Choosing a partner on the Chinese calendar
Selecting the right partner requires a deep understanding of the Chinese astrology and the elements that affect the birthdays of both parties. In Chinese there is a golden rule that will show you the general approach: free online dating games difference between partners in four, eight and twelve years can provide a good development relationship. But the gap in three, six and nine years will bring difficulties and disappointments.
You can establish a good and persistent relationships with the Dragon, Monkey, Snake or Ox. They will give you interesting communication, a lot of love and respect for each other. You should stay away from rabbits and horses, as they always will fight against you.
You will find the ideal partner in the cock. In addition, you do not interfere to know that the Snake, Rat, Rabbit or Pig as well can interact with you. But stay away from the Tigris and goats, as their problems will bother you free online dating games.
Do you enjoy spending time with horses or dogs, but you will be very stormy relationship with Dragon. In addition, you should be on the alert when a Bull Snake or the Monkey, as they will bother you and cause you problems. Pig also bring you great strength and joy.
German manicure set premium in Rabbit
Bunny suits Kose and dogs. In addition, you will enjoy harmonious relations with pigs or Bull. Those who are born under the sign of the Rooster or Snake will just annoy you, so it's reasonable to stay away from them.
You can bring a lot of joy and happiness Rabbit, Rooster or Monkey, because you they seem charming and attractive. Men, the Dragons are particularly attracted to female snakes. Avoid pessimistic Dogs and Tigers evil; This will allow for if you, you have everything goes good.
You can be happy with a bull or a rooster, but you will be hard to see tiger, rabbit or pig. Especially difficult and heavy you will be the relationship with another snake.
You should establish a relationship with a goat, a tiger or a dog. The pig can also be your good pair, as you have much in common with her. But try to stay away from the Rat or Rooster, because they will seem bothersome free online dating games.
You will be satisfied by linking his life with rabbit, pig or horse. The dog will cause you constant torment. The relationship with the Pig will be harmonious and giving positive impulses. Company Pig will bring you much joy.
Dragon or Rat will seem very attractive, you can even fall in love with one of them at first sight. But you should stay as far away from the claws or fangs Tiger Snake. If you are not careful, they will surely turn your life into hell.
You are attracted to the Bulls or snakes, but the relationship with the Dragon will provide you with security. You will discover that you find it difficult to spend time with a rabbit or a horse, especially ingratiating and you seem unconscionable rat.
The relationship with the Tiger will give you the excitement in which you need so much, and the horse can take you into a whole new sphere of experience. Life with Rabbit is harmonious and peaceful. The future of the Dragon or Goat will bring a lot of problems, it is futile. It is better to try to form an alliance with the pigs, your relationship can be very fruitful free online dating games.
You would think that a good match for you is a rabbit, horse or goat, but among them you'd better choose the goat, because the goat always knows how to deal with the pigs. However, you should avoid poisonous snakes teeth, because in this case, your life would be turned upside down. free online dating games.

Her Majesty Bitch:
For bitches there is no system of values, etiquette, morality and humanity, it lives on the principle of "I want" and "I'm so right." First bitch, celebrated in his native literature, was an old woman from the "Tales of the Golden Fish" unforgettable Pushkin online dating site.
Gave her the villain, the fate of a new trough, well, enjoy it, wash it godok grandfather's underwear, and she immediately mansions ... Give Dedok shastal meekly to the sea, humiliated, have begged goldfish good, but why? He liked to be seen, grandmother-bitch! It is a fairy tale, but life is what happens! Often we fall in love with a bitch! Friends have warned they may teach the parents, and we, like moths to a flame, fly directly to any stervochki ... Stervizm - it's like a drug, tried again - and again pulls ...
In South America, there is a caterpillar - lamehuza ... Zapolzet it to the nest, and the ants are usually mercilessly kill any stranger, lamehuzu not touch ... And all because in her legs ant drug. Nalizhutsya ants zakayfuyut and lamehuza-bitch, they calmly devours ... One destroys the entire anthill!
Bitches were, are and will be
For bitches is no logic, common sense and justice always late. It turns life into a series of experiences, easily moving from hatred to adoration and vice versa.
What stream of tenderness, passion, admiration spills if you suddenly something hit: favorite perfume, handbag snakeskin, trips to Cyprus ... You instantly forgiven (not clear for what offense), online dating site placed on a pedestal, to the next moment fly off with it, split into small pieces and long wonder - why?
The question, of course, rhetorical ... How, indeed, to any question bitch! Bitches have been and will be! Gene stervizma ineradicable. Fighting with him is useless. It needs to nurture, to care, to chant. This is our heritage, giving a boost to new novels, short stories, poems, symphonies and paintings of ...
It should be heard
Main weapon bitch - hysterical. Hysteria is quiet when it closes a long time looking at one point, mournful sighs and tears swells, sometimes said to himself: "Why am I not gone with Grisha?" It is only in appearance it is soft, supple, quiet, and relaxed a little - izotretsya powder, make neurotic ...
Loud hysteria - is the noise, the roar, the tsunami of feelings, online dating site passions typhoon, broken furniture, beams of your last hair, bruises, bites and scratches ...
Hysterical bitch draws strength for future battles, will lead man, swallow, suck energy - and into the bushes, and he departs a week and suffering what was wrong. But he was wrong about one thing: as soon as her bitch met, had his feet up and escape.
Often hysteria - is a kind of prelude to sexual intercourse ., and indeed the very hysterical sexy . This blush, tremors, convulsions, rapid breathing ... bitch is beautiful, it shines it radiates, lures and promises unearthly delight. The stunning creature with glowing eyes, embodied passion ...
She is self-confident, ambitious and behaves as if she were a queen, and you're just an engineer on the dole.
And what a waterfall passion she can unleash during conciliation act of love ... For the sake of this fierce battle, nails pierced in the back, groans, screams and shudders forgive everything caprices, infidelity, quirks ...
Bitchiness - not a disease, but rather - a way of life. This bitch will justify his title to the bitter end. So do not even try to rehabilitate it, or even worse, to buy. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling cold and sharp nogotochki long on his neck.
Cheshire got the list of "obscene" regions of Porsche
In the UK, compiled a list of regions hotbeds of infidelity. It includes the counties of Leicestershire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and North Devon online dating site.
This "black" list formed the magazine "Tatler", which specializes in publishing all sorts of rumors and scandals. His selection of the publication made on the basis of indicators such as the number of divorces, the number of children born out of wedlock, sales sexy lingerie , or the rate of alcohol consumption per capita.
The largest number of "points" scored Leicestershire, said "BBC News". We decided to buy tickets to Barcelona , and save a decent amount of money Describing the advantages of this county, "Tatler" noted "warm attitude towards midnight drivers who drive along, at best, one hand" and "the tendency of the masses to obscene pleasures. "
Cheshire, in turn, made the list of "the most significant number of cars," Porsche "- popular rumor of their respective owners in the UK traditionally belongs to the category of playboys . Well, Hertfordshire, home to many of the highest-paid players in English football clubs, noted for "high muscular proportion of boys in the Premier League. " online dating site.

Signs of the Zodiac and affection
What is the human feeling izdpevle considered holy? With all the Quaternary was praised in songs and poems? What each of us experienced at least paz in life? You ve.pnites love. Only varia all approach to it. Ppezhde all, online teen dating it depends on the sign of the zodiac under kotopym you podilsya.
With Aries Academician given some power great, and the eccentricity to a representative of this sign try ACCOMPLISHED in life. Including love to eccentricity Aries ready in the Early vozpaste.
Aries - the sign of an impressionable, impulsive, flashes like fire. Maybe ochapovan something ppekpasno and fall in love of first sight. Ppichem this quality he pponosit chepez whole life and is capable of a strong sense in any vozpaste. Stpast Aries sweeps away everything in its path, but can go out with the same skopostyu as occurred when Aries feels odnoobpazie. To qualitatively and fun evening I choose casino Ramses Any slots online for free and for money. His ppivlekaet everything new and unusual intepesnyh often he enjoys yapkim, glamorous appearance. Request for charges and his great ambition, he can not teppet if someone bestsepemonno vpyvaetsya in his life and begins to ogpanichivat freedom.
In relations with ppotivopolozhnym floor Aries tries to get what he wanted, and if he or pazochapovyvaetsya relationship for some ppichinam ustpaivayut did not, he runs away. With d.pugoy stopony, it can be absolutely ppedanym someone who really win it sepdtse online teen dating.
Taurus can not ppedstavit herself without love, for him to love - it's as natural as eating or breathing. This is understandable: the bullock uppavlyaet Venepa, the planet of love. The number of fans (fans) Taurus ppedpochitaet quality and looking for someone to kotopym could ppozhit gapmonii in life.
This is a very stpastny sign eccentricity, unlike Aries, not impulsive. There is not a sense of flare spazu they pastut gradually. Falling in love, he is capable of anything padi ppedmety his adoration. Taurus will not stop kpitika nor diskomfopt he postapaetsya ostpye smooth corners in the relationship.
Taurus is very sensitive, sentimental and pomantichen. He swears by in vepnosti to gpoba and potpebuet the same from you. It is the owner, he wants to own person koto.pogo loves to the end, but in return will give all of himself. To all ppochemu Taurus pevniv pretty, but if he finds happiness, it is very gentle to the end ppedanny people. His love lasts a long time and is unable to go out drastically online teen dating.
If you swear by Gemini in love, do not vepit their word. Perhaps in time they ppiznaniya iskpenne vepyat that speak out True, but the next day can easily get carried away d.puguyu man. Twins are not liars, they are very pposto pepemenchivy and love compliment . Love Gemini pposto and ppiyatno just should not be given the feeling with all stpastyu as strong emotions deter the easy mark.
To be in constant uvepennym Gemini, we must always be pyadom with him, to remind her ppisutstvii. This is a very neppedskazuemy sign eccentricity can not itself ppedugadat their emotions.
What is the most hated Twins and stapayutsya avoided - this scandal and clarify the relationship. If it is to weigh them, they forget quickly to nome.p your phone. To ponpavitsya this sign, you must be a living, intepesnyh interlocutor, because for Gemini importantly - the mind. To a representative of the sign to everything in life is easy to apply, love - not the exception, it is often only for the Twins igpaet . But pyadom bored with the Twins will not be exact!
Cancer can not imagine their existence without love, because it is the most sensitive and emotionally vulnerable zodiac sign. Cancer always pomantik, dreamer, looking for the perfect love of eccentricity. Falling in love, he becomes gentle and ppedannym. With d.pugoy stopony, he can become the owner of tipanom and if pazochapovyvaetsya. In this case, the cancer runs from vpazhdebnogo mipa, ppyachetsya skoplupu in its long and Quaternary there is not shown. For cancer the most valuable - a home and family. Accordingly, it can feel very happy or very unhappy, smotpit pealizuetsya how in this field. Cancer tends to subordinate himself entirely to his paptnepu. If cancer love, it's perfect. And naobopot if feels cool and bezpazlichie, it becomes very difficult person. Even feeling pavnodushie Cancer will cling to the remnants of ppezhney love. Skopee all he "dug in" and will wait, but do not leave your beloved. In this case, the cancer will live very painful lives zheptvuya all padi love online teen dating.
In the life of love Lev igpaet far vtopostepennuyu pol. He pomantichen, sentimental, he craves adoration and worship. She loves flowers, podapki, love letters. Although Leo ppidepzhivaetsya opinion padi love can do everything.
Leo considers himself tsapstvennoy special, and therefore he tpebovaniya respectively. Girls, Lioness stapayutsya marry those who are "Firmly standing on his feet" and paspolagaet extra money. With pannih years Lions ambitious, they have the soul of the broad, they love pazbpasyvatsya money. Papen Leo wants to find a girl for the eccentricity, as he believes, he pozhden, his "second type of half." If successful, the love for Leon - ppazdnik, it returns high. His beloved drown in adoration. The main thing for Leo - not zheptvovat love and try ppeodolet vanity when Selecting a made.
Virgin and dual ppotivopechivy, cold and at the same Quaternary impressionable. Stpast Virgin vosppinimaet as a disease of the soul, which was then pazum neppemenno must heal. Virgo analizipuet their feelings paskladyvaet on the shelves, trying to "pepebolet" love using pazuma, doubt ppipisyvaya beloved various disadvantages. Sometimes such attempts izuvepskie drive operator Virgin to the desired goal - it makes itself pazochapovatsya, but is often ppivyazannoy to man stronger than he thinks.
Virgo laconic, she would not swear to love. Cases it proves more than words. This is a very tpebovatelny sign. Virgo wants such relations, where the emphasis is on honesty, purity and ppivyazannost, and if this does not work, then ppedpochitaet loneliness.
The main heck Libra - is the ability to get along with people npavyatsya in society. Scales are not usually fall in love with the look of first, but at the same Quaternary they are gentle and sentimental. The balance can not long be alone, they need to communicate. More than d.puguyu zodiac, Libra needs an alliance with paptnepom to feel sovepshenno.
Scales can adaptipovatsya a beloved person, not reaching, however, to kpaynostey. This is not a sign of conquest, Libra ppedpochitayut to be SELECT. In ppotivnom case they say to themselves, "no luck" and go seek his fortune in d.puguyu place online teen dating.
Skoppion stands pyadu strongest signs of the zodiac, has some power dangerously irrepressible, hence his desire for ostpym sensations kpaynostyam and excesses, including love. Skoppion very stpasten, his love is strong and sweeping away everything in its path. Skoppion prevents killing by and for the intended purpose should be to the end.
Home A negative Skoppionov heck - it is their pevnost. It arises even where there is no reason podozpevat lover in nevepnosti. Owner-Skoppion wants to be the only lover (lover) in all respects. Skoppion not inclined to show their feelings in public.
Stpelets - sign bachelors less d.puguyu signs ppedpaspolozhen to bpaku and love. Men - the real Don Juans, girls - dasher. Love for them - it spopt, ppiklyucheniya and conquest . Such an approach to love can take a very long time until Stpelets not really fall in love. But even in this case, he did not deem inappropriate relationship with d.puguyu person calling is not changed, and "easy, meaningless fad." It is an independent and very freedom-loving character. When Stpelets loves, he does not believe that he signs a kontpakt. Therefore Stpelets ppedpochitaet remain so paptnepom have no clearly koto.pogo proprietary pretensions. Also Stpeltsa depress the scandals, he teppet can not sort things out.
Kozepog considering its pazum ruler over the emotions and instincts, often come across such a CL in a trap created by himself. Kozepog ppotivitsya feeling of love from stpaha potepi. But love pokopyaet and sepdtse and then puts Kozepog d.puguyu modeled from a task no less tpudnuyu - not to show their emotions. He is letting the mask of icy bezpazlichiya under koto.poy no one will notice a strong painful stpasti, which was then suppressed in order to avoid feelings of subordination. If you can not find Kozepogu komppomiss between emotional and pazumnoy sfepe is gpozit pepepasti in spyvy VARIOUS FORMS even deppessiyu. SOME neppostogo to a representative of the sign, trying to fill at least something spiritual emptiness, fall into kpaynosti. D.puguyu agree with such a fate, and live alone or try to convince yourself that loneliness - the highest good, and that anyone will not be better than yourself.
Kozepog can ppozhit half his life without love, and then suddenly otkpytsya and succumb to passion, that all Quaternary otvepgal and petro which bopolsya. Basically Kozepogi - people konsepvativnyh views - want to find a life partner for koto.pogo can be relied upon and may not teppet vetpenyh people online teen dating.
Aquarius sensitive. This sign tends idealizipovat object of his love, he ppidavat mysterious and even mystical halo of okpuzhayuschey, Cigarette untrue. Because he constantly stpemleniya idealizipovat pazochapovyvaetsya what makes Aquarius renounce love padi dpuzhby.
Love Aquarius light and ppiyatnaya, something similar to the feelings and the Twins did not like violent stpast Skoppiona. Stpast may seize and Aquarius, but it is not his pazpushit sepdtse. Stpemlenie independence will increasingly alienate it from the object of love, especially if he becomes tpebovatelnym. For a man of this sign of the zodiac intolerable relationships when it is placed in the golden let, but it's still a cage. Freedom-loving spirit of Aquarius will tpebovat breath of fresh air, and if it does not ppoizoydet he long vydepzhit. Aquarians have the highest percentage; pazvodov. He is more willing to give yourself company than one person, and can give more strangers than to his family.
Incomprehensible and mysterious sepdtse Pisces kotopoe accommodates hitpospletenie postseismic feelings and emotions. Under the influence of that inhabit their minds and sepdtsa, Pisces may be, to different sovepshenno. Wide-Range: from Don Juan, and the eccentricity dream to give ourselves all the floor to a representative ppotivopolozhnogo to silently stpadayuschey zheptvy love. Girls from vapipuyutsya Romantic, pokovyh, mystical to ppedannyh, soft, ppinadlezhaschih one man completely and forever.
There are some fish, which was then fall in love, and love "at the Distance", online teen dating when no one, and even more so the object of love, does not know about their true feelings. In this sensitive sepdtse always room for sublime emotions. They peshimosti enough, so they ppedpochitayut not win. They will not bopotsya with sopepnikom and skopee go out sideways and wish her luck with izbpanniku d.puguyu man. For many fish love - a synonym for the word "help". They must feel welcome and understood, then they will ppedannymi. online teen dating.

Science ogle
How to ogle - is a science! In the art of flirting, she is one of the main sites and is one of the main components of success in the early dating. Not your clothes, image or even a smile, namely sight.
Every woman wants to do to please, he wants to feel that is wanted and every man will be yours news online dating reviews. It gives a sense of confidence and even more glamor to any woman. And this, among others helping look. It looks exciting and intriguing, attracts and stops. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. This view is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of enticing women was a woman shows a man look his sympathy and that she appreciates him above others. Each is like a man feel more attractive, it boosts his self-esteem. Although it is necessary to ogle in moderation. If you look too outspoken and assertive, the man perceives it as a woman's desire to marry at any cost ... The man wants to be sure that he chooses, so this view it can be annoying and alienating.
The main importance is the duration of the eye contact with a stranger. Psychologists have found that there is a so-called critical time look. Prolonged eye contact between two people indicates strong emotions, it can be a feeling of love or hostility. In public places, people are usually very quickly and superficially examine the others, and eye contact generally lasts only a split second, in fact, most people generally avoid eye contact. If a woman keeps his eyes on the man at least for a fraction of a second longer than this critical time, it is this she tries to give him a signal that he was interested in her. If after some time, looks to re-occur again delayed, but the mouth of a woman emit a sweet smile, the man suggests that she is interested. This means that it is essentially ready to get acquainted with it, that it would take his advances news online dating reviews.
It must be remembered that men are blind to everything that concerns the relationship and especially love. While warm outside, women bliss in light dresses, but soon the task in front of them will buy a coat for the upcoming fall-winter season. In our online store diverse collection of coats. Therefore we must be prepared for the fact that not all men see and understand your invitation to meet you and your fine game ... In addition, when it is not directly expressed words, the man is always up to the last moment of doubt whether accepted his advances. The fact that more than anything else man is afraid of rejection is not sex, and that his advances are rejected. It mortally wounded and sick without male ego ... why a man should be internally convinced of this, dozhen find additional confirmation that it really sparked interest, and not just a girl in a good mood ... It was only when the guy will have confidence in its interest, and only then it will make an attempt to explore . If a girl sees, understands and feels that man is undecided, it is necessary to continue flirting , maybe even strengthen its onslaught to give him confidence in its success. So, what kind of views you can apply to upehom to hit their prey right on target.
All have heard that men respond to enticing look and sparkle in her eyes. These definitions describe the size and behavior of the girl pupils of her eyes. So how to properly apply signal enticing man ? Firstly, the human pupil size. Everybody knows that in broad daylight the pupils constrict and dilate in the twilight. However, apart from the influence of light pupils can expand and contract, and when you change the relationship of man to the other. So, when excited pupils dilate four times the normal state and become larger as the "Waters", which, as you know, you can drown ... On the contrary, if you have a dark and gloomy mood, the pupils are reduced. When a woman sees a man she loved, her pupils dilate. Dilated pupils indicate excitement, interest. Therefore, the dark - each youth and that is why dating lovers like to arrange a moonlight night or in dark alleys and parks. Or at a party or at home with soft romantic lighting, candlelight, ie in the shadows news online dating reviews.
Secondly, the behavior of the eye. When someone you love, you often look at him in his eyes. If you artificially often look at the man, in his eyes, holding the opinion that he would think that you like and that it will encourage you to respond in kind. However, remember that this is a very powerful tool. If you look into his eyes for 4-5 seconds or more, then it means either love or aggression. Therefore, in the eyes of unfamiliar men can look for no more than one second. If a man looks you in the eye more than a second, then he is interested in you. When you want to get away from the need to communicate to look away to the side, do not look into the eyes of this man.
How could a woman look?
As a "ogle"? Classical instruction from the time of Adam and Eve states that it is necessary to first tilting her head to look at a guy with a concerned smile and caught his eye, quickly look away to the side and look first at the nose (on the table or just down), and then to the side (or in the corner) a little by turning his head. And then look back again. Eye contact is resumed. This sequence can be repeated. This sideways glance, a little incredulous, then expressing interest, and finally agreed to explore. It is necessary to throw at the very beginning of flirting .
But do not allow yourself to frequent glances at the man liked you. Good works are not the direct gaze and look at the object through the raised shoulder. It is believed that the circular shoulder and reminds the chest, and therefore attracts. You can just pretend that you look to the side, your head slightly turned away from him. But in doing so he is in a side view, woman looking at him sideways and he must understand it. Direct, open look in his eyes shows the courage to send a sexy challenge . If you have something does not work, rehearse, first at home in front of a mirror. At first glance should be lowered down, then to the side and finally a glance at the intended object of your fantasies. At each point, it is necessary to stay half a second per second. Looking into the distance, as it were, by the man's face, somewhat dreamy, he seems to be sending a veiled call. In addition to this, there are ancient techniques and more modern, which will help to establish contact with almost any man. Psychologists have found that, to establish stable visual contact is necessary at least 2 and not more than 7 seconds! During this time there is a sustainable "communication" between you and your man. If you look away before, unable to bear two seconds, a man will subconsciously assume that it did not accept that he did not like, or it will be assumed that the girl is very modest. So if you want to make contact, this situation is easily remedied! We only need to look at him again a little longer and look interested and then look away. And we can do it again and again. It is important that the amount of your contact exceeded those two seconds. And then the man is required to respond news online dating reviews.
Without a doubt, the most powerful is to shoot views. This woman throws a quick glance at the man, and before he has time to catch her glance, seize it "shot", it diverts his attention. Finally, if a girl is someone very much, you can use the languid look. This keen appraising glance from half-closed eyes and it can be applied from a distance. It means that a man very much like the girl, and she invites him to meet you. If the man noticed the look, the introduction will take place.
Now we have to invest in your opinion the right expression, to put something special, a highlight, a special gleam in his eyes, to shooting eyes fell right on target. At the beginning of dating men see in you a sex object, so we need them to play along to show their sexuality. How to do it? Before ogle must say to himself something with a bright sexual sense, as if calling to him you will love object, for example: "I am very sexy, I want you, I want to have sex with you right now! I love sex!" and vividly imagine some bright picture of sex, what and how would you like to get in sex that you particularly exciting ... Try to first practice at home in front of a mirror. Say to yourself several times with a sense of this spell, watching him. Listen to yourself, to your intuition. You can change it as your imagination tells you. It is important that it be possible sexually! And bold, you're saying all this to himself, and no one will hear you. The main thing is that all this is reflected in your sight! Noticed how to change the look in your eyes ? Excellent, well done! So you achieved the desired result. Now you need to visit in Moscow, dating and achieve perfection. All these types of views - a conscious action and anyone can easily learn them news online dating reviews!
Finally. In the process of practice in this complex reality there learn to adjust due to its exposure to the men did not take your eyes too straightforward and unambiguous. If you see and understand that a little bit too far, you have to quickly make a cool look to cool the ardor of its object. news online dating reviews.

Features female sexual hunting
On one of the islands of the Pacific men with horror and delight waiting for "Women's Day", which has nothing to do with the international holiday. This - the day erotic hunting islanders online dating kansas city.
This small island in Papua - New Guinea is famous for the fact that nowhere in the world a long time ago - since the days of the Greek festivals of Bacchus - will not see. In the summer, on the day of harvest the fruits, which are called "pits" are the main food of the islanders, women can do anything. And they make a very real sexual hunt for men, regardless of their age, social status and marital status. The danger of being subjected to violence there, even for Catholic priests. I'll start with the designer because it is the first person with whom you start a job if you order a turnkey website designer will design and draws on the interface for your future offspring. At the final stage of a website design Our experts will make site creation with the original design, simple to operate and filling articles will be given personal access to the admin panel where you can make changes yourself, and n
On the day of the collection pit aboriginal wear traditional clothes, which still sported their great-grandmother: woven from grass skirts and garlands of multi-colored beads. More on them nothing, except a thick layer of coconut oil and liberally applying paint. "To seduce a man? - They react arrogantly questions the curious. - Yeah, it's easier than to open a coconut. " Russians would say "piece of cake", but in the Pacific such exotics is not found online dating kansas city.
The origins of this "sex-festival" back to ancient times and the relationship between them and collecting the fruit is not accidental. It's kind of Sacrifice ground that it was generous and fertile. Victim bloodless, but no less cruel. You just put yourself in the place of the men who catch the ten women and forced to have sex with each of them in turn, and even under the snide comments, "shoot" or wait their turn. And it just so happened to be the overly curious American tourist who was careless enough to run into a procession of islanders. Unhappy fled naked and asked for asylum in the hut of the leader. True, clothes, and even the sacrifice of the camera was returned the next day. But the apology did not bring - are to blame, they warned.
But not so easy as it seems. Resolution on "sex-hunt" islanders should contact their leader, and he gives it only when the year will stand out particularly fruitful. Moreover, local Amazons do not rape women, living with them in the same village. Whether it is a subconscious fear of possible incest, or the echoes of ancient tribalism. Most likely, the latter because violence against men is frankly sadistic character. Representatives of the stronger sex humiliated all imaginable and unimaginable ways down to the indecent acts that either produce them or forced to do themselves. One of the participants of this "entertainment" shared her memories:
"Several years ago, a woman from a nearby village raped three of our men. We've been waiting for favorable circumstances and finally waited. Men from this village, forgetting caution, we decided to shorten the path and passed through our territory. One of them fell behind and got into an ambush. Local women raped him, stripped naked, tied to a long pole over his arms and legs like a wild boar, stuck behind a lush flower and left the village square for a few hours - to the delight of the whole village online dating kansas city. "
Islanders, passionate and keen on nature, able to beat the stronger sex in all respects, and men can only rejoice in the fact that no matter how many women raped them either, pregnancy does not occur.
And still like compared to past times considerably softened. One of the local long-liver with undisguised pleasure to outline how a sexual hunting during the time of her youth:
"We iskusyvali our victim from head to toe, pinched bruising and bruising, teeth pulled out his eyebrows and eyelashes - one hair to remain the eternal memory of shame. And if a man could not satisfy us, we simply urinated on his face. "
This is just the tip of the iceberg exotic family relationships on the island. Allow women to throw out so that the excess of sexual energy, and men (not too much, of course, politely!) Remind us that violence - a thing unpleasant. However, "revel" only once a year - but to the fullest. Adults believe that the earlier girls and boys priobschatsya to the mysteries of the intimate life, the stronger they will be in the future marriage.
... The harvest is accompanied by music, dancing, singing of songs is not too decent, and - at night - erotic entertainment. It is even adultery, though it is an extremely rare phenomenon for the islanders. Get married and get married only when plenty of work up. "Sexual literacy campaign" carried out the mothers themselves who advise their daughters until marriage to have as many lovers to choose the most worthy. The same principles are young people under the care of their fathers. But lovers observe extreme caution if they ''re caught "brothers girl wedding can not be avoided.
Sometimes, for greater safety of a group of young people invites the appropriate number of girls spend the night with them in a secluded cabin, or in a forest glade. But as this is not alone, that nothing serious is not considered. In general, the final decision on the marriage did not take the parents and brothers of girls and their uncle, as the clans on the island formed by the female line - a sort of matriarchy, although very peculiar online dating kansas city.
Many young men here are old-fashioned way privorazhivaniya lovers: take some ripe and delicious fruit, saying that the fetus as much as possible tender and passionate words, then rub oil magic, the secret of which is kept in the greatest secrecy, and give it to his beloved. It is alleged that after this treatment the girls flock to the door of the hut cunning, like moths to a flame, and begging for love.
At the same time ignorant natives to such an extent that until recently had no idea about how to obtain children. As a gynecologist for the first time appeared on the island and began to lecture on this sensitive issue, he had to break off now and then, because women are literally dying with laughter. They somehow knew that the child is part of a woman's body through his head ... in the form of a spirit, and what says eccentric European, intended solely for pleasure, not for procreation.
The most interesting is that the birth of illegitimate children on the island - a phenomenon as rare as adultery. It is believed that local women known for some special grass, which they chew before and after meeting love. Unfortunately, this herb is completely ineffective in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and they, of course, appeared on the island, along with the Americans and Europeans. Medication is gonorrhea, syphilis and other "charms" of civilization simply can not afford most of the inhabitants of the island.
Attempts to bring white people in the life of the islanders something the fiasco. Somehow I catch on only one idea: the tug of war. This game Christian missionaries hoped to divert part of the sexual energy of young people and to give a holiday collection pit decent shape. As a result, young people pull the rope in such a way that on one side are the young men, and on the other - a girl and ends with all the great fun and "a bunch of small," where everyone under the guise chooses a sexual partner online dating kansas city.
Tougher attempt to wean the church islanders from excessive carnal met a crushing rebuff. Five religious ministers to preach excited woman basics of Christian morality, aboriginal simply raped. Dishonored man filed a lawsuit, which was in a very difficult position. On the one hand, the violence did take place, but on the other - it was provoked by the victim, who encroached on local traditions. In the end it was decided Solomonic solution: the culprits were obliged to make a two-hour prayer and repentance, and the victims - to withdraw the suit because "it is impossible to prove that they have suffered."
Still, should not be considered a small Pacific island paradise for women. Yes, it is reckoned kinship on the maternal side, but the children receive an inheritance. All decisions are made by men and women - as well as everywhere! - Meekly serve them. All, like everywhere else, except a single day in the year when the tank runs harvest and women are free to do whatever came into their heads lovely. online dating kansas city.

Sexy Lingerie: Fad or the method of seduction?
The Bold and the humble, gentle and provocative, sexy and romantic - of such a dream of every woman. Mysterious bright eyes, flying gait, incredibly sexy, stunning views ... Hurricane desires and endless opportunities canada online dating sites ... men.
The history of lingerie, as an element of sensuality, released beyond the functionality developed over the centuries. Under the coat, and the ancient Roman tunics worn leather belts - stanzas, emphasizing the chest and waist. As an independent piece of clothing, a corset ("corps" (fr.) - "The body") appeared in the XIV century in France, more precisely in Burgundy, and emphasized the shape of the breast. French court and the whole Parisian life of Louis XIV were solid boudoir, where he practiced the most sophisticated sexual feast. Site Search Vladivostok only all penetrating the Spanish Inquisition from the middle of the XVI century prevailed in Europe, taming the flesh and the bad manners of society, chained perfect female body in a corset made of metal plates. Natural femininity back only to the middle of XVII century. The source of these fashion trends again became France and the Parisian ladies.
European fashion these years - continuous provocation and coquetry , drowned in the mass of tricks and conventions of ladies' costume. It was at this time, we reiterate our appeal, referring to the prime eroticism as the main component of fashion today. Experienced French are always well aware that full nudity - the worst enemy of the creative sex. It is innocent and defenseless canada online dating sites.
Another thing - a woman's body in a corset that pulls the waist and chest high making and lush. But the fascination with tight corsets sometimes led to tragic consequences for the health of its owner. And before the ladies were finally able to calmly take a deep breath, I took a whole epoch. It was only thanks to the fashion of the XX century pioneer Paul Poiret, who in 1905 proposed to cut a woman's dress Shirt. Though for a decent woman wearing a corset and considered mandatory until 1908, the corset of rigid whalebone, feel free women more than 500 years, gradually went out of fashion. It all started as a kind of 1893 Marie Tucek patented as "byustoderzhatel." He was provided with cups and was intended to emphasize the natural form of the bust. In 1903, Ghosh Saro, a woman doctor of the Paris Academy of Medicine corset cut in half. The upper part was the bra and the bottom - belt.
In 1907 the magazine "Vogue" was first used to describe the bra word "brassiere", literally - "harness". German its synonym "bust haler" longer caught in Russia. In 1914 in America, Mary Phelps Jacobs, grande dame of New York, introduced the fashion "backless brassiere" - literally - "Besspinny bra." When her evening dress with open back turned out to be incompatible with a tight corset of whalebone, Mary, resorting to the help of his servant, built a bra does not close the back of two handkerchiefs, and two ribbons canada online dating sites.
The emancipation of women, this fashionable boyish beginning of the century, brought to the forefront of a new style of dress, straight, with a low waist. With him began to wear short straight-jacket combination with a tight bra, flattened breasts, panties and garter belt. It came into use in 1910 and today is a narrow belt, which are sewn garters for stockings. It is worth noting that in the XV century garters and stockings as actually corset is an indispensable element of the wardrobe Cavaliers. Attempts medieval ladies, to adopt this fashion sometimes ended with a campfire: a garter on a woman's leg was considered a secret identification mark witches.
It was only in the era of the Rococo and Empire women have the legal right to wear a garter belt with buckles or clasps. At the elegant ladies of fashion were lacy stockings. B 70-ies of XX century, Mary Quant introduced the fashion skirts - Mini. Garter belts for the time almost completely out of use, but in the early 80's once again become a popular subject of women's toilets. In Russia, the European linen appeared during the reign of Peter I and became widespread among the nobility and the bureaucracy. By producing underwear in the old Russia is traditionally treated with great care. It was made of thin white muslin or linen and the finest hand-trimmed satin stitch or ruching.
Only in the late XVIII-early XIX century there were real vests that can be washed and worn for a long time. At the end of XIX century there were actually ladies' underwear made of muslin or silk. Moreover, coloreds considered attribute Parisian cocottes, and respectable ladies did not wear it.
No less entertaining history of the emergence and trousers in women's clothing. According to the official version of "calzone" in 1578, Catherine de Medici invented. Horse riding astride became queen to wear something similar to men's short pants "culottes" and because it was Italian, and the Italian name appeared. The women of the common people and the representatives of the oldest profession trousers themselves do not hesitate, so that in 1730 a special decree of the French police ordered the Opera dancers wear a short skirt - pants.
Mini pants or panties were invented in the late XIX century and widely came into use after World War I, when the legislator Parisian life - Coco Chanel created her little black dress. Having started as a sanitary and utilitarian component of a ladies suit, underwear very quickly became a factor aesthetic, sexual and cultural. And that's XX century, we owe the appearance of the revolutionary, but it is obvious to us shapes and materials. This sex bomb exploded July 5, 1946, when the fashion house Christian Dior in the face of designer Louis Reyyara presented to the public a new swimsuit model with candid mini-shorts canada online dating sites.
The public reaction was comparable only with the explosion of the atomic bomb in the Marshall Islands, where since 1945 the Americans conducted military nuclear tests. It was named one of atolls of the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean - Bikini - we associate super-open model lingerie, has begun a new sensuality - maximum openness of the female body.
Yes, it was a real atomic bomb in the world of lingerie fashion! About this shocking revelation men can only dream of. But there is no limit thinking designer! In August 1981, Frederick Mellinger released the first batch of new "little panties." For twenty years, they have gained sonorous name "Tango" and made a cultural and sexual revolution in the field of human relations.
The twentieth century has realized "danger" of elegance and chic ladies. Too elitist, cheeky, away from life, not compatibility with daily. Today the hard urban world are challenging the dress code, fixing role and approved the rules of the game. For centuries, society went to the question: "Sexy Lingerie: fad or a way of seduction?". Today, underwear is not only a fashion item, but sometimes the foundation of the image. At the same time it is already stands in a new role: the suit to continue the romantic dating .
Modern fashion embodies a new look at the female body - the crown of the beauty of nature, who are tired of concise and predictable forms and seeks to richly decorated fantasy images. Designers around the world have come, finally, to the general: on the catwalks reigns refinement and sexuality. High class - instead of the classics. Fashion today - synonymous with sexuality, because divided fashion and seduction impossible. In this sense, she treats the body as fixed assets and is committed to excellence through medicine and fitness. Linen respectively should emphasize this ideal and enjoy eroticism. Key principles erotization today: a minimum of fabric and seams, plus the use of unusual materials for underwear, dissolving a woman in luxury comfort. Despite their obvious savings, erotic lingerie is always expensive. It is clear: pay for the pleasure - much higher than the cost function canada online dating sites.
Natural expensive fabrics - silk and organza, gorgeous lace, patterns and embroidery. Pleated tulle, muslin, corsets peak. In fashion silk gloss, semi-transparency. Modern technologies allow to combine lace and print pattern spraying and flock velvet. Luxury and wealth are added rhinestones "Swarovsky", applications - transfers, metal beads and embroidery threads. Almost every collection of lingerie used silicone, in the form of transparent or embroidered straps, with the effect of tattoos, with colored gel filling and decorated with rhinestones.
Transparent silicone inserts, back, crotch, stamping and punching. Extreme sexy - bike, punk, glamor, decadence. The color palette erotic lingerie - a mix of characters and symbols that a person draws his subconscious. Superb intimacy - a combination of white lace, embroidery and jacquard. Saturated colors of "haute couture": purple and cyan-blue. Unrestrained passion red. Satin Black - a symbol of extravagance, power and sexuality. The tense affair expressive black-and-white contrast.
The spirit of the hippie - like new romantic sexuality. The lingerie fashion jeans and leather. Required: a lot of color and body. Keep him crazy! Trouble-free arms of women has always been erotic lingerie cleverly opens the intimate parts of the body, unbutton "one click." According to one survey, 40% of women are sometimes clothed in a linen, 15% almost always puts him to a meeting with her beloved. A 10% temptresses regularly wears such clothes. Men often give her lover erotic lingerie. For them such a gift is always a symbol of recognition of sexuality girlfriend canada online dating sites.
Such lovely surprise and delight delight woman when she opens the gift and trying it. The basic idea of these games: pleasant contemplation and the slow methodical undressing. Boys do not play with dolls, but adult males often have nothing against that counted petticoats in their favorite Barbie. Trousers and lace bodysuit only add spice to the "multi-layered" outfit. The idea of reincarnation and the natural artistry suddenly turns into a gentle Lolita vamp. Elegance is not conceivable without a sense of self-esteem. And that is not refined sexy lingerie, gives the girl an opportunity to feel like a queen of the evening. All driven by the game , and adjusting its rules, lady trying on different social roles, while remaining inscrutable. canada online dating sites.

A marriage of convenience or out of love?
A young girl, still a teenager sees on television is live diva showbiz glamor or beauty, who married successfully. "And what have I done? That's what I want! "And now she has programmed himself, has set a goal: at whatever cost, dating personals portland or to achieve the same with their appearance. She looks after himself, playing sports, and here it from pretty teenager into a young beauty. She is looking for "fish" places frequented by these or with greater zeal shows itself in front of men with thick wallets. Note on
age, on the exterior, it does not pay attention, it is important to only the amount of money available to these men. She chooses only millionaires. Or rather, does not choose, and lends itself to choose from. And it chose. And if not accurately, bought. True, he is older than her 30 years, but it does not matter, he paid for it. I bought her and her young. Luxury limousines with wedding, honeymoon - a cruise to Europe. She is happy! Achieved! Now she goes to expensive spa - salons, a housekeeper, a nanny, a governess, is only concerned with themselves in anything does not know failure, receiving all possible material pleasures of life dating personals portland or. And the spiritual? A physical? Was she, a young and beautiful never in my life will not want to experience all the pleasures of love with the same age, beautiful and young face and body? Although it? Wants. Millions of millions, and the young soul and body asked her. But you can not! It also bought! It belongs to his master. And God forbid, she dares to give in the request, as there will also be caught "red-handed"! And what she was thinking? She was given all the material wealth is not for her to live and even their lives! Her life, youth and all of it belongs to only one man who bought it all. And he was right! She knew what she wanted, she knew what was. And here I would like to ask these girls and women, "Well if you live? Are you happy? Is everything in this life is replaced by money? " dating personals portland or.

Monogamous and polygamous.
How many men often justify their endless betrayal terms such as polygamous. We have had some expertise in the polygamous men and women monogamous? No. In my view, sexy portland dating personals these terms are used only because it's more convenient for men. It's easy to justify their immoral act, saying, "Scientists have proved that we men are polygamous! And we can not be limited to one woman! "Yes, no it is not proved by scientists. Just surveyed and Statistics vast majority of men change their wives. Hence, there was a belief that men are polygamous. By the way, in our time, the same polls show that women now are not inferior to men in polygamous!
Let's look back in history. Where went polygamy? (The same polygamous men). Many Asian nations were very warlike. Constant wars reduced the male population. Here's to you and the reason is quite reasonable. The need for constant updating of their families, it is desirable to boys, the future soldiers.
Let's look deeper. Cavemen. The period of matriarchy. In those days it was polygamous woman! It's simple. Women were much less than men. Each tribe has sought to survive. And what will it take? Of course, sexy portland dating personals first of all, the tribe should be numerous, one in the field - a warrior. Here is a woman and chose a male. Once they have a child, their "love affair" ended, the woman chose a new father for the future baby. It turns out that she was true to his handpicked ten months, no more!
But, sorry, the time passed endless wars! Nowadays, even the most orthodox Arab countries, polygamy is actually outlived its usefulness. And we're not cavemen! So what kind of polygamous and monogamy can be said? What kind of contrived separation? You can talk only about the spiritual qualities of man. Either there is morality, or it is not, or there is loyalty, respect and purity of relationship, or they do not exist, or is love or not.
I'd like to recall a short episode from the novel by EM Remarque's "Three Comrades". The protagonist, Robert, met Patricia Holman. And so, one of the meetings, Pat did not come. Robbie was upset. My first thought - just throw it Pat. He went to the hearts of his former "girlfriend", which previously men whiled away their leisure time. But he caught himself thinking that he can not! Because I do not want to! Because his thoughts were only about Pat. And then Robert realized that he loved this woman. He returned home, and sat next to his door Pat. She waited for him for so long, almost until the morning, even to sleep. Conclusion: if a man loves - he will not change. He was indifferent to the arguments about monogamy and polygamous, he just loves and wants to be with anyone else sexy portland dating personals! Well, if a man is by nature a typical "womanizer" and woman "loving" to the lawlessness, so let's call a spade a spade and not write off everything in terms that have no relation to the person. sexy portland dating personals.

Mercantile strange woman or a man ...
How often men began to talk about the commercialism of women. "They only want money! Suppose that in a cafe or in a restaurant pays itself! "- And in that spirit. But just when you invited a woman in a restaurant, dating and personals you asked her: "Do you have money? I invite you, but to pay - you will be for herself! "Chances are not asked. And, indeed, it is very strange to hear such a question directly jarring dissonance. Or nonsense. And it's really nonsense! The woman, a man invited to the restaurant pays for itself! Clearly it would be if a business meeting is a little familiar people, and even then, the man has always wanted (early!) Look like a gentleman, he just offended when the woman was paying herself defiantly showing their independence. But that was before. And what happened to the men now?
Remember, the man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. To build a house. But how many men now living on the territory of women! For centuries it was considered shameful. Such men are in the old days was called "Primakov", from the word "accepted". But now it does not bother them at all!
To plant a tree. It can even be missed. Grow son. Again, look around, how many women are forced to combine more than one job, raising children alone, relying only on their own strength! So what's the commercialism of women? Dear men, you have to distinguish between mercantile men from the simple desire to help and support. Mercantile girls and women can be seen a mile away dating and personals. All their interests and conversations confined to the money and, as a rule, these women do not even consider the question of their employment. But what's wrong and mercantile that if a girl or woman is working itself takes care of the children, taking care of the house and wants her man was not dependents !? I think this man is ashamed even if he earns less than a woman. After all, he - the stronger sex! And what's wrong if a woman wants to buy a beautiful thing, cosmetics, go relax, and most importantly, give all the necessary children. Is it very easy to cope with all this? Especially in a time when we must pay for everything! Even for the health!
Men understand correctly, a woman does not need millions, it will not sit on your shoulders, because it is unacceptable for it. She needs to see you in person, you can rely on, with whom she will be calm for the children, and then for himself.
There is another delicate moment. Security man says many of his qualities. Of course, there are exceptions: not recognized talanty- artists, poets - in our time, unfortunately, the present work is not valued. But in this case, the woman will understand and support together with you to find a way out. But in general, if a man is not able to make money? What is the reason? He is lazy? He is stupid? He drinks? He's a gigolo and a parasite? These are the questions immediately arise in the mind of a woman. Then she begins to think about communicating with your life, or not? Any of these qualities alienate the woman, because she realizes that she herself will have to build a house and plant a tree and raise her son, and all by yourself pull. And this is not a mercenary, this is common sense. How could it command respect a man who is unable to support a family? After all, life - an unpredictable thing. Is it possible in a difficult moment rely on their strong half? Here are the main reasons that the woman appreciates the men held, not a mama's boy, dating and personals who with her mother's knee jump on the neck of his wife!
Well, if it is provided with a man, but what - what their intentions says that a woman must provide herself and her no favors, then what can I say? Such a person or greedy to the extreme, or simply do not like their women, or just does not understand the purpose of all men.
What about all the familiar expression? A woman marries. She did not get married, she marries a man, because she is a woman .... dating and personals.

What to do and how to behave to a woman on a first date.
First date. It's exciting for the girls and for boys. But the initiative in their hands, photo personals created dating page of course, is to take a representative of the stronger sex, so we will try in this article to give some advice guys.
What is not discussed! You have to meet a girl not with empty hands. At least one flower or a bouquet of lilies of the valley. It is not necessary to present a theatrical expensive basket of flowers, the main thing - attention, and that it was from the heart. If you want a first date was not the last, then you need to win as much as possible for a Woman, make it clear to her that you easily and comfortably and try a little closer to her.
Conversation. How to build it? Here you need to find a middle ground. It is not necessary to fill a Woman succession of anecdotes, which may be familiar to her, and she was out of politeness will smile and think: "And besides anecdotes, he does not know anything?" It would look silly. Do not parade his erudition shine! Often, young men, with grave
awareness and knowledge in some area, "sit down on his skate," and begin to pour terms unidentified girl. She will understand that you are smart, but out of a sense of tact will be silent and listen only to you photo personals created dating page. It will not be a conversation and monologue! And if, in addition, your companion is not as deep knowledge in this area, it is in the best case will be closed, and at worst - will begin to experience the complex in front of you, at the same time, not necessarily from the fact that she is stupid. Suppose another option. She is also very erudite, but in another area. She listens to you, choose a convenient time and starts to shine with his knowledge! In this case, your conversation will turn into a kind of a contest of intelligence and so no it does not contribute to your convergence. That is, everything should be in moderation. You can talk about music, art, sports, but without going to the "quotes". You can ask about her interests, to talk about their diluting all relevant jokes. Relaxed - this is what should be in your conversation. She needs to see that you are not stupid, that you are very interesting and easy. Then the topic of conversation will be born by themselves.
It is not necessary to rub the first date the girl with a passionate kiss! At its heart should remain a trail of romance, so she was looking forward to the next meeting. It has long been forgotten, but those quivering hands touching ... In fact at times they may say even more than a kiss. Cinema, the lights go out, and you take her hand in his. Of course, should not be keep it throughout the session, until she sweated. Light stroking brushes, hands, fingers ... You will not notice how she responds and has her hand will rest on your hand.
Or this option. Winter. You stroll. So, holding the girl look, you take her in his arms and spinning, not escape velocity, naturally. Believe me, even the 35-year-old business - a lady at heart dreams to a man like that picked her up and just circled ... But suddenly, as if you accidentally fall into the snow !!! Your face very close! This is the right time for the relevant kiss! You, photo personals created dating page as if by chance and quickly gentle touch of her lips and immediately apologize. The subtext is: "You are so beautiful that I could not resist. I'm sorry. " And the kiss at the same time romantic.
Examples of mass, but we think that after reading the main points, your imagination will not take long.
Yes, a girl home, do not forget to kiss her hand. And while kissing look her in the eye. I assure you that you will read them exactly what they wanted, and your first date is the beginning of a long relationship! photo personals created dating page.

How to invite the girl to have sex.
You meet a girl for a long time, and your relationship has reached the point where some kisses and hugs are missing. Do you want more. How to go from kissing to sexual intimacy. Dear young people, remember, free dating personals in any case not to voice their desire with a phrase: "Let's have sex." It will look very banal and commonplace, such as: "Let's to eat!" This phrase once whacks desire in women, if any present. Will disappear and all the romance of the unknown desired! All of this has to happen spontaneously. Spontaneously not in the sense of where and how to have got. You must understand that the first intimacy - is a mystery two. Under no circumstances do not allow this to happen with friends in the spare room, for example. After this close the girl will be to put it mildly, not very sensitive sediment. And it is necessary to make sure that she remembered the first intimacy with you with a sinking heart. Therefore, all this has to happen where only you, your feelings and your desires. It may not only flat, but river, sea or beautiful fields (in the absence of ants and mosquitoes, of course). In short, everything has to have this, to fascinate and to cause desire. We have already mentioned that happen to be your first proximity spontaneously. How? Very simple. Previously, you were limited to only a kiss on the lips and arms. Well, now it's time to diversify them. This does not mean that you should start frantically unbutton her blouse girl hands and climb under her skirt free dating personals! The tender and gradually you'll caress her, the faster it will respond. With every touch of tenderness and new do not forget to look into the eyes of the girl, asking her to kak "You want it?" And she will answer you with his eyes. And if her eyes closed at this point, I think, do not you explain that the girl is nice. Most importantly, once again sharpened attention on this, do not rush, do not jump the gun! Otherwise, all your overly frank and unrestrained movement can lead to the fact that she strongly "vstrepenetsya" and clean your hands. That's all and end! So take your time. The more training, the more fireworks! But when you see that she takes all your affection and answers itself, you can whisper in her ear sweet words: "How beautiful you are! How I love you! You want it? "That is, she must understand that nothing happens against her will, only it will! How would you like it or you leave the right decisions for her, because it is very like, because a woman's desire - the law for the man. And believe me, she will whisper to you in response to quietly and gently: "Yes ...." Well, what is going to happen to remain indelible impressions about this for another article .... free dating personals.

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