Demonstrate unbridled temperament in the first phase of dating a man put on the status, and a woman - if necessary, so as not to frighten off the charted "prey." And those and others do is not difficult. On hand nouveau love playing and novelty of sensations, and the freshness of perception, and the absence of conflicts of domestic nature. But one novelty will not last long, sooner or later, "declassified" and admit that you are not ready for anything choleric, and only a modest phlegmatic. Well, if a partner and not as he would "perish," as would seem at first. Otherwise, its "once a day" hardly suit your "once a month". And you just stay, what to prepare for the case and the tears of parting. Ideally, of course, be defined in advance in the matter and thereby avoid misunderstandings later. However, to determine the temperament something unlikely.

The classic division into choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic not entirely satisfied with sexologists. They secrete sexual temperament as a separate component and prefer to divide it into three components:

Strong sexy type of early sexual activity begins and throws an exciting experience to a great age. Prone to frequent sexual intercourse, impatient, insistent, barely tolerate abstinence loves extreme sex interacial dating in the ukraine.

Weak sexual type. It is just the opposite. Do not hurry to experience the joy of "forbidden fruit" is committed to stable relations, it is able to "swan" loyalty, not like experiments.

Average sexy type. The golden mean. When should I start when you need ends. Periods of activity alternating with painless time "stagnation." Moderately risky, moderately relaxed, moderately active, in general - is normal interacial dating in the ukraine.

If you do not fall into one group with their counterparts, do not despair. Psychologists are advised not to give this factor too much attention. The main thing that was the love between you and the desire to maintain this love, then you will easily be able to negotiate in any case. interacial dating in the ukraine.

Of course, a certain recipe or sequence of actions on how to choose a man nobody will give you. Everyone has their own individual approach and its goals. Select "man for the night" for life, you see, things are different. And when a young woman, changing guys like gloves, thinks she knows all the secrets of women and always be able to choose for themselves something (or someone) right, it can profoundly mistaken. Because "small car and truck" not boring to communicate quickly dissolves when it comes to marriage, or even to hint of a serious relationship.

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Should pay attention to their attitude to this man, how would analyze what attracted you to it. By the way, it is important to be able to distinguish from the passion deep personal sympathy. If we are talking about passion, it often ends in nothing that option: any rough times in life are. Passion as one of these periods. When people are fed up with sexual relations (really constant very strong sexual attraction to the same object is not possible), a period of cooling and if at this time both realize that, in addition to sex, they did not contact, then the relationship is over hot ukraine girls dating services.

Another thing, if you feel that this person is right for you (this is called "being on the same wavelength"). In his presence, you do not have a role to play to please. You are myself. It is very important.

Most girls choose to howl the second half of the image and likeness of his father. If the father in the family - getter, this chapter, but it is absolutely not immersed in household chores (which occupies wife), that is a strong possibility that your partner will be endowed with the same qualities. If she rarely talked to his father (due to circumstances), or it is not lived in the family, the attitude of the men she could inherit from her mother. Offended by a woman (mother) could not help his daughter and programs that all men around the "goats", etc. Accordingly, when the time comes to choose a husband, triggered this internal program, as a result of the choice falls on an entirely unworthy of human life which can not be, or appear with a choice of difficulties due to internal conflicts and doubts hot ukraine girls dating services.

The same can be said about men. Since childhood, the main woman in their life - his mother. So this way they unconsciously try on to his future beloved. That is why sometimes it is not clear how he is such a prominent and enviable groom chose a "gray mouse", and the essence of something but that she, for example, voice similar or the same as the mother. Here it is an internal program. hot ukraine girls dating services.

Our brave men, they are brave as lions and vulnerable as children. How to praise or criticize the man to encourage him not to hurt sensitive nature? If a woman feels this fine line, the men's world lies at her feet. Let's sort out these intricacies that each of us has become a lady of the male world.
There are a few diplomatic tricks that are important to observe. You can not just praise or criticize the man. It starts or conceited or will be offended, so much from them, men feature. Or, to be treated with distrust praise.
In order to properly praise the man, it is necessary to be sincere. We can not always naive to clap eyelashes and repeat every 10 minutes, "What you're smart," "What you're strong." The false man will feel instantly and will go on a woman. It is important to be observant and pay attention to detail. Give specific examples hot ukraine dating.
Husband and wife make repairs. My wife is trying to open a jar of dried up paint, she can not. She asks her husband, and he calmly opens. Nothing special. You can just say thank you and continue to work, and you can kiss with a smile and comment: "How nice, when there is strong and skilled man!" This is a concrete example of how to praise a man.
Another example. Your man will win the competition. Absolutely fine, if you jump for joy and shout all over the world: "My man the cleverest, the strongest, the best!" Generally praise in public works is three times stronger than praise alone. It already belongs to egomassazhu. Only praise on people certainly need for that in a given society is valued. If the company you start boxers touted as your favorite to surprise you, and washed the dishes, then you can at best do not understand, and in the worst case you spoil the reputation of his Rambo hot ukraine dating.
A natural question arises, what to do if he lost? Of course I support it. To say that his victory in front that only a strong spirit can compete against a stronger opponent, that these events showed what he lacks and he now have a great opportunity to make it right the next time be sure to win. These are concrete examples, but these techniques how to praise a man, can be used in different situations.
But not everything in life is sweet and there are times when your favorite is doing something wrong, something is wrong. How to criticize a man? How to tell him gently that he not only offended, but agreed?
First, remember the main law, all the criticisms only in private.
Second, start always with praise. Praise for what he has done (after all did the same, he could not do by the way). After the praise as if undecided asked his opinion: "But look here. Do not you think that there is a little crooked? If that's so fake, it is also much better, right?" I agree that such criticism does not cause any negative emotions and will work much better than if you're in the strongest possible terms to express their conclusions about the wrong structure of his body hot ukraine dating.
As you can see, there are no particular difficulties in the science of how to praise or criticize the man no. Remember that for a man to praise a stimulus to action, so they are arranged. But praise must be genuine, not contrived. If you're really going to be observant and to emphasize the dignity of his beloved, that your pair is guaranteed harmonious union. The main thing is to pay compliments to the man, not only the wedding, but after! After all, a man - it is a tender plant that needs to be cherished and nurtured, despite all this his militant views. And if you have mastered the skill of this school, how to praise and criticize a man, you will always be loved and your man will appreciate you! hot ukraine dating.

Our biological age is usually different from that specified in the passport. Why is this happening? Perhaps because the clock is ticking at the same speed, but the body of different people react differently to life processes. And many think with interest, how to determine the biological age? You know, the biological age can actually be very different. Remember as a joke? "I looked into the passport - 50 Do not be :(
I look in the mirror - no, all right, 35! :) "
There are many ways how to determine the biological age. We will not use any complex deal that let professionals. And we're done now some simple but very effective test.
All the mentioned tests are performed in sequence, the result is written. And after the last test to summarize.
The skin is, can "show" biological age gorlovka ukraine dating agency.
Pinch yourself two fingers back of your hand, gently pulling the skin, and hold for 5 seconds. Note how long will hold traces of crushing: 5 seconds - your biological age - 20 - 30 years, 8 seconds - 40, 10 seconds - 50 seconds, 15 - 60.
"Pose Stork"
Evaluation of equilibrium. Try to stand on one leg (the other foot is pressed), arms extended to the side, eyes closed for 30 seconds or more - your biological age - 20 years, 25 seconds - 30 seconds, 20 - 40, 15 seconds - 50, less than 10 seconds - 60.
"Determining the pulse"
Before performing the exercises measure pulse. Then sit down 30 times as fast as you can. If the heart rate is increased: 0-10 units - your biological age is 20 years; 10-20 units - 30; 20-30 units - 40; 30-40 units - 50; more than 40 units, or you do not exercise the power of - 60.
Try to close at the level of the shoulder blades fingers in a "lock". If you are: Make it easy - your biological age is 20 years; barely touched fingers - 30; if you could not touch - 40; If you could not make his hands behind his back - 60 gorlovka ukraine dating agency.
Test for mobility
Bend down and try to touch the floor with his hands (you can slightly bend your knees). If you touch the floor the entire surface of the palm of your hand - the biological age is 20 - 30 years; If you touch the floor only with your fingers - you nearly 40 years; if the hands would get only up to the shins - you nearly 50 years; if the hands of the "stop" at the knee - you 60.
This resulted in our tests. Now you need to add up all the results and divide by 5. This arithmetic average will be your true biological age. Many might wonder how this figure is less than the rating. There is nothing surprising in it is not present gorlovka ukraine dating agency. After all, if we look after their health, a lot of walk in the open air, are conducting an active way of life, often smile and the joy we give to others, so that we do reduce your biological age. It can be concluded that in respect of biological age in our hands! Stay young and beautiful! gorlovka ukraine dating agency.

Let's understand what sexuality and study it as an object of seduction school. It has long been known that men are primarily concerned with sexy women and only then - beautiful. Why is this happening? Because a woman, from which comes a sexy, man draws on a genetic level. The men and women of the nature inherent desire to reproduce and when a man sees a woman, in the first moment he feels - if it is possible contact with this woman or not. This does not mean that men all my life thinking only about sex. This happens on a subconscious level. So if a man sees a very beautiful woman, but her blows from the icy inaccessibility, in most cases, a man passes by without paying attention to beauty.
As we reflect on the question of what is sexy, it is important to note that this is not available, and promiscuity. Sexuality is not the desire to flaunt, showing out of place naked body. Sexuality is something that can not be hidden. That is only natural attraction and the natural behavior of women is an interesting man. How to understand what sexy and master this very science? Do not worry, everything is quite simple. Follow my advice and you will succeed full service ukraine dating.
The first important thing to remember about the psychological characteristics of men, they are all hunters by nature, so they are not interested in readily available women. When communicating with a man a woman should show her a little sympathy, but no more. The man appears interesting only when it beforehand can count on success. So be calm, confident, cheerful, sociable with the man who is interesting to you.
A very important sight of women. I already wrote about the exercise of view, so I will not repeat. Just follow the link and read it contextual HERE . There is another very interesting technique. When you meet a man with a look that is interesting to you, make a fairly simple movement. Slightly smile never leaving his eyes, then looked down in front of him and spend a hand on his thigh downwards, as if straightening her skirt. Thus man also translate his view on your hips. The game consists in the fact that in his memory postponed your gesture you straightens her skirt. Get well - so she got up and under her skirt, he can see your lace panties. The thought alone is enough for a man to his thoughts all day hovered around your image full service ukraine dating.
If you do this and held a conversation in which you will hear in most, giving the man a chance to speak and ask questions about it, that in the morning of his falling in love with you is guaranteed.
Often, going through what sexuality is, there are tips to show your underwear in the cutout dresses, sipping frank and languid calling glance. It certainly acts on the man, but he just appreciates a woman as readily available. If you want to get something more than a one-time physical contact, do not use these techniques.
In women's clothing is always important measure of openness and the share of mystery. If you have undone the top two buttons of her blouse strict and slightly visible depression in the ground, it will be much more effectively than a transparent blouse with a plunging neckline, which is visible through the bra. The man is very important to dream, to conjecture, that's when it will be clearly aware of what your sexuality and how it is attractive full service ukraine dating.
By studying what sexuality is, be sure to mention the movements . Your movements should be smooth, mesmerizing. In ballroom dancing, there is one exercise to develop a posture meat down, the bones up. That is necessary to completely straighten and pull the entire spine up, but all the muscles relaxed lower down. And in this state, all stretched like attention, but at the same time relaxed and confident, begin to move smoothly. Work out at home, try to accustom ourselves to this posture. Remember how moving the panther as its movements are smooth and graceful. Here you Teach yourself to move as well. Then your sexuality will simply gush and thus you will not need to show your underwear.
As you can see, to understand what sexuality and learn how to be sexy is a snap. Sexy woman must be elegant, gracious, graceful, mysterious and slightly flirtatious. And then all men would be at your feet! full service ukraine dating.

Today let's talk about the energy cocoon. This is one of the basic energy exercises.
Cocoon allows you to isolate themselves from the outside world energy shell when you need to protect against magical attacks, or simply of an unpleasant neighbor. It also allows you to create an energy bridge, free ukraine dating websites where you will need to contact like-minded energy resou.
Before starting the exercise, you can stand or sit, the main thing that you feel comfortable and comfortable. Close your eyes and mentally light the star in the solar plexus. It glows brighter and brighter. Form a circle of stars. It goes beyond your body. Begin to rotate it around. It turns into a hoop. Then start to compress the hoop in the opposite direction gradually to the size of the sprocket. Do this three times. When the third time you pull the hoop outside their bodies do not need to compress the hoop. Lock it in these dimensions and start to stretch it vertically. Here begins the hoop stretch up and down around you revolves wall that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Close it as a cocoon. Around you formed a protective shell. Fix it for a few minutes free ukraine dating websites.
Initially, it will be difficult, but gradually exercising, you can hold it a long time. Open the pod and squeeze it into the hoop, then a star. The more you obrazuete it and the stronger your energy, the stronger your protective cocoon. The strong protective cocoon you are not afraid of any magic. free ukraine dating websites.

Our universe holds many mysteries that surprise us and we strive to solve them. For one of these puzzles are a man and a woman. It really is the greatest secret of nature. How, with seemingly the same body structure (two arms, two legs, heart, liver, etc.), men and women have different chemical reactions in the body? Why are men so difficult to understand women and women to men? Long-term observation of men chat with them on the topic of women, allow me to make some conclusions, which I want to share with other women, and thus improve understanding.
I will not go into a long rant, and get right to the list.
1. Men like women with a light character. This does not mean that they like pacifiers, not at all. They like women who are optimistic about life, fun in the companies, in any situation, try to find something positive free ukraine dating web sites.
2. Men appreciate when a woman can just shut up, and even better to just shut up.
3. Men like weak women and it is logical. After all, if they have the opportunity to show their strength.
4. I would like to write that men like stupid women, but it would not be true. In fact, they like smart women, but a woman should not be smarter than men. So, dear women, you should be smart enough to seem foolish. :)
5. Men appreciate their care. Nevertheless, care should be up to a certain limit. If you take care of it as a chicken hen, he is very quickly get bored.
6. One of the most important qualities that men value women - tact.
7. Cleanliness - is generally a mandatory feature for all women completely, but it should not be up to manic.
8. Willingness to have sex, including oral, is important for a man, free ukraine dating web sites but it must be absolutely certain that this readiness only for him.
9. Now we are entering into a contradiction with paragraph 8. The fact that a man with one hand to be sure of your loyalty, but on the other hand, he is interested only in the woman who interested in other men. That is, we women who used their natural mind to behave so like other men, and your man to know about it, but he must be sure of your loyalty to him. Oh, and difficult task, I tell you!
10. Listening. Men need moral support and if you are able to listen to him, much less support, he will appreciate it.
11. Men appreciate women docile nature. Although he needs to know about your pride and "tiger" brave, when you need to protect your family, for example.
12. Men appreciate the ability to forgive.
13. Men are not very important beauty as such, but grooming is very important. The delicate skin, silky hair, a neat manicure and pedicure, intimate haircut (not shaved pubis!), Exciting smell - components of your success.
14. Men are like femininity.
15. Men love a sober and non-smoking women.
16. Men are not interested in a certain mystery in a woman. You have to be unpredictable, but certainly not abuse it.
17. Men respect women in intelligence. The woman should be an interesting conversationalist free ukraine dating web sites.
18. Men appreciate women in honesty and sincerity.
19. Men are like delicate and educated woman. Manners bazaar traders nobody decorate.
20. The ability to cook well is very much appreciated by men, even though the fact that they can prepare their own food is quite decent.
21. Finally, when the man just appreciate them well with a woman. From a woman they never leave! free ukraine dating web sites.

Down with porn! That clarion call, I decided to start this article, knowing that now I will fly tomatoes and slippers. But let's convenient obuemsya in slippers, go to the kitchen, made from harvested tomatoes tasty salad and a glass of tea to speculate about themselves. About this strange opposition as sex against porn.
The dominance of pornographic sites and public access have created a terrible thing to society. Gone was the secret veil of intimacy disappeared tremulous joy of knowing love, modesty and shyness disappeared. They were replaced by promiscuity, rudeness, cruelty and perversion. Do we want to live in such a society? Do we want our children to live in such a society? Do we want to be beautiful, healthy sex was supplanted by pornography? To drunken freaks engaged mating animals on the streets, accompanying this obscene comments? I am absolutely sure that every single person is safe to say "No!", But why every single person finds it impossible to try to change things around you? Only around you free ukraine dating an chat! For themselves and their children!
Have you ever thought about the sex education of their child? How you can prepare him for adult life? You know that most teens get their first sexual experiences in 13-14 years? And mind you, I'm not talking about masturbation, it starts even earlier. I'm talking about sex with your partner. Are you terrified? But from that teenage sex does not disappear. And how do you think, how teenagers are trained in theory, to go to the practical part? And if you do not personally have explained to his son or daughter all the subtleties and pitfalls of sex, where they could learn those skills? That's right, most of the pornographic videos and films, which are open to all free ukraine dating an chat.
In schools, there is no such thing as sexual education. And in vain! The maximum that tried to offer in the school curriculum - to explain the need to use a condom, but this idea was later abandoned. But sex is not only the ability to use a condom. Sex is the culmination, the physical merger of two loving people. Physical intimacy in love is natural as well as the oil in the porridge. And if the adult society does not allow sex education to teenagers literate, you think of that teens are not having sex? Will! Only the knowledge of how to do it, they will not receive from special textbooks, learning how to make sex is not only secure, but also beautiful, telling a beautiful love and competent development of sexual relations in the family. Because of these textbooks are not present! Teenagers will get the knowledge of the porn and pornorolikov, from what is available for them. And the availability of pornography on the Internet knows everything.
It turns out that abandoning the culture of sex and turning a blind eye to vsedostupnosti pornography, society morally destroys itself. The problem is not only that the young man does not know how to properly and communicate better with the girl. How can he know if, after "learning" through the porn he has no basic respect for the girl, and where after that can be respected? Another problem is that the girl getting married, can not remain interesting for their husbands sexually free ukraine dating an chat.
At the beginning of married life when the burning flames of passion, no one thinks how to make sex interesting and beautiful. He's just a good in itself. But after a little time and it begins to appear habit. And suddenly, one day, while the young wife will relax after a hard day, a young husband wants to have fun and briefly glance at the porn site. Like okay, as long as it does not become permanent.
But for the most part men do not know that watching porn is harmful to health, and this is proven by British scientists. The fact is that the frequent watching pornographic movies and clips of men becomes a habit state of frustration, that is they have an erection, but it does not end with ejaculation. This leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the genital organs, to the stagnation of venous blood and, consequently, increases the risk of prostatitis. But the man does not know, and with enviable regularity began to visit porn sites. Thus in his life comes the opposition, against sex porn.
And now he was starting to catch on to the idea that his wife is not so interesting, and, as it was before. What sex with her boring and monotonous. A young woman, seeing this behavior starts to panic and scandals, jealous husband to the Internet. And that more interest him, she goes to the hairdresser and make a new hairstyle, rather than engage in sexual education . She just does not know how to do it, because nobody has taught. Not taught correctly to do erotic massage , oral sex is not taught, not taught to give pleasure to his beloved.
And it is a science! How to learn to bake pies or wallpaper glue, just need to teach people correctly and beautifully sex , to create a harmonious relationship, based not only on a spiritual attraction, but first and foremost, free ukraine dating an chat and sexuality. And then it will not in families such as the opposition against sex porn. And the fact that sex is one of the most important factors of family happiness, is already known to all. Now it remains the case for small, to study the art of sex . Recall that there are dating , unexpected gifts and surprises. Turn away from the bored sales nudity! Look in love look at his wife. Prompt her where she can learn the art of love , and even better start to learn this art together .
I believe that very soon our men in the choice: a beautiful, healthy sex or watching porn will respond in unison: the undisputed sex !!! free ukraine dating an chat.

Continuing the series of articles about the magic of human energy. The last time we talked about the production of wands . This material energy accumulator. But since everything in this world is dual, that is, and its energetic counterpart. Just say that this technique is very old. It is known that it was used by Buddhist monks and it is called "dragon energy". What makes this technique? The first is to strengthen your own energy. Secondly, you get the ability to control the situation in their favor.
Its essence is that the average person, even if he does not only do not believe in magic, and even more did not hear about it (though such day the fire to look for, and if there are, they must be recorded in the Red Book), all still unconsciously feel the energy. Energy dragon can affect a person through his power free ukraine dating ads.
Creates a dragon follows. Arrange in a comfortable chair. Relax and focus on the point of his solar plexus. Feel the warm at this point. Imagine how your solar plexus area is filled with soft, golden light. Here is a thin ray of light comes out of the solar plexus and surrounds you. Now you see around the golden circle. Stretch it up and down until it formed a clear, golden wall around you. Then again, pinch the wall in a thin circle around the waist and turn the circle into a ball, which is included in the solar plexus. You should be nice and comfortable.
Do this three times, play with his energy and feel its elasticity and its capabilities. Only in the last of the golden globe separate and visualize a small part of this energy clot egg. It should be as big as you see fit. Try to represent all the paintings as realistic as possible, with as little details. Think not only about the size of an egg, free ukraine dating ads but the color of the shell. Mentally touch the egg. Consider it a warm, pleasant roughness.
Here's a little stir egg, cracks ran through it and it split. From the egg got dragon. It is small and funny. Mentally take your dragon in his hands. Stroke it and warm with its warmth. It's a piece of you, your energy. Visualize a bowl with milk. Dragon small, it needs to grow. Here he is lapping milk. Stroke it. And give it a name. This is your personal dragon. Consider it better. What color is it, what his legs, look at the bright eyes. They are yellow or green? Try to imagine your dragon in the most minute detail.
Circle the room. Where it is better to live? Find him a place. Imagine how it grows. It will grow as much as you need it. Do not suffer excessive ego. You do still need to manage it. He is very playful. In the first couple of days, try to remember it. Each evening, choose some time. Play around with it. Pour into a bowl of milk. Give him something to eat. Stroke it. All this must be done by visualizing what is happening. The dragon will thank you for your concern.
And he grew up, it was time to give him a first assignment. No need to start from the complex, the dragon is still young, he needs to gain experience. If you have any difficulties, a little trouble, free ukraine dating ads then before going to resolve these difficulties, to send your dragon. Please refer to him by name, describe the situation, imagine a place where you go and send him a dragon, giving him the task to prepare a solution of the situation with the maximum benefit for you. Just do not say such a common phrase, let's absolutely specific task. For example, you make a mistake at work and is the chief of you on the carpet. You know that for such mistakes of others at least deprived of the award. But because you do not need, right? So give your dragon task to you, as a result, was held only a verbal conversation, such as parsing errors. When all is well for you to complete, be sure to thank his dragon. Give him vkusnyashek, such as milk with honey, herbs juicy. Well, if you carnivorous, then fried or baked chicken tender forelku.
Call your dragon every morning with him to protect and guard you. The more you remember about him and more tasks you give it, the stronger it will become.
Some people ask why we need the energy dragon, if you have guardian angels free ukraine dating ads. The fact is that between the dragon and the Angel is a big difference. Dragon is a piece of your energy, grown in a special way and endowed with special powers. He fulfills your job. And the angel, a messenger of God. He sends you, he tries to change you for the better care of your morality and moral growth. free ukraine dating ads.

Our world is made up of different energies. They permeate space and surrounds us every second, regardless of whether we believe they exist or not. Some streams are close to us, but some take place in the distance. Our task is to learn to turn the necessary energy flows in our direction. In this case, we're talking about love, and then we will work with the flow of love, feelings and emotions.
Most importantly, you must realize how these work flows. To love came into your life, you need to emit the appropriate fluids for which people will respond free dating ukraine.
Very often there are recommendations that, to attract love into your life must be clear desired image. But here lies the rub. Usually people have in mind there some idealized image, far from the reality of life. Indeed, who would think to be tired of the struggles of life, plump woman with a heavy gait? Or, balding man with a protruding "bundle of nerves" over the belt of trousers? So the first thing you need to realize - who really can be your partner, and only then represent the image. This is how you open his path. And if you have in mind will be the image of the blonde Brazilian ass, then a tired woman held by heavy gait is actually blonde, too, if you do not meet its standards.
So, the first task you performed, presented the image of a real person who can come into your life. Now that image allot specific spiritual qualities that you would like to see his chosen (beloved). Again, look at things realistically, opens the way to real people. Remember that love is an abstract energy substance that seeks the same with similar parameters. The energy of love chooses a partner for energy compatibility, and appearance is not critical free dating ukraine.
When your image is ready, you need to declare to the universe its readiness to attract love into your life. This can be done in various ways.
During warmer months, come to the beach, stand facing the sun, barefoot on the wet sand to the water easily affect them. Feel a slight breeze blowing. You guessed it, that you are using the four elements? Now close your eyes and imagine how the sun's energy, water, land and air flow into you fill your body are intertwined in it and give birth to a new flow of energy - the energy of love! Imagine how this new stream overwhelms you. And in the heart it is poured out. It envelops you, around you creates the aura and the corresponding spreads in all directions. Feel your fullness! Tell mind: "I'm open (a) to love! I gladly and gratefully accept the love of my life!"
Thank the four elements of the aid and go home with a firm belief that you have stated in the universe about your wish.
And here is another way. In the evening, when the stars light up and the moon appears, dilute fire. Look at the fire as long as you want. When you feel full of energy fire, imagine that you came over multicolored ball of energy, all colors of the rainbow. This ball is your desire, your desire to tell the universe that you are ready to let love into your life. Put the ball in the thoughts, that you have generated the image, which we discussed earlier. Say the same words as in the first version, and release the ball. Let him fly up high! Let the entire universe will know about your wish and will respond to it free dating ukraine.
But not always we have the opportunity to come to the beach or sit by the fire. Sometimes we want concrete action here and now. In this case, too, there is a way! Buy a bouquet of flowers, ylang-ylang and seven small red candles. Prepare a warm bath, cut off the heads of the flowers and put them in water. Add a bit of sea salt and a few drops of oil. Light the candles and put them on the perimeter. Soak in water, relax. When you feel that not only your body, but your soul is fully revealed to the universe, imagine that next to you is flowing stream of love. It is red, you see it, but it flows over you. The force of his thoughts turn it in their favor. Imagine how it is now flowing in your direction. If you can not turn the flow, so do yourself a step and enter into this stream. As they say, if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain!
Say out loud, "I'm open (a) to love! I gladly and gratefully accept the love of my life!"
And one more thing that you definitely need to do. Remember that you are now filled with love and are ready to give. Love should be your faithful companion. It must shine in your eyes and your smile shine free dating ukraine. Forget the grim expression on his face. Remember that love, as well as good luck loves cheerful and welcoming.
Next time we'll talk about methods of dating and marriage rituals. free dating ukraine.

Love - the main way to escape from the loneliness that torments the majority of men and women for almost all their lives.
Bertrand Russell

In all ages, millions of people ask this question, what is true love? It tried to answer the great poets and philosophers, but a clear answer has not been given. And here I am, a modest fantasy writer and part-time psychologist, hoping to classify themselves to the category of "the Great," also tries to answer the question "What is true love" (joke) foreign personals dating ukraine. But to be honest, that it made me think about you, my dear readers and friends. You yourself in our conversations often ask me what is true love, hoping to hear a clear statement from me. Do I have it was not and so now I want to look into the matter.
We feel love for a specific person when experiencing feelings. But if these feelings are not affirmative action, it is only love. What kind of action, you may ask. Yes, any action aimed at creating comfort of the person to whom you are experiencing feelings. If you sincerely want to do something for him. Quite often in the analysis of relations experts emphasize that the interests of both parties in the relationship must be respected equally and does not infringe on each other. This is a very important point, with which I completely agree, but ... Remember the expression, "hunting Forest captivity?" This is when you have so much interest in any business that you forgot about my laziness and with great pleasure to do it. Similarly, in love, you want to do something for a loved one.
From this we deduce the first concept: real love, when I want to do something for a loved one foreign personals dating ukraine.
But to ensure that your actions have brought joy and comfort to man, one must first know what the person likes. And here the differences begin to emerge. We can not always do what pleases our favorite. It turns out that this love should also include the convergence of interests and opportunities, I do not mean physical capabilities, it is a physical and psychological capabilities first. Only when it will be easy to do something for a loved one, you will do it with pleasure.
So we got a second term: true love, it is a coincidence of interests and opportunities, makes the relationship easy and enjoyable.
Now, let's think. To the relationship was easy and pleasant, it turns out that two people should fully accept each other for what they are, or almost completely. It is known that there are no perfect people. That is, the disadvantages of a loved one should be treated calmly, just to know that they are. You should not seek to alter each other, should not claim to each other. True love does not require rework.
So, we have a third notion: true love does not require alterations!
You say, how you talk easily obtained. Maybe by it looks easy, foreign personals dating ukraine but every word in this article has been thought and felt throughout my adult life. Perhaps that is why I am now able to easily write this article because I knew very clearly what exactly I want it to say.
In conclusion, I propose to conclude that this true love?
True love is mutual feelings of two people matching of interests and abilities, taking each other for what they are happy to do the right action in relation to each other. foreign personals dating ukraine.

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