Why there is love - no one knows. No wonder the ancient Greeks handed a bow and arrow Cupid silly - cheeked little boy with curly hair. That kid and having fun: sharp arrows pierce the hearts of just two, or one, or even blunt end may hit someone, so for the sake of entertainment.
And so today, knowing nothing about the machinations of the Greek lad, one man sees a woman and realizes that she is - of dreams and dreams. And it seems that it would not be necessary, but, in principle, without it somehow uncomfortable and even sad. The fact that it's invisible to other women want to hug on the street and kiss, kiss her and never let go of yourself. But how to approach her internet dating horror stories?
You can walk in circles around it and try to somehow get into her eyes - one, two, three. But, most of all, if it has its own interests and concerns, that it does not make any impression. She did not see you. In addition, it is possible, it is a man, even if unpopular, but native, and you in her plans do not include a way for the next hundred years.
The simplest and easiest way for you - forget it. And if you had time to fall in love with it, so that nothing else can not think? Unfortunately, it happens sometimes. So the first thing to do - is to pull myself together and develop a strategy for the conquest of a woman's heart. It's hard to love a fever sore heart. Because now, at this moment, you want only one thing - to have as its object of love and in a figurative and literal sense of the word. And then to have to wait and even to move very slowly. If you do not want to spoil everything, it is better to pull yourself together and think about how to meet and attract them internet dating horror stories.
This is quite appropriate here a couple of times to get caught her eye - on the way to work or, conversely, on the way home. It would be nice to go to meet her, and friendly, but not expressive look at her. Then, quite "accidentally" be with her in the same queue. At the same time, you see how it behaves with other people and how easy is irritated. Of course, this way of life, there is no romance, but life in 98 percent, and is just one of scenes from everyday life. Maybe she will communicate with the seller so that your enthusiasm will evaporate immediately. Or vice versa, you will want to go shopping with her in the future.
When she leaves the store can offer to bring her bag home. This is much more effective than if you wait for her in the darkened porch with flowers. Imagine she worried household chores and how to not yet detached from the problems at work, climbing stairs with heavy bags up the stairs, and you at this time of hectic her bouquet, require attention and practically love internet dating horror stories.
Any ladies' man will tell you that in order to win a woman, you have to ask its problems, ask how she lives and what her worries. Optionally, it is sincerely answer all your questions, but would be grateful to you and imbued with sympathy. And even agree somehow to meet with you on neutral territory. This is not what you expected, but it's something else. You are at the beginning of a long journey. In addition, you still have a chance to leave on time, if it turns out that you made a mistake and took passion for love. internet dating horror stories.

Man, let's call him Dennis, is preparing to approach a girl in a restaurant or at an event, or even on the street. He feels a certain excitement, and that's fine. He reflects on how to approach and how to learn more effectively, to make sure that she is not interested and refused immediately.
Imagine that our Denis - not a complete loser and a loser, it will not come up and ask, "How long?" "You can light a cigarette?" Or "Girl, let's get acquainted!". Imagine also that the victim is not Dennis pikaperskih training and will not be approached with questions like: "You have great legs! It is not difficult to walk on these? They would have looked cool on my shoulders! "Or" Hey! I like you so much, let's phone number! ". He does not know what context and how powerfully it works, so he comes up with a descent something that can like, and in this case, let it be an ordinary compliment columbia sc internet dating.
- Hello! Dear girl, the fact that you liked me. You have an amazing gait! My attention has also attracted your bag, I think you have just the perfect taste. By the way, my name is Dennis!
Note that feels right now girl let's break.
First - if the approach was not made according to the rules Comfortable Approach, she feels a certain sharpness Beginnings, meaning it was in their thoughts, in their own little world, from which she was forcibly removed, it is a little uncomfortable. The highest degree of discomfort here - it's fear. When sharply approach girls are scared. And the most glamorous girl ever show your reaction to Sharpness beginnings, although they may feel columbia sc internet dating.
Second - after the girl will understand that everything is normal and just a young man came up to meet you, she feels a certain energy rise from the fact that she gets the attention of an unknown young man. Something just allows it to carry a man on the first level - the status rises in the first category, remember the classification of men? Therefore, it is likely that it will continue to make their case or to go further, but our peripheral vision to keep track of Dennis is complete, it will be also possible to touch her hair - an indicator of interest in communication.
Third - self-assessment by the - the girl goes to the third position, the frame marks. This occurs if the first sentence is not Denis Woman caught so that 100% of her attention was on him. What is she doing? It is using some internal mechanisms compares Dennis and the whole situation with the collection dating own self. Lightning taking a decision on whether the good Denis for her and what is it good. Cute whether or not Dennis. Suitable if the situation itself dating to her, whether it fits the stereotypes, or vice versa desires something atypical - or not columbia sc internet dating.
Now I just tell you the principle of tracking the emotional reactions of girls, to learn to look into the depths of emotion ...
Young people are taught to seduce, fall in love with yourself and enjoy the fruits of special techniques. These objects - models, dancers and stars, especially pretty girls, of which these experts sometimes make up the portfolio. The most impressive portfolio is rumored to have turned the author and creator of the technique, the Moscow Lovelace Chillyred Vladimir Kozlov. I was able to contact him by telephone.
- Vladimir, you learn to glue girls? Is it possible to learn? How it works?
- It works only on the beautiful and self-confident girls. We learn to seduce and do their job with the guarantee results.
- You warrant sex? Is that pimping?
- (Laughs) No. We guarantee that after our training young people fascinate spectacular girl, and all men will collapse around the neck. However, Shay is about to hand out guarantees accurate.
- And you can return to your favorite? Or, for example, if I want to seduce Paris Hilton?
- You have good taste. This is what we call the "special projects", and this is also possible.
- I do not believe that Paris Hilton had seduced one of your students columbia sc internet dating.
- (Laughs) Before Paris we really have not reached yet, although we have overseas colleagues. But my guys portfolio many spectacular girl, you know many of them, I'm sure. They flit in gloss and on TV. Although I always say that the best male quality - modesty. So what names I will not open.
- What do you call your technique?
- Maxicoach. Learn to love, fall in love and seduce with the help of hundreds of men of proven techniques, exercises, tests.
- Is possible a scientific approach to the art of love?
- This is not only a science, it is a practice, and energy technology. A lot of social tools, our program, we ran in two years on a very, very many girls. Everything works, and each of the men reached their goals.
- And that, pretty girls, too, will fall in your portfolio?
- Not mine, but I'm sure the girls will get cool now a love affair, this, of which many dream. Reckless and beautiful. Beautiful game, an important game, play on the senses ...
- Thank you, Vladimir, before the meeting! columbia sc internet dating.

"What is done in the world?
What do we do with the people?
Tournaments canceled tournament is canceled,
As if not in the world neither courage nor love! "
Song of the wonderful tale Princess "Do not Leave"
Oh, unforgettable days of chivalry! How many fairy tales and legends connected with the romantic adventures of valiant warriors, the battle for beautiful women. Alas, the time of jousting has long gone into oblivion. They know how to love man is now as then? To love truly, madly and gentle, beautiful and impossible? Can they experience such feelings for the beautiful half of humanity?
In recent times, the words "I love you" hear "I want you." Good recognition! I came, I wanted to bed. And then a new quest has not "stacked." Are all men are the same scenario: meeting, love at first sight, passion and satisfaction of her, and then disappear? Memorize the words of one role, they say, all his "bunny", "lion", "baby" one and the same. I think such a scenario is familiar to many girls definition internet dating.
On the first day of the meeting looking at us admiring the man's eyes, the second - full of lust, and the third - missing without interest, regardless of whether or not achieved his. In more they lack not days, then money. According to representatives of this type of men, it is easier and cheaper to keep the car than a girl. What then is a girl to do?
Maybe now the tables are turned? And women should seek men and courted them as Sultan: coffee in bed, three meals for lunch and cake for dinner the meat more, and then even belly dancing and Scheherazade tale for the night? If bad stantsuesh or sudden indigestion from adore and pleasuring happens, he will go to another concubine, more capable. Of course, I'm exaggerating a bit, but it occurs in reality definition internet dating.
Many, afraid of loneliness and stigma "old maid", playing the role of concubines, and geisha simultaneously. Are we, the girls, so fused with the commonplace that they agree to carry it in the period of love? Even when should prevail presence of romance and chivalry of natural instincts and hormones play.
Where did serenade under the windows of loved ones? Is everyone who could sing, went into show business? And the rest of men - of those who bear ear come? Where is their courage and fighting for only one beloved beautiful eyes? Or are you so tired of the difficulties of life, we decided to simplify your task at least on the love field? It really is easier to say, "I want you" and, depending on the answer, to proceed on a simplified scenario. To save precious time.
Well, man, if you do not know how to love truly, you do not have time to buketno-candy period, and you prefer to call their partners diminutive household name, so as not to confuse the real thing, then think when you call your passion " Zaikov "or" seals "- she has not forgotten your name, or perhaps afraid to mix definition internet dating ...
PS On the basis of this situation, we can conclude that male chivalrous romance with education, know how to love - it is a rare instance to date, endangered species, which requires listed in the Red Book. definition internet dating.

Happiness - how to find it? The story of a woman with serious intentions
I decided to get married. Options in the workplace, chatter on the phone, casual contact in public places, public transport, and especially the recommendations of the so-called friends - all this has taken away a lot of time and end than the beginning. Nothing suitable! I was about to leave this invention, when a modest ad at the post: "Finally, and in our city begins to function firm" Happiness "based on the latest software advances in the field. Half a million megabytes per minute! Your option at your feet eharmony internet dating sex! "
The paper on the doors of the company: "Wipe the feet!" Okay. I went, took a turn, which consists of 39 girls of various ages and two grandmothers. It should be noted, are moving faster than the launderette. Strict woman in uniform with hearts, stitched arrows, scribbles on the keys and files special programs. In single file virtual Cupid with suspicious bluish countenance he asks: "Your personal and intimate details?" Well, not his damn business, although the data I have the most luxurious, I assure you! In another file - nosy Cupid with wings like a chicken, he asked: "What are the parameters you want to be the object of your happiness?" And this is a substantive conversation eharmony internet dating sex!
- Common - answer. - Age of Love or so. Above-average growth. But earnings, revenue should be much higher. And, most importantly, that all brought home, even this is his fee, if you will fall creative nature. If you want to do that over and above - only in my eyes. You can without much sensitivity, but on March 8, calendar holidays and all my personal important dates should memorize. Attitude to the present without any claims. Not important diamond - important sign of attention.
- Which character should have a bidder? Aged, but not in the short rumochnaia. And no mezhdusoboychikov in their office without me. By the way, if it's already risen to the boss, the secretary to pick him personally, I too. There is here I have tested on a clean tea candidacy - my Baba Lyuba. Any virgin otoshet eharmony internet dating sex!
- What about feeding the lucky? About the taste has not argue, therefore there must be all that I told him Navara (otherwise let cook myself!) As for my cooking, you can not fake compliments. Suffice it to climbing up from the table and said: "Thank you, my dear!" And, if strong enough, washed the dishes. If the food is not ready yet, so as not to dirty shoes hurled into a cat and generally know how to clean their "shoes" itself. My boots - close. Not bad, if it can occasionally score a nail into the wall, or at least drive a button. But not more. No silly experiments with switches and plugs: the husband must be at least alive.
- But the liveliness is good in moderation. Personally, I do not approve any risky entertainment outside the home: all these fun bingo, casino and strip show. Last I told him in the mood she'll make - so that will not find it and did not want to!
- Does this match? Frankly, ohayuschy man is a pitiful sight during the show at the "box" Football-Hockey. In short, a coward is not a fan of our football, hockey and much, especially not good for a husband modern woman. Not good, and whoever midnight staring at the women's singles skating. If you want, she rolled. Unless, of course, it will be enough for it. Does he have the right to glance at other women? Right - yes. How did he come to the otherwise correct the idea that "You, my dear, are the best eharmony internet dating sex!"
- Well, and as for the appearance of the lucky ones - to him in case of special need could show where there may be a so-called friend. In addition, for its own good better if shut ...
- Do you have everything? - He asked the lady with hearts and arrows, stretching his stuffed finger.
- While all - I say. - Do you think a little?
- We think the car! The answer will get 3-4 minutes.
However, neither the three or four minutes, I did not get his. Finally, when an hour has passed, the building suddenly blacked out the light, the smell of burning, and in the darkness there was quite an interesting instance of a man with a candle candle. I almost stepped on my foot.
- You make me sick with your "happiness"! - Vigorously man said, wiping the soot on his face. - Once the program was covered and all the cork flew! ..
What am I up to the program and they are even traffic jams. Guy, I stole it from there. Now I will specifically check for happiness. eharmony internet dating sex.

How to get acquainted with a foreigner and make him a novel? Spain
Your One-hundred (personal) guide to cities and relations. Go rest in world capitals to find it! A humorous guide for single girls.
Your destination - Madrid.
In the introductory part , I have already told how a typical Spanish. And now look at how to meet a carefree people of Madrid closer and what expect from him. I gathered for you advice on how to behave in order to get acquainted with the Spaniard, make him a romantic relationship (and break them as you wish) and get a marriage proposal internet dating tips.
What is he, your guide to Madrid? The Spaniards considered a proud people. The Spaniard likes to chat, often in the middle of the street. Taboo - Talk about money, death and civil war. The Spaniard always late, and sometimes is not dating. Schedules for him there. It is rather brash and only proud of it. Siesta - for any Spaniard holy, after dinner he always sleeps. But after 10 pm festivities begin, which may continue until 7 in the morning. Celebrations, or "Marcha" It's like the bars, cafes, discos, where all poured into the street to drink a glass of wine (not one). But the Spaniards found not to drink, but for the sake of communication. His favorite place to meet with friends - bars. Most of the life of the Spaniard goes on the street.
Laws and regulations are not so favor the Spaniards, any restrictions they simply can not tolerate. They are devious and resourceful. This Spaniard likes to flaunt his courage and disregard of danger (remember the bullfight). You will be surprised, but the Spanish man - not domostroevets. He may himself to wash the dishes, wash or look after children. Spaniards do not consider themselves macho thought, looking at them from the foreigners internet dating tips.
How to get acquainted with the Spaniard? He had to meet you. Ability to speak compliments (piropiar) Spaniards honored for art, and flirting (pyrope) find a way to make it clear to the woman that she desired. However, younger Spaniards often cost frank admiring whistle.
How to arrange a date? Do not hammer head trivia, all you will - to choose the most attractive offer.
What you waiting for? The hurricane of passion and fun, night festivals, fiery flamenco , Spanish folk songs with a guitar and incendiary modern disco, a lot of tasty food and lots of compliments.
How to behave? Use the whole arsenal of charm - flirty looks and eye-popping costumes, charming smile and mysterious hints. This is the case when you can feel like a real woman and seductress. His attention is worthless to keep - here need all your strength. Spanish protect their girls, but to the foreign women are treated as easy prey. A day after meeting you can already be in his bed an hour later he'll forget, two will start to look for another. Flirting with the Spaniard - a fun game where you do not know who someone is cheating. Do not be too available and naive, but puritanical stay you just will not be possible! Spaniards love passionate women who can torment their expectations, but do not deceive expectations internet dating tips.
How sex with him? Spaniards believed (and rightly!) That men and women alike love sex. Sex is everywhere in Spain, he simply poured into the air. Taboo does not exist here. This Spanish man knows how to deliver a fun girl. Do not restrain their emotions, passionate cries zavedut him even more. Enjoy. Maybe it will teach you something new.
How to get an offer? For the Spaniard important thing in his life - family. So far, not a family, you want to create with him and his numerous relatives: first of all, parents and numerous brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts - relatives, cousins, second cousins ... It is the family defines its character , values and lifestyles. If you can please his family - believes that the proposal you have in your pocket. Unfortunately, the Spaniards believe that marriage is better solely on its own. Therefore, the problem is quite complicated. Perhaps if you promise him to have a dozen kids (at least three), he chooses you life partner internet dating tips. Children Spaniards love the most and pet them mercilessly.
How to part with it? Be boring boring. Deny him sex (if you succeed). Try to clear all the plan. Angry when he is late. Feed him only junk food. Refuse to meet and communicate with his family. Do not go and do not let it to family gatherings. And most importantly - do not let him meet friends and stop the chatter on the street - what style! internet dating tips.

How to get acquainted with a foreigner and make him a novel? France
Your (one hundred) personal guide to cities and relations. Go rest in world capitals to find it! A humorous guide for single girls.
Your destination - Paris.
In the introductory part , I have already told how a typical French. And now look at how to meet the sophisticated Parisians closer and what expect from him. I gathered for you advice on how to behave in order to get acquainted with the Frenchman, make him a romantic relationship (and break them as you wish) and get a marriage proposal long distance internet dating.
What is he, your guide to Paris? This Frenchman, on the one hand, kind, friendly, courteous and polite. On the other - quick-tempered, familiar, and his wit sometimes turns into biting ridicule. The French are extremely proud to belong to a great nation, and strongly emphasize it. The Frenchman is quite vain and likes to show off. It would seem that the French - recognized by the revolutionaries, but the standards of conduct adopted in his lap, for a Frenchman inviolable. Therefore, their implementation it can be a purely German pedantry . At heart the French love of tradition and believe that everything must be done properly. It is not like any small quibbles.
The French attach great importance to etiquette and rules of conduct. They devote much time to their appearance, wardrobe, meal. Of course, appreciate style throughout. The French are very curious. They do not like to sit at home and just set up for all kinds of social events, social receptions and parties. The Frenchman easily applies to life, in his opinion, it was created for pleasant experiences. It seeks to take from it all the best, and the possible consequences or dark sides to try not to think. To meet all of their five senses, the French invented the original masterpieces - cooking, perfume, designer, etc long distance internet dating.
It would seem frivolous, the French appreciate a good education, and strive to pass serious and learned men. This Frenchman just loves philosophical debates and political discourses. He appreciates the splendor and beauty, sometimes imaginary. He always strives to be at the height of fashion and ready to chase all the latest innovations. But curiosity gets the Frenchman perfectly with practicality and economy. It seems he likes fast-paced life. He is easy-going. The other side of the character traits - he quickly tired of all the attention and it is easy to switch to something new (this also applies to relations).
How to get acquainted with the Frenchman? Many girls say that they easily became acquainted in Paris. The French themselves approached them with enthusiastic compliments. But this is not always possible. The French can be quite shy. (But you probably will not rebound from those who want to meet with you French Arabs and blacks). Many Frenchmen before the meet, prefer to look at you for two hours and then go. After a pleasant conversation and light flirting suddenly off. So get acquainted better where there is a possibility look at each other and talk longer. For example, visiting mutual friends in clubs and discos for all kinds of social events and receptions long distance internet dating.
How to arrange a date? Frenchman would be honored for yourself seduce an attractive girl. Be sure - it certainly will attempt to deceive. Flirt for him - a national passion. Therefore, you will not have problems with the appointment date. He asks you about it and offer alternatives.
What you waiting for? He will try to turn a head you fine compliments and gallant manners. Walking around Paris, romantic gatherings in cafes, with the obligatory French croissants and pastries, walks along the Seine, the Eiffel Tower kissing or in the Bois de garden. In general, the real romance of Paris! If you want more adrenaline - you ask him to ride a moped or motorcycle (it is almost all French). Promchites on French boulevards, wrap in the Arab quarter, visit the local market east. You will see the many faces of Paris. End your trip in Montmartre, stroll through its narrow streets, take a look at the city. If he invites you home - ask them to paint your portrait. He feels himself a disciple of the famous French artist, and you will be his beautiful model long distance internet dating.
How to behave? Always smile. And, of course, flirting! Who else to flirt, but with the Frenchman? Baubles their culinary talents. Tell him a couple of interesting recipes. Remember Amelie - Be mysterious, cheerful and with their "cockroaches". The more cockroaches - the better. Think of your script your relationship and try to realize it. Note that the French love to kiss. But do not take it seriously. After all, not only a friend, and friends, and relatives, and just good friends are constantly exchanging kisses when they met. More hot kisses too, do not mean hot passion - is part of the flirt.
How sex with him? Let him know that you love experiments, including sex. Try on different roles. You can dream up and tell him about my idea - he was happy to play up to you. No one, the French can not enjoy life. Sex for them - one of the greatest pleasures. And of course, in French, too, tend to prefer the beautiful, so long and beautiful prelude you provided long distance internet dating!
How to get an offer? The French are very attached to the family. They honor the family tradition, with pleasure spoiled children and the care of elderly relatives. By choosing a life partner they approach seriously. They are looking for a robust woman with whom you can create a cozy home. This is important to them that you have always been coveted and mysterious. Often arrange a surprise for him, be flirty and always keep on their toes. Let him constantly struggling for your location.
How to part with it? Become a homebody. Less monitor their appearance (it's not so much clothes as self-care). Do not pay attention to the small pleasures, prefer simple coarse food (preferably semi-finished products). Discard the wine. Be very punctual and constantly reproached him for what he was going for a long time. Be in American efficiency. Become an avid feminist - think of it as a gross violation of compliments your rights. long distance internet dating.

How to get acquainted with a foreigner and make him a novel? America
Your (one hundred) personal guide to cities and relations. Go rest in world capitals to find it! A humorous guide for single girls.
Your destination - New York City (the financial capital of the United States).
In the introductory part , I have already told how a typical American. And now look at how to meet business New Yorker closer and what expect from him. I gathered for you advice on how to behave in order to get acquainted with the American make him a romantic relationship (and break them as you wish) and get a marriage proposal teen internet dating.
What is he, your guide to New York? From American comes assertiveness and self-confidence. His main qualities - efficiency and enterprise. The Americans have not accepted to be sick or unsuccessful. He knows how to make money. He likes to take risks if this risk is calculated and it seems effective. He appreciates the time and not just his own. He is very patriotic. Most likely, the house had stashed an American flag. He loves football, hockey or baseball. It seems that his soul is wide open, but it is likely to himself on his mind. Joking he is not very sophisticated, but he laughed loudly and heartily. Says he, too loudly and confidently. Americans in general are very confident people. This American believes that everyone should mind his own business. Therefore, he will not repair your car, but rather advise a good car wash (unless, of course, he is not a mechanic). Do not think that it just works. After work he loves and knows how to relax. American does not consider a woman "weaker sex." It is for him - or a competitor, or an equal partner. And the relationship he seeks the same - and mutually beneficial partnership teen internet dating.
How to get acquainted with an American? Americans - universally workaholics, so get to know them the easiest way to his work. The options are many - it is necessary to show imagination. For example, go to the closest big bank and ask the nice clerk, as you transfer money to Russia or to open an account with them. Go to the real estate agency and ask how much it costs to rent an apartment in Midtown Manhattan (if you can not meet, learn interesting information). Fly to Washington and go on a tour of the Capitol. Meet there with a pretty congressman. If you do not want to get acquainted in an office environment - go for a walk in the evening the bars and clubs of Manhattan. Meet the cute bartender or manager, pulled away after a busy day.
How to arrange a date? Give him my business card and write on it the time and place of the meeting. If you do not have business cards on hand - take your hotel card and write on it the name and telephone number.
What awaits you? Walking down Fifth Avenue, clubs and restaurants of Manhattan, visiting Broadway Prime, joint jogging in Central Park teen internet dating.
How to behave? You watched "Sex and the City"? Take the example of Kerry! Do not be afraid to be funny - most importantly, be yourself! Tell him about her destructive passion for fast food. And how do you fight it in the gym. Share your career plans. Often smile and laughing infectiously. Show off your sense of humor to it. A little bit of provocation on your part will add spark in your relationship. In no case do not complain to life and not tell your troubles! Do not attempt to play on the image of a naive young girl in need of protection or pathetic simpleton. Do not try to make him sympathy or assistance. He respects the strong, successful and independent women. Do not call him late at night, it is not accepted. You pay for themselves. Develop a plan leisure activities together. Try to include a hike to the competition of his favorite sports team. It will be fun!
How sex with him? Before a date, send him a couple of ardent sms. Send him during his working day his candid photos. In the evening, get in close to his office and engage in sex at his workplace - he will be delighted! Sharp impressions will be provided to both of you. Try sex over the Internet or telephone - you will like it! Find a suitable parking and engage in sex in his car. Very romantic and the American way - in a movie theater in the open air. At home, try to adorn themselves with chocolate and cream, in the worst case, fit and eggs. He will be so red hot passion that you can cook eggs on it. If you do not understand how to act - review the movie "Wild Orchid" and "Nine and a half weeks."
How to get an offer? American marries only when he created the basis for a future family. Like most Europeans, Americans prefer to marry rather late, when they decide to have children. Typically, this occurs only when an American family can afford to buy your own house and pay for future education of the child. And up to this point just try to live together in a rented apartment teen internet dating. Most likely, all expenses you will share in half.
How to part with it? In any case - it arrange scandals about the fact that because of his work, he is not giving you the time. More often reminds him of his failures and what he is a failure. If you live together - refuse to pay their part of the costs. Insist on an immediate wedding. Before the wedding, be sure to make a marriage contract and add a couple of absurd and unrealistic demands - perhaps a divorce, they will be useful. If you are already married - just go to his lawyer. He will advise you what to do. teen internet dating.

How to get acquainted with a foreigner and make him a novel? Italy
Your (one hundred) personal guide to cities and relations. Go rest in world capitals to find it! A humorous guide for single girls.
Your destination - Rome.
In the introductory part , I have already told how to look like typical Italians. And now look at how to get to know a passionate citizen of Rome closer and what expect from him. I gathered for you advice on how to behave in order to get acquainted with Italian, make him a romantic relationship (and break them as you wish) and get a marriage proposal free internet dating service.
What is he, your guide in Rome? Italians say passionate, emotional, moving, explosive, fun, cheerful. It seems that Italian blood and boils. At the same time the Italians - famous loafers and most of all love ... sleep. He is full of such contradictions. Generally, each Italian - actor by nature. And it is usually the street scene (including favorite bar), which runs a large part of his life. Italians are prone to fraud, they do not care about laws, and possibly they are trying to get around them. The Italian is very inquisitive and loves to travel and explore other countries and their customs. Convinced that his country is the best, he gladly returned to the blessed Italy.
For Italians it is important to know where he came from. He never loses contact with her native land, nor with his family. Italy is traditionally divided into north and south. Northern residents believe the southern Italians poor uneducated rabble poluarabskim associated with the Mafia. Southern residents believe the northern uneducated mob, consisting of poluavstriytsev and polufrantsuzov that a misunderstanding was lucky enough to be born in a rich part of the country. In general, they consider themselves and each other Romans, Milanese, Sicilians or Florentines, and then by the Italians. But everyone considers himself lucky, living in the best and most beautiful country in the world, and sympathizes with foreigners who are not so lucky in life free internet dating service.
The Italians have no snobbery, the main criterion for them - money. By wealth, they are treated with great respect. For the Italians, it is important to always look "at the height of" this applies not only to the appearance, but also the need to look confident. He never acknowledged that something is not sure or something does not know. Some accept this trait of arrogance and bad manners.
The Italians are very sociable, but only from friends and acquaintances. The main thing for the Italian in life - is to have fun, for example, food, wine, communication, etc. Sometimes it seems that they do not have problems. In fact, they are just trying to look good in the present, not to reflect on the past and think about the future, and look into it with optimism. Italians love very seriously: almost all Italian songs or movies - about love. Love - it's what every Italian speaks and thinks constantly.
How to get acquainted with the Italian? Be assured - any Italian man considers it his duty to express to you my admiration and try to meet you. Women in Italy decided to admire and not to hide it. You will be at the center of male attention free internet dating service.
Like a date? Does he have not done?
What awaits you? Happy Carnival impressions and emotions. Passionate love story against the backdrop of historical attractions, real passion on the stage of the streets of the Eternal City. The sea of romance and passion hurricane. Feel like an actress of Italian comedy or melodrama. Just do not lose your head!
How to behave? Keep in mind that Italian ladies' man are usually the following scheme: first, a rapid onset and frank molestation, then, if you're interested in them and have themselves begun to flirt, sham cooling and, in the end, any brazen escapade, or, conversely, heroic or beautiful act which finally win your heart. But be careful, because then he can start hunting for the next victim! To win you, or vice versa, to avoid an explanation, an Italian (not everyone, of course) ready to lie, dodge and deceive at every turn. So do not just fall in love with him on the ears. First try to understand how his feelings are sincere. And your ostentatious restraint only inflame his interest. Try to find a balance between passion and restraint. If he understands that you are a worthy opponent in your game of love, you will at least provide one of the most brilliant novels in his life, and as a maximum - a burning feeling and the offer to become his life's companion.
How sex with him? The Italians are renowned as one of the best lovers. Of course, they are trying in every way to match this image. In fact, they often found consumers' of conquest against women. The main thing for an Italian - have a partner to satisfy his momentary passion, than to understand the new emotions. So try to be more demanding and learn his tenderness and attention to the partner. This will help, for example, a beautiful prelude or a gentle massage free internet dating service.
How to get an offer? Like his mother. And it is extremely difficult! (But that's another topic). Italians - mama's boy. Mom to them - the most important and respected man in my life. Without its approval, he hardly dare to make you an offer. Please note that on your engagement to your wedding could take several years. All this time you will be considered the bride and groom. And what's the hurry? It is first necessary to prepare a financial base for your family. And indeed the marriage preparation requires a lot of time and money. After all, it should be held at the highest level! (Paid wedding, usually the parents). Think about where to place his many relatives from around the world ...
How to part with it? If you are not married and are not engaged - it's pretty simple to do. Proceed in the same way as in the case with the French and the Spanish. If you are engaged - it often jealous, but scandals (suddenly he will accept it only as a proof of your love?) And lead boring talk that you are not comfortable in your relationship and try to get him to a psychologist. He will prefer to leave you than to do it. (Note incidentally, that their treachery Italian men are easy, free internet dating service but your suspicions of infidelity can cause serious passions, and even vendetta.)
But in the case of marriage, divorce Italians reluctantly - and the procedure is quite painful divorce, and ex-wife is entitled to maintenance from her former husband. By the way, the Italians - excellent fathers and even after divorce always continue to meet and care for their children. free internet dating service.

How to get acquainted with a foreigner and make him a novel? Australia
Your (one hundred) personal guide to cities and relations. Go rest in world capitals to find it! A humorous guide for single girls.
Your destination - Sydney (the most popular city in Australia).
In the introductory part , I have already told how a typical Australian. And now look at how to meet cheerful Sydney residents closer and what expect from him. I gathered for you advice on how to behave in order to get acquainted with the Australian, make him a romantic relationship (and break them as you wish) and get a marriage proposal free internet dating services.
What is he, your guide to Sydney? Very different in appearance, all Australians combines individualism and love of oddities. And dissatisfaction with the authorities and their position. This is not surprising when we remember their origin. (First Australians, except for Aboriginal - convicts from the United Kingdom and Ireland). Ozzie (as they call Australians) are dreaming to change the impression of the country as a former colony of convicts. His dislike for the rules and regulations they justify the practicality of original and independent thinking. The principle of the Australian way of life - tolerance. Australians believe that everyone has the right to live as he wants and who wants to have their faith and have anything you want. But while the rest suffer. In general, life in Australia is very stable, and its inhabitants - a reliable and faithful companions.
How to get acquainted with the Australian? Of course, the beach. Bring surf. Locate on the beach group of surfers and ask the cutest of them teach you to ride the surf.
Like a date? Ask him when the waves are suitable for the next class.
What you waiting for? Gorgeous beach, sea and sun. Besides the fascinating surfing, you can take a ride on a yacht or to go along with his friends at a barbecue. Take a stroll through the center of Sydney. It will show you the sights at the same time you can find a couple of celebrities. Take a jeep into the mountains to forests ekvaliptovym look at the original nature of Australia. You'll see kangaroos and koalas, and he will show you his driving skills. Go scuba diving or go on a cruise to the islands of the Barrier Reef. In Australia, a lot of fun, all you name it. Will not be bored free internet dating services!
How sex with him? It is said that the Australians are able to excite a woman, but prefer to sex is not particularly fast and be original. Learn its new positions. Have sex in the open air - he just loves it, and you will get a new experience. Imagine - Sex on the beach or in the desert!
How to get an offer? Many Australian men dream to marry a Russian girl. So get the offer will not be working for you. If you marry an Australian is likely to get the peace of mind and confidence in the future.
How to part with it? Dismantle his pedigree and tell all his ancestors - entirely criminals. He was mortally offended. free internet dating services.

Why girls are looking for a prince?
All the girls in my childhood reading fairy tales. And each of us has pozvroslev, remembers fairy story fairy stories: how a handsome prince save from the villain (a witch, misfortunes) a beautiful princess. Under the influence of this story in men women and ladies are not looking for an image of a patron there, hero, Casanova or entertainer, and ... that prince. Why is that?
Let's try to understand. So there are two basic types of princes.
Prince classic overseas
How to tell the Western European fairy tales, the prince - the son of the king. So, it is not to provide it - rich. Bother where to get the vehicle (horse), living space (mansions) and immovable property (land), internet dating lincoln uk and it does not occur. So many women often prefer guys with tight purse. With the gold and the nightingale, and the cap of invisibility, and rejuvenating apple - all please, all on a silver platter as soon as possible. And there is nothing reprehensible in this - so fabulous way affects the female consciousness.
Most often, the prince is handsome, except for those rare occasions when he is not bewitched some evil fairy. And because many girls are paramount external data. To "was a nice boy." That anyway ... But the inner world ... the soul ... they certainly are important, but if he - "the spitting image of Brad Pitt" or "vaaabsche bunting", the woman's heart conquered. That's that.
The obstacles that come across in the way of the prince to the princess, he though with difficulty, but overcome and enemies - eliminate. It speaks about the courage fair character and his good physical preparation. Well, internet dating lincoln uk well, well ... remember, for which like the "bad boys"? First of all, because they do not tyuhti cotton, and guys with character, which can, if desired, and delivery to, and answer correctly, and protect, if necessary. That is important.
Despite the physical strength, noble prince, generous and has an easy character. He is good to the girls, in contrast, from Bluebeard, for example, Koshchey and other sadists. For what it is, of course, respect.
Besides Prince intellectually developed, as logic, imagination and outlook he's all right. With him there is something to talk and be silent.
"Well, - the reader will say - and how to deal with our Russian Ivan the Fool? Too, because the type of the prince, but he has, by and large, generally goof panel? ".
Prince custom home
Of course, if you compare with the Western European Prince Russian Vanya, the comparison is not in favor of the latter. Our Ivan - only son of a merchant, the capital does not have a large, seemingly so-so, nicknamed "fool" in general, "no way, no syak." However, Ivan terribly communicative, which helps him to quickly establish the "right" friends and creep into the confidence of the enemies.
He was not born shit, so when necessary, he may obegorit and inflate enemy. Besides Ivan fantastically lucky that helps him get out of every difficult situation, but in the end, become the king's son, to gain status and get married very well internet dating lincoln uk.
Thus, the domestic character, although it has not too high intelligence and an impressive wealth but surely reaches its target (ie, the princess). And therefore can be considered as Prince Ivan.
So we summarize: the nobility, intelligence, security, courage, beauty, luck - all the characteristics of a real prince.
Yet the defining feature of the character - is power. The power that is far away, throws the dust and the Dragon charodeek and literally regenerates, gives a second life. And the name of it - love. The love of a woman.
And which of us does not dream of a beautiful, self-sacrificing love? On the happy end (read - happiness, marriage, the world), which, thanks to the Prince invariably happens at the end of each fairy stories. internet dating lincoln uk.

If you are firmly decided that the stamp in the passport, and scattered in the most unexpected places socks will brighten your daily, or at least a more structured, consider the options, where does this look of her husband.
Previously, it was easier - but the invitation to the specific orientation of the balls in their fertile age girl waiting for the last time during the time Natasha and penultimate - a fairy tale of Cinderella. Nevertheless, it is clear that the concentration of men in some places considerably higher than in the other, and that the fish look for deeper, and the person seeking fish etc internet dating prices.
Speaking of fish: my familiar men very preochen advised fishing or hunting in the background to find a husband. Imagine: wood, pre-dawn silence. Frosty air crackles. Clean the piercing smell of nature mixed with the characteristic aroma fusels ... Do not you recognize me? This fishermen or hunters, read, nature lovers come to their native male occupation. They are harsh and concentrated, each holding its mental ritual unchanged since the Paleolithic times.
And here you are - but that is not typical of their friends blondes, you know all about mormyshke, motylnitsah, Georgia and that the bite carp. Do you have a year's supply of floats, spinning and a set of nail tint float. What man here will not be fascinated? And most importantly - you can then caught fish to clean and cook from her ear, finishing off lying on the blades potential husband in the heart. Start right out of the tent to send all invitations to the wedding. The main thing in this case internet dating prices - does not catch more fish than men - that nobody will forgive.
It is difficult to withstand the rigors of fishing? Listen, but I do not promise easy ways. Easy Drosophila only multiply. But then, after the wedding, you have to be with her husband shared interests - for example, instead of buying a new TV ice pick, tent or SUV instead of the elegant sports sedan, which you dreamed with the tenth grade. At the wedding of your friends will not have problems, what to give, but all the talk will be accompanied by a maximum dilution of hand to hand. And predictably fish menu.
Well, I already knew that your manicure, and especially its cost, is not intended to rest the cozy walls of the restaurant. Unfortunately, restaurants and clubs have long exhausted their matrimonalnye opportunities. Do not believe me - go to any club and you will see that the ratio of one to four are not in favor of women. And you can just make-up and styling to go further.
For example, untilled field of activity - construction supermarkets! Smekaesh why? If a man is buying wallpaper and sockets - then make repairs, then, have an apartment and, of course, Grandma. And if you have a wife - it certainly will with him, no wife will not allow independent selection of wallpaper in the bedroom, and then suddenly a shade is not suited to the color of her favorite peignoir. So if a man buys something for repair - do not waste your time, feel free to go to him, and, blinking his eyes, internet dating prices asked what the key twenty-two to twenty-four. Rarely a man does not attend to in order to help a sweet, so touching helpless girl in the difficult choice. I'm sure you'll finish the repair in the shared apartment. Of course, there is the danger (and I was warned about it experts questions) that a single man in the supermarket can be a foreman or an interior designer. For my part, I want to note that there is nothing wrong with any of those, or do not see elsewhere. The first have the skills thrift, second - artistic taste. Sometimes they do not have wives, that is a clear bid for success!
Or another interesting place to look for her husband - a hospital or the cemetery. It was there that men tend to think about the mortal, that life is fleeting and that old age will be no one to file a glass of water. In the span of funeral can be judged on the welfare of the family. Here it is possible to intercept them! They are weak and susceptible to chicken broth (in hospitals) or a glass of vodka (in the case of the cemetery), flavored with avaricious man's tears. The main thing that I want to advise you - take a closer look to the diagnosis. Otherwise, the execution of marital debt will be reduced to removal of ducks and feeding with a spoon. A cemetery it is necessary to grab and keep the aisle right in the funeral suit, until they understand all the advantages of his position - free, without a past and without obligation internet dating prices.
Unmarried girls had time to learn to drive even before the passenger seat there was a man who shouts hysterically at every turn of the wheel, "Tunable! No, right here! Include the transfer! Hold the wheel! Come on, I'll drive myself, as long as you have not ruined ... "- well, and so on, can be used to attract potential avtofaktor pest their self-esteem. A lot of untapped potential pose tire. For example, you come to his small, yet elegant cars. As long as you change the wheel, young and successful owners of sports coupe (it is clear that none of the family man will not buy cars for themselves is selfish) engaged in a struggle with the coffee machine. Here you come to the small coin. Fascinated by your smile and foresight man treats you the coffee, and then you continue the acquaintance at the restaurant - is on winter tires. Soon (I'm sure) you change two of your vehicle to one, but is more spacious and child car seat into the bargain.
Of course, if none of the above methods do not approached, I encourage you to old tested method - to the Internet. I understand that it sounds corny, and every women's magazine has recommended you a hundred million times all sorts of ways to find a husband in the global information field. However, pay attention again - there is high concentration of singles than anywhere else (main haha - check possible)! Of the advantages - you can catch the bachelors from around the world, if you are not afraid of the cultural and language barriers. Well, again, testing of candidates can be done on-line, climbs out the curlers and beloved faded robe.
Unfortunately, in one essay not make out the full depth of the problem of finding a husband - in particular, and why is it you want? Maybe your life path takes place in the field of philately or breeding fruit flies for genetic experiments, internet dating prices and not among the pots of soup and slamming the door of the refrigerator.
But on the other hand, to delve so dramatically - it's like that in the diet recipes to give advice on self-esteem. By the way, it really is a profound illusion that weight loss itself can increase the amount of sex in your life - just as the marriage itself is unlikely to bring you happiness (or at least sex, ho, ho). Good luck! internet dating prices.

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