Is it true that all the inhabitants of the earth are familiar with each other through five?
Once, a family holiday in Egypt, we met with a married couple. Talking to them, they understood that they happen to live very close, literally a house of my sister, are often faced with it in stores and on the street.
Perhaps you, too, is happening more than once. I became acquainted with a new man, and it turned out that he or know about you, or you've heard of him, or have friends in common.
And then the other day read a phrase about the fact that we are familiar with a maximum of five people chris thomas internet dating profiles. Until then, I somehow did not think about the connections between people. I began to think - it turns out that I know everything and I know all five persons, that is familiar to me the whole world, and I can not find familiar friends everywhere, anywhere in the world, you only need to know to get acquainted with someone to refer. Immediately I wanted to know how many between me and the world famous people links in the chain and fit whether our "acquaintance" in a magical five.
Oh, there was not, "I wonder how much between me and the President of the Russian Federation familiar?" We begin to count: I work in one of the research institutes of RAS and know our director; Director of the Institute, in turn, is familiar with the Russian Academy of Sciences President Osipov YS There are very few, because the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences has repeatedly communicated with Dmitry Anatolyevich. This is what happens between me and the President of Russia only two managers ?! Famously, do not say anything. Then you can say that I "know" all the Presidents of the countries of the world and many politicians. The chain between us lengthened by only one or two managers. Amusing, is not it? And there is a reason to be proud.
And what if we take the other side of life - not politics, but, for example, cinema, show business? I want to be closer to the "stars" and it is through them to know someone from friends and not through the now popular sites, blogs, etc. Try? "What is the length of the chain of acquaintances between me and Nikita Mikhalkov?" (Why waste time on trifles?) But in this case, to find acquaintances was quite easy. I have a sister, she was at work often deals with Dmitry and Olga Drozdova Pevtsov. I'm sure they are, of course, know Mikhalkov, and personally. It turns out that in the case of "stars" of the "theory of the five" works, and my favorite Yevgeny Mironov me close chris thomas internet dating profiles.
It turns out that in Russia I'm really familiar with everyone, and five - a maximum number of people between me and someone else. And if not in Russia, perhaps you should pay eye on Hollywood, for example, why not? Curiously, the ocean will lengthen the chain between me and Sharon Stone? Thinking, I come to the conclusion that much. One of my university friend is friends with some Russian photo artist (do not report a name, and then accused of advertising). This photographer was doing portraits and Sharon Stone and Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and others not less famous people (even if guessed, about whom we do not tell anyone, okay?). Then, through her friend and photographer, I also know many world stars. Interestingly, the list includes Madonna and Rivaldo and Beckham? Probably yes. The ocean is not a hindrance to our acquaintance.
With the same success in the chain know no more than five people I most likely familiar with the usual Texas farmer, and Australian police, and to the inhabitants of Mexico, India, Canada and other countries. Pro Europe is not mentioned there as in a big village, everyone knows everyone else.
So, summing up my research, chris thomas internet dating profiles it is safe to say that the theory of "I know all five friends" confirmed to me personally by 100%. And for you?
Interestingly, after some of my friends, I know you? And you know me? chris thomas internet dating profiles.

As the Japanese are getting married?
In Japan there is a saying: "Sell the last derby, but take a good wife."
It is interesting that, in spite of it, the initiative dating often belongs to the girl. For a long time, if a girl likes a man, she approached him and asked to take her as his wife.
And not necessarily the words - if you ever watched Japanese movies, you must have seen how silently declare their love for the Japanese: the girl is suitable man, sits down next to him, smiling at him, admires the sunset or the cherry blossoms ... and When a man answered her smiling and hugging her - hence, the explanation was successful.
In general, any Japanese girl looking for a partner having "three heights": high education, dating internet sites high income and high growth. But to find such is not always possible, so she is ready to be with any prospective candidate or even for some time, until I found a suitable candidate, to meet a temporary partner! And for each of them in the youth slang even had its own name:
Assi-kun - is the one who has a good car, and who it is for her to roll;
Mesi-kun - is the one who will drive at expensive restaurants;
Mitsugu Coon - is the one who will buy gifts and useful items in the household;
kiipu Coon - a promising partner for whom you can marry if you do not meet better.
The latter happens quite often. One of the reasons that Japanese girl marries not be the best partner - is the existence of critical age for marriage, after overcoming a girl who goes into the category urenokori, which translated from Japanese means "waste, stale goods." Of course, it is very sad, and so she seeks to marry the first nice gentleman.
Now, however, to explore and marriage many Japanese men take the initiative in their hands. But Japanese men with little free time, so he appeals directly to the intermediary ... and tells him about what is looking for a partner dating internet sites. He is looking for the right person and familiarizes them, then got acquainted happily married.
Many marriages in Japan , as, probably, in the whole world - the treaty. That is, the partners combine their fate is not so much for love as for mutually calculation: Woman man takes his wife to the house was a good housekeeper and a girl gets married, because it is beneficial to have a secured and reliable partner.
Love between them is usually not - so little affection or friendliness. But it does not matter, because seeing partners after marriage will not happen very often: a man most of his time at work is carried out (usually it comes back from work very late at night, immediately goes to bed early in the morning and goes to work - Japanese people do not say nothing, that no man marries a woman, and at work), and the woman will be all day on the farm, and to strive to follow the education of children dating internet sites.
Love marriage in Japan too, and every year their number, according to statistics, is growing, and arranged marriages (o-miai) gradually become a relic of the past. dating internet sites.

How to get acquainted with a man, or a wizard called?
If you have already tried a number of ways to see "interesting" man, but for some reason he could not "get" it means you have not used the entire arsenal of its features.
Try to call him as a master. Men believe that they are masters, at least some, but masters of their craft. Yes, and you will be able to know what he is special, in what area?
So, you call and say that in recent time in the evenings feel terrible discomfort, downside of internet dating for example, due to lack of light. Above your bed (ottomans, beds, a sofa), hanging lamps, which burned before the light, and now for some reason, does not burn. What are you reading for an evening of "African Safari" burned all the candles, and "novel" is not yet finished reading. Whatever you may say will make a difference.
He is listening to your request, already begin to imagine - imagine the kind of picture. "See" through the chain, you specify: evening, bras, bed, you lying in her robe, open magazine on the pillow, melted candle in a candlestick. And as your tears - frozen droplets of wax on the page with a photo of elephants, tigers, lions, panthers. By the way, as it should be: open magazine should lay tilted on the bedspread. And the photo should be. But not with the image of monkeys that can recall the controversial past of mankind.
However, if you want to tighten the evening, of course, can and about the monkeys.
Your goal is simple. You refer to the Master, showing respect for the man, downside of internet dating whom no doubt he feels. Men love when they are asked, they are waiting for requests that come from women. In this there is a certain relish! He is asked to help, so he has to help! It is his duty - to respond to the desire of the weaker sex.
He will help you! There, somewhere deep in the subconscious, sitting tip Hidden strings start tangle thought: "God is asked ..!"
Here is your key to success, it is difficult to refuse you as a woman! Especially refuse to "Misery" in some kind of light bulb. Oh, what's what, and a light bulb every man understands, unscrew the screw-- a trifling matter!
(Do not forget to advance to screw a light bulb in the lamps. If not, then nothing thread the).
In your hands will be plenty of opportunities to learn and to objectively assess his guest on a number of grounds. As will be dressed, what would come to be sure to keep ...
If yes suit and tie, but with a bouquet of flowers under his arm, but with outstretched bottle of champagne, then you should know for what purpose he came ?!
If you are in a robe with a suitcase of tools and with an outstretched arm, muttering:
- You were talking about the light bulb ... Here, I brought you ... - you decide what to do, what to help downside of internet dating.
If he is a real man, he can bring a candle - just in case.
In any case, you start to learn how the woman her man from the threshold. And if you do anything it does not like it, then it works "error to the apartment," depending on your intuition and what you really want. Show him the "light bulb" or not ...
If you're still in thought and did not decide whom you wish, no problem! Please replace the "light bulb" on the CD-oven, food processor, sewing or washing machine, bath, TV, computer, replace the floors, ceilings, fireplace, massage for dogs, etc. etc.
However, the above should at least be in your presence (and, in principle, may not be) downside of internet dating. By the way, yet very fashionable "measurement of cardiac pressure" and inserting pins into the tray of your favorite video-audio equipment.
Speak their requests! Masters - will respond!
- You called the master? downside of internet dating.

Ready to fall in love? Warning signs for women. Part 1
Seasonal aggravation in the spring happens to most of us. It is expressed in anxiety, anguish flesh vague premonitions and the presence of butterflies of imagination that wave before the eyes of their iridescent wings and strive to sit on the first available object male. This is called an exacerbation desire to fall in love. Fighting with him is not that useless, but somehow do not want to. After all, even Oscar Wilde said that "the best way to resist the temptation - to yield to it." What we generally do.
And everything would be fine, if we have the same approach and attitude. But we are Russian - people are complex. And because female desire harmonious novel that had not lasted for a lifetime, then left in the memory of sweet memories, constantly stumbles upon irony. And she never tires of offering Valais, these relations are absolutely not adapted insider internet dating torrent.
Why is this happening - the question is, of course, the philosophical. And we will not take bread from analysts, examining the rubble of their own subconscious. The only thing we can afford to help at this stage, is to learn to recognize the warning signs that could protect us from danger before we trustingly will fall into the arms of another "object" in a ditch.
Caution, slippery!
You are dealing with a man for quite a long time, but once you find yourself on the fact that almost nothing about it know. That is, you know in general terms of his father's occupation, marital status, physical status and approximate some preferences. The rest of it is for you to remain a closed book. For the time being you, it is intriguing, until it becomes clear that your "book", he is also in no hurry to disclose. Although some effort to its "buy". That is quite a courting, asking questions about your life, the impression of an intelligent person concerned and not a redneck. Only you can not understand that you have a relationship or something? So you do not feel happy insider internet dating torrent.
Danger signs:
You no matter where and how did you meet (in the street, in night clubs, the Internet), as in their women's and human qualities you believe and expect the same from a partner.
Considering the excessive conditionality, you do not become a long pull before entering into sexual contact.
It is something you promised, but not yet fulfilled, but not refuse, finding various excuses one another respectfully.
You have the feeling that either he fool you, or you go crazy.
You do not want to lose it, and he knows it.
What does this mean?
The greatest mystery men "slippery type" is that they manage to combine primitive male romanticism neurotic young man. This in itself is neither good nor bad if we ourselves, bruises on his head feminism , encourage them this duality. And if deep down we are resigned to the fact that we are using, twisting us "love", and in fact, is an inexpensive novel features of the genre insider internet dating torrent.
Such people tend to be joining a young marriage, old age can not deal with either themselves or with family or with questions of their own realization. Buzykin of "Autumn Marathon" - a person, of course, nice, but as long as you do not come across with. But you do not immediately understand, because lying is!
Unfortunately, wishing that you or another woman "beautiful entered his sinful life, went out of her beautiful," they generously leave room for these movements for you, not yourself.
Carefully, unpredictability!
Communication with such a man can resemble or "roller coaster" or a walk through a minefield. Today, it gives you an unforgettable evening full of events and warmth, and tomorrow will be cold and inaccessible, like an iceberg in the ocean. Today it seems to you that "you are so close that the words do not need to," and tomorrow he will arrange your session such an emotional BDSM that will not find it. Today, you have an idyll, and tomorrow he will be gone for a week or two. And you with horror (though not immediately) konstatiruete that out pretty sunny woman turned into a nervous anxious creature that life is only interested in three things: you, your man and your strange relationship. And with such a creature no one else wants to communicate insider internet dating torrent.
Danger signs:
You guessed it right in front of you, "the cat who walks by himself," but did not give itself in this report or, worse, were sure that with you it will be different.
You do not have guessed right about this, but, faced with his "kooky" forgive or pretended to forgive.
You yourself whimsical and unpredictable, and agreed on the principle of "birds of a feather flock together."
The level of uncertainty in your relationship starts off scale, you do not control the situation so that it seems jumped down from the airplane and are in a free man, waiting for the parachute will open. And of course, do not believe that it is not revealed.
You do not want to lose it, and he knows it.
What does this mean?
It is said that the unpredictability - a sign of mental disorder. And they say that in the modern metropolis deviations observed in 99.8% of the population. That is, we are all a little bit out of it, and it is complicated by the large number of conventions and rules that we all have to comply with every day insider internet dating torrent.
The difference between the two peasants and western observed that the Western attempt to control the situation in the details (promised - did not like - said like - lets you know), but fold on a grand scale (hence so many divorces and deliberate murder). But our lack of manners, and often are not strong in self-control, but can be successfully lifetime drink the blood of their loved ones, calling it love and marriage. Do you want to be a donor? insider internet dating torrent.

Ready to fall in love? Warning signs for women. Part 2
Continues his description of types , which I do not advise to communicate, even put on rose-colored glasses and block parts of the brain that are responsible for common sense.
Caution catcher!
With such typecasting involuntarily faced by women, whose personal life is so unsettled that they are grasping at straws for any sign of attention. These women spend a lot of time on social networks, the Internet, do not neglect dating sites and any possibility of "socialized", that is to visit public places in the secret hope to meet muzhchinkoy.
Nothing wrong with that, it would seem not. However, unsettled women in active search, unmistakably calculates not the one who needs it in principle, but the so-called "catcher." This word I would have identified the type that combines the quality of home-grown psychologists, banal and self-confident dog loser. Why just a loser - I asked the man internet dating sexes in ghana africa. And if he too is lonely and just looking for a woman to himself to be?
The answer is: we are not talking about single, and about those who he condemns himself to loneliness inside, replacing the true self-realization and an honest search for a pair of merrymaking and psychological experiments. Typically, these people are not successful in their careers, and therefore seek compensation for the love front. This is different from the actual "dogs", in which I am here I will not throw stones.
The inner radar "catcher" is always working, and always set up an easy prey, which can be "gruzanut in full", and it "be led", and even say thank you. This character is happy shtudiruet "rules of the pickup" and "pick-up technique" stubborn and often effectively improved in a straightforward science kobelirovaniya. But if a woman trusting staking a claim to something more - it is waiting for an unpleasant and sometimes cruel surprise.
Danger signs:
You met through the site, where users post their photos and eager to communicate internet dating sexes in ghana africa.
You met in a situation where you desperately wanted male attention (rupture with the former, a good dose of alcohol in a public place, a temporary "hormonal storm").
His new friend you just detail and willingly talked about himself and the peculiarities of his personal life. He seemed attentive you sensitive interlocutor and a good psychologist.
You showed himself "a woman without claims," which can spend time without any obligation.
What you do not want to lose him, he flattered, though the drum.
What does this mean?
At best, you are both aware that your connection is virtual and quite far-fetched. Despite the fact that you can have a great time and even show each other "kindred spirits", a serious relationship here initially and did not smell. As a rule, representatives of the facial features have been defeated on the love front, becoming emotional cripples. Therefore, none of whom would have dreamed of "catcher", he would prefer to deal with a woman whose self-esteem is inadequate, skillfully using them to satisfy his own "ego". Whatever you may think about yourself, you will never be in the minds of "catcher" self-sufficient, worthy of respect for the individual. And the brighter the lights the fire of your dissatisfaction femininity, the more likely you will end up in a trap, taking her by the call of love. And in the worst case, you will find another neurosis on the theme: "Nobody loves me, and everything is just used internet dating sexes in ghana africa."
Carefully, the local macho!
Type "Russian Bear" as a national kind of macho is very popular. Well, we succumb to the charms of coarse confident males, and there's nothing you can do. Here we want to dwell on what is different "bear" from "goat". A good topic for a lesson in the "School of young serdtseedok", is not it?
Well, as our American friends, we must first figure out what his problem is. If a man texture, strong, self-confident and internally sad as Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Casino Royal, he - a man of our dreams . But if it is narcissistic, and emotionally zhlobovat stupid, he parody of the hero and our punishment. Make the most of a man - the problem is not everyone's strength. But who of our brave women of reproductive age, and just like that take raspishetsya its impotence without trying and fighting? Against nature not trample, and she dictates and sends a signal: "Attention, a male!" And we're going to this signal, like a sleepwalker.
Danger signs:
This type of dialectically combines the properties and listed, and personal. They consist in the fact that it is always and everywhere you must statement of exclusivity, and his life was often breaks off. Therefore, he needs to know that he is not just like you, and you recognize his originality in his life. For this he is ready for a lot, but you should be prepared always and without reminders to let him compliments regarding his physical fitness, sexual techniques, professional, spiritual qualities, etc. etc. The danger is that often you'll be forced to admit it or talk insincerely internet dating sexes in ghana africa.
He exists circle once and for all certain predilections and preferences. Initially you feel that you, too, it included. But make no mistake: as soon as it suspects that you do not fit into the scheme, existing in his mind, it will at least be annoyed, and at best - you feel so worthless individuals, which will run as a cat without whiskers, lost landmarks. As he himself took no, or vice versa, nor deviated from elementary promises, apologizing, he never will be. Films, which he likes to watch, inspired him paranoid thoughts, apologize - it is a sign of weakness. In other words, he is always right, and if you do not agree - roll.
He even once ignored your feelings (except a sense of admiration of his person, which goes without saying), insulted your dignity (even just hurt and I knew that you were offended), or, God forbid, used violence.
You do not want to lose it, and he knows it.
What does this mean?
The Russian version of the macho is found everywhere, from Moscow to the suburbs. Moreover, this "cave" type can live perfectly in the center of the Boulevard Ring and terrorize some seaside village. Just the possibility of them are different, but the mindset is not changed for thousands of years. But if any village Yegor all women will love, and in some cases even to regret it in the current Moscow, he will not wait a sinecure. His inheritance: tortured loyal wife, desperate and cynical girl on call that "healthy appearance, and did not run away," Well, if you are not lucky - you. Of course, if you're not lucky, because the fact is it you are lucky, it can until the end of life and did not realize.
And that, in general, is not a complete list of characters against which you, my only advice: run away from them! You probably already have experienced first hand, which means that the Russian proverb "Love is evil ...." My friend, Dr. Penderecki, said: "Most of my clients come to me to find an answer to the question why men are goats? I have a lot of them could say on the subject, but as a doctor I have no right. The second part of the question has less rhetorical: What's wrong with me, internet dating sexes in ghana africa why I want love, and I always have the goats come across? It's been said more awareness, this is already possible to work ... ".
What I want to tell you, dear readers, these spring days? The spring there will be many, and lives alone. Let's take it if not looking for Prince, but not with the goats, too! Let there be signs on our road on which we are moving in search of love. But even counter objects are not mistaken in our account. After all, we, too, are dangerous. internet dating sexes in ghana africa.

In our turbulent age, when all (or, more precisely, almost everything) can be bought for money, useful links still have not lost their value. How to meet and establish friendly and trusting relationship (professional term) with the right person to you? Consider this process concisely.
First contact or establish acquaintance with the object
So denote actors. You call the person concerned, the right person to you - object. Where to begin? Of course, with the prior distance learning future friend, sorry, the object of his interests, habits and hobbies. I'm not talking about the places of residence, work and daily routine. That goes without saying. How to study? The best way - the collection of information through a familiar object "blind", ie without revealing too much of their interest. Watch for a familiar is not recommended. Here we need the knowledge and skills of detectives, which you do not internet dating sex rapheal bigss.
Collected the crumbs of information about the object helps you create in your appearance and behavior of the desired image and select the desired location, time and pretext for entry into the first contact. As you know, the first contact is very important. On how skillfully you prepare for it and how conducted, will depend on the course of further consolidation dating.
Specific advice given will not. It all depends on the project collected information. Sometimes even have to bring the dog to find an excuse, and the time for dating, knowing that the object is a regular evening walks his Rottweiler, or Toy Terrier. Here are some facts that will help establish the first contact.
We know that the perception of man by man - the process of active and bilateral. The volume of perception of different people are different.
The younger generation (15-20 years) do not have much experience. It loves the new, the unknown, always open to dialogue. Above him not prevail stereotypes and cliches of perception. It is sincerely and not as suspicious internet dating sex rapheal bigss.
Middle-aged people (35-45 years) have been a pretty big experience. They have highly developed stereotypes of perception. They are more categorical in their assessments and actions, have shown greater interest and curiosity for new friends, but also more suspicious.
Older age (over 50 years) is characterized by a condescending and philosophical attitude to life and people.
Women's perception of acutely than men. For women, characterized by well-developed specific creative thinking and intuition. Women are more observant, emotion and curiosity towards others.
When a new perception for the man they most people are guided by:
his appearance - gender, age, clothes, figure;
what he says;
manner of behavior - facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, posture and gait;
what he is doing right now.
There are effects that lead to contraction and distortion perception:
"Generalization" (smoking a cigar - the standard of a successful businessman);
"Installation" (on passport control did not react to the emphasis only on paper);
"Aura" (see detail flaws in the known and wealthy people is difficult);
"Novelty" - (new and unusual catches the eye first of all, the perception of the rest of the scoring);
"Projection" - (their own advantages and disadvantages are transferred to others - sly sees around him only cunning) internet dating sex rapheal bigss.
Range adequacy of the perception of ordinary people is small - 40-60%. Do professionals (teachers, psychologists, scouts, etc.) - 70-90%. A good exercise to expand the scope of perception is a compilation of the verbal descriptions of oncoming people, striving to find them new details that had not paid any attention.
Let's go back to the first contact.
The task of establishing dating easier if the person concerned his appearance and behavior manages to make a good impression on the object, to make him a curiosity and a desire to continue the dialogue. However, as practice shows, the positive perception is a man's social status is somewhat higher than his own.
It is appropriate to mention this category as sympathy, that is emotionally positive perception of one person by another. Sympathy is higher, the more visible the similarities of the two character traits of people, not necessarily positive properties. In particular, the mutual weaknesses and deficiencies can sometimes cause great sympathy. Therefore, we must try as soon as possible to find these similarities.
For the first contact with the object, and subsequent conversations should choose a neutral topics: weather, sports, pets, events, social and cultural life, etc. The conversation should be light, without contradictions, oppositions and disputes. When asking questions should not insist on answers. Do not ask questions that can be answered in the negative. It should exclude anything that might provoke controversy, tension and anxiety. The focus should be subject, not decision-making, and that is easier to maintain during the first interview.
It is important that the object agrees that expresses the person concerned. This can be achieved by the following methods: "Reading state" (if the object is shrug his shoulders, you might say: "You're obviously not sure ...") internet dating sex rapheal bigss or "ascertaining" ("You, of course, difficult to answer this question now").
The decisive factor in the success of the first contact can be regarded as an object of interest in the continuation of dating, when he sees your face in a man who can satisfy their interests and needs in the business, social, or cultural region.
Here we can talk about the psychology of dating secure , but this is a topic for another article. internet dating sex rapheal bigss.

"... With yellow flowers in hand, she left that day, that I finally found it ..." (Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita")
Spring is probably the most romantic time of the year. The louder sings drops, the brighter the sun shines, the more we want to love and understanding, fun and socializing with friends. It was a joyful chirping of sparrows and purling streams of spring, many pondered how to find love. Let's try to sort out this issue.
If you do not have a loved one, think about why it happened. It is not necessary to follow the principle that everything is simply not notice your beauty and intelligence. Is not it better to look at themselves objectively, note their shortcomings and try to fix them? Just do not rush to the mirror to inspect themselves from all sides. Outside, of course, important, but all human relations are based primarily on the communication. It's like a birthday gift. Bright wrapper creates a mood and a sense of celebration, internet dating services but we appreciate all the same thing itself.
Imagine that you will present a very beautiful, but absolutely empty box. You're going a little bit puzzled, right? In order not to look like the box, become an interesting person. He is fond of dancing, painting, contemporary music, oriental culture, skydiving - all that you like and may be interested in others. Do not stand on the spot, to develop! This will help to diversify the life, to expand the circle of communication and increase the chances of finding a soul mate.
Love itself is unlikely to knock on your door, come in and say, 'Here I come! ". It must look: among friends, at work, on the Internet, on a walk. Too zealous here, too, it is impossible: they say she does not like. Do not look into the eyes of every faithful person they and do not burden him with his excessive attention. "Love descends suddenly, when you are not looking," - sung in one song. The less you think about love and devote more time than a simple, unobtrusive communication, the more attractive look in the eyes of others internet dating services.
Talking with someone, do not forget that in front of you, first of all, personality. Do not suppress the interlocutor, constantly urging him or her of his superiority. It is not necessary to talk about its unique beauty, outstanding intellectual abilities, academic achievement, or at work, you're not at the interview. He will understand and appreciate, no doubt. You can talk about anything, as long as it was fun for both of you. If hung awkward silence, ask. Show that you care about the person and his opinion is really important for you.
You must be able not only to speak but also to listen. All that tells a man full of information about himself, about his outlook and attitude towards others. So listen carefully! Even the memories of childhood or adolescence can help you find the interlocutor closer. If a friend has decided to share his plans, or is the problem with you, it means he trusts you. Do not miss this opportunity: congratulate, support or sympathize. However, there should be careful: you can not run the risk of becoming a loved one, internet dating services and in the ordinary "vest."
In search of love it is very important not to lose self-respect. Do not rush to the neck to the first comer, to invite you on a date. The principle of "better bad than nothing" is not going to help. But do not turn away from the person if you do not like. Talk to him at least a little, and maybe you will change your mind.
Make every effort to find happiness: work on himself, on his behavior and attitude towards others. The reward for the effort is sincere mutual love. internet dating services.

How to get married? Instructions for avtoledi
... Myth or truth is - the woman behind the wheel is easier to establish new relationship with a man than any other.
Recently, tucking the car alone for the first time in my life, I made a discovery. Lovely women, we choose the wrong place hunting! All attempts to find a life partner in a restaurant, nightclub, at work, at the store or, God forbid, in the casino, are doomed to failure. Because these institutions - not quite usual for a man habitat. He is wary, frightened, focused, aggressive, internet dating success tips tired, or worse, drunk.
Catch a man need in a comfortable environment for him where he is relaxed and calm - in a man's world, which consists of men's favorite toys - cars, pistols, or football. Therefore, we take advance note on sports bars during broadcasts championships and weapon shops. Topic Car reveal details.
Starting to drive a car, I was surprised how my unmarried girlfriends-avtolyubitelnitsam manage so much time to be alone? Only at the gas station can be five times married. After all, what a woman needs for a successful hunt? In addition to the minimum necessary (chest, a smile and a desire to be married), she can not do without the ability to:
1) interested in a man;
2) to pretend to be a fool.
A female motorist has these talents, like no other. Stupid to pretend it is not necessary for many, it's a bonus from nature. Too clever men are afraid of women. Too clever woman never would marry, to be honest. Why it this headache? But a number of crazy, I do not pretend. So - where and how to hunt avtoledi?
Even if a girl is not driving, just going in a taxi - the driver a chance to charm her immeasurably greater than that of a woman who does not drive. Because avtoledi can engage and keep the conversation on the state of the road surface, internet dating success tips the stamp machines and knock on the suspension. That's point number one - a man is interested. Start portray fool (item number 2) at any time when you have decided that the potential victim is sufficient interest.
Why marry a taxi driver, you may ask. For more fun, lively and worldly wise men in my life do not have to meet. In addition, the wheel may be the owner of the company, out of boredom decided podkalymit. They simply calculated by callsign - the owner of the number is almost always 001.
Gas station
Having gone to refuel yourself for the first time in my life, I have prepared thoroughly. Lipstick, curls whipped and called her friend that she described in detail the whole of the procedure. I had driven to the column, called her husband and clarified - whether to turn off the engine while pouring gasoline? The husband said:
- You need.
Relatively easily able to open the gas tank and put in the gun so that it does not fall to the ground. Then I went to the window where the glass was a woman. Trying to push through the bill is not in the crack, I told her that refuel for the first time and not sure I did the right thing. Her question: "Which column?" - I replied:
- There's one in which there is a white car.
The woman in the window promised to send me a man (me! A man!) To be refueled after and check if everything is right I do.
I was delighted and soon ran wait man. Meanwhile, my column roared, hose twitched - the process has begun. Satisfied that seems to get by, and I did not notice that the man had walked. Very decent, expensively dressed and graying at the temples.
- What can you do? - He went to work.
- Here, I refuel! - I said proudly.
The man scanned the column, hose, gun, car, and declared:
- Are you a button on the gun did not press, you are not pouring gasoline internet dating success tips.
And sure enough - he somehow snapped, the gun jerked, there was the sound of flowing liquid. On the electronic board ran tsiferki column. A man in a fatherly lovingly looked at me.
- How many liters you tank? - He asked, evidently wishing to support small talk.
- Mm-m ...
- Forgot? - He suggested.
- I do not know - I have to admit. - Now, you see, fifty column highlighted. So - fifty liters, now I know.
The man was glad my opening and took me to his car, showed how he manually filled in the petrol tank, pressing the gun. In general, if I was not a happy wife and mother, the following phrase would ask the man his phone number and permission to call him if I have problems with the car.
That is saying to show some activity at the pump can marry up to two times a year - it would wish. If you enter into a criminal conspiracy with the woman behind the glass that she sent men more impressive, the number of successful marriages will increase to five a year.
Service stations and tire service
There, I have not been (pah-pah). Logic dictates that there can meet other car owners. It is clear that the state of their iron horses they are passionate about more than you, but worth a try. The chances are higher than, for example, at the casino.
About dating in traffic is written much. In my opinion - this is a questionable thing, internet dating success tips if the street minus 35 degrees, for example. Is that the signs ...
This woman will continue to try to get married, even had an accident. By the way, it usually is the culprit of the accident. It is win-win situation, if you remember about the items number 1 and number 2 - a man clearly interested in you and not for a moment doubt your stupidity.
So, dear women, rather sit behind the wheel, and you good hunting! internet dating success tips.

As a first step towards his destiny?
You know the feeling of "being alone in a crowd?"
Around like a lot of people, but a loved one, a kindred spirit still no, no ... No one who is always ready to warm look to support, even if you are not quite right, there is no one who is willing to help, "when the whole world is with you in contention "No one of whom wants to tender and touching care, there is no one with whom you want to share everything in half, to go hand in hand" in sorrow and in joy, in sickness and in health ... "
No, somewhere, of course, he is, and probably also looking for you. But how not to miss in a mad rhythm of our daily hustle man-made? Even if you are a bright and charismatic extrovert hit all flowing sociable, easy to meet people and find common ground in any environment, sample effective internet dating ad where is the guarantee that in this environment, just at this moment the people eyeing your cherished mate?
And if you - a treasure trove for spousal roles, but it was not a virtuoso on the part of a pickup truck? In the sense - not Casanova, not womanizer, not Don Juan, and the vulnerable and vulnerable, especially in communicating with strangers, intelligent? Or successful in all respects a gentleman, but not so busy with work that the search for candidates and inevitable at the same time many candy buketnye conventions just physically do not have time? Or sweet, kind, nice, but Cinderella is soft, which did not accept the prince?
However, you're not going to blame the rest of his life in the issue of those who, for whatever reason, has not found you, the most remarkable, the one and only, or walked past without noticing the myriad your indisputable advantages, sample effective internet dating ad did not stay close forever ... Is it worth it shift to someone responsible for their own destiny? It's not so constructively!
In our computer age, the era of rational time management in a universal commitment to the success and prosperity of the people absolutely no time to "wait for favors from nature." We must act! When a reasonable and sensitive approach work even in such a delicate ethereal intimate sphere is quite capable crowned Planned success deserved happy ending ...
But where to meet friends? On the choice of options often small, in the clubs - a rather specific contingent on the fan, on the streets of the metropolis all incredible hurry, and do not stick too well to passers-by ... How difficult it is now! His Majesty the Internet, of course, also to the rescue, quickly responding to the demand, and replicates many dating sites with a simple registration. But in fact it turns out that for such an impersonal online contact in most cases hunters tend to single sex and mentally inadequate entities, communication with which again takes time and nerves.
It remains the only reliable way - to turn to professionals. Yes, because such service will soon become as common as going to the dentist or legal advice!
Serious and respectable organization and the creation of family happiness with the involvement of all the available means the current level of progress has been dating " Two Moon Junction . " A detailed individual approach taking into account all the wishes of the client, internal detailed database respectable contenders really guarantee choice of suitable candidates for the development of advanced relations sample effective internet dating ad.
However, the search for applicants for familiarity - not the only function of the agency. Professional counseling experienced psychologist will help to remove barriers and clamps that prevent fully enjoy life and build harmonious relations, will help to move away from unnecessary memories and reveal the best, attractive side of character. Some nuances that you still do not attach importance to, will tell you personally experienced astrologer.
Experts reveal the secrets of attraction and sexuality, taking into account your unique charisma. Image stylist and makeup artist give recommendations to maximize successfully beat the features of your appearance and help find the missing confidence. Pick up options irresistible make-apa, hair, wardrobe, with which you will be particularly comfortable. A photographer artfully will seal your new unique image in a series of creative images.
Enchanting collection of portraits of all the participants of the "Two Moon Junction." Rare skill photographer managed to beat gracefully and extremely advantageous to present the benefits of the nature of each. Gallery of images so expressive that I want right now to meet and chat with all these lovely ladies and charming man sample effective internet dating ad.
In the tradition of the club - the organization of interesting and beautiful romantic evenings in a cozy, friendly atmosphere with competitions and surprises. Spending leisure warmth and soul, like a large family circle, you get a charge good mood, find new friends, and probably temporary discrepancies life will lose its significance.
An experienced consultant will attentively listen, understand and support will be on time communication is essentially the closest person, a good counselor. Will deal on the shelves every organized meeting will analyze and suggest how to take into account the mistakes of the past in the future failed meetings. Will remember where do the very start dating that everyone has long been forgotten in the bustle of the metropolis. So, step by step, going through all the hardships, sample effective internet dating ad a consultant with his client achieves the desired result. And it's not necessarily just marriage. Most often, the newly created couple is leaving dating on an idyllic note only that the existing relations coveted ...
At the club with the romantic name " Two Moon Junction ", a new attractive image, emotional rise, with a cool sunny positive attitude Search awaited precious halves is so fun and creative activity, the result of its sometimes exceeds all expectations. Take the first step towards your destiny! sample effective internet dating ad.

Finding the perfect man. Is it easy to make the right choice?
If you conduct a survey, most women probably answer this way: "Perfect - a rich, confident, and in the future, caring, reliable."
In fact, in our time, such men become less and less. What is the reason? Most of them are already married. Still, who will miss the chance to marry such a man ?! There are snapping up quickly, and we are "poor and miserable", but so pretty, have to settle for sluggish losers.
Thus, a greater percentage of the ideal man belongs to the category "firmly seized" or married. The other percentage - men who are afraid of being "caught up" even the most pretty and even beautiful!
Fear of losing their state overpowers faith in the sincerity of feeling international internet dating.
She wants to be with me:
a) it beckon my wealth, ie desire to come all ready;
b) there is an opportunity to become famous and successful - profitable communication device for a prestigious, high-paying jobs, opening his business, shooting in advertising, cinema ... depending on the size of the purse potential husband, ie again beckon wealth;
c) vacation abroad, expensive gifts and then all of the same wealth;
and finally ...
g) just loves me.
Most of the rich / wealthy men panic fear of losing the acquired property, money, greed see each counter. It has become an obsession. What's next? Loneliness. The constant fear, a regular change of partners.
"I often get acquainted, meet women / girls. This does not mean that I change them like a glove, and it gives me pleasure. No, I'm just looking for the only one that can truly believe. "
So meets every second wealthy man, a member of the Moscow privileged society, international internet dating a society of bachelors, the question of impermanence in his personal life.
Very often, this search has been delayed for many years until a man in the prime of life, finally begins to understand how he is lonely. And it becomes even more difficult to determine the choice even harder to believe.
This mania, fear led to the fact that for such a man does not value women as such! Today one, tomorrow another. So different, at first glance, and yet so similar. It is easy to get confused and take all "under one line." It is difficult to understand which one is real and what is not.
It's true, a lot of the female wants to live in Moscow, not bad to get there. A search for "the rich Pinocchio" with Moscow residence permit - is not only a chance to settle in the capital, but also provide a pretty good conditions of life international internet dating.
Such variations are rich Moscow immediately discarded. Learn to distinguish and, certainly, with a non-local women directly can read in her eyes the word "residence". Although there are Muscovites completely disenchanted with indigenous women of our capital and prefer girls / women from the provinces.
"Muscovite recently become too demanding and career-oriented, as in the West. A provincial Senorita simple and not too demanding. With them easier. "
"So many good girls ...", and where to find the nicest, most beautiful and most unselfish? Let's talk about the meaning of marriage and the family.
Family - is the cell of society. Creating a family, people want to rid themselves of loneliness, want to be someone fit, he wants to feel the care and attention from loved ones.
Marriage - a conscious and a very important step. Consciously choose a life partner, so near and dear man, with whom you can safely go through life. Reliability. That is the key word for family life. It is a reliable partner in life chooses a woman. Reliable - so for him, like a stone wall. It involves the stability not only in moral, but also in material terms international internet dating.
"It was this man can make happy my life and my future children."
"The life of my unborn children" - that initially it is important for any of us. We see a man in a potential husband and father. That is why such qualities as reliability and stability come to the fore.
"All my friends are already married and had children. And I still have one. "
If you're still single, that's not a reason to be on someone copying someone's life. Strive to be sure to get married just to catch up with others, to be like everyone else. Your main task - to resist the pressure, not give in and decide what it is you need. This is a common and well-established notion that "women's short century" is no longer relevant. Nowadays, women are more concerned about the fact that time does not start to build a career, became involved in the wrong area of activity, how to promote the business ...
The question of whether I will remain a spinster or not, now, few people care about international internet dating.
Daylight Western world has done his job. Modern woman thinks so: "Up to 30 years to build a career, earn money doing things you love, achieve goals. After 30 arrange personal life. I getting married, having children. And, perhaps, entirely devoted to her family. "
Hurry - this does not mean to succeed to catch up with someone. It's still not a competition or race. He ran the first - to win. Think about how many marriages fail? According to statistics, every second! The point's not about who will jump out in marriage, it is important to completely different! Make the right choice. Do not be mistaken. To live happily ever after. international internet dating.

Three types of men. With whom to get acquainted?
"Beauty - a terrible force!". Is such a "terrible" that our representatives of the stronger sex in the form of such beauty is lost or even run away. And then marry ugly and secretly dreams of beauty ... A bit move away from our topic and answer the question of why so many men are afraid of beautiful women ?!
The beauty is often compared to an impregnable fortress, which is quite difficult to break. This will require a lot of effort. Courtship, present, future prospects ... a girl / woman should be long and hard to win. This, of course, internet dating etiquette the power of the non-poor person who has something to offer.
We represent three types of men with different levels of income, estimate their chances in winning an impregnable fortress.
The first type. Poor / man with a small income.
The second type. Not poor but not rich / middle-income man.
The third type. Secured / rich man.
So, the first type. Self-doubt is likely to not allow even look in the direction of a girl / woman. There is no money, there is no way to care for, give gifts, to create a family. Typically, these men meet with "their own kind".
The second type. Most often, the representatives of this type are familiar with the beauties found. Marry you? It depends on the girl / woman, you want her life with average incomes. If it is a stable average income, it implies the absence of a high income, but there is peace and stability.
Finally, the third type. My favorite type of beautiful, confident woman. With such a man wants to be weak and defenseless. Real men. Successful held in life internet dating etiquette.
Typically, this is the age span of 30-40 years, when a man's career and developed a desire to marry. A man at this stage already has a life and personal experience. More likely it is that he knows exactly what he wants and, more importantly, someone! At this age a man can be called a place in life or not.
This is turning the age when it's time to be determined with their life values. He knows whom he wants to see next to each other. At this age, unmarried man has a tendency to acquire a relationship with a girl younger than himself on the order. With girls ... Exactly. Girls much, and I am so solid and even a real man, just one. You can enjoy life first, and then finally decide on their choice of that which is suitable for the role of the sole.
"Next to a young girl, I feel again a youngster, a young kid, I remember like yesterday!".
However, this also applies to married members of the strong half. Mid-life crisis, or a midlife crisis. We are talking about whether to change the youth for money and gifts?
Note that at the age of 30-40 years a man can have a negative experience of family life, children from a previous marriage. With such a man to be careful as he could not bear this experience in your relationship, internet dating etiquette and you do not become a culprit of his losses, past mistakes.
With regard to children ... Children are known to the flowers of life. It's his life flowers. You need to accept the fact that he will pay much attention to the child, and to be ready for it, be willing to be the favorite, but not the only one.
Consider the age of 27 years. This young man, active, who does not love uniformity, located in a developing male. Men, it is determined that it is important to strive for, something to achieve in the end. It is time for relationship building and possibly a family. Perhaps because, as a rule, in this age of man is not ready for a family, for the responsibility. Young people are a friendly company, lost in the clubs, and often change their lovers. Rivalry - is, above all, the struggle for leadership. It is at this stage of the relationship is easy to stop and just as easy to start new ones. This stage of the search possibilities and new discoveries.
If a girl is looking for a sponsor, it should pay attention to older men, they looked at us in some detail above. Relationships with young people can be called "boy-girl", with men aged 30-40 years - "daddy-daughter" internet dating etiquette.
You want adventure, meetings under the sun, active life? Your ideal man: age up to 27 years - here and romance, and parties, and the ability to build and grow together.
Do you want to feel weak and defenseless in the hands of a strong man? Your ideal - age over 30 years. You'll be in good hands and will be a roof over his head, and everything you need. On one side of the scale - the lack of youthful adventure, excessive activity. On the other - stability, confidence in the future, no hassle.
What will outweigh - you decide! internet dating etiquette.

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