Body language and your signals
Movements and gestures - is one of the channels of communication through which every second we give information about yourself. Through the movement of the person seen what he does not say. Even the way people are seen as confident, arab lounge online dating personals loose or stress he feels. The self-evident gait, temperament and mental condition of the person.
Confidence attracts and holds the attention. This is one of the elements that most people consider sexy. Energy, confident behavior and a positive attitude are always passed around, and they want to be close to such a person. And people who do not like themselves - are showing restraint in the movements and uncertainties in its actions. As a rule, they are committed to seeking a justification for any occasion. These people are a little happy and bring joy to others. If they attract someone of the same as they are.
A person whose eyes looking down, hardly impress a confident and self-identity. Such a manner likely to say that a man accustomed to obey, he does not tend to make important decisions and take responsibility. The look should be directed at eye level or slightly above the interlocutor. And if you want to add a bit of sexuality, sometimes briefly hold on the lips. In order to produce the desired effect, such a view has to be supported by a barely perceptible smile of goodwill and pleasure arab lounge online dating personals.
Needless to say that very few people seem nervous attractive? Manifestations of emotion is quite simple to avoid. Bring yourself in a calm state, can clearly to recall some pleasant events. Collect good sensations. Stores them at the time when they arise. Keep track of all the details, then it will be easier for them to reproduce. Remember this feeling - this will help you get rid of stress. With a little practice you will learn how to achieve a positive state in seconds. Instead of excitement you will demonstrate a good mood and peace in different situations.
Usually we do not analyze posture and posture man with whom in contact. Nevertheless, it is something that does not go unnoticed and affects our perception. So awkward stooping and people associated with the indecisive persons having low self-esteem. But the man with a direct bearing not only looks more confident, but it seems a little higher. Open gestures and posture characteristic of self-sufficiency and open people. Rapid repetitive movements indicate that the person is nervous. The inclination towards the interlocutor - the signal of interest. If the source or crosses his arms in front of him holding high an object (such as a folder or a glass), it testifies to the guard position, alertness, or lack of interest. On the other hand, if your partner has replaced a closed position to a more open, it is a sign that he felt more free.
Our manager will acquire eternal links to choose from at low prices. Usually budgets eternal links are very large and this allows you to split the installment total by 6 smaller pieces to facilitate efforts to advance. Buy discount seo eternal links only with us, with discounts. Distributed by the proposition that man first initiates contact with a woman. However, according to research by Webster University, in most cases, only a man reacts to nonverbal signals of interest, sent a woman. The greatest success in attracting men seeking women who send more signals. So what are the most characteristic signals can be caught during the flirting?
External signs of sympathy:
* Most established eye contact and a smile. * Raised eyebrows for a split second arab lounge online dating personals - a signal that you are interested in. If you do want to show your interest, then do the movement the eyebrows a little longer, but try to do without the puppet. * Slightly parted lips. * Dynamics of speech becomes similar to yours. * During a conversation with you, buddy appeared blush. * Preening clothing or hairstyles. * Before you repeatedly is touched. * The body is turned towards you. * Appears up your movements.
You should always keep in mind that every single signal may mean nothing. It may be just a coincidence. So, of course, take into account a combination of factors.
How you present yourself, what signals are sent on such a response, and you can count on. Few people want to come into contact with a person with arrogant or contemptuous smile and all kind of which says that it is better not to approach. So, before you want to communicate, "slightly open access" to him . But some outward signs are not enough. You must have an inner attitude. Managing your signals, you can attract the right people and to distance themselves from unwanted. arab lounge online dating personals.

The revolution in relations that occurred, but it did not notice
When I speak on radio or television, in most cases I have to face the fact that the leader of the program, butte dating personals journalists ask questions that reflect the stereotypes many people on social interaction between men and women. Of course, some ideas are without any basis, but quite often, these views have little in common with the modern reality. In this article I will give some figures from research conducted in the US in recent years. Immediately I must say that although the study is not carried out in our country, the figures largely reflect global trends relating to our type of civilization as a whole. Between countries there is a difference only in absolute terms. Where to buy a samovar with delivery to the apartment.
• According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the coming year for the first time in the history of the main labor force in the United States would be women, not men.
• More and more women are becoming central to the filling of the family budget. At the moment this figure is closer to 40%.
• In the 70's the ratio of men and women in higher education has been 60-40. Now this proportion has changed towards women is exactly the opposite. In the 70 years to develop the legal and medical profession was going about 10% of women, and now about half of the students in this category are women.
• Three of the last four Secretaries of State - were women (Madeleine Albright, Kandolisa Rice, Hillary Clinton).
• 65% of women are involved in planning the family budget. And according to Mediamark Research & Intelligence they take 75% of purchasing decisions butte dating personals.
• 7 out of 10 modern men feel comfortable about the fact that their wives go to work, not only engaged in housekeeping. However, most men and women still believe that it is better when the mother stays with the children, and the father goes to work.
• Contrary to the popular belief is that the majority of men, rather than women, says the marriage is very important event in the life "way to happiness" . I can see that in our country literally in the last few years, too, began to show up this trend.
• More and more women no longer see marriage as a way of gaining financial stability and an essential factor of childbirth. For three decades, the number of children born to single women increased from 12% to 39%.
• In the 70s, most children grow up in families where the mother stayed at home, while today it comes to less than one-third of families.
But the most unusual changes taking place in the self-perception of women themselves. Despite the fact that their lives have improved in many respects, and they are becoming increasingly financial and social freedom, happiness does not increase them. Moreover, even a new concept - "the paradox of declining female happiness." Studies show Justin Wolfers (and other studies), over the last 35 years, women began to feel less happy than men. And this difference continues to increase.
Interestingly, in the United States over the past few decades, men did not feel any less happy or vice versa. While in Europe, the happiness of men has increased markedly. butte dating personals.

Relationship - it does not work
Recently again heard on the radio of reasoning that relationship - is work. Radio voice even with some trepidation reiterated that the relationship - it is "hard work." But let me, dating adult personals do you have enough work? Or do you want to get the job you have to work, and the work was in your home? I'm not sure who coined the phrase that "the relationship - it is work," but now it sounds as absurd as saying "beats, then love." It is unlikely that there are many women who have desired such a manifestation of love to yourself.
It is impossible that the relationship turned into a job. What's the point, and what's the point in this relationship? Indeed, some people in addition to life have nothing in common. And then they have to put a lot of effort to somehow held together. But is it really, why do you seek in a relationship? After all, people are not together to create the complexity of each other, but in order to bring each other joy. And if a person does not make you happy, and you do not bring it, then perhaps you're with the wrong person?
Occasionally transformed in operation for only one of the partners. This may be due, for example, the fact that he is more interested in them and for him they represent more sense dating adult personals. Another reason makes a person a lot of work in a relationship is that it needs to meet the expectations of their partner. This occurs when there is a significant disparity Union, even if not very noticeable at first glance. Inequality can relate to anything - looks, social status, level of education, social skills, etc. Sooner or later, "working" partner will begin to feel uncomfortable, and the relationship may be jeopardized. One-sided job - it is a time bomb, but it is not known when it will explode, and the form in which it happens. If you have to work a lot in the relationship, it is an indirect indicator of the fact that at some stage of your relationship was a mistake.
I believe that relationship - is a form of co-creation. It is necessary to bring joy to yourself and others. As a rule, it is interconnected and you are able to do so. It may be that when you bring joy to others, it is a joy to you. And if there is any meaning in the phrase "relationship - is the work of" the only one that when the work is not satisfactory, then it changed. Many people hold on to the positive memories of the past - is to some extent helps them to maintain a relationship . However, if this is not good, even the most beautiful past will not be able to overcome this constant trouble. If your current relationship has weaknesses, dating adult personals that someone will be able to find them. And if a lot of them, and your partner is valuable to other women, some of them will be able to turn your weaknesses into advantages. dating adult personals.

Office flirt and recession
I have often written about the office flirting, this phenomenon is even devoted a chapter in one of my books. But now I want to mention a new coil unwinds corporate flirting. The fact is that no matter how many demonstrations against office romances, dating personals match they will always exist. And from time to time even pulls colleagues to join ad hoc relationships with redoubled zeal. Maybe for some it may seem strange, but in times of crisis, employees are paying more attention to the colleagues of the opposite sex. There are several reasons, and one of the most obvious - is that in turbulent economic times people are attracted quite simple pleasures ...
If we compare today's statistics office novels and flirting with those "quiet" time, the rise of enthusiasm is evident. According to a recent study conducted by job search website, this is what happens at work:
• 60% of employees involved in a romantic relationship with colleagues;
• 64% of those who admitted it, say they will do it again and again;
• 31.6% did not hide the fact that they had sex in the open spaces of the office;
• a 6% even were caught for this simple occupation other inhabitants of the office;
• 53.2% of employees know about the romantic adventures of married colleagues dating personals match.
Found another job search site, saying that in 2009, 72% of office romances took place quite publicly. At that time, as another five years earlier, only 46% of enthusiastic colleagues allowed themselves to publicize the relationship of a romantic nature.
As soon as it makes sense to note that the most risky are the relationship between superiors and subordinates. And more danger prone position is subordinate. Admittedly this does not apply to cases of so-called harassment. But the most secure relationship between a man and a woman on the job occur when they are employees of different departments. It is interesting that up to a third longer office romances ending in marriage. dating personals match.

A few facts about modern men and women
Prostitutes, more prostitutes Peter the best Russian prostitutes While we often hear that the figures are impartial, it seems to me that this is not true. It is hard to disagree with the fact that the figures do not in themselves have emotional coloring dating singles personals. But when they are indices of some characteristics, their neutrality often disappears. Of course, we do not react at the numbers, but that is behind them, and that stimulates our thinking and imagination. Here are the data from the studies conducted in the US over the past few years.
• 89% of men and women is quite in accordance with what the family's wife earns more than her husband.
• Marriage is a very important event in my life for 58% of men and only 53% of women.
• Financial security is very important for 74% of men and 81% women.
• Furnished child is a priority for 60% of men and 66% women.
• 57% of men and 51% women according to what is best for the family when a man works and the woman is a housewife.
• When asked what would be the most parents want their daughter, the answers were distributed as follows: a happy marriage with children - 63% of men and 56% women; interesting career - 17% of men and 23% women; fashion minecraft financial success - 15% of men and 20% women.
• 46% of working women and 31% of non-working women experience frequent stress dating singles personals.
• 68% of successful men convinced that a clever woman is a better mother.
• Couples in which the balance of power shifted towards men, have a long-term relationship.
• It was found that women with a large number of sexual partners, more likely to have less developed communication skills than women having fewer sexual partners.
• Couples who are more satisfied with their relationships, have more self-esteem. dating singles personals.

Touch as a means of communication or manipulation?
Perception simple touch is largely determined not so much by the fact of how much depends on our past experience, expectations and attention at the moment. Therefore, dating singles personals free new jersey researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have found that the sensory representation only confirms what we already think. I must say that the relationship of the processes occurring in our minds, and signals from the senses interested experimenters since time immemorial. And now, when there are more tools for exploring the hidden corners of our brains, scientists do not miss the opportunity to join the fragments accumulated knowledge into a single card. Sometimes they come to explore the seemingly not very utilitarian things. For example, the link between flavors and touches.
Recently, the priests of science from University of Michigan and Rutgers University found that for many people the perception of the taste of the beverage container influences from which they drink it. Should I explain what value can have the use of this knowledge in the big network companies such as McDonalds or Starbucks. What can we say about the dishes from which you drink every day? And how do you taste of tea or coffee in your kitchen?
The experimenters argue that less autotelic people are willing to pay more for water in hard bottles, while more autotelic people do not express such a desire. Besides, it turned out that the people of the second category more consciously perceive tactile sensations give them more pleasure dating singles personals free new jersey.
If you want to avoid reckless cost?
Then do not miss in the shop for vending goods. That was well known street vendors confirmed by researches at University of Wisconsin-Madison - touch to goods increases the feeling of owning them and evaluate them. Moreover, few people are willing to pay more for the objects they touch, compared to those who have escaped such a fate. However, increasing the evaluation takes place only if a pleasurable sensation or neutral. And sometimes, to the perceived value of the object increased, it did not necessarily touch - just imagine that you already own them.
If touching inanimate objects such causes shifts in the perception of what you can expect from touching a woman to a man? This question puzzled at Columbia University and the University of Alberta. After a series of experiments, there have established a pattern between the feminine touch and increasing the risk to which a man is ready to go. However, not every touch makes men willing to risk money. malifisenta fil watch online in 2014, as well as cinema novelties 2013-2014, in any genre here we have movies for all tastes in the genre, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, and children's films remain indifferent to men touching other men and their thought processes do not affect women handshake. Most men retains the clarity of thought, and if a woman touches their arm. But a feminine touch to the back of the man capable to shake the clarity of mind and extend the boundaries of acceptable risk. This phenomenon, of course, dating singles personals free new jersey there is an explanation which, in my opinion, needs further confirmation. Let me just say that many of us can really translate the feelings through touch. dating singles personals free new jersey.

On women and stereotypes
Yesterday I was asked not television, "Is it true that the most common way of seduction - is alcohol? Its consulted by the majority of men who crave sex! "The logic of this statement is obvious - drunk girl allegedly" free christian dating friendship personals losing control "of their actions and become more relaxed.
I do not think alcohol is a tool of seduction. In my opinion, for this there are finer thread. But if you look at the image of the Greek Cilicia, it becomes apparent that drinking wine at a meeting - it is not the new tradition. In European civilization, it is supported by several thousand years, and is likely to continue until the planet will not run out of men and women.
And what about the connection of the elements of sex and wine in contemporary statistics? Experts from the University of Florence studied the degree of sexual satisfaction among women aged 18 to 50 years. Subjected to close scrutiny by factors such as sexual arousal, orgasm and satisfaction. And what conclusion came scrupulous scientists? Undeniable fact was that women who drank one or two glasses of wine a day in the life experience more sexual pleasure, compared with women who do not. Should we be surprised? Recall at least bacchantes in paintings of great masters. Judging by the look on their faces, they clearly enjoy free christian dating friendship personals.
Professor Tim Spector from London examined the sex life of women aged 18 to 83 years. It is not known why he was interested in precisely this age range, but the interest of the conclusions arrived at by the British scientist. According to him, women have the ability to express their feelings and the feelings of others who are able to read, receive remuneration in the form of sexual life more colorful. Professor argues that women with a higher emotional intelligence are more favorable sex life. With this opinion agrees London psychologist Andrea Burri, who is convinced that: "Emotional intelligence seems to have a direct impact on women's sexual functioning by influencing her ability to communicate her sexual expectations and desires to her partner."
A few more facts. Every year, new research has found a pattern between the sexual activity of women and their health. For example, Dr Sonia Davison argues that sexually unsatisfied women have a reduced level of vitality than women who regularly have orgasms. But researchers from the NHS (Sheffield) declare that the active sex life of women has an impact on the immune system, increases self-esteem and promotes better sleep.
It seems that these facts are familiar to many women. But what happens in practice? According to a recent study (Harris Interactive), 46% of women prefer to give up sex and spend the same time on the Internet free christian dating friendship personals. While, as such act agree only about 30% of men. Moreover, women aged 35-44 are more likely to exchange sex on the Internet - 52%. free christian dating friendship personals.

A man and a woman in bed without rules
Like it or not, all people in the world is divided by gender! And the soul, and the body we are made of different fabrics. From the very childhood sexual development, free dating cowboy personals our paths diverge: the girls more developed emotional platonic attraction, the boys grow older manifested erotism.
Failures in our lives, and especially in sexual relations depend on us, on our understanding of sex. In order to avoid failure, we must first change our attitude toward sex, stop his fear. Men - slaves myths, chief of which is that a real macho should have a large penis is always ready for an act of love. And the majority of boys honestly believe that it is also important for women. Lack of erection for the man sometimes turns into tragedy, into an occasion for self-blame, although there may be a cause of problems not only at work, fatigue and malaise, but also the partner. Alas, casual phrase thrown before or during sexual intercourse, an unsuccessful candidate pose awkward affection able to produce the most unpleasant effect.
Sexual dissatisfaction can cause nervousness, aggressiveness and even give rise to sexual complexes. Sexual relations are very important in human life , and directly affect the physical and mental health side free dating cowboy personals. Failures in sex not only greatly hurt and beaten to the ego, but also left its mark on the whole life and future relations. Men, do not dream about what could be, they need to learn to experiment and do not hesitate to talk about their sexual desires. A variety of sex will have a positive effect on the whole of human life. First of all, it improves mood, mental and physical satisfaction, belief in themselves and their capabilities, and that the steps to success. But it should not be confused with a variety of sex variety of sexual partners. For the sexual relationship it is very important that people had mutual feelings or sympathy , only in this case will be achieved by moral satisfaction. It is proved that men sexual fantasy is more highly developed than in women and contains the vast majority of visual images. Hence, for many women understood the interest of the stronger sex to erotica and pornography. The man really loves his eyes: he likes to look at, to admire. Neat, beautiful mistress for it - the equivalent of his sexual consistency.
Free Voice VKontakte Tightness in sexual matters is not appropriate, it only complicates the spoils and all. The less complex a man and a woman, the more intense will be the relationship. In the bed, there are no rules or restrictions. Therefore, do something wrong is impossible. Sex toys can make a variety of sexual relations and help to get to know the secret passions partner. But the main thing here is not to play too and do not forget about living people.
Men are sure that prelude, the process of seduction starts right in bed. So when, in response to touching the private parts, a man receives a slap in the face, he is confident that in front of him a bitch or a sadist. Men forget about the peculiarities of the psychology of women, so sometimes suffer defeat in sex. Women love that they have achieved, but achieved beautiful and romantic . For women, sex - is a game in which she wants to know the plans of action. And yet it is important to remember that the process of arousal in women is much slower than that of men. Many men believe that female orgasm is dependent on vaginal sex! But, according to statistics 70% of women often experience a clitoral orgasm is. Therefore, if a man wants to impress the Lady, do not let them forget about the clitoris. Still, a man must know about the enigmatic point G, on the front wall of the vagina. The experience of orgasm in women free dating cowboy personals - it is a whole range of different experiences, and each subsequent (if it is capable of multiple orgasm) is stronger than the previous one, while men - weaker. In principle, both men and women are very sensitive to stimulation of the genitals, breasts, inner thighs, neck, ears, lips and palate. But men have a highly erogenous area - Prostate. This is an extremely sensitive organ, which stretch from the nerve endings of the buttocks, tailbone and anus. No man recognizes you, that will be glad of such affection. Women do not lose their excitement quickly after sex like men. Sometimes after a sex partner might want to continue. If a man is tired and unable to continue, he may use other ways of delivering pleasure a woman.
Stereotypes of behavior in men is often the pursuit of the number of sexual partners. They compete with each other (sometimes only in words). Simply, they are constantly subject to confirmation of its men's solvency.
Women in the first place put the relationship : indifferent partner irritates her more than bad sex. She important man's inner world, with whom she shares a bed. And it has its own set of requirements to his companion, including the intellect and the emotions, and the manner of speaking (the list goes on to infinity). Of course, the appearance also plays a role. The woman concerned about her appearance in a much more practical aspect. She tries to attract the attention of the maximum number of individuals of the opposite sex, and then choose the most suitable. Hence the confusion - often a man thinks that a woman's coquetry is addressed only to him, but it turns out to be weapons of "mass destruction".
Many women are concerned about the size of their breasts (of course, not as men - penis size, but the resemblance is still there). Puzzled this problem psychologists decided to find out, it is important for male breast size partner. The result is that the vast majority of men prefer "average parameters" and fans large and small forms appeared about equally. Men like women with perfect body, and your body of a man, as a rule, pay little attention. If you want your woman thought you were ideal, remember that your body has to be in top condition.
Funny, but the men and women in their sexual fantasies are carried in completely different directions. Men imagined scenes from the past or alter what happens to them in bed at the moment. Women are painted in my imagination is that they never happened free dating cowboy personals - their illusions towards the future.
Many believe that the lack of the male hormone testosterone is a man to homosexuality. In fact more and more difficult, and it is not clear that the cause and what is effect. The level of this hormone is also dependent on the health status, sexual activity, diet, medication, smoking, emotional state. And many studies show that homosexuals ratio of hormones is the same as that of heterosexual men. Modern scholars have come to the conclusion that all people are more or less androgynous, that is, carry signs wallpaper sexes. It is not about anatomy - primary sex characteristics are rarely allowed to wonder whether it's a man or a woman! But every man is male and female hormones and, in addition, modern society offers considerable freedom of self-determination. The degree of androgyny affect much: hormonal balance, the relationship between the parents, the psychological trauma in early childhood. Agree, we all met men who "had better be a girl." Sociologists point out that it is much more difficult to assert themselves in the team, but their feelings about sex are much richer and more varied. With women the same story: those in whom strongly masculine, much more temperamental and very rarely suffer from anorgasmia.
We hope that this brief overview of our differences has helped you learn a little more about your partner and understand it better. Because no matter how different we may be, we still made for each other: a man and a woman. The man free dating cowboy personals - a hunter, the woman homemaker, we all have different roles and different psychology, but we are equally can improve their sexual relationship and prolong life. The main thing is not to forget that a good sex need to be prepared in advance . free dating cowboy personals.

The Marrying Man or divorce?
A few days ago I was sitting in a cafe waiting for his friend. It is slightly delayed, so I took advantage of a pause and began to flip through the newspapers. The "Kommersant" online personals and internet dating I got worried text that begins: "In the year Russian citizens were less likely to marry and more likely to divorce." This conclusion follows from a study published by Rosstat, the natural movement of the population of Russia in the first quarter of 2010. I do not know what shocked journalist respected publications, but this is not a new trend, it has been going on for decades in most developed countries.
The existing dynamics of marriage and divorce, of course, accompanied by attendant phenomena. According to Rosstat, a growing number of single-parent families and the increasing distribution receives t. N. "Maternal family". The country has entered a period of mass prevalence few children of the family - the average number of children per family 1.63. Constantly increasing the proportion of children born out of wedlock. In 1994 it amounted to 19.6% and in 2003 - already 29.7% of total births.
Simultaneously with this picture, television and radio tell me that a lot of people complaining about the loneliness, the inability to find love and start a family. Indeed, today nearly half of marriages falling apart. But it has no direct relationship to the problem of loneliness. Just be unrelated pair becomes a way of life for a growing number of men and women. Moreover, the trend of modern times is that this way of life is becoming more interested in it for women. Many of them therefore do not marry, online personals and internet dating that the current life style suits them more than hypothetical possibilities offered marriage. This is confirmed by new studies that say that the family is a significant event for men than for women. I believe that now in the relations between the sexes going global shift, the consequences of which we see through the decades. More details about the causes of this phenomenon, I'll discuss in a separate article, but now will only mention that, in my opinion, has long been the basis of such a trend.
The fact that in the modern world is small, that supports the family. In the old days people understand that the more your clan, the safer you feel yourself physically. The larger your family, the calmer you feel economically. Moreover, the preservation of families contributed to the cultural and religious tenets. In the modern society, a person can easily provide themselves living alone. In addition, the already largely lost influence of the norms that were significant for the previous generations. It turns out that the foundations for the family not so much. And creating it - it's a personal choice of the person. Another thing is that there are people who complain of loneliness. However, if you talk to them, it often turns out that for such a lifestyle they have a lot of reasons. By and large, it is more profitable just to be alone. On the other hand, it is difficult not to notice that social contacts have become more and more online personals and internet dating. But more of them, the less value each. This is another reason why some people where there is a sense of loneliness.
When I speak on radio or television, I often ask the question: "And what is the best age for marriage?". While on this subject carried out various studies, their results are very different. I am therefore convinced that an indicator of readiness for marriage is not so much age as internal criteria of both partners. That is, when one person in a couple is clearly aware of: Who is he that can give to another, and what to expect in return. A common mistake is that by detecting a number of common interests, many people think that met the right partner. This superficial approach. In relationships, these people play the lottery. That means a great risk to connect his life with the wrong person. online personals and internet dating.

Vectors of attention while communicating with a man
For most people, during the interaction with another person vector attention is mainly directed to itself. The fact that they say that they do and that they are going to say. At a higher level of connection there is a second vector of attention, online personals dating which is more directed at him. You know, feel and track changes in the state of another person. The objective of the second vector - capture feedback from the interlocutor, follow his feelings. Some of the information your partner says in words, but most of what people experience, feel and think, they do not translate through words.
Understanding human needs helps to establish a better rapport. Each of us has a conscious and unconscious needs that we satisfy through relationships. And someone to help them meet, and some do not. Unfortunately, the need to understand is not always possible, even if you know the person for a long time. Therefore catches human needs at least in the current conversation. This is especially important in the relationship between man and woman . Because when there is no attention directed at another person, it is not conducive to the establishment of intimacy. If you can not create the right level of interaction to another person, you lose part of the value for him.
Francis Bacon said: "All human beings are divided into two categories: one is easier to notice the difference, online personals dating others - similarities." interesting facts I think that Bacon could not imagine that in a few centuries scientists pay attention to sustainable patterns of thinking individuals, and will call it metaprograms. The fact that, for the most part, we treat the information in accordance with established techniques. Paying attention to what your partner uses a meta-programs can interact with them more efficiently. There are dozens of common meta-programs. I will cite only a few. Understand the meaning, as you learn to ignore the most obvious ones.
Small - large
You probably noticed that some people more convenient to operate more categories, they see the whole picture, and it is difficult to keep the details. While work better with other parts. The global picture seems these people are too common and often has little meaning.
The internal - external reference
For a person having an inner orientation is of little value what others think. It takes decisions based on his thoughts. . Friends, do you think about Counter Strike? Who zianteresovan can download CS 1.6 torrent on . By the way, the last time the game takes on a second life, and now works on windows 8! Such a person uses their own criteria for selection. People are outward-oriented are more likely to adhere to the views of others or authorities. When making decisions important to them the opinion of friends and acquaintances. They are willing to follow instructions from others.
Procedures - Opportunities
Man-oriented procedure should be readily proven methods. It is often quite satisfied with what has already been and never once repeated. A person-oriented capabilities, readily takes on new online personals dating. He seeks and finds new ways and are not willing to be regulations.
The move from - to
People are motivated to avoid unpleasant often talk about the problems of the unpleasant consequences that need to be prevented. The impetus to act for them can serve as the expectation of a loss if they do not produce any action. And people who want to stimulate a pleasant foretaste of something attractive. They often say that though, not what you do not want. They can say what they want to achieve.
In everyday life, we operate in three categories of time: past, present and future. But each of us has their relationship with time. Some with great reverence for their past and often come back to him, the other towards the future, while others are most focused on the present. If you listen carefully to the partner, it does not make much effort to notice, at which time he is most of all. Knowing the temporal orientation of man can speak to him using the same categories of time online personals dating. True sometimes it turns out that for long periods uncomfortable person to communicate in uncharacteristic time model.
The most frequent and well distinguishable types of meta-programs also include: the need - the opportunity, the quality - quantity, intuitive - touch, to be - to act. online personals dating.

The new sexual revolution?
When Pushkin was exiled in solar Odessa, letters from St. Petersburg came to him for weeks. However, the new Luddites beat drums and somehow claim that the Internet is destroying the connection between people. In fact, personals sex login dating site quite the opposite is happening - communication becomes more and they extend much wider across the country and the world. Recently, my friend said, "with people in other countries I have Bole close relationship than with some friends in the city." The speed and ease of establishing communication, of course, contribute to the maintenance of human contact, and these contacts and personal relationships must be able to manage . But that's another story.
As for dating, then, in fact - it's just a fair partner, a great showcase where you can see what is now available. And there are all available. And then there is the effect of a child in a candy store - dazzled everyone wants to try. As is well known, appetite comes with eating. And for some people, this game turns into a never-ending process. They appointed a meeting in restaurants, with one man having breakfast, having dinner with the other. Is there anything easier than to hang his picture on the website and respond to the offer? Nothing personal, just a game - to tell her friends about the number of "stars" for the week. In older women form of the game is a little different in nature, but the essence remains about the same personals sex login dating site.
Meanwhile, there are people who are really looking for a permanent partner in life . And some of them are convinced that the search for a partner in another way they can not. Excuses can look objectively - more employment, the lack of people in the immediate vicinity of the opposite sex, underdeveloped communication skills, or other excuses. For many of these people the Internet is a stick wand. What part of them really get results. The others just take the time. Most of all - it will be the people who had for dating the best hope. The fact that they inflated expectations and a lot to think out of the potential candidates. During the correspondence, they create their own image of the person with whom you communicate. What do you know about the answers antonyms and classmates invented this image of a little match what a person actually is. The reason is not that one person intentionally mislead others. Just the same facts, the words and phrases we interpret a little differently. And when the two meet, it turns out that the reality does not match the fictional way. Typically, such a person repeats his mistakes and gets nothing but disappointment.
Another reason for the discrepancy is the fact that some of the profiles did not initially meet the real image. I know students who earn that amount to "winning" the questionnaire and conduct correspondence on behalf of a man who for some reason he can not do this. And the announcement of such services more frequently can be found on the Internet. It seems to be also no malice - just earnings personals sex login dating site.
There is a separate and quite large category of users of dating sites that are rarely or never "go to the real." The virtual world they are quite satisfied. They totally get there required set of impressions. In a sense, these people like the fans - they get their share of emotional shake-up without taking any real action. Compensation important experience happens in the mind. After another dive into the electronic shopping, dissatisfaction in some other areas of life will be restored.
The abundance of alternatives quite fit in the minds of modern man. Just to keep in mind that the generation who grew up near the size of a half of the world showcase reasonably be considered that the replacement of "old" partner is always waiting for you on your shelf. And it is worth just a few clicks, as a new girlfriend or boyfriend already happy to hear your suggestions. Unable to agree today - do not worry, you get tomorrow. We are not upset for a long time, if the store did not have a suitable size. The more sexual partners you have, the less value each.
All other methods of dating , of course, are not going anywhere. The Company creates new standards and new behaviors. The choice becomes larger, but, be that as it may, the decision rests with the person. personals sex login dating site.

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