You need to sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, exhale three times.
Let go of all thoughts, try to relax as much as possible, enter into a state of comfort.
It is necessary to present yourself in a place of power, which is closer in character. This could shore, where the sea the breeze caresses your face. Or sunny meadow. Or covered with green velvet grass mountains, studded with bright colors with clean air. In any place that you imagine the sun is shining and you are very comfortable. Opens space and pours a golden thread, it fills you up. The body is opened, the golden energy enters the body and spreads with the breath throughout the body ukraine girls dating and marriage.
From the sky down clot turquoise, envelops the whole body. You see how the skin around bottled turquoise glow.
Then, on top of the falls you clot purple. It just envelops you, on top of turquoise.
The colors are intertwined. Gold, turquoise and purple - the color of abundance.
Feel the breeze. You are surrounded by an abundance of energy and are at the center of energy of abundance. Energy abundance relate to you. Feel the emotional lift.
Think about some kind of victory. Remember the state of joy, ukraine girls dating and marriage happiness and pride in themselves. You are worthy of this award as well and now you are worthy of the award being sought.
You are in anticipation of new awards. You know exactly what you get what you want. Remember your state of confidence. This confidence and happiness grows in you. You believe in the success of its future business.
Tell yourself: "I am confident in myself and my success, I am happy and svodoben. I have everything I want. I accept the energy of abundance. I accept the abundance in my life. I accept money bearing abundance in my life ukraine girls dating and marriage."
Gradually color energies dissolve into your skin. The energies are in abundance and you are always with you. Thank the universe for an opportunity to energy abundance. Open your eyes. Feel the energy of abundance in yourself. Try periodically to remember the state of happiness and victory that you have experienced during meditation. ukraine girls dating and marriage.

Relationships between men and women is a very complex science. Unfortunately none of us usually do not teach how to build interpersonal relationships. Usually all occurs spontaneously and usually with errors. And then we have these errors long and hard to fix, unless of course still have the opportunity to at least something to fix. And if you can not fix the surviving emotional trauma, we are trying to build new relationships and, unfortunately, again, make mistakes, though, and others. Let us try to understand what is the relationship between a man and a woman, and how to properly build.
Let's start with the concept of relationships themselves. Many naively believe that if a man and a woman meet, there is a relationship between them. Alas, this is not true. On this occasion, there is an interesting statement:
"If a man and woman meet - they do not have relations. If a man and woman were married - they still do not have relations. If a man and a woman gave birth to a child - and they do not have relations. But if the man and woman have issued a joint mortgage - this is a serious relationship. "
As can be understood from this statement, the relationship is not only the desire to be together and willingness to take responsibility for each other, it is also a complete mutual trust ukraine dating services. And from that point it begins the very complex science, how to build these very serious relationship.
It is important to keep in mind - to build a relationship is always attended by two. There can be no relationship if one partner is passive and nowhere seeks. Saying "one loves and the other allows himself to love" is fundamentally not true. Only a mutual desire to be together, mutual feelings will lead men and women to a serious relationship.
The second
generally - the relationship between a man and a woman based on mutual respect. Remember, love is very fragile substance, especially in the beginning. One wrong word, one wrong move could easily destroy it. And if you notice that your partner does not show proper respect to your interests, or worse, in your relationship are allowed obscenities against each other insults ukraine dating services - no marriage can not be.
You need to remember when building a relationship between a man and a woman - not to lose yourself in this relationship. Always remember about self-esteem. It often happens that one of the partners is so soluble in love, that they forget about themselves, their interests, only the interests of the partner lives and their feelings towards him. Unfortunately, human nature is such that it always chooses the satellites themselves such, and not in accordance with their development aspirations and he coolly rejects and goes further. Therefore, if you want to be with their loved one together - does not dissolve in it, do not follow him around and try to make sure that he was interested in you. Of course you need to have common interests, but each of you must make to the development of these interests for some their participation. To this point was more clear, I will give a concrete example from the life.
Anya and Maxim (call so our heroes) met for about a year, but in their relationship something was missing. Instead of the first tumultuous feelings already reached a certain habit. And somehow, gradually began to appear a feeling of boredom. Anya was fond of painting, liked to go to museums, and Maxim liked sports. He enjoyed going with my friends and play football and Sparing workout. They respected each other's interests, but these interests are often separated them. One summer, Anna and Max with a big company went on a picnic. Picnic was on the lake. Someone had brought an inflatable boat and a fishing rod. Anya had never been on a fishing trip and she suddenly became very interesting. She asked the boat. Moreover, she gladly took part in the direct fishing and caught more than anyone else. Her eyes burned, men around admired her skill and luck. Maxim also became interested and then picnic together they went to a fishing shop and bought everything needed for fishing. They began to go fishing together, work together to find the Internet a variety of tips and secrets experienced anglers ukraine dating services. This passion has united them and they realized that together they did very well. And in the fall of Maxim did Ana offer.
important rule helps to build strong and lasting relationship - try to make your relationship with light and cheerful. In life and too many difficulties that we face. And if we are still going to artificially add them to their relationship, nothing good will come of it. Joking with each other, tell jokes, do little and lovely surprises, encouraged each other. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, but afraid to seem dull and boring.
There is much more to list of other rules, but these four points are fundamental and worth remembering. If you are interested in building a long-term relationship, do not be lazy, take care of your relationships, develop them. Remember: the relationship between a man and a woman can be built if both partners in this endeavor. Of course, in one article can not cover all, but if you are interested in the question "Relations between men and women, their right to build," you can read other articles on our site regarding this topic. ukraine dating services.

Yes, many a man has to do in order to take advantage of momentary weakness of women, but without it anywhere! They need from you is not only and not so much so. Women crave attention, breathe care, need to be "love." And they need first of all in a sentimental, romantic, tearful love.
First of all, they want to hear from you sentimental romantic and sweet words that you whisper in his ear. And do not think: ".....! Oh so advanced chick never bite on such a fool's ... not ... is it!" Here you also forgot the first rule! Do not worry, peck, peck still like. Whether it is the coolest and advanced, but against the female nature is no arguing! Genes have the genes ... And now, 1000 years ago, and they want to hear the same old song.
Certain words and phrases have a hypnotic effect on a woman's heart. Think you snake charmer, who plays on a pipe and a snake dancing to your tune. Or something like that, it's not so important. What is important is the end result sapphire dating ukraine.
The number one problem. Where did you gain "romantic nonsense"? You're brought up in a very different style. Because you have the same tick of these words will not pull out. It's easier to go to the dentist to tear a tooth than to squeeze out I love you baby. And the more tightly the men give to the surface all the words of the more women "hochut" to hear them. There is a shortage of romance and deficits do not lead to good. Poor them without those words hurt, kind of like you're holding her for a prostitute, raped, and went out. And with words of all romantic and okay. Apparently, the man "giving", regardless of sex, originally located in vulnerable, dependent position. He needs to make sure at least that the partner:
a) a good man,
b) has for him at least some sense. If these two conditions are not met, the person has the feeling that he was "raped" in the literal and figurative sense, that is, They are taken, but nothing was given in return sapphire dating ukraine. It's a shame! How not to envy your ancestors!
Although science and technology in the old days and limping, but in our services has been established and perfected technology loving communication with women. There was no need to reinvent the wheel, and strained to wrinkle their foreheads, there pismovniki with a set of ready love letters on any subject, just cup your desired name, and the trick is done. Plus, you studied a little strum a lute and singing serenades goat voice, and here you ready ladies man. And all these elements comprehended by us in the process of learning, were, so to speak, in the secondary school curriculum.
And what you were taught? What else but that might come in handy in life. But enough gloom! On your side of the world's great literature, from which you can gather a lot of valuable material. Take, for example, the verses. Women baldeyut, when a man begins to read his poems. Ceychas it as it is not accepted, but it is very much in the women's taste ....
But enough of belles-lettres. We must not forget that there is a musical genre. Some of you have at one time studied at the children's music school. How well as sensitive zabatsat lady something of such things sapphire dating ukraine ... of Chopin works perfectly. The most romantic, ladies favorite composer, and he was the greatest ladies' man. From his waltzes and mazurkas moistened eyes as well as other individual sites ...
However, I fall into the tone of lieutenant Rzhev. If you play poorly Fono, head of CD. Yes, flowers - this is not new, even trite, and a man with a bouquet in his hand feels complete fool. But it is effective, always and under all circumstances. And when you consider that the costs are relatively low! Every citizen (Mr.) let acts according to his ability and potential.
Mild to pull dinner in the restaurant by candlelight (very romantic event)? But the letter did not write a little, all the more so to write all sorts of things, poking buttons on the keyboard or pen on paper is easier than to say it face to face. Write and send, and sign "a fan who wants to remain anonymous." Let them guess. Obtain and romantic and mysterious. Women are curious. Let sit and think who it is. And the more she thought, the more matures and "empathize" and time works for you. Come and take it with his bare hands.
Only in any case not before the woman spreads jelly. It would be a tragic mistake, because women do not like weaklings, they want to feel that you are a strong man, and not give them the descent. The ideal situation would be "understanding, but at the same time, the" hard "man. That is, you" sensitive "and understanding it, but at the same time and you can give it on the brain (not literally, please) if it begins dig. Or you gentle and understanding with her, but with strangers you cruel and harsh.
How not to start a business with women. I sit once and watch TV. Broadcast news, something with field Kaliforschiny. I lived currently one guy, nobody touched, but one day he took his eye on one aunt, who lived in the house opposite, a window in the window. What has taken this young man? He stood at the window and threw the pants parade of the aunt, ekzibitsionist damn. Perhaps he thought that seeing his grave snap it seriously to him kindled. Like, immediately. The aunt's anger was kindled, aunt called the police and our fellow jailed for an appearance on the people in the nude. And rightly so. Is this article! I yelled, and sitting in front of TV: "M .....! Who does that! What a place were you thinking? !!!" Probably the most coveted subsequently abused black Urca cellmate sapphire dating ukraine ....
I wanted to write a letter to the television, but somehow it is not accepted here the case. The most tragedy is that the guy was very good-looking. Had he read this page would not be sitting on the benches, and relaxing to the lady of his heart.
It was saying, the fairy tale will come. For starters, forget everything you were told about your druzhbany broads. Remember and firmly to himself only one word: Men and women think differently. That affects you, it either has no effect or act in the opposite direction. On the contrary, things are quite trivial to you for it are a priority.
Here you forget birthdays or any there date, so what? The great thing ... Why such a scandal? You will think that women respond to all as well as we - breaking anything. How is this done, which was discussed above. He thought: "If I see a naked woman, I will smoke all. If she sees me in the box with the device, it will smoke all the same." Like, immediately .... Guys like eyes, women love hearing and touch! Maybe it would have conceived the plan and its effect, but not now, and then, after they'd met, began to "see", when the soil is already prepared, etc. But first he had to establish human contact, to lay the foundation.
Slope of a woman - is not easy. all in good time. First, eat porridge, and then get the candy. And immediately grabbed for candy - get passed around. Generally speaking, the kind of naked bodies play in the sexual life of women is very small role. As you probably have time to notice, they do not watch porn and do not like, and it's not flirting, just this whole "video room" they are not interested. Many women find that a man in a good suit or sewn in the form excites them much more than a naked man. Some for example, raises the man tie a tie ... Or he shaves with a straight razor. And you go and did not know! This I mean that what affects one, has no effect on others. And what of their sneaks? They are not "krezanutye" a woman's logic, as you try to convince people in the know. They have their own iron logic, and if you understand it, you will be much easier to deal with them than with the men with their arrogance! sapphire dating ukraine.

You may ask, is it really possible? After all, every year, men suffer in anticipation of this day, and think in fear - what they do.
On the one hand it is a wonderful holiday beautiful half of humanity. But on the other hand, all men puzzled the question of what to give and how to please his beloved. When first the vast majority of the male population of the country have learned to cope, then the second question raises serious problems and even stress. That's what this article is written "March 8 without stress: tips for men." In this article we will learn how to survive the day without stress.
Information for men: the way many women believe that the man in the kitchen looks very sexy. And that's why we recommend that you spend a part of this festive day in the kitchen kharkov ukraine single dating lava. This will "kill two birds with one stone": a gala dinner and cook for your favorite and you can initiate it. So get started!
The following recipes will help you to quickly cook a decent meal. These recipes are easy to prepare, they are very difficult to spoil anything.

Let's start with the most simple. With salad. Because many women are concerned about their figure, the salad is very easy and nutritious. To be honest, it is not clear why the diet, because we love their favorite is not for a figure.
Green salad with sour cream with boiled eggs kharkov ukraine single dating lava.
You will need:
80 grams of green salad, note that it made to tear by hand.
One egg, cooked in a steep, which means that it must take place in boiling water for 10 minutes.
1/4 cup sour cream.
1/2 teaspoon sugar (without top).
1 tablespoon of 3% vinegar.
Dill and salt to taste, that is, to whom and how to please.
The process of preparation:
It is simple as a Soviet car engine.
Take a salad bowl, suitable size, your favorite gladly will give it to you, you can not doubt.
Tear lettuce hands back, but not very finely. Pieces have to be half the size of a playing card. Put the pieces in a salad bowl. Finely chop the egg. Lay it over the salad. In a separate bowl, combine sour cream, kharkov ukraine single dating lava vinegar, salt. Pour the resulting dressing on salad with egg and mix. Sprinkle chopped dill.
All the salad is ready.
We go to the next step, cook the meat. Since there is still omnipresent diet, you'll cook the beef in foil.
It should be about polukiloramma lean beef. Cut it into portions.
Put the chopped meat in a deep bowl, and proceed to the preparation of the marinade.
In a bowl, pour the olive oil, soy sauce, a little balsamic vinegar. Add salt and spices to taste. The volume of marinade to be such that it completely covers the meat. Pour the marinade over the meat and leave it for about an hour.
While the meat is marinated, fire up the oven and allow it to warm to a temperature of 200 -220 degrees Celsius.
Marinate meat lay in foil and tighten. Moreover wrap need so that contraction does not flow out of juice, which will be formed in the cooking process.
Therefore it is better to wrap like candy. Place on a sheet and place in preheated oven. After half an hour the meat is ready. It is a surprisingly soft and fragrant.
Well, the last course the most delicious dessert. Since it is a holiday, then the dessert should be festive. Offer Serve chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
To do this in advance to buy a bottle of champagne, strawberries and packaging ksvezhey a bar of chocolate, the best dessert. Champagne put in refrigerator to cool. A bar of chocolate to melt in a water bath, kharkov ukraine single dating lava dip each strawberry, lay out on parchment, to the chocolate frozen. Place the chocolate covered strawberries on a beautiful dish, open the champagne and sparkling wine pour into high glasses. Now, after a delicious dinner, start the celebration! With a holiday all the beautiful women!
As you can see, cook festive dinner for their favorite in the women's holiday is not difficult. Surviving March 8 without stress for men is very simple, if you prepare in advance. Make a list of essential products, buy everything in advance and then you will be able to say with a smile that Nali tips for men really help to survive the March 8 without stress. kharkov ukraine single dating lava.

Love spells Valentine's Day has a special power. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. All lovers are actively preparing for it. And so today, let's talk about love conspiracies. That conspiracy because love conspiracies help attract into your life is a bright feeling, like love. The very power of this light holiday helps the emergence and strengthening of this feeling. Energy St. Valentine's Day is that this day is able to work only love magic. No any other magic will not operate. On this day, all just for love! In this bright day, many people have very strong feelings for each other. On this day, joined male and female, and there is something integral. It appears single energy. This is the energy of love. The most powerful energy, which only has a white light. And on this day, you can use this energy to achieve their goals of finding love. And this is the main advantage of Valentine's Day christian ukraine dating agencies. Love spells on Valentine's Day will help you in finding and strengthening of love.
If a person is suffering from unrequited love, there is a transfer of the object of his adoration "energy valentiki." To fabricate this Valentine itself. Be sure to make her own hands that she was impregnated by your energy. When making this Valentines keep in mind the image of a loved one, it will be like the address where to deliver the valentiku. When valentika is ready, bring it to the flames
candles, and burn it, saying the plot:
"Love Letter burn
To the beloved (beloved) flies
His soul (s) to reopen
He (it) eyes turned on me. "
When Valentine is burning well, and it is impossible to have to hold in their hands, put it on the saucer until it is completely burned. Ashes need to grind into powder. Stir the ashes with a handful of grain or bread crumbs christian ukraine dating agencies. And to give the pigeons. Thus it is necessary to say the following plot:
"Pigeons of heaven!
Grains (bread), sweet swallow,
Sweet (sweet) News Blow
To fly up window.
Tell About Love. "
Watch the birds, if they actively began to peck at your food, and then flew together - this is for you a very good sign. So there is a chance that your object of love will soon pay attention to you.
For those who are already there, or are married, have a chance to strengthen their relationship. For it has its charms. It's a conspiracy for the holiday table. Prepare for your favorite
a special dinner and invite him. And this must be a dinner by candlelight christian ukraine dating agencies. Fire is a powerful source of energy, in this day all the energies are subject to the energy of love. When the candles are lit, whisper the next plot:
"Who is now sitting down at the table
With the ever stay
Will I just want to
Just look at me. "
These plots are valid only if the genuine and strong feelings. After all, any spell, if they are not attached emotions and feelings, just words. So do not hesitate on this day my feelings, love and be loved. Use love conspiracies Valentine's Day for your love. christian ukraine dating agencies.

Valentine's Day is a very ancient and most romantic holiday. On this day lovers talk about their love and give gifts. A cold February day blooms of red hearts and roses.
Did you know that Valentine's Day can guess and there are special divination? Do you know? Divination for love on Valentine's Day special. Let's open the piggy bank grandmother Agrippina and learn this special Guessing on love.
If Valentine's Day, you still have not met her beloved / your favorite, in the night from 13 for February 14 perform a special ritual. In the evening, prepare 12 pieces of paper and write on each of them by name, one piece of paper blank. Girls write the names of men, well, men and women of course. Well, now we turn the leaves, put them under the pillow and go to sleep. We sleep all night on slips with the names, and in the morning, as soon as my eyes open, first puts his hand under the pillow and looking not got one of the leaflets. What name do you have pulled out, and they will call your future husband / narrowing. And if you pulled out a blank piece of paper, so this year you do not meet with his love ukraine dating sites.
Of course it is always interesting to look into the future and see your lover. To make it you can make a special dream. To do this you need two bay leaves and rose water. Wet laurel leaves and rose water on the night of 13 of February 14 put under the pillow crosswise. Then say a special word-spell "Saint Valentin, albeit in a dream will be my betrothed to me."
Another Valentine's Day you can try to find out who you will marry. To do this, take a pea pod with peas 9. It pod need to hang over the door on a thread. It is believed that the first man entered, unrelated to a woman and divorced, her husband will be next year.
Very interesting guessing on love and with a ring and a photo. For divination need to take a photo of a loved one and keep it in front of the ring hanging on a thread. The hardest part of this divination that hand should not tremble. This is a very complex condition. Hand should not affect the ring. In numerology there are three options. If the ring rotates in a circle, ukraine dating sites a wedding with this person is possible, if the ring is moving from side to side, the wedding will be a different person. If the ring is in place, the wedding will have to wait a very long time.
There is a more complicated version of divination. In this embodiment, a person is required to take a photo in full growth. There are ways of oscillation of the pendulum:
- back and forth;
- Left and right;
- clockwise;
- counterclock-wise.
We need to decide what direction the movement of the pendulum that means, for example, back and forth then yes. From left to right it is not. Questions to ask so that the answers given either yes or no.
If Valentine's Day falls on the full moon, it is a special moment for women. It is believed that the full moon kiss on Valentine's Day brings your wedding and it will not have to wait long. Family life will be happy and well-being come to the house ukraine dating sites.
Valentine's Day is likely to bring into your life a new relationship with the help of a bottle of perfume. The essence of the ritual is to charge the energy of these spirits of love. To do this, open a new rite of perfume packaging and place it in front of him on the table. Touch their hand and close your eyes. Direct the flow of love and tenderness in the bottle. When the bottle is filled with the energy of love you feel like fingertips will tingle needles. Fix this energy with the words: "Love is always with me." Use these spirits when you need to lay down their lives in a new sense.
There divination man whose attitude is not clear to you. Put forth this man, take a sheet of notebook in mathematics and left hand, draw a heart, if you are left handed then draw the right. Then mark the entire cells are left in the drawn heart. Then cross out four cells, consisting of four adjacent kletok.Posle we believe that the remaining cells. The number of cells, and will show his feelings for you. If there was one cell, this person is indifferent to you. The remaining two, he loves another man. The remaining three cells, ukraine dating sites that he likes you, if there was not a whole, it is very fond of you.
Another Valentine's Day can speculate on the notes. To speculate in this way is necessary to prepare several square pieces of paper, write on them the names. Hide those notes into tubes and throw the water away from the shore. Expand the note that the first will beat to the bank and read the name of your future husband. If guessing going on in the cold part of the world, it is possible to use a bath by pouring water into it. There is another kind of love like divination. We need to take a pitcher or a clear glass jar. Lower it notes, shake well and lowered into the tank arm to take the first available.
Guessing on love. This divination is intended for single people with a strong nervous system, it is very willing to meet their narrowing (or narrowing). It should be late in the evening on February 13 to go to the church and at midnight around it 12 times. It is believed that this ritual is able to attract into your life new feelings and attitudes.
Guessing at the future husband. This divination is very similar to the Christmas. To find out the name of her future husband should be early in the morning on the day of Valentine's out into the streets to ask the name of the first comer ukraine dating sites. This will be the name of your husband. But there is one thing. Unlike Yule divination, which defines only the name of your future husband will not only be of the same name, but the habits of lifestyle will be like you met the person. Therefore divination is likely suitable for ekstremalok very unlikely to meet a decent man in the early morning.
It often happens that you love her already found, but the relationship has not yet been cleared up, and you have doubts - love, not love. To learn about the feelings of your mate about what awaits your relationship, you can use several special divination your love.
In Valentine's Day, take the two halves of walnut shell and two small candles. You can use those taking to the birthday cake. Guessing what the candle represents you and what your favorite. Put a candle in the shells, for this you must first instill in them a little wax. And then gently put the shells on the water. This can be a water bath or a basin. And look. If the shells float nearby - so all you have is good and your lover / your lover responds to you in return. If shells disperse in different directions or turn, then your relationship will disintegrate. If a candle burns faster than the other, so your loved one pair more than the other.
And finally, fortune telling, which is very similar to the game, but you never can tell Valentine's Day! It is carried out at parties dedicated to St. Valentine's Day. It is desirable that the party had an equal number of boys and girls. Made hearts that can be painted in different colors. Hearts should be two less than the party members. Hearts are cut in half in a most peculiar way, so that then you can understand what a rug to fit. Then half immersed in different vessels. From one vessel taking half hearts boys and girls from the other. So one half of a heart finds another mate.
Now that you know a special divination love it for valentines day and at night from 13 to 14 February can tell fortunes, to learn about his love. These divination love prompt, what do you expect. ukraine dating sites.

In fact, for any woman male psychology - is impassable jungle. And do not think that you know your man as "five fingers", as in fact you know about him just as much as he will let you know about yourself. Your choice will be the way you want it to, but until that time, until he realizes that you are nowhere on it does not go anywhere. Or until such time as he did not want to go somewhere, "slip away." Such is the psychology of men in love.
That's probably all the men in the blood, even from the most ancient ancestors. The man - a hunter. He becomes uninteresting defeated the beast, he needed a new "fresh blood." He needs new victories, he needs new dangers. But not every woman can be a man for his constant mystery, ever-changing, often unpredictable, beckoning to always keep the passion in him, that he was afraid of losing her, losing this unexplored and unfathomable ukraine dating height weight shoe.
If you want your man to stay with you always, just let him know that you are not his property, and your life does not belong. That's when it will really cherish your relationship. If you, on the contrary, want to quickly get rid of it, you proceed exactly the opposite - as often as possible tell him how much you love him as a dream all my life to live only with him, give him a bunch of kids, etc. . in the same spirit.
Men's psychology - is a puzzle for the woman, which she often did not manage to solve. The man himself, and the law of the court himself! He goes on about their beliefs and desires. And he really do not care what, in the end, for it may result in one or another of his act.
There are certain time-tested immutable truth, knowing that any woman can understand what is the basis psychology of men in love. The adoption of these truths will help to avoid parting with her lover, and if it is not, ukraine dating height weight shoe to draw the attention of interested men. Let's consider them:
1. Many men are trying to sleep with their favorite girl / woman is already on a first date. And if you allow it, it is a 90% chance a second date has not be exact. Of course, this behavior is not specific to all men, as a rule, so do only those who perceive sex as a sport. In such a case, each new girl for them - this is another sporting achievement and an occasion to boast to friends. These men, and nothing can be done about it. You just have to decide for yourself - take the rules of the game or not.
2. No man will tell you the words, "I will not call!". On the contrary, it will convince you in every way, be sure to call, even if not actually going to do it. Such is the psychology of men in love.
3. Any man wants to hear from her female words of admiration - "I appreciate you so!", "You have such a good girl!", "You're the best man in the world!", Etc. But when a woman is trying in every way to please him, she blows him a speck of dust, "wagging tail" as a faithful dog, and "look into his mouth," that such behavior is women simply infuriates men to horror ukraine dating height weight shoe.
4. Men hate phrases like "Honey, I want us to talk to you about our relationship", "Beloved, let us consider how we build our life together."
5. Men love psychology eliminates the feeling of guilt for women. Do not act so that your favorites are constantly felt something in front of you guilty. In the end, he could not bear this tension and leave you.
6. A man is not clear, and it is sometimes even annoying when a woman every day (and sometimes more than once), asked: "My dear, do you love me?". It seems that you and so it should be obvious, since he with you. And all kinds of "amplification pusi" and declarations of love he felt for the weak men. Women certainly do not understand this, but such is the psychology of men in love.
7. Before charging the man some business to reconnoiter the situation - ask whether night football on television (if it looks), if he was going with friends somewhere, or he has other important plans for today. If the plans are still there, the request is better to postpone. Otherwise, it may lead to a quarrel.
8. A man never sees the mess in his apartment when he himself it created. He would scold the children for the scattered toys, will cut his wife because she washed the dishes or the laundry is not pulled out of the washing machine ukraine dating height weight shoe. But he never noticed his wallowing near the TV socks or spattered with foam shaving mirror in the bathroom.
No woman in the world, could not yet fully unravel the secrets that carries a man's psychology, particularly the psychology of men in love. Yes, probably not worth the hassle, do not try to understand men - still fail. Is not it better just to take his beloved as he is. The man - not a memory card that can be easily formatted. Trying to remake the man under him, under his desires and requirements - it is hopeless and empty, and besides, more and grateful that almost always leads to one final - rupture in the relationship! ukraine dating height weight shoe.

-I Never thought you were stupid, no. You're very clever. Do you have any plans for the solution to any situation, you're counted. All. even our relationship with you, or rather no, they are first. You with me so far, have not yet met option is best for me. I know you. Your word is worthless.
You're with me, because at this stage of your life you just so convenient. Are you comfortable to be with me.
And you know the funny thing? What I did agreed to play the your game! Yes. I damn naive fool, but I accept it!
And then ... when we gave each other a second chance, remember? I saw how many nasty things about you ... Yes, that's nasty, indifference and arrogance.
3 years old, I knew you ... I realized that I knew nothing about you. And now, for this year of our life together you learned by heart.
You came back to me, just because with him you have nothing came to be. Hmm ... so what do you want from an adult man who fucked you stupid?
And I loved the idiot, waiting for you and believe in a brighter future. Not even the thought of another girl! I thought then that love does not happen, as we have with you free ukraine dating agency...
Do you remember that day at the station when you decided that we should leave, I said, "And you would be happy with me ... I would have done everything that you were very happy ..." It was the truth ... then. And I have never had another girl for 3 years with you, and now I could not just do as nit, which betrays a loved one behind.
She was silent, thinking that his words are sounding in the heart.
-And Do you know why I'm telling you all this? I do not know all the truth or not. I looked at your reaction. And now I'm pretty sure it is.
-This Is due to the fact that I have said nothing?
You're pretty much told me that silence. But I'm not a complete idiot, narekat himself is, to expect that any time you go to the other, and I will remain with nothing. Who knows, maybe I have long been the second platform. Just as soon as you will have another. The second time you will not break my heart, and no one else is no longer able to do so free ukraine dating agency.
And the bitterness that all his words were true ... She knew it, and said nothing. I thought that as far as it is predictable that he calculated it in a jiffy. But loved it in his own way, but loved. With him she received the warmth that closeness souls who do not get to any of the men.
But most of all she loved herself. And you can not say that as a child her parents chur pampered, no. It was unremarkable child, but even then madly wanted to love ... She dreamed of her, told invented stories to her friends, and believed that one day he appeared!
And after a short "novels" as a teenager, who had already managed to hurt her baby heart, she never ceased to believe in miracles. The miracle happened ... but probably not one that expecting parents this intelligent, beautiful and talented girl. Well, as a guy with a difficult childhood, he dropped out it can be a couple? A guy with a pure soul, a good heart and clear eyes ...
Nobody ever loved her so ... They were young, in their blood was young hearts. They made plans, dreamed together, they learned to love each other.
But time passes, children grow up and become different feelings ... She loved this state of love. She knew that like other men, love to catch the gaze of men who wanted her. And that she called life. One meeting after another, free ukraine dating agency or to non-binding meeting, a small romance, intrigue in her life- measured calm all those she was trying to fill the void of his heart ...
She had known that he sees no future with him ... Of course, it often flared up hope that after all the work. She saw him as her husband, an excellent father to his children ... But he was not part of her dream. And as if she did not want to settle down, tied to their rented apartment, home, nature is taking its toll.
Doubts plagued both, they both knew the truth, but the bitterness of separation was for them worse than hell ... No one could say that the last word "goodbye." They tortured each other, but at the same time madly in love .... free ukraine dating agency.

Today we raise one of the most difficult issues in our magical practice. This is how to live and what to do. Actually what we are doing magic? In order to achieve their defined goals. Get this or that object, a particular position or job. How to achieve your goals with the best results and the lowest cost? In order to achieve these results need to be able to predict future events and be able to circumvent the emerging prepyatstviya.Sovremenny man belongs to the society. His behavior and further steps also defines society. We can say that all programmed. But once society has been created to help the man.
Since then, much has changed. What is society? In the books of the famous spirituality Vadim Zealand Transurfing reality speaks of a destructive pendulum. The combination of these pendulums is society. Who controls these pendulums? This is a bundle of energy, which is introduced into a group of people some idea. This idea was supported, it was the own weight and become absolute truth. The idea may be any, to the extent that it is fashionable to wear pants inside out. The main thing that this idea took mass. So please, if the idea was implemented in your head, then now you're the leader of a new informal movement. All thoughts of your followers are addressed to you, and you bathe in the waves of energy that you are sending your followers. Truly saying is true saying that the old gods are dying with the last follower free odessa ukraine dating free.
How to deal with these pendulums? Basically nothing. Pendulums ever born and destroyed. Leave alone. in their place will come others. One can only stand out from the crowd. Do not keep up with everything, then the pendulum will reject you. You become one, you will pay attention, and you will become a kind of pendulum. The new nucleus of the nascent society. Do not you were born in the old kingdom? Now we are talking about how to get out of the custody of society and to determine their own destiny.
We know already the main tool that helps us to get rid of the guardianship of the pendulums. This "Cocoon." After it closes our energy within ourselves and not divided it with the environment, the same pendulum. And if you do not share your energy, you pendulums are unnecessary, and they quickly rejected you free odessa ukraine dating free.
So you become free. You have the right to be themselves. To achieve this goal, we have learned to manage their energy. And most importantly, psychologists say that the crowd and the crowd of academics alcoholics behave the same way. That is, the crowd does not work the laws of reason, a crowd seized the pendulum and that he leads this crowd. And just using exercise "Cocoon" by not allowing the energy of the pendulum to control you,
recognizing ourselves as a free person can not submit to the crowd and the pendulum, to step aside and remain unscathed. Always be aware of himself master of his own destiny.
But staying away from the crowd, we do not decide the question of execution of all your desires. How did achieve his goal? To answer this question let us return to the book by Vadim Zeland "Transserfing reality." What is the universe? This infinity, which consists of space options. The space is a kind of web of options, in which the crosshairs indicate an event that may occur, if you go for this web. The most important thing to choose the thread on which to go from the node to the node free odessa ukraine dating free.
You already know what a comfortable condition or state of true happiness. This state will help us choose the path where you need to go to the purpose. You are standing on the node web. Ahead of you are some kind of action that will lead you to some event. You want it? In order to understand this sign in its ideal state, and Try it for yourself. It has come to you? This event does not destroy your state? If you do not destroy what it is, what you want. This is your true desire. If not, refer to the other knots. In space there is always a bundle of options that suits you. The main thing to follow your true desires and then you get to your goal.
After all, we can only affect what has not happened yet, on coming events. For example, you go on an unsanctioned rally and were not included in the police. But if I went and got more so, then it is not changed. That is, web space options can only go in one direction. The river of time flows in only one direction. free odessa ukraine dating free.

My husband does not want me. What to do? It sudden awareness of the sad reality once as a stake in the middle gets measured and arranged life. It seems still attractive, and like other men, and by the complete neglect of her husband. And even if you used to feel some emotional fatigue performance of marital duties, when it comes to the idea of "The husband does not want me. What should I do?" - It becomes annoying.
First dates, kisses and romantic evening in recognition of the infinite love and allegiance - all this gave hope in the fact that it will be forever, and that the euphoria of love will never disappear. But time passes, and all of the above blends in monotony of family life, you begin to notice how the husband pulls away, and his displays of affection are not as emotional. Of course, initially, that comes to mind is to sound the alarm, but let's understand, could not all that bad ukraine dating agency.
Well-known fact - women are more emotional, it is said that most of the alleged "problems" it just comes up with itself. Over time, men tend to move in a certain phase of peace and tranquility and it is normal. But when love is like feeling really left his heart here is mutual understanding, because in these situations, we tend to shift the blame on everyone but themselves. Lovely woman, think about how you can do to influence the situation, and what you can do to give your relationship a second life.
Earlier we mentioned the monotony of everyday life and everyday life - that is what is considered one of the main reasons for the loss of male interest. Do not forget the man by nature a hunter and explorer, he is interested in everything new and unusual, and if he sees every day the same thing, well then make your conclusions yourself ... Agree, ladies, it is difficult to have the same dessert every day, even the most beloved ukraine dating agency.
The second most common reason is banal weariness. How often you are interested in his problems and passing day? Sometimes we forget that they themselves put on his shoulders an enormous burden of responsibility for your family, the family budget, and the beds at Tiffany's in the garden. After all this, women tend to be offended - why we do not call a restaurant or at nightfall, watch TV and not give a dizzying sex. But he just wanted to rest, without any romantic "tinsel", and believe me, if you give him this opportunity, then, later, will be richly rewarded.
So, if you notice that your favorite is constantly irritated, there are various ways to avoid any intimacy stops writing and less frequently calls you, it is worth considering whether all is smooth in your relationship. The woman is very sensitive and she immediately notice if her family or relationships that something went wrong. Next we will try to understand what needs to be done, so the old spark flared even more fervently ukraine dating agency.
To get started you will be examined in itself, understand how it is you need these relationships, and whether you want them to return. Of course, this is not the most romantic moment, but it is necessary first of all to you the most. Only through this you will understand the value of your relationship and the heart itself begins to suggest how to proceed. Suppose, introspection is successful, you understand yourself and realize what your mistakes were, then start in school work on the bugs.
Now a lot of women in television programs devoted to our subject, and all of them are the first step toward rapprochement consider changing their appearance. Think about how often you think about what you see your loved one? How often do you and lure his surprise, for example, a new hairstyle, new clothes or spicy underwear? Mini Shock - is the trump card of any woman. Just do not overdo it, and it will always admire you.
Next, eliminate the monotony, not only in the kitchen and living room, bedroom - this is the second trump, the period of the Soviet Union for a long time has passed, it's time to amaze and inspire feats. Dare to what had previously been considered taboo, good literature and various benefits nowadays abound. Even if you encounter a problem number two - fatigue, nobody canceled the massage. Believe me, the result does not take long to make to expect ukraine dating agency.
So you changed externally and internally, filled with your family life with new sensations, but do not forget the most important thing - you're not just a housewife and a lover, you, first of all, a friend. And who does not like one, always listen and understand that the soul and the mind of your man. Sometimes informal conversation is much more valuable than your culinary and sexual abilities. It will allow you better understand your own relationship and lean on in difficult situations.
As a result of your hard work, you will come to the fact that psychologists consider the emotional equilibrium of the family, and this in turn - the key to prosperity and longevity of your relationship. When we work on relationships, we care for them, strengthen, then the question "My husband does not want me. What should I do?" definitely no place in your family. ukraine dating agency.

When a person enters into long-term relationships: a family, or a long partnership - he expects that partner now becomes his property. However, we should always remember that your partner in the first place independent person, in fact, a free person. And it should be understood that the partner has its own preferences, interests, and it is likely secrets. In the end - all, we must not forget that any relationship is not endless (man is not immortal) do not spoil the joy of relationships excessive jealousy.
So where are jealous? Someone from early childhood was deprived of the most valuable - love; someone was too spoiled by parents and not accept other people's rights to normal communication. Not often, but sometimes jealousy caused a negative experience with this or a previous partner. It should be borne in mind that if a person once succumbed to jealousy problems associated with it, will never be lowered. Whether it is necessary to deal with jealousy? Yes! Otherwise, jealousy can absorb the trust, and perhaps bring to serious injuries kharkov ukraine single dating.
To combat the jealousy can use the following five points:
1. Straight Talk. Seat jealous man next to him, and lodged them tea, and talk to him about a problem. It is possible to specify all the theses and try to explain that jealousy causes pain and discomfort. Do not forget the mild praise for the orchestra, not replayed. Only objective praise and hypocrisy quite appropriate.
2. In order to cool down a few pocket Othello, to start a counter war, as we know "The best defense - attack." Neither jealous, especially busy, will not sustain frequent calls with questions about its location. You can arrange scenes on the new toilet water after work and delays. However, too far, too, not worth it, otherwise the counter attack can result in rupture of relations.
3. Do not give a reason for jealousy. If you later have to work with violent attacks cause resentment - to dedicate half of their daily routine, and ask them to meet you from work. Cost avoid trips to the party without a partner, and if it really happened, and you went to rest without a partner - get dressed a little more modest than when you exit it kharkov ukraine single dating.
4. requires explanation and justification. Explain jealous that his claims are groundless. Require partner every day, in the evening the grounds for his jealousy. Let every evening he gives five reasons you jealous. It is unlikely that your jealous survive a week of such a regime, because it is impossible to repeat.
5. To reduce man to a psychologist. In no case do not alluding to his problem, let it be a problem a couple, but in any case it is not! The man simply closes if to tell him that he has a problem with jealousy.
Do not be afraid of jealousy of her husband, do not panic - the panic will not help. Try to follow the above tips from the start, do not delay, the more time you lose - the sharper and brighter will be expressed jealousy. If the paranoid jealousy of your partner has crossed all the facets of what is permitted, and it came to blows, do not believe that this is the first and last time. In such a situation should immediately give up, do not risk your health. Internet is full of headlines on the topic of killings of jealousy kharkov ukraine single dating.
Do not give the man a reason to be jealous: you can always dress modestly, to return to work early, before going to warn her friend to call if formed delay at work, or you're standing in a traffic jam. Do not forget about the time for his chosen, try to find in your schedule, at least two hours for his men. He does not say, but it would be nice. It is important to always remember that any relationship is always a tandem, it should be shared and mutual. kharkov ukraine single dating.

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