Girls are good and bad: Who to choose?
Girls are divided into good and bad. The criterion of evaluation is simple: if unfamiliar man hints at sex - good then categorically states: "No!" (This can and punch) and bad wondered: "When?" Both girls have a set of advantages and disadvantages free dating service canada. What?
Let's start with the bad girls, specifically - with their indisputable advantages.
The first advantage - they do not get bored. They can play tricks tirelessly all night long and are ready to play tricks on the day. They laugh a lot, willing to flirt with them one feels a professional seducer.
Bad Girls cheerful and energetic. They do not engage in soul-searching and do not get depressed, their lives - a continuous festival. They know and use different methods of seducing men .
They want sex. They are able to seduce the eye . It is very open nature, which adore bed experiments, and will do whatever they want, and even more than you want. Their enthusiasm will strengthen your animals in the thought that you are a sexual giant.
Bad girls are beautiful and sexy. They have a graceful gait. They are used to being the center of attention. They wear necklaces and bracelets, their shirts unbuttoned possible, short skirts, sexy underwear ... if at all it is.
When a girl is sitting on your lap, men are jealous, and women feel intrigued and would not mind to take her place.
However, despite the obvious advantages, in something really bad bad girl. On provides details of the latest developments of professional diagnostic and female viagra reviews brighten here easily accessible information to all relevant stakeholders in the preparation.
Firstly, they are not credible. Well, in fact, the females live to seduce everything that moves free dating service canada - as they can be trusted?
Moreover, they even are dangerous in their own way! If a girl drives a car, expect trouble: driving it is as mad and crazy as in bed. These are often drug addicts and alcoholics, and always - unpredictable.
If your relationship with this beauty reach something serious, quickly it turns out, the bad girl - quite unsuitable companion for life. They are terribly selfish, thinking only of themselves and thus wanted to spit on those who close. They are extravagant and wasteful. They make lousy wives and mothers, their lives - a chain of divorces.
I contacted this - prepared for the fact that it radically gutted your wallet. A typical poor lady sets a fantastic price for access to its affection and its soft tissues. And if you do not agree to feed her exclusively avian milk, it is almost guaranteed to hear: "And you have earned my affection?". And one day she will fall down on you - have the benefit of around a dozen men who are ready to pick it up.
So life is better to deal with the good. Among them, too, across different instances, but the fact remains that only they can experience the precious peace of mind. If you're sick - you will take care of, left - will be missed, deserved - tell a compliment , there were problems - will listen and not razorutsya, as it will make bad.
The number of men who experienced the good, does not exceed the permissible norms, so on you need not be necessarily a lover of aerobatics.
This woman is unlikely to be deceive you. Even if it is very, very attractive, relax: any of the guys interested in her, she otpishet about the same as you when you got drunk for the first time reached for her necklines. Bored alone and have free time? Relax, including a new website horn , there you will find new items xxx video. Good for the most part monogamous free dating service canada.
With bad rapidly convergent and rapidly, with the scandals broke up. With good again, too, in every case, but only those can become true friends, and warm relationship with them continues even after you have run.
With good is never (or almost never) financial problems. They are humble and mild, and most importantly - do not require, and try to understand and do not lose touch with reality.
Only become real good wives and mothers. They love the family home, children. They themselves, as a rule, come from good and strong families, and therefore follow the correct stereotypes in their own families.
However, the good - does not mean perfect. In some ways they are just unbearable. For example, in the bed. "The log unconscious, where only those taken ?! And this black dog you call oral sex? Wait, so you seem to sleep ... No? And it seemed to me that, yes. What should I do? Change you with the bad? "
Good tend to forget about their appearance. A little bit of makeup on people at home - old overlaundered bathrobe, comb hair, wool socks to the knees. "Honey, what's wrong? .."
In general, the question remains: what kind of girl is more suitable and less dangerous for living together?
The answer is obvious: the real Queen combine the advantages of both types free dating service canada. They are home and comfortable as well. As well as sparkling and sexy, like bad.
The trouble is that such an individual in nature are extremely rare. And if you're lucky enough to meet just such an exclusive, then it may well be with their "cockroaches". Deeply personal and unique ... free dating service canada.

Earlier generations suffered over what cutlery to use and how to address important figures in order not to goof in polite society. Today, free internet dating service it is believed that women need to know that you should not walk around naked in the locker room of the gym and twist the bare ass in the mirror.
Tips on how to behave while living in the XXI century, according to a new reference "Nyutiket", which is published in the magazine Good Housekeeping.
Directory provides women useful phrases, helps to give rebuff. If someone asks a woman why she is not married, in response, he must hear Kolko remark: "Because I do not want to settle for a contender runner-up."
For example, "Nyutikete" describes the rules of social kissing, writes The Times. In Paris, there may be four, but in Britain not more than two. Women with a thick layer of lipstick kisses should avoid contact and to perfect the technique of kisses. In no case should not try to kiss the boss in a social situation.
"The material is addressed to representatives of all age groups. We are reminded that life goes on and we need new rules for the new century. We think that women talk about sex too much and too openly," - said the deputy chief editor June Walton.
Women are warned that they should not take for granted the existing relationship free internet dating service. They should not ogle other men in the presence of their partner. Although the heroine of "Sex and the City" with arbitrary different manners, still talking about his sex life - bad form.
Ladies are advised to book in the restaurant what they really want. Let it be steak and chips, not gourmet salad. Men do not like to drag pieces partner with their dishes. The Institute sent to the practice and now we need to write a report? Give us this routine - in fact order a report on the practice can be on studlanse! Those who when paying bills is trying to reduce its share on the grounds that they did not eat a snack or pudding, do not eat lunch in the company. If someone wants to order the most expensive dish on the menu, he has to give to friends to understand that pay more.
Women must obey friends demanding that their house Razuvaev. In no case should not ask how much people paid for the house.
A call to the mobile phone the fairer sex should not be a fun or fashionable tune like super popular ringtone "Crazy Frog" (Crazy Frog), and you should always disconnect the call on the training, in a movie theater and restaurant. Also, do not stand behind colleagues, read e-mails and letters - use emoticons.
It is considered good form to invite the former spouse for a new wedding free internet dating service. However, according to the guide, "for it would be better to go somewhere just for the weekend . "
Brief excerpts from "Nyutiketa"
- The social kiss is never on the lips.
- Never discuss with friends sex life.
- Never make eyes in the presence of their partner.
- Do not flaunt naked in the locker room of the gym.
- Do not use the bathroom in the hotel room of friends, if you have not offered.
- Never Demonstrate thong peeking out from his waistband pants.
- Never use the toilet if your partner during this time taking a bath or shower. free internet dating service.

Great Caesar and passionate
"Choose your hero - recommended Alexander Suvorov - catching up with him, overtaking him! My Hero - Caesar. Eagles eagles circled Russian Roman!" Council Generalissimo excellent hook up dating service. Not in the sense that Julius was known in the Eternal City as "the wife of all men." And the fact that Guy is widely famous as "the husband of all women."
Career great lover Julius started early. Being married, he did not lay down on the sofa, and seriously took up the ladies and a career that in Rome it was almost the same. There, as here, the men held public office, but the most important issues decided behind the scenes of his wife.
Tall Caucasian Guy in sports, haircut and shave carefully, plucked excess hair. He wore a tunic with obscenely extravagant long sleeves decorated with fringe on top. Belts And it is free to the belt hanging on the hips.
I recommend visiting a bar in Moscow city fathers in woolen togas it snorted, but their wives outfit attracted Caesar. In addition, Guy was a reliable man. At age 18, he married the daughter of Cinna; Sulla, executing Tsinnu and his supporters, ordered Caesar to divorce. The women of Rome were delighted when Julius refused to give up his beloved and chose death. Zakl¸vanny the women only made the dictator Gaius and up¸k a beating in Asia. A citizens warned: "Be careful not to bad belted youngster hook up dating service."
Caesar came to the imperial crown of women's bodies.
A major success with the ladies Caesar achieved after thirty, he married for the third time and has driven to the house of the Pontifex Maximus on Capitol Hill. But - is not yet won a political victory. Brush up on the art of sex in the East, he attacked the wives, sisters and daughters of citizens, choosing the most notable. Rich and vindictive Marcus Crassus and Pompey fierce Bezbashenny were on top of fame and power when unobtrusive on the political firmament Caesar gallantly replaced them in their own bedrooms.
Jumping to the consul's wife at her sister senator Guy risked tremendously. Frolicking in Rome is not forbidden, but the figure could deprive offended daredevil manhood. And in the case of extreme liberalism - sue. Can you imagine what would have Roman ladies, if Julius did not have the irrepressible passion for risk? Not as slaves ...
Caesar was a good-looking, seriously concerned about the appearance, was reliable, skilful and daring. And these qualities he slaughtered a few!
In addition to the beauty and courage, generosity Caesar conquered ladies: there was money there and then spent on them. how to maintain health? Use a condom and you keep not only health, but also possibly a good relationship with a loved one becoming consul and hapnuv large sums, he bought his mistress are pearls that Rome gasped 6 million. sesterces! Having conquered Gaul, Gaius gifts to the blue-eyed blond wives and daughters of their leaders captive. Legionnaires and sang:
"The inhabitants of the castle, take care of their wives: Here comes the bald libertine hook up dating service! Gold Rome, borrowed, in Gaul you squandered on mistresses."
But it's flowers: Julius talked with the ladies !!!
In Rome from Caesar had no secrets, he knew how to listen mistresses before, during and after. For the sake of this one with him we were ready to sleep!
The future emperor spoke with the renowned eloquence that interested companion, completely focusing on it. Instead of pushing a favorite monologues themselves as do we all.
The terrible force of his charm and seduction techniques acknowledged enemies, even the great orator Cicero was lured into the snare, drove to visit Caesar. But Pompey, having finally doing what Guy his wife, decided to hell with his wife, a friend, then what I have! And he married the daughter of Caesar.
Having reached the highest power, lover number 1 and pierced on the ladies: the emperor killed son and son-in-abandoned their girlfriend (wife-in-law, he also learned to love and dropped). But that's another story. hook up dating service.

The ideal lover: Tips for Women
Passionate and gentle, eager, attentive and seemed anticipates your every wish, a gesture ... He hints generous affectionate phrases not only "to", but "during" and "after." He looks at you as if other women in the world do not exist, and that makes you the most beautiful and most desirable. He loves you all - your hair, millionaire dating service lips, neck, knees and toes. Each of his eyes full of hidden meaning, and this sweet heart-stopping and grow wings on his back. Since it may be sad, but boring - never! This is - a portrait of the ideal lover.
The total female experience shows that such men are extremely rare in nature (in the ratio of one to a thousand, maybe even one to ten thousand). There is a chance to get the perfect lover for a husband is very small. After all, how to recognize this supermuzhchinu among other sons of Adam?
Elite Model Agency - Model Agency Ukraine beautiful and popular models on the market. Many of us are convinced that the ideal lover long thin fingers and, in general, beautifully sculpted arms. As a rule, it has a well-developed muscles. This is logical, because the excess fat and flabby muscles indicate a low tone, and sexual - as well.
And they say that the ideal lover big nose and an extensive bald .. But, alas, even appeared on the horizon with the characteristics of an object, there is no guarantee that he will show wonders in bed. Appearances are deceptive ...
However, this is not a reason to lament the fate, because, according to analysts, almost every man lived Casanova, Don Juan and Hercules in their best. The case of women - to awaken the sexual giant in its own husband, making a life together a small branch of the paradise on earth.
So, what to do to turn your beloved in perfect lover?
Maybe for you it will be a revelation, but analysts believe that not even dream about how to change the man did not change itself. Installation of sexual re-men will only lead to the fact that he is or will become impotent or run away to another woman. And therefore ...
Step 1.
Rephrase task, focusing not on the "reworking" of her husband, and on improving your sexual relationship. Change your aggressive and didactic attitude to a positive and constructive millionaire dating service!
Step 2.
Analyse your entire life together. Certainly during the honeymoon of your choice I present you the best embodiment of masculinity. He changed (and you think, not for the better). But everything in the world is changing. You do not think that is the same as the five (10, 20 ...) years ago!
Now reflect on how you are away from the image of the perfect lover , which you undoubtedly are being newly-wife. Awareness of their own imperfections will help you to understand and accept the shortcomings of the beloved, motivate you to changes in your own "I".
Step three.
Remember how you perceive your favorite before. You fascinated and moved by the simplest things: the sound of his voice, the way he wrinkles his nose funny when sneezes, all his moles and shramiki. Throw off the husk off the past years, experience, smart boards. Abstracts from scientific calculations about the crisis of the 3rd, 7th and 150th years of life. Be the one who you were for him in the hot insatiable summer (autumn, winter, spring). Become a great lover!
Step 4.
During sex, think only about sex. Out thoughts nepobelennom ceilings and the like! It not only kills the embryo in your excitement. According to research scientists, during intimacy lovers have exacerbated the ability to communicate at the level of the unconscious. It is not difficult to guess how the man would react if you are deaf and dumb to all of its signals millionaire dating service.
Step 5.
Having sex, never hold back his feelings. Cry if you want to scream, moan, whisper, cry - anything, no control! Of course, if your mutual feelings and fantasies do not harm (pain or feelings of depression). And do not forget to compliment the man .
Step 6.
Encourage him to make love more often: the repetition - the mother of learning! Avoid routine. Remember that skills are transformed into art only if the learning process was introduced an element of creativity. Have a favorite game, "Today - I tomorrow - you": one day you are making every effort to make for an unforgettable night of love, and the next day is to do it. Such an experiment awakens in man the sexual fantasy, and interest in creative activity. Then, when the game will be forgotten, the desire to diversify the intimate life will remain at the level of unconscious impulses.
Some tips for women with different types of orgasm
If you have a vaginal orgasm type, select "conceding, calling for" style of behavior. This does not mean that you should lie. like a statue, not answering the men's affection. Think of it as a force capable of filling all the space, leaving no extraneous thoughts and emotions no chance of survival. Only such an attitude to the man can guarantee sexual success and further development of harmonious relations.
If clitoral type are known to need further stimulation of the clitoris. Experts say that 40 percent of women achieve satisfaction only if doing it yourself. The quickest and surest way to achieve sexual harmony is to convince the man: nothing degrading manhood in this. Easy to say: "Make sure"! What to do? Imagine this as part of an erotic game. Without stopping to stroke the body itself, repeat: "It is true that I have a very sensitive skin?" Then your hand glides to a treasured place - and it is perfectly natural! Or ask your loved "division of labor": you focus on the clitoris while he caresses your other erogenous zones. Any normal man will perceive these actions as an excellent aphrodisiac millionaire dating service.
Three rules that never, under any circumstances can not be broken when dealing with a loved man
1. Do not criticize his sexual performance in comparison with someone else.
2. Do not punish his refusal to close in response to some of his offense.
3. Do not accuse him of that experience dissatisfaction.
If you have followed all of these recommendations, but your husband is still far from the image of the perfect lover, consult a psychoanalyst. He will help you realize all the mistakes and associated systems that prevent harmonize your intimate relationships. millionaire dating service.

Women and their sexual preferences
Beauty - the quality of which was valued at all times. However, new australian dating service oz free the idea of beauty changes all the time. In this top ten we will explain what a woman at different times were considered beautiful.
10th place: The ideal of beauty of ancient Egypt was slim and graceful woman with full lips and huge almond-shaped eyes. To extend the pupils and to give luster eyes dripped into them the juice from the plant "deadly nightshade." The most beautiful color of his eyes was considered green. But it is a rare color. Enterprising Egyptian eye contours of the green paint carbonate of copper. To complete the image painted in z¸leny nails on the hands and feet.
Lefty Forge. Searched forg gate in Ukraine and found in Russia! 9th place: Mayan women body stained red ointment, which added to a very sticky and fragrant resin. After this procedure, they became ornate and perfumed. On the face and applied a variety of paint.
8th place: The ideal of beauty in ancient China - a small, frail woman with tiny feet. No decent Chinese would not take a wife girl with big feet. To stem remained a small, tightly bandaged foot girls, and she ceased to grow. By the way, the main advantage of men in China is considered long hair that plaited into intricate braids new australian dating service oz free.
7th place: In ancient Greece, the cult of the trained body. The standard of a beautiful body of the Greeks was the sculpture of Aphrodite: height - 164 cm chest circumference - 86 cm, waist - 69 cm, 93 cm bed¸r. According to the canons of Greek beauty beautiful face combined the straight nose and large eyes.
6th place: In ancient Rome ruled the cult fair skin and blond hair. It was the first Roman mastered the secret of hair bleach. They are cleaned using a sponge soaked in oil from goat's milk and ash beech tree, and then destained in the sun.
5th place: In the Middle Ages was considered sinful earthly beauty and enjoyment of it - unlawful. Blondirovanie hair proclaimed wicked occupation. Figure hidden under a layer of hard tissue and hair - under the bonnet. Now the medieval ideal of a woman was the Blessed Virgin Mary - an elongated oval face, big eyes and a small mouth.
4th place: At the beginning of the XIII century started a cult of worship of "beautiful lady." The woman is now compared with a rose - it is delicate, fragile and elegant. By the way, for this reason, in a fashion - small breasts.
3rd place: During the Renaissance, considered beautiful pale complexion, slim "swan neck" and a high brow. For extension of an oval face ladies shaved hair and plucked eyebrows, front, and to the neck seemed as long as possible, shaved their heads.
2nd place: In an age of rococo main emphasis - on the haircut, it's - a time of miracles of hairdressing. Expensive fun trying to keep as long as possible: prich¸syvalis for weeks and did not wash his head. Spain's Queen Isabella of Castile once confessed that his whole life washed only twice - at birth and wedding day.
1st place: XX century. Life has changed. Who is the most prized intelligence, energy and the ability to earn money and women is considered main asset of freedom. Hard fucking blonde with black by a dick. Porn chocolates called Snow White Interracial sex and very much appreciated by fans of quality porn. Negritoska loves white pisyuny. However, fashion historians agree that in the future it will be possible to define the twentieth century as the century of women's short hairstyles and cult dystrophy new australian dating service oz free.
And what is in the minds of modern women ?! Esquire magazine conducted a survey of 11 000 women from around the world (average age 22 years old, 65% - are not married) about their sexual preferences.
It was found that, in general, women prefer sex with soft caresses. He favored 83% of Italians, 76% of Spaniards, 72% of Brazilians and 69% of Germans, while the opinion residents of Slovenia, Indonesia, the Philippines evenly divided.
Besides, the girl began to lose her virginity before. American, an English, Australian and Swedish women - an average of 16 years, Italians, Spaniards, Russians and Filipinas - 17.
In the survey, women were also asked to evaluate on a scale, how important are the so-called "size". It turned out that most "sizes" are important for Israeli women (average 7.4) and Italians (6.5). And least of all sizes interested citizens of Poland and Indonesia (5.4).
In Poland, the home country of the late John Paul II, more than any other woman waiting before to have sex with a partner (an average of 7.4 visits) Italian - 5.4, as a Swede, it is clear, I can not wait, they are given after the fourth date.
In regard to sex and homosexual relations is clearly in the lead American (26% had a threesome) and Australian (43% admit that they had a lesbian relationship) new australian dating service oz free.
In addition, the survey found that the least interested in pornography Filipino and Italians, among them least of all women with a vibrator.
On the contrary, the most "lethal" in this sense appeared American and British women, about 46% of whom have at home this miracle device. new australian dating service oz free.

10 taboo topics that men are not worth talking about
A list of 10 forbidden topics that men should not talk to them with interesting women, taboo dating service formed by the results of the online survey.
Many men, for sure, is familiar awkward feeling when on a date tell something woman and at the same time feel that she is bored to death. The question arises, how not to get bored woman? On the one hand, it would seem, the answer is simple: Just do not say that it is not interested. But this is easier said than done.
In most cases, the man simply does not watch what he says. For example, you can easily tell a friend about his undivided love for the TV series "Baywatch", but talking to a woman you need to be careful with such statements.
It should be remembered that the purpose of dating - to awaken interest in companion to the interview and, ultimately, to you. Site advises to avoid, at least in the first stage, the following topics:
10. Health problems
Your health problems a woman is not interested. Do not think that you will win her sympathy by saying that you have, for example, chronic heartburn. It can only work if harmless, obvious problems such as a broken arm or leg taboo dating service.
9. Technical jargon
It must be remembered that women can not stand any jargon, especially incomprehensible. If you drink a lot of abstruse words, then, at best, she will think that you are too busy with their work, and, at worst, you're trying to put her a fool.
8. Former Girls
Even thinking forget to mention in conversation his former girlfriends. This is important for many reasons, not least because in the end you can tell a lot about their past histories and reveal their shortcomings. Do not try to tell you how you have changed your ex-girlfriend, or what it was boring because you called a hundred times a day. At this stage, we need a clear basis on which to build a relationship. peptides buy bodybuilding woman must think that you broke all the emotional ties with the past and move forward in a constructive and mature manner.
7. Sport
In case you have grown up in a cave and went outside just now, here's an axiom of the modern world: the majority of women do not like sports as much as men like him. While one can understand that you want to share with her the charm of football or hockey, but maybe she does not share your enthusiasm. And your knowledge of the results of all the matches will not make her take you smart taboo dating service.
6. Stories about failures travel
It should be a really exciting story, otherwise it would be boring. Stories about how you missed the bus, and about how you got on the plane in turbulence and could not get two o'clock in the toilet, are not considered addictive. There is a high probability that your Lenten story she would answer her and as a result both of you will be bored to death. Thus, you lose time and opportunity to light the spark of love.
5. Everyday
So you should know that in most of what you did today, there is nothing interesting, at least for women, with which you are not familiar with. To make fun of everyday things you need to know each other well. Also avoid too detailed discussion of television, movies and the like.
4. The people she does not know
You can ruin a date, if you talk about the people with whom she does not know. If it's someone who you like, friend or acquaintance, then either begin to judge you on the basis of the opinion of the person about whom you tell her, or she will begin to think and closes by comparing themselves with that person. If it's someone who you do not like, it is likely that you will show her fierce, nervous, exciting, in short, your shortcomings become apparent.
3. Cars
Every five children shall say to you boys play with cars, girls - dolls. Tales of roaring engines and original design machines that are so worried about the men, women and causes shrug the question "so what?" taboo dating service.
2. Excessive love for pets
Puppies, of course, a good topic of conversation, but rather between the neighbors, walking their dogs. The woman does not necessarily listen, how cute your dog was a puppy, and that it thus did. Possession supposedly lovely pet will not make you attractive. While many people love their pets, often behind it easy connotation that they are not okay with interpersonal relationships. And you do not want a girl suspected something like this?
1. Sex
Speaking on the first date of, say, positions during sex, it would be like to praise a favorite martini in the interview for the job. Do not hurry. Forget about what you read in porn magazines. She'll think you're not serious, insecure, or that you pervert. Do not try to take the initiative and establish "mature" talk about sex, because it is unlikely to accept it as such. But if a woman makes a clear, strong hints of a sexual nature, then in that no matter what the subject is picked up, too, and hints. taboo dating service.

Women hide adultery better than men
Extramarital affairs happen everywhere. Change the men and women. However, a survey conducted in the UK, discovered a curious geographical pattern vegetarian dating service. It turned out that the ability to not fall for adultery depending on where you live. Case Study commissioned by the Times Foundation held opinion Populus. On the basis of random sampling were anonymously surveyed 1052 women and 962 men older than 18 years.
In the East Midlands in the UK 74% of those who change partners know about it. In general, women are better than men know how to change and "cover their tracks". Only a third of changing women (37%) admitted that their partner found out about their relationship on the side, while in the act caught half infidel men (52%), writes the Times.
The ability to keep a secret treason succeeded more than others resident in London: get only 20% of them. Most often attributed to women from Yorkshire and Humberside: The Secret Life 70% of them becomes apparent. The worst kept secrets of London men: 55% of those who had an affair on the side, saying that their relationship was disclosed. It is best to keep their secret treason men from the north of England: only 30% of them know about the change partner vegetarian dating service.
Women have always been more cautious than men in regard to the change of concealment. Women are treated as an emotional betrayal betrayal, considering it potentially damaging to relations with major partner. Men are more likely to believe that this is "just sex" . That is why women are making great efforts to hide infidelity, says Julie Cole, one of the UK's leading experts in the field of men and women.
One possible explanation for the fact that a resident of London so successfully kept in ignorance of its partners, is the difference of cultural norms in the city and countryside. "It may be that in London other social norms, and because of the tolerance of extramarital sexual relations less people talk about it. Related article poems and birthday greetings . In a small village of treason considered unacceptable and rumors fast flow "- says Cole. Nevertheless, the expert could not explain why this phenomenon does not apply to men vegetarian dating service.
The study, which involved 2,014 couples were found to be in the country 16% of women and 21% of men at one time changed its partners. Most of them say that infidelity damaging to the relationship. The most common cause of infidelity is formulated as follows: "weary partner." This suggests that the British have difficulty with long-term commitments when the care of the "spark," says Cole. "People often mistakenly believe that the affair is associated only with sex - she says. - But very often people give birth to lovers and mistresses , because they want to feel that they are special for someone and for themselves and their partner no longer see in them something special. " vegetarian dating service.

Women willingly men trained and experimented in the field of sex
Every fourth woman has a guide to sex, while men only 15.6% have such a book. And the fairer sex, argentina sweethearts dating service usually to read such literature, after making love (so do 15.5% compared with 3% of men). Maybe they do it in order to assess how the partner coped with his role, experts say.
According to the survey, the results of which are published The Mirror, many more ladies believes that allowance brings a variety of sex - of 26%, while among men - 21%. Those who have a guide, an average of 21%. But on the west coast of the US, this figure reaches 36%.
The survey polled a thousand people from 16 regions of the country. 80% of women believe that sex is very important or very close to stepping down from the 85% of men who think the same way.
Publisher Dorling Kindersley has commissioned this survey in order for the advertising campaign just vypushennyh them books Sexopedia.
Its author, Anne Hooper, noted that "in recent years, women are catching up with men in regard to sexually free lifestyle . Nowadays they have become financially independent and therefore more confident argentina sweethearts dating service. "
This is manifested in the fact that women are more courageous buy books on sex. They do not seek to remain incognito. Four out of ten do so in the shop, while men prefer to order such books anonymously, by mail or through the Internet.
Almost 95% of women aged 16 to 24 years is considered a sexual life is very or quite important. Just think of and 55% of women aged 55 years and older.
Curiously, the representative of the age group 25-44 years less than others to feel comfortable discussing these issues. argentina sweethearts dating service.

Portrait of a perfect lover
In the life of each of us is often asked where she was, my second half? What is it, my perfect partner or companion? Every woman wants to know the perfection of the love game in the arms of an ideal lover cerebal palsy dating service. The total female experience shows that such men are extremely rare in nature (in the ratio of one to a thousand, maybe even one to ten thousand). There is a chance to get the perfect lover for a husband is very small. After all, how to recognize this supermuzhchinu among other sons of Adam?
- The Perfect Man is distinguished respect for the female breast. He never would constantly pull, crush and squeeze the breast of his beloved. They do not like brute force, they prefer passionate kisses and biting.
- The ideal man never interrupts the vicinity to answer a phone call, receive a fax, to throw to the TV.
- The ideal man is well aware that the secret of his irresistible lies not in the size of his genitals, and in sincere love for the fair sex.
- Fudge and variety in sex, of course, is good, but not perfect lover forgets that his partner never graduated from circus school. The prospect to move from the bed of love in a hospital bed with a sprained foot it does not appeal.
- The ideal man does not make love only at night. He understands that his fiancee the day exhausted at work, tired of Home Affairs and the night she needed a good rest. Morning sex is good that the body is full of strength, cerebal palsy dating service body temperature slightly increased, which contributes to the aggravation of sensuality.
Passionate and gentle, eager, attentive and seemed anticipates your every wish, a gesture ... He hints generous affectionate phrases not only "to", but "during" and "after." He looks at you as if other women in the world do not exist, and that makes you the most beautiful and most desirable. He loves you all - your hair, lips, neck, knees and toes. Each of his eyes full of hidden meaning, and this sweet heart-stopping and grow wings on his back. Since it may be sad, but boring - never! cerebal palsy dating service.

Types of women Eastern horoscope
Four types of men are four types of marriage women. Unlike men, who seems a whole person, christian online dating service in every woman, because of duality, laid like two personality types: external image - one, and her actions - the second type. Just a clear view of the two halves of the female personality is the key to an understanding of any marriage. Duality feminine essence is just underlies the eastern horoscope.
In marriage and love a woman is the mistress of the situation. Man as a whole person, tends to some isolation. Marriage - a true woman's vocation is a field in which a man - a guest. The man in every woman can find the identity of any one of its halves, or establish a strong romantic relationship. So Types women eastern horoscope .
Romantic woman (born in the years of the Horse, Tiger, Dogs)
The image of these women, their thoughts, ideals, lifestyles, behaviors - everything is subordinated to the will and romantic love. But their minds, thinking does not fit this image. This is logical, cold, analytical person, christian online dating service without unnecessary emotions, with straightforward and uncompromising, with an inferiority complex, ambitious and self-abasement at the same time.
They are able to make a striking impression, but the internal force that could support this way, they, unfortunately, do not. That's why the discrepancy between word and deed, the plan and its implementation, is typical for women, so it is evident from these three characters. Due to their appearance and behavior none of the others had no doubt in their strong personality. No one, except themselves.
Yet these women lack the will, but their lofty ambitions, which gives them a logical way of thinking, they are able to support a truly masculine mind. Often they are on the verge of failure or disaster. Their volitional impulse combined with straight thinking throws them forward, do not guarantee good outcomes. They always strive forward, never resting on our laurels, but always around the doubting. Outside of these women are always deceptive. They can not be only an ornament of life, they should always be the case, because the nature of the rewards of their perpetual motion, high intellectual capacity and almost never deprives talents. They have a wonderful ability to manage people and high capacity for work.
Romantic beauty of these women very few people can remain indifferent . I do not have time for any man to think and so fast-changing romantic creation. Not every man is consistent with the requirements that apply to them a woman of such marks. The man is quite difficult to keep within their scheme. Hence, all the frustrations, complexes, anguish, as a woman, and for her companions. Love, they often come up with a romantic ideal of the elect. But when remove rose-colored glasses, fails in his personal life. They need to learn how to suppress the weakness, then they will be happy.
Only when the man himself busy business, is a remarkable person, only manifest vocation of women to be companion to live a matter of her husband, keep him faithful. But how frustrating waiting for each of these women, while it will be able to find someone who needs it!
Representatives of women's "romantic ideal" - Marilyn Monroe, Rommie Schneider, Patricia Kaas, Liza Minnelli, Inessa Armand, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Lyubov Orlova et al.
Strong women (born in the years of the Rooster, Snake, Ox)
Keeping the iconic images of combat triple Rooster, christian online dating service Snake and Ox with their inherent ambition, pressure, straightforwardness, complexes, these women have the highest form of will - the will of the mind controlled by the will. Fully realize this may not be the will of all women. It serves as an external obstacle to this way of fighting and lack of innovation. The strength of their policies, their management does not know the women's competition in the world and is not afraid of competition, even men. Duality, military language and established social stereotypes often prevent these women to exercise political career. Nevertheless, their representatives, such as Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Corazon Aquino, Mary Stuart, Catherine II, who ruled the entire state is much stronger than most politicians - men.
Male historians excruciatingly difficult to accept women force the board: it breaks down the myth of the weakness of women, hard to believe that the unbridled love poems can coexist with sober and fierce will. It is necessary to distinguish between the success of strong women in politics, which provide a strong will and straightness, on the one hand and their inability to influence the people on the other.
Rational will often accompanies romantic love. It is love and is both the "Achilles heel", and inspiration of these women. Representatives of strong women set the bar very high requirements, and not every man can achieve it. In love, they choose a partner. These women may be the only representative of the fairer sex who want to combine three things: to create a strong family, mother to be happy, to achieve great success in a business career. Many of them manage to achieve this goal, the other rushing from one extreme to the other, as they are very fond of his family are proud of their children and want to get to the summit of success christian online dating service.
Charming woman (born in the years of the Rat, Monkey, Dragon)
Representatives of these three characters - the personification of female beauty, elegance, refinement and weakness. They give the impression of air creatures, who do not care about the sinful earth. His whole appearance they resemble the men on earth, there are love and beauty.
Beauty them cold enough, and so the image of the love of these women to continue a sexual no responsibility. Often, luring men in "their network" is held not for what they think the stronger sex. All ends after passionate kisses and vows of eternal love. In family life, these three women characters continue their line - striving for beauty, well-being and peace. Usually this ideal of beauty and tranquility manifests itself in the pursuit of salon life to an abundance of beautiful and expensive things. Often they despise the life of its inevitability and patiently, but aloof at peace with him.
Women describe the type created for love and admiration, however, have a sober mind and common sense never leaves them, no matter what madness of love is not created for them. They need material well-being and tranquility. As any realist, their most personal health care, the health of loved ones, the daily well-being. Not receiving a life of peace, these women are capable of unpredictable outbursts of anger. A lack of clarity in daily life can end for their trauma or tragedy.
As the personification of feminine weakness and insecurity, they like women overcome their difficulties - through moods, tantrums and tears, that is, very roughly and emotionally. They all passed through himself, hence their knowledge of people knowing the truth of life. They expressed a pronounced hoarding, but at the same time do not love yourself something to deny. These women have a difficult character. Clever by nature, they have the diplomatic skills.
For the marriage of these women are good, but we must always remember about their features. The scant and frayed life it harder to build other family well-being.
Representatives of the women of this type - Marina Tsvetaeva, christian online dating service George Sand, Elsa Triolet, E.-L. Voynich, Kollontai, Catherine I, G. Sabbatini et al.
Independent women (born in the years of the Boar, Cat, Goat)
It is representative of the most enigmatic female characters. External peace and equanimity concealed mystical thinking, bewitching power and authority over men. It is in this duality of a woman seen from such an unexpected and disconcerting force. All of these women have a fairly sober outlook on life, but when it comes time to act - that was then, and manifested their specificity: they have more confidence in dreams, omens than reality. And in real life it takes them more in extreme cases, rather than in a steady flow.
Of the 12 types of women when they entirely independent of men. They are the source of the will, but do not serve the cause of love. Love and freedom are always fighting in man, tying each other with their opposition. And here there is a will, and so they are absolutely free.
These women are capable in any situation to defend its independence, no matter how much force it took to do neither. And they have the power - it is their will. It can be spontaneous, regardless of the wishes of the owner. That it pushes its possessor and great sacrifices, feats of discovery, and even crime. Women these signs can shine in all kinds of activities that require taste, hospitality and good representation. They are great intellectuals, constantly striving for new knowledge, a lot of reading.
Marriage is not for the women of this type are an end in themselves: they could easily do without it. But on the other hand, maybe they more than anyone else, are able to maintain the freshness of the marital relationship, christian online dating service capable married to the greatest - a perfect harmony in the spiritual, sexual and economic spheres.
Independent women formed a mystical picture of the real world. During these characters were born myslitelnitsy greatest mystics - Mary Baker-Eddy, Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, prophetess Vanga, the yogi Indra Devi, writer Anna Schmidt. christian online dating service.

The ideal lover
This article is not for men, and for women themselves. The fact that about perfect lover more articles. At least, we know very well, as it should be. In any case, dating free online plus service size a set of qualities that characterize the perfect man more streamlined and about the same for most women. And what qualities must have an ideal mistress? To be beautiful? Then what about this situation when they say, 'And what he found in it?' That's exactly what the secret is to have a good lover. 'Sexy' - you might say. Yes, I agree. And how this should look sexy? Here in this we shall understand.
So, the ideal lover - should love yourself. Paradoxically, but it should love themselves more than men. At the same time it should be sensual, loving, affectionate. She did not have sex in order to keep a man, and for his own pleasure. It makes a manicure and hairstyle to, first of all like to itself, and then the man. A woman who values herself more attractive to men. It is mysterious and always desirable.
The ideal lover must be uninhibited about sex and life. Flirt - it's a game . She has her perfectly. She knows that she needs in bed, too flirting . Seductive woman wearing beautiful underwear and stockings , even when no one is going to undress her. Just - for themselves. All kinds of erotic accessories her tone.
She knows how to have fun and pleasure. Selling women's clothing wholesale Ukraine at the best price for you. Invisible sexologists believe that their own actions we are excited more than the actions of a partner dating free online plus service size. That is why the ideal sexual contact occurs only if the woman is trying to give the partner no less, and even more than she receives.
The ideal lover without words can make it clear to the man that she was the most pleasure in bed. All women love when they say compliments and hint at a man. In fact, a man just need to do the same compliments. They at least have them valued. dating free online plus service size.

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