Dress to excite
Way to embrace men is through the eyes. Visualizations stimulate faster and stronger man than a woman. Intuitively sensing this, experienced seductress try to dress according to their own ideas about the sexy outfit free ukraine dating agency. But is it true?
Openness kills desire
You may be surprised to learn that common formula sexy outfit "at least material, the maximum fit to the body" is not correct. Sexologists and experienced men say that excessive openness and lady fitting clothes on her capable of killing every sexual desire.
The lower the available views of men or that part of the female body, the more he played the imagination. Therefore, it does not look sexy legs in mini and maxi with a cut to the thigh. Particularly excite men jeans and ... dresses, skirts, almost absent in the modern woman's wardrobe.
Contraindicated for men's eyes and aggressive animal ornaments, figures a la vest and peas, which are just as quickly tire look like and obsess them. A notable aphrodisiac effects have floral motifs and figures in the form of rings. As for color, the attention of men, like children, are attracted to bright colors emit a woman at a party .
Black by itself is not sexy, but in combination with other colors (such as red) is quite able to arouse sexual desire in men. Furthermore, the presence of black color adds a mysterious woman glamor. In general, we found that young women tend to overestimate the impact of sexual clothing. For the vast majority of boys outfit women it is less important than her smile, gestures, gait and confidence in his own irresistibility free ukraine dating agency.
Lingerie - Secret Weapon
About 80% of men are excited at the sight of the woman he loved in a beautiful lingerie. Moreover, they are well versed in things intimate wardrobe and enjoy taking part in their selection and purchase. Groundbait for fishing boat with sonar and gps, lions. It is interesting that men prefer more than frank sets, putting his partner in an awkward position.
But even if you believe that the proposed order to the person (or rather, to the body) young lady of easy virtue, it is not necessary to deny the favorite. Moreover, what he will enjoy the contemplation acquired underwear.
And remember that sexual underwear should be a lot! American psychologists found that the act of women, often change clothes, rarely suffer from male adultery. The brain is programmed to male sexual diversity, so one and the same lady in a different linen skillfully creates the illusion of diversity, and thus preserves the sex appeal.
Of great importance is the color of women's underwear. The most exciting is the red - "the color of sexual aggression", which, however, is able to scare away conservative and insecure men. Cereznuyu competition red underwear is black. Many men are fascinating woman in black underwear and black stockings.
As a rule, it does not have the effect of exciting lingerie pink, blue, purple, gray and brown colors. White linen is neutral, but some men may be associated with nevinnostyo and thereby give rise to a strong erotic feelings. Women also should think before putting on a lingerie when she plans a continuation of the party : the white color can emphasize imperfections free ukraine dating agency.
"Attention, now shoot!"
The well-known joke goes: no matter what you are wearing on the young lady, it is important that under her clothes. This statement has led many of the fairer sex, whose figure is far from the coveted 90-60-90 options, in a state of despondency. Meanwhile it is known that nudity itself is not exciting, the more nudity regular sexual partner.
Half-naked woman is more desirable to men than to undress completely. But the sexiest man in the eyes of a woman Undressing. So we advise you to learn how beautiful and sexy to get rid of yours, even a very sexy dress. free ukraine dating agency.

Three of unity. A few tips novice hunter.
The ability to know - it is art. The same complex and diverse as film, art and theater. Perhaps most of all, it is similar to the last. After acquaintance - a small theater production with a strict division of roles 5 star introductions ukraine dating agency. On how skillfully you play his part, the success of the whole action. On any play, there are three unity. In our case - is the unity of purpose, place and object.
Aim. The first step is define the purpose of dating. Download the game via torrent is one thing, if you expect a more or less long-term relationship, and quite another when you're interested in one night stand. Keep in mind that in the second case, familiarity always milder. After all, you act relaxed and not become much worry because of possible failure.
Location. Having defined the goal, think about where to go to implement their plans. After all, in an internal club Night Flight, the cinema "Roland" the Opera House and a handful of women completely different types. Remember that, when instead of "hello, what's your name" polezesh kiss to the visitor of the library, or you start to read the sonnets lover walking club "propaganda" and Infinity.
I recommend you go to a nightclub , not much has scandalous reputation. In this club you, at least, do not dissolve in the money. And the fear of transvestites - this carefully disguised enemy of any young person who wants to meet a girl 5 star introductions ukraine dating agency.
Object. Said in a nightclub, do not rush to the first object with female characteristics. You could easily pass for a sailor, three years furrow seas and oceans in a submarine. Think you need it? To get started go to the bar and order yourself something not very alcoholic. Remember that your goal - to tie acquaintance with the girl and not get drunk. After that, find a place with a good view and start the hunt.
Female features
Girls are not as simple as it seems at first glance. You think they just sit around and stand meekly waiting man deigns to approach them? Certainly not. In the arsenal of wily seductress has a set of techniques to lure naive characters like. Remember their common tricks:
1. If a girl straightens her hair and lipstick, it is not because she had forgotten to do it at home and not because of the queue in the WC, where it is easier to make. Everything is easier - it is thus wishes to draw the attention of men on their own, respectively, healthy hair and beautiful lips. You guessed why it is necessary?
2. Imagine: you sit next to a pretty girl, her mouth slightly open, his lips are moistened. It's not because she wants to be like the singer in video clips. She is convinced that so it becomes a sexy and attractive. Do you have something to object?
3. Therefore, praising female eyes, tons of paper scribbled. The school is not only lazy cute classmate scribbled notes: "When did you last looked at me ..." So stating a fact, irrefutable as the lamppost: the female organs of visual perception still produce hypnotic impression on all that relates to the opposite sex. Notice how you lure neighbor girl. She looks or sneak out from under the little lashes, or sideways, because of the raised shoulder. Once seen her look, she looks away. What For? Tantalizing feeling voyeuristic starts with a half-turn just about any guy 5 star introductions ukraine dating agency.
4. In the nightclubs and other places you probably more than once pointed out to myself feminine manner of smoking. Remember: the cigarette clamped in straight fingers, wrists bare. However, the beautiful? Professionals believe demonstration wrist one of the strongest sexual gestures. The same thing they talk about things like oblong cigarette in thin female fingers. Himself guess why. The smoking girl has something tempting. Although, of course, is not for everyone. Just do not take into account women.
5. There are many other ingenious methods by which women act on our subconscious. This particular style of sitting girl throw one leg over the other, and flexing poluskinutoy shoes, attracts your eyes to the slender legs (unfortunately, Grinders conduct such an operation more complex). Another option - when the hip going ahead of you girls are swinging more than usual. Know that this is also a reason. Where you once you begin to look? That's just it.
If you are with your observation positions noticed the girl, a feed any of these signals, no brakes, safely thruster acquainted. Remember, the main thing is not to spoil all of the first phrase.
Not a photograph or a film director with the expected question: "Girl, you want to be in the movies?" Of course, if you are not a photographer or filmmaker. Komlimenty - this is a good move, but see not overdo it. Do not ask her whether she watched Yasujiro Ozu and how she liked Quartet Jonathan Stemp. If she is happy to answer questions like these, 5 star introductions ukraine dating agency it is most likely that all will end. It is not necessary to give the club's will hands, even if it's just a light touch, at least, to dance. 5 star introductions ukraine dating agency.

In place of the macho came vitalsexual - a man who loves life and sex
Institute of Public Opinion Research Ipsos drew a portrait of a man on the results of a new study involving 8500 of boys over the age of 40 years. By definition, Bayer Health Care, turned vitalsexual angelika dating agency ukraine - a man who loves life and sex. X-Men: Days of Future Past
Now, the macho can already be considered a museum piece, type italyantsa- "womanizer" is already on the verge of extinction. He was replaced by vitalsexual: a determined sex, but very delicate and sensitive, passionate and resourceful, but also practical and realistic, almost super-man. In fact, he still has a weakness, it does not deny the existence of certain problems and fatigue from family relationships. This is a portrait of the new men are more attentive to the needs and emotions of his partner.
The study, "Sex and the modern man", presented in Milan, was conducted by the Institute of Ipsos for Bayer Health Care. It was attended by more than 8,500 men aged 18 to 75 years from six European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK), as well as from Brazil, Canada and Mexico.
These studies suggest that the natural habitat of the new generation of the stronger sex it is Italy, which with 55% vitalsexual among men older than 40 was in second place after Brazil (63%), Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. On the nature of the new man, no doubt, influenced by the rhythms of modern life. If you think about it, "in the last 15 years, the length of free time has declined by 25%."
Mr Average "obsessed with sex and shaving
The term "average" is often featured in the statistics. But now the British Office for National Statistics in cooperation with the magazine GQ men decided to find out what is the "average" Briton angelika dating agency ukraine.
Let's start with objects of obsession Mr. average, which turned three. Foremost among them is probably to be expected, to have sex, which, however, applies to the average citizen of any other country. But two other object of obsession average Briton somewhat unexpected. This shaving and socks.
Life goes on shaving
During his life Mr Average spends on removing vegetation from the face using razors of different designs for nearly three and a half thousand hours, in other words more than 140 days!
As for the sock, they, on the collected data, the average British 22 pairs, but not for life and for each moment. However, this number has caused the compilers of the report a number of doubts. They came to the conclusion that in fact Mr. socks Middle twice - just half of them consists of different pairs of socks.
Middle unhappy marriage best whores and prostitutes in Yekaterinburg
Height Mr. Middle pretty decent - 177 centimeters, his years of age thirty-five and a half and it is clearly inclined to corpulence.
"It is surprising to our emancipation from the moral time - said the magazine GQ, angelika dating agency ukraine - the average Briton is married." He marries at age 30, although nearly half of the same medium Britons admit that they are unhappy in family life.
Nevertheless, Mr. Average since losing their virginity at the age of 17 acquires eight sexual partners (not necessarily female), but in the last year of his middle age, he is clearly losing the old zeal - it is only one partner. angelika dating agency ukraine.

Interesting facts about kissing
1. The average woman kisses 7-9 men before marry.
2. Of all the animals chimpanzees kiss the most similar to human belanoff ukraine dating agency. Just kiss on the mouth of the dog, the horse and Canadian porcupines.
3. The ancient Egyptians knew nothing about kissing. Perhaps Queen Cleopatra, famous for its victories over men never really kissed. If only it did not teach Caesar ...
4. In the Middle Ages in Italy, a man kissing a girl on the people had necessarily to marry her. In the city of Naples, laws were most severe: a kiss on the street could be thunder in jail, if not lose his life if it happened in front of a high spiritual person.
5. In 1979, David Bowie invented the machine "lipograf" which filmed lip print for identification. After that America held an auction "lipogram" famous people. All proceeds, amounting to 16 thousand dollars, went to the Children's Defense Fund. At this auction a fingerprint lips Mick Jagger has been sold for $ 1,600. Unfortunately, "lipograf" did not come into use in forensics.
6. Japan is considered very rude to kiss in front of witnesses. For this reason, you will almost never see a kiss in the Japanese film. What in the world is called "Japanese" kiss, goes like this: stand on one step away from each other, leaned forward and stretched out his lips, touch their lips partner. The mouth is not open!
7. The Eskimos, Polynesians do not kiss each other in the mouth. They rub noses. Try it! It is very nice.
8. The average person spends his whole life kissing 2 weeks. Total ?!
9. Some Africans express respect for the leader, kissing the ground on which he walked belanoff ukraine dating agency.
10. The scientific name of the kiss - filematologiya.
11. Romans in greeting and kissed each other's eyes. This is the exact opposite of Russian take on which to kiss your eyes - to parting.
12. Most of kisses - 127 - in the film "Don Giovanni" in 1927. All those kisses received from John Barrymore two actresses Mary Astor and Estelle Taylor.
13. In some places, kissing considered a crime. In the US state of Indiana is still alive law under which "a man with a mustache is forbidden to kiss a human being." In the state of Connecticut on Sundays is forbidden to kiss his wife. And in the town of Cedar Rapid, Iowa, the sheriff can take to the police station anyone who kisses a stranger.
14. According to estimates of the magazine Scientific American, the most happening kissing on Valentine's Day, with 65 percent of kissing his head tilted to the right. The habit of tilting his head in a certain direction is formed even during fetal development.
15. The tribes living in primitive society, it is believed that during a kiss transmitted force or part of the soul. the best partner for sex in ekateriburge
16. In ancient times, in England there was a custom: during fairs women took an apple, cloves stuck in it and offered an apple to whom to kiss. The man had to remove the clove, chewed it and then kiss the lady. He had no right to refuse. Note that Apple put a lot gvozdichek!
17. Custom bond kiss vow of marital fidelity comes from Russia.
18. Actress Julianne Moore once said that shooting the kissing actresses nicer than the actors. "When you have to kiss a man, you are prepared for the fact that this man can not smell very nice. And women are always smell good, and they are so soft belanoff ukraine dating agency!"
19. Actress Angelina Jolie Andzhelina - lady that according to statistics, many Americans dream of a kiss. Among men, it is Brad Pitt.
20. This causes a passionate kiss in the brain the same chemical reaction that skydiving and pistol shooting. Make love Not War.
21. Kiss sufficient duration is much better than chewing gum, normalizes the acidity in the mouth. Kissing after every meal, you can greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay.
22. In 1999, Carmit Suber and Dror Orpaz set a world record for the length of a kiss. Under the admiring cries of the crowd on the square in Tel Aviv, they kissed each other 30 hours and 45 minutes. In 2000 he broke the record Louisa Almodovar and Rich Langley. Note time: 30 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds. Accidents were clearly the result 31 hours. but fell exhausted.
23. The longest screen kiss does not go to any comparison with a real kiss. The ex-wife of Ronald Reagan, Jane Ueymen, 3 minutes and 5 seconds Regis Toomey kissed in the movie 1941 "Now you're in the army."
24. Surveys have shown that men who kiss every day their wives before going to work, belanoff ukraine dating agency have a higher income than those who do not.
25. Sweetie "Hershey's Kisses" so named because the machine that molds them, looks like. like kissing the conveyor belt. belanoff ukraine dating agency.

As a "delicious" kiss
I am sure each of us often recalled and remembers her first kiss. The desire to finally try it overshadows all thoughts. And whether it was touch lips with a kiss? And even if you have not a young man, dating online with herpes I can proudly call it a kiss now? "Know How" reveals the secrets of "delicious" kiss.
The first kiss. Kiss, who begins a relationship. That's it then, just need to try to partner felt his "goodies." And, oddly enough, there should participate only your lips. Nothing extra. More attention should be given hugs and sweet words after him. Touching slightly parted lips, his tongue light traffic on them and kind words after - that's the recipe, "tasty" first kiss!
Every young man and every girl attitude to different humidity kiss - someone like dry and wet someone. To make a kiss in this case, "tasty" you must learn to practice addiction of a loved one. But there is still a general advice: if you want to express affection with a kiss, it must be dry, no "slyuntyaystva." If you're going to kiss to express a passion - it should be wet.
The longest kiss in the book of Guinness, lasted 417 hours. But feelings - is not a sport, and records are useless. However, if you decide to make a "tasty" long kiss, try to provide for themselves and partner air, do not forget to breathe through the nose. However, remember - with a strong overexcitation of the long kiss at the partner breath quickens and as a consequence, there is dizziness dating online with herpes.
All these kisses are standard. It is estimated that life is full of Parisian vsevozmozhnypi kisses. Search rates, addresses and phone numbers of prostitutes Yekaterinburg in the catalog with photos But each person should be in the arsenal of his secret, that always surprise a loved one. "Know How" brings to you a list of "unusual" kisses:
1. Kiss "pinch" - his lips lightly grasp a fold of skin. This helps in finding a kiss erogenous zones partner.
2. Kiss "hickey" - similar to the "pinch", but more intense. Lips with a force sucking the skin and suck it for a while. It is not recommended to do so without the approval of the partner, because after this affection is a small elongated bruise.
3. "Tickling" kiss - attention focuses on a specific erogenous zone which Teasing and tickling his lips, raising the corresponding receptors.
4. Kiss "quirk" - mouth "paint" on the partner's skin, trace the line of the relief. For this game, you can connect and language.
5. "tracer" Kiss - open or closed mouth glides over the skin. The pressure in this case may be very different dating online with herpes.
It is only a few kinds of kisses of those who are able to invent our imagination. All we have seen, and some of us even tried, delicious kisses in the truest sense of the word with pieces of fruit, honey, ice cream, etc. You may well find a couple of his "delicious" kisses. Experiment, because, you see, these experiments were very sweet! dating online with herpes.

Chemistry of Love: Why do we fall in love?
Why do we fall in love? Why go crazy with a fleeting glance at the object of our passion? Why usually all happens so suddenly? Why do we often fall in love with men are very similar to each other? As it is not sad sounds, online dating ideas but to blame just some of the chemical processes occurring in our brain ...
Immediately say, that if you're a hopeless romantic, this article then you better not read. After all, what do you say are convinced that there is love for another reason. Probably, in many ways you're right. Of course, for the emergence of true love that lasts for years, some chemical reactions is small. But in this article focuses more on love, that is, that first impression, the first spark, which draws together a man and a woman.
Some signs of love
Sometimes we take for love is something really quite fleeting, just a flirtation. Exchange banner advertising for quality traffic. Serious Love also has its signs. Here are some of them:
• throws you in the heat and cold, and his hands start to sweat
• In the body shivers run
• Our pupils dilate inadvertently
• You can not help feeling flight
• All feelings become aggravated
• You feel that you're being a little drunk
• Do you feel a sense of unusual rise, you can "move mountains"
• You can not concentrate on anything
• You stop swearing and arguing with others, feeling them an unusual love
• You want to sing to go crazy and generally doing something unusual • You can sleep for a few hours a day and not feel tired
It is understood that the list goes on. Indeed, many manifestations of love are very individual online dating ideas. It all depends on your temperament, age and gender. But if you've never experienced it all, then, believe me, you have lost a lot in my life!
Love and chemistry
The fact that the appearance of love is associated with a variety of chemical reactions in the brain, proved a long time ago. However, this applies not only to love, but also to many other emotions - from grief to happiness. They all have a biochemical nature.
But participating in the emergence of love not only the nerve cells, but also some specific chemical compounds. Fiddle plays feniletilenamin or FAN. It is responsible for most of the physical sensations that accompany love . Incidentally, this is the Feng and makes our heart beat with a crazy speed, palms sweating, the pupils dilate, and so on. D.
In addition, as a result of love in the blood increases the level of adrenaline, which speeds up the heartbeat, it sharpens the senses and evokes a feeling of total recovery.
Yet at the same time for us to act endorphins that activate the immune system. That is why from your cold is not a trace remains.
During a kiss as a man and a woman spend instant chemical analysis of saliva each other and decide whether they are genetically compatible. In addition, the female brain at this time instantly scans the immune system of man.
In general, when the body begins to love our work has been particularly active. This explains why love is so rarely get sick. So, above all, love is also very healthy.
Men like teddy bears
So, with the causes of love we're almost clear. But why do we often fall in love with a very similar to each other people? For example, quite often, even very beautiful women experience an irresistible passion is not to high handsome handsome man, but to a short, thick and already balding men. What is the secret of their attraction to women online dating ideas?
Here the mechanism of occurrence of love is the action of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for the parental instinct. However, not all women are equally its content. It reaches a maximum in women so-called maternal type. Why exactly they like chubby little men? Scientists have long known that when a woman sees the child, the level of progesterone in her blood increases dramatically. The same thing happens when she sees someone whose proportions resemble her child that is having a short plump body, chubby arms and legs, a large head and large eyes. This can be a teddy bear in the window of a toy store, and ... man, whose proportions are similar to those described.
Some hormones are out there - and a number of us have is not handsome figure and the Olympic champion and someone who looked like a teddy bear! And may he attributes his own irresistible choices and sexuality, the point here is just to increase the level of progesterone!
The secret to the popularity of blondes
Another phenomenon for many is quite inexplicable love men to blondes. But here, everything is explained by the amount of hormones. But this time it will be on the level of estrogen, the amount of which blondes are usually higher than brunettes. And in fact estrogen is responsible for the fertility of the woman and makes her character and appearance more feminine and soft. In addition, it significantly reduces the level of mathematical logic and general intelligence (although this assertion is debatable scientists!). All of the above men feel great, but because most of them prefer it blonde. By the way, what hair blonde after birth usually darker, online dating ideas due precisely to the fall in the level of estrogen in the body.
In general, as you know, is not always our feelings and emotions are subject to our mind. It often occurs just at the chemical level. But this is a magical state as love, is not less beautiful! online dating ideas.

Flirting is good for health
Not long ago, American sociologists decided to find out where the most modern city dwellers flirt? It turned out places unsuitable for this activity, simply does not exist questions to ask if dating online.
Spa doctors sometimes recommend a lonely travelers flirtation as a therapeutic agent. Mostly pleasant affair better than any medication helps to cheer up, to experience a burst of energy. Scientists believe that the secret of this action on the health of flirting is that it stimulates the release of the body of a bouquet of various hormones, among them the "happy hormones" - endorphins. Then he heard a nice compliment to your address, stroll in the moonlight, feeling for someone's admiring gaze, and we get a portion of nutrients. casino reviews
- Do not confuse flirting with adultery! - Warns psychologist Nina Rozhkov. - It's not the same thing. Classic flirting does not necessarily result in sexual relations. Its main task - to capture the imagination of the partner, intrigue, fascinate, awaken interest in himself. That is why in the XVIII-XIX centuries it was a long and ingenious process that can last for many years. They wrote each other letters, sent flowers, provided a variety of tokens ... Young people, especially young ladies, more experienced teachers are taught how to flirt, what 'antics and buckles "can attract the attention of the person they like rekindle his interest. This kind of piece for two actors, requires each display their most winning qualities. By the way, noticed that people who know and love to flirt, more free and confident. They are less likely to experience stress questions to ask if dating online.
According to experts, flirting can be useful for everyone. Young helps to better know each other, to gain experience with the opposite sex. It instills a culture of behavior: for example, the ability to timely file a lady's hand, invite to dance, to conduct home touch, beautiful to say goodbye. Mature allows us to give the elements of the game and ease, refresh the senses. By the way, married flirting is also not forbidden: a small affair allows them to relive pleasant moments, did not go beyond the boundaries of decency and morality.
Flirt is necessary according to the rules. To start, determine whether this behavior is appropriate in this situation. If the office in the middle of a work day, employees are concerned about a particular issue, do not try to flirt with colleagues. Even the most graceful compliment today may backfire - irritation. But the playful tone is appropriate during the break, lunch on the joint field trips, in the moments of rest and relaxation. This is an excellent discharge.
In no case should not impose their courtship to someone who does not want to take them. How to identify people willing to flirt or not? Make it easy enough. Remember, in the popular operetta "Die Fledermaus" adept in love affairs mama taught her daughter to shoot eyes on the ball? "First, look at the corner, and then - on the nose, then - on the subject of your interest - she lectured her. - That's right: the angle, the nose thing. This is the best means to be seen! "... According to modern experts, mother was right! To determine the degree of interest to you it can be a partner for the expression of his eyes and a smile. Therefore, questions to ask if dating online the classic flirting begins with an interested look. Just do not gimlet human eyes or unabashedly inspected from head to toe. From that, he just embarrassed and decides that he forgot to fasten a button. Needless to wink too clearly expressing their interest. It is best to react to the soft, sweet and slightly sly glance. And if you smiled back, it is time to proceed to the second step - a compliment. And here it is very important not to be trapped. Keep in mind, this flirtation completely devoid of vulgarity. Therefore excluded sebaceous jokes, rude jokes, snide remarks and ridicule. Particular attention should be paid compliments. The most common beginner smoothies chosen ones pleasing platitudes like: "You have very beautiful eyes! You have a nice smile! "As a rule, mature ladies then lose interest in them: painfully beaten by such praise, smack of" home-made ". It seems that the interlocutor gives to such compliments everyone. To begin to get accustomed to the partner, note some characteristic feature of his conduct or the external line that appeals to you. Then the words will sound sincere and certainly will touch the soul of the interlocutor. He will indicate that you are observant.
- Should be prepared to ensure that there will be only a short flirtation episode in your biography - warns Nina Rozhkov. - Of course, it happens that the flirtation turns into a serious sense, but it does not count on it. After initially flirting - sweet game of love, from which both partners receive sincere pleasure. It's a great way to cheer up, to feel attractive, feel the joy of being. If passion can be compared to a storm or whirlpool, is flirting - just a gentle, light wave, in which nice swing. So do not be upset if a romantic acquaintance interrupted immediately after the end of the holiday season, parties or travel. This is also one of the laws of the classic flirting: the partners are removed from the relationship only sweet cream, without waiting for the onset of boredom, questions to ask if dating online jealousy and other "everyday" feelings. They prefer to leave in time to enjoy the pleasant memories ... questions to ask if dating online.

Scientists: boring marital sex for women within a year
A year after the beginning of the relationship with a regular partner, women lose interest in sex. In men, on the contrary, they continue to desire her passion for about 40 years better online dating profiles.
As scientists discovered in Hamburg, about a year after the appearance of a permanent partner of a woman begins to lose interest in sex - both with that person and all.
"Women's libido corresponds to the male during the first year, and then begin to decline," - says psychologist Dietrich Klyusmann. The process is gradual, but "progressive", according to the study. The best online casino games for money!
Thus, the scientists say that within four years of stable relations more than half of 30-year-old women and does not want regular sex. At the same time, with men such changes occur: they have sexual tone persists for at least 40 years after the onset of constant communication.
Do representatives of women's community publication caused outrage and even anger.
However, the results of the study refute nobody has yet taken. "Yes, a woman of 30 years with their children and career are too tired for sex.
What should never give a woman better online dating profiles?
Of course, like all gifts, regardless of gender and age. Yet in this case, women have a special place - they need to give gifts more often, and choose such that absolutely like a difficult task. Most importantly, what you should rely on when choosing - this is your attitude and knowledge of the habits and tastes of the person you are doing nice. Below is a list of things that are not worth giving.
1. Kitchen utensils and household appliances. This way you can insult a woman - she could easily see the subtle reference to the fact that her place in the kitchen (and it does not matter what you actually did not even think to say it). Any lady does not want to feel like a cook, even if most of her life she really spends in the kitchen.
2. Clothes, especially if you do not know the size. Your sense of style and taste may not coincide with the tastes of your friend. For example, you can choose her green blouse, and her pieces of blouses had five and they all lie in the closet, because she believes that the green color does not suit her.
In this category except for maybe a beautiful lingerie , but then again, its purchase requires accurate knowledge of sizes.
3. The gift should be just for her. If you buy a present with the expectation that you will use them, too - it's not fair.
4. Never giving her cheap perfume. Perfume should have expensive, good smell, cost would be suitable. But the end justifies the means.
As for the other cosmetics and personal care products, better online dating profiles then here it is better not to risk it. For example, if you give your favorite deodorant, she might think that it smells of sweat.
5. Forget about cheap jewelry. Decorations, if any - is judged by what is often a person. Stones must be real, and the metal should not leave green stripes (as is often the case with copper, silver-plated covered).
Do not forget that buying a nice little thing - this is only half the battle. Learn how to present a gift, so that women feel the most beloved and unique. Provide a beautiful bouquet of flowers or bundle the most tender words, and do not be afraid to look stupid - because you speak the truth.
Red sexiest girl in bed
Most sex in bed - it red. This conclusion was based on a recent study conducted in Germany.
Author experiment - Hamburg Professor sexologist, Dr. Werner Habermehl carefully studied the sex lives of hundreds of German women, as a criterion for selecting the color of their hair.
"Red in the sexual life is clearly more active than women with other hair colors. It mednogrivye have a greater number of partners and frequency of their sexual contact above average. The study shows that the fiery red is consistent with their reputation," - said the doctor.
Printing of photo books in Kiev with us - it's simple and profitable Photobook online - memories that are always with you. He added that if a woman repaint hair red, it is a kind of involuntary signal that she is looking for a partner. If she has a permanent partner, then turning into a red, in this case should serve as a hint for the partner: "I'm unhappy, and, therefore, can find someone better than you."
On this account a psychologist Christina Baumanns there by his own theory better online dating profiles. She believes that a more active sex life redheads "guilty" is not women themselves.
"Red (red, fire) was always considered the color of passion, so when a man sees a red-haired woman, he thinks in the bed, she just will not sit back, and he is active and honesty when it comes to sex. better online dating profiles.

MAN. Instructions for use for women
Some women believe that a man does not justify the costs of its contents, and prefer not to keep him in the house constantly, and cause as necessary, based on the principle of "if I need a glass of milk, online dating free I do not have to keep a cow." Nevertheless, for all its faults the personal man can last you a long time without repair. The main thing - the right to use it. .
Why do men behave with women like idiots
The phenomenon of a catastrophic and dramatic loss of capacity for mental activity of men in the presence of interesting young women seen for a long time. Recent examples include the medical history of Bill Clinton.
By purchasing a boat and accessories in STM center you get individual conditions for works to install components. A patient having a high social status, in the presence of a young woman take the initiative loses all self-control and are subject to significant risk of their professional, social and family reputation. Other recent examples - Patients Mordechai and Netanyahu. It's hard to name a historical person, in the biography which would not be treason wife. Examples are numerous, among the most famous include the medical history of patients VI Ulyanov , Trotsky and etc online dating free.
Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that in the presence of pretty women in men occurs increased allocation of the male hormone testosterone, which has an inhibitory effect on brain function until it stops. In this speech centers disinhibited and operate without any connection to the brain. In this state man is able to speak any foolishness, until the promise of marriage.
The same phenomenon is also observed in males of other species. Capercaillie, possessing excellent hearing, when a female begins tokovat, losing all control over what's happening and at this moment it can be taken with bare hands. Using a state of the men, a woman devoid of such shortcomings by their nature, can get from the male of all that it needs.
Interestingly, testosterone stops abruptly at the man at the time of ejaculation. At this point, he has a unique desire - that all women, including the one with which he is currently where -nibud gone, he turns to the wall and falls asleep, believing its function performed. Given the above, it should be assumed testosterone dangerous drug, and to prohibit its use online dating free.
Features of Men
The vision of man has a high degree of selectivity. Thus, the male gaze is in the nature of X-rays - a man has the ability to penetrate through the eyes of women clothes. Sight men sharply exacerbated when his gaze directed at the remote object female and male acuity is directly proportional to the square of the degree of naked women.
On the other hand, it is useless to scold a man because it is poorly cleaned the apartment - the man simply did not see the dust and dirt. Defects of male concerns and the fact that he can not see in the mirror of his stomach and a triple chin. If a woman, as a rule, tend to critically assess their appearance, every man thinks himself handsome.
Unlike men from children
The only difference is that men are much more expensive toys.
Features hearing men
Hearing the man sharply exacerbated when he was told what he is smart and talented and is reduced to zero, when paying attention to its shortcomings. Hence the conclusion - to criticize the man is useless because of criticisms in his address he does not hear.
In order to prevent mental and physical health is necessary to talk to the man at least three times a day (upon awakening, calling him at work and in the evening, after returning from work) that he is the most intelligent, talented and able to achieve everything he wants. With regular repetition of those phrases in men developed a conditioned reflex, depending on a woman who regularly speaks to him online dating free.
It is impossible to show the man that you are smarter than him
The fact of the intellectual superiority of women over men has long been recognized by psychologists around the world. So, no woman would chase a man only because he has beautiful legs. Everyone knows that girls develop faster than boys. However, the education of boys is given much more attention, which is why men are more successful.
Men usurped power, they are trying to conceal the fact of biological intellectual superiority of women. The United States has for many years successfully operating courses for women to teach men the ability to hide from their intellectual abilities. In women who have successfully completed these courses, the probability of a successful exit married increases. Despite the fact that in all serious matters a woman makes a decision, you need to give a man to understand that this decision was made for them.
Women with a high level of intelligence at first hard to pretend to be a fool, but for the sake of good relations with the man it is necessary. For teaching this art methods are used, and gaming group psychotherapy method Joseph Moreno, as well as drugs.
Let the man to release aggression
If aggressive men do not find a way out, it can lead to disastrous results. Verbally aggressive men is manifested in the use of unconventional language that he could not deny online dating free.
Many manifestations of male activity, at first glance seemingly normal person (t. E. A woman) stupid (and indeed are) needed a man for self-realization and to splash the accumulated negative energy. How else to explain such a class of adults (!) Men as:
- Grunting and sweating to drag a grand piano on the roof to see what would happen if he lose out;
- Organize a competition - whose beautiful vacuum cleaner will explode if they pump gasoline fumes;
arrange a match - whose jet on.
Men, too, have problems
Many women mistakenly believe that men have no problems. In fact, they can go a whole year in the same jeans, in which he could go to the theater, to the meeting, to the party, they also can be buried.
Men are not afraid of accidentally "podzaletet" They do not know the monthly pain and inconvenience, it is officially allowed to wear facial hair, do not shave their legs and armpits, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money on it, "to draw a person's face," they can help just going around the corner. Men all over the world more rights and fewer responsibilities.
One man can easily go to a restaurant, cafe, pub, theater, club. The visit to these places will certainly be a single woman misinterpreted. It came up with the unjust man saying that a man of 60 years old - man and woman in the 60 - old woman online dating free.
However, in men as it is strange, too, has its problems. Woman - being self-sufficient, but the man because of their biological inferiority constantly needs confirmation of its importance. Each of these imperfect and disadvantaged nature there is the concept of their area of excellence in which he considers himself better than anyone. A woman who will reassert it is, it will win its location, regardless of its appearance and other data.
Sex as a test
For most men, sex life is reduced to the well-known saying, "Our business - not to give birth. He slipped, he pulled out and run." In other words, the intimate life of a man reduced to a reciprocating movement of certain body parts. For a woman as her life with a man is just leaving the intimate life.
The man believes that he can behave like a woman as you like, but when it comes down to it, he makes. However, a woman imbued with a certain attitude to the man in the process of life, which is implemented in bed. In other words, a man with a great buzz can be delayed with a woman, whom he hates, but a normal woman is unlikely to feel the charm of love with a man to whom she is not experiencing any feelings, and even more so with whom she respects and appreciates .
Therefore, the main test of the ratio of men to women is not how he behaves to order for all of them in order to behave the same way, and how he behaves AFTER - immediately falls asleep, turning away and get his or trying to somehow express their feelings in words and caresses that physiologically difficult for him, because then a man (especially with age) is still drawn to sleep or food.
Another important factor is talking about how a man will treat a woman later in life - is its orientation in the process - for yourself or your partner. It would be naive to think that a man who is absorbed in only their feelings, be a good husband online dating free.
Only that man who "plant" of sensations and experiences partner even more than their own, and therefore aims to give more than to receive, can be considered fit to continue living together.
Scientific evidence of the thesis "all men bastards"
The male is by nature polygamous. Its purpose - to fertilize as many females. If a woman needs her husband for infidelity significant reason, men need to do a good luck. For women in solving this problem is perfectly suited thesis Ecclesiastes (Koeleta) "In a lot of knowledge is much grief." ALL men are guided by the principle "The main thing is that his wife did not recognize." In this appearance, intelligence and other data another woman for the man no significance - important for him that this other woman. Therefore, the question "Why is it changed me?" It has no physical meaning.
On the basis of in-depth and comprehensive study of the issue and discussions face to face with men in 1453, the author of this work states that men do not change their wives, do not exist (except for the author of this work that proves the rule). There are a clever woman, who for the sake of the family is not too inclined to be interested in the adventures of their husbands on the side.
If this writer has published a list of cases known to him of adultery by men, it would lead to a total crisis of the family institution in the country, and eventually, to the destruction of the state, for the family, as we know, a social unit online dating free.
Conclusion - all men bastards, but unfortunately have to live with them, for no one else. "I have some other men there," - in the words of the Lord. online dating free.

Astrological Compatibility men and women.
When looking through the many who wish to see ads in newspapers or online, then you notice that quite often people point their sign of the zodiac and even expressed a desire to preference of a sign of the alleged elect free online dating personals. I, as an astrologer can not please such enlightenment. Indeed, very many people know that fish, for example, get along well with Cancer, Aries with Gemini, Virgo and in any case it is not necessary to communicate with Sagittarius. What is behind all this?
Horoscope person's birth is a complex encrypted astrological symbols and numbers, the energy diagram. And for this "scheme" astrologer can read many things, including how people will express themselves in relationships (marriage, sex, business, friendship, etc.), his sexual potential, his habitual emotional reactions. And if overlaid two (or more) of the horoscope can be judged on how people interact with each other, in which areas it would be harmonious interaction, and in which not. Absolutely harmonious cards probably will not happen. At least, I have not seen such.
When a person declares his zodiac sign, it has a view of the position of the Sun in it. But the Sun - it is even important, but not decisive factor in the horoscope. Undoubtedly, solar compatibility is important because it sets the tone of relations. This is especially true for so-called fixed signs of particularly stubborn (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). The relationship between these two characters is very complicated and happy marriage between them - a great rarity free online dating personals.
It is an ancient astrological rule is that defining marriage compatibility, you must first look at the Sun in the horoscope of a woman and the moon in the horoscope of a man. If the relative positions of stars favorably it would indicate a successful marriage, and if it is wrong, then nothing good will come of this union. I had a friend a couple - she sunny Leo, and he moon Aquarius. That is, its moon and its sun were hostile, though vzaimoprityagivayuschem aspect of the opposition. On the relationship between Leo - Aquarius I mentioned just above. Their life together was a continuous succession of scandals and reconciliation and ended logical final rupture of relations. This, as well as countless other examples confirming loyalty to the ancient rules today, albeit with reservations, since views on marriage since, to put it mildly, have changed. The marriage compatibility is very important for both partners Moons position as the Moon will talk about the similarity or difference between the emotional response to the same situation.
For example, the moon Sagittarius enthusiastically greeted the opportunity to go for a visit and to have some fun in a noisy company , while Pisces moon would get a lot more fun, spending time at home watching television with a good cup of tea (a glass of brandy, a cigar - someone like). It is important interposition of Mercury cards - it tells about how people can communicate with each other. You agree that when one partner is unable to convincingly convey their thoughts to another, or when people just do not talk about, it is hardly the alliance will be especially successful. Hostile aspect of Mercury cards partners can lead to chronic slowpoke in recriminations, folly, foolishness, etc. etc. But in fact people just a different way of thinking and a different way of feeding your thoughts. Especially important is the compatibility of Mercury in the case of business compatibility, as understanding of business partners depends largely on the success or failure of their business. At the marriage partners (a marriage, I mean living together, regardless of whether registered or not), Mercurian problems can be overcome with time, provided emotional, sexual, and if you like, spiritual compatibility free online dating personals.
Another important factor that is considered in astrology compatibility - this is the position of Saturn. This planet is very bad name, because it represents the life's difficulties, obstacles and limitations. It is the force that puts a man on his knees before the circumstances of life, if it is not strong enough to overcome them. All this is true for Synastry astrology (astrology compatibility), but there is one big BUT. Many astrologers, in particular one of the leading specialists in the field synastry Stephen Arroyo, noticed that a huge number of cards unions have a significant focus of influence of Saturn. As a rule, this influence affects the "personal planets" partners (Sun, Moon and the planet-host horoscope (or Ascendant (rising degree - often the most sensitive point of the horoscope). Why is this? The fact is that paradoxically, "harmful "strengthens the relationship between the influence of Saturn. Saturn is very strong in the Venusian sign partnership and marriage - Libra. Libra - the sign of a very complex, which combines the Venusian need for pleasure and Saturnian law. But what is marriage is not legalized society method of obtaining pleasure from sex relations? Saturn, even in hard aspect ratio brings in so many elements necessary reliability. When Saturn touches a sensitive point of the partner horoscope second, it felt like a second partner of the sense of duty and obligation to the first. This effect can be manifested in dramatic situations, one partner from a sense of duty for a long time look after and care for the terminally ill spouse or, for example, a wife not only did not throw, but even justifies soundly drinking husband, suffering, sometimes bullying and beatings. This, of course, the extreme - as a rule, the influence of Saturn's more peaceful and just expressed serious commitment to each other. Without this influence, perhaps, not to speak of serious and long-term relationship.
And now we move on to the area of human relationships, which, in terms of freydistkih analysts based everything else - the field of sex. It can be a thousand times to be good companions, have common interests and goals, but without full sexual intercourse marriage turns into a joint venture Saturnian housekeeping and raising children. However, in this article I will not put such major objectives as discussion of sexual dissatisfaction in marriage and the problems associated with it. My goal - to lift the veil a little bit and highlight those astrological influences that lie behind human sexual activity . In astrology, the person does not have such planets would not have been the bearers of sexual energy. No need to confuse the sexual energy and sex directly. Sex itself - only one form of realization of sexual energy, which is a great source of any creative process. But the astrological native human sexual activity is, of course, Mars and Venus. Mars - an aggressive, masculine planet, showing the person's ability to achieve its objectives, including sex. A strong and well-positioned in the horoscope Mars - one of the main keys to success in life! This is especially true for men. Mars in the horoscope of a man in many respects also tells about his sexual requests sexual behavior. All this is true for women's horoscope in which Mars also indicates the type of man she prefers. For example, Mars in Aries in the women's horoscope can give self-confidence, a little bit with the male type of active women who are likely to enjoy a certain confident, bellicose traits. Mars in Aries the same, but in a man's horoscope give a man with a strong sexual motivation for acting in a straight line, is trying to "take the bull by the horns", without losing time on unnecessary conversations free online dating personals.
I have no purpose to paint the behavior of Mars in different zodiac signs, although it is a very exciting experience. In the end, all of these characteristics are relative and to give a correct assessment of the need to look at the whole horoscope. Combining Marsov is very important when considering the compatibility of the business - it will show how much can be successful joint efforts of business partners. If Mars - a male, the active component of a sexual relationship, then Venus - a feminine, passive. Venus - the planet, "responsible" in the horoscope for fun, a sense of beauty, taste, much of the visual appeal, of course, particularly important for women. The map will show the type of woman men, appealing to him. If two maps of Venus are in harmonious aspect to one another or are in conjunction, these people can be good friends, having fun together while conducting. means careprost reviews buyers Well, of course, are important aspects of the reciprocal of Venus and Mars - it shows how harmonious sexual will be formed between the partners. I am writing this review in the New Year's Eve, and the memory of the good old New Year came the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath".
Let's try to understand the love triangle that arose in the course of the story from the perspective of astrological influences, and astrological compatibility (I apologize in advance for some speculative). Thus, the hero A.Myagkova (forgot his name), was the will of the stars listed alcoholic wind to another city, where he came into another apartment, another bed and up some time was in her stunning Neptunian influence of alcohol. Here comes the main character - Nadia. She - a bright Venusian type: sweet, not aggressive, with good taste, plays guitar, finally, a beautiful woman, even though ill-prepared (but this is a lack of moon). Looking at the unconscious, exuding alcoholic fume body, she still does not know that it was her destiny. Jupiter and Uranus his horoscope have a close relationship with her Ascendant and the Sun, which often can be called aspects of love (Jupiter's strong emphasis in synastry can overcome all the negative aspects). Finally, there is Hippolyte - groom Nadi. This is undoubtedly the Saturnian type: a reliable, solid, serious and humorless free online dating personals. His Saturn has a strong, but apparently oppressive influence on her horoscope, including Venus, promising stable relationship, but without causing the sexual interest. Hero Myagkova came to himself, he begins to behave more and more like a Martian type: fighting for its survival in the harsh Russian winter, trying to get into a warm Nadina apartment, using blunt Saturnian jealousy Hippolytus comes into the battle for vending woman and his triumphant wins defeating even in the melee! Hippolyte unfortunate, to somehow maintain his battered and humiliated Mars remains only to get drunk and becoming a clown (alcohol tends to sweep away obstacles Saturnian), to arrange a comedy with bathing in the shower in a coat. Of course, it is impossible in a note to cover everything related to astrology compatibility. I do not consider the influence of astrological houses, the higher planets, and more. free online dating personals.

How to win and keep a man
In contacts with women men much more timid than it seems at first glance. Of course, a few exceptions. When a man likes a woman, he reacts to it primarily in three ways.
The first - a flatterer, who sweetly views, insinuating soft voice will extol its virtues christian online dating services.
The second type - snapper. His speech is aggressive and insulting, it seeks not only to impress but also to suppress the woman put in a position to make it easier to manage it. Such men usually tend to appear drunker than they really are, and used harsh words.
The men of the third type can be converted into a stone statue, completely ignores the surroundings. He hopes that his silence and picturesque attitudes intrigue a woman, and she is interested them.
When you know the ways of seducing men , it is much easier to choose the course of action in each case. When the flatterer, the Casanova, will lead his eulogy, praising your beauty, do not try stupid smile, blush or giggle. We must remember that it is not so much admires you, as he wants to confuse you and get an advantage in the conversation. Apply it rules, thank, praise and then back. Try to keep your compliment was double bottom and above it is necessary to think. For a few moments the man puzzled, digesting what you said, and at that moment the advantage is on your side. Go on the offensive, ask him, showering questions about his career and leisure. Try to learn more about it, whether it is the person that you need? And as little as possible to give information about yourself. If a man begins to be rude, do not worry about his harsh words of attention, do not show that you are offended or shocked. His rudeness - it's just a way to get over your moral advantage, somehow overwhelm you. He'll try to get you into an argument - in any case, do not go for it. Regardless of the subject matter of the dispute - art, politics, nature - it only interested in you, and he does not know any other way to get to you christian online dating services. Celebrity
Here, too, the best defense - start asking questions. The man, who was forced to respond to them, stop their rhetoric and will be shot down several of their positions. It's time to start the attack. Fill him with questions, and you'll be amazed at how fast it cools and returns to a civilized form of conversation. Here and it turns out there lurking for the rude speeches pleasant personality or not. In most cases the answer will be positive and feigned brutality and recklessness - just a shell behind which hides an ordinary person.
The easiest way to cope with "a stone statue." At first glance - it is the most unapproachable man, but it is necessary to ask him, as if in passing, random question that requires a thorough answer, and it will turn into the defending side will come out of its dark, Mephistophelean state. And then be followed by the usual series of questions of a personal nature where he lives, than it earns, and so on. D. You play along with him, because all he wanted - is that you come first and take responsibility for everything that happens. But you will always have an advantage in a conversation, and you alone will determine how far it will go. Do not let the men take over you the upper hand in the conversation until you are sure that tamed them.
Men are attracted to bold, self-confident, self-willed women - they throw them a call, they should conquer. Do not think that men are afraid of the modern, self-confident, outspoken women. They are not afraid of them at all - they love them. If you meet a man, really appeals to you, try to give him is clear: show that you have a pleasant conversation with him, show an interest in his life, hobbies. Then, using a small request (bring a glass, substitute chair) reinforced his sense of ownership in relation to you. And once he felt like your owner, you almost succeeded: Your new friend will begin to protect you against claims of other men, and his mood noticeably increase when you give to understand that you - with him. There is nothing more self-esteem boost a man and his erotic interest to you than fight for you (provided that it always comes out the winner).
If a man wants to surrounding admired his agility, strength, courage and the money he earns, the woman needs to appreciate its beauty. The man, who is not lazy day repeat his wife: "My God, how beautiful you are!" - Can feel completely safe: it does not make washing dishes, put on the table all his salary, an extra trip to the store. In contrast, the woman bypassed even the formal attention to her appearance by the man, very quickly turn into a shrew: will grumble, complain about his many ailments, whining, and finally, death of her husband began to drink. The ratio of men to women is largely determined by the desire to "put in a state of shock," surprise call mute delight, amazement true story. The woman in this sense, stands firmly on the ground, and she would never shake the men in her life that never was. She gladly allow themselves to amaze. It is enough for this forces, and attention and exposure. Women more than anything love surprises christian online dating services.
If a man wants to rid himself of a quarrelsome wife, even buys her every day some cute little thing. If a woman becomes a burden discontent men, let buys nothing neither, nor even to him, but leave him alone even for an hour, when he returned home from work, and give him the opportunity to do what he wants. Men need to silence, like a hot bath, which they love to luxuriate. Similarly, women need a little emotional scene that cheer them as a cool shower. Men do not feel the need to talk on the phone for a long time for a woman - this is one of the greatest pleasures. They need at least an hour a day, to how to talk. Men, this time needed to be quiet. Pythagoras once said: "The noble husband! If you want to your husband free time spent at your side, then potschis that it in no other place did not find many amenities, fun, modesty and tenderness. " To keep a man, and to strengthen the family, the woman should remember and respect the 7 rules necessary in family life.
1. Never "Saw" husband. Before smart useful and true remark comes immediately to silly - no matter how much you say, will not come.
2. Do not attempt to re-educate a man. In the relationship between the people the main thing - do not interfere with a person be yourself, do not force it to change existing habits that gives him pleasure, of course, if they do not harm others.
3. Provide husband attentions and demand the same from him. Signs of attention - a style of good marital relationship. It is important that it was not too intrusive and cloying.
4. Do not criticize her husband in the presence of strangers, friends, relatives and children. Criticisms, even if they are valid, should speak face to face. In addition, constant criticism of one spouse by another leads to discomfort in the family, conflicts, emotional breakdown, destroys marital contact.
5. Remember only the good. The ability to remember the good - is the ability to forget the bad.
6. Be polite. Somehow, some very educated and polite to the people in the family are rude, who constantly dictate lecture accused.
7. Take care of your health and loved ones. An ancient Chinese proverb says: "Health - the first riches, and the second - a happy marriage." Watch out for the health of her husband, keep it in time to see a doctor, examined, undergo routine inspection. A person who does not follow their health - a decent selfish, since his illness a heavy burden on the shoulders of loved ones christian online dating services.
It has been observed that the husband and wife who have lived a long time in the marriage, begin to resemble each other. Indeed, if the spouses live in peace and harmony, they learn from each other's mannerisms, the same react to certain events, they develop the same tastes and habits. They do not just live side by side, they live together for each other, and therefore each of them has the right to say, "Your life - my life." christian online dating services.

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