Good sex deprives women of reason
Women can fool their partners by pretending to orgasm, but their brain does not lie. Reaching the peak of sexual sensations, at least for women, is actually "blow your socks off online dating statistics." Vast areas of the brain responsible for emotions and fear at this moment are disabled, so that they can fully surrender to feelings.
In a series of experiments at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, researchers using brain scans to investigate what happens in the test men and women in mind as their partners, lying side by side, they are sexually stimulated.
Angels The experiment involved 13 women and 11 men aged 19 to 39 years. Women researchers say the cases in which they imitated orgasm, but in any case, the scanner reveals the truth.
Professor Gert Holstege reported their findings at a conference in Copenhagen, organized by the European Community to study human reproduction and embryology.
"The main thing we found - a deactivation of the brain in women, - he said. - It was just unbelievable, very clearly visible. I think this is the main outcome of the study. It is possible to observe a serious deactivation of large portions of the brain, especially the centers of fear, that part that controls emotions online dating statistics. "
The main part of the brain that looked active - is the cerebellum associated with the control of movement, but scientists think that it can play a role in the formation of emotions. He was active and simulating orgasm, but otherwise, in this case the picture is quite different.
"Examining women simulating orgasm , we can see that in the cerebellum occur the same processes, but the cerebral cortex remains active, "- says Professor Holstege.
To experience an orgasm, women need to get rid of fear and stress that they do not interfere with them. "Deactivation of the most basic parts of the brain, perhaps the most important thing to achieve orgasm. If you feel great anxiety, it is very difficult to enjoy sex."
Men studied in the same way, but since usually ejaculation until they pass not more than 20 seconds, neuroscientists have been difficult to obtain certain information. Professor Holstege suggests that changes in their brain may be similar to the processes that occur in women.
However, in another part of the study, in which volunteers were stimulated to a state of excitement, but not leading to orgasm, revealed some differences in the brain's response.
In both sexes, the amygdala, the fear center has been deactivated, online dating statistics but men ancient part of the brain associated with emotions, called the amygdala, became more active.
Other differences in brain responses between the sexes show that men react differently to stimulation of the genitals. Men like to seek to bring their feelings to the rational mind, recognizing their experience, while women just enjoy the sensations.
" Men see it as something serious, important for them to interpret what is happening - says Professor Holstege. - Women , apparently, do not think that there is something important. For women, the core is a feeling, not its interpretation. "
Volunteers - all of them heterosexual and right-handers - were recruited through the popular Dutch magazines. Since it was important that the head of the scanner remained perfectly still, it was recorded during the experiment, even though they were free to move the rest of the body.
"We are neuroscientists, so we are only interested in the brain," - said Professor Hostedzh.
However, some simple physiological manifestations, too, had to be taken into account online dating statistics. "The main problem turned out to be cold feet, so I had to wear socks," - he added.
Professor Hostedzh hopes his work will lead to the development of methods to reduce the level of anxiety and sexual dysfunction. "Alcohol lowers the threshold of fear. We all know that if a woman to drink, it facilitates the process," - he says. online dating statistics.

10 tips for women how to be stunning mistress
The author is not responsible for the possible consequences of the use or non-use tips gleaned from this work.
All tips are recommended more or less settled and psychologically stable couples with actually existing feelings of sympathy and respect. There will always be cases and situations when these tips are applicable or vice versa pros cons of online dating. The author presents his personal opinion based on my personal experience and understanding of life.
1. Do not feed a man "before"! Most men are primitive, not far removed from the "simple" and deeply subconscious them to a much greater extent than in women predominate such features as: - laziness, hunger, sex, entertainment (work, sports, politics, and so it is also to some extent for their game, but sex to some degree - work!). seminars and training plus satiety Laziness can easily beat all the other "duties". Satiate a man may try to "work out" half-heartedly, if at all portraying tenderness hug you and fall asleep on your chest.
2. Do not limit yourself. If you get an orgasm, a man should ALWAYS see it and know. A man will always choose a woman violently receive from him an orgasm, not perfect in appearance, but frigid top model. Better to get three orgasms at one of its erection, rather than vice versa. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of satisfied ambition man realizes that he is able to bring a woman to orgasm.
3. Plan duration and intensity. The peak of orgasm in men is very steep, very rapidly and also a period of rapid deceleration. The woman on the contrary a longer period of excitement and a long, gentle slope, and even multiple orgasms are possible. Probably the best option would be to bring the excitement and orgasm FIRST woman, and if you get an orgasm in front of him, make no mistake, the man is already prepared pros cons of online dating.
4. He wants oral sex? They all want to go .... there is no place, but trim your position, ask them to provide you with the same services. but note that women tend to quickly learn how and what to do, and men often have to tinker, they are not always reflected that and how to do that you have enjoyed. Usually they try to try everything on their own and to act similarly, sometimes have to tinker until his tame .... but it's worth it! Do not neglect the opportunity to ask him how he likes, and to show him the right - where and how to knock ...
5. He wants anal sex? Well ... your man is the most common and is owned by 80% of men who would like this. But according to statistics 70% of men have tried anal sex experience deep disappointment and losing to him in the future obsessive interest. If you have a deep aversion to anal sex, and bear it only because your partner, ask a man to try it too anal (vibrator or fingers). When you get his refusal moral right to deny him the next time, too, and with the consent of at least he will know what you feel, and if he does not like it, it is likely that temper his enthusiasm. Remember that only competent anal sex can bring a lot of pleasure to both partners. The main rule - do not rush!
6. He wants to play in what is sexual games ? Shares fantasies with you? Congratulations! You got from a man very rare and precious gift - trust and candor. This is a great luck man pretty hidden and conservative establishment, very painfully react to taunts and the slightest hint of a misunderstanding - turn in on themselves, for a long time and seriously. TAKE CARE TRUST men, if you opened it as the apple of an eye! Sometimes it is even just verbally with him to dream, and he will feel your understanding and support pros cons of online dating.
7. He wants what would you pose like a whore? Some of the most common fantasies of men. The origins lie in the subconscious sense of superiority over women, and uncertainty in the current reality. Absolutely not taken seriously as an insult to offer similar games, no relation to the true feelings of your man does not have this desire. People tend to all forbidden. As a rule, intelligent, educated and cultured men get pleasure from these games , it is like balancing their inner world with dominant human values. Feel actress! Do not hesitate to say in this game obscene and offensive language, if he wants to, and you have a man who loves you will delight in the wild, those are "spice" that he lacks fresh life. Similarly noted that often the men in everyday life operating a responsible job, with a lot of psychological stress looking for an opportunity to play the "victim" in the "artist" in the "slave", etc. That is looking for unloading with the opposite sign.
8. fuels his! You can not imagine how men get turned on , the realization that you are going to visit, and you, for example, today there is no panties .... and today you go to work with the vibrator inserted (if you go out of course), but he is aware of this and no one else! From such exclusivity them drooling and not only ... Imagination Doris them everything else ... Try it and ten times he will call you to work, to learn how to do, what you think, and what are your plans for the evening .. . Some men are really interested in the inner world of women, trying to talk with her, especially about sex ... I do not deny him in this, it's better you talking about sex than on the side ...
9. Men like eyes .. show him everything he wants, how he wants to, and specifically the alleged accident ... keep it on a leash it. He wants you to take pictures. Well ... but together! Sometimes it is enough to whirl with a camera or a camera without film around you, pros cons of online dating the main thing that you posed to him openly! . He needs to see, he wants to see it, he was interested in the process, not the result. As a child ... well ... what more we allow the children. Men love to watch how women masturbate, use vibrators, etc. A popular among men spectacles lesbian caresses, generally require a separate in-depth study.
10. You caught him masturbating .... Join him, and he is your body and soul. Do not neglect the opportunity to quickly meet a man if he asks for, even if they do not have time to have fun or you monthly, or are afraid to mess up her hair, makeup, miss .... Luckily a man, as a rule, you can quickly meet manually or orally. In the hall. at the entrance, in the car, etc. Men think this is very extreme sex. Then "warm" it can persuade you to anything, and resolve any issues with it ... use. pros cons of online dating.

Little things in life: a guide to ladies' habits for men
As we know, women are sensitive to detail that accompanies the life of men. But it turns out that men are also not insensitive logs and also pay close attention to a variety of women's frills online dating saypol jackson wy.
Here's a list of the most annoying female male habits.
The natural needs of women in excess, manifested in how it can clutter the bathroom with all sorts of gels, shampoos, washcloths salts in the form of roses, frogs and rabbits. Give the guy a piece of soap and a towel, and he will be satisfied.
Shopping with a friend - a real test of tolerance for any man. The lady is able to re-measure all pants, available in stock, each time asking the satellite enough these pants look good on her. KZ ads
Women are constantly in need of confirmation of male love. Since most men prefer not to dwell on their feelings, their girlfriends from time to time it is necessary to find out in what direction the thought of love partners. At the same time they choose not entirely suitable for this moment. For example, immediately after sex. Or, during the final match of the World Cup.
Nothing is more inspiring women, the prospect warm your bed. They toss and turn, climb hugging and almost suffocated in the embrace. As a result, the girlfriend wakes up as a cucumber, and you admire in the morning in the mirror of his eyes red from lack of sleep and swollen face online dating saypol jackson wy.
Women know that is not available to men: bring tears of relief. On this relief hooked. However, they are so cheerful, so that relieve women's tears, stupid men are willing to go through all the circles of hell.
Women read "Cosmo". Passage of endless tests about oral sex, masturbation and menstruation brings many of them indescribable pleasure. Peasants from that, as a rule, sick.
Gays. They tenderly loved by many women. Gays them closer and more understandable than the average heterosexual. They can shoot the breeze about belongings, nail polishes and gels for baths.
Women need small but frequent confirmation of love. For example, sticky chocolate bars and brooms fading colors .
In the life of any young women there comes a point when it starts to look for the deeper meaning of what is happening online dating saypol jackson wy. Typically, this translates into an in-depth study of feng shui, or horoscopes .
Carrie Bradshaw. It looks like the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker is the idol of all women living in large cities . She's witty, cool and impeccably dressed. Neither lady somehow did not notice that plus everything in her megalomania she smokes like a chimney. A great example to follow. online dating saypol jackson wy.

The man on the hook. Effective methods of fishing.
The different fishing from catching men? The correct answer is: nothing. If every time wishing soup for dinner, you sit on a bench by the pond and the fish will be waiting for you drop by itself in a pan, best free online dating sites you will go to bed hungry. If you are wishing to get married, sit down on a bench in the park and wait when a man approaches you, you'll go to bed alone.
Permitted fishing
To catch a worm
The simplest, most honest and most tedious way to .... Suitable for udilschits patient, focused on smart finicky fish. Before you start you need to carefully consider the image of the victim's life: to find out what she likes, at what depth floats and it's easier to just bite. Do not be amiss to consult with more experienced anglers who already had to deal with this fish (for example - the ex-wife).
Remove prostitute for an hour after which new proposals are preparing the bait: if the fish likes slender blondes - forward to the gym and hairdresser if crazy smart women - start writing his thesis, if the future value dinner in the first place welfare - Inventories solid bank account .
It is advisable to hang a worm on a hook right in front of the fish, so it does not start to doubt: whether it is prepared for this tidbit? The worm has to be still alive and wriggling briskly, best free online dating sites attracting everyone's attention - on your laurels moldy Miss camp work and rest bite decade ago, except that crazy minnow.
Catch trolling
Almost no different from catching a worm, except that no goodies on the hook actually there, and fish is conducted on a pure illusion. Baubles can be, for example, a certificate of a solid bank account, made his own on a color printer with a friend in the office.
A very popular type of spinner - a brilliant appearance, every day before going to bed carefully washed from the face with cleansing milk and soap. Bras with foam inserts, Waist belt, high heels, wigs and corsets are widely distributed and used while fishing in all seasons.
NB: if the fish pecked trolling, you have to be great effort, so it does not tear at the same moment, as soon as will feel that there is a worm on a hook. Try to slip away flutter fish stun phrase: "Honey, you'll be a dad" - and quickly dragged into the pan.
If every day to throw in the pond porridge, soon all the fish living in the pond begins to swim to the shore and wait for feeding. It was then that need to bail her out of a net. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" - the old truth still has not been canceled. From the habit of coming to your office for tea and cake before the application to the registrar best free online dating sites is not so far away as people think udilschitsy inexperienced.
So start with porridge - leave the exterior of the second. In the case of fishing for men, porridge also effectively replace the endless rave compliments you dense scatter around the fish. Praise his professionalism, his strength and courage, his beautiful eyes and a shiny bald head, praise him for his virtues and flaws, do not let go and returned to life in the self-catering. At some point, the fish will understand that he can not live without daily bait, and she will float into your network. best free online dating sites.

About sexuality can tell decorations
Few know that jewelry is not only talk about the taste of their vehicle, but can also point out any sexual feelings in it live. For example, the same chain can mean different things depending on where it is worn. Ring free online dating service and chat - finger on what it is wearing.
Rings and fingers
Its particular importance has each finger.
Ring finger - the "sensitive and sentimental." Therefore, it decided to wear a wedding ring. If another ring on it, then you need to watch what it is. If small, with uncertain decorative finishes, it means that his mistress is no clear position in relation to the line of conduct regarding the love partner. If the ring is striking its pretentiousness, large size, the one who wears it - hysterical personality, prefers love to receive more than they give. Her type of sexuality - active, she likes in bed, and a variety of exotic. Source: - games online.
It is not easy is to love the one who loves big, bright rings worn on the middle finger. It is the area of self-love and vanity. These very rare compromise, they have power and impatient.
The index finger - the will and initiative. Lover wear rings on it unwittingly evince that they are leaders by nature, are a little too confident. The sex is not a puritan, they like to demonstrate the ability and body.
Pinkie rings are people who claim to social significance. Often they are public figures, especially in the field of creativity and the arts. And if pinkie rings adorn some original, the man - aesthetic in everything, including sex. He strives for his life experience many sensual experiences free online dating service and chat.
Chains and ankle
The chain on her leg like to wear unfettered nature without complexes. They know how to love all over. They take care of themselves from head to toe.
The lady who likes to wear a chain on his stomach, rather frivolous, does not attach importance to the issue, he likes to stand out from the crowd. Major chain around his neck, and the more a number of different chains, says the duality or trinity of nature, on the problem and the confusion of the inner world. In addition, such people does not cost anything to have multiple sexual partners in parallel, without feeling remorse, but dreaming about the idealistic personal life with a single "Prince." This "prince" and not "the guy from our yard."
Why do we decorate yourself
It turns out that we give out their intimate secrets , decorating themselves anyway.
Those who prefer inexpensive jewelry from metal, but the original and made by the same small size, tend to the vulnerability. These are people who know how to appreciate the beauty, not the cost. They also apply to love, sex free online dating service and chat. They are not important entourage, and the depth of feeling pleasure.
Expensive jewelry purchased in order to not only themselves but others show their importance in society and the thickness of the purse. Because when a person prefers expensive, but delicious small ring or chain, he wants subtlety in everything - in the expression of feelings, sex, candles and lace, and so on. D.
The third group of fans decorations - "the aggressors." These people love the attention outwardly annoying attributes both in clothes and in jewelry. For example, a mask with laces on the neck, fangs, "rattling" bracelets, earrings shoulder. This is a provocation of others, the desire to be the center of attention. They want the largest possible number of people stirred up by their presence there. Sex in these - with the boiling passions, where the bed - like a battlefield.
Approximation to the ideal matching of harmony and beauty are those who successfully and elegantly combines jewelry and clothes, their way of creating a holistic, knows your personality type and, accordingly, he decorates himself. free online dating service and chat.

The diagnosis for your sexuality
You have not specified again next novel? Or a favorite in the last few days clearly avoids intimacy with you, despite the fact that before he was ready to have sex wherever possible and when possible online dating dating price oil people. Or the husband before properly and regularly performing his conjugal duty, suddenly began to "forget" about it? There are many options, but a woman makes one conclude that something is wrong with my sexuality, something I do not ...
You can of course change the hairstyle, a job or a lover, but she realized that the problem is probably there. Especially because one of the commonplaces of myths claims that all women - frigidity, and those that are not frigid - pretend. It's a shame?
Of course, a pity, because we know that is not true. First, let's try to understand: what is sexy? If you think that it is determined only by the amount of "peruse" postures and knowledge of the physiology of the male and female, you are mistaken. By the way, a similar fallacy exposed rather young girls. Over the years, women are beginning to at least suspect that it is not in this. Fail-safe protection against listening to you are always online store security systems
Sexuality - a much broader concept, it is, if you like, a state of mind, not the body. This is not only the appearance but also gait, gestures, tone of voice, smile, smell and gleam in his eyes. Many lucky it is given by nature, but to learn to be so, too, it is possible.
But today we do not know. I want to offer you a test developed Petrograd psychologist who can help you sort out the problem of their own sexuality "from within", answer the question, how I feel about sex and what my potential in this area. Try to fill in the test nobody stops you, because of the truthfulness of your answers depend on the accuracy of the result online dating dating price oil people.
Select one of four possible answers:
1. In the passion of your beloved offers immediately, here and now to make love. Your actions?
a) shall lie down with him in bed, regardless of their attitude;
b) immediately with pleasure "will lead" themselves;
c) agree only if your attitude matches;
g) initially refuse, but only to his torment.
2. In the intimate moments you visit imagination. For Example:
a) you are in bed with Schwarzenegger, Pushkin or housemate;
b) you roughly seizes any skinhead "mate";
c) you make love to the crowd under the greedy gaze of many onlookers;
d) no fantasy! You always focus on your partner, whatever it was her lover.
3. Romantic evening comes to an end and be replaced at least threatens a romantic night. And your partner clearly wants to sleep. Your feelings?
a) you're a little offended, but rather - disappointed;
b) angry and ready to tell him about it;
c) we believe that at any moment can wake him caresses, which is hard to resist;
d) quietly go away, deep down hoping that the next time everything will be different.
4. How much of your life have been lovers? (Be honest!)
a) six or eight, maybe more.
b) a lot, and all do not remember online dating dating price oil people;
c) two - three, you are monogamous by nature and take only long-term relationships;
d) less than we would like.
5. Which one of you in bed usually takes the initiative, you or him?
a) it - you prefer;
b) more often - it is, but sometimes you give to know about his desire;
c) depending on the situation;
d) always - you not have the patience to wait.
6. How do you most effectively seduce a man seduce a man ?
a) to fool around a little bit, while slowly taking off his clothes;
b) do not have to do absolutely anything: one kind of your unearthly beauty is enough;
c) be very gentle, loving and understanding - it is very exciting;
g) continually flirt with him harmless teasing (eg, run up from behind and suddenly hug).
7. Saturday afternoon. At this hour in the apartment is still a mess, you do not have time to wash my face, and he calls and says that immediately come. Action:
a) to dissuade him from undertaking this visit to bear it or at a later time when you will be in the form;
b) give to understand that you obviously are not up to it, but let him decide for himself;
c) tell him to fly an arrow - this situation excites you;
d) a mess in the apartment - is nonsense, unwashed face also does not matter. If you want to make love - gonna call it - if not, refuse.
8. Your "bed scene" has just ended. He - content and happy, and you somehow spoiled the mood. Action:
a) go to bath themselves could bring themselves up to the desired state;
b) whisper to him that you did not have quite a bit;
c) turn back to the wall;
d) will not pretend that everything is all right, that he in any case did not feel their inferiority.
9. What are your views of sexual fads:
a) I am pleased to support his and his most extravagant ideas;
b) sometimes you want to become a slave or vice versa - to pick up the whip;
c) think that all kinds of "Masquerade" and acting out scenes from the movie naughty sex give a unique charm;
g) like everything to be "as it should be," and all sorts of delights to anything online dating dating price oil people.
10. Decide who would suit you best:
a) beautiful and rich social lion;
b) energetic wit;
c) a sensitive man, whose soul is on the same wavelength with your;
d) any brave, muscular, energetic and confident.
11. At the party, you met a nice man and realized that he - what you need. Action:
a) will have to wait, because the first step is to make a man;
b) charmingly smile in response to his eye and will carefully observe them;
c) to meet him yourself and a little poflirtuete;
g) threw at him a sharp remark and immediately move away, to see whether he will go for you.
12. How long should foreplay before sex?
a) is not very long: turns you on the idea that "it" is about to happen;
b) it does not, "Prelude" and the full-fledged (and long) part of the sex;
c) need more foreplay your partner, not you, as it brings it to the desired condition;
d) it is enough that he just hugged and kissed you.
13. You have decided to try something new. Who is usually the experimenter?
a) you, as you have much more imagination ;
b) it is, and you just inspire him to lead;
c) to be honest, it's hard to remember who in a fit of passion made the first one or the other;
d) one: you do not need to be distracted by silly things.
14. Will you have sex with him if he hurt you?
a) Of course not, it's a great way to teach him a lesson;
b) likely - no. Resentment kills any desire;
c) Yes, because you are obedient to his will, even if you want to give up;
d) Why refuse such a nice business? This means - and to punish yourself too!
15. He proposes to do in bed is something that makes you disgusted. What do you do?
a) give in, but if you remain uncomfortable, never repeat it again;
b) Say "No", otherwise you will feel humiliated; c) stop to think why he having such desires and what he lacks;
d) comply with the request or refuse, depending on your own mood.
16. Do you think it necessary to sometimes fake orgasms?
a) Yes, it is even more fans a;
b) you resort to this trick, when you realize that this basin will not achieve orgasm and better to keep his strength;
c) you rarely experience orgasm, and resorting to this trick, keep "a good face on a bad game online dating dating price oil people";
d) No, never. Lying is sinful.
17. How do you feel about masturbation?
a) sometimes it brings a lot more fun than sex;
b) do you use it to relieve stress or to cheer yourself up;
c) you do not neglect it even in the midst of the novel: it only increases your sensuality;
d) Is it comparable to real sex? Let those engaged in by those who do not have a real man!
Now we calculate the points:
1 a - 1; B - 4; at 3; r - 2.
2 a - 2; B - 4; at 3; g - 1.
3. a - 2; b - 3; at - 4; g - 1.
And 4. - 3; B - 4; at 2; g - 1.
5. a - 1; B - 2; at 3; g - 4.
6. A - 4; B - 1; at 2; g - 3.
7 a - 2; B - 1; at - 4; g - 3.
8 a - 3; B - 4; in 1; r - 2.
9. A - 4; b-2; at 3; g - 1.
10. a - 1; b-4; at 3; r - 2.
11. a - 1; b - 3; at - 4; r - 2.
12. a - 4; b - 3; at 2; g - 1.
13. a - 4; B - 2; at 3; g - 1.
14. a - 1; b - 3; at 2; g - 4.
15. a - 4; B - 2; in 1; g - 3.
16. a - 2; b - 3; in 1; g - 4.
54 points or more - you superseksualnuyu! Beds adventure can be called the main business of your life! You never no shortage of men: they immediately recognize your sexuality and are ready to follow you to the ends of the world. However, overreliance on the physical side of the relationship often prevents you know of the man. In addition, you often "hide" for sex from all sorts of troubles and "sharp corners". But not all the quarrels and problems are solved in bed. Try to occasionally use his temper and in other situations.
40 - 53 points. You have quite a healthy sensuality. And is able to tame the strong passions inherent ability you control the situation. Not only are you able to start an affair with any man you like, but when necessary, to explain to any slob, what exactly do you expect from him in bed. If you want, you almost any man can do amazing lover. If not - find another for you is not a problem, because men feel to you relaxed, moderately sexy, and most importantly - self-confident woman.
25 - 39 points. Your sexuality can be called moderate. The feeling you attach much more importance than sex. It is capable of this feeling to wake up your sensuality. If you are in love, it is enough to kiss or fleeting glance. Even if your favorite bed "stars from the sky is not enough," but for you it is - the best lover in the world and only he is able to ignite your passion. Since the inner world of man means to you is much greater than its visual appeal, you manage to protect themselves from emotional turmoil. If you and prevent accidental or non-binding communication, it is only to keep fit.
24 points or less. You're a "Snow Queen"! From you and blows cold. But you are depriving yourself of one of the main pleasures in life. Of course, you can succumb to the entreaties, but I assure you, the man next to you in bed will feel just a rapist online dating dating price oil people, to impose you what is causing your disgust.
Do you think he will stay for a long time with you? Often in such sexual constraint blame parents instill daughter that I wish "that" a shame. Then they, too, can only regret, as one of the most wonderful aspects of life passed them. Maybe you should see a specialist to deal with their sexuality. online dating dating price oil people.

Fragrant Horoscope
Control the elements is subject not only to the gods: we tamed fire and water, earth and air subdued. But there is another, the fifth element - the element of flavors: it rules the world, and we learn to manage it christian online dating.
It is known that a person's character affects the constellation, and that element, under the auspices of which he was born. Children of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are distinguished by a bright, wide-kind Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - calm, air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - enigmatic, Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - intuition. Knowing the "natural" human characteristics, you can learn to better understand him, give him more joy and less resentment. And help us in this fifth verse and its elements, enclosed in beautiful bottles - scents .
It warms and burns, attracts the eye and inspires fear. It can be fragile sparkle in the darkness, turning saving fire, or come in the form of merciless flames. Dangerous and desirable, repulsive and attractive - Fire
Color: cherry, red, all shiny
Stones: diamond, ruby, amethyst, emerald
Flowers: hawthorn, violet, cornflower
Character: bright, extraordinary personalities, a little stubborn, independent and autonomous
Smell: intense smell increase persistence of Aries, helping him to overcome any obstacle on the way to the goal. He likes to attract attention. Erotic lesbians waiting for you for a joint holiday online innate intuition helps to accurately choose "their" flavor - whether it is new or original classic scent. Aries choose perfume with a refreshing bouquet, which heard the smells of cloves, heather, nutmeg, lilac. Notes of patchouli and musk, bamboo and cypress relieve irritability, which are subject to Aries christian online dating.
Golden, yellow, orange, black
Stones: Amber, beryl, topaz, ruby, onyx, diamond
Flowers: peonies, marigolds, gladiolus, chrysanthemums
Character: overbearing. Lusk cat gets it with aggressive predator. Lions like to take risks, not defeated, self-confident, self-sufficient, generous and magnanimous.
Smell: Do not miss the opportunity to shine and impress. The scent for him - an opportunity to dot the i, to identify its place and position. Therefore, for the Lions in life lasts a fragrant trail of smells - sweet and always elegant, persistent, which for a long time left on the memory itself. Lions have a very well developed sense by which they accurately capture trends in the world of perfumery. They are suitable aromas of mimosa, narcissus, rosemary, frankincense, lemon balm, geranium, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine.
Color: blue, red
Stones: topaz, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, opal
Flowers: carnation, daffodil, cornflower
Character: fond of stability and comfort. Sagittarius characterized by generosity and scope. They - the big optimists, and even the difficulties encountered in their way, not in a position to break a rainbow attitude christian online dating. This in turn informs Sagittarius courage and willingness to realization.
Smell: Archers - strategists, so all they do is - part of a larger plan. In a way they do not allow random details: for example, use proven spirits - known perfumers who can testify to the reliability and stability of their position. Palette Sagittarius make thick floral and chypre fragrances, relieves stress, and reporting a feeling of freshness. Stars recommend to resort to the aroma of tuberose, musk, orange, mandarin, heliotrope and iris.
She feeds us, gives to drink, clothes ... We can not imagine myself without her. We are inseparable. She forgives all our mistakes and failures, but sometimes severely punished as a foolish child. Relatives and friends, strange and far - Land
Color: yellow, bright blue, orange, dark green
Stones: turquoise, sapphire, agate, opal, emerald, jade
Flowers: lily of the valley, lilac
Character: Taurus - the true aesthetes. Their personality is manifested in the search for innovative approaches in all areas of life - from his marriage to the career. However, all steps Taurus subordinated the main goal of his life - the attainment of harmony and tranquility.
Smell: With exquisite taste, they choose a perfume with a subtle herbal and fruit aromas, which can affect the essence of their element. All that creates earth, perfectly combined with their way. The scent of verbena and jasmine, bergamot, magnolia, rose hips and chamomile, vetiver and orris emphasize elegance and hint at the hidden sensuality of Taurus, conceal weaknesses, will help adapt to the unfamiliar company.
Color: white, blue, purple, green
Stone: jade, carnelian, yellow sapphire (cat's eye), agate
Flowers: Aster, red poppies
Character: Virgin rarely lend themselves to passion: they are endowed with a practical mind and a warm heart and prefer a clear logic. They are good analysts, intelligent and educated, pedantic, and true to their habits.
Smell: Once selecting perfumes keep their loyalty to the Virgin. As they create the image of the fragrance is a necessary component while giving the confidence and peace of reporting. If the Virgin and try to experiment, it will likely stop on the smell, which is guessed a familiar song. Like all the signs of the earth element, they are prone to citrus and chypre fragrance. They are also suitable notes of hyacinth, lilies, valerian, vanilla and almonds.
Dark green, black, ash gray, blue, yellow, brown
Stones: ruby, onyx, garnet, moonstone, lapis lazuli
Colors: white carnation, ivy
Character: hardy and persistent in the physical plane, and in the soul christian online dating. Love respectability and stability. Ambitious Capricorns tend to make a brilliant career, but this does not prevent them to remain modest.
Smell: Capricorns have a refined taste in smells. They choose the flavors, hints that intrigue surrounding, create an atmosphere of mystery and depth pass nature of Capricorn. This can create an aura of presence in the composition of perfume notes of lemon balm, cypress, spices, jasmine and roses, violets and poppies.
It is all around us and yet remains invisible. Its flow may throw us into the abyss, and a sip -Back to life. Cold and warm, fresh and stuffy - Air
Color: purple, gray, yellow, gray-blue and all pearl colors
The stones beryl, garnet, rock crystal, agate, jasper
Flowers : daisies, poppies, buttercups, jasmine, narcissus
Character: is vague: they are characterized by a constant duality, they can easily change their interests and passions. Love shine stunning. Enjoy a furious temper and unpredictability different reaction.
Smell: love experiments. Love the variety of songs - from the heavy to the air. With equal ease, the inherent air disaster can envelop yourself a classic scent, and the next day (or even the same evening) to replace it with something trendy. This sign suitable mixture of eucalyptus, mint, cedar, sandalwood, lilac, amber, violet.
Dark blue, green, and all pastel, calming tones
Stones: opal, lapis lazuli, coral, diamond, sapphire, pearl, moonstone
Flowers: roses, violets
Character: usually balanced. Try to avoid quarrels and conflicts, but quite selfish, and most of all proud of themselves. Characterized by clarity of mind. The main purpose: finding peace and comfort.
Smell: prefer the classic, "impeccable" flavors, time-tested. Typically, selected light and fresh smell. With good taste, can choose the right perfume, not only for themselves but also for others. Libra Stars advise wearing scents with notes of sandalwood, ginger, violets, roses, orchids.
Color: gray-blue, purple, blue and green, dark blue, purple
Stones: garnet, zircon, light sapphire, opal, amethyst, lapis lazuli
Colors: violet, myrtle, narcissus
Character: controversial. Natura emotional and impressionable, mysterious and untamed. Aquarius characteristic dreaminess and at the same time, the activity, the pursuit of new heights. They - and charming personality freethinkers christian online dating. Enjoy rare nowadays property give people more than they can get in return.
Smell: In the field of flavors do not like consistency. Try all the new perfume. As a rule, they choose exotic bouquets, which are heard bergamot, rose, tea tree, musk, citrus. These scents are calming him and simultaneously stimulate its spiritual forces.
She has a lot of images - from a tiny drop to the immense ocean and a lot of votes - she murmurs, rages, roars. She gives life, but can also plunge into a dangerous abyss. Ice and hot bubbling out of the ground and pouring from the sky - water
Color: white (as a sign of purity), light blue, blue, silver
Stones: moonstone, emerald, ruby
Flowers: honeysuckle, water lily, jasmine and all shades of white
Character: open and dreamy. In cancer is well developed intuition. Inner peace they attach far greater importance than external manifestations. Ardent in love and at the same time shy.
Smell: Perfume is very important for this character. Cancers are choosing gentle scents, warm - or fresh floral with a slight whiff of sea breeze, the smell of water lilies, lotus. Those born in this constellation approach blossoming jasmine smells, with a resinous flavor of sandalwood, vetiver. The special charm will give the notes of violets, camphor, basil and orchids.
Color: yellow, dark red, scarlet, crimson and brown tones
Stones: aquamarine, emerald, coral, ruby, moonstone, crystal, malachite
Flowers: carnations, peonies, chrysanthemums
Character: strong, temperamental, a little aggressive. Scorpions have an iron will and an equally powerful categorically. Their motto - "all or nothing". Stars gave them much: beauty, strength, intelligence. But the hallmark of women Scorpions, of course, is their sexuality.
Smell: Scorpions prefer sophisticated exotic palette that help them pursue the main goal, to intrigue, excite, entice partner. They choose a bright, sometimes bitter strong flavors - patchouli, lily of the valley, freesia, cedar. Astrologers recommend them perfume with notes of sweet vanilla and citrus fruit with the addition of warm tones of amber and noble oak moss. These odors paralyze the will to resist, relax and evoke a whole range of unbridled sexual fantasies .
Color: purple, green, blue, purple, steel, indigo
Stones: pearl, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, moonstone
Flowers: narcissus, crocus, jasmine, violet
Character: mysterious. In fish is highly developed intuition. This sign characterized by an unceasing struggle against, anxiety, doubt and a tendency toward mysticism. They love luxury, comfort and beautiful little things christian online dating.
Smell: Fish love to surround yourself with the smells. On their dresser can always find plenty of fragrant jars and vials - with essential oils, bath salts, a variety of perfume. Happy Fish prefer to wear scents of mandarin, lemon, lily and peony, and in the evening they do not mind to dress in exciting thyme, violet, rose, lavender. Stars also recommend this sign aromas of moss and amber. christian online dating.

31 Women's aphorism
I'm not a vlyublena. Just like me ...
1. If, when he saw a man, a woman lowers her eyes, so he told her npavyatsya. If you see a woman a man lowers his eyes, it means that it npavyatsya her legs online dating books.
2. When the bad man - he is looking for a woman. When a man is good - he is looking for another one.
3. The average woman prefers to be beautiful, but not smart, because the average man sees better than uptake.
4. Prior to the wedding, they tell each other "I love only you," and after the wedding: "You only like me."
5. Zhenschina dolzhna odevatcya tak chtoby myzhchine hoteloc pazdet ee!
6. If a man opens a car door to his wife, then it is or a new car or a new wife.
7. If zhenshina man says that he is smart, then she realizes that a second such a fool she finds.
8. Women do not lie ever - it just does not remember what she said a moment ago.
9. The bore - it is the one with whom to sleep easier than to explain that is not desirable.
10. "No" means yes, "do not know" is not, "yes" means nothing.
11. "Well, all right, I'm wrong, but you can at least ask me for forgiveness?"
Do you like to look at pretty girls candid Asia? Then the category of young Asians for you. Relax on the site 12. A woman wants a lot, but from one man, and the man wants one, but from many women.
13. Hichto do not spoil the family life as personal sekretarsha.
14. If a man does not think what he is doing, you can be uvepennym that he does what he thinks.
15. Hedostatki figure hiding her courage demonstration.
16. Taking care of the woman the man is particularly effective if it does not erase it, and does not prepare a meal.
17. If your wife look like on the other, who will give birth?
18. A husband whose wife selects salary - a weakling who gives himself - a real man online dating books.
19. Anyone who dines girl, that it and dancing.
20. Normal people who has disadvantages, age-appropriate.
21. Hadoeli critical days - change the floor.
22. Joke - a Russian sex.
23. He said that it was in ecstasy, and I do remember that in the barn ...
24. Men are divided into worthy and unworthy. Women - young and old.
25. A friend has to be ugly and stupid, so shade.
26. True tselomudpie ppiobpetaet over the years.
27. Women can do everything, only SOME shy.
28. Not gopyuy if your wife was someone before you worse if someone is later.
29. If you ask a girl to dance, and she agreed, do not rejoice: first, you still have to dance.
30. Look for a woman? It is better to look for the money - you will find the woman herself.
31. A toast about women: "Not so good with you as bad without you." online dating books.

Fluids female sexuality
Graceful Cleopatra and divine Coco Chanel, charming Liza Minnelli and inimitable Whoopi Goldberg ... These great women have never been dazzling beauties and could not boast photomodelling "90-60-90" free online dating websites. Each of them Jehovah God gave a much more luxurious quality: the awesome power of seduction . A truly royal gift, for men especially react at all on hair color or the size of the bust, and a woman radiating fluids sexuality ...
Internal sexuality - it's a magical quality, which is given to a woman again. It is these fluids sexuality make women women, cute creature, adorable, for which men are ready for all sorts, even the most unbelievable feats. If this quality is not given by nature, do not help either magnificent bust, not a ton of makeup, no pricey dresses from famous designers.
Delightful Pamela Anderson reduced his chest, he said publicly that he wants to be herself. Tell me, did it with small breasts become less sexy ?! Still, the sea of fans and onlookers. Ageless Madonna from year to year becomes more charming and delicious. It seems that the growth of 1.54 does not prevent it from being a sex symbol of the XX century. Marilyn Monroe, as you may remember, a special harmony never differed. It was pyshechka. But what! The newly model weighing 44 kg simply rest on its background! Many sites sex leisure prostitutes publish their fake photos. Therefore, when a client comes to the salon to be confused it is not. In such cases, our site has a section leisure-time prostitutes tested . It placed individualki only with these photos, which were checked by site Administrator or clients free online dating websites.
No, friends, sexuality - it's still something special, the abstract, magical, irrational, if you want. It eludes our consciousness to quality can not be measured by enclosing it in a standard package "90-60-90". It can only be felt, to submit to his inclination, to be in his power.
There are things that are difficult to convey in words, and the famous phrase that better to see once than hear a hundred times, in our opinion, is more suited to the story that is the inner sexuality. "Is it possible to develop the quality of it?" - You ask ... Well, at least we can try.
To do this, first of all, learn to smile .... Yes, yes, yes, just as a human right and open smile. Just not a forced smile aeroflotovskie stewardesses who "get" everything from weather conditions and ending with screaming in the 20th row kid who wants to simultaneously eat, drink and write. It should be a smile femme fatale who knows his worth. Suffering, sadness, longing madly aesthetic and even once in Russian sincere. But just not sexy!
Learn beautifully quiet. Magically. With dignity. Mysteriously. "What she has in mind?" - Each time thinking man looking at a mysterious woman. Incessantly chattering woman's like forty-glupitsa. You find magpie sexy? That's right.
Another thing - the dispute. There remain silent to anything. Argue and defend their opinions. Flushed and red-faced, you'll look promising!
Talk compliments and remember the sense of humor. Colca word is centrally and by the time told anecdote - all this like men . Do not forget also about the risk-unchained phrases spoken childish directly. You do not miss the chance to clap long eyelashes and whispered mysteriously say: "Did I say something indecent free online dating websites?"
Laugh! Laughter - catching and incredibly sexy action! Just do not be silly giggle or laugh to hiccups. Everything should be within reason.
If you want to men like your body, love it, before themselves. And every time Demonstrate it! Pat yourself on the hand, rub the hair. In others it is a similar desire. Do not hesitate to typical female "stuff"! I would like to powder nose - powder, it is necessary to correct the haircut - better. Do not sin in front of everybody tint lips, and at the end is sure to lick them. Just do not do it on the sly, shy and hiding under the table. The beauty of these actions, you are giving to the woman - in their immediacy and unpredictability.
Try to always and everywhere to look "super": at work, at home, among friends and in the party . Reasons such as "reluctant to get up early" or "something lazy me" is not accepted. And another point. What distinguishes a pretty woman from a woman sexy? Lack prilizannosti. Nuance. Right, a girl with make-up on all the "100" and a haircut for all "200" and go something terrible. It's not a girl - a mannequin some! Add a little bit of artistic disorder. Let beaten out bangs. Let the eyelids remain traces of ink. This is not way you will not fail, and add internal sexuality, rest assured!
Eat and drink appetite c. Just do not gulp, and through a straw, slowly and gently clasping her lips, sexy getting involved and enjoying a drink. Girl eat with gusto, it attracts the eye in a hundred times more than a pale bluish creature nervously nadkusyvayuschee cake with the words: "I'm actually on a diet, I can not flour."
Be original and inimitable in everything, including clothing. How about a long summer dress, dressed to the skin? And for God's sake, do not be afraid that you're being "split." In the end, you knew what they were doing. Let them girls gossip, but will twist a couple of times at the temple. What you up to this point! You're not like they tried! Men will be stunned: "Under this dress no underwear ?! "Or, for example, you can play on an incompatible combination. Intelligent glasses and red, the color of a fire truck, lipstick. The long, ankle-length dress, but transparent. Old leather pants and frank neckline free online dating websites.
In all of this it is very important to have a sense of proportion and style. These qualities allow the woman to be sexual, as they say, afloat, be myself, inimitable, sharply individual and always desirable. If you are having intrinsic sexy, you will never make myself black and witches manicure and become lipstick was a whitish in color, even pearl. Why is that? Because those same sex vibes and intuition will tell you that these things can lead to wild delight except that adolescent girls. No more.
Internal sexuality - something rare quality, which is not typical of all women ... Model yourself! Perfection! Look for yourself, your "I"! After all, in fact, very much in this life depends on us, is not it? free online dating websites.

5 myths about seducing men
Once upon a time, only men had the advantage of choosing a partner. Yielding, woman loses something, and men, in contrast, have gained. Of course, it happened so, that men and women were reversed, and comes complete turmoil, critical reviews online dating and the so-called decency to crumble. The sexual revolution has left a myth about a man who is always ready, and the woman is always ready for its services.
As the ladies become sexually confident, men began to wither under the weight of the notorious male sexuality. It was easier to pretend that they are always ready to love entertainment, when they were allowed one to take the initiative. Previously, the lack of desire could be explained by "too much respect for her." Now they have this simple duty of justification.
Find a man today is quite simple. We often offended, and not afraid to take the initiative on the first night of the meeting, feel free to get in the way of seduction. But we must be careful to take on the role of seductress . "Our intelligence" reported accurately than men to fold, or rather, that they are quite attractive.
Debunking the myths of our, or revision of female stereotypes:
The first myth
To attract the attention of men, it is not just powdered nose, and spend a few hours on a magnificent, bright, flashy makeup critical reviews online dating.
War paint
"Many women are very tempting to paint myself. I remember one lady, whom he met at a party with friends. Extravagant make-up and long red fingernails, possibly false. I imagined how she bites those nails into my back, and excited. She asked for a lift home. I happily agreed. She smoked one cigarette after another. One hand was on my thigh. The nails were running up and down dangerously close to my nature, in the other hand she was holding a cigarette. These long red fingernails, shakes off the ashes from the car window, I cooled my enthusiasm. There was something in her manner hostile to hold a cigarette. What a sexy vampire. I dropped her and she never called, "- says the manager of an advertising agency.
So exciting, but somewhat excessive element of military makeup lady (in this case - manicure), a soft movement of her fingers as may from sexual turn into creepy.
The second myth
Underwear and naked body are men exciting, so you should by all means try to even before undressing sexy underclothes demonstrate or, better yet, the lack thereof.
Sexy Clothes
"The coffee shop met with a young woman, clothing, or, more precisely, its almost complete lack titillate me. When they went out into the street and began to feel some discomfort. It was a bit awkward to walk next to a woman that she can be taken along prostitute. pretended to forget about an important meeting, and evaporated. By the way, business ladies walking in black stockings , closed jackets and elongated skirts. But for me they are the most sexy women in the world. I do not know how they manage it, critical reviews online dating but they look elegant, stylish and sexy. When even a secretary dressed so that it is not risen, my mind flashed the question: "Do we not spend the evening together?". The most seductive that does a business woman is when she puts a foot on foot, and then to change them. If it crosses his legs several times, simply nestling, I at her feet, "- confessed Software Engineer.
So, ladies clothes should subtly sexy, something reminiscent of the style of "nun" rather than calling and screaming that her (clothes), so to say, is not enough.
The third myth
Man loves to have sex in mind conjures up romantic love nest, where the always present certain attributes, such as, for example, burning candles.
Notorious candles
"She invited me to come to her. I knew she was going to me to seduce . During dinner, sprinkled me signals that I answered her. When she lightly touched the switch by the door, dim light enveloped the apartment. It was a pleasant, mild, all the lay imprint women's taste. The apartment was decorated plants and love for houseplants always a good sign in a woman. She kicked off her shoes, threw a jacket and invited me to sit down, light a candle is. I sat on the sofa and leaned back on the pillow. It so happened that at my feet, and head candles burning. I was startled by instantly matching arose, drank wine and almost cold sweat came out into the corridor. A few minutes later, I was riding in the car, away from the place of involuntary fear "- the kind of suffering associative thinking (sick imagination) Bank economist.
So the man prefers to make love in a cozy nest ladies in the shadows, but please - no candles beside the bed critical reviews online dating.
Myth Four
Every man dreams of how he got himself a girlfriend at the office, so there is nothing easier than to satisfy his secret dream.
Love affair at work
"I chased the employee harassment. It was not a figment of my imagination. Ambient began to notice her attention to my person and laughed at me. She's pretty and smart, but I was not attracted to ladies with whom I work. I turned down offers to walk annoying after work, a deaf ear to her comments about my sexy body and gently moved away when she allegedly accidentally, touched me. I've heard it said that if the man did not respond to the increased attention to his woman, he or misogynist or "Blue." She does not understand, if the man does not want an affair at work, so he does not want to. I do not do analysis of her mental state. To be honest, it seems to me that this employee's time to see a psychiatrist "- outraged design manager Office.
So, do not come to him in the office, and generally in society colleagues forget even flirtation. And the most successful show their interest to men can be in the club of acquaintances in Moscow .
The fifth myth
A woman should ask to - on a first date to find out what style of women's clothing and style of sexual behavior man loves, and the next to come prepared accordingly.
The girl of his dreams
"During the first meeting with Irina, which I found very attractive, I shared my fantasy that I would like a date a woman in a bar that she was waiting for me in a short slinky dress and stockings on your belt - that's all critical reviews online dating. And so on She came aroma of my favorite perfume , which, incidentally, did not like Irina. In the next meeting, it came drenched these spirits and in a short dress. I sat on a high stool in front of the counter. She whispered in his ear that under the dress she did not. I felt like a cornered rat. I told her that I was waiting for the unexpected things in the office and the bar looked just like something to drink. The more I saw her. She was too overdone ", - says head of the department of business.
So, in order to seduce a man, better not to pretend to be the girl of his dreams.
What you need to know about the seductive behavior
You can copy the extravagant sexy styles from fashion magazines, but not a hair's breadth. The same applies to the make-up, walk, manner of speaking. Add a little fresh details in style. Overdone, so spoil everything.
Listen to your body and His. Maybe you decide that this evening is suitable only for conversations and reflections that have nothing to do with sexual desire. Did you change your mind and it.
Seduction for men and women - the most interesting, not only because it leads to the bed. At that time the wise ladies behave as experienced players are sexy . They learn most of what they need to know about "the enemy." In particular, critical reviews online dating the fact that men see women's "subtle" attempts to temptation as a direct proposal, in contrast to seduction, which may be the culmination of a long flirtation or something similar with a sudden inflammation of one who successfully passes the spark of passion to another.
A wise woman knows that her sexual impulses do not always have to find an instant response. It does not allow for the idea that his refusal to offend, the more it will crush. It does not continue to flirt, when the man does not reciprocate. After all, the stronger sex does not feel sexy deaf. Do not scream when he delicately deaf ear that does not want to hear. critical reviews online dating.

Long relationships are killing women desire to have sex!
Sad news from the forward edge of sexual science came from Germany free dating online - after a secure long-term relationships in women begins to fall catastrophically level of sexual desire!
German scientists from the University of Hamburg-Eppendorf found that after four years of marriage, less than half the 30-year-old women continue to face the need for regular sexual intimacy. But the men in this regard was more fortunate - the male libido, no matter how long they last relationship remains virtually unchanged.
During research it was interviewed 530 men and women. It turned out that if in the beginning of the relationship 60% of 30-year-old women wanted sex "often", then four years later they became 47%, and after 20 years of marriage, sex would have only 20%!
By contrast, the proportion of men who regularly carnal love, was between 60-80%, free dating online regardless of the number of years spent with the chosen woman.
Universities in Northern Cyprus on the link also was discovered that the most important factor in living together with a man for the ladies is ... tenderness. About 90% of women want from their elected komplimntov tenderness and no matter how long lasting relationship, whereas only 25% of men after 10 years of marriage, still in search of that same tenderness in his partner.
Professor Dietrich Klasmann considers that this difference is due to the way the people developed "male sexual motivation remains constant throughout life, protecting them from cuckolds laurels that they very willingly provide another male."
Women are also a high level of sexual interest is only required at the beginning of the relationship, to securely attach to a partner and create a stable couple. Once the pair is formed, sexual appetites zhenschinnachinayut fade.
Klasmann said that the study of animal behavior suggest that this may be due to the reason that females begin to translate their sexual interest in other males, providing for their offspring the best combination of genes. Or, according to the professor, it is because limiting sex to a man, a woman in this way wants to whet the interest of a partner.
Professor George Fildman, psychologist at the University of efolyutsionist Bakinhemshir commented: "The reason why female sexuality is on the decline, is likely in the phenomenon of supply and demand free dating online. If something is in constant proposal subjectively perceived value of what constitutes an offer, it starts to go into decline. " free dating online.

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