More recently, our grandmothers and mothers, young girls being tried as soon as possible rather jump out to marry . That jump to acquire the coveted status of "her husband's wife" immediately after school, or no later than the third degree to the end of studies already have a baby ... or a divorce.
But who thinks at such a young age about the consequences on the horizon looms the prospect to wear a beautiful white dress and enter adulthood, in which everything seems interesting. Marriage sought all or substantially all of the fair sex, and the young guys kept it feminine desire and desire. Maybe it's because the Soviet Union had sex only in marriage? Unlikely. Rather, new singles dating it just was not for show, and it was not accepted to speak. Perhaps because such facilities are instilled by society and everything served is an example: parents, their friends and relatives, etc., etc. Marriages are made, and the family created by virtue of herd instinct and the desire to be like everyone else or no worse than others.
In our time a woman's desire to marry remains as strong, but now parents and elders teach that it is necessary not to get married to a great love and a lot of money that her husband was able to significantly improve the quality of life of his wife. Some advise to "walk", "Opera" and then start thinking about marriage and make their choice.
In glossy magazines write all that you first need to do their own self-realization and career in order to become a person and independent young lady, not to look for a man who will solve all financial problems and then, if you love to be held and it will be nasty, hate it just because that it contains. In addition, the same glossy magazines promoting sex as therapy and exercise, healthier and therefore do not deal with it can not be otherwise mood, appearance and health much worse. The presence of a regular sexual partner, which has, in addition, there is a sense, a secondary issue.
In general, girls and women just take all the "33 commandments of a successful personal life," the renewal of society for arms and treat them as given. And it turns out that the first girls start to learn, to build a career and grooms. And like I want a relationship and love , maybe seven, but the nature and the temptations are taking their toll. As a result, they begin to close relations with the rich and eligible bachelor, often elderly or to those who fell in the accident, and contrary to the precepts and advice, and sometimes, in the absence of time, just find a lover and satisfy the needs of the body. Further, when one of them gets tired to go to the other end of the city, a couple breaks up, or gathers.
Girls make one of the most common mistakes - give themselves to a man in the full use of "for nothing." No stamp, rings and wedding dress. As practice shows, to impersonate married for someone with whom already live, it is extremely difficult. But hope dies last. Much later, love and faith.
There are girls who just met. With one, two, three. And every time something does not add up. By the age of thirty the number of unmarried young ladies greatly increased by razvedenok - those who still managed to fall in love, new singles dating fall in love and get married. But after years of living together, for which the accumulated mass of complaints and grievances, it becomes impossible to live together. So, for 30 years. Soviet women were very afraid of divorce and separation from her husband, especially at that age. It seemed that to be alone in the 30 and over - it's like being a leper, and doomed to loneliness, because of all the good and decent men are already occupied, and build a relationship with anyone anyhow - does not want.
So it was, but now a different time. Now the world, time and society have changed, and the 30-year-old women are quite different perspectives, especially those who all the previous years of his life spent not in vain and has managed to retain femininity and visual appeal. Now the 30-year-old woman can arrange a personal life :
1. The main thing - to want. If you do this, a lot of study and work, make money, and were finally able to achieve something, it's time to slow down and focus its energies on the device personal life. For starters, remember that you - the woman who should not only look good, to be slim, toned, but also feel their femininity and sexuality from within, translating it to others. Independently make it unlikely to succeed, because you think that you and so everything is fine. It is ok if men do not pay attention to you, and even if they pay, you are not attracted to? First, take a great interest is themselves. Go to the dance, feel your body, it is able to move, see how it looks. Go on women's training and practice - there you will learn a lot of different secrets and tricks. Do not be amiss to go to a psychologist and sexologist. In general, know yourself and discover a woman.
2. If you are going to know who and what this life should be. You can simply wait for the sea weather, but you can take action and force the issue. To do this, you must understand who you need and what should be your relationship with this man. Some women manage to present a detailed image of the man next to whom they will be happy. So, here, new singles dating if you want to get married for a plastic surgeon or an athlete, then nothing is impossible. It is much harder to determine the purpose. And more importantly do not just want to get married, want to meet a man more important for the relationship and be happy with him. Status more important than the goal.
3. If you can get rid of all his past relationships that did not bring anything good. The past, which is not left in the past, will hinder the development of events in the present and the future.
4. If you can begin to live and act differently than before. For example, to respond rapidly and boldly boor express their desires suitor, such as openly admit that you want the relationship and flirting or fleeting romance does not suit you.
5. If you choose not imagine that a man with whom comfortable, and the person with whom comfortable, safe and fun. At 30, she already can afford the best and the best, and the right to be wrong - no.
6. If you stop to think stereotypes. Life is all different, and each has its own. There was a man or a husband, so has not yet come. So, before it was time for yourself. It is hoped that it was time well spent. A time for a man of love and relationships is about to come ... new singles dating.

In this life, there is nothing difficult or impossible. The eyes are afraid - the hands are doing. And if you agree with this rather simple, but for some reason, often the head pops out of the truth, then everything will turn out. That "will" rather than "should" or "can turn out."
Of course, self-confidence - that's too much baggage in the preliminary familiarizing, free online dating with singles but confidence is a must. This - the first component of success.
However, to collect a backpack - a little. Let there be all that is necessary, but until we will shoulder it on his shoulders and did not leave the house, even to the mountains can not reach. Not to mention that since I would like to climb to the top and look out down on all others:
- Yeah! Do not believe? And we did ... do it!
Sitting on the couch, do not cook soup . Especially if you sit with his back to the plate. We must act! Well, at least, to get out of this Myakonkov, warm and cozy haven of modern Oblomov, reached up to the plate and turn it on. This, if the ear. Or porridge. And to explore - that has a computer.
Computer, computer ...
Take and play. Why not?
If someone believes that the network - sucks losers, so it is - nothing. Maybe once it was true. Once upon a time. But not now. Today, meet friends online just fashionable. Today on dating sites ogromenny crowds rush young men and women who simply by virtue of their age can not be classified as a rejected losers. The Web is full of successful, wealthy and interesting men who ... Well, that's how it turns out - they do not have time to run through the fields and villages in search of soulmate. Nope! A computer free online dating with singles - there he is at hand. I clicked the mouse - and you're ...
And that's where - that's another question.
Discovering the web can be mass whole lot of ways. For example, sit on "ICQ" and catch by searching for men (female) names. Or climb on the Internet in search of nice photos. But the most convenient ... easier, more convenient and easier - through a special online dating sites. Thus the basic criterion of a site that you have to wonder - is his attendance. The more people, the greater choice and higher chance of success. The fact that in the end ... Let not today or tomorrow, but in a month or two, half a year later you're bound to ... Be sure to find your soul mate .
But to do that ...
Be sure to:
Identified, and what you want. After all, the purpose of dating can be very different - flirtation (well, it is necessary to cheer up, to feel in shape!), a serious relationship until marriage, sex or trivial ... just a friendly correspondence mail with a clever and friends of mental warehouse person.
Love (Women), to know their problems and respect their thoughts and say what they want to hear. Yes, it is no secret that women are "like ears", but also for men flattery - it's his drug. Who does not like to be "on shrstke"? Because - flatter! From you do not lose anything, and it will be nice . Nice to read your emails, pleasant to listen to you ... And in the end - I am close to you ...
Be yourself. Well, that's so you! This half of your potential needs to know, so you do not bitterly disappointed. And do not disappoint you with its departure from a straight line dating much to the side. After acquaintance free online dating with singles - a double-edged weapon, and everyone has the right to terminate it at any time. So let this happen even before you have time to come any feelings and affection.
Do not be scared. Nothing to be afraid of. Including the possibility of failures and errors. A negative result - the same result. And as "the son of hard mistakes" appear experience. The one without which life simply for nothing.
Patience. Those who hurry - loses. But you do not lose, find and purchase came to dating . And so - if not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, so ... But it will be. It must be, that ... That's who you need ...
Everything. It's all. Or almost everything.
The main thing - to act. And there, if there were any questions, do you not have such, which someone once, but have not yet found answers ... free online dating with singles.

I am a very long time friends with one girl. We studied together in college, and so it continued to communicate closely after it. She is now almost 25 years old, and she is always thinking about marriage. Outwardly, it is very nice, tall, slender, free singles dating online besides smart, but ...
I thought, and how today young girl quickly marry as not to frighten potential suitor?
My wife always jealous of me for this girl, but we always had only friends. So maybe she - the girl-friend?
The girl-friend
There is a type of girls who behave with the guys in my own way. However, they are feminine, well-groomed, but they do not feel the potential bride. They are easy to talk about topics that are usually in the presence of the girls do not discuss. They are laughing at vulgar jokes. About such usually say "shirt-guy." And if at least once a man feel in you a friend, he can not look at you like a girl. Although sometimes I think about friendly sex.
Another common mistake of young girls, including my girlfriend. Anyone met and liked man is seen as a potential suitor. Converge on one date, the girl begins to try his name. Planning future life. What will the wedding, how much will the children, the house in which to live.
I do not even know what to call this type of women. It happens that at the second date she behaves like a future wife. Any man will feel it immediately and will run away from such a woman. Why is that? Because he thinks that this girl is like for someone to marry. No man wants to feel "last chance free singles dating online."
A call late at night to a mobile phone.
- Why did he not call me and do not say?
- Have you called him?
- Call, he said he is busy now that the call back when free.
- What about you?
- I said, "Okay."
- And what's next?
- Then he wrote to him that he is a brute, and I do not need a man.
Well, what to say? I think after that he just run away, even if it was not going to. No need to arrange extra unwarranted hysteria.
Girl hysteria
It is very difficult to meet with a girl who on occasion and without hysteria begins. Yelling, cursing, blame. I do not want any relationship with a man who once offended if you did not call at the appointed time, or did not send sms-ku: "Good night! Sweet Dreams
- I sent him a message, and he did not answer me! He left me.
- Where did you get this?
- Is not there a minute to write me a message ?!
- And how many messages you have sent to him today?
- I do not know! Well, maybe twenty ...
- And he answered all ?!
I remember a child's play. "I Velcro! Ruble trick. You who sell me? "Of course, free singles dating online do not want no communication, if she pesters you calls, messages on social networks and sms-kami. Trouble when she calls and calls you to the cinema or a cafe. Man always wants to seek Woman independently. Thus the behavior of the girls relax and pamper men. And a spoiled husband nobody wants, and even push you to such a man is not exactly want.
- Everything! Tired! Most will not show that the guy liked me!
- And why is that?
- They look like I catch every word, and think that I have already achieved!
- I will be as cold as ice!
Girl piece of ice
A common mistake girls. They like to rush from one extreme to another. Either thrilled by every word or act like the Snow Queen. Of course, not be flattering men, all the while saying how smart they are, kind, generous. But do not behave too cold to them. A man loves a woman opens gradually. He laughs at his jokes, flirting, smiling, support conversation.
- Something again he has not called me ...
- Why?
- Well, we were sitting in a cafe and I told him: "I will cook for you borscht, wash your underwear, darning socks."
The girl's mother
Ladies! No need to take care of their guys. A young man wants to break out of the parental nest. I think the guys who want to see my wife mom, you can count on the fingers. Care should be exercised in small portions free singles dating online.
- I do not want him to say anything about myself.
- Why?
- I do not want! To come up with something interesting, and bad I will not tell. I show him only your best side.
Girl actress
Life - theater! Sometimes young women, getting acquainted with the guy coming up with weird things about myself. Bates age, hide dark spots of his biography, embellish your life. But sooner or later the truth will reveal. Men do not like when they are deceived, and will not build their lives with a man who managed to lie before the wedding, almost everything.
We are all human, we all make mistakes constantly. And the girls have a right to make mistakes, but you learn from them. Probably every girl to play as hysterical or actress is nothing strange in this. But if you're determined to get married, then analyze all of their first and second visits. Put yourself in the place of men and think, marry you myself.
- You just do not tell anyone about the stupidity that I have made in the search for her husband free singles dating online.
- Without your permission I will not.
PS: I got permission. Maybe the experience of my friend is useful to someone else ... free singles dating online.

I do not claim the right to give advice, or, God forbid, to be called the matchmaker or as they call them in the program "Let's get married." I'm just a woman. I have accumulated a no personal experience, and from my friends and acquaintances, too, experience is available. Just I want to share it with you. Maybe someone does seem funny, ireland singles dating site but someone sad. Someone will feel not alone (th). You never know with whom and what happened in this life ...
I'll start with the funny, cry funny and ridiculous. It happens in our world, such ...
Do you have an unmarried girlfriend?
I do not know about Russia. There is such a question, I did not face. I did not make it. But here, in the Russian community, including our (and not only ours) generation of manners such that even on the books of chivalry have not read (there are no books in most Russian homes, just do not ... but that's another story). And the question is very common.
Sounds about it in such a situation. Young or relatively young man, divorced or have never married, meets a girl, the same age as the age and also divorced. They can get to know yourself. They can introduce compassionate and ubiquitous aunt, neighbor or friends mom (delete as applicable).
Why, they can explore the Internet, which our years. Well, they met. Well, talk. Well, again talking. Everything seems nothing. But suddenly in the midst of a peaceful conversation about what sounds the question: "Do you have a single friend?" It should be: "... younger than you?" It would seem that all the end of the conversation. But the guy goes right through to the end: "Without children. And that wanted to get married. "
It is good that there is nothing at hand heavy! A conversation - just shaped as letters or words on the screen in the handset ireland singles dating site. The truth. And then ...
The question sounded. There was no answer. This conversation is over. The subscriber is removed. It ended without casualties.
Well, if this conversation - live, or, as many say, in the real world? If these two have met, sitting next to the cafe and prevent spoon cooled and settled cappuccino (still can not get used to the local "Russian" tradition "to invite her to coffee," "you go with him for a coffee, so what? ")? If a girl is preparing for this meeting, he killed more than one hour, dressing up and putting her hair? If, unfortunately, and dress sits particularly well, and how to lay the hair? In general, the highest category of a bummer.
At the moment when the man opened his mouth to question this very stunning, spoon in a cup zystyvaet girl, as if preparing to leap, the fingers are compressed and creeps to the face is not the smile, not a grin. Wow.
The strongest of us manage to hide the immediate emotions, get up, throw money on the table at a coffee ("our" very quickly assimilated in Australia on issues of gender relations ... but that's another story) and proudly walked away without a word. But not all of us are strong. On that we and the weaker sex. And if we are inclined to reflect and find out? And if we like the candidate? What then?
And then it turns out I can not complete. The conversation leads nowhere and ends with mutual hatred and contempt. After all, even at the very beginning it was clear that those two look there is nothing that it and its "ihnim" will not. Brought to handle themselves, that's all.
There are, of course, a third option. I would say more, including "our" it is understandable and acceptable. As once I said long ago a friend of mine: "What's wrong with that? We have so little. The choice is limited. " (This was said in response to my surprise at the game of "musical chairs" between boys and girls in our emigration. Melrose Place is resting) ireland singles dating site. So, if the issue of "nothing" does not appear, you can get a mobile phone, dial the number of the best contenders and noble to give way.
Well, it's the options for girls. And for the guys? Here it is possible to think and to believe until the morning. Well, if from the perspective of morality, education and training, and in general, just common sense. What For? Or is it as simple as one character explains all the same, "Melrose Place": "If a man is free so long, in which something is covered."
But this is too simple, stereotypical and one-sided. After all, the girl who came to the meeting is free, too. With it, that, too, is something wrong? It is not a fact. The fact that a man - just ham. And besides, and sophisticated. Although himself about his rudeness does not reflect or does not see.
So what else is left? As a matter of shock bordering on bloodlust, we can only laugh (laughter - a terrible weapon, in the words of one of the great) and record everything in the treasury experience.
Useful for you experience. Smile always and everywhere ... ireland singles dating site.

"The fate of our own to each other leads ... His half the God we find ... The most important thing in life - a time for everything ... Being at the right time and at the right time large friends dating online for singles ..." Yes, it would be nice if each of us easily I find your soul mate and would have been happy with it all my life. But, unfortunately, in the life of this happens very rarely.
It is because people are not so easy to find love, to find a true partner in life, they have to go to marriage agencies. But acquaintance through a structure of many is not credible, and sometimes even alarming. And for good reason. It's a good way to find companions of human life, the right to say, in all respects. Let's understand: whether to apply to such firms in order to start a family?
In order to find a worthy partner in life, it is not only possible but also necessary to use the services of marriage agencies. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of acquaintance. And there is nothing wrong. I know a girl, which is 26 years old, pretty, with two higher educations, modest, but the old-fashioned sitting and waiting "prince". Familiarize itself somewhere shy, over the Internet - is afraid, as heard a lot about all sorts of maniacs and scams. So in fact you can and stay a spinster.
Another thing - to come to the agency, leave your details and then choose the most suitable candidate. But you need to choose a proven agency, with a good reputation to avoid being hit in the disguised agency decent brothel large friends dating online for singles.
In today's world, marriage agency - a real find. It saves time prospective bride and groom, who are now very busy. Questionnaires help to choose the type that is closer to you, which you are interested and need. There are, of course, negative - all the romance disappears dating. But it's not so bad, at least it's better than being alone.
There is a stereotype that marriage agencies are turning some losers. It is not true. Rather, it is the business, serious, engaged in the work of men (just because they do not have free time to engage in this issue), and modest girl, who, because of his shyness, are not able to meet on the street, or simply almost never happen (at parties , discos and so on.). Then, a professional and serious dating agencies - it's a great chance to find a soul mate. Besides, in good agencies have professional psychologists who will help you to intelligently create a psychological profile, as well as prompt, how psycho right for you.
Of course, the agency does not guarantee a happy family life. But no one is forcing you not to run straight to the registry office. And to meet, talk - why not ?! And then - time will tell! I could not find a soul mate, large friends dating online for singles maybe even a friend or girlfriend obzavedetes. We must use all possible means of dating.
So go ahead, fill out the questionnaire, and then your half have been waiting for! And know this: the greater the marriage agencies, the less lonely hearts. large friends dating online for singles.

It so happened that in the 27 years I was left alone with four children. The tragic death of a great man of my crippled me, but it took some time, and I began to return to life marriage dating sites for singles.
After living with a man six years, now more than ever I feel helpless. And not in the material sense, namely, the moral. Nailed, repair the valve or trite to attach to the window mosquito net - all these business needs require some skill and knowledge. And just for the evening, I want someone to talk and discuss the same politics or sports. We have to relearn how to live.
Once a couple of days ago in a social network met a young man. And decided - it was not! - I went to explore. I'm madly in love lies not in all its manifestations. Be honest with yourself and others - that's the credo of my life. Therefore, I did not hide the fact that I have "tails". Briefly tell about themselves even when communicating via the Internet. We spent the evening, and all ... Silence. As fond of saying a friend of mine, Tankovskaya wilderness.
Well, okay, not great problem. Attempt number two. A chance meeting at the club turned into a meeting the next day. In the middle of the meeting, I again introduce into the course that I have children. Young man's eyes are round, they read find ways to escape, but unfortunately, at this moment we are sailing on a pleasure boat - you can not escape. After 20 minutes the poor fellow came to mind, and even began to speak clearly. We spent a few hours, this was followed by another promise to call, marriage dating sites for singles and again the silence-the silence-silence.
To my luck, I managed to complete a full course of school life. Therefore, I do not expect the princes on white horses, or in extreme cases, the devils in the black goat. Just living taking people such as they really are. Man can not be changed, it can be closed in itself, at the time of taking the image that is expected of him by others. But the game is not long enough, and eventually hidden thoughts and desires manifest themselves even more. As a result, all the masks are torn down and in front of you is someone you do not know and do not understand. And it all starts with the banal lies and silence.
A close friend, looking at everything from the outside, offered not go into the details of my life and to avoid talking about children. But this completely violates my way of thinking. Why should I come up with legends and fairy tales? Why should I fear that I am a mother? What's wrong, shameful or frightening?
And where in the end the young people there thought that they are so beautiful in their masculine manifestation that I podpuschu them on a gun shot to her children? And it is unlikely there is so strong, a real man, not able to win the heart of one vulnerability, but five? There will not help the beautiful promises, marriage dating sites for singles stories about stellar expanses and the ridiculous proposal of using the sky as a rug in the bath.
And what is most interesting - I'm just stipulate fact its full financial independence. And with the housing issue I have everything perfectly. This is suggestive.
Being fairly educated and erudite girl, I easily maintain a conversation on all possible topics. That is nonsense and not bleschit that, in principle, also has an important role in repelling homo (lat. - "Man").
And is not bad. Of medium height, slender, perfectly do not look his age. A position in life - to treat everything with humor - too should only rejoice.
What then is the problem? I did not bring with them to the registrar and not even hinted that marriage really quite unbearable ... Why so naive simplicity that I want to bind the first got the representative of a strong half of mankind? However, after the baby lying "I'll call" question arises, and this half so strong even if it can not tell the truth in the eye. Of course, the ability to speak honestly requires a lot of inner strength. No way, in my experience, very few people have nowadays.
And I could not help think, and they want to see a man in his woman? Kindness, beauty, tenderness, or eternal readiness for bed rest? You can consider the merits of each proposal separately.
Goodness - what is it? A good man takes to heart the problems of others, always ready to help in difficult times. And if, say, a friend, parent, or other serious difficulties, the good girl rushed to the rescue, leaving the faithful in splendid isolation to eat up dinner? Or ask for his help in resolving the situation, even though he was very tired after a hard day's work, and the hand automatically searches the TV remote, where here right now to begin the most-the most crucial football match? And then what? Discontent? Resentment? Jealousy? Reprimand, she throws it like a chipmunk to the rescue? Hmm, well, you kind of want to do good marriage dating sites for singles ...
Beauty - it requires constant and careful maintenance. Going to the beauty salon to weed eyebrows, coloring and hair cut, pulling hair from live parts of the body - it's financial investments and a lot of time spent outside the home. Well, but beautiful ...
Tenderness (softness, warmth, tenderness, and thus tears) while watching romantic movies - or the desire to pick up here is this little cat, weeping in the cold rain dark velvet night ... How long enough for a man with such a delicate girl? And after a while you hear the cherished phrase "Stop whining ..."? Well, gentle yet ...
Eternal readiness to bed rest - it's all about the two sides of the medal. Of course, the most searched tireless lover, ready at any moment to a contact, and if it also syndrome nymphomaniac quietly dozing, the joy of a life partner is no limit. But let me, but what about such a thing as a business trip? Then once there is jealousy, suspicions of infidelity, based on the fact that she was accustomed to the constant regular close ... Well, you yourself wanted to - eat, do not oblyapaytes ...
Of course, each person has his own model of an ideal relationship. But somehow, in the framework of social norms and the image of a potential wife with many children a single woman does not fit. This is perceived as a sentence of eternal loneliness. Stay at home, raise children ...
But all attempts to find even a husband, and a companion, albeit with physical closeness, immediately come under sharp criticism and painful. In contrast to these attempts large men. They somehow just the price - how expensive lots of the auction, or the rare article in Vanity Fair. So what's the difference? And in that and in other situations I have children, marriage dating sites for singles so frightening and so men are attracted to women.
Originally a man and a woman can not live without each other, it is natural and does not violate the laws of nature. And marriage - is voluntary, and in principle is not necessary. But our men, apparently, can not "before the wedding ..." marriage dating sites for singles.

How to find time for happiness ? How to find time just to be able to enjoy it? How to find time for yourself? Such questions increasingly asked therapists around the world not only women but also men online dating singles match.
Young students who combine their first steps in his career, part-time and training. Young parents working and caring for children. They rush into the garden after work, for fear of being late, night, rushing to work in the morning, almost sad parting with a child in kindergarten. A weekend cleaned, cooked, washed, ironed for the week ahead. And I think that will be held for ten years, children grow up, work can stop someone to prove something ... and it becomes easier.
But after ten or fifteen years old, and middle-aged people meet with the so-called sandwich syndrome. They are closely sandwiched between rapidly aging parents, which every year falls more and more patient care and even more lightning maturing children who begin a difficult adolescence, their little tragedy first love. And soon even the end of the school, and that parents first of all have to think about where and how to continue to teach their children how to put them on their feet and bring into adulthood. So what time happiness will never happen?
Psychologists claim that for most of us the problem is solved simply enough. It's enough to efficiently refer to the time, to be able to plan your day, to develop for themselves a real, but a global goal in life, then break it down into several small, easily achievable tasks. And step by step, follow the planned route, ignoring the small frustriruschie situation online dating singles match.
However, any of us understands what to say easier said than done. So how can that be?
There is a technique that allows you to help deal with the search for free minutes in the good old twenty-four hours, all of which so little.
Imagine that in front of you on the table there are two cups of coffee, three medium-sized salad bowls, one of which is filled with Christmas balls of different sizes, the second - different-sized beads, and the third - with beads; and an empty clear glass vase, medium size.
In this exercise, you need to imagine that you are going to reorganize his life , symbolized by an empty vase.
The beads represent all the most important thing you have in life: global goals, career, family, health, good friends, faith, achieve.
Beads mean everything in your life, it is also important but less tangible: hiking in the fitness club, car, hobbies, interests, physical comfort.
Everything else, as an integral part of daily life, small, slight, and may not always pleasant, but necessary - it beads. This cleaning of the house, dog walking, chores around the house, trips to the store, etc., etc online dating singles match..
All this we will fill our vase. Where to begin? You can easily answer that, of course, with the ball, otherwise it is easy to score small change her life and leave her room for the main . And if we do in real life? Is it always?
Let's start with the balls. They have, if you remember, is different. It is not by accident. As different goals, which may be one - two in the life of all, comprehensive, ambitious. The rest are of lower importance. Or, on the contrary, a person may have several tasks equivalent. So, imagine that you choose one large and beautiful Christmas ball, if, for example, for you in the first place has always been, is and will be your family and everything else, even a career - in the second, third, and other plans. Or conversely, a few colorful but identical in diameter toys, if the family, self-actualization in the profession, self-improvement, inner personal growth and well-being of your family have in your mind of equal importance and closely linked. Keep in mind that this exercise is no right or wrong answers and actions. We are not looking for mistakes and not put estimates. We learn to correctly fill your life different values .
Well, imagine that up to the top edge of the laid Christmas tree balls in a vase. It is full? Oh yeah! Look at her "mind's eye" and remember that even if you lose everything else - never feel emptiness. And yet, so much more in life all that we have to fit in ... has full vase.
Take the beads, pour it between the balls to fill the existing void between them. See? We have already filled more complete bowl. We have made it more significant, fuller, more beautiful.
But that is not all. Remember, we have a bowl with beads. Imagine and pour it into our bowl, so that the smallest beads fill the voids between the balls and beads. This experience proves that it is always possible, even in the most complete and rhythmic, fast life to find the time to ensure that once again a favorite pet cat, feed the pigeons on the street, to water the flowers on the balcony, send scanty eCard old friend a birthday or just listen to a couple of your favorite songs while washing dishes online dating singles match.
Well, now, that our vase - life is full of trouble? Now certainly absolutely and unequivocally - yes!
"But why we needed two cups of coffee?" - You ask. Take a flavored drink and pour it into a bowl. He slipped between the bead and drip over the edge.
This means that if you really want it, you can always find a time and place for a meeting at which you drink this cup of coffee and chat with interesting, likeable man who might become your destiny .
For myself. Fun. And happiness. online dating singles match.

Judging by the numerous responses to a previous article about the lack of sex life, the subject is topical. Women are asking: where do take a sexual partner reserved dating online for reserved singles?
Those who have revolted this approach and considers that it is necessary to speak and write only about love - please stop reading. Meet the all-consuming and mutual love, to live together with your loved happily and die in one day, it would be desirable to all. But life sometimes substitutes steps and gives us of what longed. And the laws of physiology has not been canceled! Pulls on sex, and that's it (who is not pulling, please stop reading - do not waste your precious time!).
So: where to find a lover? At work? Perish the thought! No one has an office romance to no good arguments (do not argue: there are rare exceptions!). If you love to dance, go to a nightclub. In the high-rise on Barricadnaya have a great place in which the pair are formed easily. By the morning of unclaimed remains absolutely malosimpatichnye citizens. You can go to a special party dating, but there comes mainly young people, and unless stated that invited those over 30, men pensioners there en masse.
Still you can meet in bars, restaurants and cafes, but this is only for exceptionally bright and bold girls. Also likely to please men would be without initiative. He did not set up to explore! Maybe she married, and maybe the problems of the roof reserved dating online for reserved singles.
The most simple and effective - is to advertise on a dating site. Why is that? Yes, because people are getting to know tuned readily go to the contact, and quite frank feelings and thoughts (there are liars, but not about them now speech). And events are growing much faster than in real life: you can immediately see what wants to please a partner, married or not. Also here one can meet at least thirty-three times a day. In reality, people of mature years is not possible.
For starters admit to myself that you are quite free from prejudice, that your fine spiritual organization is not in the bill, which came to the fore instincts, and now really need a man! Of course, there are women for whom the erogenous zone - is the brain, but also for the hour of "X" when the loneliness blows the roof.
Allow yourself to stay "bad girl." And say, "Well, what if I puschus in dressing? Someday it may be assumed! Babi century short, I take everything from life. " This is psychologically right decision. Worse, when the soul wants to unbridled sex and consciousness indignant: "My God! I graduated from the conservatory, university, my parents live in perfect harmony 50 years, I have children ... No, we must seek a man for a serious relationship. " I repeat: this article is written for women who have already realized that they just want sex reserved dating online for reserved singles.
There are sites sharpened only on the selection of a sexual partner, there are - and they are more popular - for dating, suggesting rapid developments. So: off hypocrisy! The site, thousands of women and men, no one person is up to you do not care. It is aware of from the beginning. Therefore, do not send message: I do not like that! Men's scary fun because almost every "not so!" Before you create the questionnaire, read the profiles of other women (and men should be read profiles of men). Much becomes clear. Women sin reports of its exclusivity. And the beauty all the polls, and clever, and "not looking for anyone here." Such "korolevishna" normal men are not interested. It is better (maybe) write honest: an ordinary woman looking for ...
So: you advertise on the site. It is not necessary to write about the presence of children (in this context, they are irrelevant), write candidly: "I want to burdensome long-term (or non-durable - defined in optional) with a decent relationship cleanly in all respects a man of some years, having a place to meet. Pensioners and young people please do not disturb! "
Be prepared for the fact that you first flurry of letters from complete idiots. It's not terrible, take what is happening with humor. You just have to wait until your profile drop in the rankings and become virtually invisible. It's time to start looking! Enter search criteria and search for nice man, read carefully the questionnaire. I would advise immediately sift daffodils that push women incredible claims like "no more than 28 severely! Not fully, no children, no problem "and fans to rewrite the classics (the man is clearly not in itself, if in the form enter the sonnets of Shakespeare, anecdotes and quotes Socrates).
In a survey of 50 men from 34 to 55 years, I have found that they are sympathetic to women honest, uncomplexed, with h / w.
"I thought there was no and that Elena corruption and promiscuity, though her page was written, serious relationship is not looking. I just want to enjoy life. " We corresponded, then talked on the phone, and I was once again convinced that the woman she was decent, just at the time she needed a man to meet. Our goals are the same, I experienced a painful divorce and the requirements of the ladies from the site of a serious relationship scares me. Lena honestly wrote that she wanted to really. Fortunately, we are in bed coincided so much that I immediately deleted your profile and Lena said that I wanted to become a regular guy reserved dating online for reserved singles. Six months later we broke up, for whatever reason, but this time the sex between us was at the height, "- says 39-year-old Yuri.
In general, hard to find a partner. The main thing is do not push unreasonable demands, such as meetings in expensive hotels, dinner at a restaurant, gift (it reminds prostitution, and the competition is high, these - with the requirements - a lot), and do not fall. After all, while you only need sex. Women are sometimes useful to behave as cynical as it is done by men.
PS By the way, in such women often fall for the most demanding men ... reserved dating online for reserved singles.

We live in the age of information technology, they give a person previously inaccessible opportunities that a sin not to have relations. No matter where you are building them - on the Internet, senior singles dating secular parties or in places which are called HoReCa (cafes, bars, restaurants). The main thing - that they are useful and practical.
I want to give some tips to the best communication is better to install and maintain.
Tip number 1
Wherever you are - it is important to remember that the people around - it's your potential connections.
Let us imagine the situation. You go to the central part of the city and see that man walking in front of you, something fell out of his pocket (for example, an expensive mobile phone, purse or simply document). You like well-bred people naturally hailed rasteryahu and fed him what he dropped.
Rasteryaha thank you, and if he is a man of wide soul and has some time, invites to sit somewhere - after salvage. Over a cup of coffee you are talking, you are improving friendly relations, he tells about himself, who he is and where he works. And here it opens this: your new friend is in a state structure, or, for example, is a board member of a large bank. And then sounded the key phrase for you: "If anything - please!"
This example - the situation is quite real. This can happen all the time with each of us. The main thing in it is that you simply walked or walked, and he too, but due to accidental coincidence of circumstances do you have friendly relations senior singles dating - and now on your account one useful contacts.
Council 2
Try to always look good.
Any potential contact enjoyable to chat with well-groomed and neat person than a slut for a long time have forgotten what a shower.
Each of us (even if deep down) esthete. Any person is always attracted to the beautiful, or at least to the beautiful. Reflect and remember better when you come with friends in a restaurant or a nightclub - on whom you put your mind on the beautiful people or people who look like "Salmon the second freshness"?
Wherever you sent - just to shop or stroll through Central Park, in a nightclub or coffee with friends - always try to look at 100%, but it is better to 120 !!
Council 3
Caring for outer beauty, not forget about the inside!
No matter how beautiful and fascinating people may be - as long as it is not something to talk about, senior singles dating then it would not talk about. For the first time I came to this conclusion during discussion of another unsuccessful dating my girlfriend. A little later, I realized that this phrase really is true and useful not only in amorous affairs, but also in interpersonal relationships and networking.
Again, back to the situational view. For example: your friend dragged you on your corporate party, and now you, not knowing what to do, until he went to sing the praises of his leadership, we decided to talk to someone. Here you come to the pretty girl (or guy - who has what tastes and preferences) and try to strike up a conversation. Discuss how the room is decorated with the speed with which bring drinks and talking about the weather, you're trying to move to a more secular theme - I mean, politics, economics, sport or culture.
After your futile attempts to start a conversation you realize that the other person, I'm sorry for being rude, beyond his nose did not see anything. What happens next? You are upset take another champagne and go to the wall. Again, a fairly typical situation. Likewise, you can turn on the spot "short-sighted" cute little faces, if time does not take up the mind and will systematically work on their development through self-education.
Council 4
Smile gentlemen, smile!
Smile knowingly in all ages considered key to any lock heart. Always pleasant to chat with a man open, which you smiling and located to communicate than with sullen, angry and gone deep into yourself. But the main thing - do not overdo it! If you stretch a smile and be constantly just stupid smile is a little confusing. If you smile gently and genuinely communicating with the person you first without words to convince him that it is interesting to you.
Do not be lazy and more often called by the name of the interlocutor. So it will be easier to arrange it yourself and make useful contacts. The whole secret is that every self-respecting, and less adequate person's name - it is the most pleasant word.
Council 5
Aphorisms - the key to communication.
Thank God, the window already in 2012, and to date smart people already tell a lot of clever things, linguists call them aphorisms. Now in any bookstore, senior singles dating you can find books that are familiar with these phrases. It is appropriate and timely aphorism said will provide a reputation educated and fully developed.
If your memory allows, learn some catchy aphorisms "for all occasions" in Latin. Latin - the language, of course, but the dear dead. In addition aphorisms useful to periodically pochityvat sorts of sayings and parables. People love the beautiful, fantastically instructive stories. And certainly will thank you for a well-told story that, perhaps, also learn something.
Develop and cluttered with links. All in your hands. senior singles dating.

Do not be fooled - you will not sell. Or so says the proverb, which may be the unofficial motto of modern marketing. But we will not go that far. Each of the girls has a live birth of the profession (the word "marketing" singles dating edmonton - a specialist who studies the supply and demand on the market). So, first things first.
Inna, 20 years old. Free, independent. Girl chitayuchtohochu, govoryuchtohochu, noshuchtohochu. "Noshuchtohochu" includes T-shirts, shoes, jeans, but Inna's opinion on this matter. And your social circle. At some provincial forum. And why guys are increasingly familiar with her only friend Olenka? Although Olenka not read Nietzsche, I do not understand religion, but loves to dress, heels no less than 9 centimeters, and red lipstick. Take Olenka dress, lipstick hated lipstick. And forward. Create demand, so to speak. Here it is, the conversion marketing.
Oksana, 35 years old. All attempts to get married begins with the fact that "first lose weight, learn to cook, such as the Prince of the bride then he will win." At the ends. And the years go by, kilograms grow. Forms for a long time can not be called delicious. Ta Da'am Workers Party! Oksana finally enrolled in a fitness club next door to the men's gym, by the way. Revives demand Oksanochka, bolder. Here it is, remarketing.
Masha, 23 years old. "And I want to be yours." Moving to Moscow from the provinces , singles dating edmonton according to Mary obliges always look at. Tights in a grid, strange clothes, looking out of a small clothes, glasses to give solidity. The teacher of elementary grades in a cheap German cinema. Residents Khrushchev Maria dream erotic dreams. And she, by the way, has a degree in economics. And the nasty job of HR tethi not take because of the jealousy of the male composition. No, this demand is not needed. Black pants, nice setting and less arrogance. Here it is, counteracting marketing.
Paradox. Cheating like no no, it's honest. We want to like it, but at the same time do something for this ... you do not like? Nothing, nothing, dear, be patient. Not everything is the same guy with a beer watching football. Will he learn our market. Run more. There would be a reason. The main thing is not to let this occasion was on March 8, and the study of our market did not study the flower stall near the subway. That's what marketing is to choose the right target market, not to be mistaken with the audience. But then the question arises: how? The purpose of a one - to get married , and the merchants in the market as the second lot.
We conduct market research, to put it simply, studying existing merchants: friends, friends, friends, relatives, etc. Tastes, habits, habitats ... Inappropriate? Change the place of deployment. Advertising campaign singles dating edmonton. But the main thing - carefully! Reserving such bonuses as parachuting hobby or reading Nietzsche, for dessert. Competent advertising - one of the components of good marketing. And what kind of marketing will use your chosen one, judged only by you.
It turns out that the man is - marketing. singles dating edmonton.

We all know about Valentine's Day. This wonderful holiday is celebrated today throughout the world, singles dating scene in manhattan although few people think about its origin. Initially this festival was introduced by the Catholic Church to replace the pagan rituals that were associated with the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia .
Lupercalia devoted to female fertility and eroticism. In short, it was officially recognized as an orgy. If you can not win - try to lead and lead. In this recipe the day Lupercalia was inscribed in the church calendar under the name of Valentine's Day.
Nowadays, thanks to Hollywood, is widely advertised topic "Valentine", this festival manages everywhere, even in Russia until the day of the eighth of March successfully withstand competition. No wonder. Battle-hardened proletarian women's holiday.
In Israel, Valentine's Day is also celebrated, albeit more modestly. The fact that Judaism has a Valentine's Day. And do not celebrate this holiday in a cold February, and in the middle of the hottest month of the year, the fifteenth of Av.
In the Jewish tradition to denote the date of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The number 15 written with two letters tet (?), and Vav (?), ninth and sixth, respectively. Why did not the tenth and fifth? The fact that the tenth letter Yod (?), and the fifth letter, hey (?), to form the name of God (). And because the name of God should not be consumed in vain, such writing is avoided. By the way, the ancient Romans also disliked figure IV, the beginning of the name of the supreme god of the Roman pantheon, Jupiter, replacing it in IIII singles dating scene in manhattan.
Thus, the number 15 is written in Hebrew, the word "the", and the holiday is called " Tu baa Av "," 15 Av. "
Here I comes to mind Bulgakov's "shuffling gait Cavalry, early in the morning of the fourteenth of the spring month of Nisan ...". And it does not come by chance: the fourteenth of Nisan - it is the day before the Jewish Passover. Here, incidentally, is hidden one of the many mysteries that dazzles "The Master and Margarita." Dating Pilatovsky court fourteenth, the author refers to the careful and meticulous reader how to report: I describe events in chronological order of the Gospel of John. In the Gospel of the other three apostles trial and execution of Jesus occur fifteenth of in Tu baa Nisan.
According to legend, in Tu baa Av unmarried girls wore all white, and went into the vineyards to sing and dance. There they waited for the guys working on the grape harvest.
In order to understand the background of the holiday, you should know a few subtleties of rural life in the Holy Land .
Grapes are one of the seven plants, symbolizing the fertility of the land of Israel. The emblem of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel depicted spies Moses, who returned from Canaan with grapes of heavy brush, borne by two men.
Wine is present in virtually all Jewish religious rites. So, for example, in his prophecy describes the prophet Micah (Micah) the coming days of peace and prosperity, "Do not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree singles dating scene in manhattan. "
Grapes symbolized the harvest and contentment. Therefore, since ancient times during the grape harvest was accompanied by festivities. It is no accident the vineyard and wine dedicated line one of the greatest romantic poems of all time Song of Solomon: "As the brush keeper, my beloved, my vineyards Engedskih" "I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother's house. You have taught me, and I gave to drink to thee fragrant wine of the juice of my pomegranate. "
The vine was depicted as a symbol of fertility as on household utensils and coins. In the marriage contract has traditionally placed the image of grapes, referring to a verse from Psalms: "Your wife will be like a fruitful vine ..."
Likewise, in the Christian tradition of wine - a key symbol. Jesus, addressing the apostles, called himself the true vine. And the first miracle of them at Cana, is the transformation of water into wine at a wedding feast. And in the last days of his earthly life, at the Last Supper, Jesus sets the main sacrament of the Christian faith, communion of bread and wine of the Apostles to his body and blood.
Feast of Love, Tu Be Av, is celebrated in the middle of last year the month of Av. And just a week before he - one of the saddest days in the Jewish calendar. Ninth of Av were destroyed and the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem . The first time it did the Babylonians in 587 BC Second Temple destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 AD the Ninth of Av - the day of fasting and prayer. The holiday of Tu Be Av, thus marks the end of the mourning days. Now you can rejoice, to celebrate weddings and celebrations.
The first day of each month of the Jewish calendar - is always the day of the new moon, and the fifteenth day - always a full moon day.
Season vintage in the Holy Land lasted from July to September. Hence, the fifteenth of Av falls on the middle of the season. Ripe grapes - berry capricious and requires careful handling during storage and transport. For this reason and because of the heat of the day decided to gather the grapes or the chill of the morning or at dusk. Therefore, during the grape harvest pickers lived right in the vineyards, in the light tents. Here we slept here waited heat of the day. It is to this hut, singles dating scene in manhattan and the girls came dressed in white, singing and dancing under the moon in search of the groom.
It is noteworthy that white clothes brides chosen not by chance: to choose brides grooms at the behest of the heart, rather than focusing on the size of the dowry, all the girls were dressed alike. Moreover, wealthy families were ordered to lend dresses to girls from poor families whose income does not allow them to sew their own clothes. Here's an interesting version of the tale of Cinderella .
I add from myself that five years ago under the silvery light of the full moon, I met a wonderful girl who became my wife.
Irishka, I congratulate you on holiday! I love you! singles dating scene in manhattan.

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