Formula female appeal
Scientists believe that love - a complex biological processes that occur in our bodies as a result of the presence of substances in the body, sim dating games online like hormones, phenylethylamine.
In the list of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal Affairs is a substance related to soft drugs. It is a substance that causes a silly smile that appears on our face when we meet a person we liked. And it is the same chemical in our bodies sense of recovery.
However, high levels of phenylethylamine can not persist in the body forever, and after two or three years the body is simply unable to produce the required amount of phenylethylamine. Furthermore, the constant presence of a partner gradually leads to increased production of brain endorphins that have a calming effect.
Also, scientists can explain the mechanism by which there is a sense to the only one of millions. Men and women have a different mechanism.
According to the latest research by American scientists, women choose men unconsciously. The choice comes at a deep subconscious level. And in most cases female subconscious wants to see in a potential companion combination of strength and tenderness.
The formation in women's minds the image of the "ideal man" also affects the combination of specific features of the stronger sex, which sees a girl aged 5 to 9 years. It is proved that at this age it lays the image of the desired lover sim dating games online.
But scientists from Hong Kong have found the following fact: the vast majority of men appreciate women, based solely on the general perception of their appearance, and do not go into the details.
In the experiment, conducted the Hong Kong scientists involved 50 men. First they showed darkened silhouettes of women of different sizes. Then the study participants were asked to estimate the degree of attractiveness of figures 9-point scale. After that, scientists and derived a formula of male love. To calculate the index of seductive woman for the stronger sex, it is necessary to divide the volume of her body in cubic meters of the square of the distance from the chin to the feet. The greater the ratio, the more attractive woman. sim dating games online.

Everyone knows men - eternal children. They need maternal care to old age. We, the women, showing this care, trying to re-your loved ones, driving systems and bad habits deep in the subconscious. They adapt, free to browse online dating carefully hide behind the usual mask, but, alas, by nature ... can not escape. Their men's nature is and remains helpless in front of his own weaknesses. In order not to lose the beloved - try to understand him and sympathize with him .... You will gain his trust, to build strong bridges to his heart, and secure relationship for years to come. What is not a "women's happiness" ?!
His mask - creates the impression of " real man . " Open friendliness. A firm handshake. I dare to recklessness. It happens suddenly generous.
His weaknesses - can not abandon friends. Do not have the patience to listen and do tedious work. Too careless to health and the regime. He does not know how to obey. He likes to disappear, and then reappear without explaining the reason.
Sexual weakness - Impatience.
Recommendation - Try for its energy surpluses and egocentrism in the nature of vulnerability to see a little boy in need of care.
His mask - apparent prosperity and comfort. A family man with skillful hands. Economic man with pretensions to good taste. Persistent.
His weaknesses - stubbornness and inability to resist the pleasures. Fear of becoming "henpecked." Link to your favorite couch. Three hundred years will promise to fix the bike. Succumb to intellectual interlocutors. The love for good food and desserts undermining his health, creates fullness free to browse online dating.
Sexual weakness - declines to primitive sex.
Recommendations - This man forever nedolaskanny ...
His mask - charm and wit. Resourceful and original. Excellent guest in any company. "His fellow."
His weaknesses - promises more than capable of performing. Restless, sometimes chasing two hares ... I do not know what he wants. In it lives the spirit of contradiction, rebellion against authority.
Sexual weakness - Restlessness. Recommendations - It should help identify a purpose in life, and then keep that goal under control. Gemini need two loves, but not necessarily two women. Try to solve this puzzle.
His mask - The ultra-sensitive attitude towards women. The capacity for loving care, a good nanny. A man who likes to say "heart to heart."
His weaknesses - a long time heals wounds, returning to the past. Afraid to become "a hermit." Even for the laundry had not take off your old sweater. Very vulnerable, laconic, pamyatliv, grouchy, moody.
Sexual weakness - he agrees to love only in a familiar environment, in the home of his mother.
Recommendation - Leave him alone when he gets angry and leaves in itself. You can not shake it? Pretend pribolevshey ...
His mask - Beautiful, bright appearance and clothing. He is important to keep the reputation of the "smoothie". If he - a romantic, royally generous and manners like an aristocrat.
His weaknesses - Afraid of disrespect and disregard for his own person. Favorite chair, newspaper and cognac. Leo - a loser in society - a pitiful sight.
Sexual weaknesses - love of luxury even in bed.
References - Make it clear that it is - your King free to browse online dating. Do not forget that you - the Queen. The main thing - an endless admiration, praise and cleanliness.
His mask - Clear logical mind and the system around. Vysluzhlivy and punctual. The ability to control himself.
His weaknesses - It must develop a position in life, and then you follow it, defending and confessing. Rab its rationale. Afraid of responsibility, because he - overly responsible.
Sexual weakness - Sex for him pleasure and not as fun as simply an opportunity to "let off steam".
Recommendations - If you could at least something to convince him means, for you it will go to great lengths.
His mask - a beautiful smile. It knows how to charm and disarm concede.
His weaknesses - always dreamed that the problem will resolve itself. It can not refuse. "Losing his mind" before striking women. Aesthete. His mood can spoil even the smell of the fish you fry him for dinner.
Sexual weakness - He needs a bed in power.
References - all decisions are made by yourself. Down with curlers and a bathrobe! Beautiful dress, interior, tableware, candles - and it's yours.
His mask - Insightful, sometimes unblinking stare. The apparent strength and reliability. A born psychologist. Hardness before any blow of fate.
His weaknesses - merciless to female flirtation and coquetry. You need to have all or nothing. He has his own morality is different from conventional morality, from what is not in harmony with the law. Often sick from damaging the internal contradictions of the soul.
Sexual weakness - He wants to love the pain.
References - You must come from patience and boundless devotion. Keep in mind, all he remembers - and resentment, and joy.
His mask - Respectability "from scratch", beautiful spendthrift. A lively and cheerful. He always "inflated" due to him for talks. Love for the sport ... on TV.
His weakness - he is sincere and truthful with you in all their former hobbies, including love. The eternal bachelor from his wife to his mistress and back, until out of steam.
Sexual weakness - Can quickly "burn" in a flame of intense desire.
References - Do not tie it to the home and family. Stated that they themselves enjoy freedom. Create occasionally intriguing mystery calls or flowers in a vase.
His mask - Reliability. Love with a lifetime guarantee. The stability of the emotional and financial position.
His weaknesses - without marriage, he feels insecure. He finds it difficult to express their feelings and affection. The very much in need of love. Usually waiting for him will appreciate, thank and applaud them. It wants to control the family budget.
Sexual weakness - He wants to be a little rejected.
References - Do not captivated by its beauty and clothes, better show what you mistress and mother free to browse online dating.
His mask - dismiss dreamy look, as if his thoughts floating somewhere far away. Barbs - a sure sign of his interest in you. Ready to make friends, even with his rival.
His weaknesses - throws all the new and different - whether a person or an idea. He is indifferent to material possessions can be satisfied the minimum standard. He needs to feel detached.
Sexual weakness - in the intimate moments of love connect boundless imagination.
References - Do not open once all their "trump card." Always teasing his curiosity.
His mask - cheerful smile, and eye care in the boundless ocean of dreams and dreams. The sheer romanticism. A man with a "big heart" - always ready to understand you and comfort.
His weaknesses - It is difficult to constantly be in reality. Sometimes he forgets to eat and indifferent to its own facilities. Much dedication and service ideas, friends and the woman he loves. Behind his humor hides the sadness and sorrow.
Sexual weakness - so given to this matter, which could be late for work. References - You can not offend his dream, it is not easy. It is better to divide it with him and help it to become a reality. free to browse online dating.

7 things women find boring sex
1. Too cautious
The man who all his actions in bed anticipates a polite question, american singles online dating "Can I?", There is nothing sexual. A good lover knows how to give a woman without a word to understand their intentions and excite her, no questions asked. Closer "stripping" look or a touch of passion speaks volumes about the desire to have sex.
2. Predictability
If you connect with your partner long term relationship, sex often turns into a routine. Mad passion and crazy sex, which marked the beginning of your novel, partly due to the effect of spontaneity and originality. You conquered new territory, and now that the area is known to you until the last hill, lost interest. If you do not want to lose the freshness of sexual sensations and prolong the excitement and passion of the early days for many months or even years, looking for new positions and techniques to surprise your partner each time.
Do not be afraid to experiment - it's a pleasure for both of you; never let the situation reach that critical point where the partner can predict your every move. For example, if usually a prelude takes you less than five minutes, it's fun stretch for fifteen minutes and cruelly torment her before quench your desire. The partner just lost my head and forget, american singles online dating in what light it. Soon it will happen to you.
3. Mechanical sex
Most women would agree that sex without passion just boring - a waste of time; No woman wants to be in Rodi inflatable doll - except that sometimes. Nobody says that every sexual game should be equally stunning; just should not ignore the fact that, regardless of temperament, a woman always wants to be a woman, and calls for a corresponding relationship. Therefore, in order to become the perfect lover , quite a while making love to her.
If you do not give yourself to be creative and work at one time is limited, a woman may find a less lazy partner ...
4. Laziness
Despite the fact that many women - and men - feel they should be grateful for any sexual attention, in fact, their laziness partners eventually tiring and makes look around in search of a smart man. So if you value the relationship, american singles online dating at least sometimes try to make some effort and be creative. The woman did not disregard flirting.
And here it is worth mentioning that terrible word with the letter "P", which terrifies almost every man. You guessed it? That's right - the romance. In addition, you have the advantage that when the relationship has already gone too far, and the period of courtship and colors left behind, women expect from men's nothing romantic, so the sudden manifestation of tender love will make her wonder how distant planet you've arrived. The partner will want to reward you (believe me!), And here comes your turn to be surprised.
For example, in the morning, leave a love note on the table with the description of his feelings and desires, as well as write, what clothes (or not) you would like to see her on his return. Invite a woman on a romantic dinner for two, put a beautiful slow music and re- seduce her . Dedicate your favorite soft romantic songs. Make every effort to give her unearthly pleasure in bed, and you can be confident - she will do everything to reward your efforts. american singles online dating.

As a lover
If you click on this header, this can mean two things: you finally decide to have a lover in Moscow , and it will be the last straw, or you're just curious. How I would say old Freud, sometimes a cigar can be just a cigar american singles chemistry online dating.
If I start to dissuade you, it will work much like the words "Ministry of Health warns" on the smoker. So get down to business. "I am looking for a lover ..!" - First you need to decide why you need a lover. Find a lover is quite simple. Not entirely ethical to draw an analogy with the dogs, but nevertheless. Dogs give birth to people for different reasons: some need to feel safe, while others give birth to a rare breed dogs and beauty to show off to others, for the third dog - an object on which to focus its unclaimed and unrealized love. The striking similarity with lovers, right?
Perhaps your husband is bald, small in stature and uneducated, and you prefer to come to the meeting with the classmate with a spectacular, muscular macho. Either your husband is stingy with affection, and your hot kisses it is not particularly necessary, if you want sensual man, a lover of romance. I personally - not in favor of change, but sometimes there are certain reasons for almost every woman. After a romantic encounter with a man often bring only joy.
Conventionally lovers can be divided into three categories. Of course, the larger categories, but as a rule, there is a need for a lover for sex lovers to communicate and virtual lovers american singles chemistry online dating.
Lovers for sex
In your husband you are satisfied with everything: he is a great man, fond of children (if you have them), himself making breakfast and massages your shoulders when you're tired. But in bed he is a complete zero. Or he does not like to kiss. But kisses are so important to you. By the way, scientists have proved that women give kisses of great importance in terms of intimacy. Moreover - even kissing is good for health. Well, we are with you for a long time about this guess, but he still does not like! And what an unhappy woman in this situation? Hormones kill all the remaining principles, and you are looking for a lover. New meetings and sex - that's one of the possible options. Often, a woman does not matter, married or single representative of this category. He can meet periodically, to do what you like, and leave. Love is not always present (for this you have another object). Date may not occur very often.
Pros: Find a lover for sex is not too difficult. They are - everywhere: at work, in the park, in the bar, a cafe, a party in the club or in your entrance.
Cons: Soon you can understand what an orgasm without (at least) love - not an orgasm. And you will fall in love with it or you can not - it's not as intellectual as your Sasha, or do not want - he has a wife and three children, and Fig you need is happiness?
Lovers for communication
Your husband - Giant great sex, but to talk to him about. Well, you are tired of football and his rusty "six". And so you want to theaters, cafes, discuss Murakami's latest masterpiece, or just talk about good and evil. And either or not or does not want. By the way, other researchers found that spouses have the same level of education tend to be more happy than those with levels of professional qualifications are very different.
Images And then he appears. You usually call him a friend, or a friend, or just associates. He can talk about everything and nothing. He says the graceful compliment. The relationship with this man pleasant and easy. Love him, by and large, it is not necessary. And what sex you when you can discuss the man's psychology as an example of your husband, to argue themselves hoarse about karma, about the book or the movie Kioyosaki Coen brothers. It's a smart sex with a double orgasm. However, it appears that the simple desire - "looking for a lover," "looking for a man" on praktke not very easy to implement. The meetings do not happen by themselves.
Pros: Have a kindred spirit - always a pleasure, and when he is from "enemy camp," it is not only pleasant but also useful american singles chemistry online dating.
Cons: You can swoop in love, and in the nearest time your buddy will take over the duties of the first category. But, alas, the feeling of communicating are not as sharp.
Virtual Lover
At first glance, the safest option. Experienced, sorry, "breeder" prefer it. Through lush feminine fantasy and heaped modern technology you get all of the above in one package or in a single chat, and then the letter. At the same time, your conscience can be clear - you calm yourself that just are chatting, exchanging photos and're sending SMS. Virtual communication allows, on the one hand, liberated, and on the other - to hide all what you are dealing with the usual tried hard to hide.
Pros: The first - it's convenient. Second - it's kind of like not cheating. Change virtual husband - the same thing that a drink of water dry.
Cons: These relationships - just a phantom. Very soon you will want to contemplate his charming companion in real life. At eighty, if not in ninety percent of you will be disappointed. He will ... not so - not so sociable, not so pretty, and so on In general, the - this is the most boring option. As for the remaining 10-20 per cent, read above. american singles chemistry online dating.

Overcoming the myths about "weak" women's field
Women emotion is determined not so much weakness and endurance
The difference between the sexes is called noticeable to the naked eye adventist online dating sites. But apart from a purely "technical" external, there are profound internal differences, rooted in our psyche and reveals the peculiarities of behavior. Although the concept of male and female traits to some extent arbitrary, there are a number of laws, which are not considered impossible. They - the reality, though surrounded by a veil of myth.
Myth One: The weaker sex
It seems there is no room for doubt - the woman is weaker. No wonder the concept of "man" is associated with the concept of "Atlanta." Let not all the representatives of the "stronger sex" even remotely close to the ideal, but the fact that they run faster than women, and lift heavy loads, do not argue. However ... there is also such a thing as "endurance". Yes, a woman can not lift a hundred kilograms, it will be mastered by only twenty, but can wear them for several hours (not a good, clear, life, but you can!). Men after each "feat" requires a lot of time trying to recover.
We need endurance in everyday life, especially when performing monotonous, tedious work. Here, a man loses a woman. If we want to know whether heavy or that work, just look who they occupied: men or women adventist online dating sites.
For example, the work of the guide. It would seem that it heavy? However, guides mostly women. It looks like "talking" all day is not so easy. And it is not surprising that almost all of the school teachers belong to the fair sex (the word "weak" here, right, is inappropriate)? We are used to it, although the work of a school teacher - one of the heaviest.
It turns out, is not weakness, but strength and endurance - the feminine qualities. And this is the explanation: as manifested basic laws of human biology. After all, a woman has primary responsibility for bearing and nurturing of offspring.
It is noteworthy that the future role of life largely determines the nature and behavior of children. Let's look at any of the first class. Elementary school is focused on the development of automated learning skills. Particularly interesting this occupation can not be called. Is it because there are so many excellent student and so few standouts? After all, to do well at this distance, any boy should stay ahead of your actual age (older - much hardier), or have a penchant for hard work. By the way, what if you went a girlfriend? If you left the girl try to read there how do you get it back. Anton Kuznetsov strategy will help to solve love problems. Returning to the subject. Such akkuratist really will write without blots stick to stick, shaped as letters to the shaped as letters (but sometimes quite mechanically).
Myth Two: Emotional woman
In ordinary representation of this quality is associated with vulnerability of the psyche, and consequently, with weakness. However, you will agree, we need remarkable mental strength to so violently and long experience emotions (especially unpleasant), as it can do only women. Thus, women's emotionality is determined not so much weakness and endurance.
There is another feature of the behavior of women: she turned inward to their inner feelings. For the mother, over the long term nurtured a man of the future, it is natural and justified. It is this quality that makes a woman is protected from external influences. I think, purely female army would collapse by itself because of the lack of discipline: each "Amazon" would do as they saw fit. But sensitive and quickly deplete a man easily affected by external factors. Therefore, in order to maintain the men's team is simple. Hence the extraordinary effectiveness of "pressure on the psyche," and all sorts of boycotts, which so often uses a woman against a man adventist online dating sites.
The truth about conservatism
It is known that women are more conservative than men. And it's not a disadvantage, and dignity: the care of the offspring requires daily, meticulous, scrupulous implementation of the same action. Feeding, bathing, communication, training, household care - washing, washing, cleaning ... of the endless series of these concerns depend on the life and health of the baby. But let's see what this turns into conservatism in other areas, in the same school, for example?
The first class, the first lessons, new experiences, successes, failures, and ... roles. You - "Excellent" You - "horoshist", and you, I'm sorry - "Losers." Very quickly places are occupied. For how long? Given the conservatism of women teachers, sometimes enough mistakes that the child turned out to be an outcast in the classroom and carried the stigma of "inveterate" across the school.
FINAL MYTH: We are all equal
What kind of equality between man and woman can talk after what has been said? Main information - moral. It is not easy to achieve. It requires a more sober, more humane, more wise approach to both sexes. Misunderstandings are fraught with errors, mistakes - grievances, conflicts and, alas, family wars, in which there are no winners. And the consequences? This is primarily single-parent families. The man goes when he can not bear excessive burden, including the burden of pressure. It can not because we are weak adventist online dating sites. So it works. Hopelessness? Not at all.
Communication difficulties can be overcome - on one condition: if we are going to meet each other. The man to woman. adventist online dating sites.

Many women change their husbands only because ...
Recently, studies of sexual life led to a sensational result - a high degree of dissatisfaction with women's family life. Moreover, even those women who consider themselves quite satisfied, online dating advice recognize that the ability to enjoy sex came to him immediately, but only after several years of not very joyful sex life.
Others complain about the failure of their husbands, or that lost the desire to her husband, or men in general. And frustration is evident not only at the level of feelings, but also on the level of physical health, creating a feeling of depression, weakness and poor health. And most of them do not feel orgasmic discharge, and often claim that the proximity of them trouble.
Even more sad and strange looks this picture because now firmly experts know that the ability to enjoy sex the fair sex is immeasurably higher than that of men. Take orgasmic discharge. Its maximum duration of a man no more than two and a half seconds, and for women is 12 seconds or more, to the same woman may experience several consecutive orgasms.
And the ability of the fair sex to feel sensual pleasure and orgasmic discharge from fondling: kisses on the ears, neck, chest, back - it happens a third of all women orgazmiruet. A sexy longevity online dating advice?
How many women and forty-five - fifty years of experience strong attraction Eaters proximity, considering three - four, if not five sex acts a week optimal for themselves, seeking a more active sex life.
So, potentially able to enjoy the fair sex love life is many times more than men. In practice, they receive much less from her joys, and much of it is in a state of sexual dissatisfaction. So what's the deal? Why does a remarkable woman fails to carry out his huge sensual potential?
Many women complain that they are ready to change her husband or permanent partner, and the reason for such readiness - sexual dissatisfaction. Although the relationship they have complete harmony. They also recognized that the majority of their sexual fantasies and desires remained unfulfilled.
A significant drawback of marital sex lies in the fact that it necessarily affect the daily difficulties and conflicts, in principle, to the intimate life has nothing to do with. Spats and quarrels are inevitable in life together, even people who love each other, inhibit both male and female sensuality, but women, because of its vulnerability, is much stronger.
Among women, you feel unsatisfied and "failed to intimate life," sexologists have long identified two large groups.
The first one includes those who, feeling quite good and often strong attraction, do not feel pleasure in sexual intercourse and does not reach orgasm, even with a good partner.
The second - a woman capable of and enjoyment, and to discharge, online dating advice but their relationship with a partner such that they do not get enough sex and their ability simply untapped.
First - on the first group.
They are due to the complexity of feeling shame and guilt for their own sensuality, often unconscious feelings. These feelings are formed in childhood, as a result of parental prohibitions and penalties. Most women seeking to psychotherapists at the lack of enjoyment of sex and orgasm at the age of 5 - 7 - 10 years, parents were punished for erotic play or masturbation. And they had a strong sense of shame and guilt, and now they refuse any sexual activity, even fantasies.
Girls grow up with the conviction that touched their private parts, "bad", and sometimes dangerous (punished!), They are no longer touching the clitoris and vagina, and their sensitivity is lost. These are episodes of "Crime and Punishment" a woman can only think in psychoanalysis. The tragedy of these women lies in the fact that parents are generally more intolerant and more aggressive manifestations of sexuality in girls than in boys.
Parents tend to fail to suppress the desire of girls, but they are able to block their ability to delight. The paradox lies in the fact that parents are the most severely precisely those girls, in which they feel and notice the bright, expression of sexuality, and as a result are deprived of opportunities to enjoy sex very temperamental (potentially) the fair sex.
As for the second group of women, then they opened two ways. The first - to increase their sexual attractiveness in the eyes of her husband or steady boyfriend, enter into the intimate lives of erotic games , diversify and revitalize it. Or the lead partner to a psychologist who can help identify and correct the problem. In most cases it succeeds, although rapid progress is not the case.
If this road is unpromising, and awaken sexual partners, for whatever reason do not succeed (in spite of all the efforts of professionals and women themselves, it happens), it makes sense look for additional partner to "get" sex, as they say, "on the side". I know that this proposal, many readers will protest and even indignation: sexual infidelity is contrary to the orientation of the majority of women in the loyalty and devotion and evokes a strong sense of guilt, but there is no alternative.
By virtue of the reasons we talked about, and those that I have more to say (for example, reduced potency because of the bad habits or illness), not all the men could be worthy of sexual partners - that is the reality. Of course, non-spousal relationship shall be secret and keep within certain limits, but in many cases it can not do without!
That sensual dissatisfaction, according to the men themselves, and according to modern research, is the main motive of our "novels on the side" - and such novels give birth to most of us, with often - several times online dating advice. Men who live in dissatisfaction disagree, and find ways to satisfy their sensuality - that's why over 90% of us believe that "held in sex."
And surveillance therapists and mass surveys show that today's women aspire to improve their love life , they no longer want to put up with the fact that it was their destiny for many many years and do not want to put up with life without sexual pleasures. Twice as many women suffer because intimacy with regular partner (husband or boyfriend) does not make an adequate response to them, usually in terms of quantity and quality and often. Indeed, in a sex originally laid mass of flaws.
First of all, the peak of sexuality husband long gone: it falls on the age 19 - 24 years, and their husbands have wives usually over 4 - 5 years. So women for their sexual flowering (28 - 35 years) is a partner, the summit of sensuality which has passed ten years ago. online dating advice.

How to conquer his heart
Do you like him and you tell him is not so. A desperate situation? Not at all! A little bit crazy, cunning and perseverance, and it will be at your feet. The visiting close friends in a cafe, is online dating for losers clubs or, say, at work you are confronted with men who are good on the face, and not bedeny and even wit. It would seem, well, nothing grooms? Alas, there's only one problem: the fairy princes do not pay you enough attention. Well, then, you have to take the initiative in their hands .
Discard doubt
You are in doubt, and whether it is worth trying to win the heart of a man? Certainly worth it in the end, you do have nothing to lose. Make a good face on a bad game you always have time, such as saying: "We had an argument with a friend, that you do not interested in women. It looks like I won!" Believe me, there are few men capable of dispassionately hear such words. By the way, it is possible that there is something your many fruitless attempts to get his attention finally succeed.
To begin to make friends
It is an old and tested method - to make the best and irreplaceable friend of your chosen one. Constantly emphasizes its advantages (men in general are susceptible to flattery and compliments) Listen carefully to complaints and let's sound advice, help in the resolution of pressing problems, periodically treated to something tasty, it is desirable to manufacture its own - in other words, teach him to think that you are always there and he can count on you in difficult times. You can share his hobby, then you will always have something to talk about. Of course, in all measure necessary to observe, without coming down to the role of the girl on an errand is online dating for losers. Remember, you - a friend, not a servant or a fan, so keep dignity. If a man allows himself the favorite at least one disrespectful remarks or action in your address, we recommend immediately end the relationship - or "abyss of humiliation" and "zillion agony" you provided. Well, if the friendship really took place, then everything goes according to plan, and the time for you to embark on its second section. Viagra buy Fade, and not necessarily mysterious, simply go on vacation, where you will rest well before the decisive battle for the heart of the man she loved . If you will be welcomed back with open arms and the words: "How are you prettier! You know, I missed you so", consider that the forces were spent.
The method of contrasts
You can, however, act differently. Arrange his handpicked douche, skillfully alternating fiery passion with icy inaccessibility. First, you appear in front of him in a frank, emphasizing your strengths profitable clothing, flirting with him, throwing significant looks and all kind demonstrate: "Honey, you should only lend a hand, and I'm yours!" After some time (the main thing to choose the right moment) your behavior is changed to a diametrically opposite: now you buttoned up both literally and in a figurative sense, as a wave of Arctic cold, coming from you, can freeze even experienced winterer. And there could be any man would be at least wondering why you took such a metamorphosis. And as if he belonged neither to you initially, is online dating for losers it will become a shame what he suddenly ceased to be the object of your worship. This means that you and cards in hand: to bear a significant pause, come down to the poor thing taken aback, kindly smile, get a casual conversation, and if after all this, your relationships become more intimate, alas, have to recognize that you are in the not actually in its taste. And by the way, the sooner you understand this, the better for you - a woman, for many years fruitlessly chasing a man is truly a sad spectacle. is online dating for losers.

Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the intimate feminine
According to studies conducted by German experts, it was found that if men kissing basically a kind of habit, and the women are much more important, sometimes even surpassing the importance of sex biker singles free dating online.
"For women, kissing is very important, while men can easily live without them," - said the study's author Ingelore Ibberfeld, sexologist from Bremen. The study involved 514 people aged 16 to 91 years. The pleasure of kissing experiences 56% of women and 44% of men, but not during sex kisses 9.7% of women and 10.7% men. At the same time, women kissing contains more intimacy than during intercourse.
Proof of this is the least that prostitutes during avoided kissing, considering them too intimate. It is not surprising and the fact that more than 60% of respondents believe the ladies - the ability to kiss says that man a good lover . In addition, more than half of women believe - a good kiss is better than sex. With the approval of the majority of the last of the men surveyed want no matter how, but have not been able to agree.
Whether men agree with this or not, but they will have to admit it - medical studies in recent years show that regular kissing the health benefits: a passionate kiss not only lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol content in the blood, which significantly reduces the risk of heart attack. In addition, chistyuli all stripes need to learn the shocking truth: biker singles free dating online bacteria transmitted through saliva partners while kissing, promote the production of antibodies that stimulate the strengthening of the immune system. And finally, for those who want to always look at 100 - it was found that the kiss uses 25 facial muscles, which cuts their benefit throughout the body. biker singles free dating online.

What men think romantic
Some women think that men and romance are two things incompatible. However, this is not quite true. The fact that the romance for men has a very different meaning than for women online dating for women. So what do men feel romantic? As women need to act to a man felt romantic feelings?
Rule 1. Do not expect and do not require anything in return
For example, you have prepared a delicious dinner for the beloved, beautifully decorated table, create the appropriate mood lighting, wearing seductive dress. Here come your partner, brought chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. You sat down to supper, enjoy a meal, give each other kisses, hugs. Everything is good, the evening passes could not be more romantic, but suddenly a woman comes and says so gently: "Honey, help me wash the dishes." All this for a man romance ended. If you really want to give your loved one a romantic evening, save him from these mundane everyday things.
Rule 2: Take on the organization of an event
Organization of trips, parties, picnics and trips usually by men. If you happen to take care of all the organizational responsibilities and do his favorite kind of surprise party on his birthday, the trip to go skiing and the like, it would be very romantic. You took care of him, took all the complexity, and it can share with you the joy of the event. That's a real romantic online dating for women.
prostitutes Rule 3. Add humor
Men do not come to the delight of sentimental expressions of love, but if you add a little humor to it, it will be quite another matter. The method can be any candy with funny little note to gifts that are hidden somewhere, and before you take them, you need to solve the puzzle.
Rule 4. Sex and romance are always there
Such is man's nature that sex and romance in their head are closely related. Thus, any initiative in your bed, automatically become romantic. Not just fun and romantic adventure. As a result, you become closer to each other. If you do not know what direction to take in this, the simplest thing you can do - is to wear erotic lingerie (for example, is considered a classic black and red lingerie). You can assume that the first step has already been taken.
Rule 5. Find his weak spot
This means get what he likes, what he is interested, and give it to him. Men are all different: one likes football, the other can not stand him and prefers to read a good book, like the third extreme fascination, such as skiing, online dating for women skydiving. What should a woman do, it's to show that she understands a man and appreciate it, then the latter will be entirely at her feet. online dating for women.

How to be the perfect man
And is it not this perfect? One women like pitching, others - mumble, one-crackers, the other - sluts ... But we all like men, subtly use psychology intersexual not afraid of the word respect. So, if you want your appearance with one woman fainted as advertising Stimorol Pro-Z ...
The Perfect Man
1. He should talk to women as goddesses, and treat them - as children.
2. He should not neglect the other pretty women. It would prove that he had no taste, or would cause suspicion that the taste he has too many. No, it must be nice to all women , but to say that they have it for some reason are not attracted.
3. He must deny them all serious requests and indulge all their whims computer-mediated communication and online dating.
4. It must not always tell what he thinks, and to think not what he says.
5. When the women asked him about something, he should tell them only about them.
6. He should certainly extol them for qualities that they have.
7. But it has to be ruthless, absolutely ruthless, blaming them for the virtues that they never dreamed of.
8. He should not believe that they need anything useful. offers - Boxing Betting - how to bet! More infa about sports betting. It would be unforgivable.
9. But he has showered them with all that they do not need.
10. It must constantly compromise women in society and to be very respectful to them alone.
11. And do not forget about breakfast in bed and flowers for no reason. computer-mediated communication and online dating.

Women's fantasies. What women think during sex
During sex, the man thinks about sex. It is known to all. But the woman in bed can think about what and whom else but your real partner. With men their innermost fantasies she did not share any of that is online dating cheating. But psychologists have seized some information in this regard. So, watch out for your partner, and you can learn a lot.
You are together for years. The days when a friend is constantly caressed to you and gently hugged with or without him, are long gone. It should turn out the light, both from a quiet lady, she turns into a passionate fury. At the same during the next she does not call you by name, he tries not to talk to talk to you and do not open eyes.
Search rates, addresses and phone numbers of prostitutes Yekaterinburg whore sex partner best holiday in Yekaterinburg Most likely, your friend presents himself in bed with someone else. Do not despair. According to statistics fantazerok that during the next present themselves next to a famous actor or public figure, about 35%. 20% of women think about a particular man, which is not indifferent. 45% make love with a certain ideal - a fictional character.
Do not panic. Try to show respect to his girlfriend more attention. Be gentle, sexy, as he was at the beginning of your romance with her.
She refuses to most poses. Do you feel it tense. Before the proximity friend urged to turn off the light, but even in the darkness she always pulls out from under you is your hand, the leg, removes your palms from your body is online dating cheating.
Fully satisfied with their body, only 5% of women. The rest belong to a very critical. Therefore, during sex, she can think about the crease on his belly, too thick for the pope, about ugly feet.
In this case, all in your hands. Tell her compliments, admire her body. Your friend refuses postures conducive to conception. Then, abruptly pushes at the crucial moment, and like a scalded rushes to the bathroom. Classics of the genre. She is afraid to "fly."
Sexologists believe that fear can bring a woman to get pregnant until frigidity. In this case, the advice is simple: choose together that suits you both a method of contraception. Let me understand that it is your joint care and the responsibility you are together.
You do not notice the time, her interest in pornography, even if she says something like, is online dating cheating "Ugh, how disgusting!". She can go to bed in an incredible linens and bright makeup.
Most likely, your missus is a prostitute or a victim of rape. A rare woman admits that she gets pornography, so fancy - the only thing that it is.
What can there be advice. Consider yourself lucky. To understand exactly what excites her look with porn, and then asked to repeat out of it what she liked the most. is online dating cheating.

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