Why do I attract losers? This question is asked by many women. If a woman unlucky in his personal life and constantly come across candidates who are not satisfied with it to build a serious relationship, she often complains that attracts losers. why is this happening? Why does one and the same woman often attracts losers, while all the other men as the selection, but it also delves into them?
You know, everything is explained quite simply. The reason the behavior of the woman and her natural energy. If a woman is confident, not afraid to take on any case, it feels mistress of the situation, so it is dominated by male power. As a consequence, it will be attracted to men are less strong, are not able to reach great results in life family plus dating ukraine. They will have the opportunity to fill their masculine energy by women. This creates a natural balance.
And if a woman shows weakness, if it is dominated by the female energy, she always attract a man with a strong male energy. This is a basic law of natural sexual polarity.
Lovely woman, just for fun an experiment. One day dress pants suit and behave confidently, thriftily. Make decisions, take responsibility. And in the evening analyze day. And you will realize with regret that for the whole day, no man made you a compliment, no one looked at you as a woman. And the other day put a dress or skirt and behave like a weak woman. Ask close to the men you move your chair to get something from a high shelf, short in every way to help you. And despite the fact that you burden them with their requests, you will get the sea of compliments. Such is the nature of men. They need to take care of the woman and to demonstrate their strength and agility family plus dating ukraine.
So if you ask yourself why I attract losers, first of all pay attention to their behavior. If it is dominated by typical male traits, then you should work on yourself.
Incidentally, as is typical! You do not have to actually be helpless, just important to be able to present it properly. Once you learn to control their behavior and to show men their weakness, because right next to you will be a strong man. So do not hurry to sprinkle ashes on his head and exclaim, "Why do I attract losers?" First look critically at ourselves. family plus dating ukraine.

If over time the canons of beauty vary according to the capricious moods of fashion, then there is no strict standards of sexuality. To be sexy, you need to understand what women find sexy men? "Oh, what a sexy little thing!" - You can often hear from men, women mourners coveted look, not in the conventional sense of the beauties.
So what is the sex appeal? In a literal translation from English sex-appeal - sex appeal", "sex appeal" or a more harmonious and modern it sounds like "sex appeal." In a dictionary, I read the following definition: "sex appeal - is the ability to look sexy, ready to answer correctly to sexual request a representative of the opposite sex." About how family plus dating service ukraine!
Sexual attraction is, as it were of two components: external and internal. All that nature has endowed woman: the ability to smile, the ability to change the timbre of the voice, gait, facial expressions, gestures, the figure, the ability to control your mood and state of mind - and there is an internal component of sexuality. A foreign component - that imposes on us the environment in which we live. Clothing, fine jewelery with precious stones, fashion dictated. Of course, the accessories: shoes, handbags ... The same clothes, makeup, perfume, nail polish, hair. Agree, the second component - it as a side dish to the main course, which enhances the taste of the dish.
For example, you have already learned to shoot the eyes of a strong half of mankind. Good! And if the eyes still correct, tasteful and in moderation, made up, they will become "shoot" more accurately and will soon seen. Or you could walk "from the hip." Excellent! But if your hips (which cleverly swaying invitingly, and did not go wag) will be wearing fashionable midi skirt with a slit or maxi (with perfect legs - Mini), the chances of success increase. If you've mastered a flirtatious gesture and recovering (or recline) hair as soon as the field of view is an item, your efforts will be more effective family plus dating service ukraine ...
What is the main feature of a sexy woman? Men think - confidence! This means that sexy can be almost any woman: and crumpet and skinny and leggy and korotkosheyaya. That is why the synonym of sexuality - attractiveness, not beauty. Beauty is not always sexy (but rather only occasionally sexy!) Model looks, women often - "goods" for which pay. Quite often you can hear from the men, as they say on the model - "a woman on the way out." In fact - "accessory" to show off to friends and competitors as an expensive accessory "oligarchic" gentleman's set. It's a shame, but that's it. The fashion industry and cosmetics makes the cold beauty of the model, and these secrets "unearthly beauty" man well read.
And not without reason modern Lovelace brought anecdotal formula "perfect woman": TWO IN ONE. what does it mean? The girl-model they would like to show off everywhere, in restaurants, in presentations, in nightclubs. But the night-this skinny models, this trendy "soup naborchik" their "dictates and volition" instantly be transformed into a sexy pyshechki. Soft, cushy and temperamental, and always with a curvaceous. But in the morning all over again: crumpet, turned into models, have served them coffee in bed family plus dating service ukraine.
Yes ... Dreaming is not bad. But we must choose to live really. And men do in their scheme. They are such "industrial" beauty admire, enjoy, but for marriage to stop a serious look very different women. What? That sexy who want. This is the main difference. Beauty admired as a glossy picture and seksapilku want as carnal, live, from which comes the call. Sexy attraction - the harmony of the soul, the body and the external data, the ability to present yourself look, smile and gesture. We can say that this was the highlight of that subjective marks in each man, hooked his sexy woman. And characterized by the fact that men are very conservative in their view of sex appeal. Their understanding of the appeal of virtually no change either the time or fashion.
Tastes men remain constant in the fact that the issue of female attractiveness. 92% of men of all ages to the question: "How did you know that like a woman?" Answer: "By the look on your eyes." Yes, sometimes feminine look - a whirlpool, which can get even the most ardent misogynist. Sometimes they meet two glowing eyes - and the sparks fly. You do not have many words. Probably, expressive eyes of sexy woman send an eternal hit, "These eyes opposite - a kaleidoscope of lights. These eyes opposite - closer and stronger. These eyes in front of a tea-colored. These eyes on the contrary ... What is it? what is it?"
Conclusion: any woman can enhance sex appeal. It would be the desire and patience. To do this: competently do their image, to know the basic techniques of behavior that attracts men, and skillfully use all this arsenal. And another important piece of advice: do not step on the old rake. Do not make actions and do not say words that scare the man, family plus dating service ukraine make him turn his head to the left and look for another lady of the heart, and sing (not you!): "Oh, what a woman, what a woman! I used this ...! " family plus dating service ukraine.

In the cold season, the lovers are often the question arises: where to date? It is important for couples whose relationships are just beginning, and for established couples. What can we come up with? I already wrote an article about winter dates , but decided that with the onset of cold weather you need to throw up new ideas for visits during the cold season.
In autumn, when the temperature has not dropped below the level of + 10-13 degrees, very nice walk in the park. Surrounded by golden leaves and chirping birds. Take some bread specially to treat birds and arrange a photo session with them. Photos of animals and birds are always obtained surprisingly successful. If a man and woman addicted to sports, you can do yoga in the park, but this should be forewarned that each of you was dressed in comfortable sportswear. But the peak of this walk is a small picnic. Of course it is necessary to take care. Warm blanket, a thermos of hot tea, soft puff, several kinds of cheese and always a little bit of fruit family dating ukraine.
If the weather still allows it, you can ride on a river steamer. Beautiful autumn scenery, fascinating architecture of the city, relax with a loved one - all this is remembered and strengthens relationships.
Ideas for visits during the cold season oblige dress warmly. If you decide to make a walk around the city, the girl should be forewarned that you will walk a lot. She will be able to put on comfortable, soft boots, wear a poncho or wrap in a stole. In this form, the girls look remarkably gentle and defenseless. And that was interesting your trip, to plan a route in advance. For example, in the library to learn about some of the unsolved mysteries of your city and go to these places. Your story will not leave indifferent girl family dating ukraine.
Excellent choice goodbye in the cold season is a horse ride. It is unusual and very memorable date. And if in your city there are ancient carriages, coaches, you can arrange carriage rides. The main thing is the element of surprise and romanticism in your relationship.
But it's all variants meeting outdoors, even when relatively warm, you will say. And what are the ideas for visiting it during the cold season? Believe me, they are too much.
You can go to the Dolphinarium. Dolphin show will not leave anyone indifferent. It's surprisingly intelligent, beautiful and sociable creatures.
Hike to the planetarium is a very romantic idea for travelers in the cold season. And if you have the opportunity to visit the observatory and watch there with viewing platforms at the stars in the open sky, it will be more interesting family dating ukraine.
In greenhouses Botanical Garden is always warm and cozy, even in the cold season. So spend a date would be very appropriate and beautiful.
And if you feel like dancing, head to the dance! But not in a nightclub and a dance class. And the dance choose this to be sure you are a woman was in close contact. The best option is this dance Argentine tango. Stunning sounds languid tango, her hot breath, constant touch creates an indescribable atmosphere of intimacy. Just take care in advance about shoes. It should be at a minimum and your comfortable shoes and the girl. Ideally, buy a special dance shoes. They differ from conventional soft soles from Buckskin.
Another interesting idea goodbye in the cold time of the year - a visit to a wine tasting room or vindelni. But be careful, you can very well nadegustirovatsya;) And before tasting it is imperative to eat well, as the special tasting snacks do not give just a couple of crackers. family dating ukraine.

Saturday morning - a special morning. We can bask longer in bed. We can take the time to your loved ones and prepare for them breakfast in bed. Ahead of two days, what should be done, that they have been wonderful? Of course you need to begin Saturday morning with Saturday's charging!
You ask, what is it? Oh, this is a very special kind of charge elena panova ukraine dating kharkov! Saturday charging gives joy of the soul, good mood and mutual love.
The first exercise Saturday charging: Smile
Realizing its revival - smile! After all, you're a lucky man. You're lying in a warm, cozy bed. Next to you is your favorite (favorite). Ahead of two days, is not it wonderful? So smile!
The second exercise Saturday charging: Sipping
Open your eyes and sweet Reach! Every muscle, every fiber. Add sipping smile is very energizes joy.
The third exercise Saturday charging: Kiss
Turn around to the side and gently kiss his beloved. She is still sleeping, elena panova ukraine dating kharkov try not to wake her. Although she has votvot ready to wake up and it is possible that she will wake up from your gentle kiss. How nice it would be the beginning of a Saturday morning!
Saturday charging is complete. We turn to water procedures. Go take a shower and do not forget to include energetic music. Dance to the elastic water jets will charge you paddle and cheerfulness. Have a good weekend! elena panova ukraine dating kharkov.

How to develop the feminine? It would seem a strange question. However, in our difficult time, when the male and female worlds are tightly interwoven in all aspects, increasingly many women ask themselves the question: how to develop the feminine? At the speed of life that surrounds us, easier and more comfortable for women to wear trousers or jeans. Women have learned to carry a man's job and to be "the guy" ... But whether all of this? After all, for all the apparent convenience, we lose the main difference between women from men - femininity. What do you think, why so many single women? The answer is obvious, women scare men their independence and confidence elena panova ukraine dating.
Let us remember what is femininity and her confidence develop. Here's a definition of femininity is given in Wikipedia:
"Femininity (femininity) - an ethical category, means the totality of the qualities expected of women, such as emotion, tenderness, fragility, sincerity, loyalty, that is in the man the desire to preserve and protect a woman; the quintessence of feminine gender stereotype. Also, the concept of femininity refers to the aesthetics and due to the harmonious manifestation of traits distinguish the male from the female body. The concept of femininity includes both purely biological, and social and cultural aspects. "
Note femininity in a man is the desire to protect the woman. If a woman in a lunch break sitting with the men in the smoking room, smoking a cigarette, laughing loudly and clapping familiarly seated next to a man on the shoulder, do you think a woman will desire to protect her? The answer is obvious - of course not. But immediately raises another question, if a woman is alone, how can it communicate with men, if they spend all the free time in the smoking room? And here is something just and should manifest our femininity elena panova ukraine dating. Give men the opportunity to be with the man's company. If you like someone, and that man is free, it is best to motivate him not in the smoking room, and during operation. Finding excuses to talk to him at work. Feel free to contact him with questions, pretending that you do not understand something. And when he will explain to you, do not forget to periodically admire what he is smart, he knows how much. Telling him that he and all valuable worker rests only on him. What he underestimated, etc. Thus he will be able to see in you to understand sensuality and, believe me, a wise woman. And these are the qualities that will cause it of interest to you.
How to develop your femininity? Try not to do a man's job, if there is no need in this. It is better to ask about this man, and he will carry out this work, be sure to tell him a few compliments, what he is agile and strong, how brave he is. This will help you and improve the relationship with the man and will emphasize your femininity.
To develop the feminine, train surround himself coziness and comfort. Try to buy their lace underwear, silk pajamas. Use a soft bedding colors. Waking up, do not jump directly from an alarm clock. Soak a few minutes stretching and basking enjoy tenderness fabric that touches your body. Feel the joy of life, smile. Only then get up.
Teach yourself to enjoy all that you are doing elena panova ukraine dating. Pay attention to the little things that you please. Do you drink a delicious coffee? Smile! You said a compliment? Smile! Ahead of going a man opened the door and let you forward? Smile! After all of these details and we created our good mood and our femininity.
What other secrets of how to develop the feminine? Learn how to move smoothly. See films about the Japanese geisha. Geisha is the epitome of femininity. Art Geisha studied for years in special schools and we have something to learn from them. Learn to look out of the eyelashes, enigmatic smile, beautiful motion to correct hair. All these little things create the overall portrait of womanhood. The main thing for women to remember that the strength of the natural beauty, kindness and affection, which she received at birth and spread it around, giving to others. Do not think about that now you smiled at someone, but he will not. Just live! And let others learn from you how to develop a feminine! elena panova ukraine dating.

"Do not born beautiful, and born happy" - from childhood, we are told by others. Indeed, in order to succeed in life, beauty alone is not enough. It takes a certain amount of luck, as well as the ability to set goals and achieve them, be persistent in his efforts not to give up when failures and not to lose your head in the case of a grand triumph ...
But there is one quality, the possession of which can be a big advantage on the road to success in life. Unfortunately, it is not peculiar to each of us, only a few lucky women have the opportunity to reap the benefits of what some call charisma, the other - the charm, and the third - the charm dating ukraine women.
Appearing in the company, a woman immediately attracts the attention and sympathy of others. And you can only at a loss to think about what is the secret of its success? Yes, it is not ugly, but it can not be called a beauty. It seems to be the most that neither is an ordinary, but beside her feel some emanating from her magical fluid which can not be described in words.
She just ran her hand through her hair, adjusting her hair, and a number of men are ready to go for it at the end of the world and fulfill any desire. Soft smile, friendly look and smooth movements - all this can not remain indifferent to the stronger sex in the genetic structure that is encoded perfect female image. She climbs out of the skin, flirting and flirting with men, but for some reason they are twisted around her in circles. Why are there men! Many women try to make friends with her, wanting at least in such a way closer to unraveling the secrets of her extraordinary success dating ukraine women.
What are these, the main quality that distinguish a truly charming woman ...
self confidence....
This lovely creature puzzled usual questions, suffer most women: was it worth it to flirt with the pretty blonde high, if not a complete new dress and not look stupid if she came to the party in a suit of classic cut, while the rest prefer T-shirts and jeans . Such moments in her life simply does not exist, for a charming woman is always in full confidence that it is beautiful, unique and does everything right.
But ... do not confuse confidence with overconfidence or even arrogance. Charming woman nor offered himself on a pedestal and not look down on others. In each person it is able to see an interesting personality, which is why her attention to the people is absolutely genuine.
Optimism dating ukraine women ....
Whenever you come across it, it seems like she is always in high spirits, and the surrounding unwittingly infected her optimism. Next to it is easy to forget that for two weeks, as your exclusive diet has no effect, you have nothing to wear to a corporate party, a new fan for three days does not have an effect. On the contrary, you immediately establish themselves in their opinion that the figure of the model is only good on the catwalk, find a way to revive last year's original costume brooch or a silk scarf, and forgetful gentleman just regret not calling - it is worse.
The secret of its optimism lies in the fact that, in any event, even very unpleasant, she is able to find a positive nuance. Fired from his job? Well, there's a chance to try myself in a new way! He quit boyfriend, with whom she lived for two and a half years? Perfectly. Honestly, his habit to throw your things around the home, litter chips in bed and talking very loudly - rather tired. Now she is free and can enjoy a happy life independent woman who is not burdened by any obligations.
Attention to the other party ....
Unfortunately, very few know how to listen. In general, one prefers to speak and usually currently. Therefore, communication is most often occurs on the principle of "every man for his"
- Can you imagine, I was offered a new position!
- What do you mean? But I, my Alex last week made
a great gift!
- Terrific! What do you say about the salary of one thousand dollars?
- Well, congratulations! He gave me a ring from Tiffany,
a further he said that the holidays we go to Prague.
Such dialogues, but rather monologues related encouraging interjections are not uncommon. That is why people are so appreciated the attention and listening skills.
A charming woman, before I tell you something about yourself, be sure to listen to the interlocutor, to clarify the details and in the end, if the situation demands it, will offer practical advice. Flattered by the attention and interest in his own person (what can a life more pleasant!), Anyone will hardly forget such a lovely lady and a long time will be under her spell, claiming in any company that a charming woman he had never met.
Well-groomed and orderly ....
She carefully looks after himself: always perfect (or nearly perfect) skin clean, shiny hair, stylish haircut neat manicure, fresh, well-ironed clothes.
My friend, passionately wants to achieve such perfection, always wondered how it is rarely found in nature creatures manage throughout the workday attire keeping in great shape. "You know - she says - my skirt starts to wrinkle already at that time, when I wear it." "Nothing - I reassured her, - under the number of male views that you get when you come in her office, dating ukraine women she is smoothed." We have fun laughing, but the problem remains as urgent.
To pass for well-groomed woman, a little desire. It is necessary to take care of your body as systematically as it does a farmer tending his fields, sowing them vypalyvaya weeds and fertilize regularly. Only after that you can reap the deserved rewards.
a pleasant voice....
This is one of the most important components of charm. Not only women "like ears," men's ears even more sensitive in this regard. Remember the ancient heroes: artful siren easily coped with them with the help of only the sweet singing. A magical story of Scheherazade, whose voice had apparently hypnotic effect? In short, you know ...
But if nature does not grant you a delightful and enchanting timbre pronunciation, that does not mean that you have to put up with this injustice. Record your voice on a tape recorder, listen to a few times, noting some of the features that you want to adjust and work on his speech.
Remove from the repertoire of his voice harsh notes, slightly mute the sound - loud noises often cause irritation to others. The soft tones, plus a lovely smile - that's the magic formula by which you can make an irresistible impression on the subject of the steadfast.
Zest ....
If the female essence, all at a glance - it's interesting. There must, it must be some kind of mystery, unpredictability ... That it is quiet and modest, like an angel, then suddenly throws you a look of enthusiasm and passion. Few of boys who are not like intrigue contrasts.
Unfortunately, some specific recommendations in this area can be given. His highlight every woman finds herself. A different extravagant (in moderation) behavior, the other - the ability to create a unique style of dress, and the third takes an innate sense of humor, and the fourth - childlike.
Everyone has their own talent, seek and ye shall find. No wonder psychologists say that self - one of the most interesting activities.
Positive energy ....
As a rule, the result of a friendly and positive attitude to the world. Indeed, next to a man whose spiritual landscape is more like a sun-drenched tropical beaches, feel easy, comfortable and quiet. Psychics believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the interaction energy of shells.
Coming into contact with an aura of positive sentiment man, we do not get pokes and holes in the shell of their own energy, how can it be in the case of contact with people envious or secret detractors. On the contrary, engaging in energy with the aura of a man who was able to harmonize your inner world, we oshuschaem peace and tranquility.
"With it, nice to talk to"
"Rostral very warm people"
"A couple of minutes with her, and I grow wings behind his back!" -

so characterize women as if emitting "inner light."
Seven qualities - seven components secrets. Owning them - is half the battle. But the main secret of charm fails to grasp only to those who work on a day to day, from year to year.
Cultivate the best, overcome fears, difficulties, and sometimes reluctance caused by fatigue and despair of the lack of visible results! Believe me, with each new attempt, step by step, you get closer to your goal.
And the day is near when you happen to (accidentally) delighted to hear the whispers:
"It's beautiful ... She is charming!"
And all this - about you!
According to the magazine, "She" dating ukraine women.

Do you fall in love in the person seeing it for the first time? Are you ready to have to go with him to the edge of the world, feeling that know each other all our lives? Love at first sight: Myth or Reality?
Life has shown me otherwise:
I had never believed in love. Probably because she did not meet. The girls thought I was a ladies' man, charming and interesting man I fit this image. I'm very fond of the fair sex; I did not have time to answer calls enamored ladies. But none of them touched the strings of my heart - in my heart I remained alone. Some of the girls I liked, I have sympathy, but not for long. I was even disappointed in the relationship of men and women: all so boring and not interesting. Once I tried to fall in love, to look at the girls with different eyes, to assess their strengths, but love can not be, could not: friends do not understand me, saying . I envied the guys and did not understand that even Don Juans want to find your soul mate. But I no longer believe in miracles dating ukraine search your age.
Tired of amorous intrigues, I took leave and went to Berdyansk, to no one to see or hear. As soon as I arrived and found shelter, the weather turned bad, and my heart was sad. I did not know what to do: go look at the sea, drinking a beer and read in the house. The day had enough. Depression begins. In order not to think about sad things, the next day went to the cinema to the film . Impressions of the film is not made, it was all too boring.
And then, when I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, I saw a girl who danced in the rain. Obviously, she was cold, because was so lightly dressed. I do not know how it got my attention. At first, I appreciated figure, because seeing her behind. Backside I liked, and I decided to meet. But the girl was silent. I stepped aside. It turns out that she had not heard my offer. I went again and again, insistently asked:

More than anything I had to say no, even a compliment did as usual. I saw her eyes and froze: these attractive green eyes I had ever seen. I started to pull the girl like a magnet, he could not see enough of it dating ukraine search your age. She also looked at me, unable to look away. We come to your senses when the queue literally pushed us into the minibus. Olesya was the name of a stranger, offered:
I gladly accepted. And happiness sat on my hands and twittered about yourself. Oles, of course, an attractive girl, but for me it is the most beautiful of women. I was bursting with such pride, as if my knees, as on a throne, sat the Queen herself. I wanted to passengers looked at us and envied. Her Majesty Olesya was invited me to the recreation center. On the way, she told me that, too, resting one.
We arrived, had lunch, stroll along the promenade and do not have time to recover, as the night fell. Time passed incredibly quickly. Minibuses do not go, the car was difficult to catch. And we decided to go on foot. To shorten the path, go through the reeds. I do not know how we were going, but we were so good together easily, I was ready to go a lifetime. I spent Oles home, and then miraculously caught the car and came to his base. Even in a dream before my eyes was Olesya I realized that fell. Nothing like I never felt before.
Early in the morning I was at it. It is not known where did the strength, I could not wait to see her. Weather, like my mood improved, the sun was shining. We went to the sea to bathe. Suddenly saw the drowning man (that day storm). I rushed to his aid, and although I had a good swim, the man was very heavy. Olesya rushed to help me and we pulled the man to shore. What we have experienced in the day, it is impossible to describe! This was my second birth, if not Olesya, I would go down with the man! She saved us! I kissed Olesya, dating ukraine search your age cuddle and more aware that a woman I did not find. But it took only 2 days.
My holiday flew as one day. We had to go to Kiev, to go to work. Olesya accompanied me to the bus. At first, she was smiling, fun days are spent remembered, and near the bus could not hide his tears. I also leave his beloved was unbearable, even for a week. I thought, and he burst into tears, but I'm a man.
I went out to work, and all thoughts of Olesya, live without it can not. She returned to the sea and Olesya. But not in Kiev, and to his home in another city. Every day we phoned each other. Most of the salary I spent on the negotiations, but I was glad to hear her voice. I could not wait to come to me Olesya. Then I rented an apartment with a friend, but was looking for a new, for us with Olesya.
On that day, I even my knees were shaking, and thrown into a fever. She came, my love! I went to the train station by taxi, as luck would have got stuck in traffic and Olesya not warn mobile while she was not! I was late for 20 minutes, and the train arrived early. When I flew with flowers, Olesya had tears in her eyes: she did not know what to think. I think every time I see her, then fell in love even more.
For a year we live in a civil marriage. Love, of course, can not be measured, but my sense Olesya became much deeper dating ukraine search your age. On the other girls I do not watch what they told me, if I have a favorite?
By the way, Olesya says he does not know himself: she had never been so bold as then with me in a minibus. And he does not understand how a man went with the unfamiliar through thickets of reeds night. I do not recognize myself, because I fell in love with.
Love at first sight from a biological point of view - is the most effective kind of love. If there is a meeting of two people love at first sight, it becomes clear for 30 seconds. Moreover, the first fall in love, usually men. According to studies, love at first sight - it is inexplicable attraction to each other the two mutually complementary partners. To make people feel a desire came into emotional contact, they need to see in a partner features, missing them. Love for the difference, by contrast, even antagonism inclinations when the quality of replenished, neutralized or corrected as a friend. Of particular importance is the appearance, voice, gestures, smell. This fact explains why men often like high petite woman, black-haired and brown-eyed, and fall in love Southerners blue-eyed blondes dating ukraine search your age. This matrix sympathies and inclinations works flawlessly, not only in humans but also in animals. When choosing a puppy, right future owner chooses . When the puppy grows, he becomes like his master.
If you love at first sight turns into a deeper sense of how it was Pasha and Olesya, so partners for each other at the gene level, which means that a child of this union will be born healthy and intellectually gifted.
If you captured a sudden feeling like love at first sight, then, nature certainly picked the right partner you genetically. dating ukraine search your age.

"The paradox of our time is that we have a high structure, but a low tolerance, wide highways, but the narrow views.
We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but less pleased.
We have bigger houses and smaller families, better amenities, but less time.
We have the best education, but less than the mind, the best knowledge, but worse than assess the situation, we have more experts, but more problems, the best medicine, but worse health.
We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, travel around too fast, too easy to get angry, we go to bed too late, wake up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much and pray too seldom.
They increased their claims, but reduced value dating ukraine.
Talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We know how to survive, but do not know how to live. Adding a year to human life, but do not add life to years.
We reached the moon and back, but barely cross the street and meet a new neighbor.
We conquer outer space, but not the soul.
To do more, but not better things.
Clear the air, but pollute the soul.
Subjugate the atom, but not our prejudice.
We write more, but learn less.
We plan more, but achieve less.
We learned to rush but not to wait.
Create new computers that store more information and spew streams of copies than ever, but we communicate less and less dating ukraine.
This is the time of fast food and poor digestion, big men and small shower, a quick profit and difficult relationships.
Time of growth in household income and the increasing number of divorces, beautiful homes and destroyed the home.
Time short distances, disposable diapers, disposable morality, one-night; overweight and pills that do everything: excite us, calm us, killing each one of us.
Time to fill empty storefronts and warehouses.
A time when technology can get this letter to you, at the same time allow you to share them, or simply click "Delete".
Remember, spend more time with those you love, because they are not with you forever.
Remember the hot press and a loved one to yourself, because that is the only treasure that can give from the heart, and it does not cost a penny.
Remember and say "I love you" to your loved ones, but first really feel it.
Kiss and hug can fix any trouble that come from the heart dating ukraine.
Remember and hold hands and appreciate the moments when you are together, because one day this person will not be there for you.
Take time to love, take the time to communicate and take the time to be able to share all that you have to say.
Because life is not measured by the number of breaths, but the moments that take your breath away! " dating ukraine.

Many of us wonder how to save intimate relationships in the family? When we create a family, you are full of bright hope and passion. But after just a couple of years and the passion disappears under the yoke of everyday routine. The joy of an intimate relationship goes into the category of performance conjugal duties. Fatigue, trouble everyday worries impose their marks and getting into bed, we think how to fall asleep faster. But both want to the love that brought us together and from which the eyes were burning and boiling blood, has always been with us. To intimate relationship were a joy, not a burden and weight. How to maintain an intimate relationship in the family?
Experts believe that it is not in a variety of poses, and that gradually we relax with the people close to us and begin to behave at home like never does not let people in front of strangers. But such behavior and appearance are starting to push. You say, and where else but a vacation home? Of course you need to rest and relax at home. But that does not mean you have to humiliate themselves untidy appearance and defiance dating sites latinas ans ukraine.
There are a few fixed rules, observing that you can maintain for many years joy in intimate relationships in his family.
1. You do not need to save resentment. Resentment kills desire. One grievance is superimposed on the other and ends up in our minds a small, heavy lumps. Gradually, these lumps accumulate and turn into an avalanche, which covers an entire love and desire. To avoid this, it is very important just to say that you do not like. Of course you need to speak in a soft and correct manner. Well, to as little as possible grievances arise, you need to be in the family care and attention. Men's important to remember the date of the wedding and birthday wife. You have to understand how important it is for women. Women need to show consideration and respect for the interests of her husband. And if there are prerequisites for the slightest discontent, then you should immediately discuss them. This is best done after intimacy, dating sites latinas ans ukraine lying in each other's arms in a gentle voice.
2. To hide certain areas of his life. We all understand that we are living people. And our bodies work in a certain order. But flaunt it does not follow. It is necessary to clean feminine hygiene products. Scattered stale clothes can cause irritation and hostility, but not the desire. Agree that after using the toilet and wash basin, one cleans them away himself. Put next to the toilet cleaners and special Yorshik, and next to the sink, or put it under the special sponge, which can be easily wiped faience. This way you can avoid a lot of small quarrels.
3. Even in a family, with close to us human beings, if you want to keep an intimate relationship should keep your distance. Each family member should have its own space, where he can have a rest. Someone is a favorite chair. Some people prefer to sleep separately. No need to laugh or to be offended. Generally sleeping together came to us from the poor people who did not have enough space for the large bedrooms. We all know that rich people had separate bedrooms. Incidentally, so we achieve two goals. Firstly, both the husband and wife have a good rest, and due to this they have a better mood, and therefore the relation to each other. Secondly, they have an opportunity to miss! And then the possible explosion of passion, from which you have fallen right there on the kitchen floor, tangled in clothes and rolling under the table dating sites latinas ans ukraine.
4. Retrieve your lost and do not complain constantly to life. Your pitiful story can evoke sympathy times, maybe two. Then it will cause irritation. You need it? It is better to, instead of unnecessary complaints find topics for conversation, interesting to both of you. Discuss a film that looked at together. Go to the exhibition, arrange a weekend trip, read a book together. To dream! It is very important in the family to be able to dream. The most important thing with respect - to share emotions. Then and whining will not be time.
5. The final advice on how to maintain an intimate relationship in family life. Hide my body. When we constantly expose their bodies on display, in the beginning it causes delight and excitement. But after a little time and it's boring. Oddly enough, but even the most harmonious beauty when it is too much, it ceases to excite and attract attention. It is much better to use a neat family life, home, comfortable clothing. Which is important to alternate with the provocative underwear. Should be a woman some mystery!
As you can see, there are no special secrets how to maintain an intimate relationship in family life present. If mutual respect, attention, neatness and the ability to miss each other whales will become fundamental in your family, and intimate relationships will have a permanent charm of novelty. dating sites latinas ans ukraine.

We all know the expression "the hormone of happiness." If suddenly, for some reason it attacks the apathy or worse, depression, so our body does not have enough of the hormone of happiness. And where can I get it, the hormone of happiness?
This question is answered nutritionist Ludmila Denisenko:
- If you now ask any of you what foods increase the level of "happiness hormone" in the body, then 9 out of 10, do not hesitate to call chocolate! Of course, he's so delicious, always improves mood! But as it turned out, the chocolate is not the leader in the list of products that contribute to the production of serotonin in women. Let's take a closer look dating russian bride ukraine girl romance.
The most necessary to produce "happiness hormone" amino acids - tryptophan. It we can get from the products. Without going into the wilds of biochemistry, I will say that the product can be attributed to the group of the most "useful" for women on such criteria: the content of tryptophan (T) with respect to phenylalanine (F), and leucine (L) - all essential amino acids - should be the greatest! When tryptophan is not necessary to compete with a superior number of leucine and phenylalanine, it is easier to penetrate into the brain where it is synthesized from serotonin. Phenylalanine is "responsible" for the synthesis of dopamine and inhibits the production of serotonin and leucine just decomposes tryptophan! "Perfect feminine products" have a higher coefficient, called SAF - factor serotonin production. There is even a special formula: FSP = T / (P + L).
I must say that these products are good for men, but women are just "perfect." Meet the "girl's best friend", of course, after the diamonds!
1. Parsley
2. Boletus
3. Laminaria (kelp)
4. Dried dates
5. Papaya
6. Chanterelle Mushrooms
7. Beer
8. Onions
9. Other mushrooms
10. Pecan, mustard greens, watermelon, celery, yellow mustard seed
11. Swede, spirulina
12. Zucchini, carrots, turnips, beets
13. Dried apricots (dried apricots), peppers, oranges, mangoes
14. Whey, apricot, strawberry, tangerine, cherry, pineapple, plums, grapefruit, butter, chili pepper, sunflower seeds
15. Hot peppers, sweet potatoes (yams), squash, pumpkin
16. Guava, chocolate, tomato paste, buckwheat
17. pears, almonds, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, potatoes, brussel sprouts, whole wheat flour
18. Figs
19. Bananas
20. Grapes
As you can see, the list quite affordable. Of course it is somewhat not as we used to think dating russian bride ukraine girl romance. Always, it was thought that chocolate cakes and increase women's mood, and it turned out that beer and hot peppers do it better. In any case, now we know exactly where to find the "happiness hormone". dating russian bride ukraine girl romance.

Valentine's Day. Ideas for February 14 at the Pre week are especially in demand. So I decided to share with you my ideas, I could think of. All proposed ideas are not costly, but need long-term training. If you want to make February 14 a truly unique, show your love, use one of the following ideas. And then Valentine's Day will be a memorable one for you.
The idea first. Journal of "Love Story"
Write your love story. This can be a real story, and in the form of a fairy tale, with various elements of fantasy. Choose your photos, appropriate to the story. Use once sent notes to each other, sms. Write your declarations of love and wishes. Then, the prepared materials are printed in the magazine printing. Or themselves on a color printer, print, quality paper is now sold.
You can also refer to our website at PM to administrators and we will be happy to help you write your love story. We can make a professional appearance. Materials will be available in PDF. You will only print the file on a color printer and secure it in a magazine dating report in the ukraine.

The idea of a second. Puzzles "Your co-picture"
Take your photos together, go to the printer and there is a set order of puzzles based on this picture. Of course, the greater the number of puzzles, more interesting, but it depends on your financial capabilities. The main thing here is not the size, and the idea.
The idea of a third. The search for the treasure.
This idea can be carried out both in the apartment and on the street, even in the city. Hiding in a certain place his gift, and his search for the mapping. The map indicates various landmarks. They can be a memorable place for you. They can encrypt and decrypt leave in the form of notes in these memorable places. In each decoding step to the next item. This treasure hunt adventure as Valentine's Day, will be remembered for a lifetime dating report in the ukraine.
The idea of the fourth. Chocolate heart and in declarations of love.
Buy a chocolate heart, the more the better. The main thing that it was hollow inside. Done lots of zapisochek with declarations of love. Or a note on the topic "Why I love you." In these notes you can list all the advantages of your loved one. Very carefully slitting chocolate heart along the glued seam. For this purpose, better to take the knife, whose edge with teeth like small saw. Please be patient, to cut a chocolate heart and break it. Then apply the edge of a second halves of the heart to the hot pan, put into prepared notes and connect halves chocolate heart. So you still get the whole chocolate heart, but this time with your declaration of love inside. Wrapped in red foil wrap, tie a bow and giving!
The idea of a fifth. Jacuzzi with champagne.
Do not worry, fill the hot tub with champagne you do not have, although this idea is also very good. You will need a special device for the baths, which makes the water circulation and release air bubbles. The type of home mini Jacuzzi. Just buy a bottle of champagne, a little fruit, chocolate. More to this, you can add several balloons filled with gel. The balls make long strings, and tie the ends of the drawstrings gentle poems about love and its recognition. Valentine's Day of course the main phrase of the day "I love you!". Now, with champagne, fruit and chocolate covering a tiny table in the bathroom, though on a stool, her main drape beautifully and everything. Yes, do not forget the wine glasses! Balls with declarations hang out just above the bath. In the bath pour water and turn on your installation "Home Jacuzzi." After all the preparations are blindfolded to whom is this gift. Leads to the bathroom. Undressing, helping gently sit in the bath. If a man does to a woman, then ideally it all just picks her up and gently lowered into the water. The eyes in this case remain blindfolded! And only then removed the blindfold. Then you can do to get into the bath if space permits. Or just stay close. Drink for the love, reading poems and declarations of love, enjoy the presence of each other and relaxing dating report in the ukraine.
The idea sixth. Cup / mug with a joint photo.
The printing can order all sorts of images to any desired objects. Book your joint photo on a mug. And at the bottom of the mug make the inscription "I love you." And post this morning mug of coffee / tea. If Valentine's Day you're going to make an offer, you can write it on the bottom of the mug, "Be my wife!". By the way, you can make two pots to emphasize that you are a couple.
The idea seventh. Subject picture.
Make a picture of the artist with your images. Themes can be very different. You can take a picture of the well-known and that the artist painted the heroes of your face, and themselves can think of something. Prepare for the artist photographs, which he could easily have drawn. Just such a pattern can be done in Photoshop, print it on a color printer and insert it into an appropriate frame.
The idea eighth. Striptease on Valentine's Day.
This idea is equally well suited for both men and women. Take a few lessons of professional striptease. Then remove your striptease in the video and record to disk. This will be your gift. But that on the record, you look good, be sure to tan in a solarium. Instant tan is applied with a special paint and lasts several days. Just take care of a suitable costume.
The idea of the ninth. Automotive.
It also sounds like the same for both men and women. Of course, provided that the woman has the right and drives a car. Gift paid lessons of extreme driving. This is all good for drivers, always useful in life, and just very interesting. So the driver's certificate of extreme everyone would be proud of dating report in the ukraine.
The idea of a tenth. Erotic horoscope.
Find online erotic horoscope. And as the design, use your erotic photos. To this end, it is desirable to arrange a photo session. Apply for a horoscope calendar. You can print in typography and color printer at home.
Try to make your Valentine's Day a happy and memorable one. Invest in the preparation of their love. And even if this time your favorite / your favorite not prepare you for this extraordinary gift, your gift is sure to inspire and bring to your relationship a new note of love. After all, and there is a Valentine's Day to show love! dating report in the ukraine.

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