How to become a "femme fatale"?
Many women dream of becoming "fatal" and won the hearts of men, twirl them like a toy. But how?
The answer to this question can only be the woman whose "fatal" to be given at birth adult dating free online. Others become so only in her imagination, not knowing that all can learn in real life. After all, as one classic, "femme fatale - it's a profession." A profession can and should learn.
Femme fatale - is a very interesting psychological type. What kind of a woman known as "rock"? What is their secret?
First, let's just be clear: "beautiful" and "rock" - is a completely different concept.
Beauty - it's just beautiful. For example, a doll made of porcelain well. She's all like the picture: legs from the ears, lips, "bow" ... but somehow the man pass by it without pausing in her life, or even non-existent. Beautiful, but single women can meet at a party, and a cafe and a recreation area. They are nice to look at, but it somehow does not pull ...
A real "femmes fatales" men love over the years. Recall Lilya Brik, mistress of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Or a fatal Moore ruined Savva Morozov. Or the legendary dancer and spy Mata Hari ... They were not beautiful, but men were on them crazy.
Be nice to mad men, not necessarily. The exterior of a woman can be the most mediocre, however, adult dating free online it is at her feet (not very far from slender!) - best man .
One of the secrets of "femme fatale" that they know one simple rule: do not completeness, not crooked legs and a big nose make us ugly! And our sense of insecurity that comes from awareness of their own "inferiority." It makes no sense to get angry at fate and offended by the whole world: it makes us closed, vulnerable, angry and resentful.
A woman with such qualities is unlikely to attract someone's attention, and even the most attractive appearance here does not play a role. This woman knows for sure: the shortcomings may like it as much dignity, and sometimes more. Advantages glorify us, belittling another involuntarily. And the shortcomings allow other good-naturedly laugh at them, raise others in their own eyes.
Another secret "femme fatale" is that it is up to the subtleties knows (or feels) man's psychology . When dealing with any man she uses (not always intentionally!) The same circuit consisting of only four steps. This is only a scheme, because of its content - especially individual and creative.
1. You are so unusual!
2. Why is no one but me, does not notice?
3. Do you want to help you get better?
4. And now look what I have extraordinary!
Very simple little scheme, but in all ages on any man she operated flawlessly adult dating free online. It is only necessary to competently and without falseness use it. "Femme fatale" is able.
"Femme fatale" have a great sense of humor. This is not such a trifle as it seems. For men, a sense of humor is an integral part of their psychological makeup. It helps them to "discharge." After all, as you know, their life consists of different units to achieve anything. Achieve, inspire, win, win ... and a sense of humor - a way to escape.
And not without reason, many men cite Ilf and Petrov, Mikhail Zadornov, Jerome K. Jerome, or new book of jokes!
Women who do not have a sense of humor tend to cause irritation in men. Too serious women remind them school teachers, mothers and other stringent fierce ladies in authority. The men laughed, as if turning into little boys, so, refusing to joke with them, the women close to them, forbidding them to do what they like.
Very often, serious woman alone. This is because they close themselves from the world of books or a pile of work on his thesis, which is often written over many years, to hide their main problem.
In addition, a woman who has a sense of humor, just do not be a fool. "Femme Fatale" is never stupid and superficial. It is a myth that men like charming little fools. They may from time to time "condescend" to the fools, but break due to their life and do not sleep at night - never!
Another property of "fatal women" - tact. None of them will never become used its attractiveness and sexuality to manipulate men.
Because precisely know: men hate empty sexual advances adult dating free online.
They instantly recognize it - and even if externally will show that they like such behavior, inside the woman they are not taken seriously. Smart women do all this more subtly.
Finally, smart women who have mastered the above secrets are "fatal" - that is, who know how to understand and accept the men as they are. adult dating free online.

How to find a husband and get married quickly. The real action.
Flowers and chocolates, looks that pierce the favorite as the arrows of Cupid adult dating free online personals - in our fast paced world of romance and sensuality have to adapt to the rules of the big city. If not because of functional considerations, at least from the biological: because when the clock approaching 30, then "it" is not a very long time. Urgent need to look for a man to marry his short time.
Quick marriage, same fast as the "first aid" is real, but if you build a strategy game according to the rules of business. Namely, brand, packaging, and marketing.
Just like washing powders, soft drinks or sneakers, 30-year-old woman seeking a husband should be able to present yourself (Bride) as the "best product" in a particular market, to promote themselves using surveys to study the tastes and inclinations of consumers ( Men), to build its image even as a commodity but as a logo, a brand.
You say that this is nonsense. Not at all: because it teaches Rachel Greenwald, a graduate of the famous Harvard Business School, which has already become in his best-selling book called "Find a husband after 35: using what I learned at Harvard Business school" ("search of her husband after 35: the use of What I learned at Harvard Business School "), which describes some of the fundamental steps needed to find a best mate.
In a world where a rapidly growing number of individuals in a country like the United States, where those who are not married, becoming a majority in a city like New York, where the TV series "Sex and the City," told the people more than surveys and case studies, the book Mrs. Greenwald was doomed to great success. Just as arranged by her workshops in which the presence of women listen attentively to the messages Greenwald to make the most of The Program, as the program itself Greenwald calls adult dating free online personals.
"Why are you still single?" - She asked bluntly, and without giving the audience time to think, she replied: "The question" why "is not important, what matters is that you're going to do. I have a reliable, provocative , active program, which I call The Program and that will help you to find a husband. "
Greenwald, rather than to brag that she was 11 years old and married with three children, he is focusing on what she had learned at Harvard, during his business career, as well as a mentor for unmarried women.
The book is useless to look for quotes of famous psychiatrists, sociologists and religious leaders, as well as sociological and philosophical analyzes about the past, about how much time was spent on a career, why it is always attracted to the wrong men, and so on. "My program - says Greenwald - this action."
So to start, it is important to define its purpose and to act in a coordinated manner, since the reel in different directions does not lead to good results. All actions should be part of a clear and systematic strategic program.
"This is the basis", - says Greenwald and cites as justification of the orchestra, which can play all the instruments, but until the conductor starts to manage the music will not turn. After reading this book, she writes, you will learn to promote yourself as a brand , to communicate more with men and much more. Let's consider some of the steps of its program. In step refers to "marketing": it is necessary to maximize the opportunities for meeting men .
Instead of getting the paper on the house, go read it somewhere in a public place. Do not stay at home if there is a possibility to go somewhere.
"I do not wonder where your future husband, but I know that he just did not have any at home," - says Greenwald. And another thing: go to parties express Me , dinners, meetings, clubs, in short, in those places where you can meet men.
Always Autocourses. Driving instructor information . should think about the "package" that is, dress up and look to arouse the interest of the consumer-men. Then turn your own image. "A woman without the image - this is not the brand jeans," adult dating free online personals - says Greenwald calls and follow the example of Coca-Cola or Nike, that sell, rather than goods, and the idea and philosophy.
You should also take your favorite body. It is imperative to get rid of the extra kilos, if any. Perhaps we should start going to the gym, start running. It is useful to be like a massage. Massage will improve not only your body, but also the psychological condition. After a quarter need to summarize and analyze the results. They are bound to be!
We'll have to take into account that "program" may be accompanied by serious costs. Therefore Greenwald recommends unearth a separate account to which you want to enroll 10 or even 20 percent of their income. These actions give a guarantee to find a husband within a year, maximum - 18 months.
Keep in mind - the countdown has begun: in the US for 28 million single women older than 35 years account for 18 million unmarried men of the same age. So you need to act. adult dating free online personals.

How to Marry
In order to get married need to build long-term relationships:
- Do not give him cause for jealousy: think of what you've got someone else adult dating free online personals services;
- Do not laugh at the intimate side, and do not tell anyone the details of your personal life;
- Do not be intrusive, does not take all his free time or quickly nadoesh;
- Watch the appearance: wear so that he liked ;
- Let people around say, "What a wonderful couple you!";
- Do not criticize your parents, and it, too;
- "My dear, perhaps you're right!" - The most powerful argument in the dispute;
- Do not swear to it in front of strangers, with his friends;
- Never say to him: "What do you say ...";
- Does not gossip;
- to accept compliments with dignity;
- Do not tell him a lot about himself, even he says;
- Do not take offense at trifles. Do not bring him up is not limited to his freedom;
- Do not let you disappoint hopes - does not require from a partner more than he is able to give;
- A little more optimism. Do not be gloomy and discontented, just be happy life;
- Remain a mystery: not tell until the end of what you worked all day;
- Do not look blankly over their heads when you walk down the street is considered a collision men.
- Do not tell your man about his serious intentions, does not affect the subject of the future of marriage;
- Do not just interested in details after meeting his relatives and friends with their parents;
- In the depths of the soul rest assured: your love must be earned; adult dating free online personals services - Do not look for the perfect young man. It does not happen. The main thing - understanding and attraction;
- Go to compromise, give in to him;
- Live your life interesting, not to focus only on him, succeed in other areas;
- Feel with him as an equal, no need to play the role of mom, or, conversely, a little girl. adult dating free online personals services.

How to choose a man
Before you get acquainted, or before you start dating with a young man you should know what qualities you want to see in it, and that you want to get from this relationship adult dating free online service.
Of course, if you want to meet a lot of love, it is better not to limit the " search box "and does not delineate the border in advance of your love. Its territory is to be limitless. But then, if you suddenly fell in love with a man who is very different from you and your environment, be prepared to be patient. What you seem to be a norm of behavior, then what you are used to it it can be a strange and ironic, and vice versa.
But you still need to set priorities. Decide that you are important, that comes first. Do you want to meet a lot of love to enjoy intimate fellowship and warmth of human relations? Or love you first need a cool sex? Perhaps most important for you - to have a solid support, ie, a man who would be good to have provided? Or do you need help in everyday life, that would facilitate your daily life?
Of course, we are young girls and women who dream of a love that would combine all. But let's be realistic! Realize that the most important for you. Arrange your priorities when choosing a man. Ask yourself the question: what do I need a man's status? What he should have an education? What are the goals and aspirations? What are the qualities of the soul? What he must be in communion? Sexually? In extreme situations? Sit down and think carefully how you represent the man of her dreams . But do not overstate the bar too. For example, dreaming about how to make your man was well supplied, had a university degree and looked like a Hollywood handsome, ask yourself, as you meet these qualities. That is, choose a man for himself! Write on a piece of paper two columns: the first adult dating free online service - what should be the nature of the quality and appearance of your man, in the second column - some drawbacks men, which you could close your eyes (for example, if a man smokes, have unlimited passion for football, fishing, etc.). Look closely at what happened. Adjust the list again, for sure the listed items are not equal, some qualities more important to you than others, cross out everything that is not so important to you. Watch movies on free, without registration and SMS. Tie this paper pink ribbon, put a pink box and hide in the area of love your apartment. So you show a higher power that you want.
It sometimes happens that a woman too long to meet the man that she needed that would suit her perfectly. But "at hand" there is someone who is not so bad, but not quite what we need. And you decide, I'll be with him, and to alter it. This is the biggest mistake when choosing a man! You can never change its nature. The man, whose character was formed, tastes defined, whose identity was held, is unlikely to want all this time to break down and be replaced by another, even if much will love you. Maybe with time (not fast as you want), you will be able to correct some shortcomings of his men, but only if you do it subtly, elegantly, gently and tactfully. If you decided to link their lives with a certain man, be ready to accept it for what it is, because you do not alter it succeed. If you are not ready to accept any physical or moral qualities of the man, do not associate it with his life adult dating free online service.
When you meet with a man do not think that we should marry him at any cost. In general, do not put the marriage - the purpose of the relationship. After all, happiness relationship of two loving people not to quickly formalize relations, but simply to experience the pleasure of time spent together. If you get married to anybody, just to be considered married, the marriage is doomed to be unhappy or terminated. It is very necessary to know each other, to get used to each other and love that make a marriage. Never think that after the wedding your chosen change for the better.
In no event do not go to fortune-tellers and astrologers to know the date of birth of your new boyfriend! No need to check the compatibility of your names, read the tea leaves on the cards, to get involved in palmistry. Do not believe in these prophecies! Of course, if for you it's just for fun and you do not take it seriously, nothing in this terrible there. But if you trust the prophecies seriously and are using them as a guide in your life, then it's your bad. In your life be filled with any prediction, in which you have faithfully and unconditionally believe. So Predict itself love and happiness, believe in this prophecy, and let it pass.
I never dreamed to marry a rich prince. Money can not buy happiness, and even in their number. Happiness - is a matter of relationships, not money. None of the money in the world for which would be worth a lifetime to tolerate next to him she did not love, and even the hated person. Of course, if your good choice would be quite wealthy person, adult dating free online service among the rich, too, a lot of good people, the better for you. But let not your money will be a criterion of choice. adult dating free online service.

It was a good mistress, became his wife. And that long?
Will he cheat again? While there are no statistics on how many women, marrying his mistress, make new, but the chance that your husband will cheat and you, adult dating internet site as once cheated on his first wife, is very large. So be alert. Remember that the number of second marriages end in divorce, is much more than the number of divorces after the first marriage. My friend Kate, who lived with her husband of 14 years, after they both divorced their first spouses, confessed to me: `Sometimes I'm really afraid that my husband will cheat on me, as once cheated on his first wife with me. As they say, who deceived once, and cheat in the second time. But the same goes for me. I also cheated, I too blame, and my husband also has the right of suspects and menya.`
Another friend of mine, Light, and at first was the mistress of her husband. They had a fiery passion, it all forces fighting for the fact that he divorced his first wife. When they married, the Light was in seventh heaven. And what? Recently, she learned that her husband was cheating on her for the past two years. He even offered her a divorce, but she did not want. `I never thought that he would deceive me, too. Surprise! Why do men do that? '
It would be better to ask why women expect fidelity from men who had once changed their wives? There is no way to predict in advance whether the faithful in marriage or that person. Even a man with a reputation `horoshey` can change after several years of marriage. Any marriage - a tape measure, but many men are more likely to cheat than others. So you should look closely to the previous adventures of men, before entering into a marriage with him adult dating internet site.
Each mistress, became his wife, he believes that it is one true love of her husband. Sometimes this is true. But there are men who just are not able to be faithful to one single partner. They may vowed never to change, but can not keep his word, because it is too deeply involved in the romance a secret relationship.
Being in the throes of romantic passion easily imagine that the rest of his life you will live together happily until his death. Unfortunately, the man burdened with his ex-wife, a man with luggage which are not easy to throw. You just wanted to get this man, but in a makeweight to it will get more and his ex-wife and his children from his first marriage.
How to behave with his ex-wife? Normally, as the former wife and a large part of society, believe that his mistress' kradut` foreign husbands. And in this situation it is guilty lover, not the hapless husband. With this conviction to fight hard, but still possible. We need to behave as if you are above the gossip, show everyone that you did everything correctly. Marriage is better than deception - for you, your husband and even his ex-wife.
If your husband and his ex-wife have common children, adult dating internet site their parental responsibilities remain the same. Probably, you will have from time to time to meet with his ex-wife, in school and family celebrations, weddings, talk to her on the phone and talk to your husband will periodically mention it. If he pays child support, then ex-wife will always be an excuse to interfere in your family budget. And most likely, the grandchildren you will also be shared. No matter how upset you these meetings, you have to keep yourself in their hands.
The first wife from time to time to ask her ex-husband of financial support, or so he spent more time with the children, and present other requirements. If you are lucky, and his wife reconciled with divorce (and some do feel relieved), these requests can wear civilized. But if the ex-wife feels pain, jealousy or frustration after a divorce, then it will be sent to you her antipathy. In this case it is better to try not to pay attention to the behavior of the former spouse. For example, my friend Kate's ex-wife periodically called and said that she still retained a sexual relationship with her ex-husband, and when he comes to visit the children, they make love. Kate chose to ignore these messages. `Once I told her that I do not care, she stopped her calls. Now we will deal with it without insults.
If you can not pay attention to the behavior of the first wife, still try to talk to her calmly, after a while it will calm down by itself. Never get involved in a skirmish with it, this is what she seeks, and then you will feel guilty. How to behave with his children.
It's hard to love other people's children, especially when the stepmother are often almost the same age eldest child of the husband. This situation usually results in a mutual rivalry. Younger children may be rude to you.
In this case, it is useful to look at the situation through the eyes of her husband or children. Very often, when parents divorce children tend to blame themselves around. Older children may feel that it is, you broke their family, and accuse you in the divorce of parents, especially if they know that before you were a lover.
How to behave with his children? Take the time and effort to get to know each child separately. Do not consider them neither enemies nor allies. They are neither one nor the other. Look at them as close to your husband the people he loves. If you treat them well, and most importantly, sincerely, it will soon be getting back only good. The main thing is not to rush things, let the child himself takes the first step. Furthermore, there is also a problem of discipline. Very often, the fathers who feel guilty about the divorce, begin to indulge in all the children. But even if the father does not pay attention to too rambunctious child, do not punish him. In the end, it was his baby, and it is not necessary to behave as if you are his mother. You can always point to your site.
If the father belongs to the child too hard, or vice versa, too indulge it, adult dating internet site try to find out why. Fathers are often afraid that the child moving away from them, if they are too strict. Or are they afraid that a child suffering due to the stress of the divorce becomes unruly and unmanageable. Try to understand this concern. But remember that if the father is too pampered children, they will expect this from you. Is your sex and bright?
Love affair usually involves mystery, passion, romance. Extend your relationship if every morning you will be forced to meet at the kitchen table?
Psychologists say on this matter differ. Some believe that the more passionate and romantic was your affair, the less chance you have for a long marriage, because such passionate relationship quickly cooled. Others believe that the chances of about 50 to 50. After a passionate sex, sexual relationship in a marriage both spouses may seem quite fresh. However, some cooling in relations after a while there in any marriage, regardless of whether the couple before lovers or not. Sometimes relationships can be overshadowed by guilt. Do not let it develop into a sense of mutual accusations. Remember what attracted you when something in this man, and try to be as loving and understanding wife, how you were as a lover. adult dating internet site.

Underwear is your secret weapon.
Maybe you'll be surprised when I say that minimalism in clothing is not always exciting. Men can even scare over outdoor wear. The less visible or that part of the female body, adult dating internet sites the greater the desire of men played. Especially excited individuals stronger sex jeans and dresses.
It is not advisable to dress things up with crazy patterns or polka-dot dress. Wear something bright with pictures in the form of rings. The black color is not sexy, but when combined with red, for example, can arouse sexual desire. In addition, the black color gives the woman the mystery and sex appeal. In general, not so exciting clothes, like a smile, the gestures, the ability to apply themselves.
Lingerie - your secret weapon.
Beautiful lingerie in sexual relations plays an important role! Women who neglect pretty linens, neglected and their attitude to sexual relations with a man , and to him, as a seductress. Say what you will, but expensive clothes ordinary girl doing extraordinarily beautiful and seductive! Every girl simply must have in the wardrobe of a couple of sets of sexy lingerie.
About 90% of men are excited at the sight of the woman he loved in his underwear. And do not consider them so much, "slowpoke", they are very well versed in the subjects of intimate lingerie, and enjoy taking part in their purchase. And if you think that the chosen outfit is more suited to the body and not to the person, it is not necessary to deny the favorite, as it is he will admire your forms in this lingerie.
And remember that sexual underwear should be a lot! Those women who frequently change underwear less likely to suffer from male adultery. The same devushkav different underwear skillfully creates the illusion of diversity and thus maintains the sex appeal.
From the color of underwear it depends on many things. The most exciting red - which, however, is able to scare away the insecure male competition red underwear is black. Rose, on the contrary has no exciting action. White is neutral, but some men may be associated with innocence and thereby give rise to a strong erotic fantasies. But remember, before you put on white linen, think as white can accentuate imperfections adult dating internet sites.
What to Wear?
Define your figure. Who are you - low graceful cat, slender high elf miniature statuette woman with classical forms? Short or long your legs, sloping or square shoulders, massive or slender physique, wide or small bones? It is important to know. If you are short in stature and in general look like a teenager, you can not even dream about clothes suitable leggy Diana the Huntress. When, finally, you understand with your figure, you can easily pick up the clothes suitable for you. Depending on what you prefer - wool, tweed, silk, - will develop a wardrobe, with which you will be able to charm everyone.
Once you find your style, you have to learn how to dress tastefully. This will help you fashion magazines, special sections in newspapers, acquaintances, elegant woman, and all that you will see in the windows of department stores, at fashion shows and even in theaters, concert halls and museums. It is important that, in addition to its direct execution of the protective functions of the banal, the clothes should emphasize the charms and flaws obscure corporal. It is necessary to realize the main advantages of your appearance and show them without a twinge of conscience ....
Cem selection rules underwear.
In the selection of underwear most Britons follow the principle of "less is better." This is the conclusion scientists try to figure out what are ordinary Britons under clothing adult dating internet sites.
The most popular among women, according to sociologists, are thong panties. They prefer 50% of women. In second place, French knickers (such as shorts with low waist) - 30% of them chooses the fair sex. Young people prefer more traditional underwear. 43% of young British people wear white "Boxers." Scientists survey results shocked the men older than 65 years. Among this category of people, the most popular band in support of the scrotum, writes The Sun.
The most seductive woman in lingerie Britons named Kylie Minogue - 43% of respondents. Albion resident chose David Beckham. This football in lingerie wants to see 44% of Englishwomen.
According to the survey, sociologists brought "seven golden rules for selecting underwear."
1. Never underestimate the influence of underwear on your self-esteem. Correctly chosen lingerie can help you feel sexually attractive, both externally and internally.
2. Sexy lingerie to be worn every day, and not to protect for special occasions.
3. If you need to be guided by considerations of underwear comfort, not just sexual underwear.
4. To the surrounding seen "laundry line", it is better to wear a seamless panties or thong on hips.
5. Your underwear should be selected taking into account the peculiarities of your figure.
6. Choose exotic and unusual clothes, do not be afraid to experiment.
7. Never forget that a well-chosen lingerie will affect your entire appearance.
Sexual addiction.
The tendency of women to wear the underwear of a certain color characterizes her sexual cravings. If you do not deal with such cases like: "I have not found in the closet of other shorts, so put that horrible," or "it was the only bra that I went, so I spit on color", it is possible to track down the pattern between the prevailing color of underwear woman and her sexuality adult dating internet sites.
Those who love to wear black, the first thing practical woman, they realize that the black underwear is universal and suitable for any outfit, whether it be an evening dress or a tight-fitting jeans. In addition, black always looks clean ... Now about sex especially those who prefer black. These women love the variety - not necessarily, of course, that pulls them to have sex with strangers in the lobbies train or in the car in the middle of the morning Arbat. But they may dream about it. These women are not necessarily active - they like to allow your partner to do with them all sorts of nice things. Although, if they do not like something, they will be asked to stop the process and move to the next position. Typically, men perceive black lingerie as a request to hold a free, relaxed, without any restrictions.
White - a classic, the second most popular color among women. A man looking at a woman in white, does not receive any associative impulses, it sort of does not see the clothes, and saw a woman's body. Sometimes a woman wears uncomplicated white to accentuate their natural beauty and contempt for every kind of lace embellishment. White are confident ladies who do not dwell on linen and know that it does not win the men . This lover of natural materials and daily life. Or the other extreme - a white cotton bathrobe the woman bezvylazno sitting at home with the children. This comfortable underwear, "Red Dawn" sews mostly underwear the same color (it is a practical and inexpensive), and it can seamlessly throw into the washing machine with sheets.
Blue women prefer rare. Typically, those who consider themselves creative nature and suffer in this regard. Such women are not always the desire to have sex for pleasure. They are passive and rely entirely on the initiative of the partner. But they are very attractive with its mystery - they are reminiscent of the sea and the smell of frosty freshness.
Yellow chooses a woman, ready to surrender completely to the partner, it is loving, fun and frivolous. Yellow Belle and his partner to call the owner of a sincere and wholehearted. Although this color is said to men, they do not get turned on, it shows the desire of women to get serious pastime in bed, give and receive quality sex. Such a woman will change, without thinking, and without feeling remorse.
Those women that like to wear pink underwear, mostly blondes. They believe that they are very pink color goes. They want to be a bit of Barbie dolls and Britney Spears, to be cherished and holili that brought a lot of fun. This is the color in which the rustic Sissy, vulnerable souls. Rose draws its helplessness, candy, fluffy. Man accidentally seeing pink underwear on a girl is not going to undress in front of him, smiling and barely restraining himself not to cuddle, do not pinch her ass. Pink raises their spirits.
Green - for those women who rarely fall. They are cats that walk by themselves. They can be incredibly excite your partner, and then peck on the forehead and go, that is, just throw in such an important moment. They love sex, but they do not care to those with whom they have sex.
The red color is probably the most talking. Here and ardor, passion, and energy. This woman is serious and just flirting from her will not get - she wants to break hearts, breaking family, burn traitors. Often the red underwear is found under the strict business suit. Men like these findings, but often cautiously proceed to further action.
Raspberry underwear - almost red. It -for temperamental women, almost like those that are red. Only many of them infantile.
Woman wearing underwear orange or green color, and young at heart. She likes to experiment . She always want something new. It will offer your partner together to see a porn film, to learn, and then not having watched half, overturn it on the carpet. This woman is very inquisitive and constantly tried to find her man question - as you get, and you can do it upside down, adult dating internet sites and as it is - to be a man?
Brown suggests a predisposition to sex as a physical act. Woman in brown underwear much afraid of it, perhaps many times had been deceived, and therefore afraid to trust someone to bestow affection. She hesitates to kiss and caress the body of his partner. They're almost out of habit having sex, often without much pleasure. adult dating internet sites.

Personality Psychology. Talk to the man.
Is it proper for a girl-first approach and meet with a man? Checked: the more active she behaves, the more chances to get the man of her dreams! If women could read men's thoughts, adult dating online personals they would learn an amazing thing: every man secretly incredibly happy when it is suitable to a girl friend.
Most men while dating feel insecure. Often young people are starting all kind of show, saying that came and went, nothing special.
In fact, they are just happy, "Out of the total number of pick me!" Men are important to constantly feel that they appreciated, given the highest rating, noted dignity.
Moscow - the romantic city , and a meeting with a man can happen at any time. However, is it worth the wait? Do you want to extend your loneliness? Allow yourself to take the situation under its control.
The thought, "I need a man" - is not enough. Therefore, to find a man and win his heart to remember: when the woman saw the man of her dreams - she had to act! And in order not to frighten off an object, it is necessary to subject it to total female hypnosis:
Woman draw the attention of men, if in transport, store or nightclub at a party starts implicitly copy his movements. Breathe in unison with him. It is a hand up - and a woman straightens her hair. He crossed his legs - and so did she adult dating online personals.
Flirt eyes!
In this case, as the hunt for the man with no eye contact is necessary. It is necessary to get it to come to him. It is simple: we must look at it, not looking up. He feels view, turn - a woman with a smile will turn away. So several times. He will be intrigued, not stand and familiarize himself fit.
Please zone.
So he unconsciously shifted from a woman friend in a close friend, it is necessary is 15-20 inches from it, ie in his personal space. Standing next to a man a few minutes - a woman will definitely feel his sexual impulse. And he - it. And familiarity with the men at parties flirting - it is one of the most convenient options for establishing an initial relationship. A relationship you can develop, given the subsequent experience with this man.
Breathe deeply ... It acts as a hidden hypnosis and awakens the imagination of men, and as a result, male instincts.
Talk about fun.
That is - about him, his work, hobbies and achievements. So you will be able to meet him closer. A man must feel a teacher, the most intelligent and the most important! But do not stay incognito. Tell a man what he asks adult dating online personals.
Move it to the feeling of a girl over.
How to seduce a man? In psychology, this is called "the phenomenon of migration." It should provoke a story about the one he once loved. But do not be jealous! The point is that the person who opens the soul to the interlocutor, whether he likes it or not, are automatically transferred to the interlocutor described feelings. Reception operates smoothly. If a woman is not a fool, it may be in his arms after half an hour. adult dating online personals.

Disposable love
To be or not to be ... as they say: "And laughter, and sin." In such immodest proposal it is now possible to run anywhere: open a newspaper or magazine, online dating site, and even to hear in person. You can boil, adult dating online service "How can I, I do not like that!" But is it? In actual fact, we women often fall for the romantic hero, behind which hides a cunning deceiver, ready to drag us into their network and used in the prosaic sense.
Admit it, to be the victim of such a subject - a dubious pleasure, so often it is women who are the initiators of the relationship without commitment. Maybe you are not satisfied a permanent partner, or you do not, want to experience the thrill, to avenge her husband, or simply because in life you need to try it. Find a man - it anyway, your choice. You should not be anything to anyone, and anything from you do not require. You need just sex, and you know what you are going. Well, if you're just a pawn in this game, what to do then?
Who is he, my insidious tempter? With respect to this situation, men are divided into several types. Seducer - familiarity with the girls for a game. Goodbye, kisses, a lot of letters, cards, SMS-ok and lofty words, compliments stunning comparisons with different muses and goddesses. Narratives about how Cupid burning arrow pierced his heart, the mountain of compliments (even far-fetched - a trifle, but nice), the promise of the most romantic evenings and unforgettable nights. And how many times we do not tell ourselves that all this snag, zilch, fiction, but so apparently arranged a woman's heart adult dating online service ...
A man-friend. Comforter and protector, to substitute his manly shoulder when you need it. Such a man - a pleasant conversationalist and listener who can endlessly listen to your emotional outpouring. Always wanted to be Superman, so do not hesitate to create your small problems in life to deciding them, get you a gift.
Intellectual. The man - the intellectual (or showing any) will be up in the morning to talk about interesting books, people, travel and so on. You have all melted away and think, 'God, at last I found interesting, kind and charming man who is interested in my work, hobbies, my mind and talent, a serious relationship, not just sex, sex, sex. " But it was not there. After discussion, the Martians and the situation related to terrorism, it will still take up the case.
Fanatic. This man is very targeted to their goal, assuming that that all means are good. It may combine the previous types, but never hide their true goal - the desire to single-sex. Its principles state: "I came, I saw, I conquered." With respect to such men have one huge advantage: you do not expect anything from him except for sex and know perfectly well that your relationship - communication for one night. Consequently, the next morning will not experience the wild resentment, seeing that one woke up, and on the table there is not even a note with a phone number.
However, almost all of these men you can prolong sexual familiarity. Of course, by mutual consent. Curiosity is not a vice? Strong half of mankind is much easier to understand. In 80% of cases, they want sex for sex. In addition, men it's in the blood: the instinct of a conqueror does the job. And for many a sex in general is a bit of a fun hobby.
It is believed that these "collectors" are very creative in bed. Well, what makes us women to go for it? Even many men, constantly practicing one-night-stand, admit that they can not understand the motives of women. They sincerely believe: a woman to get pleasure from sex, you have to relax, and to poluznakomym person to do it is very difficult. But let's face it: because the so-called one-day love happens in most cases, men did with women, then we reason he needed adult dating online service.
You know, most of the women I asked, "One night - good or bad?" said, "Watching with someone" - and that's saying a lot. Imagine the case: corporate party, one at home, the husband went on a business trip, and you're so good! After drinking with colleagues shapmansnkogo Igor from the Department of Finance seems god of sexuality. A forbidden fruit so sweet ... Many similar cause disgust, but no wonder they say: "Do not renounce." So one of the reasons why women go to the "it" is just alcohol.
But the rest? The answer is trivial: curiosity. Men are so different! And even the most faithful wife ever tempted to try another ... Fun = disappointment? Before you decide to like, think about it and weigh all "for" and "against." Is that what you want? Remember: in order to wake up in the morning with that person in the same bed (or, moreover, without it), requires a certain moral training. You must convince yourself that will not continue and can not be. Even if you were sure the evening that you do not care, then call it or not, things can change. And if you're just a little doubt whether for you it's just sex, think again. Of course, you have to think over and whether there is you lose. This communication may be random crash more long-term relationship; could affect the operation, if it happened to a colleague; break up the friendship ... I do not call you to rush into the pool with his head. But if you're still a supporter of disposable love, it must understand the consequences of any wait. Stay incognito. And the most important advice adult dating online service - do not build castles in the air, to the morning of your dreams does not burst like a soap bubble. One-day sex created just to have fun, not more. adult dating online service.

25 ways to combine the mistress and wife
We do not preach polygamy and do not intend to "teach you bad." We also "against" and change "for" love and fidelity. We just decided to make life easier for those who without it ... "well, can not", adult dating online services bringing together the experience of the last millennium lovers. And just to cheer you up!
1. Old as the world about it: "stayed on the job" or "was at a friend" - now will not pass. Firstly, they immediately arouse suspicion (all and always otmazyvatsya so), and secondly, it is easy to check. God forbid, she called at this time to your work or your friend. Invent something SuperDuper: for example, "stood in line for a rose" or "translating grandmother across the street." In an extreme case, if nothing comes to mind, tell me honestly: "There was a mistress." Vouch - the wife smile ("Joker!"), Because in truth, as a rule, never believe.
2. Do not pretend that you are suddenly imbued with affection for his wife. Banal grovel too will give you a head. Bursts of tenderness or undue irritability appropriate only if sincere repentance (which inadvertently), or when you've finally decided it was time to "send slippers in the mail" (which, at least, unwise - children, home, bank accounts ...)
3. Do not give gifts to his wife "suddenly" if you previously did not give them to her. She immediately any suspicion that you "to atone for the sins of" Sleeping or her vigilance. Do not just suddenly remember the birthdays of his wife and her mother, if the earlier you remembered about it only after a hard question of silence in the morning.
4. Maintain necessary itself as naturally as possible. Shifty eyes and whiny voice simply excluded by definition.
5. Meet with a lover in the afternoon . Your lack of night more unnatural adult dating online services. If the job does not allow it to carry out, and change work. After all, we live once! They say that the night watchman now also doing well ...
6. Ask your lover to not use perfume because they - the main traitor. We understand that most of the women are not such a request will delight ... So stock up in advance of any silnopahnuschih means to kill the smell vodka, acetone, turpentine, gasoline (for fishermen and hunters will fit maggots or someone's little podtuhshaya carcass). Some very sophisticated lovers use supersilnodeystvuyuschie means, such as Old Spice deodorant, but a true gentleman would never be so inhumane.
7. Second choice: Give your lover exactly the same perfume as your wife. However, besides the spirits there are also a variety of shampoos, day and night creams, as well as the contents of endless jars and tubes, all redolent of the most brazen manner. So still confused, it is better maggot ...
8. Classic version of a puncture - lipstick on the collar of his shirt. Are you still falls into this trap? Then, wearing dark clothing, or carry an extra shirt. In an extreme case, the collar can be torn off, and ascribe this barbaric act grandmother you translate across the road. But she resisted.
9. Perfect if you have two or more women the presence of secret apartments. Which are not suspects or your wife, or her mother, or even your friends (or they instantly become public property, and after have been there a dozen of your buddies with various scented girlfriends, even the grubs will not help).
10. Try not to get anyone in the eye in the city - take the exit for its limits (camping, walking in the woods, but without any fires, otherwise it will then explain why your jacket is not only smelled of maggots, and smoke). Just do not forget that although Miami and falls under the definition of "out of town", but still go there for too long, adult dating online services and an explanation about grandmother already does not fit, even if you leave the cuff shirt with a collar.
11. Arrange to work with non-standard schedules and frequent business trips. The truth in this case you will have to make friends with colleagues and boss, who in a dangerous situation will nod: "Yes, yes, on a business trip. Yes, tomorrow. Although anything can happen ... "or" Yes, we work - the dam. We are here until the morning yesterday, all together a report about the use of staples and ink stationery writing! "
12. Speaking of friends. They - your rear, your hope, your mind, honor and conscience, your secret apartment, a condom and spare panties 46th size. I mean, if you have something missing from this list - will he borrowed. If they really are friends, not "pig tails".
13. Name - another way to get caught. Well, remember this situation: a husband and wife make love, and the climax he calls her a false name. The scandal, a nightmare, a divorce! Try to call his wife and mistress nicknames. Fit even the hackneyed "bunny" ridiculous "elephant", "frog" and "rosy deltateridiumchik."
14. Ideal - the same names in all available nearby women. If you have enough arrogance and arrogance, the renaming can be made forcibly: "I call all women equally - Vasilisa!"
15. If you carry any of her in the same machine as the wife - make sure that it did not leave their belongings in it. Check carefully, even a small bolt may cause a divorce. However, there is a rumor about some craftsmen who adapted the condom from the glove box somewhere in the carburetor and has managed to convince his wife that without him, "she would not go" - but where is the guarantee that in a critical moment you show the same resourcefulness and ingenuity?
16. Carefully read the schedule of the day your spouse - to your routes do not overlap. There is a chance that your curiosity will be regarded as care. Make itinerary, schedule of movement, adult dating online services rules of meetings with friends and description of process technology manicure salon. Go to the case thoroughly, as his own business.
17. It is possible that "the husband returned from a business trip" vice versa. Therefore - in any case does not lead his mistress to his home (!!!). Even if the wife is on vacation abroad and should arrive within a month. Anything can happen. The epidemic in the country, where it rests. The money ran out. The cat was ill. Swimsuit torn. Ancient wisdom that there is nothing permanent, was derived primarily from the behavior of women.
18. Even if it just can not go back at once, anyway - do not drive a mistress home. The neighbors also have eyes, ears and very long tongues, and the walls in our homes are very thin.
19. If you still brought his girlfriend to her home (hope had passed!), Arrange sanitize after her departure. Women's hair tend to be provided in the most inappropriate places (though all of you still do not clean out, whether you are at least very Stirlitz). The smell of bed linen (all of its "Cram and lotions!"). Half-eaten pot of soup (obviously not your cooking, because if you yourself can make soup, then why do you need a wife?) ... All - junk in junk, in the wash!
20. Do not let his mistress home phone. Otherwise, you'll have to come up with many answers to the question "Who is calling?" In a case where the handset will take a wife ... It is better not to talk. "What are you silent and breathe?" The horror!
21. Do not write down her phone in a notebook, do not take her business card, do not leave "in memory" of its notes and photos. Wives have a habit of producing inspection of personal belongings and pockets. How do you explain then the presence of such "material evidence"?
22. In general, you must have a whole collection of ideal "causes" and "excuses", each of which would be to learn how to "Our Father"; set of friends and colleagues who "closed down" you in the right time (preferably win over even his own parents - his father and so understand, but my mother can blackmail threat of family breakdown); mass secret apartments and acquaintances administrators in hotels, change of clothes and spare accessories. And most importantly, adult dating online services do not forget to have a mistress mobile phone - suddenly he will call his wife?
23. Do not start the lovers of the environment wife. Otherwise it will, as in the song: "Best friend, what have you done?" This situation is 100% ending in failure.
24. Try to keep your romance on the side was not too long. Long mistress role will eventually morph into the role of second wife, which you will have the same cut, jealous and demanding the impossible. Why would you?
25. Never confess their sins, even if you are caught red-handed. Do not believe her when she says: "Tell me, I forgive you!" Deny everything to the end, especially since most of your wife wants to believe the best - you are it still does not change. Leave it at least some hope. Insist that all imagined his wife, even if she caught you in bed with his mistress. adult dating online services.

Oh, those legs in stockings!
Stockings as a mirror of the sexual revolution. Another grandfather, adult dating online services sex Freud claimed that women's stockings - it is the most powerful fetish: an object of worship of the male, causing desire.
And almost all men will subscribe for this statement - there is nothing that excites like a pair of slender legs. The stockings. A familiarity with men becomes easy, as is the case.
Why men are so fond of?
Sexologists still can not solve the mystery before the end of the appeal of women's stockings. Some say that they came from the exciting force of unconscious childhood, when a man feels a natural attraction to the mother (and she certainly to breastfeed, dressed in stockings).
Others say that the stockings were originally attribute prostitutes and whores: so convenient, without losing any time, without exposing the legs, "serve" customers - but deep down every man craves evil love. Stockings allegedly accelerate sex.
Still others argue that the basis of passionate love men attribute to transparent clothing is irrepressible sexual fantasy men. Men, they say, immediately begin to be alive, it looks like a lady with no clothes on, but in stockings and - ready business.
Fourth see in fact adoration of women's stockings latent masochism "lady" - woman in black stockings and black leather - the main character BDSM-parties. Stockings - only element in the art of seduction of men. They make an extra sexy for men and women.
No woman is a thing
Perhaps stockings like the stronger sex, because once the item has been strictly male item of clothing. It is only now we are afraid to even imagine how the men looked crooked legs in tight stockings. But it was a sign of valor and a good breed adult dating online services sex.
Knights of the Rococo era wore a form-fitting knee-length trousers white silk stockings; under Louis XIV wore a light blue or red socks to the knees.
Stockings in the days of hand-knit silk thread and MMA were very expensive commodity. But the English philosopher William Lee made a real "stocking revolution." In 1589 he invented the stocking machine that was capable of doing a thousand two hundred loops per minute instead of a hundred with normal hand-knitted. Machine Lee was a miracle of its time.
Initially, the inventor of lucky to find a noble patron, Lord Genskop, who failed to show a "mechanical knitter" the Queen. Elizabeth I, I reputed to be a wise ruler among his contemporaries, shocked that the machine knits a coarse woolen stockings, and not thin, silk, for aristocrats. Whether a patent was denied. Soon he built a machine for knitting and silk stockings, but neither Elizabeth I, or its successor, James I showed no interest in it. Lee died of a heart attack in Paris, not knowing that his name will remain for centuries in a row with the famous heroes of France.
Fun and loving Parisians - the inhabitants of the most romantic cities - appreciate the machine for stocking. At the initiative of minister of Louis XIV, Colbert, in Boulogne (near Paris) was set up manufactory, employing two hundred knitting machines.
Do not forget that in those days, men as well as women continued to wear stockings! Only a general fashion pants (after 1815) finally finished with this piece of men's clothing. From the middle of XIX century, men are content mainly socks.
Tights and divorces
Men, but not women! Because of the status indicator, as under Elizabeth I, stockings gradually transformed into an attribute of seduction and sexuality. By the way, long before this piece ladies' room came into fashion, he liked to wear stockings so-called "witches". What were the charring on fires: severe Catholics fervently fought their secret desires adult dating online services sex.
This stocking boom came in the twentieth century. The shorter the dress became, the more she wanted to emphasize its advantages. And stockings, as it turned out, there were very helpful: their color and texture depend on visual perception legs parties . Thus, black stockings make legs thinner, white - full, stockings with a seam as if divided into two legs and "cleaned" curvature. rust game
After the hardships endured World War I became obsessed with the weaker sex silk stockings. The demand for them was so great that the most important invention in the textile industry of the 1920s - artificial silk and synthetic fibers - have been used primarily in the production of stockings. Stockings even began to make in such a way that the impression left naked feet, that is tan or pale skin color.
After World War II was not up to the production of stockings, but the women who can not imagine life without them, just painted on the legs brown pencil line, simulating a seam. Later, there were stockings, mesh, elastic stockings. The seam steel making exaggerated noticeable, but soon abandoned it. To reduce the number of laces (and stockings while tied to the legs), it sets up a special gum that allowed stockings hold onto the leg.
In the late sixties, when the Western world embraced the fashion for very short skirts, stockings for a while replaced tights - at the time it was thought that the stockings can not flaunt it. Interesting, but with the advent of tights and go by the wayside stockings increased the number of divorces!
From a stocking ... stockings
Russian name of the feminine seduction, "stockings" comes from the Tatar "cholagu" ie, "leggings", "leg wrappings."
In the XIX century fashionista European Russia pulled the six pairs of woolen stockings, and all to his feet seemed thicker - it was fashionable. To chic yet collected them on his feet like an accordion adult dating online services sex. Peasant women were poorer the trick: onoochas wrapped legs, and put on top of the stockings.
Of course, the aristocracy, oriented to the West, wore silk stockings and fildepersovye, but the revolution of 1917 said his decisive "no" this unnecessary bourgeois. However, during the NEP speculators still traded stockings, but with the beginning of collectivization in the early 30s, all this "nonsense" was swept away from the shelves railway workers and peasants hand.
Until the eighties of the last century, the Soviet women unhappy "paraded" in knitted stockings on straholyudskom cotton belt, which is not something that excite - anyone could do incapacitated. Sold, though sometimes nylon stockings, but the thickness and "wearability" miracle Soviet hosiery industry was comparable, perhaps, only with a "product number 2". Needless women were thinking about all sorts of trifles, to work and build a socialist society. Considered normal darn stockings. And after his "death", they became storage onions. No one Frenchwoman is even in the head would not come! After all, beautiful clothes - a way to win the attention of men .
But that was then passed. Today you can buy stockings even on the collective farm market Gadyukino village, and not the fact that it will not be a real "Omsa" or "Sanpelegrino." And buying. Again and again delight and excite their men upholstered tenderest lycra legs, allowing the imagination to get there, with the elastic lace, where they face the eternal pleasure.
By the way, choose the color of stockings
Color light tan - almost universal, but preferably with warm clothing or pastel tones, accentuate the ideal form of legs, but no feet full adjust.
White - only really slender and perfect legs, all other limbs in white tights look shapeless and complete adult dating online services sex.
Smoky-gray color - the most versatile, able to adjust the shape of the legs, to make full legs slimmer and slimmer.
Vivid color and black - the antisexual makes thin legs like sticks galochi legs and feet at full emphasize all the "charms" - a complete knee, fat build-up inside the knee, ankle Large, elegant by nature legs turn into something mediocre. In any case, in such pantyhose legs will look heavy.
Transparent black - good for long slender legs, whose merits this color on forces only to exaggerate. adult dating online services sex.

The Perfect Man. As there is no perfect ..
As there is no perfect investment tool, and there is no perfect man . All men, as investment instruments, adult dating online services sexy have three essential characteristics:
* Reliability;
* Profitability;
* Liquidity.
Strong men tend to have lower yields.
Men with high incomes are unreliable.
Henadezhnye men with low returns are not liquid. From such assets is very difficult to get rid of.
Trustworthy and revenue men have very high liquidity. The problem is that they are hard to find and even harder to hold in its investment portfolio. High demand for reliable and highly male leads (sometimes suddenly) to the fact that they are losing, or their reliability, or its profitability. As they say - paper deteriorated.
Diversify your investment portfolio risks. To avoid large drawdowns of life at a reasonable yield of about 70% is recommended time to invest in safe low-income women, 25% in a few high-yielding, but unreliable and not more than 5% in a reliable and highly profitable. (C)
You loved me so much?
- C the day that I met with you - the man says his spa friend, adult dating online services sexy - I can not eat, drink or smoke ...
- You loved me so much?
- No, just all this is not money.
It pposto beznpavstvenno ...
- Look for a life partner with the help of komp'yute.p! - Govopit father's son.
- And how did you meet Mom?
- The Normal. Vyigpal it in pokep. adult dating online services sexy.

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