The phenomenon of celibacy: psychologists discover that most strongly reinforces or
Psychologists strive to accurately predict whether threatens the future married couple divorce. According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, consultants aim to learn how to most accurately predict the risk of divorce, free online dating service and today is known for a number of factors that are a direct threat to marriage.
Anyway, so says Michael Wagner, a scientist from the University of Cologne, is engaged in researches causes of divorce. He considered the relationship a few dozen marriages and analyzed as individual traits (no children, age at marriage, religious, professional activity, etc.) affect the probability of divorce.
After analyzing many of the indicators, it is possible to construct a model and to draw conclusions about the risk. For example, if a couple has a separate apartment, this factor reduces the risk of divorce by 45 percent, and the betrayal of one of the spouses significantly increases the likelihood. If the wife is busy profession and level of education is higher than that of her husband, the risk also increases. If a couple have a child or more than six months before the wedding, living under the same roof, the risk is reduced.
Calculation models used by psychologists, very crafty. Break up a couple or not, it is possible to predict a probability of up to 91-percent, said John Gottman, a reputable American pioneer in the study of divorce. Besides him, the accuracy of the model (but mostly his own authorship) believe several influential scholars around the world free online dating service.
However, for example, a psychologist Wolfgang Lutz of the University of Trier in a recent article, doubted that such models are authentic. Lutz cites studies that establish the true level of reliability of forecasts for divorce - from 20 to 40%.
Of the variety of research results, it is clear that the probability of divorce is increased when the wife with contempt talk to each other, provoke or destructively criticize each other. New research shows how important the development of communication. If one partner talks too much, and the other - a little, then reduced satisfaction from marriage.
The ratio of praise and criticism also affects the viability of marriage. Marriages are particularly strong in the case when, according to the American Gottman, praise and criticism are in the ratio of 5: 1. In other words, one of the critical remark to be followed by 5 compliments . It is particularly important that this principle is "five to one" kept wives, since the contribution of women in a relationship not so much affect the likelihood of divorce.
Along with the style of communication between spouses, there are three factors that have a special impact on marriage: the belief that there is a future relationship, the perception of the similarity of the daily stresses and partners. One study failed to prove that the so-called "time pressure" and the daily stress increases the risk of divorce.
Many of the risk factors are difficult or impossible to change: the size of living space, age or religious affiliation. However, the viability of marriage depends mostly on those factors that can be influenced, free online dating service for example, the style of communication or willingness of the spouses to support each other - scientists say.
Topic matrimonial relationship picks up the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Here she drew attention to the fact that the institution of marriage (whether civil or religious) is becoming increasingly precarious. And it's not even in divorce, and the reluctance of people to associate themselves with additional ties.
"It is not the duty, as a personal choice," why marriage has become less
Journalists refer to the US statistics, according to which more than half (ie 51%) of residents of the United States - unmarried.
National Bureau of Statistics says that this figure includes all: young, old and middle-aged ladies. Among them are divorced and free housewives discover the joy of independence. The "old virgin" over which mocked and who sympathized with the thousands of years, is now laugh at the matron. Teddies society increasingly adopts the principle of "no permanent men - especially men."
What about today reported American sociologists indicates something more important than the usual "marriage crisis", says the newspaper. According to the Committee, women of all ages are becoming increasingly unwilling to live with someone else together. First, young women endless construction of his career, studying at institutions of higher education, then work. They are older and have experienced divorce girlfriend also postpone or reject all prospect of marriage and prefer - if they experience "instinct nest building" - a form of temporary cohabitation.
Professional independence allows longer see her husband the only source of livelihood for themselves and their children. Nowadays, society is no longer condemns unmarried mother and her illegitimate children free online dating service. Professor Stephanie Coontz, who runs a non-governmental organization dedicated to the study of the American family, says that "irrevocably leaving time when marriage was the main institution of social organization." In the West, the marriage becomes, as it should have been, not a loan, and personal choice . free online dating service.

The lower part of women's identity
Leather stockings - one of the first subjects of a toilet Homo sapiens. Once they invented weaving - they began to sew, and even before, in the Stone Age - knit. In man, frozen to the stone knife in the Alps, online dating services we found a knitted socks. Socks worn wherever there were sudden changes in temperature. Even in the "solar Arabia." Wild West Europe have forgotten due to temporary mental retardation. But in the XIII century stockings returned - along with cut and chivalry. In the Renaissance, our narrow-minded neighbors even teach them to knit ...
The Queen of Sheba had stockings - not because they hide hairy legs. Catherine de Medici and her neighbor, Elizabeth I of England wore stockings for heat and hot Cavaliers. Since then, stockings - a sign of a bright personality and gentility. And I just did not have babus tights!
Since then, in Europe everything was clear: a lady without stockings not a lady . It can drag on hayloft single compliments. A common place lords and peyzanki was open at the bottom, which can be easily turned into the open sun. Peyzanki trousers were not lords saw them top of the stocking - and tied two shtaninki to the waist, not stitching together! Only at the end of the XIX century terrible happened: emansipatki stitched trousers, making them the first briefs. Since 1935, when the New York feminists began to produce knit pants-melting (designed for men), the disaster has become irreversible.
Stockings reached perfection has helped nylon, created for them by "Dupont". But in the 60s, Mary Quant lifted her skirt up pretty gum Elegant garter belt !! When prompted bully Saint Laurent ladies put children matt tights. And when in the 61st Andre Kurrezh created "space style" with "mini" at most "do not play", knitted tights and boots, stockings song was sung online dating services ...
Wearing tights, ladies decided that hybrid stockings with shorts solves all the problems of life: convenience, relevance, shaping and happiness in his personal life. And for good reason. Tights, thank God, many have - but they mask a person.
Yeah, man, like Anatole France would say, looking at the "physical center" and the legs that lead to it. And they can be "made" the right of all tights literally. But delight the eye and the desire to buy - two big differences.
Super tights will not help to break out of a long series kolgotochnoy figures. The men are not flogged than the difference between these products of the industrial revolution of 60th. Which advanced to the devils tired. Top Games balls here Metrosexual requires an individual, without going into technology lingerie . And, characteristically, was not looking at her hair.
To bring "the opportunity to undress for one person", should wear stockings. Designers have considered it. Tights a la "stockings with garters" and "stockings with a belt" - the sea. Piquancy. It'll do for Ivan Tupello - his name is legion. Converge and stockings Velcro: the mass of men gobbled profanity without undressing practice decent ladies online dating services.
Do not forget that transparent slip or thong (no strings!), But better - silk moths (sexy) to put on top of the belt. (Awful hebeshnyh panties with stockings look only kolgotochnoy seams, visible from a seated lady in a mini on the most expensive place for us.)
If you ever need a man who understands something in life, you should zoom on this, wearing stockings with a belt.
Stockings with a belt demonstrate individuality - unlike tights, the idea of choice which remain hidden. They give a true lady, energetic attitude: not for nothing did Coco Chanel always skirts no shorter than two-thirds of the thigh - under stockings. The man they clearly reveal your identity: not all, of course, but a keen interest in his part. online dating services.

Axioms of female sexuality
When we ask the question about what women like men, then there is always the answer would be: "Beautiful! What else?" However, not everything is so tersely. Say, how many times have you personally had to watch as a little girl for a mediocre or gray mouse fawned extraordinary handsome, erudite and generally ... Prince in all respects? I - quite often free online dating kailua-kona hawaii. Such women beauties will not name - is indisputable.
So, there is something else that makes men go to the stacks to the apparent plain woman. Yes, it is not ugly at all! And just a very sexy woman. You girls that it is not obvious? Well, of course! After all, if you're not gay, you animal sexuality of the woman is not valid. After all, sexuality - it's not something that can be assessed visually or aurally. It is something intangible that is transmitted through the air like the smell, as electromagnetic waves, as a spark of incipient feelings ...
What is this notorious natural sexuality? Where does it come from and whether it can be purchased, or at least to imitate?
It turns out that everything is so simple and banal, that he did not believe it! After all, how many times have we repeated these postulates good uncle, psychologists, and we did not take them into account, because it did not believe that it is precisely these tedious rules can make any ugly sexual fatal Mademoiselle!
Let's go back to them again and look at them from a new angle free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.
prostitutes Axiom 1.
Most men are attracted to confident women. Well, really, even if the body of a woman or her face is far from the standard of beauty, is it a positive assessment themselves, faith in its merits and its uniqueness is not able to awaken in her a real woman, the one who is not afraid to desire and to be desired? A woman who allows herself to be loved - achieves much.
Axiom 2.
Men - being even more notorious than women. They really are terribly afraid to take the first step and wait for all sorts of verbal and non-verbal acknowledgment of women's interest. However, they do not like women who impose themselves (and who generally like people?). So concludes a man like you - soft, feminine let him know about it. Just look or the edge of a smile, or a slight tilt of the head ...
Axiom 3.
Clothes for women - is as a sexual decoy. That flashed through narrow furrow in the neckline as a trail, leading away into the thicket of desires; or wind spread is beckoning distance sails wide coattails silk dress; or in the context of a long narrow skirt flashed marvelous leg, covered in Lycra color mocha. Give your clothes a little piquancy - and a man fascinated. He's already looking at you, like a boa constrictor rabbit and waiting for your commands. Just do not overdo it with zest in clothes - look vulgar - means to attract quite certain contingent of men, far from the high sensual fabrics. Do not be a rabbit, do not call to his rabbits. Bet on these men free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.
Axiom 4.
Watch the posture, gestures, facial expressions. Since 80% of the information we get about the person of his non-verbal cues, we must reckon with the fact that much of an impression on us an impression of our manners. Slouching, gesturing frantically with inexpressive facial expressions or, conversely, overly ape can hardly look sexy.
Just today I was watching one of those "gray ones", but surprisingly attractive for men women. On the face - serenity, tranquility. Mimicry moderate. Surprise, sorrow, joy - everything in moderation. Moderately intelligent and rather emotional. I'm not talking about what the body language of a woman as a discreet and refined. Check your circle a woman and watch her: sure for you it will be an invaluable lesson in elegance.
Axiom 5.
Although non-verbal contact psychologists already withdrawn 80%, he said, or rather the voice, its tone, speed of speech, too, is given considerable importance, since it all (except the words) also applies to neverbalika. Sexy woman is unlikely to be shrill scream loud cackle, hysterically laughing, chattering, as if she rents offset by a procuration or tongue twisters make hoarse sounds.
Here, as in all things, the measure is necessary, and only a little better here, "under-" than a bit "transition." Unsaid. Nedosmeyatsya. Better a little quieter than too loud, and a little more slowly than too fast. The voice of a woman - gorgeous instrument of influence on man. And depending on how well you use it largely depends on your personal life and your career, and your relationships with others, and much more!
Now that we have brought five major axioms of sexuality and see what prevents us to become sexual? What is most annoying men in women?
>>> Untidiness untidy, careless. Often, a woman does not feel sexual, and it does not even try to be free online dating kailua-kona hawaii. She does not believe in himself and his own puts an end to his happiness.
>>> Dislike to him, as expressed in the absence of self-esteem, lack of love for others, malice, vengeance, rejection itself as an object of male interest.
>>> Over diligence some women have during that whatever the cost price of sexual aggression, molestation, vulgarity.
>>> Excessive materialism is able to push even the most well-to-man. What can we say about the beautiful and very decent people with an average income?
>>> Women are often embarrassed to be sexy, because as a child they were led to believe that sex and everything associated with it - it's bad. Such women can behave in relation to men is critical, to show pessimism and even cynicism, masculinity, lethargy or indifference.
>>> Despite the fact that most men smoke and drink alcohol in his companion, they would not want to see the companion of bad habits. Contrary to popular belief, men (a normal man, not troubled overgrown) do not like drunken woman.
>>> Strong repulsive men some minor defects that can easily be eliminated with the help of a dentist, a dermatologist, a barber, but that women for some reason prefer to put up with. These include bad teeth, defects on the face or hair, free online dating kailua-kona hawaii body hair, breath, sweating ...
>>> Some personality flaws, which deal with the most difficult, can significantly reduce the sexual attractiveness of women. The most vicious personal downside is laziness. It imprisons a woman is stronger than any amount of extra kilos.
Well that's all, I think ... free online dating kailua-kona hawaii.

From some men never leave a woman
How to get married
When planning to get married, we think, how we elect endowed with true manhood, dating online extremely attractive to women and invaluable to their life together. Total of five traits.
It can always be counted
Reliability - the main advantage of the men. We sometimes get upset over nothing, grieve over small things, passuem to minor obstacles. Her husband - a point of equilibrium in your family. It smooths out fluctuations in your mood dampens emotional outbursts, does not allow you to wind up because of nonsense, direct your thoughts in the right direction and said: "This is nonsense, and it is necessary to pay attention to," or "I know you can!" Reliable man is always there when you need it. And even if you quarrel, he despised the offense, comes to your aid. Do you remember this man Rat Butler from the novel "Gone with the Wind?" That's really who was extremely reliable! Even when his beloved woman Scarlet once again married to another man, he went to help her.
How to recognize
He was not tormented you a problem of choice, with the first meeting taking the initiative in their hands, he calls the cafes and restaurants in which you go to dinner and the movies you are going to watch. Going on a business trip or a conference, he always warns you about leaving early. If you ask him to do something, always answers clearly "yes" or "no" in the event of agreement fulfills the promise of the term in case of failure never blames you for asking, is indignant: "Why do you not tell me earlier!" - And calmly explained the reason for his behavior dating online.
He knows that this sense of duty
Debt - the concept of old-fashioned, but it still works. Watch movies online in good quality Watch Movies Online Online Cinema: The President is customary to say that the good deeds we love moves. This is partly true: your husband loves you so cares about you. But if he loved his mother-in-law, or even more so? Unlikely. So, he has every right not to care about them? Oh, he must do it for the love of you? Here you said iron word "must." A man without a sense of duty did not take into your home your mother had a stroke, and products will take your old one dad, and you fall out of love, he does not care about your well-being after divorce. After all, why should he bother for the ones he does not like?
How to recognize
He has a cousin or an old teacher or a neighbor or a classmate, which he continues to take care of, even though they meet his ingratitude and that you sometimes terribly annoying.
He is generous
Generous man protects all who are weak and defenseless. Sometimes it conflicts with the higher in rank or social status, or fighting with equal - it is necessary to prove their strength and win a place under the sun. But everyone who is smaller and weaker for it taboo.
How to recognize
The other day I went to drink tea in a very fashionable and well-known pastry shop in the city center. Following me in the cafe appeared a couple - sporty tall guy and grandmother in a tiny beret. He led his companion to showcase: "What do you want, my grandmother? This and that? But what? Look what a delicious cake! Let us all one by one. And coffee with cream. Grandma did not doesh, leave me. I love you after training I'll take. " He sat her at the window, brought her a bunch of newspapers and quickly drove off in located in a nearby building fitness club. If you saw how passionate eyes about his present everything in a cafe women, including the youngest sellers! Yes, they would be ready to for a guy on the edge of the world to go! Generous man never foot kick your dog if angry with you and never hit the child, even if the 5-year-old fiend trying to kick his leg because of off Vidic dating online.
He is brave
- Hunter and guardian. And already then an accountant, doctor, journalist or manager. If he has no instinct to protect the family, then it is all the time on trifles will expose you pass "Go, Contract, find out" - and then scolded: "Do not agreed on, really do not recognize."
How to recognize
He was the first part of the dark staircase, the apartment, the elevator, in the cinema hall and other dangerous or crowded places. If at midnight someone scratching at your door, it does not allow you to jump to the threshold, despite all your assurances that this neighborhood cat wrapper. He never provokes conflicts. If on the night street after you go a couple of suspicious types, it does not turn to them asking if they wanted to get into the teeth, and firmly holds your elbow and move faster.
He always wants you
The man is not able to love a woman who does not desire to cause it . The stronger he is tied to his girlfriend, the more he wants to have sex with her, because physical caresses it shows his love for her. 28-year-old Larissa, frigid as ice in the hole, leaving her first husband for an incredibly sexy the second - he pounced on her whenever she changed clothes or came out of the shower. Asked friends, so why would she stand, if it still does not feel anything, Larissa replied: "I can feel how much he loves me!" After a year of living with her new husband and two visits to the sexologist, she was honored to receive the first orgasm of her life and is now in seventh heaven dating online.
How to recognize
On the third date your friend is actively trying to get you into bed. He uses every opportunity to touch you, hug and pat. The weekend together before lunch and the opportunity to not get out of bed for a real treat. After sex, he is not in a hurry, and lies close to concluding your arms.
So from what the men never leave women? Yes, those who have five advantages! dating online.

Flirt: Do it your man?
Sometimes, choosing the object for flirting, and we do not think about anything other than how to quickly attract the attention of so fascinate liked young man. And you can not say that this is the wrong tactic. Of course, without a sense of purpose and self-confidence can not do, but other than that, we just have to make sure shines for us something about the selected object. After all, despite all our irresistible and eye-popping, the course of events is influenced by many external factors online dating games.
If all your desires of a young man responds puzzled or indifferent glance, then, or he has a girlfriend, or you are not to his taste (yes, it happens, unfortunately, it happens), or he is going to become a Catholic priest and a vow of celibacy, or he's gay - well, it's not your hero.
If a young man embarrassed the conversation to another topic, and on occasion always calls you to consult periodically invites to drink beer and discuss the next football game or go with his friends to hike, the event is also running, but not clinical. He simply sees you another shirt-guy, anyone, but not the potential for a Woman.
In this case, of course you can try to change the situation, dropping the big guns of feminine charm , but! Is not it better to have a number of good friend, to whom you can always rely on? And the men around - hoo!
Well, if the young man confused and does not know how to support some of the topics that you seek to discuss with him, but at every meeting you feel that he is very glad, are you the green light online dating games! Just before you shy romantic, who rarely spent time in the society ladies, and, in fact, does not know which side to approach them! online dating games.

The nine major categories of women
All, without exception, the women can be divided into nine main categories of women with a difficult life
Two higher education. Smokes free online dating site. He says with a weary slowness, choosing his words carefully. All forms of life, whether it's bad weather or a light bulb, saw some special, almost tragic sense. He does not tolerate opposition, and if we suffer, we all kind of makes it clear interlocutor that he makes her suffer.
Almost does not use makeup, thinking that in this world nothing can be changed. Scruples in the choice of alcohol, but drank everything. Many men have been convicted her of lying. Many women left her tearful and angry.
Someone elusive periodically forgets to pay her alimony. Because of this, it is not without reason, all males dubbed womanizer and an alcoholic. But sometimes in the evening her face hardens because the phone is silent. Beautiful is what causes men to behave like a man.
Full-bodied. Good cooking. In her house all the electrical work. It never fails to obtain beefy cat supplements. Rejoices when guests come with children. Instantly drunk from tiny glasses of cognac. Can laugh and cry at the same time.
He continues to truly believe in the nobility of men. Immediately falling in love for a man, besotted delicious smells from the kitchen, kissing her hand. He likes to watch TV and believe absolutely everything that they say. He laughs every male joke, even the flat. In its own way alone. Beautiful that no man takes from her hungry free online dating site.
Demure persona
Still I like to read books. Can not dovyazat immense size sweater. With some mystery guests show new book acquisitions. Closely monitoring the reaction. The opinion of the person she folded it in these moments. To convince her otherwise will be the rest of his life.
Once she had love. To his handpicked she addressed as "you". The picture in a frame - a man with a steady gaze and tense forehead. When she visits her father is hiding in the photo desk. I regret all the stray animals, but in her apartment, where she worked so hard to set up the silence, not even a hamster rustling newspaper.
If the offer to stay with her at night, she can faint. Beautiful that does not initiate conversations about the "further development of relations."
Philosopher on the couch
An extraordinary woman. It does not know how to count money. Confuses seasons, it feeds chocolates. She goes any clothing, including men. The owner of the rare and good book that gives read without requiring a refund. Do not laughing, not crying and did not take offense.
Just smiles. Indifferent to all sorts of action. Maybe a day to lie on the couch, watching as moving in the draft window curtains. All men, regardless of social status, it is considered only as men, giving them a ruthless performance. It is impossible to please.
Paradoxically, it is nothing more than to become her friend, free online dating site can not be achieved. Beautiful is the fact that up will determine your destiny in life.
Excellent health, blending smoothly into the abuse of unhealthy individuals, does not interfere with this woman passionately fond of collecting cacti, books, dogs, vintage wines, dinner services, cosmetics, sports equipment, furniture, Christmas decorations ...
So much love that untrained men long afterwards aching muscles. Beautiful in that her every man feels finally safe.
The artist
She was tired of his talent and secretly dreams to get rid of. Because it does not receive from him nothing but jealousy and loneliness. He believes that God has deprived her greatest talent - beauty. Her apartment - a haven for singles, heavy drinkers personalities. Smoke-filled talk about the meaning of life brought her mind to the point of exhaustion.
She was tired. She wants to see the snow-capped mountains in the blue shadows of the trees, unborn son, finally, just a good man who, in her view, is somewhere nearby. Beautiful is what is really someone to make happy.
Loving so much that men discuss this fact openly and unabashedly. Update items and tidbits, fan tonight. Men make mistakes at his own expense because they in her power. It collects its battalions and every day sends them to death, free online dating site where every soldier receives pleasure in battle, and then dies, losing its individuality.
She can be my husband. But this does not change anything. It is doing nothing except night work and that tragic fact that it is sometimes necessary to travel by public transport. She knows how to swear these words, by which men runs the creeps. They deserve it, since they are next to her. Beautiful is the fact that because of it, no man will not cause another to a duel.
Good woman. Kind, clever, cute. Objectively, looking at things. He admits their mistakes and not see other people. A little smoke and a little drink in the company of friends and at club parties . He loves and hates herself in the mirror. Her dream is to have a baby and has it. Happy if a declaration of love is not drunk, and regret it otherwise.
Take care of yourself and very subtly uses cosmetics. I drove to the car, if it was her. When he speaks, I want to drop everything and stay with her as much as she would allow. But she will not allow. She likes men who write poems, but stand firmly on his feet. Beautiful is what looks good.
The poet's dream
It is - a myth, fantasy, daily bread lyric poets. It is fine that it does not exist. free online dating site.

Charm blondes, from Venus to Marilyn
Two thousand years of splendor and tragedy associated with the myth of blond hair. From the Venus de Milo to the Elizabethan Britain, from fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm to Hitler, Stalin, Marilyn Monroe, online dating profiles Madonna and Lady Diana. It seems that the blonde - and blond - played throughout the long history of leading roles. This is the opinion of the author, and the blonde journalist from Times Joanna Pitman, which she described in the book "All about blondes."
It all began in ancient Greece. Aphrodite was a long golden hair, so prostitutes to resemble the goddess of love, dyed his hair and removed from the rest of the body to be brought to customers "in a light way," without a single dark spot.
Since then, the desire to become a blonde has become synonymous with eroticism and turned into an obsession that could lead to baldness since both experiments began with the terrible compositions from a mixture of ash, oat germ and cereal straw and finishing of various types of flour containing dangerous chemical elements and lice.
In London, in the XVII-XVIII centuries, the aristocracy wore wigs colors tow made of horsehair or wheat children's hair. In the latter case, children are often abducted with the aim to shave a zero.
In 1760, London Magazine reported that the noble ladies, the most wealthy, worn on the head is very expensive construction of artificial hair, filled with wool and decorated with ribbons and figures of blown glass. These hairstyles were so cumbersome that the ladies could not sleep in bed, they had to spend the night in a chair, and when they went to the coach, they had not to sit and kneel.
Evidence of the wealth was ashen hair or gold color, follow this fashion, fortunately, banned during the French Revolution.
Mademoiselle Rosalie Dyute became the first fine white goose, "filed on the table" - a pink and gilt that comedian Landrin ridiculed her in one of his works. One of the most famous British courtesan Cora Pearl, online dating profiles among its "friends" and was part of Napoleon III, has become the most mouth-watering dishes at the banquet she was a platinum color, lying naked in a large bowl and was covered by only one bunch of parsley.
Then there was a mad anti-Semitic Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, a former monk who founded the Order of the New Templars, which adopted a blond with blue eyes. He attributed this color fateful significance, contrasting Aryan Jews. Subsequently, this has given rise to problems in "hagiographers" Hitler - much to the confusion, they could not find in his mane of dark gold hair.
But Stalin platinum color became a propaganda tool, replicated in numerous posters, films, operettas. Bright head of hair is in place, and the most dramatic moments, such as in the film "Volga-Volga" - the musical staff with fair fields, filmed in 1938 at the height of the purges. The main role in the film played Lyubov Orlova - ideal woman of the Soviet dictator.
Skater, but rather stupid blonde, a typical image in post-war America was a response to the new cinema independence of women, which it acquired at the time of World War II, when the men were at the front.
Today? Beauty blonde become more discolored, brooding and violent when they receive power online dating profiles.
Lady Di was a brown-haired woman, but to the extent that it claims in the light, it is becoming more and more platinum. Hillary Clinton was unknown and colorless until it has made a big jump to the golden hair. Blond and compelling Madonna, thin blonde and independent in the TV series "Sex and the City" - the list is endless. It is better to be painted, to check for yourself. online dating profiles.

15 things that women do not fundamentally
That is, we sometimes they still do, and even get pleasure from them, online dating tips but then we realize that they are a clear violation of the unspoken "code of conduct with men," we try to stick ...
Yes ... It might not always work.
1. We do not come to the meeting with you on time. What would you have not had the false impression that I belong to this meeting even slightly seriously. It is necessary to torment you!
2. We do not kiss you on the first date. Although it would seem, what's the difference: the first, second, that the fifty-fifth, not in mathematics because happiness.
3. We do not talk about the fact that we have painted hair, contact lenses, veneers on the teeth, or silicone implants in the breasts. And it does not intend to discuss in detail with you these interesting facts. Noticed? Guessed? The right thing would be if you save the results of scientific research with them. Professional magicians, you know, too, online dating tips can not stand when the secrets of their tricks are available to the general public.
4. We do not sleep with you on the second date. It's not that I have re-read fairy tales as a child, where all the fun takes place exactly on the third night - Vija there lead ... But I must, firstly, make you podobivatsya me, and secondly, how otherwise you guess that I'm a girl with strict moral principles?
slot machine Book of Ra (Book of Ra) 5. We do not let us enter to your house for the first time, without any reason to be, though most trifling. Think, though that be, offer a unique drink, delicious varieties of tea "Lipton" bags. Seduce offer to read the tutorial of the game on the bagpipes. Ask for help to move the refrigerator. I need some excuse for the conscience.
6. We will not call you sooner than three days after the meeting. The idea is that you are an animal, of course had to call himself. In the same evening ! In an extreme case, the next day ... And, in the good, I do not have in this case, to defile your manicure need to dial your number ...
Because it is not clear why you do not call.
There are three options:
a) you're dead
b) I do not like (would be better if you died)
c) You hesitate because you timid and diffident.
This is based on the version of the "in" I'll call, but not earlier than 72 hours after our meeting - I'll sit on the phone with a stopwatch, but not disgraced themselves premature call.
7. We are not saying that you have a small penis. At least, as long as we still look forward to continuing the relationship. In our view, this recognition - this is the last line, the use of the nuclear button - the last blast before the end of the world. In an extreme case, we can give you something like, "Well ... it's not very big, but so wonderful !!!"
8. We do not recognize that the clock can be considered paintings of naked men. Because men are only interested in my soul. You did not know? I, after all, not such a primitive organism, as some online dating tips.
9. We never say, "Honey, I'm not going with you today. Because it did not count on the continuation of the banquet, and put your favorite little old pants with yellow ducklings. In addition, hair removal in the bikini area at me now, too, leaves much to be desired. I would rather napletu you, what be nonsense about the fact that today I have decided to better understand our feelings with you.
10. We're not going to have sex in silence. You want the truth? Twice in my life, I am talking to a man, in fact, felt the irresistible need to scream, moan and whinge. This man was my dentist.
In all other cases, I relaxed and did not utter a word could even experiencing ten orgasms in a row, but it is necessary to me once you cheer! Well, in general - the more passion in the bedroom sounds, the more exciting sex, and perhaps you will wait on you the right sound design? All of the accounts.
11. We do not tolerate, when you take away our pants, leave them hanging on one leg. Immediately there is a feeling that you treat me tenderly enough. And you are only interested in one part of my body (though, I know that you're interested in, at least three ... no ... even four).
12. We will not be twice in a row to engage in oral sex with you! Unless you are a quadriplegic patient, and I'm a nurse, in all other cases, the charity does not work, I'm not so eager to give people good.
13. We do not permit you to dig into a box with our laundry . And would you like it if I opened the hood of the car and began recklessly wield it at random big wrench?
14. We are not going to have sex, if you are at this moment going to watch a porn movie. Exciting you at this moment is to me, but not that unpleasant Swedish woman. Do you even pretend that you look at me! And anyway, online dating tips you now neck curtailed, if you do not immediately stop to stare - Come on, give me the remote!
15. It is very disgusting to ask you money. We prefer to abstract conversation about how dastardly government again raise prices on cocktail dresses and false nails. And then hope the speed of your intelligence. online dating tips.

In what language says a gift
The theory of the gift, as any scientific theory must begin with a historical analysis 100 secure online dating.
Let's try to answer the question, when there was a custom to give gifts? Along with the emergence of the State? Class inequality? Monogamous family? All the answers are wrong. The correct answer is: a lot sooner!
Did you know that animals also give each other gifts? Spider gives betrothed fly (it gives him a real chance to stay alive after the "wedding"), emperor penguin as a present using freshly caught fish and a bird-Tkachik even decorated with a favorite meeting place of fresh orchids.
In a zoo, a little monkey monkey to please the dominant male in the group, presented him with the stolen out of his pocket mirror Servants.
The next reasonable question to be answered is: what do gifts? At the dawn of human history people knew clearly: any gift - that message. Choosing gifts (gifts) attached great importance. Often, from the right or wrong choice depended on war or peace between the tribes (nations).
In the court of the Sumerian king, the Roman Caesars and the European monarchs have always been people who interpret the "language of gifts" and determines which gift expresses sentiments of loyalty which - the ratio is, and what is a threat or neglect.
In the "language of gifts" explains and American Indian tribes, natives of Oceania. It is the bringing of gifts for all ages served as the first positive step in the contact between two different tribes, states, nations, races, individuals.
So, a gift, a gift - this message. Therefore, choosing a gift for a specific person, 100 secure online dating you ought to at least know what is in this message is encrypted.
I think we can sometimes be useful to each other"
My love for you is great as the world!"
We respect you!"
I admire your skill ! "
I wish you good health"
I wish you comfort in the house"
I wish you success in business"
I understand you, I think of you"
"Our meeting was beautiful"
Let's forget the old ..."
Agree, these messages are very different. Different gifts are and expressing them. But if you do not think about this, then what will your gift? Maybe something completely inappropriate?
Perhaps at this point someone will want to object: gifts de determined not by some vague messages out there, but just sex and age to whom a gift is intended, the reason for the gift, material prosperity of the one who gives 100 secure online dating.
Prostitutes All of this seems to be true, but why did so often in the form of even expensive gifts are dull eyes of the women (our, real women, not the heroine of Mexican soap operas), and children do not really seem to be pleased with specially selected "age" toys and new clothes?
Gift - your message. And we need to learn to these messages, "to write." However, all went well, the recipient must also "be able to read ..." 100 secure online dating.

10 signs of female infidelity
1. The wife became too much attention to their appearance. Every day, online dating service she is wearing a skirt, but before that, as you requested it or do not get out of his pants.
2. quibble over trifles and terribly irritated your minor flaws: "You're not shaven, smell like cheap beer, go to the crumpled trousers."
3. Do not answer your phone calls or even turn off the mobile phone, citing the fact that "was an important meeting" or "suddenly the battery has."
4. Strongly opposed to you met her after work or school, although in the past, on the contrary, tried to persuade her to drop.
5. She has a new bosom friend, with whom she is ready to spend his days and nights. You know about this lady only the stories: "A friend is terribly shy and never goes to the strangers to visit."
6. Leaving for "hateful work" does manicures, pedicures and hair removal online dating service. A wake up half an hour before the exit and never painted: "In the room with me sitting alone old aunt."
New Movies Online in good quality. 7. "old aunt" were her about and no reason to present the flowers: on March 8, on the day of Valentine's Day and even a traffic cop.
8. Throughout the night sitting on the Internet, although it has suffered a "technical cretinism." He flinches when you crop up behind him, and quickly turns the page your e-mail.
9. Every weekend time off somewhere where you will "just be boring": the reunion, at a bachelorette party for sewing classes.
10. began to show a special zeal for work or study. Willing to stay late in the office ("Honey, if I try, I can improve." online dating service.

10 signs of male infidelity
1. The husband suddenly bought a stylish jeans, although the last 20 years, online single dating sites for americans I can assure you that suit, he had inherited from his grandfather, is still fashionable for a century.
2. shaved his beard, although earlier claimed that the vegetation on his face - is sacred.
3. He has to work all of a sudden went on vacation, so you have to hang around in the office almost around the clock.
4. Prefers to talk on the mobile phone exclusively in the bathroom, including a shower at full capacity, "These business partners even wash humanly do not give!"
5. It was required more pocket money: "Inflation, you know online single dating sites for americans ..."
6. excitedly began to read Paulo Coelho, though before foaming at the mouth to prove that literature has become outdated and limited scrolling sports newspaper.
7. The front passenger seat in his car all the time relegated not like you used to. And there were in the car ashtray cigarette butts from thin cigarette with traces of lipstick.
8. The new foreign car, which you hoarded half of his life, has become all the time break. Especially on Friday night: "While the" rope caught "while drunk electrician when shook ..."
9. His superiors decided to go all out to strengthen the corporate spirit. Bath on Thursday, beer on Fridays, a trip to a sanatorium near Moscow for the weekend: "Members of the family can not take with them, because they interfere with team building."
10. ask you to teach him the furnace charlotte. Prior to that thought that the kitchen and pans - no matter the male mind. online single dating sites for americans.

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