Girls, attention! Otsenievaem sexual ability
You met an attractive man and now wondered how he would make a lover? The easiest way to test men's sexuality offered by German psychologists.
Gave him candy wrapper, and calmly watch him gothic dating service. If a man breaks the fast wrap and immediately throws - so this fellow likes quickie on foreplay can not count on. If he starts to fold the wrapper different figures, in bed, he probably also be creative. Anyone who pulls a piece of paper in different directions, as if trying to determine whether it is elastic, is unsure of himself. The man gently smooths the wrapper, not to leave any wrinkles? Certainly it is refined in the weasel. If a man puts a piece of paper and put them in his pocket, most likely, his ingenuity will not go beyond a traditional posture.
There is an opinion that men with muscular necessarily good lovers. In fact, from the "bullies" in bed is not much sense. Apparently, all their strength spent in the gym, and the reception of steroids is detrimental to potency.
Scientists from the US claim that the more a man looks like a monkey, the higher the sexual activity. To assess the degree of similarity even introduced a special term - primativeness (from the word "primacy"). Because sexuality was originally given to man, the most pronounced among those members of the human race who have kept touch with nature at the genetic level.
A curious fact was established by Canadian scientists. They examined the relationship of hair color men with his sexual behavior. In the end, it turned out the following: brunettes in bed games aspire to leadership, inclined to experiment and differ rich imagination. Blondes have more conservative temperament, they are quiet, smooth and prefer to do without surprises. Shateny combine features of brunettes and blondes, making them the most unpredictable in bed. Moreover, men with hard, thick head of hair is much more active than those with soft hair gothic dating service.
Kurtsveyler Marcus, professor of sexology at Hamburg University, believes that a good lover is recognized by 10 characters.
1. Increased hairiness and early baldness.
2. Dwarfism.
3. Individual scent that you like it.
4. Voice. The beautiful voice of a man, the longer will be the sexual act.
5. The manner of a conversation. If dominated by a question mark, then in bed, he demonstrates the extreme uncertainty. Men who knew how to make compliments, as a rule, are well aware that they need to partner in intimate terms.
6. Walk. If a man does not walk, and worn, most likely, he will be in bed, and behave accordingly. Karaoke club in Yekaterinburg Military bearing evidence of excessive straightforwardness. Dancing or imposing gait gives a person who knows a lot about the pleasures.
7. Courtship. Man chooses a play, a movie or a restaurant? Hence, in bed, he always seeks to impose its will. And vice versa.
8. As he eats. If missing everything, trying to quickly finish the meal, there will be gourmet and the intimate sphere. If you eat slowly and carefully - very expert in sexual games gothic dating service.
9. How to pay in the restaurant. Miser, as a rule, not too generous and affection.
10. As he looks. If a man looks at your figure, mentally undressing, then most likely you are to him, another sex-top, which must conquer. If all the time looking into his eyes, the bed will try to give you the maximum pleasure. gothic dating service.

Century Star neckline
Apart from the fact that the man is particularly appreciates lady adorns the bust. Not necessarily big, but certainly a resilient and lush suitable for erotic massage older man younger woman dating service. And women have always found his offer.
Millions of years of fine ladies do without a bra. In developed countries, or cut with a simple bandage for the chest capacitances were maids. Firstly, to avoid confusion with the ladies and have time to get to the hostess. Secondly - that staff are not dipped into the soup chest and generally run faster. (Waving at movement breasts reduces the efficiency of the process, so the athletes wear swimsuits.) Finally, in order not to multiply so rapidly (slave women and threaded rigid leather strip between the legs - "chastity belt": wives is not worn - no humanity and useless).
"Tastes are changing as often as it is rarely changed inclination" - he said the Frenchman La Rochefoucauld advanced.
Good Russian word "bra" was not from the English lift (raise, lift up). This diminutive from the Dutch lijf - bodice, corset (not for nothing did Peter I went to Amsterdam!).
Corsets ladies defeated in the XVI-XIX centuries. That is, the start was good. Once cleared, "the darkness of the Middle Ages", unknown Burgundian fashion at the court of Charles the Bold offered to revive the ancient tradition underscores ladies waist. Tight lacing a piece of clothing from the top of the thighs to the chest - all: chest underlined, waist o-ho-ho, skirt fluttering, a pleasure to look expensive!
Last Knight Charles the Bold rides that in the XX century, older man younger woman dating service formulated the actor Kirk Douglas: "Virtue inphotogenic"!
But in the middle of the XVI century a fosterling Inquisition decided to knock down all the sexual characteristics. Giving lady hip and chest of the mighty steel (Option: wood) screw design (later - snap on and spring), in the style of "Spanish boots". Funny, but decent lady of France and Spain, embarrassed, epidemics of plague and a mysterious disease, wound their husbands on the screw in Italy, it is dutifully put - just to be different from the whores.
Parisienne at the court of Catherine de Medici used for the benefit of the corset: breast became bulge of his balls and soon all lay on a solid backup, teasing people cheerfully erect nipples. Priests, recently scolded a corset, which prevented to make bows heavenly Father, is now on a rampage against women - because they are led by the Queen Margot, "showing off their bare breasts, which, because of the constant movement of these good women have used it as a compass then as weights with weights, and even better to say - as bellows that inflate fire in their smithy. "
Well podprty bust acquires elasticity, radical young lady returning and causing compliments . As said, exceeded 40, the owner of the chic bust in France XVI century, Diane de Poitiers, "The years that a woman takes off her age are not lost: it adds them to the age of the other women." When Diana was already over 60, her breasts admired author "Gallant Ladies" Brant!
Over time, the corset has changed, replaced steel whalebone come easy, but to squeeze the breast lady continued: hide a smart thing was just a sin. Doctors say that four out of five women die because they wear a corset. Napoleon I called him a murderer of the human race. Look Who's Talking! But in his time, instead of ladies corset wearing flesh-colored tights, and on top - the finest dresses with funky neckline and a slit to the thigh. However, it was not an elastic leotard and a corset back.
Despite the perplexity and even husbands lovers, this armor was worn to the XX century older man younger woman dating service!
I emphasize, no "evidence" to wear a corset was not, and zaklpyvat it for yourself ladies were not forced. But only in 1903, when the Frenchwoman Ghosh Saro came up with a separate corset bust, waist and the other (future zone for stocking), ladies allowed themselves to breathe stomach.
Quirky fashion designer Paul Poiret immediately offered Shirt cut dresses without a corset (1905). But - with podprtoy feeding. In 1914 she invented the bra Mary. And departed, and went ...
As you know, the best bra does not create such tasty hemisphere as a corset. Not to mention the waist, which disappear as a class. From the point of view "to see" in a corset was a great sense!
All Dorothy Parker believed that "brevity - the soul of lingerie." Although men lingerie a lady does not necessarily! older man younger woman dating service.

Strawberries and raspberries replace Viagra
After the data were released a study in which a strawberry called "natural Viagra", online dating service with instant messenger the sales of this fruit in the supermarkets UK increased by 17%, reported The Sun.
According to recent studies, ingestion of strawberries and raspberries significantly enhances libido. And this is true for both men and women.
The reason for all zinc, a high percentage of which is contained in both the seeds of berries. Unlike most fruits, small bones from these berries are not taken out and eaten with them.
Zinc is an important element that contributes to sexual arousal. It manages the "behavior" of the hormone testosterone, helping women quickly tune in to sex, in addition, it is one of the most important components in a man's sperm. Passion Play gives mega bonus in Azart choose your play - check!
Patrick Holford, founder of the optimization of nutrition, who conducted the study, analyzed all known fruits and came to the conclusion that the first strawberries and raspberries for it and can be called "love berries," says
"My advice is this: every time you have sex, or simply want to prepare for a night of love yourself and your partner, eat a handful of raspberries or strawberries," - he says online dating service with instant messenger.
"These berries also signed a very large percentage of antioxidants that optimize blood flow to the genitals. And they, unlike other fruits, such a concept familiar to you. How sweet blowjob? We hope so! See videos from this category on site contain the smallest margin of polysaccharides, which allows to maintain the energy level due to the small number of calories "- emphasizes Holford.
According to analysts, over the weekend sale of strawberries in the UK could triple: customers simply sweep the berries from the shelves.
"I can not believe that I had in the truck is an aphrodisiac. I decided that I'll buy a pair of baskets, just for fun. I think my husband is impressed," - says Georgina Benson, the customer has one of London's shopping centers. online dating service with instant messenger.

From the history of underwear
The word "underwear" comes at the end of the XIX century to replace another, certainly less romantic, certainly less romantic, "breeches clothes." Lace, embroidery, embossing various effects two of us nj dating service - all these details have been used as processing belaya. The popularity of trousers, decorated with bows, ruffles, silk ribbons and lace ruffles, will now grow steadily.
About corset say he makes the female figure similar to an hourglass. It becomes obvious that struck his last hour, is being more and more talk about the fact that he is too restrict movement. All of this corresponds little liberalisticheskim attempts feministichskogo nascent movement for freedom of women in society and the family. Some fashion designers such as Paul Poiret, Madeleine Viognier. Inter corset absolute oblivion. In parallel, it is changing the image of the life of society. By 1910 the passion for cycling makes women choose softer corsets, which does not restrict movement. During the First World War, while the men fight, the weaker sex takes matters into his own hands not weak - the main activities carried out in all areas of women now who disagree longer tolerate harassment, including uncomfortable in clothes.
The representatives of the bourgeoisie, deprived of their kameristok replace elastic corset to his likeness, much softer, thus easier to use, which perform the function of baleen rubber springs. From this blow corset will not recover, sacrificed on the altar of comfort.
A bit of history tights.
Modern stockings - a decoration for any woman's feet. Matte and shiny, Waist, two of us nj dating service with different dense insertions in problem areas, delicate and smooth classic, black and white, body and colored tights ... good for everyday use in all weather conditions and are able to make the legs the most prominent part of the figures in a matter of seconds. And since the Englishwoman Mary Quant in the late '60s skirts lifted to dizzying heights and stockings and panties merged, becoming tights - this type of clothing has become a classic and is a staunch ally in the struggle for men's attention. In their variety every woman can find the right person for yourself, but let us remember how it all began.
Let's start with grandparents. The first knitted baby socks were found in Coptic tombs around the V century BC But then the art of knitting was lost and recovered only in the XIII century, although appearing stockings knitted long won popularity. Until then socks - pants were made of linen, wool, silk, thin skin and is part of the name of men's clothing. According to the mid-fourteenth century fashion, each of the halves of the trousers were made of cloth of various colors: blue and red, white and pink, etc. Trouser legs are usually decorated with images of family coat of arms of the owner or the sayings of famous men of the time (this can be seen by looking film "Romeo and Juliet"). I write about them French monk Pierre d * Orzhen: "Clothes are so short that the visible and pantaloons that covered them ... And these trousers were so narrow that they put on and remove them without help was impossible." It is these trousers (highway) was the ancestor of modern pantyhose. They serve both stockings and trousers, stockings because as an independent piece of clothing and linen were not known.
In the fifteenth century dandies supplemented tights codpiece - hard etui, decorate on the site of attachment of ribbons and fringe. In the XVI century in Spain once again became widespread stockings related manually. King Henry VIII of England once received from Spain, one pair of stockings as an expensive gift. It is worth noting that in the past century stockings were a necessary element of the gentlemen's wardrobe, and while in the wardrobe of a knight were not only warm, but also Mail stockings as leg had to defend not only from rheumatism, but also from enemy swords and spears.
The first knitting machine for stockings invented in 1589 by an English priest William Lee Master of Theology. Stockings connected to the machine, starting to displace the fashion at that time stockings, made of silk and velvet. Under Louis XIV preferred light blue and red stockings, which have strengthened the knees ornate garters and bows. In elegant marquise de Pompadour followers were in fashion white lace silk stockings.
XIX century - a turning point in the life of hosiery. With the advent of the long tubular stocking men's trousers value is lost, and they are shortening, turn into socks. Women's skirt is getting shorter and shorter legs and turned into an object of attention of men and stockings - an important element of fashion and seduction of men. Hosiery become an indispensable subject of the female wardrobe, and the invention of viscose, which is called "artificial silk", has made a smooth, relatively transparent stockings and tights available even for buyers with modest incomes.
In the 1920s, winning a flesh-colored silk stockings. Nowadays prefer stockings and tights of synthetic fibers. The invention in 1938 DUPONT concern the world's first synthetic fiber - nylon - can be called the first revolution in the history of hosiery. In advertising of those years of him saying that it has "the strength of steel and the fineness of the web." Nylon stockings go on sale for the first time in Wilmington (United States, Delaware) and have a resounding success. For the first year it sold 64 million pairs. Buy a novelty even women customers come from New York. However, the Second World War suspends production of fine fiber for hosiery and nylon stockings become extremely rare since All raw materials are produced for the needs of the army and, in particular, two of us nj dating service is very durable and lightweight parachutes.
The end of the war marked a return to the stores' neylonok "and leads to huge queues, and the formation of clubs admirers" neylonok. " The ladies quickly saw through that image of the girl in stockings seduces men and contributes to new acquaintances .
In 50 years, Tide appear seamless stockings. Technology has made the cardinal step forward and beloved by all women garment disappeared longitudinal seams. Improved technology leads to the variety of degrees of subtlety, clarity and colors offered range of stockings, which leads to a reduction in the cost of nylon stockings and makes them much more affordable. Second hosiery pantyhose revolution associated with the emergence of Lycra in 1959. A new, more flexible textured yarn of nylon, named elastane, oblegaemost and improves the appearance of products (the first stockings were made of almost inelastic "smooth" polyamide).
Widespread rock 'n' roll and the appearance of miniskirts leads to massive expansion of tights and some of the trendiest products are opaque tights. However, the original Lycra developed and has been used to create a new concept of lingerie "body stocking" - body (bodywear), which eliminated the inconvenience of women corsetry. For the first time in the production of tights become applicable LYCRA, obkruchennaya polyamide in purely functional products, so-called "pull-up stockings or support" for the comfort of the legs. Development and start of production of superfine strands of the new generation of species leads to the beginning of the massive use of first-class Lycra very thin tights and stockings, advertised under the name "Satin Sheers" ("transparent silk") two of us nj dating service. Hosiery Lycra to occupy a dominant position in the US market and gain the first important victory in Europe. By the mid-90s, more than half of all manufactured and sold tights and stockings had a total Lycra. Third, perhaps, our descendants will be the creation of technology LYCRA 3D, which leads to the production of tights, having unsurpassed comfort and appearance, have the same elasticity in length and width, providing maximum freedom of movement and comfort. two of us nj dating service.

Higher Order of Love
No one doubts that this is the best reward Knight - Beautiful Lady. But few know that it is officially recorded in the history of European higher orders.
Once a year at Windsor Castle English kings going Knight of the Garter 100 percent free online dating service. Spicy origin of the Order - from stocking garter mistress of Edward III - known to all. The phrase of the King, which became the motto of the Order: "Shame on him who thinks ill of it" - interpreted unambiguously.
In fact, the Countess of Salisbury, minced famously besieged her castle Scots did not yield to the king rode to save her! "I, Your Majesty - said the countess on the threshold of the bedroom Edward, removing the steel armor and wearing the dress - always ready to serve you, but to the extent that allows my and your honor."
"Every man I meet, wanted to protect me. I can not understand, from what", - said the film star Mae West. It was this victory meant the king, picking up the ball on the blue embroidered garter Countess and making it a symbol of honor for the valiant knights who distinguished themselves at the Battle of Crecy. Courage them as the Countess, was not to occupy, but the concern of honor would do well to learn from her!
On a large, but pure love and says Italy's highest order - Annunciate (Order of the Annunciation). His sign is in the form of Braids hair that was cut off from himself and gave his Great Amadeus Beautiful Lady, when the Duke of Savoy went heroically to defend the island of Rhodes from the Turks in 1310.
If you think about pigtails, which in the XVI century French braided with bright ribbons, "bikini", then made a mistake. House of Savoy, which 500 years later joined Italy and made its award the most prestigious award wop, differed amazing purity of morals!
STROYMETALL Such orders could not qualify for a misogynist Athos, 100 percent free online dating service whose impish Alexander Dumas "honored" the three top awards.
Remember, as the Comte de la Fere in London wears garters chain of the Golden Fleece and with great pride - ribbon of the Order of the Holy Spirit ?! Only this order, frankly, can count and earned.
The famous Order of the Golden Fleece was established by Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy on the day of his wedding with Isabella of Portugal January 10, 1429. Get the princess was not easy, and the Order symbolized the battle Jason with the dragon guarding the golden fleece. Delightful beauty with long shapely legs, aspen waists and curvy plump lips are waiting bells from you. They dream of the night with you to reveal to you all their secrets and show all depraved skills. Chic Independents left St. Petersburg on our site are not only the photos but also videos that you can not remain indifferent, and always wanted to spend time with them an intimate partner. These girls are able to bring to the heavenly orgasms even had seen a lot and very demanding customers. We will not recall that win the legendary hero ensured his beloved Medea. Just read just happy newlyweds composed by the motto: "The award is not inferior to exploit"; "At first pass, then Catching Fire" Finally, "I possess and other do not want to." Guess from three times what they mean!
Through love Burgundy Order of the Golden Fleece was the main prize of Europe. His daughter praised her husband Philip the Good, energetic Austrian Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg. Inspired by his wife, he became the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, whose award was more prestigious than the Order of the dukes and kings.
Supreme Order of royal France also originates from the beautiful ladies, 100 percent free online dating service but - the French. Of course, the Comte de la Fere, who wore the Order of the Holy Spirit with special pride, knew its history. Her descendants Du told Ware, a trustee of the bishop of Grasse, the first chaplain of Queen Margot.
Marguerite de Valois herself told Du Veru that "the establishment of the Order of the Holy Spirit was made out of love for her." Zhelannaya heroes France ribbon of the Order, said the queen, is her "own colors: pale green, golden yellow, and blue-violet."
King Henry III of France was very fond of his sister Margot. Simply, in French, to 15 years. But the young anemone favored two other brothers, and nobles, even mass grooms!
"Heinrich", - admitted the Queen Margot confessor, - she "did not have any inclination to it, and he always sought what he wanted, only by force."
Order of the Holy Spirit was created in honor of the King of the only woman in Europe, which he had taken by force. It is awarded to the most outstanding kings and generals.
By the end of the XVIII century, when the Order was abolished, the French did not understand the truth, "a real man always will achieve what he wants from his woman." 100 percent free online dating service.

Women's traps and tricks
Women adorn life. But they are - a source of increased danger. Sweet smile or innocent remark may actually be an insidious trap. If we are hit, will never get out. However, if careful, you can avoid the traps dating service online. Some. Sometimes. Although in general, ...
Incidentally, it is not necessary to blame everything on her. It is actually good for you concern. They simply have it in the blood - to arrange traps and enjoy the moans of helpless victims. She did not notice that she had turned this three-meter pit with steep walls, disguised with branches and rotting leaves. You, too, did not notice anything.
Why do they do it? For different reasons. Some traps are designed to immensely complicate your relationship and you confuse them to utter hopelessness. So you never got anywhere there is not. Others exist in order to demand a ransom for the release of the prisoner (by a kiss on the nose to buy a furry body). Finally, the third trap does not pursue any mercantile goals. They just called to remind you: the entire history of your relationship - a game with only one goal. The probability of your winning is not higher than in the game of poker with a defective vending Coca-Cola.
Far from avoiding traps or get out with small losses will not succeed. This happens only in adventure books. But if you follow the basic rules of security, perhaps you would still be able to escape from the trap. To then, of course, fall into the next one.
Treacherous traps 1
"Please do not give me anything for my birthday / March 8 / anniversary dating / if ever dating service online."
Position the trap. There and then, when it seems that everything in life is radiant and festive. In an ideal - on a Sunday walk around the lake with white swans. You're not looking look in her eyes and simply fail to notice subtle signs of danger.
Means of camouflage. If the trap is installed correctly, the victim takes his expression of unconditional love. Supposedly you are dear girl alone, rather than as a potential sponsor by buying dvuhkaratnogo Chopard pendant in the shape of the Colorado potato beetle.
Disaster scenarios. Suppose you take her words at face value and go to meet the wishes of the girl. This means that you are rudely and cynically abused her feelings, refusing to compensate the lady for her selflessness innocent trinket. For example, dvuhkaratnym Colorado potato beetle. Now assume that you, on the contrary, did not take her words seriously. In vain. You accuse that you never listen to her wishes, and instead tried to bribe her stupid tasteless gifts. As a result, you get a headache, and your friend - and the power of initiative. Plus two carats.
How to avoid it. This is clearly a trap made the girl since childhood are not spoiled by affection and attention of adults. Now she takes revenge on fate, causing you to be the inattentive parent. Either you (like her father) did forget about it, or (as the mother) will buy her love trinkets. Refusing a gift, girl actually has something else in mind: "Please, show me, what I really care about the." Prove you can in different ways, but the most preferred of them - sex. It is desirable in such a way that the young lady did not have to do anything herself. And only then the light extracted Colorado beetles.
Treacherous Trap 2
"I think your friend Sergei refers to women cynical. What do you think?"
Position the trap. Near the tray with pornographic publications or in places where the women of the ancient profession. In short, where is your Serge spends his carefree days and nights.
Means of camouflage. It simply supports the conversation. Somehow suddenly I remembered Sergei. Just wanted to know your opinion.
Disaster scenarios. Men's solidarity requires that you stood up for the Seregina moral character (which is really hard to stand up to criticism). Since then, the target of criticism will become yourself. Order the women's fashion jackets for the winter in Moscow link In the worst case you have to overnight on the kitchen couch in the apartment of your promiscuous friend. On the other hand, can palter and come up with unequivocal condemnation flabby moral norms that degenerate. Do not tell her later that you want to see the final of the Champions Cup on Seregina flat screen. How can you maintain a relationship with a man in the depths of the soul despise?
How to avoid it. Practice in front of a mirror advance prim lips and raising his eyes to the ceiling. Then memorize the following passage: "Yes, we Sergei often talk about it. I was very upset to haul his way to his bed indiscriminately. I think after talking to me he, too, began to think about how to settle down and find a decent respect for her friend. " Result: you get a conflict-free relationship with the world's best woman, Serge continues to enjoy life together and you look at the European Cup final, dating service online and wide flat screen. It is possible that in the colorful ladies' society.
Treacherous Trap 3
"Do not you think I'm a little behind the stout?"
Position the trap. Where and when you want. Especially careful you have to be in those moments when she checks their readiness before going out (for example, the wedding very pretty girlfriend, the reunion or for an interview at a modeling agency).
Means of camouflage. You think she swallowed her appearance, and you're here simply as an extra. An innocent question can easily be mistaken for an expression of trusting helplessness.
The first scenario is a disaster. Maybe we should be honest to tell her that she recovered a little? In the end, you are worried about her health. A low-calorie diet and aerobics have not harmed anyone. But hearing your medical advice, she straightened her back, move away to a distance of a direct to the jaw and starts asking about the details: where? These folds? How long have you noticed? In the worst case, it really sits on a diet and can be written on aerobics. Maybe it is, and will benefit, but endured its hardships and tests will fall on your conscience is a heavy burden. Forget about it will not let you for a minute.
The second scenario is a disaster. You can filter casually: "Come on, you look great." Either you do it ceased to notice any obvious and obviously lying. In order to satisfy their vile libido. Any price and with anyone. Even with such a bloated and fat cow, which sees itself as your beloved friend.
The third disaster scenario. "I do not know ... And you have long weighed?" Worse than this just cleaning her razor brush for eyelashes. With the same success you might say, "I have long been interested to look at your wrinkles, dating service online so move on to the dry language of numbers."
How to avoid it. View on the face of insults in the best feelings. Dazed and confused. You can not imagine how your friend in the head come such nonsense. In general, it is unclear how such a fragile and frail creature has found the strength to utter this remark. To make matters worse the effect, try it himself offended. The girl with whom you share a bed, is the best, sexy and graceful determination, and woe to those who do not understand.
Treacherous traps 4
"What position do you like sex?"
Position the trap. In bed. Immediately after the dizzying corporal unity, in the wake of hormone endorphin bliss. What is there to be threatening?
Means of camouflage. The young lady says it with inimitable sexy playfulness. You think that it causes you to be frank. Maybe she just wants you to receive the maximum pleasure from sex.
Disaster scenario. If you think you like any posture ... But if you were asked about the last wish, it would be a barbecue in the Kara and sex doggy-style ...
Gotcha. Listen: "I mean to you no more than a barbecue in Karski. You do not even want to see my face during sex - probably imagine in my place this mare from your secretariat." If the internal censor forbade time you mention the dog's position, you're likely lyapnesh that you will come to mind in the second place. The most innocent. Are you sure? "Just in the missionary position you can not see my body - probably imagine in my place the cow in accounting. You generally uninteresting sex with me, just to get rid of more."
How to avoid it. Think long. When she opens her mouth had to repeat the question on your lips to appear dreamy smile. Remembering the blood of the many exciting positions, experienced together with your beloved darling. "You know, maybe I really like when you're on top ... I can see you entirely - and the eyes, and the clavicle, and a touching defenseless animal ..." act?
Treacherous traps 5
"True Julia is an open dress?"
Position the trap. More often - in a club or at a party . Surrounded by a large number of women, make a special effort to ensure that the look stunning. However, a woman in any circumstances, does not cease to compare ourselves with possible contenders. And I do not doubt that you're constantly doing the same thing.
Means of camouflage. The question may emerge suddenly in the midst of innocent remarks: "It is true that a lot of people today? How do you feel in a new tie? Try this salad with shrimp ... do you like it? Let me put to you. However, Julia going? .." You quietly get involved a series of answers: "Uh-huh. Yes normal tie, I forgot about him. Thank you. Good. Even a spoon dating service online. If I were alone, I would have with this Julia ..." Oops! That's all.
Disaster scenario. After that you'll be a whole evening talking to friends: "I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend - she was out there hiding behind a ficus." But suppose you were neat and out of all the ladies you like just shrimp salad. Your true companion decides that it does not happen. You're probably hiding something. It is even possible that these girls are the characters of your secret fantasies . So colorful that you can not even admit them to his own conscience. How to avoid it. In fact, women are quite naive. For example, they may believe that's this: "Hmm, yes, objectively, of course, it goes her dress ... Although not quite to my taste." Let her mind flashes something like "What a cute! He wants only me and nobody else." While the girlfriend drugged her sweet dreams, you can easily estimate the external data this very Yulka. Or, imagine it without any dress, handcuffs and coat with chocolate cream.
Other hazards. "What do you think of my friends who are the prettiest?" It is possible that somewhere in the periphery of consciousness you will fly a thought: what if she holds casting for group sex with you in the lead role? This idea was to catch, pull out, throw on the floor and quickly trample heel. Death, and that no one noticed.
Treacherous traps 6
"Perhaps we should often invite guests."
Position the trap. A cozy evening at home alone.
Means of camouflage. Angelic look and indifferent stirring spoon in a glass of jasmine tea. If you are really worn out warm home, you decide that she wants to make your life brighter and more varied. If the guard is not quite dulled - can suspect that a friend bored. In fact, everything is much more serious ...
Disaster scenario. The girls appreciate life partner devotion home, and men in general - adventurism, initiative and proactive stance. How are you going to combine these incompatible qualities - it's your problem. Try to say that you do not want any guests - you are guaranteed the image of a lazy pet in slippers and pajamas. You suspect that you are tormented complex jealousy, want to deprive his girlfriend secular life and put her under house arrest. If you are an enthusiastic start to compile lists of invitees - then you are in a penny do not you put your family comfort and just waiting for the case to a full house nataschit wading blondes with a fourth the size of the bust.
How to avoid it. Firstly, self-control. Then a slight shrug. "I'm always glad to visitors. I do not want to enter your four walls, honey. I'm just happy with you - no matter, there is someone around or not dating service online." After a short pause utter dreamy and thoughtfully: "And you can arrange a holiday together. We will order by phone champagne and oysters, you put on her green velvet gown ..." A gentle and patronizing touch her shoulder. It now remains to wait for the reaction. Whatever she said in response, now you are master of the situation. You see, our floor also has its pitfalls. dating service online.

Dossier femme fatale
Sometimes, somehow it becomes sad that the years go by, and because you did not start the war, the couple did not shoot languid beauties May morning, the young talent did not devote a poetic sense of poetry, lds dating service in hawaii and a collection of broken hearts suspiciously long been replenished.
And the history of cinema, and as luck would have it, reminiscent of Elena the Fair (changed a couple of men, was the reason for the war in general, entertain the little things), Carmen (ruined lover Jose), Lou Salome (broken heart of the poet Rilke and Freud, the father of psychoanalysis). What to say about Nastasia of the immortal work of Dostoevsky. You can only breathe "femme fatale!".
... A real femme fatale - kind of an endangered, if not extinct.
Black Mark
I do not know about you, but to me the word "good rock 'eyes have not yet come across. That extraordinary woman, whom we call fatal, as it marked the symbolic black mark, signaling the danger. They went down in history not as a poet, beautiful, clever, but as la femme fatale, the queen among women, famous for the love that felt for him.
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Femme fatale can be described like this: grooming, cat plastic voice often low, richly intoned. Women of this type can be perfectly beautiful, and just pretty. Makeup can be both calm and challenging - there's a matter of taste of the ladies. Her charm, pretty bizarre flavored notes and somewhere so manifest: hairstyle, dress, manners. For the femme fatale is characterized predilection for unusual outfits and appearance experiment on your own no matter what style is unlike. For her, there is no fashion trends, she creates fashion, she never complied.
The woman usually makes a lasting impression - here converge ice and fire, sincerity and deceit are converging ice and fire, sincerity and deceit, and the passion and the ability to ruthlessly denied. Men admire her and other women hate. It is difficult to hold the attention and practically impossible to force anything. So proud nature can be born into poverty, but life goes on like a queen.
The main features of the portrait femme fatale:
- Self-confidence
- Charisma
- Wit
- Originality
- Thorough knowledge of male psychology
- A tendency to show off
- Declarative disregard for men
- Sexuality
- Huge, often destructive power
- High education
- Heightened sense of humor
She goes through life laughing
As for the trail of broken hearts and broken lives, most often fatal woman lds dating service in hawaii does not seek to collect men, just that she is the brightest star of the sky and the big attracts everything smaller. This is not a courtesan and hunter men her favor is not for sale - the buyer rather fooled and used.
The femme fatale is not looking for male attention, acting on a diabolical covenant "come and offer themselves." A thirst for possession causes, including lack of access to it, multiplied by the glamor.
Often the one who called surrounding the fatal woman, a man, a lot of suffering and grasp the wisdom of life the hard way. It has no affectedness or mannerisms, but with interest and sincerity sparkling, no wonder these women compared with fire.
Femme Fatale is rarely happy, its very destructive nature rebels against tranquil happiness of the human element - the stormy ocean and there is no place for fragile craft. With ordinary men, femme fatale bored, she plays with them, "What if that? And if the commercials? Oh, same thing. SKU-scientifically! ". Therefore, if you really la femme fatale stops on someone your choice, this person as an extraordinary nature. However, the process of disintegration feelings of such people quite quickly: Yesterday you were loved, and now no longer needed. Therefore, for the years allotted to her femme fatale time to live many lives and to gain experience for ten.
For the creative mind is priceless Muse and flavored sweet poison inspiration. How many great poets and artists fully opened next to such extraordinary women: Dali, Mayakovsky, Eluard ...
Be happy with the femme fatale is impossible on it and rock, but that's beside the periphery of its storms can be quite fun and not lose yourself. And for the love of it, however, as for her love, will have to pay dearly. More often than not on the price tag marked "best years", "career", "faith in people", but sometimes the price rises to mind and life. "Since it is impossible, and without in any way" - it's all about the femme fatale.
It must be admitted (sadly not even know it or not, because I do not admire such divas impossible) lds dating service in hawaii that this femme fatale - kind of an endangered, if not extinct.
Strong feelings is not in vogue, and the two-dimensionality of the contemporary world presented the TV screen or a sheet of paper on demand such as flat characters. That image of the femme fatale became associated with sex symbol. A typical example of this kind of substitution - Madonna.
Today, you can find a femme fatale solely on the outskirts of the consumer society: in Bohemia, and various subcultures. Alas, this diva "local" modern style life and the depreciation of personality often turn into banal pretty girls bitch than in the mysterious and enigmatic femme fatales who have the talent to attract the great nature. lds dating service in hawaii.

A woman of our dreams!
What would be a woman, if men have created their own, not trusting this matter whom no hitting.
1. Every time denying sex to the man, online dating service for adults they would have gained 500 grams of extra weight.
2. Two chest - this, in general, a healthy minimalism, and to increase their number, perhaps nowhere. But ideally they certainly would not have been so firmly fixed on the front of the body - persistent but gentle prodding them on time could be moved, for example, on the back.
3. During the football championships, they would have fell into suspended animation.
4. If she comes to you on a date with a friend, it would mean only one thing. Threesome - and immediately!
5. They would be a great sense of universal harmony. At the sight of a man looking football, they would lose a sense of control over it, and raced for a beer, that was the perfect composition online dating service for adults.
6. Election sclerosis - a great thing. Women would be well to remember, where are your clean shirt, and when a battle of Agincourt, but the information from well-wishers (strange to say!), Who saw you last night at the bar in the arms of some obscure citizen - such information would completely erode from the female Memory after 2.5 minutes after penetration into the ear.
7. They would still love slow dances. But only under Rammstein.
8. Type Kirkorov would cause their lasting gag reflex. Even if he is silent.
9. In all other cases, the gag reflex was absent in women in principle. You can not imagine how the world would change for the better if women simply refers to the pressure at the root of the tongue!
10. Bra size women have changed in cycles, by day of week. On Monday - the first number on Tuesday - the second Wednesday - the third and so on ... Saturday and Sunday - public holidays.
11. All women would be provided with a switch efficiency of the brain. Scale switch would begin with, "God, how clever you are! Tell me this anecdote once again, and I had forgotten it! "And ended would be" no problem, my dear, agglyumatizm beta interferon for this constant equals 3.5876909. Now I write to you all, and you can go to receive his Nobel Prize online dating service for adults. "
12. In the days favorable for conception, they would be included on the forehead flashing red light with siren.
13. These days a year there would be two ... no, because all of humanity, perhaps, will become extinct. Well, five!
14. Sitting in the car as a passenger, they would lose the elasticity of the vocal cords and deprived of speech. Porn in the best quality watch free videos on the best porn website of Russia at speeds in excess of one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour they would automatically include craving oral sex.
15. Every female driver after her five minutes at a time without looking at the rear view mirror on the nose would appear pimple. And when you rebuild lanes without activating indicator - as many as two.
16. After 18 years, any woman has a terrible allergy to the smell, appearance, voice and handwriting of his mother.
17. Pregnancy proceeded to two weeks. Childbirth would occupy five minutes and would be amusing process, like a cross between a game of rugby, embroidery and crossword puzzles.
18. The rods and cones in their eyes would be arranged so that any elongated object appeared to them twice as long and wider than it actually is.
19. Chocolate would act on them even more effective than it is now. Having a bar of chocolate, she would have forgiven you have changed, two - transmission enemies native secrets of the defense industry.
20. Abbreviation PMS would mean "Lift Machine." And nothing else.
21. In their ears would be special miniature translators and interpreters, which are automatically converted to a replica male-to-female language. Instead of "Yeah" they would hear "Honey, you look delicious," and instead of "aha" - "You can not imagine how happy I am that I was able to meet an ideal of mind, tenderness, beauty and talent, like you online dating service for adults!"
22. The program of the girls' final school exams for 11th grade would include "Fundamentals of striptease" .
23. And after school, they briefly went into the army, where they would be taught to dress for forty-five seconds. Well, even half a minute - on dismantling and assembling beautician. online dating service for adults.

Women and men are equally excited
Now a man can pay less attention to sexual caresses a woman. Thus, the results of a new study presented in September 2006 at a conference of the Canadian Sex Research Forum in Ottawa, adult online dating service denied the universal belief that women need more time for sexual arousal.
In this new study, 28 men and 30 women first watched a video with Canadian rural landscape, each in a separate room. In this way, the researchers established the basic temperature of each individual.
Subjects were naked from the waist down and positioned so that their genital area was "in sight" thermal imaging camera. Participants then watched another video on the same subject, pornography, horror and comic clips from "Best Scene Mr Bean".
The computer receives information from a distance with a thermal camera, saw a jump of genital temperature - a sign of sexual excitement - only when objects watched pornography. When viewing pornography the average temperature increased by 2 degrees.
Cafe Serpukhov According to the testimony of the computer, the men reached the highest sexual arousal for 665 seconds, which is about 10 minutes, and the women - for 743 seconds. The difference between these time intervals is not statistically significant adult online dating service.
Therefore, women and men are sexually excited in the same time. "In the past, attempts were made to register the sexual arousal by internal probes and electrodes," - says Tuuli Kukkonen, helped in conducting such a study under the direction of Irv Binic in Masgilla University Medical Center in Montreal, Canada.
For women who have participated in previous studies, this sometimes meant the use of uncomfortable probe, like a tampon. Because of these "internal" methods, "the study of sexual arousal was very difficult, "says Kukkonen.
And compare the sexual response between men and women was even more difficult because for the sexes use different methods of measurement. That is why Kukkonen and her colleagues have now used thermal graphs for measuring the temperature increase in the genital area adult online dating service.
Thus, the results presented at a conference in Ottawa, refute the general opinion that women need more time for sexual arousal. adult online dating service.

British outlined ideal for men and women
An interesting study conducted recently, one of Britain's fashion magazines. During interrogation, he tried to find out what men and women, according to the British, the most attractive.
The result was that the perfect woman - lush brunette, adult online dating service and personals and it is desirable that she was a nurse from Sheffield. The ideal man also wears a white robe.
He must be a doctor from New Castle, and the emphasis is not on the physical data, and an amazing sense of humor and a cashmere sweater.
The survey showed that men prefer women with forms, rather than thin, with preference given to the ladies with long, slightly curly dark hair. Three-quarters of respondents from the stronger sex, the most attractive feature of the female called "friendly smile" and a love of cooking - best female passion.
At the same time women are not so much the man's appearance as his character. Nine out of ten women want a man who knows how to laugh, 73% of respondents prefer to those who behaved like a perfect gentleman, that is, he does not ask after dinner in the restaurant: "Well, how we divide by?" - And he pays himself.
They also found that women are much less than men, excites sexual history of their partners. About half of the fairer sex said that they do not care how many partners they have been elected to this novel. Stalker mods, adult online dating service and personals patches, trainers, cheats, conservation, old builds, and more on our website. Among men, a position shared by only 29% . But if the result of former relationships were children, the number of women who are concerned about this and feel that children from other women hindrance new relationship increases and reaches 97%.
In matters of sex, men are eternal optimists and romance
Men say they are as romantic as women, just want to have sex with many partners. This opinion has been revealed as a result of the online survey, which covered 250 thousand men and women. The survey also showed that many of the stereotypes of men and women are very deeply rooted and are linked to biological factors, according to The Independent.
Men have a need for more sex than women, and are "sexual optimists." When men were asked how much they think they will have sexual partners in the next five years, the average figure in the responses was 3.4, while among women - 1.9.
When the researchers developed tests showed the men that they have better spatial orientation than women. At the same time, women were more successful in tests for eloquence. At the same time, scientists have found that about one-fifth of men - typically "female" brains, and in about the same proportion of women - thinking typical of men adult online dating service and personals. Professor John Manning of the University of Central Lancashire said that this online survey was unprecedented in its scale - was attended by representatives of 170 countries and six ethnic groups. Each respondent answered 200 questions and performed a series of simple tests for traits and cognitive abilities. adult online dating service and personals.

In a rapidly changing world, the most vulnerable are loving relationship. Often, after a few years of marriage, sex partners lose their charm, spontaneity, intensity, dating service detroit gradually increasing dissatisfaction due to the proximity of magic disappearing. Sex becomes a routine exercise, or a matter of habit, "the latter need" that can always be postponed. Sexologists claim that the flavors and touch can return the "lost happiness": to be alone out of time, out of space in his world, a world of tenderness and passion.
Essential oils are one of the most ancient elixirs, opening the most incredible heights of love. Famous for his amorous talents Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Alexander the Great, Margaret of Navarre, Casanova, Catherine II, the Marquis de Pompadour, Pauline Viardot skillfully used essential oils as a means of love magic. Why aromatic oils charitable affect sexual relationships?
The first component of the aromatic oils, which we feel is the right scent, flavor. The charming, intoxicating, alluring, with notes of fancy fragrance not only causes erotic associations , and the excitation pulse in the receptors of the nose, projecting to areas of the brain that are responsible for the erogenous zones, and then - on the genitals dating service detroit.
The second component of the aromatic oil, we do not immediately able to grasp, but that does not diminish its impact. It is the ability of all, without exception, oils, update the mechanism of self-regulation in the body. It can not be the ease and naturalness in communication between lovers, if at least one of them a headache or a cold start, if the severity of heart, and in his mind - apathy. All erotic scents have antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates asthenia and depression, a sense of zakompleksovannosti and uncertainty in the forces. Women's happiness is the official website for all women, containing useful tips for women our site for women ready to become a close friend and good sovetchitsey for you to on each page you receive timely advice and guidance of experts.
All essential oils have a range of erotic beneficial effects on the skin, rejuvenating, smoothing, refreshing and giving it elasticity. Due biomassazhnyh properties aromaessentsii provide a burst of energy to muscles and the flow of nervous energy, filling each response sophistication and motivation of love.
Essential oils guide erotic exposure optimize blood circulation in the pelvic organs, normalize the work of endocrine and exocrine increase the cell cycle, eliminate stagnant processes and decomposition reactions. Aromas of temptation
Bergamot - enhances the erotic pulsation, imagination and fantasy. Carnation - revitalizes natural, eliminates vascular and spasmodic reaction eliminates the expectation of failure.
Geranium - opens the breath of sensuality woman after 45 years, inspires, dating service detroit raises above the vanity, brings elements of sentimentality and day-dreaming in erotic chat. It nourishes your sensuality and youth.
Jasmine - liberates shy nature, enhances mutual understanding of partners. Perfect feminine oil, allows you to experience the pleasure intimacy during pregnancy.
Ylang-ylang - erotic chat colors in bright, unique colors, gives confidence and helps to guess and perform the most secret desires of the partner, strengthens intuition and psychology of lovemaking increases the potency of men and women susceptibility, picks up on the highest peaks of orgasm.
Ginger - male oil that increases the potency, increases the duration of sexual intercourse, warms, stimulates, gives determination and confidence.
Cedar - gives a spicy, somewhat "scratchy" tone sensations, removes stiffness and discomfort, fills partners joyful feeling erotic victory. Inspires noble deeds.
Cypress - opens a "second wind of love" those over 50, increases stamina and flexibility of the body, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, "bares" erogenous zones, increasing their sensitivity.
Cinnamon - a symbol of erotic gigantism. Cinnamon oil transfers its fire energy even to phlegmatic pragmatics, warms, drunk, making a relationship provocatively teasing and wit; develops a violent fantasy of gestures and touch. Synonymous defining properties of cinnamon - "the impossible is possible."
Juniper - gives strength, determination, natural feelings and actions; refines, makes a clean and unique love every minute of the game. Strengthens the virility, eliminates the coldness in the relationship makes it easy to carry out multiple sexual contacts.
Neroli - opens the door to a magical and mysterious world of all-consuming passion, dating service detroit increases the potency and sensitivity, allows you to experience long-term enjoyment of orgasm.
Patchouli - luminous ancient erotic oil which awakens erotic enthusiasm and generosity, increases the potency and the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, makes the fellowship element of novelty and holiday coloring erotic contact in bright colors; It helps rejuvenate the endocrine system and balance hormones.
Rose - a delicious delicacy of feeling blossoms under the influence of rose oil. Enhances psychology and reverent attitude to the partner. Ideal for young shy nature. A fabulous whiff of this fragrance brings naturalness and comfort in drawing the first night and the first acquaintance.
Rosemary - inspires, warms, increases susceptibility inspires relations, allows you to open the most beautiful part of the soul, encourages the repetition of erotic contacts, increasing their duration and intensity. It makes more sensual relationship.
Sandal - enriches the sensory qualities of personality, revealing the most secret motives partner strengthens the imagination, gives erotic contact heady sophistication, reports of sexual play blues rhythm and sverhvozbumost from slow, gentle caresses, increases the potency.
Pine - gives a burst of energy, a variety of erotic gestures helps to feel comfort and protection in the arms of a partner to gain confidence in their abilities, increases the duration of sexual intercourse, saturating them with fire and recklessness.
Thyme - helps open up insecure, nervous natures refreshes and awakens emotions, increases the potency, prevents premature ejaculation, erotic revelation makes it easier to partners.
Some oils, such as lavender, tangerine, lemon, have mediated erotic effect: dating service detroit using these oils you can "soften" too tart or sweet smell of erotic oils (ylang-ylang. Patchouli, nutmeg, ginger) to suit your taste.
In addition to these pure essential oils, there aromaessentsy mixture in which the synergies of action by constituents significantly enhanced physiological (increased potency, the sensitivity of erogenous zones, etc.) and energy (erotic pulsation, intuition, natural, etc.) properties . You can prepare a mixture having an attractive aroma and powerful effect on the organs of the human sensibility.
Aromatic blend of essential oils increases libido for men (massage): 4 to Cedar, frankincense to 2, 2 to orange, sandalwood to 8, 2 to vetiver, ylang-ylang to 2. Add 30 ml (2 tbsp. Tablespoons) of the base oil (sweet almond or grape seeds).
Superb combination of oils is an aphrodisiac for women (massage): 2 to bergamot, coriander 2 to jasmine to 6, rose to 4, 2 to sandalwood. Add 30 ml (2 tbsp. Spoons) base oil (sweet almond or grape seeds ).
Since ancient times in the East odors used to raise the tone. Ancient priests kept a closely guarded secret recipes "flavor of love." Here are some of ancient Chinese recipe increases sexual receptivity.
In the bath add 2 drops of essential oil of anise, fennel, rosemary, narcissus, dating service detroit jasmine.
Essential oil flower Ilan Ilan has a special sweet smell and can be used for sexual stimulation as in the special lamp (aromalampe), and when grinding during an erotic massage.
When impotence and frigidity is useful to apply the oil of black pepper, cardamom, clary sage, neroli, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, patchouli and ylang-ylang. On the contrary: in order to reduce sexual arousal recommend marjoram oil and camphor. dating service detroit.

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