional, but not the main tool for weight loss. Swimming load mainly muscles of the shoulders and arms, but did not press. But to complete the training useful pool - resting tired spine, relax the muscles tired out.
After training, try to use the sauna or steam room - 2-3 short call, cold shower afterwards, and you will gain performance, and along with then disappeared from the slag.
Be sure to drink plenty of fluids during exercise - a little, but often to prevent dehydration and increase the load on the heart and brain.
For running, training on the court, football and other sports, go only after 2-3 weeks of regular (at least 3 times a week) training in the gym, and when he pulled muscles and ligaments ready for large physical loads.
Home gym
You can hurt yourself, and the most usual morning exercises, if you do not respect the principles of prudence and gradualness.
Many people think that you can get rid of belly, pump up the press, and begin to pace itself lifts the body with fixed under the support legs. Nothing but fatigue, headaches, tension, shortness of breath, and even broken lumbar such goresportsmeny not receive. In the formation of the press involves not only the direct abdominal muscles (and they are utilized in this exercise), but oblique, lateral and back muscles.
Pulling in the vise on the bar - also a lesson for the prepared. The muscles at the back of the owners of big belly modified spine undergoes constant overload, especially in the lumbar region. Hang a man with all the weight on the bar - and God forbid, if it will have time to take off from there. But they can not make it: shift the drive pinch nerve roots, will be felt vertebral hernia - she often has in obese men, but for the time being does not manifest itself free ukraine dating only.
Start with long walks at a good pace, sometimes moving to a light jog. Gradually increase the walking speed and mileage
In the morning make a simple 15-minute exercises for all muscle groups. If the inclination and rotation is difficult to do, you can initially do without them. Squat is not necessarily to the floor, rather a series of shallow squats with your back straight as you exhale
Watch out during the exercise of proper breathing - it should be diaphragmatic deep breath through your mouth and inhale through your nose
Useful cycling - they are well-trained heart
To achieve fast results through diet is also very difficult. If women are easy enough to change the diet, men are arranged in a different way: they are food - a very important source of energy. That is why they are much worse and suffer starvation, and any diet, and generally extremely reluctant to do it.
Most of what the average man is able to - almost nothing to eat for breakfast, skip lunch and eat to satiety for dinner. And it gets worse: the body perceives a temporary hunger as a danger signal and starts to fill up "strategic reserves". So anything other than extra centimeters, gastritis and the problems with the pancreas, you do not get.
Dangerous in this sense and supplements for weight loss. Overweight recruited for various reasons, but a means available to all one, often with a diuretic and a laxative effect, which the body can not respond as I would like. All supplements should be used in combination, and preferably on the individual recommendation of a specialist.
Stop overeating at night, dine at least no later than 8 pm, the meal begins with a vegetarian soup, salad, vegetables
Turn process leisurely absorption of food. Accustomed to savor every morsel as if it was your last life, then you are able to get enough of the smaller volume of food.
Horseradish flavored food - it is a powerful natural fat burner.
Current Board
After chicken with potatoes and other incompatible in terms of a balanced diet meals can be partially neutralize the damage immediately after eating a meal orange. It helps the body absorb useful and withdraw all harmful. Fatty meats and kebabs wash down a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.
If you can not resist the beer, did not eat before going to bed, and as soon as possible every day by reducing the number of bottles or cups.
Accustomed to morning oatmeal for most men is almost impossible. Try just do not skip breakfast. This morning you can afford it. But during the day eat less, but more often
Drink plenty of freshly squeezed juices - grapefruit, pineapple, apple, cabbage, cucumber. Useful such a cocktail: the juice of cucumber, parsley, dill, celery, mixed with 10-20 g of fresh beet juice. All these juices help break down "surrogate" accumulated on the waist.
Current Board
Conventional fruit juices are useful, and they should be sure to drink a cocktail through a straw. When you fruit chew, actively produce saliva and degrading enzymes useful substances even in the mouth, so the effect of the juice will be stronger.
Men are often used to combat domestic miostimulyatory belly - belt with electrodes connected to a pulse generator, forcing the muscles to work against our will. The idea itself is not bad: the electrodes imposed in the abdomen, working on all muscle groups, return them to the original form, and you are not making any effort, and therefore do not give extra strain on the heart. The volume of subcutaneous fat is reduced gradually.
But at home electromyostimulation ineffective and even harmful. The result is heavily dependent on the correct connection of the electrodes and the mode selection. It is better to do it under the supervision of a specialist.
Another pitfall - passivity during such procedures, even in a salon. In the supine position changes the circulation deteriorates diaphragmatic breathing. You may experience discomfort, shortness of breath, cramps in his right side. And to lose weight fast using only a passive myostimulation it fails.
Combine with electromyostimulation feasible gymnastics - no complicated exercise, walking straight into the procedure. It has already been developed such techniques, and there is a special set of exercises. Daily hour and a half sessions 2-3 weeks - and the stomach "leaves", and almost all
Appliances should be avoided. Electromyostimulation - physiotherapy is a procedure that must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist
ADDITION electromyostimulation mud wraps, lymphatic drainage procedures massazhemi whirlpool, which is particularly effective - such complexes usually offered in health centers and salons. Result will have to wait longer, but the effort and money will pay off for sure
The course wraps can get rid of excess fluid, toxins and fat accumulation in the body, improve sostoyaniinervnoy and endocrine systems, on which the balance of the processes of lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and lipogenesis (fat formation and storing)
Whirlpool used to solve many problems. The action of powerful jets provides lymphatic drainage effect, stimulates and tone the muscles and tissues; It causes dilation of blood vessels in the skin and the organism as a whole, which helps to activate the process of circulation, metabolism, weight loss.
Not only women should pay special attention to their appearance, handsome man much more successful in life, so take a little time for yourself. As the saying goes: a healthy body, healthy mind. free ukraine dating only.

To successfully manage a man, you need to learn a few truths.
Truth first. Men love it when their praise. Men breathtaking and dizzy when they hear something concerning their appearance, achievements, talents, if all this is presented in an enthusiastic manner.
Male somehow built in the garden of crooked table, praising his intelligence and ingenuity. And then, covered with oilcloth table, cook ceremonial tea. If the husband suddenly give something minor - immediately touches, because he is the consummate romantic christian ukraine dating agency.
Any praise of you is the catalyst that stimulates the activity of men, aimed at trying to make you nice. It can be a little bit, and criticize, but mild and without pressure. Let him only a fixed rave your feedback. And if you praise him publicly, the effect is increased by the order. After your enthusiasm you will be much easier to find an understanding with a man and is much easier to manage.
Truth is the second. Man always strives to be first. Even in ordinary household situations, it is important to realize that the idea to go to the movies, make love, make repairs, that he first came up. In an effort to control the man - not to dissuade him, and he will turn the mountain to you. Plenty of surprise and enthusiastic exclamations christian ukraine dating agency.
- Are you prepared for this?
- How do you know how and it is!
- I'm sorry, but I do not think you are so erudite.
Roughly, that's right. Watch out for themselves, not to be repeated. False felt immediately. If you really say everything with a sincere enthusiasm, the man would be happy to explore and conquer new heights.
Truth third. Every man is inherent desire to be "real." The image of this man must form you and your husband should strive for this ideal, considering it their initiative, demand coming from the depths of his soul. Therefore it is not required to exercise some qualities directly. Sitting in a room, get a conversation about men and mention that the really real man would never allow his wife to carry heavy bags. You just talk about it with a friend sitting next to. But your man this thesis firmly engraved in the memory, and at every opportunity he will snatch your bag, even if they are not too heavy. You talk indirectly about anything. The man is easy to conclude, and will seek to adjust their actions by the behavior of this man. This is a very tricky and flexible in managing the reception man. But we and the women to use the women's tricks christian ukraine dating agency.
Truth fourth. The man is very hard to admit their mistakes. Particularly in cases which it considers a privilege men. For example, when he is driving and can not in any way find the address, it is better not to meddle with his comments and advice, and even more reproaches. Reassure him with something neutral, it is better to cope and will thank you for your patience.
Truth fifth. A man should always be a winner. And it is very important to realize you understand yourself, and then you can push it to this understanding. Even in small household affairs, completing something successfully, it is with your active participation will feel the taste of victory. And the more he will feel it, the more extensive and serious cases it can solve, emerging victorious christian ukraine dating agency.
Of course, not all at once you'll get. Do not mistake the one who does not do anything, the main thing to try. Do not try to make trouble or to argue with the man, it will not give positive results. If you want to master the art of "How to manage a man" be patient and soon your man will be the best and most perfect. In a word - a winner! christian ukraine dating agency.

Love magic has become very popular these days. From somewhere in a huge number of "hereditary" sorcerers and fortune tellers who simply do according to customer omens, prisushki and more. Neither the client nor the contractor is not thinking about the consequences of action produced.
In this article I want to explain to all those interested in the magic of love, how it works and what the consequences should you expect then to be surprised.
First, of course you need to know to whom you are applying for magic rituals. Remember that the people who actually have some magical skills and abilities are very few. As a rule, they themselves do not advertise in the media, they have no time and no need to do it. Work magician (sorcerer, nymphs - call it what you will) is very complicated and difficult. To perform many rituals to keep a strict fast. Absolutely everyone in the performance of the ritual magician gives a lot of his energy free ukraine dating. Think about it, would a sane person with magical powers, would agree to take every day for 10 orders? Yes, it is physically impossible, if you do the rituals properly and responsibly. And if you do anyhow, only to tear off money from a client, you need a job this "magician"?
Second, remember that as a performer and the customer are responsible to Higher Forces for their actions. And if you're trying to forcibly intervene in someone else's fate - you will answer for it. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a time, sometimes in the other life, but responsible for their actions, you will anyway. Some of you may say, "Ah, it's all nonsense! Just think, in the next life, someone will be there to answer for what I charmed his favorite. But I also now more than good, and he did not seem to complain. A what will happen does not concern me, it's will be a different person. " I appeal to those who thinks so. Think about why you had to imagine someone bewitch? Why are not you able to build a normal romantic relationships without magic? Does not it to you that you have problems in your life that you can not solve in the usual way? Where did these problems? Not because of any past life, when your soul is living in the other embodiments, violated the laws of life and pulled the answer for the problems created in the next incarnation? Believe me, nothing goes unnoticed free ukraine dating.
The third thing you need to remember. Subordinating the fate of others by force its will you break someone else's energy, thereby causing irreparable damage to his "beloved" person. This is equivalent to that of a whim to take and cut off his hand because of your understanding it would be better. Is it love? It is selfishness and love here does not smell even close.
The fourth thing I want to tell you. There are times when a person does not go to anyone for help, and he starts to do something, finding suitable formulas or rituals. However, he is right, that does not affect anyone specific, and asks the Higher Powers of bringing love flows into your life. On the one hand it seems right. After all, if we love the channel is closed, how do we attract love? But there is one small detail. It should be very clear to know what to ask the Higher Forces. If you are looking for love entertainment, they will be given to you. But if you dream of building a strong and happy family, then your request for attracting love, give a different result. It's all in the wording. If you do not have enough love in your life and ask you about it, then you will love. Just be aware that this will be the passion which destroys everything in its path free ukraine dating.
Yes, after a certain rituals, certain application of the formulas, after a short time you will meet the person with whom you happen energy coupling. And then love, passion, mad adrenaline doses ... warped time and space ... Tower tears. Both. Completely breaks. The whirlwind of feelings and emotions rolls. People forget about everything. Lasts a complete madness 3-4 months, then in decline. Energy - is the work for wear, for both. Business, business and other go awry. Money is flying on the wind - they simply cease to be considered ... Simply put it all looks like a wild energy vortex. It is a road of destruction, and the p-s-p-y-w-i-n-th and above all himself.
So I want to give you advice. If you drive into your love life with a view to starting a family, it is so specified: attract love into your life, followed by the creation of strong and happy family! So you did not have then left with nothing after the whirlwind of passion.
As you can see the magic of love it is very delicate and need to treat it very carefully. I hope my tips will help you and you will avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to disastrous results free ukraine dating.
Let your life be filled with happiness and genuine love, without love magic. free ukraine dating.

Internet does not stand still, and now there are many opportunities to meet and seek his fortune. Social networks in our country and around the world, Skype, messadzh, on-line courses of all kinds and on-line games. The list is far from complete, but that little is changing. Of course, social networks come not everyone who wants to find real and lasting relationship, possibly ending a marriage. But as long as there is such a likelihood, they too should be seen as a resource for research.
In fact, the search algorithm in these networks is not much different from searching on dating sites, and the very introduction and establishment of relations does not differ from the traditional-dating sites - two friends and start to get closer and closer ukraine girls for dating.
Thus, exhausting all possible sources of information on the strategy and tactics of the second half of their search on the internet, we have come to only one conclusion that all currently available features tips and tricks have disputed the benefits and positive impact, a limited shelf life and scope .
What remains?
Perhaps at this point it looked bad to the statement:
- I now - a star in the sky - will tell you how to do, how should look that is guaranteed to find, I will give you three pills at night, and tomorrow in your mailbox will knock all of the free world are millionaires ukraine girls for dating!
I will not tell you this. This is stupid - because happiness at everyone, it requires advance preparation, knowledge of algorithms and techniques of Internet search and dating the elementary luck and his own happiness corresponds to which you would like to acquire.
I'll give you three pills of happiness for the night. But I can teach you not just put one foot, and go to the goal, and to accompany you on this road. Show reefs, reefs and shoals, have had with you all five disease-dating sites, and together with you recover your form and to find an adequate request for the happiness that you deserve, and that will be worthy of you.
I came up with the School Internet Dating for women seeking their fortune abroad our beautiful homeland ukraine girls for dating.
I just want to ensure that our women are the best women in the world were also the happiest. It is not easy and not fast. However, you may believe, it is possible! ukraine girls for dating.

Of course, the Forum - it's a great opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions. Here you can meet and talk with different people, as a rule, and they are going to communicate on the dating site, where there is a forum. If the site is search and familiarity, it going to those who are looking for. If the site is on life there, there are going to those who got married or had somehow got into another country and looking for friends in the new habitat. If the site is to share information on scammers, deceivers, speculators and other unscrupulous men and women - in the forum of the site going deceived and offended and discuss the details of their own misery and misfortunes ukraine dating.
What are negative now? Yes same as plus. Different, sometimes diametrically opposed points of view. Untrained person, who even seek help and opinion, it is very difficult to understand what is still to do. The latest example - a woman on the forum asked the Council and described the situation - come familiar, but in a different city, the question is to go to him or not to go? As a result, organized very polar debate, opinions were divided into two opposing camps. Some - for the "go", others - "for no reason." Whom to listen to? what to do?
A person can come to the forum to hear someone else's opinion, did not do what he was going to do, and as a result did not go down that road. Can we assume forumskie true tips? It is necessary to first consider the question, what kind of people are in favor of one or other opinion or advice? What leads them, when they can convincingly pass judgment ukraine dating - to punish or pardon?
We do not follow the advice malovmenyaemoy aunt in the queue for tights, but somehow sincerely believe that if a person is able to poke at the keyboard, it is in itself - Chamber mind!
Another important aspect of useful advice in this area stems from the site itself, which owns the Forum - married and something reached the woman, now living abroad, as a rule, and communicate with their peers on married forums ukraine dating. They give advice to beginners surf are not interested, they have found their happiness. Those who are now in search, also stumble into one group and can no longer scare each other and infected fears, like a kitten named Woof. Advance whether this mania you somewhere ahead? I doubt it. ukraine dating.

What can I say? During his career dating-I these sites shoveled a huge amount and with varying degrees of success. On all the major dating sites have a section of beautiful love stories, there are recommendations for the search. In general, they are not without reason. In general, and not specifically. And some small detail is that the goals of the women who had come to a dating site, and organizers target sites, to put it mildly, somewhat perpendicular.
Our goal - to quickly visit their unearthly happiness and dump out forever. Objectives Administration - Commercial - capitalize on the enthusiasm of our good money. how? Supporting women's solid base on which, dating ladies from ukraine as school of herring, comes an entire fishing fleet, in the face of the male population of the world, paying for Gold and Platinum membership in dollar terms.
Hence we say in these guidelines as if half the truth, the other half we have to learn, stuffing their own lumps. I especially do not like the advice that can be considered directly harmful. Such as: write a lot and active men on the site (the result of following such "advice" was an instant lock my profiles on one site Me and my data are immediately liquidated in the "black list scammers"), write several times to one man, be assertive - not only did he have "ban" can still bring in their own hands this same list, dating ladies from ukraine then this is certainly not otmoeshsya.
Typically, the recommendations says nothing about what to do when you answer, or when you have written in the first place, or when there are thousands of other cases of Internet dating. In response, again silence - no one to ask.
That is where there is nobody to ask, because it is offline. Let's talk about some tips for dating online we give to the women's forum. dating ladies from ukraine.

Smoothly move on to books written by women, because their authors (avtoressy, avtoritsy) also fall into our and Nenashev. I will start with foreign authors who write for foreign women also. The first problem - all the same irrelevance as time on the internet and around the moves with the speed of light. I saw a very popular online book-recommendations as fall in love with the Internet all in a row. Maybe sometime in the beginning of the century, at US local sites for American women as it was relevant and useful, but after ten years for the women of the former USSR, these tips are from the category of "It is not worth doing." With the help of those recommendations, online dating ukraine which give these authors, you are not what you find, but also scare away all potential applicants.
Books, good individual books on the subject written by our women to seek and found their happiness on the Internet, unfortunately, not so much, it comes out in small print runs, because, as I was told, "sold poorly."
Even when I first conceived of the new dating book - collected enough material, the first algorithms have been worked out and gave good results and very much like to share their discoveries - conducted its own market research by going to a large bookshop and Ryskov on the shelves of this theme. I saw a lot of books, you get even something big and impressive, and it seemed to me that all the most important thing about this is already written, and written much better than I can do.
Recently conducted a second study in the same major bookstores, online dating ukraine I have not found anything useful or worthy of attention - either the book is purely technical (what buttons to press on the keyboard), or the book is purely psychological, with the provinces, professionals and not deytingistkami, or it is a book from the category - I like that happened, fate lyumur, toujours, happiness. This can be a great fiction about modern Cinderella, but is unlikely to help with all the diversity of cases that occur in the network every day and every moment when the question arises, what is it and what I in connection with this case in response - silence. The result on the one hand I was pleased, because my book to be not such as these. On the other hand disappointed - because of the fact that there are now very difficult to really learn how to search and find the real man on the Internet. online dating ukraine.

Let us examine the points. Let's start with print and divide them into two main groups - the book about dating online, written by men, and books about the same written by women.
To begin, how to tell a male gaze. About that man wrote in these books? About how man seeks happiness. About what he wanted to get a result. Or about how he believes is necessary to search a woman. However, he is very detailed and colorful will describe ... tip of the iceberg. Why are only the tip, you ask? Because nizushku - namely, it moves the top of the water and takes away the Titanic - he does not see. This cause-and-effect relationship, it is the little things, ukrainian women singles dating the details are not subordinate to the male system of thought. The man sees the whole picture, but it is the details, the little things cleverly screwed woman posing in his perception of the hooks and hooks.
So men advises women how to act in a particular case, it is more advisory in nature. You can follow them, you can pretend that you are following them, but you can say that you are following them and do the opposite. And that "contrary" to benefit both sides.
I would especially like to pass your written word of the male authors of foreign origin, translated, but not the index for domestic consumption and female. The first of these books minus - is overdue. While this book was written, published, sold at home, translate, sell at your nearest bookstore, got into your hands, and was delivered and put into service, ukrainian women singles dating it is a hundred times already soured. Internet is moving forward by leaps and bounds, dating online - even more so. Whereas previously people were registered on dating sites, you can now easily get acquainted on social sites, Skype, and even where the devils. Information relating to the Internet, becomes obsolete very quickly. Trends change, once prospective dating die, and save time by collecting frozen mammoth corpses there, foolishly signing up on the advice of "stale" in the book, did not make sense.
Another minus - the target audience, which designed the book. As is usually the foreign writers write about local dating sites, respectively, calculated on the mentality of the local women. Take my word that we are all different, as brought up in different social and cultural environment, and we have these recommendations may come as a cow saddle.
I want to repeat that between local acquaintances (in your city, ukrainian women singles dating region or country) and international - the difference is huge. And in the case of the international dating service, we can not in half an hour to come to a real encounter with a man. To do this, at least he must have a visa, tickets and holidays rather than money on a minibus and a desire to get fucked in the opponent's territory. ukrainian women singles dating.

Start is always easier from your personal experience. Why in my head the idea to find a husband on the Internet? To put it simple - do not want that fortune overseas, as well - the scale, new feelings, new man nearby. The reason we will not go, it's not the format. Just take as a starting idea - wanted, save no!
Find website and registered with it - it turned out a trifling matter, even for Internet kettle, whom I was then in full. Well, once something is posted in the questionnaire on the first available dating site, well, something nakalyakal about yourself, well, someone give me a wink. And then what?
It was only later I learned that this very process of finding resources, ukrainian women for dating in canada accommodation questionnaires, database search - male or female - writing letters and conversations online - this whole process is called a multi-faceted one word - new dating from the English a date - date.
I did not know much, but rather - did not know, and as normal a specialist in human souls, in other words, a psychologist - was the approach the process of searching and finding as a professional. Soon the idea of Internet znakomtva grabbed me, and I decided that I certainly learn to do it on the highest level and teach other women to seek and find your happiness somewhere in the other worlds, countries and continents using the endless possibilities of the Internet.
And now we have come close to that, ukrainian women for dating in canada why I have such-rastakaya, gathered to teach the people in this intricate and full of personality really like dating on the Internet with serious and far-reaching? As if all the shops are full of such literature, as if each site has some recommendations and the Internet, you can dig up a lot of information on this issue. All this is true, but ... ukrainian women for dating in canada.

We continue to explore the underside of virtual communication. We have already said that in reality, trying to get to know someone, assume on the street, you can run into a boorish response that hurt injure. So, on the Internet is the same you can run more often and send you much deeper.
why is this happening? Because people in the network is free as ever - it is not visible (no pictures, or view), you do not know his name and address, telephone number and passport. You can not bring him for insult and slander. He impunity, and uses it to the fullest. Sometimes it seems to me that those who are in life scared to speak out, read it - send someone to come to the sites, forums and social networking sites exclusively for that.
What can I save? Humor (it always saves), ukrainian women dating single marriage ironic (they should be pitied), strong nerves (do not argue with a fool - people can not tell the difference), healthy self-esteem (do you know exactly who you really are).
Slightly smaller than a rough maloadekvatny promise, but still sensitive, wounded heart freshman first refusal. "Thank you, I'm looking for a different type of woman" - is the mildest that can be found in the response message of. Disgusting of all, when you are happy to report that he had found the woman of his dreams. Then, for some even sit on a dating site? Who catch?
It is much more difficult, but still possible to track the overall adequacy of your new virtual friend. Since we can only repel it written or oral communication. When you ask to stay on the exchange dating sites, all in one soul will talk about finding a woman for life to her, you know, in sorrow and in joy, in poverty and in wealth ukrainian women dating single marriage ...
In fact, it may be more mundane things, such as an active search for partner for the virtual sex (and this can be quite respectable barter), lie to get your money (there are some countries that are even poorer we live), just an endless soap opera about Love 365 series (this is the most painful and disgusting, in my opinion). In short, for dating sites and social networks at the moment people come different.
As relates to the fact that the words of a beautiful love and long term relationship or remain words, or spill over into another plane? It is easy. Do not forget that the Internet - an easy thing. Do not teach a man to shame him, to treat him, offended, or to show their discontent. I am in this case, I check a couple of times. Sometimes a man can understand his mistake and continue to avoid it. Then why not give the man a chance? If after a few minutes or days, we return to the previous proposals, such as virtual sex, I say that I need to work, to interrupt communication. Then quietly I block or delete the contact. Believe me, ukrainian women dating single marriage no one hands you will not miss and talk again-too tempting. Internet - an easy thing!
Several times I came across a mentally abnormal specimens. These, too, have and have money to buy a computer and pay for Internet traffic. What are they good for? Their inadequacy is immediately visible - light up very quickly unearthly love, after three messadzh already decided to marry you. In three messadzh accused you in total infidelity and another three messadzh themselves "razlyublyayut" you. This is the case, what do you answer them patiently.
I do not like any tension in the relationship - real or virtual, I do not like to wash where there is not spoiled, so when starting these pens, I always say to myself:
- If it is in the status "No" and the name "none" allows himself to make such a claim, what will happen in some other status?
Quietly banim not feel remorse. But this can be said to the extreme, as in any business. In any case, that you may know "nice gait" in your personal quest. And the rest, new dating - a very exciting thing that enriches the soul, expanding the circle of acquaintances, and both sexes, changes you from the inside and outside, gives more than takes. ukrainian women dating single marriage.

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