The popularity of female sex tourism is steadily growing
Female sex tourism is actively developing. Only in the Caribbean each year comes about 600 thousand women, eager male attention. Sami ladies prefer to call it tactfully - "romantic trip" because the female sex tourism is very different from men's, and does not include a visit to bars and sex shows to find a matching pair. Women prefer to meet friends in the hotel and even in airports, cosmopolitan ready for sexual services gigolo.
Researchers of the phenomenon of female sex tourism say that this type of recreation is a lot, dating service std's usually alone or unhappy family life middle-aged women. Women simply do not have enough "real men", experts say. Popular among sex tourists destinations - Southern Europe and the Caribbean, Ghana and Kenya in Africa, Bali (Indonesia) and Thailand.
"Corrupt men" over the usual fees per night willingly accept gifts from clients is often quite expensive. Since women tend to be more generous, they, unlike men, do not deny ever. S7k.Ru salon in Dolgoproudnom. Some tourists even offer men to divorce his wife and remarry. dating service std's.

Treason male and female: Causes
"The chains of marriage are so heavy that they have to bear alone. Sometimes the three of us mobile dating service british columbia. " This sentence, even in the nineteenth century expressed by Alexander Dumas son, still could not be more relevant in our time. If you believe the statistics, their halves change from 44 to 76% of men and 21 to 50% of women.
About 25% of women change their husbands in their sexual fantasies . Among men, the percentage is lower (about 13%), they prefer to do it in practice. Approximately 43% of men were tempted to have an affair with a co-worker. Women also prefer to work on their duties, although about 25% of the respondents do not mind communication with a colleague. Among the causes of infidelity 70% of women referred to a failed marriage. At the same time, about half of the male is considered traitors to their marriage successful.
For the fairer sex is typical in an extramarital affair put first feelings - about 80% of unfaithful wives change for love. Among men, only 30% consider his extramarital affair with love.
Only 13% have changed their wives do not suffer from remorse. Because of the stronger sex are affected mostly those whose treachery was revealed.
Causes of male adultery
Don Juan syndrome. Among men, there is a small percentage of sufferers particularly neurotic disorder, which is characterized by an unhealthy desire to assert itself, to prove with the help of numerous sexual relationships and the importance of the weight of the figure. As a rule, such people do not marry, as not capable of serious long-term relationship. Even if they do get married, it is still unable to cope with their illness. And the good attitude towards his wife continue their promiscuous mobile dating service british columbia.
Sexual Avengers. This is a very special class of fans of adultery. Each of them at some point in their lives something hurt or wronged woman, made to feel inferior. It may be a co-worker that has evaded him through the ranks, and the object of his youthful love, which mocked and "podkabluchnoe" family situation, and the head of a female. Such a man takes revenge on the whole feminine only available to him - humiliating and causing suffering the greatest possible number of women. Among sexual Avengers family quite a bit of people, their wives just can not stand bullying is and go. "The Avengers" deliberately give birth due to side, sometimes even specifically advertise them to bring the suffering of his wife. If the man - "henpecked" and is afraid of his wife, he clears his mistress, causing her to suffer. Sexy avenger finds fertile ground for his amorous exploits women seeking support and love.
The cure for boredom. The tendency to a change characteristic of even those men who consider their marriage a success. As time passes love and passion is replaced by monotonous everyday family life. Men who love the thrill, the risk and the role of the winner, affected by moderation and peace in the marriage, though appreciate it and do not want to destroy their careless actions. Movies "left", which tend to be of short duration and are held in the strictest confidence, give the bored husbands vivacity, unwind and let you feel like a hero. Marriage in this case falls apart only if his wife becomes aware of her husband's novels on the side, which happens rarely.
Emotional isolation. Often it happens that the man in the family acts as a leader, focuses on the performance of the duties of the supporter and defender, and households try to solve all the spiritual and psychological problems without him. Wife tries not to pester her husband minor problems and do not allow children. She does not realize that she is taking the first step to mutual alienation. The man understands that no one seeks to share with them the joys and sorrows, and begins to believe that his "use", accusing the family in the consumer attitude to it. To resolve the situation is simple enough to admit their mistakes and try to re-integrate into the lives of loved ones. However, sometimes it is very difficult to do. Much easier to blame the troubles of the family, and to find an outlet in the person financially independent of his mistress, which, according to the men in the first place will appreciate its spiritual qualities. But if it eventually will take it only as a source of wealth, or cease to admire them, they can be found, and another, and if you have to, then a third . Gradually lost faith in the women's sincerity and selflessness, such a man becomes a grouch and a bore mobile dating service british columbia. Or hits the net purse prudent hunter, able to skillfully hide their true feelings and kept them cheering.
Flight to sex. Many men who have psychological problems, in fact, not related to family life and sex (failure at work, problems of age), try to solve them by means of transfer in the sexual sphere. Wife in their insolvency are usually afraid to admit, so look for consolation in girlfriends on the side. The mistress will not say: "I told you so!", do not blame, do not scold. On the contrary, it is regret and caress. Women are characterized by compassion for all that are oppressed and unhappy.
The reasons for women's infidelities.
Sexual dissatisfaction. Explaining his infidelity, most women call it the main factor that pushes them to commit adultery. However, this does not apply nymphomaniacs seeking relationships with men only sexual satisfaction. In general, women try not to admit to her husband that they do not experience orgasm, thus depriving themselves of the opportunity to solve the problem without a hike "on the side".
Getting rid of psychological dependence. Some women believe that marriage binds their individuality, and with the help of sex on the side of trying to get rid of psychological dependence on her husband. On the other men as they exhibit those traits that have to suppress in marriage. Lover gives them a new sense. Typically, these women prefer to start on several novels out of wedlock and in each of them to act in a new role.
Looking for. It is surprising, but a lot of women are looking for an affair outside of marriage is not so much sex and freedom, much communication. They satisfy the emotional hunger that overtakes them in marriage, and the husband is a reliable pillar of the family.
Revenge for the betrayal. It is impossible to conclude that all women - whores. Many women change her husband in a fit of rage after learning about his infidelity, but for one reason or another not daring to dissolve the marriage. Who is doing it intentionally in order to regain confidence. Someone looking for a lover moral support and some do operate on the principle mobile dating service british columbia "He can, but I can not ?!".
In search of a new partner. Sometimes replacing love and admiration spouse comes complete disappointment in him. If a woman fails to establish their family life, or at least a little closer to her ideal, she begins to find a new mate . Once in sight of a worthy man, with whom you can build a new family, she will be ready to make a clean break with "a disappointment" in the face of her husband. But not always the woman turns to immediately find their own happiness, and sometimes in his quest takes almost the whole of life. mobile dating service british columbia.

How to find the perfect woman?
Everyone wants his fiancee was the hostess in the kitchen, in the living room and queen whore in bed dating service costa rica free. Well, is not that a whore, and such that you sincerely believed the best lover in the world. It turns out that these women are. They have no problems with orgasm, on the contrary - get enchanting detente with any man. But choose one. Sexologists call them superwoman. And if you want to find a sexy woman and get a wife, listen to the recommendations of the sexologist, Professor Alexander Poleeva.
Find such a woman is not easy, but the search for justified many times. First, it always has an orgasm, which in itself is a big plus. Secondly, it will discharge very strong and vibrant, which significantly increases the male self-esteem. A main feature of these women - after orgasm, they fall into a state of trance, up to fainting. This condition can last from ten to 20 minutes, after which it will magnify your man to heaven.
In relations with the superwoman, there is one big problem: they are very hard to drag into bed. But I suspect the ability to "die" from orgasm every woman does not need intractable.
We must carefully ask girlfriends new friend and herself about her childhood, sexuality, relationships with parents. If you show the wonders of diplomacy and the skills of a psychologist, you will be able to learn a lot of interesting things. This superwoman must meet certain parameters.
- She started sex life after 22 years.
- Immediately start to enjoy intimacy with a man. Usually women need time to develop sensuality dating service costa rica free.
- As a child, she masturbated a lot, but in her fantasies were not present sadomazohistkie game or gangbang. She represented the usual sex.
- It has excellent health. And all of the fact that during the moment of quality multiorgazma lovers in blood is ejected three times more than that of conventional female erythrocytes, leukocytes and lymphocytes. Hyperventilation contributes to the fact that she knows nothing about respiratory diseases.
- Most likely it was brought up a single mother. The relationship with her that were very trusting. Where are the children, she was told at an early age.
If the answers you is not all clear that the potential superwoman be tested. Try it popristavat, knowing that the fortress will firmly hold the line. In this she has good reason.
- Superwoman rarely agrees to have sex, even with a nice and familiar man. She knows about the peculiarities of his to lose consciousness, so do not trust everyone you meet.
- She never dare to extreme sex (in the elevator car, fitting room). Its semiconscious state immediately becomes noticeable to others.
Eventually superwoman understand exactly what you are looking it and agree to drop your eyes faint. When wakes up, probably lead her to the registry office! With all these women find harmony not only in bed.
- It's always you will understand, or at least will try to do it. For characteristic superwoman benevolent attitude toward men. They are well versed in the psychology of men, more tolerant and easier to compromise. And it does not depend on the social status of women and their intellectual level.
- You're almost guaranteed a submissive mother-in-law. Although that is not transmitted heredity giperorgazmiya mother these women also have a positive attitude to a male and rarely criticized selection daughters dating service costa rica free.
- You'll live longer. All this thanks to giperorgazmii your wife. Husbands sverhzhenschin much less complain of heart.
- Do not even think about the intrigues on the side! These women rarely change. According to sexologist Robin Baker, a powerful sexual energy of his wife's infidelity gene inhibits the development.
The survey of 650 Russian women aged 23 to 45 years showed that:
20% always test
22% often feel, but believe that orgasm could be stronger
30% experiencing irregular
28% have never experienced dating service costa rica free.

Lessons of seduction: how to do it in different countries
Sexologists agree that the principal masters of seduction - a Spanish, nature has endowed them irrepressible temperament and habit haunt the object of his passion. Nine out of ten first senoritas acquainted with men and literally hung on their necks together dating service. But the annoying Spanish cavaliers very persistent in their courtship.
The main weapon of the Spaniards - a piercing look straight in the eye. They regarded it as an expression of interest, confidence and physical attraction. And the gentleman know a lot and are able to "fire eyes" no worse than seniors. In recognition of every fifth resident of Spain, without looking "eye to eye" romantic connection is simply impossible.
Poker chip set 500 high quality perfect for the big cheerful company! On this topic:
The Japanese prefer to seduce, easy soldering elect or chosen one your favorite drink - sake. By the way, this oriental nation embodies the global trend. According to statistics, more than half of all nationalities lavelasov consider alcoholic evening and talk heart to heart as the most effective means of rapprochement.
Beer date - a long tradition in Germany and the Czech Republic. A few beers, delicious sausages and greasy jokes - and the object of desire is entirely yours, we believe in these countries.
But any rule, as usual, there are exceptions. The Portuguese, in spite of all of Europe, have proved the most "sober" lovers: only one out of seven of them found a valid use of a small amount of alcohol at seduction.
Also, scientists sexologists point out that 50% of people in the world recognized that they may seduce "quite ugly people", on the condition that it will apply to the good practices of conquest and will interest them together dating service.
The most picky considered Norwegians, seven out of ten of these northerners are ready to surrender to joy, yielding "technologically competent to the temptation": with a lot of compliments , gifts, romantic dinners and "beautifully furnished culmination."
Another thing - France - a country of romance and true gentlemen. The French adore gifts, prefer to give flowers and chocolates, go to galleries, linger in cafes, picnics in the parks. Responding to a question. Participate in quiz and win, but the Frenchwoman is impossible to seduce a couple of hours using the usual "gentleman's set". At least, it should impress.
But the British and the Dutch are ready to love always and everywhere. It was in England and the Netherlands found the largest number of representatives of the oldest profession. Lessons of seduction: how to do it in different countries Moreover, the local prostitutes are subject to a code of conduct. For example, prostitutes are allowed to ogle, to demonstrate their "physical" charms and professional "skills" - all this is not closer than 3 feet and 5 inches to potential client (a little less than 1 meter).
It is also forbidden to grab potential customers hands (and other organs) and drag along without their "informed, in sober mind and memory consent." All these formalities are performed implicitly and in the bohemian Soho district of London, and Amsterdam's red light district. together dating service.

37 bugs in bed
As we know, women - being with fine mental organization. They may be offended by the most simple and natural things. They tend to be upset because of any nonsense and to attach importance to trifles. Of course, it would be better they were easier. But alas, our ladies - is, in the words of a classic, "the objective reality given us in sensation disabled dating service." What is the most unpleasant - is their inherent habit of playing "partisan". Your friend will be silent until the last, to one day throw in your face all at once: it turns out, it always gives you nothing but trouble and chat with you for a long time for her to become a sophisticated way of self-torture. Both moral and physical. And anyway ... - every one of us knows how much poison a woman can invest in this "general". We conducted a survey among our women friends. Offer them complain about their men - and they did even a few superfluous, as we thought, willingly. The survey revealed, at least thirty-seven points that women hate sex. Not claiming to be the ultimate objective, we honestly reproduce the results of the survey.
1. You're too fast to stop. Most women believe that the reason for this is the only men's evil designs. They think that you could easily hold out, but just did not want to. Because selfish and think only about themselves.
2. You are too long to finish. Now online flash games she thinks that her body does not excite you. And besides, she was tired.
3. You keep silent. As you know, the man loves his eyes, and a woman - the ears. And those ears she wants to hear sweet words. Or at least postanyvanie, indicates the strength of your passion.
4. You're too loud scream. Of all the women surveyed complained it is only one disabled dating service. Ha but very active. Rapid expression of feelings - that's fine, but still remember that you are not in the stadium.
5. Do you have sex with her without removing socks. Why are women so upset at the sight of a naked man in socks is unknown. Understand this is not possible, it is necessary to remember.
6. You are too quick to undress. More than anything, women do not like to be in an awkward situation. And if it is in a fur coat and boots, and you have nothing but a condom, you both look to put it mildly, awkward.
7. The most that neither is a crucial moment interrupts you and asks her: "Have you finished?". No comments.
8. You're left on the overhead light. Too much light transforms the bedroom into the operating room. Moreover, a woman can not completely focus on the process and forced all the time to see to it enough it looks sexy.
9. You do not take a shower before sex. Ernest Hemingway said that from a man should smell like a man. But women do not agree. They certainly do not expect that from you will smell fresh violets, but the rough truth of life, unfortunately, often do not get turned on.
10. You run into the shower as soon as it's over. Women are like cats. Cats have a habit - to rub on a loved one, to leave your scent on it. And when you defiantly hurry to part with this smell, they feel offended.
11. You just turn away from it and go to sleep. Ultimate insult. Perhaps this is the worst thing you can do. Even if the day before you took birth in a dozen cows rekordsmenok, wrote his thesis and set a new world record in the one hundred meters - it does not justify you. From her point of view, you are obliged after sex gently caress her. Otherwise, why are you even went to bed with her ?!
12. During cunnilingus you always look her in the eye. Maybe you're not aware that you look at this time as a cunning fascist, is lying over the parapet. But in any case, you should at least pretend that you yourself are very passionate about the process disabled dating service.
13. You did not shave. Because women's beard grows only in very rare cases, we will never understand what suffering is able to deliver a two-day bristle innocent. Try rubbing the nose on the chin comrade. You will not like it.
14. Are you kidding me during sex. Laughter - the worst enemy of sex. Fun and gag in bed is absolutely contraindicated. In the words of another classic: "Above the someone laugh ?! Above the a laugh!".
15. You basically not having sex in the morning. To our surprise, it turned out that for many women to have sex with her beloved in the morning - it's like to shoot a warm cream with fresh milk. Fortunately, most of us willingly shares with them is an exquisite pleasure.
16. You have too long nails. They say that a man is not impotent, while he purposes at least one finger. But if this finger is growing long, corny, successfully chewed a fingernail, then sexual life can be safely put a cross.
17. You're always talking about what to do. You - not the sergeant, and she - not a platoon of recruits. Therefore, the command "Down!", "Attention!" and "Circle!" relevant to the parade ground, in bed sound silly.
18. You do not care about her safety. Perhaps we have to accept the fact that condoms - it is our duty. Not only do we agree to use them. We expect from us that we are going to buy them in advance, carry in their pockets and put (possibly unnoticed).
19. Do you strongly leans her head down. Oral sex - it is an act of good will. Coercion, even mild, requires a partner to do something, maybe it is now quite unwilling. If you really want it, it is best to provoke its own example - gentle kisses, turning her head to her feet.
20. You spit during cunnilingus. And what if those hairs forever crawl into your mouth? Ignore? Hezametno removed his fingers from his mouth? Ha, these wise ladies answered the questions the same way: "Do not know. Let something come up. He's a man."
21. Do not you kiss her on the lips after a blowjob. You will never be able to explain to her why you do not wish to practice, learn the taste of his own sperm. For women, such behavior is offensive. She thinks that you express your disgust. Neglecting their own emotions and kiss if she so wish.
22. During the blow job you're trying to move myself. Firstly, it actually afraid to hurt you teeth. Secondly, it does not want to choke. Lie quietly - she will make herself.
23. You boast the size of his penis. And to whom we brag about here, pray? Or is it the old man Freud was right, and the women, too, would like to have a penis? Well, okay, just remember that they do not like when we touted him too.
24. You have to bite her nipples. Previously, for such things even nursing infants were removed prematurely erupted teeth.
25. You twist her nipples with your fingers. Nipples, again, do not handle the radio, which is heavily adjusted to the desired wave in a hilly area. They can only gently kissing and biting.
26. Do you ever pull, mnesh and rubbing her breasts. Chest - no joystick in a computer game. Not a melon that you want to probe, to ensure its ripeness. Do not wet clothes, which must be properly squeeze. It requires a careful attitude.
27. You're doing acrobatics in bed. Fudge and variety of sex is very commendable, but keep in mind that your partner may not end in childhood circus school and the prospect of a foot sprain or break her collarbone did not appeal.
28. You're moving too fast (or too slow). The most common complaint. Probably all a matter of discrepancy temperaments. Or biorhythms. Try to put her hands on your buttocks - even the shy and reserved girl will instinctively guide you.
29. You're too aggressive kiss. She did not like it when you actively push through tongue in her mouth and you use them there as cleaning brush for washing bottles.
30. You interrupt the sex act to answer the phone and switch the TV program. There is an anecdote. There is a train. Ha rails couple making love. Ten inches from their driver barely manages to stop the train, jumps out and grabs a man furious. "I'm sorry, my friend, - he says. - I understand, someone had to stop. But I could not." A perfect example to follow disabled dating service.
31. You're too theatrical furnish all. Women love the sincerity. Or pretend to love. Make every effort to ensure that she felt - she intrigues you, not the situation itself and the surroundings.
32. You're slobbering her ears and duesh them. Ears are erogenous zone for many people because they - a very sensitive area. Gnaw, chew, twist and suck them violently - undesirable. Hezhny kiss is sometimes able to work miracles, but go for the ear, like a happy dog on your favorite ball, it is not necessary.
33. You did not care if she experiences an orgasm with you or not. As already noted, women attach great importance to words. You can sweat as a miner in the mine, trying to please her, not knowing that all your enthusiasm, it relates solely to the account of your selfishness and African temperament. A simple phrase: "I want you to be happy with me" can conceive a greater effect than the highly technical demonstration of sex.
34. You are conscientious, but too bezynitsiativen. How would triumphantly feminism nor marched on the planet, she still loves to be the object of attention. She does not do things very interesting, it is not always tempted by the role of the sexual aggressor.
35. You rvesh her underwear. To his underwear women are cherished. And if romance novels and erotic films abound bang exploding lace and silk, then everything in life is somewhat different. In the end, you will achieve that it will be in front of you only in cheap fustian trousers sewn by Chinese prisoners.
prostitutes 36. You leave aspirated. Even if your friend is not afraid to flaunt your relationship, you still refuse to wear your stamps in his body - her right.
37. She does not like what you say in this. You make your bed in the barracks with a mixture of kindergarten. A long-standing question - how to name all these intimate things. Women do not like rudeness. Syusyukane too annoying. Tenth time to hear the same compliment she was tired. It seems best not to name it does, and if necessary, mumble something unintelligible, but very gentle.
Now you're well prepared, and hopefully, you know what to expect zhenshina their sexual partners . And you need to be just a little more attentive to her needs. disabled dating service.

Guess his desire
Relationship hold on the ability of partners to guess the desires of each other. And sex is no exception. Your choice - a tireless lover, is also not devoid of charm, sense of humor, online dating service review etc. But do you know what he wants in bed?
Desire first - see
Of course, we, lovely lady, too, want to see. Moreover, the desire not just to look, and admire partner: oblique zazhennuyu in the shoulders, a flat stomach, falcon eyes, white teeth, long fingers, a strong chin and - sheer nonsense! - An increase of about two meters. But (and this is the distinguishing feature of the women), we are ready to forget about this trifle for a walk in the moonlight and romantic conversation. A man always wants to see. Our body, our reaction. So what is the difficulty?
The difficulty lies in the fact that men are much more important than the visual stimulation of gentle touch and kind words. Simply put, holding a second look at the rounded, covered with trousers hips, he had entertained thoughts of their owner cocktail, he patted on the knee under the table, caught a taxi, opened the door, took off his shoes, stripped her and saw that she was naked even more exciting. I scroll through the entire novel before his eyes for one second! Naturally, the gentleman already burning passion. A woman at that time managed only thank him for prikurennuyu cigarette. About sex, she does not even remember. After all, she had the whole evening ahead to after listening to erotic compliments , to have time to be excited just to the point where they will be on the threshold of the bedroom online dating service review.
Output: A man believes that there is nothing more exciting than the sight of a woman inflamed passion? He wants to have sex in the light? He needs a reality porn? We will not interfere with his desire. Put a favorite in a comfortable chair, pour a glass of wine (or whatever he likes), light the candles and performed a dance strip. The conditions are the same as in strip clubs, he has the right to touch you unless you allow it. Take the time to visit these courses, which are taught belly dance - they currently have almost all the fitness centers. This is useful for health: a long time known that such dancing is very beneficial to the sexy woman. As a result, you have the time to tune in to sex, and from him - to enjoy the erotic show.
Desire the second - to follow instinct
Healthy man wants sex constantly. This is his biological need. Unlike us, the stronger sex is no cyclic hormonal changes that help to "reset" the accumulated excitement, if it is not possible to remove by other means. Therefore, man needs sex like air. Otherwise, he is literally ready to climb the wall. And to bring it to a frenzy, no need to wait months or years - is enough a few days (it is known that in the Middle Ages, the monks were sacrificed flesh around the clock mercilessly castigating himself). In short, when the question of sex is so hot, it is not to love.
Complexity: The fact of the matter is that we are partners, we bring to the point where they are no longer up to outpourings of love. After several days of abstinence the need for sex is so strong that there is no patience for long caresses, not wait, when we are "ready." Everything happens quickly: the woman did not even have time to feel anything as everything is already finished online dating service review. She feels betrayed, almost humiliated. The man is perplexed: again something wrong?
Only one way out: to sex gives you only joy, they often need to ... do it. First, the favorite will be more blase more patient and considerate. He, too, will need a long foreplay, to how to get aroused. Secondly, both of you will soon develop into a kind of reflex to the pleasant experience. After all, you are used to eating three times a day? So, most likely, no dinner, you will be so good. So it is with sex. But most importantly - there can not be too far: the more sex, the less calories!
Wish the third - to take the initiative in their own hands
It appears this is not characteristic of the male psychology. But the fact remains. Happy man playing on the stock exchange, idle hours in traffic jams, and in the evening they want one thing - to rest. Not that they have turned into amorphous creatures - just become lethargic for sex.
Difficulty: Even feminists feel that first intimate impulse must come from the man - he takes full responsibility for sexual relations. And if a man is tired? He is not against sex, but has no desire to play the temperamental macho. "Let it all makes itself" - that such thoughts were in his mind. But she expects the initiative to show partner. It can last days, weeks, months ...
Yield: take matters into their own hands! Perhaps the role of the queen like you so that soon the partner will have to buck up and make a "coup." Hopefully revolutionary fervor in your bedroom will never fade away online dating service review.
Desire fourth - to please a woman
At first glance, it is absolutely contrary to the desire of all of the above. Nothing like this! When you are hungry, then pounce on any food. But it is worth only "stay one's stomach", it would be desirable to add spices and sauces, taste not only hot, but delicious dessert. So men. After they eliminated the problem by any means to satisfy sexual hunger, satisfy the "biological need" will automatically appear and desire to please their partner. In fairness it should be noted that these good intentions are not always met by the response in women.
Difficulty: A man who wants to bring maximum pleasure favorite, often have to touch as sapper in the minefield. Of course, he knows that sexuality is every woman's need to "open" his key. But what is the difference of one from the other, "by eye" or telepathically, unfortunately, can not be determined. Therefore, the acts, focusing on what pleased him most, or the fact that like the previous partner. The woman also strongly believes that good lover always will understand how to give her pleasure. When this does not happen, it mentally or aloud awarded the epithet of "awkward", "careless", "selfish." A man should go ahead, to discover her sexual preferences, a woman is likely to refuse to answer - they say it's too vulgar.
Output suggests itself. Talk, shout, explains. Do not worry that your request will be shocking or distasteful. Finally, in this age of sexual education is difficult for someone with something to surprise. Surely it is "something" is already practiced or wanted to try. Besides, once you were under a blanket, he must now fulfill its program, and the maximum - to deliver you a heavenly pleasure. After all, in bed he needs not Kosmodemyanskaya Zoe, which on pain of death not to reveal the secrets of his body, and especially to the extreme relaxed.
The desire to fifth - to be loved
The potency of men is directly related to their emotional state online dating service review. They also want warmth and permanence (even if not always admit it myself and you).
The difficulty - and not one, but two. The first is shared by representatives of the stronger sex sex and love. Of course, they want to find the one and only. But it is certain that the greater was their life partners and richer sexual experience, the more they realized themselves as men. Second, we women somehow think that men "thick-skinned" and they do not need romance, tenderness and affection. As a result, healthy in all respects, men lose all interest in sex, realizing that attract women not as individuals, but as sexual objects. That's why lovers potency higher than those whose senses are not affected. Yes, we sometimes want a man to become something of a late-model steam iron, which can be at their discretion adjust the temperature and steam power. And if this is not possible, the whole male sex just gets the status of "lewd monkey."
Out ridiculously trivial. Be very careful and sensitive in relation to your partner! After all, femininity is not only seductive body shape and impeccable taste in clothes and make-up, but also the ability to give your loved one warmth and create an atmosphere of comfort. It is well known that emotional harmony eventually lead to harmony in bed. It seems that in this endeavor, both men and women still decide to join. online dating service review.

As the color of the bedroom affects sex life
It has long been known about the effect of color on the state of mind of a man on his mood and health. Furniture, walls, curtains - all this can and oppress, and relaxing and exciting teen's dating service. In your relationship with your loved one is not the last role played by design bedrooms. So before you buy new bedding or start a repair, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of experts.
Council 1
People overly sexually excitable and prone to change, you need to have in the bedroom at least 2 elements salad color.
Council 2
Women who want to have a baby, but they have not, should be curtained window of a light blue curtain and attach to her red bow.
Council 3
Shamefaced and fearful of erotic experimentation partners should make linen emerald color, because this color excites the imagination and gives courage.
Council 4
If both spouses are manual workers, the bed should be green, and if they are engaged in intellectual work, they should sleep in a bed of blue.
Council 5
In the bedroom, people who are overweight should not be elements of orange, otherwise they will load up every day before going to bed, and after the "stormy" hours they would wake up ravenous appetite.
Council 6
White bedroom with lots of green elements and fresh flowers should arrange a spouse who can not "get used" to each other teen's dating service.
Council 7
One of the partners is not enough power for sex? Hang curtains at the windows of the purple and put a purple carpet in the bedroom. During lovemaking operate the lamp with a red shade.
Council 8
The interior of the bedroom should be avoided brown, it accelerates the aging process.
Council 9
The young couple (not by age, but by years of living together) can be colored bedroom. But the bedroom of husband and wife have been married for many years, should be two, maximum three-color. As before, here are the most funny jokes , and their base will slowly replenish.
Council 10
Partners who are bored with the usual routine affection, should arrange a bedroom purple color, teen's dating service and then their intimacy becomes more spiritualized.
Council 11
Prone to frequent quarrels partners should be avoided in the bedroom light yellow, orange and bright red color and surround yourself with dark blue or dark yellow. teen's dating service.

On the women's underwear
Stockings belt very sexy for men. Beautiful lingerie very teasing, because it is the last obstacle before the man, wishing you. It brings it to your private parts, ca 100 free online dating service and at the same time hides them.
Many men think a black belt, high heels very erotic. If the beloved wants it, you have to wear these toilets, despite what you think of the vulgar. After all, how else, it's no one but you will not see. If what you look like a woman from the French film encourages captivate you in bed, you will be more than foolish if you do not do this and do not take advantage of his desire to draw you into a whirlpool of passion.
Men are erotic when women shave pubic hair that was made in India and China, where knew a lot about the pleasures of love. This is nothing more perverse than to shave your armpits. Considering how cheap it will cost you, you can include it as a supplement to your eroticism.
If you want to lead an active sex life, then you have nothing to climb into bed when he's around. And stop nasty smeared cream, wrap hair in rags and wearing a nightgown with peeled and sleeved dangling laces ca 100 free online dating service. Only gorilla sex maniac or a man who returned from prison, can be excited in a similar situation.
On the other hand, a special "sex" cosmetics and meters of black lace does not guarantee success in the bed of love, if your husband prefers the type of "Snow Queen". All this shiny black not excite him.
Many men seducing kind of "Snow Queen" - the sea and pristine white lace scarf moire, a canopy bed and elegant in the style of "Empire" with sheets, embroidered, white satin bedspreads and pale mountain of pillows. For him, it is a challenge - to awaken you, ice, feminine and unique. Men of this type are passionate lovers and give expensive trinkets.
Many men love transparent nightgowns. If the wife gets a black shirt as a Christmas gift, do not say "disgusting". Rejoice that they see you half-naked and reclined on the bed as the maha Goya, seductive like Sophia Loren. Black nightgown means that he is interested in sex, and is willing to spend a lot of effort to make it more diverse. When you are presented with a completely immoral Nightwear, red, if you so wish, but wear it with pride and often. If he will give her nightgown, which suits his great-grandmother, that is cause for concern, because you are in danger.
There are two ways to find out how, in his opinion, should look like the goddess of love; First - just ask him a second - proeksperementirovat with different styles. Effectively and a combination of both, because, no doubt, he described the woman, seemed to him an ideal, will not help you get and keep him, and from time to time experimenting with different styles, you use an effective weapon - surprise.
You can buy or make clothes specifically for sex - like nightgown, erotic underwear. But for special occasions, it really excites your man. Men do not want women to ever wear such clothes. The trouble is that even though you put on a linen only on special occasions, many women do not wear it at all. Therefore, men are looking for those who wear it ca 100 free online dating service.
Men excite accident, such as when he finds you naked in the kitchen in a kitchen apron, or you wash the floor in his shirt without panties. Many people hesitate to get acquainted with the girls on the street or in institutions, so in recent years have become very popular sites such as porn chat for live communication. Among these sites, you can point out a few of the most popular:,, or sitting, when he comes home, reading or listening to music in jeans topless. Sometimes you can look as if you walked all day naked.
As always, the best way to find out what kind of clothes your lover finds sexy - ask him. Ask so that it is understood that you are willing to wear what he thinks exciting. Remember that you need to be fun when you erotic clothes. If you do not feel at ease in sexual clothes - stick samples that know and love.
Most of the sex of the game , there is nothing harmful in erotic amusements, games and an abnormality in a fetish. They tickle your nerves, if it is not serious. To sexual materials include rubber and leather. You can look great in the skin. Leather jacket with zipper closer cut, leaving a hint of cleavage between her breasts - the ability to incite the fantasy of every man. Another option is the absence of erotic clothing, nudity. At the same time, these days many couples do not undress in front of each other. This - not the old, backward people. These are young men and women who, for one reason or another hesitate to their naked bodies. Sometimes blame upbringing, sometimes - chronic shyness, sometimes - false modesty. Whatever the reason they exist ca 100 free online dating service.
She can put a man off balance, just standing naked. Think of the wives do it for men or girls doing it for the lovers! For example, my husband watches football on TV, and his wife sitting naked on the arm of his chair. Nudity proves the power of women over men. The wife does not have to say to yourself, "Well, I got this man - now you can relax." No. It should worry her husband every day of married life. The only way a wife can win.
Of course, for him one of the best spectacles will you do lightly made up, powdered, and naked. If you have a good figure, the most seductive outfit is your own skin. ca 100 free online dating service.

Yes, there is still the perfect man!
It's easy and not have to pretend with him, you can chat on any topic, it is not a whiner and not a prude, he knows a lot of jokes, and it is easy for any company. He always cheer and cheer up, he shut up when I tire of speech classified online dating service for singles. He understands me perfectly, he anticipates all my wishes, he can read the eyes ...
He is a wonderful lover . He always knows exactly what my sexy mood . It will be a tiger and tear on my clothes. Or will the cloud, soft and gentle. He knows how to wave, I am today.
He is very intelligent and well-read. He knows a lot. He did not hesitate to tell the distance to Mars, the last work of Marquez appropriate cite Bulgakov and Murakami and up to five decimal places talk about the cost of barrels of oil by the end of today's trading on the stock exchange.
He is generous. He never looks at the cost of my favorite gadgets. He will not wait for delivery to invoicing in the restaurant. He buys for us theater tickets to the most prestigious places.
He is handsome. Smart, fresh and clean-shaven. I stare at him, girls and women of all ages. He was always elegantly and tastefully dressed, even if it is a trip to the countryside, barbecue.
He's a good friend. Do not hesitate for a moment, any time of the day or night he is ready to jump on the first call for help. Passion Play gives mega bonus in Azart choose your play - check classified online dating service for singles! Even if an urgent need to come to 600 km. in a place where not only Makar calves did not drive, but even on this very Macara and not heard.
He is an excellent cook! From under his hand out such masterpieces of culinary art, Kojima would envy best chefs of the planet!
He loves children. He did not bother timeless children's questions, and he enjoyed riding with them on the carousel. He wants his daughter. With braids, ribbons, ruches and my mother's (that is, my) eyes and a smile.
I wish sincerely sorry that it was about eight different men ... classified online dating service for singles.

To give or not to give? Sex, the eyes of a married woman
In the life of many couples, sooner or later there is a situation when one partner sexual appetites do not coincide with the needs of others, and sometimes it is a striking discrepancy dating service chicago.
Well, on a global scale all understandable and acceptable. But what if your man specifically pesters you sexual inclinations? Do you want you do not want - and he climbs know ... give or not to give? That is the question. So I decided to understand it. Thoroughly communicated with married girlfriends and coups than one stack of specialized literature, I identified the main possible causes of the aforementioned intimate disharmony. Here they are, with some recommendations ...
1. You just women, and OH - Men
You all right, but hormones, like the heart, can not command. And male - in particular ... What to do?
Giving. But with the frequency of "golden mean". Once you have together, and for a long time - hence, in general, we have found a compromise, and something should be followed. Not trying to wriggle under the pretext dating service chicago. It would be better for both of you.
If you give to a thicket regulations will soon come satiety, and your rare but accurate sex of the violence of passion become a painfully familiar procedure to address lust. And only his desires: on the 30th once, even if you have some sort of attraction will remain a spoiled male and not lift a finger to stir up your libido and prepare for pleasure. Such a fate usually befalls those families in which the husband disappears for days at work, and his wife - a good vseponimayuschaya "davalka." "My husband falls down, which then foreplay? And do not give it is impossible. He won many homes lost! You will not be given, because it quickly finds a replacement ...".
A friend of mine, whose husband did not allow the passage with his constant "I want you", has decided to do is very simple. At first glance easy. "Come on, - said her husband - when you want, you're just going to come to me, take off my panties and do their job, right?". "Well," - happy husband. But the happy early. Three of his copulation "sovokupitel" snapped! For a man - it's not just "came, saw, seeding." This "saw caught up seeding." Hunters! It will be a living target - will be hunting. And if the catch itself under the barrel is inserted - is reluctant to ...
Photos of drunk Russian girls without panties after sex. Naked drunk girl with bare boobs can not control themselves amateur photos. If you give LEAST standards, it leads to heighten unhealthy atmosphere in the home. Men are beginning to take offense at the same time, sarcastic, nervous about and without shirk household chores, unduly delayed at work, change ... In general, emit in all directions konfliktogeny powerful destructive force. You do not want to be in the epicenter of the explosion dating service chicago? ..
2. you have different biorhythms
He was an early bird, you - an owl (or vice versa). As you all up together? Anyway. There can be a compromise in the alternation of time proximity, once in the morning he "podnapryazhetsya" another time - you are not kicked him in the morning. Besides sex in 6-7 am, I know from personal experience - is very elegant and reassuring. Almost as a morning coffee in bed. And if you then also coffee in bed - then all super!
A man can do all these things, despite the fatigue, problems at work, nepobelenny ceiling in the house and even disaster accidents African refugees. We women - there is a fine, feelings experienced. And we can not relax and even more excited as it should be, if we had some strange emotion. It is no secret that this is especially pronounced in the pregnancy and care of the baby when the diversity of the world for us comes down to taking care of the child. What really is sex! A tired? Stress? Depression? Oh, this is the scourge of our time. Although, of course, not only in respect of women. Just when these "horrors" As for us, fragile and vulnerable, even here cunnilingus does not help. A similar situation with monthly - the main enemy ... men. Yes, men too! After all, we have somehow reconciled with the regular "Flood", and they are suffering ... they are not the end. As there seems to be the end of the critical days, when they are in full swing. But there is the other end, and it is during such periods the situation is also critical. And some of us do not understand. Either refuse to understand.
On the one hand, yes, he has his own nature, and I have mine, and it should be considered with it. On the other, - whether to deny him the satisfaction, if you attain relief possible? At this point, it is clear this is not about some enchanting erotic acts, but why not give your loved one a physical relaxation? If no man is capable of spiritual pleasure to do long enough, no sex "deflating vapor" it will be soon, to say the least, uncomfortable. So, and you along with it. After all, there are at least three relatively quick and convenient way to help the man sexually liberated (and you know they are) your elegant pen with manicured "claws"; pose "the man behind", and of course - I do not like that word! - Blowjob. Remember that relief donated to you a man when you are close to is not located, your lover will appreciate 10 times more than when you have to face the most playful blush and in general you are "ready to work and defense dating service chicago" ...
4. YOU tired of the monotony
Are you with this man 5 years or more, and a number of inventors, initiators it is clearly not the case. And you, too, especially not thought about how to improve (read - to diversify) your sex life. Because, apparently, more recently, both to excite you only had to see each other naked. In general, to some pores missionary position you were quite enough. BUT. Even the most delicious fruit, absorbed in countless, stuffed mouth. Every look, gesture, every "local perturbation" you know your partner inside out (as you know them well, for a regular manicure). Predictability - not exciting. Monotony - repellent. The only thing you want to start - it's something (well, anything!) New ...
Well, then, it is time to "roll up their sleeves" and ... "by chance" to lift her skirt, while cooking in the kitchen. When he idly sitting next to you, waiting for something tasty, and children playing in the sandbox peacefully near the house. You can bend a little deeper, to look into the oven ... That he "accidentally" saw that you new stockings and panties translucent . I think you provided a delicious dinner ...
And there are still commonplace, but still popular back seat of car, balcony, staircase, toilet restaurant (pleasure, though not cheap), acacia bushes in a nearby park, etc. And this is only a change of scene! A variety of sex poses - no comment. It would be a desire for change. And it should be, for the salvation of unmet - the handiwork of unsatisfied! Let your bedroom is transformed into a kind of intimate laboratory of innovation. Fortunately, the appropriate tools to date more than enough, just look at the sex shop nearby. Yes, definitely obzavedites erotic video, in order to understand how to use all this garbage dating service chicago!
5. did you fall out of love
Hmmm, EC has managed. And that, it happens sometimes. Very often those couples who met while lying at each other. Passion vanished - and you look at his chosen, and she think: - All do not drink anymore.
What to do? Declare a full sex quarantine him and myself. In a month or two. During this time Understand yourself, your feelings. Go to a sex therapist or psychotherapist. If during this period, nothing like the love you do not vstrepenetsya - I think romance is over. Why put yourself in the position of the Little Red Riding Hood, which now and then solicits some Volchische? Even his familiar face. However, some of these scenarios excite ... Well, if during the "trial period" will revive your love - you and cards in your hand!
6. You will have LOVER
All your sexual energy is spent on a secret affair with some capital macho or metrosexuals. You're walking on the edge, and it is better to focus on one partner, putting the other in popularity. Look for them at an angle of sex, and Integrity: any of them you want to be in principle, but not in bed? Remember that any passion passes, and the one that came on the side, sooner or later, too calm down. And if so, will the last of something extensive and weighty that is worth BE with this person? Psychologists have noted that only 0.27% hikes "left" turn around "new happiness", ie about 1 out of 400 lucky ticket-s ... As a rule, the only thing that remains after secret erotic adventures - is remorse (if somewhere in the attic of consciousness still lying around) and spoiled for a long time relationship with a regular partner.
As usual come to change the seemingly respectable girl? At first, the man pays less attention to women, and then ignores her feelings and experiences either openly admits it "on the side". And then one day, when the girl's patience comes to an end on the horizon appears a sleek handsome, in the "comforting" embrace and she falls. And the husband? My husband walks around the couple, swallow the saliva, bitter licked and sleeps empty-handed ... all class? Unlikely ...
Let's start from the outside. Note that it draws you into a lover , and try to bring it to the image of her husband. The blue-eyed brunette? - Paint, "heaven" contact lenses - please! Muscular dude? - Dumbbells, ripped jeans - know the problems! After all, he is pious, loves you and your request will certainly try to change (unless, of course, dating service chicago do not you ask a soldier to grow "Haier"). And if not love - here it is all depends on your feelings to my husband ...
If you are too indifferent to it - perhaps it is worth considering the feasibility of relations as such. If your soul is still warm feelings for former flame "sweeties", try to understand the reasons for it, "pupsika" cooling. It may be that something is wrong in your approach to it? Maybe he feels a sharp contrast between you and still you, today? Maybe he needs your emotional support during the difficult period at work? You can say that 10 times already tried to bring it to a frank, but every time I come across a wall of incomprehension. That is why the beginning of the change. But maybe punching the wall, you only think about yourself? Or, punched her in the wrong place ...
Comparing the above with your case, you can use the appropriate recommendations and thus align the relationship with her husband - not just sexually, but in general. dating service chicago.

True passion "adult women", or why we sleep with young
Running side by side (on the street or in life - there are not) very elderly gentleman and a young charmer - it habitual. However, a mature woman and a young kid - picture, to which few people remain indifferent free virgin dating service. Contemptuous snort and cynical mockery, confusion and disbelief - this is the price paid by a pair kondovy conventions of society.
Man is automatically determined gigolos. Women - deafblind idiot. "Yes, what love ?! Such a disgusting misalliance "- terrified their friends. Well, of course, hang tags is much easier than to think, to analyze, to try to understand, to believe or accept. But these couples also are genuinely happy and harmonious! And it's even elementary understandable! Especially on a physiological level.
If you feel the notorious grandfather Freud, it is obvious that any woman, with her irrepressible maternal instinct tends to patronize. But when the man next to her her age or older - rather she wants to be a child of messing blowing sponges and flirt. Life also shows that this is rarely the case. Regardless of age, a growing number of men from the defenders and miners turned into useless pets. Women are angry and yaryatsya of righteous indignation, while continuing to indulge sons and thus cultivating the next generation of the same sissies lazy and irresponsible. And then pops up another old axiom: "moms" like, but do not want them!
A modern woman, keep up with the day as much as a man manages five - while writing out each event in stages in his diary and valyas from exhaustion at the end of each day - in the evening still manages to control the children to communicate with friends and relatives, something wash, certainly cook, and after all this ... and wants more sex! Believe me: mature "awakened" women who are a thousand reasons to refuse sexual intercourse - a rarity. After all, a woman draws energy from the sex , orgasms charge! And her fault - this is not the unwillingness of sex: it is the unwillingness of this particular man. This is - the peak of her disappointment partner.
Is not new, that apogee of sexual blossoming women come to the age when a man is sexually already is declining. Yeah, kind of like something unfair nature decreed, but that's life. And considering that the average married couple man always older women for five years to ten, what kind of sexual harmony can there be a couple "thirty"? Of course, there are happy exceptions, free virgin dating service but it is - an exception! And basically what happens? ..
In men, the stage of "gray in his beard - a lusty" does not occur on the basis of take-off of sexuality, and the weakening of potency. Twenty years into the girl is only one in a hundred is able to have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, as well as the sex of the judges for the duration of petting and loving partner to cunnilingus. It is important to know that the prostitutes in Kiev to escort much more expensive for ordinary girls sex entertainment. Men "sunset" just requires a lot of time to really be excited by exciting prelude to this long just for him. On a long and abundant variety of poses intercourse he is also not able to (it is pressure! And sciatica! And shortness of breath! In the morning, an important report and the meeting!), But he is experienced enough in bringing all sorts of methods of female orgasm. Besides "poduvyavshee" his wife's body, no longer excites sversnitsy and bedding for deeds he needed the stimulus is very bright! While not rare variant when the aging man is scared of his contemporaries temperament - they somehow just at the peak of its sensuality! And to be satisfied, it is not enough of sluggish short-term sexual intercourse, and even if there are half a dozen orgasms "of the fingers, tongue, and other available tools" ...
We women do love young males. "The young body - the golden thing!" - Publicly declare me and agree with me almost all the friends "thirty".
After all, they tone up and keep "in the form of" better than any expensive equipment. They, for their freshness, spontaneity, sometimes - childish carelessness, are the best dope for jumps in puddles in the rain, ahead of who was trying to escape were young ...
We want them. We like the fact that their skin does not smell fatigue and medications, free virgin dating service not stale and problems - and cinnamon and milk. Their sperm is flavorful and spicy taste. We get aesthetic pleasure from their exterior. Their rapid alert. From readiness to give as long as we do not say, "Enough!". From the ability to admire our irrepressible sexual appetite, excited him, not scare him. We like what they hear, feel our body - his wishes and requests. They do not take as a personal insult our desire to dominate in bed. They know how to be obedient and not to interfere. They reviled on the ambition not castrate their sexuality. They are happy to learn and develop, taking no offense, what we experienced, and still know better than men, which we need at the moment. With them, you can just shut up (!!!), while feeling that all the attention and warmth is directed only at us!
And for us it is only natural and not a bit hurt a little to take care of a little "baby-sit" with the boys in the way of his life becoming, rather than with an adult "self-contained" a man who grew up but never grew up ... free virgin dating service.

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