Sooner or later it happens to everyone: whatever was not a luxury bedroom, with time it becomes "just a bedroom." Outputs are two: either change the situation or partner, we recommend to start with the first.
In lovemaking "out" there are lots of advantages: first, sex, even with a long-familiar partner is perceived as completely new, and secondly, you will surely strengthen the nervous system, and third, it is not the most expensive, which can be afford, and finally - a great incentive to work to improve their own body. But like any other good impromptu, impromptu sex should be well prepared.
Sex on Wheels
Four-one instead of the usual four-legged pet - the sofa, ukraine dating sex especially suitable for active women who prefer to take the initiative in their hands.
The main factors to be taken into account - a growth partner, interior ergonomics and your physical form. They are more important than the weight and dimensions.
Suitable Place "contact" - the back seat.
Optimum position: a man sitting, woman on top (face or back-to-man). Strongly recommended variations on the theme of "missionary" posture if the car seat is not decomposed. Otherwise legs sticking out of the window may attract unwanted attention.
Physical training: Do not use this position if you have knee problems. You will need trained muscles of the front and back of the thigh and the lower beam of the press. So take the time to exercise in advance ukraine dating sex!
Psychological Preparation: Think and Speak out loud several times their explanations of law enforcement officers. Pay particular attention to the fact that if others can see quite well what you are doing, then it is not "making love" and a violation of law.
Prepare legal: if the car is parked where parking is prohibited, or is too long on the sidelines, it could bring traffic police representatives and faculty on the idea that "suspicious" car would be nice to check out. Suit and inspection, have every right to. Particularly vigilant bystanders may cause police patrol if they seem that your car in a strange shaking. Even if the machine is on a vacant lot, but nearby there is a protected facility, guards can come and ask themselves, what is so interesting you are doing here, or, again, call up the police. So it is better to choose the place deserted.
Possible trouble: the bruises from the "parking brake", the heel or the other part of the body, "drove" in the horn, head injuries on the wheel with too intense desire to pamper a loved oral sex, the remaining traces of the arms and legs on the glass (in the secondary misting they can be seen again) .
Sex at a height
If you think that you - the only one in erotic fantasies presents itself on the site of Emmanuel, something very wrong. According to recent statistics, about 60% of air travelers dream about it. "Officially," people do "unearthly" love in 1916, it was then the inventor Lawrence Sperry autopilot did it on board an airplane is in the air. It is considered the founding father of the club Mile High Club, brings together people - passengers and pilots, pro-sex height. Psychologists, in turn, ukraine dating sex recommended making love on a plane to those who have a fear of flying.
The main factors to be taken into account: the absence of suffering, eager to get to the same place, but in a different context (otherwise it will seem that you have sex whether in the communal, or Red Square). In any case, it is not necessary to dwell in the toilet for longer than 15 minutes.
Suitable place: just $ 299 you can take to the air over the United States by plane, equipped with rows of seats instead of the bed, a bottle of champagne and an alarm clock. In Israel, a five-minute "sex-flight" of Tel Aviv will cost $ 200. Mere mortals in Russia is still a piece of "dressing" of space the size of a large pack of condoms. However, a slightly negative pressure in the cabin and the "special" orgasm associated with it - a reason to take the risk.
Optimum position: standing - the woman encircles a man down. Strongly recommend poses with variations on the theme of "partner (partner) sitting." It is unlikely that the designers "laid" the ability to make a double burden for one toilet. This is the first, second, according to foreign media - accidentally pressed the pedal vacuum flushing at the wrong time can lead to the fact that this will be the last sex for your partner.
For aesthetic reasons, we do not advise pose "the man behind". He does not care, and you will have to assess the level of cleanliness sanblok close with my own eyes and nose, says
Physical training: you need a good stretch to get the flexibility you need at least a month of regular exercise, not hurt to lose weight, if any.
Legal Training: do not try to make love "in the last row" on the plane, especially on international flights - otherwise you will expulsion from the country in which you are heading, and a fine in the region of US $ 1,000. Precedents exist. In general, airlines (except for two special, above) to inflate like sex scandals which, in turn, like to highlight the newspapers.
Possible trouble: injuries received during the "turbulence" scratches on the back, if the plastic walls will joints, accidental activation of the tap water - and wet things as a result.
Natural sex
Sex in nature is good because, firstly, we can not control his temper, screaming plenty loud, did not dwell on the thought, "What the neighbors think." Second, you can manage to stay on the hill so that the closer to the peak of pleasure, you had the opportunity to tilt the head back. Third, many men still alive instinct "Women need to catch up," - Plein Air allows this instinct realized at 100%.
The main factors to be taken into account: If you use insect repellent, something will have to give kisses (excluding those places where repellant did not get), or instead of passionate hugs have to think about how to get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth, and have happened poisoning.
Attention! Having sex in the woods on outdoors (tent) during a special tick activity is not recommended!
Suitable place: next to your "love nest" should not "make a nest" ukraine dating sex ants and other biting insects, the maximum miss bumps, prickly and poisonous plants.
Optimum position: any, we recommend to look around in search of suitable hemp to have sex standing up - stump can render the same service as the flight of stairs to the entrance of the city, "adjusting" your partner for growth.
Physical training: no additional physical training is not required, except that yoga can help to get pleasure from the merger not only loved, but also with nature.
Prepare legal: no, on the condition that you do not violate public order.
Possible trouble: insect bites, allergic to insect bites, the bite of the tick-borne Encephalitis non-compliance with safety measures. ukraine dating sex.

Can unmet needs cause of excess weight? Very often overweight it indicates we are not serious health problems and problems in relationships or too many restrictions in life. They can become a cause of night raids on the refrigerator and eating sweet, fatty and smoked on a commercial scale. Food becomes a "substitute" love.
That is why, despite all the effort, only a very few people do manage to lose weight, but then again not to get hard "chip in" kilograms if the psychological problems remain unresolved ukraine dating long hair.
Reason 1. Blocked need for love

If the relationship with your loved ones are not all going well, and you will be silent and weep into my pillow by innuendo, that the waiting partner to read your thoughts and desires, the reason for the night "raids" on the refrigerator clear. It is much safer to sneak to the fridge, especially at night when no one sees what the courage to take a chance to change something in the relationship. Make it hinder us fear being rejected, used, old grudges, habits and established views on life.
Reason 2. Locked need for recognition

You can "push" their own desires on the back burner and listen to a man, adjusting to his desires and needs: a late dinner for a loved one, sex that he only wants. "All for you, dear, no matter what you did not notice!" This willingness to sacrifice is fraught with consequences: you could hardly hold back the tears, "forgets" itself - lock the need for attention, ukraine dating long hair proximity or rush to the other extreme: quarrels, tantrums scandals without constructive solutions - the result of these actions is very similar: we are "seized" or "wash down" own "insignificance".
Reason 3. Sexual disharmony

One of the causes of excess weight can be considered ... and sex. If sex is a duty for you, then you'll get fat and slowly, usually every year 2-3 kilograms, turning into a woman who is not interested in her husband. If, on the contrary, there is a need for sex, but are not satisfied, then, again, the weight gain is possible. Excited man in this situation prefer to engage in self-gratification, and the woman is likely to eat something delicious.
What to do?

1. First, try to talk with them about their feelings - a win-win situation. Give them yourself. "That I'm angry, worried." Be aware of legalizing them. It's harder than "pat" themselves another chocolate, but does not affect the waist.
2. Begin to listen not only to their own desires, but also to the senses. Do not be silent, speak with your partner about your feelings, in an intimate setting as well.
3. Learn how to care for each other is equivalent.
4. Remember that your thoughts can not be read. Silence in the relationship leads ukraine dating long hair to feelings of resentment and anger.
5. Reconsider your attitude to sex - it should turn out duties in the fun.
Prohibitions and overweight

If our lives are many taboos and fears, if we constantly monitor themselves for fear of rejection like a different person, the food becomes a means to forget about the discipline, control and commitment. What we can do in life for themselves just like that? There Is. The food we allow himself all-is "safe" way to have fun - uncontrolled and unlimited. Children's understanding of the soul - can be capricious and "rip"! In such ways, we currently do not allow.
When a man seeks to be perfect, trying to meet the high standards and requirements, the food turns sometimes into a single outlet.
* The solution is simple and complex at the same time: Give yourself permission to be different from the ideal
* Talk to your body, and promised that he would more carefully and attentively treat him.
Three useful exercise

"The list of pleasures" - think and make a list of everything in life is a pleasure to you and your body, except food. Then apply this knowledge in practice. You might find that you like a massage, a bath with scents, ukraine dating long hair masks and wraps, douches, or belly dancing.
"I'll eat it in 7 minutes"
Once you understand that are going toward the kitchen, but not going there
soon, start doing this exercise. Instead of having to open the fridge, tell yourself, "I'll eat it in 7 minutes" and then come up with a list of things you must get done in that time. The desire to eat may disappear while you are busy these matters.
"Breaking the trigger"
Realize what events "trigger" and brought to a climax the painful relationship with food: PMS, inability to sleep, and resentment. t. e. Try to avoid them or distract them in the future. If you find that they are all in some way connected with a partner, write a letter to him. Express what they think, without censorship, do not mince words. Do not rush to tear to pieces the text! Instead, imagine yourself in the place of a partner and try to respond to the claim. This will help to relieve tension and to understand the situation. And then tear the paper. ukraine dating long hair.

Today we will talk about a very special form of energy - a feminine energy. We all know how this energy is necessary for all life on the planet. After all, a woman's affection, tenderness, caring create around comfort and happiness. Women love men inspired to great deeds. And most importantly - a woman gives new life! The female energy is so important and necessary, we can say with confidence - the planet will die without it.
Everything is good, but the woman something someone thought? All her energy use, but where is the woman herself to take this energy? That's what we are, and we'll talk.
12 of the female energy producing

1. Bath. You're tired and do not have any desire to go anywhere and do anything? Take a warm (38-40 degrees Celsius) bath with a gentle, fragrant foam and sea salt. Arrange the edges of the bath a few scented candles, turn on soft music, turn off the bathroom light and sink into a foam tender bliss. You need to take a bath for about 15 minutes, no more. After the bath, wrap it in a big, fluffy towel and, depending on the desires, have a cup of hot tea or chocolate, or just go to sleep. Warm water with added salt to wash away all your soul of sadness and tribulations. Fire cleanse the aura ukraine dating historie. Soft music filled with a sense of joy and peace. And after sleep you will feel full of strength and energy.
2. Shopping. It is like shopping, but absolutely no money to buy? Do not think about it! Easily go with a friend shopping. Walk, look, I measure all your favorite things. Be sure to discuss them. After all, these simple actions we draw your so valuable, feminine energy. Do not think about the absence of money. If you will fall really worthwhile thing in which you will look irresistible - you certainly can imagine as the option to get this thing. After all, you can give unexpected bonus, or grandfather granddaughter wants to make a pleasant and just hand over the required amount. Or maybe your favorite remember that long ago did you gifts ... So do not think about the money, they have the ability both to disappear and come out of nowhere on the needed goal.
4. Movement. Remember that harmonious movement fill you with energy and sexual appeal. Therefore a maximum attendance to dance , yoga, fitness, aerobics. At a minimum, do sets of exercises at home or even just dance ukraine dating historie!
5. Nature. It is very useful to be in nature. Walk barefoot on grass, sand, earth. Bathe in natural waters. Hugging trees. Watch the plants and insects. Look at the sky. Dance in the rain. It's all through you beautiful, driving energy.
7. Pets. If you have pets at home and you feel that you do not have enough strength and energy to communicate with your pet. Pet him, play with him. He will be glad to your attention and happy to share with you his energy that he accumulated while he was waiting for your return.
8. Procedure in the house. Dirt, cluttered closets, piles of old newspapers under the bed, unwashed dishes, unpolished shoes - all this just sucks your energy. Constantly monitor so that you are surrounded by the order and cleanliness. Teach yourself and your family all at once clean up after themselves. And cleaning is always done together. So contact the family will be strengthened, and will comply with all the purity and cleaning is done faster. In the remaining time to go all walk or watch a movie. The main thing is that you will be together in an environment of cleanliness.
9. Dream. Learn to dream! This is a very important and valuable quality. When you go to bed, the body relaxes after a long and sometimes difficult days, be sure to think about what you want. Presents it in great detail, as if the event had already happened, or as if you already possess this thing. Experiencing the joy of his dreams. Plan what steps you need to do to implement it ukraine dating historie. Go to sleep always with pleasant thoughts and a smile on his lips.
10. Sex. Sexual energy is generally a special power. Learn how to deliver pleasure in explaining to partners how important the female orgasm . If you have a problem with his achievement, be sure to deal with it. If you can not understand the most, do not hesitate to contact a sex therapist. Literate tips will help solve the problem and give you a great joy and an extra energy. For good reason before important competitions women are advised to have sex because sexual energy fills the woman and gives her the opportunity to reach even intractable problems. While the men responsible before performances and competitions sex contraindicated.
But remember: multiple sexual partners will not fill you, but rather to empty! And in general, when meeting with a new man does not agree to a quickie. This male sex takes your energy. Only sex with a loving man , admire you, caring about you, you will fill the powerful energy.
11. What is your mood. Remember, your mood should always be good, thought must always be positive. If something did not work out, someone offended missing something - do not dwell on it. Let these thoughts, at least temporarily. Do it for yourself something nice, distracted. The decision will come by itself when you calm down. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, ukraine dating historie a new perfume, new shoes, talk with a friend about what, look new comedy - there are many ways to escape.
12. Food . Do not eat horrible. Make sure that the products were of good quality and fresh. Use as many fruits, vegetables and fish. I immediately remembered the quatrain of Omar Khayyam, the famous author Rubaie, come down to us through the millennia:
To live life wisely, ought to know a lot,
Two important rules to remember the beginning:
You better starve than horrible there,
And better be alone than with anyone.
Be sure to drink fresh water every day. Water is the basis of our sexuality. Learn to drink green tea. This is an excellent antioxidant, which will take care of your physical health and outer beauty.
Especially I want to say about the cakes and chocolate. Women need to eat cakes and chocolate. They are the so-called "hormone of happiness" endorphin. That is why we intuitively with stress buy a cake or even a bar of chocolate.
13. Your beauty. Your beauty - a great power. Not without great classic Dostoevsky said: "Beauty will save the world!" And this is true. Therefore, to create beauty. Do yourself a new hairstyle, watch the beauty of the delicate handles. Khol and cherish your beautiful body. Take care of velvety skin and silky hair. And also to create beauty around them ukraine dating historie.
My dear and most beautiful woman, remember these rules and always followed them to your beauty blossomed! To your gentle hands caressed and worked! To your happiness and love shining eyes filled with these feelings all around! Being a woman - the most difficult task in this world and at the same time the most honorable. After all, the whole world is at your feet in anticipation of affection and love. ukraine dating historie.

Free time at work (or lack of desire to take this very specified time work), plus access to the Internet sometimes lead to unexpected results. As you know, from love to hate - one step, and the web are often state data at the click of the "mouse". In order to protect the dear reader of these careless "clicks" let me share their own experiences of virtual communication.
Shoveled kubobayty financial analytics and sites completely torturing Sic as a decent queries like "sports", "Cinema" and "theater" and words like sex and porno, I remembered some of his familiar arguments on the topic: whether to waste time on talks Internet is not known with whom. "And why not try ..." - weak spark lit in my head the idea, and even the draft, created chief, breaks from time to time in the office, it is not extinguished. And I tried ... And I must say I do not regret it, because this light illuminated me a completely different world ukraine dating free ...
Having tried a couple of weeks of virtual sex (as in "Private", and the stunned eyes of the public) all known me posture and received their "partners" the most comprehensive information about the positions, hitherto unknown to me, I was ready for feats like writing a second part of the "Kama Sutra." And then I began to think about ways to transfer the process into a reality, and is not virtual.
Fished a girl (well, we want to believe in something that is not 50-year-old prankster, or worse, joker: she's on a date and can come !!!) phone for a couple of hours of light flirt or immediately arrange a meeting - a good result. Experiencing moral satisfaction, a surge of strength and confidence, as well as necessary to every man the feeling of "I - the winner."
Anyone who, like the hero of advertising "Nescafe", fills in the "clave" a couple of sentences and actually immediately gets a phone call from Angelina may feel achieved perfection in this kind of communication. (Oh, yes ukraine dating free ... once again convinced: make a fool of our brother in advertising, if it were that simple ...)
Quite unexpectedly, I found myself at the talent of the adversary and womanizer, and, interestingly enough, there was a sufficient number of females who are ready to give in to my sweet voice.
Subjecting female contingent preliminary selection (lack of grammatical mistakes is happy and familiar with the work of Burns and Chuck Berry eliminates too young pretenders), choose the "victim" and turns the fighting on all fronts, surrounding companion attention, care and laskoy.Nakonets result is achieved, time and place fixed, and dinner hopelessly cool ...
I must say that by assigning a date for five days, I start to notice of an increased interest in the opposite sex and to catch myself thinking like, "... and this, in small, very personal ... if you meet such as the one over there , in tight breeches, the day is lived not in vain ... ". Waking up, I start to think: not to lose time, I wonder, sitting in front of the monitor when there are so many pretty girls and Weather whispers ... But here comes the day "D", the hour "H" - and I'm at the appointed time on the specified location ...
I never had, hidden in ambush, and having a gun which every moment seem less reliable, a lion or a shark hunt, plunged into diving, but for thrills, the number of adrenaline and emotional high point of the meeting I do not concede, I think, the situation described above.
Imagine the scene: you are approached by an appropriate description of the lady, but at 40 years old, and weighing more than 15 kilograms on your record for the press of a bar from the chest in the prone position. Naturally, she does not fit into your plans for the evening.
When such a person has passed by, I felt better than the day when I was seventh graders (I remember, did not cause the board with the task of unlearned in chemistry, although the teacher looked at me with obvious interest), and the volume to break out of my chest, I sigh of relief scared'd probably walrus, or would argue with the blue whale.
Although once passes by stunning beauty in blue jeans promise you a white T-shirt, or you're a long time with regret look after her ...
But here it is ... your grand prize today - get and sign. Let's face it: my first meeting of this kind considerably sobered me and depriving most optimistic expectations, returned to earth. "... The experience of the son of hard mistakes ukraine dating free ...", as they say.
After about 10 minutes of meetings and podnabrat this same experience, and I made a thoughtful analysis of the last month of my life. I can not complain about the fate: I never "threw" the girls were nice and agreeable. But, of course, I did not seek friends with the same interests and are not particularly thirsty wins on the sexual front ... I was wondering: Is it possible to meet the Net with a girl who would be more than a friend and a pleasant companion. It turned out that you can.
Within two months of video chatting, I became hardened in verbal battles fighter and renowned ladies' man. By accessing the Net, I was gradually greeted old friends, feeling like a gentleman, a regular at some of the club, as well as to choose which of the newcomers Lady talk on various topics. Maybe even a cup of coffee somewhere in the Arbat area.
One day, going into chat, watch an interesting picture: my virtual friends of both sexes, the number of people in the 10 are going to meet, drink beer, talk, finally, live and decide "who is who".
As a result, I spent a great evening, the only negative point which was not so much the appearance of a house in the 3rd hour of the night, as the subsequent rise at 6 am. Here in this way, I started a new good friends. After a month of such meetings, our company has grown man up to 20 "vstrechatyvayuschihsya."
It was then that she appeared. I noticed from afar the low radiant blonde with blue eyes and a stunning smile. I still wonder how I was able to block it from surging fans instantly pull out from under the heap of compliments that it threw the male half of our company, and her attention solely to his modest person.
It is the Internet allowed me to meet a girl so close in spirit, that we understand each other poluvzglyada and that I owe him my present happiness. It is noteworthy that we lived with it all the time in the neighboring houses, but I can not complain that rarely leave the house, because every day you have to walk your four-legged friend ukraine dating free.
However, sometimes I have to calm down a storm of jealousy, when the old memory was beginning to conduct intimate conversations with anyone on the web. And to prove then, that you are not a camel, which makes this very love of art to reflex, we can say the level - so the old dog at the sound of the horn lifts ears. I'm like an athlete after leaving the big sport - should I, after all, to train your body. However, such an argument is usually obtained unequivocal remark worthless train your body virtually, when next to you is quite real, young and loving the body, waiting for something bigger than tapping on the keyboard ...
In general, it seems, is not far off, when the children and grandchildren, craving to hear the answer to the interesting question, "How did you meet?", They will be seated on your knees and be heard: "I then called" Angry Woodpecker "(" Silent Killer " "April Rabbit" ... yeah what only "nicknames" will not meet in the chat), and attracted my attention "Last Virgin Mitino" ... " ukraine dating free.

Virtual communication - a delicate thing. In the absence of eye and voice requires maximum precision and imagery. The frequent publicity suggests restraint and sometimes zavualirovannost. Carefully maneuvering between the first and emotional limitations imposed by the second, we sail on the waves of the Internet, seeking, as in real life, your destiny. However, why the "how"? Communication is still communication, it does not lose the reality of what the words are not spoken aloud, and his eyes see only what you can see: the picture painted smile. Virtual communication, as usual, is intended to convey to one person and another person to join them ... if you can.
Online. Conversation 1.
Ta-ta-dum-dum, ta-ta-ladies-ladies - octave drops sings modem. Sssss Shhh-shhh-ssssssss-- hissed established.
Virtual communication, as usual, is intended to convey to one person and another person to join them ... if you can ukraine dating agencies.
Vienna is included in chat.
Vienna: Hi!
Tiik hi
Prints: greetings, live in Vienna?
Vienna: No, in Moscow ...
Prints: Well located, compatriot :)
Suva: Hi, handsome, how are you?
Vienna: Thank you, good.
Tiik: you still do not want to sleep, Zaya?
Prints: Yes, you can
Tiik: going?
Prints: go, dear! I love you!
Tiik: and I will!
Prints out of the chat.
Tiik leaves the chat.
Vienna: They have an affair?
Suva Nuuuu like ... they are in fact, a husband and wife.
Vienna: These apart, or what?
Suva: No, where did you get? Oh, it's ... No, they just like to talk to Inchate, including each other. And the computers they are close.
Prints - known in web man, a talented writer, not a Muscovite, but then the web is not important. Once he got to know in Tiik Inchate, and then moved it to Moscow. Prints, no matter how trite it sounds, was looking for someone who will pull it out of the swamp of the state cornered creator whipped themselves different, and sometimes not at all helpful ways. And Prints Tiik met. He - the notebook womanizer, it is - charming vredina. Prints never missed a clever and charming woman, so once he came to visit me, bringing a present rose to two-thirds of my height. Nothing inappropriate had happened between us: for two or three hours over tea Prints told me he loves Tiik and why she never change ukraine dating agencies ...
Online. Conversation 2.
Ta-ta-dum-dum, ta-ta-ladies-ladies-sssss Shhh-shhh-ssssssss.
Prints never missed a clever and charming woman, so once he came to visit me, bringing a present rose 2/3 of my growth.
March is included in chat.
March. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and the cute girl!
Nina: Maaaart!
Vienna: Hello, gorgeous!
Bagika: Hi, Marty! :)
Nasty: Haya.
KOCH: Hello, in March, and where the Koran?
March: throw me))) Do not come, probably)))
Vienna: Yeah, well, in March ... but what?
March: True. I do not know just how long. See You?
Vienna: Call! ;)
March - luxurious hot as Arabian stallion (but not offended by this comparison is no eye!), Dark-eyed web artist in those days dwelt in Moscow with his girlfriend Cora. They met in a friendly Inchatu "coterie" quickly grew into a close relationship. Bark and Mart continually cursed and were reconciled, but sometimes both rolls over, and everyone "was delayed" as he could. Our love affair with Mart burning lasted several weeks, although alone we spent almost thirty hours. But it was enough to burn for the duration of my soul, leaving a feeling of space, first height, and after - the fiery abyss. Then Cora, as usual, came to Martha and I started a slow recovery from the ashes - to her slowly, chooses to stay Inchate. A few years later I found out that they finally parted ukraine dating agencies. Who and where he is now tormented by jealousy and escapades Cora, who encouraged her caresses in the northern capital of the incomparable Martha?
Online. Conversation 3.
Ta-ta-dum-dum, ta-ta-ladies-ladies-sssss Shhh-shhh-ssssssss.
DarkAngel enters the chat.
DarkAngel: Hello, friends!
Vienna: Hi Darkush!
Bagika: Darchik :))
Nasty: Haya.
saharrrny: hello, Dark, hello ... Vienna, light of my eyes, you are a friend Darko?
Vienna: Yes, my saharrrny ...
Dzhuska: Dark;)
DarkAngel: Dzhusya, Smack! ;) How are you?
Vienna: Darkush that for "Smack!"? what about me?! ...
DarkAngel: Vienna, gee. And smack you!
saharrrny: uuuu ... that's how it ...
With DarkAngelom - two-meter programmer with blond hair to the blades and battered Audi 80 assembly immemorial year we met here in Inchate. Enthusiastic Dark gentle wrote sms, came for me to work on his "herring" (the car looked ridiculously long and narrow) and takes a walk. We started ... just friends. After the divorce, and existing, full of bitterness and sadness relationship with a girl he needed emotional support, and he got it from me. And then from the other "party" came to us and pretty miniature Dzhuska. In Inchate she behaved as directly as in real life: a lot of smiling, spread everything as it is and ask for advice. Dark suddenly felt very, very adult. Another would be - between 15 years difference! I Dzhusya seemed fragile angel - so pretty, sweet and sincere, that if I had the inclination to same-sex love, my choice could not fall on anyone, except her. A year later, the guys were married, and another year later they had a daughter.
In Inchate she behaved as directly as in real life: a lot of smiling, ukraine dating agencies spread everything as it is and ask for advice.
Online. Conversation 4.
Ta-ta-dum-dum, ta-ta-ladies-ladies-sssss Shhh-shhh-ssssssss.
Vienna is included in chat.
Vienna: Hello!
saharrrny: hello, light of my eyes ... not too late right?
Vienna: saharrrny me, and you-what? or in a hurry where?
saharrrny: no, where did I ... I need someone ... so ...
Vienna: Do not cry the blues ... you is not a person!
saharrrny: but what? about)
Vienna: Well fiii ...
Bagika: saharrrny, some sour you today, huh?
saharrrny: oh, light, do not say ... was worn at work, but in general once every ...
Nasty sugar, come to me, tyapnem?
saharrrny Gad, but you yourself come ...
Nasty: a cho? I'll come!
RobotBender: blah, guys, I want you, too, but where do I ... Dushanbe something? ..
Vienna: Bender, come, come, buy me a coffee;)
RobotBender: with sahaRRRom? ;)))
Vienna not with sahaRRRom not want ... better without sugar ...
saharrrny leaves the chat.
coffee without sahaRRRa included in chat
coffee without sahaRRRa: So? ..
Viennese coffee without sahaRRRa, hell ... I did not want to hurt you ...
coffee without sahaRRRa: I do not mind ... the light of my eyes)
Vienna: enough fun ... I'll be
coffee without sahaRRRa: Nope ...
sahaRRRa coffee without coming out of the chat.
Vienna: damn ... it's forever ... damn! ..
Bagika: gee :) will be back! :)
Saharrrny fascinated me with his manner of communication. Dots, innuendo, ambiguity, hints and polunamki, flirting on the verge of a quarrel, recognition, hidden under a pile of innuendo ... advances, which did not want to answer, and failures that trigger ask again and again ... Our relationship was long and painful. A few months we were afraid to look into each other's eyes, and then still met at the club, where residents gather every Friday Inchata and friendly companies to meet, talk together to smoke, eat and drink. Someone met with their virtual lovers, hiding from their wives and husbands, and it was precious minutes shrill happiness: a look, a touch, a hasty kiss - and a month or two, half a year away from each other, except for the daily correspondence. We saharrrnym were unhurried, viscous conversation - more eyes and intonations than words. The desire to overwhelm us, knocking the breath, but we all said, smiling ironically, pretending that we are strangers to each other. He gave me the beautiful flowers, I told him - the sonnets and ballads, but ... those imbued with the spirit of late autumn relationship from the outset doomed to slow extinction. Our conversations in chat became more sharper, and another had almost calm us, and during the actual meetings at the club we all just smiled at each other, trying to glue together that day broke in the virtual.
The desire to overwhelm us, knocking the breath, but we all said, smiling ironically, pretending that we are strangers to each other.
Online. Conversation 5.
Ta-ta-dum-dum, ta-ta-ladies-ladies-sssss Shhh-shhh-ssssssss.
Vienna is included in chat.
Vienna: Flor, Awww?
Florian: Yeah, I'm here
Vienna: Flor, you'll soon be home?
Florian: Yeah. Minka wait and come
Vienna: If it is engraved on a visit, do not take it with you.
Florian: Yeah
Vienna: You're hungry?
Florian: Yeah
saharrrny: Flor, Vienna does not feed you? Have you ever seen, I noticed you ... What a puny ... o)
Vienna: Waiting!
Florian: Yeah
Vienna comes out of the chat.
Elegant young man Florian, a gentleman to the core, who came to Moscow from the Urals, in communion was reserved, wise and kind. Exhausted by their daily verbal battles with saharrrnym, I was resting, chatting with reasonable fellow. He said little about himself, but was always ready to keep up the conversation. I can not imagine what it looks like, but judging by the style, it was supposed to be a sedate young man of about thirty. And when the club came to me literally glowing from the inside guy with hair the color of ash veiled haze of gold and huge hazel eyes, and thought there was no, it was Florian. He kissed my hand and introduced himself, he politely allowed me all night to sort out relations with saharrrnym, and then gently but firmly has withdrawn ... to my home.
We lived with him a year and broke up only because ...
... I changed the "crowd." Very forever. I went to a different virtual world, tired of endlessly dying relationship with saharrrnym from workaholism and youthful extremism Florian, from the white, but they are not less acute envy and Darko Dzhuske ... I was alone. But "it's a different story."
The world of the Internet is not much different from the local: people are people, with their own strengths and weaknesses, dreams and failures. Chance reveal the soul and get spit in it about the same. But you can not be afraid to be yourself, no one is looking, handsome if you are young there, whether successful. Before the Network are all equal - it is really a world of equal opportunities for everyone who comes to him. The world in which you can find pain and relieve her, find love and lose it. And you can - do not lose. ukraine dating agencies.

Of course in the first place comes to mind rink! Smooth ice, garlands of colored lights, music - all this creates a romantic mood. You glide across the ice holding hands. And you can make it appear that someone of you could not keep his balance and once again close to each other. Oh, how wonderful! You are surrounded by the same pair of lovers and the general mood of the love and happiness you start to love not only each other, but the whole world.
In winter, it is necessary at least once making a snowman. Dress in comfortable clothes and go to the park, where more snow falls. Just be sure to get dressed warm enough and bring a spare gloves and mittens. Of course, not be amiss to bring a carrot and a couple of small charcoal grill. Put it in a package and when your snowman is ready, add your creative sculpture traditional elements ukraine christian dating.
Skiing is also a traditional winter activities. You have options. It can be a day off to go to the nearest forest or park where paved trails. And you can buy a ticket to the ski resort and the base or break it in full. Mountain air, snow, sun and loved chalovek next! What is necessary for happiness?
In sunny winter weather certainly go to the photo shoot. It is especially interesting to do it on New Year, when the town is festively decorated with ornate Christmas trees and garlands. Done hundreds of pictures of funny and romantic, and in the evening, sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee, review and comment on these pictures. Such an extension after a long walk in the frosty air is the best conclusion ukraine christian dating.
Necessarily a ride on the top three! Yes, with bells! Imagine ... A frosty distance, the bright sun, the snow glitters. Three jumps on the winter road. Bells ring. Wind blows fur hood, which is so beautifully frames the charming face of your beloved. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes shine and she trustingly pressed. Beauty!
And if the weather played out? It does not matter ... I'm sure you can find in the city of cozy coffee shop where you can sit down together at the window, ordered hot tea and a delicious dessert, enjoy fellowship with each other and watch the snowflakes swirling outside.
Your relationship is more intimate? Well then, in bad weather arrange a romantic bath. Rose petals, flickering candles, exciting flavors, a little champagne and strawberries, fragrant foam and fluffy towels. On the street howling blizzard, and you have a hot oasis of love.
In winter in many cities of an exhibition of ice sculptures. Do not miss this unique kingdom icy beauty. You will get an unforgettable experience, and certainly do a lot of memorable snapshots.
Again blizzard sweeps, and had to go to a coffee shop does not want to? Go to the pool! Now a lot of fitness centers have a lovely pool and hot tub. In the winter, so nice to sit next to his beloved surrounded by swirling water and massaging your body jets. And then flushed, you plunge into the cool water of the pool, swim a race and then go under the warm, gentle spray ukraine christian dating. Such a meeting will long be remembered to you both.
Well, at the end of winter, Carnival, always go to the fair to enjoy it hot pancakes, piping, with the heat, but in the cold. This unusual sensations. Pelted with snowballs stuffed winter and always make a wish when you're kissing! ukraine christian dating.

In a previous article we have seen that kind of thing - virtual love . Unfortunately, many have experienced the sad ending of this fashion and so popular nowadays phenomenon. If the real love of evil, then evil virtual love especially. The problem is that people in the virtual world meeting her new love (or vice versa a long time), even getting its chosen one (or beloved) complete and accurate information, still consciously or unconsciously think out missing details. And think out their course in the light of how they like. And then begins a continuous problem. After the euphoria of the first recognition and understanding comes a natural desire to meet his ideal, but it turns out that for whatever reasons, the meeting did not take place. Trauma. Or the meeting took place, but in real life the ideal of reason turned out to be quite far from ideal. Trauma. Or ideal really is an ideal, but you can not be together ukraine chernihiv women dating. You shared not only kilometers but also obligations to others. Even more emotional trauma. And it is interesting, it is seen that in a virtual network of love usually come people do not striving for this kind of relationship. For them, it occurs unexpectedly and whether it becomes even harder. And so whether it happened suddenly? After all, the feelings do not occur simultaneously and on an empty place. I guess after all these people are initially made some mistakes when communicating in the virtual world, as a result, and led them to the virtual relationship.
So let's examine safety
"How not to get into a network of virtual relations."

Rule one: never talk in chat rooms and forums with participants about something personal. Personalized data provide a direct opportunity to find your soul mate.
Rule two: if you really want to share their experiences and achievements - see generally the first ukraine chernihiv women dating!
Rule Three: Never cross with any of the participants to a personal communication to the agent or any other similar program. It was there, in the process of conversation, and there are the first buds feeling your ideal match.
Rule Four: Never Flirt in the virtual world. If you really want to flirt, go better in the nearest bar - will be much more useful.
Rule Five: try not to pay attention to the compliments. If you're on to something, and praise praise your virtues - thank and translated the conversation to another topic. To compliment the easiest way to get caught, because we all love very much when we are, loved, praised.
Rule Six: If you are involved in some kind of joint project never transitions in communicating the scope of this project.
Rule Seven: if you feel that some of the participants begins to have you attention - stop for a few days socializing, surrendered by that person. Just emerging interest can very easily go out in the beginning, if it is not nourished.
These simple rules will help you avoid possible difficulties and the subsequent frustration of virtual love ukraine chernihiv women dating.
Well, what about those who still could not resist and fell into a network of virtual love?
The main thing - try as quickly as possible to meet the real meeting is very much puts in its place. And if you in fact did not like each other, trust me - you are very lucky! It is much harder for those who like it, but together they can not be. These people can advise only one thing: the chance to use your real meeting to get more piece of happiness in life. And though the following memories are painful, but at the same time will bring you joy. Better one time to meet with joy to think about it, what not to take the chance and then regret it all my life. ukraine chernihiv women dating.

Ah, our life! The rapid and intense. We have every second somewhere rush. At work, from work to the bank, a doctor ... so many things and worries that sometimes do not have time to do the most important thing - to arrange a personal life. Although loneliness already rather tired, but no chance to meet the prince is not planned in the daily bustle. And then there are traffic jams, whether they are not right. So there is no time at all, and traffic has to lose almost an hour and a half every day. Wait ... But in traffic around you a great number of men. So can not we throw this time of his life, totally free ukraine dating and use it to find a prince? The more that people in traffic jams are now becoming very fashionable.
Our methods of waste dating say acquainted should always and everywhere where there is a potential possibility. But what actually plug a bad place? For there in the first place once you see who you're dealing with, because the car (well, nothing modern horse?) in traffic can not hide. He once said about social status. So our view prince graciously chose a suitable "horse", but what's next? Then proceed according to our instructions!
Instructions: familiarity in traffic

If you're a girl determined, it can itself take the initiative, for example, a wink and a smile like "Prince". Or, rolled down his window, said a weary voice: "What a pity that I know the way, otherwise I would have asked you, I drive (lovely smile).
The other way I do not see how to make your acquaintance totally free ukraine dating. "Believe me, the man is honored, even if it is not to get acquainted.
Another way - you can try to get his attention active podpevaniem his favorite artists combining it with active as backup dancers. Sincerely laughing girl always makes men bored in traffic genuine interest.
If a special determination you do not possess, use for exploring passive methods in traffic. For example, with the distressed views bent over the map, turn the pages of a road atlas (which we are not an actress?). Funny knit your nose and looked around helplessly. Strong and generous man is always glad to help vulnerable and weak girl. Or, make it even easier. Print out some ad with your phone and charming postscript "Ask Masha" (instead Masha you put your name of course), put the sheets in a folder opaque and throw "casually" by the back window, but so that the phone and the name was visible. Like paper accidentally fell slightly from Folder ... and wait for someone to bite. Only when answering the phone responds with a sincere belief that it is for you to call pasted previously announced totally free ukraine dating.
If all these methods but you need to realize that dating in traffic have their own specifics. Machines are constantly moving and therefore selected thee "Prince" could easily go as soon as it moves the band forward. So be ready to take decisive action to get the desired result. And remember, many men in traffic as well as you want to meet, just do not know how to do it. Well, you're on it, and a woman, to be wiser. Therefore, organize the introduction in traffic so that it is thought that he is such a noble and compelling met you. totally free ukraine dating.

Today we will talk about such an unusual subject like a magic wand. And of course, tell you how to make a real magic wand. You might think that such a thing exists only in fairy tales? Not at all! This is quite a material object, the purpose of which - the concentration of power of the magician. And as you learn to work with energy, too, you can call themselves magicians. Let the novice, let alone disciples and yet magicians. And of course, like any self-respecting magician, you have to have a magic wand. And do not think that this baby toys. The wand is an extension of the hand magician, enhances the strength and direction of energy.
But let's order. Let's start with the fact that the real magic wand practicing magician nobody saw. Since this thing is almost intimate. The wand is part of the wizard. She filled it with energy, totally free odessa ukraine dating emotions and desires. With it, he talks alone, when no one sees.
So what should be done to ordinary twig of a tree was a real artifact? Wand always made by hand by the wizard. She does from a tree branch, as it is a living material and has its energy. Some sources reported that it was better to take the tree on the basis of the horoscope of the Druids, but this is an amateur. The main thing that you liked the tree so that you feel your intuition (a magician without a developed intuition simply can not do) that this particular branch of the tree will be your magic wand. The form also, in principle, arbitrary, what you like. After all, only your wand and be accountable for it nobody wants totally free odessa ukraine dating.
There are certain conditions for select branches of a magic wand. First, go to the forest or park only need alone to have had the opportunity to focus on their feelings. Secondly, certainly a good mood. After all, you already know that our emotional transferred material objects, especially those that absorb our energies. And third, the branch of the tree can not be cut or break. It must be or lie under a tree, or maybe nadlomana and droop. Only in this case, you can take her to him. In no case do not cut a live branch. In the world of magic it is known that everything in nature is alive, has a soul and feels pain. What will be the work of your magic wand, if initially it starts with pain?
When you are looking for a suitable twig, you can put your hands down. This way you can quickly feel the harmonious energy emanating from suited to your objectives tree branches. After preparation for a magic wand is found, be sure to thank the tree and the forest owner. Magical laws require gratitude and respect, so please observe totally free odessa ukraine dating.
Manufactures wand should be with love. After all, this stick will be the embodiment of your desires. So talk to her during the manufacturing process. Talk about their desires and aspirations.
In order to give the desired shape and form of a magic wand, you need to cut all the knots, gently remove the crust, making rounding at both ends. After this wand can be sanded.
So, you have made so to speak base. Now it's just a sprig of polished wood. Now the most important thing. Her consecration and charging energy. Please put it on the day in the water. This is done in order to force it to be fed with water. Then bury your blank into the ground at night. At the end of the day, put your wand on the windowsill or veranda, so during the day it fell to sunlight and during the night - moonlight. This should be the full moon, so be sure to make a preliminary calculation. Find out when the moon is full and will soon start to fill your future wand force two days before the full moon totally free odessa ukraine dating.
Once you have filled it with the power of nature, it's time to add your own strength. You will need a piece of cloth, but it is desirable that it was not just a rag, and some of your clothes, which had value for you. Can you enjoy wearing this clothing, or gave you a close and loved one. Perhaps in these clothes you defeated in the competition. The main thing that this piece of cloth carried the positive emotions. That's right, and they need to re-polish your piece.
And now the surface is necessary to put a magic wand magic patterns. It can be cabalistic symbols, or runes, or some spells and a chaotic pattern. It is important that applied patterns passed your mood and thoughts. After applying magic wand patterns must be covered with a protective layer. For this very good rub into the surface natural wax, which is a natural raw material and will create excellent protection. You can carefully drill at the middle of a magic wand and make the investments that you believe will strengthen its action. It can be a variety of items, ranging from the sacred sand to white peacock feather fibers. The drilled hole is filled with melted wax.
In the manufacturing process of a magic wand, remember that you need to work with it only having fun and a good mood. If you feel tired - set aside, and only gain strength again renew the job.
And here's your wand ready. Now you have to carry out the final stage - the dedication.
In the previous article talks about the energies of the four elements that dominate our world. It is the energy of water, fire, air and earth.
To use the initiation one day celebration of fire. This may be a Walpurgis Night (April 30 to May 1), and the night of Ivan Kupala (from 6 to July 7), and the day of Samhain (Halloween) (October 31). But the most effective will be the first two options, because in those days all the spells and dedication acquire special power. So, on a certain night, close to midnight, outlines around them a magic circle.
On the eastern side of the circle - pan, bells, tambourine.
On the south - light a candle.
On the west - put the vessel with water.
On the north - stones, amulets, salt (not iodized !!!).
Choose - that someone like that. Then you get up in the center of this circle with the magic wand in hand, toward the east, focus and says:
"I called the mighty forces of the four elements! Wind! Fire! Water! Earth! I beg your strength. Hear me and let me use the wand. The magic power of the four elements Merge together and come into my creation. Closes the circle. The wand that I made (a) to be my eternal helper. I promise and swear to use the power of a magic wand only for the benefit of others. "
Speaking figuratively, these words represent the four elements. Pronounce words softly but clearly and slowly. Focus on spoken words. You do not need any pathos. While pronouncing the words, try to feel like you have to join forces of four elements. And finally, raise your hand up with a magic wand and the power of his will direct all their energy into the wand. Do this for as long as enough of your forces. Merge with your magic wand. Try to see the inner eye as it is filled with your energy. Miss his energy flow into it. He gets out of the hands and part of the wand. It is filled with energy. Before you get out of the circle, say, "opens the circle!"
Place the wand in a place where nobody can find it always at your fingertips. Share with her your sorrows and joys.
Magic Wand is the power of your battery. When the power you have in excess, totally free odessa ukraine dating it absorbs surplus. If you do it is not enough, the stick will return it to you.
The strength of a magic wand will come gradually. So start working with it to the small business. And here is one more feature: a magic wand made thus would never do anything negative, because it lies only positive energy. Now that you know how to do real magic wand.
Finally, the last as this stick to use. In order to make your wish come true, take your wand in your right hand, tell her of his desire to describe and three times in the air a large circle (clockwise). Do it better in the morning - at sunrise or in the evening - at sunset. At the end of a magical ritual put his magic helper sharp end of the sunrise and cover with a cloth of red silk. This will increase the energy of your coli and as a result, will accelerate the execution of the plan. But of course we must understand that to fulfill the desire will take some time. We're still only learning how to make a fairy tale come true. totally free odessa ukraine dating.

In our time, often there are cases when a woman brings a child. Situations such a decision at all different. But when she decides to keep the baby, she takes responsibility for another life, and this suggests that in family life, she will also be responsible, do not be afraid to make decisions and be your companion in life is, and not Georgia on the neck.
If your girl has a baby, then you have to make a very serious choice. You bind their fate, not only with your girlfriend, but also with the little man. You have to be reconciled with the fact that the attention of your darling will not be entirely yours, but also a significant portion of that attention will be given to your child of the girls tatiana ukraine dating.
You've got to weigh the pros and cons. You are very fond of her. Are you ready to love her child? You have to forget that it is not yours, throw it out of my head. It should become yours. If you can not do it you probably need to give up the girl. In this case it is more likely a problem. Children intuitively feel the love, and if you can not give this love, there will be a natural rejection. No mother, no matter how passionate love was not among you, do not leave your child. Therefore, such a decision must be taken early in the relationship.
How to find a common language with your baby? It is difficult simply and simultaneously. Be guided by two rules. First, communicate with him as a child, but as an equal to you man, let small, but man. And secondly, just interested in its affairs. Ask that he had in the kindergarten or school, how to communicate with your friends, where he was and what he saw tatiana ukraine dating. A little attention to the affairs of the little man to arrange it for you quickly and easily. After all, children, as well as all adults, adore the attention shown to their person.
And if you can make contact with the child, and the relationship with your beloved you will be even better, these events are directly dependent and. tatiana ukraine dating.

You broke up ... Unfortunately every single pass through the separation. Perhaps no single person on earth who would not have experienced the heartache of separation. And everyone in this period, asks himself the question: how to survive the separation?
In fact there are a lot of ways, and everyone deals with this pain differently. Someone attacks the work of someone "like cures like" someone "indulges in all serious," someone pulls on the extreme, someone just starting to drink, and so on, and someone "closes sealed, it is going "and tells himself not to think about it. In any case all these methods are much complicated. Man has always left alone with their feelings and emotions. He can not usually anyone to share them, and even if they have a friend or someone from the family, who can listen, they only sympathize and their participation on this end sumy ukraine polena dating agency.
However, all these ways of experiencing separation also fraught with consequences. From the hard work can be hurt therewith and lose health, alcohol is not discussed at all, raging devastating in every way (and this is good, even if you go without comorbidities). And if the person closes their feelings, then it is very difficult to open. This experience teaches us to protect their heart and soul into concrete walls, to more in the future not to experience such pain.
And if you try your heartache not to forget, not stifle, and pour? We all know that in ancient times, most of the great works created by poets, artists, musicians, it was under the influence of the pain of loss. Parting with your favorite (favorite) fills the soul with such bitterness that would pour out. And she poured into fine poetry and paintings, sumy ukraine polena dating agency which accommodates the pain and remained the memory of the love for the ages.
Those of us who are inclined to be creative, can use this wonderful method of pouring his emotional mood in the works. And what do those who believe that he is not endowed by nature such opportunities? Well, firstly, you are poems and paintings will not write to the exhibition, but for themselves. To using paints or words to survive the separation. And then, who knows, maybe it is in this state, you will open the talent of which you were unaware. This method will not harass you and to empty, and at the same time help to survive the separation.
I sincerely wish all those who are now experiencing emotional pain of parting, as soon as possible to deal with it and get back to an active life. And let us all through life accompanied only happy and mutual love! sumy ukraine polena dating agency.

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