Women's secrets
Tricks for men
Why is it that women are more subtle than men and more men tend to speak the truth dating service cleveland oh. And all because the fairer sex is not peculiar habit of speaking directly. And it's very good. It is better to say love: "You're the best," and do with it whatever he wants.
Thus, if women lie, only the best of intentions. So do not condemn them in the little tricks. Especially since it is not desirable to do it in bed. But to know the true meaning of women's speeches helpful. This will greatly facilitate mutual understanding.
Almost all the women from time to time pretend orgasm, and some do it on a regular basis. Men can not do this. Although, if the condom, and then can cheat. This is not to mention those who are able to finish without ejaculation. And for women in some circumstances, it is a simple way out. It is necessary to do so, what would her husband and did not stick all night and did not hurt him. It's not my fault that she was tired, her head hurts or she just does not feel the best way.
Especially as to the beginning of this century by women are not required to have an orgasm. Here they are obviously still not quite used to. And women themselves are sometimes unable to determine - whether they had an orgasm, and if so, when. Very often the "peak" of the orgasm is absent. But with irregular intervals held several dozen waves of acute pleasure.
Clitoral orgasm is more localized than vaginal, sometimes they accompany each other, and sometimes does not happen neither the one nor the other, but the pleasure from sex a woman still receives. Although not feel with no need to react vigorously. But if you behave 'quiet', the man may begin to doubt their abilities or in or in it. That's why it is sometimes necessary to invent a little bit. Well, if a woman is not happy with a man in bed, or she will tell him about it, and will look for his other dating service cleveland oh.
When a woman is constantly coming up with a variety of ailments in bed, then this is a signal for the man - he does something wrong. In this case, the ego problem properly ask how she wants. The fact that women - being more sensitive than men. Often the truth they need to pull.
On the number of partners they lie, both men and women. Men exaggerate and women - underestimate. Men, therefore, show their experience. At the same time they do not like when women have more sexual experience. Men are afraid of comparisons: they may not be in their favor. What is there to say they are right woman that hide the real number of partners. And if language is scratched, you can share with a proven friend.
Everyone knows that every woman is at a certain number of physical defects dating service cleveland oh. During the first intimate encounters, the man seems to be that she is very shy. It is protected from undressing. Then just need to turn off the light or turn on a night light only. You'll see, it will change behavior. dating service cleveland oh.

The perfect man ... What is it?
Alas, the stronger sex moved from the category of the Musketeers and smoothies in the category of useful pets.
"He was thirty-five to forty years old, he lives in the country, is doing well in his business, taking care of children can choose a tie, he looks like Redford or Delon and ... willing to vacuuming the house." This is the portrait of the perfect man in the eyes of French women, judging by the Sofres poll service dating service married.
To everyone's surprise, sociologists and psychologists, the French have shown remarkable abilities to sober thinking and understanding. They seem to believe in some kind of "sentimental Darwinism", believing that the French individual male is able to improve. Moreover, 38 percent of French women argue that modern man in the last twenty years have made notable progress in all respects. And only 13 percent hold the opposite opinion.
Does this mean that the current generation of women to their husbands prefer to own generation of fathers? Or is it - the desire to encourage a patronizing domestic servant in the future exploits of cleaning the apartment? By the way, the men themselves a "progress" which restrained estimate: 20 percent believe that they have become worse.
According to their perception of men women are divided into optimists and pessimistok. Optimist - a married women aged 25 to 34 years old profession, "something like a secretary." Pessimist aged 50 to 64 believe that modern man has failed.
About appearance. First of all, French is recognized, they pay attention to men's eyes. Apparently, women are increasingly willing to see them reflected in a loving world. Then - in the manner of dress, the growth and shape on your hands (if they are suitable for homework?), To walk, and only in the last instance - on a cut mouth and hair. This leaves a good chance of balding men with a wry smile dating service married.
Age - an important element of masculine charm. The French have made their choice in favor of the 35-40-year-olds . Not bad "go" and those who are younger. However, after 40 "rating" the man plummets. For persons 55 and over, "hunters" is not there.
From his proposed list of known French women choose men actors Robert Redford (25 per cent), Alain Delon (18 percent) and Sean Connery (15 percent). Intellectuals such as high-end director Woody Allen or fashionable philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy asked not to worry.
Yet the era of Kazan and Don Juan, according to a French, a thing of the past. Much more is now valued pragmatic man, capable, at least roll the stroller with a child (71 percent) and to share household duties (74 per cent). In short, the ideal French man, according to the women moved from the category of the Musketeers and the conquerors of hearts in the category of useful pets. However, only 7 percent believe that men have become "more true" than before: perhaps women are also aware that if hard-working spouse has mastered built-in wardrobe, in the end, did hide it mistress.
If true the saying that "a dear paradise in a tent", it is best to have the hut in the village. So consider the 37 percent of French women. 34 percent would prefer to live in a small provincial town, 13 percent - in a major city, and only 7 percent - in Paris dating service married. The diligent peasant valued more than serviceable visitor "Moulin Rouge."
Interestingly, only 9 percent of French matters personal solvency chosen. Apparently, highly paid are less likely to include a vacuum cleaner in the apartment. And those who are poorer, can count on the "tip", I mean a glass of red from the "beloved wife."
And yet, all the same ... Chained to the stove and the washing machine does not turn any man, aptly someone was noted, "in the same woman, and all the other"? .. dating service married.

How to find a lover - a manual for women
Sex - is simple enough, but very welcome, agree? Sex, love - it's all well and good. But instincts are not asleep, and vice versa - and boil foam, not caring, love it or not dating service mission statement. " I am a lover! How to find a lover ? "- the question does not go out of my mind in such situations. Generally, it should be noted that the question "How to find a man?" Is not quite accurate. " Where ? "- it is already hot. In actual fact, full of places, the main thing - to stumble upon this same seeker of love adventures, ready to respond to you in return.
Internet - the greatest invention of the human mind, and in our case it can be useful. Do you want sex? You want sex dating? Welcome to the web site. There is a wide range of potential lovers, a catalog describing the source data "models" and a clear picture is available around the clock. Your job - to select and throw the bait. Speaking of models ... Many of them prefer not to waste time on trifles, and immediately demonstrate showmanship ...
Among the candidates for the role of lover you'll find a lot of virgins - from those who are slightly over 20 to more instances of overage. If you killed a talented teacher of sexual mastery, these "applicants" seeking a meeting and are always ready to start the course. In the event that the insatiable thirst of pedagogy, can organize tutoring courses.
Sex - the best basis for charging and a healthy way of life of the woman. A healthy lifestyle may well be a precursor to sex. Yes, as long as you refrain like a nun and not support a form malignant calories trying to ruin your figure, hinder the development of relationships with men dating service mission statement.
A good lover - is a rarity. So going to the fitness club to kill two birds with one stone - and the form of support and lyubovnichka watch. Just not too rasfufyrivaysya - otherwise you may be confused with "Hunting for sponsors." The best option, of course, a swimming pool - and in all its glory will show and the candidates once again presented almost intact. But the meeting could happen anywhere.
Gym, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing and other types of activity, no getting around without a personal trainer - choose what you want. You can try all at once or one by one - the instructors something different everywhere. Do not forget about the open-air-options: snowboarding, skiing, skating. If you are not afraid to break something - forward and with a song. And if they are afraid - not tushuysya vain. Just think - you break something, no one knows that behind the macho would your doctor. On this optimistic note, we recommend you still do not overdo it in search of a sex partner, and carefully weighed, Worth It.
Pleasant twilight, alcohol and easy relaxed atmosphere set to a sexy way. So why in the search for sexual gratification is not fun to visit the monastery - a night club, a party flirting in Moscow , bowling, discos, cafes, etc. There you can find a man, or even two. Remember the parallel of virtuosity in dance and in bed and choose the best of the best! The thought "I am looking for a man" or "looking for a lover," should not lead to impotence. Meeting with men waiting for you dating service mission statement.
Sex with a colleague - option is not for the faint hearted. Not for nothing is said, "Do not gad where you live." But nothing ventured, the general lifelong virgin walks. If you are not afraid of the adverse effects of sex service - Ready heavy artillery to the next office party. If the next party far over the horizon, and wait unbearable and the candidate emerges, wait for the end of the day and enjoy a business without leaving the office. Like - keep pleasant meetings in the same spirit, but still far away from workplaces. Development of internal communication - it honorable, but very intimate "job" better to take home.
You can make seksodruga among friends and acquaintances. Although this option is risky. A good sex will not spoil the friendship, but bad - very easily. Therefore, all the slurry carefully: "Sex and friendship?" - That is the question. In any case it is necessary to consider that the meeting with a man does not, if it did not do.
If you do not greet proposed commonplace techniques, show all their imagination and develop their plan, well, we wish successful searches and romantic man! dating service mission statement.

This sex survey, both men and women, was only one question: Do you get naked body? It turned out that the majority of women can not be excited at the sight of the naked torso of a loved one. With representatives of the stronger sex has turned out very different picture dating service older men younger women. 19 of the 20 men responded positively. And only one, "said," that it may bring only a "body of the woman he loved."
It turns out that for a long time known proverb - "A man loves his eyes" - is more than confirmed by his contemporaries .. It turns out the man's eyes - a kind "addition" to the reproductive organs. And there is nothing surprising in this. It is known from physiology: the men in power hormonal features of excited two times faster than the woman. And female nudity for them - a powerful emotional stimulus.
The female body always was praised as a "vessel" Maternity and Beauty. In the Middle Ages, a man revered for happiness to see ... female foot, vyglyanuvshuyu from under her dress. And, rest assured, even at the smallness of his body reacted. Later, women were quite frankly bare shoulders and legs, and male sexual desire increased in proportion to the decrease in the length of skirts and depth of chest. And ... women have learned to use it. To help a woman like a man , agile businesses have created an entire industry: sexy clothes, lingerie and accessories ...
Sex for men is not just a "way out of emotion." It is also a game! If you want: Theater with its laws and decorations. And because men are important for the whole entourage that accompanies the sensual love. Each of the representatives of the male tribe little boy. And as a child, he wants to rule, to be the main, to save his princess. He introduces himself (often unconsciously) that kind of sexual giant, able to deliver a lot of pleasure a woman. And, of course, wants and expects a response loved. "The response," he sees not just a kind word. Not only in its willingness to "belong", but also in how a woman looks worn dating service older men younger women.
Believe me, a man excites not only the color of the panties or shape of the breast, as ... the ability naked woman . Man appreciates the act of undressing like a ritual. There is even an unwritten rule: a woman should never be the first to undress. Each partner would have to learn to take off their clothes with the other gently. And it is not a trifle. This, if you want foreplay. They say very peculiar able to fall in love with men, Indian women in ancient times. When love game reached the "case", the beauty disclaims all except jewelry. And because the access to the body of his beloved carried out through the intertwining of chains, bracelets, earrings very long waist and lining in the form of beads skirts. Beloved had to take off all this in a certain sequence: thus judged his skilful in love. By the way, modern man all these delights and the "bells and whistles" produced no less impressive. Indeed, under the naked female body adornments. Anxious and gentle. That thing, which is so eager to snuggle.
I must say, having studied all the nuances of love, the women learned how to use this ability of men to "love eyes." Over the years, an element, for example, as an ordinary woman's "lower" belt, became the object of desire of men. Still ... Black, leather, sliding and supple hand, but hinting at violence. The same slave bracelets - a hint of resignation in sex. Brightly painted lips - a symbol of sensuality. Men are able to be excited by all that somehow resembles a woman. For example, fur, plastic, rubber and leather excite them immensely. There are even some erotomaniac who simply are not able to get an orgasm ... as long as their partner does not wear leather shorts or obovet their camp fox boa.
Ask any sexologist: what most women complain. The answer is clear: the beautiful half suffers from the fact that the man "did not love her, a particular woman and her black gloves and black underwear . " So sometimes it seems women. But this is nonsense! The attraction is not selective. It's either there or it is not.
If a man gives preference to any particular way, the partner simply needs to take this into account. If his desire increased tenfold vision, go to a meeting. He likes long hair? To grow! He wants to see you blonde repaint! His bright excite long nails - yes please! If a lover comes to mind a happy thought to experience all the delights in the bathroom? Well ?! The main thing that men love fantasy caused by a naked woman's body, would not cause any harm to one of the partners dating service older men younger women.
The manufacturers of lingerie believe panties, bras, lace belt - this is "the most it." But it is not. The most eye-catching men's accessory was and remains ... loincloth. karaoke bar cozy atmosphere it is extremely Covers pubic hair. Modern Geisha perfected it snaps on both sides with ribbons. And as for the fig leaf you heard? This "clothes" are to this day the Japanese prostitute, knowing the force of sexual attraction of such an accessory for men. By the way, to make a "leaf" certainly Silk (neither-nor of nylon!) To better preserve the specific female odor.
Another attractive erotic accessories for men - long jackboots. The longer they are, the more stress sexuality. Previously, high boots and identification mark all were prostitutes. Today these shoes and wear the most modest woman.
How to seduce a man? If you are serious about a man combat his views, and to initiate it, do not rely only on the "naked body". Sometimes, especially if you are married for many years, it can not "work." But if you suddenly appeared in front of pious long and shiny black tights and boots (of course perfect) ... and no underwear - it can play a huge role in the development of your love relationships. And shimmering, tinkling chain on the neck will make a man's heart beating at an accelerated pace. Plenty of locks and buttons that you need to undo the ... This jewelery - a sort of final tribute to the "chastity belt". And it is also very exciting man. And how? Any nice if you're not, then at least to dream that he was "that woman first ..."
Once upon a time an Austrian teacher of gymnastics Van Century Erlin has written a book for lovers. In it, he outlined the many tips " how to excite a man his appearance. " To this end, he suggested the use of a sexy set. It included a gymnastics mat, trapezoid mirror with red illumination. This "fresh as" love with a woman seemed shockingly exciting action. This idea so impressed contemporaries that many mansions in the 30s in Beverly Hills were like "room of love." At the same time a kind of Parisian brothels were equipped cabanas - like a train compartment with noise and vibration. It gave a special savor of love. A half-naked body in the blink red light moving train allegedly produced the desired impression dating service older men younger women.
Unusual accessories can become ordinary women's shoes. Scientists have proven: leather shoes fixes those fatty acids that are found in the genital organs of women at the time of excitation. Let yourself remove favorite shoes with your feet. Natural smell strongly stimulates man. Yes, and the view of a woman in high heels for men is extremely erotic. For any lady shoes made slimmer. And oscillating gait to most men a stimulant effect.
When a man sees a female legs in shiny pantyhose with Lycra - it is also an incentive to drive. Wants to this individual or not ... In short, the erotic secrets of the male perception of women is not fully understood. That is why it makes sense to experiment . Closed strict dress in certain cases, it may initiate a man no less than the translucent robe. The experiment was put to women ... After all, someone - fortunately, but for someone - unfortunately, "men love with their eyes." dating service older men younger women.

Women lie about sex more often than men
A new study shows that women more than men, tend to lie about their sex lives. The desire of women to keep silent about their sexual behavior was found in the American study using counterfeit checks on a polygraph, online dating reports New Scientist.
The research carried out with the 1960s, men typically report more sexual partners than women, which is statistically impossible. For example, the British say that they have a lifetime average of 13 sexual partners, while British women say an average of 9 partners.
Previously, scientists explain this anomaly the fact that men exaggerate their achievements, and women underestimate. But now Terry Fisher from the University of Ohio, and Michael Alexander of the University of Maine suggest that men are more truthful.
The researchers found that women change their answers depending on whether they consider that they can catch cheating. Number of sexual partners, which the woman said, almost doubled when women think that they are followed by a lie detector. So what if the wife is a slut, then find a new wife or to set up a mistress .
"Women are more sensitive to social expectations about their sexual behavior and dishonesty may be, answering questions about their behavior," - says psychologist Fisher. She noted that women crushes the desire to meet the expectations, which suggests that they are focused on stable relationships rather than promiscuity online dating.
Complete anonymity
Fisher and Alexander surveyed over 200 unmarried heterosexual female students aged 18 to 25 years. Dance night club of our city!
The first group to complete the questionnaire, knowing that the researchers can see their answers. Members of the second group completed questionnaires anonymously, being in a room alone.
Members of the third group to the hands, forearms and neck attached electrodes and said that they check on a lie detector, when in fact the device was not.
Women believe that their answers might be read, talked about an average of 2.6 sexual partners , those who thought that the answers anonymously - about 3.4 partners. But those who believed the lie detector can catch them, reported an average of 4.4 partners.
Answers women in different conditions do not differ so dramatically online dating. Those who are attached to a lie detector, said an average of 4.0 partners, while those who thought their answers read - about 3.7.
According to the researchers, the results explain the differences that were detected earlier, the fact that women are afraid that they deem "whores."
"We live in a culture really expect from men and women of different sexual behavior," - said Fisher. online dating.

How to seduce a man? How to win a man?
These issues are given millions of women around the world. The well-known fact that in most countries of the female population is much more masculine free online dating. Therefore, among the fair sex more often so-called "single" and often glimpsed the idea of "looking for a man" or "where to find the man." But not to fill up their already considerable amount, it is necessary to act immediately. Do not wait for the prince to come to you on a white horse, and will take away the wonderful castle. As a rule, this does not happen, or happens except in fairy tales. Time is running relentlessly. It's sad to stay in their old age without the support and love. So the time has come to act decisively now. If you are not ready for long-term relationships to begin with you can find a lover.
The biggest problem is the fear to come into contact with a stranger. But what actually afraid of? Before you is the same person as you are, but only a man. Moreover, surely this man is worried as you are. In the end, one failure is not a disaster. If you do not get one again, make sure you get to the other. And remember - the solution to the problem called "I am a man" is entirely in your hands. After all, the world is full of nice single men . The main thing is not to withdraw into themselves, not sidit at the TV and not to stay on the job. Relationships with men takes time - and that's to find it. You can start with the fact that discard television program. Go to a party for friends at a nightclub, a cafe or a disco. It has long passed the time when a woman could not go anywhere alone free online dating. Do not wait for friends - to solve their problems.
Another thing, if you meet a man prevents uncertainty in their appearance. In this case, the belly dancing lessons not only help your figure to attain perfection, but will give you a female sexuality and the necessary self-confidence. You will feel your body very differently. Pick up the new fashionable dress or a skirt, a wardrobe update. Learn how to make compliments . Do not forget that sexy lingerie makes many men impressed. We also know that men seduce women in stockings, not pantyhose. And eventually contribute to the completion of your new image will make a highly skilled stylist.
How to meet a man at a party:
1. Be friendly and open, start communicating with a welcoming smile.
2. Good start a conversation with any questions. Ask about anything, about the weather, about the time. It represents arsenal pneumatic gas air pistols of two types: GREEN-gas and CO2. Do not be afraid to be banal. Start a conversation with the classic question can only add you points.
3. It is also a great start communication can serve as humor. At laugh at a good joke - and confusion melted.
4. Do not talk too much, it can scare a man.
5. Do not pretend that you're familiar with and interested in all of his passions. Common interests - is good, but do not overdo it. Remember that you are looking for the man of her dreams , and not "brothers on reason".
6. Do not be embarrassed if you do something you do not know - you do not reference and is not an encyclopedia.
7. On your first joint celebration make it an original surprise. Irreplaceable gift, free online dating in this case, will be greeting poems dedicated to him personally.
8. Do not be too visible. Remember that a woman should be a mystery.
Follow these simple rules and the question of "how to win a man?" It will no longer bring you discomfort. New interesting meetings with men waiting for you. free online dating.

Stockings Freud
Transparent stockings. Option maximum enjoyment. Wearing these stockings in combination with any clothes on top gives a constant tactile sensation. Combining with silk combination is capable of a swoon free online dating services. It is advisable to use garter belt with six. Several limits movement, which, however, gives the owner extra fun reminder of its presence on its feet. Also, this type of stocking is optimal for sex, and do not blush here - do not you want to make your partner pleased?
Men really love a woman three things - stockings, high-heeled shoes and beautiful clothes. All together - an old recipe of love potion. Grandfather Freud women stockings ideal object of male fetishism. The first knitted socks were found in Coptic tombs around the V century BC. e. But then the art of knitting was lost and recovered only in the XIII century. Until then stockings were made of cloth and thin leather. In the XVI century in Spain once again became widespread stockings related manually. King Henry VIII once received from Spain, one pair of stockings as an expensive gift.
It is worth noting that in the past century stockings were a necessary element of the gentlemen's wardrobe. The first knitting machine for stockings invented in 1589 by an English priest Hive Lee. Stockings connected to the machine, starting to displace the fashion at that time stockings, made of silk and velvet. Under Louis XIV preferred light blue and red stockings. In elegant marquise de Pompadour followers were in fashion lace stockings free online dating services.
Since then, as in the sixteenth century ladies Inspired by the example of Queen Elizabeth, took away the privilege of men to wear silk stockings, those same stockings, tights and then become female tool of seduction . For many centuries beauty adorned with silk stockings and garter belts, sometimes with precious stones, turning them into luxury and male lust. In 1938, the company DuPont is on the market - Nylon (nylon - tradename of polyamide fibers and threads) - the first truly synthetic fiber. In advertising of those years of him saying that it has "the strength of steel and the fineness of the web". in several stores in Wilmington (United States, Delaware) go on sale the first nylon stockings; women customers come to buy a novelty even from New York. Very quickly, the women in America are beginning to call the new stockings just - "neylonkami." For nylon stockings started lining up in long lines, ladies often come to the stores of major cities of the smaller specially for sensitive goods (for the first year sold 64 million pairs).
Stockings are able to adjust the color of the skin, hide small defects, change the shape of the feet. Women believe stockings with silicone rubber band is very attractive. Their modern look combines modern and classic at the same time. Black nylon stockings - a sign giperzhenstvennosti. Visual perception of black nylon stockings so peculiar that assigns women to present non-existent traits. Which, every man decides for himself. What can make a woman wearing stockings? Yes, literally everything you want ...
During World War II stopped the release of nylon stockings, ladies and writing in despair drew back on his feet arrows ordinary pencil to simulate the seam on a stocking and thus attract male attention. And in the 60s miraculously coincide three phenomena: the spread of incendiary rock 'n' roll, a crazy idea Englishwoman Mary Quant shorten the length of the skirt to the minimum possible and the invention of a new thread "elastic", which increased oblegaemost hosiery. And then born tights that allowed review legs over their entire length.
Black tights - it's erotic classic, no other color outlines legs so succinctly and yet defiant. And by the way, Slim, which does not happen with many other colors. Black nylon, having a different transparency, depending on the angle of view of a woman capable of so romanticized that it will turn either angel or devil. This attractive woman is easy to find a man free online dating services.
This woman would indulge in chocolate, but she never would dream of saving in lingerie. Because true lady knows that beautiful lingerie - the main sign that a woman appreciates and loves himself. Even if all this is hidden under the simple chic jeans and faded sviterochke. Psychologists say that a beautiful woman in lingerie, even if nobody sees, feels more confident, more relaxed, and sex appeal. She is ready to flirt and to enjoy the sensations. Beautiful lingerie - truly a miracle remedy for melancholy and fatigue. Buying a new krasivog linen - acts on the weaker sex is better than any antidepressant.
And it is no secret that women's underwear - the most effective trap for men. After all, it is intended to be stripped of passion. It's nice to do when lingerie is not only matches your self-esteem, but also exceeds the expectations of your second half. It kind of naked women today no surprise, but if your charms "packed" in a truly beautiful and tantalizing lingerie - it will excite man's interest . And not only. It is impossible not to love a woman, so that she herself appreciates. free online dating services.

Tactile contact with her husband helps women overcome stress
Tactile contact with the spouse helps women quickly overcome the effects of stress, found Professor James Koan from the University of Virginia and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Madison free online dating sites.
16 couples who praised their marriage relations, participated in this study. The scientists used a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to determine the nature and dynamics of the brain activity of subjects.
Every married woman has been exposed to a weak electrical discharge in three different versions: a woman holding the hand of a spouse, an unknown man, the woman was alone.
The strongest reaction to stress was the women when they were alone. While the smallest largest response was observed in women when their hand was holding her own husband. Beautiful group sex - relax with the most beautiful girls and frank! Jitters caused by electric discharge in this variant of the experiment took place soon. The tactile effect is the stronger, the higher the couple evaluated their relationship: the appreciation of the consequences of stress were the fastest, the researchers found. According to Radio "Liberty"
The main sign of sexual attraction still lips. The size of the lips of a man playing a decisive role in his sex appeal - says the BBC.
Psychologists say that the mouth can transmit the sincere feelings of a person. They are so expressive that at a meeting with loved ones bloodshot and darken. That's lips - an indicator of sensuality and warmth that people look for in a partner .
For both sexes, the basic principle is valid - the more, the better free online dating sites.
But do not run to the cosmetic surgery - too big lips rather repel others.
Do not rush to the shape of the mouth "a la Mick Jagger." As says psychology professor Michael Cunningham of the University Luisvillskogo, women are looking for a combination of sensuality and subtle and severity. (BBC journalists suggest that the example is an American actor Brad Pitt).
However, it is also important that passed his lips impression of male strength. Any sign of effeminacy (God forbid feminine) dramatically reduces the chances of female attention.
At the same time there must be a clear allusion to the generosity and warmth.
Men with an average size of the mouth can sleep peacefully - they were lucky more than others.
Men, for their part, are looking for "fuel mixture" full, red, warm and moist lips (immortal smile of Marilyn Monroe).
Women purses her lips, sending a signal that it is not interested in sexual advances free online dating sites. As the professor says, "if a woman squeezes tight lips - it's a bad sign." What kind of pot to choose
The professor and his team came to these conclusions after a series of experiments to adjust parts of the face. They found that a good lip attractive face can make even more attractive, but unattractive in other ways a person could never correct.
In general, small nose, large eyes and sensual lips - a win-win combination, which peck both men and women. free online dating sites.

18 signs of body language, which can be understood that he likes you
The women have left at least 50 ways to show a man that he is interesting to them, in the language of the body. The average man, by comparison, only uses about 10 elemenov body language online dating sites. For successful people in Moscow should try not to miss a single "word" that tells his body.
He twitched his eyebrows
When we meet someone interesting, we briefly raises his eyebrows. If we are also interested in him, he will say to us, as the fraction of a second raising his eyebrows as if to say "Yes, I like you, too!" This usually does not last more than a greeting-fifth of a second. Making such a move, we will visually enhance your eyes, making the face brighter and more attractive. Tell him about your interest can be deliberately raised eyebrows by holding a little longer, somewhere in the second.
He opened his mouth for a moment
Yes, no matter how corny it sounds, when we see something interesting, we split second opens his lips .
Expanded nostrils
Raised eyebrows, slightly open mouth, the most advanced drop nostrils give our face a friendly "open" expression. Of course, do not expect that in this condition it will be in 5 minutes (at least that would be weird!), All these micro-movements do not take more than a second online dating sites.
He tries to get your attention
It can, for example, straightened his tie, or separate from a group of friends get slightly apart, trying to get noticed is it apart from the rest.
He stroked his tie or collar
We all know that this is not just preening. That he wants to say "I want to look good in front of you!"
He touched her hair, combed or, say, shaking.
Men do it inadvertently, and more often than you think. Look, next time will be to move away from the mirror. Surely, his hands already will try to fix her hair.
When you say, his eyebrows slightly raised
Little surprise, perhaps playful expression on his face, says that he finds you charming! Or ... crazy. But, in any case, if during your conversation, his eyebrows are straight or lowered, it says that you are to him simply not interesting.
He tries to pull up socks
In ancient times, men dressed up only on special days. While their suit hanging in the closet for months, continued to wear socks. So he tried to get them to show their neatness. If a man pulls up when you wear, it can be almost 100 percent certainty say that he does not care about you!
He pulled in front of you
That is, he tries to stand straight, to present themselves in a favorable light. Also, most likely, in conversation, he will try to take a seat right in front of you to show your interest and at least a little closer to you online dating sites.
He sees you
If his eyes run through your body, pausing for a moment to ... the most beautiful parts of it, then you are definitely interested in him as a potential sexual partner .
He puts his feet
If he sits in front of you, with your legs apart, it means that he wants you to pay attention to it ... I think you guessed it! Hands on hips He played with the buttons of his jacket (zip jackets and etc.) This game it says that you made him a little nervous, plus he wants to get rid of the clothes. Repair of the premises then it is likely will undo his jacket (jacket) and will rest your hands on your hips, keeping thus your torso open. If he dares to get rid of all obstructions wardrobe, so he already wants to be with you in one bed.
He is constantly touching the face when he looks at you
If he likes you, then, looking at you, he is sure to hold up and down the cheek, touch his ears, rubs his chin. It's a combination of excitement, preening and autoerotic touches. When we brought someone, our skin, lips, mouth, becoming more sensitive. If at this point you are drinking something, it is likely to make more sips than usual. You begin to touch more than your lips, because at this point they are extremely sensitive and it gives us pleasure. In addition, your companion may receive a subconscious desire to kiss you.
He plays with a glass or something round
Compresses, rolls from side to side ... Men do so when someone interested. In sexual terms. Why is that? Round objects remind him of your breasts: the body produces what is going on in his mind at the subconscious level. You can consider it for a compliment online dating sites.
He sits on the edge of the chair to be closer to you
If he crossed his legs, the top should point to you.
He leads you gently holding the elbow or slightly touching the back
This is not only an indicator of his upbringing and polite way to push through the crowd at the party, but also an opportunity to make sure that you are close. He does not want to lose you! He also wants to show other men that you - his lady, and they should not once again approaching. Besides, it's a great way to "accidentally" touch you.
He gives you his coat or sweater
Not any man like to see in the evening coat jacket his passion with another man. Taking care of your health - not the main reason why a man does so. "My whole now belongs to you," he says, referring to that the things that have just touched his skin, and you can touch! By this gesture, man, again, I want to show others that you - his lady. online dating sites.

Why and how to alter wife
Most men believe that a married happily, satisfied with their marriage unfamiliar woman in the arms of men do not rush. Random communication, betrayal - we believe - a young, unmarried and mentally unstable, dating online lakeland fl and mature adapted to such a woman does not go.
These impressions are confirmed by science: Hundreds of psychotherapists in one voice say that the fair sex for intimacy needed emotional attachment, location and peace of trust, whereas men for good sex does not need anything like that. Numerous psychological survey showed: the average married Muscovite for family life vnesupruzheskih ties in 5-6 times more than the Muscovites - 1-2 in her novel, 5-10 - with him.
Oh, these anonymous profiles! Experienced therapists have always known that in the area of sexuality, not only to the profiles, but even to the first client's story about her sex life should be treated with extreme caution: as trust grows it opens up all new episodes of their sexuality. And initially downplaying the sexual activity, the fair sex are not telling the whole story: much of their sex lives, they really do not remember, anyway - are not actively remember; to remember, they need time to trust the therapist, the special atmosphere of psychotherapeutic session. And then often comes to mind is dating online lakeland fl!
Voice audio greetings and jokes on your mobile phone! congratulate unusually relatives and people close to you! New Look
Thus, data on female infidelity , which we previously obtained using a questionnaire, you just need to throw in the trash even in anonymous questionnaires, our friends do not write the truth. Women change no less than men. Today, the main sources of our knowledge of this important sphere of life - are materials psychotherapy sessions where the client several times more frank, these electronic surveillance volunteers and materials are very thin, ultra-modern bio-organic and genetic studies - also on volunteers.
Sensations began five years ago, when the mass of genetic survey of men and women. And then Robin Baker and his splendidly equipped electronics group on the material of 5000 (!) Married Englishwomen in age from 30 to 40 years found that 11% of children (one in nine baby!) Does not belong to the rightful father, and in most cases themselves the mother knew nothing about it. Most of these mothers have agreed to study the method of introducing into a hypnotic state, and found that these children - from single sexual relations, which are half the women just do not remember. More than half of these bonds took place in the period of ovulation, during those four or five days, when the attraction at the beautiful half of humanity reaches a maximum. Sam Baker is convinced that the fairer sex has sexual infidelity gene, which in this period and is activated dating online lakeland fl.
What shocked fathers dwelt, you yourself can imagine. Not every man is able to imagine your wife a whore. Investigation Baker led nearly two hundred divorces, and hundreds of thousands of British and Americans took their offspring to genetic testing. They concluded - if the wife is cheating, then find a new mistress or to set up . Results have confirmed the accuracy of the data group Baker. Sexologists asked ourselves: if 11% of married women by single bonds conceived a child, how many sexual encounters took place? It is believed that one pregnancy accounts for 45-50 "unprotected" contacts and at calculations, it appears that short-term bonds have a place in 100% of married women!
You should always remain
Around the same time, a well-known Canadian scientist McGee set out to examine: whether healthy microflora genital flora of married women who are not married? A study he conducted on supersensitive equipment. It turned out that married women have direct lovers. To his great surprise in the genitals, he investigated every fourth, along with the sperm of her husband, found the remains of other, alien sperm of different prescription. The equipment can detect foreign sperm got there for a hundred days (!) To study and time getting up to 2-3 days. Again, these "days of falling" to the period of ovulation! In the fourth part of women with signs of "foreign" sperm of the "others" were two or three varieties, ie vnesupruzheskih partners they've had a few! Comparison Research Baker, McGee and several other works carried out on an equally perfect equipment, allowed to make a sensational conclusion: several times during the marriage almost every woman shall become a short-term sexual relationship, usually with co-workers, old friend, or just random familiar. This happens usually during ovulation, rather impulsively, often at parties. In most cases, these relationships have continued, and in a couple of weeks, the women simply forget about his infidelities. Of course, while no woman considers herself a whore. So, dear colleagues on the floor, if the wife during ovulation - thank God, it does not last long - it is no corporate parties and trips to visit. With work - home immediately!
The benefits of hidden microphones
My American colleague told me about the amazing research results that may never get to the scientific press, as I realized with some violations of ethics. Several large companies have ordered the famous commercial center of psychological research complex study of informal relationships of their employees. The study was largely anonymous, questionnaire, and with the consent of the respondent his answers checked for "lie detector." But most importantly - psychologists found in tea and smoking rooms ultrasensitive acoustic equipment which has been specially designed so that the content of speech (and actions) well defined, and set the name says it would be impossible. Psychologists rocked two groups of facts. The company has about 8 thousand. People, financiers and computer scientists, graduates of the best universities in the majority - married and married men and women. Every evening two or three department something to celebrate: a birthday, awards, etc. Six times a year late observed from the American holidays. Acoustics recorded the same every night three or four sexual contact during the holidays - up to ten. Contacts were spontaneous, without any prior agreement. Approximately the same number of pairs at parties agreed on the sexual encounters outside the firm. Analysis audizapisey contacts showed that the partners do not just throw in each other's arms impulsively and badly knew each other. And only one out of ten women expressed some regret or remorse about the incident easy. Almost all "sinned" seemed happy and contented. As a rule, they did not express the desire to continue the relationship, parting with the words: "I'll see you at work dating online lakeland fl."
The random and usually single contact these women functioned remarkably well, experiencing vivid excitement and orgasmic discharge, it is easy to agree to oral-genital contact and generally looked like the upheaval and self-confident men. Audio processing for six months showed: in the "casual sex" involved about an eighth of the company's employees, some - several times. It has been estimated that in 10 years with the company casual sexual contacts take place in about 80% of employees and 60% of employees.
"Quiet holiday on the side"
We talked about female infidelity mostly single, which, strictly speaking, and change some are not. Sexologists have long believed that "sex without love", "sex on the go" - this is purely masculine, our casual partner - women living alone or loose, and married women this form of intimate life is not peculiar. Today, under the influence of new facts, psychotherapy and produced all kinds of "high-tech", we have to admit that this form of intimate life of our women are not far behind us, but rather to overtake. The woman is not very difficult to find a lover .
Well, what the novel - and as such, we believe sexual relationships lasting from three to four weeks to infinity? Traditionally, they take place in 74-76% of men and 24-26% women, with at first they happen 5-6 times in my life, and the second - only 1-3. Modern methods of the study show that in large cities due vnesupruzheskie now the plant for almost 40% of wives, and the proportion of "izmenschitsa" continues to grow. Women are increasingly changing. The share muzhey- "apostate" the past 20 years remains stable.
And that's what is striking: researchers around the data indicate that in his novels our wives tend to be much more relaxed, more enjoying, for example, oral sex than in marriage. 6% of women - residents of large cities - have tried sex with two men, and more women do such experiments. Interestingly, the proposals husbands try sex three or four wives, as a rule, refuse. With all the new data and the female erotic fantasies , and their sensuality, and real sexual behavior of women largely remain a mystery to sexologists dating online lakeland fl - after mystery, love and the ability to keep secrets, ability to conspire with our friends developed many times higher than ours, men. dating online lakeland fl.

Scottish scientists have discovered the secret of attraction
Scientists, psychologists from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland announced that they were able to uncover the secret of the male and female appeal, the newspaper The Guardian 100 free online dating.
The study, which was attended by about sixty boys and girls under the age of 24 years, it was found that women are more interested in a man, if he smiles the other women.
Girl shows pictures of men with a neutral expression and asked to rate their attractiveness. When the same photo appeared the woman's face, a smile that looked at the man, the degree of its attractiveness for the participants of the experiment was increased by about 15 percent.
Such an experiment among young men gave a completely opposite result. The extent of an attractive man in the photo is greatly reduced, if that woman smiling.
Psychologists have found that in this way manifests competition inherent in most animals. Source: mygame-s.ru They noted that "desirable" men are more interesting to women, because they feel their best, and the other men on the contrary they see them as a threat.
The main thing for a woman in a man - his height
British scientists have finally answered the question why men higher than women 100 free online dating. The fact that the beautiful half of humanity believes that taller men are more sexually attractive and will be the best fathers for their future children. At the same time, men pay more attention to the lower women because they consider them more sexually attractive, reports BBC.
"High male and female miniature - it is an unwritten rule, so in the course of evolution the difference in growth between men and women is unlikely to disappear once," - says Daniel Nettle of the Open University.
The result is that the chances of a tall man to stay alone or at least almost no childless. Statistics show that the probability that, for example, a man whose height 1 83 becomes the father is much higher than that of a man who only six centimeters below. As for women, in order to marry them, and brought the child, it is enough that their growth was less than 1, 62 cm.
Scientists explain this law, not only through evolution of mankind. They also note Tired at work? Have a moment to relax? Then we invite you to the site you can watch new videos xxx, watch erotic photos and read the real history of porn. that already exists and the respective genetic changes. In addition, they say, have a role and the laws of the social order 100 free online dating. After all, as a rule, tall woman, in particular, is more difficult to find a partner than a miniature of the fair sex, since the choice of the latter obviously gets more. 100 free online dating.

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