Frankly - I love virtual sex. And not because it is a low-budget sex as some call it. And not because I can not get acquainted with the girls, there is no problem with that. Just in virtual sex for me to open such subtleties of communication, which can not be found in real life. At first I also thought that all this garbage, until he fell into a sex chat. There was a discussion threads, and how someone responds to the cries of partner Mmmm !!!!! and oooo !!!! At first I kept quiet, I was funny, but then something stung in the utterance of a girl. First, she was a very exciting nickname, who spoke about her passion with Wirth, secondly it is so well told about his overheated brain and trembling in his fingers during a virtual drive that I wanted to experience it suddenly. The sex chat do it simply. I have to say, that girl was super! She taught me a lot, so beautifully explained that virtual sex is not primitive masturbation, but in the development of imagination, the ability to feel your virtual partner, the ability to excite only the words. Have you tried to bring your partner to orgasm only with words? Be aware, this is not as easy as it might seem. A virtuoso Wirth able to do it with ease. At the same time they do not need to use to heat the pornography. Try to describe your act of love words, everything down to the smallest detail, and even so it was nice and exciting! It is an exciting experience, I tell you. In common with the girl I lost my virtual innocence, if I may say so. Several times I looked in the chat more, but most of it does not overlap online dating advice.
But it is to say the preamble. I want to tell a different story. On one of the forums that do not have absolutely no relation to sex, I once met a girl. Here though, and say that virtual communication is a fraud, and I would say that so say those who have no idea what it is really. When people talk in forums and chat rooms, you feel the same way a person's character, understand its interests. And the fact that you did not see, in the long run does not matter. Who gets interesting - and see if that is possible. But with virtual communication will be disclosed the human soul, and it is much more important.
In general, I met a girl and so she had me hooked even surprised myself. Nothing at all about her I do not know, but look at the avatar and sweet shiver sneaks. I began to steal up to her, start talking, to show his sympathy, as is customary in the forums. Well, there are smiles, flowers. She, too, evading me as it should be, with all giggle. And I honestly only one goal - to steal it in private.
I came up with the same excuse, and under the pretext dragged her to "ICQ". And there immediately proceeded to an active attack. But I went out full bummer. In all my virtual intrigues she virtually slapped me virtually elongated hands, which I tried to climb virtually under her blouse online dating advice. And left ...
But I never thought to give up, that she only provoke me. I then began to court her. I really cared for her, despite the fact that it was virtual, and between us there were hundreds of kilometers. I invited her on a date, we watched movies together and listened to music. The most important thing to know each other gradually and approached. And once so close that she could not resist!
What we started, it is impossible to describe in words. What are the feelings I was experiencing. I went in the excited state for twenty-four hours a day. We had a cyber-sex three or four times a day. She quickly learned to describe their feelings and actions, and with such emotion that I instantly excited by a single word. Frankly, despite the fact that the sex was virtual, despite the fact that something we caressed each itself, such sex in real life I never had. To say that I'm in love with her - this is to say nothing. I lived just thinking about it, every cell in my body wanted to touch her. But she never told about the meeting. She eagerly responded to my love. She described to me such affection from which I mutilos in the head and I was ready to end at the same moment online dating advice.
Once I broke down and said that can not go on and I want to see it in real life. What I want to touch it for now and I love her. And she did not say anything and just hung up. Three days it was not. What happened to me these days - it is impossible to tell. I thought I would go mad from the pain and anguish. On the fourth day she came and told the network that she has a boyfriend, she curses herself in every way because of the fact that not once said. What she did not think that our history may come to this point because the virtual relationship is always perceived as a joke. And now it is very painful, and she does not know what to do.
As I listened to her story, I realized that for any reason can not give it to someone else. For me ceased to exist a difference between the virtual and the real world. I realized that it is actually real. We have two real person, real feelings that bind and separate the real kilometers. And then I asked her to give me a chance. I asked for permission to visit her. She hesitated at first, then said, so will probably be really better all at once will fall into place and the aura of the unknown disappears appeal. And I came to it.
To say that in life she was much more beautiful than in the photos, this is to say nothing. When I saw her, my heart is gone, or pain, or joy. I do not know because I do not know what will end my trip. And when I actually touched her lips, I clearly understood that I will fight for it in the fullest sense to the last drop of blood. Or she will be mine and I can not live. Three days on which I came by like a flash and we did not leave these days, even for a second. And at the end of the second day I made her an offer. We sat in the park. I did not have the ring unfortunately, but it did not matter. The main thing was that she said yes! I picked dandelions and wrapped his fingers around my favorite.
We have been married for six years, she moved to live with me. Every morning, waking up next to my beloved and tenderly kissing her a native person, I thank the Internet for their own happiness!
By the way, then, before leaving, I met the guy about whom she spoke and informed him that my fiancee and it is now on a gun shot can not go online dating advice!
Author: Speaking these words, my friend smiled smugly. At this point in the living room, where we sat and talked, became his wife, which was really beautiful, even my own, feminine point of view. She was carrying a dish with freshly baked cakes, which we will gladly and began to destroy. I eat cake, drink his delicious tea, looking at the happy couple, and thought: "And why is that really all there is so abused cyber-sex?" online dating advice.

The door closed. I sat silently on the couch staring blankly at the ill-fated door that closed, defunct my love and my eyes were flowing with tears. Never did I imagine, even in a bad mood, she could not imagine that we part. I remember our first meeting! Our first declaration of love! I remember how he proposed to me ... All this is carefully stored in my memory. Still not deceive ourselves ... How could I not convinced myself that everything was perfect, in my heart I knew it was not true. And this feeling, drop by drop, poisoned my soul. When he and I realized that separation is inevitable, we did not want to accept this. We strongly clung to the remnants of relations with the memories and because of this, our parting was long and difficult adventist online dating sites.
Tears poured from my eyes. It was very sad, but the strange thing ... I suddenly began to realize that tears came relief. They seemed washed away from the soul the bitterness that eats it lately. And gradually it came the realization that I have a new stage of life. Finally, I should just be happy that it is not made a mistake and did not connect his life with this man. And the pain of parting - it will pass! You just need to live and enjoy life, I strongly and started to do.
In the first place I went and washed critically examined herself in the mirror. If we start a new life, you should start with the exterior. Improve muscle tone, nourish the skin. I smiled at her reflection in the mirror with a smile and gasped:
- Ha!
The confidence that all will be well strengthened with each passing second.
part One. Acquaintance
My girlfriend happy news that I broke up with her fiance, and in every way tried to entertain me. We always went to different parties, clubs and bars. Everywhere on the course we pay attention. I have a lot of new or noncommittal dating, but love in anybody not. None of the men I have met did not reach that invisible strips that I set for myself adventist online dating sites.
With his relatives and old friends who stayed in his hometown, I constantly communicated through social networks, where it was registered. We exchanged photographs depicting the events and have always been aware of each other's affairs. Of course, there is also a lot of men have tried to get acquainted with me, but I am very skeptical about this kind of dating.
One morning when I was at work, I received one of the many, the message: "Hello, beautiful! I give you a flower!" I totally did not pay attention to it. Especially because the photograph was not visible face, only the silhouette of the figure.
"NNU, well! - I thought. - Another loser! Surely all the joy in my life, writing a beautiful girl, and then masturbate while looking at pictures of them! Fool!" But since I am well brought up, I sent a response to the dry one word: "Thanks." It is clear that with such a response, there can be no continuation, however after a few seconds of it came a new message. Wow! That's chutzpah! I'm not going to talk to him! But he knew how to build a conversation that forces me to answers and gradually, without noticing it, I talk. And at the end of our conversation, he asked me for my phone number.
"Hy! Well schaz! Just run up! - I laughed. - Enough with you what I'm honored you talk!" In reply politely wrote that we can continue to communicate on the network, that is enough.
You know, that girl is captivating in a man? His perseverance adventist online dating sites! But he was persistent, and how! He wrote to me, almost without ceasing, all day. He told a variety of anecdotes about yourself, admired me, asking hundreds of questions which have not received an answer, and again admired ... At the end of the day, he took another tentative step and asked me for the number "asi" . "Aska" no phone and I wrote to him this number. To tell the truth, I liked his insistence! I know that this insistence is inherent only to people with a strong character. Only those who know how to set goals and how to achieve it, showing a persistence.
Well, I gave him the number of "ICQ". Now I was beginning to dismantle the very interest. And I as a shepherd, head cocked, with interest and watched with frank curiosity, what happens next?
And then, before I turn on the computer at home, the entire monitor is out clogged with messages from him. As I was driving home, he sent me twenty-three posts !!! It was too much and I did not answer at all. I do not need the mentally ill and anxious. I just turned off the computer and the whole evening was not included. But deep down, still felt the excitement: "What will happen then?"
The next morning he went to sleep my messages. Pleaded answer requested phone number, what a persistent like that! I sit laugh ... And he continued his siege and offers to meet for coffee in the evening. Luckily I had not even lie, I was invited to a party and refused to move from his proposals. Not a bit of it! My new friend did not stop, and he began to call me to lunch! Well, really, smart aleck! What is it for, I'll go with him to dinner? I also at every eatery stomach does not spoil yourself! I discuss all this with a friend, and she suddenly starts vypinyvat me to this dinner.
- Go! What do you all sit in the office all day, have dinner though!
I responded to her grumbling:
- Here again, I will not go with him to dinner! It is not known who knows where! Suddenly, a freak would be, stingy and a maniac!
Lenka became simply indecent to laugh:
- It is when you come across a unique instance, to let it all rolled into one - look for it! Go, who said !!!
- So I always guess what you do not love me - eyes narrowed with displeasure made-I said - and now just convinced of this! Where have you seen vypinyvat unique, precious paws girlfriend to the mean maniac!
But Elena mine has anything was not to stop and she led me to still agree to this meeting. I informed him of their agreement. He was very happy, and finally introduced. His name was Sergei. "And what's your name?" - Wrote Sergey. "Layla" - I replied. "Wow, like a princess from the Eastern fairy tale!"
He offered to pick me up to take you to dinner, but I refused and told him that I shall reach itself. "Then, - said Sergei, - you have to still give me your phone number, so we can to ring, when suddenly somehow disperse adventist online dating sites. Here's my number!" I had no choice but to give him his.
At the appointed time I went to the appointed place and at this moment my phone rang. Get it out of my purse, I present to your ear to answer, and see how the rider in front of the restaurant stops, removes his helmet to his ear and brings your phone. Ha! Boy fly a super-duper! Cute, with brown eyes. Clothing nifiga not consumer goods, I immediately different. Motorcycle fancy. He definitely likes me! I continue to hold the phone to your ear. Knowing the power of his black eyes, looking at him slyly, smiling in all its dazzling thirty-two teeth, go up to the rider, and hello ... At this moment, someone is taking the back of my hand, removes the phone from his ear and kisses on the cheek. I whirled. It was him! Sergei ... That's the case, he! And I'm not just another acquaintance.
I immediately looked it. The tall, athletic figure. Jeans and light leather jacket somehow not impressed me. But the face pleasant, open. The gray eyes looked at me calmly and confidently. Smile I liked. Soft outlined lips, beautiful teeth. Sergei took me by the arm in a businesslike way and led away from the stunned rider. Hardly having come into the restaurant, I realized that the prices here are outrageous. When we sat down at a table and brought us the menu, I sadly realized that at that price I could afford only a glass of water, and then tap on the boiled is not enough. I decided to make a dent in your budget and order vegetable salad. I sit, I look like Sergei sagely reads the menu and feel that boils inside irritation. That's what kind of manner to invite the girl to dinner at a restaurant doroguschy just to throw dust in the eyes. Now surely he sits dejected on these prices and thought feverishly as he get out of this situation.
The waiter came up to us. Only one uniform that it was worth. A white shirt, black vest, black trousers, it was as usual, but it was crowned with a long, almost to the shoes, burgundy apron, which had no wrinkles, no stain. The same color bow tie complements its just super-expensive uniforms. I watched with interest as the Sergei will now behave? But he calmly looked up from the menu and the waiter began to make an order:
- A snack-fried tiger prawns, Caesar salad with raspberries and nuts, Greek fried cheese, pancakes with caviar ...
Then he looked at me:
- Do you like fish?
I sat there with his mouth open and could only nod in response.
Sergei turned again to the waiter:
- And two servings of salmon steak.
He looked at me with a smile fixed order:
- One and a half servings! My companion not master a whole.
Sergei sat in front of me and excitedly talked about his hobbies. His phone rang, and I noted that his model is very expensive.
He ate with great gusto, looking at him, and I suddenly felt hungry. He ordered so much, I was sure that we do not eat. But the food was extremely tasty and the conversation I had not even noticed, when we all had to eat. I told him about it. Sergey laughed with pleasure:
- Well, like this! I know where such a beautiful girl invites!
Lunch passed unnoticed, my new friend was able to create the mood and keep the attention of the interlocutor. At first I thought he was someone's chauffeur, on the basis of his clothes, but when she saw him at the restaurant phone, watch, wallet, I realized that was wrong.
At the end of dinner, he asked if I easily found the restaurant as I reached and was very surprised to learn that I was riding the subway. It turns out he was sure that I was driving, once refused to he stopped me. In an order Sergei announced that will take me. His manner of talk bribed, he acted as host and I always knew that despite its independent nature, I want to obey him. I thought that spark flashed between us, took some chemical reaction when he powerfully, yet gently, took my hand and led her to the parking lot.
It was very interesting, what will be his car. We have come to a new, tricked out BMW. Wheelbarrow was super cool. All kind of cars just did not shout: look at my krutaten! Sergei opened the door and helped me sit up. Shop smelled new, the skin and some unusual cologne. The smell was so enjoyable that I would inhale it again and again.
Meanwhile, Sergey sat on the driver's seat while continuing something to tell. We sat in the car, but he did not start the engine, and went on to say, at the same time looking at me attentively. The conversation was lively and suddenly, seemingly as an afterthought, allegedly unnoticed, he put his hand on my knee and stroked him gently pushing some point. I touched on this as if the shock pierced, but the sensation was not painful, and very sweet. Nevertheless, I found the strength to politely remove his hand from his knee, because this behavior seemed too daring. Sergei pretended that nothing had happened, finally started the car and off we went. Our conversation lasted all the way. I really was interested in him and I have the impression that it is as interesting to me. I sat in his expensive car and trying to decide how I behave, if he at parting tries to kiss me, and what he will do it - I was sure! But when we arrived at my office, he politely helped me get out of the car and said:
- Well, Princess! In the evening, you have a party, relax, have fun. I'm going away for the weekend to hunt, so we can not see. So long! Till!
He sat in his car and left heaped, and I remained standing in confusion before the door. This behavior intrigued me. And, of course, before the end of the day, I thought only about Sergei, but he did not call.
I was going to a party in a strange state. In me seething strange cocktail of feelings. Burning interest, curiosity, confusion, pride and confidence - all mixed up in some exciting substance and flavored with impressions of the day, caused elation as a glass of sparkling champagne. I long to decide what I wear and what hairstyle to do. Standing in front of an open cupboard and examining its contents, I really was not thinking about the dress, and about Sergei. I was hoping that he would call and come. Without stopping to think about it, I chose a dress the color of dark chocolate with just a brown lurex the same, which is very nicely clung to my figure. From jewelry stopped at a set of reddish-golden color of large stones. Hair took in a high ponytail, thereby focusing on the eyes. And the tone of jewelry shod patent leather shoes. I loved these shoes, they just miraculously visually reduce my already small feet and elongated ankle. Meticulously examined herself in the mirror, I realized that the choice was very successful. If only Sergei came after me!
The party was great fun. All my compliments, I was in the limelight and I loved it. For me, trying to take care of just two. They vied invited me to dance, telling jokes. I laugh a lot and yet constantly looked at his phone, but he was silent. Finally, I got tired of waiting, and berated himself for obsession, went to dance. I returned to his place after 15-20 minutes. The screen flashes. I opened my phone to read. The message was from Sergei.
"Hello, Princess! I hope you had fun. I guess you are now very beautiful, I would like to see you, to admire. Behave yourself! Kiss!"
I smiled. The truth is waiting for anything, but not a word about good behavior. Place the phone and joined to a general conversation. It took probably about forty minutes, and again the message from Sergei.
"Princess, you are behaving well? Does not stick to the boys? Look not get drunk, I only like a good girl!"
I shrugged. Heh! What he imagines himself? Too smart! I did not answer anything, but just half an hour later came the third message.
"Oh, Leylochka-Leylochka! How easily you break the hearts of men, cruel girl!"
I'm very confused by confusion and shoved the phone into her purse so that it is no longer confused me their messages. Honestly, I just do not know how I conduct myself with him. Clearly there was one - I really liked him.
Monday came and I waited to see what would happen next. But nothing happened. From Sergei had no calls or messages. The day was the day I go about their business. Went to work, go to training, I met with friends and constantly waited. Wherever I went, I constantly felt that he just around the corner, now I turn around and see him ... so last week. From my belief that a spark flew between us was gone. "Well, then do not mine" - I decided firmly I forbade myself to think about Sergei. And indeed, what I think about him? I have my own life, his friends, his business and interests.
part two. Love
Summer is coming, every day I went to the gym and always after training back home very tired but pleased with herself. I walk to the subway and see how the house is now a hot drink honey and lemon drink and fell asleep. So I am dreaming that even flinched suddenly received a phone call. I took out his phone and was surprised to see that Sergei calls. Wow! This is getting interesting.
- Hello! - I said a weary voice, slightly singsong.
- Hi princess! Turn around a hundred and eighty degrees, and made twenty steps back!
No, this man is definitely not boring. Obeying him, I turn around and go back. I see you standing beside the car, waiting for me. I leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
- You basically have not noticed or accidentally? - He asks. It turns Sergei stopped to talk on the phone, and here I go, proud so, nothing and no one around you can not see. So he decided to call.
- Since we met so suddenly, then we went to drink coffee! - He told me emphatically. I tried to protest, because I'm just a workout, I can not, but I protested weak and unconvincing. Sergei did not listen to me, and sat silently in the car and drove somewhere.
In the cafe, where we arrived, it was very cozy. Sofas with high backs create a sense separated from the entire hall. The music was quiet and the sound came from nowhere, it seemed that everywhere. Sergei ordered coffee and some special cake. I began to refuse:
- Sergei, I can not now eating cake. Coffee drink still all right, but not the cake - that's for sure!
He smiled easily took my chin, looked into my eyes ... I thought he was going to kiss me now, but he sure said,
- I remember about your workout, do not worry! You look so perfectly that this piece you will only benefit, but try this cake you must!
To his credit, he is versed in food is very good! The cake was indeed unusual. He had a biscuit crust, and inside the sundae, but the most unusual was the fact that on top of all this was covered podpechenymi meringue. Such vkusnoty I did not eat once in my life. Forgetting about the training I was eating cake with pleasure, and Sergey sat and looked at me thoughtfully. And then I decided:
- Why do I no longer written and did not call?
- What for? - He answered with a question.
- You own me stop responding.
Then of course he was right, but I still tried to translate the arrows:
- I'm used to that look after me and seek me, not vice versa.
- I wanted, - parried Sergey - but when you meet in response to the void, then pursue it becomes nothing.
Not knowing what to say, I looked down at the remaining piece of biscuit and began to pick his spoon. Sergey again took me by the chin and turned my face to him.
- Have you been waiting for my call? - He asked, looking me in the eye. I could not turn away, because he continued to hold my chin, but just look away I would not let my stubborn nature. So we looked for a few moments with each other straight in the eye and I finally nodded slightly. And the next moment it is very easy to put his lips to my lips. His lips were soft and very pleasant. I closed my eyes, thinking that followed continued, but Sergei had released my chin.
On this evening we started dating. We saw each other every day. After work, I raced home and frantically pull herself. Sergei stopped by me at seven o'clock in the evening and drove somewhere for dinner. We talked about everything, it was very interesting for two. And I was particularly pleased that it was not intrusive. He was not molested me. Although I knew it was my behavior he unconsciously dictates this type of relationship, however, I was very grateful to Sergey for what he respectfully took my education. In my opinion, he even found some charm in the fact that our relations are limited to holding hands. Only once he broke down and asked when the next issue of the dinner, probably for a long time it hurts:
- Have you been intimate with a man?
I astonishment and surprise dropped a piece of meat that is brought to the mouth, back on the plate. I was funny and at the same time, I was confused, I still have this issue no one like that is not directly asked. I felt my cheeks burned. However, having overcome shyness, I looked up at him, tried to see as much as possible and said quietly:
- Was ...
I do not say anything, and he did not ask.
Houses already in bed, I began to recall the entire meeting and the question in particular. And suddenly, in spite of my Eastern upbringing, despite his shyness, I realized that I was pleasing to his question. So he wants me! I did wonder how a woman! And while he respects me, just still did not dare to touch me. Sergei began to like me. Every day, he increasingly takes the place in my heart. I never thought before, what will this knowledge, and now for the first time realized that I want more than everyday dinners and holding hands. But I do not know what to do to put our relationship to the next level.
That night I had a dream. Sergei stood surrounded by a large number of girls and I was among them. The girls were so many and they are all trying to reach him, all eager to get to it. I was scared that I was knocked down and trampled, and I tried to move away, but at that moment felt like someone's hands drew me out of the crowd and I flew through the air. Caring Hands I did not let go, and still maintain the waist. I turned my head to the side and saw that it was Sergei hugs me and we fly with him over the city. I was surprised that we are so easily is able to fly, and was about to tell him, but he seemed guessed my desire, put his finger to his lips, letting me know that you need to keep quiet. So we flew in silence and I saw below us floating houses and trees. Then I felt that we have started to decline and somehow closed her eyes. I was surrounded by darkness, it is not known in this uncertainty I felt the lips of Sergei on his lips. Opening my eyes, I found that we lie on the undertaken nowhere bed, completely naked, but when we flew, we had clothes on. While I am aware of where we are, Sergei continued to caress me. His hot palm slid over my body. He kissed and licked my breasts, and I'm in a dream felt excited. I liked it a lot. I am happy to respond to his caresses. I felt in my sleep, like my body was burning from his kisses and longed to continue. I myself hugged and caressed him. My body bends under his hands and I moaned with pleasure. And yet the dream became shameless. Sergei fingers slid over my hips, his lips burned abdomen and slowly spread my legs. Sergei lips so clearly caressing me everywhere, I even dream felt an overwhelming desire to feel it in myself. And when I woke up, I was surprised to find that I feel on my skin all the experience. As if this was not a dream, but it all happened in reality.

Sergey came for me at the usual time. I was waiting for him, but inside I still trembled. I was still under the vivid impression of my night's sleep. He at first glance I found that something is wrong. Not as usual. I could not bear to look at him. My cheeks were burning and I looked away. I guess I was kind of naughty girls. It normally took me gently by the chin and looked into my eyes:
- Princess, what happened?
I did not know what to say to him and tried to get away, but not far from it. During the two weeks that we met, he was well enough I knew as well as I did. And if he wanted something to learn - he knows! Lowering his eyes, I said quietly:
- I had a dream.
Sergei smiled:
- Yes? Interesting! And what's so you dreamed you were so confused?
He let go of my chin and resting his hand on my back became very gently stroking my back and neck, as if cheering.
- You.
I paused, hoping that he will ask something else, but he waited patiently, and I finally decided:
- It was an erotic dream.
- You tell?
Voice Sergei was quiet and very gentle. His touch soothing and relaxing. I finally decided to look at it. He was still looking at me with a smile. I shook my head. Our eyes met and he said:
- I understand, my dear!
Sergei leaned over and kissed her on the lips, just like in a dream. Then I started the car and off we went. He was silent all the way, only occasionally glancing at me and gently stroked my knee. I cleaned his hand.
The car stopped in the courtyard of a house. Sergei got out and helped me get out, open the door with my hand and gave me his hand. I looked around. Relatively new house, trees are still small, but already taken root, due to this the yard looked cozy and bright. Young, Spring Green small tree gave elegance to this court, and at the same time does not overlap the sunlight. The house, in the rays of the setting sun, looking very friendly.
- Where do we come from? - I asked.
- To my house - calmly answered Sergey. - Today we have dinner with me. I want you to treat his favorite dish.
I ran on the back spine. For a split second I hesitated, but then he threw his doubts and proudly raised his head, smiled confidently:
- I am pleased that you welcome me to his home.
Sergei hugged me and kissed her gently on the cheek and whispered in his ear:
- I love when you are so raises his head, like a restive, wild horse! Delicate and impregnable!
He took my hand and led her into the entrance. These are a few meters from the entrance, he very gently squeezed my hand and as soon as we walked into the entrance, a single motion he turned me over and pressed his lips to my lips. adventist online dating sites.

I was going for my birthday. The March sun was shining already being actively destroying winter snowdrifts. The streets rang spring creeks. I thought, and just in case inflicted on shoes extra layer of protective spray. Coming out of the car, too, can the feet wet, and then the whole evening sitting with wet feet is not very nice.
On the way, I bought a fresh bouquet of roses to the birthday girl, in addition to the present, and drove to the restaurant for five minutes after the appointed time. People already going, the music was playing and it was quite noisy. I congratulated his friend, gave her flowers and a gift and went to greet the guests have already arrived. Everyone was in high spirits and clearly gathered good fun.
Suddenly the corner of my eye I caught some unfamiliar face, and turned to look american singles chemistry online dating. My friend was talking with a young woman whom I had never seen before. From a glance at her I somehow pounding heart. I looked at the delicate facial features, the slim figure of forgetting everything and could not tear his eyes away from her. Apparently sensing my opinion stranger turned her head in my direction. Our eyes met and she smiled at me mysterious and alluring smile. From that smile I felt hot, the blood drained from his head and threw skydiving in the lower half of the body. The legs were filled with the sweet weight. I stood there like a fool staring at the beautiful stranger. Go to her, I was not able, his feet became completely wooden and ceased to obey me. She turned to the birthday girl, said something, they hugged and she headed for the exit. It was clear that now it is gone. I frantically tried to think of some way to stop it, but, unfortunately, his head did not have any limiting thoughts. The door closed behind her, and she disappeared out of sight.
Only now my feet became able to somehow move and I rushed to the birthday girl with a question: who is this girl?
- Hee hee, - giggled mischievously Oksanka - that like? Does your castle finally collapsed? This is me you now torment - ostentatiously rubbing his hands, 'she said.
She did the whole evening made fun of me and forced to fulfill all her wishes as payment for the coveted information for me, and I'm all plagued by the desire to quickly learn anything about my beautiful stranger. At the request of the birthday girl I sang and showed guests the tricks, danced with her and just talked.
Finally, Oksana took pity on me near the end of the evening and said:
- Stranger thy name is Alla. Today, she could not attend the birthday party, american singles chemistry online dating so I meet her tomorrow will be another couple of friends.
I looked pleadingly at her and she laughed.
- Good good! I'll take you with me and introduce you, but do not knock on the floor so the tail! - She joked.
Fortunately I was not the limit. I grabbed Oksana, spun her joy, kissed on both cheeks and all turned into one big lump of expectations.
It's hard to describe what eighteen hours waiting eighteen hours of suspense. When it seems that time mocks you and endurance tests. When every minute lasts ten times longer than usual. How many times during those eighteen hours of waiting, I tried to make sure that the clock is not stopped each time regretfully realized that they show the correct time.
Finally I arrived at the appointed hour in the cafe, which I named Oksana. Going inside, I immediately saw her and sat with her at the same table a man with a woman. Ally has not happened. Oksanka saw me and waved cordially. I smile came to the table, shook hands with her and her friends smiled.
- Maxim - I introduced a woman, not even trying to remember her name and pretended to kiss her outstretched hand.
- Maxim - I repeated the man and we shook hands.
- Eugene - he called himself.
I sat down on a chair, pretending to take part in a lively conversation, american singles chemistry online dating but my eyes for a second did not let out of sight of the front door. It has been on the force for about five minutes, which seemed like an eternity, the door opened and in walked a cafe Alla. Oksana waved. My heart was pounding again. I saw it coming to our table, catching her every move and suddenly realized with horror that flew out of my head all the witty phrases that I worked so diligently prepared for dating. Alla came and said hello to everyone, they were already familiar with each other and Oksana turned in my direction.
- Alla, meet my buddy Max - she introduced me to the girl.
Alla looked at me with his blue eyes, smiled and held out his hand to me:
- Glad to get acquainted - she said pure singing voice. The first time I touched her, taking her hand. Her fingers were thin, and the skin wonderfully soft and smooth. I bent down and touched his lips to her hand. Freehand came barely perceptible smell of delicate perfume. I felt her fingers trembled slightly from my kiss, and maybe it seemed to me.
We spent about two hours in the cafe, while the conversation passed quickly and quietly for me at all. Throughout dinner, Alla told me just a few words, and all because of the fact that I was sitting like a statue, and could not think what to talk to her.
After dinner, Jack with his companion quickly enough left citing the case and Alla too began to gather behind them. Finally, I decided, and handed her his business card. She looked at me and I smiled, trying to look relaxed as possible, he said:
- Friends of my friends - my friends. We will continue to communicate, here are my phones, if you suddenly need to contact me.
I waited for her to answer, too, will give me a business card or write the phone number, but she looked at my card and read aloud:
- Maxim Alekseyev, an international company "Global Technology", CEO.
She looked up at me, smiled and said:
- Thank You! Maybe once and need - and with these words without looking threw my card currently in the bag. By this gesture, I realized that it has not made absolutely no impression. Well, it only spurred me and caused me instead of disappointment and discouragement, hunting passion. For the first time in my life I met a girl from the presence of which in my sweet heart aches, and now I was quite sure that I will not give it to disappear from my life.
- Alia, I let you down - I said, fondly looking at her - no matter where you went, we would be on the way to the end of the world american singles chemistry online dating - I joked.
Smiling, she looked at me and said:
- I'm so far from being necessary. Thanks for the offer, I'm in a car.
Bummer! Nothing, it did not bother me, but even more provoke.
All three of us came out of the cafe, we said goodbye, and I went in the direction of Alla, but to see her. As soon as I saw what kind of car she sat down, I rushed to his car, the benefit it was not very far away, jumped into it and missed on the road with parking another car, was attached to the tail of Alla. She did not know my car, I was hiding behind the others and followed her.
We drove for about twenty minutes. We stopped at the fitness center, where she went with a sports bag.
I had to wait quite a long time, three hours I sat in the car, but I was ready to sit as you like, because I was waiting for her. When she finally appeared in the doorway, with two other women, I realized that after training, they seem to have been in the sauna. Slightly still damp hair was combed and pulled back in a ponytail. Her open face, without makeup, was so gentle and attractive, that I, admiring it, I almost forgot to duck in the car, not to betray their presence.
Again I followed Alla holding a little away from her car and not letting it out of sight. Now it was not difficult, since the evening of cars on the road were many.
Alla was living in the country, but due to the large number of machines, I still managed to follow her, he goes unnoticed. I drove her to the right of her house and saw how she put her car in the garage. Passing a little further, I turned around and stopped a little away from her home. I had to think about what to do next. Follow her all day, I certainly can not. We had to come up with a plan of action.
I put my hands on the wheel, ran into their chin and looked at her house. Alla was living in a nice, luxury development, close to the city. All the houses were new and even melting, blackened drifts could not spoil the view of the cozy streets.
From sitting so long in one position for my back and shoulders stiff. I reached out to stretch their legs, turned his head right and left, and suddenly came across a look at the announcement of the sale of the house, which was almost on the diagonal from the house of my beauty. The decision came in the head with lightning speed! If only I was lucky! I grabbed the phone and dialed the number listed in the ad. After four long beeps pleasant female voice answered:
- Hello, I listen to you!
- Hello - I blurted into the phone - I want to buy a house in the village of N. He has not sold?
- No, - said the agent - not sold. His only yesterday put up for sale. When you can see it?
- Yes, even now, - I replied.
- I am standing in front of the house and if you feel comfortable in the next hour to show it to me, it will be just fine.
Since it was very easy to negotiate and after forty minutes I entered the door of the house, who was to become my own. Two bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom, downstairs living room, study, dining room and a small kitchen. I like that in front of the living room was the hall and out of the passage to the bathroom for guests, although by and large I would have liked anything, if only to be near my darling Alia.
The agent was very surprised how quick I conclude this deal, saying that in her practice, no one has bought a house for one hour. I signed all the documents that it is in any case brought with her. Returning home, I waited for a call from the agent she had already contacted the seller and get him to agree to closing the deal in a week. As the owner of the house had already left, it did not pose any problems for him. On the contrary, he was glad that so quickly resolved the issue with the sale.
I know of no one did not talk about his purchase. Get your hands on documents and keys to the house I moved into their new home the next day. When entered into the house movers furniture, I saw drove up to his house Alla and coming out of the car, I threw an interested glance at my house, but I was so that she could not see me, and therefore it remains unknown who became her new neighbor.
I waited a couple of days and was about to arrange a meeting at the local supermarket, following the girl, but it was much easier.
There was a day off and I was doing that stuff laid out and restore order after the move, when the doorbell rang. Suspecting nothing, I went to open it. Imagine my surprise when on his doorstep, I saw Alla. We have both, stretched face in surprise. As my surprise was genuine, as well as her (she did not expect to see me), she did not suspect anything.
- I came to get acquainted with new neighbors - said Alla confusion - and that's baked the cake for tea american singles chemistry online dating.
With these words she handed me a dish with a pie, which is really in her hands.
- It charlotte with apples - she explained.
- Alia! How glad I am you - quite frankly I cried.
- Come into the house, - I said, taking from her dish with charlotte - you'll be my first guest! Wow What an unexpected surprise! So we are now with your neighbors!
Alla went into the living room, she looked more than confused. And I'm glad that so suddenly everything was easy and now I can enjoy it freely. She was wearing a thin black sweater and jeans, but even in this simple dress, she looked like a queen. She looked around the living room, well, here I had to do everything, and she could see how I live.
I quickly put the kettle on in the kitchen, brought us two glasses of chilled white wine and sliced orange. Everything was very natural.
- Alia, I hope you'll excuse me, I have yet to settle and finish the products do not have time to buy, especially to treat you unfortunately nothing. I do not even know where is the good grocery stores are available nearby.
This was said with a long-term view, and it is, while still in a confused state, bid on it!
- Let me show you, I really like a store, it is close - she said taking the offered her a glass.
It was exactly what I wanted.
- With pleasure, we are right now and could go on my car - I was picked up with enthusiasm.
- Let's drink to the pleasant surprises in life - I said a toast.
She gently clinked his glass and took a sip of my one drink.
- How did it happen that you bought the house?
- I have long wanted to buy anything in this place, - I began to invent - and gave the job to his agent, that as soon as something appears - just let me know. And as soon as the house was put up for sale immediately, the very next day, I looked up and bought it.
I raised my glass of wine again, and suggested
- Since we are so unexpectedly became neighbors, I suggest you go to.
She smiled, her eyes flashed a sly spark:
- Well, let's for you. That you are now under this pretext polezesh kiss? - Alla joked.
I have these words there was a feeling that the earth went from under my feet, but I tried to keep struggling.
- And that the time has come? - I smiled, responding to her tone.
- No, we can wait - still smiling girl replied, but it was obvious that she liked my joke, and all my conduct its suit.
We drank tea with wonderful charlotte. I heartily praised her cooking skills, and it was for that! Charlotte was really tasty and just melted in the mouth. I said Alla, that next week I plan to make a house-warming, and that the very first invite her. She gladly accepted my invitation.
Then we went to the store on my car and bought my products, Alla showed at my request, she loves it, and I also bought. It was so wonderful to be with her so much time together. It was very easy to talk to, Alla happy to laugh at my jokes, and it inspired me more and more. I got the impression that today I told her just a little, but liked. At least, it is easy to communicate with me and it gave me hope.
In parting, she repeated what is sure to come to the housewarming. I'm certainly a little disappointed, because she gave it to understand that to housewarming we do not see but that it does not scare off, he gave no sign. Just I tell her that she was at any time a welcome guest in my house. Alla smiled and thanked me for hospitality, but she is not told me a polite response phrases are usually exchanged between neighbors. Nothing! I could wait!
Week stretched indefinitely. But I forced myself not to see her, do not adjust the random encounters. I had to ensure that she became attracted to our meetings, and not run away from me.
When Alla came to me the next time, housewarming, I just gasped with delight, she was so beautiful. As if pouring, airy dress beautifully describes her figure. It was a little loose, not tight, but thin fabric motion play, showing very favorable figure of a girl. Blond hair was curled in light curls and pinned up on one side. What did she do with the eyes - I do not understand, it seems in some way superimposed shadows made her eyes unusually attractive. It seemed to me that they turned into two lakes, and I was drowning in them. How I wanted to touch it! Hug her waist and hugged her. Feel its elastic chest through the thin fabric of her dress, touching her palm ... But while I could not even look at it as much as I wanted. Around there were guests, I had to communicate with them, and my beloved beauty I could have very well, except that a drop of a little more attention than all the rest.
The evening was great. Everyone was having fun and of course for all was a surprise that we have become neighbors with Alla. We had excitedly told how to detect it and how we talked together, I felt I had some of our community. That evening, I once managed to dance with her. No words I can not describe what I felt when I put a hand on her waist. But I was forced to stay at a distance from her, otherwise she would have felt as I was excited. For this reason alone I would not dance with her anymore, pretending to constantly busy the rest of the guests.
When all began to disperse, Alla suddenly offered me help.
- Maxim, let me help you remove all that you alone are not tormented till the morning with the collapse!
It was very tempting. I'm glad it is not possible to describe how happy I was, but I found the strength to give up its proposals.
- Alia, thank you, dear, but I have no moral right to exploit your kindness.
I first spoke to her so tenderly and she reacted to it properly. I saw that she was slightly taken aback by my refusal and offered her another option:
- Let's tomorrow night, you come back to visit me and we just neighborly, see a movie, drink a glass of wine, I will prepare a light dinner ...
When I said this, I have everything inside trembled slightly. I was afraid that the voice will give my excitement, but it seems nothing happened. She looked up at me, his eyes-lakes, stared and nodded.
- Okay, I'll come tomorrow evening.
Alla headed out, I politely opened the door for her, but he did not kiss her a friendly kiss. I was unable therefore to touch it. I could only clasp her all-all and hugged her, but this could not be done.
All night I dreamed it. I held her in my arms and kissed her, cuddle and caress. Oh, how I wanted it to be not in a dream, but in reality!
The next day I was running through the city in frenzy. I carefully followed all that was necessary for the work, but my thoughts were only about Alla. I beat shiver, while I was excited without any apparent reason, for the first time in my life I felt for myself what it means to love fever.
She came a little after eight. He took off a light spring jacket and remained in a gray satin blouse, buttoned at large, beautiful buttons in front and in black, narrow trousers.
I have prepared everything for her arrival, and on the coffee table in front of sofa was served a light dinner, were fruit and wine. I deliberately put the unit so that together we sat on the couch watching television. It was the most comfortable position to watch a movie. But it was not there. My girl, in a good mood, fun remembering yesterday's party, the village is not on the couch and into the chair, standing at the side of the table and moved his instrument on the table. She got it very at ease. I did not insist. Supporting talk about yesterday's party, I brought hot. Baked chicken breast in a creamy sauce with white wine gave off a fragrance is simply unthinkable. They looked very appetizing.
Alla interested craned her neck:
- Oh, - she said - what a wonderful smell and look! What are we going to eat this?
I approached her very close, under the pretext to show how beautifully parched breast with sauce, and when he began to lay out the pieces of her plate, specially bent. My eyes involuntarily rested her blouse incision where two soft outlines a semicircle, divided seductive cleavage. I swallowed saliva and quickly turned away. It seems she did not notice anything.
We chose comedy, including movies and started dinner. Everything was just wonderful. Light white wine blend perfectly with chicken breast and vegetables. We laughed at the antics of the characters of the film and commented on their hapless adventures.
Still, it was awkward to watch a movie sitting in a chair. At one point she stood with a glass in his hand, he went around the coffee table, picked up a bottle of mineral water, poured herself a glass and, without taking his eyes off the screen automatically sat on the couch next to me.
Oh Gods! I continued to pretend to still watch the movie, in fact, all my thoughts were only about how am I to approach it. Here she sits next to completely settle down, pleased and if I embrace it now, I can startle.
- Alia, I propose to pause to change the plates and lay the table for tea.
- Yes of course! - Alla easily got up off the couch and join me quickly became clear away the remains of dinner. Together we went to the kitchen and put everything on the table. And, once we have freed the hand, I embraced her, pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. My flesh instantly rebelled. I held her by the waist with one hand, and the other was holding behind his head. Her soft lips were so intoxicating, so sweet that I felt dizzy. Or maybe it happened because of the fact that the blood drained from the brain and ran all the lower part of the body?
Alla has not pushed me away, did not break out, but did not respond to my kisses. She bent at the elbows lying on my hands, probably to at any time you can push me away. In the body to feel the strain. I began to kiss her neck, moving to the chest. She certainly felt my excitement, because I very firmly held her. And since she had not pushed, I decided to go ahead and began to unbutton her blouse. I loosened his hands to make it easier to undress her and at that moment my little girl slipped out of my hands. Quickly I went to the hallway, grabbed his jacket and walked out of my house. I did not stop her, trying to keep the power. I do not need her body was only for one night, I needed all of it, with her thoughts and her soul in this beautiful body, and for life.
The next day I bought a basket of white roses and sent her address. I specifically did not put a card from one of these flowers, or write some words of apology. I do not think it necessary to apologize. No reaction from her was no, but I did not expect. Now Alla clearly knew my intentions, and I needed her to become accustomed to the idea that it will be mine.
After waiting another endless day, in the evening I myself went to her first visit, choosing for it this time, a bouquet of delicate pink roses with lilies.
Alla opened the door. A couple of seconds she looked thoughtfully at me and a bunch ... I did not know where the next moment will be the flowers, Alla in the hands or on my head. These moments lasted an eternity for me, until it makes a decision. Say hello or not? Will talk to me or not? I felt like the excitement in my heart thumped. Finally, she stepped aside, giving me the opportunity to enter the house. I stepped across the threshold, and only then handed her a bouquet.
- Hello, sweetheart! - I said with a smile and leaned forward, his whole appearance indicating that going only slightly touch her cheek, that this is just a welcome kiss and nothing more. Alla smiled, held up my cheek, took the bouquet, smelled and only then greeted:
- Hello, Maxim!
She was not kicked me out, did not say that our relationship is terminated, then I was to count!
- Come, - she invited me. Invite two did not have to, I immediately followed her into the living room and out into the kitchen. She laughed:
- You do not need to walk me tail, you can sit on the sofa while I put the flowers in water. They are very beautiful, thank you!
Alla craned her neck slightly and easily touched his lips to my cheek in gratitude.
From that day we began a very strange relationship. We began to meet almost every day. We always went to each other's homes. A couple of times together went to parties, who organized my friends. But this time we had talked as if there was that night, as if there was my attempt to kiss and undress her. I have patience, and nothing like this is no longer taken. In our treatment of each other were such words as sweet and dear. And the maximum physical contact that happened between us, it's a light kiss on the cheek when greeting and parting. All! Of course, how much effort it cost me - it is impossible to describe. But I kept struggling, waiting as my girl give me a sign that it is ready for another relationship.
Since last spring, and I come June. I have already started to lose hope and began to doubt the correctness of the chosen tactics. Alia was with me gentle, affable, slightly mocking. I'm going crazy in love with her at night, but when he met with her found the strength to remain the same smooth and friendly. Once warmed up, we began to constantly go on picnics. We both loved suddenly folded cooked lunch or dinner in the car and go somewhere to park.
One day we decided to go on a fishing trip. Alla lot of fun in every way I jokingly lifted up, we laughed together all the way. I took her to a place already known to me. There was a small sandy small beach, where you can relax and the boat is very well could go fishing. american singles chemistry online dating.

The last day before departure they spent on stores to buy their loved ones gifts. All very tired, but the girls were not going to give up. And after dinner, they decided a little rest for the last time to go to their favorite bar to again, now for the last time, to dance there all night. Suddenly them gathered almost all of their group. Only a few people wish to remain in the hotel, among them was Igor. Then Anya and Sasha suddenly protested and began to persuade Igor to go along with them. He refused, and in any did not give their persuasion. The three of them sat in the lobby and a lively debate, when they saw the hall went Svetlana. Sasha and Anya immediately rushed to meet her:
- Light, Igor Call to us at the bar! We will not listen. Call him you. With you it will go online dating ukraine!
Svetlana made a puzzled face:
- What makes you think that he would go with me?
- Well, because we know! Call him!
Svetlana shrugged, but nevertheless came to Igor and invited him with a smile:
- Igor, come with us to the bar. The last night before leaving, and you can not sleep on the plane otospitsya.
It was like waiting for her invitation, immediately he stood up and you could see by his face that he was happy to join the company.
At the bar, where they spent the previous four nights, were waiting for them, but unfortunately the hot macho Italian, Russian men have decided not to let the girls from the group of strangers and no one kept a tight defense from the pursuing Italians. Russian company walked very noisy and fun. Loud laughter and hot dancing spotlight and at the entrance to the hall, where the rest Russian, crowded a lot of people to at least look like fun Russian.
Svetlana loved and knew how to dance. Her lithe body lured men views, but Igor did not depart from it a single step. Together they danced all the dances. It was fun. Laughter and jokes were constantly. And with every joke, every glass of wine drunk eyes flared present more and movement in the dance became freer online dating ukraine.
Suddenly, Igor sat down, picked up Svetlana under your knees, straightened, lifting her and spun. She spread her hands and laughed with pleasure. Light brown hair scattered in the whirling vortex, increasing the sensation of flight. Suddenly she felt that he loosened his hands. She expected that now he carefully put it back on the floor, but that did not happen. In these serried on her legs and slightly weak hands, she began to slide down involuntarily. Svetlana felt a strong man's hands slid up her legs, walked on the buttocks and stood firmly Having closed again at the waist. She stood on the floor, held tightly to Igor, feeling his chest his heart beating. Their eyes met and she obviously felt his keen desire to kiss her immediately, but he restrained himself and only whispered in her ear:
- Let's go for a walk?
From this whisper, the touch of his lips to her ear, from the strong hands that are so tightly hugged her, the feeling of hot male body, she felt dizzy and slightly sweet, warm wave flooded the lower abdomen. She stared into his eyes and nodded slightly. Igor took her firmly by the hand and pulled a to the exit online dating ukraine.
The bar is located on the beach and as soon as they came out like a light sea smell, mixed with the smell of flowers and satiate the hot, viscous, warmed by solar heat, the air enveloped them. Igor did not release her hand. They walked along the waterfront and in silence, enjoying the silence of the night after the loud music bars. Without saying a word, they turned on the steps leading down to the sea, on the sandy beach. Both took off his shoes, he stepped onto the sand and walked barefoot on the cool, the day still retaining the warm sand. Waves splash with light running over the beach. Huge yellow moon reflected in the water golden track. Svetlana had time to think that such a juicy and bright yellow moon, as head of the cheese may be only in the south. At this point, Igor gently but firmly turned her to face him and stared at her lips. From surprise she gasped and pulled away from him slightly. He carefully straightened a lock of her hair, looked into his eyes and ran his hand over his soft cheek. His arm around her waist, pulled her to him and began kissing her face hungrily. His other hand was on her head. Igor firmly held her in his arms and enjoyed the opportunity to finally touch this delightful girl. She liked him from the first day of their trip, but he could not come up with a suitable excuse to stay with her in private. And now, in the last hours of their joint stay in Rimini, it happened something that he did not expect. He kissed her lips and she responded to his kiss.
Igor lips were slightly tough. She liked their fresh taste and she gladly responded to his hot kisses. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his caresses. He held her tightly to him and Svetlana feel his excitement. His hands caressed the smooth curves figure girl and suddenly ceased to exist for her all around. That his hands slipped under a light silk blouse. He and-so was so thin that it is not a barrier between her body and his hands and yet, when his hand touched her bare back, she felt around her spine like a spark ran well and pour into warm voluptuous body.
Men's fingers easily undid the clasp bra and lay his hand on her breast. He continued kissing her face and neck, and skilled fingers gently and tenderly caressed his chest. She did not notice at what point he leaned over and just felt his lips around her nipple. Svetlana slightly startled. Igor slowly sank to his knees kissing each millimetrik her satin skin. His hands have walked on her hips. One hand slipped between her legs, and the second he began to unbutton his jeans. And at that moment she took his hand and took a step back ... He was still touching her, but the contact was destroyed. Igor stood up and looked at the girl.
- What's wrong, honey? - As gently as possible, he said.
- I'm sorry - said Svetlana barely audible - but I suddenly realized that I could not change her husband.
Both were silent for a few seconds. Svetlana straightened his clothes, as if summing up this final line. Disappointment flooded his soul, but he was surprised to find that even to the chagrin mixed and respect. As it was strange, but he respected the young woman because she found the strength to stop and not cross the line.
- Well, - he said - if you want us to go back to the hotel, or even go for a walk?
- Let's go to the hotel before departure left only four hours, I have to pack up and get some sleep.
He nodded his head and held out his hand online dating ukraine ...
The road to the hotel took about a quarter of an hour. They walked slowly, enjoying the trilling cicadas and pleasant freshness of the night. All the plants, after the heat of the day Shaking exudes delicate flavors and create your smell sense of joy and happiness in my heart. Lantern Light mixed with the moonlight gave the whole entourage certain mystique and mystery of the rich emotions of the night, excited. The conversation was about nothing. Igor is still not released his hand, Svetlana.
The hotel he stood with her on her floor, joking that a girl he has no right to release a single, hot Italian macho Russian beauties lurk around every corner, hiding under the cover of night. At her door she hesitated slightly. The best thing was for her to Igor just said goodbye and walked away, but she was well aware that this will not happen. Svetlana turned to him to say the last words before parting, and stumbled on his hot lips. And once again she found herself in captivity strong hands caress which deprived her of reason and forced to forget about all their principles.
Igor felt her lips told him, it seemed that she just waited, and when he repeated his attempt. Her body was resilient so intoxicating pliable! He wanted her! Not letting her out of his hands for a second, continuing to kiss the delicate neck, he took from the hands of a magnetic card and a girl opened the door to the room. Easy lifting her waist, Igor stepped over the threshold of the hotel and closed the door. Svetlana was still in his hands and he continued to kiss her hungrily. Her smell, her taste, extraordinary smoothness and elasticity of the body greatly excited. He gently put it on the floor. One hand was holding her by the neck, giving the girl the opportunity to deviate from his kisses, he put his other hand on her buttocks and pressed her thigh to her.
She felt his excited flesh. Persistent caresses more fascinated by her in the cycle of madness. Hot palms caressed her body under his clothes. Thoughts in my head frantically ran into each other to make a real "Brownian motion." Among engulfed her lust even flashed beacons islands chastity, but with every second they became less and less. Passion and desire flooded them with unusual speed.
His hands slipped under her blouse again. He always held her tightly to him. Not looking up from his lips so inviting, Igor felt the clasp on his jeans and unfastened them. The next moment his hand slipped under the elastic of her thin, lacy plavochek and he touched his fingers to her pubis. It seemed to him that at this point have collapsed all obstacles that could still restrain her. But at that moment she seemed to awake and inexplicably slipped out of his hands. This with him has never been. Stepping forward, he again pulled her to him and pressed his back against the wall, cut off for her another opportunity to get away from him.
She eagerly responded to his kisses, pressed her flexible body so inviting, enjoyed his caresses, but now clearly watched his hands, giving him the opportunity to penetrate into the forbidden zone. He kissed and caressed her lips, face, body, hoping that under the gentle caress she did not resist, but she admits his affection only to a certain limit. Finally, he gently pulled back and asked in a whisper:
- You sure you do not want me?
She smiled as she kissed him on the mouth, and only then said:
- I want you, you're very gentle and affectionate, but I'm sure nothing will happen.
- Why?
- Because I never cheated on her husband. You are so wonderful that I almost did it and I'm very uncomfortable right now, and in front of you and in front of him. Please, let's leave it at that. For me, this crazy night still live forever in the memory.
Igor looked into her eyes. In the dark room, in the moonlight, it was impossible to see the look on the girl eye and yet he realized that he really did not happen. He kissed her again, gently hugged her, held his hand over his silky hair and whispered:
- Goodbye, my dear!
Without giving her say a word, he left the room.
When Svetlana morning boarded a bus that took them at the airport, she saw Igor, but honestly say she was afraid to see him. But at the airport, when moved away from the reception area, she came to his mind. He stood slightly apart and stared at her. Svetlana turned and walked away specifically, sat on the empty seat back to Igor, his whole appearance indicating that their communication is complete. Now she had a few disappointing night for his decision, but she knew exactly what it would be much better. So there will be no problems.
It took four months. Svetlana Life went on as usual. Work, home, meeting with friends, under all these concerns impressions of the trip to Rimini already slightly faded and pouspokoilis. And suddenly, the manager of their units at the next meeting, announced that next week a seminar is not quite normal, this time it instructed to hold two offices: they and another, which is the manager ... and he called the name of Igor. Svetlana anxiously looked up at the manager:
- Vadim S., and why are we instructed to conduct his seminar with someone? Are we not cope with the tasks according to the company? - She said, and was surprised his voice, he was trembling slightly with excitement.
- No, - said Head of calm tone.
- On the contrary, this initiative proposal was made by the unit. They said that we have a very good record and they ask us to learn. So you, dear Svetlana A. need this time to prepare a particularly interesting report!
- And who will be attending as a representative of the department at this meeting? - I decided to specify it just in case.
- Manager of the division and his assistant - said the chief.
Svetlana burned cheeks. So that's it! He found her and came up with a variant alleged business meeting. Her first impulse was the desire not to participate in the workshop, but on reflection, she did not do it. After all, if he decided to find it, he will come up with something else. It was decided that she would go to a seminar.
Igor came before the appointed time. He already knew that Svetlana participated in the seminar program was its report, and he hoped it would spread even a few words. But she was just elusive, and there was no way to approach it. Just before the start, when he talked with the manager of the office, she went herself, smiled ordinary, meaningless smile and say hello. She extended her hand in greeting, he took her hand, squeezed gently and easily to his lips thin, brittle fingers. This ended their greetings.
For two hours, he watched her as she moved, talking with other people, climbing on stage and with what interest it listened as she held the attention of the public. How to smile, straightened her hair ... He tried to remember every move.
Svetlana stubbornly pretended not to notice his gaze. She diligently to communicate with others, keeping the edge of the eye of Igor in sight. As soon as she noticed that he was moving toward her, she immediately passed him in the opposite corner of the room.
After the seminar, it was decided to organize in honor of the guests a friendly dinner in a small and cozy restaurant. All began to gather, talking animatedly and somehow it turned out that all decided to go to the restaurant on foot, because the weather was good, the restaurant was not far, but Igor did not want to leave the car and, quite unexpectedly, Svetlana, her boss asked her to go with Igor from the restaurant. To refuse would be stupid, it could cause too many questions and suspicions, and Svetlana did not protest.
Igor helped put her coat and walked side by side, leading her to her car.
Finally, they were all alone! Igor Svetlana opened the door and helped her get into the car. Going round the car, he sat down, the driver's seat, sat for a few seconds in silence, looking at her with a smile, finally very gently said:
- Well hello! I did not expect this meeting?
He reached out and gently stroked her cheek. Svetlana pulled back slightly.
- No, I did not expect, - she said. - I thought we would never see each other again.
- At first I thought so too. But every day, I could not drive the thought of you.
Igor gently took her hand in his and held it to his mouth with one hand, he stroked the girl's wrist, the other clutching the hand of his fingers and slowly kissed them.
Memories that Svetlana was trying so hard to destroy in its memory, instantly washed over her, enveloped sweet veil and she had great difficulty to bring himself to remove his hand.
- I always thought of you - he continued - it was like a disease, to addiction. With me has never happened! I can spend hours to consider your photographs, trying to remember the smell of your hair, the feeling of touching your skin ... It's driving me crazy! It does not give a normal life! And then I decided at any cost to see you again. I made great efforts to organize this meeting. Please do not repulse me!
Svetlana listened to him in silence. She had not expected such recognition and was a bit confused.
- What do you want? - She asked quietly.
- I do not know what I want, - said Igor.
- I only know one thing, I had to see you. And I'm glad that it happened.
He reached out to Svetlana while hugging her with both hands and pulling her to him, and easily touched his lips to hers. She did not move away, but did not answer. Igor continued to kiss her, caressing her lips with his lips. Affectionately he licked his lips, and the girl felt her lips trembled and opened to meet him. They both enjoyed it a kiss as memory sultry Italian night. We enjoy the taste and smell each other knowing that this kiss for them already will surely be the last. And everyone put in his contact with another with all possible tenderness, all unused passion that night, all the emotions, which only can be transmitted through kissing, saying goodbye to each other. online dating ukraine.

My mood was excellent. I have just returned from a walk. We had fun with his girlfriend on all cylinders. Laughed off any joke, we all seemed incredibly funny that day. And slowly falling fluffy snowflakes that gently fell on our faces with delicious cool dots and instantly melting, only improve our already good mood. Several times the guys were trying to get to know us, but they seemed to us not very suitable and we just joked. For some reason, today we both are not saying a word, do not start the topic that we urgently need to meet someone, suddenly came a sense of confidence, that soon we all will change in this regard.
I went home, drank hot tea and settled in a comfortable, easy chair with a good book, after turning on the computer program ICQ. I always keep it turned on when I'm at home, so all my friends can always contact me, even if I for some reason did not respond to a phone call. I have enthusiastically plunged into reading when she heard the familiar sound of "Oh!" I received some message. Looking up from the book, I came to look. An unknown number of politely asking permission to add me to his contact list. I usually do not respond to different messages of others, especially if they write something like - remember me? I like you free to browse online dating! ... Nonsense solid and spam. And the polite question got me thinking suddenly and unexpectedly for myself, I gave my permission. A minute later to me, "I knocked" the owner of a polite unfamiliar number.
- Hi! Thank you for having allowed himself to add to my network. Do I understand correctly that you're a girl?
- Please, right, - I smiled and sent him a smiley.
- Let's get acquainted, - continued my interlocutor, - I'm Alex, Alex. and what is your name?
- And why did you decide that I will be with you to get acquainted? - I asked nastorozhenno.- I'm not acquainted with anyone unknown.
- Yes, with nothing decided, - said Alex.
- I just made a wish, and sent a request to the first available room, thinking that if this is the guy that my desire is fulfilled, and if a girl, then my will and her too. So make a wish!
- Hihihi - I wrote - and you're a good genie or something?
- In their spare time, part time, - I replied Alex.
- ABOUT! So then I have to meet you! Not every day you come to me good jinn offering to fulfill my wish. My name is Karina. And how are you going to fulfill my desire for a good genie?
- Easy! - Alex said. - Send me your photo and the trick is done free to browse online dating!
- Well schazzz - I laughed I. 'Not only that, I met with someone unknown, so you still ask for a photo!
- Well, why is not known with whom ?! We've already found out that I am a good genie. I can further say that I am 29 years old. I love sports, I play good football, swimming. In winter, skiing.
- Courchevel? - Could not resist and I sernichala.
- No - seriously he replied Aleks.- to Courchevel is insufficient income, but it is. Q short time. So here! You almost know everything about me, and that you were more comfortable, I will send you to the first picture. If I do not like you, you can not send her, it will be a response, I understand.
- Well, - I agreed, expecting that he would send a picture today of a hunk of a glossy magazine.
30 Seconds crystal, gentle bells tinkled came a photo file. I opened it with interest. With photos looked at me with gray eyes brown hair, with a pleasant smile and an open face. He relied on the ski poles and smiling lens mountains in the background. Grey knitted bandage covering his forehead and ears stressed tanned skin. It was impossible to understand what it is growth, because he was photographed only on a belt.
I looked at his face with fascination. He had intelligent eyes, straight, beautifully contoured nose slightly heavy chin.
- Alex, why do you get acquainted with the girls in this way? You're kind of cute, sociable. Why do you meet girls virtually? - I asked suddenly.
- Yes, I'm not particularly acquainted, this is the first time we decided to try it. And I decided because of what my friend told me today that he will marry. Another friend married, and I can not find a girlfriend. And not because I'm some kind of womanizer or a bore, which enumerates the girls, I just work a lot and when I finally get out somewhere - all the girls are already engaged! So you send me your photo or not, I do not understand ...
- I had to - I said shortly.
What I did in the next moment I can not explain myself or someone else, why did I do that.
I opened the folder with the photos by selecting one and sent it ... just in the photo was not me and my girlfriend. I guess I wanted him to just stare at the photo, I like it and my girlfriend was very effective. I also look normal, but it is much nicer free to browse online dating.
- Wow! - I wrote Aleks.- I do not believe my eyes! Are these girls really have in this world?
I was happy with the effect produced.
- Of course there is - I said coyly, - one of them is now talking to you.
In his heart a little stab remorse. Come on, I mentally shrugged, so what? He does not see and does not know it's virtually all do! No one knows whose photo he sent, I calmed his conscience, and as if nothing had happened continued conversation with Alex.
We talked all evening and half the night. When I went to bed, I felt like I've known him a long time ago and closer human spirit and intresam I have never in my life met.
So began our acquaintance.
Alex lived in another city, far enough away from me, but he kept saying that the distance is not a barrier. I laughed all the time, translating everything into a joke. We do a lot of joking, Alex was an excellent conversationalist. He really worked hard, came home from work late and immediately wrote to me. We had dinner together, watch movies online, read books, and then discuss them.
I was very comfortable with it, I enjoyed this dialogue, but it was one thing ... That picture !!! Every day I scolded myself for made and every day gave myself that I confess to Alex it is too late. But every day I did not have the fortitude to tell him about it. And every day this deception stretched and crepe. Alex asked me to send him more pictures. I certainly did not. I finally got confused when I realized that love with him. As it was not funny, I fell in love with a man who had only seen in pictures. His photos I printed out and placed in a frame next to the computer. During our conversation I kept looking at this photograph and presented it to me talking like smiling at me. And my heart sank with delight and fear. This went on for several months free to browse online dating.
And Alex once told me that the more he can not and does not want to live without me. What he loves me and takes two weeks off to come to me. And he hopes that I would agree to go with him ... It was a complete collapse for me!
I sobbed into my pillow all night. I had no idea what to do now. Tell him the truth has now been completely impossible. During this time, I knew him very well and I was aware that he does not tolerate cheating. So if I admit it, we will lose. And if you do not recognize, and it will come - I still lost it. And to lose it, I could not!
My head ached, and it seemed that the thoughts roll in heavy iron balls.
In this state, I went to my aunt. She was my closest person, emotionally, I was with her even closer than with their parents. She always gave me great advice and I have all the complex situations ran to her. Aunt gasped, opening the door for me:
- Karinochka, dear, what's wrong? what happened?
Her sympathetic voice at me again gushed tears from his eyes. Stifling a sob, sobbing and blowing her nose every minute in the towel, because no handkerchief could not bear so much moisture, I began to tell her story aunt.
She listened to me attentively, silently left the kitchen. A few minutes later he came back with two cups full of coffee. One gave me a second sat in front of me and spoke:
- I'm not going to read you a lecture about your stupidity. You have already understood everything and she herself punished. So now I'll just say that you have to do. After all, did you want me to say?
I nodded, sobbing convulsively.
- Well, then! Now you drink coffee, calm down, come home and write Alexey truth !!!
I opened my mouth to protest, but my aunt is not giving me utter a syllable, categorically interrupted me:
- You will do it, and do not argue! You tell him about his cheating today! Tomorrow I will write to him, too, and you are now left me his number. Imagine how you'll look in his eyes, if he will only receive my letter! - Aunt stared into my face blubbered.
I had no choice but to nod his head in agreement. I knew that she would do as told. He finished his coffee and bringing ourselves less in order, I have written a number of dear to me, "ICQ" on a piece of paper and went home. All the way, I think through his letter, trying to find some excuse for his behavior. What I wrote that letter by the time - I do not know. Every letter I almost squeezed out of himself. And the Lord God alone knew how much effort it cost me then click the last button to send this letter to the unfortunate Alex free to browse online dating.
I honestly told him everything, I begged to forgive my stupidity, saying how much I love him and how I believe and hope he will forgive me my totally stupid hoax. I put my real picture and sending a letter to the computer froze in anticipation. I saw Alex appeared on the network and a few minutes shut down and did not answer me. I continued to sit around in front of the computer telling himself that he needed time to the realization that he certainly hurt, but after a short time to calm down and write me at least a couple of lines. But he did not come back, and so did not write. Again, I sobbed all night, falling asleep early in the morning. Alex did not appear on the second day or the third or the fourth ... In vain I meditated in the evening in front of the monitor screen. In vain mind I appealed to him. He was absent...
So a week passed that seemed like an endless eternity. I called my aunt, asking whether she wrote to Alex. Aunt confirmed that on the day after our conversation, she wrote him. Solicitously inquired about my affairs, and sighed knowing that our communication was interrupted.
- Nothing can be done - she told me - sometimes we pay a heavy price for their own folly. And believe me, your price is not very high!
I was in full agreement with it, but it is easier to me this does not become.
Came the weekend. I do not want to go anywhere, and no one wanted to meet. All offers callers friends I refuses. I wandered around the house like a sleepwalker. Something like washing up, as it was in his pajamas, went to the kitchen to at least drink a cup of coffee. Appetite I certainly was not any. At this moment, the doorbell rang. My friend decided to seem restless me under any pretext not to leave alone. I turned and walked to the front door. The lock clicked, I opened the door ... standing on the threshold of Alex!
I froze, his mouth open in surprise. Forgetting that I was in his pajamas, unkempt, free to browse online dating with a swollen face from crying, I stood rooted to the spot and could not look away.
Alex stepped inside, slightly pushing me, I closed the door behind him, put a small duffel bag on the floor, put his arm around me and hugged.
- Stupid, stupid, my girl - he whispered and stroked my head - how could you think that more important to me your appearance than your soul? free to browse online dating.

The bright sun was shining in his eyes through closed eyelids pink. Alice stir and the first movement reminded of the pain that permeates the soul through. In memory immediately came to life yesterday's scene of parting, strictly cheekbones Max and his pale lips, through which he so painstakingly squeezed out the words ... How did it hurt! His eyes filled with tears again. Alice shook her head vigorously, she will not cry anymore! Enough that yesterday she sobbed all night.
Now she was alone. Today is Saturday. Alice had no idea how her to spend the day.
Yesterday, when Max hiding his eyes, said that he had no power over and he wants to break off their relationship, Alice could not say because of the pain gripped her soul word in response. She perfectly understood him, after that accident, which resulted in Alice was chained to this chair, Max behaved stoically. All eight months, he was a caring, patient and attentive. Every day he came to her at the hospital while she was lying there after the operation, he always supported her mentally, in every way joking gave funny soft toys sim dating games online. Max utmost to instill in her the hope that she will recover soon, but doctors were categorical in their conclusions: we need another series of operations, then long-term rehabilitation, but guarantees that it will be fine to go there were not any. Why young and healthy guy sitting all night long with the girl, half-encased in a cast?
Alice closed her eyes again and swallowed the lump in my throat mistimed. She would not cry! Now she will figure out what to do to her.
The room looked father:
- Alisonka, woke up already? Mom pancakes ventured there! We come soon and we will wash breakfast.
After breakfast, Alice asked the father to put it to your computer and yourself some rest. She routinely typed password, and went to one of the many social networking sites. She waited a few letters. In the eyes immediately rushed to a strange nickname. Alice opened the letter first. In broken Russian, interspersed with English words not familiar to her guy he wrote that he saw her picture at their mutual friend and fell in love with her. He asked to add it to friends and begged him to answer. The letter was completely stupid. Cloyingly sweet, completely in the eastern style, because the guy who wrote it was the Turks. In another situation, Alice would have never paid attention to such a message, but now this letter was to her like a breath of sweet lemonade at thirst. Though not pure fresh water, but the bracer! And Alice added it to friends.
Veys, that was his name, was very sociable. He slept her compliments, jokes. He could, and knew how to communicate on the network and did it brilliantly sim dating games online.
In the beginning it was just interesting and probably to some extent, raised her self-esteem. And she was It is now vital. We can not say that he is very pleased her rather no than yes. Turk, Muslim, Russian language knows bad. For virtual dating it was solid cons. But he wrote to her the first day, was in love as soon as I saw her picture, she is very beautiful, that every man will be happy next to her ... Of course, she did not believe she was funny to read it, no more than the first ... day Alice told him the truth about himself, waiting for him to stop writing about his unearthly love ... Do not stop ... only wrote that he was sorry, but that does not change anything. His letters were still filled with love, every letter he praised and extolled its beauty. Gradually Alice to the letters have become commonplace, and she was pleased to read them, finding some outlet. Eastern flattery acted on her troubled soul as living water. Drop by drop she helped Alice to restore self-confidence and faith in people.
Then she decided to see him on the webcam. It was a strange feeling. As if you see a stranger, but you feel that you know him all his life. As if you met him in the other life. In fact it was so, but not in another life, in another world. It was a virtual world, and the webcam as if connected the virtual and real worlds, making the border between illusory. They began to see every day, then twice a day. He also spoke of his love, Alice did not believe, on the contrary, explained to him that all too difficult. She explains to him that he could not walk, they are in different countries, have different religions, different cultures ... But he always replied that it did not matter that he will always be there and will be around to help. Days of communication evolved into weeks and then into months and Alice had not noticed how used to it, to their dating, as she called them sim dating games online.
They gradually got to know each other, asking a variety of questions on the most unexpected theme. And one day, Alice realized that people in the virtual communication opens much faster and deeper than in the real. She was amazed by this discovery. It was a strange paradox. After all, when real communication we see the expression of the eyes, hear the tone of voice, watching the movements of the interlocutor. Still, man remains closed to us. We see only what he wants to show. A virtual world where seemingly very easy to put on any mask, suddenly, only with words, reveals the human soul.
Once Alice asked Weiss if he had Russian girls. He replied - yes. He told me that he had a Russian girl, with whom he talked for a long time, but then they broke up, and added that he still has not forgotten her ... Alice suddenly felt that she was hurt and offended. She suddenly realized that was beginning to believe his confession, and it turned out that he is still in love with another girl. Why would he say that? To make it hurt? That she was jealous? After all, he could calmly lie and she'd never learned the truth. Why do not lie? ..
From that moment they began another relationship, complicated ... but living without cloying sweetness of the first month. Alice felt a strange feeling. She felt that more and more begins to need Weiss, he becomes a part of her life. She began to catch myself on the fact that the waiting for the next session. And between them, her thoughts keep coming back to Weiss, turning his words, recalling the look in his eyes, his smile. Alice knew very well what that means. Whether it is in a different situation, it would make every effort to end the relationship, but now she needed Weiss. As much as he tormented her mentally, he still supported. Approaching operation and, of course, Alice was worried. The unknown is always scary person and appear cowardly thought, like, maybe, and so will cost? After all, how it will be arranged there - is unknown, but now I have got used ... And it is very important that in this moment, someone was close and said in a firm voice: "You have already gone through so much, surely now step back? Is Now let take a weakness the best of you? " And such a man was Alice Weiss. Although they sometimes quarreled and told each other unpleasant things, he still always supported it wholeheartedly sim dating games online.
Suddenly, quite unexpectedly Alice Weiss told her that he was going to work in another city, and that he will now have the ability to surf the Internet on the weekends. Alice was very sad, and here also emerged talking about his girlfriend and another Russian Alisa first flared up, saying, "I'm not going to stand in the list of your women! When it is determined to whom you want to be, then write!"
They said good-bye is very bad, Weiss left and they did not talk about three weeks. He did not appear on the network. Resentment Alice gradually passed, it became too bored without him and could not stand, she wrote to him, but Weiss did not answer. Alice worried scolded herself, gave a vow that no longer watch it online, but each time could not stand, and again sought to computer, in the hope that he still appeared.
He emerged after nearly a month of silence! And as if nothing had happened continued communication. He was with her and not with her. This communication Alice and weighed at the same time she could not give it up.
It specifically found him in one of social networks, and knocked him to friends. Once he added it to his list of friends, she saw his album askim (loved) and photos that it holds a photo of his ex-girlfriend. This is the girl he called his beloved. He did not make excuses. And what can I say? But they still talked, there was already such tenderness or her or his hand, but cut all, each of them could not.
One day Alice Weiss said that the girl in the past that she died for him, he removed all her pictures and put the name of Alice in marital status. She considered it her victory. All was well in the beginning, but more sincere, perhaps because she really began to feel what he was saying. Alice did not notice how in love ... Silly? Maybe because they have not even seen live. Alice herself would have never believed it if she had someone said this. But it was true and Alice bitterly aware that become dependent on these virtual meetings and from the Weiss.
Then he began to appear the other girls, which he did not hide much. She did not expect him store loyalty, she had no illusions about this. Still, it was unpleasant. He would disappear for a few days, when she took offense because of his passion once, giving her time to calm down and get bored, and then appeared with the words "I can not live without you, I love you, and with them just sex" and again she forgave . But he disappeared again ... Why did not he call her? I did not want to talk? I do not want to see? I do not miss? She did not know, could not understand him. When they met, he was very gentle, Alice saw his emotions, she felt that he was not lying. No man so it did not look ... Like the song "a sea of forces in one you think," she was the same way. And Weiss was afraid, afraid of the problems, difficulties. But he had the courage to say it to Alice directly. Seeing the pain in his eyes, and she most wanted to cry sim dating games online.
But Alice continued to hope that they will cope with everything, because they have reached in their relations to such a milestone as sincerity, but as it turned out, Alice hoped in vain ...
Another quiet quarrel suddenly revealed in Alice complete lack of mental strength and Alice unexpectedly just removed all his contacts, it could no longer meditate in front of the screen, hoping that he would call. Nevertheless, Weiss reappeared when Alice had stopped coming. Although the man she cheated? No longer, it was still waiting for him some news. There was, and they continued to swear again. Rather swore only Alice, expressed that she does not like, and Weiss was silent ... silent as usual. Alice said she was fed up and disconnected, and two hours later she call back ... What was that? Madness? Maybe ... She was fine with it here and now in the rest do not care, and that gave her some solace something. She stopped by Weiss to wait for something, if she wanted to see him - wrote the first and Alice did not care how it looks from the outside. She knew that in real life they did not and it never will arrive to it. But it was she needed ... While necessary, though on such terms. And it was he wanted, she could feel it. It also attracted to Alice, but he was afraid ... I was afraid of problems ...
Perhaps, on the other it will be easier. In the meantime, they are two crazy seen on Skype and admired each other madly wanted to be together at the moment, but knowing that this will never happen. Deliiiiiiiiii ... how Weiss often call them, ask deli - crazy love.
They were together again. However - what does it mean? This means, as if they did not swear, do not hurt, Alice still forgive him, but he always came back. They had a sick love, dependence on each other ... Or is she just like to think so? To think that he can not live without her ...
It is not known how long would all this is going on, but he has finished, remove it from the contacts. It would be better for everyone, she decided she would not, but continue so on could not.
I forgive you, my good
For all that is lost between us
I do not come over uninvited guest,
Taken possession of your dreams
I forgive you, my favorite
Let go with peace of mind
Woven invisible thread
Weak fingers I tear
I forgive you, my dear
And if you were my least once?
It does not matter ... you gave me strength
The heart of my taking charge

On the one hand Alice was exhausted and devastated by these mad relationships, but on the other hand, she suddenly, unexpectedly for itself became aware that love Weiss cured her fear. Alice was more afraid of the forthcoming operation, on the contrary, she was looking forward to it, because I realized that no matter the outcome, life after the operation stops. But with the operation she has a great chance to change their lives and she will use this opportunity!
Alice reached over the sweet young body, listening to the sensations. No pain did not respond in any of the vertebrae. Dr. rightly said that the operation was critical and the next will have just a mere trifle compared to this. And then - go sim dating games online! Alice knew that she would walk again, all over the body, she felt an extraordinary lightness, only legs were still heavy, but it was a matter of time.
Alice laughed softly, presenting as it soon will be on their feet and gladly turned over on its side.
She thought of Weiss. Already passed the pain and bitterness. He will always remain in her heart, on a separate page, with the note "did not come true." But now Alice set a goal to open a new chapter of his life, which should be filled with love, joy and fulfillment of desires. After the incident with Alice Weiss I realized that all relationships necessarily need to build on mutual trust and respect. She learned a lot over time and knew that her new love, she will look through the Internet, because the Internet opens the world to her. sim dating games online.

The real story of the virtual love. My virtual history many seem very bold. So do not rush to judge, who does not happen. I just want to openly talk about his virtual love. Immediately I say, that I'm pretty normal, if it seems otherwise - to think so, your right. So ... it all happened not so long ago and by chance. I can say that this man was not the first of my virtual friends, but somehow it did not to "touch". And Victor was interesting to communicate online single dating sites for americans.

I will try to paint a portrait of Vick (I came up with such a reduction on its behalf). Not very tall, handsome man. In his 38 years, he looked great, even as something attractive, or something. There is a type of men - not to say that good-looking, but very attractive. Brown eyes. tanned skin. Well built. On a horoscope it - Taurus. And how many calves - affable, stubborn, tender and jealous.

Important for me is to communicate with me, what words they say. So in this regard, he gave me a lot - nice phrase, affectionate phrases, his most favorite and my "Candyman", so he turned to me. I liked that Vick is free (I do not think he lied to me - he was divorced). Because I have previously been a virtual friend ... when I wanted to talk with him on weekends, on holidays or late at night - it was always busy family. And we talked with Vic at any convenient time for me, of course, we both worked, so it was in the evening online single dating sites for americans ...

We not only talked, we had a real love affair, only virtual. We are dating online, meet, enjoy communication and Wirth. Both had a webcam. So we have seen when communicating with each other in real time. Why is the history of daring? Because I allowed myself these feelings and phone sex. We watched each other while talking on the mobile phone. It was with Vic, I made a discovery that turns me very winds that during sex, the man whispers in my ear all sorts of amenities, caresses me with his voice. You can not believe it, but we have an orgasm is always accomplished simultaneously. And most importantly, everything worked itself. Of course, the downside is that each fondled himself (sex with a virtual person).

We never left immediately after sexual pleasure. Usually, after a long time we are talking, telling different varieties. This went on for five months. Then, on Valentine's Day, he sent me an e-mail yellow heart and the inscription inside: "Sweetie, you're always in my heart!" I was very touched ... After that my virtual man was gone ... just disappeared and all ...

I was terribly bored, longing, worry. Do not understand anything ... I thought, what if something happened ... Why people disappeared without any warning? And I had no idea that he may just get bored of our fellowship is or has someone appeared in the real world. I decided for myself that I will just have to wait. I was confident - sooner or later it will, will have an effect. Expectations were sometimes painful. And after 5.5 months, he announced. He said that was a long trip (although it was possible, and fiction). But I believed. And our virtual dizzying novel spun again, gaining strength, by painting everything in brighter colors online single dating sites for americans.

I was crazy about his voice. He never tired of me talking about what I'm beautiful, how much he wants me - just to madness. And a lot of different phrases in praise of ...
We never wound up talking about a real meeting, apparently both knew it would not. Vic confessed my love. And it wanted me to love him, too. People often ask if I love him? I do not miss it? And jealous ... he probably did not know to whom. In fact - that jealous? After all, we lived our lives, but virtual. And each had their own real life. I liked to own virtual charms - fascinate and seduce a man like him, to be loved, albeit virtually.

The finale of this story is simple. We stopped talking abruptly. Vic called me on March 8 - congratulated talked about that, about this. And I went and blabbed that met a good man. He asked, "Why are you telling me this?" I even did not know what to answer. And the more I have not heard: "Sweetie, hi!" He disappeared again, forever ... I wrote to him by e-mail, send an SMS, but he did not answer. At some point I realized that we should not bother him anymore. The man just does not want to communicate with me online single dating sites for americans.

Sometimes I think of the beautiful novel - a virtual passionate love. Virtual spell ... We both knew how to enjoy them with pleasure. What better way to pleasant memories of your virtual lover? Only interesting and rich real life. But these memories sometimes as a warm fire in the fireplace, warm ... online single dating sites for americans.

Virtual dating. Irinka is tired of being alone. She could not understand why all the time one. Okay, there was some kind of horror story, is it not, on the contrary, very pretty, short, with ladnenko figure. And education and training, and one is not familiar with it. Not that it is too picky and long picks. She just is not from whom to choose. When studying at the institute, then run the clubs especially once was. Student at the party, of course, she went, her classmates only little interest. And when the work was arranged after nstituta, then again, no luck - well, absolutely no nominations. Mostly women's team, men's one-two and miscalculated, and they aged and married. As a result, the question arose edge where decent girl to meet a decent guy? Girlfriends but somehow managed to all get married and Irinka, online dating service in her 26 years, was no one to go to parties, and one to go as something not very much.
One day at work just started talking about it and Marina Petrovna, very pretty and sociable woman, let slip that her pair of girlfriends, divorced, looking for a men on dating sites on the Internet. - However, this work is already very tense and troublesome, - she said - my girlfriend every day sitting on these sites are selected and screened, and then scheduled to go bye.
- Irishev! - Marina Petrovna turned to Irinka - as you can and look for a dating site? You do something you find yourself easily, so young so beautiful!
Irinka shrugged her slender shoulders.
- Yes, I do not know how to do it and where to look for these sites, - she said distractedly.
- So it's easier than ever solved - Marina Petrovna was delighted - I'll call her right now podruzhaykam and they all tell and teach around.
Within minutes, she put a small list before Irinka dating sites with instructions how and what better to do online dating service.
When I got home, quickly Irinka dinner and I sat looking at the computer. Spending a whole evening, she enrolled in the three dating sites, and recommended it as a pilot friend of Marina Petrovna. Less than ten minutes on her flurry of letters. Such excitement Irinka had not expected. Trembling in the heart, she opened the first letter. Cute guy smiling with photos. Looking straight open.
"Hi, - he wrote - what are you pretty!"
Irinka liked his look and she replied without hesitation: "Hi! Thanks for the compliment! You have a nice face." After thinking a little smiley added. The answer is not long in coming. "And this is your photo?" - Asked the stranger. "Of course, my!" - Slightly amazed Irinka. "What are you, so pretty and alone?" Irinka confused. I tried to laugh it off, but the correspondence is no longer continued. All the letters that came to her that day, did not give any result. They contain obscene or suggestions, or she did not like the destination, or completely stupid asking this question: if you're so pretty, why alone?
At work she came quite upset.
- Well? - It was the first question of Marina Petrovna.
- There is progress?
Irinka shook her head and bitterly told what happened. Marina Petrovna, too, genuinely upset online dating service.
- Well, you do not worry - she became calm Irinka - it's just the first day this was, and then you look and who will!
But the next two days happened all the same, and then the letters stopped coming almost.
- You know that - after all the unsuccessful attempts said Marina Petrovna - I yesterday all evening my husband and I talked about you. We talked for some reason you can not. He said that there are certain methods of online dating that you search specific sites as it is done. And he said that it is better not to meet friends on dating sites, and in any kind of forums, in chat rooms. Choose what you're interested, find on this subject a couple of forums and chat there, staring, and there will be somebody.
- And where is your husband knows all about it? I do not whether he had met in this way? - Irinka joked. But Marina Petrovna calmly and with a smile said:
- He's just talking to one forum and they are there so one pair formed, so he spoke about it.
Smart girl does not need a long time to explain where and how to search for information on the Internet, and Irinka quickly learned about the features of virtual dating, to understand the tricks of communication and choosing an interesting forum for her, she began to develop its open spaces and meeting participants. Although no suitable candidates from which to explore not, she continued to be happy to come to this forum, because I met a few interesting girls, and she liked to talk to them.
But one absolutely beautiful evening in friendly company wedged their male who quickly endeared himself to all the participants of the conversation. He joked witty, showered with compliments, he expressed interesting thoughts and all the girls were pleased to communicate with him. Irinka liked it and she even secretly watched his profile. Imagine her surprise when she saw that they were from the same city. And age, he came to her, three years older. But most of all she was surprised when a few days later, he wrote her a private message and asked for her number, "ICQ". Irinka it was very nice and she gladly exchanged numbers. Correspondence with Alexei (that was his name) has quickly become an integral part of her life. They talked all day, everywhere. Every morning, getting out of bed, it included a computer and the virtual bouquet with a gentle wish good morning. They corresponded while at work, exchanging brief pleasantries, it was very comfortable with each other. Share photos, they realized that like each other.
Irinka could not believe that everything that happens to her! What finally she emerged from her the one to whom it is interesting and the road. She literally flew with joy and overwhelms her senses.
But the same Marina Petrovna began to warn her:
- You see, Irishev! Still do not know what it really is! After she know that you can head and share all sorts of things, you are directly question Ask him about the meeting.
- Oh, Marina Petrovna, so uncomfortable to me somehow ... I'm a girl, I'll tell him that I want to meet him?
- But say so, it only seems that men should always make the first step. And in fact, they are very happy and grateful girl who evinces his sympathy. And what you lose something? Certainty because many times better than the unknown!
In the words of Marina Petrovna was common sense and decided Irinka ...
In the evening, she had long pondered how to ask Alexei meeting, but did not think of just wrote to him: "You never talk about our meeting ... I would like to see you!"
For a few seconds seemed like an eternity waiting for a response. Heart pounding, it seemed about to jump out of my chest. How long has he wrote an answer ... It is so easy to write yes or no ... yes ... better what he was scribbling so long? Finally on the screen appeared the words:
"My dear, I'm afraid to ask you about it! Too everything looks fabulous and unreal. I think in life it does not happen. There is so much misery, resentment and deception, I do not believe in the happiness that just like that could appear in my life! Of course I want to see you! I wake up thinking about you and fall asleep with your name ... But I'm afraid, I'm afraid of losing this story, which has become so dear to me! That's why I did not offer to meet, but ... if you yourself think that meeting is possible, then I have a chance, online dating service you just such as I represent you. Let's meet this weekend? "
Irinka sharply jumped from his chair, paused on the table leg, jumped into the middle of the room and began to spin in a joyful dance. She jumped and screamed, happy emotions overwhelmed her. Spilling her overwhelming energy and calmed down a little, she began to think how she should prepare for the upcoming meeting.
They agreed upon the place and hour and both were looking forward to when the same come the weekend. Somehow, without saying a word they both say no more about the expected meeting, as though fearing further ado disturb the aura of mystery, which is now surrounded by the upcoming first date. The unknown always is in the human soul thrill and excitement, especially when you wait for something good, but do not know how it will be.
Fall Saturday morning was unusually clear and sunny. Irinka opened her eyes and gasped in bright light, fill her room. In the first moment of awareness of reality in the brain flashed the thought: now she sees Alexei !!! During their communication, he became so dear to her, she threw any thought that he might not like it.
She easily jumped out of bed, charming narrow foot gone cool on the floor deliberately stepping on lying on the floor of the solar path. Morning showers gave her, already beautiful, body lightness and airiness of a kind. Throwing a soft bathrobe, she went to the kitchen, cooked himself a fresh, deliciously smelling coffee, tucked his cream, baked a pair of toast with cheese. She poured coffee into your favorite morning glass, beautifully laid toast a porcelain bowl, lay on the table cloth, which delivered its cooked breakfast and only then sat down at the table. The habit of surrounding yourself with beauty in everything, even in small ways, she had developed since childhood. Mom always did and now I come to visit her, Irinka spied always happy, even her energetic mom came up and found it and learn for themselves. Quickly finished with breakfast, she began to prepare for the long-awaited meeting. She left was another four hours, not too little, but not much, who knows how the girls are going, he will understand perfectly that time was running out.
All the preparations she had laid out in advance, and by the time the home Irinka examined herself from head to toe in the mirror and was satisfied with the result of what he saw. From the mirror I looked at her petite brown-haired woman with luminous brown eyes, framed by long lashes fluffy. Delicate pink lips were covered with little noticeable shine. Her lightly tanned skin over the summer favorably shades of blue blouse. The apparent negligence hairstyle was really careful forethought. These soft curls framed a lovely face and part of her hair pinned up behind the original hairpin panther. Blue jeans profitable stressed rounded hips. On top she threw a thin suede jacket the color of dark chocolate and graceful shod boots. Winking at his reflection and sent herself a kiss, the girl left the house.
Coming to the appointed place, Irinka suddenly felt how much her heart beating. She was very worried. Suspend a little away, she decided to look around. They agreed to meet at a monument to Pushkin, but no one was there. Irinka looked around and saw a man sitting aloof on a bench guy. Beside him lay a bouquet of pale pink roses. Is that it? The guy stood up and began nervously pacing along the bench. Yes, it was definitely Alex. From a distance he looked a little less than she had imagined it. He, too, was worried, it was immediately clear. Suddenly, a wave of warmth and affection for him came at her, she was ready to throw this very moment on his neck and kissed him, and it seemed a pretty long familiar face. She came around the corner of the house and went to the bench with confidence. At the sound of heels Alex turned his head and froze ...
The girl came up to him very close, looked into his eyes. Alexey thought of her eyes rained gold sparkles before she was good! He gently ran his hand over her cheek, smiled and whispered:
- Well, hello, my dear!
They were holding hands, and could not look away from each other. And everyone in the soul joy jumping sunbeam!
In the morning, on Monday Irinka flew into his office on the wings. Marina Petrovna, seeing her so schaslivo, understood everything without words, just came up and hugged her. After standing for a few seconds, they finally settled down in their jobs and began to tell Irinka. She spoke with such enthusiasm about their meeting, about how they spent the day, he cared for her as presented flowers as carefully and tenderly kissed her for the first time as they parted at night, and they met the next day, that the most callous Scrooge I am glad with her her joy.
- I'm very happy for you! - Said Marina Petrovna.
- Say happy to say nothing! I'm happy your happiness and your happiness! God grant that all my life you remained the same happy!
The working day was as usual, came from Alexei pair of posts, he wrote that he would be busy during the day and write it in the evening.
Coming home after work, Irinka cooked dinner, sat down and pulled to a laptop. Habitually incorporated ICQ, Alex was already online and waiting for her.
"Hi, honey! What are you doing?"
"Supper gathered (smiley). Hello!"
"What you will have for dessert? (Smiley)"
"I dont know yet.."
"And that's how you this option dessert?" The screen flickered a window with the option to accept / reject the file. Irinka took the file and opened it. Alex sent a picture on which was depicted ring. Irinka bit confused:
"What do you mean? Why do I need a virtual ring?" - She wrote Alexei did not understand what he meant.
At this moment, the doorbell rang, she pushed the laptop and went to open.
On the landing was Alex. In one hand he had the iPhone, with whom he apparently had just sent the message, online dating service and in his other hand he held a small box with the very ring.
- And if not virtual? - He asked.
It took one and a half years. Alex was sitting at work, with his head sunk in the drawings. Suddenly there was the familiar sound of Oh! In came a new message ICQ. He lifted his head to see who sent. Irinka sent him smiley angel with a mischievous little eyes smiled from the screen. Alex smiled gently.
"Yes, my dear!"
"We will have a baby !!!" online dating service.

This is a real story happened to real people in a virtual world. They decided to tell her everything and let everyone make their own conclusions.
On the Internet a lot of material of the fraud found in the virtual love, pulling money on sweepstakes ... In this story, nothing like this has happened ... Just one day at one of the many forums met two: He and She. He sat every evening on the Internet ... Mature man after forty years. It seems to have everything that you can think of ... but it was not the most important, the woman he loved in his life. It so happened that some time in a family relationship went wrong once and for all 100 secure online dating. That evening he held himself anything but to portray the kind of busy and avoid talking. One day he came to the forum to communicate positive, he liked that all the colorful avatars, people naturally communicate. The situation at the forum was warm and cozy. And he happily began to come to the forum. Fun virtual parties and intimate conversations just been great. At a party suddenly flashed a new Avatar. She seemed so sweet and gentle that he himself was embarrassed to admit that in the virtual world of his avatar is attracted ... but in spite of this embarrassment, he made every effort to get to know ... It is easy to go on contact in the virtual world familiarity is very easy. It is true for some time, do not set it apart from the general circle, but he was persistent and managed to make their communication beyond the Forum. She was beginning to understand what he likes, but did not attach any importance to this, because they do not believe in any virtual relationships there. Yes, and what could be the relationship, if everyone had a family and shared polzemnogo ball. She was constantly teased him, she liked to tease him and she especially flirting with the other members of the forum. But the more they talked, the clearer it became that they like each other. When she began to realize it, then I frightened. Women's intuition suddenly she suggested that this dialogue can develop into a serious feelings. Realizing that nothing good will come of it can not have any problems alone, she decided to stop communicating.
But in that short time he felt such warmth next to the distant unattainable woman that refused to communicate with her, he could not.
It is not known what would happen next .. or vice versa would not have happened, but he somehow inexplicably guessed her desire to stop communicating with him.
As much as it may sound ridiculous and corny, but he suddenly began to understand that love with a distant stranger. And I fell in love as never in my life loved nobody. In his mind seething mad emotions, on the one hand the knowledge that it will face serious difficulties, but on the other hand it was. Sweet, affectionate, kind and amazing gentle woman gave him warmth, which he had not felt. And during the next virtual meeting he first told her about how much she cares and that he can not without it. She paused in confusion. And he talked and talked into the void. Without stopping, knowing that at any moment it could shut down and he lost her forever 100 secure online dating. He was very eloquent. In the course went all his charm and emotion. She silently read lines appearing on the screen:
- Sweetheart, how can we be? ...
- You are very dear to me, sweetheart ... !!!
- where are you? do not be silent!!!...
- I need you so ...
And so much despair felt in every word that she broke down and said:
- I have a feeling that you and I have the cobwebs entwine ...
- No, sweetheart! I embrace you tenderly and attracts!
- But why, after all this is nonsense and nonsense! Virtual relationships - a myth! Fudge!
- My joy! Virtual relationships are real feelings! And only depends on us how we can make this a reality.
And at that moment she realized that in her heart toward this man appeared something that she does not want to lose.
A little calmer on this onslaught She wrote:
- Honey ... then do something ..
He received a carte blanche !!!
Since he was not an experienced virtual seducer, he had to spend a lot of time on the Internet in search of information, how to diversify their virtual communication.
They listened to music together, watched movies, made virtual tours and walks, lots of joking and laughing, came up with a variety of games, asked thousands of questions trying to get to know each other.
Many hours were held together and the interest not only did not decrease, but on the contrary become more and more. Thus was born their type of virtual dialogue based on trust and mutual respect.
But that was not enough, she still continued to rush in the shower between him and his family. She respected her husband, well he was treated and her depressed consciousness that though virtual, but her life was a different man. This duality tore her soul, She knew then what can not continue and further their own peace of mind, she would have to go through the heartache, but also cause the pain to him. It was very hard to do and it all put aside this difficult time. But the longer it is delayed the more they are tied to each other.
And He knew that words only feeling will not last long, no matter how bright they are 100 secure online dating. He makes every effort to diversify and thus strengthen their relationship. Thus arose the idea of joint projects, which they began to implement. Thus the scope of their communication has grown and they now communicate as partners working on a common project.
Yet one day she decided ... In normal times, they turned on their computers. He had nothing suspected greeted and joked, telling her various gentle words. She tried to answer something at the same time thinking about how to tell him of his decision. Not finding any reason and decided to speak directly and simply start typing unbearably heavy words: "Forgive me, but we have to leave!" His fingers did not obey, and fell to the other letters. Suddenly on the screen in front of her appeared a poem:
Slim, like a flower,
Pure as spring,
Free as a bird
Bending like a reed,
Eye color of the sky,
Velvet cheeks,
Pearl smile
All of this - YOU !!!
Gentle, sweet,
Sometimes strange,
Barbed Rose,
But nevertheless desirable,
Being close to you -
One pleasure
If you leave
I'm probably going to die ...
Her fingers froze over the keyboard ... How He could feel her condition, her intention through half the globe in just a few seconds? She knew that only a true spiritual closeness to her allowed him to do so. She was unbearably painful, but collecting all the power which she was able to find myself, She sent your message ...
He sat in front of the monitor as if stunned. Hard black letters talking about the impossible. When a few seconds ago, he suddenly something twinge in his heart and he spontaneously grabbed the Internet is more or less a good poem, he still would not believe a horrible feeling. But now the world is for him collapsed. He could not let her go! From the nervous trembling shook his letters and danced before his eyes, but he made a desperate attempt to stop her.
- my sun! I can not lose you ...
- You became for me the meaning of all ...
- We have learned so much from you, sweetheart!
- I do not want to let you go ... I can not ...
She finally said:
- I'm sorry ... I really hurt this writing, but it is better to stop ...
She should have remained silent! His fingers feverishly recruited some gentle words, 100 secure online dating she was still in touch and it was hope. Weak, ghostly, but hope! He clung to her, and talked and talked ... But the words were useless in a moment beside her nickname lit red daisy. She passed out ...
There is no such words to convey the pain and despair in love, loses his favorite. He knew her decisive and strong character, and he knew that that was it. No letter and no amount of persuasion will not help her return. And then he just sent her a single letter ...
She was restless, constantly stretched hand to the mouse, click the button treasured, but some force it to stop. Tears filled my eyes and my heart was ready to jump out of my chest, but she stubbornly kept telling myself that it was only just so painful, but tomorrow it will be easier, and all this separation will only get better. Each of them will be with his family and everything will be happy. So long was unbearable the first hour without it. She sat down again to the computer to turn it off completely and saw flashing envelope in the mail. Certainly it from him! After collecting the remains of the will in a fist, she was determined that he had read the letter, but will not be responsible under any pretext! Opening the mail she saw a single picture of a broken heart and a short inscription: "Why did you do this to me? You know I love you ..."
Tears streamed from her eyes, and the whole strength of character fell by surging emotions. So it does not hurt anyone could do, and especially your loved one! And she rushed back to him! Of course, he was waiting for her!
She felt guilty unthinkable, and he was incredibly happy! He felt that swept over him a black cloud that closed white light. But now, a gentle breeze blew and blew the cloud! Happy smile never left his face and he took a deep breath of relief. She had a feeling that she is sitting on his lap, but he gently stroked her warm, large hands and closes his hands against all possible troubles. Both were happy! And if someone says that it is not possible, then it makes a mistake very much! Because the physical body, dense and slow moving, contains more such uncharted and integral, it is not the physical part of the soul! And our soul can move in space with lightning speed to any point of the earth, 100 secure online dating or any other of the world! And when there are two loving souls, for them there are no obstacles such as some kind of half the globe!
He and she are still together, the story goes on ... We wish them to fulfill their desires, and let the real world will be another two happy people more ... 100 secure online dating.

Secrets of female language.
The universal concept of the female language for men.
Everyone has long known that men and women are completely different creatures. And always a different type of thinking causes the opposite sex difficulty in communicating. Despite the fact that we are talking the same language. It is believed that this man is simple and straightforward, while a woman - "a word in simplicity not tell." Women thought men very difficult veiled. To understand them, sometimes you need a special dictionary-translator, we offer you now online dating tips!

1. When a woman screams in fury:
"I do not want to see you!" - It has in mind:
- You have to rethink their behavior;
- If you agree with me, you can stay;
- Turn around, put your arms around me and tell me that you love most in the world!
Improper male behavior: immediate withdrawal. From this it will only make things worse for both of you.
The correct male behavior: a hug, a kiss and say that you love her more than anything.
2. When a woman says:
"Your mother is wonderful!" - It means:
- When you finally realize how lucky you are with me;
- I am very diplomatically, and do not want to quarrel with you;
- Hold me and tell me that I'm the best!
Improper male behavior: reply: "Yes, I love her so much! There are more women present ..."
The correct male behavior: a hug and say, "Yes, I love her very much, but I love you even more! You are the best in the world online dating tips!"
3. When a woman says:
"But my dad always for me ...", she wants to say:
- You do not care about me the way he did;
- I still hope that you're the best in the world of all the men and finally prove it;
- Stay with me, I'm so afraid of being alone!
Improper male behavior: reply: "You have long grown woman! How much can you remember that your father you once ..?!"
The correct male behavior: reply: "You're such a good girl and I love you more than anyone in the world, I decided to build a sauna in the country, please help me with the design you have is so good!"
4. When a woman asks:
"You will marry a second time, if I die?", She means:
- If you want to get married after my death a second time, so I'm not so expensive, and you are now able to change me;
- How much you appreciate our love?
- I want you to hug me and said that without me you can not live a single day!
Improper male behavior: reply: "Yes, marry, one man is very hard to live. Do you want me to be tortured? "
The correct male behavior ie: a hug and say, "We will live together for a long and happy life, love! No woman can I replace you!"
5. When a woman says:
"I'm cold!" - It means:
- Hold me, I missed your hands;
- Honey, it's time to think about a new coat for me;
- When you finally take me guess Cyprus bask in the sun?
Improper male behavior: answer looking at the TV screen: "Get dressed warmly and drink a cup of tea."
The correct male behavior: a hug, a kiss and say, "We need to think how we plan a vacation, to go somewhere to the south. You need to warm up in the sun."
6. When a woman says:
"I love you!" - She wants to say:
- You rarely spoke these words to me;
- You are so lucky with me, and you do not appreciate;
- You do not so long ago gave me gifts!
Improper male behavior: reply: "I love you too."
The correct male behavior: start talking about his love and of happiness, which gives you your beloved with his love. From the word go to the active lovemaking.
7. When a woman says:
"What a nightmare, I'm in this dress look so fat" - she wants to say:
- Even though I recovered, but you still love me?
- I know very well that I have a smart figure, just want to hear from you once again!
- It's time to update my wardrobe.
Improper male behavior: reply: "How many times can you talk about the same? I repeat for the umpteenth time: this dress is very beautiful and it you do not look fat!" (The woman immediately think: if this dress is not complete - it means another full online dating tips! So I'm fat! So I became ugly, and he no longer loves me!)
The correct male behavior: reply: "Honey, you have a great figure, I like you so what you have, and in any outfit you look like a queen!"
8. When a woman says:
"If you really loved me, you would be able to understand me!" - It means:
- I miss your warmth and understanding;
- I think it's time to look for another;
- You have so little to give me the attention that I have had to ask you about love.
Improper male behavior: start proving her love for words. If you do not understand it, then you did not like!
The correct male behavior: without further ado go to active lovemaking. Then, try to still understand what is the problem to your favorite. After sex, the two sides are much softer and more compliant.
9. When a woman asks:
"Do you really love me?" she wants to say:
- You so rarely speak to me about it, I'm starting to doubt your feelings;
- Your behavior has changed, maybe you had another?
- We so rarely elsewhere were together, did you - ashamed of me?
Improper male behavior: answer a question with a question: "Do you doubt it?" (Just ask - then doubts!)
The correct male behavior: hug and whisper in your ear: "I'm from you crazy! I am the happiest man on earth!" You can once again from the word go directly to the love itself.
10. When a question on the phone: "What are you doing?" the man replies, "Nothing" - a woman thinks
- Nothing ... it means nothing good, if anything good, then he is doing something bad, then it changes me ...
The correct answer to the question (even if you're lying on the couch and do nothing): "I did not go there to us today in the restaurant (cinema, club, discotheque, bowling, have a romantic dinner at home, etc.) The main thing is that your actions or thoughts were associated with it online dating tips.
Use these cribs and chat with your favorite will be ten times easier, you will be easier to understand each other and, therefore, your relationship will only be strengthened! Good luck! online dating tips.

Love and blood group.
Not long ago, sexologists have found that among a group of human blood and sexual behavior has a direct relationship. It turns out that knowing the blood group can assume in advance what will be the sexual behavior of the person.
Sex and the 1st blood
Man. He excelled in the science of seduction! Hunter! He loves to seek a woman. The harder it gets to him, the more he appreciates it. But if it still sought, the woman will not regret it, he will make every effort to his beloved was well with him. It's the most wonderful lover.
Female. She loves men with strong arms and strong-willed decision. Extremely jealous, it does not tolerate even a quick glance at passers-by. Very sexy and highly active in sex. She'll be a man comfortable with high potency online dating profiles.
Sex and the 2nd blood
Man. The shy, soft. But despite the apparent indecision, if decides to express its Love - makes it quite sharply and forcefully. Always in need of a woman's warmth and affection. His beloved constantly have to prove the actions of love.
Female. Modest to shyness and suspicion. She never dared talk about his first love and her chosen one for a long time will have to prove their love. But if she would believe him, it would be his loyal and loving wife. With proper sexual approach can be very sensual and alluring.

Sex and the third blood group
Man. External activity scattered compliments sort deceiver, causing interest among women, in fact, for the active behavior is trying to hide his fear of love. Afraid to bind and be deceived. In family life can be trusted, although sometimes will commit adultery online dating profiles.

Female. Sexually active, very attractive. But for the elect will be faithful to his wife. I am pleased to learn different techniques of sex, but in reality will only use what she liked, never take yourself inconvenience.

Sex and the 4th blood group
Man. A great lover of women, to ease their charms. However, he usually only interested in and beware of deep feelings. tend to have high potency, sex can be engaged all the time. Failure to perceive sex as a personal insult and easily leaves a woman.
Female. Moody, mysterious, controversial, demanding to elect than often attracts men. As soon as she allows a man to tame her, he immediately begins to break out at once, like a bird in a cage at the same time internally wanting to stay in the cell, online dating profiles with the proviso that it has chosen her enough attention. But she is so active and inconsistent that quickly overwhelms her lover. online dating profiles.

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