The principles of successful dating chats coincide with the basic principles of a pickup in real life!
Do not be like the others!
This nightmare all the girls! Go to the chat under a female nickname and you will realize that all men are the same! All at once begin to ask stupid questions - age, whether there is a photo, phone. In order to immediately make an impression on the girl, you have to be extravagant, unbanal, smart, funny and attentive! In no case did not even ask for soap, not that picture!
Yes, I understand that the probability of breakup that she did not enjoy great pity wasted time, but we must learn to identify all manner of communication.
Legkoobidchivy, capricious, sometimes tugodumny - beauty and Centerfolds ukraine online dating!
Naive, sometimes cowardly and stupid - kids!
At the cheerful, funny, Funny girls - almost always turn out to be beautiful eyes!
If you start chatting with the girl asks you where you work, it means that it is not a youngster, she also works, or is out of work, but the main thing is her age more than 21! When asked about the study, then, respectively, less than 21!
That's so small you can define definitions portrait of his companion! Writing without mistakes :)
And you think, if you write to her, "Koka at tibya krosivy nickname" - it is your neck rush ? Well, if you quit - then you are one pair of boot :) respectful of the interlocutor ukraine online dating.
If you are with someone quarrel, then the other does not want to have business with you. Also, refer to the companion too on my own way is not recommended - still old you do not know her, know little, you do not feel the mood, you can run into a rude !!! So you went to the chat and dating sites already identified for themselves. M Ask me it or do not need F. On the first answers to the questions, I think it will be clear!
The usual greeting in the internet: "Pret, pretik, hello, greeting!". And you say:
"Good evening," In your opening phrase must be present humor (but not vulgar), Intelligent, beautiful vocabulary flavored with your mood emoticons :);) :(.
The conversation must be about the things of abstract, problems. She must rest with you, and not digest all their problems. You can sometimes ask questions you may have, for better interesting conversation. The work such as hobbies, hobbies, sites, horoscope, etc. In parting, if the girl you like, you can simply ask how you find her - she will decide whether to make a phone, ukraine online dating or just leave the mail!
I believe that the Internet importantly patience, which men do not! We are always in a hurry and often lose! If there is a mail girl - it is already a way to further seduction ... Here in the course are postcards, letters, poems, links to sites might be interested in it! ukraine online dating.

Why now so many people are familiar with the Internet? Firstly, it is simpler. You may be at a comfortable psychological distance from the partner. Tell about yourself any lie. Hide any truth. Ask whatever you want. Hide any feelings that you do not want to show. No you do not see or hear. You may think 10 times before a joke, to be sure of his own joke. You can hide the fear, confusion, boredom, and finally - for the "smiley" and no one would guess. You seem to be left in peace, stay at home. It seems to be admitting to his guests, but only up to the moment until they satisfy your needs. One mouse click - and no guests ukraine lutsk no dating. It is important that there is no sense of guilt, and yet, you're out of the house to expose real guests - all would have been unpleasant. But the Internet is another morality and other obligations owed to partner in communication. The Internet makes communication (or illusion), experience (or illusion), while at the same time, the protection of natural fears that accompany real life. I look like? I like me to him? Not stupid if I behave? What kind of person he is? Not if I'm wrong? I'm scared to approach: what is wrong? Internet protection from all this, giving its advantages: you can afford it, you can not do in real life. And the less a man sure of himself, the more afraid of intimacy, lower self-esteem, the more likely it is that it will tighten. It will be all the time to delay the moment of his own "revelations".
Receive protection from the real fears, ukraine lutsk no dating we lose and the real joy. This is not so much fun. Contact, communication, emotion, life on the Internet - is largely an illusion. Communicating on the Internet, we communicate with ourselves, get to know themselves, have sex with yourself. Communication on the Internet - this is one huge projection of the total. In the context of interest to us, the projection - is a psychological term for the attribution of the unconscious communication partner's own thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and characteristics. Just explain. What happens during a real dating? We are dealing with a man getting information from him for all of their senses: hear his voice, we see a person with almost no distortion we understand what he says. We get about it a no show. It is also often far from reality, but not as dramatically as a virtual image. The virtual image is constructed according to other laws - a total projection of their feelings and thoughts on the image of the virtual partner. We do not hear his voice, do not see the person can not assess reactions. And all these information holes shut up fantasies! Webcam - ridiculous semblance of real images, too, will not save the situation. With whom do we communicate as a result?
Virtual romance - it is also, in some way, a novel with himself. This explains the phenomenon as a sudden break the virtual romance. People suddenly feel an aversion to each other. But that is not related to the partner - just comes intoxication from himself: in fact, as you can breathe the same air that you exhale himself? Reviews of people coming out to the real after lengthy virtual romances like ukraine lutsk no dating - a catastrophic disappointment in a partner. Because the longer virtual romance, the more and more irretrievably away from the reality you create an image. The best thing to do if you met online an interesting man - it immediately to meet him. There is only one recipe for how to make the best virtual romance - not to delay it. There is nothing wrong with online dating. It is possible to "take away" people with similar interests, your desired age, and so on. It is only necessary to take into account that the creatures you encounter on the network - it is not the people, and their ghosts, strongly turbid your own fantasies. The more you delve into communion with the ghost, the more lose orientation, nothing, in fact, not getting. It makes sense to use the Internet to meet new people only in the first stage of dating. ukraine lutsk no dating.

Internet seems to me a huge network seine. As in The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish, throwing that in the information sea, you can get anything you want - furniture, videos, products, and even - to find his half! The main thing to understand what kind of fish we want to catch this network and to take the right and stretch it in the right place to pick up the bait and when the sail fish - not to frighten and hook in time. Setting yourself on a certain result - already half the battle. Usually, people find what they are looking for. Therefore, you first need to determine who and what we are looking for.
To simplify your search, it is best to make a list of what it is fundamentally important to the desired person, what you can not pay attention, and who we do not have to get caught. The options of searching, - you can post your profile on a specialized dating site, it is possible, without placing their profiles, answer like, and you can do something, ukraine free dating and more. The main thing - how to do it! By placing your profile, write about yourself briefly but informatively. Advantages, hobbies, interests, priorities in life. Thus Your photo should be of high quality, large enough, and certainly a new close to the original. No need to put a photo where you dropped on the mountain top with sunglasses and a knitted hat with flying helicopter. It will save your time and energy listed in the questionnaire of the traits and habits of potential bidders that are unacceptable for you. For example, some women wrote: "I ask married and drinkers pass my application."
If you have decided to write to someone, do not send a letter of faceless blank. Note that you liked in the questionnaire you liked the person, affecting why it wanted to talk with him. But not overwritten too long, otherwise it can turn into a virtual novel, go to work. Giving your home telephone number is not just anyone. For conversations with potential partners, it is possible to buy another mobile phone and use it only for this kind of calls. It's cheaper than to change the number of home phone and mobile phone, if the communication will be for you too intrusive ukraine free dating.
Before the meeting, talk on the phone, in my opinion, is for several reasons: firstly, to hear the caller's voice, and secondly, to evaluate the vocabulary and the ability to communicate. My friend corresponded with the young man about a week, and everything was fine until he called to arrange a date. Almost every other word he inserted the indefinite article "blah" in his letters, of course, avoiding. To her ears, it was very difficult test, their meeting never took place. Translation of virtual relationships into real - a piece thin. There are no trifles. Important questions remain to us - where to meet, what to wear, what to say, and what better to keep silent.
A small study conducted by the author for this article showed that of the 15 men - 4 offered to meet in the subway (heat, light, dry and inexpensive), 3 - in a cafe, 3 - in the restaurant, 1 - in a nightclub, 2 - invited to visit 2 - offered for walking the streets of Moscow, 1 undecided. It seems to me that he had met on the subway to get to know each other, is simply not serious. Take nowhere unless the cars ride, noisy, do not normally talk to. Cafe, restaurant, night club - please. The streets of Moscow - also a "yes", the main thing that the weather did not disappoint. Tip girls: if a man is difficult to select or to invite, where to go you do not want, a good option - the Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft. You can see an exhibition of paintings, rest if tired - there is soft benches in the halls. On the first floor - a cozy cafe. Near the CHA is a lovely sculpture park and landscape ukraine free dating.
Pretty risky for dating go to visit in an unknown company to the cottage or holiday home. It is not necessary that there is something going to happen, but you need to ensure its security, so it is better - in a crowded place where you will be able to, when you want to go home. It would be nice to tell someone from home or friends, where and who will be your date, and leave the phone number of that person. Just in case. Dress accordingly is the place where you are going. Clothing should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable for you to feel confident.
Studies have shown that the opinion of a man develops in the first 15 seconds. As they say, "we never get a second chance to make a first impression." Friendliness, serenity, smile - that's what you need to establish contact and trust. At the first meeting is not worth talking about his former spouse and passes on their own illnesses, to discuss in detail the problems at work, engage in religious disputes. It is recommended to listen, to ask support questions. Listen actively, sometimes cued - "Wow!", "Yes", "How interesting!". Use the rule Zheglova Gleb - "Find a topic that is interesting to him." Then your companion will be revealed, the conversation is sincere. But if your interlocutor tells only about themselves, about their successes and achievements, perhaps he simply asserts itself at your expense, it raises their self-esteem. If your companion for a long time and in detail tells you about their previous relationships, squabbles with the authorities, etc. it is likely that it compensates for the lack of communication, and you do it a little wonder.
One of the young people with whom I have met and invited me to a restaurant, barely touched the food, because I devoted to the details of the relationship with his ex-wife, the problems of divorce and how he (and in detail), it is still going through . I realized that no purpose other than the desire to talk, he does not. At this stage, it is important to find out whether you like the person with whom you communicate, and whether you want to continue.
If you do not like a person, it is better not to lie, that you call him, frankly, that made the wrong choice. If you like, but you can not understand what impressed you, I can offer the following solutions: 1) to say goodbye, "I like you very much / familiarize. It was very interesting and enjoyable to you. I do not know, like / I Do I you, but if you want me to meet again - call or write. I will be happy / a ". After that, still waiting for the development of the situation; 2) or: "I found it very interesting and enjoyable to you. Maybe we could go somewhere together? In the movie, for example? (In the theater, for a walk)" This option is good that the answer is not postponed indefinitely ukraine free dating.
Despite the widespread belief that acquaint the network a breeze, and chat with the person at the same time - not burdensome, my own experience in this field has allowed me to conclude that dating through the Internet - this is, above all, work. Correspondence, conversations, meetings - all this requires a certain commitment. Many people are dating online are tightened, they can not focus on one person - what if tomorrow will be better, more beautiful and smarter? The Internet has become part of the culture of modern society, and in it like a drop of water reflects the society itself. There are both good and bad. The notion that the Internet only familiar notorious failures have long been irrelevant. A lot of interesting, intelligent, decent, but single people can not find a pair of total employment. And often dating sites for them - the only way out. However, people with deep intrapersonal problems abound here, too. Acquainted through the network, of course, easier. No need to go somewhere to look for a suitable object, to think, what to say and how to approach. Especially because you like the person may be busy and not set up to explore. On the Internet, it is easier - we write a letter or message to the person who has the same goals as we do. But if for some time could not meet the desired person, take a break for 2-3 weeks, during which time there will be new websites people, you may have a desire to meet again. Do not despair if the result is not right, because there is no failure, there is only experience. Always believe in success, and it will come as all the wonderful things that happen to people who believe in them. Is not it a miracle, in the vast ocean to catch a goldfish that once sail to us and say human voice: "I love you" ... ukraine free dating.

Virtual love - strange concept emerged in recent years in our lives. What is it and how is it even possible? Let's just define the concept: virtual love this feeling to other person, arising in the course of virtual communication and located many hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. Because people and communicate virtually, that meet because of the distance they can not. That kind of love is called virtual.
What does the virtual love? Those who have experienced these feelings to yourself, know that virtual love in principle, no different from the real. Man feels the same emotions, the same elation as when real feelings. That is, in the body occurs such as chemical reactions.
The virtual love is different from the real one? Perhaps the pain and sense of helplessness. It is very difficult when there is no possibility to inhale the smell of a loved one, to touch him. After all communication is based on the words. Well, when people communicate via webcam and can see each other, but for a full experience of this course is not enough ukraine dating women sex.
Why then, with such complexities, so many people willingly or not willingly drawn into virtual relationships? This question is difficult to answer. Everyone has different circumstances. Some very shy and could not find a pair in real life, someone is busy at work, where a team does not have suitable candidates. Someone from boredom fun, and someone is trying to escape from despair. It is known for one thing, real-life stories about virtual love a lot and they are all different. Most end with pain and disappointment, but there are stories and happy endings.
Virtual love: Practical Advice

Suddenly one day you You realize that you were involved in virtual relationships. What you need to do to your story ended happily? The first and most important rule - to try as soon as possible to meet in real life. But it is not always possible, because some people are at different ends of the earth. If you can not meet in real life, in the first place make sure who you are dealing. Ask them to send you as many different photos, with different periods of life. If you are dealing in the program, messenger, then save chat history ukraine dating women sex. Ask different questions on various topics, including the fact that it was in the life of your interlocutor. And ask the same question in different ways several times and compare the answers by paying attention to inaccuracies. So you can understand quite easily deceive you or telling the truth.
Be yourself honest and frank, if you want your story ended happily. Try to diversify your virtual communication. The virtual world is vast and interesting. You can listen to music together, go shopping, play games, read, watch movies ... It all depends on your imagination.
And in the end I want to give advice. Do not be afraid to get acquainted on the Internet, but dating to follow certain rules in order to protect yourself from possible fraud and try to move your virtual acquaintance as close as possible to real life ukraine dating women sex. Even if you can not meet immediately, then certainly someone with the webcam is now possible for everyone without exception. Good luck and love! ukraine dating women sex.

Internet - a parallel world that exists next to ours. It has its own country and the state, wars are waged for the information has its own currency, and there are people with names - Login ... In general, everything, as we have. Only virtual. And it is quite natural that the global network has created and the relationships between their citizens. Virtual.
Men and women experience the web, learn, communicate, flirt, and even has an affair! Strange? Yes, it seems more than strange that the two strangers may have feelings. How can you love a man who can not see, ukraine dating women can not hear, you do not feel? Or are you just flirting with a virtual way? Good, smart, witty, sweet fruit of his imagination?
And in the global network, you can ...
... Acquainted
Familiar to users of the Internet:
1) on the forums. Poobsuzhdat two new film Kusturica and realize that are very similar. And there, staring, and before the wedding comes;
2) chat rooms. Here, everything is extremely sketchy. Demon: Devyska_v_krasnom, hello! How are you? "And dating tied bow.
3) specialized dating sites. If the first two paragraphs, acquaintance - a matter of chance, something on similar sites people come with very specific plans: to find him / her to marry a foreigner, to find a lover or just the man to talk to. Here you choose from thousands of applicants (which is impossible in "real life") for a person over the age of, Type, interests and so on., Flipping photos as 'not hook', share a couple of standard phrases and realize: a) it's mine, b) that's not mine ukraine dating women.
And then you can
Meet ...
Rewritten in ICQ, desperately banging on the keys, share emoticons / photos / poems / intelligent thoughts and not. Look man, drawing him into his imagination. Respect, understanding, interested ... In general, to communicate.
Fall in love ...
Of course, it is doubtful that one can fall in love with another, a complete stranger, painted in his imagination. And I think that people have a love ... to the idea, if you want. For this sense we need a real individual, and not a virtual image. After all, the one whom we represent Prince, tall, smart, on horseback, in reality it may be small, stupid Beast two hairy legs instead of cloven-hoofed vehicles.
... Sex
Yes, virtual sex - are not uncommon on the Internet. It sounds crazy, but people can get pleasure from this ... um ... strange relationship. The relations, more precisely.
However, even the Bible says: "... Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew, chapter 5, line 28). There is one amendment is not in the heart, he committed adultery, and in my head ... And for this, they may not be necessary to look at each other with lust., Because the erogenous zone in humans are known to the brain. A single sexually colored thoughts - and in the gray matter is born perfect model of erotic adventures ukraine dating women.
Well, get married on-line (pah-pah-pah!), People did not seem to have started yet. But who knows what awaits us in the future?
About the origins

And as we have sunk to this, you ask? What a time has come when strangers talking and - God forgive me - sex on the internet?
Not this time, and this is the phenomenon of man. That played well in the Middle Ages people in the mail, they sent anonymous letters to each other and little notes, flirting with a stranger in a mask for the grand balls. A girl who wrote during the Great Patriotic War, the letters to the front without an address? They scribbled epistles to those soldiers, whom no one to carry on correspondence; that they are at rest, after the battle, wrote letters to their virtual girlfriends. Someone even met after the war. Others - no. In the early days of telephones on the switch girls were attacked fans. And soon there were phone sex services.
And unlike on-line communication flirting on the phone with a man that had the wrong number? Or frivolous chat SMS'kami? Yes, in principle, nothing. Just industrialization absorbed all spheres of our life. And perhaps, sadly, even the very identity.
O Plus

Online dating can be useful. I emphasize - "can"! This applies to people from the closed nature of introverts. Communication in on-line sometimes adds confidence and helps to change themselves (after all we are, what we want to be. So say the benefits of applied psychology). Perfecting the art to maintain a conversation, getting to know people in a new way, you can get better in the "real world." It is important not to overreact and not "turning inward" at all. As the saying goes, "do no harm!"
The second category of people who resort to internet-dating - is busy people who do not have enough time to maintain relationships in life. It would seem that it is so convenient! Unsubscribed "Hello, Kolya! How are you? What's new? "- And reminded friends about themselves. Or sorted in an hour or two hundred questionnaires and chose a girl's heart ukraine dating women. I met, looked liked - and op-pa! - I married. It happens! Just do not look like any kind of love in the semi-finished product?
And in the end, you can relax and sometimes in a simple flirt chat with a complete stranger! It's not so bad. Flirt - even virtual - it is not a source of extra endorphins and self-confidence.

But more and more patients are turning to psychotherapists with a new kind of addiction - dependence on internet-communication. Every day we hear about drugs, alcohol, the dangers of nicotine addiction, not realizing that there was a new scourge - depending on the network. This is a fact confirmed by the statistics (and how many did not come to the doctor?).
Yes, in ICQ flirt with a strange man - that's funny. And on the verge of decency communication is not dangerous.
It is dangerous when a person dies as a real person, finding a resurgence in the network. And dangerous, when he retires from reality into an imaginary world of symbols. If a web user loses friends, interpersonal contacts in our "measuring" and all the free time (from earning money to pay for internet service provider) conducts on-line - is a disease that needs treatment and control of the therapist. The main thing - time to say to yourself, "stop", recognizing that online friends and "favorite" will never replace real relationships.
And further. There are stories about the successful acquaintances, receiving a brilliant conclusion in the form of marriage. Yet the most magical of the meeting, the most important events take place here and now, in this life ukraine dating women!
Far from the stepped progress! We are now without any visa visit world wide area network via modem, looking at the reality through the monitor and trilliardy pixels residing under funny names go on digital libraries and shopping, get acquainted, fall in love (it happens!). Maybe someday all ottsifruem themselves and - And remember, what was the name! - Set sail for permanent residence on any sunny site. ukraine dating women.

Almost all people accessing the World Wide Web in order to find friends, faced with the same problems. However, each of us, who first went to dating sites, thinks he is - unique, and that he had no problems in communicating on the Internet. Practice shows that, even these unique personalities, eventually face problems in the network.
Search the web: their features
The most common dilemma is:
I registered (registered) on a dating site, and I was just attacking letters ...
We all experience a light buzz in the first few weeks after the register on a dating site. We wish that all of us have noticed, so we ourselves are putting enough effort to this by sending messages to everyone who give us something attracted. As a result, after only a week, we get just the darkness of messages that require our attention. We are - confused, feeling that simply can not cope with such volumes of emails. To avoid this, be sure to select the first 5 people that you like the most and try to make contact with them. If any of these five friends did not wish to communicate with you, if instead we should try to get in touch with someone new. The most important rule - it does not write all in a row ukraine dating tradition.
Then, when you communicate simultaneously with five friends, try not to be confused ...: do not confuse their names, hobbies, passions, etc. Organize the first time information about each your new acquaintance, to avoid absurd situations.
Sometimes, after a few emails, we start to think that we fell in love. However, we can not be objective as long as meet with this man, we do not talk to him. If you show that you love, go to the action - call, is dating. Love letters short-lived, and it does not allow us to fully realize, do we really fit this or that person.
I think someone has seriously taken a great interest ... And what now ?!
Once you realize that you seriously interested in their new friend, you certainly have a desire to remove your profile from the dating site. You'll talk about whether or not to remove it from the site. If you decide to communicate only with your new chosen one, remove your profile from the dating site. And do not talk about it to your new friend. If it will be very interesting, he will check whether still hangs Your profile on a dating site or not ukraine dating tradition.
It is not necessary to check which of your new acquaintances took the questionnaire from the site. Of course, you will probably be bursting curiosity to visit the site and check it out, get yourself together and stop. If you can not calm down and is still very much want to see hanging there still profiles your new friends on the site, ask them about it directly, and finally calm down!
Ask your new chosen and remove your profile from the dating site.
You certainly will not be pleased to see online dating profile of your new friend. It is not necessary in such a situation is something to hide ... Ask your friend to remove his own profile with a dating site, adding you to their questionnaire did a week ago. Tell your friend that you are now well with him, do you have with him - a lot to do, so you do not need to look for someone else. It is useful to add that if your new friend will remove your profile from the site, it will mean to you that he is willing to meet with you. If your new acquaintance's refusal to answer you, do not worry and decide whether you want to continue to meet with him. If you decide to continue the relationship, you can add, "Well, it - your business. But still, you're unlikely to find a site for someone better than me! ". Believe me, your confidence can work, and after a while your new choice he takes his profile with a dating site.
I think I already rather tired (a bit tired).
If you feel that you are tired of searching for their other half, take a break, but do not stop looking. You do not stop looking for work when he suddenly appeared without her ?! Here - the same thing. Tired - take a break, and then start searching ukraine dating tradition.
Analyze why could not find the right person.
Once you with new forces began to search for its second half, try to identify the reasons why you could not find a soul mate. You may not engage in the careful selection of your friends are dating and almost everyone who wrote to you ?! But then, because it is clear why you are so tired and why it is still one! A serious approach to the issue of personal meetings and assign them only to those with whom you long enough copied and even phoned. ukraine dating tradition.

In today's world we have so little time left for themselves. We sometimes do not have time to just catch up with friends, not to mention privacy. Not surprisingly, in view of the lack of time people often prefer dating through the Internet. Among such friendships we all treated differently. Someone set a very negative, considering that the World Wide Web can hardly find a soul mate, but someone thinks quite differently.
In fact, online - dating does not always end in failure: the World Wide Web, many find their own happiness. If you decide to find a soul mate on the Internet and you want to make your new acquaintance turned acquaintance for many years, ukraine dating sites ranked
Avoid the following:
Do not write too often.
It is not necessary immediately to attack the new acquaintance, pulling his letters. It is not necessary to show that at the moment you are very lonely, and you do not have anyone in my life. This fact will only act repulsive. If your first letter will remain unanswered, it is not necessary to write the second time. Your new friend in any case should not feel that you are imposing. Always be aware of his own worth. But if the second side is interested, then some time after the e-mail correspondence, you can discuss the possibility of the first meeting. Remember that relationships are unlikely to get any development exclusively in the correspondence. Ideally, after 2-3 emails should follow the call, and then the first meeting ukraine dating sites ranked.
Do not ignore spelling.
You should not rush to send letters to the addressee, which you, quite frankly, is not indifferent. Carefully check what you have written. Letters should be no grammatical errors. Errors in the letter to the addressee may indicate that you are in a hurry, you're nervous or under the influence. And because you want to make a completely different experience!
Do not be afraid to develop relationships.
Many are afraid to develop relationships and to go beyond the usual e-mail correspondence. If you are keen to develop a relationship, do not be afraid to take a step forward without fear somewhere seem silly, do not be afraid to make mistakes or behave incorrectly. Without steps forward there is no relationship. Many afraid to take the first step because they think that they have nothing to tell about yourself during a telephone call or at the first meeting. In fact, we all have something to tell others, and in the course of communication we mean what else can you say ukraine dating sites ranked.
Do not be a pessimist when looking for a partner via the Internet.
Some, particularly smart, now say that a little positive. But actually it is not. A positive attitude can make a difference in our lives. It can lead us to a new job, new surroundings and new meetings. Positive emotions attract into our lives the positive changes. Hence the conclusion: if we think and believe only in the positive outcome of any situation, it will be for us is positive. Therefore, if we think that they can find a good man in the web of the Internet, then surely shall find that man. ukraine dating sites ranked.

Today - more than ever - our mind is subjected to constant overload, the head swells, unable to bear the burden of endless information as we need, and not needed at all. All sorts of information so much that we like ripping through, we feel that we can not gather, to focus. Many people are aware of this problem and deal with it in their own way: writing articles, doing research, but they all lead to a single result - the emergence of additional information that is necessary to digest. Disable hyperactive mind, take it out of the vicious circle seems almost impossible task; Any such attempt only activate new thought - a sort of maze with mirrored walls, from which there is no escape. We may turn to alcohol, drugs, physical activity is as a tool to help for a while to get the brain to slow down, calm down, and for some time to dive into reality. This dissatisfaction is for a skilled seducer possibilities are endless. All around us - a great many people rushing in search of salvation from intellectual overload. The temptation to carnal pleasures - such simple and nemudryaschih - make them swallow the bait. But remember: the only way to save the overloaded mind, relieve stress - to help him concentrate, to focus on one thing. The hypnotist asks the patient to watch his eyes fixed on the shiny ball that swings from side to side. Once the patient is unable to focus on the ball all the attention his mind relaxes, the senses are awakened, the body becomes susceptible to all kinds of new experiences and inspiration. Seducer - the same hypnotist: you need to make an object to focus all the attention on you ukraine dating service.

Throughout the process of seduction, you try to fill an object of thought. Letters and notes the frank recognition and shared memories - all of this helps you to be constantly near, even in those moments when you are physically absent. Now, when you got to the final stage of seduction, you need to see more of the object. Your attention to it must now become more intense. The more the object is thinking about you, the less distracted by extraneous thoughts about work and responsibilities. By focusing on one thought, the mind relaxes and all obsessive little thoughts that usually beset us - whether or not love me, do not I seem stupid or ugly, what awaits us in the future - disappear. Remember, it all starts with you. Do not get distracted and do not let distractions, become the most brilliant ball in the hands of the hypnotist, which focuses the attention - and the object will follow you blindly ukraine dating service.

As soon as the object of your hyperactive mind starts to calm down, and its feverish activity will slow down immediately come alive his feelings and the temptations of the flesh offered you will act with a vengeance. Now one of your hot gaze, they break out, like straw. Of course, we are accustomed to use bait that act directly on the eye, because the vision - a feeling, on which we rely in our culture more than any other. Needless to say, the appearance is of great importance, but you now need to ensure that not only vision, but also all other senses began to move. Belle Otero missed an opportunity to give men admire his chest, face, gait, but the perfumes, and the sound of voices - all equally play a role. Feelings are intimately interconnected, intertwined - the smell, for example, can activate the touch, and the stimulus acting on the sense of touch in turn activates the vision. "Accidentally" touch - on this, let it be a stage of a simple touch - give impetus and lead to an exchange of views. Play a little voice, intonations, just say a little slower and quieter. Throughout the seduction you have to hold back, intrigue, pretending the victim bringing a frenzy. This frustration will inevitably arise, and you, and the time when the right moment comes, you'll be boiling with desire to immediately rush into battle. Feeling that the object interested in you, and go back down, release their repressed desires in the will, let them splash in the blood and ignite you. Sexual desire is contagious. Object feel your heat and lights in response itself.

Seducer brings his victim to a certain point where she could not help showing signs of excitement - there are different symptoms, allowing to guess. Barely catching appearance of these symptoms, the deceiver must act without delay, giving the object to be distracted from what is happening: the past, responsibility, consciousness - nothing should pull back. The body betrayed pleasure recklessly.

Summing up their facilities to the point, do not forget a few important things. First, disheveled appearance (uncleared hair, dress in disarray) stronger effect on the senses than a neat, trim look as suggestive of the bedroom. Second, pay attention to the signs of uncontrolled excitation. Flushed cheeks, her voice, tears, unnatural laughter, some movement, continuous licking allegedly parched lips - all this shows that the time is near ukraine dating service.

In seduction, as in war, it is of great importance maneuvers, during which the opponents are closer, then further. At first you are pursuing the enemy at bay. When the pursuit overheated victim quickly close the distance and go to melee without giving any opportunity to retreat, no time to think about the situation, no chance to assess the situation in which he or she came. In order not to frighten, resort to flattery, make the victim feel extremely feminine (or masculine), sing the praises of her charms. It is their fault that you lost your head, lost restraint. Nothing works on the object more than the feeling that it is attractive to you.
Joint physical activities - swimming, dancing, boating - are a great temptation. In such moments the mind recedes, giving body to act on their own rules. You lead, and the object follows you repeating your movements. He will follow you wherever you go.

With the onset of the time all moral judgments evaporate, and the body returns to a state like a sinless. Make it clear that; you do not care what you think of others; they themselves would not criticize or condemn your property. Part of the secret charm Flynn lies in the fact that he took a woman completely for what it is. He was not interested nor any certain type of beauty, nor the nationality of the woman or her education or political preferences. He just loved her femininity in all its forms. He beckoned her to the adventure, liberation from the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by a society of moral judgments. Since it became feasible dream, and dream of many to throw stiffness, become aggressive, or sinful, come to know the danger. Therefore, do not hesitate to drop his penchant for moralizing and reproof. You manite your object to the world of immediate gratification - a cozy, late - so throw out the window all inhibitions and prejudices.

Symbol: Raft floating in the open sea, drifting with the current. It has been out of sight of the shore, and you were alone - just you and the sea. Waves lull, and forget about all your worries and troubles melt into infinite space. Swim without anchor, without a rudder and without sails, recklessly gave shaky feeling, and gradually throw off all fetters. ukraine dating service.

Times change, and with them are changing the foundations of society and manners. Even some fifty or sixty years ago, start puberty at fifteen or sixteen years old, and now it is happening much earlier. Accordingly, the sexual life for this reason, it is rejuvenated. And if before she was to bring her husband to his only major gift - the innocence, now in a society dominated by a completely different picture. Most young people become sexually active long before marriage. Of course everyone loss of virginity is happening in different ways. And yet it happens. Someone in a hurry to do it to keep up with their peers who are doing something out of curiosity, someone amenable to persuasion ukraine dating sexming ...
But there are a category of girls who are afraid of the loss of innocence. It seems to be necessary, because the girlfriend is already laughing and do not want to be the black sheep, but on the other hand is terrible, because it heard about incredible pain and a sea of blood. Well, start with a purely physiological moments. No there is no sea, and have a large percentage of girls and did not happen. The hymen is elastic plenochka that with careful and gentle pressure can stretch and thus some of the pain is removed. With skillful, soft and loving partner actions deflowering process may result in only short-term physical discomfort, which will be fully rewarded by moral satisfaction. Another question is if the girl is very young and is afraid of losing the innocence - and it does she want? If there are doubts and fears, so there is no sense of an all-consuming love that as a result leads to the physical merger of two loving people. And go on about girlfriends or assign persistent persuasion Man does not have any reason, if you feel fear. In this situation, it is the fear of your protection. If girlfriends laughing and pushing, then they do it purely for selfish reasons. They do not want to be compared to them someone look better and more attractive. If a young person trying to persuade, he just acts from selfish motives. He was not interested in the girl, as such, he is interested in sex, personal victory, and he knows that he is achieving his fast enough to part with this girl ukraine dating sexming.
Hence the advice number one: if you are afraid to enter into a sexual relationship, you feel physical fear of defloration, do not feel an overwhelming desire to experience the joy of physical love - then you are morally this is not ready yet, and you absolutely do not need it.
There are other situations in life. She has not a teenager and consciously want to part with her virginity, and no one to do it. How to be?
There's a different way, important not to get lost. Well, first of all to make some efforts and meet a man who inspires confidence and externally will be pleasant. Because moral satisfaction in such an important process takes about fifty percent, that is, half of all impressions and emotions. It is important to have a clear idea how it will happen and in theory be ready. Certainly better to take care of the environment of the romantic atmosphere that left a good impression. Because no one better than us knows what we want. You can drink a few sips of wine. The wine will relax, slightly accelerate blood flow, which in turn will benefit the excitement. Well just look beautiful erotic film containing explicit sex scenes that excite ukraine dating sexming.
Hence the advice number two: if you're mentally prepared to give up their virginity, do not wait for the sea weather, act. Look advance movies on relevant topics. Read books and articles to be completely finished in theory. Take the preparation of a romantic setting. Do everything as you like.
Well, if all the attempts made have not led to the desired result? Then there is another option, completely natural, although someone and it will be denied. Arrange to itself a romantic evening. With candles, wine, film, beautiful linens and appropriate music. Caress yourself, study your body. Learn itself to deliver sexual pleasure. When you learn to do this, you change the look, voice, gait. You'll be on another drive. You will begin to radiate sexual confidence, and this is exactly what attracts men.
Hence the advice number three, final: care about the state of their own hormonal background, about their sexuality and sex appeal. Remember that sexual satisfaction has a positive effect on your mental and physical condition. And if you're modestly downcast eyes, going sideways pass by men, they never know how much you are wonderful, funny and clever. Therefore exudes confidence, study the rules of the involvement of men , and all you get! ukraine dating sexming.

I think that now I will fly tomatoes ... But let's first see what is porn and what is erotic. In fact, the term "pornography" often does not reflect the themes of movies that are sold legally in specialized stores. We are used to call porn movies, all movies that have erotic scenes or scenes of copulation. This is incorrect, as the spread, and in some countries, and viewing "porn", may entail criminal liability. It includes scenes of pornography, sexual violence, scenes with children, animals, dead. In other words, that distorts the understanding of normal sexual intercourse. In this regard, let us continue to movies, articles, pictures, poems, songs, stories erotic content, whether it is "light" erotic or "hard" in order to be law-abiding, will be called "erotica". And you can call the sweet word "strawberry", which in fact are many and defining as it erotica "heavier" ukraine dating sex masha.
The relationship between a man and a woman - is a complex thing. And our life is full of surprises. One day, while cleaning the apartment, we can find in the closet of our favorite "video cheesecake." As it is accepted in the life of that sensuality, and especially tough, watching men only. What to hide, most men like to look tough eroticism , but many well it kept secret. A woman? A woman hide this fact as the biggest secret. In fact, the girls are not indifferent to this man's hobby, but it happens that it comes down to the fact that we make a scene with tantrums and demanding get rid of "this muck." Now the men explain why we do it. We are jealous. Because first of all, the question arises: why did my man watches porn, why would he need it, when there am I?
The fact is, my dear fellow member that sometimes a man needs to discharge, which does not require much effort - there is no need to bring a partner to orgasm, biting hard ejaculation. After all, we women want to quickly relieve stress, and for this purpose it is enough to cry or eat a cake. Men also do not pass, so they get rid of the negatives using a certain type of video ukraine dating sex masha. This is a very convenient way to quickly get a discharge. It is a mistake to think that if a man watches porn, then it does not satisfy the relationship with his partner. A normal healthy man perceives "erotica", even tough, as entertainment and treats it accordingly.
Well, what are we? And many of us like to look too "interesting erotica."
We women interested in viewing the plot, the setting, the laundry, the figure (compare with his). We are dreamers, is not worse than our men. Surely while watching present and remember what sex was and where (despite a similar situation), or vice versa, where the plan would be better to have sex.
What can I say, even the researchers found that women who sometimes look "strawberry", a much better sex than those who do not look! Good erotic drives women crazy.
What excites women erotic, even tough - it has long been an established fact. My favorite scene women - is sex face to face, man dominates. Women excite naked bodies of men and women. But for most women, erotic yet different from films that shoot for men. In the women's erotica is more focused on the sensuality, it is less hot than men. The strawberries, which is nice for women, practically no huge silicone busts and immense penises, as we women - the people are very receptive and perceive even those movies pretty realistic. So - no sorting, only the actual size! View a good erotic by award is an opportunity to learn for yourself something new, and then, to experiment in their own bedroom with a beloved man. Of course, as in everything it has to be a happy medium ukraine dating sex masha.
I think that a man would be very upset if women treated erotica as well as they are. Fortunately, most women in the not so interested, this need many men. This is the mystery of man and let it remains so. Believe me, men must also be for us, "a book of unknown pages." As anyone joint erotic film is slightly more than men like to have fun sometimes. Men, I would ask not to force his girlfriend to watch erotic, how would you like it or. This will only strengthen her hatred for this type of video, and to you, too. Because for many women the way, so to say, "strawberries", is long enough to reach it, and this must be itself.
And so it is quite easy, take a beautiful erotic film (of course abruptly than "Nine and a half weeks") from savings tomatoes cook a delicious dinner and enjoy a pleasant evening together. Many women will love it. And you dear man, too, will be rewarded !!! I'm sure everyone will be happy. ukraine dating sex masha.

The belief that "love descends suddenly," you only need to wait for her, broke millions of lives
Recently my husband and I sat on one dinner party in the banquet hall. During our round table it was also eight single dam.Zhenschiny - nice, aged 30 to 45 years. Beautifully dressed, makeup and anguish in his eyes. "Is that your husband or boyfriend?" - Immediately tried to dot the i, one, looking at the business my husband. After learning that her husband, did not lose her, examined him and asked: "And he has a friend?" (Spoke in Russian, seeing that he does not understand the language).
So I began to gently advise. Go on, say, babonki, Internet, paid English-language dating websites. There are men - the sea. I tell myself there the word happiness. And my girlfriend. She and her four children have a Canadian ...
"No, it is possible - said the very, business. - It's not for me, I have not tried and I will not." Other tacitly agreed.
And it amazes me!
They do not try - and will not be! Well, ukraine dating sex marsa purely as my teenage son. Sgotovlyu for a meal, he does not know, but would not try ... So babonki is not 16 years old!
It amazes me how people believe in them imposed submission. That spread through the newspapers thought that the internet can be found very often only with maniacs, that's all there lie about themselves, and - all will not acquainted. We will sit and wait at the party prince. And yet, coming to this banquet, my husband, who had 34 years was a bachelor and had a handful of the same friends, said:
- They should not have come here. Single men do not go to such places.
- Where they go?
- In bars and nightclubs.
- Well, hopefully remove the lady for sex! - I was indignant. - And it is necessary that the relationship ...
Silently, he taxied, and I realized that where to go ... Well, men are looking for sex ... he changed his mind. What ... actually ... and good. They think that it is sex. We have to show that you are available, ukraine dating sex marsa and when he was with you, and claw stuck, I mean he likes you, and he has all the power of his evil thoughts, then that you tell him gently and show that you are not such a far better ... Not only that you are sexually attractive, so also good.
But this is a digression. In fact, I want to tell you that to get acquainted on the Internet - good and right. You do not have 12 years and have nothing to fear, that you jumped at the side of some pedophile. Maniac, too, you are not threatened, because for sure you do not make an appointment online friend in a deserted place or in the apartment. You will meet in cafes, cinemas, parks and other public places, as long until you realize that the man is so good, that it is possible and retire.
I confess frankly, found her husband on the Internet. And not by chance, but was looking for him there for six months.
It was like this. I'm divorced, but I actively wanted to meet her betrothed-maskers. I do not know anyone, and I will not kill a divorce, and inspires. Well, I was in a state of great expectation of love. But she did not come and I decided to help her, reasoning that ...
We are taught from childhood that "love descends suddenly" appear from around the corner ... and the crowd in Russian girls sit, brought our great Russian romantic literature and at least romance, waiting when he announced Destiny, Prince. And his no, no ... Because if you are, for example, do not send resume, the job does not get it. Or get some horrible unsold ukraine dating sex marsa. That's the result of these expectations are not always, but often is unequal marriage. dosidev to critical for Russia marriage age - 23-24 years old, the girl marries first turned up. And then divorce, lone parenting ... Again dream idly of a prince.
There's no need to wait. "Asking given." I have told my friend that I would find a husband through the Internet. She laughed. (It is, incidentally, is still one). For six months I have corresponded with different men (and thus improved my napisatelny English!), And He then wrote to me - my husband and the father of my daughter two years now.
You say it was an accident. No, it is now a lot of marriages online dating. Internet is now the employer and the doctor, and the cook, and the matchmaker. Moreover, I prefer are dating than usual. Because:
- On the Internet, people much more is revealed and confessed. He's in my heart does not believe that once we see a woman by correspondence. It is for him - as a fellow traveler on the train. We saw and all dispersed. Because it tells much more than he would have told the ordinary acquaintance.
- If you communicate on the Internet, you do not interfere with the appearance of the object. Outside fact may overshadow serious shortcomings. You'll close your eyes to them under the impression its growth figures, hairy chest, strong arms, smiles and so forth. On the Internet the beginning you do not see each other, then just simply photos. Maybe, of course, Skype, but not all women are promoted, and not all of it is ... In general, over the Internet to the forefront the mind and soul. Or lack thereof.
- On the Internet it is difficult to lie about your education, knowledge, wisdom. That is something you can lie, but you can see everything in the correspondence ... If a man says something like "intilekt", "intsindent", then you already know who you are dealing ... From journalistic experience, I would say that writings clearly visible and mental illness, schizophrenia, for example. And with the usual internal meeting this may not be noticed. I have a couple of friends who are very nice at internal conversation. But when they send me your opus, I understand that they have to head out of order ...
- By the time that men spend on the Internet, you can learn a lot about his life. If you met him in the usual way, and he said that a successful businessman, works hard and earns a lot, you will believe. And if it's all on the internet, but you can see it from there climbs, you can guess that the man - a liar.
- On the Internet, you can view a lot more people than in real life. That is, in the virtual you can see the week dozens of files and talk with a dozen men seeking life partner. In the real world for a week you will not meet with a dozen and each meeting is full of trouble - it is necessary to dress up, painted, cut somewhere ...
So, I advise you to go to the English-language pay sites. They are inexpensive, about $ 25 a month. Lonely hearts out there - the sea, and for every taste, from different countries. I corresponded with the five men from different countries - the US, Greece, and it was very fun. They Funny, they do compliment, they threaten to come ... When sad, they'll listen (read through), they entertain ... But most importantly, they give you at this moment alone, to feel that you are a woman that likes you ... And it is very important to meet with Destiny. The eye should be on the tail should be a gun. On drooping, diffident woman, no matter how beautiful or clever it may be, no one is looking.
And that was my prince. "Aska" zakukovala and I thought wearily, "Oh, another one ... No, hihanki-hahanki sixth guy, I will not pull." But after a couple of sentences, we were both so concerned that he wrote: "Give me the phone, I'll call you." And I gave. And we talked for two hours, and the next day already met. It turned out he lives 15 minutes from me! All the Greeks and Americans have been forgotten. We are together for seven years.
And you say, the internet freaks ...
My dear lonely readers who always sad Valentine's Day, actively looking for their happiness! You do not wait when you do not work, on the way to the bakery you will meet the manager of a large Canadian company and will offer you a good position and salary? You're sending resumes, scouring the Internet, reading advertisements in newspapers - in general, efforts ... So it is with personal life. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The desire to find a mate, establish a family and have children - it is natural and commendable ukraine dating sex marsa.
Oh, and if you do not have very good English, it should not be a hindrance! Naobrot it you really will improve, because you will be interested in what you write, and you willy-nilly put next to a dictionary and will be rapidly and a lot to look. And it will be easier to remember words, because they will be bound to you with specific compliments, jokes, questions ... You can even learn the slang Canadian involuntarily.
... Two of my friends will give their husbands went to other women with whom talked to "Classmates". This is bad. For the abandoned wives. And for those women that have found these women, probably a good thing. But it's not a "good / badly ". I am writing this as an example of power of social networks, the strength of the Internet in our personal lives. He can marry and divorce. He - not virtual and reality. ukraine dating sex marsa.

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