In modern society, it is assumed that the first step in getting acquainted to do it man. And this is reasonable. Woman as the fairer sex is waiting for initiatives from the strong, singles dating site in germany it's nice to be conquered. But this immediately raises a contradiction. How to meet in the event that if a guy likes you, but does not take the first step? That is the question and try to answer.
There is a certain type of men - stolid, silent and modest. They tend to lead themselves never show. However, often such ultimately just given a good husbands because in the future they do not go on mistresses, and their whole life is centered around his wife. And if you're looking for is not currently in a couple of perfect lover and devoted and caring husband, you should seriously think about how to meet so modest.
Note that at an early age children never ask such questions, do not think about who will take the first step - a boy or a girl. All their games together and start communicating themselves.
Time passes, and people are beginning to realize that they are - different, somewhat differently arranged. Information on TV, from the press, the Internet, education and stereotypes also make adjustments to the behavior of the sexes. Women and men are affected by the sexual revolution, and did not notice that their behavior often come first instinct, not reason.
It is guided by instinct, most of the fairer sex are waiting for initiatives from the men. But we - not animals, we - people who are able to understand the language, hands, legs and head have those and others. Thus, in the world of mankind the first step can make a man and a woman. And in any case, there is definitely "no one owes nothing should", singles dating site in germany because of the commitment of marriage at this stage we are not talking.
From the point of view of the compromise first step in relations between the sexes in solidarity, many psychologists and writers. A very good example confirming this is the book by Susan Page "If I'm such a wonderful, then why am I still alone?".
The author repeatedly stops on the problem of loneliness and confidently argues that it makes no sense to wait until your life will break someone - you need to act itself! It is most acquainted with men and in the process of communication to find out that he was "of fruit", and then - to choose the most suitable option!
Using a recipe Susan Page, a woman gets much more likely to find a soul mate. Imagine the situation. You sit on a bench, near the fountain. And on the other side sits a nice young man. Well, if he notices you and turn its attention. And if not? You will sit and wait? Well, if you want to miss out on a potentially promising choice, and to do. The man has his own life, his business and maybe right now he just does not think about women. But bring him back to the thought of them only you can.
Thus, a reasonable answer to the question why a man must take the first step, as such, no. The first to act the one who is more interested in the future introduction. This approach is much more advantages compared to passive. Getting to know yourself, you, first, greatly expand your choice, and secondly, get experience dating places, and, thirdly, train skills.
But do not start communicating with anyone. Like everything else at dating has its own rules:
1. Do not live exorbitant dreams and fantasies about what you like people - your destiny. In other words, do not jump out to marry the first comer, do not put yourself ambitious targets. Who is your goal - meeting and socializing. After all, you now just train and try different men (boys) "taste." A dish that really liked it, you must first properly "rasprobovat singles dating site in germany."
2. Do not waste time on objects that do not live up to your expectations. The woman is quite capable of the first meet, but if in the process of communication it turns out that the young man is not to talk, just walk away from it. Most of all - it's not yours.
3. Prepare to be that finding the right partner can take a long time. And if you are shy, to begin with at least a try. We know that if long to suffer, eventually everything will turn out.
4. Leave aside the virtual dating. Correspondence - not the best way to find the guy. Although if you're going to expand your search via the Internet, in a way he can help you. But do not waste time and immediately indicate that you are interested in communicating in the real world. After all, live and communicate with the guy sooner or later you will have in real life, not on the web.
5. Do not think that a woman who comes to the first guy, is an image of the ladies of easy virtue. Not at all. After all, you simply have to offer the young man to meet, to learn more about each other, to find common tastes, interests, etc. Get rid of the guilt, allow yourself to love and be loved, because your goal - to build their own lives and become a happy family.
6. And the final advice. Ignore those who did not fit you. Assume the same man be far from good in the hand with a bottle of beer - not the best one for this. A humble and outwardly attractive man in glasses - certainly far more worthy alternative drinkers.
On the personal features of people mentioned in the beginning of this article singles dating site in germany. But do not think that it definitely can take a hint, it is unlikely the man is so good that he can read minds. Therefore, the best way to start a conversation - just walk up and say, "Young man, it is possible to meet you?" And you will just wait for the right answer! singles dating site in germany.

Virtual dating is no worse and no better than usual, although many criticize and pulls this kind of setting and communion. Each type of dating has its pluses and minuses. If you can get acquainted on the Internet, singles seeking love dating meet this process will give you a lot of positive and at times seem like a fascinating game.
Well, if you do not know - you learn. Or choose the way to meet that person for you more than anyone else.
I often write that on dating sites impossible to find anyone. Sitting alone horny comrades, frivolous behavior of girls and full of maniacs.
Regarding concerned, yes, there is such a category, but it has a function "Ignore." You do not have to prove anything, or to explain just press a button, and you do not bother.
About unserious people. Dating site - it's ready to communicate the audience. The site gives you a real opportunity for 1 day to tie communication with a large number of users, but there really 10, 30, 100 people by correspondence, communication via phone, ICQ or Skype, you can determine the man set to look for a soul mate or looking for entertainment, so as a relationship with a real person is not satisfied.
No need to be superpsihologom. Suffice poperepisyvatsya couple of days with the person to understand his or her true intentions.
It's been almost two years since I signed up on a dating site and I came across mostly reasonable, adequate, interesting, funny, friendly people. When I saw that in the process of correspondence person behaves somehow inadequate, causing suspicion, it is automatically sent to the folder "Ignored". And three meetings on neutral territory, or a phone call is enough to determine that the "fruit" in front of you. No need to have any special knowledge of psychology, is enough to prove observation. For example, singles seeking love dating meet if a man is prone to tantrums, the timbre of his voice when he you something tells will slip squeal notes.
Still there is an interesting point: if you do in life often have to be provided as a victim, you are deceived, betrayed, robbed, then you have a very good chance here is to run into unfriendly person. The people even have a saying: "Poor Ivanushka stones all the way."
Is it possible to find a soul mate online? As practice shows - it is possible. It is not one pair of joined hearts thanks to a dating site, and there are plenty of evidence.
Once I came to her beautician and heard an interesting story from her love. At the time, it asked for help a young girl. She was fired from his job because of acne on his face. In our time, losing their jobs and then to engage in the search for her - not an easy test, and when it is exacerbated by personal problems as Jack said, "did not want to live." Thanks to a qualified beautician approach, Eugene got rid of their skin problems and began arranging private lives. Through the site, she met a young man from a completely different city. The distance was not only an obstacle to their relationship, but on the contrary, become a stimulus to strengthen their singles seeking love dating meet. Now Eugene - happy bride occupied prenuptial troubles.
Any started dating on the street or in a global network, it only opens the door for future relations. Will conclude whether these relationships wedding ring or a sad ending - depends on you. singles seeking love dating meet.

The virtual world is replete with the opposite sex, which you most likely would never have met in my life, under any circumstances.
In serious dating , valuing his reputation, in this sense, straight singles dating sites there are a number of advantages, because for them, you may be offered a selection of diagnostic methods developed by well-known experts and time-tested, and designed specifically for a particular site, taking into account characteristics of contingent members. They allow you to define your basic characteristics that make up the so-called core of personality and compatibility with potential partners . Based on these data, you can get acquainted with only those users who have recommended it to you as a psychological compatibility.
However, this does not mean that every day you will see on your page the same similar profiles. Profiles of people who like clones are similar to one another. Most likely, before you will be representatives of different ages, with very diverse hobbies, interests, tastes and preferences.
There is a saying, according to which a person is nothing more beautiful, nothing is more frustrating than his own freedom of choice. So how do you make a choice in such a variety of options?
It is known that some of the girls and the young men considered indecent to correspond with multiple users at the same time a dating site. Psychologists claim such view is mistaken. Although, if only because at the first meeting of the two, as a rule, do not give each other any promises. Of course, if the introduction takes place on the site in between people who are on the test results for each other psychologically as potential components of a love duet, it goes without saying that the interest brought against the members of the opposite sex is very specific. But even the present circumstance does not impose on each other for the first time have seen the people on the site have any moral obligations straight singles dating sites.
Moreover, it may be useful not only someone with the purpose to get to know each other, but also a virtual flirting. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to start a conversation with a new, completely unfamiliar to you man. And it was not in distress. Many have no idea how to make a virtual dialogue was not like an interrogation or a selection of the most popular jokes anecdotes from the site.
Easy, no noncommittal flirtation, hitting its understatement and unpredictability, will show you how your partner is ready to play with words, to shine wit, fit you for the reaction rate can be expressed unambiguously, but did not get, in turn, thinking the fact that you might say. If you are really compatible with your counterpart in nature, breadth of vision, similar views and interests, then such communication from both get positive emotions and pleasure.
Of course, flirt in real life, to which many women are accustomed to much more, and flirting in cyberspace - have large differences. Seeing each other, we indulge in a smile, his expression changing, all the diversity of our facial expressions and gestures, graceful gait, beautiful posture, laugh, intonation of speech and voice modulation. In the web, rewriting on dating sites , men and women are deprived of all of this "feast" for eyes and ears, that does not prevent virtual communication, however, straight singles dating sites mutually enhance the mood is easy to communicate and playfully know each other better.
Once you get to know your chosen one, or several candidates for this role, you must ask yourself a simple question: if there is an insurmountable barrier between us?
Psychologists believe that femininity - this is not one single quality, but a set of characteristics that, in one degree or another, in one way or another, are common to all the women on the planet.
According to professionals, femininity is manifested in the care that makes the most of the beautiful women nurses, kindergarten teachers and mothers. The ability to experience deep feelings and emotions surface like fireworks when everything loud, colorful flash visible from a distance, but did not reach the ground and quickly extinguished.
Another very peculiar feature is the tendency for women to prefer to elect the members of the opposite sex, who for one reason or another are not available.
For this very reason, every year a lot of young students and graduate students fell in love with their teachers and academic leaders.
Ladies often can not part with their cavalry, even though he is married and cheating on her, she lives in another city, does not want to marry her, or even to conduct a joint household, too young or too old for her.
How many women have fallen into the hands of speculators, straight singles dating sites because they are not confused that no lover of housing / work, but there is a lot of debt on the loan.
Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity showing enviable courage and perseverance worthy of a better cause, leaving husbands who drink, take drugs, lose the family budget cards and even raise a hand to his faithful. The girls regret their men - losers, hoping to cure, forgive, believe the promises. And so over and over again.
Psychologists believe that to prevent such a disastrous and destructive for the woman relationship is much easier than to break out of the web, when there are shared pleasant memories, affection, hope and dreams.
So before you stop your choice, make sure that the gentleman you drew positive qualities rather than by the fact that, in a sense between you - the wall that you want to destroy, defying fate. Do not take on more than you can pull.
An old wise phrase: "According to the fate of lead and Dissent - drags." Therapists are advised to listen to the phrase, communicate, learn more, have fun, take the initiative and to see how will develop your virtual history .
And, after all, do not tighten correspondence. Indeed, in the long run only real meetings, in life will tell you, as you are right, and what is not, and there be another goodbye under the blue sky with the man, or it does not suit you. straight singles dating sites.

Once upon a time many years ago in one of the newspapers I read an interesting article. The author talks about how hard a woman in our time, especially running, 100 online dating site for singles find a decent husband. And it offers among other things a certain way I remember their uniqueness.
Council sounded verbatim: Head large purebred dog. The author emphasized the importance of each word. Dog - not a cat or a crocodile. Most, but not medium or small. Thoroughbred, not a mongrel.
Why is this?
1. You will have plenty of opportunities to go out: a walk with the dog every day is necessary. During the walk you can in a natural way to get acquainted with the owners of other dogs, neighbors yard, or whomever constantly meet on the street while walking. The same role is played by the site for training and veterinary clinics. The man who wants to talk to you, will always be ready to explore the topic. You, if you want to get acquainted first - too.
2. purebred dogs is a member of the club, you will from time to time to visit. Here you will find a range of people, which are associated with the general interest and which do not need to search for a topic of conversation - it is always ready, relevant and inexhaustible.
3. canine exhibition, which you will drive even not particularly expecting to win. It is also an occasion to change the situation for a while, and again - the opportunity to make new acquaintances 100 online dating site for singles.
These three points are designed to cure you of lonely sitting in four walls, they will provide you with a circle of communication, new acquaintances and entertainment. Among dog lovers men enough to have only this to secure a wide range of candidates.
As this method will attract to you the real men?
1. Everyone can see that you are able to live in a house with a living creature that occupies a lot of space and requires constant attention. So you know how to be careful, but at the same time respect the personal space of another.
2. Everyone can see that you can cope with being big and strong, and therefore has a certain personal power and can be a reliable friend in the difficult moments of life.
3. Everyone can see that this creature you well.
Are you a man may not be afraid of being suffocated unnecessary care, or vice versa - too much control. Will know that you will never make of it lapdog and perfectly understand that the leash between freedom and need a healthy balance.
Well, the most important thing.
How does all of the above will give you a natural selection of men worthy of the creation of a strong family?
1. Even speaking to the man in the street, you will be able in a short time to learn about him important things: how he is tolerant of lack of other, ready to take care of and how much to give. Maybe he wants to control, or vice versa 100 online dating site for singles - is too passive and selfish.
2. However, you selfish and not in danger: a man who does not want to share it paid attention to the dog, even closer to you will not. Also automatically filtered out those who are not capable of spiritual communion.
3. When you give birth to their first child, you will have had some experience with kids and your partner - the experience and the ability to share your concern for the care and upbringing.
Here's a tip from the Soviets. It is not for everyone. However, if you think about the arguments, it can inspire other interesting ideas. 100 online dating site for singles.

If you think that the goal of each person - to get married or get married, it is a mistake. For many, the goal is the opposite: in any case, do not get married (to marry), adult singles dating even if such a possibility podvorachivaetsja and conditions are ideal.
The reasons may be different, ranging from fear of self-responsibility in family life and ending with confidence in their own unattractive to the opposite sex. Parental divorce scandal, failure in the home of friends and relatives, inferiority complex, infantilism, the costs of education and more can cause a person to give up family relations.
Of course, the easiest way not to get married (to marry), if you just give up all incoming offers. But not everyone is capable of such a feat. In addition, around full of relatives, friends, and acquaintances who incite: Well, when already, well, it's time to, well, come on, after a good option ... We have to dodge. It should not offend advisers, and at the same time you do not accidentally get married (married). This - the high art accessible not for everyone. So I suggest you some tips following which you will be able to successfully destroy any matrimonial plans and maintain their freedom intact. At the same time others will assume that you just have no luck, you can not find your handsome prince (princess), but looking ceaselessly.
So advice. Do not forget - bad! They are equally suitable for both women and men.
Most importantly, in order not to get married: a portrait of the ideal partner (prince or princess) and reject another approaching anyone who does not conform to this portrait of a nanometer. For example, your prince must know how to play the violin - you have always dreamed of, that in the evenings with the family you will hear virtuoso violinist adult singles dating. If a candidate for the princes do not play the violin, and learned, say, piano or guitar, it definitely does not fit. You've dreamed of Paganini, and not on domestic bard. Your princess should be able to cook at the level of top-class chefs. What do you mean, I never heard of Burgundy snails? You never know what you yourself have seen them only on the picture, but one that does not know how to cook them - obviously not your princess.
The stricter requirements and more of them, the less likely that you will be offered his hand and heart. Therefore, think over all the details of the portrait, not forgetting not only the personal qualities, education, social status and so on, but also the appearance. Be sure to pay attention to the preferences, interests and hobbies. And then suddenly you find a lover of classical literature, and something you want to have the opportunity to discuss the latest innovations of science fiction. Or - the horror! - A lover of outdoor activities, and what do you say and love all that sit quietly with a fishing rod on the shore of the lake. And then the apparent contradiction: do you like in the evening to watch a movie, and a candidate for Prince (Princess) prefers to lie on the couch with a book. So do not miss anything, not a single detail!
It is important, parents and other relatives of a potential prince or princess. Remember, they have to like you, they should not have any flaws. If there are deficiencies, then immediately give up the candidate. Suddenly, he will manifest the same traits? Special attention to the health of relatives of the candidate. You do not need a prince or princess with a predisposition to disease. For example, if the candidate's grandmother died at the age of ninety-five years of a heart attack, it is - it is a sufficient reason for refusal.
Do not forget that you relatives of the potential prince or princess should be treated with all possible reverence. And by the way, to your parents and other relatives - too. The reverse - it is not necessary. The more that you are still much better than all their combined.
Best of all, if the introduction is not as though the continuation of any relationship. In this case, we do not have to rack their brains, looking for the reasons for refusal. It is therefore necessary to develop a clear strategy in the event of unforeseen circumstances (ie unexpected acquaintances that could lead to certain consequences adult singles dating - do not forget that the consequences can be in any dating, so be careful!).
It is important to avoid all communication with the opposite sex, as a result of communication can build relationships, and this is undesirable. Alas, this is not always possible. Sometimes you have to accept invitations to visit, to parties and so on, which like it or not, and communication is a must. In this case there is trouble-free recipe for how to communicate in a way that you never attempts to communicate did not stick.
The system is very simple: always talking about himself and only himself, only about their problems. Never listen to the interlocutor, and it is desirable - and do not let him say a word. For example, if a noisy party man comes to you with a clear aim to meet (even invented here!) And asks the perennial question "How are you?", You should take this question is not as rhetorical, which is a seed to start the conversation, and the most direct way requiring a direct answer. That is, you should immediately begin to tell how exactly your things. Very good dump at him many details about your personal life, the lives of your family and friends, about the health of your parrot, and at the same time of your colleagues and superiors. If the other party is trying to kill you and wedge some own statement, your task - to prevent it. Saying you have, the source - just listen. Except that sometimes allowed to publish sympathizing or supporting your idea cheers. If after such a conversation had not lost the desire to know you better, then maybe it makes sense to consider his candidacy.
One of the charming heroines of the film "The most charming and attractive" argues that in order to get married, you need to meet the requirement of "not born beautiful, and be born active". Therefore, if the goal is the opposite, we should avoid all activity. Accepts an invitation for a visit only if you can not give up in any way at all, to himself do not invite in any case - the activity punishable new acquaintances, and this, in turn, is fraught with the appearance on the horizon of candidates for Princes or Princesses. Try as little as possible to go anywhere, especially dangerous so-called public places - there is often come across people who want to meet.
Dress appropriately: clothes should be comfortable, non-marking, understated and asexual as possible. On the mode, you can not think about it - for those who wish to draw the attention of the opposite sex. Do not forget about the colors: bright colors can attract unwanted attention to you, adult singles dating so the best colors - dull (gray or brown).
Do not hesitate: you do not need anyone, it definitely! Attachment to another person leads to disappointment - examples of this set. Therefore exclude the possibility of affection in your life and live quietly. Of course, for you, no one will care, but you also will not care about anyone except for himself. And this happiness? adult singles dating.

All of us in our behavior we use some strategies - they can either be successful or not. In dating men all the same thing - so let's now talk about what strategy you have all online dating sites 4 singles?
Answer yourself the question now: how do I get acquainted with men, as it happens? How do I do this? Many in fact almost did not think about how they operate, in order to achieve some result.
What options could be:
- I'm just looking at them, wait until they themselves take the initiative.
- When I see a nice guy on the internet, I can write it ...
- Familiarize themselves, but more likely to be married.
- Does not acquainted.
- I sit on dating sites.
- I have a friend of my friends.
So, what is your strategy, and, most importantly, whether it suits you?
For example, if you realize that most of the time you spend in places where there are men, and you know them, then most likely, your strategy works. Therefore, no changes are necessary, nor to fix what is not broken. However, if you think that the men around you a little, that is, your strategy is not working, or it you have no - the challenge is to develop a more effective strategy.
Think of your typical week from Monday to Sunday, and think about the places where you spend time most of his time. Except for the house, of course, there is not a lot of men with whom you are not familiar with all online dating sites 4 singles. There are several strategies, and if you recognize any of them use, then it will be a step forward.
The first strategy - "The Princess and the Pea," "I'm not doing anything, I'm waiting for her prince when he comes himself to meet me, come to me in the street and say that the dream of me all my life." This strategy, when a girl does not make absolutely no effort to go to some place where there are men. She goes to work, then she goes home, sitting at home, perhaps in social networks, and thought: "How strange that I still have not even met the man of her dreams." Or, for example, she goes to the knitting, or somewhere else where men do not go! But even in this case it is possible to meet a man in the cafe, which is an office building.
However, most of these end up dating because - she declares that she does not fit the man, and continues to live in solitude.
The second strategy - "Huntress". When these women appears aim to meet a man, they begin to act very decisively. They get acquainted with all where no hitting, not understanding, with whom meet, the main thing - how can a large number of men to make contact on the principle of "someone so will fall."
This often these girls are introduced to the clubs - night clubs, nightclubs or restaurants. And it is very surprised that comes few men who are willing to form any lasting relationships. Why in the night clubs rarely meet a man who wants to start a family? There is such a thing as the context of the situation.
I am sure that in the same cafes and bars, even in the "cereal" places go fine men. But in these places another goal - to have fun. It is unlikely that the men after a hard day go to the club with the purpose to meet the woman of his dreams there. So context club, evening gatherings, where people usually drink more - it's not quite good variant is dating with her man. If you want a man for sex - no problem, you club. I do not need to hold seminars on how to meet a man for one night! But our task all online dating sites 4 singles - to find it for her man.
The third strategy - "Firm-election." It allows you to more effectively search for a man who came up to you.
I have a girlfriend, it was important to meet the man "IT specialist" to him was interesting to talk about work. It is engaged in the selection of pesonala IT-company, it is constantly involved in some conferences and parties in her appropriate. On the other hand, she is interested in a variety of activities and campaigns. Consequently, a man had to be pros-hikers! And in the end it really became acquainted with a man for some IT-shnoy conference, then they went to a campaign, and they began a relationship.
A second friend of mine was looking for a man not at first, but ... himself. It was a time when she would find peace, she began to go to a Buddhist center, and there met the man, which was now married. And she's just happy because her man understood her very deep values.
My story is also quite interesting. Several years ago I realized that I wanted to meet her man. And I began to take classes of tantra. My future beloved man turned out to be the organizer of these activities, and, in fact, where we met him.
Let's make a conclusion, where do we need to get acquainted with men. It is necessary to get acquainted, where there is an option to understand what this man the true values, and that he really likes. In other words - where he can show his some specific angle or quality. It may be a club or conference, no matter how important that all participants of the event should be a common goal to learn something new or learn something. In such places it is very easy to get acquainted - in fact you are not imposed and feel good and natural all online dating sites 4 singles.
For example, if you love hiking, where you need a week to climb the mountain, you need to look for a man who would be inclined to the same style. If you are a lover of secular parties - looking man there.
And if your most important values are aligned with the values of men, alas, in a few years you will have nothing to talk over lunch. all online dating sites 4 singles.

Marriage - a job. First of all - this is the work on themselves. If the work is done properly or not done at all, I want to dig deeper into the past and find the guilty arizona singles dating ...
If a child does not go with the waves of well-being, not to hear that all by itself will be fine, and you're kind of special and the best in the world, but rather to learn how to achieve everything myself, no one else to hope and expect to be able to answer for their actions and not to hide from the eyes of fear, it will grow quite wealthy and independent person to be easy to learn and does not deliver the biggest challenges parents. More plans will be, she will learn to earn zavedet a lot of friends and live multi-faceted life.
It will not wait for their fate. It will look for her man, who opens for her the world of love and tenderness.
Instead, it will come to others, they will not be able to pick up the key to your heart, they will need something else. Some of them are not smart enough, others are not so reliable, the third will be the passport zashtampovannoe marriage. Men will go back where you came.
By process of elimination of errors, and will develop immunity suspicion. Waste your time on trifles not prescribe in regulations.
Loneliness nakinet shoulders raincoat. She learned to be alone. And in this state, it will be easy and relaxed.
Girlfriends-peers are in full escort children to school, to rapidly cook porridge family life, throwing in the towel on domestic issues. And in her mind grow the belief that everything is naively simple and predictable, there must be another meaning in life, something high and significant arizona singles dating.
Close the story.
Smart, beautiful, successful, strong, but lonely. To live an interesting life with lots of plans for the future. Make everything in this life for yourself, but do not make the main.
While the years have not drawn around the eyes and wrinkles invisible threads no priporoshit hair frost is not too late to fix something.
"Obedient" girls rarely went well personal lives. Usually they are married, "an acquaintance." Such familiarity is not the best option. To try himself as a human thing, how "to face" - is not entirely honest.
Uberm obedient sotrm gloss, farce and excessive grooming, add some daily negligence and simplicity.
Forget about the perfect man, all the people are full of shortcomings and flaws arizona singles dating. Crystal Castles, collapsing, achieves its fragments.
Correct opinion, searching, calling, shouting about freedom, evaluates and repulsive.
No need to look for. Fate itself will adjust chance meeting, tease a bit, then grab an armful elusive happiness.
Pruning sharp tongue so as not to spread out phrases like rubber bullets.
Get rid of rigor, inaccessibility, aggressiveness and stubbornness.
We delete a burning desire to make a career and earn a lot of money.
And finally, we stop to point fingers.
Solitude - it's not a problem of society, this is a problem individual. It does not come just like that, we are launching it. arizona singles dating.

Many of us have wondered why while the spacecraft travel through the airspace and the rest of the world lives itself and is making good, we - so beautiful and wonderful - wander this planet (who is happy, black singles dating sites who is not) in search of his half?
And the further we are drawn into the wilds of thought, the more often visited by the idea that we are doomed, hopeless, and even are defective ... After all, we are alone ... In fact, we can not be reunited with someone already known to friends and loved ones in the most beautiful "Love the puzzle."
Waking up in my practical-rational "teltsovskoe" began increasingly flashy sets a question: Is it not nonsense?
Yes, very easy to believe that somewhere there is a man who at first glance will plunge you into the trembling, will understand without words, would love more than life itself, and you with him in the old will die one day.
Yes, it is beautiful, and most importantly - easy. It is much easier to wait for Prince Charming, rather than build their lives with a real good guy who respects you to start, and maybe even love.
Of course, I do not urge to rush into the arms of the first man who more or less attracted to the outside, though, admittedly, appearance plays an important role. Moreover, in addition to appearance, each person has and other basic selection criteria, they had never cancel - such as "intelligent, kind, honest" ... included here even certain prosperity black singles dating sites - and immediately filter the mass of potential partners on these grounds.
However, to remain fairly large sample, because, as some would have pessimistic not been set, there are good people. Both men and women - there is, and a lot of them.
So why even in this rather large group of people we do not find your soul mate puzzle? We have so much good and lonely, but nobody does not fit each other.
Take the average nice man who does not drink, can not even smoke, works, she wants to start a family and children. Or a girl - pretty, smart, kind, dreaming of family happiness.
Why are they alone? Why is actually so difficult to gather that same "Puzzle of Love"?
Because most are waiting for the same purpose, the same one that will merge them together like a puzzle. But what if there is no all these puzzles? What if all this fiction creative intelligentsia?
What if, in order to create your puzzle, you need to take a piece of wood and carve themselves - and not it for yourself, not by yourself it is not - the Treaty, to draw with him or her the most desired pattern border parts of the puzzle?
But we can not, we stubbornly believe that there is somewhere already half finished, stable and unchanging, and our main task - only to find the missing pieces, which also have somewhere waiting for us Readily, shiny and may even polished.
The thing is our attitude to it ... the older you get, the more we believe in what we are already fully formed, crystallized in some stable structure.
Why is that? And because it's easier, because you believed in it, black singles dating sites you do not need to do anything with them.
"I'm stubborn, yes - accept me for who I am."
"I am a freedom-loving, I will not change - either accept it or not."
What if, while you're alone, you remain the most material of which only have to create something? Create together with someone who is also, as you are ready for such a carpentry work?
It does not matter how old you are: 20, 30 or 50 ...
Maybe absolute misconception is that only the young and flexible ability to change, adapt and connect to the puzzle, and if you crossed the border of that age, everything - you stood like a piece of ice that remains only a "hollow scrap."
Young easier to "get ground" just because they are easier to relate to everything, they are full of energy and desire to do something, the elderly are lazy, full of frustration and fatigue ...
But we have - those who are not lucky enough to jump out to marry or to marry early - far more tools in their hands to create! But we do not use them, we are waiting for something to cook ...
We are so accustomed to "fast food" that even in love waiting for the frozen product that just need to put in the "microwave" and warm.
We are a factory infinite virtual novels, living in remote, guest marriage and even the kind of happy in them. At the same time we complain about how unfair to us the fate of the old woman. All of these social networks only aggravate the situation, dragging us into labyrinths of virtual invented images unpromising novels at a distance and as a result - disappointment. We feel more and more doom and complain about "Woe from Wit".
Before, I was encouraged thought I was so romantic nature, such a unique and special, and it was religiously convinced that somewhere there is my second half, I met - and 'AAch' says, and there will be that same tremor in her lap, and butterflies in the stomach Heart of the eyes, as in "Disney cartoons."
And this half will understand me perfectly and guessing my every desire. It turned out, I'm just lazy.
A lot easier to live with dreams of waiting for us somewhere half, rather than to create a family with a good man, who can not "ah ... I have my head spin," but loves you and tries to be flexible with you, and you love him black singles dating sites ... and this effort as well. It has its advantages and, of course, the minuses as you.
But he's been training his obstinacy for you, but you pacify your love of freedom for him.
Because you both want. And do not throw each other after the most popular excuse of the present: "I'm so (this), what is, and is not changed."
It's just ... Do not be lazy too lazy to work, try to change.
Remember: age - this is not a bad thing, and you and your partner - not frozen lumps, like trying to convince us some "psychologists". There is no such pattern: "What to do to be happy for sure."
Live your life, go its own way, draw a picture of life, glue your puzzle together, paint, repaint, if you do not like it. And then it will be only your puzzle, you have created together and not fitting of ready-stamped halves. black singles dating sites.

Nothing to talk about with a girl
Suppose that you called a girl on a date. Or in any other way made the situation when you were alone. It is possible that it happened by itself, such as the train. In any case, christian singles online dating site there is a moment in which you perceive that just need to say something, but it is not clear what. A school that did not teach, and indeed no one taught. You want to know what to say when meeting a girl?
Talking to a girl The first thing you need to think about what you already know about the girl that was about to speak. It is much easier if you know some time. It is worth thinking about its vital interests, and ask her what she thinks at all about it. Active asking questions is a great way to get lots of information, so they can help to understand what you expect from and what is not worth doing. The main thing to be a good listener, ie show your attention and really delve into the girl said.
If you have something in common in everyday life, for example, studies, friends, work, but in general, anything - just try to talk to her about it. Very good if you're interested in her life, she will appreciate such attention from your side. But here it is not necessary to hurry up and ask directly about his personal life, it can cause a negative reaction.
In order to speak on any subject, you can tell anything to, for starters, but it is necessary to give more or less accurate information. But it should not rush decisively to express a personal opinion, the fundamental issues are better left for later, when you will be assured of mutual adequate understanding of each other. The thing thinking the human propensity to some elements seen or heard, which gives the assimilation of unity in his personal vision of the world. It is so familiar that track the meaning of specific statements interlocutor becomes quite difficult, especially if there are specific expectations of what we would like and do not like to hear christian singles online dating site.
An excellent example of this situation is the famous experiment with the translation: translators sit at a round table. Each of them understands the language spoken by the neighbor on the left. Then they have to translate the phrase around. As a result of the first experiment participants returned text is very different from the original. The psychologists were able to prove that this mechanism works even if the communication in a language understood by both sides, but not so noticeably.
Now suppose that you do not have the common household, well, or just those you can not come up, then you should be guided based on the situation. Perhaps the appearance of the girls will be able to tell you its range of interests. Look for any thing, for which you can catch on, such as a book in his hands, pet, yes even skiing in general, anything. Or apply already proven option, simply loop through the immortal themes:
Music. Find out what she prefers in music, as well as she does not like, and be sure to find out why.
Literature. The same mechanism as with music - find out what she was reading, authors, genres, characters, in general, turn on your imagination.
Sports. Here it is necessary to proceed with caution, and do not start a conversation with questions like whether she goes to the gym. It is best to approach this from a distance, and learn preferences than asked for someone sick, etc christian singles online dating site.
Environment. Ask about favorite places where she likes to spend time with. Better course, if you too have been to these places, well, or you have an idea about them.
If you wish, you can develop the theme of work or study.
Pets. What girl does not like pets? So find out who she likes, can the cat can dog and may even white mice, etc.
Using the above described instruction is carefully and build your communication so that it does not become like the interrogation. The measure say listen carefully to have a casual conversation turned lively.
For greater convenience, you can, for example, tell a little about themselves, about their hobbies, everyday life, classes. And then you can ask her opinion about all this. If you want to continue your communication in the future, can you tell us about your interests and skills. You can, for example, tell her that you love to ride a bike and at the same time offer and make her company, and if she says that can not - offered to teach.
If it is a campaign conversation will go on reading the book, you can invite her to read something that you think she might like. A great option to offer her to check out the second part of the previously liked her books, or book author too. Perhaps you will find what it has long sought.
In any case, you have to think of something that you can offer her that she was interested christian singles online dating site.
Another technique is to ask her not only the reality, but more about the perceptions, thoughts and dreams.
It happens that after some time of communication on a topic you feel that it is already fully discussed, and is formed as a result of "awkward silence". In this case, just gently translate the theme. christian singles online dating site.

What is not worth talking to girl
Most importantly from the fact that we can not say the girl, you need to remember that it is not necessary to lie under any circumstances. For the most part it is necessary for you yourself to not get lost in their own fictional story episodes exclusive singles dating. Therefore it is better not to invent them, and not gossip. Of course, you can tell her tales, legends, can recite the book, or to think on the fly, most importantly do not forget to keep track of what would eventually she did not accept it as the truth, as a deliberate deception of the girls do not forgive, basically irresponsible too rarely forgive.
Similarly, it is not necessary to engage in self-promotion. Most likely the girl will not be interested to hear for a long time about the reasons for your pride and coolness, especially since it will be difficult to understand what kind of response do you expect from it. You face off, in fact, there is nothing, but if you aspire to receive admiration - his words not achieve.
Just do not praise itself very energetically girl, so you can put it in an awkward situation exclusive singles dating. There is no guarantee that she absolutely 100% confident, so it is likely that the frequent compliments can be regarded as a mockery. If you do not want that she would perceive you only as a friend, do not discuss it with the other girls. Simply it is unpleasant, no matter how put the conversation.
No need to start a conversation regarding the discussion of any of your or her family, as well as material well - at least, it regards the first appointments. The girls will be much more enjoyable if you give her to understand that she is to you first of all is a person, not say it, "Rich Dad's daughter."
And in the end the most important thing that you should not do it at all times adhere to any instructions, including those described above. Fits-all approach does not exist, because all girls are different. So watch carefully for her reaction to your words, and she throws you a topic for conversation. exclusive singles dating.

How to meet a girl
Every man wants to meet with a girl twirling in my head thinking about how to approach, how to meet a girl that can tell the girl, and most importantly how to get the favor of "the girl of his dreams fitness singles dating." This is equivalent to every girl that wants to meet her man, too, asks himself all the same questions - what needs to be done to "dream man" she was interested and went like to meet him, what to talk to him, and finally, as he like that would have had acquaintance continued. There is no doubt that men and women have an equivalent approach to the question of familiarity for serious and lasting relationship. And because men understand it, accompanied by great success with women.
How to meet a girl How to approach a girl
Here the important role given to the place where he met with the girls. An ideal place for this - a night club, various parties and flirt party. Also, in today's world have become widely distributed online dating. For more information, you can learn from this article - how to meet a girl on the internet.
Returning to flirt party. At such events well received and fully acquainted with the girls. And the girls are in search of young people who often go to it.
Wondering how to ensure that the man approached, the girls usually come to the conclusion that it is necessary to look good to show that you can approach her, and that while it would not be rude and call someone to the rescue fitness singles dating. In general, it is all so white and fluffy that emphasize its merry eyes and a wide smile.
So if you notice a party girl, clearly pays his appearance respectable amount of time and with interest to look into the eyes of strangers, with her face periodically arises mysteriously happy smile, it means that it is in the process of finding a man. And you have a chance to get his role. Bold approach, you have a chance, but the main thing is up to you.
If you are faced with a great girl, not much caring about her appearance, looking past the young men, with her face full of sadness and thought the absence of any hints of a happy smile, it is best to again think carefully whether you need a girl. And if you believe that it is necessary to you, do not hesitate to act.
So, the moral: If you like a girl, be sure to approach her and get to know, especially if you're in the right place for that.
How to meet a girl
We came to a point when you've plucked up courage and went up to the girl. Next comes the most difficult part, which is getting acquainted with the girl. Your task is simplified again, if you are in a place where it is assumed a simple approach and meet, such as in a nightclub or at any party.
Girl thinking about the issue of dating with a young man who believes he should go first. The reason for this is that he is still a man. And she, in turn, after he takes the first step, create the right conditions to stage successful dating and communication continued in the future.
As can be seen from the above, from a young man requires a minimum of effort, the main thing to gather his thoughts and just walk, so to speak - to make the first move. For those who have not yet understood, it is done so - "Hi, my name is Gennady Elkin, and you?" Even before the girl was not in the plans to make acquaintance with a young man, and she has a clear intention otshit you, then your name it anyway you say. Here works the effect of surprise. Here you are, in fact, and are familiar with.
During dating, try to remember her name right: the human ear is very pleasant sound of his own name. And necessarily treat the girl as she was presented before it. If she said that her name is Mary, then in any case it is not necessary to use any diminutive pet names, or affectionately call her any animal, such as "kitten".
Along with this, when he presented it, try to give his name a number of times, what would she had the opportunity to remember it. Otherwise, she may feel uncomfortable if you do not know how to contact you. For example, fitness singles dating you can act - "Hello Mary, my name is Gennady Elkin, but I prefer Gennady, or better just to Gene."
And so the moral - the first step in getting acquainted to do it is you. Be sure to remember the name of a girl with whom you meet, and call her name. At every opportunity to remind her your name.
What to say when meeting a girl
After completing the stage of dating, she could make up their minds about you in just a few seconds. And depending on how it is to be the first view, you budish or rejected, or your acquaintance will continue. To the girl had the good opinion of you, you should pick the right subject for conversation. Both sexes are equally interested in the question - "what to talk about?" The girls in this respect I think that the topic of conversation is not important, the main thing that it should be of interest to the young man. But as a rule, the most interesting topic for a young man - is himself. So she decides that it is necessary to talk about it.
As a consequence, in the first 5-10 minutes of your acquaintance, to speak with the girl have it currently. After all, at the moment you yourself are the only subject of interest of the girl. After all, she has to know with whom met. And the subject is able to support the girl. What would she began to feel uneasy, and in consequence she was not bored, you should choose a simple topic clear to her. The information that you are informed about myself, and would not hurt you to know about it. Take an interest, whether she is married, incidentally tell about their marital status. If you want to know what it does, you should first tell me about your work or hobbies.
She must think that it is such a tricky and clever, and was able to pick up a great topic of conversation, she, not you. This approach helps to form the conditions for the extension of dating. In addition, you should know that shy to face only the young people who have not been able to achieve in life and can not do anything. And besides you, no one can tell you.
After the first 5-10 minutes of the meeting, should end the conversation about themselves, and smoothly switch to talking about her and only her.
So morality: first, Spend 5-10 minutes to talk about themselves, and the rest time to devote to talk about it.
What to do to please a girl
Talk about what you're smart, good, generous, successful, kind and considerate completed. And you're almost like her. Only the finishing touch.
If you initiated the slightest interest in the girl to him, then it is now only interested in one thing - how you like it. And not just anyhow like, and altogether bring to mind that she was the only one in your field of view fitness singles dating. This question interests girl, even if at the moment it is not interested in you. Just because it is the nature of women, it is created, what would tempt and seduce men. The number of counts.
As a consequence of the conclusion that the most effective way to please a girl, it's all possible actions to show that it is incredible you like, and like only she and the other girls do not have any significance for you, they do not exist.
Just do not stare at her, so she may be embarrassed, or even worse - be frightened. And all the more unnecessary to examine very carefully the individual parts of her body.
A great way to show your interest in it - it's a compliment. But they must be related only to her appearance. During the call, try to praise her and admire her stories. But be careful, frequent compliments from normal girls can raise doubts about your attention.
So, the moral: People like to like. Girls like men pay attention to their person. And the more of this attention, the greater the favor of women. fitness singles dating.

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