The reasons for divorce, we wrote already here . Although these causes of divorce can be very much, we have described only a few of them. But now I would like to stay at the divorce, which is perceived by one spouse or both, as the severe stress and, consequently, leads to severe depression!
Of course, before you put in your relationship bullet and write an application for divorce, you have to be absolutely sure that your marriage can not be saved! The initiator of the divorce may not be the only one who fell out of love, or are tired of the spouse, and even someone who is strong and continues to love deeply dating online with herpes.
Now I am reminded of the story of one woman. Irina lived for many years with her husband, two children. Normal family, whom many. Lived seemed well! But Irina began to notice that her husband is increasingly linger at work. That meeting with friends in the bath, the fishing during the week, the important negotiations. For two months my husband came home after midnight. Women's heart tells me that there is another woman involved, but the brain long and hard to drive away evil thoughts. And he did not just became too late to come home and apologize for it. Now occasionally stayed somewhere overnight or even worked to justify. The relationship went wrong at all. Instead of good words, the constant rudeness and contempt. Man seemed changed. And Ira? Ira was crying every night, began to lose weight, there were frequent headaches. And in the end, I was in the hospital. I was in the hospital and I thought that now he learns that she is so bad without him and come running and everything will be as before! He did not come .... Ira left the hospital. Relations grew worse and worse. Not closed their eyes for the night, she decided to talk to her husband. Waiting for the right moment, she took his hand, was seated next to him on the bed and said. "Honey, I did not like so much in life as you! I do not see a minute of his life without you. But I see that I have become quite a stranger to you. I no longer have the right to detain you. I dream of only one thing, even if you'll be fine! And let the next will only be good people! We would be better to leave! "He said nothing, but tomorrow, packed his bags and left dating online with herpes.
Ira began another very difficult stage of life! We had to learn to live without it!
But I can say with dignity that she passed this way and the universe it generously rewarded for its commitment to begin to live again!
A similar thing happened to me once. Good separation, but the wound in my heart this does not become less. Time passed .... And I'm happy again, next to me, my beloved! And I thank the universe for these gifts of fate!
The most difficult divorce perceived by those for whom it happened all of a sudden! Like a bolt from the blue dating online with herpes!
Many women are afraid of loneliness, that are willing to endure a lifetime nagging her husband, betrayal, beatings, humiliation and contempt, drunkenness. Day after day passed a whole life! And remember nothing! And all because you had to make only one serious step and not a lifetime bury our heads in the sand!
I know how hard it is scary, but trust me, it all goes! There is nothing that last forever! But do not sit idly by and do, go, seek and rewarding the universe will reward you according to your faith!
Another difficulty is that the divorce itself affects not only the individual to take the family. Divorce know everything and a lot of talk about it, friends, colleagues. Stop worrying about what others say. Always interesting to talk about other people's lives. But you know, as a rule, if you deliberately react calmly to this gossip, they very quickly cease. Soon there were another source of conversations more interesting and fresher than your divorce.
Try to accept the situation. You did everything in your power, you have tried to keep the family together, and you get a negative experience. A negative experience is also good! Now you can do the work on the mistakes and come to a new life without the baggage of old problems.
Review your future life. Start today to make plans for the future. Take your self-esteem , become confident , go to the training sessions, read books on personal growth. And what you do in your free time? Think about what you dreamed of, and that has not done? So maybe now and do etoim? How many interesting things you can do and learn. Or maybe You are given the time and the situation, for what would you change?
Only a year after the divorce, I realized how much my husband and I were far from each other. We were different and therefore we can not be happy together.
According to statistics, men and women coming out of a divorce differently. After a divorce, a man more likely to give up, he did not go to work the case, fall into depression . And women, even after a hard divorce, mobilize all
strength and make a qualitative leap forward. As much as it can make a woman on their
fragile shoulders, unable to make any man dating online with herpes. Perhaps all this is the fact that a woman has her whole being aimed at procreation and protection of their children. And only in the last instance a woman thinks of himself. That is why a woman in a difficult situation will collect and skills in a fist and goes further ahead. As a rule, women then strongly change their lives. Someone starts a career, someone is engaged in self-development, someone completely changes its appearance and shape of the space around them. By the way, this is another excellent remedy for the blues! Make a permutation in the house, change the curtains or put a pot of flowers that would be pleasing to the eye. Buy a positive picture on the wall or better yet learn to do these paintings with their own hands. Now there are so many opportunities to learn new creative skills from the comfort of home via the Internet. But it is better to go on courses, where you just get creative skills and is right you are now communicating. Be open-minded! Maybe today you will be a new hobby just a means to avoid or escape loneliness, and tomorrow it will be a profitable business!
And yet, change your appearance. After all, you are now a free woman, it is FREE! Change your hair style, and
It can be hair color? The legendary Coco Chanel once said: "A woman G-spot located at the end of the word Shopping. Call a friend and go to the store, have a drink of coffee or hot chocolate. Located next to a cheerful and kind people with a positive outlook on life. And limit contact with gloomy and full of negative people! And most importantly communicate, meet, walk, do something! In those moments when you are busy, you will not only distract from their own problems, but still get new knowledge and new skills.
And of course, the change in the outside, you have to change yourself internally! Take your self-esteem , have become faithful in itself!
Think about what skills you want to get? Or maybe you want to learn how the vehicle function? Do not be afraid, go for it dating online with herpes!
I have my good friend, we meet not so often. And every time they tell me: "You are lucky you have such an interesting life!" My dear, so you and who does not make your life like that. Do not sit in the 4 walls, go and find out where you are in the city quests (that adventure games, which involve people of all ages), after the first game you will gain new friends and who knows, maybe a loved one . Then you will remember your divorce and thinking how cool that I got divorced, and I would have never met my favorite! dating online with herpes.

How to get closer to loved ones and pass important stages of relations.
The first stage is the stage of the first meeting and sympathy!
And so, when we first see an unfamiliar person to us that we pay attention. Well, of course, on the exterior, as at this stage we do not see his inner world. That is why it is so important to look after themselves at any time ... You know, so often, you think right now escapes quickly to the store is not made up in sneakers, but there again, and he is a man of your dreams! So this rule must be unshakeable. We take care of yourself always and everywhere! Since the first bell rings in my head already at the first sight of a man! Men in general are so arranged that they love eyes. And what a man attracted to women. And so many surveys have shown that when it comes to true feelings, rather than a simple passion, it's intelligence. But the men of intelligence in a woman is not enough, it is important to a combination of femininity and beauty and what else! Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that a lot of smart women are still alone. Simply, we are all different, that like a woman, do not always like the man canada online dating sites.
Women are arranged so that they are less likely in this important first stage appearance excites men is far more important to her to hear his thoughts and understand what kind of person he is, how much he is responsible, any aspirations in life. At this stage, feelings do not exist, and if they are, believe me, that is not love and passion that as an electric current passed between you! That seems to be already there is sympathy, and both took the decision to continue inside acquaintance, looking for common interests and learn more and more of each other.
But after this stage, very often a man is faced with a very difficult period. As he feels that he pulls to chat and meet. it is scary, and suddenly it is not she? What if I was wrong? And once and for all, but with her? What if I'm wrong?
And this next period and a difficult period when it would include the complete happiness and peace of mind, all of a sudden the man rolls here are thinking canada online dating sites.
And here it is very important as a woman behave in this situation. If you see that your man set foot on this stage, consider donating it. But as? Yes, just do not bother, do not force it and do not get him what happened, I like me to him and so on. He should see a number of the woman who understands it and make it again. And if you push on it, it is the quickest way to lose a man in a short time. And the woman who is a good friend, will not put pressure on him, and endless interrogations pestering phone calls, this is the woman and get power over the hearts of men. And if a man suddenly disappeared and was lost, do not panic prematurely. Firstly, if the man changed his mind, your prayers will not be able to get it back. And if this is a temporary phase, it is best not to disturb him. In any case, it is not necessary to be assertive.
And there comes the next period, the period of a deeper relationship. The man mentally prepared for serious and lasting relationship, it is like a bud date currently permit a relationship with only one single woman.
At this stage, must be as genuine with each other. Be yourself, do not try to be better than you are. During this period, you have to understand how much you fit together. Many women try to look better than they are, and then during the joint life suddenly found a huge gap between man and woman. This is perhaps the period of the most sincere relations canada online dating sites.
And you go along smoothly to step decision. Solutions to connect his life forever. Well, at least all want it, but not all succeed.
You know what I tell you? Most strong relationships grow out of genuine friendship. If you have a lot in common with your loved ones, common interests and views on life, you are both easy on the rise, or vice versa couch potatoes, it is a secret that will help you for years to come, and maybe a lifetime, to hold together. Agree, it's silly to be angry with a man then he was just something different from you. Where you looked before? canada online dating sites.

Recently, talking with friends, increasingly have to come back to the topic of Internet Dating
And why? Once it so happened that the beautiful women and girls, my friends, spend the evening alone. How did it happen, and each of them has a story that is not there a loved one. And so you want to start a family, to give love to someone, to care about someone, and just to be around! In my opinion it is a very normal desire of every woman, and men too.
More and more difficult recently become acquainted. Previously, people had more personal contact with each other. In recent years, the Internet has replaced almost all of us! Each of us sitting in his gadget and so could continue all day long! Most areas of our lives move online space: business, communication, friendship, discussions and even love online dating kansas city!
So perhaps the time has come and my free girls live in the spirit of the time and to translate a look at online dating.
Many are biased against such a dialogue and continue to turn a blind eye to it and who is not sitting idly by, and acts.
My friend said to me: "What if someone finds out that I registered on a dating site? And hardly at all from that something good will! I just e believe in love at a distance "
Firstly, what a difference that you will think about the others? Remember, others are busy only his own person online dating kansas city.
And secondly, I have only 4 friend who arranged her personal life and married, it is through online dating. These are wonderful stories, almost every one of them like the story of Cinderella. You know, as a high percentage?
Nobody promises you stunning results immediately and that in a month you will meet her prince! But, do not try, you will never know the result. And who knows, maybe because of false modesty, you give up your future happiness?
And so, let's look at the main advantages, communicating on a dating site. And by the way I myself have such experience. That's why I advise girls not to sit and try. The more civilized Europe is almost completely switched to this type of dating. As European men themselves say: "I'm too busy, and so I have no time to have affairs, and the Internet allows you to do, even during operation online dating kansas city."
All my friends who spoke on dating sites, they say: "I became for a notice that I run home from work because I know what awaits me on Skype someone I care about. He asked how my day, supported me, tells me a lot of interesting things from your life. I really like him to talk. I feel like I'm waiting for his letters, and I know that he is waiting for mine. This long-forgotten feeling to know that you need someone! "
And it's a very important point, to feel wanted!
Many women have forgotten how to meet people and you start communicating with a strange man, so why not work out
Someone does not believe in the fact that Skype and correspondence may be true love! And I saw these stories and the majority of them flow into family relationships!
Returning to the pluses of such communication.
-You Are away and can think through his words before replying, even if you are very shy.
-You Do not have to be in a tuxedo and ball gown, he can not see you ... unless of course we are not talking about a conversation on Skype, then it is enough to put that on top!
-If You trouble communication has become, you will always be able to interrupt him, citing poor communication or even stop responding overexposed to a friend and start a chat with someone else,
-You Can communicate simultaneously with several men, yet undecided,
-You Can work on probation foreign language if you are communicating with an alien. My friend managed to bring their own, long-forgotten English, to a confidence level of spoken,
-You Can do to be proactive and to choose for themselves a man of the questionnaire and pictures, this network is welcome,
-You Can come to another city to meet the man or to another country. Why not see how they live in Europe or in America,
-If You are now in the doldrums, this communication will help you escape from your problems!
Such a dialogue has course and minuses.
Site -Sredi customers often come across scams, but there are some rules to help avoid frustration and financial loss. Well, here for example:
1. If your interlocutor under different pretexts refuses to communicate on Skype, it should bring you to some thoughts online dating kansas city.
2. If you are asking personal questions, get answers, it means he's hiding something, James Bond, we just do not need it, though, it's up to you!
3. Carefully read the letters, often the young men did not even write letters to work independently and make a template for all the girls. I think this man is not worthy of your attention!
4. First, ask the photo of his companion, before throwing his own personal photos.
5. Do not let your home phone number, your home address, bank cards and other personal data, under any pretext.
On the other hand, trouble on the scam may be in real life, so feel free to sign up and communicate!
If you is not the first time I hear about online dating sites and still they are not registered, then you are afraid of something!
If you are afraid because of the language barrier, I will refresh you ... Now so many online translators that problems with communication will not be exact. And from the start of communication to warn your foreign friend, you speak the language poorly, but willing to learn, and very much hopes that he will teach you! And the most important fact to see each other on Skype, but you can not speak. It is enough to look at each other and write messages in the chat, through an interpreter online dating kansas city.
Are you afraid of the new hurting another person? If so afraid of, then it is better to close the house and waiting for trouble! And I thought, as you know, financially! So think about the positive and you will attract it into your life. And there is another method, you have to yourself to understand that everyone is different and no doubt there are those who are not friends with the head, but that the sick do not take offense! If you're beginning to perceive it as a kind of game, and socialize and make new acquaintances in the network will be easier! It's just a game that can at any moment to bring happiness into your life! And believe me, the more frequently you communicate with men, the greater the likelihood that one day you'll wake up in the arms of the man she loved.
I will be glad to answer your questions! And be happy! online dating kansas city.

In the morning I am talking with a friend. She had a fight with his girlfriend, with whom were friends for decades. It would seem so stupid to carry this friendship through the decades, eat a peck of salt together and then suddenly out of the blue, because kakoy- little things to quarrel. And it's not even a quarrel, but something bigger. Usually after such people break up all or communicate has just as neighbors. And, in my opinion, it happened out of stupidity and because of a simple misunderstanding.
But among us there are those who can not make friends who do not have any friends, and even quarrel is not with anyone news online dating reviews!
Probably all because friendship is not just another opportunity to laugh at something or to go to a nightclub and drink a beer. This is a job and being selfless! Yes Yes! Of course, it is necessary to distinguish between friends and acquaintances. Everybody can not be helping unselfishly and continuously. But there's a certain caste of people in your life, and they are usually quite small and they are at a premium, and they are friends! And if your friend is ready to help you for the money ... then maybe this is not one? And if one does not want to understand the circumstances of the incident, and coolly brings you the verdict, saying that you had been deceived or betrayed, it may be he does not value your friendship, and you?
During friendship people trust each other and, most importantly, respect each other. And if you have a friend, you must realize that today you with another easy and fun, but tomorrow is another misfortune can happen and then you have to assume the role of mom and listen, maybe ironed on the head, and can come tearing to a friend for help in the night! That is true friendship news online dating reviews.
But what about those who can not make friends, and why is this happening? It seems to me that these people are deprived of some qualities of character, since they do not have friends? Maybe they are too selfish that would love someone other than yourself? Maybe it's a problem that stretch from childhood and lead to a private person. Or maybe they just do not know how to forgive and do not know how to be generous? After all, we are friends, we are seeing the advantages and disadvantages of our friends. But we are ready to take them for what they are and forgive. And I think that if you want to know how easy is it to you to be with this person in a relationship and find out if he has any close friends.
Australian scientists claim that life expectancy for people with a wide circle of friends, 22% more than the "single". Sociable people have fewer heart and immune problems following indicators of stress hormone cortisol. And the secret to their longevity in a friendly support.
What did friends do not swear? Of course, there are friends quarrel. But friends always know the boundaries that do not cross! If you suddenly have taken offense at each other, imagine the scales. Put to one side the fact that this man has done good things for your friendship, what is its contribution. And in another bowl, then, what's wrong with you brought this friendship. So how?
And if you realize that this person you care for, then do not loiter and make peace with him, call themselves, no matter who is to blame.
"Hey, you know, after yesterday's conversation to me somehow not on itself, well, hard, in general! You're my friend and I cherish our friendship! Let's not quarrel, but rather continue our friendship. "
But it so happens that the quarrel leads to the fact that you can no longer trust the person no longer wants to share with him something personal, calls are becoming less and less. Well, as often happens. We destiny and the universe at the right time for both drives man, and we seem to fulfill its mission by helping each other, teaching each other either. And the purpose of performing our paths and interests in different directions! In this, too, there is nothing wrong, thank the person who helped or taught you something and mentally release and wished good! And believe me, if you want to, very soon on your path of life you meet each other, and maybe even two news online dating reviews.
You can often read that when a man is friends with a man, that's fine, but when the two women, then it is all hypocrisy and such friendship does not happen! But I think differently, I think that a true friendship is selfless, completely open and built on mutual respect and mutual assistance, no matter who it is friends, male or female.
Terms of true friendship:
Friendship should be mutual, and in whom the event is not a game with only one goal. If the friendship is kept only for you, then maybe this is not friendship?
Take my friend for what he is.
True friends are open to each other.
Do not criticize each other in public!
To be able to rejoice in the success of your friend!
Do not judge others, you're a friend of his, and must no matter what support it and only allowed to give advice.
Unselfishly helps others, and this assistance will come back to you from an unexpected quarter, it is the law of the universe!
Confidence, that's something that should be between friends!
Help each other, now he needs you, but maybe tomorrow, and you need help news online dating reviews!
Be patient! Not always friendship brings only joy!
Farewell , and be generous to your friends!
Maintain relations and develop them. Call and congratulate each other on holidays, find the time to talk and time for a joint holiday.
Remember Now your friends! How long have you talked to them? Call a friend and just chat about anything! And most importantly, remember, if you have a true friend, you just lucky! Appreciate and cherish your friendship! news online dating reviews.

I want and I can not stop loving, love hurts me, I can not live without him ....
Let us first look at what hurts you? Why, one of the most wonderful feeling in the world does not bring you joy and happiness?
Yes, it happens and it can happen to anyone. Love it comes quite unexpectedly, and you realize that in love with a married man. Do I blame for this? Of course not, because we know that no girl would not want to grow up and fall in love with a married man. We all dream of a great love, marriage and happy relationship online teen dating.
Yes, it happens that you just met the wrong man, and fell in love, giving hope for the future happiness. Someone will say, fall out of love! But we are not robots that would be out of love for the team, team -polyubit! Someone might say, time heals itself will take place soon. But I've seen cases where such a relationship has been delayed for many years. Sometimes the feelings are stronger than us!
Here's a real life story of a girl ...
Acquainted with Natalie, I was just amazed at how good it was ... beautiful, intelligent, talkative .... I was just sure that in addition to a successful career, Natalia home happy married life. Well, it just can not be, what would these women were alone. When we started to communicate more with Natasha, I learned that she is not married online teen dating. It turns out that for many years she meets secretly with a married man. How is it that she did not build her happiness?
-Works Together, and you know ... Well, in short office romance. Natasha says sheepishly.
-Married, I knew at once, telling tales at first about the fact that divorces that are not happy in the marriage that a woman like me, he was looking for, that his wife is not happy, and live only for the sake of the child. I hoped and waited, then realized that nothing probably will not change, and will live with his wife. But what I do now, I'll never know. So already used to it. We were together for 6 years, well, not together, but .... She lowered her eyes, she looked at it some lost and frustrated.
-Well, You're not thinking about that while you're with him, you will be hard to arrange your life to meet your loved one?
Yes, I thought, but it's like drug addiction. Brains realize that the years go by (34 years), and I want to have a baby and happiness of the family, and even dream opened the handle to go anywhere with him, and not hide in the corners. In short all tired! But nothing about it I can not. I can not afford their own hands and heart to break it. Yes, and we've tried to leave, but it did not work good. Mark explained to him wept, he was gone. For two weeks I did not find the place itself. In the evening, he imagines how he embraces his wife as walking with his son in the park. ABOUT .... This is simply intolerable. Right depression ! And then we met. He says that by chance, but it seems to me that he watched me. Yes, what's the difference, I was so happy when I saw it. And even more fun was that I knew, you know, felt that he needed online teen dating.
So why did not he leaves the family, since you are so dear to him?
He says that he can not do wrong with them that they do wrong for him did not. And they will be gone without it. It's a shame, of course, no one thinks about my sufferings and my tears night and about the holidays that I spend all alone.
So I want to forget it, to wrest from the heart, but do not know how! I came here to my girlfriend and said, and let his charmed, and forever will be yours. No, I do not want to, and even a sin I will not take. Then he started to think, maybe I get pregnant by him, and then have a child, and he can not live without us and get away from it. But once I got into such a terrible situation, after which I ceased to even think that we would live together.
Once a friend of mine invited me to the wedding of his son. I came. At the next table sat pretty blonde, probably a little older than me and also one. We immediately started talking, and I was so good and easy with her. It turns out, she came alone, because her husband was busy today and could not come to the wedding of his niece. We all evening participated in competitions and fun chatting in between. She talked a lot about his family, about his son and beloved husband. She said she was so lucky that God sent her to her beloved husband, told a very romantic story of love and how he is still comfortable with dating and meeting, despite the fact that they have been married 15 years. When I listened to her, I'm even a little jealous of this relationship. It's about this family happiness I dreamed. We both wanted to continue our dialogue, and we exchanged phone numbers. Suddenly, her phone rang, and to my horror, on the phone screen appeared a picture of my smiling man. Svetlana took the phone and said - Yes, darling, you've arrived? Yes, I come in here, now I'll introduce you to his new girlfriend. I sat there in complete shock and speechless. I think at this point I looked like something silly, and maybe I even opened my mouth in surprise and shock! I mumbled something about the bathroom and ran a long time ... .. in the toilet could not recover, confused thoughts, I was incredibly hot, heart pounding. O Lord, how many times I thought about how I would see his wife and tried to present it to the terrible thick ugly. And here it is, the meeting. Yeah, I sat for a long time in the toilet, then quietly got up, dressed and went for a long time on the streets at night, talking to herself. It was a complete knockout online teen dating!
I did not tell him about it. I did not want to discuss it with him. Well, what would he have said to me ? With my own eyes to make sure she is beautiful, nice, sociable and loving wife and mother. And I had it crushed. I probably would have been easier if she was ugly. And now I felt a terrible sense of shame for what I'm taking her husband and father of her children. After all, she is not to blame in all of this, she loves and wants to be loved. From that moment, I realized that this relationship is not only destroy me and my life, but the lives of the family. And if I have the right to do so?
Yes, then my attitude to it changed, not so rosy, with me as if the rose-colored glasses removed. But without it, I still can not. I want to forget it, erase from your life, recover from this addiction. But I do not know.
- You must understand that this bright feeling can not inflict such pain. What do you understand that this feeling destroys you, it's great! So for you it's awareness. And now take a pen and answer, honestly and openly to the following questions:
1. What gives you that feeling, why do you cling to him so? What a nice give you this relationship?
2. What are the pros will be parting?
3. Is there a future for your relationship?
4. And now imagine that you had made, and his became his wife. Can you trust a man who for so many years cheated his wife with you? Can you trust him, he will stay at work, and it will come SMS with different numbers?
5. Would you, what would you do the same?
6. What you missed while you were completely absorbed by this feeling?
7. Would you like to be on the site of his wife?
8. Why do you need this relationship?
9. What do you answer it, if you say to him: "Take me to marry online teen dating."
10. Can you continue to love him just as much, knowing that he loves his wife?
11. Are you ready to be always on the second?
I think that if you honestly answered these questions, you will see for yourself that these sincere feelings are gone, there are only a painful affection.
Let us turn to the dry statistics. Every second married man, at least once in their lives, enters into a relationship on the side. Departing from their wives only one. There is another statistic. After leaving the family, 60% of men in the first 3 months of returning back to the family, another 20% of the men returned to the family in the next 6 months. Not very encouraging statistics. Are you willing to take that risk?
Most think of the fact that as long as your heart is occupied, the doors are closed to new relationships. Conversely, as soon as you release your heart and you are ready for a new relationship, they will surely come. After all, a holy place is never empty. To build a new house on the site of the old, it is necessary to destroy the old house, clear the board and start to build a beautiful new house. New great relationship filled with mutual love and respect online teen dating.
Life passes and passes you while you are living such a relationship. You came into this world, that he would be happy! You deserve it by the right of your birth! So be happy! online teen dating.

This article applies equally to both men and women.
I know that to live with unloved man difficult. It was enough to look at my friend of ....
Irina, not 16 and 42 years old. He lives for 10 years with the unloved man! When Irina turned 32, parents and friends have become increasingly hinting at a meeting on the family. Like, fourth decade already has exchanged, and no family, it is time to give birth. And she became much to think about. Not that she had previously not thought about it, just under the influence of the public it has turned into obsessive thought. Like little face and nice and smart, what in me is not so often thought Irene. The movie shows a violent passion, love online dating site. And it is quiet by nature, never the head is not immersed in the feelings. And so came the idea to choose a man by reason and not emotions. At that time she paid attention to one man in office, good earnings and treated her well. However the difference in age was 15 years. It was decided to marry him.
My flowers, wedding and began routine. Marital debt, joint trips to visit, a trip to rest, as in the usual average family. But she was given all this is very difficult. No love, no feelings. Over time it became impossible to even eat together, annoyed as he chews like groans. And age has not been canceled. She was 42 and he was already 57! She began to stay at work, coming up with various excuses. And in order to avoid marital duty to say that sick. Yes, thinking that they are material! The disease and the truth has come online dating site ... ..
Blessed are they today? No! He still loves and take care of her. But he sees that his wife is not experiencing feelings for him and it hurts badly, making him unhappy. What is it? Still young and beautiful woman with dull eyes, chronic illnesses and absolute indifference to life.
Some people think that can be slyubitsya can endure, and all will be well. Yes, it happens, but rarely. Every day we get better and brighter visible flaws partner. Only if you love each other, you can easily put up with these disadvantages. Love helps us to overcome the difficult stage of grinding in a partner. During the love and passion we tend to notice only the good in your partner and some of his idealized. But if you do not like to go through this stage is virtually impossible.
So whether or not to make such a move? Maybe worth and confidence and give him hope of meeting her true love? What we have in the end? Two destroyed the lives and destinies! But whether the money could make her happy? No! There is something that is more valuable than money. This support is loved, really loved ones, love and health. This is something that can not be bought for any money in the world online dating site.
And before you get married on the calculation, and without love, ask yourself a few questions:
-Finish You and spend the day and night with this man?
-Finish If you give up the opportunity of great love in the future, because you are already married to unloved?
-Finish Do you regularly show passion in bed?
-Finish Do you smile constantly taking his next of kin?
-Can You imagine yourself in 20 years with this man around?
-Finish Do you have a child from him and engage in co-parenting?
If at least some of these questions you answered "NO" to reflect. Why break your life, his life and the lives of their future children! Three broken lives on your conscience, that in my opinion, too much!
And if you are all questions answered "Yes", be happy and go safely down the aisle! online dating site.

Well, that's already happened! There was someone who almost never plans in advance. No, of course, there are people who marry for money or some other purpose, and then immediately and plans to divorce. But what if you're like most normal people, love, met, we lived together, cared about each other, and suddenly a divorce !?
Yes, it has happened!
It is good, or bad, life will show! We discussed this topic here! there is a lovely parable!
In fact, if we look at the divorce from the point of view of statistics, we will see a huge percentage of divorce. In 1000 marriages account for approximately 700 divorces! It is certainly terrible, but ... ..
There is another more joyous statistics, in the first two years after separation and loss of a loved one again marry more than 60% of single people! In the next two years even 10% free online dating games.
Of course, if you are long and deeply felt the loss of a loved one, and fall into a depression, you are depriving themselves of the opportunity to be happy again!
You just have to understand, it will not be worse! The separation has already happened! You scared? Unknown scares you? You do not know how to live. What happened then has not changed. You should not cling to the past! One does not enter the water twice! It's time to move on!
"Would I happy after parting?" -so The question asked by many women and men. Of course, it becomes, but on one condition, that you want it for yourself!
I remember once I came to visit my girlfriend to comfort me after breaking up with a loved one. She only six months ago became a widow. And you know what she said?
-Navernoe, Betrayal and divorce to go through even more frightening than survive the death of a loved one free online dating games.
I felt, as it is not on its own after these words ... And why do you think so?
-I Have a past! I can sit for hours and remember how happy we were with him, watching pictures, to remember our favorite places, and even thought to talk to him. And so I feel better. It was as if part of him lives in me and in my memories. And what do you have?
I thought! It's true, I hid away my photo album, which once brought the happy emotions while watching, and now the pain. As if someone had erased from my life a big piece. Rather than someone, and I willed myself trying not to think about. Because it hurts!
Do not worry, time heals everything! Very soon the time will come when you will be happy again, and you will no longer worry about moments of the past.
Use this time to good use, do work on the bugs! Life sends us to test not just because, but for the fact that we could learn something and not to repeat their mistakes. Now you know exactly what you want from marriage. So, you know, what should be the next your family!
Let's do a little work on the bugs:
Well, for example, take a pen and piece of paper. Write what qualities should have your next man! Have you noticed that sometimes many of us like circus ponies running around in circles. Every time selecting partners similar to each other and getting into the same situation. So that would be like the break out of this circle, your focus inside look at the character traits that you want in your partner free online dating games.
And it works, I can tell you! Many now happy woman experienced severe mental pain of parting and separation from loved ones. But now they are happy!
Stay on time! Stop crying and suffering of the past. As long as you repeatedly experiencing moments of the past, something wonderful in this passes. free online dating games.

Of course, it is very sad and hurt, sometimes it seems that life has lost all meaning. You want to cry buried in the pillow? Well, you can and cry. But only a little.
The first thing you should know: your age in girls and boys constancy of feelings are rare. Therefore, the event of separation are often. Do not think that he is speaking to you about my love lying. Most likely your boyfriend really thought so, and even nepredstavlyal that this feeling may pass. Over time, and you uspokoishsya. Now, you will say, but right now it hurts me! What do I do?
For starters do not impair the position. You and so very sad, what else could be worse? For example humiliation, gossip. All this, unfortunately, is very easy to bring on his head. Not worth it. Wait free dating online.
Do not run after a former boyfriend, do not stand in his way, do not write letters and do not call. Try to do it not to see, but if it does not inevitably, hold on as if nothing had happened. In conversation not let any hints. What kind of effort would not be worth it to you - hold on! With this you show that you know how to control himself, save pride. It is not necessary to be frank with all of her friends in a row. If you do if a friend, in which you at one hundred percent sure, you can only trust her. Neterzay myself with thoughts - "If he left me, I mean ugly, neoboyatelna .." It is not true! If such thoughts were, prove itself, what you're capable of. This requires though, would be a small success in any business. Remember, it is very important for you and you will feel better. Do not avoid the human society, do not sit alone. Excellent removes sress of hits show or movie. Read books, most importantly, is it were not novel about unrequited love.
Do not forget about looks. After all, "disheveled" feeling no reason to go with disheveled hair. Instead, you should look better than ever. Let him see what a beautiful woman lost free dating online!
Believe me, the world is not so bad. Very soon you this ubedishsya. Maybe later you'll remember about the past and enthusiasm about the tragedy that you experienced, with a smile on his lips. And what happened chtoo, will reklasnym life lesson. The best in life you have to come! free dating online.

Sometime between you something big, bright and important. But once it was over - without long goodbyes and a hint of rapprochement. It has long been happy with another, and you still see him in my dreams.
Or between you there was nothing, though you really wanted. I learn all about "to make him fall in love with yourself," always ready to chance encounters and tried in every way to attract attention. All the efforts have not brought results, and you finally convinced that together you do not have to be critical reviews online dating.
Now you do not value your overall outlook, but throw him out of your head is not obtained. You him feel something, but really want to win the feelings mind. Although forgotten favorite is unlikely to succeed, to stop loving him - possibly, but not always easy.
For starters, realize - together you'll never. Miracles happen, but it is - not your case. All your dreams for your magical reunion is to forget and stop to allow the idea that "maybe still ...".
Do not keep all thought in itself - write him a letter. The fact that you still want to say how you miss. Think of your best moments with them, describe them ... and then hide the text from all (and myself included), and do not even think he send. And the best - destroy: Cut into small-small pieces and threw them out the window, burn critical reviews online dating ...
Get reminders about it. Joint photo of his gifts and letters. Put all in a box and send it to the far corner of the cabinet - will remember a few years. In the meantime, they will bring only unnecessary memories and thoughts.
Seek justify all their actions and desires. I wanted to give him a call? Decide - why: hear him restrained, "Hello", mumbled: "How are you?" And quickly hang up ... that you obviously do not want the other conversation is unlikely to happen. So - so if you want to call him? On the same plot is considering all their thoughts: that you can not live without him, he's the best ...
Presents itself in the future: in five years or ten. You're successful, beautiful, and critical reviews online dating ... without him. It's quite real, right? So do not kill yourself now thinking about it.
Distracted - it is best to start to improve themselves. Learn new science, make new acquaintances. Change yourself from hairstyle to the color of nail polish. You will become a better you become the other. The one who does not love him already. critical reviews online dating.

In fact, love, like love - a sense of spontaneous and not from the people best. However, in exceptional cases, when the boy of your dreams is still free, for that matter, and you try to fall in love with guy can. Although it's a bit wrong. And, by the way - you decide.
Unimportant the importance
In fact, boys are the most common human feelings. And ordinary people, they do not really run. Although, who knows why you fell in love with it in him - just so, or because he is so casually correcting a bang, and a charming smile free online dating websites.
In any event, setting itself the task of fall in love with a Man - with a particular - know what you are going. Firstly, I would like to note that once a particular guy, then you yourself to it roughly breathe. This can prevent a lot - so silent about the feelings and exercise "control himself" in his presence. Second, consider that the task in front of you is not easy. And nobody gives guarantees. If you do everything right, then absolutely nothing to lose. If you make a mistake - he thinks you suspect or obsessive feelings to himself. And if he did not fall in love, it seems it has about you is likely to remain good. Thus, the risk in any case, is justified.
Building time
What do you have to build? Any repair and plastering associations. We'll have just to ogle;) Yes, the most common action, of which you heard a lot since childhood. All my mother's replica "We must learn the lessons and not the boys eyes build" quite justified - you're having a very rasprekrasno belonging to the female sex, possess this skill from birth - something like an instinct, to put it simply. Although instinct instinct, and what to do, and it is not clear free online dating websites?
It's simple - to flirt! Better not to bother on how best to do it. The more you think about "I have some fun, I have to flirt," the worse it will get. Just all of your actions, addressed to him, must somehow allocate it to hint at your feelings - but - hint thin and transparent. Flirting, cute gestures and provocative conversations reminiscent disputes - all it will be a flirt. Observe the friends - I'm sure many of them flirt through life without noticing .;)
Your themes and crossing
To explain what a little flirting, you hope it is not necessary. He needs to evaluate you to communicate - ability to joke and understand his jokes, similar views of the world, your character - for him, these figures are important as much for you there.
And coming to this simple discovery, let's just agree - no matter how thickly as it appears, and the main idea was a desire to escape, you will communicate with him. You're certainly not alone - a true company (yours, his or both) - is always there. Maintain general conversations and do not be afraid to express their opinions. And most importantly - be yourself! If only because you it is important that he had feelings for you, and not to skillfully played the role free online dating websites.
Speak - not to tell your friends about the planned activities - a purely personal matter. On the one hand - they can help a lot, but on the other - again, trying to help, you do not put in the best light, constantly referring to your relationship with him, which still did not. In general - it all depends on her friends, your relationship and the level of secrecy between you.
From friends, not close enough, to hide their feelings better. Even if you are constantly - and friends, too - you want to talk about what he's cute, charming, fun, and so the list goes on, this information carefully locked. Can my friends and designated code names for him and his friends and calmly discuss them (the main thing that you have not given the facts). Although this you probably already do if you wanted to talk at all about the personal .;)
If the fact of love still come for all to see, then ... Try to certain views deny the charges, and a rapprochement with him to postpone, until the rumors do not subside free online dating websites.
Final conclusions
The operation is clearly a success? Now it is necessary to verify the data and ... wait. Or, just making sure his feelings, to act. But anyway, that's another story, about which much has been said, written.
If, in spite of all your active actions, continued to ignore you as an object of love, or, worse, find yourself another girl, then you should accept it. And there are no principles, "I can get any guy" - you need to place on the podium, or true feelings? You just different people that do not intersect and parallel halves from different integers. free online dating websites.

You possess the secret (or not) information - in love with a certain type. Or two types. Or a whole bunch of types. This, of course, flattered. And still requires some actions and decisions. Yes, it is not so simple. But the problem can be solved and almost painless. To begin?
When you recognized the feelings, it is assumed that you say something. And mind you - the boy hopes that learns about reciprocity. After all, it is quite heavy step - you know about their natural modesty? So in any case, take this into account and respect the feelings of the boy. At least for the good taste. ;)
If you like him, the problem, of course not. About this recognition you've always wanted and fantasies painted all further actions. Just do not overdo it with reciprocal recognitions .;)
But if it senses a non-reciprocal, it's another story. A long and not very happy online dating books.
His unrequited love
A very common situation - he is in love with you, you're in it - not. And it would seem - what to think, the only problem is it and you should not touch it. But now gone are responsible girls who crossed lovers boys felt sorry. If you are one of them - let's deal with your feelings on this subject. And with it at the same time - do not leave it all just .;)
The most stupid thing you can do in this story - is to begin to meet with him. No, not because of the sudden outbreak of feeling, but simply out of pity. By the way, do not confuse it with these same feelings - an interest in the character and the desire to communicate with him (as disguised pity) differs from the sensations, when the heart is welling circles in the chest .;) No checking for the presence of feelings , the relationship is unlikely to bring something good. Maximum - you meet two weeks, during which you will constantly come up with excuses not to go to a meeting. Yes, of course, after such an experience can leave with a clear conscience - you meet, then you are good-good, and it was his fault. And no unanswered feelings on his part. But in spite of these findings is almost ideal solution to meet all the same is not the most beautiful. If only because it is unfair. It is unfair, ugly and just plain stupid online dating books.
Word excuses
He admits to liking - the next cue for you. Not an easy task - to be honest what you feel and think about it. Just let's not send anyone anywhere - it's still a bit childish and very bitchy. Do not forget about caution - instead of "I do not like" better tell a bunch of different words with the same general meaning, such as "You're certainly very good, and I like to communicate with you, but, you know, it happens that people fit together just as friends ... ". Or he will understand or decide that you're crazy and quickly cease to love .;)
Forget about the neglect - sooner or later still have to explain. And while you pull, you have time to fairly torment both.
Further communication
Even when you find the right words when he realizes that there is no chance, online dating books the story is not over. Because, after all, we all live in one world, and the points of intersection - the mass. How to communicate with him? As if nothing had happened. Do not ignore it, but did not show increased interest. Just talk the same as you were talking before. Sooner or later all will be forgotten and you will find the boy and his love. The most real and most mutual. :) online dating books.

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