To succeed in seducing the stronger sex ..
How to seduce a man? After all, seduction is an art yahoo personals online dating - like poetry or dance. The art of seduction is that the man must remain unfulfilled life, until you have mercy on him.
- Train your confidence. Change your hairstyle to a more stylish, buy some new belongings, Throw a few extra kilograms, but in the end, just remember what you're amazing. You have to like the man, before embarking on a more decisive action.
- Dissolve a pair of shocking gossip. For example, "Yes, I'm meeting with someone, but I can not talk about it. He was much older than me. " This invention makes the reality is much more interesting. Guys will definitely be intrigued.
- Use the right tone of voice. The ideal option would be a soft, slightly husky, sexy voice.
- Do not hesitate to wear clothing that reveals a reasonable number of your beautiful body. Believe me, men just want to see more.
- Be sure to learn how to dance. Beautiful dance - one of the most effective tools of seduction.
- Learn how to move like a model on the catwalk: easy, confident, always with perfect posture yahoo personals online dating.
- Do not rush things, until you're sure he's crush on you.
- Flirt with the object of your attention, but do not overdo it. Show me what it is you're interested in, gave him a seductive glance. When you talk with him, leaning, little so that he could look into the cut-out of your clothes. Let him know that you're proud of your body and do not mind a small demonstration.
- Bay of weak points of the object. If it is too much work, I assume that all the fun in his life passes; if he, on the contrary, party-goer, express the idea that a decent girl, he will not find, until you start earning decent.
- Forget about it for a while. Never show him all of me, probably he was afraid of the pressure. Alternatively, you can cancel one of your meetings by asking for forgiveness from the heart.
- Touch his arm, as if by chance. This certainly shows your interest in them.
- Break the physical barriers between you - offered to make him a massage, resting her head on his shoulder. If he is too shy, leave it for a while, and come to powder nose, let himself think out possible scenarios.
- To get close to him. Talk, give to understand that you like him. Guys just like girls like to hear about yourself a nice compliment . If he is not very athletic figure, tell me what you like his body; if it is not too smart, in good time, praise his mind. To convince him that you are well with it. In the end, just listen to the man with keen interest.
- To establish eye contact with him. Eyes - mirror of the soul, let me see what you want to get into his soul. If successful, eye contact, talk to him about all sorts of simple things - the weather, cinema, restaurant. Use short, yahoo personals online dating clear words.
- Make it so that he is sure you potseloval.- only you decide whether to output relationship to a new level. If it is clear that you are for him just another win, tell him so, and then go away. You'll see, he's in love with you. If you realize that you really are not indifferent to him, Be of good cheer!
Useful tips:
Seduction , primarily affects the mind. This art fall in love with a man against his will. If he cared about right to you, the seduction of this situation is not considered. Seduction does not always end up in bed, remember that. Sometimes in your path can get his job, girlfriend or wife. In this case better to reduce the number of meetings.
Seducing a man whom you do not like - is the best way to develop your sex appeal. Studies have shown that people, social withdrawal from the public (including those who will not start new relationships), posture worse traits least proportional, appears overweight and lost all confidence.
Wear clothing that accentuates your sexuality. Add spice to your neckline the right underwear , learn to apply makeup, do not be shy to show skin. Man pays much less attention than he gives you. If he does not notice you, yahoo personals online dating do unto him as well. However, if your eyes met, never taking his eyes first. This will add a seduction effect.
Do not be afraid to show his real weakness, ignore him for a while, if it definitely crush on you. This is only heighten interest. You should look for 50-100% feminine. If you have small breasts and you do not consider yourself particularly attractive - wear a dress that open a lot of leather, skillfully uses makeup and her hair down (such as Maria Sharapova). If you have the nature of good looks, you can make a short cut and use the minimum of cosmetics (such as Halle Berry).
Use a light odor. Take a bath with aromatic oils. Use of this cream flavor. Forty-five minutes before the meeting Spray a little toilet water all the same flavor in front of him and stepped forward. You should not abuse the smells, or your friend will flee. Candles and soft music create the ideal atmosphere for seduction. Subdued light smoothes wrinkles, gives skin a wonderful shade. In addition to the candles can come in handy lamp with dimmable light. In the dim light you will become the embodiment of his dreams.
Do not agree with everything he says. Please take into consideration their views and be sure to participate in a conversation.
Explore a variety of scents to find out which suits you best.
Keep in mind:
Not all men can be seduced. It is self-confident and happy in their current relationship, yahoo personals online dating they are resistant to seduction.
You will need:
- Confidence,
- Willingness to hide part of the truth to the desired effect,
- The ability to listen to the interlocutor. yahoo personals online dating.

Men are turned on by women silhouette, wags her hips
What is the weaker sex hit men on the spot? It would seem that the answer is obvious: pretty face, magnificent bust, round buttocks and long legs. However, researchers who study women like guinea pigs, 100 absolutely free russian dating personals according to this arsenal of secondary importance.
Where a greater impact in their opinion, have not the details, and silhouette. And the way a woman presents herself. That leaves the hope to please men those who cheated on the nature appetizing forms.
Where is the sexiest part of the body
- Few people would call waist sexiest part of the body - says Professor Devendra Singh of the University of Texas. - But in fact it was she attracted men first.
The professor came to this surprising conclusion after analyzing the world literature for centuries - 345 thousand works of different authors. They convinced: the only feature that makes the generations flutter of the heart, 100 absolutely free russian dating personals was a slender, that is thin waist. Instead of breasts, thighs, buttocks separately.
- A man in love generally sees only the ratio of waist and hips - explains Singh - other parts hardly notices. Quickly finds the beloved silhouette of dozens of others. At the same time the brain reacts to it even more actively than on the face.
The role of female silhouette in men's perception of scientists tested experimentally: a few dozen men sat at the computer and gave them the opportunity to "correct" appears on the monitor female figures to the most attractive from their point of view. Relatively thin waist prevailed in almost all the "final" version. And their average size was approximately 70 percent of the width of the hips and 75 percent by volume of the chest. Thus, the professor once again dispelled the myth of the attractiveness of skinny fashion models - "hangers," as they are sometimes called by the people. Men, it appears, are susceptible to other forms.
- Many modern women pace yourself diets to lose weight - says Singh 100 absolutely free russian dating personals - but whether they acquire the right body shape? Maybe we should go back to the fashion of the Victorian era, when the ladies corsets preferred diets?
The eyes look!
Standing, suppose two women. In one - a charming figure, but not very attractive face. The other - on the contrary. What kind of a man will choose? Most first. What everyday level confirms the findings of scientists about the magical effect of seductive forms. But it turns out, and the second can improve their chances, knowing little secrets. Such a discovery British scientists have come.
Dr. Knut Kampe from the University of London advises ladies to attend a face - though not the main, but their very effective weapon. Let not so much, but it still excites the male brain the same areas as the figure - an area called the ventral striatum, from which emanate a sense of joy and satisfaction.
At the request of the scientist volunteers viewed photos of women by exposing them to the beauty of the assessment. We assessed on the basis not only of the traditional ideas, but also on the "inner charm."
That's what it turned out: they liked the person really excited ventral striatum. But under one condition - if the person in the portrait looked directly at the subject, creating the illusion of a contact.
Conclusion: if you want to please - look in the eyes of the victim. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen recommended while still smiling.
How to use the waist?
Dr. Kerry Johnson of New York University and Dr. Louis Tassinari University of Texas assured: Ladies "hourglass" may enhance the damaging effects, and the owner is not the slimmest waists 100 absolutely free russian dating personals - to compensate for their disadvantage. Small enough tricks you can master any.
- The main thing - to show himself - he says, and explains that the figure should make smooth movements hips. That is wagging them with the maximum possible amplitude.
The experimenters asked subjects to rate the attractiveness of a woman walking, animated images which they showed. A picture showed only shadows - silhouettes. It turned out that the highest grade awarded figures who wagged his hips vigorously. And the same, but "modest" in the beautiful gait volunteers are not considered.
For someone to be? Dr. Johnson brings vivid examples of curvaceous women with a seductive gait - Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez and singer Beyonce Knowles.
Smiles can be distributed to the right and to the left. And be sure to try to get them. Tests have shown that our perception influences the amount of attention that people receive. Men, for example, called the women more attractive when they were shown images on which these women smiling ... other men.
- Browsing, say, at the bar or doing fitness in the gym, it makes sense to be nice to everyone - said study author Ben Jones - because if you smile around, it makes you more attractive.
A "finishes" the victim of seduction laugh. Allan proved flight from Stanford University in California, 100 absolutely free russian dating personals you can seduce a woman wit, and man - laughing at his jokes.
- Men prefer women who they seem to be witty - he says. And refers to all the same ventral striatum, which is excited by the female species of fun.
The woman - a drug?
Interestingly, but equally amenable to appeal, smiles and laughter part of the brain is also responsible for our addictions. For example, alcohol or gambling. Therefore, the weaker sex acts like a drug. And very quickly - in a matter of seconds. Silhouette, gait, face, look back, smile ... And the guy is ready. Drugged.
- The effectiveness of this process provides a special neural network, which was formed in the distant past - says Dr. Kampe. - In other words, our brains are tuned to perceive the beauty and react to it. As a result, come in a very specific condition.
- Evolutionary sense appeal was and is that it indicates strength, health and fertility - agrees Singh. - In the old days, a specific reaction helped quickly establish appropriate communication in the community of their own kind, facilitate the right choice.
Now, scientists believe, the appeal is valid all the same - on a subconscious level awakens instincts, activates the "old" part of the brain.
Our ancestors did not know absolutely that thin waist indicates elevated levels in the body, "feminine" sex hormone estrogen, reducing the thickness of abdominal fat, gives the silhouette of an hourglass shape, and face - good looks and sexuality. But "sensed" it. And most modern men do not know. But to respond.
A brief history of the beautiful popy.Popa, in contrast with that waist look thin and attractive, has come a long evolutionary path. And now the only remaining part of the female body, which can be changed for the better non-surgical and natural way. At least so says Dennis Bramble of the University of Utah and Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University, will inform the public about his discovery in the scientific journal Nature.
With low start.
Ape-like human ancestors once sat on the trees, and if it came down occasionally, something crawling on all fours. As babies or Mowgli. But about 6 million years ago, they climbed a long time, stood on two legs and went - almost vertically, only occasionally helping himself still long arms. It was then that began the evolution of the priests. After that there was in this place before, appeared of little use to move "on foot." And it is really unattractive.
- Look at the monkey - says Dr. Bramble. - Do Well in her ass? One name - buttocks at all. So they have developed, it is necessary to use only two legs. But it is not enough just to walk, it is necessary to run.
Running monkey turned into a harmonious and attractive woman with a thin waist - make the sensational findings of scientists. And clarify: long-distance running.
The scientists examined the fossils on which traces of muscles and tendons, and identified: our ancestors ran about 2 million years ago. Which led to the whole future evolution. Not only glyuteusa as scientifically called the priest specialists anatomy.
- A woman shortened arms and legs, on the contrary, lengthened. The pelvis and buttock muscles have increased - says Daniel Lieberman. - They had to develop in order to maintain balance while running, when the body leans forward. After running - is the process of "controlled falling." That priest in nature and became its control markedly and garnish with the woman herself. She appeared waist, which visually becomes thinner as the development of the pelvis and the inherent muscle.
Run yourself, then will run for vamiPonyatno why blacks tend to have outstanding priests 100 absolutely free russian dating personals - after all civilization originated in Africa. Run, and so, and develop the appropriate place there began earlier. Blacks and now run better than others.
Alas, now the evolution of the priests stopped. And it threatens to turn back the clock. At least for those who no attempt to resist - use the place created by nature solely for racing, not on purpose. Basically sit. It should be run. As well as swimming, squat and stoop to become beautiful in the eyes of men and not to spoil the plane monkey priests look future generations. A complex developmental buttocks exercises easily and readily pick up the instructors of fitness centers. 100 absolutely free russian dating personals.

Spa, jacuzzi, sex
During a special investigation experts Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the Negev tried to determine whether sex motivating factor for a leisure trip, and whether it affects in the pleasure that women get from these trips, 100 completely free personals dating online and tried to compare sexual behavior and women on holiday homes .
To explore this sensitive issue has been selected 21 women from different socio-economic strata of society. 11 of them were a little older than 20 years, the rest - 30 and some were older than 50 years.
The findings suggest that sex is an important factor for women considered this or that tourist trip successful or not. In some cases, love joy is one of the most important elements and motivating factor for the rest, and that means vacation combined with relaxation is characterized as a normal holiday, ideal for sex, that vacation is perceived by many as an opportunity to develop their sexual relationship in a new, tranquil surroundings.
A vacation abroad gives you the opportunity to have casual relationships in an unfamiliar environment, while such relationships may damage the reputation of a woman, if such occurred at home. According to the study, rest, combined with relaxation, there is no need to run a lot to explore a variety of attractions characterized by study participants as a regular holiday, perfect for sex 100 completely free personals dating online.
If you do not have enough money for unforeseen expenses, you might be interested in instant loan online map without giving the same day. The respondents stated that good when this sex while on vacation a lot. One participant described it as a break from everyday life, to enjoy each other. Spa, jacuzzi, champagne, relaxing atmosphere and romance - everything revolves around sex.
In contrast to such a pastime trip with a backpack study participants described as an opportunity to have a casual affair in a foreign environment. In such cases, the number of sexual partners increases, and the quality can be even neglected due to the limited acquaintance with these partners.
These women are called adventure travel that can not be repeated at home. In this case, the men act as sexual objects. When the ladies were asked how they relate to casual partners, they replied that "this is a man for one night, which totally desirable to meet the next day."
A similar phenomenon - a certain part of the ritual that accompanies tourism. Just as tourists feel the need to visit museums and other attractions in the cities where they are, even if they have no real desire to do so, just, 100 completely free personals dating online and sex is sometimes perceived as something mandatory.
On the other hand, business trips as possible to establish in the course of the study, it is unacceptable for sexual activity because they are not perceived as free time, which enables pokuvyrkatsya in bed in an unfamiliar environment. Interviewees explained that sexual permissiveness is impossible when you are in the company of their colleagues. 100 completely free personals dating online.

How to attract the attention of a man at a party?
A study conducted by American scientists, 100 dating and sex personals may help many women find their way to a man's heart and become more attractive to the opposite sex.
The findings of US researchers are quite optimistic: that is always the center of attention of men, you will need only a few drops of perfume ... a "secret supplement" of pheromones (pheromones - natural chemicals in odor irresistible force on men and women, bringing them together to friend). As you can see, like the man it is quite simple.
A team of scientists from the State University of San Francisco found that women whose spirits have been added to synthetic pheromones, enjoyed extraordinary success in men. Within 14 weeks of experts conducted their research on 36 and women were divided into two groups: the first group of participants perfume was added to the pheromone, the other half of the participants of the experiment was limited only to the spirits.
About 75% of women in the first group some time after the beginning of the experiment told the scientists that did not expect such attention to the person of men. Number of invitations to dating is clearly increased 100 dating and sex personals!
Professor Norma McCoy of the University explained that the smell of perfume with the addition of a pheromone can not be distinguished from the usual spirits. Perhaps the best way to test the effect of party suitable for dating and flirting. After all, this is where people deliberately set a romantic mood.
"Neither men nor women will suffer from the use of pheromones." 100 dating and sex personals.

Stockings, classics will always be
The current generation of women wearing trousers so carried away that there is a real possibility of extinction as a species stocking women's clothing. Undoubtedly pants do not create the problems that pantyhose, 100 dating free internet personals although men in the place of women prefer to wear stockings, precisely because of the existence of these inconveniences. Creating modern pants for women, fashion designers can not distance themselves from the belief that women's feet should be underlined zero fit. But this is the same tights, only more dense material. Of course, jeans difficult to break; in torn jeans are not ashamed to appear in public; 100% cotton is much more hygienic than 100% nylon, not to mention the difference in the thermal balance of the skin, covered with nylon stockings.
But the more we see women on the street wearing pants, the more our eyes looking legs in stockings. Moreover, a trained eye can not distinguish the number of men exposed to contemplate legs for it is usually important fact - there are stockings or not. There was even a point of view, a woman assesses the extent of its disregard for the stockings. If a woman wears pants, but underneath, you can see at least a small piece of nylon, it is not classified as completely lost. But if her mini skirt or shorts and bare feet - as if to say to her? And indeed, if the female attractiveness is formed in the consciousness of women on the basis of her own created images, it is better not to have anything to do with it, especially for a man who is a classically feminine. So ... a little essay on the stockings. Transparent stockings. Option maximum enjoyment. The feeling of touching the feet of nylon, and also gives a hand to this particular version of a classic women's clothing. Wearing these stockings in combination with any clothes on top gives a constant tactile sensation 100 dating free internet personals. Combining with silk combination is capable of a swoon. It is advisable to use garter belt with six. Several limits movement, which, incidentally, gives the owner extra fun reminder of its presence on its feet. Also, this type of stocking is optimal for sex, and do not blush here - do not you want to make your partner pleased?
Stockings with lace. Nylon stockings with elastic silicone-based as a rule does not require the use of belts, but do not exclude it. For many women, the use of waist while wearing a stocking is a prerequisite for comfort and pleasure. Usually these contain impurities Lycra stockings or elastic that allows you to create more tension on the leg and as a result get more sensations from contact nylon and leather legs. Do not get involved using smaller to achieve the effect of a strong tension because the material can not sustain and burst near the heel or the big toe. It should use the table sizes on the reverse side of the package and possibly follow it. It must be remembered that not all companies produce large sizes (4) and XXL. Women believe stockings with silicone rubber band is very attractive. Their modern look combines both modern and classic at the same time.
Black nylon stockings - a sign giperzhenstvennosti. Visual perception of black nylon stockings so peculiar that assigns women to present non-existent traits. Which every man decides for himself. Seeing a woman, a man begins to hate a moment the fate of the fact that he was not born a woman.
Stockings - a subject which occupies the main place among the objects of fetish - something quite peculiar and contradictory. Woman in stockings is always a compliment men .A is the strangest thing of the twentieth century. The nature of this strangeness and stems from the fact that the stockings are made as of two parts: visible and invisible. Contemplating stockings female legs man completely automatically extrapolates it to its full length. Well, the top, the invisible part located as close to the desired place of women, consider the aspect of sexuality stockings is simply impossible. As one of the varieties of clothing stockings perhaps the most pointless. In narrow climate under which they can be comfortably used, they are not needed. Nevertheless, those women who believe they make a point of carrying can not and do not want to do without them. Why is that? And because women are actually transparent nylon stockings - a language, 100 dating free internet personals a means of communication and expression. Wearing a stocking woman creates some inconvenience and some limits its freedom. If the woman still makes a choice in favor of a stocking, this means that it selects those advantages that are unattainable by other methods. The first and most important advantage - it is certainly a beauty. Nothing short of a nylon stocking can not make a woman's foot perfect. With them, a woman can adjust the color of the skin, hide small defects, change the shape of the feet. Black nylon having different transparency depending on the angle of view of a woman capable of so romanticized that it will turn either angel or devil. The gray or greenish haze creates a feeling of weightlessness. This woman seemed to hover above the ground. Capron female legs sets the distance to her companion, or specifies the rules for her partner. All US companies wearing stockings for women is compulsory and neglect of this rule may cause more damage to us than unnecessary risk in transactions.
Stockings with a pattern or fishnet stockings is just not quite successful attempt tardy manufacturers squeeze a crowded market. Slight exception can be stated only for very simple drawings at the bottom of his feet. Magnetism attractive look is achieved by other means and does not require additional ornament on the woman's leg. Usually fishnet stockings attract attention only by its lurid. Fine mesh is used in cases when it is necessary to shade the structure of the feet and keep its thermal Ballance simultaneously. The only figure that has survived all the centuries-old history of women's stockings - a seam. Stockings with seam - a completely independent branch of the evolution of women's self-esteem. It's really a fetish. But the fetish with a capital letter. 100 dating free internet personals.

Female Orgasm: A Guide for Men
Unfortunately for the fair sex, the problem - a purely female, male nature made a truly royal gift absolute adult dating service - experience is not able to discharge only one of two thousand men.
Women do not want to put up with this situation and, using the latest achievements of medicine and psychology, begin a furious race for a full orgasm (this very magic word comes from the Greek "authorities", which means "fits").
Even the ancient doctors tried to treat anorgasmia. Moreover, the doctors then believed that the woman's illness is the cause of the other, much more dangerous for the body diseases: cholera, plague, measles, etc.
Nowadays, doctors from different countries are paying close attention to the issue of female orgasm. Excellent results achieved Elaine Kaplan, a therapist from the United States.
She has developed a method that contains the elements of the training, psychoanalysis, suggestion and therapeutic care. In the clinic of Dr. Kaplan were treated thousands of women, and the success rate reached incredible numbers. Of the one hundred patients referred to the clinic and ninety - six or seven sessions - began to experience persistent orgasm absolute adult dating service.
"Today's development of medicine - says Helen - lets help women consistently reach the top of bliss."
By the way, happy patient of Dr. Kaplan subsequently substantially improved their financial and social status. Eighty percent of single women arrange their personal lives and find a permanent mate. So Helen says: "The woman fixes her emotions at a constant partner gets used to it. The resulting intimacy, harmony in relationships, understanding stimulate the arrival of the female orgasm."
Here are the things that a man needs to know in order to facilitate partner the way to the cherished top of the world:
1. Every woman goes to the peak of pleasure on his way. For some, it - clitoral stimulation, others - vaginal, third - caress the most sensitive erogenous zones, for the fourth - a complex of the above actions. Do not neglect the mechanical means to achieve the objective light. A wide range of vibrators, artificial genitals, various sex toys makes it easier to bring a lady to the top.
2. Gentle and considerate partner must be a staunch ally and supporter of women in achieving detente. There are no little things: important and the environment in which the pair engaged in amorous pastimes, and lighting, and background music, and good physical condition partner (they are fresh and ready for the marathon race for orgasm), and a sense of mutual trust, tenderness, warmth.
3. The partner must be clearly understood that gets a woman more likely, in a prelude to use all their skills to best prepare partner to the act of intimacy, and in the course of it, in consultation with the partner, use a pleasant area of stimulation for her absolute adult dating service.
4. It should be clear that all orgasms are different. They can be compared with the effect of alcohol on the body. One lady slowly savoring a drink, stretches it, while others prefer to have a drink in one gulp valiant. Orgasm can be like a bright flash in the night with tears, convulsions, screaming, moaning, and may resemble a long iridescent glow.
Approximately ten percent of women orgazmiruet able to experience multiple orgasms (referred to as "cartoons" or "Toon"). This type of women's particular desire for a real man. How nice if the account is in a love battle will be like in the match Argentina - Jamaica: five - zero in favor of women.
5. Frequently puritanical upbringing, moral standards, the natural stiffness of the role played by the guards, do not let a woman to the coveted top. The task of man - to neutralize these silly security. Here, all means are good: alcohol (in moderation), music (exciting and sexy), words (shall communicate to euphoria), smell (eg, cologne "animal passions" or Indian sticks, exuding the combustion of tart flavor).
We must remember that the sexual act - not a set of some mechanical actions and movements of bodies, absolute adult dating service but a certain reference point in your relationship, you begin a new phase of mutual respect, trust and love.
This man sees the female orgasm as a wonderful reward and should be aware that the achievement of sweet discharge significantly affects the mental and physical health of a fine half.
Orgazmiruet women smile more often, less hysterical, less likely to use sleeping pills and sedatives. They are more looseness, self-sufficient, witty, moving quickly through the ranks and are less likely to change partners and sexual infidelity.
Studies have shown that their chances of getting married at thirty percent higher than that of women who did not reach the peak of bliss.
Dear men! Helping women to become happy! absolute adult dating service.

About flirting
In fact, flirting - it's certainly sexually tinged behavior (that is the difference between the sexes painted!), But do not necessarily lead to sexual intercourse. Moreover, absolutely free adult dating and sex even this: "Flirting is, sexualized behavior, sexual intercourse is NOT LEADING AT ALL." That is - the essence and the root of all errors in flirting. And - this is the question of "honest and dishonest flirting", which we will discuss below, in the "concrete examples".
If we are to continue in terms of definitions, the sexually tinged behavior, sexual intercourse, and even gradually leading him precisely directed (at least on one side), called Prelude. I understand that until now this word seems to be understood by their mutual love action, performs in bed partners are configured to have sex; but it is so to speak - "Prelude last degree." But flirting - it does not lead to the bed. And in fact, if you like, its charm.
Before saying that a person is often sex - in the sense of sexual intercourse and its accompanying prelude - not so much a way of reproduction as the pleasure center operation (in order to get any pleasure, not necessarily sexual). Flirting is - this is a more sophisticated way to have fun: with the help of operating the same mechanisms, but without sex at all! And for many, it is flirting valuable: to produce a certain stroke without additional social and psychological problems (not to mention sexually transmitted diseases :)) (By the way: it is very often the problem of impotence and frigidity due to the fact that people use the sexual process where it requires a completely different feeling. And so physiologically by itself it does not need sexual intercourse - is his physiology and "refusing to obey him absolutely free adult dating and sex ...")
If we briefly about the essence of flirting, he has two main functions - hedonistic and communicative (that is fun and socializing). That is why flirting is an excellent tool, where you need to implement these functions, but does not want sex as a physiological process.
Of course, if you want an intimate first discharge, then you deal with flirtation clearly shown - at least for as long as you are sexually tense ... You can still say that there is flirting behavior in which with the help of sexy painted (again, read "taking into account the sex differences "!) moments behavior can get some" non-sexual dividend "- from psychological to physical.
Here, for example, a man and a woman in the process - anywhere in the store, at the crossroads at the traffic lights, in the company, etc. - "Build each other eyes", and mutual. So he and she "for himself noted," today, therefore, look at least good, and do not last copies of your gender, if they can, in principle, interested in the opposite sex. And everyone then went about their business, taking with it a "psychological stroking" of which could eventually emerge and some not very low self-esteem ...
These are the minimum dividend of flirting, but probably not miserable: it is often precisely because of self-esteem which many people just do not rush ... But if our modern Russian for "immediate habit" immediately climb "to continue a close acquaintance," I mean dramatically go from flirting to foreplay - you can easily get "light It failed." And self-esteem, respectively, "bring down absolutely free adult dating and sex".
So it turns out that the good flirting and that in itself, if you stick to the rules of its real, not intended frustration due to failure - because in the process of flirting is not actually received any "suggestions": here is more valuable the process ... and the risk of getting "in the face, with a" minimum - of course, if all the "terms and conditions of an intelligent flirtation", which just below.
Another aspect of flirting, which I wrote in a story about love - is "behavioral training". If you had to watch the game little kittens or puppies, then surely you've noticed how one of the kids' run against sexual position "on another, but obviously, that here there is no" real harassment "- zveryata teach, the same" love games "that as a prelude. Similarly, flirting is often similar training and for the people. Very often, such a light sauce flirt much easier to pass the first phase of dating. That system "escaped, could not - would not hurt!"
Finally, with the help of flirting can receive dividends completely nonsexual. And as if in passing. And the party that will give you those dividends can get from this pleasure ... Here's an example: A married couple bought "to carry out its business activities" Hardware. Husband - frank "zhelezyachnik" wife - Accountant "family business." When you purchase required to receive certain forms of financial documents (though not every firm-seller is eager to write them out and trying to find a lot of formal causes and clues in order not to do so). We sell and buy decorations for the same two members: a young man - Sales directly to a computer and a girl - to prescribe those same financial papers. A couple of customers distributed like the most that neither is a stupid way: a woman of the village to the young man to pick up the goods at a price, and the man approached the girl-secretary, to ask to write documents. The conversation was like a completely "innocent" in terms of sex-role behavior and sexual without the expressed markers with one, as they say, "light jokes and rhymes." However, sellers are increasingly "going to meet buyers". Some goods are temporarily absent consultant "brought from the warehouse", made a set of goods small discount, and the secretary has written all the financial papers. The fact is that at the end of the working (and stifling summer) day a young man was obviously pleased to talk with a smiling female shopper, which he could build his eyes, to which she did not mind. A girl for the same reason, it is much more pleasant if in anticipation of the moment of registration it will entertain intelligent jokes polite imposing man absolutely free adult dating and sex.
I mean, our customers are openly played on the sexual behavior, even more - the fact the "single center of pleasure", which tied and sexual markers too. And then everything was so unobtrusive that sellers are likely not even noted in their minds that they were given the opportunity to engage in flirting - it just was somehow nice to talk with such charming people (but the buyers themselves are not relaxed and well, let gradually, they were required line). The apotheosis of this flirtation was when a young man prepared for all items chosen woman, and she has to make out the purchase of paper. Then the buyer handed the paper to his wife, and the husband shopper - boxes with "iron". And both said almost in unison with each other one word: "Check?" Sellers slightly stretched face :) They could not understand why this strange couple throughout the buying process "frankly not engaged in the business" ...
This is - a kind of aerobatics flirting. And are not even in the "material benefit" and that the contractors did not even notice this flirtation ... It is clear that for such a need, firstly, to find this couple, "customers" was the maximum "played" and water Second, each of the "top line flirting" could "see the surrounding reality and relate to his conduct." Because "overdose" one of them "brightness" of his flirtation - the counterparty could react negatively and dramatically: from "you ogle me, I'm at work" to their own internal negative feelings (say, "I'm not against your sexualized behavior, but this pressure on me is not necessary "). And instead of a positive effect - a return. I mean sharply negative ...
So the main rule of flirting - flirting is successful and safe, where society in principle "intellectually civilized." And where a particular person is able to lead a fine, sometimes almost diplomacy "game" can really see what's going on in particular, "handle" the behavior and mood of "partner Flirt" and "regulate" in accordance with the their behavior.
Generally, in the process of literacy flirt important and valuable not so much splashing and protrusion of their sexual energy as its dosing! Again, you can feast on a sweet cake slice, savoring it, and you can get this cake all at once - for example, if you throw it in the face cake. Then he will turn to pleasure of a nuisance. Similarly, your "partner interview" can take your dosage and undosed "courtship" ...
And, of course, again, it is important to remember that "flirting sex does not and need not for that." If you want, good ending flirting - a phrase such as "I'll see you soon," "Call definitely" or "Come and see us again!" Incidentally, the last sentence is often said sellers in the store. And there is nothing strange flirtation (or rather its components) used in full and in business and in politics. You think - in the phrase "come to us yet," hidden unconscious powerful hook: you like, you want to see more. In general, YOU WANT. In very many it touches the unconscious is sexual (especially in the unconscious everything is already chaotic mixed), and if you say it is pretty representative of the opposite sex ... In the end, there is nothing reprehensible in this business flirting. Why not "pull a person for some of his instincts," If he will be pleased, and then he will make you enjoy, besides, you will not get any previously mentioned socio-physiological linings and most importantly - do it properly? Not only that - a man in a business conversation can subtly flirt with male partners. Similarly, the seller, a woman can be as subtly flirt with female buyers. But it is already flirting at the diplomatic level :).
In general, any flirting (not only business) is inherently closer to rhetoric than to erotica! Unfortunately, some women take for flirting "normal attitude to them" - that is to say like common courtesy. Here the trouble is that we do it is not a "normal relationship to the woman," and a woman, in respect of which these things are manifested, can easily make the wrong conclusion of "He loves me!" (Which I do not often written). Therefore, it turns out, these women flirt with danger at all :) also obliged to note that in our society (with its notorious psychological illiteracy, as well as the effects of a long "cultivation" is one group of motivations) flirting with really serious problems.
By the way, one of the conditions for successful and safe flirtation - the absence of "stakeholders" own internal sexual tension, sexual problems. In other words, flirting - it is such a "dessert", who even does not aim to satisfy: for example, to eat, to add more fun. Now imagine that this light dessert, and a small portion, suggest a man who is hungry. He at least be annoyed: "That's it? A meat, HOW? !!!", And then pounce on the dessert and I'm sorry, eats without feeling the subtleties of taste. And will wonder if he will admonished for such behavior ...
Or another similar comparison: one can say that flirting - it's a buffet. A sort of a diplomatic reception (in the sense - collecting guests), which convened more in order to solve some other problems of mutual relations and business partnerships, rather than simply "to get drunk". Treating it is usually delicious, but in a purely symbolic doses. And a senior receive, among other things, not accepted to come hungry.
... And yet, alas, I do not just have to say that flirting woman have a very at risk of being raped. It is because some men - on the one hand, directly, impulsive, on the other hand - "pervogruppno-straight" with a third party, the sexual tension because of their own problems - often behave exactly according to the principle "hinted - to give !!! " And when a woman will fight and even calls for help will swear: "Here dinamistka!" Where's dinamistka? She did not offer you anything ...
Similarly, the sexual tension woman having also negative "first experience" (at least by the same infamous psychological illiteracy, both your own and partner), will take her flirtation with a man or as a potential rapist or both mocker. And either frightened or offended ...
And if it is to transfer the problem of "Russian flirtation", it turns out the following: - Flirt often unfairly perceived as the beginning of "a closer and deeper relationship" or invitation to them; - Often flirting fit in completely unrelated to his templates (the most famous - that flirting confused with a prelude and it seemed to lead to sex); - One of the problems in flirting psychologically uneducated society is that participants can actually "play by different rules" and therefore instead of exchanging strokes turns sharing the disappointments, and this is in the best case; - Finally, it is often in our society, with the binary thinking (on a "good-bad", "black and white", and the like, without any nuances and semitones), and double standards, actors flirt are seen as rivals - when this opponent have something to take away, something to make him do it, and so on - In general, continuous destruction and violence.
But "this competent flirting" participants - not rivals or enemies! They are more of a "sparring partners". And though each of them helps the other "train" before entering the "main competition," but in fact they are - the staff. And even more so: often a person engaged in, for example, ballroom dancing, is advertising: "It takes a partner to practice." That is a partner not only to prepare for the competition, and how many more to assist in the implementation of some steam function, in which both will enjoy (for one dancer in ballroom dancing doing things you love can not). That is perhaps in this respect, a partnership of flirting closest to its essence and objectives absolutely free adult dating and sex.
But it is not any sexually tinged behavior is flirting (respectively, not every can and should respond response flirting). Eric Berne, author of the book "Games People Play", there is mention of a woman who is sitting at his desk in the office, almost dumped on the table, excuse me, her breasts in a deep neckline. And then are surprised and offended, why all the men around her stick :) It's behavior - no not flirting, but just, sorry, lack of intelligence - at least, the very lack of skills to assess their behavior in relation to reality ...
More about "flirting and sex." Of course, no one says that the participants should certainly flirting at the end of communication to disperse in different directions - but then again, you need to clearly mark themselves when the situation becomes flirting foreplay or in "Dinamo". Here, let's finally about the game "Dynamo".
Yes, flirt and "Dynamo" - still different things. In some cases, you can tell at a stretch, that flirting is "Dinamo very first degree." After all, the "Dynamo" (at least as he describes in his book, Eric Berne) in any case involves luring and denial (of the first degree - a soft rejection of the second degree - tough third degree - criminalized :)). And of flirting, as we have said, will not entice, and no such offer, and therefore the refusal itself is actually not. So it really want to relate flirting with "Dinamo", I can offer the following definition: flirting is "Dinamo degree zero." Yes, of course, if one side is "assumed a eyes", while others simply did not notice or did not wish to answer - it happens. That is why I consider it some kind of alter ego of "Dynamo", but it is unaccountable and not a special game, and that is why the zero degree.
And now from the general calculations turn to specific examples. "He and she met at a party. The whole evening he courted her, showed his sympathy, his gestures and facial expressions clearly showed that it is interesting to him. She took courtship, eyes built, sit so that the legs were clearly visible ( benefit skirt allowed). The conversation also touched threads sex, talking about networking and how to optimize them.
After the party, he offered to hold her - she readily agreed. They reached the entrance, enthusiastically discussing their networks (the conversation was, however, a few countries - such as the networks, but with symbols and reservations). Then She told him: "No, everything will turn out fine, I'll go I will make tea and show you how in my computer it works." OK, come, drank tea in the kitchen, she calls him into the room, and there is a computer ... He decides it's time to someone to start taking the first and quite explicit attempt to move to the intima (of course, God forbid, anything rough, without any violence with the utmost tenderness and respect!), but as soon as his behavior becomes unambiguous She with the same uniqueness resists. Here it is, and has to be explained in words ...
The result is clear - it claims to have in mind only tea and demonstration companies. Continue pointless, no matter how he behaved. I understand that the situation is on the brink of a foul, but nevertheless the question: Was it caused him damage? " "Yes. I think yes. Although he was to blame, too. Perhaps unintentionally (about the motivation you provocatively silent), but suffered.
... So, until an invitation home, everything goes according to normal standard procedure flirting. For this scheme, the invitation so late home will almost certainly mean a desire and willingness to meet women "closer." And she does this invitation, but the most interesting moment "breaks off". So it is little social or adapted (do not know "laws of the genre"), or turns the "Dynamo". But the effect is the same: SCENARIO PRECIOUS Flirt ITS violated. "
... First of all - I note that the combination of "honest flirting" - it's the same thing as "fried ice". Flirt - it is always a greater or lesser degree of deception and deceit nice. And when it itself does not end there - it's okay or not. When one of the participants more deeply deceived alone, taking flirtation for something else, and moves on to other activities, getting "failure" - that it has consequences ...
But if we talk about flirting honest, the most even flirting - it does not mean sex! Thus, "the script honest flirting violated" is a young man. But let's look at what could happen in this particular situation. Here again it is necessary to recall that one of the conditions for successful flirting - "an adequate connection with reality." In this situation, at least she could have a slight "lateral thinking", and it is in the sense that it is not evaluated by some of their actions as sexually significant. Besides, if she is talking to an understanding of his interlocutor a hobby, it is non-standard and not simply may not notice that he was sitting on the table with half-naked feet ...
The boy just had surely to some extent direct (impulsive) and such half-naked legs for him - an absolute signal. And combined with a late invitation to tea - and even more so ... Although girls schizoid (in "an adapted translation into Russian" - aestheticism), especially enthusiastic conversation, an invitation to go right now to see the subject of conversation, and in the process, have a cup of tea - it could only mean it.
Further, as far as I understood from the description of the nature, - the girl had some computer problems, or issues in this area - and the young man could solve them. So it may well have an invitation to wear and completely utilitarian - in the sense of aid in the elimination of these problems, and cup of tea -like fee :) more - maybe a girl and did not have a pronounced schizoid, and in some cases deliberately showed the boy legs - precisely in order to get to know him better in the fact that neither has a utilitarian and pragmatic sense !!! That is to say that he agreed to go to her home and help her to debug her computer. And then perhaps after debugging the computer as a separate fee ("Incentive mating"? :)) She would have offered him something more ...
If a young person is not hurried. At least initially cost the computer to see ... and do something for which he was called (even formally). And then - wait for behavioral markers hostess, speaking about what she does not move away from flirting to foreplay. And he began to act too early - before perhaps she herself realized that she actually wants. And so his behavior seemed to her as the pressure and violence. For that he was "banished in disgrace" ... That is the young man in this situation, since he accepted the invitation for a cup of tea late, you need to think, to observe, not to regard the situation on the system "called for tea - rather let", and most importantly - possible not to have long-standing sexual tension ...
Incidentally, another interesting example. Another young man, incidentally, is also a programmer, in similar situations (when there was supposedly a serious work, but it is when it is likely that there will flirt and much less spill in the prelude) is always half-jokingly suggested that the girl (usually too familiar with computers) "Let's play will continue Vindouz." The girl, of course, asked: "How's that?" "And here is this: will you give me something to offer, something to do to ask" (of course, first of all to work!) "And so on, and I'll always ask:" Are you sure? "Who was the first angry , he is lost! "
... It is clear that the proposal is very playful and in fact in itself is similar to the anecdote. So there is at least the possibility of beginning to reduce everything to a joke. And if the girl will pick up the game - there are other possibilities :) The same, incidentally, applies to women. If you think that "it is you want," let it somehow further confirm. More specifically, you yourself once again proved that, watch his behavior is not possible from a position of "rose-colored glasses" and a dispassionate and analytical ... And finally, there was the young man invited to a cup of tea later, damaging? Between you and me, a girl from that example can also bring him a bill for the damage her to "damage": it is to him with all my heart, the computer showed, and he is an animal ... :) And one more question: "the destruction of castles in the air" (in particular, , confident young man that any invitation to have tea later invitation to sex) can be regarded as damage? :) "
... So what - it turns out that "A woman can behave as you like (including dishonesty). However, if a man starts to behave as you wish (" stick "there and so on.), Is a manifestation of male chauvinism should be It prevented. " So?You know, there's an interesting analogy. One child shows another delicious candy, give a sniff, touch wrapper, deploys and ... AM! I devour itself. Sweetly looking into his eyes. Also understandable. Yes, I am going to entertain, but at the last moment something is not like a man ...
The child may be very high demands on those with whom he can share a meal! "Pay attention! - The woman then opponent, a rival, and almost an enemy. Even the argument (with the subtext" will - will not give ") again imply that wome is something that you can give it, but can not give, then, they say, need to somehow take away? approach, sorry, largely youth, children. And the example of a child with candy - a clear confirmation: ) "As for the sweets. Explicit niggle. Imagine that the girl-teasers in the hands of a huge bag of candy. From one obviously did not lose anything. And what then? "And this comparison reminds the very theory that" every member of the Komsomol Komsomol to give because of it does not lose anything. "Or robingudovskoe:" If a lot of things take a little bit - this is not theft, but simply carve-up. "(Understood that takes care without permission and forced ...) That is, "I'll take her candy, but that's okay because they have a lot of it." And if you have a lot of men and every "take on the candy?" Not to mention the that sex and unconsciously associates with "grabbing candy"? "
... And I think that the example of a child with candy, this sweet companion decided to treat himself deprived of the opportunity to eat it. Sweetie must pay to treat it for someone. And in the case with the consent of the proximity - that the same? Yeah, that's the word "give" is appropriate here too ?! But no! Two partners - because they both won, if all goes! "It is true noticed that the child eats something sweet, usually one (if you do not decide to share it with a friend). But in sex (at least as expected) gets both a pleasure. But another thing, if there is a confrontation, "or me" candy "or you. Now I want to me - give me that candy! "Moreover, such a statement may come from the man unconscious and" threat of fluids "-" they say, just try not to give me a piece of candy (especially because you have the whole package of them! ). "This man thinks he is flirting :) * * *
... And if we sum up some results of it relating to flirt - I can say a few words. ... Yes, flirting is one of the subtle manipulation tools (and mutually pleasant) and no way of anticipating sexual contact. Moreover, one of the additional pleasures of flirtation (for fans) - a kind of "feeling of subordination mind of their own and other people's instincts." And people with high intelligence and are sufficiently tailored flirting for fun a lot, often and without problems. But another thing is that where people adapted minority, flirting may even be dangerous ...
Also, flirting with other men and women (as a way to get sexual pleasure without sex) may be a means of escape from boredom and even intimate relations in marriage routines - both for her husband and for the wife. But again, when the main condition - must be able to enjoy flirting, fulfilling all the conditions mentioned in the beginning. In the end, if so continue the comparison, - driving a car, and can also bring practical benefits and pleasure to deliver. Only operate the machine at first to learn. Inability to drive will cause the control process it is not fun, but some difficulties, troubles and dangers. Moreover, even with driving training begins with a medical opinion about this intention under your health.
Similarly, before studying flirtation, sometimes you want to "treat": remove the internal stress (such as sexual or other nature), as well as, sorry, improve intelligence, to develop the ability to observe, predict and adequately assess reality. After all, "a competent real flirt", as it turns out, is based on security, on mutual confidence, on cooperation on knowledge of self and the object, rather than confrontation, and not on the acquisition of mining ... absolutely free adult dating and sex.

There are several women extends the life of men
The factors that can significantly prolong the life of men and probably improve its quality absolutely free adult dating sites.
According to New Scientist, the results of sociological research conducted at the British University of Sheffield and presented at the annual conference of the International Society of behavioral ecology in Ithaca (USA, NY), testify to the importance of polygamy for men's health, and that the presence of several women significantly prolongs the life of men.
A study Virpi Lummaa (Virpi Lummaa), revealing. After accounting for socioeconomic factors, it was found that men over the age of 60 years from 140 countries in which polygamy is permitted in certain species live on average 12% longer than men from 49 "monogamous" countries. It can be assumed that the life of men "polygamous" society is more interesting, emotionally rich and colorful.
According to author of the study, its representative results should stimulate the search and isolation of the factors contributing to a "positive" impact on the health of men access to several women simultaneously.
Probably, it will eventually flatten demographic differences between various societies - a factor that can lead to the destabilization of the modern world, and in the first place - the so-called "advanced" countries, absolutely free adult dating sites which are characterized precisely Institute monogamy.
The problem of finding methods of increasing the life expectancy of men is very acute in Russia. absolutely free adult dating sites.

How many women have orgasms
All people, regardless of age and gender can have orgasms. However, if it occurs in men about the same age, women can come at any time, or not appear at all. Women who have long lead a regular sex life, absolutely free dating sights adult personals various unpleasant begin a process called women's diseases.
The fairer sex, who regularly have a sense of sexual gratification (no matter how), have all chances to reduce the risk of disease. The same is said and statistics. So, orgazmiruet women reduced the incidence of:
# Breast cancer and cancer of the internal genital organs - 15%
# Infarction - 13%
# Stroke - by 10%
Alzheimer # - 20%.
And the presence of a permanent partner increases these figures by 1.5-2 times! The conclusion: no day without an orgasm with a beloved man!
Excitation dismissed undermines women's health. In contrast, in women with a success intimate life, is not only good health, but also wonderful appearance. Such a woman glows with happiness from within. Most men believe that a woman has an orgasm and a way to achieve it is the same. But it is not. We'll talk about the division of female orgasms on physiological principles.
Clitoral orgasm.
Thanks to the researchers, who 40 years ago was removed from the clitoral orgasm charge of "immaturity" and proved that the majority of women orgasm is connected with the clitoris. However, since then there is the other extreme care - sexologists began to reduce the role of the vagina. In fact, no one will ever be able to say what kind of orgasm is better. They are just different absolutely free dating sights adult personals.
This orgasm occurs when exposed to the clitoris hands, tongue, lips, or member. Yes, a member can also cause clitoral orgasm! With great excitement the clitoris is able to swell. He is able to increase by several times!
Clitoral orgasm is just as full as vaginal. Some women throughout their life experience only one type of orgasm, some - and clitoral and vaginal, there are women who do not experience orgasm at all. The ability to achieve orgasm both types can come gradually. An important role in this is played by the interest and support of the partner. Some women begin to experience orgasm only after years of sexual activity. Two percent of the lucky given by nature at the same time or in succession to test both types of orgasm.
Vaginal orgasm.
This type of orgasm experienced most women during vaginal sex. And that meant his men, uttering the word "orgasm" .Sila and duration of pleasure depends on the size of the penis and its velocity. Even if you have a small penis, but the friction is very frequent and you input and output member almost entirely, the woman will get a very powerful orgasm. It may take up to a minute in a row.
What do men who are not very lucky with the penis? In no case do not despair! Modern methods of penis enlargement allow you to add to your penis 3-5 cm long and 1-1.5 cm in girth! Moreover, it is achievable both operational and non-surgical methods.
Uterine orgasm
Cervical or uterine orgasm - occurs when stimulation of the cervix penis. It also depends on the length of the male sex organ. All the uterus contracts and shakes. It continues even after a few minutes after the mother in the absence of orgasm in the vagina penis.
Orgasm at a pressure on the G -points
Spot Graffenberga - the cherished point of G. It is located on the upper wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone. Massage this area gives a woman a tremendous pleasure. Some experts believe that orgasm is achieved with the help of area G, - not even vaginal, and the mother, because when it cut deep groin muscle and uterus. The most comfortable position - woman bottom, under the loin is theft. This point also swells and increases slightly with pressure. This orgasm female ejaculation occurs, a small amount of the allocation of fluid from the vagina.
Especially for men desperate to find in the depths of a woman's body magic point G, investigators discovered three more points. One of them is located between the anus and the vaginal opening and in need of rhythmic squeezing (with proper technique is pressed within 3-4 minutes start predorgazmennogo convulsions). The other two points are located at a distance of 1 cm at the sides of the clitoris absolutely free dating sights adult personals - you can click on them and they can just stroke. Please keep in mind that if the G-spot should be at the same time to caress the clitoris, the three new points, on the contrary, are in need of stimulation of "solo".
Often on the way to a woman's orgasm are very specific anatomical reasons: too wide vagina, clitoris and perineal tears after childbirth, etc. In this case, the only way to restore the lost harmony of sexual life - intimate plastic. So, intimate plastic surgery for the repair of the size of the vagina - back colporrhaphy returns completeness sex life at any age. absolutely free dating sights adult personals.

Be Intriguing!
There is a tried and tested method just to intrigue, attract attention - get dressed in the so-called "masculine" style. Ladies, wear a purely masculine - is not new, absolutly free adult dating and even the invention of recent decades. Even in the XIX century, the French writer George Sand shocked and excited fans that pacing in a frock coat, smoking expensive cigars. Marlene Dietrich, Lyme Vajkule girls from the "morality police" - they are all in varying degrees, for bold, provocative, erotic style of "a la man." In this form there is a hint of something mysterious and at the same time sharply vicious!
In order to "masculine" appearance was really exciting, it must contain a contrast. For example, if a strict suit, hides the shape, beautifully coiffed hair style "sweet blond" plus elegant, glamorous makeup and luxury jewelry. The image of the femme fatale, uncompromising, chilly perhaps even cruel - ready. Without this contrast, maddening elements of genuine femininity, a masculine style will look uninteresting and even repulsive, it will miss the intrigue!
zoom teeth whitening cost general contrasts in appearance - a failsafe means to draw attention to themselves, to define a bold temperament. Create contrasts, you can use colors, textures, details, updates and so on. N. Examples can be primesti lot. Feminine blouse with flounces and lush deliberately short men's haircut, red mini dress and high black patent leather boots, strict tweed jacket and scattered on the back red hair ...
Think over your look, ladies, make it poignancy and suspense. Let carefully selected "props" absolutly free adult dating to help you to play the role brilliantly irresistible seductress !
REMEMBER: unexpected sharp contrasts in appearance attracted to you the views and fermenting exciting man's imagination. absolutly free adult dating.

Sex is recognized as a universal currency
American scientists have found reasons to support their guesses about what sex is a bargaining chip. Yes, that's right, because since time immemorial the people knowing the price of sex, anyway, tried to "exchange" it is more profitable as possible. And now scientists are engaged in this issue, I wondered why, even in the era of electronic money does not lose its sex as currency convertibility. Scientists claim that the sex to pay for anything peculiar to both sexes. The University of Michigan study was conducted among students. 27% do not have regular sexual relations males and 14% of women's claim that they were trying to get sex in return adult and dating and usa for services rendered by them. Economic game Pavlik addict with withdrawal of funds! Among the so-called services have been helping to prepare for the exams, tickets to a sports game and so on. 5% of men and 9% of women were willing to pay for sex services they have received, for example, free gasoline.
Now psychologists believe that not anomie is the reason for this attitude toward sex, and this is the feature of the subconscious of man, because he understands that a partner who could help him in some way, most likely, is worthy to be in touch with him to continue genus. Apparently, nature has created a human hostage instincts, so that degradation of morals - not that other, as the instinct of procreation. adult and dating and usa.

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