Imperious woman: femina a la the new century
There were quiet, natural blonde, they make loyal and good wife, mistress and tidy sensible mother noord-holland personals dating. There are impulsive and headstrong brunette. They have in mind a hurricane, and their passion may be compared only with the tsunami. Is Fair, from blondes are gone, and to brunettes never came. But there is power in the world, women-still. On these great classic and not write at all, there was in the days of Chekhov. Their problems and the problems with them - a product of the XXI century.
What is it, a strong and powerful, femina a la the new century? It is high (not inflated to hysteria, namely adequately high) self-esteem. She was well aware of his really strong sides and if that is critical or simply requires a rapid response situation, can use them. She has a great intuition and business acumen, she is able to adjust and wait and wait, to pull himself together, and then strike. But all this is in business, science, in a word, in business and in everyday life ... loneliness, tears in the pillow and a crazy desire to be different.
It will not hit the face in the dirt
Her character is formed in the five years, she is the leader, since kindergarten. Able to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, to solve problems, experience serious troubles and move on with our heads held high. She is successful in business. But bad luck, with your loved ones can not get along - too demanding, the relationship with the children does not add up - is strictly up to cruelty, no friends - men's unforgiving nature.
In the power of women formed a stereotype, which is the frame of her personality:
- Nobody does it better than I do;
- I have the experience in resolving difficult situations, so do not need advice from;
- Who is not with me is against me;
- There are two opinions: the wrong mine.
Why is this happening?
Firstly, on its way overbearing Lady meets example worthy of imitation noord-holland personals dating. After all, domineering woman is smart and will not try to persuade themselves that it is better if he sees indeed its superior partner , friend or colleague.
Secondly, there is no one to stop her frantic desire to be the best in school, college, at work. And to do so in the meantime quite simple. Show that there is an area where her talents would find a better use, for example, family, or flower, or cross stitching, theoretically, it could be anything.
Thirdly, nobody puts obstacles her imperiousness, and persuasion "I have to do something better than all" gradually develops into a hypertrophied vital principle: "all have to do as well as I, because I'm right, smart, solid, beautiful and so on ", the list can be expanded infinitely. Gradually the woman's life, attention turns to a full open-work at work and at home utter nightmare.
Strong woman crying?
We can not say that the strong and powerful women are not enough fans. More than enough, but it's not that. Strong women attract weak men (remember the fact that opposites attract? So it's true). By the strong men are drawn to women weaker and strong women are not like them. And again sly fate throws powerful, intelligent and beautiful two versions of events. They become household or harpies, from which leave their husbands and children neglected any of their advice (and even reasonable). Or domineering lady turns into a general in a skirt, tired of battles won, the defeated removal from power and the decrepit senile grumbling to himself.
Bad joke responsibility
The main mistake of the power and clever in that it does not make concessions itself. A simple example: you can soak up the bed in the morning, do not spit in the evening washed dishes, unprepared breakfast or anything like that, but ... How come? She is responsible, correct and strong-willed. Since then a trifle all begins, and then more. It's a shame, you know, if someone does not close to the same things you are. You do not want - to make! All the first step for the formation of hypertrophic imperiousness made.
Another trap for the intelligent and independent: the phrase "what have I done" and the desire to compete with men. How this woman should know "three K: kinder, kuche, kirche (famous formula about the virtues of German women). No, that will not happen, but live, the emancipation of women!
The second step in becoming a monster home made too. And the final touch to the portrait of contemporary women - caring for children. Caring mother gradually turns into a ferocious mentor who comes out of patience with the manifestations of independence beloved child: "I am for him, and he told me ..." Done, my dear, you become miserable classic, strong, intelligent and lonely among the closest noord-holland personals dating.
Recipes antivlastnogo therapy
The main component of the recipe - repeat to yourself (and preferably more often) "I'm not like." With this magic phrase begins a change of values and priorities in life. Now and forever - you do not have to answer for everything. Smart in the mountain will not go. Have subsequent to yourself and not allow yourself to rush into the breach.
Begin with household chores, such as highlight each member of the home team its field of activity and do not do is not my job. In case of default of children, husband, parents of their responsibilities, play the role of a society lady who is genuinely perplexed about the incident a misunderstanding, but does not know how to get out of this situation. Your family to quickly get tired of waiting implementation of elementary and familiar things. And they will be called to order troublemaker.
Coming to work, do some memories. Remember reprise Klara Novikova: "It is necessary to be a fool to be smart, and some clever to seem a fool!" You're smart, well, that's not grasp at once for all, do not work for others, live for yourself, your favorite and often smile charming smile (for it is forgiven, believe me, a lot). We do not argue, it is hard, but the result is worthy of ongoing efforts. You will no longer be considered a man in a skirt, you will begin to make compliments , and who knows, you may meet the unique appearance of which you least expect in the workplace.
Well, finally. Remember the heroine of "The Taming of the Shrew"? So! And let your wisdom authoritativeness replaced compliant, insinuating and clever seducer who gets her, but gently, without pressure and saber rattling. Believe me, noord-holland personals dating this is the women's power over the opposite sex , and everything else a chimera created by our cruel age.
Psychotherapy for the "Iron Lady"
Every day, as the morning exercises, you should do a simple exercise in front of a mirror. Carefully peering at his reflection, imagine yourself languid lady from the XIX century literary salon, a model or a star of contemporary shows. A little whimsical, a little eccentric and mannered. All day you have to spend in this style, and behave accordingly. You will see how everything around you will change as if by magic.
Description: Anna Gurin, director of the Institute of Applied Psychology "TERRA"
It can be divided into 2 strong women such as "real" and included in the role. First unlikely to disturb the situation, because it is a natural habitat for them - power. But the second once had to take on such a role (perhaps after a divorce or moving to a leadership position, or, as they say, "because life was"), and at one point became a role to control the behavior began to play with authority women. The game looks like a trap, so it is important to know the enemy in the face and all his tricks and gimmicks noord-holland personals dating. And the enemy, in general, you do - or rather, your pattern of behavior. Once there was a chance to rest and not to work overtime, and you have persuaded yourself, find arguments ... here's the first trick. In the education of the child or communicating with the opposite sex you easier to operate from a position of strength rather than of love and care - that's the second. Think of a situation where you walk into the role of "strong women" to solve these or other problems, and try to dream up: how else could do to get the best results? Without a doubt, this is a titanic task - to correct the habitual patterns of behavior, so in these situations is to seek help from a psychologist, who will be able to see with you the model of "all colors" and to develop an alternative model, one in which will be cozy strong woman outside and fragile inside. noord-holland personals dating.

How to please the woman, six golden rules of romance
When it comes to romantic relationships , men have to play by certain rules and diligently to represent love and care. However, for many men, these rules have long been an open secret. I'm sure most of them are well known and women, online free dating personals but not all.
Although there are many ways to care for a woman to achieve reciprocity, you must follow some basic rules.
Rule 1: call the woman a few days later, after they met. So you show who controls the situation. But be careful, do not overdo it. Maximum term - two days, otherwise it will just be insulting. A woman may lose interest in you. The essence of this rule is that a woman would not have guessed about your true feelings, that you just go on her mind. In the end, your stormy and eventful life is much more important things!
Rule 2: Do not spend a fortune on a first date. Ostentatious savings and even some thrift - a great way to find out if a woman likes you or just your wallet. Never try to "hit girl breadth of scope" on the first date. Invite her not to a restaurant and cafe where you do not have to spend a lot. Here again, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise she'll think you're stingy (and this is one of the most despised men in women vices), and the more you will not see it.
Rule 3: No sex on the first date. Resist the temptation. Do not rush things. Kiss her and gently tap a few times, but please refrain from intimacy! This "policy of abstention" effect on women is very exciting, and with each meeting of its desire to grow. Patience - it is certainly a virtue, but do not try the patience of a girl too, otherwise it will start to suspect you of all mortal sins online free dating personals.
Rule number 4: Do not rush to open your heart and be frank. Keep the mystery. In no case do not tell about their sources of income (even if they are legal), or about relationships with women (especially inappropriate description of the former mistresses ). Try to play hide and seek with it - it is very intriguing. She would do the same. Let the girl to think that it is monitoring the situation, but be careful not to scare away its excessive mystery.
Rule 5: Do not rush to introduce it with your friends. At least for a while. When you first build a relationship, a girl is protected from intrusive attention of good friends, otherwise avoid annoying punctures. For example, your friend - good soul - might inadvertently blurt out too much, that you want to hide from his girlfriend. Also recommend visiting the salon of erotic massage Incognito in St. Petersburg Believe me, it happens everywhere. And for God's sake, do not give her opportunity to flirt with your friends, online free dating personals to excite your zeal. Believe me, women often use this trick.
Rule 6: Avoid her friends. At least initially. Make no mistake: in the beginning you get to know her friends, and then listen to their advice, and to his own surprise, instead of an evening alone with the girl, go to a restaurant or a movie in the company of her friends! Do not be surprised if she asks you to agree on a double date - she wants you to make friends with a guy her best friend! What could be worse? By all means avoid acquaintance with her friends until you are sure you are ready for the challenge. online free dating personals.

Three simple scientific fact about men who do not include women
Humor as an indicator
And men and women when selecting the chosen often pay attention to such a seemingly not very important parameter as the humorous potential partner. However, studies show Canadian scientist Eric Bressler (Eric Bressler, online personals dating single McMaster University), representatives of the opposite sex approach to the same phenomenon from different perspectives. If women are the first to show interest to men "humor generators" that men are interested in women who are "lovers" of their humor. Moreover, Professor John Morreal (John Morreal, William and Mary College) is convinced that men use humor as a tool to compete with each other, while women use it to make connections with other people. But German scientists say that during the conversation there is a relationship between the degree of laughter and the woman as she is interested in a man, with whom talks. Passion Play gives mega bonus in Azart choose your play - check! On the other hand, the researchers found no reverse patterns. That is, the degree of male laughter has nothing to do with his interest in the woman concerned. It is even more surprising conclusions come linguistics professor Don Nielsen (Don Nilsen, Arizona State University), - in his opinion, women with severe male sense of humor, are not attractive to men and they can cause mixed feelings.
Buy Sustanon in Kiev can be in the online store Steroid Shop. What many researchers agree, and that in particular, says John Gottman (John Gottman, Gottman Institute in Seattle), is the fact that marriages last longer, and are more than happy if the partners have resorted to humor not only to settle the dispute, but and just in everyday situations.
The level of testosterone and male behavior
According to research by Dr. Alan Booth (Alan Booth, Ph.D), the higher the level of testosterone in men, the less likely a woman can count on a long and happy marriage. Men with high testosterone levels are not only likely to have relationships on the side, and the desire to quickly leave the house, but they still have a pronounced tendency to aggression, anti-social behavior, online personals dating single dominance, drug use and the search for other forms of "adventure". A high level of testosterone a man pushes away from a monogamous relationship.
Smiling, as a factor of influence
While the common belief that men first of all pay attention only to the visual appeal of women and ignore her personality characteristics, researchers from the University of Central Florida came to a somewhat different conclusion. In the experiments, the men were inclined to believe a woman more attractive if it were inherent in the positive character traits. Men perceive even highly obese women as attractive, if they show friendliness and benevolence. This behavior is especially appreciated by women older men. online personals dating single.

C 16 dating method by men for women
Meet in Moscow - it is quite simple, but it requires some ingenuity.
How to please a man, how to win his love and become his sole and desirable? How to be happy and where to find her Prince Charming? On dating sites posted their profiles millions of women, personals and relationships dating online service and many more are potential users of such sites. The entire catch is, where to find a rich man and how to please him. How to find the name of your man? But even more important to determine how great your chances of mutual intimacy. Here are some simple steps that will allow you to win the attention of the man of your dreams and engage him in a romantic relationship:
1. Stop it matters not if he knows where the premiere - safely call any play. If a young person is not quite an ignoramus, he burst out laughing, and maybe even invite you to the theater.
2. Standing behind him in line for coffee, begin to talk aloud about what to choose: mocha, caramel, cappuccino ... then touch him on the shoulder and asked, "What should I order, what do you think?"
3. Go to the club party flirting, it was full of decent men who want to meet girls. If you need a company, then take with friends. Just do not invite those who can make you competitive. Trendy dating in Moscow - it is almost the perfect place for busy people dating.
4. After a couple of sips a milkshake with whipped cream was asked whether there was a cream on your lips. Lick the cream a little longer. When he smiles, say that as a child you loved to lick the cream with a celebratory cake before guests sit down at the table personals and relationships dating online service.
5. Say, "Your face seems familiar to me. Where we could meet? You were not in Bangkok or Singapore in November?" (Do not forget to pre-read a short guide to South-East Asia).
6. Ask him news page of its culture magazine and find out if he had heard about some exciting new films or exhibitions. If it is inspired by this theme, invited him to an evening session.
7. Tell them that the opinions of men are conducting a survey on the subject, how best to meet a man in Moscow.
8. If he ran out of the office at lunchtime, ask an innocent question, where you can eat. You can go further and ask where he and his colleagues go to lunch.
9. Even if he is in a hurry to work or late for a meeting, you can stop him a question: "Excuse me, you do not tell me how to get to the Latin dance school for a certain street?" Location is better to call somewhere nearby.
10. "Lost" earring. It is advisable to just where sitting "that" man. Inspects every centimeter under his feet while he does not offer his help. Raised hair and show him the other earring.
11. If you liked the seller in the bookstore, ask about some rare books, personals and relationships dating online service leave your phone call and ask when the book appears. Any time of the day.
12. Take a collection of anecdotes and humorous stories and standing in line, seductive chuckle. When I met his eyes, tell me that you're not crazy - just such a fun book. Come closer to him, to show the most ridiculous places.
13. Take a stack of books on massage, Thai cooking or rock climbing. Borrow all in cash and left the book under his supervision, until you come to call.
14. Seeing him in the hands of a new intellectual novel, offer to go to read contemporary prose. Hint that you are among the organizers of the event.
15. play fortune teller, Honour lot with palm of her friends, and then offered to predict the future and to him. Take his hand and gently leading palm finger, say that it is waiting for a meeting or a romantic adventure that will change his life.
16. Put on a bright T-shirt with his own name on his chest. Guess, what's your name, is not necessary. personals and relationships dating online service.

Just sexy woman, or a really good lover?
Almost every man wants his woman thought he was the best lover. They want their women had no problems with orgasm, but on the contrary, each time receiving enchanting discharge personals match dating. They want their lover was neither a slave nor a prostitute, and prefer him alone in bed. Every man wants to find the perfect lover, with whom sex possible almost unconscious.
Finding a good mistress in Moscow is not very easy task, because not every girl understood how to become an exceptional lover and have always desired. Of course, to meet in Moscow with an ordinary girl pretty easy, but a good lover must meet certain criteria. The ideal lover - a single woman at the peak of sexual and physical activity, beautiful and charming. It all has to be nice - and style of dress and behavior. A superlyubovnitsa differs by the fact that she is intelligent and educated, it is possible to speak on any topic, and it is able to strengthen business contacts his men.
A good lover is able to warm a man's appetite. Not only in the literal sense, personals match dating of course. They know how to keep a man in anguish intriguing. These seductive creation do not hesitate to hint about their sexual desires and can sometimes teach a lesson of seduction "bad girls." What do men expect from prostitutes? Embodiments of their most intimate sexual fantasies. So, the best lover knows what dreams her man and lets him do it in his, and not in a strange bed. Men love sex and they love women who love sex, so is it worth to hesitate and repeat after not very intelligent women that "they only that it should be"? Good mistresses themselves enjoy the intimacy with a man. They developed sensuality gives men pleasure. Satisfied woman - one of the most pleasant sight for the men. In addition, these playful lady perfectly improvise and may appear different. They can be unleashed, unbridled, aggressive or, on the contrary, shyness. However, they know the measure and always find the right degree of transformation.
This charming lady is not necessary to advertise on the search for a lover dating sites and fill out tedious forms. They are in demand by men and attract the attention of any club party . Having found such a woman, men rarely leave it themselves. For the most reliable network invisible - that skilled seductress entwine their bodies and minds of men personals match dating.
These women are well aware of their features and know their value. At the same time, they clearly understand and something that they should not distribute their claims. The ideal lover is waiting for the man for her leave the family, or will do something that really limits its living space. A good lover is not manipulated by men, and cause them to do this. Most of these remarkable women appreciated the fact that relations with them are easy, harmonious and bring real joy. personals match dating.

Flirt, as an instrument of social communication
Flirt - it's just a style of communication that each of us can be successfully applied in order to make their social communication more effective, personals online match dating kentucky and at the same time to make a favorable impression on others. And like any tool, flirting beneficial only insofar as they skillfully use. In this article I will not dwell on the intricacies of flirting - that I do on a personal consultation. contract of sale of the car But here I give you a few questions with which everyone will be able to assess the degree of knowledge of this fun way of communication:
Why do you need a flirt?
You only flirting with the opposite sex?
For some flirting creates advantages during business negotiations?
You flirt with colleagues? If so, why? If not, why not?
How do you flirt through the questions?
What is your most effective flirtanichesky reception?
What range flirtanicheskih means subservient to you?
Have you always keenly aware flirt when and when not to? Clearly there is your partner in the dialogue?
Understands the border you flirt, or create yourself limits?
How to flirt with shy people?
How to you flirt rational, and how emotional impact?
Where and when do you most frequently are using flirting ?
When flirting does not bring pleasure to your partner?
You always answer flirtation flirting?
How do you distinguish the flirtation of "not flirting?"
What is the biggest mistake you had to make while flirting?
What is the main factor in the success personals online match dating kentucky of your flirting?
How can you improve your flirting?
Easy for you to take and make a compliment ?
How do you react if your loved one is flirting with a stranger / stranger?
Easy for you to bring a smile interlocutor?
What is your flirting, works for most people?
You use flirting to improve relations?
What are the words for you associated with flirting?
What is the difference between male and female flirtation?
How do you know when you flirt?
How to start the game flirtanicheskuyu with a stranger?
How to stop unwanted flirtation?
How to flirt functional?
How and where do you cultivate your flirtanicheskie skills?
When to finish flirting?
How not to send false signals during flirt?
Today managed to flirt?
Flirting is more than words and body language - it is a positive energy that you have to share with someone. You already know how to increase your factor flirtabilnosti ? personals online match dating kentucky.

Functional flirt, business communication
Regarding flirting widespread belief that sexual motive is his one and only factor. However, this is not true. Flirting - this is just one of the ways of communication and it may be a variety of reasons. Indeed, portland sex dating personals flirting contains sexual innuendo, but not always the desire of sexual acts. And, of course, men are more inclined to interpret flirtanicheskoe behavior of women as a sign of sexual interest. For various purposes, the accompanying flirtanicheskoe behavior described in my book "Flirt - Sex - Communication". And in this article I would like to draw attention to the functional flirting (VB).
Flirt - a means of attracting attention, and at the same time a means of retention. Functional flirting helps to solve practical problems, and we often use its elements in their daily lives and business practices. You probably have observed that this tool is used by many well-successful sales managers, PR-manager, and realtors who have the highest number of deals. When people flirt, they become more attractive to each other, and between them quickly establishes trust. This is because while flirting people feel comfortable, and inadvertently reveal something about themselves. Flirt help win additional location on who flirt. Communication is becoming easier and more informal. And very often, it would seem perfectly rational decisions are made by the field with some influence of the emotional factor. However, keep in mind that flirting reduces costs of communication transactions only if both partners are aware of the field in which they are playing at the moment.
It is important to note that people of different ages give a different importance in some aspects of flirting portland sex dating personals. So, if young people are more focused on romantic and sexual aspects of flirting, the more adults pay more attention to the emotional and functional side of flirting.
The emotional state can be transmitted not only from one person to another, but the group. Interestingly, over the last two decades, including politicians, elected in their own countries for a second term, a lot of people who are actively flirting in public. Functional act of communication flirting adds an emotional component , it creates an additional connection to the destination. Official face flirt give a human dimension and contributes to a better memorization.
When I speak of functional flirting, I mean that flirting, as a form of interaction with other people, are capitalized in the form of various social bonuses. However, flirting - it's nice, a form of communication, which can be beneficial not only to the person who flirts, but to flirt with someone. The effectiveness of flirting, as a tool largely based on the fact that people like to be elegantly seduce.
Flirtanichesky communication style can be applied anywhere: in everyday life, during your holiday, at work, and, of course, to establish business contacts. You can check this on the next party flirting . Establish business contacts is fun and easy! portland sex dating personals.

As a woman to attract a man? Or how do you keep?
Many good, smart and attentive women eager to meet the man of her dreams. Over time, they begin to feel lonely and are increasingly looking to marriage, that has really should get married . However, quality dating sites and personals the faster time passes, the less marriage proposals. Yes, they do not suffer from loneliness in the literal sense of the word. They are surrounded by friends, lovers or just friends, which if necessary can offer friendly sex. However, they are becoming increasingly trapped ticking "biological clock".
How to attract a man, or what ? After you give the impression it is a successful woman. About you can say: confident, strong, purposeful, intelligent, software. But why then the time comes, and men too slow to build a serious relationship with you? And if you had to wonder why they even need to build a lasting relationship with you? What are the signals you send into outer space to which a man must first react, and then another and want to stay with you?
We transfer information about you even before they came to the man, and said at least one word. And we like it or not, but the first impression is based on appearance and signals that we send (which I talk in detail at the seminars and trainings). Not really thinking for several seconds, people can make a rough estimate of our social skills, level of education and membership in a particular social group. In addition, they are immediately read and emotional state. It manifests itself in facial expressions, quality dating sites and personals the movements, and that says we believe.
Men instantly react to signals of joy in a woman. Cheerfulness is seductive and sexy. Studies show that even outwardly very attractive women are perceived by men much better if they send signals cheerful. It quickly formed a generally favorable impression of the man who created the idea of his mood and the level of its energy.
Typically, after a man was my first impression, he begins to mentally dorisovyvat your way. And in all your actions and manifestations, he will look for confirmation of his thoughts. If at first he had a good view, it will to some extent diminish the negative manifestations of you. Otherwise, even your positive actions can acquire in his mind a negative interpretation. Of course, the first impression can be changed, but, like all stereotypes, it is quite stable.
Factors influencing the first impression of a woman can be listed quite a lot. If we call an infinite number of parts, it is unlikely to be able to control them. Sovetus therefore better to pay attention to important groups of factors. According to my observations, the impression created in the first meeting, based on several main components:
1. Physical characteristics: appearance, voice, sexuality, etc .;
2. Relationship to the other party at the moment;
3. Attitude to themselves;
4. Relationship to other people;
5. World;
6. What did you tell him "promise" or what your benefits;
7. The information that you receive from the source;
8. The context of the meeting.
Each of these factors is the interlocutor for the different weights, different urgency. But more important for us that each of these factors are, to a greater or lesser extent affect. During one of the workshops, thoughtful girl asked me: "What a first impression - it's the diagnosis?" Of course, neither of which the diagnosis of speech does not go, quality dating sites and personals but you need to realize that seems easier to create than to change. Yet, apart from the first impression it is very important that you will be able to offer the man afterwards.
The women with whom men want to keep long-term relationships, know how to lead truly love the game and beautiful. These rare woman knows what she wants her man. Surprisingly, they are able to give tenderness, care and passion. These women do not ask men. Men do everything for them yourself. A woman who can really keep a man next to him, rarely bothering him with questions and never intrusive. Successful against women are not satisfied with jealousy, but also did not spare the men. They are not sawing her man for the oversight and do not put it in front of the necessity to make a choice. The man will feel like a man with a woman only when it takes its own decision. Another thing is how this decision can ripen. Men internally grateful women who give them the opportunity to consider himself master of the situation.
Ate you want to create a long and happy relationship with a man , it often brings them something beautiful and unusual. Bright emotions strengthen cooperative relations between the two men, they activate mechanisms affect their feelings of love. Try and experiment - the relationship should not congeal in one place. Giving the flight of his imagination, every woman can make some nice romantic little things for your loved one. If your relationship has already lasted a long time, quality dating sites and personals then suddenly invite your loved one to a meeting. Or create your own script for each holiday which will take into account the history of your relationship: the day of your wedding day when you started dating, the first day ...
The joy in the relationship is created by various factors, but it is never too much. How to create joy in the relationship between man and woman? This is discussed in the following editions. quality dating sites and personals.

How to dress for a romantic date
Rendezvous - is always fading, always a thrill, the excitement always - like me I like meeting will be held, there will be an opportunity to meet again. We are always very excited about the day before, sexual dating personals a long time sort out clothes, pondered - what to wear, how to make the best impression? Often you want to buy something new. But do not be mistaken, how to make the right choice. What will help seduction seduction thing , you will open in a woman, make a compelling and sexy. Here are our tips ...
1. The Council first - the most important.
We are attracted to the opposite field, something that they themselves lack. Therefore, to please a man, dress like he'd never dressed.
Avoid rough, tough fabrics, baggy cut, men's accessories (such as ties or clock G-shock). Also, do not get involved in unisex clothing - classic jeans, T-shirts, heavy boots, hats and direct cut shirts.
It is better to stop the choice on smooth, adjacent lines silhouette on light streaming or soft velvet fabrics, flower or vegetable ornament. Add in his clothes saturated color, luster (metallic, sparkling or lacquer). Good lace, lace, thingies, frills, and etc., etc., and other ...
It is easy to explain why absolutely naked woman is unattractive - man, too, can walk naked. But all kinds of transparent garments, slinky stretch, bold cuts, deep cuts, unbuttoned buttons - that hints, but no shows will attract a man, keep it near you sexual dating personals.
2. The Council second - practical
As it would be desirable to please yourself, try not to wear on a date of new things. Remember, their behavior is unpredictable. You risk to spoil your evening suddenly lost a button, cutting inserts, or noticeable sweat stains. Only the most expensive things can give you confidence in the first hours.
It is especially important not to wear on a date, or a new uncomfortable shoes. As we all know, both from the nature of the port. irritation of your partner will take over - it would seem that you are unhappy with them that you do not like. I think it's not the best of relationships, so rather throw annoy, hinders that hampers your clothes and shoes.
3. The Board third - glamorous.
Regardless of the plans for the end of the evening - wear expensive, beautiful clothes . You will feel more confident.
How many women convince their own irresistibility, wearing usual clothes under a good bra. It will give you a beautiful breast shape, noble neck, hide the belly (!), Not to crash into the skin on the back and shoulders. For large irreplaceable body - you get rid of a plurality of transverse rezinochek that turn your body into a kind of caterpillar.
Thanks to the good, correctly picked up panties thigh will smooth beautiful shape, your pants are a good fit, and you'll feel completely comfortable all day.
4. The Council fourth - stylistic.
If you want to look sexy, not necessarily wear fishnet stockings, very short skirt, sexual dating personals lace bustier and lacquer jacket. The image of professional enchantress may even stop you. Men do not like to think that his choice to offer herself to everyone, not only to him.
Dress to the most exciting was hidden from prying eyes, but is available for view of who is next. You can help high cuts on the long or medium length skirt, slightly more unbuttoned (both above and below) blouse falls off her shoulder in a knitted blouse, to slightly open the tummy T-shirt.
Do not try to dress smartly pointed and expensive. Your man may think that you can not afford it, he would be ashamed of you, and it will produce the opposite impression - scare him.
Most interesting is that research of sociologists, most men are not attracted to any particular style (vamp, nymphet, cabarets, etc.), And the very existence of the style. In other words, be afraid to go all, save your brain from the standard solutions. Choose your own unique style. Do not be afraid to learn from famous stylish women. Chanel, Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Rachel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Stone, Kim Bessinzher, Michelle Pfeiffer help you. Remember, style and sexuality go hand in hand. No wonder almost all of these women are among the ten sexiest women of the 20th century.
5. The Council of the fifth - wimp.
Whichever bright personality you do not have, no matter what style did not adhere to - all the impression may be ruined unkempt fingernails, hair, unkempt clothes and shoes unpeeled.
I think we can not continue talking about the fresh manicure and pedicure, washed and laid his head, deodorants.
Even if you use a minimum of makeup - do not neglect a visit to the beautician and moisturizing, nourishing, protective cream, choosing them according to your skin type. Also, special attention should be paid to the skin of hands, feet, elbows and knees. Even if you're not going to bed - give yourself in a full order - make epilation (including intimate haircut) refresh your skin cream or lotion. You'll feel irresistible and sexy - this feeling is transferred to your man and neosoznavaemo go away.
6. The Board of the sixth - a wardrobe.
For a good impression is very important as the clothes you sit. So please, stop buying things a different size - more or less. Only you. Constantly changing weight - have a few things different sizes, try to choose clothing with elastic thread. But just refuse liked blouse, if you do small or large.
From clothes smaller, you feel uncomfortable, you will feel that you are overweight, over belts and elastic bands will form the folds of the "extra" skin. On the other hand clothes, large size, hide your dignity, will give you a baggy and unkempt, create the impression of "dresses with someone else's shoulder" in such clothes you will never be able to look chic and elegant.
Hides the flaws, emphasizing your dignity, choose cut, style of clothing that best suits you, but I never try to hide or emphasize something different size. You can say that you have too much weight to have the dignity of the figure, but it's always true. For example, the more you weigh, the more luxurious your neck. Lay your treasure in an expensive frame good underwear, sexual dating personals wear open dress and no man will no longer look at hudyshku in your presence.
Also, be careful - always dress for the occasion. For example, on the outing to wear pins stupid, even if they your legs are long, slender and therefore irresistible. On soft ground in the model shoes you will not look a swan and a duck - the Cripple. No matter where you are going - to a disco, a romantic party flirting , or to the theater, to accept or bowling, remember, no similarity to the others, namely compliance with this society will give you confidence and a sense of inner peace.
7. The Council of Seven - sensual.
This section is for those who are not afraid to look and feel sexy.
If you like sex - you are set to experience. Do not be afraid to emphasize this. Use elastic tissue, things tight-fitting your figure. Topeka, narrow shirts, corsets, tight hip pants, stockings, tight dresses. They are constantly squeezed, massage your body, producing the impression of erotic foreplay .
Another invoice, giving us a delightful feeling - a fur. Soft, fluffy or smooth, he created for exciting touch. Unfortunately, synthetic fur in any case not suitable. He is certainly a practical and eco-friendly, but to touch the hard, strong elektrilizuyuschiysya. Perhaps acceptable exception may be considered artificial fur from natural wool.
They talked about fur - can not think of skin. Natural color, it opens in us the ancient, forgotten instincts, and smooth-painted black - wakes imagination. Remember, the skin look erotic, it should fit snugly to you. Tie waist, choose a fitted silhouette, give up the baggy, poorly sewn things, do not skimp. you will see how the skin gives you his appeal.
Do not forget about the visual sensations - wear transparent and translucent fabrics. Let the men speculated - whether they see something forbidden, or it it just seems. If you want to look sexy - forget about the thick black opaque tights, whatever they were not practical and not hudili to your feet. Only the finest of 15-20-year-Denov tights, stockings and even better. Even if you are only visible ankles. We never tried to save? Try it, you feel really smart.
Even more impractical, but surprisingly sensual shoes at the highest heels. Choose or pin, sexual dating personals or tankette, never at the same time - this option to strip club scene.
8. The Board of eighth - and final optional.
If suddenly you decide you are not ready for the rapid development of relations, or have a first date (and your principles do not allow ...), in general you want to keep your partner at a distance - well, that's your right.
First, eliminate all the elements from the previous section, of course, if you do not want to pass a bitch.
Secondly, no warm entailing colors. Red, burgundy, purple, chocolate - not for you. Your colors - blue, black, green, all dingy, dusty shades.
Third, maybe you've changed your mind?
Please be sensible, do not worry yourself. Go on dates, worry, freezes tremble, is expected to continue or look for a new meeting. I wish you happiness, love, and good luck! sexual dating personals.

Horny men greatly exaggerated
Contrary to popular belief, men are first of all pay attention to the woman's face, spanish dating personals and only then to other parts of the body, when considering the image naked beauties in magazines, American scientists have found.
Emory University study also found that women are looking at the image of heterosexual sex is much longer than men. The results of the research have been published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour, reports The Age.
Psychologist Kim Wallen and his former student, Heather Rupp showed photos that heterosexual couples have sex, 30 women and 15 men aged 23-28 years. To the eyes of each participant of the experiment was attached device that determines where the subject looked in the first place and what time considered this or that part of the picture.
Men primarily looked at his face and looked at him for some time, women also showed greater interest in employment, which indulged lovers. However, the fair sex, taking hormonal drugs, pay attention to detail, not related to the plot of photos: they considered the jewels worn by the woman. Ladies, who did not take these medications, immediately rushed his view on the private parts of the body partners spanish dating personals.
The course of drugs to increase the potency of the best quality on the link "Devices have shown that the interest of women determined by their hormone levels," - noted the researcher of the Institute of Casey on Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University in Bloomington Heather Rapp.
Wallen and Rupp explains the interest of male female faces higher activity in the amygdala, part of the brain responsible for emotions and feelings. Looking at naked men, women can tell if they are excited. In the female body is to determine quite difficult. "It's strange, but his expression - a way to show the interest and enjoyment of sex," - said Wally. spanish dating personals.

The owners of large cars small penis, found issledovat
A study in the US study found an inverse relationship between the size of the penis and the size of the car in male motorists sugar daddy online dating personals.
Bruce Johnson of Stanford univestiteta since 1998 engaged in the transport sociologist analyzes the relationship existing between the driver and the vehicle, the model of behavior when buying a car, etc..
His work yielded surprising results. "If you had asked me three years ago about how to relate to penis size and dimensions of the vehicle," - said Johnson - "I would have told you that a man with a big dick drive big cars."
"I was shocked to learn that the opposite is true," - he added.
According to the study, men with average penis size is less likely to buy cars, sugar daddy online dating personals the size of which is also greater than the average, as a kind of compensation. Presumably, these men see their car as an opportunity "to increase their manhood," beyond the limits of what nature has awarded them.
In the study indicated that men with large and medium-sized members of any special propensity in regard to the size of the car, is not revealed.
Although the authors note, the study was difficult to get men to accurately answer the question of size. Men with "great length" talked about it much more readily.
Dr. Johnson intends to extrapolate the results obtained. He hopes to show that drivers with underdeveloped inherent dignity and aggressive behavior. sugar daddy online dating personals.

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