Women are more likely to agree to a gay sex
Researchers from the University of Utah have chosen the theme of his research female bisexuality. Psychologists decided to check the correctness of the widely accepted stereotype according to which the ladies with a similar orientation simply can not decide who they like - men or women, and to experiment. It is believed that over time, they will certainly have to make a choice.
For ten years, Dr. Lisa Diamond and her colleagues observed the 79 women aged from 18 to 25 years. All of them had different forms of non-traditional sexual relationships - some called themselves lesbians, bisexual others, and still others said that can not yet be determined. Each of the women every two years to fill the questionnaire in which, inter alia, was to indicate their sexual orientation.
When scientists processed the data obtained in the course of the experiment, adult baby dating it was found that the most persistent in their preferences were lesbians. But bisexual, and "undecided" in 20% of cases have changed their orientation to heterosexual. True then half of them, apparently disappointed in the choice made, and returned to his old behavior. Free Online Games With regard to the remaining 80%, that their views have not changed.
From this scientists make two conclusions. First, they note, lesbian and bisexual change their orientation easier than sexy women with more traditional leanings. Secondly, bisexuality at women is not necessarily the transitional stage. This type of sexual behavior in other ladies can stay for life. adult baby dating.

15 male sexual error
If men can know in advance about the preferences of its sexual partners , adult baby dating site the number of happy couples would be an order of magnitude greater. But alas, someone else's soul - darkness, and just try to see what they like these women.
Although sexual mistakes tend to blame both partners. However, sexologists have long dealt with what is best avoided in the first and subsequent dates. Listen, maybe the glory Casanova separates you only ignorance of the psychology of women.
So, in no case be:
1. Immediately turn away from HE and falls asleep.
It is no coincidence the strongest insult ranked first. Even if you are tired as a deputy of the State Duma after 100 sessions you are not justified. Women do not cool down so quickly and such a terrible coldness of their disappointing. Ladies do not forgive indifference to their desires. A simple phrase: "I want you to be happy with me" can conceive a greater effect than the highly technical demonstration of sex.
2. believe that one orgasm to her enough.
This does not mean that you should have superpotentsiyu: can not do vaginal sex, there are many other ways to deliver the lady pleasure.
3. touched immediately genitals.
A woman should be very excited to touch her like this. Therefore, before tackling the most interesting, first pay attention to the body.
4.IGNORIROVAT clitoris and the point G.
Many men have a much better knowledge of the internal combustion engine than the female anatomy. However, more than 70% of women often experience clitoral orgasm, so we can not forget about the clitoris in any case. A point to point G, situated on the front wall of the vagina, if you believe all gynecologists can become the strongest trigger multiple orgasms adult baby dating site.
5. to grow fat and be considered a superman.
Nothing is more annoying women as double standards in assessing the appearance of the sexes. Do you want your lady thought you sultry? Engage with them. You do not know how? Highly qualified nutritionists can help get rid of body fat without harm to the body. Women will appreciate it, because they are big and estetki these squares on the abdomen of their terrible excite.
In the first frame of the film, there is something mysterious, intriguing. Familiarity with the main character also did not immediately clarify the place and time of the event. Riggan Thompson dreams of restoring its former glory. Brdmen Watch 6. LEAVE VKLYUCHHHYM bright light.
In these "projectors" a woman can not focus until the end of the trial, and forced at all times ensure that there is enough sexy it looks.
7.KOMANDOVAT in bed.
No one lady does not like to feel like on the parade ground, unless of course, it is not a complete masochist.
Oral sex - it's strictly voluntary. Even soft compulsion makes the Lady do something, it is now entirely unwilling. If you really want it, provoke it by example.
9. Everything is done too quickly or too slowly.
Yes, yes, you can not tell these ladies, they can not love mutually exclusive. Too fast coitus, and she thinks you selfish caring only about themselves. Too slow, and she decides that you are not excited.
10. embodies HARD poses.
Of course, Tantra and the Kama Sutra can revive alcove many impressions, but do not forget that your not the Lady Alina Kabaeva and the prospect dislocate leg or other part of the body it does not appeal.
In the women's hierarchy of male crime is worse than sex in socks. Why is that? It is not clear, just remember it as an axiom.
12. passivity.
Despite an all-out victory of feminism, a woman still loves to be the object of attention. She was not interested in being a leader in bed and do everything myself. Only a very few ladies like the role of sexual aggressor adult baby dating site.
13.METIT territory by hickey.
Believe me, a brand is not everyone likes. Even if your friend is not afraid to flaunt your relationship, still refuse to wear your stamps in his body - her right.
Ladies believe that condoms - is the responsibility of men. It is your responsibility to buy them in advance, carry in their pockets and wear, possibly unnoticed. Nothing is so often destroys the couple as sexually transmitted diseases.
15.RASSPRASHIVAT about her ex.
In some men, this is downright manic character. "And what about Petya? I wonder if he has more than I do?" - All this is a demonstration of their own insecurity. And it is the truth you still will not tell. adult baby dating site.

Intimacy: that men do not like
"How can a man and a woman to understand each other if always want different: a man wants a woman, and a woman - a man," said one of the most famous comedians adult chat dating free services.
In the joke, the joke - just a fraction. The rest - the truth. It is especially difficult to understand a man a woman, where they are closest to - in bed. Why is it sometimes curves winces and ... lose the desire? Maybe blame the women themselves?
In some ways, the way it is, because women often do exactly what the man in the intimacy simply can not stand. Here are the most common things that cause men to desire ... to be on this woman as far as possible.
1 - If a woman behaves as if he did not love sex and never initiate sexual relations. This woman is not talking about sex differently than embarrassed or dismissive and openly demonstrates his unwillingness to deal with, "Well, honey, if you do so it is necessary, let ..."
In men, this behavior causes the feeling that sex - something shameful, than a woman doing a favor for men, or for the execution of a mythical "duty." At the same time, a man well see that in fact the woman gets pleasure from their proximity and such hypocrisy on the part of the fair sex, it leads to new negative emotions among representatives of a strong half of mankind.
2 - If a woman "like a lady" and is given to men "do their own thing." Let this "ice queen" is not surprised when the man run away from it. Firstly, men are accustomed to succeed in all his endeavors - including in the intimate arena. And if a woman does not respond to his efforts, a man it will only irritate and annoy so that nothing good will come adult chat dating free services.
And secondly, a normal man does not want to feel like a rapist, commits an act of congress to ignore it, dumb "billet". A man waits for a woman respond to his affection - if you like it.
3 - If a woman hates her body, or vice versa, concerned only with his appeal. In the first case, a simple rule works "see around us what we ourselves are demonstrating."
A woman constantly keeps talking that it is thick ugly with terrible hair and short legs, Hiding in bed under the covers and quickly quenching the light at the slightest attempt to examine it more closely, the woman, confident in their unattractiveness, in the end seem really ugly man, and he I lose interest in it.
In the second version works the opposite. Men love is next to the women, whose hair you can run your hands, kiss the person they love their women, not the makeup on the faces of those they love hugging women, crushing their clothes ...
A man wants to be with his girlfriend live, and not to the statue, on which hangs a sign "Do not touch." If a woman is so concerned about their clothes, hair, jewelry and makeup that runs after a light embrace all correct adult chat dating free services - the man next to her for a long time is not delayed. adult chat dating free services.

Men who do not have a permanent partner for sex, die young
The term "toxic bachelor" formulated avtorsha "Sex and the City" Candace Bushnell has acquired a new connotation: it turned out that single men are more likely to die younger than married adult dating and free browse sites.
Scientists have found that the probability of dying up to 50 years for men, unmarried of 19 to 44 years, 58% higher than for those who were married and lived a family life.
These results will have additional pressure on the government so that it promoted the institution of marriage at the time when the Commission proposes to support the Law Institute of cohabitation, giving partners living together, especially women, legal protection.
A study of almost 67,000 men and women from the United States based on national census data and death certificates for the period from 1989 to 1997.
"Dangerous" behavior can not fully explain this difference in mortality, the study authors say, as men, unmarried, married only a little more often likely to smoke, and they are even less likely to drink alcohol.
Bachelors also somewhat more likely to develop physical fitness and overall less likely to suffer from excess weight.
Almost half of those surveyed in the study, was at that time married, about one in ten have lost their spouse.
About 12% were divorced, and 3% were living separately. Of the remaining adult dating and free browse sites - 5% of the respondents were a common household, and every 5 minutes was all alone.
The probability of early death for widowers 40% higher than for married.
The probability of early death for divorced above 27%.
The most vulnerable in terms of early mortality category - unmarried men. Bachelors were much more vulnerable than spinsters.
Among men, middle and old age are the main cause of mortality of the disease, such as heart disease.
For the younger age group leading cause of death for the never-married - infectious diseases, such as HIV-related, as well as accidents, murder and suicide.
The researchers acknowledge that their study did not take into account sexual preferences, so some of the unmarried men are likely to be homosexual.
Many lonely Americans do not have health insurance, so some of the people interviewed in the study probably did not have access to adequate health care.
Professor Robert Kaplan, whose study is published in the journal Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health ("Journal of Epidemiology and Health"), said that the remaining unmarried men were subjected to "severe isolation" in society, and that this situation is also observed in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark.
"The situation of man, never married, is associated with more severe isolation, as this leads to a lack of communication with their children and other family members."
"The information gathered suggests that social isolation increases the risk of early death, - he added. - Marriage provides at least some social connections."
Bushnell has formulated the concept of "toxic bachelor" in one of his columns adult dating and free browse sites in "Sex and the City" in the magazine New York Observer in the mid-1990s. adult dating and free browse sites.

Many men are looking for a lover of the good life. The wife cooks, cleans, washes. The entire family vanished. I ceased to cause sexual desire. Divorce does not make sense. Other just get bored, adult dating and meeting sites and the children were there. For all those who sexual desire is not married. Bored, that's started to look at the sides.
Man, he's reliable, a good family man, but then have to think about themselves. And then remember the old age nothing will. It is estimated how many years he sleeps with a woman, very frightened! And he began to women in companies glances at employees. Though heard that work is impossible, where is he poor more familiar , if a long time without his wife does not go anywhere? I saw that our colleagues at work, is attractive and looking towards him. How I had not noticed ?! Yeah ... just a man ruined himself.
Became ladies attentions have. Once the employee offered to drive her home. She gladly accepted. They're coming, and he thinks he toils as the lady to hint that he wants more than a favor to make, by car to throw up. While traveling, all izvlsya. For house and nearby. They came, and then the joy of such a lady, like as in gratitude, calling for coffee. Agreed, rose. While the coffee is ready, the two felt awkward. She turned and cognac, offered, refused. After some wine glasses all happened naturally adult dating and meeting sites.
He started kissing, the woman slipped into the bathroom, and then as he walked, and it is already prepared bed. He is a hero - that's what for him go! And the guests invited and offered brandy, and a bed ready. Beautiful lady in lingerie. Or, in the ordinary, just the lady something new. Cognac is well acted. Face in the dirt does not hit. Sam was pleased with himself. In his heart, after all, a little afraid, but currently not recognized. For a long time still having sex with another woman is not engaged. The woman had so much fun, as you can see he was not a fool! Its extolled and during and after. "Yes, I'm still what!" Lies himself happy.
Suddenly thought of his wife, it is necessary to run as if something happens. Zaizvinyalsya, things they say, and promised to call in to the shop, buy pencils daughter. She understands delay did not. Half of the road to the house mistress remembered - word what pleasant. Mistress! The second part of the road thought to tell his wife, even sweating all. On mistress somehow I began to get angry. Blame that detained, time has not kicked. Quite gloomy. I rang the doorbell ...
While his wife went to the door, almost I did not get a heart attack, ready to fight. His wife opened the door, kissed, casually asked what was so late. Lied unpretentious. He sat down at the table, a hearty dinner. The wife and the smell is not sensed, accustomed to a quiet life. He became angry at her - inattentive to it! The children talked about 5 minutes, the TV and go to sleep. Before you fall asleep, the word "mistress" savored, remembered that she was there about his manhood he said. So with pleasant thoughts and good mood slept. "Ah yes, I am, Well done! Wife home borscht cooks, lover indulges in bed! Hero! "
In the morning, while shaving, humming. About I thought the toilet water - something long myself did not buy anything - and linen have to upgrade. My wife really launched. He walked over to his wife, to account for the fact that no longer follow him. The stairs ran like a boy. At work, on holiday flying. I rode. Not a bit of it. The mistress at his side is not looking, his eyes do not build. Could not operate normally. My wife called and reminded to buy. I shouted at her. House sits exit difficult. Hardly the end of the day came. He popped waiting. That bitch is going. The machine called, offered a ride ...
Home has boldly walked. It works, tired, wife should understand. And best of all - he believes. House angry at all - noisy children, his wife, not all things are clean in time, with silly talk adheres. Yelled the whole family. Well, they do not see that guy tired ?! The wife was offended ... And well it! I lay down to sleep. Tired. In the morning gave scandal, toilet water over, holey socks. Mistress already glances, glance catches. Of course, where it finds such a man. Consecutive weeks after her operation went. By the weekend very tired. Understandably. Family, work, friends, lover. And everyone needs, no one will not do without it adult dating and meeting sites!
The wife of the house became sullen, did not appreciate. Only questions adheres. Mistress offended that weekend alone remains. We must once and for her to escape. And then, you never know, throw. I used to have, and convenient: single apartment there. The problem of where to arrange a date, it is not necessary. Then you will find this!
Still nice. Can any man lead, and she chose it! And what more to it someone walking? Did not seem like ... it often happens, but who knows what she is doing at the weekend? No need to bring their weekend it somewhere, but it would be good to inexpensive cost, because his son something has to be for the company to buy, is all ears buzzed.
The wife became very nasty. In the evening come home from work tired, she nags - do not pay attention, the children are not engaged. He does not understand it, but still want to have sex with her more frequently doing, and do not forget to remind every day about it. Of course, spoil the mood, do not have time to go back to work, not to have sex. Here women are fools.
A few days ago that uchudila! Comes exhausted, and she covered the table, lit the candles, put on a transparent robe, sitting, smiling and sawing. How to give in the face! I asked why she thought of the night looking at? Just gone crazy woman! The money spent on the robe, covered the table in the hall. Children would be ashamed. I explained to her the absurdity of conduct, it first struck a scream, then in tears. Hysterical! He was to work tomorrow morning, and she howls in the hall, children wake. Quiet so got up, closed the door cautiously, his ears plugged, and fell asleep.
In the morning he looked at his wife - a terrible, dusty. How to live with her all these years, it is not clear. Gifted eye and drove off to work. Although there is no problem. And wrong. Mistress grim, says pregnant concert staged almost opened his mouth at all. Marry requires. Then the money for the maintenance of the child. And he has his two. Is it not clear, it should be easy and fun. She spoils. Weeks of negotiations conducted. Even thinner. House feisty wife in his side and watching. Here women suck! This ruffled nerves at work, anywhere from no getting around it. I persuaded that abortion is done, and it's her stay the night. He drank so it was not terrible. Previously, some came home to sleep. Mistress offended.
After work comes home, he is waiting for the scandal. Came - children at home, mother does not. Oh well, at least rest. Was the wife of the night, dressed as a tree, with the mood. Alcohol and perfume a mile away bears adult dating and meeting sites. Humming under his breath, getting ready for bed. Lying, looking at nice. Washing her new. In giving! Where was ?!
A month has passed, the wife is not a scandal. House is clean and finished steel for the week ahead. And in the evening somewhere to walk. Sometimes he would call, and during the day it does not. Here unforeseen circumstances are. Some rubbish has told his wife about his mistress. I came home, his wife is surprisingly quiet. No scandals, but the things he collected. Lets go in peace to his mistress.
And why is it necessary? She wants children. Where so much? My son and daughter-beauty. Where do without them? And his wife won some hostess, and more beautiful. And that's mistress? Deficiencies bunch. Live with her lap. We need it very much! My wife insists that leave. Somlel very heart of stuck, the pressure rose. On sick leave.
His wife takes care of properly, but does not admit to himself. He looks at his wife - a beauty! How I had not noticed? And it has not changed. It is necessary to go on tour semey. Just roll up poor. adult dating and meeting sites.

Why do men go to prostitutes
Most men consider the practice of buying sex a kind of dependence, a new study. To shed light on the reasons why men are turning to the services of prostitutes, a team of scientists, most of whom are young women, interviewed more than 100 representatives of the stronger sex in the US who have experience with the priestesses of love.
A study organized by activist involved in the fight against prostitution, Melissa Farley showed that the majority of men believe that prostitution is not bad, and 83% said an appeal to representatives of the oldest profession in the form of dependence.
Full-length porn Moreover, many men believe that women engaged in prostitution voluntarily adult dating and personals. Only a few representatives of the stronger sex believe that sex trafficking affects women involved in the industry.
57% of respondents reported that prostitutes, for whose service they were paying, were abused in childhood. Also, men are condemned hard relations between the priestesses of love and pimps. About 40% of men admitted that they have applied for paid sex while intoxicated.
Meanwhile, a lot of boys consider relations with prostitutes exclusively in the business outline. Service fee allows, in their opinion, women do anything, and they have no right to refuse. " The prostitute - a product like bread. Man goes to the grocery, pokapatsya this bread what he wants and pays for it. It's a business, "- said one of the respondents.
The aim of the study was to tighten lobbying laws against men who use the services of prostitutes, because 90% of respondents said they will stop using paid sex if it for it will face administrative or criminal penalties. adult dating and personals.

How to return a man?
Where to begin?
Relationships are fragile as a crystal vase. Unfortunately, many are beginning to understand this only when there razyv relationship when it was gone, perhaps to another. Up to this point the woman although well see, adult dating and personals sites feel and understand the proximity of the collapse, but do not do anything, they often live and work just as well as before in the hope of a good magician, who will change everything for the better, that everything will return to the old days and then It is not life, but a fairy tale ... But that's life! It is sobering ... you just miss the times when you can still do something.
And the worst thing happened - he was gone. This is a very strong shock to any woman. Clearly, as you are now hard. Most women in this situation, to stop thinking they can not act properly to make any constructive steps. What to do?
Firstly, it is necessary first usplkoitsya and only then can we look for ways to resolve this situation. If you necessary, go to the friend or the priest (psychologist, etc.), and they'll be sorry you calm down and give you back a little bit of common sense, that you could actually and specifically to act. Or, find in itself forces and gather that you could be making the right moves, so you could understand yourself and avoid past mistakes, was able to find the meaning of life, open it a new taste. In any case, to get it back, you must first calm down and then we can look for constructive ways to return. And if now you have calmed down and is determined to do everything to try (just try) to return it to find a new meaning of life, then read on adult dating and personals sites.
Second, you must understand that we can not simply return to the past, or something to fix in previous relationships. The past is gone forever, the past - it is a ghost, which was pointless chase ... can only forget what it was before, and build a completely different, qualitatively new relationship is fundamentally different from those that were before. You can just start all over again, start a new romance with a clean slate. And in her protagonist may be he. Broken vase not stick together ... You can only make a new vase. And it only depends on you whether it will be better than the previous, but in any case it will be a different vase, and other relationships . And this new vase relations have to be different, different from the former in everything to the last detail (remember that he wanted to see you, and you resist). Otherwise, it will operate your old stereotypes that do not give you a normal life, and even if we can get it back, then everything will return to normal. And you will think how to get rid of him ... So first of all, you have to understand themselves, their mistakes. Then you really appreciate it as much as possible at all to build it with something serious and be happy. But it is in any case be a new romance . What do I need to start this new novel? Your beauty and charm that should be on top !!! You could win his last time, and now you also know his weaknesses and preferences, and if you're in shape and he will show interest, you will be able to do it again. So you are now the most important thing - you need to find peace of mind to be back on top.
Where to begin? With yourself, beloved !!! Take a good look at ourselves. As you look at strangers? You probably noticed and felt around the man in transport, in the street and in the store stopped paying attention to you, but recently you're always catching these views. So something has changed in you the most, and is not changed for the better. Why such a beautiful woman like you suddenly become shabby? Why do men have ceased to notice you? The reason is simple - you disappeared in the appeal, that is, disappeared self-confidence and self-esteem plummeted. If you want to change something, bring it back, or forget it and find happiness with another, you have to start with this, it is necessary to regain its attractiveness and strengthen a hundred times! In general, it is necessary to put himself in the dazzling view. You're not a little girl, and know perfectly well and understand that in order to attract men is not the most important beauty, namely, attraction, sex appeal, ie, your inner state of mind. And lest any man (including former) drew attention to you, you should once again become attractive to find former sex appeal and confidence. If he sees you now in such a state, it will only aggravate your already unenviable position. So while you do not have time to get rid of this dark state to avoid any meetings with him adult dating and personals sites.
In addition, you now raging negative emotions on the surface of consciousness, that we must rein in and get rid of them. To achieve this, you need to start as soon as possible to forget it (level of consciousness), to free his head from him, from the old emotions and stereotypes, as long as your head (or rather, on the surface of consciousness) alone negative emotions. These negative emotions can not give you the possibility to operate normally, they destroy and you have to get rid of them. Any communication with him now will only worsen your situation, which is why you must first return its forces to get rid of the negative attitude to it. Otherwise, your relationship will once again be erected walls, not bridges. Positive emotions from it in any case remain, they are deep in the subconscious, so this account can be calm. It is only on surface emotions that overwhelmed you now and who do not give you normally live and act correctly. And now more than ever you need self-confidence in their abilities and spells, and a clear program of action. So while it is necessary to avoid any contact with him. You're just fixated on it and it is first necessary to destroy the state, replacing it life-affirming, joyful, fun and constructive. The only way you can then actually accomplish something! When you shall have former self, only then (not before!), You can take some steps to get closer to tying the new novel. For a start it should be only a fleeting, like a chance meeting on the street, or where he is, and he should just see you, and you should not look at him, to behave as if he had not noticed it. In his reaction, can you understand if a new romance. If he is indifferent, then nothing will ... If he shows interest, then you can safely develop relationships, build them a new place. But more about that in the next chapter ...
So the first thing to do is to increase their self-esteem and attractiveness to the previous or better to a higher level. It will take some time. Someone will be enough of the week, someone needs a month, and someone for six months. And this time, it is necessary to eliminate all contact with him.
How to do it? Russian proverb says: like cures like. That is a place in your head (on the surface of consciousness), occupied by negative thoughts, to be filled with something, and someone else , but with positive emotions. The only way you can improve self-esteem and gain a confidence to proceed.
Increase self-esteem
To improve self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves as a first step you have to constantly make one known exercise is to enhance the attractiveness, the so-called meditation on an imaginary partner.
As you well know, the attractiveness of an internal feature of your psyche. So think of it as a simple exercise like morning exercises, or washing, as dressing or brushing your teeth, just as the gymnastics of the mind. Maybe at first you have to make an effort, but gradually the more you practice, the more you will be easier. And soon you will easily be able to notice a positive change. Just execute it and will definitely see and feel the results adult dating and personals sites.
So the point of the exercise: to forget it, you have to think about somebody else, strange men. It is necessary to choose among unfamiliar men (maybe even just in the crowd) any man that something you liked, something caught your attention. And then in your mind begin to build love and all the other plans with it, to imagine how good you'd lived together. Try to have these fantasies were as bright. Everyone loves to fantasize. Fortunately, I'm sure you get it well as imagination and, in particular, love the fantasy of women is very well developed. Now, more than love experiences, favors, romance, sex, rough sex, and even the details of intimate relations, common interests, a quiet family life, children together - in general, more imagination and more pictures from the future life together with this stranger. If at this time you do something particularly successful, the next time it is necessary to further develop the same theme, the same fantasy. Come back again and again to the fact that especially in recent times succeeded. Any of experiences can be easy to learn. The brighter and more exciting to be a fantasy, the closer the desired result. If the man you know the minimum (to work on joint activities, at home, etc.), then these will be perfect his mental fantasies support actions aimed at him with a charming smile take it any favors, longer communicate with him and watch his reaction. In addition, start with interest to look around at the strange men. Do it all the time, everywhere - on the street, in public transport, in shops, at work ... When you go out into the street pay attention to the surrounding men. The longer you do it, the easier it will be to change. Minimum period, which is necessary to perform this exercise - one week, although it is possible someone will need and more. Exercise should be done constantly, when you have free time, at meals, in transport, in the street, in a shop ... The more and deeper will be fantasy, the faster the change.
If it is the former, he suddenly called, it's your first victory. BUT! While it is restrained him and not give him any promises. No meetings! No clarification. And if you were silly thoughts about revenge, then forget about them. For you are now is important only you yourself, think only about themselves, their mood, their internal energy. Now, you will first very easy to understand in your relationship and decide how to proceed.
At that tune?
It is good that the first exercise helps you to calm down a little, helps to forget him, to oust him from the immediate area of emotions. And, most importantly, increases in you the confidence and self-esteem. To further ease your mind this task should be carried out even the second exercise. Namely, to bet on another man, exclude the former from its list of potential suitors. In any case, your relationship will be different and it will also be different, so it is applicable to 100% regardless of how and with whom will develop your future life. It helps broaden their positive emotions , makes you internally self-sufficient woman. As a result, it helps not only easier to survive any outcome, and look at life with optimism and, in any case, to arrange his life with dignity in the future, and finally find happiness.
For this we need to rethink why and what you are all in love with him. Usually the girls in this state believe that they just can not fall in love with someone else. This is not true. Of course, it seems to those now and if you do not make an effort or exercise, it's a state of torpor can last a long time, sometimes many years ... naive those girls who are faithful and just waiting, who believe that it is for it when -nibud come back to her. This is the biggest mistake made by women. The fact is that by the way you were before, he definitely never come back !!! That you tell him exactly are no longer needed, it can be a maximum need another you that has experience, understand themselves, I realized the mistakes and learned to avoid them, who knows what can and should be sacrificed for the sake of his own happiness. But this is an entirely different woman ... And this other, you are a wise woman, and should be.
So, now you are still in a strong psychological dependence on it, which can be compared with drug addiction. In this state, a person screaming in pain and he does not care how to dose (loved back). That is why first we must get rid of this dependence - it prevents you act correctly. Do these exercises and the withdrawal will take place, you can completely "cured". And then you'll be able to breathe freely, and to assess the severity of the chains that dropped. Because the relationship - it is always a chain. To change yourself in the right direction should be calculated and configured on the fact that he will never come back, that from now on you will live without him. Ultimately, this will allow you to completely get rid of his addiction and has to start a new life with him or without him, you want to own. How to do it? Perform the second exercise.
The point of this exercise is to constantly get positive emotions. Previously, he was their source, and now it has to be something else, easily accessible to you. To achieve this, constantly told myself that now your main objective to deliver pleasure in life in all its minutiae - in food, in clothing, in cultural life, entertainment, etc. Buy yourself your favorite goodies, beautiful things to go relax somewhere you've always wanted, go to your favorite show or watch the movie in the movie that you want to see. So fill your life with joy, give in themselves in their little pleasures and do it every day! In general, we must not live in anticipation of his return, and to live for the sake of their own pleasures, to get pleasure from life. Is the joy and pleasure in all that surrounds you, fill every day of his life these little and big pleasures. All of this will also allow you to further enhance its appeal, you finally become emit fluids, which will pay attention to the surrounding men. You're sure to see it, feel and notice. And that will mean that this lesson you completed perfectly.
How to behave?
Now let's see how to deal with him if he had suddenly come back? What are the most common mistakes women make at the beginning of a new relationship with him?
First, we must clearly know and understand that now you had a previous negative emotions - allergy, total rejection, or even disgust. Even if now you will have a conversation, then in fact he will not even listen to you, skipping past the ears of your words. He is now on you to develop persistent negative reflexes like Pavlov's dogs, these reflexes apply absolutely everything that you once bound. Therefore it nothing should remind you of your past relationship. So, the biggest mistake is an attempt to resume relations with him just as it was in the beginning of your past relationship, as if they did not start well. Now all your past relationships, everything, even the most pleasant moments are tied to negative emotions, so they must be careful to forget would be a big mistake if you remind him of some of your past, even the most pleasant moments! All this will be his only irritate and aggravate the situation ... So, the first rule is: we must try to forget everything that was before and to avoid any hint of any events in the past, you have been through, no matter how happy they were not !!! We must avoid the old meeting places, places where you went together. It will be a big mistake if you arrange to meet in one of your previous favorite places, even if he himself is to offer! It will be a fatal mistake if you go to the favorite before cinema, theater or kontsentrny room. In general, everything that once bound you must have forgotten! While it will only irritate him at the subconscious level, unknowingly causing negative emotions adult dating and personals sites.
Secondly, we must learn to cope with the adverse reflexes elaborated on you, which will not be able to win the forehead. We must act more lenient roundabout way, it is necessary to change itself internally (as well change his image a bit, make-up, hairstyle, dress code, etc.) that he did not recognize in you that which I hated that you were able to deceive his old reflexes at you. When can you deceive him unconscious, only then you will have a chance to renew old relationships, even though they are not the same and will not be - they should definitely be more !!! Before you do something it is necessary to consider whether it is not like the old relationship. At first it will be difficult to have to control themselves and strain, but eventually develop into a habit, and it will all be obtained automatically, by itself, you're just not going to think about it. And it will be in fact a new novel with the same man. The only way to renew a relationship with him at the same or even higher level. You already know it well, remember their mistakes, who now have to be careful to avoid in a relationship with him.
In general, now in a relationship with him should be all different, all the details (or more accurately, especially in small things)! In fact, for him it must be a new romance with another woman. It all depends on how the roads for you this man and you're ready to go for their goals. It will be difficult, it will have to cross through their pride. Of course, if you're not ready for all this, it is better to forget about it and look for someone else, having regard to past mistakes to build a new relationship in the new location. adult dating and personals sites.

10 secrets of happiness
1 secret to true happiness - Power of Relationships.
My happiness is based on my attitude to life. I'm so happy, adult dating and sex how it is set up my mind. If I tune in to the best result of all the thicket, I will seek it!
Happiness - it's a choice that I can make at any moment and in any place, anywhere. You can find a point of view from which each experience will have a positive value. Starting from this moment, I'll look around and every something positive. In any difficult or stressful situation, you should ask yourself three questions:
1. What is remarkable in this situation? That it would be wonderful?
2. What is not yet complete?
3. What can I do to rectify the situation and enjoy the process?
Grain true happiness is gratitude. Unhappy or happy I do only my thoughts, not external circumstances. By controlling his thoughts, I run my happiness.
funny photo fun 2 secret of true happiness - body strength.
Movement effect on the senses. Exercise stress and make it easier to cause chemical reactions in the body, due to which we feel good. Engage regularly - if possible on a daily basis - at least for 30 minutes.
My feelings affect your posture. Cheerful body posture is happiness. The feeling of happiness you can consciously recall at any moment with the help of "anchor". Food affects how we feel. Avoid depressants, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, foods rich in sugar and artificial additives, and try to eat more fruits and vegetables, coarse grains and legumes adult dating and sex.
3 the secret of true happiness - Life Force in the moment.
Happiness lies not in years, months, weeks, or even in the days, but you can find it in every moment. We can extract the best out of your life only if we extract the best out of every moment. Memories are made of special moments - accumulate as many of these moments. Living in this moment of sorrow dissipates, overcomes anxiety and reduces stress. Remember that each new day is a new beginning, a new life.
4 the secret of true happiness - Strength representations of themselves.
They say that "man is what he thinks about himself." We are what oneself think. If I am dissatisfied with myself, that I am not happy, and his whole life. Therefore, in order to attain a happy life, you must learn to be happy with yourself. Each person is unique. He is a winner, because the chances of having this particular person is one to three hundred thousand billion. People are our mirrors, but it is distorting mirrors. To overcome the complexes and negative beliefs about themselves, to create a positive image of yourself, you must:
- Determine how any negative perceptions and whether they are valid (if they have grounds to be taken to change itself);
- Daily express yourself positive affirmations that kind of person you want to be;
- Behave as if you are, how would like to be;
- Ask yourself what do you like about yourself and what you are in yourself respected.
5 secret of true happiness - Power of the goal.
Goals give our lives meaning and content. If we have a goal, we focus on the achievement of pleasure, rather than getting rid of suffering. Goals are those is worth to climb out of bed in the morning. Goals make difficult times easier, and good times - even more enjoyable adult dating and sex.
Write down all your goals and read them:
As soon as the woke up in the morning;
From time to time during the day;
Just before going to bed.
6 secret of true happiness - Power of laughter.
Sense of humor eases stress and causes a feeling of happiness. Laughter enhances the ability to concentrate and increases the ability to solve problems. In any case it should be possible to find the funny side, unless they look for.
Instead of asking: "What is wrong with this situation?" Ask yourself, "What is it funny?" Or "What it would be funny?". More often refer to the "two-stage anti-stress formula": Do not worry about the little things. Remember that most of life consists of little things!
7 secret of true happiness - power of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to true happiness. You can not be happy if you still hate and resentment. Remember that on your offense does not suffer anybody but yourself. Mistakes and failures are life lessons. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.
8 the secret of true happiness - Strength ability to give.
Happiness can not be found in the possession and purchase something for yourself. It lies in the ability to give and help others. The more joy and happiness we bring to others, the greater the gain for yourself. Every day, you can create your own happiness, looking for ways to give it to others.
9 the secret of true happiness - Strength of relationships.
Quality of life depends on the quality of relationships with people. No one lives on a desert island. Everyone feels the need in others.
Close relationships make the good times even more enjoyable, and difficult times - more easily. Joy, which are divided - a double joy; problem, which are divided - half the problem. Treat each person as if he had not see him anymore adult dating and sex.
10 secret of true happiness - Power of Faith.
Faith is the foundation of true happiness. Without faith there can be lasting happiness. Faith is trust in people, calms the mind frees the soul from t doubt, anxiety, worry and fear. adult dating and sex.

Five Mistakes Single Women
If futile effort-consuming love you a bunch of mental strength, it may be time to rethink its approach to the search for true love adult dating and sex site. Here are five mistakes that single women in the process of dating and the initial phase of the relationship. If something sounds familiar - let's try to fix it! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the five most common mistakes single women. Can anyone of you know something more useful.
I'm not worthy of love
If you feel unworthy of love, and it will not be. Many women after a series of meetings and partings believe that they have something fatal, "nevlyublyaemoe."
They say phrases like "Who do I need to be? Clearly, I am doomed to loneliness. For me the crown of celibacy (bad luck, this is the fate of where to go)."
Of course, we are all worthy of love! What do you think? But if you are constantly telling myself about my share of evil and printing of loneliness on the forehead, the ratio begins to manifest itself in every word, every gesture and deed.
In these women betrays doom mixed with a timid hope and desire to do twice as much as the next fan to keep despite the evil spell. Result: we are working on relations cling wagons departing train, only to not be alone.
But if you start to convince himself to the contrary - "I'm so pretty (kind, clever, erudite, charming), I just doomed to a great love." Maybe we should try to auditory training, as did "the most charming and attractive" heroine Irina Muravyova?
To sweep away the defeatist thinking, start with a simple: Keep a journal. Following the example of Bridget Jones fyrchite men who splash out bad thoughts on paper and convince yourself of the irresistibility. Day after day, it will be given easier. Ask your family and friends to make lists of your positive qualities, and write them on the first page of the diary, to see them all the time adult dating and sex site.
Men are not the enemy. The enemies - your rivals
Try to stop seeing the enemy in men. Yes, the harsh truth of life is that good men much less than bad, mediocre, and so-so. But they stayed, and they can be found anywhere.
By some malicious law of nature pulls it to the women to the men, who tend not to respond to calls and sms-ki, say idiotic false excuses, only care about their peace of mind, a declaration of love, and then have sex with your best friend.
Such a feeling that women fall in love with them because of masochism. Sometimes, the reason must be sought in childhood: maybe your father was the soul of the company, but harsh and cold at home. You had to go all out to win his attention. When you grow up, you metaphorically continues to meet with "Daddy."
Believe me - life is rounded with a positive man, dull and predictable at first glance, may be deprived of extreme ups and downs, but is full of peace, care and warmth.
Do not take a man's freedom
Repeat the mantra: love - it does not lead. One 29-year-old Tonya, my friend, received a marriage proposal. It was her dream home life, in her fantasies, she and the groom were inseparable, and day and night.
But the young man turned out to be different views on family life. He was not ready to give up for the sake of Tony fishings preference and every week with friends, although it is believed that it is not necessary to spend free time on strangers. Her insecurities and the desire for the attention of the future spouse literally put under house arrest. Of course, his only desire was to break out of it.
As a result, Tonya and groom left. Summary: Even the happiest couples in need of space for growth. The more dynamic life they live - in terms of work, hobbies, friends - the more interesting it becomes for its second half adult dating and sex site.
Do not waste your energy on other men
Betrayal - it is always a betrayal, even if it happened in the imagination. It goes without saying that your partner is entitled to a relation to itself with respect and kindness. If he had told me about their problems, successes and failures in bed, joys and disappointments of a pretty blonde, colleagues at work, you would have liked?
Probably it sounds a little crazy, and yet: there is one person who is primarily entitled to your time and energy, and this man - your friend, husband, fiance. And if you spend your mental energy on another person, you are taking away energy from your relationship . It is your partner, not a co-worker has a right to hear about your first flight in a dream, intimate experiences and successful joke overheard in the subway.
Each has its own truth. Learn to look for compromises
If you constantly have to be right, this is wrong. Perhaps you think that you have a lot in common with one another. Both of you are economists, both like to play backgammon, tango and skiing. You may know some of PA's better than your partner, in addition know how to waltz and a little salsa.
This is not exactly what you also need to better understand the wines of machine oils and modern drama adult dating and sex site. The habit of the rightness of such diseases. Once distinguished, people want to be right in everything. Stop difficult, but possible. Sorry - this does not mean showing weakness. What to do, you need to love to give, and sometimes very much. adult dating and sex site.

Why women do not get married
This issue is relevant for women of all ages. Somehow, clever and beautiful very often can not marry, and women with inexpressive appearance and lose any hope at all adult dating free internet. We offer you the thirty major causes of failure in finding loved her future husband.
1. No luck. Sometimes it happens. But do not exaggerate. Chance of happiness is at all. The main thing - the desire to love and the ability to give love.
2. You too want to get married . His zeal you frighten potential Knights. Focus your thoughts on pleasant and interesting conversation with the men you're interested in, rather than at a wedding.
3. Have you given up on her hand, and men do not see you as a woman. Voluminous sweaters, shirts, dresses and suits, does not emphasize the female figure, reduce your chances of becoming the epitome of men's dreams .
4. low self-esteem. Urgently to the psychologist!
5. high self-esteem. You are confident and that's good, but you do not feel competitive, but it always helps to be in good shape and do not miss the happiness.
6. In the dreams of family life all the attention focused on your well-being or joyful scenes with the children, but do not see in this role for the welfare of the main character - her husband.
7. You do not perceive chosen as an interesting personality.
8. Are you afraid to speak to the elect of the wedding. If your relationship is stable, let him know about your desires.
9. You do not try to live interesting. You have nothing to interest and impress beau.
10. You may have forgotten that the main weapon of the woman - that's the beauty and tenderness.
11. You lead a secluded life and seldom communicate with men adult dating free internet.
12. You do not have the skills of friendly relations with men, or you do not possess the ability to flirt .
13. Do you hesitate to ask men for help, so take care of everything themselves. Let men feel strong and fit.
14. You do not show their joy at meeting with the elect, and rarely his praise. Man must accept communication with you as a reward and strive to prove that he is worthy of it. Men need to be appreciated.
15. Do you try to compete with the elect and prove his superiority in conversations and actions. Striving for excellence woman usually does not cause liking.
16. Do you often complain about life, and it pushes the interlocutors. Everyone loves a good and successful people.
17. You do not have time for personal life. Robot absorbs all your thoughts and leaves no time and effort on communication and attention to the chosen one.
18. Are you afraid to take risks and change the habitual way of life, if it is necessary to create a family.
19. Men "lower rank" are afraid of your social status, you dismiss their courtship.
20. You pre-configured to fail in your relationship with the elect.
21. You do not know how to look men in the eye, and this is one of the important elements for the achievement of mutual understanding and a reason to meet .
22. Are you afraid to be bright.
23. You go on projecting the bad experience of your parents or loved ones.
24. Someone has convinced you that you will never get married, and you believe him.
25. You make excessive demands on future husband.
26. You attract only married men or inveterate bachelor.
27. You avoid marriage, which is represented as the restriction of freedom. It's time to grow up and learn to build your relationship.
28. You have not decided on the main character, what should have your partner adult dating free internet.
29. Are you afraid to take the initiative in dating and relationships.
30. You have not met a single or already disappointed in all men. But everything changes ... adult dating free internet.

How to flirt?
Modern girls quite forgotten how to flirt.
We are committed to the ideal of a successful business woman trying to make a career in this complex man's world, and completely forget that the strength of women in weakness, adult dating free membership not in an effort to catch up with the man.
Compare a beautiful woman with a flower. No matter how beautiful flower, and draws its smell. And women - attracts them the ability to flirt and feminine behavior.
Would you like it if a man will behave like a woman, or a woman to dress ?
Another constant mistake of modern women is their easy accessibility. Girls should know about the undesirability of kisses on the first date. For an example, the conversation with the young man, the question whether you like it, if she would allow herself to kiss on the first date, he said that with a girl gets boring.
But back to flirting. Flirting - this is the best that can come up with a clever girl, he always works flawlessly on the guys.
1. It is important to learn how to make eyes, since the reaction is an integral part of the eye flirt. So, maintain eye contact with the person with whom you are flirting, at least for a few seconds and then smile and look away.
Then again bestowed upon the elect mysterious eyes and turn away. Repeat this uncomplicated operation twice within ten minutes. Man will understand that you're flirting with him, and making eye contact only emphasize the interest in his person adult dating free membership.
2. Smile - the disarming tool in flirting techniques. Psychologists and experts in body language agree that a smile - one of the most important things that make you attractive. Smiling and laughter are very important, it is the fastest and easiest way to get close to the man.
3. Keep his attention, that is, if we struck up a conversation between you, use our recommendations to keep the attention of your interlocutor. To start smile and maintain eye contact with the person. Listen carefully to what he says. What could be more enjoyable if you carefully listen to and admire you! Show that you're listening to - for example, nod your head.
4 .. Another effective technique flirting - a light touch: a hand to shoulder to the elbow, you can correct the slight movement of his tie or collar. 5. One of the most important moments of flirtation - the position of the head. Take a look at him over her shoulder. ... This asymmetry will attract attention, successfully will bend your neck while you maintain eye contact.
6. Start to smarten up, the girls look very attractive, without knowing when smooth hair or clothes, make-up corrected. Try to be tinted with a smile. Rock the head and dump the hair to one side - it is a classic move adult dating free membership.
7. Subconsciously both sexes are attracted scarlet wet lips because they symbolize youth and fertility. Some women prefer scarlet cherry or maroon lipstick. This will make your lips more brightly, and the teeth - whiter. 8. Put the foot on the leg, it is especially important for those who like high heels. Woman sitting "foot to foot" man appears very seductive, he subconsciously think that it is particularly long legs.
9. The final psychological advice: scientists noticed that people imitate each other if they are passionate companion - his voice, gestures, etc. Adjust a little under your chosen facial expressions. He leaned back - you, too, lean back, etc. If you have to adjust to the man, he begins to feel that you are very close to him. adult dating free membership.

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