Whether to use to search for a partner electronic matchmaker?
Divorced? Constant bickering? Sometimes at night I want to throw in the face of his half thick feather pillows and keep to the finish? Irritating wife in all, a fine? There is a feeling that trying to convey to your partner some experiences, dreams, especially state of mind, and look at you with incomprehension, even with bulging eyes alien, as if you are from different galaxies? If the answer is yes, then I guess you met with your partner.
In the old. A chance meeting. Maybe they grew up together. Faced internet internet dating photographer. Enough of different options! And tighten! The first calls, visits. The timid kisses, familiarity with their parents. Flowers at the meetings. Neat issues in order to get to know each other better. The first sighs and groans of love. First compliments. First jealousy. Getting used to the perfume or cologne of your new love and other romantic surroundings.
But we find ourselves in the 21st century! For those who live happily and hours are not watching, I remind: the 21 th century in the yard! And in the 20th, at the dawn of cyber revolution, when the computers in this sense was not there, and there were electronic computers (computers) in one of the socialist countries - Hungary - were carried out interesting studies. The Government was already concerned about the high level of family breakdown in society. The meaning of the study are as follows. We created two groups. The first group included several thousand pairs of different ages for men and women, who met in the old, with groans, sighs and slowly getting to know each other. Almost all participants were going to get married internet dating photographer.
The second group included the same number of pairs of men and women of different ages, but they still did not know each other. The researchers plan to introduce them later, depending on the results of computer-calculations. In the first group, all flowed from the known since time immemorial scenario: a man and a woman met, quarreled, reconciled, went to restaurants, jealous, sad and happy new relationship. While this group all went quite well.
The participants of the second group were asked to compile a large-scale questionnaire with hundreds of questions, through which almost all the possible to ascertain the preferences of the individual. Clearly loomed his psychological profile, determined the level of intelligence, create a clear picture of the external appearance, including the smallest details such as foot size, shape of ears, breast volume in women, male organ in men. Even the smallest moles and tattoos, the degree of hairiness of the skin of the skull, eye color, disease. Researchers have tried to discover what and what the respondents tend to have, as he likes to spend free time, which wants to relax on vacation, and much more. The same questionnaire was filled with participants of a second, computer-group on a partner with whom they were ready to move to the altar. All these hundreds and hundreds of parameters driven into computer memory, and the machine began to analyze the data internet dating photographer.
Filling all the profiles takes a huge amount of time, but the result was worth it. While the first group stayed in a futile love of euphoria, expected results of the second computer. And the machine has given the required conclusion: each of the two groups on the basis of the data unit to identify the most suitable and compatible life partner. Those unfortunate that no one picked up the car, were dismissed. Those intricate names of the participants of the experiment, I certainly do not remember, but the point to enter into the computer is as follows. For example, the participant number 26 (or, as it is now fashionable to call, the user number 26) by the name of, say, Peter, is ideal for the majority of parameters participant (user) 78 by the name of Ivanov, and, accordingly, on the contrary.
These men and women after breeding machine made friends, and they found that together they have a very, very "kayfovo", as it is now expressed. Selected computers couples started families. Most of the participants of the first group - the usual - also married. The researchers chose this time five hundred pairs of both the resulting community, so to speak. Periodically, the subjects of the first and second group of the same type filled questionnaires designed to assess the quality of family life. As you guessed, the results of the second group were much more favorable than in the first. But ten years later found that the divorce rate in the first, non-computer, a group of three times more than the second! Thus, the introduction and establishment of a cell company under the name of "family" under the patronage of the computer justified internet dating photographer.
It makes sense to offer a candidate for your heart to pass a compatibility test together. If she (or he) refused - think. Perhaps such a partner is not for you. But if, say, the test is passed, and the results were close to the absolute - grab this very luck and drag it to the registrar luck! Because more such opportunities may not be presented. Leave this ideal partner to another (or other). And - down the drain!
E-matchmaker - a pledge your long family life and the lack of (or significant smoothing) family problems. And even, according to the study, some guarantee against divorce. Therefore we can recommend to men and women actively search for a partner to implement with the help of modern software compatibility men and women.
PS There are, however, a small nyuansik. From five hundred pairs in the second, the computer group, two men and one woman, "soaked" their "halves" various violent ways, explaining it by the fact that their husband or wife is so similar to themselves, to live with her (him) was simply nauseating. And almost all men and women of this advanced group for many years regularly went "left" in the search for diversity internet dating photographer. But that, as they say, "pobochka." In all medications have side effects. So here we are seeing. But the result is a large-scale is more important! internet dating photographer.

The first thing you see men on dating sites - a photograph. We can not change the world and make men see a woman in the first place, its rich inner world. It's much easier. They see the look, lips, eyes, bending the neck, hair, figure, posture ... So, they need to get their attention? I think you will agree - the ability to present yourself !!
It would seem, the truth is simple, but for some reason many pictures of women posted on dating sites do not attract the eye and do not cause the desired interest in men? And it is not in the photo, and certainly not in Photoshop!
I appeal to those women who have already burned several times, trying to get new photos, internet dating profiles northbrook and again experienced the frustration. Remember what you were doing before you go to the pictures as you prepared for this miraculous process? I think you do not even remember that day, or, remembering mark - nothing special, as usual.
Photography - this moment of our lives, it's part of us. Notice how attractive, vibrant photos are at the celebrations in the cheerful company. Especially glow family pictures love each other family members. Birthday, wedding, anniversary memorable. You see the sparkling eyes and smile! Yes, it is a smile color photos. That's the whole secret!
Smile - a decoration of our face, and not be ashamed of it. If you think you look stupid with a smile, it means that you are not like yourself. Try to smile during the day every person who will meet you. You will see how attractive person you will become.
To create successful pictures need to learn to smile naturally, because the tortured smile distort your face. How to do it? A few days in a row every morning smiling, looking at himself in the mirror. Utrechkom got out of bed and looked over with love and affection - smile, congratulate yourself, tell yourself compliments. Like this: "Oh, you, my pussy, fresh as a May rose, internet dating profiles northbrook red cheeks and nose pipochkoy something ..." It's nothing, as long as you do not like myself. After a couple days of exercise you'll see how to really flourish your smile.
To prepare in advance a photo shoot, think dresses, shoes, hair, be sure to get a professional photographer, do not skimp where important serious approach. You are creating not only the photos for online dating sites, you are creating your future! Your new picture - the first step towards change. Check it out for yourself, do a tick in his memory, adjust themselves to these changes.
In the picture you have to be in a natural position, no crossed legs and clasped hands. Try to be photographed in a dress or skirt. This clothing will show you more feminine. If you prefer pants - choose those fitting shape and emphasize its slenderness. Color Monochrome or choose clothes with small patterns. Variegated colors of clothing distracts attention from the face and increases the size of the figure.
Now relax - and started! A look open and, of course, smile internet dating profiles northbrook! Imagine that you see in front of a perfect man, you want to meet. Smiles at him and go forward! internet dating profiles northbrook.

In English, the art of writing called pencraft. But even those who are fluent in the language may not always make an interesting letter. We will try to give advice to anyone who wants to learn this art - create a relationship by letter. That letter is the link, the thread that in the future, may bind the fate of two loving hearts.
Many women who start correspondence with foreign men, faced with the challenge of writing a letter. Difficulties arise not only from the transfer, but also with how and what to write. Of course, not everyone is familiar with the laws of the epistolary genre, but to correct the gaps in that knowledge can be independently made efforts and patience.
Actually, to be frank, all this work (it does work expended time and energy) requires great patience and perseverance internet dating sex foreign women.
First you need to get a good translator and a dictionary (eg, PROMT and Lingvo).
We begin with a greeting. It should not be dry, show the man that you are happy to receive it was his letter, even if you get them for twenty pieces per day. Note the interesting aspects of writing your destination, what attracted you the most. If there is nothing that can be noted, see its profile, perhaps there you will find the keys for the contact. Do not be ashamed to praise the man's appearance, if she really liked you. But even if you did not find him attractive, a compliment about his smiles and open eyes. Most men are not preparing for photography, like women, and rarely pose. Typically they look for photos as they are. Consider all these points in your letter and your compliments. Do not be afraid to praise - the kind words, as you know, and a nice cat internet dating sex foreign women.
If you decide to write the first one. A wise decision! Not all men are browsing completely all the profiles of women. Of course, it is - your only - may miss you. Told him about myself! This is the first letter should be short and very succinct. Show him what you're clever, men also love beautiful writing. Here is an example of such a letter. You can just write a lot about myself, but I suggest the rest teach him all the same in the next letter, you will see that a man is really interested in you.
Hi, (name of man)!
How are you? My name is Lena and I am here for a serious purpose to find the right man to have a friendship and relationship with, to smile every day and to live happily in understanding and commitment. PLEASE read my profile and reply to me if you are interested to get acquainted.
Sincerely, Lena.
If you are just learning the language and use an interpreter, write to him about it. Do not be afraid to seem inexperienced. Warn him that you need more time to write a response, ask him to help you explain the strange expression. Involve him more in your learning process. At the beginning of my Internet based dating one of my fans call me almost every night and memorizing with me for two or three English words. Several times I repeated the words after him, and then he examiner me. It was fun and useful, I laughed at my accent, he reassured and encouraged me. Thanks to Jim (the name of a man) I have overcome the language barrier, virtually without leaving home. And although we have not been able to meet, I am grateful to him from the heart internet dating sex foreign women.
Try to read carefully the letter men, you'll find them interesting expression, beautiful phrases, figures of speech, and then use that in his letters. Create a special folder on your computer or to set up a notebook where you write down their favorite proposal. Use letters to men to create their own letters!
Typically, those proposals, which are written in textbooks, no different emotion. Much nicer to read the live speech and expression, full of feelings and filled with energy. Remember, we're talking a little different than writing a lecture or fill out the questionnaire. Learn from native speakers to express their thoughts. Another important factor in the writing of the letter is sincere. Be honest, especially with yourself, ask yourself - what kind of relationship I want to get?
You must clearly know your goals. If you are looking for a serious relationship, just write about your intentions. No need to waste time on dead-end communications. At the same time you need to write correctly and unobtrusively. Use a soft expression (like - I would like ... I would like), not beating his forehead categorically.
Refer to the man named throughout the entire letter. Do not forget that every person is nice when it is called by its name. Imagine that you are talking with him - when you want to say something important, you say his name. A man must feel that your letter is written specifically for him, although you can use the same form letter for all, internet dating sex foreign women changing only the names and some of the proposals. Everybody wants to be special, and men like to be isolated from the total. Of course, the next letter you will need to write personally.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, it will be an indicator of your interest in it. Men love when women ask their opinion on what he thinks about this or that situation. You can ask such questions, telling about his life, family, parents, the situation in the world or the outcome of a football match. Be careful, and your success in men is guaranteed! internet dating sex foreign women.

You've probably noticed that people who have a harmonious relationship with others, have a cheerful cheerful character. These pulls like a magnet, and everyone wants to be around them.
A zest for life and the ability to attract people - inseparable quality, are two sides of the same coin. If you think that such abilities are only valid in the real world, you are deeply mistaken. The same thing is happening in the virtual world of the Internet. As it may seem strange, but it works the same laws as in the real world relationships. The friendly, responsive, energetic people often find true life partners abroad.
And grant you a revelation - the one who does not know how to build relationships with others in real life, will not be able to cross the barrier barriers to Internet search foreign husband internet dating sex raphael biggs. You may have heard many stories of women waiting in vain for years and even decades of search results on dating sites. They meet regularly with different men, invite them to her house and sent to distant lands in the hope of meeting your soul mate, ready to move mountains, but as a result of years of languishing in anticipation. However, they are beautiful, well-groomed, able to present themselves well to communicate in foreign languages. But every encounter with another man ends in disappointment, heartache, or major depression. We're not talking about those women who are familiar with men for the purpose of travel for others.
So what's the reason? Most of these unfortunate women are not true, true friends and girlfriends, and they are alone in their own real life.
Catches lesson? The ability to build a harmonious relationship similar to the formula of wealth - if you have the money, you get more money, or so: money money. In this respect there is also a Zen koan in Buddhist philosophy - "if you have a staff, get more staff."
So how do you learn how to create a warm trusting relationships with people?
I think you first need to ask ourselves - and I am able to love yourself? Yes, it yourself home. If you do not love yourself, how can you love others and how to be able to love you? If you do not trust yourself, you will learn to trust others? If you do not accept yourself as a person deserving of love and admiration, you'll be able to admire your partner and see the admiration in his eyes?
If you have already started a correspondence with you like foreign men, internet dating sex raphael biggs be prepared for the unexpected. Do not worry if you are used to slow the development of events, and your man surprises you hurry.
Svetlana writes: "After the third letter, he asks my phone and says he wants to see, and can in a week. Goes to Ukraine on business and could stop in Moscow. Firstly, his quickness me shocked. I understand that he has no time, he was 55 and time is precious, and it is around a busy man, but so soon after three of my letters ... "
Why are you afraid? He arrives himself, does not ask to live with you, writes beautiful letters, has an opportunity to meet and do not want to waste time. Is not that what you sought by correspondence, or you are satisfied with the prospect of years of sitting in front of a computer, telling every man, what are you good? The real meeting will replace the tons of emails. If a man strive for a meeting, it is characterized by the seriousness of his intentions. It remains only to open up and trust what is happening.
Be yourself, let yourself and be a man. Do not cling to it, do not expect instant marriage proposal, internet dating sex raphael biggs do not blame in advance what you do about it ponapridumyvali, just like watching the situation from outside. It's simple, if you look at the awkward relationship as an exciting event in the life, and not as a last chance. And then the happy meeting is not far off! internet dating sex raphael biggs.

Well, here it is at last - the coveted Friday. Standing in front of a mirror, you apply war paint on his face. A few minutes later a call to my Masha, and you two brave hunter, rush into a pulsating evening of his native city, in a nightclub or disco. And there rhythmic music pouring from the speakers, holding a glass of "Mojito", you finally meet him. A man of your dreams . Prince. Superman. He will come to you with a leisurely grace of a wild leopard, take a look deep in your eyes, take the hand (the one in which no glass), and ... And then like a fairy tale: "They lived happily ever after internet dating sites for marriage ..."
Perfect plan! But you know, most likely he will remain unrealized. That is music and cocktails, probably will be. And some raunchy macho, perhaps, draw on the horizon. Just ... let's be honest. How many times this has happened? Hasty kiss on the cheek and your pathetic: "You call me?" Do you know why? Originally from the hunter you become a prey to the victim. You tried to play on someone else's territory and lost. A man visiting places of entertainment without the ladies - a hunter himself. He goes there not to find a life partner, and to drink, dance, have some fun, and, if lucky, to have sex with some girl. I am afraid that this "some" can easily become just you internet dating sites for marriage.
And now ask yourself whether sex with a casual partner loss of self-esteem? Or do you really think he'll call?
I interviewed many of his friends couples. I asked about where and how they met. The sea of options, but none about the bar, pub, dance hall or something like that. Oh yes! My dear friend Andrew met his girlfriend in the movie. At the premiere of "The Lord of the Rings." She launched into a cup of popcorn, so as not to interfere with playing. Then it turned out that both addicted to role-playing games. In short, they are happy together for five years. But it is rather an exception to the rule.
The most frequent responses were studied together, introduced common friends, working together ...
Speaking of work. I want to warn you. Office romance - an insidious thing. Gossip colleagues dissatisfaction with superiors, constant voltage - the price you have to pay for it, to see his beloved eight hours a day five days a week. (B-rr! I would not stand it!) And if it does not work, be prepared for the fact that you have to look for a new job. You do not iron, forty hours a week to contemplate his former. In addition, while you experience the gap, to cut handkerchiefs and sighing over a broken heart, production figures will steadily fall. And then it turns out that the work you take to work. And your suffering - it is deeply personal, and no one but you, internet dating sites for marriage do not worry. In short, think: "It is necessary to you?"
Well, awkward moments discussed. Let's get down to business. I - fan of clear planning in everything in life, in school, at work. A clear plan involves setting clear goals.
So. Our goal - to get acquainted with interesting, unmarried man of suitable age to build a serious relationship. We can say, with a view relic men endangered, listed in all of the red book. But we are not used to recede before difficulties. In the business!
Based on materials from Wikipedia, hunting - fishing or entertainment, consisting in finding, stalking, harassment and production. Hunt for fun we will sweep aside immediately, our task - that catch.
Girlfriend Masha will have some time without your society. Hunt for men - a delicate matter, partner here only interfere. You do not want to you are interested in a man carried away by his girlfriend? (Even the strongest female friendship can not withstand such tests internet dating sites for marriage.)
Algorithm of actions laid down in the definition of the word "hunt":
In the next part we will talk with you about where to find the man of her dreams . Discuss, so to say, the area of its habitat, habits. In order to hunt it was successful, and the production of pleasing, we still have to work on. internet dating sites for marriage.

Hello, hello, my brave hunter men!
In the first part we discussed with you the goals and objectives of our enterprise uneasy. Today let's talk about habitat production . Here are seven completely exclusive, tested on their own experience of places.
1 Bookstores
Forget the shelves with neat piles of women's novels. Here you can meet only a neighbor or aunt Claudia respectable father of a family in search of a gift half. We are interested in good-quality classical or non-fikshen fashionable authors. And who is such an interesting and suitable age stands in the corner, looking through a guide to C ++? Forward! Fight! Do not hesitate to ask for advice or opinions about the book. You'll see, the discussion of the book market of new products will continue in an informal setting internet dating websites highest cencus.
2. Courses of foreign languages
ABOUT! It's just the Klondike new acquaintances. It is home to a man with an active lifestyle and good looking work. By playing the dialogues and scenes from the life, you can tie a good relationship. And if the personal life does not work, then a foreign language is still useful.
3. The meat department supermarket
It's not so much in space as in time. Family man goes to the supermarket with his wife, purchasing products for the whole week, on weekends. And in the evening on a weekday just live here herd bachelors. Be prepared not to ask questions, and advise. Our workaholic who wants to be pampered after dumplings and succulent piece of fried eggs pork tenderloin, can simply not be able to cook.
4. Research Library
Yes, I insist on this classic version internet dating websites highest cencus. Until now, all the information can be downloaded from the Internet. You have no idea how much the smartest man's head leans in the echoing silence of the library over the ancient tomes. And then, as they say the unforgettable heroine of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears": "There's still a smoking room and there!" (That is, a place where you can drink coffee and rest.)
5. Playground
Surprised? Hate places where diverse singing 'and run stuff from the time when a sister forced to walk nephew? Gather will in a fist. This bundle of energy (I'm on nephew) to help you much. Sister gently hint that entertain child at the weekend. Keyword: "Sunday." This weekend with the children walking a record number of men ... divorced men. Are you familiar with the term "Sunday dad"? So - this is not a myth. If you do not stop that your chosen had a serious relationship in the past, go for it! Just be aware that their child is not going anywhere, and after the wedding. And strike up an acquaintance here easy. Password: "How old is this adorable toddlers?" After the first magic phrase communication goes like clockwork internet dating websites highest cencus.
6. Gym
Where do you do to keep in shape? In shaping room exclusively for women? In the group of body-FLEX or aqua-aerobics? Throw! There will be walking after the wedding. The best choice for now - is the gym. Firstly, any woman looks adorable, developing chest muscles on the simulator. And secondly, these glands are complex, and something with breathing you can not get ... In short, there's not the man to bleed the pressure you something advise? Believe me, it works.
7. tourist areas
With the camera on the advantage you go to historical places of his native city. Not only that, the pleasure of a walk, you are guaranteed, you also learn a lot of new joining any group of tourists heed the story of the guide. In such places inhabited by man-tourist relaxed and often does not speak in Russian. Besides tying a close relationship, of the benefits of such dating I would like to mention also the language practice. (Now it is clear that paragraph 2 - about the language courses - you have studied not in vain?)
In conclusion, it should be noted that actually meet the man of your dreams, you can anywhere internet dating websites highest cencus. Maybe now he will come out of the bend with a funny pug on a leash and ask you what time it is. Or before you open the front door. Be prepared for this meeting - always and everywhere. And when the goal is reached and you finally met him on you will depend on how long and lasting relationship you zavyazhutsya.
Have a good hunting! Break a leg! internet dating websites highest cencus.

Opening a new section, Mr. houghtonite writes: "I have decided to announce all sorts of things, if they refused, and by the way, and put these ads, which are also reprehensible, and for which I am paid well."
Somebody loses and somebody finds ...
How effective were the wedding announcements and to determine whether the applicants of their happily arrange their own lives? History is silent about it. But they opened the gate, which until then artificially restrain the desire of men and women tell about their search, to the greatest possible number of citizens. Advertising, on the one hand, expanded the search field, but on the other - in something and restrained. Tell me how you can seriously consider such a proposal, "Prosperous landowner looking for a bride tall and, most importantly, with the" full, strong, white chest. " Like a horse in the market to buy latin internet dating ...
Determination of closed island England contributed to the fact that nearly half a century of marriage ads were solely British affair. And at the tabloids very soon "competitors" - many dating agencies have begun to produce a piece of paper and at first did not even printed and handwritten. Publishing of newspapers is costly, and even writing two or three hundred special sheets are much cheaper.
The Germans, as always, proved to be more pragmatic ...
Especially succeeded in distributing leaflets marriage Germans in Prussia in the mid XVIII century can be found a lot of ads, wearing a more pragmatic, mercantile character, rather than romantic. Burghers virtually no interest in appearance and age of their future chosen ones, the first place they put the prosperity and the size of the dowry latin internet dating. In response, the British in every way abused this prudence. Let us recall the famous lines of Robert Burns:
I need a wife,
Better or worse ...
Only a woman would,
The woman - without a husband.
Thick, thin -
It's all the same.
Let be a freak -
At night, dark ...
The marriage announcement that period is not uncommon outright bargain. Particularly successful in this case the English themselves. Then we met periodically ads that are not lost young gusts Lord (Duke, Marquis) is ready to give his name to a young inexperienced girl in exchange for the opportunity to give birth to an heir. Or such equivoque history rapidly grown rich on gold rush Americans tried to give a name to their daughters, placing ads this effect: young lady has millions willing to give their lord, duke, marquis, in exchange for the title. At one time in the United States these "aspirations" caused a storm of emotions. Young, latin internet dating handsome energetic Americans had no chance to get the untold riches of his potential brides who needed a title ...
Russians are overwhelmed with emotions ...
And what in Russia? Let's look through "Marriage sheet", which was issued at the beginning of the twentieth century. His offset duplicator, I found on the website "Newspaper" old age. " Here are classified 100-year-old published February 7, 1909:
"Fate gave me the correct appearance - elegant brunette with bright expressive eyes, gave me a sharp mind, quick-witted tongue ... and nothing else! .. Except indefatigable thirst for light and space! Oh, how I want life, brilliant, like fireworks, sparkling like champagne, love burning sun of the south, love deep as the bottom of the mysterious raging sea! .. To achieve this, I am looking for a rich husband, not stupid, not neurotic, what so many in our age of the patient, but to understand the beauty of life, understands and knows how to appreciate the charms of the female mind and female smile. Only serious proposals to address: Moscow, 19, a post office, a credit bearer ruble. Ticket number 169145 ".
Notice that God forbid, not to light up with a passport, it was enough to show a certain banknote latin internet dating ...
Or here's another announcement:
"Beautiful mermaid with eyes, all woven of nerves and originality, calls for a celebration of life intelligent, very rich gentleman, capable of a strong sense of bright; purpose - marriage. Address: Moscow, 25 th presenter post office receipts for the number 7079. "
Do not lag behind the ladies and men:
"Please understand! If your inner world meets the warm participation of friendly greetings and soul you are alone, do not you bored? If you are very intelligent, nice person from the community, self and not older than 37 years, I love you; If you are able to love unconsciously, unselfishly, and higher earthly happiness see the tender and hot to reply to your feminine feel, I will love you even more if in moments of sweet dreams you want to in your heart yearns to settle educated, educated, middle-aged gentleman, respectful and a woman who wants to find it first of all poetic creation for its gentle caress, then answer. All material mutually exclusive. The purpose - marriage. Moscow, main post office, on demand. Bearer receipts "Russian word 78185 .
Every sixth marriage ads?
How effective matrimonial ads? Here, too, a lot depends on the "country of residence". In Russia, no one is not specifically counted how many marriages are registered each year on the ad. In addition, almost 75-80% of the newlyweds, putting their signatures in the registry offices do not hide the fact that marriages are made by big and bright love. The Germans in this respect are more open, according to some statistics, every sixth marriage in Germany is after the publication of marriage announcements latin internet dating.
Each new age brings to life its laws and regulations. In the XXI century in Russia, as well as throughout the world, a rapidly growing number of marriages after a virtual dating. Young people get to know each other online for a long time or a short rewritten, and then are introduced into reality and realize that they can not live without each other.
Is this good or bad? Probably still good. After all, by and large they do not care, they met and fell in love two people. How I would say notorious Shchukar: "You got me though you call a pot, but just do not put in the oven."
Does the rapid growth of online dating that they completely replace an institution like marriage ads? Unlikely. Remember how in the mid 50s TV people seriously believe that will be able to displace the cinema and theater in 20-30 years. It did not happen. Life is so good that varied! latin internet dating.

Why bride from Russia so popular? Interesting Statistics
"You're still ahead of the whole planet in two things: you have a stunning ballet and gorgeous women" - the words of a foreigner in Russia. About the ballet now we will not talk, and that's why a bride from Russia, or "shaggy gold", so popular in the civilized world - try to understand.
Firstly, unlike in many Muslim countries, the Russians can "showmanship" and not just the face new zealand internet dating sites. Tabu like "under the veil before the wedding not to look," we have, and if you get acquainted through a dating site, you can see that is not the face, and candid nude. Good or bad - the question is certainly debatable, but to take the risk of "Crocodile under the handkerchief" in marrying a Russian woman lower than marrying an Arab. And even if she was greeted at the airport may not remotely resemble pictures of her in the questionnaire - do not force anybody to marry her just because now you've seen her real face, right?
Secondly, there are some universal signs of beauty: a cut of eyes, straight nose, white skin ... And Russian women have many of these signs. Here, incidentally, is to clarify one more detail: in practice, a particular black, for example, a woman may be much more attractive a particular white-skinned. And if you take a very particular European, you may find that he is going crazy from the girls from the country of the rising sun. But the majority of civilized people (that is raised on world literature and world cinema) are aware of only two women that have a yellowish tinge to the skin, and the other on the broad shape of the eyes, and say that the second should be beautiful. And there is one more feature: the mass of white-skinned men dream about sex with a woman of another race, but as the wife sees a woman like myself. It does not always mean that it is such a woman he would marry, but deliberately intending to seek a wife in another country in absentia, he simply cut off all the candidates of other races before the start of the search new zealand internet dating sites.
Of course, there is also China and Japan, where men, though not Caucasian, but not against marrying Russian. This is explained by the fact that fair-skinned woman with a marriage there is very prestigious. However, there is a very important endorsement of parents, but they did not always provide.
But there is another reason, which I think is basic: in Russia is very high competition among women. In other words: too many women, and men too little. And hardened in these harsh conditions the Russians are better able to compete in the international fair bride with women in other countries, competitive conditions which allow women to lead more raslablenuyu life. Why does it happen?
Everyone knows the desire of parents to see their first child is a boy. Especially strong is the desire to become, if my daughter can not legally inherit from their parents. And if you add to this state of birth control (eg, "one family - one child"), we find that in some countries a shortage of women. Due to some (and in some places and all) of the above factors, we see that women account for 100: India - 106, Pakistan - 112, China - 120 men! And this is - new zealand internet dating sites "the average temperature in the hospital" in some areas of China the ratio of 100 women to 130 men.
But there is also Europe and America, and Australia, and Japan - these countries are also consumers of Russian "shaggy gold". There's another ratio, for example, in Germany, Austria, Japan 100 females there were 96 males. But in Russia, the situation is quite different: 100 females there were 88 males. Here, of course, it should be noted that in Latvia 100 females there were 85 males and Ukraine relationship and does 100 to 65. But, firstly, the whole world has only recently begun to understand the general (and even then not always), Ukraine , Russia, and Latvia - is not one country, but different. And, secondly, Ukraine and Latvia simply by virtue of their size and volume of the population can not put so many brides as Russia.
But this relationship is not all show. Initially, 100 newborn girls account for 105-106 newborn boys. This is not a feature of Russian, this is happening all over the world. However, we must note that the number of boys with severe genetic diseases at times exceeds the number of girls with similar diseases, but much is this fact does not change anything. At school, girls are still slightly less than boys, but by the end of the school becomes a ratio of about 100 to 100.
Man lives on average less than women (Russian male life expectancy of 58.8 years, and women - 72 years). But it happens not only and not so much because the man in principle is programmed to a shorter duration of life, but because women are much more likely to die in the prime of life. This happens for many reasons new zealand internet dating sites.
Firstly, men more often work in hazardous work. Miner, a military policeman - all male profession. A mortality rate in the production of, for example, miners, much higher than the mortality rate in the production of librarians (who are mainly women). And all would do, but in Russia mortality from unsafe practices many times higher than those in developed countries (which, of course, does not include China and India, but the sex composition of the population we have already discussed). And the situation is similar in the army. In addition, Russia has a very high mortality rate in road accidents, and die in them men more often than women. Another, almost exclusively male reason - alcohol.
And then begins the most interesting things. After all, that would be enviable groom (or bride), the guy (or girl) just need to be not disabled, not alcoholic, not a drug addict, not sitting (and often not who sat) in prison. From this list, there are exceptions, but in general the situation is as follows. In addition, an alcoholic, a drug addict or snakes is much more likely to die young, and become disabled. In Russia, among these categories of people at times more men than women, as do rates of alcoholism and the percentage of prisoners is much higher than in countries that are major exporters of Russian brides.
That has to be a beautiful Russian woman, and thrift, and ... knowing a foreign language, because 10 girls on statistics, even 9 sober and good conduct is not reached. new zealand internet dating sites.

Who lives on a dating site? A real chance to find a partner
Who of us, Internet users not registered on a dating site? Let's be honest - it was done very, very much! Some were brought to the territory of those amorous or other life circumstances, other attracted alluring photos, under which so accessible, close and obligingly signed: "I am - Girl, I am - Man."
And powerful advertising "znakomstvennogo" server admirable.
Thus, rejecting the false modesty, without going into the reasons which have pushed us to join the ranks of millions of "asylum" to each other people, let's just watch how the free dating site, and what attracts so many people online dating people internet social.
So, all registered users can safely L`Amour territory is divided into two main categories: those who are honestly trying to find their "soul mate" and those who seek sex.
Further, each of these categories, "acquaintances" shattered into classes, types and groups more than once, but the majority are still the two. Of course, you could start with a division by the female half baths and men, but here, I think, uncertainties still less.
Let's call them Sex and Romance Sex concern.
The majority of sex romance - single women who, in spite of everything, hope not to stay alone. There are many, very many. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of honest, hard-filled questionnaires. Photos lovely people, young and not very helpfully put on public display. Look at me, write to me - I'm waiting for you online dating people internet social!
A smaller part of the male sex romantic fills the questionnaire is not so hard - and why? After all, the choice is huge! Hastily scribbling the name and city of residence, single men sit in front of the monitor for a long time. It sets the status of "Single". It starts casting. After sitting for a while and seeing unrestricted choice and opportunity, romantic men change their "unmarried" status to "no answer." Why is that? Yes, because the choice is really so great chat charmingly-surrogate, and greed to respond to as many researches have all sorts of knocks landmarks.
Remember the horse that oscillated between two haystacks and died of starvation? And here these stacks! ..
It was then separated, and the men-sex romance of romance, Virtuals and romance realist.
The first is already so accustomed to choose, they can not stop.
Those who have made their choice, much less. But the risk that the choice is made to fail, and they will return to the site is also very large.
As for women in this category - they "break" faster than men. Three or four unsuccessful attempts at dating - and they remove profiles from the site. Understand that married here, it seems, will not be able to leave online dating people internet social.
Now about Sex concern. The bulk - indisputably male. Divided into Sex-Concerned-Zadushevnikov and Sex-Concerned-Business. And those and others - people usually married. Questionnaires "Zadushevnikov" bloom to full flower details. Filled with even the most remote areas, such as the desire to increase their genital size. Number of photos in the tens. Blogs are full of poetry and "smart" ideas. Prior to offer sex with mutual affection will take two or three days. Time Spent Sex Concerned Zadushevnikov-site calculated in years.
Questionnaires "business" are not filled at all - ages - enough. These will find themselves all by yourself, offer a brief, easy to survive a failure. Time spent on site - at least.
Sex Concerned Women - category of outsiders. Almost all - ladies so-called "Balzac" age. Most of them can be considered mentally healthy only a very probation. Demand for them is small even in the subgroup.
Here, perhaps, and has developed a custom structure free dating site. You can share and further - to the beginners and veterans, for those who enjoy real and unreal the name, gender, city of residence. But it is - is a jungle online dating people internet social.
It only remains to add here in the small percentage of the group of intelligent network exhibitionists (they are all but "business" categories) and prostitutes (who is behind all these half-naked divas - I do not know).
Where do we put you?
It seems that with the vast number of users of the site all the selected categories of users somehow find and have their interest. Dissatisfied nobody here keeps with users at a site in order. online dating people internet social.

How to make a safe holiday romance? Precautions for girls
Mosques shopping for new clothes, a suitcase pulled out a place of honor in the middle of the room, and even the tickets are booked? Hooray, you are going on vacation! You already plan everything and think only about how to make your trip even more exciting, more romantic and memorable ...
And of course, it does not matter, waiting for you vacation on the sultry beach, in the snow-capped mountains in the chic ski resort, among the skyscrapers or among medieval crooked streets, the soul you hope to not only thrills and interesting acquaintances, but at least a pleasant flirtation, and perhaps a passionate affair. Indeed, during the holiday so I want the explosion of emotions! Why not?
But before selling tie affair, remember a few simple rules that will save you from unpleasant surprises:
1. Be reasonable! Even on vacation (and perhaps especially on vacation) is not completely lose common sense. Remember that fraudsters caught specializing exclusively on the gullible tourists russia internet dating sex. Do not sit in the car with suspicious companies. Do not go on a visit to strangers - it is better to meet them on neutral territory, in crowded places. In extreme cases - at your hotel. And stocks advance mobile phones and the Russian Consulate in the country where you are going. It is best to learn them by heart.
2. Be financially independent. In many countries, especially in Europe, it is assumed that she is paying for itself. Walk only there, the entrance where you can afford to pay. Just ask at the restaurant a separate account. So you will avoid many problems. Firstly, you do not have to think, you pay for it or not, and whether you have enough money, if your companion suddenly refuse to pay for you. Second, you can avoid Lovelace, norovyaschih dinner at your expense. Even if your young person goes to the toilet and suddenly disappear - you will not be responsible for it. Believe me, if a man really wants to pay for you - he will do it. You do not want to create just had the impression that hunting exclusively for his wallet? Let him know - you're a girl self and independence, including financially russia internet dating sex!
3. If your partner is not too generous and / or prefer not to spend time on long courtship, if he forces the event - be careful! Here is a typical hunter hearts. Do not be omnivorous! Chances are you had more than one! He hunts for each tourist, which happened in his field of vision. More often than not with a view to replenish their sexual collection, but sometimes with a mercantile or criminal intentions. Most likely, you are waiting for him with hot sex and nothing more. If you do prefer that option - go ahead! But do not expect romance or continue the relationship.
4. Remember that the ulterior motive peak calls to venereal disease falls at the end of the holiday season. After all, on holiday people easily agree with untested partners. So, before you have sex, think it worth it? If you captured the passion - always protect yourself! It is better to buy condoms in advance, even in Russia: unknown, would it be the right time near the appropriate store or pharmacy?
5. Do not think of the novels on holiday as something serious. Most often, this novel ends on the day when you get home russia internet dating sex.
Although, of course, there are exceptions. And suddenly it is a vacation you will meet your destiny? Therefore, do not take seriously the stereotypes: if you feel that you met your true love - do not be afraid to give vent to the feelings and after a holiday!
Have a good and safe holiday! russia internet dating sex.

As a young man looking for a woman? Pimple, hair, Finance
So, we go on the hunt for girls. No, do not shoot, and to get to know. I will share three ways the organization dating from "zero", as they say. I will not "drag out", go to the specifics.
1. Pimple. Eats with heels, no, better than about eight cakes with fat custard. We eat these sweets as long as the case does not come before the hiccups. After the first attack of the hiccups that do not go to "Fedot" and wait for the house a couple of days. On the forehead or on the tip of the nose must jump a little fun blushing pimple. Take care of it! The pimple redder and noticeably better!
Then you have to take the plunge. I am sure you have an eye on that girl, the girl that you like, you vtyurilas, fell in love and stuff, but the meet - shy. Suppose you only know her in absentia. Did you see where she lives. Perhaps the next to reveal where she is studying or working and spend their leisure time. You do not know - so find out! Through acquaintances. Through the sharp eye spy Toptun if you want articles on internet dating.
So, you know her route. You overtake her far ahead, so much so that she did not "sketched" your shadowing her, turns and walks toward the subject already of your sighs. As soon get close to her, begin vigorously scratching a pimple on his forehead or nose. Make an effort constraint: you do not seem to be "Personnel" to it explicitly, but only looking for help. So we caught up with her and just, detached, painfully ask something like: "Girl! Sorry! Tell me, I have a pimple here or not? CARDS - I can not! "
There has not immediately send you to where "Makar calves did not drive", and then a pimple-girlish eyes take a look necessarily! And you proskripite even more painful that you photo to the documents do not, and if there is a pimple on his forehead, what w photos will be on such important papers! Emphasize that the pimple and government documents are not compatible! And those documents you need as a Shocking! Urgently, desperately, to opupeniya! In general, very preochen you need them articles on internet dating!
Emphasize damsels that pimple you incredibly itchy! Have a pre-prepared pure like the snow high in the Alps handkerchief. Just do not blow your nose in it before meeting with a stranger! Let it be starched, ironed, flavor. Asked the girl to help you remove the ill-fated spot with the help of your snow-white handkerchief. Depart for this on the bench.
Here already you begin to coo, almost like a native! Exchange telefonchik with the aim to learn about the state of health, laughter, jokes about the pimples on the photos, and so on. You will immediately become like family. This pryschikovy approach works, it is checked in adolescence and early adulthood. However, it was very long ago, fifteen years ago, no less. But then it acted - will act now!
I will tell you a secret: girls like to eliminate pimples on youthful body! Why it happened - I do not know. Apparently, the girls themselves as a teenager with pimples enough of hardship, they pressed themselves, with the help of friends, grandmothers, they consider themselves to be professionals in this business and unwittingly fell in love with this occupation. And then there is the opportunity to take it out on the guy! It's worth it articles on internet dating!
So, to discover a pimple - it valuable. Do not rush to get rid of pimples, it may well be, and sometimes crucial role to play in your life. A friend of mine met a beautiful stranger. Cafe discos, walks under the moon and other Labuda appeared, of course, important. But most of all enjoyed the beauty pimples on the body Man squeeze. Yes, so much that they got married, had two children running around. And spouses themselves joyful and still in love. Pimples are over, and love, family and lovely children were.
To paraphrase a well-known verses, we can conclude the following:
"How suddenly jumped pimple - take care of it!
He's our flag - the color of one! "
So, buddy, hands off your pimples! Leave this occupation for miniature and tender ladies' fingers!
2. Hair. There is another option dating women using some tricks. The fact that girls and women very early start to care for their hair. They appreciate their incredible! Watering two different shampoos in one, three in one, one in ten, etc. Since ancient times, the girls were placed in front of a large mirror and looking in the mirror, combing his hair long. Strand to strand, curl to curl. It is on this love of hair and can be played articles on internet dating.
What do you need? Well, at least have the hair to start. Just as described in the first paragraph, act in terms of the organization of the meeting, but instead of using hair pimple. They must be washed clean, attractively laid. These hairy, sea wave that run when brushing. What shine and smell not soap, but quite decent shampoo. Remember that your job is: to gather up a few thistles and supposedly chance meeting with the object of your love interest to stick the barbs on your hair.
Then - all the same, as with pimple. Say it climbed into the bushes to get a kitten or lap dog to an old woman at her request, and there - burdock. And to you today in the documents photographed. Ask your hair free from thistles for photogenic. She will be engaged, because he loves to take care of hair. As for his and other people's. If only these strangers were freshly washed, silky and pleasant to the touch!
I will tell you another secret: the weaker sex likes to ruffle the hair of men, through them, to pass them through your fingers. Just do not stranger slips fatty Patli that the shampoo did not know for a couple of weeks! Silky, soft curls, windy hair, clean and even, so to speak, fluffy - that is the key to success in this case.
With the bald skull difficult - you do not doubt you would stick to the shaved head burs! All one spines fall off. If you have a bald head shining in all directions, the option is considered preferable to the pimple articles on internet dating.
These methods are effective dating for teens and young men, and sometimes more mature men.
3. Finance. If you have a limousine and a dozen credit cards in large amounts (which, however, rarely occurs in teenagers and students), then the above recommendations for you irrelevant. And so it will be a lot of girls who themselves will climb to you around the clock pestering, without taking into account whether or not you have pimples, hair, hands, feet, head and even other bodies. But even if you finance a "sea" experience with pimple and hair you can try, for it will enrich your luxury life, or at least amuse you yourself and your friends. articles on internet dating.

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