How many men do you have time to leave?
Goes another fall, and with it the summer adventures and expectations. The smell of coffee and chocolate during get-togethers with friends does not rescue from loneliness. You have 28 or so, taboo personals dating and you probably still do not particularly want to think about how you will spend the evening in his but empty apartment after 7 or 10 years.
I am often treated women who spent time its greatest attraction for the development of the profession, building a career and do not know anyone waiting. And now, when they have a few years to 40, they suddenly came to life, noting that the crowds of fans left only pleasant memories. And those few men who still pay attention to them, all as one they do not like.
Indeed, many educated and intelligent women choose an easier way - they are primarily engaged in furnishing their social life and procrastinate more subtle process - building personal life . You can disagree with me. However, it is unlikely you'll argue with the fact that spent five years studying the profession in the institute and continue to improve it every day at work. And art career advancement you have to constantly sharpen, until you are in the corporate space, even if it extends beyond the office taboo personals dating.
Modern women just do not have a comparable amount of time to develop the relationship of art. Slot Machines Online Slot Machines Online So they make a lot of errors that could easily be avoided. Gone are the days a woman is ready to code with men, ranging from early childhood. And who could teach it today? Mother? But they are just as immersed in society and functioning in it. In modern society, "educational" vacuum filled glossy magazines that give countless advice on relationships with men. Have you ever wondered who the authors of these recommendations? I often encounter with the press and television, illuminating the subject. So, the vast majority of journalists - the same unsettled personal life of women, as well as those which they broadcast their advice. A friend of mine, the chief editor of the very popular women's magazine for more than 10 years, makes recommendations to the women, and she in search of "Prince" will be replaced by one man after another, and complains about the lack of happiness.
Now for the good. Did you know that in Moscow more than 40% of free men , and many of them are looking for a woman is more than just a sinful pleasure. Moreover, new research suggests that modern men treat marriage more seriously than many modern women.
Where do we get these men and how to build a long and happy relationship? Believe me, taboo personals dating it is possible. I will not argue that it needs to learn a few rules and magical dream man would be at your feet in two months. I conducted empirical research in this field for 7 years and made a lot of observations. The greatest interest, in my opinion, are women who have found happiness with men and know how to preserve it for years and decades. I will share with you what they do and especially with what they do in relationships with men. taboo personals dating.

Dating or strong ties?
From some of the women I hear that supposedly in Moscow is difficult to meet the right man. Typically, they begin to explain that the streets are not acquainted, discos and clubs are not interested in them, the herpes dating personals and the audience was not very relevant to them. Build personal relationships among co-workers and partners, they consider the case is not too favorable, and risky. And if among friends and gets good men, they all have long to seize more agile rivals. In general, today's business women have nowhere to turn his eyes and nowhere to go in search of a suitable candidate.
When I ask these women about what they have going on with social contacts, they say with absolute certainty that everything is wonderful here. They are convinced that they are familiar with whom they want and when they want, and do not experience any difficulties. Does not that sound paradoxical? It would seem that if you can easily get acquainted with any person, then you will not be easy to get acquainted with the man of your dreams ? But here and there is a small catch. The fact that social contact does not necessarily imply any were different level of communication than functional. And not only that contact list, no matter how big it may seem, not a list of friends and even good friends. It turns out so that this social resource most people are not very efficiently disposes. And it is almost equally to the personal interests and the business sector. After all, if it were otherwise, every one of us would get easy access to all social resources, and wound up any personal contacts. But we see that the opposite takes place - most people do not have these abilities the herpes dating personals.
Of course, there is a difference between how to build a business and personal communications. However, there are some general mechanisms that allow it to successfully transfer contacts in strong relationships. I think many familiar with the concept, which states that a person from any other separates the six "handshakes". However, if someone tried to verify this statement, in practice, it could be sure that it is valid only under certain circumstances. On what does the result for each of us?
Most easily "get" to any other person fails to people who have direct knowledge among the people there, connectors, or they themselves are man-connector. malifisenta fil watch online in 2014, as well as cinema novelties 2013-2014, in any genre here we have movies for all tastes in the genre, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, and children's movies where I give some of the characteristics of connectors to me We called people during interviews. I note that some features may seem contradictory. One of the reasons for this is the fact that there are different types of connectors. I'll explain in another article the herpes dating personals.
Connectors are common among these professions:
1. Restaurateurs 2. Doctors 3. Business Managers trainers 4. 5. 6. Lawyers 7. Businessmen former military (those who function in society) 8. 9. Scientists Journalists 10. Policy
Personal characteristics of the connector:
1. Open 2. 3. Responsive sociability 4. Charismatic 5. Seems disinterested 6. 7. Equanimity Generous 8. Surface 9. 10. Hypocritical have a broad outlook 11. Philanthropy 12. 13. sense of humor judiciously
Actions that make connectors:
1. to provide assistance or support to make decisions quickly 2. 3. Fun 4. Friendships 5. 6. Arrange a meeting to make gifts with the identity of the person 7. Distribute tasks to solve problems 8. 9. 10. Keep family connections to find common interests 11. Are interested in challenges and successes of 12. There are 13 active acquainted 14. the herpes dating personals maintains an extensive communication 15. support their children 16. Well presented themselves consider their interests 17. 18. show high interest in the new 19. 20. Attend social events actively show interest in the opposite sex 21. Generate ideas
I draw your attention to the fact that this is not an exhaustive list of features. I mention it here only to the overall presentation. And I want to note that one of the marked features of the connectors is that many people want to know them and, as a minimum, to maintain contact with them. And how many people are willing to meet with you? Why did they choose to do so? the herpes dating personals.

Can I change a man?
From time to time a woman asked me whether it is possible to change a man? The answer is - yes, you can. Only this process has two sides 100 uk dating personals.
The first - the issue price. This is the effort that you put in to make the necessary changes to your mind. This will include emotions, time, specific skills and actions on your part, and some specific resources specific to the situation.
The second - the consequences. Changes may not be the ones to which you expected. Moreover, the higher level, you make changes, the less predictable consequences for you.
It's one thing if you are planting the man some everyday habits. It's quite another thing when you are working on the level of his philosophy or identity. If your man will change identity, it is quite evident than after, he will treat you. Maybe he thinks that you are not worthy of it. This situation often occurs when a woman relates her life with a man who in many ways it does not like. She always tries to remodel, makes him perform some action, trying to raise it 100 uk dating personals.
If his domestic needs related to its vision of what it should be, then, for such a man, it is an important woman, stimulating its development. Then, even in spite of constant discomfort that it produces its effects on his acts, he can stay with her.
However, with the growth of his start to surround the women who did not notice it before. These women are nice and friendly, they do not try to remake. They take it for what it is now - he has changed. And becoming one, he has the right to say: "Around full of beautiful women, who are wonderful to me. And why should I stay with a woman I had never arranged, with which it's hard and joyless? "
Maybe he gratefully treat a woman who helped him, but stay with it, he can not. He has a natural desire to be with a man who meets his present view of themselves.
What woman do?
If one person creates discomfort for the other, the need to find a way 100 uk dating personals to change the course of events. True, this process can be not to change the other person, and to replace the man. Of course, a woman can deal with the change of his men, if it wants to. Only irrespective of such a desire, it is necessary to consider several factors.
First, you need to clearly understand that you will never be happy with a man who does not take themselves, and that does not accept you, even if you alter it. If you do not take a man, but still stay with him, then most likely, you do it because of pragmatic considerations.
Secondly, you need to clearly understand that you can give him, and what can not give. If you can not give something important for a man, it is good to think about what you would expect then from these relationships.
Thirdly, the process is always set. It is necessary to think about what you are doing, to co-existence always brings joy, not from time to time.
Fourth, when you meet a man with a large growth potential, consider that you will be able to offer him when he grows up. Some women are able to deduce the men to a higher orbit, but can not keep it there.
A common mistake made by many women in relationships with men , is that they cling to the illusion and pulling for them meaningless relationships. It would seem that everything is clear, that nothing new will happen and no improvement should be expected. But they hope that is about something accomplished that for whatever reasons, 100 uk dating personals everything will change and everything will be fine, that the man will change its attitude towards the situation. And this does not occur and all occurs. In such cases, the women say, "Well, I explained everything to him and he agreed to all this, but still everything is still. How can I be and what I do with it? "
In fact, nothing surprising in these circumstances no. If you have arranged for a man comfortable relationship, then why did he change them? It will keep them as long as you maintain the appropriate conditions. And you want a man, if you change to a situation?
For people to change what suits him for something else, it must see that the new circumstances will be better for him and meets his true interests. 100 uk dating personals.

The similarity of Russian women and American women?
I am often asked whether the Western women are different from the Russian. As someone who lived in several countries and having had relations with representatives of even more races and nationalities, absolutely free dating personals I can state with certainty that the differences certainly exist. And many of them are quite noticeable at first glance, but have a very significant impact on the attitude of men and women at more closely. But today I would like to mention is not about the differences and the similarities.
The motivation to write this letter served, caught my eye information from the publication Social Psychological and Personality Science. According to a new study conducted in the United States, the American ladies most in life regret not a relationship with the opposite sex. Perhaps this fact may seem strange, because some American is quite pragmatic and feminized. Yes, many, but not all, really it is. Therefore regrets about missed opportunities in education and career on the importance they place immediately after the experiences of failed love absolutely free dating personals.
Of course, it should be noted that the nature of priorities depends on the age. So, inspired by freedom and bewitched the opportunities at each new turn of career, many young women are easily given to the request to participate in the career race. At the same time their career games at times accompanied by elegant sexual adventures of different lengths , or even the fact that with caution, veiling are called "serious relationship."
But sooner or later the dance desires interrupted and career again is a more significant place.
Smart, charming careerists every day perfected the art of office games, and their skill is always measurable results. And from them, and the corresponding sense of life. It occurs quite significant number of women, for whom the world is their functional most of their daily lives. It is even reflected in their wardrobe, the dominant part of which is clothing business style.
I would like to note that the Office armor not only include business suits, but also the corresponding role masks, facial expressions, the corporate lexicon and style of communication with colleagues, bosses, customers, absolutely free dating personals ...
Of course, personal priorities - this is the current choice of the person, and it should be respected. But it's not about that, but that happens to most of the Amazons office over time.
And so it turns out that there is no difference between Russian women and American women - often lurks a feeling of loneliness and feeling of regret about the lost personal relationships, a sense of lost youth.
Who is it?
Another feature, which in recent years more and more united American and some Russian women is that they are looking for a "partner." American women are engaged in a long time. What do they get out of this it is clearly seen in the film "Sex and the City", which is sometimes quite realistically describes the situation at the fair partners.
Our women recently took up the fashion trend and obviously come to the same results as their overseas tribeswoman, but has not yet made any conclusions. But it would seem that if you are looking for a partner, it should be understood that it is quite well may consist of several "partnerships" or have a time goal for a "partnership" with you. Today it is your partner, and tomorrow he will partner your friend, your boss, your neighbor, or, even more likely, radiant stranger, whom he had met the day after tomorrow absolutely free dating personals.
1. If you are vaguely defines who you need, do not count on a sensible result. And if you want to find a satellite in road length of life, not a partner for a while, you clearly stated that you need is a husband, but not in between.
2. If you need a lover, you will not remain a prisoner of morality, to think of other people in other times. Just made some rapid raids on places where men and Get a copy suitable for you in a week.
3. Well, if you are perfectly mastered the art of cast or suppress their own desires, as a penalty to retirement go to the office and do not complain to girlfriends that "no normal men, and those who were - already dismantled." This assures only himself.
Those lovely ladies who bustle forgotten that they still need a man, I recall that a few days later the sun moving along the ecliptic, reaches its greatest declination and astronomical summer will come, and with this fact, as a rule, increase chance to meet a decent man.
At the same time, you're already well aware that automatically is unlikely to happen. So I made a willful decision to help just a few women before the end of the season to find a man with whom you would really want to link their fate.
Would you not making significant efforts to have the man you deserve? Please note that "not making significant efforts" - does not mean - no. To obtain the desired result is something to do all the same necessary absolutely free dating personals.
As I said, for some women, I will bring the matter to the result before the end of the season.
I would like to help everyone, but it would not be realistic promise for obvious reasons. Therefore, I will make a choice on the results of participating small telephone interview. absolutely free dating personals.

7 principles of correct relations
Your attitude should be the top priority for you. In order to become stronger, big tall women personals dating singles you need to follow some guidelines.
Here, the term " relationship "is used in a wide smysle.Pochemu? Because these principles are universal. They are used for both romantic and business, and for friendly relations.
1.Gotovnost give
One of the main problems of relationships is selfishness. It occurs when one of the parties only takes and gives nothing in return. Man is not capable of self-sacrifice, focused only on getting their own benefit, it turns into an egoist. Ability otdavat- is the foundation of relations.
2.Gotovnost change
Ideal people do not exist, but everyone can strive to become better. In a healthy relationship, both sides are willing to change. They understand that they are imperfect and in some moments have to change yourself instead of blaming your partner. This makes the relationship stronger.
3.Umenie admit their mistakes
Do not be afraid to admit their mistakes. However, much easier to find a way to fix them.
4.Umenie listen
Learn to listen. This will help to understand the position of your partner big tall women personals dating singles. It makes it much easier if you are willing to self-giving (para №1).
The law of reciprocity states that when we do good to others, they will also do good to us. We reap what we have sown. Free online games supporting each other, both sides in the relationship will get what they need.
Miscommunication is one of the basic problems of mutual relations. That is why it is important that both sides were open to each other. If your partner has something that does not suit you, you should tell him that. Of course, in a soft, delicate form.
In a good relationship, both parties must act in accordance with what they think and say. Keep your promises, trust each other and your relationship will be stronger.
Of course all these principles must be respected and that and the other party. But you need to start with yourself, then you will be able to build a strong and reliable relationships big tall women personals dating singles.
Summing up, it turns out that we have:
1. Treat relationship as an opportunity to give
2. Be willing to change
3. Be willing to admit their mistakes
4. To be able to listen to
5. Support Partner
6. Be open
7. Be honest big tall women personals dating singles.

The scheme of construction of novels
Find, learn
It is desirable in the first stage of dialogue to understand what type of guys you're interested in (his attitude to certain issues, financial situation, personality traits, etc.). In principle, most of the girls, country women dating personals "example" new friend for the role friend, lover, husband, a sponsor will do this automatically.
The very "fitting" - the process of uncontrollable, instinctive and often does not depend on the choice of conscious girl. Here's a paradox happens when instincts pull the girl to unintelligent, a strong "male" mind - an ambitious and secured, and life experience - a good and decent ...
It is better to think - worth spending on this man time and other resources or not. The saying "bezrybe ..." does not work here. If there is no worthy candidates on the horizon, but winds around "knows that", waiting for her prince. If you took the bar - keep it to the end. Ideally, develop, communicate and "slat" rises with experience, but you can not waste your time on unworthy anyway.
Discovering the most you can, but it is much better if the initiative will show it. Provoke a guy on the action can any girl from birth. Unless, of course, has not forgotten how to do it. Instincts prompt. Erotic (not aggressive sexy!), graceful neverbalika to help. Look, gestures, gait, voice ...
To attract attention, interest
Attention is drawn we still at the first stage. But here the problem country women dating personals - book stand out from the crowd of all the other girls. And these "others" can be much more than you think.
There must be a girl, "highlight", some features. All humble and boring, and you're funny and energetic. Without extremes. The presence of the "special" talent is also encouraged. Maybe you have the most beautiful walk or do you know all brands of cars?
It is necessary that after talking to you he is thinking about you. How to make him do it? Interested. Himself, something else? A bit of intrigue and innuendo ... How to make sure that he himself called, offered to meet again? Think. Analyze.
Self-positioning. What is the impression you want to leave yourself? How about irresistible razbivatelnitse hearts or good and true friend? What phrases, stories about yourself that you will achieve? Remember, he will think of you what you yourself tell him about themselves by their behavior.
Here, we show him a tasty and beautiful "candy." Let it is seeking to "earn".
His dream. (You, of course)
He should independently come to the conclusion that you - the best person for him at the moment. And this inference it must carefully draw. Do not leave it as a responsible and important work ... And it needs to get his card. Become his ideal country women dating personals.
We calibrate. What girl he wants. How to find out? Let him talk. For example, a favorite of women's roles. Received information is very easy to analyze. Home prude or a bitch? Direct blond or business vumen? What qualities he values? Any girl knows that talking about her ex-boyfriend plant is not desirable. Because it would be difficult not to give them ratings. If he was such a wonderful, why split? Are you that something is wrong? And if the bad - why it tolerated? For the same reason pry valuable information about his former should be carefully and unobtrusively. To call on you not moved. What kind of relationship does he want? Friendship, love, simple communication, family, sex? It is better to understand, then to not be disappointed. The ability to listen (and hear) - priceless quality for girls. 60% of the time just try to listen to him, simultaneously asking leading questions.
Adjusts. Rapport at all levels. Let me remind you. Adapts to his position, a comfortable distance between you, rate of speech, etc. If he liked you, and you do not close him, all to "adjust" itself. Adjusts his values and beliefs. Again, without kinks. Man appreciates when he has something in common with someone. He loves animals? And you have such a great house lives a cat who steals food from the table and sleeping on his favorite chair. He loves motorcycles? Do you have a friend who himself gathered the bike itself. The guy will appreciate. Stop attention to the fact that you have birthday in one month, or the same color jeans. Note: without fanaticism country women dating personals. No one is interested in an easy mark, which itself wants to be caught. Adapts his goals in life priorities. Family? Career ? Razdolbaystvo?
At the same stage as, in principle, and all other checks we arrange it. Suitable he told us on the important points for us or not? For the same purpose are good spy stories about third parties. You friend (not a girlfriend, because he just decide that you're the same - it's a feature, not only many men perceive as friends) changed his favorite and confessed. And he left her ... Who is right and who is wrong? He replied that he could be forgiven until the next time, if he loved ... What conclusions do? The guy understands the ability to love, but the answer may indicate that he is used to "hang" for a girl, and this, in turn, suggests a low rank.
At the peak of his positive towards you, you say goodbye to him. Humor man looks on a graph. The rise, recession, recovery, recession ... If you go during the downturn of his positive emotions, after a dispute or during an awkward pause, he unknowingly "tie" is a condition to communicate with you, and then to you. It is best to remember the first minutes of communication and last. So, it is possible to use!
There he achieved this beautiful and delicious candy. Enjoy your "victory." Naive ...
Near-Next. Formation dependence
Easy "on." With this understanding, we give the hunter that candy must be earned. Now it is important that he realized that he needs you, you need it. To communicate in the "plus" in graph mood, do not communicate on the "minus" country women dating personals. Be it helpful. The only way to it, and it never occurred to you that he is using. For example, to you it is very interesting to talk to. The dependence is formed. Or are you one of the few understand his world. The dependence is formed.
He is a hunter by nature. Let him hunt you . To win you. Do not give up right away. Driving Toward Next-must work constantly. That he never had full confidence that he will "tame". Surprises, do not let the relationship become a routine. Makes it easy to kryshesnos. Open it in yourself something new, always remain interesting. Even when he achieves something sought (often - it's sex), continues to "play."
And let you invest in resources. The more energy, time and money it will spend - the more valuable you'll be for it. But does not require gifts. Let understand that you are very pleasing attentions, and you appreciate. You have a good mood and you for it again you give him "sweetie." country women dating personals.

I am a lover. Or why a married woman looking for a lover?
I do not understand why I need a lover, why I'm still looking for a lover. And I had purposefully looking for ... and find him, do not stop ... keep on looking for another lover ... Now I have a few, dating free married personals services and they exist in parallel ... I can not understand itself - why do I need a lover? And looking, I do not sex as such (this house is all right), and emotion ...
Why do I still need a lover, why I'm still looking for a lover (and not one)? ... After 7 years of marriage I had a lover. This relationship lasted for almost 4 years with a variety of emotions - from very positive to very negative ... and ended when the negative began to dominate ... Let's just say - it was my first real love ... for people interested in sports promotion code trendsport discount will incidentally.
Marriage I do not really love left ... 19 years ... I did not know then just what it is ... But after this novel relationship with her husband is very insulated - I have learned to appreciate what I have. And that man, my lover, seeing that I have blown the roof - trying in various ways to bring me in feeling and in proportion ... (because he was married and had extra trouble it completely useless, though I never have them delivered ). Sometimes these methods were quite painful ... As it turned out - once demolished the roof never returns to the same place ...
I think my husband knew what was happening and just waiting for me to come in and throw a lover rate ... for that I began to respect him. Those 4 years, I have arranged for him, could stand only really loving person. This is my opinion dating free married personals services. Maybe I'm wrong, but sometimes it is useful to make mistakes. All have passed, but I think it is unlikely that I will have such love. So fall in love only once - the first time ...
At that time I was naive, selfish fool ... while still head over heels in love, and ... And now the question itself ... I do not understand why I need a lover , and why I'm still looking for a lover ? I can imagine, and "collection" lovers won because I'm afraid ... I'm afraid to stay again in a vacuum? Maybe I'm afraid in the emotional dependence on one to get?
Once I had a first novel, I learned to love my husband - he is a very good man ... and we have a wonderful daughter! But I was bored with him! He did not sociable ... But that's no reason ... There is a friend ... Or - is too tight a collar and leash shortened too ... Even to go to her friend, I have something invent. He does not understand why I need it ... In general, I'm just bored with it, so I can looking for a lover? dating free married personals services.

A few tips for successful love relationships
Many people use dating sites to meet new people with whom they would never have otherwise met. The idea of the Internet to find a man with similar interests, or soul mate, dating free online personals or just pen friend is fairly new for us. However, thousands of people have successfully found a favorite in using online dating sites. But how to ensure the successful continuation of your acquaintance?
In this article you will find some simple tips on how to increase the length of your romantic relationship.
Let your relationship develops slowly
Too often, many single people succumb to impulse and simultaneously move to the next stage of relations is much faster than it should. Numerous studies have shown that couples who met before the wedding for at least two years, are much more likely to be happy in marriage.
But the slow development of love relationships can be could be hard. Physical attraction and passion forced many couples to have sex before they are emotionally ready dating free online personals.
People are more adult children often feel the need to move quickly to intimate relations, because otherwise it's just a waste of time. However it is better to be alone than unhappy in love. If you are looking for a long serious relationship, then you need to do everything slowly.
Really look at things
For all of us in varying degrees, media exposure, and sometimes we may have misconceptions about romantic relationships. Life can be difficult and nervous thing, and ideal relationship with your beloved, in principle, does not make it easier.
Meet with people for fun
All of us have been taught that to be selfish is bad, but when it comes to dating, the work here other rules. Being selfish is very important when you choose a partner for a serious relationship . If your friends and parents approve of your choice, great. But if not, the last word is yours.
Meet purposefully
All in nature have positive and negative features; dating free online personals when it comes to serious relationships, particular attention should be paid to the negative qualities of your loved one. If a person has any psychological problems, after the wedding, they will not disappear, but may also deteriorate.
To believe that drug addiction, alcoholism or obesity magically evaporate after the wedding - naive. The only thing you can do is to try to solve these problems at the beginning of the relationship. But if the person can not or does not want to change, it is best to leave and continue to look for love on.
Thus, there are a few basic tips on how to succeed in love. Creating a solid foundation and the slow development of relations - is the key to long serious relationship . dating free online personals.

How to meet a woman?
Many men it is difficult to get acquainted. But nature takes its toll and any skromnyaga have to fight with yourself, starting with the moment when the boy wakes up and ending with a man at least, dating mexico personals the acquisition of a permanent life partner.
In war as in war. If you want to meet a woman , you need to understand that defeat - the constant companion of victories. And if losing streak is delayed, the man begins to feel that women are neglected because of their low social status and poor financial situation. The truth is that such fears are not always justified. A woman needs a man , and in most cases it does not matter who it works and shows any of itself. By following some simple rules and knowing the same simple especially women, a man can have an affair with almost any lady who he likes.
Always maintain a well-groomed appearance. To get acquainted with a woman a man should always look good, and it really helps to have a relationship. Clean and neat clothes, nice cologne have become essential attributes, accompanied by the appearance of men in any place outside his bachelor lair. Remember that the first impression is very stable. You are the one and only right now and it is on this point. Forget the pants you wear since 1984. Immediately buy new ones. Show the stranger that you are at any moment ready for contact.
Why dress like a dandy in London, running a couple of minutes to the nearest grocery store? And suddenly she met it at this moment? Babble that the hole on the sweat pants appeared three seconds ago? Do not believe it! And he goes on his way dating mexico personals.
Think about what you say before you open your mouth. Almost all the women characterized by a common feature. It is not a secret. They all love flattery. Flattery will advance much further than cynical and rude behavior. In my thoughts, perhaps you will consider my darling bad girl, to think that all of them, like the bad boys, one's mind. Perhaps that is the case in reality. But if a girl loves a boy, he would have to treat her well and show it in every possible way, to pay compliments .
If you decide to meet with a woman , that before speaking, consider the overall strategy of the conversation. If it is your good friend, tell anything positive about what she likes, what she likes, what excites her. If a stranger to you, do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, pretend helpless in a simple situation. In the grocery store ask for advice about the brand of the product (not the beer!) And his producer, have to help in the selection. Women love to save this delightfully-imposing man, caught in a quandary in such a simple situation.
Never be afraid to express their desire. If you want to invite a woman on a date, but not sure how she would react, ask for her phone number. You liked it? Your behavior and appearance of flawless? Consider the number is already in your notebook dating mexico personals. If, in addition, it asks whether there is a phone you - date guaranteed. Do not forget to call her. At least once.
Capsule reviews almea extra power of buyers During the call, do not provoke it. Tell me how it is friendly and delicious. Be charming. Develop a plan to talk before she picks up. By being prepared, you can make a good impression, and visits will be easier to achieve.
Develop a plan of action. The first date is best built on the basis of its interests. Chef offer gourmet treats that she will not have to cook. At least today. A lover of fresh air for the soul will have a picnic on the beach. No matter what will be planned, it is important that your plans should be clear and pleasing to her. Ask a woman what looks like a date, which she dreams. You will be able to realize her dream? She wants to do the same for you.
Be sure to follow the promise. It is the most important thing. Always promises, be honest and sincere, and you will always be nice and easy with your chosen one. dating mexico personals.

Los Angeles Times: mistress again become a status symbol in China
China's economic boom has led to a revival of the tradition of the "golden canaries", dating online personals which is more than two thousand years. It got its name because the "owners" groom lovers, lodge them in a love nest and outputting to entertain. The mistress of the Chinese empire was a status symbol. Once in power, the Communists sought to eradicate the bourgeois vice, despite the fact that Chairman Mao Zedong in his old age kept a harem of peasant women. Today mistress become an indispensable attribute for the party functionaries, officials and businessmen, the newspaper Los Angeles Times.
"We have become a commodity economy - says retired Shanghai University sociologist Liu Dalin. - Work, technology, love, beauty, power - everything is for sale." So-called settlements concubines - the place where the red tape holding "second wives" in the comfort and privacy - appeared in the prosperous cities such as Dongguan, Chengdu and Shanghai.
"Everyone says:" For every corrupt official is worth at least one mistress, "- says Lee Sinde, a fighter against corruption.
Phenomenon is so widespread that led to the flourishing industry of private detectives to track down their unfaithful husbands and lovers. The name of one such agency, Debang, located in the western part of Chengdu, shows the willingness of "first wives" to retaliate. Agency Debang created divorced women with the sole purpose - to help track down their unhappy wives duplicitous men and force them to pay for infidelity. The agency does not comment, but informed sources say that Debang opened branches in several cities and has more than 100 staff dating online personals.
Boom mistresses increases the number of divorces and violent battles of the property when the relationship is crumbling. Recently, Beijing has changed the marriage laws to make men who have mistresses, pay heavy fines and grant more rights to divorced wives.
Today, come into play local authorities. This year, the city of Nanjing has issued a decree according to which all officials are required to register their extramarital relationships. In Guangzhou, a major university sternly warned students about the novels and the destruction of marriages. In October, state media reported that Hainan Province decided to exclude from the party of those who have mistresses and illegitimate children. The country's leadership is worried that flirting can negatively affect the Chinese economy and the image of the Communist Party.
Banks and other government agencies have lost billions of dollars in waste and fraud, which often make officials in need of money for the maintenance of "golden canaries." A few years ago in a government review of 102 cases of corruption in several cities in Guangdong Province only once mentioned the illegal connection. "If an official has a mistress, it inevitably leads to corruption, - said the private detective from Shanghai Sun Yutszin. - To attend the expensive hotels on the salaries of officials is not easy dating online personals."
It is believed that the tradition of lovers furnishing dates back to the Qin Dynasty, when Confucianism dominated and women are considered inferior beings. It has developed a set of rules concerning the relationship between men and their spouses and "small wives", ie mistresses. One of the rules which determine how often the man should have sex with his mistress (every five days). Later lovers sometimes exchanged for things sold or leased to merchants. Men believed mistresses sign of their wealth and elite status in society. The value and rank mistress depended on her ability to give birth to a son, and relations with other lovers. prostitute Tyumen
Unlike feudal China, where the novels were a personal matter, today dirty laundry rinse frequently online. This summer, the Chinese media and Internet users came upon a sensational story, "the richest mistress in Shanghai." 23-year-old Yes Bain became famous after a public quarrel with the 36-year-old Taiwanese businessman associated with its attempt to sell on eBay a villa with a garden, a white Lexus sedan and other items donated to them.
During the interview Yes, he denied that was the mistress. She said that the clothing, jewelry and real estate - five apartments and villa - bought with the money she earned by investing in Chinese real estate market 4 th. Dollars it had received an inheritance from his mother three years ago. Such is the thinking of Chinese society. If you are young, financially secure and good-looking, dating online personals you find a mistress, writes Los Angeles Times.
Wei Utszyun, which in China is called "killer mistresses" of the phenomenal ability to expose the illegal connection, said that extra-marital relations guilty "spiritual vacuum" that arose in the post-revolutionary China. Last year in China, 1.6 million families broke up, which is 21% more than in 2003. In general, the divorce rate in China is 20%, that is up to five times in the two decades after the start of economic reforms. Mao gave Chinese ideology, Wei said, but now they became a god of materialism. And many people who have power and money, never sated.
Few Chinese believe that laws against extramarital affairs can seriously affect the system where the work is surrounded by official secrecy. "In developed countries, if the official provides a mistress or buy a house that he can not afford, it will recognize all ", - says Tszinpin Huang, professor of law at a university in Beijing. In China, even if in a small circle know about the fraud, it can last for years. dating online personals.

Thailand invites lovers to spend wedding surrounded
In recent years, experts say the growing popularity of wedding tourism. Conduct a wedding ceremony abroad is becoming really trendy. Typically, this significantly reduces the costs of preparing for the celebration, dating online personals relationships and also allows you to combine a honeymoon and the holiday itself. Regarding the choice of venue for this event, it is currently the undisputed leader on the market is Thailand. As you know, Buddhism in this country is the most widespread religion, and even tourists are not very pious, or having different views on matters of faith are rarely denied himself the pleasure to pass the traditional ceremony of marriage . This is a real colorful and solemn act, the ability to make the beginning of a joint life truly unforgettable.
The ritual begins at dawn, when the first rays of the sun gently touch has not retreated the night chill. The silence was broken only measured, hypnotic singing monks ascended the prayers and wishes of happiness future spouses. In gratitude, the bride and groom offer them a small treat and invited to share the joy of such an important day for the newlyweds. Then, under the traditional drumming heroes of the occasion and the guests can go to the temple. Here elderly monk tie the hands of lovers thread symbolizing the unbreakable bond of marriage. After that, friends and relatives willing young family happiness and express his blessing, the husband and wife sprinkling holy water. Since most of the temples are located in scenic spots, the ceremony is accompanied by the singing of birds, dating online personals relationships the delightful smells of tropical plants, and the hall is decorated with garlands of fresh flowers .
To add such a life-affirming experience of the beginning of the day may be, hiring performers of traditional Thai music. If a Buddhist ceremony still goes against your religious beliefs, to hold any other ritual also not be a problem. Thailand is famous for its tolerance to all faiths and philosophical currents. So, here it is possible to find, and a Catholic priest and an imam and a rabbi. In addition, very popular civil wedding ceremony. Regardless of the option selected, the newlyweds will provide an unforgettable atmosphere of a magical holiday that would be the best start of family life. dating online personals relationships.

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