Nowadays, almost the entire population of the world uses the Internet for different purposes. Someone to work, someone to study, some games, and someone to talk to.

Online dating, new friends or just chat

There are dozens of large social networks that have traffic of more than a few million or even tens of millions per day. What should be the people who go there? "Of course communication!" - No doubt you think and, of course, be right online dating free.
This article is not about the pros and cons of online social networks. Hundreds of articles can be found on the Internet. This article will just show one exactly of the Internet to communicate.
Some people communicate with friends who are at the moment very far. Some contrary to communicate with those who live in the adjacent apartment. But some are looking for new people and get acquainted with them.
I wonder how it is possible to take and easy to talk to a stranger? It turns out that the Internet is much easier than in real life. Just something you need to open the message and write banal "Hello."
There are people who simply live online social networks. They have neither day, dozens of new people with whom they met. Most often, such correspondence ends in a week, but there are times when people are so pleased to communicate with each other, that they have little correspondences in social networks. They occur in life, become real friends, and sometimes even spend the rest of their lives together. And some on the contrary, disappointed in his interlocutor on the Internet. He may not like in appearance, style of clothing, and may even be that this man is not who he claimed to be a social network online dating free.
In any case, online social networks - is communication. In our time, people used to get acquainted on the Internet, forgetting that real communication, face to face there is no substitute. Such people are hard to start a conversation in the life of the first, they can not offer a girl sit in a cafe and have a cup of coffee, they can not call their friends to the movies. They can not very elementary. Such people are closed in themselves, sullen. Most often they replace real life virtual afford because they have some complexes, or they have few friends.
When dating online, be honest. Do not use other people's images of the beautiful and smooth skin, luxurious hair, if you look like something else. Do not forget that using the wrong way, you can get to the same person by the will of fate.
Online social networks. Well is it? Or evil? How many people - so many would agree on this occasion. Some will say that they are familiar in social networks - this is complete nonsense. Others that communication on the Internet does not hurt, but mind you do not need them reality. Still others will say that real communication is not necessary at all, online dating free because there is a virtual, where you can do or say anything that pleases only.
All these people are in some extent right. What, it's up to you! online dating free.

Dating online - a popular way to meet your soul mate, meet interesting girl or guy for communication and other purposes via the Internet. Often, in our time, and virtual relationships that arise after meeting the two men, and often turn into a real relationship. Virtual dating allows you to prepare for communication: to make good pictures, well write an autobiography, consider a plan to capture, sometimes hard to make when a casual acquaintance in life better online dating profiles. Acquainted with a man on a dating site and spent with him a few hours of virtual is much easier to communicate with him in his life, as it will seem a familiar, closer to you. The articles in this section describes the methods of virtual acquaintances about useful tips and rules of online dating, on the general principles of construction of virtual relationships. better online dating profiles.

Getting the network ... Can we call it urgent problems of our time and it still is an integral part of modern life?
The answer is not straightforward! This phenomenon of a special kind! After all, the essence of human nature, which was raised in the book of romantic stories, is more inclined to the version on the positive aspects of such a dating. Although the challenge and deny such a possibility would not be correct. Search mates in this way may well be justified in the case of a successful outcome of dating. Of course, this requires a certain quality of the network users who are taking steps to online dating. Namely, the most important thing - it's care, observation and the ability to analyze the events taking place at the time of communication; Patience (haste in such matters may lead to inadequate events), of course - careful not to get involved in unpleasant situations or to be deceived online dating horror stories.
Online dating has its advantages. Discovering the Internet is especially nice because there is no clear understanding of the interlocutor. Only in the subconscious giving it the best character traits while the network in trembling anticipation wish appearance of his companion. Gradually deepening acquaintance mind inferior feelings, heart palpitations speaks of anticipation of something special. It does not matter how old the user, the young man, a mature man (male or female), the main thing is the desire to please, that is the nature of man.
Every new acquaintance makes our hearts beat faster. Emotional recovery also triggered online dating, gain leads to feelings of love. The day starts and is accompanied by a good mood. Cases of disputes and problems are surprisingly easy. The man - there is a collective - so life alone does not make sense. Not every online dating can lead to the creation of a strong family, and to expand the horizon is exactly. In reality, the Internet many of the mentally ill, skeptical people. In these situations, communication is unpleasant. Online chat is easy prekratimo online dating horror stories.
Today, the network can not only meet, but also to buy almost any product whether it's stylish clothing or household appliances. The first Internet allows you to find unusual items. For example, you need a large size women's clothing and can not find it. In this case, you can contact the online store and order home delivery.
Getting through a virtual network - a new direction of human perception of the virtual world online dating horror stories. Some people can not spend the day in order not to communicate on the Internet. Another part of humanity to treat such old acquaintances skeptical, believing that among those people who spend most of their time on the computer is not the person held. Both views are partially right. And so - the truth about online dating is interim in nature. online dating horror stories.

The World Wide Web has become a norm of life, the Internet is now everywhere: in laptops, smart phones, personal computers. Due to the fact that our life is a rapid pace, many people simply do not have time to do them, and even more so to arrange his personal life. Work consumes all my free time.

Best resources on the network for the virtual dating

But what to do if you sat for days in the office and on the weekends - slept, exhausted working week?
Here are the most popular and interesting places with a brief description online dating wink.
1) The leader in this service today, perhaps, is the site This resource is there for a long time, has a large number of users - more than 12 million. People. And, every day on the portal are seeking a pair of roughly 2 million. Unique visitors, and online there are 100,000 people. mamba - it represents the whole structure of the site. The feature set is impressive. There are free and paid services. The site is constantly being improved and improved.
2) LovePlanet - is also a fairly large site for dating and there for 8 years. As the number of users is comparable with, but every day he is visited by far fewer people. It has a mobile version. The interface is similar to social networking sites, of which there are plenty. And LovePlanet accommodates various affiliate programs for those who have their own resources. That is, there can be more and earn extra money online dating wink.
3) Damochka - site-old resident. The first site for dating in the Russian segment of the Internet, existing since 2001. Interestingly, while he worked as a resource for those who wish to meet with the help of games. The site is no different from the same kind, unique - a huge system of forums for discussing any topic. Damochka - a place focused on the category of girls from 16 to 25 years.
4) Maybe - was launched in 2002, it was originally conceived as a service for singles on mobile. But soon the strategy changed. And today - a very popular site. The distinguishing feature is that users can write messages only when it is online.
5) Dating - a very popular site for user Runet. The main advantage - any user can raise the rating of their profiles of the top leaders are absolutely free, and offer the opportunity not all resources. Of course, participants are given an opportunity not always, but often enough. Therefore, the chance that the second half will notice your profile increases significantly online dating wink.
6) Loveopen - a good place to find his / her lover (lover), detailed questionnaires with different descriptions of small details, as well as many services that will make it impossible to pass it by your profiles. Services unfortunately paid. online dating wink.

There are situations in which divorce is not just a fact of disagreement with the current situation, as a way to save his life! When the family violence reigns, everyday life becomes a nightmare! With so my husband can not live! No one gives the right to one of the spouses, raise your hand to the other. Expect from this marriage of something good and save the family, no, this is not possible, and for what? For children, many would say, and that the child sees? Father shoots his mother, father or mother has. Children are like a sponge, absorb everything they see. What do you think, what kind of relationship he can then build into adulthood? A child brought up in such a family, it will be difficult in the future to build a harmonious relationship based on mutual love and respect free australian online dating.
My girlfriend got once in the same situation. She was married at too young age, she had just turned 18, she got her husband, who from the first month began beating her. Several times her taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion. "I'm sorry darling, I hit you, I need you, I live without you I can not!" That's what it was the next day! She suffered a long 6 years. Why, you ask, it is not gone before? In the beginning she loved him, and it was hard to accept the thought of divorce. But even worse was for her to tell someone: "I hit my husband!" And then there was the fear it just to intimidate her. "Where will you go with the child who needs you, but you look at yourself, you're ugly ..." Although to be honest, it was premilenkaya, but he is well, clean "monkeys." I was afraid, suffered, wept furtively at night. The child grew up and saw it all. Well, at last, she thought. Every day to see her son, the conditions in which it grows? And she took the only right decision. Divorce ... ..
What is the end of the story? In this case, the family was not necessary to save her semi- simply not there! It was necessary to save my girlfriend and her son! She did it! And she lived a free life exactly 7 days! As in a fairy tale, she met a man, free australian online dating fell in love! Of course, she could choose a different path, the path of fear, humiliation and shattered destinies. Was she happy then?
If you were in this situation, I beg you, do not be afraid! Take a step! Do You were born for this, that someone could beat you and dispose of your life? Every day, you are depriving yourself of the ability to be happy and loved. And your child? He is forced to look at it all day! Do you think your child will be able to after this childhood into adulthood to build a harmonious relationship?
I understand very scary to decide on a responsible step and go! But consider whether you want to live life so? After all, life is given only one life and rewrite the script can not be! If you can not do to cope with this situation, please consult a professional ... The most important thing to act until it has gone much away! If a man is in relation to you today shows aggression, it is unlikely that it will be different tomorrow! Run and save his life and that of her child! When you free yourself from the shackles of these, you may live in peace, and you will have a chance for your own happiness! Thousands of women who had the courage to put an end to such a relationship, free australian online dating it is now happy in her new family!
If you do not feel the strength for decisive action, so maybe you suffer from low self-esteem or self-confident? Then it's time to do their own personal growth!
And most importantly, do anything, do not go with the flow in the troubled waters! It's time to get out on a clean and beautiful beach! Be happy you! free australian online dating.

We split ... .. And so began my conversation with my girlfriend! Oh, God, out of the blue this message .... I expect anything, but not this. Such a lovely couple, and such a beautiful love story!
We lived in the same town and were friends and then parting, the first in their lives !!! He now lives in Europe, and it is in the distant Siberian city. The distance of 7,000 kilometers is not a hindrance to this light of love! Skype, sleepless nights and agonizing wait for the meeting, and then parting ... and so for 2 years. Finally, the wedding! Just like in a fairy tale rate online dating sites.
She moved in with him! A new country, a foreign language and general all around strange but loving woman for the future happiness ready for anything! I learned a foreign language, and went to study at the university. In the evenings dreaming about how one day be born baby. A lovely tale of love.
Today, I write a letter to a friend Skype, hello dear, how are you?
It's okay, I do not want to complain ...
Yeah, okay, you can a little bit, what happened?
We split ... .. pause .... He no longer loves me, he says feelings have been ... Yes, how could they go, how true love goes? We sleep right now in different rooms and very cold relationship. He says that no one .... Just was love rate online dating sites.
Honey, this is not the end, it's just the beginning of something new in your life .... Simply, we always see only a part of our future path. It's like traveling by car at night, you see only 30 meters, illuminated headlights, and then what ? Unknown ... But the Universe always knows what's best for us and sees everything. It may be needed, what would you have had the opportunity to go to Europe to get out there and European education. Maybe the universe is preparing for a meeting with your beloved man, whom you do not know ...
I suffer much, it hurts!
I know my dear, I, too, was hurt, but I soon began to feel gratitude to the former husband for what he has given me the opportunity to once again be happy. If he had not gone then, I would not have met my lover! So that you'll soon be thanking your man, he's gone from your path. Thanks to him, that he left and that gives a chance to thank you again to be happy!
But how can love to leave?
You can not blame him for being out of love. I am grateful for what was good in your life, and that he frankly admitted that he no longer loves. Many couples live for years without loving each other. And deprive each other opportunities to become happy again. It's just not fair! Was love, but is it worth to continue to live together? End of love does not mean the end of everything. This is just the end of the story and only the beginning of the new rate online dating sites!
On my birthday, he just coldly kissed on the cheek ... so hurt !!!!
So it's just not your man and all, but he cleared the way for your new happiness! During the night always comes a day after the rain the sun peeps, here and in your life will come soon dawn .... Certainly!
I probably did something wrong? I have a good wife?
Do not dig into themselves, now it is no use to anyone, neither you nor he is now ... Be selfish, in a good sense of the word! Love yourself! Now we need to think of your new happiness and how to pave the way for him.
But I feel so bad and hard.
Your old house crumble ... always sorry and painful to part with old things. The house is destroyed, you need to remove the territory and prepare the site for construction of a new home. Not to destroy the old, you will not create a new one. But then you build a new house. The main thing do not sit at home. Walk to visit, communicate with your friends! Live each day with anticipation that soon a new relationship shall bear thee a new happy life! You are not alone !!! I'm near! I felt so bad and hurt, but I'm happy! After I passed many bitter stories. But after a while I called the woman and told me the story of dating with a new man. I'm so pleased to hear their cheerful chirping! I'm at this point become very happy! Here you will soon call me and tell me about it rate online dating sites!
Of whom?
Well, it does not matter, you just are not familiar, but soon you'll meet! Your meeting is already predetermined, and if your husband has not given up on you, you would never have met him ... .. with your future husband!
...... Such conversation took place at me today with my girlfriend. I am confident that soon it will be happy! It is only necessary to wait !!!! rate online dating sites.

How beautiful it is, love, marriage, birth of a child, the husband does not drink and does not beat. It would seem that everything is fine! Ahn, no! Years go by, his wife engaged in child time to get an education, in brief moments of freedom to read books or attends. The child goes to kindergarten and school, and my wife is starting to make a career. And here it is already experienced in their field, with which the Council, it is respected. What is it? And as before, he lies on the couch, makes a complaint, grumbling. Maybe he lost his job, and maybe he felt the stress and can not recover from it, and maybe he fell into a depression and needs professional help? And if briefly, the once-beloved turns into a heavy anchor on the legs of a woman! No, you do not think dear man, is all, and vice versa, when that's like and the children grew up, and she was at home and at home. And except for pots and pans to talk to her more about what! This all applies equally to both partners. You should be aware that if your spouse is growing as a person, you should strive to do the same, but may be in some other field, otherwise the gap between you will grow. After all, what would a man was still interesting to talk to, he must also attach to this at least some effort! The relationship between people is always work and work of both yahoo online dating.
Here in this situation it is important not to cut straight from the shoulder, and to understand. Why did it happen? Why are you with her husband was not interested? How you can help him in his development? How to make life interesting?
In this situation, you need to talk to each other, avoiding accusations and are not going to the offensive expletives.
My wife spoke with her husband and is ready to help him, but he still wants nothing to do and just turns into a house plant. What happens next depends on the temperament of a woman by her determination and willingness to change everything important in your life! But usually there are several scenarios yahoo online dating.
1: When a state of inactivity with a spouse last long, and the woman completely lost hope for some perspective, then sooner or later it will lead to what she says, " I'm leaving ! "And, as a rule, if anything after that spouse no changes in his life, to save the marriage can not be! Just a woman tired of being a caring mom for such overage son! And divorce is such a man is perceived as liberation. As a rule, the result of the divorce for a woman carries great promise. Freed from the anchor it as a fast ship carried away farther and farther, doing their secret dreams! Freedom, in a word!
2: If a woman is so psychologically dependent on men, and can not or do not want to take the plunge, the two options. Or, have the most to slow down its development as a person, or engage in the development of her own husband. Life is like a harness two horses. If one is rushing forward and the other behind it does not have time, then this is not the harness and exit will leave two or ride alone or together. But then my dear you choose! If you are not willing to so dramatically change your life and the lives of your family, continue to ride in the same carriage, or try to still change her Blessed yahoo online dating.
But in this respect there is a clear view of psychologists. Do not try to change her husband. As a rule, educational measures are not out anything good.
He formed an adult person! And that person must be respected!
3: And the third scenario, and perhaps the most correct, in my opinion, this is an opportunity to change the situation by changing yourself! Yes, yes you! Learn to see the good qualities in her husband. Appreciate his best side. Perhaps you will soon learn to see in him only good. And start to praise him, maybe it will just errands, made them, but encourages it! Remember, in the family, much depends on both spouses. But to change yourself, you hereby change the situation in the family and of her husband. Try it, maybe your situation is not as serious as you think, and you can still change it? In short release situation! Who knows, maybe this is what is the happiest way in which you go on together with your loved ones yahoo online dating!
Here's to you and the task for today: Take a piece of paper and write on it 15 good qualities of her husband. Yes 15 not downward. Difficult? And you try! I'm sure they have it! Maybe you just forgot about them, or over time ceased to notice, but they just are! And then look at this piece of paper, examine. Do you still think that without it will be easier and better? yahoo online dating.

All have enough, tired! I leave her husband!
I want a divorce?
Wait, are you sure that your situation is impossible to do anything? Usually, after these words begins a completely different stage of life couples. As well, I have been married for many years, and looks like everything was fine, and like a bolt from the blue, leaving a wife! For men it can be a shock! It so happened in our country that often make the decision to terminate the marital relationship, man. Perhaps because women are initially set up to preserve the family. And a woman, as a rule, until recently suffered all life's adversities before take a responsible decision! And what are the reasons there is a woman that would do this? Maybe a new love and the hope of a happy future with a new partner? Maybe the cause is alcohol and aggression of her husband? Maybe it everyday scandals? Maybe it's part of the wife of infidelity, and maybe it's just gone over the years, the feelings and the reluctance to share more with a roof over your head is already a stranger! Who cares if you have in mind there were such thoughts need something urgently to do! Either leave, or change something do not go! But in any case, more so to live, as now you can not computer mediated communication and online dating!
I am always in such situations, set up to preserve the family, but it is taking into account that there is ... save.
The reasons for which a woman as homemakers decides to change his life and that of her child, a lot, but most often it is a very good reason. Analyze your feelings for the man. Maybe you're still not ready to change the way your life?
Here's a simple but effective exercise: choose a day when you are calm and you will not be disturbed, at least 20 minutes. Take a sheet of paper and divide it in half. On one side write all the advantages of your spouse and the other part write all his weaknesses. Take another leaf and do the same, but only on one side of your parting write the pros and cons on the other hand you get, having parted with her husband forever. Write it as it is. And then put the next two leaf and analyze what more on these sheets of paper, plus or minus. If everything is so much obvious, then make your choice! But remember that destroy much easier than re-create computer mediated communication and online dating!
If something you do not like his wife, the first thing to say about it, but without blaming. Many living beings given language, but the intelligence given to man that would take advantage of this language. Choose a day when you and your spouse, you are ready for a calm and constructive conversation. Tune in to a relaxed conversation. Write on a piece of the questions that you would like to discuss. Do not go to the individual. Talk calmly about what you do not like and no common phrases like, "You ruined my life" You always do ... ". Specifically with concrete examples, not insults. It often happens that one of the spouses that is not pleasant, but it is silent and waiting for the other spouse himself has to guess. Do not wait, just calmly tell about it! Perhaps it will help to avoid such a critical point as the divorce! If the final decision on divorce is pending, the open discussion of pressing problems help to save the marriage. computer mediated communication and online dating.

There will be many people who will assure that alcoholism is a disease. And throwing the alcoholic is a sick person to betray! Yes, this is a very strong statements! It often happens that alcoholism is a consequence of not entirely healthy relationships in the family. But it happens that the cause of alcoholism are the factors that dismissal, failure in the sexual sphere, low self-esteem , self-doubt, etc. What if the husband is drinking? Of course, if you still have feelings for my husband, you can try together to begin to deal with this terrible disease, under the watchful supervision of a physician. Of course, this is a terrible addiction, but for the person who wants to cure, nothing is impossible. Now arsenal to combat alcoholism great from hypnosis, anger management, herbs to medical methods. But the most important on the path to recovery is the only desire of man. Without faith it is impossible to recover and desires! Your love and faith in her husband can do wonders! But remember that the blame for this man is useless, it is blaming the man for what he hiccups. If you have feelings for each other, and you still want to be together, then become a companion and the main inspiration on the road to recovery. You say that you believe in him, give him my love online dating sex.
But what if the feelings have gone live with an alcoholic strength is gone? Do you have to carry this "cross"? If you want my opinion? I believe that there should not be! Each came to this world to fulfill his destiny. Why someone has to throw his life at his feet alcoholic? Why do you have to mutilate their children life? Who says you have to do it? We are all human adult and your spouse, too, as an adult, when it took on the responsibility, when I first picked up the bottle! It's his life and his destiny ... It certainly is not about what the other disease .... And if you want to fight for her husband to drink, please, it's your right! But you also have the right to be happy right now, having decided to leave and to take her child away from the drinking parent online dating sex.
Maybe you have nothing but pity for her husband left? Nobody forbids you to continue to support it and to spare, but not as a wife, but as a friend. And who are you sorry? Who will spare your child? Do you think that you are worthy of such a life? Introduce yourself and your life in 10 years! Scary? Then, run to the other life. Becoming happy is never too late! Is engaged in the development and move on! Go to your happiness! Stop living with illusions, stop feeling sorry for yourself! We must have the courage to take this step today! Life is given to you only one, and hope that someone will give you rewrite the script of your life over again, stupid! online dating sex.

"Parting, a little death! ..." So sang Alla Pugacheva!
Many of us are faced with this problem, and I'm one of them! I have gone through a painful separation from loved! So what? I write to you, so, I LIVE !!! And the most important thing! After a while, you will become a completely different look at a lot of things that happened to you before!
"I strongly and deeply loved my husband, but it so happened that left a sense of his life and there was another woman. Like many, this was absolutely unexpected for me. I just got back after surgery and found out that I have no family, it was a terrible stroke of fate! I was thrown! It was another blow to the ego. "
When a loved one is gone, his head beating one thought, or rather two! How to live? And why did this happen to me? Here on these issues and I want to help you to answer questions to ask if dating online!
What do you feel now? Heartache? We do not suspect about where he lives, our soul, but when tragedy strikes, we can clearly show the place in which he lives is our pain! Who will say that he does not want to live without a loved one, someone will say that life is empty, and for whom the whole world will be in the black. Each one of us is going through separation differently. But the pain all alone. Often I have seen devastation and swollen eyes from crying. I myself went through it all and you understand perfectly. And at this moment it is very important that someone was there. It is he who will listen and just be there in difficult moments of your life.
"How to go on living when my husband left me?" Yes, it is to live! Here's what you should want! Lost the meaning of life? You can not imagine a minute without your loved one? Yes, seriously! Do you still say that time heals all wounds ... Yes, it really heals, but it is better not to wait so long, and start doing something right now that it would not become a chronic condition and are not turned into a more severe form, depressed questions to ask if dating online!
Let's face it. Probably gone love. Do you deliver to the happiness to know that living with you a man who does not love you. You can not make you love. I love it either exists or it does not! Release your love! And you will come to a completely different attitude, filled with happiness and understanding!
You have to remember that life does not end here! The faster you'll be able to let go of the situation and to open his heart and soul for a new relationship, the faster you will meet your beloved. No need to blame yourself! It is no longer necessary, but still it would be better to spend a little analysis of your relationship. Without emotion, as if you look at this situation from the outside! Or imagine that you simply solve problems in mathematics. You will not worry and cry out for mathematics? And it is only necessary to carry out self-examination just for the fact that to make a conclusion, what mistakes you made. Knowing the error now, you can avoid them in the future! In the future, I want to elaborate on how to properly analyze past relationships.
You know, for you have good news! The worst has already happened! You are at the very bottom, and will not be worse! Every day you will be getting better and better. You will rise higher and higher. Finally, you can see the blue sky, the sun, hear the birds singing. The birds did not stop singing and the sun still shines, but you do not notice it now. Ascend faster you will find happiness questions to ask if dating online!
I tell you these words of encouragement, because I'm happy, and I know that your happiness separates very short way. Just want to do so much! questions to ask if dating online.

I do not even think to write about it! But yesterday I had a conversation with my girlfriend. Like seemingly everything is fine. The two wonderful sons, a strong family. The husband who knows how to make money, a lovely apartment, expensive car, their business. But this is only the outer shell. And what's inside? "The hour of the night, and its still no house where he, with whom he. Tired of crying, just dead tired! Every day, I worried and waiting for him. Now comes what? What he will perhaps say that finally decided to leave, or to say that he no longer needed, and perhaps did not come? I can not eat or sleep, so it is not possible to live anymore! What do I do if he really stopped loving me? How will I live without him? We very recently become strangers as neighbors under one roof! I want to divorce him! "Such a terrible inner dialogue online dating ideas ....
It happens rarely that would love has gone right for both partners. Most often it happens that one partner still loves, and the second has fallen out of love. Can we blame the other partner because he fell out of love? How is it to live with unloved man? Can I play the love? And whether you want to do?
How to determine that love has passed?
-You Were different interests, and you spend less time together? You almost do not go anywhere together. You are no longer having fun together.
-You Do not laugh and do not laugh? When he comes home, you are more and more silent? Your jokes are still unanswered?
-You Are no longer touch each other, unless by accident. Sex has become ordinary and insipid, no more desire to surprise each other. Kisses gone.
He's increasingly delayed at work. There are thousands and thousands of cases the reasons that he had no time to spend time with you?
-Now You do not even consult with someone about important family matters online dating ideas. You make the decision alone?
Do -Ostalos between you respect? Or maybe you have long been exchanging barbs and do not even remember who started first? You are more and more often hear reproaches in the address?
-You Feel that you can no longer rely on that person. You do not feel it support and support. And when you get sick, it takes proper care of you, as before?
If you notice these signs in your relationship, it's time to sound the alarm. Maybe you have become like two neighbors under one roof? When love has remained just a habit? And you're like a circus pony has long been running around in circles?
Of course, immediately stands to try for what would have to revive your relationship! It is better to try to save the relationship, and to destroy them you always have time. Breaking, not build!
But if you have tried and tried for years, but have become quite strange. Finally, even you yourself is to realize that saving has nothing ... What to do? Leave! The severance of relations in such a case, it is an honest step toward a partner. If you do not like, go away and give a chance to themselves and a partner to build a new full-fledged relations. Life is given only once. Years go by, and everyone has the right to happiness, here and now! If you are looking to start a family, if you want a full relationship, close the door, which makes you unhappy, and open another new happy relationship! If in the course of your marriage hit Your self-esteem , lift it online dating ideas!
And listen to the statistics. According to statistics, 30% of women get married again, in the first year after leaving in the second year to marry another 40%, slightly less than a third of 10-15%. This is a huge percentage of happy people! And if you have such a desire, then so be it! online dating ideas.

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