Initiate means to win
Sports and sex - two spheres of human energy, and I must say, is found between the number of similarities. In the first place, and both of them can do, and even enjoy "the process and the outcome." Secondly, and in the sport and sex can be branded as a winner and a loser. Finally, within reasonable limits as sex and sports good for health online dating australia free.
Porn Sports always makes a person slimmer, prettier, healthier, and, therefore, more attractive and sexy. We still admire the ancient Greek athletes athletic figure, however, we are familiar with them only for the sculptures. And, for example, included in the history of world art of photography Chronicle Olympics 1936 held in Germany, generally on the brink of sports and frank eroticism.
However, we can with certainty claim that it is a modern sports betting to win not because of endurance, speed, accuracy, and at the expense of sexuality, ability to drive mad, excite the jury and the audience.
The undisputed leader of their sexuality are female sports. They managed to pull himself to a huge mass of male spectators, even far away from the sport, mainly due to the elastic bodies, sexual sportswear, provocatively exciting movements online dating australia free.
Sports stars are now increasingly referred to as "sex symbol". In the media and in Internet polls are held for men and even compiled rankings sexy sports. Usually, the lead in these surveys tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating, dance sport. Sexy lawlessness in these sports has almost reached its limit.
Look at the preferences of Russian men and begin, perhaps, with tennis. Somehow, among all of our men the sexiest athlete persistently considered no longer the Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. With all that it useless athlete, her appearance on the court together thousands of fans in the stands and hundreds of thousands of viewers watching television. The reason for that is not mastery of the racket, and sexy figure, tight suits and sexy enough movement.
In fairness it should be noted that erotization tennis began a long time, more than half a century ago. June 28, 1949 American tennis Goossen Moran appeared on center court in lace breeches, and at the next tournament, online dating australia free it was decorated with a figure of leather shorts leopard. Her example was followed by a Brazilian athlete Maria Bueno, leaving the game in the translucent breeches June 22, 1965. Czech tennis player Eva Sviglerova became the first athlete to have waived his breeches under her skirt and wore just shorts. This happened in 1989.
In 2000, one of the leading tennis Nathalie de Tauzia France was excluded from the Olympic team in France, due to a number of statements in the recently published book "Underwear women's tennis" against Anna Kournikova. De Tauzia said that Anna Kournikova is not only contributes to the development of women's tennis, but inflicts damage "body mannequins facilitated the emergence of her enormous compared with its state sports results."
Today in women's tennis, experts say, do not play the role of sports results, and purely erotic motives. A distinctive feature of the new era - the ease with which encompasses any popularity pretty young lady. She need only pick up a racket and show a little ingenuity ...
Let us turn to the other - it is beautiful, elegant, graceful, aesthetic and extremely sexual sport. Special chic it brought our Alina Kabaeva, who is the embodiment of sexuality, but, above all, the glory of Russian sports online dating australia free.
Spirit erotic show got into gymnastics in the 1990s. While the "artist" was allowed to perform in suits along with the usual swimsuit. In 1997, with the filing of Irina Viner, head coach of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, the costumes were allowed to do more theater. In 2001, girls gymnasts wore skirts, which also attracted the attention of viewers. Introduction skirts credited Alina Kabaeva. Evil tongues say that the corrected while Alina releasing the platform did not dare. Then come up with these very skirts, hides all the "extra" in the figures of the gymnasts.
Finally, any hit parade of male preference is necessarily present a sport like figure skating. For a long time the sexiest athlete it says Maria Butyrskaya. However, Mary is almost out of the age of the skater and her baton "sex bomb" roller intercept other young skaters. Spirit of erotica in figure skating has long soars. However, in 2002, the International Skating Union even sounded the alarm, accusing the skaters in ... pornography. According to officials, the modern figure skating was too much sex, causing pos. Especially this sin modern ice dancing - the most beautiful view and a scandalous figure skating. Indeed, during his speech, many skaters did not hesitate to push the legs wide and bend so low that even the spectators can see the distant rows of what is hidden under a skirt or dress online dating australia free. Sometimes dance skater grasping legs of his partner and with gusto sit on it, hugging his neck. Skater deliberately use in their flesh-colored dress clothes to look more erotic.
In summary, say that the sport is no longer just for the sake of sports activities. The traditional motto "faster, higher, stronger" was replaced by "candid, erotic, sexy." The value of winning the podium was replaced by the value of winning the hearts and minds of fans. The winner is the one who excites! online dating australia free.

Art strip dance
Beautiful girl, six, exciting poses, lace underwear and burning eyes of the public in the hall, universal ecstasy ... Yes, it's a striptease. Anyone ever see this spectacle, he stores it permanently.
Striptease in translated to English means "naked, seducing, teasing." In general, international dating agency the art of erotic dance there throughout the history of mankind. There is a version that it was the ancestor of Alexander - the daughter of the Polovtsian prince, wife of Alexander Nevsky. Once in 1240, captured by the Swedish king, Alexander did not lose her and offered to surprise his "dance of the Polovtsian he hitherto not seen." King agreed. The princess took the Swede spear stuck in the ground and began to dance around him, occasionally throwing off your ornaments so clothes. The dance lasted so long that it wine Exhausted soldiers slept soundly. Only Swedish king could not sleep - he waited, finally, Alexander undress. However, the clever woman is not in a hurry ... At night, the Swedes suddenly attacked the Russian soldiers. Prince Alexander burst into the tent, grabbed a spear, which his wife danced, and killed the king.
Forerunner of today's "strippers" were prominent and influential courtesan in Europe. One of them - Lola Montes dance "Spider" has managed to confuse the head of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. And the charms of the French La Belle Otero and her dancing did not stand people like Belgium's King Leopold II, the last German Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the future king of England, Edward VII.
However, contrary to popular perception of Parisian life in the most famous cabaret Moulin Rouge striptease, as such, it was not. Ladies, dance on its stage, the audience showed only remaining uncovered pieces of the body between the panties and stockings. The other men had to be only in his imagination. Still, it was the Moulin Rouge has become a place where striptease was born, international dating agency as a kind of dance. In the summer of 1893 there was held a traditional dance students of art schools. At the height of the evening , two women suddenly climbed on the table and the music slowly began to undress ... The criminal case instituted later on the participants of the dance ball, led to mass disturbances Parisian students. Beautiful sluts Moscow to travel in the cabin. And no wonder - the taboo on the strip was removed and Parisian life had bubbled with new parties.
After the First World War many European countries erotic dance strip became very popular in nightclubs. And, perhaps, the most famous "stripper" of the time was Anita Berber. It was she who was the first to combine eroticism with the dance, and it was a Berber ancestor still exists standard of female beauty. Thanks to her and her immense popularity among men, girls and women want to be slim and not pyshnotelye.
Striptease in its modern sense appeared in one of the dirtiest parts of New York, where in season 1916-17 opened burlesque titled "National conservatory." Burlesque general was a special genre of the century. It merged everything like men without pretensions: bawdy jokes, ridicule anything and everything combined with nudity. And a striptease on the stage, international dating agency where there were burlesque became a desperate attempt to make money on what does not show in the movie.
In Russia striptease came in the early 90-ies and in that time he has stood as an independent genre of erotic art of dance with their professional performers and directors. The capital has plenty of nightlife strip clubs, patrons are no longer surprised overseas terms such as "consumation" or "private dance." There are even special schools striptease dance. But to get to them and do there can afford a few wishes - the cost of learning dance is quite high. And does it make sense to learn to dance striptease, if you are going to devote the rest of life? After all, "home" for their favorite strip under force to arrange almost every woman. And who knows, maybe a man looks at his wife or girlfriend with new eyes? You say - will not work? Will, I assure you. I need a little: beautiful lingerie, appropriate music, high heels and desire - to dance to seduce, not allowing himself to touch, light in the distance and blow up the fire of excitement and passion. For this, you see, is ever discarded shyness and forget about all the complexes, to submit a queen scene to see facing the admiring eyes ... and start dancing striptease. international dating agency.

Looking for Love in Moscow
Dating girls in Moscow is very different from dating women in other cities. Women in Moscow is easier than anywhere else, perceived familiarity for the evening. While Muscovites requirements for candidates for the role of the husband or permanent partner is much higher online dating agency for single.
Meet in Moscow - is a real game for adults. The winner gets a prize - whether it's a terrific lover for some time, or a woman for life. The losers of the armed experience to conquer new women's heart ... Meeting in Moscow - is, above all, a game in which no one owes nothing to. There can be no promises and no pretensions.
Many girls in the night clubs of Moscow friendly and open to communication. To meet with a girl, I do not spend hours walking around, carry a bouquet of flowers and a volume of poetry Brodsky. Do not be such a girl to swear eternal love, for weeks on duty at the entrance to her and singing serenades. Just like a girl to dating successfully held.
However, in the nightclubs of Moscow and girls are free to come and meet with a handsome man . And it does not mean that she has looked after himself such a man in a life partner. No, it is likely that she wants love and affection no more than one night.
At club party girl can meet with dozens of interesting men and go to his home, one, online dating agency for single cheerful and sociable ... Club dances and parties - it was her usual environment.
Rules of the game at club parties:
1) You no one should. Girls do not have to necessarily get acquainted with you, you do not have to flirt, and even after a successful dating you do not have to leave your phone. The same applies to you.
2) Introduction for the evening - a common occurrence in the night clubs of Moscow. You will not give up a tribunal for trying to seduce a girl. One night stand - do not be surprised if, after a passionate night she disappears somewhere. Although you like, and do not mind continuing.
3) the need to go to a party with a good, playful mood. Leave your desire to "get drunk and forget 'home. Club parties in Moscow - this is not the place where, after a few glasses of alcohol need to begin to act, causing apprehension or fear in others.
4) Club parties use the modern, emancipated, independent woman. And these women have nothing to do with the pros, and so on ...
Dating girls often infest it on club parties. Of course, such a party is not always immediately possible to determine what kind of relationship is possible with some woman: Evening acquaintance or acquaintance for life? In any case, this is an opportunity to spend time online dating agency for single.
Means of seducing women:
1) Despite the simplicity of dating a girl at a party, you should not relax for a second. You need to watch out for in order to have your darling is always a glass of champagne was poured, to keep up in time to push a chair, do not forget to invite to dance, carry a lighter in case if a woman smokes. When women gather to go - to help her put on a coat, open the door and a woman to skip ahead. All these plain and obvious action is very impressive women.
2) broad smile and good humor. If you seduce a woman - you do not have, never had and can not in principle be any problems.
3) Night clubs are always playing music and, as a rule, quite loudly. Eyeglasses A great opportunity to get as close to your favorite girl, telling her something in your ear. And always full glass of champagne will be free of women's fantasies. House 2 online Club dances - is also an excellent occasion for dating women.
4) You can, for example, to go hunting for girls shirt. Because we have a shirt buttons, of which two or three can unbutton the top. What do you think only men are interested in what the girls under the blouse?
As you can see, among the listed funds seducing women no meaning to their perseverance, online dating agency for single a show of force or a thick wallet, appeal to erotic games. Because it's obviously a false way to seduce women: many men who have chosen it because of its apparent simplicity, have themselves become a victim of "deceit" of women.
The only way to seduce a woman, really tempt to it is interested in you, not what you can get from you - to play with her imagination, make her want you. I wanted to feel your breath in a quiet and comfortable place. online dating agency for single.

Flirt, learn from Shakespeare.
What is flirting? For many it is - a nice easy game that we, men and women who play for communication, seduction, and just for fun in the process a pretty woman dating agency.
The dictionaries can be found:
"Flirt (Eng. Flirt), a form of sexual behavior, aimed at drawing attention liked person of the opposite sex."
Or, for example, more old-fashioned version of the dictionary Brockhaus and Efron "Flirt - a special form of manifestation of sexual feeling; expressed in courtship, flirting flirtatious glances, words, feigned inadvertent touches, etc. ".
There is also a view that flirting is an art - . Is it necessary to have a birth data, to be master of flirting? Of course, talent is here, as in any case, did not hurt. But many can learn and improve their skills in practice. Of course, we should not neglect the advice of experienced people. Surely something good for yourself can be gleaned from the psychological textbooks, but I suggest to start, I do not trifle with Shakespeare! And that turned out to be the word of English origin, I see a favorable sign a pretty woman dating agency.
Let's start with "The Taming of the Shrew."
Petruchio - hero, started taming the very Stubborn, I chose an interesting strategy for flirting. In a conversation with Katarina he immediately showered her with praise:
"I was told - you're a crooked, evil,
But I see - all these rumors are false.
You are affectionate, friendly remarkably,
Quiet, but sweet, as the color of spring ... "
But he draws the two images of Katharina: excellent in all respects, gentle and obstinate, unpleasant. In the month, the installation of steel structures , precast concrete, sandwich panels, prof. And he did not scold her, and some unknown people! And he naturally saw in it only the most attractive side. But it manages to draw a thick paint as it looks unattractive when angry:
"... Do not frown, do not look askance
And do not bite her lips like spitfire ... "
In every man there are bad and good. A woman can only make a choice, what is the image correspond to what is to be right now.
Attention, men! Compliments are necessary, but they will be more effective if you have them as its file an observation or suggestion, maybe even contrary to popular belief. Gift and contrary to the opinion of the woman currently. But if you say, "I have heard that you are somewhat arrogant, but now I see in front of an attentive interlocutor and a nice woman," that she herself will think: "maybe this is true?". And here is one more step to the decisions to be with you a nice woman and attentive interlocutor a pretty woman dating agency. And a huge plus for you, what you looked at it, all these precious qualities! Maybe you should take a closer look!
I note another interesting point in the actions of Petruchio. After a series of accolades he continues his speech as follows:
"Someone told me that if Kat is lame?
Slanderers! No, Rem slender like a twig
Walnut. Swarthy well as nut,
But many of its sweeter nucleolus.
Walk, as I look. You're not limping? "
After so many compliments - such a doubt. Of course, any woman, consciously or unconsciously, wants him to dispel! And here it is already involved in the game. What cunning actually wanted.
Gentlemen, after a lot of compliments and flattering words little doubt in fine quality ladies only spur her to prove to you that it is still perfect. And if you suddenly doubt something that is its undeniable advantage, you will only reinforce righteous indignation and the desire to prove that it is not so! But try to do it subtly. You should not say with certainty, "I am told that you have a fifth the size of the bra, but what I can see, does not pull even at first!" The lady can decide what you see is bad or poorly educated. Although ... it all depends on the situation!
Women, of course, also has a lot to learn from the master. How to seduce a man? An interesting option flirting I met yet another comedy - "Merry Wives of Windsor." Two ladies, wishing to draw attention to the gentleman agreed with the third, which is when I met him he told them a lot of interesting. For example, Mrs. Ford:
"... But then there were also the knights and lords, and other notable gentlemen - and in carriages. WOT fashion fashion world of tanks cheats for WOT. I swear to you, the coach of the coach, letter after letter, a pretty woman dating agency a gift for a gift ... It seems no woman in the world would not hold out, and she did not even blinked their eyes. "
And so Mrs. Paige: "... If there is one amiable woman around Windsor, so this is it, Mrs. Paige."
Women account! A good way to create an opinion of himself - to take advantage of a third party. People are more inclined to trust what the person tells someone else, not the man himself. So a man is much more likely to believe that you are a brilliant, if he says it somebody else!
Later in an interview with Falstaff (the same gentleman) confidante these ladies told him that each of them longs to meet with him in private. Of course, we all know that the modern woman can afford to openly declare the man she wants.
But, ladies! You agree that in the old version have something useful. At least, if something happens, you can always say that your dear friend is a little confused, and you're here with virtually no! And the rules of classical love game formally met - the woman herself did not offer directly.
Of course, in Shakespeare, there is still a lot to learn in addition to the above examples a pretty woman dating agency. However, these simple techniques will help make flirting more intriguing, and life - richer unexpected turn of events, and new meetings. a pretty woman dating agency.

Sexual games of Eric B.
Life Is A Game! We all have heard this statement. Some refer to him with a slight smile. What kind of games, I'm a serious man! But some psychologists believe play an important part of everyone's life online dating agency in uk.
For example, Eric Berne in his work examines the main games that we'll ever play, sometimes completely unaware of this. In his study, "Sex Games", he states:
"People play sexual games to give vent to their sexual impulses and to overcome them. All these games are inherently represent a perversion of the sexual instinct, as a source of satisfaction becomes a sexual act, and the critical transactions, which represent the culmination of the game. "
We can agree or disagree with the opinion of the nature of Bern sexual games. But the classification, which he leads, is interesting and can be useful, for example, to build a more conscious of their relations with the opposite sex. It is useful sometimes to stop and think: "And if I do not play now some old game of habit? Maybe the time has come to play in something else? "So, take a look at some games online dating agency in uk.
"Come on, damn it" (ANKP)
ANKP Bern is considering a maneuver, a ritual or a game. In all cases, in his opinion, it is based on female psychology. Also, the psychologist noted that ANKP formed the basis of numerous works of world literature, both good and bad. I think you can easily remember a dozen films and books where these stories are played out.
1. Romantic maneuver.
A woman pushes her two passionate men. However, she makes it clear, or even promises that will belong to the winner. After the "battle" comes honestly fulfill its promise. In future happy ending, t. E., They elect to live together happily ever after.
2. The ritual, the outcome of which more tragic.
The two men fighting over a woman, even when she does not want or have already made your choice. In any case, it should go to the winner, regardless of their wishes. In this case, starts ANKP not a woman, and the surrounding people. If the woman is not against the struggle, the outcome will be fair. Otherwise, the situation before it opens a lot of room for games online dating agency in uk.
3. Game ANKP Eric Berne refers to the section of comic games. A woman arranges a match between the two rivals. And she, as long as they "fight" will disappear from the third - lover.
The game is usually played by a man and a woman. Variants of the name in Bern - "Whip here" or "noble anger." The game can be carried out with varying degrees of intensity.
1. "Dynamo" or "Whip hence the" first degree.
Practiced mainly at parties. It consists of a light flirtation. Woman demonstrates their openness and willingness to communicate, and then be happy to accept courtship. BUT! As soon as she realized that she liked the man, game over.
Woman or politely thanks the unlucky gentleman and goes further, or just throw it in and out. Unfortunately, women are not always noble. But sometimes it is very adept at this game. Can play it for very long, even a party without getting tired.
2. In the game "Dynamo" or "noble anger" of the second degree woman enjoys courtship only in passing. Its main goal - to reject it (so the game is sometimes called "Leave me alone, impudent").
Lady draws gentleman while he allowed more than the flirtation (in the game of the first degree). Then she pushes a man and enjoys his confusion. The woman seems very cruel in this game. BUT! Eric Berne when it considers that, the man himself is not so helpless as it seems; he had to spend a lot of effort to be in this situation. As a rule, he himself plays in the game. Byrne calls it - "Hit me."
4. "Dynamo" third degree - a cruel game that can have serious consequences, including the court, murder or suicide.
Woman leaning to the man compromises with intimate contact and then claims that he raped her and caused her some irreparable damage. video chat without registering And sometimes she manages to achieve some of their selfish goals online dating agency in uk. Often, a woman uses outside observers as a weapon in their game.
True Byrne warns that sometimes these outsiders can bring a woman, so that she will lose the initiative and become a tool in their games. Also, the psychologist believes that in some cases foreign observers can perform other functions.
They impose a woman play: put it in a situation in which to save the reputation or to avoid shame, she has to cry - "Violence!". This is especially true with young girls. They do not have anything against the continuation of a love affair, but because of the fact that sexual relations were the subject of extensive discussion, forced to turn his novel into a game of "Dynamo" third degree.
I also found an interesting piece of advice for men. The ability of men to avoid involvement in the game, or at least keep it under control it depends on its ability to distinguish between the expression of true feelings on the course of the game. If he is able to keep the situation under control, it can get great pleasure from the light flirting game "Scram from here."
So that men learn to distinguish the true feelings of cold calculation, and you have the opportunity to enjoy flirting! Flirting can be an expression of mutual sympathy and exciting game for two!
Bern is also considering related games. It turns out, there may be variants of the game, online dating agency in uk "Dynamo", where the protagonist is a man. Keep girls! Do not get caught in a situation that can be called: "The director bed" (and then it never gets the role) and "Sit on my lap" (and then it still fired). Be careful, or play their games. online dating agency in uk.

Search for flirting in Moscow
Openness and goodwill seen and appreciated by others, and the style of behavior directly affects the way people perceive you, and what potential you are creating for yourself absolute agency dating service.
If you are flirting for fun, open and relaxed, then you open yourself room for the unexpected and varied possibilities. You can get to know an interesting person, meet new lover, or simply find a friend who will introduce you to a whole new group of people.
Flirt - a confident and positive attitude towards life and one of the most effective ways of communication. Many people are blessed with the ability to successfully flirt, they do it with ease, without even thinking about their actions.
The impression given by people when meeting often consists of very simple parts. Usually these details into account when communicating easy and can be made to work for themselves, as often they are perceived interlocutor on a subconscious level, of course, if a person deliberately does not analyze your partner's actions.
Personal space
Everyone has their own space and reacts differently to invade it in different situations. Top Updates Updates and SMS. Facts New SMS and facts to tell the difference, just compare secular reception, club party, Moscow or disco crowded public transport. Something with which people can tolerate in some situations, they feel completely unacceptable in others. Under normal circumstances, people spontaneously choose for themselves the most appropriate distance for communication. Sometimes you can see how a person begins to move away a little at the approach of the interlocutor, or, conversely, to approach him if he is removed absolute agency dating service.
porn forum Many of the girls on club parties with new acquaintances keep enough distance themselves, while others are approaching much closer. Often the approach of the woman and her touch can serve as an indirect indicator of its interest in the interlocutor. Generally, if a woman appears emotional connection with someone, during the conversation, it is increasingly closer to him, to touch him or even unpretentious way to provoke a touch from the man. A convenient pretext for establishing physical contact - a club dances and discos.
Try to find an acceptable distance to the specific situation and let the girl feel more comfortable with you. Never in my childhood did not have to pull girls pigtails? It was a quick and easy way to attract attention. But not only. It was also a "reconnaissance in force": because of the reaction of the person can learn a lot. If you're in the shower was still 10 years old, or you're in a hurry, you can try to pull a girl for anything. Usually, however, to determine the appropriate distance, it is not necessary to grab the girl by any part of the body and at the same time asking her how she feels comfortable absolute agency dating service.
It is not necessary to avoid approaching the girl, but not without reason, is to become an occupant of another space. During the conversation, the distance between people can change. Pay attention to the dynamics of change: it will allow you not only to find an adequate position, but also to get some information about your interlocutor, to catch his unspoken reaction.
Touch can also be an excellent element of flirtation . They certainly added to the brightness of the relationship between man and woman. If you are a strong player and know how to correctly interpret the signs when a woman acquaintance, then you can try to translate the first flirt to a new level. However, we must be sure that the appropriate and natural touch to the appropriate level of relationship with a woman. Otherwise, the watch is a little: if a woman is interested in you, then you will notice that she had no particular reason, and with a smile touches you absolute agency dating service.
Have fun, flirting should not be like work. A positive state of optimism, friendliness, sincerity, help to better communicate and to quickly establish contact with complete strangers. On the contrary, negative mood, apathy, silence, nervousness - greatly hinder communication. In order to successfully meet and flirt with girls in Moscow , you need to be in a positive state. But do not act willfully, everything should be natural and spontaneous and unplanned appear. Do not pretend - any role sooner or later revealed.
Anyone who wants to be heard and understood. Being a student - is an art. Focus on conversation, not on how to get a girl. Show a genuine interest in his interlocutor, Support conversation, and you will see in front of an enthusiastic and grateful man. Find true for women subject Throw stereotypes, ask questions, which until then no one had asked. Make eye contact, but do not stare: no need to frighten the girl. If you can be convincing, the results did not take long to wait. Although, of course, do not expect that she will fall at your feet absolute agency dating service.
Know what you want and what you can expect
Flirt with the person who this is, do not waste time and effort on something that does not bring mutual joy. Love to flirt - it is not the pursuit of trophies, this is a game fun, and definitely new opportunities. absolute agency dating service.

Compliment - make yourself well
"If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all"
A lot of people for a long time retain the view prevailing at the beginning of dating . Thus important when meeting with a new person immediately produce a favorable impression on him adult personals dating agency.
A good start conversation when meeting may be some pleasant companion phrase. Make it clear to the person that you are interested in them, you can use a small compliment. Of course, if the compliment is done skillfully, to the point and, most importantly, - sincerely. After all, any person may notice that something special and worthy of approval. If your statement proved to be successful, it will help to establish initial contact and create a positive attitude for the future development of the conversation.
Although the people at all times able to exercise its approval, the location and the interest of the most stable tradition compliment connect it with courtly chivalric culture and creativity of the troubadours of the Middle Ages. Even the word compliment (flattering remark, praise) - French origin. More recently, the art of the compliment highly valued in society, and it was an essential element of the small talk adult personals dating agency.
In our time, priorities have shifted from the game and imagery towards information content and functionality. The modern model of the voice message includes sharpness, clarity, and that is very important - the justification. Compliment largely lost its role and is sometimes perceived as a lie and an exaggeration of the true merits. Often, it is believed that women speak only compliments, and even then, if by something they want. Perhaps this idea has arisen because of the circumstances in which the calculation is a compliment to extract from the human response to the approval of the direct or indirect benefit.
Indeed, the genre compliment admits some hyperbole, but not imply deception and insincerity. This Gift is significantly different from flattery. We can say that the basic properties are a good compliment is sincerity and naturalness. Otherwise, compliment will look mock and may cause an adverse reaction. If you express a compliment, does not have any foundation, then you run a high risk to be exposing, because dishonesty is always noticeable and annoying.
Do or not do compliments the girls?
Often men feel that way to the conquest of a woman lies, including, and after copious compliments. This is not quite true. Beautiful girl showering compliments about her appearance, a man is likely to put themselves in a big list of losers who have tried to do just that, and which has long cherished the beauty forgotten.
On the other hand, some men believe, you do not need to do any sort of compliments, not to look in the eyes of women ingratiating. This approach, too, is hardly justified adult personals dating agency.
A compliment is a good tool only when it is used correctly. In order to skillfully use them, you need some training. If you have not quite managed to work out and develop their own skills, then try to remember some simple principles: do compliments open, maintaining a sense of independence, confidence and a certain degree of playfulness. Real reviews about generic levitra here yet, you can add an element of sexuality. But this is in the event that you are the master and can properly assess the relevance of such a move, do it subtly, to provide for the possible consequences and ways to influence these effects. Make sure that your movements, posture, facial expressions and tone did not look theatrical.
The aim is to create a favorable attitude. You will be able to stand out and gain even greater if the location, you will be able to observe what the girl might have spent time and effort, but it went unnoticed by other people. After all, what you're more alert, the more your words seem genuine. It should be noted that compliments may vary depending on the degree of your relationship with the girl.
How to receive compliments?
No less important than the ability to make a compliment, adult personals dating agency is the ability to accept compliments and adequately respond to them. Some people not only receive compliments without gratitude, but also more difficult to listen to, in every way trying to refute them. If a person sincerely wanted to make a compliment, to bring joy to his partner, he gets into an awkward situation, and hardly again wants it to be.
Much nicer as a friend and myself met with appreciation and compliments to enjoy them. How to do it? It is not necessary to reject compliments, justified or respond to them in a word. "Thank you" - would be too formal response to a sincere compliment. Look your interlocutor in the eye, smile and thank him. You can express your opinion about the compliment, a joke, but do not put yourself down. If you think a compliment is not very sincere, it is still not necessary to express a contradiction, just agree with someone.
Talk compliments.
Compliments can and should do to anyone. It is believed that compliments should be done only for women. In fact, all the joy to hear about yourself something nice, just reaction of men is not always very noticeable. Look at the object of your interest carefully. Any person has dignity and charming features. They are something, and we must learn to recognize, as a genuine compliment to require interested, warm, relationship to the interlocutor.
There are some simple rules that help to compliment more convincing.
• Try not to focus only on the obvious, pay attention to the hidden qualities. This produces a much greater impression.
• Do not pull out a compliment, man can bother to listen to you. In a lengthy statement the essence can be dissolved in the side information.
• Compliment should be directed to report to a very specific idea. You have to articulate what it is you want to say.
• Avoid using common words ("always", "great", "very", "excellent"), standard phrases and expressions. The desire to summarize what is going on, can cause a feeling of insincerity. The more personalized a compliment, the more valuable it is, because more deeply into account the peculiarities of the individual. However, if you still can not avoid common words, add them to a small comment.
• The compliment is unacceptable to use instructions and teachings.
• Avoid ambiguity in compliments, reflects only the positive qualities of the person. Do not make your interlocutor assume that your statement has an additional implication.
• The compliment should show your attention adult personals dating agency.
• No need to painfully invent a compliment. Instead, listen to your inner voice and give him the opportunity to prove himself.
• Do not be afraid to admire other people.
• You must use the real facts, or a compliment will sound like flattery. A good compliment - it's a statement of fact enjoyable.
• Do not overdo it and do not make exaggerated compliment flattery.
• Observe the reaction of the person. If the person is confused, does not know how to react, it makes sense to help him take a compliment. Curiously ask him about some details of the essence of your compliment.
• It is important to choose the right time. After all, a compliment can cause irritation if it is misplaced.
A compliment can be persuasive when he focuses on inner qualities, if it affects the real reason and the essence of man. If you decrypt a little compliment, explain some details, it is credible and memorable. So before you make a compliment, think that it awakens your interest that attracts or is it your respect. Always focus on the positive features.
Learn to see the good in people. Find it, evaluate and openly express his approval adult personals dating agency - this is the art of the compliment. When you make a sincere compliment, you will not only pass the information on the verbal level, but also radiate positive energy. People catch you coming from the positive wave, and it offers them to you. Therefore, let the compliments you will not only deliver the pleasure of another person, but help yourself. adult personals dating agency.

Flirting: Lie or lying? That is the question!
How much depends on the first minutes of dating, from the impression that we make to each other and how much on the road to the mutual attraction of reefs. One of them - lie agency dating eastern european.
You met ten minutes ago. And she was laughing with your jokes, I admire your expensive French perfume and extremely carefully listen to your arguments about the benefits of Toyota Avensis front of Toyota Camry. She is charming and flirtatious. Just the thought bothers you, so if she is interested in the fact, as it seems? And is it possible somehow to understand how it is sincere?
Can. Our manager will acquire eternal links to choose from at low prices. Typically, budgets are very large and this installment allows to divide total by 6 smaller pieces to facilitate efforts to advance. Buy discount seo eternal links only with us, with discounts. Psychologists argue that lying about a man impersonating a complex of symptoms: facial expressions, gestures and words. You just have to be a little more attentive, aware of these symptoms and insincerity can easily recognize whether your interlocutor is lying agency dating eastern european.
Signs of insincerity
So what you have symptoms of lying? Most of them are fairly simple and involuntary. A man takes a so-called "closed" posture: crosses his arms, puts his legs. Beret and begins to twirl in the hands of some items, like hiding behind them. This can be a pen, glasses or glass of wine. He instinctively, without realizing, slightly turned away from the conversation.
Often, lying, man averts his eyes. But some, knowing that by doing so will be given yourself, start exaggerated gaze into the eyes of the interlocutor. However, their eyes narrowed, it becomes tense look on his face, and appears confused asymmetric smile.
There are physiological signs of lying. The average person blinks six times per minute, lying about the person involuntarily begins to blink more often. Involuntarily from speaking the truth in the speech appear monotonous intonation. Before answering the simplest question he makes a small but clearly unjustified pause.
Some people, knowing that lying, they unwittingly lowered his voice, and trying to overcome it, start talking exaggeratedly loud. Others become overly talkative, causing a lot of unnecessary arguments about which they were not asked, as if trying to convince themselves in their own right.
Psychologists recommend to pay attention to some gestures. It should be wary if the person in the conversation begins to rub his throat. Pronounces a lie involuntarily binds everything inside and hand starts to reach for his throat to relieve stress. Hence, too, and excessive gesticulation - the desire to touch the neck, face, fix your hair or clothing agency dating eastern european.
A common opinion is that the person while talking to touch his nose, telling the truth. This sign is reflected in numerous folk tales, lying about where the character grew nose. Perhaps that is why Carlo Lorenzini and Alexei Tolstoy gave his wooden characters long nose, because Pinocchio and Pinocchio did not differ truthfulness.
The ability to discern the lie is given to the experience when you begin to pay attention to small details such as a change in the tone of voice, rate of speech and gestures and picture in the complex highlights you the result: the source lies.
Do not make hasty conclusions
However, you should be careful with the conclusions too soon, because any fact may be several interpretations. Especially when it comes to nice to each other man and woman who met a few minutes ago. Crossed over his chest may indicate shyness or introversion, frequent blinking - increased dryness of the eyes or inappropriate lenses (especially if the communication takes place in a smoke-filled), silence or vice versa increased talkativeness - a lack of confidence, well, put the foot on the leg to be part of sexual games agency dating eastern european.
The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many gestures, showing the insincerity of the interlocutor, gestures coincide with the flirtation and coquetry. When communicating with an attractive man we start to smarten up reflexively. A man adjusts his tie, cufflinks, shakes nonexistent dust from his shoulder. A woman holds a hand through his hair touches the neck, as though checking the safety of decoration on it, straightens shoulders in dress.
Besides, as you know, a woman's wrist, one of the most erogenous parts of the body and draw attention to its soft skin is a way for a woman to tell a man about his appeal and part of flirting. Smoking a cigarette in his fingers women is an opportunity to keep in the mind the nice man his wrist. seksmamba non-smokers have to find other ways, and they corrected earring, stroking his brow, kept in sight, as if playing his glass.
And maybe an explanation of symptoms insincerity easier and more prosaic: a young man, touching the neck, trying to hide from it pretty girl jumped a pimple, and the girl all the time concerns of the nose, because she has a cold.
Lies: what next?
However, if your suspicions are justified, and you are convinced that the girl with whom you flirt, insincere, the question arises - and what to do? The answer depends on one's own.
You can, if you really like a girl, try to understand, but what it is and why it insincere. Maybe for her it is a way of self-defense and the desire to make a good impression on the most liked young man. Perhaps it is an attempt to forget a little, leave a dull and at times hard reality plunge into the world without any problem, where she becomes a different person.
Only you are sure that it is worth such efforts for the sake of the person with whom you sign a few minutes? Around a huge number of people who do not have to lie in order to enjoy fellowship with a pleasant conversationalist agency dating eastern european.
It lies always indicate a problem. In public, we all wear a mask, trying ceases to strangers and new acquaintances in the best form. Probably, everyone there, he had something to exaggerate, embellish, or vice versa ignore. But there is a big difference between being a friend to try to present themselves in an attractive form, but this yourself, or to build its own way, it is inappropriate internal content. It's very hard work - not to be myself.
When we find that the interviewee is lying, you have to wonder, why is it, what goals it pursues, especially in such a light, joyful and unhindered communication as a flirt ? And if a man lies in the details and the first steps of dating , how sincere he is in a more serious and deeper communication?
Perhaps you can give universal advice for dating and flirting in Moscow : Be sincere, do not be afraid to look natural, not forgetting, of course, good manners, and eventually you will benefit. What sense to spend time socializing, it is not easy and pleasant, with the person to whom you play, trying to look not so in reality? Because somewhere, and quite possibly very close, agency dating eastern european is the person you'll be interested in is what it is, with their interests, inclinations and characteristics. Just as you get to know each other, if you play the wrong role? agency dating eastern european.

She said that she liked my tie ...
(Words and their connotations during dating and flirting)
Why is it sometimes so difficult to strike up an acquaintance? Why flirt from a nice easy pastime often turns into hard work? Psychologists say that the main role in communicating playing not so much the words as the meaning that those words are agency dating free online. Often, due to the difference between words and their connotations, but also because of the interlocutors do not capture the true meaning of the words, and there is mutual misunderstanding, which seriously complicates the development of any relationship, especially in the very first steps.
The first problem. To understand the interlocutor.
To understand the true meaning of the words of the interlocutor can be analyzed the three elements of any communication: context, text and subtext. Context - this is the situation in which communication takes place: dinner, party, conversation with a fellow traveler in transport or date. The same words spoken by one person in different situations, will carry different meanings. The question "How are you?" Posed a colleague at the meeting has a completely different meaning than the same question posed by him on a date after work. Text - this is actually the words that were spoken at every meeting. But the subtext includes tone and language that uses the body, in the pronunciation of a text. And the value of the subtext for understanding the true meaning of the words is difficult to overestimate agency dating free online.
When communicating only 20-30 percent of the information we get from the text itself, which pronounces our interlocutor. The rest we "read" from his posture, gestures, facial expressions and intonation. The ability to understand the significance of the whole complex of information sent to the interlocutor, is the nature and got more from animal ancestors. This is one of the first things we learn in life: the child is seemingly does not understand, but then hides behind his mother's back from the man who speaks like a gentle tone and good words.
The most important source of information for us, especially when meeting is matching text (verbaliki) and the rest (neverbalika). The young man tells her a compliment as a compliment, but it distracted gaze, sliding around, but do not linger on it for some small details like the slightly aloof posture, she understands exactly what flirting does not give her any pleasure interlocutor he He is looking for an opportunity to escape. However, in another case, in spite of the stiffness and reticence companion, she knows exactly what to know it is very important for a young man, he just a little nervous from the dream come true. Attentiveness and sensitivity to the other person, to his words and behavior, is an important step in establishing contact with new acquaintances and the possibility of further development of relations.
The second problem. Do not overreact.
However, care to the words of the interlocutor and capture the true meaning of his words, there is a downside agency dating free online - unjustified mistrust and suspicion. On this issue, everyone can tell dozens of cases from his own life. But probably all remember the old anecdote in which a man asked a woman on the bus to break voucher, affectionately calling it "a small fish" and the "logical" chain that has built a woman from the "fish" to an entirely different animal, as a result of staging a public scandal and a man accused of insulting. Despite the humor of the situation, the anecdote is very aptly the difficulties that arise when communicating between people, especially of the opposite sex.
Skills and habits to recognize the hidden meanings behind the words can play a cruel joke. It is one thing - to recognize the other - to invent. Often the initial suspicion of the new acquaintance leads to the fact that we are always ready to see him catch phrase.
The situation is complicated by the fact that men and women are different ways and methods of transmitting information. Men are more straightforward and less inclined to cover up the true meaning of his words. How often we hear from young people: MY words mean only what they mean. Do not look in the hidden meaning.
Women are beings much more difficult to organize in terms of sending and receiving information. They, unlike men, often tend to hide the true meaning of the words of the mass of conventions and curtains, and therefore tend to look for hidden subtext behind the words of others. However, as a result of different perceptions, transmission and processing of information are often misunderstandings. A man can not understand the "encrypted" message woman, and the woman is so deep subtext in the words of men that there is total confusion and mutual misunderstanding.
The third problem. To understand the meaning of the very own words agency dating free online.
However, familiarity often arises another problem, because sometimes we do not fully understand what kind of message comes from us, and the impression we create, can not entirely match our intentions. She is trying to make a good impression on the young man liked. She thinks that all his words and behavior, she said to him: Let's get acquainted! And she can not understand why she did not get. While for boys it is clear that from the seemingly flirting with him a girl comes a message: Do not pay attention to me!
Discrepancy between words and meaning of a message is often speaks of some inner disharmony and conflict. This is the best club Million slot machines online. After all, if a person says I'm confident, but says it is low in a broken voice, looking down and shoulders hunched, we probably could not believe his words and his body language, which states the exact opposite.
Perceptions around us depends on what we see ourselves as we are confident in yourself, how ready to act without fear of errors, and, defeated, to make a new attempt. And if familiarity hinders the thought that suddenly he (or she) fails, then no methods and skills will not give a full guarantee. You can learn how to do better, behave better and much more correctly, the chances of successful dating will increase many times, but that does not mean we will always get what we want. After all, it would be so boring agency dating free online.
Words give the content of the information is non-verbal - and only overtones all together - the general meaning of the message. Sometimes men and women spend hours talking to each other all sorts of nonsense, but for all the others, and for them too, it is obvious that, despite all the verbiage, they speak to each other only one thing: I like you. And in this seemingly senseless chatter frivolous flirting is the first step to meet each other. agency dating free online.

Flirt colors
"Say it with flowers!"
Patrick O'Keefe
Flowers have always been an indispensable tool for Dating. Since time immemorial, it was thought that the flowers have the gift to express the diversity of human feelings. No wonder that flowers around there was a whole culture of relations between men and women agency dating free online uk.
Flowers allowed to initiate the introduction , demonstrate their interest, to hint at the ardor of the senses, or, conversely, to indifference. Floral variation allowed to conduct silent dialogue, and expresses a complex range of emotions. Sometimes the flowers were sent instead of letters. For example, on the number of hyacinth buds "appointed" day of the meeting, and the bell on the number of flowers even "elaborate on" rendezvous. Bouquet, tied with a string of pearls, stressed the admiration of the beauty of the one who designed the flowers. If, however, in a bouquet was woven beads, it is with sadness hinted at her aloofness.
Although at all times and in every country were presented flowers with meaning, a true language of flowers appeared in the XVII century in Constantinople. It was a science that was called "villages", and where each flower, branch or fruit (there were more than 800) corresponds to a value. At the beginning of XVIII century Swedish King Charles II brought the language of flowers to Europe after a trip to Persia. Flower dictionaries were published in Europe during the XVIII-th century, telling the secrets of lilies and lilacs, and its individual chapters were devoted to drawing up of bouquets. Very popular was the language of flowers, and in France and in England since Queen Victoria agency dating free online uk.
In Russia, the language of flowers came first from Europe and only in 1830 Russian poet Dmitri Petrovich Oznobishin translated from Persian and published in St. Petersburg Book "Selam, or the language of flowers." It DP Oznobishin placed over four hundred names of plants, each of which corresponds to a little sentence or a brief remark in a conversation on a possible fictional "language" of flowers.
Gradually the language of flowers has lost its "applied" value, becoming in the XIX century in the fashionable game of secular salons of Europe and Russia. The game is called "Flirt flowers". With this simple and fun game meet and communicate our great-grandparents. Each of the guests pulled out a picture of a picture and the name of the flower, whose role it will play all night, and the fateful card "You and I", which determines the partners flirt. The secret to the popularity of the game was that with the help of maps was overcome shyness, and easily tied meeting new people.
A few years ago on Valentine's Day in Moscow artist Alexander Tumanov suggested remember this game, which involved the entire garden and wild flora, from rhododendron plants to the mysterious "Mimulus". He organized an exhibition game "Flirting Flowers", adapting it for modern flirting citizens. Gouache on paper he painted daisies, dahlias, amaranth, and supplied them with verses anonymous poet of the last century, wrote them specifically for this game. As it turned out, this uncomplicated game has the ability to enthrall us, as once our great-grandparents agency dating free online uk.
Who we are often not up to such details as the language of flowers, but often it is to the point and with a sense of a bouquet presented to help us with the dating experience lightness and ease of communication. Forming a bouquet worth bearing in mind that the color, shape, number, color design can carry enormous meaning. Often this is due to legends and myths about this or that flower. Since the color value is associated, and a lot of prejudices. However, there is a common symbolism of flowers.
If you are interested in the world of horoscopes and the interpretation of dreams, visit , is the most modern portal unknown. Red - the most active, to subjugate others. It means life, love, freedom, celebration and at the same time, fire, blood. Bouquet of red roses, for example, will soon regarded as an expression of passion rather than a declaration of love.
Yellow - the reason is the color separation and betrayal, but actually yellow - the color of the sun, the color of heat, the intellect. The British are very fond of the yellow color due to the fact that the islands of Great Britain is very little sun.
Sulphur, sulfur - hatred, jealousy, infidelity, waywardness. It is not necessary to give a woman a greenish-yellow orchids, not to arouse suspicion!
Orange - joy, warmth, sun, power, harvest, happiness, holiday. Bouquet of calendula or tagetisa looks bright and bring a lot of joy, recalling the warm summer and autumn generous.
Purple (especially dark) - Communication color signifying grief, and at the same time, the greatness, dignity and luxury.
Blue - cold, calm, gravity, energy, infinite longing. Bouquet of blue irises, presented the woman he loves, to remind her that she has someone to rely on.
Blue - cleanliness, loyalty, distance. Bouquet of blue bells and forget-well present a pure, young, innocent creatures.
Green - peace, passivity, peace. Songs with lots of greenery will help to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere agency dating free online uk.
Light green - clean, fun. Bouquets with light greens are especially good in spring.
Dark green, cold, chilling Kohler - hope, peace, peace, fertility. With yellow, orange, red, its sound is weakening, with the blue - is increasing.
White - neutral color contrasts strongly with all the dark colors, it brings light, joy. Especially enhances the sound of celebratory red. Symbolically perceived purity, innocence, in some countries, in connection with the religious traditions of Shintoism, Buddhism and other religions - mourning.
Black - a neutral color. Does sadness serious solemn mourning. But this does not mean that you can not give flowers of caramel those who love them. Strip Club with this color have to be careful. Black roses, for example, are only good when they are in place, or is very loved by the recipient of the bouquet. You should not give them too often and at the wrong time.
Azalea - Take care of yourself for me, restraint, passion short, the Chinese symbol of femininity.
Acacia - secret love, the beauty of loneliness, love is chaste.
Alpine Rose - Be careful!
Ambrosia - Your love is mutual.
Anemone - I leave you!
Pansies - Your innocence I won.
Aster - symbol of love, refinement.
White Daisy - Do not try my patience.
Heather (white) - protection, wishes come true.
Heather (lavender) - admiration, solitude.
Water lily - Feelings in my soul rage.
Gardenia - You're beautiful, secret love! or - I'm lucky!
Carnation (in general) - charm, woman's love.
Carnation (white) - sweet and lovely, innocent, pure love, a gift women's luck.
Carnation (yellow) - refusal or do you have disappointed me.
Carnation (red) - the rapture or My heart hurts you!
Carnation (purple) - impermanence, moodiness.
Carnation (pink) - I never forget you. Carnation (solid color) - Yes!
Carnation (striped) - No refusal or - Unfortunately, I can not be with you, though, and I want it.
Clove Garden - women love.
Hyacinth (general) - swiftness, flower dedicated to Apollo.
Hyacinth (white) - beauty, I'll pray for you.
Hyacinth (yellow) - Jealousy.
Hyacinth (red or pink) - You're playing with me!
Hyacinth (purple) - I'm sorry, forgive me.
Hyacinth (blue) - permanence.
Gladiolus - Give me a chance, I'm sincere.
Gloxinia - love at first sight.
Hydrangea - Thank you for your understanding.
Iris - a symbol of France, your friendship means a lot to me, faith, hope, wisdom, and courage, and my compliments - I'll be back!
Cactus - or warmth consistency.
Camellia (red) - You - the flame in my heart!
Camellia (white) - You're adorable!
Camellia (pink) - longs to you.
Lily of the valley - the freshness, the tears of the Virgin Mary, return to happiness, humility, or - You decorate my life agency dating free online uk!
Lily (white) - innocence, purity, majesty and delightful to be with you!
Lily (yellow) - the false and dissolute.
Lily (feces) - Your beauty drives me crazy!
Mack (general) - the eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination.
Poppy (white) - Consolation.
Mack (yellow) - wealth, success.
Poppy (red) - pleasure.
Daisy - innocence, loyal love, - never tell about your feelings!
Mimosa - coquetry and charm.
Narcissus - love me, reciprocal love, desire, affection, the desire to love in return.
Nasturtium - winning victory.
Forget-Me - true love, memories, or - Do not forget me! Marigold - violence, grief, jealousy.
Orchid - love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol of many children or are you - a beauty!
Primrose - I can not live without you!
Peony - a happy life, a happy marriage and modesty.
Rose (thornless) - Love at first sight.
Rose (white) - the innocence and purity, secrecy and silence, or - I am worthy of you, you are adorable!
Rose (Yellow) - a decrease of love, jealousy.
Rose (red) - or love - I love you!
Rose (pink) - Perfect happiness. Please believe me.
Rose (dark crimson) - mourning.
Rose (tea) - I will always remember.
Rosa (forest) - Your wounds will heal!
Rose (Chinese, hibiscus) - subtle beauty.
Rosebud - Beauty and youth, innocent heart.
Rosebud (white) - girlhood.
Rosebud (Red) - clean and lovely.
Tulip - reputation, fame.
Tulip (yellow) - Your smile like sunshine!
Tulip (Red) - a declaration of love, or - believe me!
Tulip (multi-colored) - beautiful eyes.
Violet - modesty.
Violet (white) - Let's take the risk!
Violet (blue) - vigilant, faithful. I will always come back!
Violets - Thinking of you.
Chrysanthemum (in general) - cheerfulness and peace, or - You're a wonderful friend.
Chrysanthemum (white) - the truth.
Chrysanthemum (yellow) - poor love.
Cyclamen - resignation and a "goodbye" or - I wish you luck!
Zinnia (scarlet) - permanence.
Zinnia (white) - the courtesy.
Zinnia (yellow) - daily memories agency dating free online uk.

Rules dating, chat and flirt for Carnegie
No one has yet to create the perfect operating technology Furnished new round of dialogue or failsafe method of success with the opposite sex. Such a delicate sphere as a flirt hard to be formalized, but humanity does not lose hope to find simple and clear rules that will facilitate our process of dating and socializing agency dating free uk.
Numerous branches of psychology, such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), are working to develop methods that would help people to communicate with each other. However, it was Dale Carnegie was the first to propose a simple, consisting of only a few rules, a system which, as promised by its creator, will easily make new acquaintances, friends, and facilitate the process of communication, and flirting. His book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" was first published in 1937 and since then millions of copies annually reissued. Apparently, the secret of the popularity of Dale Carnegie's constant lies in the fact that his system is simple and does not require much effort from the person to improve his life. The second part of his book is precisely dedicated to the art dating and socializing, and is called "Six Ways to like people."
According to Carnegie, the secret of success in communicating is genuine interest in people and a genuine sympathy for him. Expression of interest to people much more effectively in terms of furnishing new acquaintances, rather than stubborn attract the interest of people to him. However, any strained and insincerity immediately noticed. What's the point wasting your and other people's time to communicate with the person who is actually a completely uninteresting to you? This is a fundamental difference between flattery and sincere compliment: "How can you tell from the flattery of appreciation? Very simply - one false, the other is sincere. One dictated by considerations of their own benefit, and the other selfless. Finally, one makes all the condemnation and admiration of the other. " Nothing, according to Carnegie, is not conducive to the successful development of acquaintance as the smile. Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, "I like you. You raise me up. I'm glad to see you. The words of the famous children's song: "Share your smile, and she to you more than once returns" are in fact long been a proven postulate NLP has a smile infects the action and sends your mood around agency dating free uk.
Carnegie argued that, to the surrounding want to talk to you, you need to create around them an atmosphere of excitement and joy. A smile will help draw attention to themselves, to become acquainted. Sometimes a smile is enough to start flirting . But it is only the sincere smile. Fake smile did not fool anyone.
But a genuine interest and smile is usually not enough to develop to become acquainted. Carnegie provides a few tips on keeping the conversation. Firstly, it recommends as often as possible to name the interlocutor: "The man's name - the sweetest and most important for his sound in any language."
Use instead of the name of some substitutes, respectful and even affectionate, make new acquaintance suspect that his name was forgotten, and he (or she) can greatly offended by this inattention and forgetfulness interlocutor. Confused the name, we stand before an interlocutor in the most unfavorable light. What can be frustrating to lose the opportunity to explore an interesting and promising because of their own little misstep? This is all the more disappointing, if not just chatted and flirted with an attractive man for us.
According to Dale Carnegie fellowship is more important not to be a good speaker, and a great listener. The ability to listen carefully and interested interlocutor gives the opportunity to know the person and at the same time enjoy it: "In order to interest others, show interest primarily to themselves. Ask people questions that they are pleased to answer. Encourage talk about themselves and their achievements. "
Often one of the biggest problems when tying dating is to find topics for conversation. The easiest and best way according to Carnegie will talk on the topic of interest to the interlocutor. We recommend a professional leading weddings, corporate events and anniversaries sincere interest in the man will easily find the topic that is interesting to him agency dating free uk.
The last - the sixth - a rule of communication Dale Carnegie says, always let people feel their importance. Such simple and short phrases like "I'm sorry to trouble you," "Would you be so kind ..." "Be kind", "Would you mind if ..." tend to smooth out the rough edges, which we now and then We come across in the course of communication, especially in the first stage of flirting, not to mention the fact that they show a good education one who utters them.
Make a sincere compliment to successful hair or physically fit person to ask for advice in the field in which he understands - this is the easiest and most effective way to interest the man and like him, "Every one of us wants to get approval from those with whom you communicate. We want to be appreciated. We want to feel their own importance in his microcosm. We do not want to listen to insincere flattery cheap, but crave to hear high praise that would be objective. On-line monitoring of game servers It wants every one of us. " And it may be worth remembering this, tying dating interesting for us humans? And now we do not notice how find ourselves involved in a whirlpool of romance and flirtation .
Six ways to enjoy the people
Principle 1:
Take a genuine interest in people.
Principle 2:
Principle 3:
Remember that in any language there is no significant human and more pleasant sound than the sound of his own name.
Principle 4:
Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
Principle 5:
You talk about things of interest to your interlocutor.
Principle 6
Let people feel their own importance - and do it sincerely. agency dating free uk.

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