Mysteries of aphrodisiacs.
The term "aphrodisiac" comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, means "love of pleasure." So called substances that stimulate sexual desire and sexual activity. Their direct "duty" to contribute to us in conducting stormy nights. Probably each of us once in my life thought about using them to improve their sexual life. But how to choose the ideal means of their great variety? Find out what is the most effective and, most importantly, harmless? Let's try together to figure it out.

Since ancient times, mankind has spent a lot of experiments in this field, which often leads to negative consequences for health and could even be life-threatening. Alcohol, drugs, poison - it is not our method. The most safe, having a minimum of unwanted side effects and thus produce noticeable results are edible aphrodisiac. Their selection is huge. But remember one thing: all exciting substances should definitely be used in small quantities, otherwise there is a danger of the opposite to achieve the desired effect. Most of the ingredients we need are commercially available free online dating site.
Consider the most popular ones. Aphrodisiacs have almost all spices: ginger, coriander, anise, cumin, dill, fennel, marjoram, basil, red and black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, celery, angelica, lovage, artichoke, horseradish, garlic and onions. A powerful aphrodisiac is a natural coffee in moderation, especially with cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla. Caffeine has a stimulating and stimulating effect. Chocolate - it is better to choose a natural black, with a cocoa content of at least 70%. Chocolate contains phenylalanine - an amino acid that promotes a completely natural development of the body's hormones endorphins (happiness hormones that cause temporary euphoria). In addition, you can use it for games: For starters, you can feed each other fruits, dipped them in the pre-melted chocolate and then to paint them as each other's body. And ended by mutual licking sweet.
Garnet - is known as a natural aphrodisiac, the agent desires and "freshener senses." Not for nothing in one of the ancient Greek myth Proserpina Pluto is not left only because he convinced her to share with him in half pomegranate. Since then it is believed that the grenade is always necessary to share with your loved one. It is recommended as a tool that can bring back the old man force. Avocado - acts as an aphrodisiac because of its high nutritional value, high content of protein and vitamin A. A great snack between rounds assignation. It goes well with other aphrodisiacs - shrimp and oysters. Seafood - especially oysters, but not only they are useful as clams, squids, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, lobsters and fish, but only fat varieties. That is, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for a healthy heart free online dating site.
Eggs - various birds (from sparrow to peacock) in the East since ancient times known as a potent tool to enhance male potency. The French eat three egg yolks per day or drink an egg yolk in a glass of cognac. It contains protein and zinc - serious sexual stimulants. For the best effect it is recommended to use them raw. Especially useful mix of eggs, cream, milk and nutmeg.
Dill - Russian folk remedy to increase potency - mix cup of sour cream and a glass of beer, add finely chopped dill. Effective immediately! And in the Middle Ages was considered a magical herb fennel has been used in the creation of a love potion. Nuts - almost all nuts increases sexual activity, but the most action the walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. As well as coconut and nutmeg. Honey - the best stimulator of sexual energy, once again, we are talking about a natural product. The composition of honey includes an impressive number of useful substances. A significant number of exciting recipes of dishes contain honey.
Strawberry - probably one of the most common excitatory products, natural aphrodisiac which causes increased sexual desire in both men and women. This is due to the large amount of zinc in its composition. Sometimes only a phrase "Strawberries and cream" many immediately adjusts to the desired fashion. In addition, strawberry contains folic acid and vitamin B, which have a positive effect on male potency and cause attraction. Wild strawberries as adding to the white port wine has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. Home strawberries are most suited to champagne. Try these berries dipped in melted chocolate, whipped cream or sour cream and the usual this delicacy to treat herself and her chosen one free online dating site.
And it is not the whole list of food aphrodisiacs, as we can see, nature has made us a generous gift - a rich assortment of natural products for every taste and budget for the harmonization of our sex life. We can only experimental way to choose the most pleasant and efficient. free online dating site.

Love and Sex.
All human life - is a continuous succession of different chemical reactions. Every action, thought, feeling - associated with a specific chemical process in the body. Man as a chemical flask in which the boiling mix of passions, feelings and emotions. And it seemed to sex and love are the same group of feelings, but in fact they are two different concepts, which have become separated especially in our modern society online dating games.
Each of us at least once in their lives, but wondered - what is there love? What role does it play sex? Why sex possible without love? Now everyone knows how important health regular sex in human life. And physiological needs in sex is not dependent on the state of love. Of course very well, where the needs and status of the same sex, and happens to someone you love. This is the highest peak of pleasure when the senses and passion trembles every fiber, covered by the heat of love and desire. When a favorite body bends in your hands from the voluptuous bliss - this is one of the highest moments of happiness. But as it often happens that after some time, feeling dull, damp and sex does not bring the joy that was before, and even so necessary for health, he upstaged because once a loved one no longer causes the former attraction. And in this period there are two ways everyone: someone is trying to restore the old relationship, and uses a variety of options for this, while others change partners online dating games.
How love can not be complete without sex and sex without love does not bring complete satisfaction. Sexual relations are very bright during the passionate love, but it quickly passes, and is distinguished from the love that is extremely short-lived. Love is gradually emerging, it needs time and the conditions for growth, but as she slowly dies. How to understand the man in all this confusion? When there is love, but do not have the opportunity to have sex with someone you love and have sex in order to maintain normal life, but do not have love in my heart ... It would seem that two different concepts of love and sex, but they are next to each other in our lives. And how impoverished love without sex, and the man who chooses the sex and refuses to love, feels as a result of empty and cheated.
Is it possible to combine these two concepts - the emotional and physical? Of course you can online dating games! Although it is difficult ... Everyone chooses for himself in life is what is important, love or sex. But if you want to find between these concepts and the golden mean of balance in their lives, preserve mutual joy, respect, tenderness, which once connected you attach to it some effort , and they will reward you one hundred times the joy and happiness. Anyone who has ever experienced a state of delight from having sex with someone you love , who will make every effort to save it in your life. online dating games.

Virtual love - what is it?
Nowadays, information technology, while furious pace and lack of time, people have more and more a problem of communication and dating. Well, if there are suitable job options, it means you are very lucky! And what woman, if she works in the women's team? Or, a man in a man? Well, not familiar in the street! Although this option also has the right to exist, but not everyone dares him. And if some men up the guts for such a step as a street acquaintance, that for women it is almost impossible to do.
But progress does not stand still, and today we have a new assistant - the Internet! He has already invaded in such a sensitive area as the dating, communication and feelings. It is no secret how much dating is now popular on the Internet. Especially as the Internet opportunities to explore incomparably greater than in real life. Decide what purpose you want to find new friends online and go !!! Exist many of the most different subjects of sites. Someone just wants to talk, someone is looking for entertainment but someone serious relationship. Feel free to join in conversations with different people, as one of them is the one who you want, and who dreams of you, just you need to find each other dating online.
Probably the best quality virtual dating is that people discover each other first spiritual dignity, evaluate the quality of mental interlocutor on this assessment does not affect the appearance and behavior which, if desired, we are able to work during intercourse. They first learn the heart and soul of each other, which is the most important part of any relationship. Of course all this is true, subject to mutual honesty. But in this article we do not consider the options when people hide behind fictional biographies and achievements.
Here, we want to talk specifically about the virtual love that connects people disconnected hundreds and thousands of kilometers. This is a new kind of relationship, which has taken a firm place in our lives. What is this virtual relationship? What is this type of relationship when you can not touch the person, or kiss, do not feel its smell, but still aspire to meet him. When every day you sit down at the computer, to see that this man online, read a message from him dating online.
How it all began? With the game with smiles, with a funny answer to your post. And here you have noticed each other, flashed the first spark. Located some excuse to exchange numbers "ICQ" and you agree. And communication begins, where the two get to know each other, to create the right atmosphere. Later, you become friends. Virtual gifts, kisses, letters, when he has you in his arms, though virtually. Why all this? Why do people go to these relationships that give nothing? And if they really do not give? Yes, virtual relationships, but experiencing the real sense. And there are many examples of a wide variety of virtual relationships. Someone talking for a long time and never meet. Someone also found disappointing, and someone meets and falls in love even more.
It is a lot of controversy over the virtual love. Various experts prove how harmful enter into virtual relationships. Say and deceived you, and suffer the disappointment, and the heart will beat ... and in general, everything is stupid! Is it in real life there is no deception and disappointment? In fact, the virtual and the real world are very closely linked, and sometimes in a relationship is very difficult to catch this line. But in the virtual dating has a very big plus: you are provided with a much broader opportunity to learn, because you can talk to people from every corner of the planet, this is the first. And secondly, and most importantly, you will learn first person from the inside, find his soul and feelings and there is no exposure to deceptive appearance. Experience shows this is very important in building relationships dating online.
Be honest with your partner, how to share a lot of photos, use the fellowship webcams, ask each other as much as possible questions on a variety of topics, recognize each other! And then at the meeting only strengthened your feelings!
Do not be afraid to get acquainted on the Internet, because it only increases your chances to find happiness and love! dating online.

10 games for the erotic excitement. How often sated abundant sex, sex life couples in love starts to grow household chore and is reduced to a purely physiological performance of marital duties, which, by and large, delivered little joy.
There are many ways to make an interesting and vibrant sex life with your beloved partner. We only have the desire to do it!
Offers 10 games for erotic excitement perfectly innocent, but at the same time they will help to diversify your sex life free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.

1. "" Dead Man's Bluff
Sexy variant of this popular worldwide game, but differs only in that you need to play it in the form of a semi-nude. Suppose you stay at least a couple of things, it will give more spice. And of course in this game work other rules. If he caught it, he gets the desired tenderness. If the partner is lost, it fulfills the desires of his lover.
2. "We have in Spain ..."
Each participant pulls a map out of the deck and says: "And we have in Spain ... (called the card)" And depending on the card pulled out appoints partner action. The map shows the number of number of kisses. If you got a jack - that means 10 minutes of the game is interrupted for lovemaking. King or Queen promises 15 minutes of erotic massage - him or her accordingly. Ace gives the right to any desire free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.
3. "Delicious Kiss"
The partner gets different tastes on different parts of his body. It can be anything: honey, jam, chocolate, whipped cream, mustard, yogurt, cheese paste, etc., all come up with your imagination. Partner slowly kissing her body and tries to guess who met him a taste. For the correct answer of course relies prize.

4. "Love the inscription"
One participant slowly writes something on the body of another. The second participant should as soon as possible to guess the writing. During guess the word relies 10 fondling minutes.
5. "torture"
In this game, "The leader" has taken various steps to get your partner to move, laugh, etc. The second participant must stoically endure all the "torture". It specifies one session, for example, 10 minutes. The winner gets a reward fulfillment of a wish. This is a game without rules. "Leading" everything (or almost everything). But he should not forget that soon he would be on the site of their partner.
6. "Fifteen"
The sexual version of this famous game of course has its own rules. Firstly, participants should be stripped, and secondly, they can only move on all fours. The game is very active, so if you are not sure in the fortress of his bed, it is better to do it on the floor.
7. "Battleship"
Yes Yes! We suggest you arrange a real sea battle! Climb up together in a bubble bath, choose one yourself at least one ship, it is better if they would be more, and under the guise of foam blocks attack enemy ships. Defeated surrenders and fulfills the desire of the winner.
8. "The Body"
Decorate the body of a loved one or loved most intricate patterns of whipped cream. Then there are two options: you lick them together or go to the shower where they were washed off, caressing the beloved body free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.
9. "erotic cuisine"
Go along to the kitchen naked, put on each other a kitchen apron and cook a favorite dish overall. It is best to eat comfortably ensconced on the carpet, among the many soft pillows. It is recommended to feed each other with their hands.

10. "RPG"
There are many popular role-playing sex games such as: teacher-student, doctor-patient, bully-A student, wolf, red riding hood, etc. In these games, it is imperative the use of appropriate costumes and behavior. The script is desirable to discuss in advance. It is important to keep in mind during the game about his character and stick to the role. In these games, it is important to remember that for mutual joy and satisfaction we should not try to force your partner only play by your rules.
Here it listed only 10 games for the erotic excitement, but of course much more. The main thing to start, and when you get the hang themselves come up with a lot of their games for the erotic excitement. free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.

All the people in their social nature, need to communicate. Everyone chooses his interlocutor on the criteria convenient for him. But just as there are common characteristics inherent in the majority. These include a male ego. Men are in the majority are very proud of and they need to shine its advantages, mentally and physically, in order to amuse your self-esteem. Well, to whom did they demonstrate their physical strength and superiority, but to a woman? Only a woman, with her eyes full of admiration, can satisfy man's thirst for self-affirmation.
According to the man, the main advantage of the woman - her dedication. In spite of his physical strength, spiritual man is always in need of encouragement, understanding. He needs to know that after a hard day, during which he has to demonstrate his superior qualities, samoutverzhdayas every minute he can come home and tell about his exploits. What he will listen and understand. What they will marvel, and will take care of it. This is a very important factor in the life of a man and a woman if he can prove that it is able to understand him - he never her away will not let go online dating services.
What else should a man at first that he was interested in you? You've probably noticed how men like to command. Since they are the most intelligent, so they know better than others how and what to do. So they just have to learn the rest of it. And who teach as a woman? Only she, poor and miserable, nothing in this harsh life did not understand. So show him insecure and he was happy to take you under his wing and begins to teach life. And because you only that it should be!
Extremely bring together male and female common interests. And if you like getting acquainted with a man, you suddenly found out about his hobbies or some professional interests - I think that got the trump card! To develop this theme, admire and surprise him knowledge and show an interest in his hobbies and, to be sure, a maximum of a couple of days, he wants to see you again!
Oh, and some joint business created with the company, enabling constant communication - just puts all the cards in your hand. You have the opportunity to admire his intelligence and ingenuity, and at the same time demonstrate their dignity, which of course is very important online dating services.
But to you like a man interested in you enough to look him in the mouth and silent admiration clap eyelashes. You have to show him their individuality, their uniqueness. Remember the words of the song: "... to be a woman some mystery, the mystery should be in it some."?
Maintain it is a sense of mystery. It is not necessary to spread it at the first meeting of all the data about your family, information about their illnesses and especially the nature of your colleagues. Learn to be a mysterious, interrupt the story at some interesting place that he wanted to meet you again, to see the continuation.
Do not greet him with a crowd you all known techniques of seduction and coquetry. Do not rush to open before the man completely, give him the opportunity to get to know you gradually. Surprise him from time to time, the intrigue. And it will always be a sincere interest to you.
What else might interest you man in the beginning of your acquaintance? For all its seeming reticence, men are actually very talkative. And if you happen attentive listener, he is sure to appreciate. But it is important not just sit in silence, looking bored, it is important to show your interest. His posture, nodding his head, poddakivaniem, monosyllabic short questions ... Learn to insert during its promotional story replica, such as: "How interesting!" "Wow!", "Oh wow!" "What you're done! "" How do you know! " etc. The greater the degree of interest you will be able to show the longer you can hold the attention of your interlocutor. And the greater the chance you will be interested in it. Listen to him carefully and he will need you online dating services.
Men are very susceptible to praise. They are proud of their strength, intelligence, endurance, wit ... Let him feel their exclusivity. Let him see in your eyes a manly portrait. Be it a mirror from which it would be unable to look away!
According to the research of psychologists, in our communication we receive information about the interlocutor from several sources. Only seven percent of the information communicated by means of words, thirty percent is expressed by tone of voice, and more than sixty percent through gestures, looks, facial expressions etc.
Use these data play voice manite glance intrigue gestures. During the call, try to keep eye contact. The friendly and interested gaze has always interlocutor to greater openness.
Smile, thus you will demonstrate their friendliness and in return you get a smile, too. And presented to you is a smile in his mind the location to you, what you actually achieved!
Of course it is difficult to learn all this theory and applying these tips into practice will inevitably arise certain mistakes ... but I was wrong a couple of times, you as a result, brilliant learn these rules and can easily conquer any you liked the man! online dating services.

Well, you have finally found someone who is nice to you, and you have an acquaintance, you exchanged phone numbers, and even met once ... I think he is interested in, but his interest certainly to clear the desire to get to know you closer It formed him as quickly as possible?

Who is your weapon - talk! And the topic of conversation, you can choose to play for or against you. What did talk to him? Well, of course, about yourself, because you're just starting to know each other. Talking about yourself passing mention of his passionate nature, about how you truly fond of the man. Fleetingly thrown into the story phrase such as: "The passion I have for many abilities .." "When I'm in love, I have played such a wild imagination!" It helps man in his imagination to draw your portrait attractive. Only pre ready your story, in which you can insert in place similar phrases. And try to leave them unfinished, create suspense, it leaves room for imagination free online dating service.
Speaking for myself, do not forget to take an interest in them as well. Ask questions about himself, about his parents, his childhood, hobbies, school and student years, in general everything that is interesting for him. If he likes to watch football, learn the names of at least two or three teams, so you can ask them any questions. If interested in cars, tell us about his dream to have some exotic brand of car, ask his opinion that it is better suited to women ... Give him the opportunity to speak, ask questions, support his desire to talk about themselves. It only benefit you, you do know more about it! And in his mind clearly be postponed: that's the woman who understands me!
By taboo topics that you better never to touch, apply the theme of your ex-lovers and husbands. Never do not talk about it. Unless he asks. But even if asked, try to respond very briefly and that is the question. When he asked why you broke up with the latest lover, suffice it to say - do not get along, do not need to dump on his head the whole history of your many scandals and how your ex-behaved dishonestly in relation to you. This will not only invoke sympathy, but on the contrary even alienate free online dating service.
Of course, in a conversation can be a very touchy topic for you: his former lover. Do not be afraid of the topic. Look, what and how he would say. If a man speaks of his former bad woman - look yourself another man !!! If he says with sadness and you realize that he still has warm feelings for her, do not despair! Give him a chance to speak. Do psychiatrists have such a device, called a "phenomenon of migration" when the narrator is revealed to the interlocutor, and it automatically transfers all your senses. It is as if the pain of his shifts on the listener, and in return receives a relief. Well, if you give him relief, it means that he is with you, as a result, will experience positive emotions. So do not be afraid of the topic and very gently talk to him, stay his therapist and get an extra chance to win the desired man.
As discussed in the first article on this subject, and sixty percent of the information our interlocutor gets through our gestures and glances. Master the technique of "shooting eye", learn to attract gestures, tone of voice. Flirt! Intriguing! Manite to yourself!
That he saw your location and at the same time doubted it. For he had the desire to have, and in fact this is your main goal. Once you have him on this never tell! Suppose he believes he won free online dating service!
And remember: for each topic of conversation should be selected appropriate demeanor. If you are in a conversation about his former passion will play eyebrows and build his eyes, then it will look for the least preposterous, if not worse ...
Prepare for your meeting, rehearse their facial expressions in the mirror! Be charming and irresistible, and every man to whom you pay your favorable opinion, will be happy to continue getting to know you! free online dating service.

Unfortunately, with all the richness of choice, it often happens that we can not even meet that desired and only dreamed about. It seems to be a lot of friends and they are all wonderful, and looks at you very attractive, and education there, but something does not add up.

How do you know what the problem is? How not to spend precious years in the empty waiting? Many women are desperate to begin to blame fate, talk about karma, the crown of celibacy 100 free online dating ... and maybe it's worth to look into herself and try to sort out the mistakes which you assume when building relationships?
If you get interested in the man, bring him, but then everything falls apart and you can not build a long-term relationship, then try to analyze at what point you have made a mistake ... Try to remember the different cases, write them to be seen more clearly and you will find the mistake that.
But that is not all! For a successful result you definitely need to look into herself. Understand what men like you and how men like you. What attracts men to do you that you appreciate that emphasize its positive qualities. Analyze your weaknesses a par with the merits may be a sense of some of them to get rid? Think! To understand the essence of the problem will be easier to find answers to their questions.
Read some books, go to the course. "Knock, and ye shall find!" The main thing is not to sit back and you will succeed 100 free online dating!
Unfortunately, many women believe that the main interest, to entice a man, and then he was not going anywhere, but this is very misleading! It is not enough to subdue a man, you must learn to keep it with you, keep the love. So do not be lazy, get information on how to properly do it. Learn everything you can about the psychology of the opposite sex. Learn from the mistakes of others, to prevent their small as possible. Perhaps it is worth spending a little time to build a relationship and then confidently on equality and trust, achieve security and harmony that is only possible with true love. 100 free online dating.

Men's secrets 10 ways to understand, love you man.
Because men are good at hiding his feelings, the woman often can not understand love if he or she just wants to spend time with her. Asking yourself this question, you have to remember a very important point, if you doubt that a man loves you, in spite of the fact that it held with a lot of time, it means that your question has a good reason.
The men told me that often mean a mere trifle in their eyes a lot, and you should be careful to this.
1. "You can understand that a man in love, by the way, he agrees to do something that offers a woman. When a man begins to introduce the woman with her friends, is a clear sign of love. dating online lakeland fl"
2. "A man in love all the time is in high spirits. He is truly happy and change his whole life. Friends and family notice a change has occurred to him. "
3. "Love man allows woman to host at home. He is proud of how it has changed the situation. He buys the furniture, which she liked. He even let her keep their sponges at home under the sink. He is willing to let a woman in my life. "
4. "He starts to pay more attention to their appearance, think about the future - financially, physically, and in all other aspects."
5. "He walked his interests. He throws his business, just to meet her. If she wants to eat, he jumped out of bed and rush for donuts in the night. "
6. "Men are drawn to the diversity until they fall in love for real. If he really wants a woman, he does not care how much more he could have, because he wants to be with her. Other women are not to love men no interest. All temptations cease to exist when a man truly in love. dating online lakeland fl"
7. "When a man thinks of the woman standing when he makes for her pleasant things when he thinks about how to please her."
8. "Suddenly the man feels that he no longer wants to see around corners, hoping to find someone else."
9. "A man in love is ready to do for the woman he loved anything. He never thought to start a family and have children, but with the woman he wants everything and immediately. "
10. "She did not have to ask. He knows it instinctively. " dating online lakeland fl.

When I hear the sighs of women that they could not meet men, how difficult it is - I just plain laugh !!! Yes Yes! Because the easiest thing you can do - is to get acquainted with the man! After all, in fact, men only think how they would get to know us, women! Just some weird circle turns, they all want to get acquainted with all and everyone is afraid and does not know how to do it. Let's tear this round! I tell you with full confidence that with the help of the secret receiving any woman (well, if so it is not quite some super-horror stories) can get acquainted with the man.
As an example yourself. Frankly, I'm not beautiful, it looks very ordinary. Short, with thin blond hairs in ochechkah, heavy thighs (though at a certain skill you can hide your flaws) online dating sites. And this appearance I have never been short of admirers. Most importantly, how strong sexual energy that you radiate. A woman having this energy is released in the first place out of the crowd and it does not matter its appearance. Next there can be blindingly beautiful girl, but if her face is a grimace of displeasure or superiority, if it will come from the fluids of irritation and fatigue, then no it will not pay attention. Ambient men notice only your sparkling energy. Your smile, enjoyment of life, the joy of communicating with others, all in the best possible way vpletetsya wreath of sexual energy and it will give you the same unique image, which can not stand any man. Therefore it is not Needless to say, you're ugly, and because of this you are not familiar one, you just do not yet know the secret of my reception, but from this hour will all change! Now I will reveal the secret and then you will not have any reason to say that men are not acquainted with you. The most important weapon woman - eye. Yes, my dear, your charming eyes, which until that moment we can say inactive, if you still have not learned to use them quadrille men. But long it has been known that men first notice only those women who see them. That is, if you're all so awesome beautiful intentionally walk on by him to draw his attention to herself, but did not lead the eyelashes at him, your output does not bring the desired result. And that was not enough? Look! Here is what you must learn. This is the main weapon that you should own in perfection. A man should see your sexual energy in his eyes that it attracts, in a smile that conceals something voluptuous online dating sites.
Practical advice
So what exactly should you do if you are interested in a subject? All shook, shuddered. If long hair pinned up - let down in one motion, if short - shake his head slightly as if ruffled them. Flowing hair is talking to the man in the subconscious of the emancipation of women, while the hair is arranged in her hair, talking about the behavior of certain limits. If there is no possibility to do it - it does not matter, it is not important. The main thing - look at him! In an instant, imagine how he caresses you. Imagine the most frank and pleasant caress that you most like. And (the big secret!) Squeeze ten to twenty times in a fast paced intimate muscles. From this you have dilated pupils! Few people know about this secret, and now you have become its owner. Use it for one hundred percent! So, in the few seconds that you have to approach it you have to work actively intimate muscles at the same time be both the man caressing you, and finally, when he approaches you, you meet his eyes! Hold eye contact five to seven seconds, no more. In those few seconds you put in your eyes all the emotions that managed to arouse in itself, you can even mentally telling him "you're the best! I am with you so well!". For the man is psychologically very important to be sure that he's the best, online dating sites and that his woman is well with him, then tell him about it. Then looks down at his feet as though shy and once again raise your eyes at him with a barely perceptible smile. Just one second, not more. During this time, you will be convinced that it is still looking at you and give him a confirmation in their interest. If you want, you can almost imperceptible nod. EVERYTHING! If he is not gay and not a lovestruck Romeo, then this method will work !!! At the same time a man is always the feeling that he is taking the initiative, and it is so important to maintain its natural hunting passion. After all, when he gets his favorite woman, he feels like a hunter, seducer, the conqueror of the universe, that grant him the opportunity. For your more confidence required to work out the look in the mirror. In general, all methods of seduction, I recommend first to practice before the mirror, then you will feel relaxed and confident during their actual implementation.
Techniques to attract the attention of many, and I have already talked about them in previous articles, online dating sites but this method is that it works for a few seconds, I decided a separate article, because it is extremely important and every woman must own it to perfection! Do not hesitate to sharpen it on a collision men. Maybe the first or the second time will succeed perfectly, it happens, but gradually comes to you the confidence accumulated skills. And when at last you will see that only which will be happy the rest of his life - you're already fully prepared and not miss a moment of "shoot" him into the heart of its charming eyes! online dating sites.

Man and woman. Love Sex.
Love and sex, these two concepts as very similar and very distinct, in its essence. Sex without love will not bring happiness to man, but as it turned out, even when we love with all my heart, not always physical love produce the desired satisfaction. Let's look at what is the cause.
The first and most important rule - try to give each other mutual pleasure. Sexually, you can not be selfish. Take care of the pleasure of his partner. Learn his (her) characteristics that like and what does not, and use that knowledge. The body of a loved one in your hands to be a violin, from which, with skilful use, you can retrieve wonderful music of love free online dating sites.
The second rule - remember about intimacy. Often there is a perception among women that men important only the act of copulation. Dear women, I hasten to assure you, the man just want to love and be loved. And they also need intimacy, a sense of peace of mind with your loved one. The only question is, what is for each of you is the very concept of peace of mind.
The third, which is very important to mention - number. I'll tell you a secret, I prefer it, there are no rules, such as how many times a week, a day or an hour, you should have sexual intercourse. It is completely individual. There is only one single rule - you must be comfortable. And if all your friends say that a normal sex should be twice week, and you have a desire to twice a day, it does not mean that you are oversexed. Do so how convenient for you and your partner and do not listen to anyone that says!
The patient, 72 years old, comes to the doctor complaining of inability to continue sexual activity free online dating sites.
Doctor: My dear! Well, what do you want, at your age, it's normal.
Patient: Doctor! My neighbor of 78 years, and he says he still may very well!
Doctor: Well, then you're talking about!
Another important rule - never try to sex or to insist on anything. Everything should be nice for both partners, and by mutual agreement. If it suits both of you - then it's good!
Remember - sex love in this celebration ! Celebration of two loving bodies and souls. Not to impose on yourself or your partner any claims. After all, in life there are different situations that lead us to stress, which subsequently affects the sex. Therefore, we should always try to help each other, but not to require or to blame if things do not work out. Each of us, both women and men, there are times when sexual life failures occur. If this happens - help each other, support and your patience will soon be rewarded again with bright emotions and sensations that give you sex.
It is also necessary to remember that sex, no matter what wonderful emotions he did not call you, quickly turns into a stage routine duties. To avoid this, learn to diversify your sex life. Study the literature in this area, do not hesitate to experiment. Try to make your sex life is bright and definitely affect your vitality and success of the rest of life free online dating sites.
There are many people who consider sex a purely physiological occupation, and love are something ephemeral and unnecessary that only distracts from the serious cases. I feel sorry for these people. Our life is surprisingly serious and complex, and to give up the joys that nature has given us to improve in all aspects of our health, just wasteful and stupid! Open heart and mind, let love into your life, learn to love the beautiful, enjoy love and your life will sparkle with unusual colors! free online dating sites.

How to prepare and spend a perfect romantic evening.
A huge number of books and articles written on the subject, but for some reason people are looking for all new and new information. And I'm just looking for it constantly, until wondered - why? Perhaps because so many articles have blurred the content, that is, about anything, and if somewhere and meet the required grain, it will only just one grain, which is not enough for the evening. Therefore, based on the seeds found and acquired knowledge, and I decided to write this article, consisting only of practical recommendations. I am sure that this information will be of interest to both men and women.
So you want to spend a romantic evening to bring the pleasure and enjoyment of both partners free online dating services.
Room. In the room where you have sex should be aired and comfortable warmth, as you will be in her naked for a long time. The optimum temperature for nude 25-26 degrees. We can not allow the emergence of chilliness and "goose bumps."
Bed. Bed linen in many publications recommend a silk or satin, but who have tried to make love on satin sheets, he knows that they are terribly slippery !!! Therefore, the best option is a bed linen of high quality cotton. You can easily find it on the silky smooth surface. This underwear is a very pleasant feel on the skin, in the first few minutes, when it touches the body, it does not take away his cool, and then when during sex, body temperature rises remarkably absorbs excess heat and provides the necessary coolness by silky surface. Good to cook a couple of pillows, which as needed can be underlay under your buttocks free online dating services.
Lighting. Big lights must be immediately deleted, as well as total darkness. The best - soft lighting, which can be created using table lamps or candles (but keep in mind that a large number of candles burn oxygen, which is needed by you). Twilight perfectly conceals minor figure flaws and skin. Body in low light, look more attractive and desirable. Here twilight as if he plays the role of a kind of clothing covering the various parts of the body and quietly slips under gentle movement.
Food. Your food should be light enough that it only gave extra energy your bodies. The overabundance of heavy and fatty foods cause drowsiness, which is the enemy of sex. Therefore, think through in advance menu. I highly recommend you look into the kitchen charming Mrs. Erotica . There you will find many special recipes and need advice in relation to food and beverages. And be sure to put beside the bed some snacks. After a good sex (and he will be sure to have a good) always appears appetite and starts thirsty, but at the same time do not go hunting from that languor that covers the body. So close to the bed, drinks and snacks will help quench your thirst and hunger, thus strengthening the state of bliss free online dating services.
Odor. Odor certainly need to use stimulants. These include patchouli, ylang-ylang, geranium, jasmine, rose, neroli, ginger, cypress, cedar, orange and others. Quite often I come across advice to use incense sticks or incense to incinerate. But experience has shown that this kind of flavoring often causes a headache, not a pleasure. The smell should be very easy, completely unobtrusive and in any case the most important thing is not to drown out the smell of your evening - Love the smell, the smell of sex! Therefore, the best option to add a few drops of your favorite oil in the water and squirt it out of the room spray. So you get a double benefit: first aromatiziruete air, and secondly, moisten it, which will create a more favorable atmosphere in the room. Just do not overdo it, please, and butter. In half a liter of water is enough to add 5-6 drops.
Music . Music is necessary to choose three types of three different rhythms. Because each phase of the evening you will have a different rhythm.
The first phase. We call it seduction. Even if you've been married, it does not mean that you do not need to seduce each other. Not at all! So for the phase of seduction as you go dinner, views, knowing smile, touching, fondling, better to pick up music from the erotic (stimulating) implication. To this type belong: Sarah Mc'lachlan - Dirty Little Secret, Enigma - Sadness, Enigma - Mea Culpa, Touch And Go - Straight To Number One, etc.
The second phase. Your act of love and sex. For this phase of the men prefer a more upbeat music such as Enigma - I Love You, I'll Kill You, DEEP FOREST - DEEP FOREST, Enigma - Club Dance Mix and I fully agree with them.
And last, the third phase. Relaxed. Here here fit gentle, romantic songs that are so fond of women. I will not give specific examples, because a lot of these songs, and each has something different, a favorite.
If you are planning to add one more phase - striptease, then of course for her, too, need to choose the appropriate music, such as You Can Leave Your Hat - Joe Cocker.
And the most important rule relating to music, the volume it needs to be comfortable for both of you and do not cover the most important evenings of music - your breathing excited free online dating services!
Screenplay. And of course, to your evening was perfect, exactly as you have in mind, you must first create the script. It shall describe everything down to the smallest detail. Menu, candles, clothes. What and where to buy, where to put it. How will be your dinner. Will you feed each other the most delicious pieces with fork or prefer sweets to lick each other's skin. You will undress dancing striptease or become mutually take off their clothes in a fit of passion. Would you take a shower together or will it be a bath with rose petals. You will make an erotic massage ?
If during your romantic evening you leave your planned scenario, then that's fine, but if all of a sudden, for some reason, there will a slight hesitation, the script will rescue you at this moment.
That seems all the basic rules. When their implementation will bring your evening to both of you unforgettable emotions. And if the next day you'll see in a sight of each other secrets connected you tonight, but the memories will be dizzy and then there is a desire - so everything was perfect! free online dating services.

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