Men turn into endangered species
Today, a hard-working, active, emotional, independent of alcohol and drugs for male age from 20 to 60 years account for not less than 150 worthy women. Find a man hard, adult dating personals not only in Kiev. The same situation is observed in Belarus and Russia. This information was made public by demographers in 1999, and since then, this question was not raised. Probably not to sow panic. It appears damaged nerves and "broken heart" according to "Polevikov" (scientists working with the energy space at the level of torsion fields and other more subtle plane) can be avoided. It is enough to "see" into the plane of the energy interactions of men and women within the family and society.
Women on average are different from men more stamina, but less stable because of their emotionality. On this basis, scientists have made a fundamental conclusion: the energetic and "fly" the young lady necessarily need a "stabilizer earth," ie, man. And the need "for desperately!" It is so special because of the fair sex "marriage really unbearable," and they seek to find a man. Famous Russian singer Alain Sviridov in an interview talked about it this way: "I do not need a husband for financial security, I do not need a man to help open up creatively, I need a man for emotional stability. "
But what about the things men? In a self-sufficient, in the terminology of Vyacheslav Gubanov (rector of the International Institute of Social Ecology), the energy surplus men is such a pronounced desire not. Legitimate relations c woman, he may postpone for a long time adult dating personals.
Casino, which is known to many users called Eurogrand download from the official site And here at the lack of energy (with a small margin of vitality) have. Such a man as his wife gets the "nurse-mother" who generously shared with him everything that she has at the level of their own power, and a man, her darling, stabilizes. And everything is good, but! It turns out, the grounds of such a marriage are changed every 5 years, ie comes a kind of inventory, resulting in a potential marriage may be declared closed.
But the children in the "field" level can not strengthen marriage, but rather undermine. When the "mother" energy becomes a real mom and feeds in the literal and figurative sense of their own child in the first place, the husband - takes a back seat!
Distracting on children, it is interesting to note that the child chooses as a sexual partner, mainly energetic "portrait" of the parent of the opposite sex.
Yet another "rake", which comes a couple, lie, oddly enough, in the plane of the joys, surprises, and so on. What we all expect from a full-fledged family. Question: "Where the partner to know what will make you happy (wave)?" It turns out to establish a long-term relationship you need to know yourself and to acquaint themselves with their partner. In the enrichment of feelings, emotions, abilities and is, in principle, are similar for women and men.
Returning to a healthy relationship, and we're talking about it, the next "delicate" moment, clearly visible on the "field" level, it is sex. No description of the ways to meet partners beyond this material adult dating personals.
Just there is one interesting nuance concerning women's aspirations, "including the head" (ie, left, male hemisphere) at the wrong time. "Does he love me? How to make it more pleasant?" - These and other issues forced a woman distracted from bodily sensations and to think. The man begins to tighten. After all, at the field level with him is suddenly "the man" - ie, Activate "male" brain! Interest disappears. And yet (unless, of course, not a complete egotist partner) received (even if the first one) the maximum pleasure with a partner, a woman ignites it even more. Satisfied with everything!
The case brings home the paycheck - is also very interesting point! That brought the man centimeter "green" ($ 10,000) or less - no matter, and wants to respond emotions. A woman and he says - put, where the money is, on the shelf, and went on with his girlfriend on the phone to talk. As a consequence - the male emotional hunger. So tempted to throw his dirty socks in the middle of the living room, the ashes in the flower coward or even with friends "beer" to leave. But all cases and it was - 2 minutes sighting rejoice.
All these details can not pay attention, and in fear of being alone again and again to enter into communication with the people, in which either your true needs are constantly ignored, or you spit on the rest. And then, adult dating personals as they say, it will be given to each according to his faith. But it is better to believe that the holy place is never empty. But this place, ie your heart (or, if you like, a field) should really be holy to the temptation not to care. adult dating personals.

As they do in the UK
In Britain, the Christmas sex very seriously. On Christmas Eve, adult dating personals no registration condom manufacturers are beginning to distribute its products heavily in the streets; appear in youth publications celebrities ready to discuss openly with young readers the consequences of unprotected sex; TV stations regularly give out hot line numbers, where experts around the clock talk about how to protect and pharmacies that sell funds SOS-birth on Christmas night.
The greatest activity at the end of the year shows the British Office of Health Education. Before the holiday is through the media urges young people to stock up on condoms and not to abuse alcohol otumanivayuschim mind. And in some London pubs before Christmas coasters appear prepared by the Office (paper coasters under beer glasses and mugs) with the inscription: "Whatever you took up coming out of the pub, do not play with their health."
All this frantic activity triggered a study that showed that three-quarters of British teenagers Christmas drunk to unconsciousness, and one in ten of the sucking does not even remember whether he had sex that night or just dream. Every fifth Briton aged 16 to 24 years old at least once in his life had sex on Christmas night, and after bitterly regretted it adult dating personals no registration. But in general, 40% of all study participants recognize their weakness for casual sex that occurs after three or four pints of good English beer. Culture Minister Tessa Jowell UK the main culprits of the corporate stand at the Christmas party considers men. According to her, they are relaxed and not quite adequate condition of women. On Christmas Eve, she advises the fair sex caution - do not lean on corporate liquor, and small tops and leave for parties with friends. adult dating personals no registration.

10 commandments for not wanting to grow old
Everyone sooner or later asks - how to keep youth? The answer to this question has found an international group of doctors, adult dating personals online psychologists and nutritionists. They developed the "ten commandments" - youth recipes that make up the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, following which we will be able to extend and make more enjoyable our earthly existence.
1st commandment: Do not overeat! Instead of the usual 2,500 calorie content with 1.500. Thus you arrange unloading their cells and support their activity. Cells were quickly updated, and the body becomes less susceptible to disease.
2nd Commandment: the menu should match your age. In 30-year-old female first wrinkles appear later if they will regularly eat liver and nuts. People over forty years of useful beta-carotene. After 50 years in the form of calcium keeps bones, and magnesium - heart. Men older than forty is required selenium contained in the cheese and kidneys. Selenium helps discharged stress. After fifty, eating fish, we will protect the heart and blood vessels.
3rd commandment: work is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Try to find a suitable job for themselves. Some professions, according to sociologists, helps to preserve youthfulness. These include the profession of conductor, philosopher, artist and priest.
4th Commandment: find a mate . Love and tenderness are the best remedy against aging. When a man in love, his body produces the hormone endorphin, which is also called hormone of happiness. It strengthens the immune system adult dating personals online.
5th commandment: Have all their own point of view. Consciously living person much less depressed and sometimes depressed than those who passively drifting.
6th commandment: move. Even eight minutes of physical exercise or sports daily prolong life. During the movement of released growth hormones, especially production of which is reduced after thirty years.
7th Commandment: Sleep in a cool room. We prove: who sleeps at 17-18 degrees for longer stays young. The reason is that the body's metabolism and the manifestation of age characteristics also depend on the ambient temperature.
8th commandment: from time to time indulge himself. Sometimes, despite all the recommendations relatively healthy lifestyle allow yourself a tasty morsel.
Delicate handle chicks pleasuring trunk man. His excited pepper to pleasure takes everything. Free porn without registration is available. Young cool guy fulfills assessment. Its large trunk copes with wet schelochkoy experienced whores. 9th commandment: do not always suppress the anger in yourself. Someone who constantly reproaches himself, rather than to tell that his upset, adult dating personals online and sometimes even to argue, to exchange opinions with others, is more susceptible to any diseases, including malignant tumors.
The 10th Commandment: train your brain. From time to time crossword puzzles, play group games that require mental activity, learn foreign languages. Think of the mind, not just a calculator. adult dating personals online.

68% of Russians are against the 5 myths justifying adultery
Adultery is booming around the world, despite the fact that the various surveys show that most people have a negative attitude to it adult dating profile site.
Independent Romir research center conducted another poll by the All-Russian representative sample. The survey was conducted among 1,500 respondents in 94 settlements of Russia (160 points of the survey, 40 subjects of the Federation). In the study, the Russians were asked justified if they believed in the betrayal of the marriage.
As shown by the survey data, 47.6% of respondents believe that cheating in marriage is never justified. 20.8% of respondents believe that in most cases, cheating in marriage is not justified. In most cases, justified infidelity in marriage is only 5.1% of respondents.
Those who think infidelity is always justified, virtually none. Difficult to answer 3.5% of respondents. Other Russians believe that in some cases cheating justified in some - no.
Kerby Anderson, author of several books on the psychology of marriage and the chief editor of "Marriage, Family and Sexuality" (Marriage, Family and Sexuality) believes that the issue of adultery overgrown with myths, reports Washington ProFile
The first myth. "Treason - it's always sex"
In fact, many studies show that adultery is not always aim at sex adult dating profile site. Very often, men and women see these links to find a way to what they often lack legally married - for example, understanding, admiration, care. Even if the lovers enter into a sexual relationship, three times more likely not attract their sexual pleasure as such, and the desire to achieve as close to her lover (lover).
The second myth. "The tendency to change - a character trait"
Previously, society also concerned about alcoholism, considering it a sign of weakness of character. Later it turned out that it is not. There are numerous studies showing that if the parents changed the family to each other, the same way later go and their children.
The third myth. "Treason treats"
Many studies have emphasized the idea that the love affair on the side allow the spouses to get what they do not have legally married (to buy a good lover (mistress), painless to survive the crisis of middle age, etc.). Excellent gaming club Million . Exciting and perfectly beplatno. However, it is a dangerous delusion.
Communication on the side can not only lead to an increase in the quantity and improve the quality of sexual intercourse, but also to the acquisition of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Treason can not only make marriage more interesting, but also to destroy it. According to sociologist Frank Pittman, treason in 65% of cases leads to divorce.
Myth Four. "Treason harmless"
Adultery in pink describes very many movies that have become classics of world cinema. Alas, in the family betrayal destroys mutual trust and respect for the spouses. Advertisement site TOP1 It destroys families and destroys career adult dating profile site (can remember US President Bill Clinton, who had almost lost his position as a result of communication with the White House intern).
The fifth myth. "She (he) never learn nothing"
Only 35% change does not lead to divorce. According to many American psychologists, nothing can so quickly and painfully destroy the family, as a betrayal. adult dating profile site.

How to change and not get caught
Regardless of whether you love most or all, it is still ever happen. Changes everything and everyone - whether you like it or not.
Once someone does it in an intelligent (ie, without causing serious bodily and mental injuries to his blagovernomu), adult dating profile sites and someone - crudely and violently (the fate of the past, read the crime news reports).
If you have not yet matured a strong desire to finally disperse the selected object, but at the same time you want a little (or a lot) to have fun on the side, we will teach you how to edit, ie modify, and not to fall. This will require much less effort and expense than divorce proceedings and the course of physical and psychological rehabilitation hospital.
So, 9 of the rules of clever cheating:
1. Fewer parts and details. They are most often "burn". If yesterday you said that Ivan Ivanovich's wife gave birth to his third daughter (actually, on this occasion you have him as in pig and drank), and today lamented the fact that each your heart chose Ivan Ivanovich his wife barren snag, and not a woman - suspected inevitable. It is not necessary to include the full extent of all available imagination, to the last detail painting the designs on shirts alien, brand machines and perfume, breast size, and other non-essential stuff. If you think that this picture will be composed more believable, you're much mistaken. Legitimate half should receive from you only the most relevant information.
2. More kisses and sex. "If the rhythm of your sexual life does not change, so all around, and the old way" - so think all the "half." Psychology ostrich, but it works perfectly. Do not forget to kiss your most Blessed, because every normal person knows: if you stop kissing, so kiss or the other, or have stopped loving. Who are they, the pious, taught by unknown (maybe in kindergarten special course?), But both options you absolutely do not fit. Moreover, unmet human remains more time for surveillance and torture.
Do you need it? Here and take it useful, and most importantly - fun experience. Repetition - the mother of learning: lover (ya) for the improvement of the technique you just say thank you. And anyway, if you do this betrayal - meaningless affair, it is better not to forget the sex with his (her) lawful (oops). Not far off times, a family of monogamy. However, adult dating profile sites do not let the bad news.
3. Less jealousy. The saying "On the thief and the cap off" in action. For no apparent reason began to suspect his innocence half can only be one who is suddenly guilty. And half of it is well aware. You would think that such a straightforward way you show your interest in the common future, and in fact once again pushes the person to unnecessary doubts and reflections to your account. Do not make the banal scenes of jealousy, do not play the Moor graduate, and all the forces to keep the peace and comfort in the house.
Most of the deceived husband insisted that the most wonderful moments of family life were just the ones where their legitimate half "go left" (zaglazhivaya guilt, gave expensive gifts, surrounded by care and attention and so forth.). However, making such bold statements only the most courageous and wise cuckolds (and several years after the fact of treason). One can only hope that your one of them.
4. Under the new things and habits. If you suddenly Lead unthinkable mod, will buy pants, socks, handkerchiefs of "Gucci" and "Prada" (whereas previously only supported domestic producers in the face of the factory "Bolshevik"), to capture the imagination of a new passion, your old (in sense - previously acquired), half suspicious. If you just can not resist buying trendy means of seduction, keep them from friends or at work. Be vigilant and do not "bring" in the new house podtseplennyh (th) friend (th) catchphrases, sayings and figures of speech.
Do not change dramatically tastes in food, music and the question of leisure. Do not offer to trade places in the marital bed, once tried with her lover (-tsey) stenochki sleep in and not on the edge, like a spouse (th). It is all too evident.
If you have finally decided to adopt the new object passion habit of walking on the strip instead of football (or vice versa), accustomed to this house slowly and delicately. A better go there with a new passion (cavalry). Or, in splendid isolation. So it will be much safer. And God forbid you move to the bed stenochke! Even the most hardened libertines must be at least something sacred.
5. heavy workload at work. Let all your colleagues are suddenly ill, die or go on indefinite leave. And you, the hope and support of the authorities, have to plow his own for ten and raise the country's economy. Backed up his words real feverish activity: calling home from work at 12 at night and complain that this fucking report is not ready yet, forlornly ask you to wrap up with a sandwich and put it in a thermos with tea bag. A mistress (Spoken) better, "write out" right in the office adult dating profile sites.
6. Less common friends. More precisely, in half of your new passion and they should not be at all. No single point of contact. If the wife (-muzh) works in the trade, the mistress (Spoken) looking in theatrical high schools or seminars organization "Greenpeace". To them, God forbid, somewhere not met and began to share the details of his personal life (this story is found in each of the 3rd low-budget movie and every 5th divorce proceedings). True friends and comrades should also be in the know. If you absolutely need to boast victories won erotic better dig a hole in the ground and to shout loudly and eloquently about all achievements. It seems a little - even dig.
It is important that no living soul knew about your heroism. It is better to remain silent than to for confidentiality reasons to turn to the dead souls of the living. Although the story is not uncommon in film and in life.
7. More positive examples. Let your only legal union surround loving couple who at the sight of the statistics of divorce lose consciousness and fall into a deep and prolonged depression. Create around the husband (wife) wonderful illusion that such a terrible (terrible, irreparable, fatal, lethal) thing as infidelity, there are parallel to your world. Three times in parallel. The less sad examples will be around, the calmer you sleep - a husband (wife) at home, and you're in someone else's arms.
8. Less tracks. Scientific and technical progress has stepped too far. Mobile phones, SMS, e-mails and other advanced communication deprive you of hope for some of their own intimacy intimate meetings. You have to be alert all the time, "delete" love messages, delete emails in the electronic box and the "extra" cell phone numbers from the phone memory. From your choice and your bizneszadach, promote your software. In no case do not let to use any of these means of communication in their half of (the foresight to buy her a phone, pager, e-mail, please register drawer). Cover their tracks even before they were discovered. Do not regret forces on secrecy, adult dating profile sites or at parting you also nobody even thinks to spare.
9. More ingenuity and material evidence. If you say the law (th) that are coming on a business dinner, be sure to at least take with a folder with documents and a box of matches from the restaurant, where you supposedly sat. If you go to friends, it is best to come drunk - it will cause less suspicion and in this state you simply nobody will talk. Remember, the most grandiose of treason have been disclosed in the most insignificant details. adult dating profile sites.

Blonde as the ideal lover
To tell the truth, to judge the temperament and character of the mistress of hair color is simply ridiculous. But, despite this, adult dating russian girls abroad like to spend many surveys to determine (yet again) how women prefer men.
Judging by the latest ranking of the men's magazine, blond women have always had the uppermost charts nationwide darling. Another survey was conducted by cosmetics company Garnier.
The results showed that the majority of men are not indifferent to zlotovlaskam and prefer to start it yourself blond girlfriends and mistresses. To the question: "Who would you have made a marriage proposal?" The men said in unison - the blonde!
In second place were the red-haired beauty. Fascinated by the beauty of Nicole Kidman and Susan Sarandon, respondents admitted that the red-haired woman - temperamental and true!
According to the survey 37% of women choose brunettes, 29% - dark-haired, 16% - blondes, 2% - red adult dating russian girls.
Among the gentlemen who prefer blondes, There is a stereotypical view of the nature of feminine beauty. Imposed once the image of the "real sex-bomb" is primarily associated with all manner comely blonde. 26% of men think blondes ideal lovers , 22% of the votes given to the red-haired divas, 13% - brunettes, 6% of women voted for the light-brown hair.
Psychologist from Portsmouth University study commented as follows: "Despite the fact that the tastes of men in recent years have not changed, brunettes have more chances of getting married. Dark hair in men is associated primarily with the stability and peaceful family life! "
Personally, I think that no matter the hair color, the main thing - that was a good man ... adult dating russian girls.

- Probably, many women have heard this phrase from the lips of an angry husband or boyfriend.
It turns out that this statement is under a very serious basis. A researcher from New York, adult dating russian women Kevin McGraw studied several thousand declarations about the acquaintances and made some very interesting conclusions.
The first is not always the "bad boys" come to the finish line first. We pretty, timid and not too uppity men have chances to find your soul mate. However, they will have to look a little longer.
Secondly, women from big cities mainly focus on the financial position of men. In other words - they are attracted by the thickness of the wallet. Naive or, on the contrary, the wise inhabitant of small towns are still looking for love and understanding (that they are "illiterate villagers," townswomen worth considering).
Appearance? Unfortunately, it is important ... Regardless of where they live woman. But those ladies who choose a partner based solely on external data are usually great fib about their own appearance, using phrases like "spectacular buxom blonde ..."
In general, it is not necessary especially upset, even if your height is classified as "meter jump," "Finance sing ballads," you do not have a voice or a poetic gift Pavarottti AS Pushkin. Because genius and moneybags some women also do not attract ...
Blonde under the crown, brunette - in bed!
German scientist Hans Jurgens said that men prefer to flirt and flirt only with brunettes, adult dating russian women blondes ugotovlena role as mistress of the hearth.
According to the professor, associate blond men with marriage ... and detergents, and dark-haired woman - with sex. To confirm their theory, the researcher placed a newspaper ad two in category "Dating". The only difference was the color of the hair of women who decided to search for a partner for creating a family through the newspaper. Thus Professor Jurgens found that men prefer brunettes are not configured for a serious relationship.
"Almost all campaigns related to advertising detergents, choose blond models. Brunettes, on the contrary, used to advertise chocolate products and alcohol, as well as - sexy underwear", - said the professor.
Advertisers should change its attitude towards hair color models, advertising products, according to Jurgens, develops differently in men the wrong idea about the dark-haired woman adult dating russian women.

Do all husbands are changing?
About such a question was recently asked American psychologists several hundred couples. Total participated in the survey of 300 men and, accordingly, the same women.
On the question of "whether to change his wife at least once?" 58% answered yes men adult russian dating. However, the organizers of the survey believe that this figure is significantly understated because even if anonymous survey, not all men want to admit infidelity. In their view, the real figure should be at least 70%.
At the same time, of all the respondents, only 2% think that their wives know about this change, 7% believe that their second half can only guess, and the remaining 91% are confident that the spouses do not have to do not even know.
Similar questions were asked and women. The results were very interesting: 5% of the respondents know exactly about the infidelity of husbands and 19% - and guess the remaining 76% are absolutely convinced that their husbands do not change.
Now compare these figures with the answers of men and draw conclusions. adult russian dating.

There are women who do not change their husbands, but there is one that ..
If a person gets married all that he needed, he left no will, according to experts, sex therapists. Often, they get it? According to researchers, about 60% of men cheated on his wife, among Muscovites, adult russian dating services this figure reached 76%. At the same time enter into extramarital relationships, only 40% of women, besides most of them only once. And it is not because men are "immoral" women. Just the men share a love and sex, and for women who are not spoiled by society, sex without love is not possible.
Husbands have mistresses, for various reasons. In the first place there are some subconscious impulses. (He met a woman who fits his current inner subconscious needs.) For women, perhaps the only reason that she can change her husband, is love. But! There are women who have never changed their husbands, but there is one that would be changed only once. If cheating is repeated, it means that a woman is deeply unhappy in marriage and unconsciously looking for someone, not for short-term "joy" and, paradoxically it sounds, for the future life together.
It is believed that male infidelity does not happen without the help of their wives. One can say that the husband shot, but his wife reload the gun, according to doctors. Asserting itself in the space of family life, giving birth to children and arranging life, his wife often and tries to be sensitive, gentle, attentive and care of the person of her husband, because she has a "document" in the possession of the husband, he will not get anywhere, and the law "I obliged to love." And man seeks to fill this void by another woman. After all, men are very vulnerable and vulnerable. They need to constantly receive confirmation of their exclusivity adult russian dating services.
Vaginal orgasm, or clitoral orgasm - not so important, the main thing that a psychologist can help you start to feel it with your partner. In addition, many wives do not know how, and do not try to learn how to be artistic and liberated in bed, have one sexual partner for her husband that he needed. In these cases, betrayal - not the cause but rather a consequence of discord in family life. There are, of course, and as a result of infidelity just coincidences, when sexual attraction casual partner or a partner at the time of eclipse constant feeling of moral and overcome obstacles. And with men and especially women can happen that a flirtation suddenly turn into a deep sense, since sexual experience with a new partner may be so strong that it drowns out the voice of reason.
Some men in general tend to have many extramarital affairs, without stopping for a long time with anyone. Most often, so they are trying to assert themselves.
One of the most difficult issues - for many an unresolved - how to react to the infidelity of a spouse?
The difference between men and women to change (in terms of the prospects for the continuation of the marriage) is the same as between a pimple on the cheek and sarcomas of the lung. A woman can forgive her the main thing that he said, "Dear, yes, it was, but I still love only you!" The man, these words do not facilitate flour because subconsciously he knows that it is - true.
The most common reaction - reproof outcry. Regular scenes and reproaches guilty cut way back. In this case, cheating husband can seek solace at the mistress or wife - her lover. If the spouses can not deal with the situation themselves, adult russian dating services they need to visit a psychologist, to seek help from a specialist.
But, as experience shows, after the "Open" betrayal, broken dishes called "happy marriage" can be glued, you can put it in the cupboard. But for its intended purpose it is not use NEVER! So honest and better disperse. adult russian dating services.

Observations on how to please a man
1. Look.
We must look to hold on to the man so that he could feel it. And then look away in the direction before the man time to intercept your opinion. After some time, it can be repeated. And if you like a man, then add a smile, russian dating adult sex always interested. Closer appraising glance is not always suitable for flirting.
2. Smile.
If you want to please a man, do not be a grim expression on his face. Aloofness is not like the men. Therefore, the smile is absolutely necessary. To start flirting fit a small smile. If all that you have in mind goes well, you can smile in more.
3. Voice.
It should be soft, gentle and charming. It is better to speak in quiet tones, men do not like rising tone.
4. Touches.
If you are already talking to each other, you can "accidentally" touch him, just for a split second. And if you smoke, touch it at the moment when he podneset you lighter.
5. Dance.
If the man that you like, you are invited to dance, be sure to use it. Look into his eyes while dancing with him, try easy and intriguing touch him.
6. Communication.
Even if the introduction has already taken place, you do not relax. After all, your goal is not just to meet, but like the man. Well think over your every word. The main thing when talking - be the ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor. Men really appreciate it in a woman. However, representatives of the stronger sex is not very willing to listen to the outpouring, so speak briefly and to the point. Do not skimp on compliments , but not overdone. You do not need much flatter frankly, it is unlikely they will like.
Men do not like it when a woman:
Too loud talking.
Flirting with several men.
Obviously complex.
Actively demonstrates that it touchy.
To shoulder all the initiative in a conversation at the man.
It requires that a man constantly admired her appearance russian dating adult sex.
Interested only purse of his friend.
Immediately he begins to behave as an official bride.
Seeks everywhere and the next to be with his friend.
It shows that it is intelligent.
Men like a woman:
Flirting, but skillfully.
To the best initiative.
He knows how to dress tastefully.
Interested in the work of her husband.
He knows how to cook. russian dating adult sex.

Man and woman. The secret is in the blood group
American scientists were able to explain the link between blood groups of sexual partners and their physical compatibility dating adult photos russian. Here's what came of it.
Man and woman about (I) blood group
They need constant physical contact to be happy. Usually they are absolutely harmonious sexual life.
Man On (I) blood types and woman A (II) blood group
Very suitable pair for sex. He is active, it passive. Affection and persuasion he can bring it to different levels of sexual activity, the main thing - not to act hastily.
Man On (I) blood types and woman B (III) blood group
He is very active, it passive, but that's exactly what they like. They can enjoy sex everywhere and at any time.
Man On (I) blood types and woman AB (IV) blood group
Its behavior is defining in relations this pair. If he is patient, guaranteed tender and harmonious sex life. If he is demanding and selfish, sexual life is fraught with strife.
Man A (II) blood types and woman about (I) blood group
They will spend more time in bed than anyone else: sex is necessary for both. It is important to remember that this pair is especially necessary intimate foreplay.
A man and woman A (II) blood group
Of all the possible combinations it is the most suitable for a woman with a second group of blood. It is with this partner, she can experience the greatest pleasure: he understands it poluvzglyada dating adult photos russian.
Man A (II) blood types and woman B (III) blood groups
They spend more time talking about sex, what do they really are. A variety of sexual positions a little disappointing. Both timid and sensual enough to each other. A pity - they could experience great pleasure.
Man A (II) blood types and woman B (III) blood group
In this pair at the beginning of their sex life will not play the first role. The man in this pair looking for a deep emotional connection with your partner. Woman beautifully feels that sexuality this important part of their relationship. And if it can be persistent and patient, you will be truly rewarded. The partner will wake up the delicate and attentive lover .
Man A (II) blood types and woman AB (IV) blood group
Complete failure. In this pair is likely to be no sexual life. They refer to each other as brother and sister. Oral sex is not negotiable, and the traditional variant always one and the same. However, they do and they are very rare.
Man In (III) blood types and woman about (I) blood group
They love to teach each other new techniques of sex. It is a leader in their relationship, but his sexual talents can not remain unappreciated.
Man In (III) blood types and woman A (II) blood group
She likes when they are engaged in non-traditional sex. Moreover, in this pair are equally active partners that gives them a special range of sensations.
Men and women (III) blood group
Their sex and satisfaction from it mediocre. Partners must improve its sexual technician.
Man In (III) blood types and woman AB (IV) blood group
Temperamental steam. They gambling experimenters and able to try a huge number of variations in sex. The greatest degree of sexual compatibility - when a man younger.
Man AB (IV) blood types and woman about (I) blood group
Sex unites them. They will become a happy couple, but only if the man will be able to adapt to the temperament and needs of the partner.
Man AB (IV) blood types and woman A (II) blood group
He is a passionate partner, so they have sex often enough. But their relationship is hopeless if it is not present at least a small part of the senses.
See here man AB (IV) blood types and woman B (III) blood group
They have sex less often than other couples. However, dating adult photos russian fully satisfied with each other. Maybe because they do not know the stiffness and lack of respect for the partner.
Man and woman AB (IV) blood group
Possibilities this pair endless. They are one of those who can achieve a perfect harmony or be in their allegiances complete opposites. But if both creative approach to sex, should be no problem. dating adult photos russian.

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