Informed choice of partner
History of Science
Is it possible to take your own wife for a hat? Do not pretend to not pretend but really confused his wife with a hat? Any sane person will say a clear and firm "no." However, do not rush. Such a case was described in the book of Oliver Sacks' The man who took his wife for a hat online dating australia. " Those who are interested in the details, can get acquainted with this unique product. This is an amazing story of how our perception and what unexpected jokes, it can play with us. Professor P. question, due to the nature of the work of his brain suffered some form of perception disorders. For example, he could start to see people where they were not. Or see the objects that he "wanted" to see. Here is how this phenomenon Oliver Sacks: "... I showed him the cover with a picture of a solid surface of the dunes in the Sahara Desert.
- What do you see here?
- I can see the river, - said P. - A small hotel with a terrace overlooking the water. Dine on the terrace people. Here and there - multi-colored umbrellas.
He looked (if you can call it) through the cover into the void, are fabricated non-existent details, as if their very absence of pictures forced him to imagine a river terrace and umbrellas. " Of course, it seems that such incidents, especially in such a ridiculous form are not relevant to all the "healthy" people. Let's see whether we do not like Professor P.
Ducklings also know how to love
Most of us resides in the naive illusions about their ability to manage their own actions, thoughts and choices. I will not undertake to assert what is the relationship of consciousness and unconsciousness in each individual case, the generalization is more than inappropriate, but, judging from the behavior in choosing a partner, we are not so far away from the famous duck described by the famous biologist Konrad Lorenz. The phenomenon, which was seen by them, was as follows: one-day duckling recognized the ball ping-pong table as his mother. He followed him everywhere, terribly worried if he disappeared from sight, and all attempts to shift his attention to the Ducks defeated. Later, when the duckling became an adult bird, he took the ball ping-pong table as his bride. All of the above, it was called imprinting, or, more simply, the process of "imprinting" a meaningful object. In the case of duck - it was a period of imprint vulnerability, ie the time particularly hypersensitivity when it needs to recognize his mother and at this point his eye catches a ball, which becomes a substitute online dating australia.
The crown of nature
These mechanisms operate in humans. If you look closely at all the partners you choose, you will likely find that they are all quite similar to each other. By the way, I mean not only and not so much a physical resemblance as character traits. Entering the hall of the library, dancing, etc. you correctly choose "their" man. After the image has been captured once as attractive and desirable.
And then, as a rule, start errors of perception. Remember, Professor P., who began to see in the desert pond, houses and people? Have you empower your loved one or beloved the qualities which they, however, did not, and when they cease to meet your expectations, with maniacal persistence require them to be like before? "You're never so was not ...", "How have you changed, you become another woman ..." etc. Yes, he has always been so, and it is the same, only the eyes imprinted lover sees what he wants, and not what it actually is. Flush strategy, coloring games for boys online for free . Play tanchiki and Flying
Imprints and the perception of the reader may seem too complicated topic. The topic is much more familiar and comprehensible, and therefore more aware - loneliness. The desire to create a family and to be with congenial man is nothing in itself does not carry the negative. But only when it becomes an obsession and begins to run our lives, then we agree on half-truths, we begin to reshape their principles, and in the end, lose ourselves. Fear of being left alone, makes a blind eye to what was to become a source of conflict. Not a rare situation when people enter into a relationship to solve their emotional, physical, social and financial problems at the expense of the partner. Expectations that with the help of a successful marital union can be compensated for its failure as a person, of course, help somehow to get along with yourself and hope for a better future. But in reality, it can only lead to a legitimate climax - divorce. In addition to its own fears in this cocktail and introduced considerable peer pressure: "When you're already married?", "When did you get married?", "All your friends, girlfriends arranged ..." In this case, the family becomes the saving escape from his pursuers, and there can be no partner, and time to get accustomed to "dig" no. We must hurry to hide from prying relatives. Well, and the final is the same online dating australia.
So, the choice of partner is very difficult process, in which there are many factors. Mindfulness involves selecting clear answers to the three most important questions:
Who am I?
what I want?
How do I get what I want.
All these issues are deeply intertwined. If you do not understand yourself, you still have not developed principles of life, and there is no clear purpose of life, then you will not be able to understand their boundaries in a relationship with another person. Chances are that you will start to serve the purpose of his partner, dissolve in it and after some time will find that disappeared from your life meaning. Not knowing the answer to the first question, you will not have a clear picture of the person with whom you want to live your life. This blurred image will be difficult recognizable, and increase the likelihood of errors.
Happy and successful in the family can only be the case if you are happy and successful, online dating australia even when alone, when you are interested to live, you feel confident and worthy man, and you decide to start a family, not because you someone presses, or you "must", but because they want to and are willing to do it. online dating australia.

How to please a man
This material is based on numerous interviews men. To please a man enough to have a mannequin figure and pretty face. Although these figures play a significant role in attracting men, but even they will not benefit if it is all that you have. A woman requires something else. Although this "something else" might need to be away from you any additional effort, online single dating sites but only because of this you will succeed in men. Cialis buy
So, to please a man, you must:
1.Chasche smile. Your smile should like to say a man "in you is what I really like."
2.Vyrabotat a feline movement. This is a man very much.
3. Do not talk loud and sharp voice.
4.Byt little flirtatious. Here is a very important measure. Excessive flirting will not benefit.
All these rules are based on interviews with men of various ages and conditions. Men have indicated these features in the behavior of women, as the most attractive and alluring.
And now look at another side of the coin, namely, that men do not like women. Men off:
1. breath and body odor.
2. The well-groomed appearance.
3. Overweight.
4. dull eyes.
5. Excessive passivity.
6. Complaints about health.
7. affectedness.
8. Aggressiveness.
9. Excessive seductiveness.
10. Too tight clothes.
11. masculine behavior.
12. demonstration of the lack of interest to men.
13. The demonstration of a bad mood.
14. The inflated self-esteem.
15.Serezny look and unsmiling.
16. Too low self-esteem.
Women having at least two items from this list will already be enough for a man to a woman lost all interest. Pay attention to paragraphs 9 and 10. The man is not likely to come to such a woman for fear of rejection online single dating sites.
13 ways to please a man
1. Every man in the shower - a dog: caress and feed him, and he will run after you, wagging his tail and devotedly looking into his eyes. Allow it to lie at your feet. To tame and train a can re - no.
2. Every man loves only himself. Tell him what he's smart, bold, beautiful, generous, and he will listen to you, open-mouthed, to the end of life.
3. Every man loves his eyes. Defiantly snazzy outfit oybayatelnaya smile and grace, backed by faith in its own uniqueness and you will not miss not one man.
4. Every man attracted to unavailable. Hit him with his indifference and nepodstupnostyu, and it will run after you / but only provided a hint of success of his enterprise /.
5. Each man carries a mystery . If the idea of a mysterious stranger will seem a bit old and zatiskali, the secret service agent - it is quite modern and intiguyusche.
6. Every man can conquer childish naivete and kindness. Sincere look and non-adult understanding of the world lead him so excited that he wants to take care of you until you "grow".
7. Every man need somewhere to perch oneself and cry in someone zhiletochku find someone understanding. In Pyt-Yah brought specially grown lilacs. The city opened the exhibition. So give him the vozmodno. Even a genius whose spirit soars free in infinity, online single dating sites we need someone earthly human support.
8. Every man need someone to love or be loved by someone. The first - the type of strong, second - type weak and without podeerzhki not survive. Therefore, quite naturally women are divided into the same category.
9. Every man in the soul - a child. Play with him in the game , but igrushechki. At first his, then to his.
10. Every man in my heart - a warrior. And love the war is not easy. It requires experience, strategy, and a variety of weapons. If you can not get out of the battle victorious, just pretending to be a loser and stay in the win.
11. Every man prefers the best. Convince him that the best thing - it's you. He believes.
12. Every man will miss if you first break into his life cheerful holiday, and then briefly disappear. If you zhiznbez become unbearable for him, then consider that the facility is ready, stuck "potions".
13. Every man wants to believe that everything he decides. A man does not like to be selected, he wants to choose for myself. / Cheat it is not so difficult. / So never ostentatiously not imposed, and all their best ideas passed off as his own. online single dating sites.

How to organize a bachelor party
Last bachelor party for his friends seeks each in different ways, but the only way to make it memorable. To do this, prepare in advance.
The choice of time and place is, of course, for the groom, but in this case, online teen dating site free one piece of advice: it is advisable not to hold the event on the eve of the wedding. Why do you unnecessary problems in the morning. Headache and constantly pulls you the bride will not create a festive atmosphere on your wedding day. You will have one desire, to live up to the night. A night-that too is no ordinary ...
In any case it is necessary to organize a bachelor party at least three days before the wedding (just in case). It is best to gather with friends the last weekend before the wedding. After a weekend spent more entertainment. It is believed that an inherent part of a stag party striptease. Therefore, you can go to a strip bar. You can also go to the sauna or steam bath. There can be not only a good warm up and drink beer, and order a striptease, or invite friends girls (not just friends of the bride), who cheer your male company.
Alternatively male entertainment , you can arrange a (this is to your taste and imagination) session of erotic massage with an intimate music and the candle flame. Wedding photographer in Zelenograd This is a relaxing, (forces you in the near future is very needed) and relaxes body and soul.
If it's hot summer and warm nights, you can invite your friends on nature. For example, with fish or hunt, and at the same time to say goodbye to the last days of bachelorhood, zapasshis naturally advance all the necessary attributes for fun.
If you prefer a more relaxed lifestyle and fun in general, you can organize a party and at home. Prepare all you can ask my mother, sister, or his witness. But where and how you would not stag, it must still be present. After all, the morning after the bachelor party (if it was carried out according to the rules) the groom to be so bad and ashamed that he is completely painless part with their youth and will begin a serious and a new life altogether online teen dating site free.
A few proven ways to please a man.
1. Look.
We must look to hold on to the man so that he could feel it. And then look away in the direction before the man time to intercept your opinion. After some time, it can be repeated. And if you like a man, then add a smile, always interested. Closer appraising glance is not always suitable for flirting.
2. Smile.
If you want to please a man, do not be a grim expression on his face. Aloofness is not like the men. Therefore we need a smile suit obyazatelno.Dlya start a small smile. If all that you have in mind goes well, you can smile in more. The main sponsor is the online casino Royale invites to play a slot machine CRAZY MONKEY besplanto online without registration and really try right now.
3. Voice.
It should be soft, gentle and charming. It is better to speak in quiet tones, men do not like rising tone.
4. Touches.
If you are already talking to each other, you can "accidentally" touch him, just for a split second. And if you smoke, touch it at the moment when he podneset you lighter online teen dating site free.
5. Dance.
If the man that you like, you are invited to dance, be sure to use it. Look into his eyes while dancing with him, try easy and intriguing touch him.
6. Communication.
Even if the introduction has already taken place, you do not relax. After all, your goal is not just to meet , but like the man. Well think over your every word. The main thing when talking - be the ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor. Men really appreciate it in a woman. However, representatives of the stronger sex is not very willing to listen to the outpouring, so speak briefly and to the point. Do not skimp on compliments, but not overdone. You do not need much flatter frankly - it is unlikely they will like.
Men do not like it when a woman:
1. Too loud talking.
2. Flirting with several men.
3. Obviously the complex.
4. Actively demonstrates that it is untouchable.
5. shouldered all the initiative in a conversation at the man.
6. Demands that the man constantly admired her appearance.
7. Interested only purse of his friend.
8. As soon begins to behave as an official bride.
9. Seeks everywhere and the next to be with his friend.
10. indicates that it smarter.
Men like a woman:
1. Can easily keep the conversation going.
2. flirting and flirting , but skillfully.
3. To the best initiative.
4. Knows how to dress tastefully.
5. Smiles.
6. Interested work of his men.
7. Knows how to make compliments
8. Able to cook.
In general, in the view of many men the perfect wife is the woman who can combine the roles of his mistress, online teen dating site free colleagues at work, mom. In general, it must be better than others. So what if you are on a serious relationship and do not have vysheperecheslennyh qualities even create the illusion that you have them. online teen dating site free.

Flirt without flirting or when men make mistakes
Often our stronger sex thinks we flirt with him, even when in fact we do not think about it. Indeed, our actions, gestures, gaze everyone can interpret in different ways. If at the end of the e-mail she will attach greater emoticons with a kiss than her significant other, free online canadian dating a friend or a landmark, it will automatically be perceived as flirtation . Men should not forget that the woman - by nature friendly. Excess smiley certainly was added thoughtlessly, just as she wanted!
If she says that she likes your shirt, your jeans or your shoes, it is also not to say that she flirts. Men usually do not pay attention to their clothes, so if a girl suddenly notices her, but still praises, it automatically means for men that they were at least interested. Best Exchange traffic with wide settings.
If a girl asks her friend or a friend of his girlfriend, in the language of the stronger sex, this will mean that you also do not mind would meet with him.
If you share your problems in relationships with the opposite sex, it will mean that you are willing to change your boyfriend with whom to share your concerns. The stronger sex hard to share their problems in relationships with others, in contrast to the fairer sex.
If you are the first in the party have forged a conversation with a guy, it would mean for him that you want to flirt with him, seduce him. And they will not even think that you started talking purely due to keep the conversation going free online canadian dating.
If you're in a conversation accidentally taking the hand of his interlocutor, it can be regarded as the stronger sex obvious flirting. They do not even think you touched their hand just because you are an emotional person who in the course of conversation, always gesticulating.
If you are trying to tease the male sex, remember that they probably perceive it as obvious flirting, and the desire to seduce a man . You will not be able to convince them that only teased because you amused.
If in the course of communication with the opposite sex you ignore calls to your cell phone, it will mean that you are so nice to chat with an intelligent and interesting person that I did not want to be distracted by other people.
If you are in the presence of the second half refresh lipstick on her lips, he thinks you're doing it just to be attractive to him.
If you are in a disco first took the initiative by inviting him to slow dance, it will no doubt say that you like the person you would like to see him more free online canadian dating.
Sure, it's all we could do, when and actually flirting, but if it is done just like that, without the intention, however, is perceived as a male sex flirting, why not? free online canadian dating.

7 of the rules that men need to know to have success with women
Have you ever been surprised by the fact that some men are far more popular with women? This is not because they are better looking, smartly dressed and they have more money. They just believe in yourself new online dating sites. No need to be born Don Juan to have a mass of fans around him. It is important to follow seven simple rules that we bring to your attention, and then the most inaccessible beauties of the world will pay you your kind attention.
Rules of Dating:
1. Before you meet a girl, c, make eye contact. Do you want to quickly understand whether your first step be continued? (Easier to say whether you will not be sent in the first seconds?). Look like a girl's face it - if it is not turned away, and even better smile in response to you - you can safely go and get acquainted. If she avoids your gaze, it is better to look for another site itself - this lady is clearly not disposed to meet you. Look around and you will notice what women "looking" men, and which focus exclusively on its satellites. Learn to read "body language" of women and you will achieve much.
2. Do not attempt to meet with several women simultaneously. If you have already made the acquaintance of a lady, do not try to hook up, and her friends. You may misunderstand and you're likely to go home alone. fashionable dress
3. Let her feel that she - the best. If you convince her that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, she would want to meet with you again and again. But do not overdo it, "the weaker sex" does not like rough outright flattery new online dating sites.
4. Tell her a compliment . Even if you think someone did it to you. Do not be afraid to come to you like a woman at the beginning and tell her a compliment, thinking that to you this same experiment was done a couple more losers. Believe me, the other guys feel the same way as you do and as a result continues to miss the nice girl alone. Have the courage and approach. Most likely it will be grateful to you for the interesting conversation.
5. Do not use cliches. Otherwise, she will decide that you either like everyone else, or not very confident person. Just be yourself, sincere women like men.
6. It is not necessary to meet friends in bars and nightclubs. In such places, a woman used to male attention, and you are more likely to be refused. Maybe it just got annoying fan? In addition, nightclubs ladies usually ready to enhance male attention and learned how to protect themselves from unwanted admirers. This may work against you. Therefore it is better to get acquainted in other places, such as in the store. High coefficient Me characterizes places where people come specifically to find a partner new online dating sites. The best option to start the search - this dating club in Moscow .
7. An important point: to understand when to leave. There is nothing worse than an obsessive man. Understanding the "body language" is important not only at the first moments of dating, but also help to understand when it is best to leave her companion alone. Her gaze wanders from side to side? She looks tired? You ask her questions, and she answers vaguely or generally silent? So it's time to say goodbye. It is better to interrupt the conversation at the most interesting, and she will want to meet with you again.
Follow these simple rules and remember that even the most successful sometimes there are setbacks. No need to dwell on them, learn from mistakes and go ahead! You could not meet a girl - do not despair! Can she now just a bad mood or she has met the man of her dreams (and maybe she just critical days?). Move forward and you'll see - soon your notebook will swell the number of new phone numbers! Happy hunting! new online dating sites.

20 Laws of perfume
Surely, like any woman, you can not imagine your life without vial favorite eau de toilette or perfume. But are you sure that you know how to choose the right perfume and use it? Here is what people think about this top experts in this area free online christian dating ...
1. It is believed that the sense of smell is more acute in the morning and in the evening the ability to perceive odors dulled. Nevertheless, it is not. The receptors work the same way for the day. Just immediately after waking, after olfactory silence of the night smells are perceived brighter than purely psychological. So buy perfume at any time of the day, guided solely by the time of the store.
2. But age can play with our smell bad joke. However, the constant pressure on all the senses will help keep them in proper condition to a ripe old age. As for the sense of smell, it can stir up a new scent.
3. After 50 years, the ability to deeply and fully perceive the surrounding odors gradually begins to wear off. Although current studies argue that women concerned to a lesser extent than men, noted that all older people prefer a strong, free online christian dating intense flavors. It requires special care to not put too much, especially in warm weather.
4. Do not choose a perfume just recovering from a cold or flu. These diseases may permanently reduce our ability to perceive flavors.
5. Heat dramatically increases the possibility of smell and enhances the effect of any odor on the person. In hot weather should prefer light and fresh scents.
6. At a time in the store you can try no more than three fragrances. The rest either do not perceive at all or not perceive correctly. Start with a new trendy flavors.
7. You can not make a final decision about buying fragrance until after at least 10 minutes after you have done it on the skin. During this time, should evaporate alcohol, introducing smell misleading.
8. Do not choose a fragrance because of the fact that you like it on someone else. Perfume is never the same on different people. The reason for individual chemical processes that make the smell very special, unique and appropriate for you. This applies particularly to the best masculine fragrance.
9. How to apply fragrance? I think the answer is obvious: sprinkle and went free online christian dating. But no. Everything is much more complicated. Many of these men, for example, often complain that the toilet water causes them irritation to the skin when they use it as an after-shave cologne. It's natural - toilet or perfumed water contains a lot of alcohol (80 per cent), and apply it to the skin, the more processed a razor, it is impossible. By ссылке: вы learn about leaving a child in Turkey. For this purpose there aftershave - a product specifically designed for facial skin and therefore contains very small amount of aromatic oils to prevent irritation and a burning sensation when applied.
10. Patients with flavors usually write: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette. The difference lies in the ratio of the concentration of aromatic oils and alcohols and, respectively, the intensity and persistence of flavor. The highest content of aromatic oils - from 20 to 30% - in spirits. Followed by perfume water - 15 to 25%, then the toilet water - 10 to 20%. That is why the price of the same flavor depends on the release form.
11. Best "place" for toilet water - hair. But only if they are clean. Grease and dirt that accumulate on the hair and scalp, enhance flavor and can distort it. Also, do not spray perfume on extremely dry or brittle hair.
12. Spraying perfume, be careful with jewelry! Perfume can spoil the pearls, the luster of amber and other stones.
13. Not so simple, and with the application of the fragrance on clothes. On tissue toilet water can be applied, after checking, it does not leave any stains. Most friendly toilet water fur and wool. But synthetic fabrics can change the smell out of all recognition. Never apply perfume for evening clothes.
14. When it comes to perfumes, that is a product in which the most concentrated flavor, free online christian dating then it should be applied only to their own skin. That it will allow the composition to reveal most clearly.
15. The aroma is always "moving" from the bottom up. Therefore, if a woman gets a drop of perfume behind the ears only, and is limited to a man fragrant aftershave, the smell rising up, quickly disappear.
16. In order to keep your favorite fragrance toilet water, it must be applied every three to four hours. Those who have dry skin, fragrance must be "refreshed" more often.
17. Separation of perfumes on the "smells for blondes," "for brunettes" and "red for" not unreasonable. Leather Blondes, usually dry, so it is bad "holds" flavor. He fills the space intensively, actively working on the others. So the heavy oriental rich smells of the skin blonde act as "weapons of mass destruction." Therefore, fair-haired ladies recommend floral aromas. Do brunettes skin is usually less bright and more fat, allowing the flavor persist longer (skin oil as it "preserves" the fragrance on the skin), he slowly and imperceptibly distributed in space. Because oriental fragrance emanating from the brunettes, do not cause others a sense of rejection. Soft Skin redheads may be incompatible with the smell, which is dominated by green notes.
18. What we eat affects how the flavor will fall on our skin. For example, high-calorie spicy food makes the perfume much more intense. It changes the flavor of smoking, use of drugs, as well as changes in body temperature. When she rose, the smell intensified.
19. The official shelf life of spirits - 3 years. However, unopened spirits can survive longer. The main enemies of flavors - light and heat. Perfume should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct light, but not in the refrigerator free online christian dating (you can make an exception only for the cologne and toilet water).
20. Every person has a personal "circle of flavor" - its radius is approximately equal to the arm's length. Others do not have to feel your perfume, if they are not included in the "circle". These are the rules of etiquette. Besides flavor - one of the most subtle, personal messages that you send to those with whom communicate. free online christian dating.

Astrology for Women
If your chosen ARIES, do not wait a long courtship and aesthetic expressions. Be easy with him, and he to you will be pulled ... To enjoy it, do not have the intelligent eyes and a soft voice. He had no time to consider and listen. So many girls, because Aries, the chances are increased. But this does not mean that Aries needs blind and deaf online dating sites single seeking love. They need love ... (and who do not need it?)
This caught Taurus, cajole him long. Feed nice and tight. And so on. Just do not ask him for a loan and then have to pay back with interest. For myself, tell him what little he can eat and conveniently for you to save.
If your chosen one twin, go for a walk - where the wind blows. After the twins - a sign of air. If you need one, mastered walking, crank interesting acquaintances, buy smart books and answer his questions, visit the club parties and take dancing lessons . However, do not cover his mouth when he wants to talk and try to sound smart. Then he will understand that such a woman he no longer found and may remain with you.
If you went to the RAC, please note - this is an extremely sensitive person. Since it is necessary for a good, long and hard to creep into the confidence cerdechno acquainted with his relatives, praising his commitment to the family and the comfort of the home, feed the favorite foods (which he used to), and so on. D. So slowly (from year to year ), online dating sites single seeking love he will get used to you and does not want to give up for any price. What, though, peace be love.
LION attract statement that he can go left and right, without asking your permission. This will help him to marry without remorse. If it comes to a wedding, do not miss the chance to host the event with glamor and glitter. Nothing, if you do not have enough money to hire a steep Mercedes and buying diamond trinkets - the main thing that this day was the maximum charm and incredible shine feelings. Leo is very pleasant. And you did not?
If you met a maiden, do not hurry to rejoice. The man usually punctual scared. His concern is not so much a sense of how much the speculative construction of the feelings ... He can compose poems about proportional and readable prose. And you and plead with the feelings on the shelves, the bones. He is a man of sound mind and sober mind, therefore - with him you always want to be collected, carefully and in general, not a stupid girl. He will appreciate your sacrifice and try to be a model husband, lover, diligent and caring father. However, if you want to preserve and enhance relationships - put each thing in its place. Male virgin is incredibly important ...
That has come to you a man Libra . For him, it is important to elite treatment (on the highest level). Somehow accidentally ask what time of day, any wine he prefers. Then he might think that you are too personal and write your name on the cuff. He needs to know the latest news and secular inclined to marriage of convenience. It seems fair, online dating sites single seeking love and he's always for social justice (in their favor). By the way, I love compliments and distributes them himself. For many it is his love, and he just chooses - who reciprocate and who ... ckazal encouraging interjections colored tones and ambiguous understatement.
Do you want a passionate and stormy love? SCORPIO This man is capable of it. If you become the object of his passions, do not try to escape from prosecution - is useless. However, not all is well that begins well. (That's what he might say). Is not it! Suspicion to all good - an important feature of his character. If you can dispel these fears, it is yours forever. Or at least a couple of days. What you need to keep the Scorpio man? It is advisable to feed the spicy dishes (in moderation), hiking, skydiving and of course, to be sexually active. And the other he does not need ...
The turn of Sagittarius. They spend the money well. They have a broad mind and close-ups. Here, perhaps, and all. Or nothing. If your dream - world travels, travel, large apartment and a good appetite during the meal - stop cvoy choice for Sagittarius. He will justify these hopes. Maybe not immediately, but with your help ... What do I need? Always listen to his advice, and the most intelligent record. When he forgets half boards - you recall it all. If the same aim to become a business woman (in accordance with international standards), it will pay special attention to you. why a woman goes out why a woman what to do if you throw him impressed the international, though not necessarily standard. Once such a thing, do not waste your time, learn foreign languages and comprehend a foreign culture. He will be happy to have a relationship with such an educated person. And you will be pleased online dating sites single seeking love ...
Well good to say about Capricorn? A lot of good. Co side of these beautiful men seem genuinely serious and far-fetched even discouraged its problems. And often this impression is true. :( But the beauty is that the problems have come to an end! Not immediately, of course, but over the years c ... best practical option for women to find. If you are practical, slightly optimistic, moderately hardworking and totally free, this man be glad that you have in this world. So what are you waiting for? Go and work. :) I would say - do not miss your chance. It's time to brighten up his fate. He is in debt does not remain. Capricorn does not like debt. Maybe he likes you. Help him to express these feelings. He is in debt does not remain. Capricorn does not like debt ... and so on. D.
What are they, these men - AQUARIUS? Different. There are unlike themselves. What to do with them? If you are a person cheerful, like Aquarius with its druzyami / alone is not recommended /, fond of atypical anything (sports, dousing with cold water, attend school dances, etc.), Why not the other men you Aquarians? Of course, if you are gloomy, lonely and useless - raskinte eyes and look who first get. But it is probable that this will become the first same-Aquarius. Like I said, they are different! By the way, I believe in fate. Therefore, they are easy to get acquainted. Come and say, "I'm your destiny." And what can the way it is.
If your a fan of FISH, nothing can be done - learn soblaznenyat men . But we can not say about him that he is "not a fish, not meat." Sometimes he is silent when asked, and said do not ask when, but so what? Feel free to take it over the gills and drag to the registry office. Although the wait, why do you need one? Oh yes, it is-sweet, kind and so illusory. It is so interesting to play - because he believes all things. Do not hesitate, if you believe that you are the best and most favorite, then it's true online dating sites single seeking love. Undoubtedly, such a man is not lying on the road. Though try not to treat his alcohol ...
If Fish unlearn dream - no one ever will not envy. However, if you want to heavenly love, melodramatic shocks and not made of words - looking fish. He did not disappoint these expectations. Or fool ...
Dear girls and honorable ladies! Please do not take the above words and sentences at face value, or a guide to action. online dating sites single seeking love.

Astrology for Men
If a girl Aries, do not care for her, so that she thought that no one except you do not need it. She is quickly bored. And if you Taurus - did not immediately have time to understand when you threw it.
If the same woman, Taurus, giving her not only flowers, but something more practical. For example, anything edible. If it is good - certainly share. So you check whether it will share with you when to get married top 10 online dating sites.
If it's twins, do not feel sorry for her interesting stories and mychite fish. They have no time doslushivat interjections. If you are clever - this week she will not have time to get bored. But it must be a long time to learn, to have something to talk together. Otherwise, it will distract the other man with two diplomas and which is silent when she speaks. And when he says - it is silent. If she is silent, it means you have luck.
Now you already know how to do a man in a relationship with an active OVNIHOY very practical heifers (this is not, I said, it's so accepted inflected) and talkative BLIZNECHIHOY. This time, it's time to talk about the relationship with household Rakin, proud lioness and hardworking maid.
If you are at the forefront of a strong, family relations and want to find their future children camuyu caring mother - do not go away, take the first available Rakin. And if not the first, then second. However, in this case, count on one long and reliable marriage. At least 20 years.
If your patience is not limitless so, look for a lioness. It is, if he wants, you give up much earlier :) Very much like the Lionesses opposite sex. In a sense, love for them - the main purpose of life. If you do not so loved-up, it will cease to miss only your attention and it ... again a free woman. But there is a chance to win the favor - do not forget to praise the lioness, even when it resembles a false lie. Just do not overdo it! And then themselves start to believe it. Very often Lionesses adore children top 10 online dating sites. If you do not like kids, get away from the lioness away - they will never forgive ... comics, jokes, demotivators
With maidens fewer problems. The main thing, do not try to sound smart in front of them. They quickly figure out who a clever and who is terrible ... But they are patient to a foreign intelligence, as always hope that someone knows more than they do. After all modesty - that is their trait. However, it can be expressed in heightened curiosity and coquetry. Make no mistake, this is not love - it is a mind game. While many wedding to finish the game. And you know what will happen after? Prompt - every day cleaning the house, washing, ironing and tapping out is not an existing collection. It's too bad, but imagine - is for life! But it is possible to tear the clothes - in the morning it will always be mended. But is that your happiness?
What about the elegant Libra, mysterious and attractive CKORPIONAH somewhere optimistic Sagittarius? Especially if they are women.
Dear real men, if there was a desire Okrut VESIHU, see that it does not Okrut you. And they, as a rule, a good figure and pleasant manners. If you love fast express their thoughts, in her presence you want to do it only in thought. So the culture they can be great gain. But people ask me: "What an approach to them? How do they lure and all?". Vesihi - they love all assess and reassess. Natura they have such. Often they like to see men with this point of view: "What we will be looking together for people in the noble society?". Not that Rakini: "Can this be the father of my children?" Oh, and - if you like Libra, take it with a clean handkerchief. They'll think you're a man of culture. But this is not enough for them. More often invite them to the theater, for other events, full of aestheticism and mutually polite people. By the way, Libra love to be late for the meeting. They would be happy to meet with you around the clock, but the etiquette prevents. However, if vesiha already tired, do not throw it without warning. Make it somehow civilized. For example, after a lot of hints and half-hints. It is her great pleasure top 10 online dating sites.
But Scorpio woman from tones and interjections could "run amok." They want something all at once. But easy prey not satisfied. Traditionally, this type of women called the "vamp". Passion fall into any alterations - and provides it with everyone around "gay" life. If you too are looking for experiences, meet with her, but sometimes try to maintain a distance (to stay away). She will appreciate it and may think: "He is afraid, it means respect." This is a step towards the continuation of relationships - so slowly, usually after conflict and reconciliation with your hand, the union will be successful. Will cell of society. Well, nothing, but it will not be boring.
Proceed to STRELCHIHAM cheerful. What do they want from their halves? In order not to interfere. In the future, the country ride, symposia open-close and in general, listened to her advice and hit her infinite authority. Someone might object - Sagittarius men are no better. No, something they are better. Strelchihi looking for a partner, not only in his personal life, but also the sponsor of their ambitious projects. After traveling so desire. Ideal - husband sponsor homebody. By the way, this strelchih invited to work in banks and other work where a decent wage. It happens that without them does not do any important decision of their boss. And they themselves are knocked out faster than others in authority. Marks (especially Dev, which is easier to follow orders than to invent them). Of course, some men (if not the sponsor) wants to earn less than his wife? It's, you know, if not strengthen personal relationships. But if you are willing to be patient and help your favorite strelchihe in its scale of activity where there is no place to you, and to give all social aspirations - will always be well fed, well dressed, your children pouezzhayut to Oxford, and the apartment will run thoroughbred dogs and a crowd of dignitaries Cobiralas and friends of the guests. Well, happy picture? Maybe you need it, then - look smart and good to you ... Will Strelchihu as cheese roll top 10 online dating sites.
That's turn came to staunch women KOZEROZHEK, daily, adventurous and beautiful VODOLEEK and forget about all fish. How to conduct yourself with them?
If you like KOZEROZHKI, so you do not have all the houses. I mean, if you want to receive the warmth and affection - not wait. No, of course, you can wait, but after passing all the tests, for example, the test of time. Many centenarians goats, and women especially. Where they hurry? If your passion has cooled over the years - and then revealed wild temperament of the chosen one. It is purposefully and methodically love you. It will not find it. But the relationship will be strong - such as cement. Untethered will not be easy. If only she let go. And so - this is quite a nice person. If you are going to help her career, she gets up to the peak heights and then, c sense of working gratitude will take you with me - even if you do not have to go there. If you want to honor and glory (in later years) - better kozerozhki not found. But remember, her whole life "through the thorns to the stars." Do you like the thorns? Then you - a perfect match. At the same time, do not be a Capricorn. That would be too much.
What to do if you like VODOLEYKA? Do not worry, it's not a reason for dating. She, vodoleyke hard to get used that somewhere there is the opposite sex, because it is much easier to consider all your friends, than to divide the world on the floor. And she loves the casual relationships. Do not think anything like that, but without the element of chance for her life - a set of dull images. But as it blooms when it is possible to put something upside down, and vice versa. If you agree to be substituted by courage vodoleykiny experiments, it can draw attention to you. And if it is recognized that you are her best friend, safely run the registry office. This means that it is yours. But not forever. As can be forever, if it's always something happening. And can you also a fan of change? Then the relationship can last a very long time, and every time the level of supernova. The main thing is not to overdo it.
As always, the last remaining fish. How do they breathe and what they need - all a big mystery top 10 online dating sites. In general, the mystery - a handy thing for every woman. But the fish without secrets - is like "a bucket without a handle." By the way, c it is very easy to connect his life. What do you need? Say whatever she wants to hear, and she will believe you. When sovret the next time, it will not pursue as a lioness, will not be cut as a criticism of Virgo, do not hide in the corner like Rakin (which will not soon entice even Kalach) and a cute smile and forgive. And forget about everything. Is that enough? Of course, there are pitfalls. What she forgets food salt, then starts to remember who was in a past life, then someone else will believe a man and disappointed in all, each time starting with you. Well, nothing, but honestly - do not take cebe - all people will distribute ... She is kind. If you follow the grandfather and grandmother's tales of legends, will be pleased to show off to your friends, "I celebrated myself a wife." And they will have to answer: "And I have a rich (cells) are too clever (twin), all in the house dragging (Rakeen), c work will not expel (Maid), sex tortured (Scorpion), turned the whole house (vodoleyka), etc. . d. " top 10 online dating sites.

A few tips for men, how to seduce women
Not that a real man would not seduce a woman romantically , he simply does not understand the importance of courting a woman ...
While Europeans have a reputation for people who know how to take care of the romantic, the vast majority of men around the world have no idea about the romance of courtship. Previous generations were too busy fighting for survival to worry about such subtleties. In addition, the male brain configured technique rather than aesthetic. Not that the man was not trying to do something in this regard, but he simply does not understand the importance of the gesture: to open the car door, bring flowers, 100 free online dating fun to dance, to cook lunch or woman to change a roll of toilet paper. Sex comes as a consequence of such gestures. Men often start with sex, and only then begin to think about how to build other aspects of the relationship. When it comes to love and courtship, a woman has no problems, but the man is in the dark, so he prefers to think that it is ready to love always, in any place and at any time. The ability to take care of the men played a huge role in whether a woman wants to have sex with him, so we give the man six true tips to help a man now so as to help him and five thousand years ago. Jackets
1. Organize your surroundings.
Taking into account the women's sensitivity to the environment and a high sensitivity to external stimulation, the man should pay attention to the place where the meeting will occur. Female hormone estrogen makes it sensitive to lighting: dim lights extends pupils, and people are starting to look attractive to each other, also less visible skin imperfections and wrinkles. Gorgeous woman listening to music requires a properly chosen. You also need to clean secluded cave, which is guaranteed not to break at some point crowd of children or anyone outside. Urgent desire of women to have sex only in an intimate atmosphere explains why the most common secret fantasy woman linked to sex in the public eye. At the same time a secret fantasy of men - sex with a complete stranger woman.
2. Feed her.
Since you have evolved as a hunter, you will not be difficult to understand that by feeding a woman, you are awaken in her primitive instincts. That is why an invitation to dinner - the most important part of the ritual for her, 100 free online dating fun even if she is not hungry, as a gift in the form of food shows that you care about their well-being and survival. When a woman is preparing your food, it is for her and for you an even more powerful symbol that is associated with the deep instincts.
3. Light the fire.
Gathering firewood and kindling of the hearth - a service that performs a man for a woman for hundreds of thousands of years. For women, this effect looks very romantic. Even if it is a gas fireplace, which it can easily ignite, it should definitely do it himself, if he wants to create a romantic atmosphere. What is important is the act of providing services, rather than the fire itself.
4. Bring flowers.
Most men do not realize the impact force of the bouquet of flowers. This man thinks: "Why spend money on such an abyss thing you have to throw in a few days?" Men's logic is ready to accept the act of donation of the pot with a flowering plant because the plant during maintenance and care will live, maybe even bring profits! However, a woman sees it all in a different light: she wants a bouquet of fresh flowers. A few days later the flowers fade and they will have to throw it away, 100 free online dating fun but it will be an excuse to buy a bouquet of the following, and then appeal to the romantic instincts, the desire to satisfy her sublime. Try to make a sincere compliment
5. Dance with her.
Not that the man did not actively wanted to dance: many simply in the right hemisphere is not the area that is responsible for the sense of rhythm. Go to any aerobics class and look at the men (if any at all) who are trying to keep the rhythm. The man who gave the trouble to learn how to dance rock 'n' roll or waltz, always popular among all women at any party . Zapishitest school of modern ballroom dances. Club dances or hustle - will also be quite good. On the dance say that it is a vertical act of horizontal desire and its history is the history of the ritual, which allow contact between the male and female body as one of the techniques of courtship. Analogs exist dancing animals.
6. Buy chocolates and champagne.
This combination of many years associated with romantic courtship, but few know why. Champagne contains not found in other alcoholic beverages chemicals, which are associated with an increase in testosterone levels in the blood. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which stimulates the brain center of the love of women. Daniela Piomella from the Institute of Neuroscience in San Diego, 100 free online dating fun a recent study has revealed three new chemicals called N-ACYLETHANOLAMINES, which are substances from cannabis, bind to receptors in the female brain, causing a sensation similar to those that occur after smoking marijuana . These substances are contained in the chocolate and cocoa, but not in the white chocolate and coffee. 100 free online dating fun.

As a woman chooses a lover
How our clothes undergo seasonal changes, and the choice of a favorite - depends on the "season" of life.
It was such a Russian saying: "We widow's husband to the law, the military for the soul, the driver for the body." Our contemporary, meets their requests often take turns. First comes the Count "for the soul", then marriage, most popular online dating then pampered flesh.
In his younger years, fun, when there looms the specter of loneliness, so easy to come together and go with a friend simply because there is a free evening . Soul sings and dances, space requests and if not horror at all would be heaven on earth. It seems like an eternity ahead, and before it has plenty of entertainment: clubs, dance, discotheques, cafes and so on. New meetings and sex does not take place once a year. Student dormitories and factory are home to young and more casual partners who finally Dorval to do what my mother told me not to.
NOTE: Do not take into account the girls forced into relations without a soul whose behavior is on the verge of prostitution.
Maid of gaining experience, novelty meeting loses its charm and fairy tales about girlfriends unearthly pleasure giving way to the harsh truth - if it is good even through time, consider that lucky. Lovers are changing with the rhythm of a well-functioning mechanism. Sometimes I would like to extend a novel and a little longer, but something once is not docked, most popular online dating and the flow of life drags, leaving no time to go back, to catch and reflect. There are so many boys, all in their own good. Why make an effort to keep a lover , if the next will not be worse, at least at the same level of communication - dance, cuddle, fuck quickly - and again meet the new love of pleasure ...
But time passes, and the years are running. Oh married unbearable, and the new meeting is not becoming more frequent. Selection of lovers is getting tougher, with the long-term view. In place of the spiritual impulse is a sober calculation, the hunt for the groom, seduction, and ohmurenie okoltsevanie. The groom may be old breed of lovers , but more often it is the part of the bride and believed an angel in the flesh.
NOTE: Do not consider those cases where the marriage is a way to cover the pregnancy - is unhappy marriages, most of which are destined for divorce, and marriage is the cause of fatherlessness.
Forget all that was before marriage, purify body and soul for the new state, most popular online dating try to focus on one man, and love, and home care, and bedding joy - it is not a new life!
The primary grinding, the conquest of space for a family sun, martial arts with his beloved mother in law, pregnancy and caring for kids - all this makes the young wife faithful wife for the next few years. I stumbled store of women's shoes, where Women's large size shoes are a wide range of all the shoe stores in Russia. It is that time my grandmother remembered as a difficult, but very happy in marriage. Then life is arranged, the children grow up, the husband loses interest, leisure and predisposes - ... At first thought, and then the dream, then the plans, and then action. The lover of a married woman - more than just a farmer who has been admitted to the body. It is an outlet through which to enjoy the smell of freedom; it is the source from which to draw strength for further peaceful coexistence in one single family; Finally, it is a constant affirmation of youth and attractiveness of the venerable mother of the family. In any case, it must be so - one of at least three persons. A woman comes to communication with a lover more carefully than in the carefree years of youth: there is love - and they will meet for many years; man does not tones and revives - down it will find better most popular online dating.
Of course, the ability to change the lover if common ground is lost (or never found) - outstanding features extramarital affair of wedlock. On the other hand, the lack of overall economy (which, as we know, is a sign of marital relations) initially focuses on a temporary connection. Because passionate extramarital affair, passionate, and short-term. Once the fervor subsides, the passion dies down, fades and the difference between legitimate and walker. And then there is no need to go over to the side, to spend time, to take risks. So temporarily reigns peace and quiet in a family intima, it is again something did not stir romantic woman's heart.
NOTE: We pass by in cases where the wife feeding (literally) paves the way in the service of her husband or passing earns his coat. This is closer to the Ministry of Trade, and we have - love department.
When the age of the passionate novel is over, and the age senile peace is still far ahead, a woman who is not alone, looks around less than her husband - as it is not taken away. Therefore, under and over fifty novels almost come to naught. Again, the care of their grandchildren and children, own ailments - all of this is not conducive to languid tenderness. Novels in this age of increasingly ephemeral - flash timid echo of bygone passions polyhnet ghost and goes out like a mirror to reflect light of a random car in the night curtained window most popular online dating.
Grandmothers lovers do not happen. If she is married, faithful and honest, and if alone, is free to choose other, regardless of the opinions of others. Novels often occur in retro style: "Do you remember ... - I remember I ... - Oh, it was just a dream, but what a wonderful dream!"
NOTE: No comments, but sorry.
In short, like Okudzhava: "The girl is crying - the ball flew away." Do not tell me that there are plenty of options - there are, of course, but they are wrong. The main thing that lyubilos, like calling for deeds and helped to live. To sitting in front of the fireplace, it was something to remember and sweet sigh, looking at the innocent games grandchildren or even great-grandchildren.
NOTE: As a rule, ladies, mentioned in different notes - the same. That, apparently, their lucky star. most popular online dating.

How to seduce a man? The views, facial expressions, gestures, dance ...
Do you still believe that the so-called educated girl should wait patiently until the man come to her, to get acquainted and begin to look tseremenno or unceremoniously dragged into bed? This scenario is hopelessly outdated online dating free love site. Today, girls are not only start, but win. And the men this only too happy - they are tired of being on the first cast. Men also like to be seduced. Take advantage of seduction tactic, going to a party ! Computer Games
And if I can seduce him? Sure! I have no doubt!
So you're at a party - music, drinks, twilight. And here he is - a man who has long you like or like just now, it is not important, the main thing that you felt ready for offensive action. Simply put, she decided to seduce him! The perfect plan and also easily feasible. And do not torture yourself with typical girlish doubts: "How to seduce a man," "Will I?", "I like me to him?" "Well-I wearing?". Drop doubt - the secret of our appeal is not in the clothes and make-up, and in view of invisible fluids sexuality that exudes a woman.
However, something about the clothes you need to know: how to fire a man afraid of sexual provocation. That is, if you appear at the party in a very open and transparent dress, under which also would not underwear, it is certainly interesting call up the men, but no more than that - closer to you, he is likely to be afraid: you never know what will turn a close relationship with such extravagant special? Or you interested in a man, for whom the only important sex online dating free love site.
Facial expressions and gestures decide everything!
Especially at a party, where because of the noise, we have no choice but to pantomime. What is not so bad, because sign language is universal and, therefore, understandable to any representative of the stronger sex.
So, sit in the open position - no clamped down with crossed arms, relax, touch your hair, straighten stray strand; doing their own hair, as if by accident bare neck - is certain to lead a man in a light trembling. The same response followed, if you show a potential lover and smooth the delicate skin of the inside of the stock up - in the eyes of men, this area of your hand looks very sexy.
Twist the Fine and soak up the fingers of some oblong object: a cigarette, a glass of foot - so you nameknesh their counterparts that do not mind playing with the other, more pleasant subject. Yeshe a potent method - Bring a man to look at your foot, and take off a few times, and then again put on her shoe. Fine manipulation shoes men perceived as a very frank erotic signal online dating free love site.
The enchanting magic of sight
Not only gestures excite the imagination of men. You can not miss such an important weapon of offense, as a look. In the noble cause of male seduction , he is fundamental. So, if you're at a party identified the victim, keeping her from her beautiful eyes. After a few exciting moments scrutiny each other lightning look away, to look again at the man from beneath her lashes. This technique works perfectly, but only if you are doing it with perfect naturalness.
Otherwise, you will not look like an experienced seductress, and self-taught hypnotist. Do not sit down with a stone-faced - men like women smiling and do not forget that a smile is not only a friendly and cheerful, but also alluring, charming, seductive.
Seduce a man on a party flirting , in principle, you can do some gestures and glances. Still, sometimes you need to talk, even then, to learn the name of the chosen one. In addition, the voice is a very powerful weapon of seduction of men. Keep in mind that caresses the ears of men, and the low sound of a soft female voice. You can make him a little compliment online dating free love site. Try to speak in a low voice, it will strengthen the fascinating process of seduction.
Dancing as a finale
They will be the final and triumphant finale in seducing men. Do not wait until he invites you, do not forget that the music in this celebration of life you order you!
Keep it slow, viscous and filled with delightful eroticism. Snuggling in a slow dance in the body chosen, you can be arbitrarily bold - once he dances with you, so willing to do anything. And after the dance, or even during it is appropriate to transmit unobtrusively their prey where you can fully enjoy the fruits of art to seduce. We wish you, that they were just as sweet as the dream of! online dating free love site.

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