Formula of Love
Two leaf currant pour boiled milk and stir clockwise .. (just kidding, but to milk we shall return). Dear readers, today you open the great mystery of the origin of the feeling of love in terms of scientific psychology dating friends personals. And after the open the secret formula of love - let's see how to use it.
But first, a little about the device memory. Love is based on memory, but more on that later. Human memory - is not just a set of event records. We remember holistically - and the basic details of the event and background - the background and visual images, and the smells and sounds and words and thoughts, as well as their emotional and sensual reaction to all this. And while remembering we reproduce in the first place what was an emotionally significant, and we are not just playing music - if we re-create the events again react to remember the events (even weaker than it was then, but react), and create associations with the such as events or feelings. Association account for a huge part of our consciousness. When we teach the alphabet, learn to associate the letter "A" with the sound of "a", we associate the object (spoon) to its purpose (to eat liquid food), the cause of the behavior (interest in the topic of love) with the investigation (reading articles on the topic of "love etc.
But there are associations that we create in the early childhood and they become so significant that subconsciously affect our whole perception of the future. For the baby the most important associations with well-being, survival - is satiety, comfort and physical contact with his mother, as well as (later added) - eye contact and sound (words that my mother said the child). Actually - this is the forerunner of the feeling of love - a feeling of satiety and comfort, security and intimacy of contact (communication) dating friends personals.
When matured, we enter into a relationship with each other, communicate, our subconscious checks the quality of relations, based on the earliest of the associative memory. And if in our relations there is a feeling of safety, proximity (including physical) and decision - we love the people with whom we have a relationship. Somewhere in the subconscious mind, we feel that we will be with them in the comfort that we have fed, if anything, take care and protect.
And this feeling, this memory early experiences throughout life develops and grows. The closeness we feel not only physically, but also in the overall understanding, common values and interests. We can feel its worth (self-care, or the ability to care) in communion and harmony. The differences - is also very much value as it is also a form of close contact and conflict - it is a very powerful meeting, the enemies close to each other sometimes more than friends, but a sign of the emotional and negative dating friends personals.
The only difference is the love child of love adult - the child is always less than the parent, dependent on him, and the child takes greater attention than giving. And as an adult love - as our partner in need of attention, contact, security and intimacy, as well as ourselves. Adult love is always equal to, and responsibility for relationships is always divided equally. And for an adult is no longer enough simply to take, take care. He needs to learn to be more complex, diverse contacts with others - and in words and in deeds, and through bodily sexual affection, and through shared meanings and values, and in a variety of activities to find and create themselves and each other what it was it is important from an early age - security, intimacy, physical and emotional comfort, communication, togetherness, one word - love. dating friends personals.

Communication via the Internet - how to understand each other
Be always on communication - a sign of the times, and a great blessing. Contact with other people and relationships that we establish - one of the most important needs of people at all times. Without others we can not be him, dating online free singles lavalife personals can not be him. Mowgli in the real world could not become a man just because he was born in the human body. Man becomes man only in dealing with people.
But modern means of communication through which we can now be in touch almost anywhere and at any time, in its influence on our communication, shape it for themselves and thus create not just a relationship - and their special kind - online relationship ie "distanced". We like it together, and seems to be at a distance. And this distance is invisible, even if it is very large. And we cheat and accept distanced relationship of close, online image of the person to be confused with his real personality. Probably many familiar difficulty - convey your feelings in the text and understand the feelings of a friend. Do not save and smiles, and sometimes even misleading.
What can be done to Internet communication was as realistic as possible and not mislead us? Language Internet communication is not given to many at once. The answer is simple, but to realize it - it is not so easy. (Council not to communicate on the Internet at all - we do not see. How is it - do not communicate on the Internet? 21 in the yard!)
One advice - do not guess. In many parts of life, we are getting used to guess the relationship - facial expression, tone and volume of voice, pauses and rhythm of speech, gestures and sighs. But even in life we often make mistakes in their conclusions. Pushed spokesman eyebrows - so angry? Or offended? Or are you thinking about? Or a tooth is sick? The source said: "Well, you give!" - A delight or indignation? What to say about online communication? Of course, to guess the meaning and relationship to you on the text much more difficult. Therefore, try not to rush to "understanding." We saw a few words - does not mean that "everything is clear to you." Here is difficult to give up the habit to guess, it's hard to admit that you're not so smart to "see through people" and "read" their thoughts and feelings. I think I would agree with those who have obzhgsya on such a misunderstanding on guessing and thinking and conjecturing dating online free singles lavalife personals.
The second advice that follows from the first - ask again. Disentangle tangled on the Internet then the conflict is much more painful and difficult than to ask again. Yes, someone would ask again that it is "stupid" and too slow. Business master. Do you want to pretend that you are not "stupid" and then "stupid curse" - please. But if you care about the relationship and understanding - it is better not to ask again fantasizing without guessing. If you feel that you insult questionable phrase - do not rush to insult back, "Oh, you bastard ..", try asking: "Do you want to offend me now? Why? "And, if the person did not want to offend - it can be corrected and apologize. Avoid hints in online communication - they are first and foremost easy to misunderstand. If you feel that the other person offended or angry - asked him about it: "I think you're offended by my words here ... is that?" - And many misunderstandings can be avoided.
The third advice - communicate their feelings as clearly as possible. Your correspondent can not guess ask again. So do not be lazy to write, especially about everything that we are used to guess - about feelings such. The same smile (smile) - can mean either "I'm happy," and "I am pleased," "I find it funny," or be a way to conceal their true feelings. Feelings are usually expressed by direct word for feelings and emotions. And talk is from himself, from his face. "I am happy ... I am angry with this or that, for the offended ... I'm afraid ... be grateful for ...", etc. But the phrase about the other person, "you're done", "You muddle", "you're super," "you bastard" - do not say anything about your feelings for him. The phrase "you're done" may be your joy and your sadness and fear and envy and admiration - anything. And if you want to really understand your interlocutor - write about his feelings, his attitude directly, dating online free singles lavalife personals rather than through evaluation of the interlocutor and not through indirect expression.
And last, the fourth council - remember that your feelings are very strong influence on your perception. If the information is insufficient (and the information is usually not enough - you can not tell in general all - it will be a sea of text), we have to guess and think out - there's no getting around it. And our guess will always be heavily influenced by the senses. If you are afraid of something - the interlocutor in fuzzy phrase you'll soon see confirmation of his fears than anything else. If you are angry at him - then his sentence rather accept as an excuse to conflict. If you are ecstatic, joyful - you can not pay attention to the present state of the interlocutor, even if it is mentioned about their feelings. By the way, do not try to give up their feelings and emotions. Hollow chat - for robots, not humans. Try to see in a man - himself, not just a reflection of their fears, expectations, inspirations and fantasies. About his feelings - write, but I do. About the feelings of another - ask, specify. And now attention to another, the real interest in it dating online free singles lavalife personals - allows you to create a real relationship, not illusory. However, about a living relationship in the real world, too, should not be forgotten, in the end, the most "delicious" chat - live. dating online free singles lavalife personals.

How do you know whether you are in love with a man
Love can not be long hidden. It's like a closed hand blinding sun. Strong feelings are like the rays of the sun, which can be caught in the hand and one careless movement to lose dating personals phoenix arizona.
Maybe you do not meet with this man, and Think like friends, classmates, colleagues, or acquaintances. But something inexplicable lurking in his eyes, and you want to understand love it?
If the state of love enveloped him recently, so it is extremely difficult to control yourself when you are. First of all, pay attention to the breath. Rapid breathing produces serious interest. Yes, and you will surely pay attention to how often to breathe, wondering if the man turns around.
Eyes tell what he is silent. When looking at an attractive woman male pupils dilate. As if suddenly darken.
And, of course, he's looking! What distinguishes his view?
First, his eyes always seemed to have the match flame flare. It was only later, he can as much as necessary to turn away and "not to show." We need to catch that first moment when your presence is a surprise for him. But it is important not to make a mistake, because the eye can catch fire and just a friendly disposition. Then read on dating personals phoenix arizona.
Second, he looks like a man in love with the attractive force of the earth to the moon. He would be happy to come off, but returned again and again to the woman. And just as taut as a magnet for the keys. The feeling must be such that if he wants to reach this view so you.
And he turns to your mind. Almost always. Because he feels it.
Third man in love in conversation looking at you for too long. Even when both are silent.
Fourth man in love is trying to be as close to your eyes. It is worth remembering the comparison with a magnet. It feels like a little more and face to face.
Thus, the man unknowingly enters the zone of intimate contact, which is equal to 50cm.
Fifth, his gaze glides over your face, like studying, and always finds the lips and delayed them. After all, he is so eager to kiss!
The desire to touch you it makes finding any pretext, be it a leaf in her hair, or non-existent speck of dust. And touching you, he looks into the eyes!
Make sure your hair smooth hand. Even if they are too short or not at all. And it may look in the mirror, passing by itself. What do you want: he wants to please dating personals phoenix arizona.
Note his clothing. Suddenly he began to dress up and pour cologne when before such zeal for him was not observed.
And, perhaps, he began to brag about financial prosperity. After all, a man in love is vital to a woman seem serious, responsible and best.
Enamored man seeks a woman laugh. And it may even look like a clown. In general, the behavior of a man in love becomes amazingly illogical. But at a meeting with you would always upbeat mood. As if ready to take off. What to do - love. It defies reason and logic, turning anyone into a child.
A man in love can not help caring for the woman he loves. Feel your mood change colors by voice and asked, "What happened?". He puts his jacket on you, so you will not be forgiven, and warms his hands with his breath.
But most important: his desperate desire to see all the time, makes finding the most ridiculous excuses for meetings. And if he does not call a few days, then it is too serious test for love.
And again, the man, revealing the soul, talking about his past dating personals phoenix arizona - it is certainly not just. Even if you're just friends.
But there are men, too proud, too hard to believe in love, and to show their feelings. They may deliberately not to look at you, avoid contact and act deliberately cold. After you knock them confused, and most of all they fear seem weak. In this case, notice how he responds to your appearance. If all the friends he meets a lonely friendly and you only noticeable side (although the reasons for this attitude was not), then, perhaps, he is trying to hide his weakness for you. Feel free to go to him to talk to some neutral topic, and themselves at this point, please read his eyes, breathing and behavior. Because if you're two steps away from him, all his attempts to be like a stone statue will fail.
Love comes, and when you least expect it, and when it desperately waiting for. Love comes in spite of. As the sun with the new day. Catch rays in its hands. She did not hide. dating personals phoenix arizona.

How to overcome fear dating women
People - very contradictory being. Very often, our desires, our dreams are broken down on the same fears. Especially in the case of dating.
Looking for a beautiful girl (which can even look at us curiously), dating personals punk we argue with ourselves, they say it is not known what to say, how can react to a potential companion. Things can only end in view, it flows smoothly from delighted to sad.
In order to overcome the psychological barriers, there are many tips to practice, but they will eventually be reduced to approximately one. To change something, you need to take actions, given the tools. This is true and professionally and in everyday life.
You can divide the process of overcoming his fear of a few steps, constantly increasing the final degree of intimacy. For example, at first just come up and ask how much time, how to pass on some or stopped at any stop on this one or another form of transport. Next task is complicated - after starting the question (about the time pass, stop, or other) to add thanks to include in it a compliment. Just as each step has to be more complicated previous - ask a few questions, make a short an easy conversation.
Each exercise should begin in a calm, balanced state. It is essential that any such exercise is repeated several times, until the disappearance of the last signs of discomfort at each stage. Another important rule dating personals punk - do not tighten! If a stage is passed, it is necessary to move on to the next. In addition, do not do too many steps, and especially to add new ones. We must remember that our objective is not in the performance of an increasing number of exercises and skills in operating time.
It should be mobile - girls are sociable, they may show some initiative themselves, asking anything, or vice versa begin to tell. You should not limit yourself to only one algorithms and schemes - the world is much broader and more diverse.
Overcoming their fears - it is also a skill. Once started, and passed on this way, we get a good weapon to achieve any goal. Including for a close acquaintance with a beautiful girl. dating personals punk.

Tempters do not fear Me - they act.
Yesterday once again on television, I was asked: "What do women who experience oppression and fear to get acquainted with the men?". Although I have repeatedly answered this question on the radio, free dating and personals TV and in his book "The Philosophy of Flirting" I understand that there are people who when meeting do not feel too comfortable. Therefore, in this article I will give the simplest advice that brings results for all women that they really followed.
To begin to initiate contact with confidence in any situation makes this an easy exercise: friendly and with a smile to greet all the people you encounter in everyday life - with the sellers, cashiers, people in your office building, with all whom you meet on a particular occasion. It will quickly become your good habit, and you openly and without embarrassment can greet a stranger you like, wherever it occurred. But make it a little more sincerely and more convincing.
Remember - to explore any action is better than inaction free dating and personals. Because, without taking any action, you really miss any opportunity, while the action you can achieve the goal, and thus, no risk. After all, the worst thing that can happen - that's what people do not support your game. Furthermore, avoiding actions you train your uncertainty. It should be noted that it is often necessary to act immediately, the moment when you realize that the person you are interested in. Otherwise come into force braking mechanisms, you start to doubt, worry and, as a result, the desire to stumble about indecisiveness. The only thing that still needs to be reminded that it is taking action will be more effective after you exchanged glances. Always choose a position in relation to man, so you can meet views. If you approach the person behind or become a parallel, then you are in a disadvantageous position for communications.
Some people when meeting the uncertainty associated with a deficit of social skills. Therefore, the more you act, the more confident purchase, the more natural look and free your actions. Successful operations are expanding comfort zone, increase self-esteem and make the person more free in expressing their feelings and needs. Largely self-confidence - is the ability to assess their own positive qualities, abilities, achievements. The other component is a positive assessment of confidence on the part of important human people. If you believe in yourself, then failures will not have a noticeable effect on you. Self-confidence free dating and personals - this is not a demonstration of superiority, this knowledge of their capabilities.
Do not do anything for show. Intentional demonstration is likely to say just about uncertainty. During the conversation, not overestimates his partner, and not to lower his. Never make excuses, but do not be afraid to admit that there is something you do not know or do not understand. Feel free to ask for clarification. A constructive approach leads you to the knowledge and solutions. So, to eliminate doubts. Proceed from the "I" and not from the "I'll try."
When you initiate contact - no need to think about what you will find. Instead, focus on the process, make sure that your people felt positive impetus. And if you are convinced that the person you are interested in, the main aim at this stage should be to establish a motive for continuing contact. It is desirable that you have built the situation so that the other person he came to this conclusion. Experiment and have fun.
The actions you are bound to learn something, get new experiences, sensations and are improving their social skills. It is possible that you will not immediately move to establish and maintain contact. Free communication requires skills and experience are crucial. Therefore, use every opportunity to practice. In any case, you should have a positive charge and the mood of the game. By the situation should be treated exactly as a game - it will add you confidence, enthusiasm and will create additional advantages. In the game people have a greater degree of removal, it has previously put themselves in a conditional situation. When you do not have fears and doubts - you can easily and effectively flirt.
Absolutely not to be considered unsuccessful attempts to defeat and take them personally free dating and personals. There are numerous independent of you reasons why this or that attempt to make acquaintance with a particular person has been less successful than you expected. If your attempt to dating you've got some kind of an inappropriate response, so you no longer need to worry. Apparently the man is in a bad condition and he should take care of himself, let him deal with his difficulties or his character. And to you it has nothing to do, so I did not take it to the head. I would advise you to opt out of the concept of "attempts". It is better to treat each contact as a lesson. The more classes you take, the more knowledge get. And every failure is considered useful test on the road to mastery. The fact that at present known, becomes our tool. And we have no difficulty will arise if and when the need to use it. free dating and personals.

Sex talk.
Sexual feelings are one of the most brilliant humans. A sexy talk, in most cases, free dating sites and personals classifieds cause if not excitement, the excitement. They create an atmosphere of emotional intensity . Often, the result of these conversations become more trusting and open relationship.
It may seem surprising, but the women talk about sex more often than men. According to research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, they not only do it more often, and with greater ease. And the surprise was a poll conducted by Viacom Outdoors. It turned out that in the subway 42% of women think about sex. Then, as in the subway like reflections overcome only 22% of men. In my opinion, this situation highlights the fact that stereotypes are separate from reality, or at least behind her.
In one form or another, there is always an element of sexuality flirting . Your conversation has many tones and carries an implicit or explicit sexual connotations. The form and content depend on the intentions of the situation, sense of style, your ability to lead this dialogue, and the degree of involvement of the partner. If the other party is interested in the conversation, he will allow a greater degree of freedom. Not sure it would be something to talk about himself, but give you the opportunity. Move from neutral to the more risky. However, as what you may say, to balance - flirt and vulgarity are not compatible free dating sites and personals classifieds.
Choose a word, the conversation should be light and flow freely. He may be honest, but do not touch the parts, and until then do not wear too personal in nature. Both parties need to feel completely comfortable. This is an indicator that all is well. If you understand the situation and feel human, you can significantly increase the intensity of the game.
Sex talk does not necessarily comes to sex. Especially because sex can occur without talking about it. Mastery is chatter on abstract themes, but arouse sexual feelings partner implicitly stimulating its activity. One simple way to call the appropriate desire - is to remind some novelistic images. Just do not need them artificially attract into your conversation. During the conversation gently touch the interlocutor. Use the word in this sense - they enhance the effect. And do not be afraid to talk to violate social taboos. By learning to arouse feelings of the interlocutor by means of auxiliary external images, you will eventually be able to do without them. It will be easier to achieve the desired results in almost any situation. Decide on the purpose for which you conduct a conversation. Do you want to amuse your self-esteem, to win the favor, get sex, or just to cheer up? Whatever the purpose, do not demonstrate their clear superiority - it will not look too sexy for your partner free dating sites and personals classifieds.
Do not be afraid of risk, but remember that too hasty action may throw you on the starting mark or completely destroy the situation. Manage the heat of emotion partner. Do not talk about your desires. Keep intrigue, lead the conversation to the point of certainty, and did not move it until such time as you have mastered the situation perfectly. When you learn how to talk, you do not have to hint, and make suggestions. In one form or another will offer you. It is much wiser and more interesting not ask for anything, but to awaken the desire to have a partner to do it. free dating sites and personals classifieds.

Flirt - playing, improvisation, and intrigue ...
Successful flirting requires openness, a favorable attitude, inner freedom, determination and readiness to begin play with another person on an equal footing. Man can not be free if he does not recognize the freedom of another person. And not a free man is poorly adapted to flirt. Openness can not be shown in any way outwardly, login to personals sex dating but you are strong enough as you can afford to be open. This does not mean that one must be open to all. But if you are currently closed, then people will have a desire to communicate with you mainly on functional issues. And if you think it is more appropriate, continue to behave appropriately.
Flirting is like tennis - doubles if you stop feeding, you may stop responding. And the fact that you need to have in addition to all the methods and techniques - is the ability to receive and give joy to communicate with those who bring joy to you, do so to the functional communication also gives you pleasure, do so in order to contact you bring pleasure to others you people. You do not need to do this mantra, but is constantly practicing this approach, you will certainly see results.
The game creates great opportunities, but it is best to play with a man who this is. Not all people are able to play and even distinguish the game. If you want to get the greatest pleasure, you find people with whom you can play. You do not need to create a situation where you're playing, and people do not really understand this. In this case, you simply enter it into the misleading and can cause harm to themselves or to him. A game should bring joy, even as the process for both partners. Do not waste time and effort on something that does not cause bilateral interest login to personals sex dating.
If you both consciously playing the same game, then when it's over, it will be easy to leave without finding fault, and unnecessary questions. And if you're playing a different game, then at least one of you will be very disappointed.
Different people have different styles of communication, and with different people, you can play different games. You can play those games, which naturally is for you and in which you feel most comfortable. But keep in mind that if you do not try new, it is not to discover other possibilities. You can play any game, if you clearly understand the boundaries and objectives of the game. No need to be afraid of losing - the game has an opportunity to start a new round.
Sometimes flirting direct and open action give much better results than any of the intricate techniques. We used to use a "mask", a double meaning, plays a social role, etc. Therefore, when a person does something really open - it stands out and makes a greater impact. Feature of this game is that there need to be able not to be afraid to open. Of course, we are not talking about how to give yourself fully. Show yourself as a living person, open a little secret weakness or amusing. At no point in pretending flirting - you do not promise anything login to personals sex dating.
It is not necessary to offer their games - is often enough to understand what your partner is interested in the game and just play along. You also need to take into account that the concept of "defense" of flirting is virtually nonexistent. If you are defensive, it is likely, the game is over, or it is not flirting. Play as long as you both know, it's a game.
The art of flirting is that you can always create a context from which to easily and without loss of meaning can move in a completely different context and a different state.
Once I was asked on television: "Can we save the sinking relations by means of flirting?" They commented on the question so that if one partner starts to flirt, then the other it stimulates interest. Sadly, but for the deterioration of relations can be many reasons. And sometimes they fade away because people no longer give each other the necessary experience. In this case, flirting can be one way to solve the problem - Give a man a new experience, give him the feeling that he needs, and he will be interested in you login to personals sex dating.
Flirt - an exchange of positive emotions and energy. But for this to happen, it is not enough to earn the technique. And I'll explain at the meeting. login to personals sex dating.

The two men's strategy in dealing with women
For all the seeming variety, there are only two distinct strategies used by men against women. The nuances and emphases may vary, online personals dating free singles lavalife due to individual experiences.
In literature, theater and cinema, the theme of "husbands and lovers" wonderful illustrated all sorts of variations of love triangles. But where the authors of the works are focusing on the game of feelings and ironically, you will notice that husbands and lovers differ from each other not only situationally, but also mentally. In fact, it is the opposite of the male personality types.
I draw your attention that the hereafter, by "husbands" and "lovers" do not imply official or actual status of men in relation to a particular woman. We are talking only about the strategy pursued by a man in a relationship with all of its women . Also, it is important that the strategy is not the result of conscious choice, but you must be a man of psychological type online personals dating free singles lavalife.
So, all the men, with rare exceptions, which will still be paid attention to, can be divided into two types - "husband" and "lovers." First, in dealing with women, emphasize the serious long-term relationship, the second - on a flirtation, passion and adventure.
If you have an idea of introverts and extroverts, we can say that the strategy of "husband" implement introverts, and the strategy of "lover" - extroverts. In some specific situations, men are extroverts as "husband" (it is not about status!) And introverts as a "lover", but this happens only in a relative sense. Similarly, as the two introverted, one can be more and the other less introverted.
Each of these types has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and among women - their "target audience." And it must be understood that, in contrast to his own type, it is important to have an idea about the second pole as normal healthy relationships require acting out both roles. Without it, the relationship becomes one-sided and quickly degenerate online personals dating free singles lavalife.
The man - a lover
The classic type of male lover - a Don Juan. Bright extrovert, womanizer, conqueror of female hearts, and ladies' man. Gambling hunter who carries the process. In relations with women, he tends to take a proactive stance, easily takes the initiative and is able to say directly what he wants. He was insolent in a form that attracts women and allows them to shift responsibility for the affair at the man.
The best game of all time is of course the legendary GTA 5. download GTA 5 , you can always on our site including via torrent client narcissist, he is looking for new opportunities to show off their acquaintances. He was more interested in the fact of a victory over a woman, and not a relationship with her. Whether it will - monogamy would have long ago abolished by law. Adventurer in good and bad sense. Always ready for adventure, reaching sometimes to pure madness. Aggressive, sometimes to violence against women, sexy and brutal. It could easily turn the head of a woman, to interest and captivate her. For him, it is natural and easy. But with all its sex appeal he is not able to create a woman's sense of calm and certainty. The woman with him always feels in danger, because it clearly feels that this man will never cease to be a hunter online personals dating free singles lavalife.
A woman he needs the consent and confirmation of self-worth. Therefore, all the time he climbs the stairs "steepness" gaining more and more vibrant and attractive women. And if it is impossible to develop high quality, then comes to the fore the number - let the women and not the smartest, but a lot. Thus a male lover strengthens its shattered self-esteem, replacing the normal balance of conceit, the number of their sexual victories.
But for women, men, lovers still enjoy, and even knowing their windy character, they continue to succumb to its charms, in the vague hope zahomutat them and tame. Next to the "lover" the woman feels better their sex appeal and flatters your feminine vanity. The first time a man is actively seeking it, the second - when he throws it, and it feels entitled to blame every male in complete svolochizm incurable. The relationship with a male lover - it's always a mutual acting out of pride. Formally, there may be no sexual relations in the literal sense. But sex while still hovering somewhere nearby.
The man - a husband
Typical "husband" - a home, a dutiful man. Quiet, quiet introvert who chose peace with one woman, instead of many adventures. The love triangle, it always turns out to be the victim of betrayal. In relations with women, he sometimes ridiculously serious. In every woman he sees a potential wife, but because from the first minute surrounds her obsessive care and is constantly looking for its approval and confirmation of her feelings for him.
Due to its excessive severity, he is not able to flirt, she does not feel feminine mood and did not see the female coquetry. Therefore, in a relationship, he is in a passive position, waiting for the woman first steps, or at least, a clear indication of what to do next. "My husband" always trying to be a gentleman and says sublime attitude towards women as their primary advantage. He knows how to take care of women and gaining their patience and constancy. Instead of passion and intrigue, it offers women love to the grave, and the prospect of marriage online personals dating free singles lavalife.
But for all that, I want to get from a woman the same as the "lover" - spiritual self-satisfaction. But instead of victory over sexual woman, it is more important to win her love, for which he is ready to prove himself even defeated. That is, and here with a woman, becomes a means to appease some emotional pain and disorder. For men, the husband is gentle, affectionate and romantic. He is surrounded by women comprehensive care and is ready to fulfill all its whim, just to get a confirmation of her love. He is ready to obey the wishes of the woman, to the detriment of their own. It is predictable and manageable, and therefore creates a woman's sense of security and reliability. And when a woman wants to twist its nest, she is looking for exactly this type of relationship. Instead, the "husband" wants to get the love and complete acceptance of women. In fact, he looks for in a woman affectionate mother who will he the same feeling, which he so loved as a child. His men's freedom it is easy to change for a chance to shift the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of a woman and get rid of feelings of inferiority.
Well, at its best, it is easy to create a woman's sense of stability and certainty, it opens the way for her to motherhood. A loving, caring, homely man - what else a woman needs when it comes to starting a family?
Man - itself
As mentioned in the beginning, the man does not choose whom to be - a husband or lover. Usually, by the time of puberty, when the boy begins to take the first steps in dealing with the girls, the choice of the basic strategy is already predetermined. Introverts are starting to play Knights defenders, extroverted - in brash vulgar. Here, as in other similar cases, the type of behavior expressed in the brighter, the less balanced psyche. We can say that Don Juanism and chivalry - the two extremes of the same personal neurosis that manifests itself in relationships with women. Imbalance self extraversion + = "lover". Imbalance self introversion + = "husband."
The greater the imbalance, the more a man gets stuck in one or another strategy, and the more rough and one-sided behavior. Conversely, the more balanced psyche, the free men in the choice of behaviors. However, it will never be a situation to become a man for a woman, at the same time, and her husband and her lover. After all, Don Juanism bright and selfless knights - are symptoms of insecurity. As long as a man is not sure of himself, he firmly attached to its core strategy, and when self-esteem is balanced, he was simply no need to play the hero-lover or a knight on a white horse.
Allow internal problem, a man goes beyond the above scheme and becomes "neither one nor the other" - just a man. And we can say that this is the point at which for him, finally made possible a normal healthy relationship with a woman, not based on comfort and self-affirmation, but on mutual respect and full acceptance online personals dating free singles lavalife.
For dessert - what woman wants
All men are heard and participated in the gossip of the contradictory female character. The proposed typology remarkably illustrates this thesis. The fact is that every woman of every man waiting for her that he would be both a "husband" and "lover." Exceptions are also there, but they are as rare and are in the same area as men with a balanced self-esteem. Women, because of their self-esteem problem, are forced to seek confirmation of its own values through a relationship with a man. In this sense, it is much more suitable male lovers. But the other side of the female soul, requires stability, reliability and predictability as the basis for marriage and procreation. Here the pole is reversed - for this type of relationship needs a man-husband.
Therefore, in practice it is very easy to observe the situation when a woman starts a relationship with "lover", flatters his vanity, blooming in their sex appeal and then, when the first passion fades, starts trying to remake a man - from "lover" to turn it into "husband ". And usually, it ends heavy mutual disappointment. "Lover" wants to maintain freedom and remain a "lover" and a woman can not live with a sense of uncertainty, because it again has her self-esteem. Relationships crumble and turn to mush from mutual accusations and insults. Or possible reverse option when a woman finds a caring "husband", but eventually tired of his care and begins to search for a lover, because subordinate "husband", by his own device is not able to satisfy women's pride. Woman tries to demand that the "husband" of strength and independence, but, usually, it may lead to nothing, and the woman is literally on the side of one man, or throws, hoping to meet another who is still able to be for her and the and others.
What is the way out of this outcome?
There are about a half. The first - for both partners to fix their self-esteem and stop looking at the relationship of self-affirmation and encouragement. When a man is not tied to a specific role, and the woman does not need to solve their problems at the expense of men, relationships become completely different - simple, clear and honest, without any mutual dependence. It makes it difficult, but possible, and it's worth it. Another loophole - to allow each other freedom in a relationship. The man let go hunting, the woman - let make "lover." However, this option does not pull on a separate exit from the situation, online personals dating free singles lavalife because once again calls on both sides to overcome self-doubt and rejection of monopoly rights on each other. This path is a little easier, but ready for it, very few. As an option, you can still run on the side secretly, but it's not for everyone. online personals dating free singles lavalife.

Flirting in office - an obstacle or an opportunity?
When I lived in England, HR-manager of one of the consulting company of the then "Big Five", told me about an incident that occurred with her participation during the selection of candidates for some position personals created dating page photo. Among the candidates was a young man who has successfully passed the first stage and meet all the formal requirements. But the Commission felt that during the interview he once considered very carefully cut-out ladies blouse-interviewer. In any case, his candidacy further decided not to take into account. Although it would seem - if you do something opened, then be prepared for what will certainly look at it.
Flirt and office romances are not legally prohibited actions, but many companies set their own limits, and even forced employees to sign a "love contract". Although social and corporate standards of behavior hinder the development of relations in the workplace, they can not completely prevent the natural course of events.
The office could be considered almost perfect marriage agency, if not the reason that you are there. Therefore, the first thing you should ask yourself when there romantic desire : "How important is this work to me and if I'm going to change it if something goes wrong?"
Most people depend on the circumstances and in varying degrees, subject to the opinion of others personals created dating page photo. Colleagues always show a special curiosity to office romances, but the attitude to them, mainly depends on the following factors:
1. The business atmosphere that dominates in the company.
2. The motives for a couple enters into a relationship (sex, career, love, etc.).
3. As a couple behaves in public.
Permanent supervision from colleagues is not the only factor that accompanies a love relationship at work. Flirt in office may interfere with the execution of professional duties. This is especially characteristic of the superior-subordinate relationship. There will always be people who there is reason to believe that the leader of the slave covers or giving him an advantage in dealing with business issues. In relation to subordinate colleagues may think that because it unfairly promote sexual relations, and professional competence will always be in doubt.
A common situation is when, under the pretext of getting rid of the slave, if the relationship becomes an obstacle or there is a break. On the other hand, in case of trouble, we may be tempted to subordinate claim of sexual harassment and to give the accumulated information.
The relationship between equal partners can develop without career motivation. At best, people will find happiness, or simply satisfy curiosity without mutual claims and moral damage. It usually starts with a completely harmless thoughts, no plans to start an enemy. But it often happens that after the break instead of a good fellow you get very unfriendly to her man personals created dating page photo. And then begin complexity. You or your former partner can not keep quiet during business contacts, you can not concentrate.
Sometimes circumstances are compounded by the fact that the benevolent observers take the position of the parties. In any case, in the same office you can not - you suffer not only the nerves, but also work.
proper use of kareprost eyelash matter how good are the relations, can eventually accumulate emotional fatigue that you spend most of the day together. Each person should remain "own territory", and it is better to think about it before you realize that you have time to look for it.
Many men and women with whom I had to talk, did not plan to start a love affair in the office. But somehow, it's still going on, and everyone is in this positive and negative points. My American friend Bettina suddenly spoke on this issue in this way: "At least one positive thing of flirting on the job exactly - you can save money on gasoline." personals created dating page photo.

The simple facts about men and women. Part two.
Yesterday I participated in a radio program, the theme of which sounded to me somewhat biased, 'Is there a place for love in the life of a modern woman? ". In the program host had his own view of the current situation, photo personals created dating and I have mine. We talked very well and went to the microphone to the next meeting. However, outside of airtime left a lot of questions completely unaffected. I have already mentioned, that kind of activity, I often have to deal with the backlog in the society stereotypes about men and women, who have long ceased to be true, but still continue to operate. Yes, stereotypes die hard, they are freely available and easily take root. But even more important is that they have an impact on people's judgments and actions in relation to each other. This concerns not only personal relations of men and women, but also affects other areas of their interaction.
Even Otto Weininger was convinced that women only create an idea about how to completely asexual beings. Now we understand how to create such a situation, and how little it has a reason. Yet still there is a perception that men want sex more than women.
New research has increasingly taken shape over the years convincingly refute the stereotypes and prejudices. For example, it turns out that modern women are more willing to think about finding a lover than men about how to find a lover . In this short article I do not intend to give a complete anthology of myths and stereotypes, and just mention a few facts photo personals created dating.
Researchers at Florida State University have found that women pay just as much attention to the appearance of men as men pay women appearance. A psychologist Janet Shibley-Hyde, of the University of Wisconsin, based on studies conducted over 20 years, concluded that the ability to communicate and leadership abilities in the level of the difference between men and women either did not manifest any of these symptoms are insignificant. Situations in which a distinction based on gender were found to be associated with motor skills and physical manifestations of aggression.
Among women it is widely believed that most men do not want to have as your life partner intelligent woman. Allegedly, the men hard to build relationships with these women. In fact, the complexity in the relationship created by those ladies who want to look smart and those who have the need to prove it to the man. Most men are interested exactly in the opposite sex smart. According to research by sociologist Christine Whelan - 68% successful men Effective promotion of effective promotion Cheap boost believes that a smart woman would be a better mother. Even more interesting is the fact that approximately 80% of the successful men establish lasting relationships with women to obtain higher education. In addition to this - 19% makes the choice in favor of women having a degree. The results show that three quarters of men agreed with the statement "Men are more attracted to women who are successful in their careers."
It came unexpected assumption employees Future Laboratory, engaged in the study of modern trends. They foreshadow the imminent sunset era of male domination in the business. In their opinion, in the coming years many more women will acquire a leading position in the management tier companies and then completely may come a time of significant dominance. Significant social changes will affect not only the companies, but will affect the whole country. For example, there is a possibility that in the UK in 25 years, photo personals created dating the number of working women will exceed the number of working men.
As for interpersonal relationships, the most common stereotype is that the relationship may not last long. The reasons for this are several convictions, and one of them is that people confuse with passionate relationship - romantic. Indeed, these two types of relationships there are common ingredients, but there are fundamental differences. In one case - the story can end quickly or turn into a painful coexistence, and the other - in the happy and healthy relationship. Studies show Bianca P. Acevedo, PhD, couples who have formed a second type of relationship, not only have a better life, but also more self-esteem. photo personals created dating.

Questions - game and a tool of knowledge.
"Questions are never indiscreet. In contrast to the responses. " Oscar Wilde
Have you ever look at a couple of lively flirting from? Chances are you will have noticed that in many ways their actions - is a game of questions and answers. And not always a game going only through words uk dating personals. Virtually any ongoing conversation consists of a succession of questions and answers. A flirt is characterized by a special form and overtones. Also, flirting is essential not only to the ability to ask questions and respond to them, but also the ability to raise questions with a partner. I would even say that the skill of conversation is largely based on the ability to ask questions, and the art of flirting - on their ability to produce.
Question - is one of the most versatile tools conversation. Questions can "invite" to dialogue and to guide it, to give an unexpected boost, intrigue and disclose interlocutor. At the same time, they can be confusing, to instill uncertainty, immersed in thought, forcing the person to shut down, bring it to a state of alertness and fear. Good questions, like nothing else, help to promote dialogue. They also affect its color. Ask some funny question his counterpart, and you will immediately see it. In fact, the effect generates a question, above all influenced by several factors:
1. Your question
2. Who it is given
3. As it is set (tone, volume, body language ...)
4. What he wonders
5. The immediate context of the conversation
6. Previous experience with companion
7. Social stereotypes and norms
In each situation, one or more of the factors take precedence over the others uk dating personals. Because the set of reasons affects our perception, the same question can have a completely different meaning. That is why the game is possible with meaning. A player's task in a specific situation is to use the available factors and weight give the appearance of some of them.
Once, my friends, I met a girl, worked as a translator in the well-known Japanese corporation. We found a lot of topics for discussion, and we talked for some of the evening. Leaving the party, I offered to drive her home. Along the way we talked animatedly about Asian filmmakers and gradually came to discuss the conventions of landscape painting in Japanese. But near her home, she suddenly asked: "What kind of sex positions you prefer?". To do this, she did not need to be either too bold or too outspoken. As experienced in matters of interpretation of the man she was well aware that what would have been my reaction to this question, it would still interpret it in their favor, while maintaining appropriate image of a decent girl.
House 2 online If you play, and your partner understands that you can ask the most provocative questions and extravagant, not only at the risk of disturbance or cause other side effects. Of course, a game of questions and answers essentially depends on the partner. But the questions themselves say a lot about a person. Interesting questions to stimulate curiosity to you by the interlocutor.
On how a woman asking questions men can be found in my workshop: Errors that women do and how to avoid them. How to save a relationship . uk dating personals.

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