To drink or not to drink? That is the question ...
I prefer to be friends with women. No, seriously. Some believe that there is no friendship between a man and a woman can not be. What friends are only able to present, tough guys - together internet dating pros and cons.
But I discovered that the so-called men's friendship has all the signs of sluggish current alcoholism. A friendship with a woman is much more pleasant, helpful and also prolongs life.
Only friendship with a woman chooses his friends are not on the principle of a pretty face and with his all conquering desire to drag you into the registry office, but on the principle of mind and some other goals in life besides jump out to marry and give birth to children.
And then you will secure a true friend, always ready to give advice and to help. Of course, if your girlfriend with time still will not have an overwhelming desire to translate your friendship to another, more pleasant plane. However, even if you have nothing to lose. And even on the contrary, gain. You get something so unique that you can envy of all men. Namely - friendship and love in one.
With the men the same - death longing and continuous drunkenness. It is worth two men get together, even on the most important and necessary business - well, there is a car repair, or patch up the roof garden to dig up as the crown of all the good deeds that will vseobyazatelno? Right. Booze internet dating pros and cons.
I shot a new home in the village and to somehow build bridges with the local population, naive and inexperienced, first I went to the neighbors on the right. I met an elderly couple poshiba of a good peasant. She - large, "okayuschaya" and "hook" the mother of the family, which ran on time on the farm. He is - even bigger, with the workers hands, shovels and secured on top of the abdomen vest - cheerfully winked at me and pulled out a liter bottle of some kind of murky liquid.
I come to him with a box of chocolates, and they in my moonshine ... Just something personal, just something "a hundred grams," "purely for acquaintance", "How not to drink a nice person," which turned out to be one hundred grams each five minutes, and the samples I have at least an hour. All of my twenty-two, "I have to go", "I have the soup is boiling on the stove," "I can not drink so much - it's inhumane" were beaten one weighty argument: "Do you respect me?"
As I was at home - I do not remember. The whole next day I spent, suffering headaches, lack of appetite and giving yourself a vow never to drink anything stronger than beer internet dating pros and cons.
At the end of the week I came to my neighbors left. Young couple with all the signs of advancement and material security. The couple invited me to her, and I'm assuming that these certainly do not get drunk, without hesitation, rushed to their mansions.
He turned on the "plasma". He took a bottle of brandy from the bar, and started dating. When the bottle was drained, she went to wash the dishes, and we tumbled into the yard and breathe ... to continue the acquaintance.
Since there was no brandy, the owner somewhere fished liter bottle of "house wine," he said proudly, and I agreed to have a drink, "quite a bit, for the introduction."
House wine turned out to be a mixture of cherry juice and vodka, and pretty strong. I kept wanting to go home, but as soon as I try to get up from the bench to uneven step to go home, my neighbor immediately began to take offense, and I have to somehow make amends to him, was forced once again to seal the peace treaty cup "house wine." So it went - I jumped up to go home, he took offense, we drank - at least ten times until the bottle was empty.
Here I was thinking that here it is, my finest hour, and already zapetlyal toward the gate, but my new friend barked, "Wait a minute," and disappeared into the doorway exactly one minute polutoralitrovye appeared with a bottle of beer internet dating pros and cons.
"Not-ee, I will not" - was I bleated. But the neighbors have not heard only in silence opened the bottle and put it in my hands. "Drink. And I do not take offense, "- in a threatening manner, but he told me gently. I realized that the choice to drink or not to drink I do not have. And he made a couple of sips ...
The next morning, my head throbbing, aching body, and also tortured guilt. I promised myself never to drink anything, even beer.
But the very next weekend I came after work to shoot in the garden of my house to find the owner of the house, and someone else. They were already a little tipsy, and although I have only seen one double and one never saw shouted cheerfully, as if met his next of kin, who have been a hundred dollars, "Oh-oh, what people in Hollywood! Sit down ... Uh-uh, like, you say your name was? "
I began to balk, thinking up excuses, idiotic one another: I had a headache that was in my hand sewn anti-alcohol ampoule that I need urgently to gather and go to the North Pole. Nothing helped. I was seated at a makeshift force table, gave a glass the size of a glass and poured it to the brim with smelly moonshine.
I tried a bite of the fatty foods, putting the pieces of bacon in his mouth. To wash down all this compote and mineral water. I tried to miss toasts, following one after another - where the one ends, another begins immediately. For an hour, I think, after the third bottle for three, the brain remains sober to realize that I'm drunk in dyminu.
Under the pretext of going to the toilet, I crawled in a completely opposite direction, limped to the house, opened the door and fell as he was sleeping. But ten minutes later oblivion was awakened a deafening roar in the hall internet dating pros and cons.
My new friends, without waiting for me out of the closet, found nothing better to do than to go on my quest. The owner had a key and he opened the front door, do not calculate the trajectory of his braids legs, he tripped over a high threshold and all the fluff crashed stokilogrammovye whole carcass on the floor. The roar of the falling body has been strengthened overturning whatnot with all sorts of rubbish, which stood at the door and he jumped in vain is salutary.
I jumped into bed drunk at first thought that the war and the enemy shells exploding. Then he thought that the thieves climbed up to me. And then dokumekal that my two new friends could not remain indifferent to my loss, lost in the dark, not calculated the force of Earth's gravity, the height of the threshold and other things that always bother you when people tipsy.
Leaning into the hall, I saw that the owner of approximately snores, powdered with crumbled nails, cans and sklyanochkami. Strong swinging from side to side silhouette of his friend has loomed behind the goal. And so I just quietly closed the door and went to sleep.
The next morning, around noon, I shook the midnight visitor. That is something grunted, rubbed his eyes, a heavy palm-sized shestnadtsatikilogrammovuyu the weight and joyfully shouted, "Oh-oh, what people in Hollywood! Uh-uh, like, you say your name was? "With difficulty arose and offered ... sober.
"I have," - he winked. I remembered yesterday's brew, and his legs ran out into the yard. Relieve your stomach and raped last rinse your mouth with water from the tap, I stumbled back to contemplate the face contented owner sitting at a table in an embrace with a bottle of murky liquid ...
Since then, I prefer solitude and privacy. Or at least I try to make friends with women. Although they rarely refrain from getting in some point of our friendship did not begin to give them a romantic tone, at least, do not solder me internet dating pros and cons.
And men ... all men strive to get drunk. Moreover, sophisticated, elegant to rustic style is called a "drink a hundred grams" or "five drops" and "no, no, no more than that which we alcoholics or what?" And now whenever I someone calls to help or I have to go on a visit, I quickly helped and so intelligent, promising to return to give tear.
And of the guests prefer to leave in English. Within half an hour. Otherwise, do not expect mercy. internet dating pros and cons.

How to marry a goat?
Her husband - a goat? The dream of many, inspiring, maddening vagueness prospects and adventures for all. It does not come alone: the search may take a moment to all life. Network breaks horns, quick to shoot, and able to butt bleated internet dating sex. How to catch this individual?
Polorogih easy to find at the watering!
Location data may be bars and the like places. Prigrevshis a beer, he hides waiting for females.
The recipe is simple seduction: a maximum of the charm - a minimum of care. Victim behavior attracted the beast. Bright, clothes do not hide anything, a slight intoxication - and your partner. The risk of running into other hunters is high, but a win is a dream for the possession of hair torn and broken nails. In the eyes of the male winner will always be in pole position.
True goats are known in the case. Feel free to go to the sauna, pool, strip clubs: yes chance to snatch happiness . Identification mark - a wedding ring, to bulge out of the back pocket of his trousers. In order to provide a choice, it is better to park in one of these institutions: the vigilance of goat and competitors not covered by staff. The clear allusion to the familiar discount you can quickly get in touch and become a close friend of her future husband internet dating sex.
Exit through the parents
The presence of her husband, a goat from one that is suitable to my mother - an excellent opportunity to clarify whether the family's son. Centuries of experience shows that the chance to meet a child's parent is identical, with each generation grows exponentially. Bench, a pack of cigarettes and attention in no time will bring to the desired.
Stay Networks
Names sites at the hearing of the whole world. Selective collection of all kinds and colors , does not require much effort. Show meetings will bring back to life the joy and extreme. To save time, better appointments at home: in the native walls true desires can not be concealed. It is useful to stock up before the meeting, another police officer, who can come tearing at the first signal.
Smoke in the stairwell
Stairwells keep miracles from humble kids to her mother's venerable, whose muddled eyes and hand are blue. To attract attention enough to squat and to declare that his bro, easy to understand. Pivasikom, cigarette, and maybe that played the role of poappetitnee pipes fakir internet dating sex.
If a suitable instance is found, it is maneuvering for its production and domestication. Since the methods are proven and the pit trap, you should create a no-win situation: not to withdraw from hard drinking, to interfere to get a job, do not let the relaxed and well-dosed complaints and scandals. It is worth to be connected to the education of close and distant relatives, become a mother of many children, to move into communal.
Mercy should not be, otherwise the husband kid can turn into a man. What is fraught with unbearable consequences: the need to get out of the familiar role of a tortured victim and take responsibility for their own lives.
If this happens, the inevitable divorce and return to the point of the search: to drink, staircases, shop or billiards club. internet dating sex.

Where to look for the second half?
House begins with a threshold, and the relationship between a man and a woman - the first dating.
Every free man wants to meet your soul mate, internet dating service online so yes, then to not be excruciatingly painful separation from, quite the contrary - to waiting in front of a long and happy relationship.
There are several places, or if you prefer, time-tested and seeking ways to find a partner: the Internet, on vacation, with friends, in clubs, at work, "according to a relative", with ads in the newspaper. Let us briefly analyze each of the methods.
Web search
Pros: sit yourself at home and choose a partner by clicking the mouse on profiles, as they say, taste and color. At home you at ease and can communicate without embarrassment, on various topics. Another advantage of online dating - relationships easily break if you are tired.
Cons: virtual communication is good and live better. Not every online dating can turn into a serious relationship, often even before a personal meeting is not reached internet dating service online. It plays a significant role sense of inferiority - the people are afraid at the meeting did not seem as they themselves have outlined. Moreover - for beautiful photo may hide a completely different person, a different age and even sex! And, you can stumble upon the scam, any maniacs and perverts. That's when the guard! Conclusion: The method is good, but rather as a complementary rather than the main one. Come out, "man" in the people!
On vacation
Resort, sea, beach ... So you want to romance and love! And, as a rule, and there is more than that, and more. Still, as many do not go just to relax, but also in search of amorous adventures. That is to say, combining business with pleasure. However, a holiday romance has a nasty tendency to end with the holiday. And then - as ships at sea. But every rule there are exceptions - and suddenly you're lucky and you get on holiday not only pleasant memories, but also a bonus - a loved one for life?
Among friends
Psychologists say that this method is the best. It is understandable - the company of friends, relaxed atmosphere, love you, and you all, too, the joy of meeting and dialogue ... And as a matter of you know that the guy or the girl you very pretty, and it turns out - your feelings are mutual. Again relaxed atmosphere contributes to your further rapprochement internet dating service online.
... However, in each ointment is the fly in the ointment. The so-called professional matchmakers do not really approve of such a search, saying that the percentage of that at the right time in the company would be the right person - a very, very small, better to use our services. What is there to argue? Matchmakers or owners agency has considerable income from pimping. In addition, the role of the agency can successfully execute friends - purely "by chance" invited to the party candidates for the introduction, in advance, of course, saying to whom should pay attention.
In the club
The club - a common place for dating. In the clubs going to the young contingent - dancing till you drop, alcohol. According to statistics, the best dating club ephemeral. Why is that? Well, probably the case again in his youth. Young lives quickly, so little love affair - his inheritance. On the morning of vague memories of nights spent, unfamiliar face next - and now you are in a hurry away, scoring a number of casual friend his phone. Perhaps you phoned ever, who knows ...
Another thing, when you're a 25-bit (plus or minus 50). What to do? Go to the club "over 30". As a rule, visitors such institutions - held in the life of the people, they want stability in everything, including love.
At work
Oh, it's not an easy thing - to "catch" someone at work. The team settled all together and pritrlis pall. What were dating? But if a new employee, or you come to a new team. You make friends with the person. Chat, initially purely for work, then the chance is that you like the same movie, you both love tea with eight tablespoons of sugar in a cup, walk in the rain, yoga, etc. etc. And here you are together. Idyll! But the polls loving couples revealed that the least they would like to work together. Draw conclusions, ladies and gentlemen internet dating service online.
"On a relative"
Oil Painting - you're a good smart people, like the whole world, and the world loves you, but, alas, you're alone. And relatives wanting to help you, looking through a friend at work, in the country, on the porch, and God knows where else you will pair. Silly? Perhaps, however, many instances where it is triggered. But, according to many, it is just too extreme and terribly unmodern method.
Advertising in the newspaper
Who stated the decline of newspaper ads dating, the cause is great and terrible internet. Indeed, it is easier to place your profile on any dating site - it's that simple. However, newspaper ads - a classic, time-tested.
All the ways to find good halves. Perhaps you meet him (her) in traffic, subways, shops or another, there is little suitable for the dating site.
Be bold, and all you get! The main thing - do not despair: there are certainly people who had been waiting all his life, perhaps, you.
Love and health to you! internet dating service online.

I did not like the future mother in law? Consider yourself lucky!
If you want to please a future mother-in from the first meeting? And sorrow, internet dating sites eharmony if you failed? Not Surprising. Most of the girls in love with her future husband, for some reason, believe that the main purpose of acquaintance with the future in-law is in this. They are carefully prepared for the upcoming meeting, think clothes and makeup and forget with the most important thing you need in this situation: your powers of observation and ability to soberly assess the situation.
What often occurs as a result? No, not what fear future daughter-in: as a rule, from the house they were never fails, love remains, the wedding takes place. That's just from the first meeting in a relationship is laid hidden inequality: the daughter is struggling to like, waiting for mother-assessment of their qualities. Mother in law, intuitively feeling their power, it controls the behavior of the bride at its discretion in using the approval-disapproval.
Externally, such a relationship may seem conflict-just perfect. But with the passage of time between the mother-in-law and accumulate concealed irritation. It is hard all the time to try to please, and always appreciated. And she and the other unnatural situation, do not apply for a relationship for family life, overwhelmed mind and give rise to neuroses internet dating sites eharmony.
As already mentioned, the biggest problems arise out of our little stupid things that we assume almost all the mass in the beginning of a relationship with his own mother in law. Like the future mother in law - this turns the girls in some sports, where only the result is important, no matter what the cost.
The first date in-law - important topic forums and articles of female Internet. But what advice is given to girls to date went well? Smile. Silence. Eat whatever you put on the plate. Praise food. In no case do not engage in debate. Well, hit all tips: dress so as not to irritate the eyes, more modestly than in everyday life.
For what? Maybe a future daughter-in is exactly what is going to manage the relationship with her mother in law: do not mind, with everything she prepares, regardless of taste, choose clothes to meet these demands, and a lifetime to keep quiet, do not come into conflict? If so, such a tactic is justified internet dating sites eharmony.
But to come to the first meeting, posing prude only to then learn and "vterevshis soul" elderly (perhaps lonely and unhappy) woman start to behave very differently than when we first met - this is what -So unfair.
Girls! Let's briefly stop and think: Is there no other way to build a relationship with the future in-law, in addition to these clumsy attempts to please? Let us remember all those who love us. Is the cause of their love is that we tried to like hiding one exaggerating their quality and the presence of others? And maybe, on the contrary, it is the secret of our sincerity and naturalness?
And if we come to meet his future in-law in his ordinary clothes when his natural mood - that is actually, not that which is prescribed in this situation? And let's not hide his excitement, because it is caused by our interest in the new situation, a new meeting may be very important in the future, man? Really get worse than to sit quietly and wait timidly estimates, hoping to take revenge in family life?
By the way, on estimates. For all the excitement and bustle good to see and understand what is the mother of her future husband internet dating sites eharmony. What kind of person she is, than breathing? Are there many secret? Often you telling the truth? Smokes? Drinks? What are you reading? What look? How does your future husband? What is it for her son: a good fellow, or Ivan the Fool? If your future husband have brothers and sisters, what is their role in the family?
What is it mistress? How sincere and frank people? So much important to find out about their future relatives before deciding whether they will all relatives! Before any assessment here? All this is important to know not to put "two" or "five" of his future in-laws, the case is much more serious. After all, the future wife will understand what is the atmosphere of the house, which has increased her future husband, the compatibility of their value? Can you separate them?
If during the first meeting it was clear that, alas, found too many contradictions, which in the course of family life will only increase, then you are lucky. Imagine what would happen if you came to this meeting with horror off the brain, which flashed only one thought: "like me / do not like." The process of realization could be delayed for many years, and it would have included your future children.
In the case of an explicit exclusion of disagreement, it became clear after a meeting with future in-law (especially if future husband, too, was unhappy with the last meeting and blames the future wife), it is worth considering: it may be better to turn back immediately, without the cost of a wedding , division of property and child and regret about wasted years.
After all, winning is not the girl who by extreme mental stress still manage to build a more or less smooth, although the cold, strange relationship with her people, and the one who will be able to find in the face of her future husband and his family like-minded people who can take it such as it is internet dating sites eharmony.
Instead of an epilogue.
Many, many years ago the mother of one of my ex-boyfriends was sincerely saddened by the fact that her son chose such a useless maid, weak, lazy, and obviously having a tendency to alcoholism. And the reason for this negative attitude to me was that, despite its ominous question, "Do you respect me?", Have a drink with her more than a shot of vodka, I could not. When out of great respect for the mother of a loved one, trying to adjust to her opinion, I once drank two, I immediately passed out, and that was the reason for disappointment, if it is now falls to two glasses of what it will continue? As her build a family life, to go on holidays, why such a shame our family?
In general, it has been strong, rustic, hard-working family has its reasons. Since then, I continue to drink on occasion a glass of vodka in a few years. Just no longer trying to please at any cost certainly alien to man, and what you want. internet dating sites eharmony.

Both men appreciate women?
It all started with the usual dialogue, "Look, what a beauty", "Who? This one? You're kidding! "Said and thoughtful. And, indeed, as I define whether I like a woman or not? Evaluation takes seconds and is usually one glance is enough to opinion has been formed. But what does it consist of? We had a little stretch the process over time and to understand in detail each criterion internet dating statistics reports.
Dear ladies, please do not be offended - it all takes place on a subconscious level, and "top" issued only a brief assessment. If you are too vulnerable and romantic, it is not recommended to read more!
Thus, orders of conscience, courtesy, chivalry, correctness and humanity to shut up, We reach curiosity and begin.
The analysis took a long time, and in the end I was a little shocked by the volume of information processed and suspended practicality of his subconscious. At this level, there is no love, only naked calculation. Thousands parameters screened cynical subconscious to find deviations and inconsistencies personal preferences. Each treated separately and combined with others.
Every woman is regarded as a potential companion and mother. We do not consider it possible to change or something more. Rather, it is the survival instinct. It is deeper than the moral and other personal characteristics, and can not control it, as well as the circulation or secretion of saliva, for example internet dating statistics reports.
The analysis involves many "evaluators", but the very first beginning analyzer genetic compatibility. Yes, do not be surprised. How it works hard to understand. The smell, energy, collection of external data - is not clear, but it works. And he tries to reduce possible bias from some mythical standard, sort of an average person. Full like thin, high - low, nervous - quiet and so on. Even if the husband or wife do not fit these criteria, you can be on your favorite actors or singers person to assess his real preference.
The presence of such an analyzer logically understandable. For this particular person, he narrows the choice, but increases the likelihood of survival of all mankind. He brings different genes, and in the struggle for the survival of the strongest wins.
Further, at a higher level enters the analyzer potential. Overall assessment of the human condition, is calculated readiness for a joint life and the birth of common children and so on.
Overall rating. Age, height, volume, type, social class, potential. Naturally, there is some range of acceptable values. Also automatically make predictions for the future. Here is dominated by longer genes and experience, and often unconscious, rather systematic observation of life internet dating statistics reports.
Health. It evaluated every detail. It begins with gait and manners to move. Easy, hard, smooth, sharp and so on. Conclusions about the state of ligaments, muscles of the toes, possible injuries and other problems. And further downwards. Dull hair or gray skin - perhaps a health problem. Dim or unnaturally radiant look - perhaps mental problems. The abundance of cosmetics - is trying to hide the defects or lack of taste. And so on.
Adequacy. Again, looks only slightly different angle, clothes, manner of moving and communicate (if possible). It then attempts to determine a mask or show us this is the true face. The approximate level of intelligence. With a big difference in mental development it will be difficult to communicate and find common ground.
Compatibility. Everyone has their ideal - the preferred color of hair, voice, odor, attractive character traits, and other criteria. When a woman slips a mask, so be prepared for possible disappointment in the future internet dating statistics reports.
All steps are processed at the same time, so even received a categorical refusal by one of the parameters, the work continues. Because time is important here. We still communicate the findings to the consciousness, to give them at the mercy of the mind, morality, and other "top" of the analyzer. Or maybe it's fate? And she will not wait.
You may ask: what is produced by the view if there is insufficient data, for example, only on the photo? Experience! He "dorisovyvaet" missing elements. And the "artificial" woman, no matter plastic surgery to blame, makeup or photo, the more wrong experience and the more disappointing in person.
All this requires computational resources of the brain, and some of the functions of his stops missed. Probably noticed that at a meeting with a person who potentially might like, that not discarded the very first analyzer fails in breathing, moving and involuntarily want to look away in order to reduce the flow of information?
Of course, this is only the basic parameters, in fact there are many more. And I'm only partially described the lowest level of analysis, it is not affecting the exchange of energy and spiritual experiences internet dating statistics reports.
And not only men appreciate women, reciprocal process is also no less intense. That is our nature. So easy answer look at a glance, be yourself and everything will be fine. internet dating statistics reports.

Find your favorite ... or yourself? Major mistakes when looking for a partner
Many women "pause in their personal lives" experienced painful and painfully. They begin to frantically look for a man, notify everyone that they are alone and this unhappy, and constantly complain about what's de took another month, but I had never found!
Do not focus on that, and certainly urgent to find "your half" - do not forget that you represent a whole, and is not someone's "soul mate." As if we were inferior and worthless without someone there "half". So imagine bitten the apple (and not Apple) internet free dating ...
And these women are so eager to find a willing partner, for years can not find it, and if it finds something wrong with the choice. If you want something to excess, it is often desirable escapes.
Fear not find her man to be alone, it is 80% - no well-founded fear. These women's "horror", they say, and die alone - to real life are irrelevant. After some work on himself comes the understanding that everything is still ahead, and it remains a bit - quietly and intelligently organize your life so that next appeared in a natural way a man worthy of you.
To start, stop, "want to find." Remove from the eyes of fear is not found. Normal men just feel things and run by "looking" ladies, as a vampire from garlic. But these "starving" women certainly attracted to himself some shoddy and flawed character.
We are concerned, "search" the problem of women being broadcast at the level of "subtle energies." The first thing that men feel - that a woman is free. This in itself is not bad. But in the very first minute they feel that she was unhappy and "concerned." And any excesses, any compulsion to scare. This disharmony, internal imbalance. Who needs unbalanced, disharmonious and unhappy man? No one need not interesting. Do people have enough of their problems internet free dating.
Frightening men, a woman begins to fear itself. For example, what some men went to the cowardly, and indeed there is no normal. And if there is, it is already all occupied. The woman plummeting self-esteem, because unconsciously she blames her loneliness and over. She was already starting to think that it is something wrong ... With this attitude find a worthy partner is almost impossible.
What do men react in the first place, when acquainted with a woman? What attracts them? I interviewed a lot of men, view and experience which are significant to me, and almost all in different formulations were told the same thing: "a state of inner peace that comes from a woman."
This condition is insanely attractive to others. If a woman's eyes light up when she was energetic and positive - it is surrounded by an energy field happy and successful person. And around this field feel immediately! You, as a thin conductor will transmit happiness! People will start to reach for you - everyone will want nourished your happiness, recharge your batteries from getting part of what you have and do not have it - your extraordinary and valuable internal resources internet free dating!
Fears and complexes go, when there is a positive attitude towards themselves and towards others: "I have an interesting and attractive. I'm good with men, they with me, too. " This state of confidence. That it attracts men, getting a lot of them around. Fans, friends and companions. Therefore, there is a choice, a conscious and responsible.
Freed from the fear of not find a man, you can get a chance to be self-confident woman who is not looking for, and choose from a variety of offers. And that, believe me, a completely different life.
Search does not have to lover, and yourself ... all come at the right time and everything will be as you want it! If this is your - it will be with you. internet free dating.

Time for love? The only effective way to find happiness in relationships. Part 1
In today's world, more and more people suffer from loneliness.
Everyone wants to find love and a happy family, but few manage to. People worry about this, because a happy family - indeed perhaps the most important component of a fulfilling life kitt williams internet dating.
Someone - is simply out of desperation - enters into a marriage with a partner who has at least some positive qualities, it is very far from ideal, which he dreamed.
Initially, both clear that nothing good will come of it. But - we think - can endure-slyubitsya and plunge into the abyss initially unhappy marriage, and then a long time (and sometimes life) torment themselves and their children.
So what in fact prevents modern people find happiness in family life, and how to meet all your love ? Let's look at what should be guided by people at different stages of relationship building.
In order to love someone, that someone must first meet. And in order to meet the need to still make some effort. The film industry feeds us stories about random twists of fate, always lead to happiness heroes to the grave. We begin to believe it is naive and no attempt at gaining love kitt williams internet dating.
In life, it also happens that "love descends suddenly ... ", but it is often necessary to take part in this process directly involved. Of course, we should not get hung up on this, and, but still just need to begin to act. Even if the fate and wants to help us, it would not do if you just swung his legs off the couch and looking only at her.
To get started you just need to think about and write down the desired qualities of your future partner. Only those that are really important to you, rather than imposed stereotypes. To you understand what really want and to send into the universe a sort of " request for ". Just do not expect to find exactly the standard that you describe - it's stupid and you will only get in the way. It is enough that in key moments for you in the person found to be a rough resemblance to your requests.
Next, begin to devote some time during the week search of its real halves . It may be dating sites, visit some social events. If you are a man, you can, in addition, has to learn to get acquainted in the street (at first it causes discomfort, but eventually you will begin to enjoy it) kitt williams internet dating.
The more meetings with potential halves - the better. The main thing - do not get carried away yet and do not think that somewhere out there, around the corner, I was waiting for someone else more suitable. Therefore, if a person is nice to you, stop it. In pursuit of the elusive crane can miss that titmouse. The most important thing - to understand that in order to get something, you must first articulate what you want, then by all means take action, otherwise it will remain only your dreams.
But do not give it sverhznacheniya. Yes, I am aware of the importance, but it is not necessary to turn to the search for a loved one obsession - otherwise This will have the opposite effect. You have to be yourself, you have interests and hobbies besides finding love. And there is a strong desire to find love is immediately converted into real action towards this goal .
This will certainly work on yourself - in all respects - over the body and looks, mind, psyche and soul. Thus you will dramatically improve your chances of success. And not just because it become more desirable and important to the opposite sex, even though, in my opinion, enough already of this reason. But because growing up in his own eyes, you are gaining confidence and self-love - and this is very serious help kitt williams internet dating.
Another thing you need to understand - relate to the search and selection should be quite serious, but at the same time creatively. Allocate at this time, to put the soul. But communication with candidates in any case should not turn into an interview. That is, it should be as sincere and bringing joy to both of them, otherwise you will not get the desired result.
Think of it as a modern man about his work. He is afraid to be late, try to perform bigger and better, so as not to zarugali (as a child). But it is rare when a person is engaged in business on the work of his life. Often, this is not the joy of bringing the labor to which we just used. Many plunged into his work , trying to fill at least something from the void of lack of love and tenderness, dull the pain of loneliness. Over the years, they actually convinced themselves that this is the most important thing in their lives: work, career ... But if this is really the case?
In this scenario, to find a partner does not have enough time and effort. But it should be the opposite. We should not be afraid of being late for work, and hurry to a meeting in order not to offend people. And try at the date we have, both at work because of this really depends on our future happiness, his foundation is laid just at the first meeting.
And unloved work, making it a cult, meaning lifelong sense to put his whole soul is just not. The work is easy to change, and a loved one will be with you, perhaps a lifetime. Therefore it is necessary to find the time, even during the busiest of the day to remember the dear man, write sms-ku, or call, just that he felt that you needed, he tries in vain. That's what's really important kitt williams internet dating.
It is advisable to try to show their best qualities during the first meeting, not shelving them, and without waiting for this first from a possible partner, then it will be easier to open up to you, too. And do not treat it with a magnifying glass as a guinea pig, "sootvetstvuesh you be my request?" You choose not only you, and you choose. Try to just enjoy the process of communication, and the conclusions will be doing at home.
These are the main points about finding a partner. In continuation of the article, you'll learn that prevents people today maintain long-term relationships and how to act correctly in order to still do it. kitt williams internet dating.

Time for love? The only effective way to find happiness in relationships. Part 2
The first part of the article was devoted to the preparatory phase and the main points about finding a partner post internet dating syndrome. What prevents people today maintain long-term relationships, and how to act correctly in order to still achieve this?
1. The responsibility for their own happiness
If a person lives with plants that do for your happiness do not need to take that all supposedly come by itself, it eventually gets a poor family, if ever gets. Many couples are unhappy in marriage. Why is this happening?
The reason for this is just that people do not spend their forces in the search for a suitable partner , but takes a lifetime urgent, but not important really matters. As a result, it receives from generous fate of some small chance of love. He sees rarely get the opportunity to meet more or less the right person (and if you do not make an effort, it is true). And he begins to fear in general to remain without a family. Such an attitude to life, he just puts himself in a position where forced or seize the first available opportunity, or to be content with loneliness. In any case, it is a choice without a choice, and such a man will find happiness is unlikely.
So you need to put your heart, take as many attempts to spend more time and effort to find his love. Only then did the same fate will begin to help us to see that we are finally really interested in its services, and will provide us only the best options, and in sufficient quantities post internet dating syndrome.
With this approach, you get rid of the fear that the chances of finding love is very small, because you are going to see that this is not so. And you do not have to bind their lives with a man just because it's time, or the loneliness became unbearable. The main thing when you realize that you have found someone with whom you feel good right now, and you do not see any serious conflict in your worldviews, then immediately stop their search before you already have a person with whom you just have to try to build long-term relationships . Ruthlessly lop off all other options (if any), and fully focus your attention on your choice.
So it is with the opposite goal. If you see immediately that the man you obviously do not fit, do not waste your time and energy for a long chat. Just as quickly as possible, but at the same time discreetly and gently explain to the person that you are looking for something completely different, and further communication is simply meaningless. Why torture and hopeful person, if you already know that the next meeting will be. I think he himself will thank you for your candor post internet dating syndrome.
2. Family life
So you've found your man, began to build a family . What should you look for at this stage?
First, never stop to make efforts in relation to his love. But now they will not have to search for her lover, and to maintain relations. The error is very, very many people - finding love, relax and return to its normal state of amebic. This bug has destroyed countless marriages.
Do not think that once you find the person who you love, then the task is completed, he will love you forever, in spite of all your actions. The efforts of the soul to invest in love throughout your life, not stopping, only then it can last forever. Otherwise, even if the person does not throw you (because of habit), happiness you just do not see. And whether you need to / of the kind of relationship?
Spend time on the beloved; praise him ; Surprise; give love; Always be desirable / desirable it was for him and not for others, preparing to go to work; find an opportunity in the next (though in a million!) again to express its importance to you by any means; make his life brighter and kinder - and he will answer you the same post internet dating syndrome.
Do not allow yourself to settle down there and leave again with his head in work or even in something, in fact less important to you as themselves than the happy family. It is on your behavior depends the happiness possible to overstate the importance of this behavior?
Secondly, we must try to minimize their consumption component in the relationship. It is clear that we are all looking for a partner, not only for the pleasure of the soul with love for another person (even though it really - the main reason), and pursue any practical purpose, and we want to receive from loved we need results. Warmth, care, support .
But imagine this abstract situation: you sincerely and wholeheartedly want to help a certain person, and he, believing that you have to do it, behaving provocatively. It tells you, for example: "Come on, come on, why so long?". Or, "Well, why do so before he could do?" Or the good old "So, why are you doing it that bad?" In addition, people will be all that you do for him for granted because really I believe that you owe, and therefore, not really something you and be grateful for it. Presenting this picture, post internet dating syndrome answer yourself honestly: How long will you continue to provide assistance to such a person?
Similarly, in the family: the partner is not obliged to do everything for you just because he is your husband / wife and so accepted. After all, he always has the same right and not to do what you do not want, or just to get away from you. Even if you manage to convince him that he needs something, simply because he is your husband / wife, the happy family life on this end immediately, and return it will be almost impossible.
Are there any of your claims of your family happiness? I'm talking about waiting on the person of a particular behavior, not because he wants you to do it yourself, since you his attitude earned him is his desire to do something nice, but because you think he would have. This position will never lead you to happiness post internet dating syndrome!
That's all miracles! Consistent implementation of these rules can certainly help you in finding and keeping your love for years to come .
I wish you all success in your personal life! post internet dating syndrome.

To marry a foreigner. The adventure on the fifth point?
Some time ago, I watched a cartoon about how a man was looking for water in the desert. He hypnotized drop of dew on a dead tree branch and did not notice how the water comes in Dry Lake, the center of which he was sitting samples internet dating ad.
The majority of women who resort to the services of marriage agencies, contrary to popular opinion, are able to attract the attention of men and unaided. The question is what they are so lacking in men who are there to look for a foreigner?
"Communicating with our client, I'm increasingly thinking about to open courses for our men ... something on the theme of how to care for women," - according to the director of the international club of acquaintances "I want to get married," Olga, the main reason partner search abroad - another quality of the relationship. The fact that every Russian woman, according to the classics, "stop a galloping horse in a burning hut" does not mean that she wanted all his life to stop a galloping horse and serve freelance lifeguard. While her husband is watching television samples internet dating ad.
This is our "ten girls on statistics of nine children," and in the United States and Canada did not have the two world wars and political upheavals, mowing quality male population, and statistics out there is just the opposite. Plus the reluctance of young women early marriage - and we have the exact same deficiency of love for the ocean. And the desire to prove one's love affair.
Have you ever wondered how marriage agencies in every major city in the former USSR? Many of them honestly offer services to find partners abroad, many are engaged in outright fraud. How it works?
The Agency shall register a girl on a dating site, it provides an interpreter if she does not speak English. Ideally, a woman regularly comes to the agency selects interesting profiles of men and tying her correspondence. In order to avoid fraud on our part to sites requesting copies of documents proving the identity, and are checking for the presence of men in the database of people who have committed sexual crimes in their country samples internet dating ad.
It is "ideally" because on our part and in many foreign sites, we have a lot of articles about Internet scams. How to protect yourself? Here I give you a few simple tips to girls:
Having decided to create an international marriage agency, look at what they plan to dating sites you register. Carefully read the rules of these sites.
If you are asked to make a candid photoshoot looking for another marriage agency.
Look, it looks like a room for video chats (Internet conferencing): there should be no excesses or objects "with a hint of sensuality."
Try to learn more about the man on the stage of correspondence.
In no event for the first time not to meet with a man alone, take an interpreter to the meeting, an additional guarantee of your safety. In addition, the translator can ask the man questions that you ask the most uncomfortable playing the role of matchmaker samples internet dating ad.
Do not give a man your contact information until you see it in person and not be sure of his desire to communicate with him without intermediaries.
Appreciate your time and personal space, a candidate grooms able to take an apartment or hotel room, allow people to understand that sex is not included in the compulsory program of your acquaintance.
If possible, learn the culture and language of the country of his men to go abroad to such an exciting adventure as a family life does not turn into an adventure on the fifth point.
And be happy! samples internet dating ad.

To attract attention - it means to be the center of attention of those around you. But the main thing - do it right, and the bounds of decency. Consider some ways a couple of them, I think you definitely will do vermont internet dating.
1. Allow yourself to see
The main thing - not to hide and not be afraid of facing you attention. Let others see your behavior, interests, style, etc. You just have to be yourself, do not hesitate and in any case not be squeezed, because it is clamped at least people are paying attention.
2. Humor and freedom
This is one of the oldest and most effective ways to have a dialogue of strangers. Allow yourself to joke and to be freer in their behavior. This method is much better than if in a conversation with someone you "Miss or Mr. seriousness," because nothing is in conversation with another person just smile, especially if the person you care about. Even a simple and ordinary joke on your part can very easily turn a conversation with this person in your party.
3. Random gift
If you decide to meet with a girl, buy, for example, flowers, and if a man - a nice ballpoint pen. Walking along the street and noticing your desired person just walk up and say, "This is for you vermont internet dating."
In many cases, this method works correctly and reliably. Since the first moment a person simply has no time to lose and nothing to understand - this time is necessary to tie a conversation with him. And on a nice little gift no one will refuse. Thus the person who receives such a gift, will feel properly. And most importantly - do not be shy, be confident and act boldly. After all, to achieve something (as in your case - someone) is sometimes required to take the risk, but here your risk does not carry any losses.
4. intrigued and arouse curiosity
It is clear that most of us are looking for a guaranteed approach to success. Usually, this guys or girls who have no experience in street acquaintances. For example, you can start the conversation by asking:
- Let me ask you an unusual question. You do dance?
Apparently, the phrase "extraordinary question" certainly arouses curiosity and the use of "fuzzy", vermont internet dating a little-understood words encouraged at finding their own interpretations. Agree, even if you will approach nice young man or a beautiful woman, and what will ask, especially about the unusual, it is unlikely you will be able to ignore the question or respond to something pretty drastic.
5. The unexpected action or unusual action in everyday situations
The fact that you went to a stranger on the street, in and of itself can be attributed to the extraordinary behavior as very few can boast the skills in this art. And your unusual behavior can completely turn your attention to yourself. All utterly simple, you just need to go to the right person to you, as he did from you did not expect.
6. Raffle role
You pretends to be someone who is not even. For example, a doctor, a journalist, archaeologist, designer, poet, traveler, and so on, that is, for a person engaged in those things that are very interesting. These things, first of all, include: interpersonal relations, spiritual and mysterious passion, adventure, fashion and the arts.
Just before you come to a man, think about any of this category of people you would like to become, and then ask a question that is associated with this profession. Of course, we should not ask too abstruse questions, ask simple - for example, it may be associated with dizaynerstvom: "Hello, I am a designer and is now working on a new suit vermont internet dating. Do not tell whether the color of the buttons to select the blue jacket? "
On hearing this question, people usually begin to speculate on the subject, and you can gradually rotate the conversation to his side. Agree on what we are not talking just for the sake of love and warm relationship!
7. Satisfy sense of uniqueness and uniqueness
This method consists of compliments. Start your acquaintance with the compliments. It's very effective, if not banal. It may be admirable skin, neck, hands, clothes, watches, etc. The main thing - do not be afraid, there's nothing complicated, you are required to a minimum - your attention and observation. No one will refuse to hear a compliment to your address, so be bold.
8. Pretend that you are already familiar with, or the rule of three seconds
There is a rule that if you approach the man for three seconds after you see it, chances are that your start up a conversation, increases in half. The rule is based on the fact that people do not have time to analyze what is happening, do not have time to think, and therefore easier to "lead the". The main thing is not to get lost himself during those three seconds, and everything will be in your hands.
9. take care
Indulgent care, nobility - these are the things that will impress any person. The only pity is that the chance to commit such an act falls infrequently. But just take care to show you just about anywhere and in any situation, for this you just have to pay a bit of attention, vermont internet dating interesting for you man.
10. "guess" a fact of life
This method is designed for your observation. When looking at a stranger, you can make any conclusion about his lifestyle, the utterance of your guesses loud can be very interested in it, and your conversation start up by itself. For example, seeing a man with a book, you might ask: "I see you like to read?"
Even if this person just has to pass on this book, or buy it as a gift, then to your question, he will respond accurately, especially if you keep your question with the phrase "I love to read," or something like that.
Each of us has ever noticed that sometimes going up to the man and began a conversation with him, we are quietly to themselves begin to act completely as planned, and as a result we get a positive result, which exceeded all our expectations.
Remember - the main thing is not to get lost and be yourself. Choose any of these methods and you are guaranteed success! vermont internet dating.

Sociologists and psychologists have noted the paradoxical trend in modern society. A person confined to a circle of their own problems and interests, feels lonely. It was hard to find and even harder to make acquaintance with the man trusted and worthy. Previously, it was much easier watch katt williams internet dating ...
"Girl, let's get acquainted. What's your name? "Is so familiar and our parents did not consider it bad form. This phrase sounded in the street, on the dance floor, in public transport. Today this question is considered to be tactless, and casual acquaintance on the street can hope only hopeless romantics.
Who among single women or men would not want to find your other half?
Religious phrase "the world can I get around to find someone" - evidence of that. Or maybe it is not necessary to bypass the whole world, and just look around a little more closely. Maybe that someone, who is now called a partner for a serious relationship, and also looking for a long time, too, but to no avail watch katt williams internet dating.
1. Thus, the first option: the Internet. You wonder how people trust the Internet. Windows zashtorivayut tightly, put armored doors, bars on the windows - iron. A look at the "Classmates": door open, you want - go into the bedroom, you want - in the living room. All at a glance, and all as the spirit. Where who rested with whom betrothed, who is with whom sold. Pictures - from all angles.
Internet - a thing, of course, is not bad, it helps to create the illusion of communication, and not just an illusion. By registering on dating sites, forums and chat rooms, people often find like-minded people, and sometimes partners. But here we must be very cautious and prepared for this eventuality, as a disappointment in a virtual partner. Moment materialization dating - first date, may be the last, since the appearance does not match the prevailing way in your mind. This moment is the key to the future relations of partners.
To avoid deep disappointment in online dating, you have to be ready and potentially to its illusory nature. Partner can be invented, and not a real person. Someone created a virtual image and communicates on its behalf, involving more partner in this game. If you feel that you get used to and fond of such communication, try to clarify the situation as quickly as possible. A real partner would not hide or hide behind a fictitious way. If you are still lucky and you meet a real partner - practice shows that the chances of success are very convincing. Internet dating, had survived the phase of materialization, have a chance to live watch katt williams internet dating.
2. The second option: a hobby. You meet a partner, where spend your leisure time: a dance club, library, gym, bowling, a fan club, a society of photographers, stamp collectors, in the tourist center and swimming pool. But for this you should have a hobby. If there is a hobby - this is not an option. Or develop a hobby or give up options.
3. The third option: work. Look for a bachelor. Often, colleagues do not see a potential partner, as an elementary habit of seeing a person in the workplace does not give space fantasy. Push your imagination, and maybe this is it? Corporate parties, picnics, festivals - to help you!
4. Option four: leisure. A trip to the sea, in a holiday home in the overseas tour. In the air a romantic mood, it is felt. Breathe deeply. Acquainted here it is easy because each subconsciously ready for this, clips removed, the spirit of freedom is intoxicating. However, after the break up casual dating as easy as familiar (although there are exceptions). It all depends on the task. If people come to have fun, it is very difficult to rebuild it on a serious way, although it is possible. The main thing - to aim and choose the right tactics. The most reliable way - to surround the romantic relationship and the things for which there is a shortage at the partner in everyday life: the care, attention, varied sex, gastronomic delights, humor, talk about all sorts of different, common interests watch katt williams internet dating.
5. Option Five: social activities. You - a member of the public organization - parties, SPCA, consumer protection, the youth movement. It also has to do with this.
6. Option Six: You introduce close relatives or friends. A very good option, at least, his (future partner) who knows something, somebody has talked with him, seen him in different situations. This is not a "pig in a poke", but something more serious. Worth a try, the percentage of successful outcome is quite high, thanks to the internal readiness of potential partners for future relations.
Of course, dating options there is great variety. Discovering it is not forbidden to anyone at any time and in any place. But for those who are willing to see in the upcoming acquaintance application for a serious relationship possibly fit these options? watch katt williams internet dating.

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