Wikipedia gives the following definition:
Pickup (Eng. Pick up - SPEECH. Pick) - familiarity with anyone for the purpose of seduction, sex, build long-term relationships.
Of all the pick up artist stand out, of course, the most noisy, talkative and boastful. These stand out to people the impression that all Pickup Girls - deep notorious people who have lifelong went wrong with the girls, and the girls are even feared. And the truth - what specifically learn ohmuryat girls, if you have you use them successfully, or if you have a constant girl with whom you all right?
I do not know whether all Pickup Girls try to hide under the bravado, katt williams internet dating boasting and arrogance fear, but in the pickup and have a grain of truth. Even the two ... no - three!
Corn first. Trying.
As in the good old joke:
Fit young cornet (K) to the Lieutenant Rzhevsky (R).
By: Lieutenant! Share a secret - how do you manage to use such a success with women?
A: It's very simple. I go to my favorite lady and said, "Madam, can you sleep?".
By: Lieutenant! But because it is possible and in the face shlopotat.
A: It is possible and in the face ... And you can sleep.
People - and girls, including - different. They have different desires and different intentions. And if you try for a day to meet 20 girls, then sooner or later (at this rate - rather early) You meet a girl, whose desires and intentions coincide with yours. If you can prove this tact, humor and something else (see below), the rate of finding a suitable girl you dramatically increase.
Grain second. Disclaimer.
At first glance, it may seem paradoxical, but the system is effective pick-up is not in the least because it counts on the refusal. Not in the sense that it teaches how to overcome failure. And the fact that it teaches to perceive failure as something normal and not at all scary. Disclaimer - this is part of the system. And when the young girl pikapera sends fiftieth row, he says to himself, "failure - it's part of the system." Nothing bad happened. The system works, and failures katt williams internet dating - is perfectly normal.
And he continues to try to get to know other girls. While many people are afraid to do something, and one attempt to meet because of the lurking fear that they will be denied.
Fear of failure prevents a lot of people to try to meet. Who knows - how many wonderful couples did not happen simply because none of them made the first step out of fear that he will give up ...
Suppression of this fear very much helps to know - pikaper you or not.
Grain third. Confidence.
Or even faith. Faith (in particular belief system and patterns of behavior) can work wonders and give the person resources that are not available devoid of faith.
Self-confidence (it just mean by "something" in the first paragraph) is half the success. Without it extremely difficult to express all the wonderful qualities that you possess - a sense of humor, chivalry, inventiveness, outstanding personality, a rich inner world, wit ...
As for the joke: "How do I love her slender legs, narrow waist, flat stomach katt williams internet dating ... And I hate the fat that hides it all!"
Lack of confidence is precisely such a fat, get rid of that Pickup Girls using faith in the system. And it is not so important whether the work patterns offered by the system. Confidence, which gives faith in the system, then at least - at least.
As mentioned in the cartoon SouthPark, Just be confident in yourself. Girls love confident ... " katt williams internet dating.

Spring, sun, birds, flowers ... At the heart sings all ... So I want something new. For example, to get yourself a new fashionable dress, manicure, changing the usual color nail, enroll in courses in dancing, start to exercise regularly ... and get to know the person who will give you happiness and joy. How to do it?
In this small article we will focus on how and where to meet, but not in the usual scheme. No platitudes.
You are in the subway or public transportation, and feel that this young man, "you attract." He will like it. You feel shy to approach him? An original way: write a note to him clear and beautiful handwriting - your email address or mobile phone number (not home).
You are on the dance floor (disco) free internet dating sites. Relax and start dancing with the soul and not to please him. Occasionally looked at him, but not for long, and then the cute smile. If he is bold approach. One hundred percent result. But please observe the limits of decency.
If you are in the company, listen carefully to the interlocutor. Especially the one who you like. He will love it, especially if you keep the conversation to the topic of interest to him or talk to him about his hobby / hobbies. No coarse jokes, insults against him and against his interests.
The restaurant, in the cafe, at the exhibition, in a shop, in the office. Ask something banal. For example: "What time?" "It has long been waiting for?", "What is there today in the cafeteria for lunch?", "Can you help me pick out a razor to his brother, and then I do not understand it?" (And very cute smile, So take a look, what to say "no" will not be possible) ...
You can learn on the Internet or SMS. However, I advise you to be frank with a virtual boyfriend, but not until the end of all to tell him? you never know who it might be. For full details of the possible behavior after a date, or a scenario in life. What does that mean? When you communicate by e-mail, SMS, chat, you idealize some quality conversation. You think what he is good and beautiful. But, having met, you can not like each other. And not only externally. Many of this frustrated and cease to believe in a virtual dating. So before you do something, think about how it will react to your partner. Not to cause you heartache it? Do you not upset him?
Go to a student event, which organizes any society of students at school free internet dating sites. For example, at picnics, concerts at the university or at an international conference can meet a lot of interesting and intelligent people.
On the beach. Here it is how fancy enough.
In gym. On the bar. In the pool.
In the end, just accidentally stepped on his leg in transport, with downcast eyes, look I'm sorry ...
And then there are many other ways of dating. Discuss? free internet dating sites.

Life under the sun is so beautiful that even if absolutely full of happiness lacks the hands of a loved one in your - life is too short to shed tears about it. Well, so what, go ahead - in search of princes (and queens)? Where do we start? So, let's see ...
He will know you in a thousand (probability - 0.001%)
Love at first sight, of course, exist. But not always, if your eyes met, then - is it (or it). Love, even such a spontaneous, like a glance, you need at least a little bit of logic to be true. Therefore, if you come to his concert in the "Olympic", it is unlikely he only looks at you with adoring eyes off the stage. However, 99.9% of logic there is always a thousandth of improbability. That is, the likelihood that an object in the crowd crowded dream find it for you advantages of internet dating.
Love goes on wires (1%)
A lot of people in moments of loneliness hangs on the Internet. It is a good idea: you can keep a diary on LiveJournal, write a letter to a friend, talk to ICQ with virtual acquaintances or meet with someone in a chat. Only should know that such meetings are often disappointing. However, 1% of people may live up to expectations.
The street person ... neither you nor she can not sleep ... (20%)
Urban romantics seek out these same young ladies with smiles on their faces. True, the street heroes rarely have enough imagination to something more than "Girl, can you meet?" Some very gallant catching up on the street with a bunch of hastily purchased. In response, sensitive girls shy away and run away. And for good reason advantages of internet dating.
At the party's best friends (30%)
A good third of all the happy couples, according to statistics, are not supposed to share the fate of the case in the search. The logic is simple: "Friends of my friends - my friends." Therefore, you can safely rely on the ability to surround himself with a classmate best people in the world and cheerfully stomping on his birthday. Proved: at a party is undergoing its most fateful meeting.
Impossible! (100%)
... Meet in the most unexpected place. My memory keeps fabulous singles events in places such as the library, shop, hairdressing salon, hospital, bus, plane ... and even church advantages of internet dating!
Errors in acquaintance:
- Too fast run
- Give her room instead of a friend or girlfriend (even if you have no cell phone, think of something)
- Fill the cold and indifferent views
- Sipped beer from the bottle
- Allow the coarse language
- Lying about age and more about something. advantages of internet dating.

Today, the Internet dating service - business as usual. They have a huge advantage: you can know a person before you start dating him. But this also creates anonymity and the main problem: how to protect yourself from possible fraud? When my life has turned into a novel with the monitor, I decided to conduct a virtual monitoring among the male half to find as many "ways not to be deceived." Here are just a few of them, but - actually operating:
1. As a rule, the deceiver soil probes, test whether you buy into his promises rcmp internet dating sex. Potential knight in armor on all questions are answered in the affirmative and credible, admiring fragility, femininity and beauty companion that takes a couple of romantic phrases of the vow of fidelity to the grave, and then suddenly disappears as soon as this "game in the Prince" bored.
Therefore: do not need to think out for it! It is better to once again ask again what he had in mind. After making mountains out of molehills, many women completely lose such moments footing and no longer perceive reality adequately.
2. That, as they say, to control the situation, it is better to ask the interlocutor greater than talk about themselves. Thus, it is less able to "fish" information from you using it in the "right time." Of course, there is no object in the world more worthy of attention than you yourself! Consequently, you sochtesh his most worthy challenger if he will not ship you the stories about himself. However, this is a favorite method of virtual liars rcmp internet dating sex!
Therefore: do not forget to ask questions and carefully read the answers. If he gets off with platitudes - is an alarm ...
3. Your heart ekaet when you read that there was not one that would be able to understand and love it. Yeah, maybe it is you'll be able to be his one and only, real woman of his dreams. But it is much more true that in such statements lies just a complex of a loser, never make an effort to properly explain to others.
There is another side to this approach - many deceivers are using the psychological method of manifestation of his weakness for a woman leaped maternal instincts of guardianship and care of the little man of her dreams. However, it is also just a method that allows to win a Woman, capable of compassion and understanding.
So: Once, in response to your questions about their interests, plans, employment, hobbies there are more than two "nobody understands me", "it's like nobody wants' safely erase it from your notebook.
4. Have you noticed suddenly that all his letters sent in time ... What's the matter? There is nothing to do in the service? Houses do not have Internet? Or there keeping an eye on him jealous wife? It is necessary to immediately clarify the situation, rcmp internet dating sex that there were no further problems.
Therefore: a contract with him to talk in the evening, citing a lack of time to communicate virtually in working hours. If you are really interested in him, he will find not only the evening for you, but also the opportunity to get online. If he refused the offer of more than two times, turn his serious intentions - most likely, you caught virtually walking husband.
5. never sought to enter into an active correspondence with the owners of half-empty questionnaires, whatever favors they do not provide. More completed application form - the first sign of the seriousness of the complainant. Gaps and ellipses suggest dishonesty or secrecy - and that, and another is not for you, because it is a waste of time and effort.
Therefore: Choose only complete profiles with real photos. And the photos - the more likely to see it in real life with whom're correspondence.
But the most important advice is - as soon as possible to get out of the virtual web. Even insanely long romantic strings can not replace the warm and lively tone of voice on the phone, for example, that too much can be said about the interlocutor rcmp internet dating sex! Talk on the phone a couple of times, you can "take a chance" Finally, and meet - it was meeting "face to face" show "who's who" and what the intentions pursued your interlocutor.
My meeting with her husband happened this way: in a single message exchanged phone numbers, we phoned the next day and never met parted!
Therefore: to communicate, meet, fall in love and be careful, because the world is so much hype and so little true virtue! rcmp internet dating sex.

Who is hilarious, he laughs,
Who wants, that will do,
Who seeks will always find!
All women ever interested in the question: where to find a loved one? Down with sad thoughts! Do not give up too soon! Forget about all their real and perceived failures, believe in the fact that in front of you will find many very promising acquaintances.
Many single women tormented by the question: where you can meet the man of her dreams, or at least the applicant for this honorary title? In fact, these places do not count! Their number may be limited only by your imagination. First of all, popping up at parties with friends, because if you're out there zarekomenduete themselves as sociable and charming girl, dangers of internet dating you are invited for two more parties ... and so on.
Besides, now in almost every town there are many cafes and clubs, and for every taste. In one gather intellectuals, in the other - fans dance in the third - computer fans, well, you can "light up" all at once. Do not be fooled by the fact that you are not well versed in the literature or computers - the girl, pleasant and easy communication, it is not yet possible to forgive.
Do not hesitate to go to the dance, because where, if not at the disco, you can meet with several men, that was from whom to choose? If you - a girl, and advanced computer literacy, it offers the entire Internet, where you can easily find hundreds or even thousands of sites created specifically for those wishing to explore. On them you can see this gallery of portraits of men with a brief description of the interests of each of the applicants dangers of internet dating.
You can place themselves on the same site information about yourself, and believe me, after a couple of hours on your mailbox begin to pour hundreds of fan letters. A small warning - not "post" in the Network your home phone and do not agree to a meeting after the first letter.
Some women like the process of the search, but the majority is still extremely important result. And in order to make your search does not become a waste of time and emotional energy, the Council took note of a few rules.
Do not expect too much for the next date. The more you "namechtaete" confident man, the more likely disappointment.
Do not tell yourself that if you now will not work, you stop looking for good, with a defeatist attitude you exactly nothing dangers of internet dating.
Do not look for a potential lover out there somewhere ourselves for what would go. It is not necessary to dream of a long love affair with the biker, if one only the prospect of racing in the back seat of motorcycle leads you into the horror.
Do not focus on one candidate. The wider the range of your communication, the faster you will find his only.
Do not get carried away by the search process itself. Sometimes it is necessary to stop and take a breath, to analyze the situation. Perhaps then you will realize that the one you were looking for, very close. Make sure to find a lover does not become a kind of obsession. Men feel it immediately and try to stay away from such "seeker."
Suppose acquaintance took place, and approaching the first full meeting with the new contender for your heart. Then again, you need to give you some advice: in conversation with the young man did not go into the details of his life, dangers of internet dating no matter how exciting, in your opinion, it is. Do not dwell on the reasons for parting with your last boyfriend. Do not be dogmatic and not make statements like, "I never! ..." Or "Not for anything in the world!".
Do not think about the outcome of the meeting, thought that might be the first date and the last, it is unlikely you will add charm. And what do you say something is wrong, the world will not collapse.
Do not make mistakes. All the best. dangers of internet dating.

Quite often I have heard in the media that dating through the Internet can be quite dangerous. I decided to test whether this is so in reality. And at the same time I wanted to find out what is the probability of finding sites dating soul mate.
My first step was to check on one of these sites. I fill in the questionnaire, provide photographs and became potential suitors waiting. Whether spring so acts, whether in fact so many lonely hearts, but applicants was even more than I expected. For two days I was able to communicate with almost a hundred people. They wrote very different men, from 18 to 50 years old, of various professions and hobbies internet dating definition.
The main difficulty for me was the fact that the source is hidden from the eye. The feeling of mistrust and possible catch is constantly present. However, men are willing to leave your contact information and appointments. It seems they cared much more that in real life she might look a bit worse than in the photo, rather than face the possibility of criminal.
The vast majority of men, sadly, is not looking for permanent and serious relationship. Many people, even asking the name, offered to meet. It somehow just makes me think about the frivolity intentions cavalier. Quite often I come across to people, and even married with children, and, nevertheless, furrowing the expanses of the Internet in search of the unknown. Overall, the picture presented to me in a very bad light. To find the right one, and most importantly - to understand what it is he is - in this communication very difficult. But the probability of being cheated is very high internet dating definition.
Then I tried to find out whether people think that are subject to certain dangers when dealing with a stranger. The results have pleased me well enough. Phone call without any extra persuasion, almost 100% of my interlocutors. But, of course, in this particular disaster is not. But on the phone it is much easier to make an appointment and find out all the interesting details. Address men reported the same without much difficulty. And do any of them did not even occur to him that with the same success they could provide all this information to some thugs seeking easy prey? Even after my direct question to one man, he is not afraid to invite a stranger home, he determined he was not lowered. He confidently said that the judge of character, and he was absolutely convinced that within five minutes of dialogue could make a correct representation of the person.
Of course, the accuracy of the information that is reported about yourself your interlocutor, check, perhaps, does not. But remember that criminals tend to be more subtle and psychologists, are easy to trust and pulled out of a potential victim with all necessary information. So, take it a rule not to tell their friends virtual address and not to invite them to his home, no matter how nice they may seem to you internet dating definition.
Until you go beyond virtual communication, seems to be afraid of nothing. But telling your phone number, address, or making an appointment, you are already endangering their property, their lives and health. Meet the World Wide Web cheater / tsu, blackmailer / Ku, sexual pervert or a thief can be even more than in real life. Often the Internet is becoming a tool in the hands of criminals. Hope to find your soul mate in this manner is also very illusory. When network novel ends with marriage, not so much.
Is it worth the risk? This one has to decide for itself. I can only advise not to lose your head, do not immediately agree to a meeting, but first try to find out about the person as much as possible. But if you dare to go on a date with a virtual lover, it is better that it took place in a crowded and safe. Meet, fall in love, internet dating definition enjoy life and spring, but still be on the lookout, then to not be excruciatingly painful. internet dating definition.

Spring came, and somehow drastically wanted love, attention and all the other joys of life. But all this a hundred times nicer when there is someone who can share with you your joy. Let's move on to how this is to find someone and as with him / her to meet.
First conclusion: you can get acquainted, always and everywhere, that pleases.
1. You can meet on the street. And there's nothing wrong. I, for example, often ask how far to go. If you have the same case, it can not only tell you how to go, but to a man with the words that you have just to go. On the way to meet, talk, as they say, the rest - a trick internet dating in dubai.
2. Just the other day, wandering through a large supermarket, I realized that this is just the perfect place for singles. However, there is a risk that the guy has a girlfriend. But it is not difficult to determine. If in his hand a list, then at least he has a girlfriend, and a maximum of wife and perhaps even children. If his truck packed with "food" and not the fact that very quickly prepared, then there are two conclusions: either it is still a family man, or he just loves to cook. But the first option is more likely. The most suitable candidate walks through the rows at random and adds the products that catch the eye, fills the truck with all sorts of yogurts, cereals noodles, dumplings, meat and other food-male.
3. Become familiar, in general, can be in any store, and start a conversation with almost anything. From that, whether you this blouse to the approval of the choice of a sweater your new friend already internet dating in dubai.
4. You can also train local cultural activities: theaters, museums, exhibitions. It is appropriate to ask how and what liked / did not like. If this is some kind of specialized exhibition (cars, furniture, household goods, etc., etc.), it is best not embarrassed to ask for help and advise, allow your meal choice, etc.
5. We can and must familiarize themselves in crowded areas, such as: squares, parks, boulevards, and more. One friend of mine met her boyfriend, just hearing his loud conversation with another on the subject of what you want to view. She and her friend just went to them and said that they, too, want the sea.
6. In the discos, nightclubs and other entertainment establishments
simply God himself ordered to get acquainted. One summer (my friend and rested together on the sea, but in the evening it is a little unwell), I decided to shoot at the shooting range. At first I shot one, no one else internet dating in dubai. Then he ran up a lot of people, but I still was the only girl in the shoot team, besides enough label. And in terms of the deficit, and indeed in such remarkable circumstances, we all made friends together.
7. More to explore useful lead an active life, going to the swimming pool, gym on simulators. Why not go for any seminar or training? It is useful, nice, a lot of new people and experiences. There is an option to enroll in some courses, but such that there must have been a person of the opposite sex (unlikely to sewing classes you meet her Prince).
8. There is an alternative way to explore - on the Internet. Options for virtual communication myriad, ranging from simple chats, dating sites, and ending with all sorts of themed communities.
Other variants dating you can come up with yourself, it is not too difficult.
The second conclusion is the likelihood that you will want to meet more than the likelihood that you will be told about the subsequent direction of your movement. So, if you are unlucky, think about it from the other side, why do you need to meet and communicate with such rude and unpleasant people.
The third conclusion: often we are afraid of what really should not be afraid, internet dating in dubai but when we overcome our fears and become more confident, it becomes easier and more fun to live.
Total: acquainted possible and necessary, it increases your chances if you do not find your soul mate, then gather around him interesting people, true friends, good buddies, and much more. internet dating in dubai.

Security in some associated with personal integrity, in other safe sex, from the third to the protection of confidential information. All these aspects directly or indirectly related to online dating, especially those who move in real life. To real acquaintance turned really enjoyable and safe, you need to follow a few simple rules.
First of all, do not open your personal information as long as you are not sure of the interlocutor. This includes name, age, date of birth, telephone number (with mobile hardest, since it is used for communication, but you can come up with something - for example, to have a private room or use antiAON), address, place of work or study . Compose a short legend, internet dating statistics which can be easily dispel become more familiar, made sure of a decent man with whom you meet. It is valid for any purpose dating - from companionship to marriage. And almost always met with understanding.
Placing photos on dating sites, of course, increases your chances to meet, but at the same time and the chances of being recognized colleagues if they also attend them, or malevolent, if you have one. Send photos by e-mail a specific destination - a safer option. In addition, it is not necessary to wait passively for invitations to meet you - you can take your own search, and the person concerned, to exchange photos.
Always try to make the first real meeting that the person with whom you are communicating is really who he claims to be. At least find out, it's a man or a woman. The easiest way to do it over the phone, but you can also explore other sources - for example, information in ICQ, LJ, on a personal website, check e-mail addresses - depending on what is available to you. Compare data from different sources and, if found serious discrepancies, ask your new friend or acquaintance, why they do not match. The response to this question is also quite informative. With people who do not give yourself any sort of information, communicate potentially unsafe. Although not the fact that they necessarily be maniacs or terrorists, but they need to be very careful and to open at least no more than the other person internet dating statistics.
The inadequacy of the reaction in the process of virtual communication, too strong "stuck" on a particular topic or comments about your resemblance to any person (other than politicians, famous athletes, actors and centerfold). All these signs may be indicative of psychological problems, which in direct communication ever affect on you. At best, your partner would be ill-mannered or too shy person, and at worst - may be mentally unstable or a sadist.
Schedule meetings in public places and mainly in the daytime, or at least not too late, as long as take a closer look. Declined the offer to go to visit or receive visitors at the first meeting. The best choice for her to be a cafe, cinema, amusement park, any event like a concert or theater performance. The least safe trip out of town internet dating statistics.
Compliance with these measures can not guarantee absolute safety, but allows to cut off the most obvious threats that may be encountered when dating online. internet dating statistics.

Since ancient times, people have sought to establish relations with representatives of various circles of society (of course, within the same social class). For this purpose, arranged balls. Ball (from the French. Bal, Italian. Ballo, it. Ball - dance) - a collection of numerous societies of both sexes to dance. Russia before Peter I did not know such entertainment. But when Anna Ivanovna and Catherine II, they have become part of everyday life. Special pomp and circumstance accompanied the court festivities.
However, this can be considered the capital of balls Vienna - after the Congress of Vienna in 1815 the nascent bourgeoisie began to entertain a secular audience dancing and great music. And even today, the Vienna Opera Ball is the most important event in Europe!
Balls have different functions, including social. Depending on the functions, they had their own species christian internet dating.
Court balls, were usually boring. But to attend court balls in St. Petersburg was needed. These were official events. The stiffness and restraint have been the hallmark of such balls. Thousands of important visitors were going to balls that carried the most eminent names in Russia.
But secular youth prefer to visit Moscow - much more laid-back, which brings together several thousand people. These balls provide an opportunity to have fun from the heart.
Ball - a real find
For the young dandies and ladies;
He enthusiastically waiting for beauty,
It is a holiday overcast fathers.
That daughter doll dressed,
Bustles experienced mother,
And so she did not stayed on,
Lucky her to dance. (F.Koni)
The nobles were obliged to give balls to relatives, christian internet dating acquaintances grand. Young girls of marriageable age started to go out. At balls acquainted potential brides and grooms, planned matchmaking. "Moscow was famous brides like Vyazma gingerbread" - wrote Pushkin.
Public dances were held in most provinces. Funds collected from everyone through the dissemination of lottery tickets. The most laid-back of the balls - family. Family balls organized on the occasion of commemorative dates of family, which distributed tickets in advance. The halls were carried out all sorts of auctions and tenders, and the money went to the Shelter. In the film "Anna on the Neck", the main character played by Anna famous actress A.Larionovoy was invited to hold a charity lottery.
Children's parties are a feast for the children and their parents. The most common were held in private homes. Teenage girls danced merrily, undertaking the game. It was the first release of the opportunity to show themselves.
Balls, masquerades were particularly loved by the public. Required attributes are masks, raincoats, dominoes. He possessed an air of mystery to the emancipation of communication.
By preparing in advance the ball. The host and hostess could ask for help to any of the guests christian internet dating. It turns out even during the reign of Catherine II offered services organizers holidays. Food and beverages are often brought from clubs or restaurants. Much attention is given the external design of the holiday. Florists decorated room with garlands of flowers, the young executive secretaries invitations.
Balls were held in special rooms - the apartments, allowing to organize ballroom dancing. Ballroom were surrounded by dining, pantry, smoking room. Particular attention was paid to the musical numbers. Owning your own orchestra was very proud owners. Each noble house had a collection of musical instruments. In Russia, the constant demand performances by famous artists. Dinner and musical evening were unchanged component of the ball.
Depending on the occasion, the event program can vary. The food included in the program of any ball. If it was a great reception, this dinner more often receded late in the evening, even the night, as usual ball started close to midnight, and dinner followed after the ball. Most ceremonial receptions with an extensive program could begin with a late lunch, then dinner after the ball was missing or offering lite.
The host and hostess received guests at the entrance. After greeting the guests headed to the ballroom. In between dances could relax. It was decided to take care of those ladies with whom the man sitting at the table christian internet dating.
Clothes are given special attention. The short, knee-length pants were a dress code for men until the end of the 17th century, and then will suit with white waistcoat and butterfly. For the ladies sewed the lightest clothes - silk, gas and lace. Ball Gown was shortened to not interfere in the dance. Ballroom toilets for the young girls of marriageable age were designed in bright colors. Widely used in jewelry from natural and artificial flowers. In those days it was not customary to young girls to wear expensive jewelry massive. Netantsuyuschie ladies in long dresses came from heavy fabrics. Married women were required to appear in hats - light hats, headdresses of lace or berets. Speaking of berets. Remember Pushkin AS "... Who is there in the crimson beret with the Spanish ambassador says? Unfortunately, for a long time I was not in the light. " Eugene Onegin, being on the ball, did not recognize Tatyana Larina in a spectacular headdress!
"Oh, the times! O mores! "On the twenty-first century! And the renewed interest in the balls, and each of us tends to go at least once on such an event. christian internet dating.

12 points handsome pickup mini adviser on male housework
You can shoot anything you want! This statement may argue a lot, especially those under the "readout" understands only the mechanism of seduction of girls. But we know that a movie shoot, and curtains, and pants, and the main thing - all this must be done skillfully, elegant and tasteful, beautiful, so to say! Just think of all the rules of etiquette - to remove their shoes when entering or gloves when meeting and idioms - "hats off" or "take off the bank." Teach you how to make a film, we do not want, but the rest "renting", and about the girls, too, talk more.
Paragraph 1. "remove" the girl?
Naturally, with this burning question we must all begins katt williams internet dating trailer. It was written many articles and books, so I enter into the details you will not, after all, need their own experience to turn out! Here, as always, there are two ways: the mind or strength. Of course, it is possible and money, but it is unsportsmanlike, gentlemen, and you yourself would not want it!
The first way: the object of desire is calculated by inventing a method of attracting attention. We attract a question to the best of intelligent, moderately silly, but logically verified.
The most spectacular that I've heard in Almaty was the question: "And where is your water bus station?" Aboriginal, caught unawares issue, knowing that in the city there are trams and river, but not having a clue about the waterbus, seriously addicted to using lost young people. And then the trick!
And with power everything is clear: what girl does not go after the knight who provided her protection (yes from anyone, even a fly drive away, at least two meters Ambala, even an umbrella, cover from the weather) katt williams internet dating trailer!
Item 2. Rule removal tie!
All for some reason they write about how, and how to tie a tie knot, but as the noose removed at the end of "rabdnya", so much so that the next day without any kind of aesthetic torment crumpled lace to wear it again, no one has yet written. In the course of a mini-survey of the population nearby offices on the floor, it was found that:
Most tie loosen the noose, and then remove it through the head without unleashing node to the morning did not have to tie it again. I must say - this is the lazy part of the male population, bypassing one or two ties (one for each day, the second - on the way). And even those who have more ties, still keep them tied in a knot! It follows that many have not learned to tie a tie!
Minority untie knot, roll up the tie and put on the provisions for this thing shelf katt williams internet dating trailer.
So, minority and doing the right thing! Tie need to unleash every time and in exactly the reverse order tying! And stored in a collapsed form, rather than in a hanging position as python skins oblezshego.
Item 3. That from which jump!
It is in this action accuse us of many short-sighted individuals of the opposite sex! But themselves do not know how to get out of his pants! Special tricks, as in the case of disposal of wet pants, we will not offer, let's talk about normal pants or trousers as you please!
Wear these things work tailor's art from an early age we are taught to remember his childhood, mom or dad help you wear panties? A shoot? Already twice, all mothers and fathers after a walk utter the phrase: "Take off your pants!" And deleted his endless affairs of Chad, tried unsuccessfully to escape from odezhek. So we have not learned how to remove the pants! Not only we, but the female half, who has put his pants everywhere after the battle Baba George Sand, too, can not do it (not the favorite to take us, but with yourself darling!).
Poll Online female half (conducted by me) found that women take off trousers in the following ways:
Writes some Irinochka: unbutton a button, clasp, belt ... Then I get up one foot on the leg the other leg and pulls free leg ... then just the other trouser leg and pants keep the belt hands to get down. Everything. Pants in the normal form in my arms.
A certain Julia: I shoot pants to his knees, and then sit down - and the edges of the legs. Very fast and accurate katt williams internet dating trailer.
A certain Lena: Try to shoot lying down.
So as a special distinction in the release of his pants by gender is not observed, it will focus on the following: the right to remove trousers as it does Julia. Exempt from the belt, the belt is necessary to completely remove the pants. This element of the decor appearance is stored separately. Unbutton all the buttons, fasteners and locks. Contractible pants to the knee, if possible - sit down, and gently pull the one pant leg down. Then, aligning the trouser leg of the arrows, fold in half and hang on a hanger. If you can not sit down, you'll have it all done standing, but no feet by standing on the trouser leg, everything is done in the slope and hands!
But if you need to expose for a few seconds, because we love burns and is ready to take the bastions, spit on all the rules and shoot as you want, even rip these damn pants! katt williams internet dating trailer.

Actually, not quite educational, because it can be useful for any massovika entertainer or for training. So, before you a group of middle or high school, or just young people, in which all strangers to each other. If you will be with them in the future and the need to communicate to achieve good results in any field of activity, you have chosen, you must create an atmosphere of trust, relieve tension and awkwardness.
To begin, it is important to meet organized this fundamental step to further interaction with the group. In this article we will discuss proven options such games latin internet dating sites.
"Snowball" - the most simple and accessible game. To make it more fun, as a "snow" take a nice soft toy. Better to start with yourself, you call your name and the first letter of the name of any trait of his character, for example: "Tatyana - the patient." Dispatched toy in a circle, each subsequent calls all the previous names and character traits, adding to the list of named their data. Ends the game leading to the last game did not hesitate to shoulder its responsibilities to be the final chord in such a difficult task to check the memory.
Cons of the game: not suitable for large groups and shy, becoming boring and uninteresting job. Time - 5-10 minutes.
"Stitch needle back" * - version of "snowball", which is suitable for large groups, latin internet dating sites where each subsequent repeats only what the previous participant said. Time - 5-10 minutes.
"Three facts about yourself." The game is good for the students of the middle classes, although it may very well go to the creative group. Each participant should think about yourself 2 real fact and one false. One by one the guys talk about themselves that have prepared. The group's task to guess using leading questions which one sounded the facts is not real. The rule: you must be sure to give your name, and ask questions begin with the name of the current speaker. Lead can participate. The duration of the game - 5-15 minutes.
East market. For the meeting will need to pre-cut 6 (possible for 8), part of the sheet of paper, a pen for each participant, and space, allowing to move freely. Before you get to the "Eastern market" need to prepare: all playing (except for the master) was prepared by 6 pieces of paper on which they write their name and surname. Leaflets fold, fold into a hat (another container, latin internet dating sites at the center of the table) and mix.
And now the fun begins: guys dismantled at random to 6 folded into a tube, "documents", deploy them, and - Bazaar begins! The essence of it is to barter their leaves from neighbors, you can go to the trick, you can argue, persuade, etc. It is important to buy back their autographs at participants of the market. Presenter supports the passions, the first three buyers who manage to buy an expensive item is the winner and will be awarded at the discretion of the teacher. No matter how complex the game may seem at first glance, it goes with a bang in the middle-class school groups, because it contains an element of competition. Time - 10-15 minutes.
Next game without a name. On the table should be based on a lot of cards and pencils, markers, etc. Participants are encouraged to take as many items as you wish. Then, when everyone will understand is offered on each pencil (card) say about myself any fact. Prerequisite: at the beginning of the story about yourself you must give his name. Time - 5-10 minutes.
"Your name - snowflake in the hand ...." * If you want to spend more time getting to know, if you want to create a reliable, comfortable environment in a group, it is necessary to carry out this exercise. It is better that the participants sitting in a circle, or so they saw each other. They in turn are represented and talk about their name. To facilitate the conversation can prepare a template of questions (on separate sheets of paper or on the board), which can optionally be based on the course of the story latin internet dating sites.
Here is a sample list of questions:
- How do different people commonly referred to as?
- I prefer to be called?
- Who chose me a name?
- Do I like my name?
- Wears Is it the name of someone else from the family?
- Which of the famous namesakes, I would have remembered?
- What is my name?
- I wish I had to my name anyway?
- Were there any funny stories associated with your name?
You can limit the performance of participants and follow the regulations, but it is better not to hurry and quietly listen to each speaker. This game is good, the end of a block dating, she sets up the participants into a lyrical mood. Time - 10-20 minutes.
"The formula of my personality" * - a game for creative groups (for high school students, youth, etc.). Each participant must come up with a formula that reflects his personality: character traits, interests, talents, etc. The most commonly used mathematical symbols, for example: Anna adventurism = + creativity + + lazy cheerfulness. Sometimes the formula may resemble chemical.
After this part of the task, participants should speak to a respectable audience for "conference" with the report of an open formula. Options arrivals can be different: You can write the formula on the board and tell the group about it, we can draw on a sheet and attach to his chest, moving and talking freely about themselves to each other. The facilitator needs to make positive conclusions from what he heard, if repeated quality means "we have a lot in common," if a lot of difference, said about the individuality of each, etc. Lead can participate. Time - 10-15 minutes.
"Pudding is Alice. Alice is Pudding "* - is a good exercise for the second stage of dating, when the names of the participants already know, but would like to explore in more detail. The group is divided into pairs. Each sub-group has 5-7 minutes to communicate with each other. Guys talk about themselves, ask each other questions. The facilitator can steer the conversation to a topic, if it is connected with the objectives of employment (training activities). But it is better to give participants to choose the direction the conversation latin internet dating sites.
In this exercise, there are two options for further development. We spent the game on the first scenario, and it was the best. After all the talk turned to the journalists. The problem is that for 3-5 minutes to write a review of their counterparts, which will provide and the actual information and impressions from the interlocutor. Once the job is done, the group gathers in a circle and "journalists" in turn submit their reports. The hero can correct notes said about it (if desired).
The second scenario is simpler in its participants reincarnate into each other, and the story in the first person. It is mainly the guys uncomfortable, because no one wants to see someone appropriated "my" personal and unique. Therefore, it will not speak in detail. Time - 15-20 minutes.
Variants of these games a lot, and, in my opinion, the ones that presented the most interesting, simple and sufficiently perform its function: the organization dating. It is very important that the first opinions of others formed the most striking not only for the participants but also for the host. On this depends the success of your work together. latin internet dating sites.

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