What mistakes should be avoided when looking for love?
- I'm not acquainted - I have a boyfriend ...
- More tell me, "I will not eat ice cream - in my house dumplings"
In search of love, even the most self-confident, intelligent, beautiful and self-sufficient women sometimes make fatal mistakes, mainly due to the fact that they are in captivity of various stereotypes and misconceptions singles dating.
Error first
On the Internet, you can not learn, it is not comme il faut, there is no decent people. Consistent English etiquette, you can not speak to strangers, without being represented by a third party. Anyway, if I have a partner (husband, lover, partner, my friend - underline, cross out the unnecessary), and even if it does not suit me, from the good deed goes unpunished ... a no, but my ...
So you essentially narrows his personal ability to change lives for the better, cut options to choose from.
Do not hesitate and do not hesitate, feel free to post your profiles wherever possible. And in social networks and dating sites. It is not true that there is very often hang out the dregs of society, freaks and misfits, Pickup Girls and ladies' man. The network possibilities are endless. Here you can find everything your heart desires! And dating sites are different people, so many new things you can learn singles dating...
So do not hesitate even once, on the Internet you will certainly find suitable partners, of which will be able to choose.
II error
I'm so smart, subtle and sublime that no one understands me. Only elected.
Awareness can be achieved with any person, if taken for what it is, if you do not expect him to catch, do not suspect him of nefarious intent, be sincere with him and treat him with attention and affection.
You are afraid not to find a mutual understanding? It is believed that women and men - beings from different planets? And they can not understand each other?
On this theme is my favorite anecdote.
Dr. (writes something in history): Sit down, dear. Tell me.
Visitor: I think ... extinguished. And pull the right shoulder.
Dr. (continuing to write): Valerian and two tablets at night pofigina - and as a hand, like a hand.
Visitor: At night I dream that I'm building underground pyramid in Tuscany. I was terribly worried about the safety of the frescoes and the behavior of the binder solution is in contact with groundwater singles dating.
Dr. (looks up): What are you talking about! And what armiruete foundation? Highly recommend twisted four red-hot rods for centuries, you know, break in reception.
Visitor: The doctor, something goes wrong. On determinant phones of people who did not call me, all the words on signs and posters, for which clings to look - the same root. My hamster is not talking to me the fourth day, he was still sitting in the corner of the cage and looks at me with a look Balrog, aiming at the tip of the whip Gandalf.
Doctor: What is, however, well-read creature! You did not try to give him a Russian classics?
Visitor: Doctor, I feel and understand women.
Dr. (dropping points on the table, in a low voice): Op-Panko ...
In fact, it is a myth! People are different. Everyone has his own cockroaches in my head, and they are all different species, and did not depend on sex ... That is why a woman can not always understand a woman, and men are not in all cases, can reach an understanding and consensus. The whole point of psychological compatibility!
Error third
"- Doctor, I still ignored. - Next! ". Before me, nobody cares. Everyone is busy only themselves. Egoist - a person who loves himself more than others selfish. Love yourself - it means to be selfish.
No need to shout at the monitor and beat his fist on the table, avoiding to hit the keyboard - "it's immoral, it's self-centeredness, so you do not need anyone, if you love only yourself!".
And not only have to love yourself. Love yourself and others. Love all, the whole world, but first of all themselves. Because:
How can I love you if you do not love yourself?.
Error fourth
We just really want to meet her love, and she will find me. "Waiting for love is not necessary, will be uninvited singles dating!"
The main problem of our time - this is contemplation. People are watching, people listen, people gather information, but does not implement it. Therefore it remains in the same place, do not develop, do not achieve fulfillment of their desires.
We must tell the world that you crave love, and only if the universe will respond to your request and send you a man of your dreams.
Error fifth
How terrible to live! Life - a continuous bumpy road rut to pothole, nothing but trouble, problems, troubles and traps.
It is necessary to stop focusing on their problems, to stop thinking about the bad, afraid of dirty tricks and turmoil. Do not attract them into your life! Do not! Do not be afraid!
Be like Little Red Riding Hood from a joke.
Night Forest ... ... sitting wolf. Hear someone yelling songs. Looks, Red Riding Hood is Rammstein and bawled the whole forest. About her:
- Little Red Riding Hood, are you stunned? ... Night forest, do not you scared?
- Why be afraid? I know the way ... I love sex ...
Error sixth
God is patient and we ordered. We live not for joy, and for conscience. The suffering of the soul is improved.
It is not necessary to endure the pain, to revel in their suffering, torment themselves and others with their negative emotions.
Choose positive! You need to enjoy the here and now, because life is so short and fleeting singles dating!
Should immediately go out where bad without regret and disappointment. Run without looking back. Do not cling to the improper relationship, they do not spend their time and energy.
Error seventh
All men are obsessed with sex, and nothing else from women they do not.
This is not so. There are men who are not sexually preoccupied, whose temperament may be lower than you. And then you run into another problem: how to charm, seduce, excite ... As you dodge him to pay attention to you as a woman. Believe me, this is much more serious difficulties than to escape from the grasping hands of sexual maniac.
It - it:
- Well Tear already on their Internet from these "hedgehogs" with their anecdotes, let's go have sex going to do.
- Yes, dear. Go start, I'll be right there.
The fact that women always have a headache - a common myth that has no relation to real life. Sexy temperament does not depend on gender, a historically formed the opinion that the woman does not receive (can not and should not receive) enjoy sex .
Error eighth
Men seeking women in no warmth, and free housekeepers who will serve them, feed them, do all the washing, they create coziness and comfort, to solve all their problems of everyday life. From the series "The love boat has crashed against life".
A common stereotype is also shared by men in another interpretation. Women need a free helper on the farm rather than a loved one, unique personality and bright personality.
Otrinte beaten judgment, do not mix the material and spiritual world. Enjoy the feelings and sensations. Push the background claims such as "brush your teeth, close your fucking tube." Expel them from life.
Error ninth
The man - a miner. It should contain a woman.
Help! Falls into a stupor at these words. No one owes nothing to! No man woman, man or woman. Their union is voluntary and lasts only if brings pleasure to both. Living for others - a grave sin. Drink the blood of others - and even more so!
Error tenth
If I give the man his attention, time, give warmth and tenderness, the same amount to get in return. At least I can count on his thanks.
Do not count! You are not a bank and is not in the process of shopping. Love - is "I give myself to you," instead of "I take you for myself." If you do something for a man, do it totally unselfish, getting pleasure from it not expecting that "he will appreciate it." If you do not want to do - do not do. If you need something - you say it right, and do not wait with bated irritated that the man himself would guess. He is not a mind reader! And if you do not give the desired - well, there is no way. You will find it elsewhere.
Attention to the question! How many mistakes are made you personally? singles dating.

How to motivate yourself to study English?
That's the beginning of a new year. New Year - it's always new plans and new hopes, even if those plans and hopes have visited us before. How, for example, plans and hopes to learn English singles dating site.
What brings you, it did not achieve his dream? Lack of perseverance? Lack of time or other resources? Or lack of motivation? It is known that if something well, very, very, very much want, no lack of time or lack of finance, neither cold nor hot - nothing can stop you. "Start a new life in the new year" - is a good way to stimulate their desire to learn and improve. But this alone is not enough. However, during the New Year holidays themselves sometimes present us with situations that can strengthen our efforts to achieve the desired.
That's what Christmas story takes place in just the past year.
The young man (let's call him Max), like all other people in the last week of December completed the business year, ran the shops in search of gifts and dreamed of what's new and good must have happened to him in the coming year.
All this fuss order tiring, because to run into a cafe for a cup of coffee and still and warm in a cozy place, when it's so cold - it's great inspiration. And so, one night Max ran into the cafe to take a break and recharge. It was cute and cozy, delicious smell of coffee and pastries, visitors were not too many - a few couples and a few people who were there on their own. At a table in the center of the room sat a young beautiful girl with a fluffy hairdo of wavy hair in a red beret and red scarf singles dating site.
She immediately attracted the attention of Max, and he immediately felt already a little rested. Pleasant meetings can restore power, is not it ?! Max decided to ask the girl. if she would share with him a few pleasant minutes. However, she was so nice that Max would not refuse to meet with her and the New Year, and to carry out all the New Year holidays, and maybe ...
- Good evening! It is possible for you to sit down?
- Hello! - He heard in response. - Sorry? - She said, urging the young man to repeat his remark. And again - clearly not in Russian.
The young man was puzzled. Before him was a wonderful foreigner! He, unfortunately, I could not remember a single sentence in English! What to do? He wanted to talk to her, get to know! He even forgot that he had come here to drink a cup of coffee and recuperate rather than seek new acquaintances.
At the head of Max began a flurry of activity in an attempt to resolve the problem before it gets up. The first solution that comes in such cases, - use sign language. The young man began to gesticulate in an attempt to convey their thoughts to a foreigner. She is very cute smile, trying to understand what it wants from the Russian nice young man.
Max realized that the gesture does not achieve much. And I decided to connect to the problem of people sitting in a cafe. The logic was simple - in fact in most of our schools when studying a foreign language, then it is precisely the English language. So, chances are that it will help here, quite high. Especially because the questions that Max wanted to ask first, was quite simple and was supposed to know any newcomer in a foreign singles dating site.
- Do you know English? Tell me, how to ask her how old she is, what's her name?
- What is the name - it is "Wat from Shea Neum"
- No, not so. It should say "Wat g of Neum", he wants her to ask her name.
- And age? As it will be? You know? No? And you? Do not you remember? And you did not tell me how to find out about age?
- "Wat g of age" tell.
- Well no. There just is not right.
- "Old Howe and th?". This "How old are you?".
Max asked.
- I'm thirty years old.
"What ?!" - marveled at Max, vaguely recalling that thirty - it seems ... 30 ?! But she looked more at 23! He found a pen and wrote on a napkin 10 + 10 + 10.
- So much? Thirty? You 30 ?!
- Yes, - she said, smiling back.
- Come on, she'll head fools. - Came a corner table. - Do not look like it at 30.
Max tried to talk more, despite the fact that he had to "put on the ears" everyone who was in the cafe. She watched with interest what is happening around. She sat and wondered - how much fuss was about singles dating site.
As a result, and Max, and several other people in the cafe felt a downright irresistible desire to learn English in the coming year, what and said aloud. Pretty disgusting to feel so helpless and dependent, how feel in that situation Max. And Max now had a downright crazy motivation to learn English!
You can learn English in order to get promoted. You can learn to travel the world. And it is possible - in order to communicate with other people and make new friends. Why would you go to learn English, the basic skill that you need - the ability to communicate in English. Of course, any adult person, under the fellowship must understand how the ability to speak and listen (to communicate verbally), and to read and write (to communicate in writing). This mostly happens in demand skills of oral communication. Verbal communication is a priority also for another reason: when you need someone to say something, you do not have much time to think - you need to react quickly. That is why oral communication skills preferable to have a skill than reading or writing. However, about oral and written English - that's another story.
If your plans for next year include point - to learn English and be able to communicate in it with different people, and so that this communication happens to you automatically, as is the case with the native language, then come to our free trial lesson of the English course . We are sure that if you learn from us, singles dating site your motivation level will always remain at a high level. We want you to have all your goals you set for yourself this year, fulfilled! singles dating site.

How does a woman find personal happiness?
"Happiness - It went hand in that? The same bird:
miss and you will not catch.
And he languished in a cage
too, it is not suitable,
hard with him, you know? "
(Veronica Tushnova)
So, to find personal happiness, we must be ready for it! We need to do a significant amount of work ... on himself, on external circumstances, on their attitude towards him. And then everything will be fine christian dating website singles!
To find happiness in love, should be guided by seven major postulates:
1. For every woman has the right man, psychologically compatible partner with whom it is not necessary to pretend painfully ponder every word, wondering 'likes, dislikes, spit, kiss, "worry about quarrels and misunderstandings.
2. Thought - material. We have what we think, what we believe. Therefore, we must with all our heart (not the head, namely the heart, not even the heart, and with all my) piously believe that you meet the man of her dreams and be happy together.
3. In order to achieve personal happiness and find your love, you have to be active, that is, not to wait for the sea weather, and do not sit on the priest exactly, but to act.
4. Discovering the Internet is not scary. There are people, both in reality and the percentage of maniacs is not higher. On the Internet, just more opportunities, and sin not to use it christian dating website singles.
5. Faith - the lot of grateful. Love yourself, love the whole world enjoy every day and every positive person. Be grateful for what is already the universe that came into this world with his strong personality and a huge domestic potential.
6. To realize its potential can be experiencing the feeling of love, finding your soul mate.
7. Before you fall in love, it is necessary to determine for themselves the range of possible candidates - psychologically compatible with you. And then - listen to your heart.
In order not to happen, as a joke:
- On New Year all eighteen girl wondering.
- A thirty realize that not guessed.
And to follow ... as much and ...
Step by step guide to find a perfect pair:
1. Solve the problem of contact with strangers.
Understand the benefits of meeting new people christian dating website singles.
Learning how to relate to failures and unpleasant encounters.
Getting to the practice. Friends in the right places (not in those where they filmed one night).
2. solve the problem of communication, communication and presentation itself.
Who will praise me better than anyone, he will receive a sweet candy!" Learning to communicate with the opposite sex is easy and fun.
Getting rid of the fear of being misunderstood.
Learning how to conduct conversations and to choose a suitable environment for effective communication.
Select the topics of conversation, avoiding those that should be banned.
3. Learn how to create suspense without using improper means.
is of interest to him.
Use the hints and allusions, without straining your interlocutor and keeping a sense of proportion.
Apply stratagems and use intuition.
4. Getting finding a suitable partner.
Determine the grounds on which this nice person you completely fit christian dating website singles.
cuts off the "unsuitable" people - another social situation, with a different outlook, education and habits.
Form the common interests and find out views on life.
5. Overcoming fear to show their feelings, learn the language of love at an advanced level.
I do not want to tell him what I want. If he really loved me, then he will feel it. " We do not expect the partner telepathic abilities and tell him frankly that we feel and what we expect in return.
The benefits of foreign languages." Going five love languages: words of encouragement, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.
6. Set up a trust relationship.
Learn to trust the partner, to appreciate it and to show him leniency.
Overcoming disagreements and prevent conflicts. Effectively use the epistolary genre.
show sensitivity and tact, respect the feelings of a partner and a sympathetic respect.
Getting rid of the desire to re-partner and try to take it for what it is.
aware of their right to be myself.
7. Removing the barriers to intimate life.
What do we hesitate? It's natural! Naturally - this is when every day "to solve the problem when the partners different sexual temperament.
become sexually attractive.
Learning to enjoy the sexual life.
8. Apply the leadership to establish a joint household christian dating website singles.
I'll wash the dishes, do not you vynesesh bucket." Determine the priority peace of mind, not clean dishes and perfect order.
We share responsibilities in the conduct of the general economy to avoid mutual claims.
decide for themselves the question of how important to create the perfect cozy and it always in the house to be delicious.
9. delineates the personal time and personal finances.
Determine how long a couple should spend together and how much apart.
grope line that can not be crossed in order not to hurt the interests and feelings of the partner.
Form a total financial budget couples, personal income and expenses.
10. Get rid of overvalued or undervalued requirements for myself and partner.
Avoid "one gate game" when your partner takes longer than giving, and vice versa.
We struggle with low self-esteem. A person with low self-esteem are constantly worrying about something, always afraid of losing a partner, health, property. Own inner freedom has people capable of and demand, and, simultaneously, to abandon their own claims. Choosing inner freedom.
Getting rid of inflated self-esteem. Hysterical neurosis - is excessive demands on others and underestimated demands on themselves. To cope with this scourge without psychotherapists.
All these steps will lead you to the ultimate goal - to personal happiness, a state of peace of mind and complete satisfaction when you bathe in the love, joy, tenderness, attention and care. This will be up and take it, and give, and in this sense the energy metabolism extraordinary harmony and peace.
If you want a great and pure love? Then go ahead! Take Action! christian dating website singles.

I - Muscovite. "Indigenous" just does not happen. In the capital, I was born, my parents, my parents' parents ... Then and digging is not necessary american singles online dating.
Therefore, the blood began to boil as soon as the chief told us that he had invited a man from the region to work on a costly project. As always, in the "sweet spot" will sit someone from the region!
"Of course, he does not care for the project! Of course, he would come for the money! Where in their N-sk take the money! They're all here! So, you're here right! Come and stay hooked to after some couple of months to brag to their H-cal Druganov that you are now "maaaskviiich"!
And I hate with all my heart those who come to my (my !!) Moscow simply "cut the dough." Such people do not care about my childhood hometown, they hate it, and ... well, we will not continue. Well, come, another catcher happy life. Come haste! Life here is so light and airy that you sweep the zadooolgo before your contract is over american singles online dating! "
But to think out his evil thought I did not have time, as the door swung open, and flew into the office (it flew, like all provincials) man of twenty.
He was ... bright. Too bright for Muscovites. So sunburn such heavenly eyes and almost two meters tall can only get there ... "blue sea". His name was Sasha. I casually took the passport out of his hands, looked through indifference, saying to himself clean, spotless, the section on marital status. Then transmitted to the secretary, leaving a short "Make!" And disappeared into the office, firmly closing the door.
The first thing a guy has settled the question of their stay, immediately highlighted the need for an advance payment for housing. Although the contract is promised, but some promises it is clearly not enough, and he politely but firmly reminded the boss that is already coming night he had to sleep somewhere. But in fact his "borzota" has not ended.
The next step, he demanded a workstation equipped with the necessary software and Internet access. And if other employees stood in line for the "modernization" of a month, his needs were met within two days. Making sure that everything is in order, the newly employee started work.
He worked as an ox, for themselves and for "that guy" coming dawn and staying up late at night. Sasha quickly taken over the entire project, and even managed to give me some instructions, even though I had mentioned it to the office, and in general ... Whatever it was, but I had yet to ascribe to him a little plus, "He loves and knows how to work. And it is not just work, but to plow ... "
But most of all I hated the speed with which he managed to win the leadership and employees. Head adored him, carried with him on important meetings, employees younger gladly drink a beer with him and discussing computer games, senior - talking to their theme. Strangely, no one was jealous of him either to work or to the workplace. I had to make another conclusion is not in my favor, "He - the living, it is interesting to people american singles online dating."
As for the female half of the team, of course, the appearance of the office bright temperamental giant could not cause a stir in our romantic "chicken coop." Sasha smiled and said all sorts of pleasant folly absolutely all the girls, but when I appeared plunged into the work completely and irrevocably. Why not take away, that does not take away, take a breath, but did write: "It is still beautiful."
Man often pestered me with different business requests, but popped a rate of 5 thousand words per second, so that after a few minutes of conversation I have a headache. "Stop finally fuss and put pressure on me!" - I could not stand it once. Sasha was taken aback. He blinked in confusion and continued calmly: "Why do I press? Because I know the value of time. You see, I can see tomorrow. And we "in dervne" there are no people who are ready to invest in tomorrow. " But then he stopped and stared at me.
He walked slowly from the top down and look back with a smile and a strange summed it up: "Funny pripendeyka." "What?" - I asked. "It's such a odzha such as sweaters" - calmly explained to Sasha. "Clothing" - grin, I corrected. The boy stopped smiling. "I - defective, huh?" - He asked quietly, and without waiting for an answer, went to his place. "And he's not finished insolent" - summed up, I lived day. Very soon the whole office knew the meaning of "pripendeyka", "pain in the ass," "Syava" and the verb "pomatskat."
Once the whole quarter turned out the lights, and we literally were on the street. Because without light in Moscow, life stops. All scattered in all directions, and Sasha for some reason, had come with me. He is much better than me navigate the city, although he was here for the second time in his life. And, surprisingly, once outside the building, he did not rush immediately to nibble sunflower seeds and pour lumps on the pavement. Not looked for store sale-known brands american singles online dating.
"We went to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior!" "And went to the Darwin Museum!" - Tortured me my companion for his initiatives. Because today - "the day of the sale of its dreams," and then he repeated. As a result, he almost crawled on his knees in front of Moscow State University. "Oh, Univeeer" - the guy moaned. "Once I was too dumb to do with you!" We went back to the office in the evening, after all. "And he was curious, than perhaps any Muscovite" - I concluded, crashing into the desk chair.
And then there was the urban action "Plant a Tree", and all went on Saturday to plant trees in the park. Sasha - the only one who did not do it just with enthusiasm, and with a kind of frenzy, as if in his H-skeleton he had just been doing. And he was the one who helped me up when I had fallen to the delight of his colleagues in a dirty pit dug for the young oaks. "Do not, do not need more beer" - hot guy whispering in my ear, and his drunken eyes shone as never before ... "Oh, he will not throw in the lurch," - thought my head.
And then he suddenly disappeared. It was not a day or two, and the third I, the elephant in the corridor with a view of Rodin's thinker, caught myself on the fact that I'm bored. Bad idea, chasing her neck ...
He returned three days later, and for some reason brought their local H-cal fish. This is for you! Take it home and eat it "- the long-awaited sentenced colleague, pushing the parcel to my (MY!) Office refrigerator. "Thank you, then eat with the guys," - I said as cold as she could. "This is not for children. This is for you "- Sasha insisted. "Scrooge" - I thought. "I was at home, I have there ..." - the guy stopped. "Things ..." - as if apologizing, he concluded. Then he looked at me cheerfully, and at that moment seemed very, very kid. What there 23! 16 years, no more! "I have something that" - I muttered and walked away. Famously uncomfortable feeling became the lumpy breasts, and in treacherous brain pounding, "Oh, he knows how to take care of, not a scrap was he to drag the fish ... But where did you go, dear? To whom
Sasha did not renew the contract and completed its mission and returned home. He did not bite into the capital of fangs, claws to cling to it. Still ... they sometimes leave american singles online dating.
Until now, the work of all miss him terribly! Everyone except me. Because we Sasha bored. Not here when he comes to me, nor there when I come to it. N-ch - an amazing city! It's all no more than the district of Moscow, and in an hour I get around it, but there's such air that in the eyes darkened even after a short walk. And you are afraid of falling and could not help looking for peace. But, fortunately, I fall only Sashka's bed, where not find no rest before going to bed or in the morning.
Only sometimes it still happens a little bit sad. When back home. I tell you a secret - I do cry. And in my heart I hope that he would ever come to stay permanently. I think Moscow loved it.
The only pity is that it is not in a hurry ... american singles online dating.

Where fallen woman?
She met him and he told her - was caught. It happens, love happens suddenly. He did not even have time to realize that the fate of his tenacious claws caught and strangling in the gentle embrace of passion singles dating sites. He knew that he will meet his luck, but did not guess that from it will not be saved. She knew that the accident will fall, which should definitely save on freedom bachelorhood. They found each other. What's next?
And then dry statistics: 100% of weddings - 130% of divorces. Why is that? Because the wedding was the female "divorce" the man for a happy family life until death, respectively, the marriage is doomed to divorce.
Okay, I admit - lying. People meet and marry for love. Living in peace and harmony. I'm around, and only those pairs meet. Many worthy men. Responsible, gentle, generous, ready to take care of and loved children. Sam is.
Men nice and romantic, caring , because, first of all, appreciate a woman's personality, mental qualities. But sex, then, if it becomes clear that they have a strong relationship matured, as a natural extension of love. Now the truth that everyone is willing to talk about themselves or their loved ones.
And 130% of divorces - is with them, minded men who are even ready to marry for sex, thinking that he will get married for free. It is women who are ready, going through men having sex with everyone he met, to discourage these men from the present - decent woman he loved, and to marry his.
One lady and said, "No normal man, yet their" puppies "dismantled." And in the eyes of malice and hatred that were unable to participate in the "raskhvatyvanii" good men. Everywhere rivals. But nothing, it still will fall favorite. His chance to miss impossible singles dating sites!
So I'm talking about these women. This, of course, not you. But you have seen? Met? Where such unusual and rare young lady waiting man, like a spider fly?
1. strong woman "dropped". Television, magazines, advertising - all propaganda of sexual permissiveness and accessibility. Previously, even 20-30 years ago, if a man wanted a woman, he had to take care of a long time, strain, to build relationships . And now? If he cares month and proceeds to sexual harassment, she suspects his three sins. The first - can not. Second - can, but does not want a reptile. The third - "blue moon to blame." Can not a normal guy does not want a gold, as I think the young lady. And I do not need crazy. It is often far from the truth. Nontraditional on his head and other places men are well looked after, but they can only perform the role of girlfriend.
When sex is available in abundance - look what month? It does not understand it, think about it it. And if you do not think, and will require a "continuation of the banquet" of romance, gifts, adoration, the man quietly disappear. She cries in the pillow: "Where did not ring, does not write!". He just found what he wanted elsewhere. Supply exceeds demand.
2. The growth of 18-20-year-olds, "toothy" girls, nurtured in the "House-2" and "Gangster Petersburg". They are more and more, they are bold, sexy, unfettered. Somehow it came to me this charmer with big blue eyes. The dialogue was as follows.
She: - You big car, and you wonder. Let's change. With you chat with me - sex.
I - E ... ?
She: - Yes, you are confused. Now I explain everything. Here you have a girlfriend? How old is she?
I - well, 22.
She: - old cow. What will happen to her in five years, and I? I am only in their prime and a young sexuality singles dating sites. Well?
With me uneasy. I asked, and what you're interested in me? With sex I'm fine, what else it has to offer? Suggest she was nothing more.
I realized that it can take any man from the "correct", but unapproachable woman for a couple of exciting adventures. Just a girl "pristupnaya" and all the men explains simply and effectively.
3. Demographics. Women more. The older, the women even more, and men, respectively, less. Exclude alcoholics, the sick, prisoners, "blue", impotent. What remains? Just to dream and to be impregnable. Especially when no one on the attack does not take, do not even fit.
Where the poor woman go? Hope and wait. Leaving the trail search and hunt for straying from the gentle tutelage of female lone man. It remains to fall into the abyss of the women's competition, which benefit young and busty, not smart and decent. On a beautiful and young body to catch the guy is easier than for the diploma of Moscow State University and cellulite.
The chances a bit, so any meeting a potential husband - as the last chance singles dating sites. If everything goes, the friend would say - a good guy caught.
So? Wedding and 130% of divorces. singles dating sites.

Where to get acquainted?
"Beloved" - common form of treatment
a representative of the male,
whose name is currently dropped from memory.
Fear to chat with strangers can seriously ruin your life. Fortunately, the ability to develop it simply. Once you start, you will not be able to resist the temptation to know new people, because it captures deaf singles dating.
The main thing is getting to know, we gain experience.
For the most part people are friendly, open and happy to talk to each other. You just need to make little effort to overcome this barrier. Everyone - the opportunity to learn something new. What did he tell you about yourself? As he lives and interacts with the world? People pose many interesting information!
Meet new people, you can learn a lot about myself, reading their cues, body language, thinking about their words. Everything else, you can build this type of relationship as a business contact. Seeing a man, you will learn much more than it is written in the summary.
All we are looking for your soul mate, and when we see someone attractive, we are afraid to come up and talk to him. How, then, to find love ?
Now that you know the benefits of communicating with strangers, you will need to purchase the ability to ignore the failures. The key to this - do not take everything to heart. 95% of adverse reactions has nothing to do with you. Most likely, the person just having a bad day or you caught him at the wrong time deaf singles dating.
- Who are you?
- Fairy.
- And why with an ax?
- Yes, the mood is not very ...
Maybe the person hurt someone else, and it seems that you, too, not good intentions. Or maybe it's just not a good man, and nothing interesting to communicate with him, you never know. Rather than worry about failure, think about the reasons that might push a person to such a reaction and that do not have to do with you.
The most difficult thing - to begin to communicate. As long as you do not have sufficient experience in building a successful relationship , you will be nervous and uncomfortable.
Start small. If you are humble by nature, it is best to start slowly. Look at the man in the eye, smile, say "Hello." Consider the possible words to start a conversation.
Comment on something. If you see something interesting, tell a few words about it. Even if it does not relate directly to someone, people will notice you and respond.
Joked. If a good joke came to mind immediately speak it. If someone laughs, it can be assumed that the beginning of dialogue should be.
That's all. Do you want concrete results? Then go ahead. Where can I meet friends? Remember the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"? There Katya talks with Lyudmila a topic where to find a life partner. Yes anywhere ! The companies, at a party, on vacation, in the theaters, museums, exhibitions, libraries, clubs.
With her second husband, I met in the tourist club "Lerakt." We floated along on the rough water kayaks and catamarans as adrenaline from the sense of mortal danger has not thrown us into each other's arms.
At school and at work (as in the movie "The most charming and attractive"). With her first husband, I studied at the Moscow Energy Institute in the same group and fell in love at a party, casually pressing against him and feeling the excitement of a response deaf singles dating.
On the street (if a stranger is decent in all respects if ready to leave all of their existing phone numbers when ready now to come to your home, where it now sits your mother, etc.). Men initiating acquaintance on the street, often focused on short eat and flirt, but if you do find the original occasion to draw attention to themselves like the man, the familiarity can develop into a strong friendship, and even in a love affair.
The transport is also possible. And if you do not use public transport, and go by car, in traffic jams, and it is possible to get acquainted.
I recently had a case. I am going on the third ring in a monstrous traffic jam on Rusakovskaya to Prospekt Mira. Meals in the second row on the left and at the far left goes white "Mercedes" and as soon as equals with me signals. At first I did not understand what he's signaling to me. And then worried, maybe I think a flat tire, or something else is wrong ... rolled down his window, shouted to him: "I do not understand!" And he lowers the passenger window and shouted: "Such a nice girl! Why not smile? "I was in touch! But it's nice! And if it was free, it will certainly be pulled from the glove compartment, and would show him the placard with my mobile phone which I have a parking space in the event of the second row (the driver whose car I locked could call to express all of their emotions and painful ask him to release).
There are lots of other places and ways to explore . Still, it is best to meet friends in the places where men themselves looking for dating. We sift bars, restaurants, discos and nightclubs, which are engaged in pick-up and hang Lovelace looking for new sensations and easy unhindered sex.
By registering on social networks and dating sites . Writing in the questionnaire goal - to find a soul mate. Thus, we keep out most of the seekers of sexual adventures. But, of course, not all. You will still crumble indecent proposals, representations of prominent parts of the body and other tacky. Do not worry and do not take to heart. You in any case do not want to offend! Either ignore these messages or answer, such as a joke.
If you have a sense of humor, then you are extremely lucky! All the people are looking for positive emotions, joy, laughter and smiles. Write a profile in a joking manner, and the men to reach for you. If you are very serious woman, or you is not a laughing matter, do not worry. Not fear! Compensate rampant optimism, but without excessive fanaticism. Observe sense of proportion deaf singles dating.
Describe the range of your interests as clearly as possible, and romantic, do not hide their sporting achievements, hobbies exotic travel and talents in the arts. If you muzitsiruete, sing, dance, write poetry or prose, oil paint or watercolor, to create monumental sculptures, like Zurab Tsereteli, macrame weaves, grow colza in permafrost conditions, like cinema and theater, and plant flowers on my backyard, or engaged in education Pets - always emphasize it in your profile.
If you do not have any preferences in art and do not have any talent, focus on describing his mental attitude to the opposite sex! Write what you want to love and be loved and ready to surround the elect with warmth and care.
There are two friends:
- I met a girl who promises to surround me with love, care and affection. What do you think?
- I think you're out of the environment.
Put in your profile as much as possible of their photos. At the same time try to choose charismatic characterizing you as a person and emphasize your bright personality.
I have in the search for my ideal partner was the case when I took the photograph of young Khodorkovsky (in which he was unrecognizable). I went on a date after the fun of correspondence and telephone conversations pleasant. And I experienced a huge disappointment to see the person of Caucasian nationality. No, I'm not in any way nationalist! But when I led the conversation, talking on the phone, I imagined a man with Slavic or European appearance, deaf singles dating and immediately turned a date as soon as she saw the real face of his counterpart.
So no need to deceive anyone , it will come to you as sideways. deaf singles dating.

How to meet friends?
- Who is the ideal woman?
- Beautiful deaf and dumb blonde nymphomaniac,
whose parent was only the father banker.
As a rule, from the first impression it depends on how relations will develop and what result they lead. If you are in the course of acquaintance managed to interest a man, he will want to continue it biker singles free dating online. A good first impression is the beginning of communication, which is gradually moving into the second stage of dating, when you start to learn more about each other - about the personal qualities, enthusiasm, inner world, life values, mission.
The purpose of dating for women in any case should not be a marriage, and for men - drag a woman into bed. This is not a call to abandon your intentions, it's just a warning to be prudent and not to rush things.
Every new friend should be regarded primarily as a friend (friend) or a friend (friend of). So just get acquainted, and what will become of your relationships, time will tell.
Acquaintances, are assessing the woman immediately, "And if it suits me as a husband (to lovers, companions in life)?" It is with this criterion, she begins to chat. If, in its reasoning, it is good, it is trying to show themselves in the best light and as a result is constrained because begins to be cautious in everything - in words, gestures, looks. The man does not like to infringe on his freedom at once, so, feeling the intentions of women, it quickly leaves. If he will not do for a husband, she refuses to dating.
Men look at women as a sexual object. If he has a thought that this woman would be good to put to bed, he puts himself in the frame stiffness - trying to show what it was amazing. Woman talking on the way, for throws at her quickly see through such a man and leave him (it is likely in most cases lie in bed with a man with serious intentions). If a man does not arise such a thought, it means that he has no desire to get acquainted with a woman biker singles free dating online.
When a man meets a man or a woman acquainted with a woman, they do not think about how to apply themselves in a favorable light. They remain themselves.
So do not think about a new acquaintance as a sexual partner , and think that you just want to chat with that person. And do not give up on dating just for the sake of what he or she is not suitable to become "your objects." As a result, you will behave naturally, and unleash a new acquaintance.
And now about how to get rid of the fear of being misunderstood, not like the handsome man you. Take a blank sheet of A4, write all your doubts. For example, "I am no longer young, not pretty, not a movie star, my figure is not perfect, the nature is not perfect, I see all the flaws in a man, I still annoying," and so on.
Now put a piece of clothing under the letters to the body. What do you feel? Akin?
And now remove, tear into small pieces and discard in the trash. And - go ahead! To meet new people, victory, joy and pleasure! Live in anticipation of happiness, a pleasant event! And everything will be fine biker singles free dating online!
And stop focusing on their shortcomings! Remember, you - a unique individual with an individual set of qualities, which are so lacking in the man of your dreams, your other half!
Write a list of your advantages. If you are humble by nature, when drawing up the list, seek help from their friends, relatives and loved ones. Ask them what they are attracted to you. Hang a sheet in a prominent place, reads it aloud every morning and evening. Indeed, you are a bright personality with personal characteristics that are so necessary for a suitable partner. As for the ratings, "who is good and who is bad," that on this subject there is a great anecdote. Here only the main excerpts from it:
Good girls know how to cook, bad - are able to order smart - sit on a diet.
Good girls are sex as a duty, bad - as entertainment, smart - as a part of life.
Good girls dress neatly, bad - provocative, intelligent - fast.
Good girls are caring wives, bad - enchanting lovers , smart - fast friends.
Good girls give love, bad - for the money, smart - when they themselves want.
Good girls believe men are bad - do not believe men do not believe anyone smart.
Good girls cry of grief, bad - drink, go shopping smart.
Good girls are complex about the size of the breast, bad - injected silicone smart are proud to have.
Good girls cross stitching, bad - sausages discos, smart - prowl the Internet.
How to talk more than to speak or to listen? This way you like! If you love to talk, do not restrain yourself, speak. Be myself. If you prefer to listen to - excellent! You - what you need! Each interviewee will be glad to communicate with you. After all, people do not have enough opportunities to speak out, be heard and understood. When you listen carefully to his counterpart, occasionally inserting cues, saying that you understand it, it will be in seventh heaven biker singles free dating online.
Is it important whether conditions for effective communication? Very important! The first meeting is proposed to conduct not in private, as a neutral territory in a public place without the loud music and noisy public: in a cafe, restaurant, cinema, museum, on display in the park, on the street, at the rink. After all, you may not like each other! Be persistent, remember that all of your potential partners so little free time that they wish to spend it on unproductive meeting, bringing a bitter disappointment .
Carefully prepare for a date, come to them clean, tidy and in a good mood! Try to see your interlocutor the maximum number of positive and attractive features, do not skimp on compliments, often with the express consent of his words. If it seems to you sexually attractive, do not hesitate to talk to him about it, do not break away from his enthusiastic eyes and go on about his boundless faith in love at first sight ! If your partner is not a hypocrite, he easily agrees to the next meeting in private!
I recall truths. Moveton - to talk about politics and religion. Various political and religious views can irrevocably destroy the emerging Union. And at a time when it is already established, it could find a compromise point of view. Avoid doing any extremist statements calling for national hatred, hostility, degrading or depriving a person of freedom of choice. Even if you are a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, the youth movement "Nashi" or the Company "Jehovah's Witnesses", take the time to recruit a potential partner under the banners! To begin to drag him to bed! During the conversation, gently and softly touch the hand of his companion, and if he had not pulled back her, as if stung, having captured his hands. Be tenderness, sensitivity and courtesy. Ask his counterpart about his desires. Try to please him, and it will come back to you a hundredfold biker singles free dating online!
Life changes when you have the opportunity to happiness! Your every act and feeling filled with meaning. It is not true that nothing should be happy, because they have reached the ultimate goal. It is not true that happiness can be oversaturated and to feel it, it is necessary that there is nothing to compare. It's all invented by people who themselves have never experienced happiness and do not know what it is. How lazy and greedy do not understand what is working and giving. So, happiness is hard and give, to come up with new things and new, and go forward, stumbling, falling, but rising, and continuing to go. How can bother what changes you every moment?
And what am I? And besides, it is not necessary to force the brain to each other, living with unsuitable, unloved and hateful.
Well there! Just need a certain person. biker singles free dating online.

Who better to lure in a registry office - bachelor or divorced?
So, your goal - to get married. To achieve this goal you use every opportunity looking for a future husband in different ways, ranging from the Internet and ending with a visit to "guest receptions" with friends. Considering various options, ranging from "not yet married, but that's only officially" to "was not involved, was not involved." Which of these options is more promising in terms of marriage? No, not for family life - everything is very individual, it depends on the individual. But one of them is easier to bring to the registrar's office?
Option "still married" was originally to be regarded as the least promising sugar mummy dating singles sites. It has long been known that there is nothing more permanent than temporary. And temporary condition "is married, but is about to divorce" could drag on for years. Many whole life living with a spouse, assuring all the others, that is about to be served for divorce. In addition, a declaration that a marriage, they say, is a purely formal nature, that divorce is not made just for the sake of children, etc., it is often the only cheap enough bait, which caught the naive woman.
Later it turns out that from this "formal" marriage is expected the birth of another child, that his wife, it turns out, has no idea about the "formality", as her husband safely asleep with her in the same bed with all its consequences, and so hereinafter. But not too neat man, using a trick pretty well At home he had a family, and on the side - sympathetic (and often even loving) a woman, always ready to lend a shoulder and not only.
So if your goal - the registry office, the status of men "still married" should stay away. You only have to spend precious time and nerves, as potential candidates for a husband disassemble more successful rival.
Polar option - "was not, was not involved, I was not involved." Simply put sugar mummy dating singles sites - a bachelor. Here much depends on the age of the potential candidate for a husband. If it is less than thirty years, it is a very good option (of course, if your age corresponds). Single men looking for a stable relationship is very prone to getting married. In addition, after twenty-five, his parents are already beginning to itch on "Well, when you get married, it would be good to nurse grandchildren," most of friends already got families, so that the full support of others assured.
But if a man over thirty years and still "was not, was not involved, was not involved" (Belarus and Poland called such - the old gentleman), the variant may be questionable. And the older "old gentleman", the more difficult to bring it to the registrar's office. However, he will be declared the most ardent desire to get married, start a family, but ... in the indefinite future.
The older man, the more he settled way of life, even if it implies in the kitchen washing the mountains of dirty dishes and the TV - hanging socks (so you can easily find them in the morning). He was used to his bachelor life, and let a stranger into it is difficult for him. He really wants to get married, what is more, it can even really love my darling, but it stops all the time fear. How to search for socks, if they lie in the closet? How to reside in the apartment with another person? As ever sleep with someone in the same bed (hot, cold, uncomfortable turn, etc.)?
Fears set. And the excuses begin: here deal with problems at work, that will solve the issue of health (and something colds recently become a bit much), that dostroyu cottage ... Every cop has a specific term solution, sugar mummy dating singles sites but make no mistake - one end, there is another . "The old gentleman" wanted to marry, but he was very, very scared - what if it did not turn out good?
Well, if still available, and mother, it is very rare to count on her support. It would seem, on the contrary - it has to push his son to the marriage, at least for reasons "it would be time to nurse and grandchildren." But the "old gentlemen" are usually very peculiar mother. Of course, they want to nurse grandchildren, but in the choice of a wife for his son is very picky. Meet their demands can perhaps that the Queen of England, and not the fact - at Queens also have disadvantages.
A bride is too young, the other - too old, there is a third child from his first marriage ("Think well! To bring up someone else's child! Are you ready for this? You need to start their own!"), In the fourth wrong origin (" Look at her parents - this is the usual hard workers! What did she give birth to a child? Such as losers? "), a fifth figure is far from the model (" You can find better! ") in front of the sixth - a model too (" It is on you run right and left! ") ... And so on to infinity.
Therefore, if the "old gentleman" is not ready to go to the registry office after months of dating, it, unfortunately, have to be considered as an option hopeless, leading to only a hassle and wasted time.
Intermediate option: widowers and divorcees. This category grooms have a definite plus: they are accustomed to family life, knows all its advantages (alas, cons too). Statistics show that this category of men more inclined to marriage. And the tendency is not diminished by the fact that the first marriage was unsuccessful. Even if the first wife was allegedly bitch, sugar mummy dating singles sites alcoholic, Gulen and the like, a man after divorce tends to re-marriage. Perhaps he is trying to prove that he is not a failure in family life, and perhaps just a habit affects the family home.
In the case of widowers difficult question - usually they have children, and often the memories of the first marriage are positive, and we have to compete with the already deceased wife in the conquest of the senses. So if you are not willing to babysit other people's children, spouse better get round. In addition, the nurse is not so easy - the children still have to like it, and often in these cases, they perceive a home invasion stepmother as a betrayal of the dead mother. However, if there are no children or they are adults, then a very promising option.
On the other plan diluted the competition. We'll have to prove that you really are better than the previous wife. If she was prone to tantrums, scandals, you have to be very, very calm (at least until the registrar's office) if it does not know how to cook - you'll have to master the cooking, and so on. That is the man to present the best side of marriage. About the worst he knows without you.
And, of course, the issue of children. Divorced men are usually burdened with alimony - this should be considered, especially if you are planning a marriage with the birth of children together. In addition, not all divorced men with his wife and children leave, limited only by the mandatory payment of alimony, so you have to accept in advance - have children, sugar mummy dating singles sites he loves them, he wants to communicate with them, and hold it should not be.
And remember: if you really want to get married, if your goal - the family, make sure there is a man who will be a good husband. The main thing - do not omit the hands in search, do not despair and do not say: "It is not for me. It is seen not destiny. " Especially that the fate - this is what we are building ourselves. sugar mummy dating singles sites.

Love does not live here anymore? .. Dating
The theme of social isolation is now becoming more and more urgent. Well, no time to get acquainted normal people - you need to build a career, housing problems to solve dating singles ...
And registers young men and women on dating sites hoping to meet the love there. And maybe it's all for nothing? I want to share with you the experience of my friend, and the results of their experiment.
My friend - a young girl with a normal appearance and figure. About this in the famous comedy Gaidai has been said - a Komsomol member, an athlete, and just beautiful. Clever-razumnitsa, college with honors, in the evening dance classes and fitness. Well read and interesting. About a girl can only dream of, but ... one.
She's the one back home, one goes to sleep and wakes up alone. Particularly acute loneliness manifests itself in the holidays, when another presented with flowers and soft toys, and her phone was silent. Unless girlfriend called, whom she envies. Jealous, carefully concealing it at night crying into the pillow, trying to hide her loneliness makeup dating singles.
Of course, she was trying to find a way out of this situation. Once she caught the eye of a well-known dating site. A little over pokorpev form, fill all the fad all, she waited. And - oh, miracle! - Literally showered with letters. They came to it bursts, it could not fail to please her.
Yes, she wrote, and men and boys, photos blew imagination. But oddly enough, it ended in tears, and finding that all men - bastards. I decided to check, really at a specialized dating site not at all normal people ?!
No sooner said than done. Naobschavshis for life, I came to the following conclusions. I hope someone will find this helpful. In reviewing the candidates for "my heart", I divided them into several groups.
The group first. "Adults uncle"
As a rule, this is grown men. Very educated, not today and tomorrow divorcing himself looking for a new mate. In the first and second letter, they will lay out everything about you: that his wife was a monster, and they - well, just a poet's dream, business entrepreneurs. And yet something in their life is, but that's miss you.
From such a right heart starts pounding faster. Well, the truth. But if you continue to communicate further questions begin about how much you get what you work, whether there is an apartment dating singles.
Well, if you do nothing alerted, you can continue to communicate. Upon further acquaintance turns out that the apartments, then they do not have in this town - well, not yet earned. And prosperous circumstances, they are not averse to live and you, but it is, of course, temporary, then buy his. You buy, buy ... somehow without my participation.
Group Two. "Boys, handsome '
It's all very simple, "Hello, beautiful. Cool look, let's get acquainted, go to kinoshku, a cafe, and even better home for the cine-evening coffee. " More meetings will be. Girls need these types on a couple of times - "to spend an evening." As a rule, ladies hearts they already have, just want to have fun.
Group Three. "Boys dandelions"
Well, cornflowers, or as someone more like it. This seemingly innocuous they are very young people and write properly, which, incidentally, a rarity on such sites. They will be happy to chat with you.
But something again wary clicks inside of you, and for good reason. All the time thinking, what's the catch? The catch is found on the second or third day correspondence. You will be with him just boring. Monosyllables - hello, how are you, what's new.
Forces you to speak only about you. Not about him! You have a life boils key - everywhere you need to catch, and clever book read before bedtime, and peeling is there to do with masks and they completely gray days.
And you tell him about the day itself, second, third ... and then you realize that bothered. Interest in such a boy begins to disappear. This is not surprising - a similar category of people living through your inner world you something it is trying to develop, and they - right there at the ready. Take out so positive.
You advise them to read certain books, they are perhaps even buy a computer and put on the table. See - is, just nice and soul. And then when communicating with another girl casually mentioned: I'm going to read a book. And that ears hang out - turned out to be an educated young man!
As a rule, these are people without a dream. Well, not happening and they did not occur. That one he went to work in America ... Super? Super! Or maybe it go? In general, a quiet boring. The girl he wants slim, beautiful to bed was oh !, despite the fact that he ... Well, we will not. Everything is already clear.
Well, there was one small group -
"Concerned perverts"
There generally easier to nowhere. Why courtship? You will immediately receive a letter: "Baby, you are super, dating singles I want you to be my mistress." The only difference - someone offers it to you for the money, someone just like that. Like them happen next, I do not know, did not check. Something like that.
Is there such sites normal people? I will answer honestly - is not met. There may, of course, and someone was lucky. Met, married, give birth to children and happy. I will not argue. May God give you all the best!
Summing up, I want to say: girls, my dear, be careful. One, of course, is bad. And I will not argue with that, but there is work, there is a lot of interesting places, there is finally a girlfriend, friends, who probably friends, acquaintances who have only what you need. dating singles.

Nowadays, young girls and adult women already are trying to meet and build relationships with not "just a good guy," and the secured man. Some try to solve this by his boyfriend material problems and meet the material needs, and others - to find a decent pair, because they themselves also have the wealth and decent dowry american singles dating site.
Taken separately girls generally considered extremely wealthy men whose condition is estimated six-or seven-digit sums in foreign currency.
But men are known to be less than women, and the rich, idle and have not yet had time to become old men - and even less. In addition, they snapped up and choose their own only the most beautiful and "thoroughbred" brides. "Thoroughbred", in the sense that good and came from a wealthy family.
And what do girls and women from ordinary families and with the modest external data? They, too, can be a good marriage ! But the "aim" is not better in rich and spoiled attention and range of men, and in the perspective. In those who after some time, due to their knowledge, skills, efficiency and purposefulness can fly high on the career ladder. So how do you see these "golden boys"? This was in our article:
Age. In the first place, may be promising man no older than 28 years because it sharply fly up the corporate ladder, or start their own business middle-aged "boys" are unlikely. They are not so active, mobile, and accustomed to living, american singles dating site which led all these years. A wonderful breakthrough is unlikely to happen in 35 years. Therefore, look for the prospect is for young men. And do not worry if you - an adult woman. Now young men openly declare that they like older women. And marriage is possible not only "at short distances."
Intellect and education. Prospective man must have a good education and / or be very clever. Education must be relevant, and the resulting trade - demand. And, importantly, this is the profession should like men, that he had the desire and the desire to develop and improve it. The mind has to be alive, and looks modern. In general, young, intelligent and educated man should be able to use all their assets and convert them into money, position, destination and status. Such a person may be confused with "unrecognized genius," which, in principle, knows a lot and knows how much, but it lacks enthusiasm, ignitor and perseverance to realize all their ideas and development.
"Golden hands." Some men do not like and do not take intellectual work and did not know how to sell something that came up and created others. But they are very well mastered some craft and are considered the best in their profession. For example, a man can be a great restorer and a talented photographer, make unique images, it can be a brilliant mechanic, master of airbrushing or tuning cars and motorcycles. Such a specialist will always orders the disciples, and even a very decent earnings.
Outstanding ability. For example, the ability to persuade everyone to buy even the most useless items, and most unwanted thing, or a great ability to solve disputes and resolve conflicts. These people may not have a higher education or not work in their specialty, but be sure to be in demand because of its unique capabilities and benefits that they bring to the company, american singles dating site which employs.
Perseverance and labor. The man who will be able to achieve success in business and work , must love to work, in particular love to do what he does. In addition, it must be persistent in their endeavors and not work from start to finish, sitting most of the working time in social networks or view ads of used cars on a dedicated website, and devote time to the work. Even at home or on holiday to think about it. Some women are offended when their men can not relax outside of work. But this feature of the male need to understand and accept. The man who wants to achieve something, should be given to this matter in its entirety.
Pathological luck. There are such people. Almost from birth they are not putting any special effort to give everyone what they want. Starting from the parking space opposite the entrance or place of business class, although the ticket was purchased in economy, easy to examinations and assignments in companies. Faced with such a lucky , to do everything possible in order not to let go. Because he did not have to struggle and fight this guy is sure to be an easy disposition and a wonderful character. The only thing, in any case no need to ship, teach or restrict his freedom. The longer the "leash", the closer it will be to you.
A clear and realistic business plan to life. The man focused and motivated for success must have a plan or plans. Wanting power and money - this is not the plan. Plan - a set smaller goals and ways to achieve them, which, in turn, will lead a person to success. To find a man of a similar business plan to life, american singles dating site just to talk to him on this subject has to revelations and relaxed atmosphere.
I have dreams. Men - great romance, and even more lazy. The only thing that begins to move one and all - is the presence of dreams. A man should "light up" to do something or buy something. For example, a private plane. Or, at least, super-trendy and expensive sneakers. Start making and realize a dream, it is unlikely to be able to stop. american singles dating site.

Dating today - an integral part of our lives. And me, because my freedom after a divorce, did not escape this sin - to try to find an interesting man online. There is a very decent man, which had a chance to talk. About them write and tell never be out of respect. But there were others that just want to write a comedy thriller mature singles dating.
Sasha, "groom", 25 years, IT-Schnick. According to correspondence and telephone conversation - a normal guy, smart. Well, younger than me for six years, so I did not hide it. Well, I think the meeting. After age - is, of course, figure. But it is not a diagnosis.
We agree to meet at 23:00 at the known point in the city. And it's good that I decided to go by car . I leave the house at 23:00, adjusted to 15 minutes of classical female late. He calls me at exactly 23:05, says, "OK, after 10 minutes, he will." Fine! 23:00 If agreed, it will be at this time and did not intend. Drove up at 23:15, it is not. Weaving busy. I feel - is the circus. It appears handsome infant innocent face to half-past eleven. Not the slightest remorse or apology. Amazing ...
He suggested: "Let's go, take a walk around MOF." I am perplexed: "Why the Finance Ministry, when there is such a beautiful promenade?" And his friend there will soon come and give the disk, "quickly, quickly ..." Okeyushki, go to the Ministry of Finance. While waiting for another friend tried to hold me and kiss. That's right, why wait? Already as many as 20 minutes of familiar!
Hooray! Another approach quickly and saves me. They are something loudly discussed in the street. And what am I? And I do, wait half an hour. But the show goes on, and puts me already a favorite, Sashechka in the car and broadcasts: "You know, no one brought me a disc, it is necessary to pick up here, just ... Let me" quick-quick "I'll go, mature singles dating but a friend with you in the car He sits far? "Kx-m. Option would be - the very fact! But others, in appearance - also for two years as an adult. I lose patience and make attempts to get out of kindergarten away. Sasha yells as he is now corrected, and that I did not make a major mistake in his life. Okay, we participate further. Then Sasha's friend appears and asks dokinut its "quick-quick" home. Well, close. God knows why, but agree. I propose to take them both in a child seat, the place ... funny understands only friend, Sasha sulking.
We were taken to a "ditenka" I was scared, to be honest. With two healthy young peasants in his own car, which I see for the first time in my life. It is unlikely that I sign up again for this pastime.
Sasha I'm taking a walk to the park. We must, I think, even air to breathe. I must also be at least some compensation for the lost night? Yeah, I am dreaming! As soon as we are on the waterfront, Sashechka starts pestering me with grace and saliva horny St.Bernards. Well, just come! All attempts to reason with the child does not lead to a result. Apparently, the boy counted on a light pleasant sex right on the waterfront ... Because my failure and brutality in this regard simply discouraged. The climax of our dialogue it was a serious sentence, expressed in an offended tone: "I'm upset and I can!" She offered to do it immediately, to enjoy the spectacle, sent to all four sides, wished good luck and sooooo quickly evaporated.
Everyone with minnows is no longer associated. Though his legs carried away by such a boyfriend, and then OK. I managed to find out that he sissy. Spoiled there. Inadequacy - too. Although who is to blame? The very fact agreed to talk. It is ridiculous.
I'll take the liberty to draw conclusions. Girls, you as interesting, mature singles dating if you want to successfully and safely acquainted online . Men can not read any further.
1. Profile of Man must be a photo, name, and at least the minimum information about themselves. Those who have something to hide, never hang a photo and the name will come up with some mythical. Type "Malyuta Skuratov" or, even steeper, "Chocolate bunny". One dead obviously dating options.
2. Be sure to communicate on the phone first. Better than once. And another feature. Do not let her and the guy take his phone. Let him waiting for a call. If stalling and gives room - means that something is wrong. Anyone who really wants you to meet and ready to open communication, the number will not hide.
3. Do not accept an appointment if the guy very quickly, urgently, urgently, now extends to see. Try moving. You'll see - dissolve into the darkness. So behave normally zhenatiki who, like, watch, or the wife is away and has formed box. Either guest performers who travel in your town. A man will sing a nightingale, he longs to see you right now and live without it can not. Leisure time he plans to "plug" your company. Do I have it for you? Decide for yourself.
4. Assign the first meeting in a public place during daylight hours, and come to your own transport. You do not need such extreme evening, as I have described in their history. "Happy End" is not guaranteed.
5. But do not tighten too much with the first meeting, and you can get into their trap and draw the image in my head, which does not correspond to the real person. And then the shame and power, and lost time, mature singles dating and for the way in which you have already begun to fall in love , but it turned out to be useless.
6. Do not take too seriously dating site! This is just one of the ways to establish privacy. Not bad and not good. It all depends on your attitude to this. The best thing - to catch the spirit and attitude to the search of the second half as a pleasant game. Too serious about dating site and the people there hangs, will inevitably lead to frustration, you remove the profile and the way to find out the arsenal strike out. And it is to anything - the more funds to explore, the greater coverage of potential candidates, and the sooner you will find his man.
Me and all the good luck in your personal life! mature singles dating.

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