How do you know Do you guy. He looked at you. Yesterday, accidentally collided in the hallway today - when you knock over the tea in the dining room. Putting your head in the two eyes and mind adding a couple of missing terms, you hurried to diagnose - in love with you. Great and all-consuming ..

We hasten to disappoint - there are your views can easily disperse with the opinion of the boy (respectively - with the true state of affairs). But once the opportunity to sweep aside his feelings are not worth it - because there are many signs of the boy in love you. Yes, I understand that the guy likes you - really christian online dating.

Ways of solving

You can not reinvent the wheel, and to recognize viable option to find out the whole truth the most banal way - to come up and ask, Do you tell him. True, it is unlikely there will be able to take such a step ladies. Besides ... the truth of his answer is not one hundred percent - because in this situation the boy may simply wind up, decide that his play, or just say "no" to get away from a serious discussion. And yet - the boys are accustomed themselves to seek girls and make the first steps christian online dating.

Your position

His attitude towards your person you're interested in by chance - he certainly like you for a long time. And because of that you really want to see your feelings were mutual, and all the smiles you are ready to raise to the rank of "declaration of love", and every look in your direction regularly check for the presence of the undoubted sympathy.
She know - in this situation it is difficult to soberly assess the reaction. So - to reduce the temperature, and does not deceive itself. You are as important to his sense of reality, and not in your head.

Signs of sympathy

To no lie detector to see whether you love the guy have to watch him closely.
He likes you, if
1. It tries to look better in your presence. Suddenly he begins to pick up the color of a sweater the color of the shirt, comb every morning and ironed pants. And noticing you, constantly checks his irresistibility - glancing nervously to any reflective surface. And yet - corrects hairstyle recalls posture and smile, pulls his shirt collar and spreads.

2. It intersects with you. And not because you've done a huge detour on the way home to pass his court, and there is "accidentally" run into him. He's just like a haunting you - that goes round and round the school corridor, then visits the same department supermarket where you peeps.

3. He shows himself. If your appearance is usually a modest boy suddenly remembers all the funniest jokes of his life, he tells interesting facts or their heroic deeds. Even if you do not talk to him - with his friends, he shares all of the above, but if you find yourself there. No wonder - because he wants to please you.

4. It tries to be closer. In conversation, he comes closer than one would. Carefully cocks his head, listening to your cues, finds an excuse to bend over to you ("I'm sorry, I did not hear!").

5. It touches you. If you're fighting playfully, he touches you more often than you would. Requests pen - touch the whole hand, he wants something to pay attention - you again touches. He is simply important - to feel that you are alive, you are here christian online dating. :)

6. It is always for you. He is interested in your problems in a hurry to give advice, he asks a lot of questions about your life and hobbies.

7. He looks at you. Not looking very pale. Or a little laugh. Or - humbly and secretly. But always, at every meeting, in any environment.

Methods for determining

Sometimes there are boys, feelings which are not calculated on any grounds. But even in such cases have come up with solutions.
1. If you sit at the table, as if by chance Pridvinie closer to him some his thing (phone, keys, bracelet). If he will consider the thing, or just a thoughtful touch her - surely you are not indifferent to it.

2. Incidentally offer him their society. For example, pretend that you are now a grandmother - and you just by the way. Or hint on joint trips - "A friend at the last moment refused to go to the movies, and I was waiting for!". In his reaction to the possibility of hanging you can easily determine how it relates to you.

3. If you have long suspected his feelings, good and you are communicating, then accidentally hint that you care about it. If it is to you that something feels and take the hint, it just takes the first step.
Only, mind you, no secret poll of his friends - the boy is unlikely to enjoy such conversations behind him. He will tell you all when the time comes. christian online dating.

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. This is a celebration of all lovers.
On this day, it decided to give to someone you love, any object in the form of heart - card, candy box for jewelry. ... The postcard - Valentine decided to write a poem about love, you can even own. It is best to do your own valentine - because then it will be unique!
Valentine you can give not only the boy who likes, but also relatives, friends, teachers online dating dating price oil people - in short, everyone to whom you have a good attitude.
Few know - how has gone this tradition - to celebrate Valentine's Day.
A little history ...
In fact, this holiday for more than 16 centuries! It's hard to believe, but on February 14 the Romans celebrated more. But en masse to spend this holiday began only in 1777 in the United States.
The tradition of giving gifts is also strengthened. Although generally accepted symbol of the holiday is considered red roses, in some countries give gifts of another kind.
For example, in Japan. Actually, Valentine's Day in this country resembles the 8th of March. Just for men, as they get even more gifts than women. Usually it is men's accessories such as razors, lotion, wallet online dating dating price oil people ...
The French give the ladies jewelry. A romantic Danes as a sign of love send each other dried white flowers.
However, in spite of the harmlessness of this holiday, in some countries (especially eastern) he denied. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the celebration of Valentine's Day can be a rather big penalty to pay. online dating dating price oil people.

1) Take away all his numbers from the phone's memory with photographs of a window and smiles from memory
2) fall out of love - so out of love. No need to call the guy, no matter how bad you was - you just do myself worse
3) Avoid memories - do not listen to "your" song, do not go to places where you have been together. At least the first time free online dating service and chat.
4) All your love "property" - the general pictures, it presents notes - throw or take away away - for memories in old age)
5) Enough of trying to "accidentally" run into him. Walk its route that - and you know it - is not part of his house
6) Take care of yourself. The main thing - do not get depressed in the spirit of "I do not need him - so nobody needs). Radically change - from hairstyle to the color of nail polish. And remember - you're not the one that loved him - and your reflection is confirmed .
7) At a meeting with him did not get lost and do not try to escape - behave as if you're just friends. Only then try to look good also. Hello or not - will follow his example - he says hello, greet you.
8) does not communicate with his close friends, trying to learn about it as much as possible details. You should not worry about it.
9) are not allowed in wild life - believe me, it is not worth a Man wind, only to "someone was, and he saw that I was fine without it." Understand yourself and your feelings, and ... look for a new guy !
10) Do not show him that you still feel something. And, actually, you feel, after all this? Then you need to think seriously, and perhaps try to revive relations. Only if you broke up because of arguments , not on his own initiative free online dating service and chat.
10) Do not confuse ordinary razmolovku with parting. Perhaps the boy whom you have a 20% fell out of love, tomorrow will come running with an apology, which you very obradueshsya;) free online dating service and chat.

You probably have heard repeatedly about flirting. They say that with the help of the Prince and all you can get, and indeed the famous charming and beautiful young lady. If your knowledge of these particulars to an end, we offer a brief educational program. Yes, it is about learning how to flirt .
Basic knowledge
The term "flirtation" can be described in different ways. Flirt - a style of communication that attracts attention; It is the art of seduction with a hint of flirtation and game
You can read dozens of articles devoted to this theme, and ... nothing changes. Because the main part - practical - would have to perform yourself. And all the instructions, even the most detailed, in real life do not seem very feasible.
And yet, imagine you already know how to flirt. Not for you as a child made comments "Stop the boys eyes to build?" Ogle, coyly raise his eyebrows, lips prim - basic program behavior you learned long ago best free online dating sites.
Important components
Your appearance
Admit it, you would be unlikely to flirt with a guy you unsympathetic. So try to please myself - well-groomed, neat hair, makeup, emphasizing your dignity, stylish outfit - with the appearance and flirting do not need .;)
Eye contact
As you know, the eyes - a mirror of the soul. So long and hard to look at someone else's soul is not necessary .;) enough to look straight into the eyes of the interlocutor 6-9 seconds, then smile and look away to the side. In a few minutes you can repeat the same method, but do not overdo it - that boy is not at all proud of such interest to the person best free online dating sites.
You know - when you smile, you become more beautiful. Rest assured. So smile - often and sincerely. Besides smile shows a man that you set a positive.
When you are keen on talking, you, without even noticing, you begin to copy the interlocutor . So what prevents you to do it consciously? Repeat his facial expressions, gestures, to adjust to the rate of speech. But action, looking not the best way to copy is not worth it - at least from the fact that it may look mimicry.
Secret signs
When seen stranger you like your eyebrows rise up. The movement of his eyebrows up and down is generally considered almost the most ancient way liking. Just try not to look stupid.
Another way to demonstrate their sympathy - just a wink. Do you think it is destiny only courageous young ladies? Ask yourself - what bad would happen if you podmignesh nice guy? It is unlikely that you have something to lose, but the chances of response markedly increase.
Head Position
The slight inclination of the head looks elegant and shows that you listen carefully to the interlocutor.
Secret tricks
Clap eyelashes you probably know how. So do not forget that useful knowledge - because it looks so cute and naive ... Just do not overdo it, so that the prince decided that you have a nervous tick.
To touch his hair. No, no checks hairstyles for foreign objects, by feelings of hair best free online dating sites. Screw lock on the finger, hair leans towards, removes the ears.
Laugh. Only, mind you, without fanaticism. A quiet chuckle give you a lot more charm than wild laughter.
Important details
Do not forget that in any communication the main thing - to be myself. Not least because that boy like you should, not invented image.
Behave naturally - believe me, modern princes do not bite. I doubt it, "what would he think ...?" Better to let them think anything what will not know you existed at all. best free online dating sites.

You're definitely a little silly in love. Now think about studying virtually impossible, girlfriend very soon get tired of listening to stories about his amazing smile and a happy ending ... no hurry to attack. For some secret sources or his own admission you know - the feelings are not mutual. Now what to do with his unrequited love?
Obsessive thoughts and fantasies in which he confesses to you in eternal love, do not give to live in peace. And if such a betrayal of consciousness can still be put up, the performance brings down your achievements - from grade to meet any of their own work - hardly encouraging. When writing another story about love or romantic message in the morning, you suddenly decide - with the need to do something. Indeed, we must.
And outputs you have only two - stop loving him or get this guy. It sounds unrealistic and difficult? It is true - feelings are rarely amenable to logical control online dating saypol jackson wy.
Stop loving it
To be honest, standing in front of you the problem is not so complicated. After all, between you there was no relationship. Neither photos nor sympathetic friends do not recall once again on the painful subject. By the way, you can be, and do you know this bad boy. This allows you to come up with all its advantages (many of which you can also nafantazirovat) something terribly annoying habits.
By the way, you're not going to marry a guy with whom you meet today? Love at 12, 14, 15 years - for life is extremely rare. Yes, you would probably have left. So - nothing is lost .;)
I realized no need for it? Deprive yourself and reasons to look at him. Yes, no more spyware attacks on his page on VKontakte. If you save it pictures - erase them without regrets. "Out of sight ..." - remember?
Occupy yourself with something. Yeah, you know - from the global problems and small occasions to experience healing time. And it runs much faster when you're busy with something. It is difficult to find a hobby? There are hobbies that will suit everyone. At the end of the school year you surely face the exams. Again plan to teach everyone in the last week? A list of books for a long time to be read, is unlikely to have a self-destruct feature. And every girl should have left at least a few very tasty-and-hearty-dishes. Is it time to master them online dating saypol jackson wy?
Achieve it
On the other hand - why not you? If you honestly can imagine yourself in the place of his girlfriend (you do not share 10 years of age, 15 centimeters of growth in your favor and other salient factors), it may be, still has a chance to become it?
However, in some cases, on such and think it is not necessary. First, if he already has a girlfriend. Especially - if they are together for a long time. Even if you were the perfect embodiment of beauty and intelligence, it is unlikely to ruin a couple. And - is unlikely to come to destroy it. Second, if the object of your love he regularly changing passions, then ... it's clearly not worth it. This includes especially the rough boys in not the most polite way to express the lack of feelings for you.
How to get a guy? Make him fall in love with you. It sounds like something is wrong, but can not express otherwise. You have to please him externally. If the first impression is already produced, will have to appear before him in a different form. New hairstyle, a radically different style or long absence of meetings can rectify the situation.
Look for common interests and discuss their reasons. At the same time not forget about flirting, and, of course, be a good conversationalist - a measure of tacit and positive minded.
In no case do not run after him. Do not talk to her feelings, and hints about them as long as he did not show sympathy online dating saypol jackson wy.
Nothing comes out? You can continue to harass him and yourself senseless trying to become a favorite. But is it such - a hard-won - feelings - really what you want? online dating saypol jackson wy.

If the line "He was older than her, she was good" only recalls a man of your passport information, you obviously care about the age difference. But if you have real feelings, age can not be an obstacle to relations. Or can it?
He's older than you
Boys older friends are only a year, and which is your favorite adult. What to do? Understand themselves. The problem you noticed no accident. The age difference - it is not only numbers, but also a different world view and understanding of life. Do you like to discuss with the interlocutors smarter than peers, and society at all tired last - not surprising that in the second half as you choose an adult.
The only question is - how an adult. Of course, public opinion - no manual of your personal life, but for a couple of 14-year-old girl and 25-year-old guy disapproving look on purpose. Sometimes to the life experience of others is to listen. And even better - listen to yourself. If you do not see obstacles in the form of 3-5 years apart - not cheat yourself and quietly develop your relationship pros cons of online dating.
And what about the examples in the 10 years difference? Perhaps the universal love in this case is so rare that your exceptional cases you'd have noticed. And while you are in the category "children up to 18", from this relationship is better to abstain. And do not remember about their parents friends, the age difference between them - 14 years. The older you get, the less felt age limits. But while this is - not the case.
You're older than him
In the very depths of your consciousness says that the man should be older, stronger, higher than girls. To save her from the evil forces, street thugs and everyday difficulties. But life changes, women become independent and the need for classical princes disappears. If you really love him, whether to follow the standards?
Public opinion
If your relationship the age difference is noticeable from outside pros cons of online dating - no matter his or advantage in your direction - get ready to take a defensive position. As if all is fine inside any pair surrounding the haste to attack you tips, comments and outright criticism. But you have already decided that all right?
Do not try to convince everyone that you are made for each other, but from the outside it is difficult to see. It is better to simply ignore the attacks are not the closest of friends. Your environment is constant, if you really appreciate it, should accept the situation for what it is. If they do not come right away - do not rush to be offended. You learn more about the company with her boyfriend.
Parents - a special category. They should worry about you all the moral and public law. So try to understand them correctly .;) conversation on the subject of age depends on your relationship with the parents. If they always had confidence, hardly any differences.
But if the next of kin - fans Domostroi and childhood care for you too, to convince them to be quite difficult. Remember that parents most importantly your safety. Both physical and moral. Rather the differences arise because of the adult male. Hastened to assure that he is in no hurry to get you in bed and instill some historical concepts about life pros cons of online dating. The output is the same as that of friends - meeting parents Man.
Do not forget that true love does not prevent any difference in age, nor public opinion. If those obstacles ruin your relationship, maybe they would not make sense? pros cons of online dating.

You always thought: you simply be there. But every day the happiness of your initial stock coexistence dries up and your reality ceases to amaze you the constant feeling of serenity. And to a large list of its advantages and pulls you make another one - the shortcomings and failures. Mutual dissatisfaction with each other and accumulated in your relationship, a new kind of joint "leisure" - a quarrel.
Why do you quarrel?
Besides resentment and mass suicide of nerve cells, they bring you also tormenting question - "What am I doing wrong?", "Maybe you need to leave?" "Suddenly we're just not right for each other?". Forget the moral self-torture, and really look at the situation: all quarreling. Even the most beloved friend you have to find an excuse for the sandbox conflicts. What can we say about the boys with whom you are on the original idea completely different nature?
So just to clarify for myself - the catastrophe did not happen, he did not stop loving you, petty quarrel hardly threaten your relationship. Just getting used to constantly be close to each other and find a list of your similarities, willy-nilly, you switch to the differences and deficiencies. Blame - accumulated grievances. Today you angry that he too stared at the passing by girl yesterday - that he had forgotten to ask about the results of the control, which you've been going through. Such insignificant at first glance, the reasons for not uttered grow into a huge cause for irritation and fury online dating statistics.
And he can not understand why you are now so gloomy, but hard answer "okay" for his sincere concern.
How to avoid quarrels?
Once the mountain of your discontent is too heavy for your mind. And you're ignoring the lyrical digressions and approach "from a distance", pounces on the guy with the claims. To avoid this, talk about their grievances immediately. No regular claims - it is better to talk about their feelings of resentment. So you do not ever put him guilty and allow yourself to understand.
Do not forget that you are not perfect at times, too. Inquired, "What you irritates me?" - Not the best idea. You just have to be attentive to his behavior and try not to go too far with their discontent and caprices.
How to make friends with a guy?
The sad fact - all quarreling. And putting up - too. Only it is not clear yet that this is easier.
For the first time after an argument you have a set of very different emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, desire for revenge ("Well, I still say it!").
She know, in this mood - not before the armistice. Relax, chill out, look at the reasons of the conflict and who is to blame.
In fact, somewhere in the irresponsible level, accustomed to the initiative from the guys around you, in any case expect a first step towards reconciliation from him. And sometimes this is true - in the end, for it is the stronger sex and to perform complex actions. But surely you quarrel took the aggrieved party. So, in his logic (by the way, is justified), online dating statistics is to wait until you ostynesh and call itself. After all, he did not take offense at you. If that happens, do not take his apology as something self-evident. Saying "I'm sorry" is sometimes very difficult - to evaluate what he's doing this for you.
But sometimes it is better just to reconcile itself - it does not matter whether you are guilty or he. In the end, it is - your close and loved one, as a recent quarrel will not make you forget about it? online dating statistics.

The modern reality is very different from the old times - different tastes, different interests, people ... The only greetings from the past - prejudices. I agree with Turgenev ladies you have left little in common. Actually, one thing - despite the progressive nature of your existence a century, you are still a languid and sad waiting for the first steps of the males. But what if one day the boy of your dreams is not hasten to take the initiative? Taking matters into their own hands and to move closer the first - how, when and whether you want to ...?
Justifiable act
Well there is no such alignment of events does not suit you exactly - you can not really do you act first, because ... really an argument for the continuation of this phrase does not actually exist.
Judge for itself - if your guesses about his sympathies are true, you just be together. If not - the chances of a happy outcome in your relationship is still not there, and you're just playing for time, which would be spent on the question of action and expectation of him. And what would he think? In the worst case - you're quite brave girl, maybe a little weirdo. But is this view that has changed is online dating cheating?
Dangerous incidents
Inspired by the independent development of your story, you may not notice an important detail - his reaction. Even the most perfect girl in the too frequent and persistent form starts to bother and irritate.
Do not want to be forever in his ignore list, by all means try not to be intrusive. Maybe it's irresistibly difficult when you're in love and ready to spend with him all 28 hours a day, but such pressure only zarekomenduet you as extremely chatty and pristavuchie lady. It is unlikely that the prospect of permanent existence of such a special someone to impress.
How to come to him first?
Inspired by outlook emerged, you're ready when they met him and took a deep breath is online dating cheating ... Instead prepared speech about the "love-always-loved let die in a single day," better a few times breathe, exhale, and aired head to think carefully about their next steps . For greater determination to take examples of famous characters - books or films about love .
Even if this boy you're ready to spend my life, and he would be happy to such a prospect, your statement about it may simply scare. Besides - he touches his male ego, because the public knows that the boys are making girls, and not vice versa. Maybe you're ready to make a revolution on this topic, but is he ready?
You may wonder - if you do not have to tell him how she felt, what, actually, your initiative? It's much easier than it might seem - in the details. Sometimes - in quite a large-scale .;) Remember how you typically determines that care about the guy and showed similar signs of attention to it. Copy obsessional suitors strictly forbidden - only with your sincere attention to him "how are you" and a variety of suggestions.
He still does not know that you bake the best cookies in the world? Then he would have to come to tea. (It would be nice just do not forget to cook biscuits. Just to be edible. And you have said that you dream to see this movie a long three weeks? Friends do not share the enthusiasm, but uncomfortable to walk alone ... By the way, is online dating cheating what he was doing on Saturday night?
Ways of convergence - these seemingly difficult - in fact a great many. And among you is not so difficult to find the point of intersection, is only to try. is online dating cheating.

Boys usually admire girls fall in love with them, and in general have long recognized the fair sex. But this does not mean that no claims remains - there are things that girls do not like boys. To avoid guessing and stop injure mentality around the guys we interviewed some of them - it's all the same annoying guys in girls?
1. Persistence
Yes, he is your boy. Because of this you do your conclusions - it's yours entirely, from the tips of the ears to toe. Behind all this wealth should be monitored - and now you will not let him out of the spotlight for a moment. We'll have to disappoint you - you can not always be with him. And - would you know - this is not end of the world. You together, but you - different people, and you have your own life. Understand this and do not do it reproaches for the time spent not with you computer-mediated communication and online dating.
2. gusts to communicate
SMS he receives from you more often than inhaled air. How is it that he does, what are your plans for the next five minutes and what color he loved. For all his feelings to you, sometimes the free living space it needs. From the fact that you're not in touch with him twenty-eight hours a day, he did not stop loving you.
3. "Do you love me?"
For many boys this is one of the worst issues. And the more often you will ask, the more difficult it will be to say "I love you." If you are together - you still have doubts?
PS Do you like me?" - The same .;)
4. Caprices
Faced with childhood stories about the exploits of a prince, you are now waiting for these actions and from his boy. Wait times annoying, and you encourage him to action - "Get it and I please a couple of stars, fresh flowers from the snow and cup creme brulee." Even the most patient the boys are ready to climb the walls, from such vagaries. He - your boyfriend, not a servant - do not forget it computer-mediated communication and online dating.
5. Clothing and appearance
In fact, the boys do not appreciate your outfit carefully. But too provocative, vulgar, or, conversely, baggy clothes exactly cause him negative emotions. By the way, some things ostromodnye boys perceive as "ugly." And then you are unlikely to explain what's this strange thing to you - fashion, not a terrible and terrifying .;)
6. Unavailability
No, we shall not urge you to throw around the neck to the first comer. Just slightly Slonim your position Iron Lady. Yes, inaccessible even more interested in girls, but - for the time being. If he understands that the joint future you just do not shine, then gradually you cease to interest him. So if you interested in the boy, do not forget to respond to him in return computer-mediated communication and online dating.
During the same survey revealed that very, very loving boys can tolerate quite everything. Just because we are not going to use it? And yet, there are guys with their eyes for each item shown above. Someone question "Do you like it?" It makes you feel fit, but someone he is ready to talk without interruption. So, for every boy needs to look for his approach. And if he (meaning the boy) is really important to you, it will be not difficult .;) computer-mediated communication and online dating.

-Be Careful, look at the road and do not gain more speed! how come, call, I was very excited!
Mum do not be so, so good, about 8 hours will be in place, you know how I'm driving
-But Still, be more careful, I told you you should not have to go alone!
-All Mothers, I disconnect, I'm still driving, poookaaa!
-Doch Be careful
My mom is very emotional, I understand, I'm alone, food for the first time in a faraway place, and I'm going to Kazakhstan Uralsk .Moya best friend is getting married and I can not come, at this crucial moment, I should be with her. Oh, how I tried to persuade my parents it had to be seen so many tears I did not shed a time when my parents tried to persuade me to buy a kitten. Yes there were times.
Yes forgot to tell you about myself. My name is Nell, I'm 19 years old and I live in Astrakhan .On looks as if successful, medium height, long hair, but as a child I really wanted them cut off, but thank you very much my mother online dating for women. By nature svetlenkie, large eyes, full lips, dimples and long cilia .Chut not forget about the color of eyes, my eyes whether black, or dark brown eyes. I always wanted to know.
So I'm going .On the street light, 10 hours somewhere .Dumayu to 6-7 hours in the evening will be in place .For windows is so beautiful, the steppe, but sometimes there were thick trees. I liked to go to such places, so the smell of fresh morning stretched .I opened the window and grasped the air as if he so gently touched my little finger .Pochuvstvovala that already want to eat, but did not stop. Passing, about 3 kilometers saw silhouette of a man, I always felt sorry for those people. And my conscience screamed that I should stop. So I stopped and checked under the seat pepper spray, he was on the spot. She opened the window right seat, she was approached by a guy. Oh, what a guy for 20 years, so beautiful, of medium height, but more than me on the head, eyes, oh what eyes, and his smile just lovely.
(Well, everything will be enough for him to stare) -You what?
-Hey, I have to Uralsk, just my car broke down on the road, and I urgently need to go there, online dating for women I'll pay you ask, the money is not a problem, please ask
-Hey, Well, just ask, sit down, I'm just in the wrong way, but if I am able to fight
-Hah, I'm not, thank you
-Aha, You are not (oh what his smile, I melt)
-and where are you from? and why is it so urgent?
-I To Astrakhan, but just I will soon be recruiting, so I must be near
Well this is an argument, I understand (So he already has a wife, but that's really not the Pruha)
-So Let's get acquainted, and how it does not do not know your driver. I call Arthur, and you?
-Voditelya? Interesting position, Nelly
We shook hands and exchanged smiles (ah what his smile)
-What A pretty name, I'm afraid that what you go ...
The puzzled look on his strange appearance (and even he has a wife, he can tell me that I have a beautiful name. Do not try to drive up) - Why?
You're the girl behind the wheel and, if not, my car broke down, I would not sit down
Yeah so maybe you want to, that I would leave you here?
Oo, there I was joking, you're a fine driver
Oh so cute, thank you.
We were traveling with him was wildly interesting, he will find what to say. In the meantime, I really, really wanted est.- So I want to eat, do not you?
Well, yes, considering how long I stood there, I really want to have online dating for women.
-Dostavay Behind, there is something to chew on. After 6 kilometers there is a cafe, stop and eat normally until .a took out faster
-So Then you have (he was not a shy)
-faster Faster
Yes you have some chips and crackers, this is bad !!!
Well I do not want to not eat, I can without you
-aha even then! I'll eat more than you
-That's It!
We ate, it was about 12 days, at that time, everything seemed so good. We do not play childish
Why do we live in the same city, but never I have not seen you?
Well it means not destiny, as if the city is not small
Well, yes, you're right!
-And You know who you born? girl or boy?
-How Do not know. it will be the hero. My hero!
(Yeah I am sorry that he is already married) - Cool, I too would like to
-Well, What prevents us? (With a sly glance he told me)
Hey, I said and what I am able to fight !!!
Yes, I was joking, but I'm afraid of you.
-That's So, so go to hell
Ah you also know how to swear, you're not so shy as I thought
Yeah you know me badly, so soon we'll be there to the cafe, and normally eat
Yeah, I would not mind online dating for women.
I put my car in the parking lot and we went to a cafe .Kafe was pretty much to the happiness here was clean and comfortable. We sat down, the waitress came up to us and started to look at Arthur .It literally devoured his gaze.
-Girl, Girl (you drool flowing, and wanted to tell her)
She did not hear me at all, but after a while really tore his gaze and looked at me. as if I had fought off a bunch of guys.
-Girl, We would like that you gave us for the start menu! 'I said (She grabbed a menu for a place to offer us continued to stare, Arthur behaved naturally and did not seem to notice the whole incident.
-Oh Sorry, I take the menu and I congratulate you on the holiday!
-How Holiday? To my surprise I asked
Thank you, our day, love, February 14! - Finally heard the voice of Arthur
(What ? our day ? favorite favorite favorite ) Yes 14 today, and to me, this festival did not take his Referring I can not remember
(Whispers) What are you melish Arthur? What nafig favorite
Yeah do not see how she staring at me, it infuriates me, I will not! and as she learns that I have a girlfriend and she is not an option
-Grandiozny Plan, better not think, however, and you're arrogant
-I Am.
Well, his character is not ice, but he behaved with me otherwise. Of course, how could I know about his character
Okay let's do the order! - I said
-DavayOh A lot of things we Zach overeat, and rejoiced in the cafe organized game type is the cute couple, so here we sit nobody touched and dragged us where, I first shocked I do not understand what is going on, started yelling how to cut, much screaming ringing in the ears, let me go and watched as Durr, Arthur whinnying full as I could, I did not understand what was happening. Well, I started to explain that we have chosen the contestants in this competition cute couple .Oh as I was ashamed of my behavior. Arthur still literally whinnying me. I was dying at all. Since Arthur had lied, that we're a couple, we had to go on stage. There began the most interesting. First, Arthur could not calm down. I'm like a tomato, I am ashamed. Yes, the competition stupid, how stupid is not interesting, I must say how is your young man, well, I'm a girl with fantasy start, and he did not disappoint. In short, we won the first round, and started the second .Bylo have more fun and I kind of acted more relaxed, the second round was the fact that to tell their story of love, where we met as it happened online dating for women. It was the funniest thing .We Arthur started as a head and share all that won this round. Went on a tour of traces was his usual kiss, I was educated girl, abandoned the contest and went, he walked behind me and grumbled. But he was an intellectual, and paid the bill, I insisted, but he just snatched me, this bill and told to go
-Think Kiss, so what? Won to everyone and everything
- (And it tells me a married man) What are you really we are with you from the power of 2:00 familiar, but still you will soon be ... Come on it does not matter, leave me alone, I do not owe you explained
-Actually Already 3:00 familiar, well, you just do, do not I handsome, you had a chance to kiss me
I'm not such a burning desire. (What a cocky)
Well, okay, forget, let me drive?
Oh, it would be good, but I was very tired from these competitions
Okay, but careful with my baby
Oh yes, I'll be very careful, I am the master
-Remember You screaming (Almost dying with laughter)
-All Leave me alone !!!!!
-ahahaahah, I can not
-I Leave you here now !!
-you can not! -Why Is this
-I Beautiful -Ahahah what confidence
-Quick Sit down until he changed his mind to lead you, and then leave
Hey, do not drive, it's my car
-faster Faster
Well, here we are again riding already somewhere two o'clock. We drove in silence for some reason. As we drove, I thought about the meaning of life, and finally it breaks our silence
Well, tell me what's on your own?
- (My sick theme) Nope I have nobody
Why. because you're such a pretty girl
- (Oh oh, neat boy you little wife will soon give birth) I do not want
Well it is clear to you all
We rode in silence again, on the way I wanted to call in a small town, about which I told my sister that it is necessary to call in and see it.
-So Then, following the route we stop in the town Omrani, a strange name right?
-Why? (Surprised he said, and even his eyebrows raised)
-I Hope I have urgent business there (did not want to talk, may have been too lazy, so what's the difference what I want and all)
Well just have to, so it is necessary
I hated that he was so easily to me obschaetsya, though he has a wife and soon also the child (generally cool).
I called my mother.
Yes mom? I'm driving, doing well
It's that time began estimate. I beat him in every way, that he shut up
-doch what is happening there? You're going with someone online dating for women?
No, Mom, what are you doing? is music now Turn off
All right, darling will not interfere ... .bud ostorzhna love you
-I, Too, Mom .poka
I put the phone and looked at him with a disgruntled look.
-You Have my mother's daughter? favorite, Wuxi pusi
-Otstan ... She's just going through, it's okay, soulless creature
I threw her legs on the panel, including music (his favorite music Gaitan -The best)
-Are You all right? Your face is gloomy, you big smile comes, you have a beautiful dimples
-sovsem not gloomy, may slightly tired and a smile thanks ... Hey, that's how you were girls? Why are you guys complaining. that all the girls at their very spoiled and spoil?
-To What such a conversation?
Well, I do not know you, I can speak on any topic, do not hesitate to let?
-So You did not answer?
Well, yes, always say if you yourself do not want, you do not happen, no one will dissolve, saying about it even has a dog did not jump until ...... well, I forgot it, so make your conclusions
I deduce from that, but you are giving hope, supposedly so what, I'll always be there then, behold, and nonsense about love
Well yes there is, why are you so interested, it happened to you or what (With a grin and he said sadly)
No, you do it, I said, I just want to talk to you on any topic
Well already drive to your town to "O"
-Well, Well, I need to change clothes, let's dwell on the sidelines
He stopped the car, I threw him out of the car and began to dress well, I had time to take a refreshing dip in the cafe, took off all his clothes and wore comfortable jeans, a beige blouse and black leather jackets from the top , the view is simply mortality. I called him and we continued our way. On reaching the town I was surprised eyes looking at this city, it was so beautiful, excellent, not just words.
-Slyuni Pick
-Go To hell, it is so beautiful, look what here at home, and the streets
Yes, to describe this town it was impossible. Since February 14, the sun was shining, the entire city was shining. I will describe one street. Thus began the street in the first avenue, even though it was still winter, but so were the nature of the different plants are not familiar to me, the houses were colorful. no gloomy house, each house has its own walkway, the street shone with cleanliness. it was beautiful. We parked at the store.
-Exit Faster
-Idu What you're polite
-ves in you dear -Yeah
We decided to pass through the town, as he puts it here too much. close to what we had the event in honor of St. Valentine
Well the old lady, have some fun
I did not mind to have some fun, especially since I was very tired from the trip, but we can say was not used
-tryahnem old days!
We ran up to this point in the distillation, the loser has to do one every wish pobedivshego.Kak you think who was the proigravshim.Konechno I ...
-So Is not fair, you had to give in to me
-C A fright, you're not my girl, and one
(A friend of a friend, a friend) echoed these words rang in my mind. It was not pleasant to listen to. But we have to, because there are reasons to
Well, okay, tell your desire, bastard
-Heh, Not once, there will be times ...
Well as you want (all of a sudden forget)
We were quick to come to the places where competitions take place, the terms of some fun, here did not matter the opinions of people there did what they wanted, and no one osuzhdal..ya as though not in his world, all that strange .
I pass what the competition well and threw me in there. there had to drink a whole glass of beer at a time, you can not hang back. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath here, to my surprise, someone touched the tip of my nose, it was very very strange, so I opened my eyes in fright and I look, and he stands in front of me and ulybaetsya his killer smile, ah, I do not Can I 4 minutes staring at him, I think he did not understand, I hope ... and he still smiled and finally spoke
-Don't, Do not do this, you're not so ....
- (All done for you) What's wrong with that? I want
-Don't Do
Okay persuaded went, it's time to go
-Do You have business here do not want them to finish
I've already done everything
-Country You
-Can May
Strange because I have you, uh, I, mine, I fell in love with a married man, so what delat.Vse need to score.
We went to the car, but did not run.
Come on, I'll take (I said)
No, you want to sleep to mine, yet I come
I really wanted to spat.vremya was about 5, we were soon to start on priehat.Ya quietly to sleep. and still asleep online dating for women.
-Nelliya Get up, we priedim.Vstavay 15 minutes, get up, get up
Oh enough to beat me, I woke up, some bothersome.
-Be Careful in the city, do not go odna.tam though kazahstan.vse Ranvier dangerous
Yeah, Dad
-I'm Serious
Well thank you, I'll be careful, and you take care of his wife and of the hero
He said with a surprised face-Good ..
What he udivlyaetsya as if I opened it to America
You're a good girl, beautiful, well tupenky well, nothing, somebody yes bite at you
-Here Thank comforted.
We doehali.Emu it was time uhodit.UI already uhutshalos mood.
-I Was with you fun, especially singing (we sang the song in the car)
-I Too, I'm going to miss
-I, Too, is Nuu
-So Far, can ever see you
I closed the door and uehala.No when I was already at the house of her friend, she thought, why do not we exchanged nomerami.Nu though why, his son and zhena..Vse lifting the mood of my favorite music, drive to podrugi.Zashla me We met great.
My girlfriend called Milana.Ey 20 years and see how it goes zamuzh.Ona very beautiful, her big green eyes, his body just bozhestvennoe.V 17-18 years we have been your kolledzha.Eh beauties these days is not to forget.
-My Little girl is getting married !!! I'm so happy
-Daaa, I do not believe it ... I'm so glad you came, I missed ... .I noticed that something was wrong utebya
Oh, this is my friend, but she always noticed what I was going
-Daa, I need to tell you something ... (well, I told her everything, just not shed a tear)
Yes all is well, you will think it memoletnost
-Hotelos To believe, well, okay forget, because the more I see him again ...
Here are held the wedding, everything was fine ... I returned home .Priehav home, I went to work. Everything went cheredom.My with a friend called up, her beautiful family life, I envied white envy ... It took probably about half a year with svadby.Shlo time and we decided to take a walk with her friends, most girls I drew a walk.
They called the boys. ... For some reason it was not interesno.I here it is suitable for our stolikkakoy guy .and I know him, Arthur. My friend knew him.
We looked at each other and smile blurred.
- (My friend) You guys know that
-Neet, I did not know who he is?
Who is it? I, too, she did not know (he said laughing)
Well, okay, Meet Guys, this is Nell, our friend, our friend Arthur It
-Very Nice, you have a beautiful name (he said, and breaks into a smile)
What we were doing, I do not know, but it was fun
-Vzamino, Thanks
As I was glad he got up and I videt.On vstala.I we smile at Durg attacked druga.My embraced in a friendly.
-I Missed you !! Oh, you have not even left the room
-I Too much, and you and I did not ask
- (Our friends were shocked) So what's going on here? Are we not catch up
Well, we have explained situatsiyu.vse pryasnilos.Moe spirits lifted, I had so much fun
What's new? How's your girlfriend? How are you? Guy is?
-Nuu How many questions, my friend is faring olichno, I'm good, some guy because you like to train (giggling) how are you? How is your hero?
Well, I knew that we met is not in vain, it can sudbabogatyr normally alive and well. Let's exchange the numbers right now?
-tuples, give your phone
Here we exchanged nomerami.Mne mother called and called home.
-Mom's Calling you? (He said with a smile)
Well, yes, worried as always, I have to go to a campaign to call a taxi.
-A Car where?
-Sestra Asked for it for a day
Come on now, I'll be your driver? Because you have been my
-Ahahhaa Funny ... horosho..devochki! While I was home
- (Friends) Why? Because too early
-I Seriously it's time, I'll call you
Okay, be careful
She's able to fight (he said laughing) AA and even squeal (he started to laugh)
- (Ahahhahaahah) enough, they do not know it.
Okay gone.
We went out into the street and headed for the parking lot, cars were mnogo..propustila him that he was the first, and found his mashinu.Po view it was clear that he found her.
-Come Quickly
Yeah I go, all I Heels
-I Do not care, I'll go (smiling)
We got in the car, I said to some of the city I live and we were in puti.My remembered the days when we were together, the cafe, all indendenty here he abruptly interrupts the conversation
-I Like you
- (What ? I thought I was dreaming ... y you as a wife) What?
-Only's Not pretend I did not hear
-How? And your wife?
What What nafig wife? Melish you?
-What Nafig wife, and the fact that you have a child born of nothing?
-Ahahahahah, That fool ... y me blemyanik born, not syn..kantuzhennaya (laughing as he could)
-How? You do not have a wife? It sister? So I Durra
Yes really, it happens, the more you know ... stupid (still laughing)
-I Take offense now ... (I got offended as a little girl)
Well that's because you answer me?
-On What? (Making a silly opinion)
What I like you and I to you?
-Hmmm, I will not answer
-I Think you're not a little.
-I Silent (red)
Okay, let's somewhere Congresses
-Where? You know what I can do
-Ahahha, But to fight, trust, this is the place you like
Just do not call dolgo..mne
We are somewhere ehali.Nochnoy city was beautiful, I always liked to drive through the city at night, it was so quiet and bright, everything was fine ..
We drove to the waterfront, near the registry office .Pro myself thinking that maybe I'll like it here. He asked me to come out, what did .When I came. I saw a number of cafes, where music played .Muzyka was very beautiful. Quay was consecrated garlands of bright sun. It was really beautiful. He took me by the arm and dragged her to some place. No wonder today I wore a beautiful white dress, with a brown strap Roman. On the waterfront was a staircase leading down to the river, I was surprised because before I did not notice. And there was all decorated with garlands seemed as if he had prepared in advance, but how could he know, online dating for women because we met accidentally .Byl beautiful view to the river, even the image of a romantic complement the music from a nearby cafe. It was just beautiful.
-Well? please?
Yes, here it is beautiful (with admiration I looked narrowly)
-You Do not think I'm ready.
- (All messed up, better shut up and) I did not think, but how did you find this place?
I -Nashel this place for a long time, here is good, I like, and I decided when I find that girl, I'll bring her here so corny
-And You is romantic
No, come on let's not think about it, go here
I took a step in his direction, he came so close that I could not breathe. He took my hand and waist and began to dance. I was spinning, he led. I'm clutching at his shoulder. We stopped, he hugged me tightly and began to speak.
-I Skuchal..gde were you, I was looking for you, did not think it would be so difficult ..
- (He missed me on it was clear that he did not Monogamous) were looking for?
-well Yes
I just smiled, I do not believe in it, I like him, he likes me, it was impossible, I never believed in mutual relations. And here he pressed harder, my heart was beating wildly. He slowly approached my lips passionately and glared at them. Inside, everything was burning, as if I did not feel the ground, my legs were cotton. What's happening to me? This was the main question to which I could not find the answer. We stopped. We stood there for about 10 minutes in each other's arms.
- "I have to go," I said -shepotom
- I do not want
My phone is ringing off the hook probably my mom.
-I seriously time to
-All Going, gone
We got into the car, he took my hand.
-I Tomorrow on you'll stop at 6pm, go some where
-Where Did not you say so?
-nea, be ready, I'll call you tonight.
We goodbye kiss again surrendered. And I ran home.
Inspired by his love, I do not know what is going on with me, I was like a mad woman. I went home, and there I was waiting for the best performance. My mother was terribly angry at me, cursed, but I did not hear it though.
- Where were you? time saw the daughter I'm worried about, where's your phone? Why is off? "- With horror mom told me.
- "I sat down the battery, I was riding in a taxi, there was an accident and traffic jam, do not worry Mom, I'm home" - I mumbled, and flew into the room.
Upon entering the room immediately telephone, thinking that miss a call from him. I have the bathroom and lay down. For this day, I was so tired that passed out immediately with a phone in his hand.
Morning. Outside, in August.
- "Nyulya, get up, it's time for breakfast!" - A voice of the pope from the kitchen.
- "Today, Sunday !!! soulless!" - I shouted
I remembered the last day, broke into a smile and immediately grabbed the phone, where I saw the message. I began to read it.
- "Good nochi..ya miss"
What is the message, I was in heaven. I knew he did not love me and it syusyukany it like crazy. I did not write, because it's morning. I washed, dressed, and sat down to breakfast.
All went well for me. In the evening went for a walk with him, we drove through the city in the movie. In general, everything was fine .In one day I met his friends, very funny guys.
-Health Guys here Meet my girl, Nelly
Mmm, what a beautiful, Hi, my name is Zakir, nice to meet you
-I Islam and its Dzhonik
Very nice to meet you guys
the so guys do not even look at her -neozhidanno said Arthur
What a pity that it? Shouted Zakir
It seemed to me, or something else that between Dzhonik and Arthur vrazhda.Nu what that it was not my business .All the guys were very, very cute, even say beautiful.
A week passed, and the second and Arthur invited me to a barbecue with his friends, they were also girls. And I agreed. Arthur went somewhere, I sat with the girls of his friends. These cute girls. Cottage was a bomb, a luxury home online dating for women. It was the summer residence of Arthur. We sat and talked and I terribly thirsty. I went to the kitchen, separated kitchen stairs leading to the top, behind the stairs were his friends, but Arthur himself was not, they were talking about something, well, I was wondering. I quietly crept closer and listened to their conversation.
Well normally rest right? -words Belonged Zakir
-normal, well as you Arthur new passion?
Here I was more interesting.
Yes it is not a long time with it, because we had an argument at her, he knew everything about it I came to Kazakhstan, where she struck a walk and go prepared for a romantic, ahah, well who helped him, of course, said I, 'with anger Dzhonik
I ground from under the feet to leave, I could not believe it, my soul torn to pieces, like a thousand pieces cut my heart, tears, I do not know how to go the tears, I did not notice, but the pain continued to hear more.
Nuuu Yeah, I thought he was serious about, but knowing Arthur, remember how the last time he threw that, ahaha
They began to laugh together, and I could not stop. I quietly walked out of the house and left. No one noticed as I came out, and Arthur was not in the house. I called a taxi, it arrived immediately. I sat down and my emotions were unable to survive, is this true, do I hear that, how could he? How could this happen? After all, he could not do this to me?
The taxi driver was in shock and kept asking what had happened to me, but I did not answer. I am overwhelmed with feelings of pain. It calls went from Arthur, but I did not answer. It hurts to know that you gave your loved one, how to describe it, I do not know.
I came home The house was empty, since our parents left the cottage with friends. I went home and the first thing to develop a strong cry. I went into the room and locked. Parents came and started knocking.
-Nyulya, Are you here? Why it locked? 'said the pope through the door to my room
Yes Dad, I'm just bad that it was and decided to lie down
Well well my dear, I'll go to sleep later and wake
I did not want to show his emotions parents if I was bad, they would not have survived.
Morning. online dating for women.

The idea of a trip at the weekend on the lake there was a sudden. During the break, the guys were sitting in the smoking room, and Daniel talked about fishing. And he knew how to talk! Forest Lake framed by towering pine trees to the sky, full of fish, fresh air and sunshine. Rhythmically puffed evening campfire embers and awesome delicious ear ... All at once wanted at this lake. However Seryoga pondered:
- We have to Lena is now such a relationship, the best period. So I do not want her to leave for the weekend.
- Yes, and I also wanted Marina to spend a weekend - caught Peter.
- Let's go with the girls - happily gave Seryoga idea.
Daniel looked at him with sad eyes.
- You'll have fun with the girls, you have everything in chocolate, and I do that? Well nafig me such a trip is not interesting is online dating for losers.
But the idea has been in the air. Very much like the nature of good company and lose the case was no way.
- Come with someone else pozovm to you it was not boring - suggested Peter.
- Exactly - happy Seryoga - the girls a lot of girlfriends, say to them, they will invite someone!
- No.
Daniel shook his head and pursed his lips.
- Why would I need someone. Invite some curve-slash ...
Boys choir protested:
- What is a forward-curve? You know our girls, girlfriends and they have the same nice. Maybe you some specific like? So you just tell me!
Daniel has recently returned from the army, the girls had not yet been, and no one knew the girls do not like it. He thought for a moment.
- Yes, like no one's definitely not like - some confusion he drawled.
Here in the smoking room looked Zhenya, a pretty brown-haired, of medium height with a neat figure and inviting green glazishchami is online dating for losers.
- Well, I just knew that you were here, - she smiled - you out there looking for a wizard.
- Jen, you're doing at the weekend? - Peter asked her.
- On the beach I want to go, but what? Do You want to join me? - Coyly looking from beneath her lashes she asked. - What about your girlfriend?
Peter smiled:
- No! I invite you to join us. We're going to go on holiday on the lake, Daniel knows that's a great place, and we need another man. I suggest you get the winning ticket.
Peter smiled broadly. Seryoga for persuasiveness also blossomed into a smile. Only Daniel sat still, looking carefully at everything that happens.
- And who else will go? - I asked the logical question the girl.
The boys looked at each other.
- Well, the three of us - Seryoga present around guys hand - our girls and you, if you agree of course.
- So, you're with the girls, and I Danila? - He explained Eugene.
- Well, is not that of Danila - Peter tried to go feverishly to figure out how to justify the current situation, as luck would have anything clever never occurred.
- I agree - suddenly she said. And have fun looking at Daniel, he added with a smile:
- If the course is not against Daniel.
- And to me something that you want to go - go - the guy pulled his shoulders slightly, showing that he does not care. While in the shower, it was pleasant, but somehow he did not show it wanted.
So, it was decided on Friday, after work, go to the lake is online dating for losers.
However, even during the commission came very tricky question. From six three had tents. Daniel offered to take two, one for them and one for girls. But Serega immediately said that he and Lena will be a separate tent. Peter and Marina also wanted privacy. Danila more confused.
- What are you guys just can not! You want Jack was with me in the tent? Yes, she does not agree! No trip then there will be - I tried to explain it to friends, but they were on his.
- Are you afraid of it or what - they made fun of my friend. - Worried that she nakinetsya you at night and rape? We will pack it as a sleeping bag, it yourself from it can not get out! Stick to your guns, lad!
- What fools you - smiled Daniel - Zhenya did not agree to such an arrangement. Why should she have to spend the night in a tent with a guy who she does not like?
- I agree, - assured his friends. - She's a modern girl. In the end, you're not some maniac to go for it ...
Gains on the shore of the lake is already late in the afternoon. Urgently address the resettlement site. We had to put a tent, light a fire, disassemble things. Work was found for everyone. It does everything fun. Everyone was great, rest was just beginning. While all finished, it was already dark. Biting take along sandwiches, washed down with tea that is boiled on the fire and went to their tents, deciding in the morning to go fishing is online dating for losers.
Daniel and Eugene got into our sleeping bags. Daniel tried to ask some questions to bring the girl to talk, but she answered in monosyllables and reluctantly. The conversation flagged. Both are a little nervous about being alone in a tent and as a result fell silent.
Night nature lived their lives. Somewhere in the forest an owl hooted. We heard some noises and crackles. Danilo thought that his roommate was asleep, but he could not sleep. Suddenly the night sounds mingled quite different, is not typical of the nature. Of the two tents where there were other couples, heard quiet laughter, scuffling, go to the rhythmic rustling.
Daniel stiffened. From these, so characteristic sounds, it immediately aroused. The presence of girls lying next to him just a few feet, increased the excitement. He gritted his teeth and tried to mentally escape. In the next bag heard some movement. Eugene turned on his back. He continued to lie clearly that expecting. All week, until they are ready to go, she did not show him the interest or sympathy. What if he's her lies? What if she would be offended? Or begin to make trouble? Daniel lay silently in his sleeping bag, and blamed himself for indecision.
Eugene rolled over again. It was clear that she did not sleep, and that, too, hears the sounds coming from the neighboring tents.
"The mattress, wimp" - Danilo cursed himself mentally - "I had to immediately go to her as soon as she rolled over. What I pulled? And now probably too late ..." He was ashamed of his indecision and he pretended sleeping, fearing least one motion to impersonate.
In the morning he woke up very first. A neighbor snoring softly, his nose buried hooded sleeping bag. Daniel cautiously crawled out of the tent, quickly washed and started a fire. Very soon the fun flames licked forest branches and twigs, folded his skillful hands into the fire. He poured water into the pot and hung it over the fire. When Eugene seemed sleepy face of the tent, the tea was ready.
- Good morning - greeted warmly Daniel.
She muttered something unintelligible and went back to wash. Obviously it was evident that she was angry at the guy. He looked after her in bewilderment. He poured her a mug of tea, he put it to cool, raschityvaya that friendly conversation will change the mood of the girl. But there it was. When he returned, she sat down by the fire, dryly thanked for tea and started drinking it in silence.
Friends with her friends got out of their tents obviously happy, in a good mood. They noisily welcomed the morning, the sun, the grass, in every way fooling around and joking. Daniel looked longingly at their happy faces and cursed himself for having agreed to this trip is online dating for losers.
After breakfast, Marina wanted to go into the forest to collect berries. Peter happily grabbed the idea and the two of them quickly disappeared in the forest. Sergei and Lena sat in the boat and go fishing. As the boat was a little girl, the more there, no one could fit. Quite unexpectedly, Daniel and Eugene were together again. Daniel was sitting by the fire and tried to think what he would do. About to somehow communicate with Eugene was not the question, she obviously did not want to communicate. Weekends were disastrously flawed.
Suddenly, before his eyes defiled girl's legs, teasing rounded knees. Daniel looked up. Eugene went to bathe acting as a peahen. In her hands she carried an inflatable mattress. Daniel looked at her and could not look away. The leotard on girl was so meager that it can be wrapped in the price tag. He not only did not hide, but rather provocatively emphasized her perfect figure. Approaching the water, she put the mattress on the water, gently lay silently pushed away from shore.
The guy moved fading embers fire, quickly undressed and also dived into the cool forest lake. He loved to swim and enjoy splashing in the water like a fish, until he heard a noisy splash and a strangled cry. Turning toward the sound, he saw a girl struggling in the water and swim away from her mattress.
Daniel rushed to her aid, but at that moment Zhenya got to his feet and shouted:
- Stay away !!!!
He ran to catch up with the mattress. A few strong strokes quickly approached him and swam to the shore threw ashore. Jack was still standing in the water.
- I untied swimsuit - plaintively she said - I do not know where the upper part.
Water covered her shoulders, but the thought that she is half-naked in the water, Daniel immediately excited. He approached her and dived. The upper part of the swimsuit hanging beside her, tangled in seaweed. Easy detaching the piece of cloth, he emerged from the water and handed it to the girl. She picked up her bathing suit, but everything went just stand.
- I can not go, then the bottom of the muddy, - she said.
Daniel looked her in the eye. Green Waters. Silently he took her in his arms and sighed. Cool girl's breasts pressed against his chest. Thin hands trustingly braided his neck. In his eyes darkened, and he pressed his lips to touch his lips to the cool girl. She did not resist kisses that he showered her face and chest.
Quickly coming out of the water, he carefully brought her into the tent, carefully put on a sleeping bag. Swim flew with him faster than the speed of light. His amazed and excited the fragility of her body, wet skin instantly dried up in the heat of his hands. She responded to his caresses and kisses. It is the whole body pressed against him, happy feeling his excitement. Here are his hands slipped on the smooth curve of the hips. Snuck under the thin fabric plavochek. He carefully took them off. For silky skin of her stomach ran a gentle light cramps. Daniel caressed the tip of her tongue swollen nipples greedily clinging to her body. Eugene picked up his feet and threw them his hips. Hot wave of desire hit in the head. He's all bent in the sweet languor and felt her entailing humidity, with pleasure went into it is online dating for losers. Barely audible moan escaped from her lips. Their bodies merged into a delightful dance, answering each other mutual movement. The growing passion pressed their bodies more and more as if they wanted to dissolve in each other. Eugene Daniel lightly biting his neck and whispered:
- It is for you! It is for you! Not to pretend to be asleep! is online dating for losers.

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